Underverden (2017) Movie Script

Breathe, breathe. Relax.
What are you nervous about?
Close your eyes and relax.
Close your eyes and relax.
Wake up! What is it with the eyes closed?
Do you think you're on holiday ?!
Are you stupid, bro?
- Here. - I can feel it goes wrong.
If it goes wrong, it's really bad for you.
Are you following?!
- Yes. - Here. Take those fucking gloves.
Come on. You do not look left or right.
Look directly into the bank.
Kom no, not kom, kom not.
Quickly, empty, fill. Yallah, go!
Do not think too much about things.
- Where's your bag? - Ten seconds.
Yallah. Yallah, trafik.
It's a robbery!
Now give me the money, man!
Come on! Come on!
- Are you stupid?! Come with the money!
- I can not get in.
Just a little further out to the side.
I do.
And rod from. Pacing functioning.
And standby.
- Yes, we have rhythm.
- You can not get tired of watching.
Risky, but we see what happens.
We have a good sinus rhythm.
The patient is stable. Continue.
Should we look to get him closed?
Come over here.
- I think I want to say thank you for today.
- Thanks, and the same to you.
- Good work, everyone. See you.
- Greet Stine.
- Where is it cozy, I could get.
- Thank you, because we had to. Congratulations.
- Thank you. - That's well done.
- Stine, how far have you gone?
- Now we're talking just about me.
- We take you behind. Quiet now.
- This is your fault. Seven months.
- There are two, not? Double.
- There is only one of the scan picture holders.
- Do we not see it? - Yes, show them that.
- Let's see. - I must warn you.
- It's a boy. An anatomical freak.
- What are you talking about?
- Huge penis.
- No, stop! It is not fun!
- It is the umbilical cord.
- Anton, it's a penis.
One can see how cute he is already
with the small nose and mouth.
It is the umbilical cord.
- I have been a bit drunk.
- It's so fine. What you need to be.
- I am just saying.
- It's so fine.
- When should I of France?
- Friday.
- What? Where?
- Cte d'Azur.
- I hope you ...
- You were then in the Caribbean.
- It is two days.
- In and out, as they say.
- A weekend trip.
- Honey, put the phone away.
- Is it a cake? - No!
Cake, cake!
Hello, Stine. Is Zaid home?
I tried to call my brother.
- Yeah, it's just silent. Come in.
- No thanks. I just need to talk to him.
- Zaid. - Ja?
- If you go to the guests, dear?
- Yes.
- Hey, Zaid. - moment.
- I've tried to call you.
- Are you okay?
You do not take the phone.
It is completely mad.
I need your help. I am well fucked.
People are after me.
Try to listen for a moment.
- Zaid...
- Yasin, Yasin, shh...
I have guests. It's Friday night.
We celebrate...
- I know you have guests, man.
- Not tonight. Do you need money?
- I can not explain it.
- How much?
100,000, and I promise that I'm done
with all this crap.
Zaid, give me a chance. I am well fucked.
Just give me one chance, and I promise,
I will never ask for money again.
Yasin, I can not give you dog ...
I swear on your son's grave.
It is the last time I ask about money ...
My son is not born yet.
Do you understand?
Please give me one chance, Zaid.
Am I not your brother?
- Am I not your brother, man?
- Press the button.
Everyone's after me. Believe me.
Everyone's after me!
- All?
- I'm fucked up, man!
- Zaid, this is the last time!
- Press the button.
I promise. It is the last time Zaid!
Just go in. I'll be here shortly.
Just go in, honey. Enter.
- I can feel him breathing.
- It's damn little ...
The scratching in the throat.
- Have you all something in the glasses?
- Yes. Thanks.
- Like that.
- Then we eddermame partying.
- Bowl.
- So nice, I could get.
I am proud of you.
I am.
- Do not you believe me?
- Jo.
- I can not have it in hand more.
- No. Try two.
Oops ... There was a little bit more.
Zaid, I need to talk to you.
- No? - Ja ... no.
So are we talking wipes up.
I'm sorry, Zaid.
Your brother is entering the trauma first
- Why?
- He is badly injured.
- Hey, Zaid. Do not go in there.
- Move. Move!
It does not look good, Zaid.
We can not do more.
- Gro. I say it myself to them.
- Okay.
Come here.
There was nothing more to do.
Yasin ... nej ...!
Need more time? I can...
It is fine. Let's get it over with.
- Unite him!
- There are no other gods before God.
- Unite him!
- There are no other gods before God.
There are no other gods before God.
And Muhammad is his prophet.
Paradis is a right. Hell is a right.
And the end of the world is a right.
In honor of the deceased,
we read together Al-Fatiha.
May God bless your participation.
Torben ...
- This is my wife, Stine.
- Hi. Torben.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- You know what it is? - A boy.
It is well.
Drop by. It would be nice to see you.
I think you should go home to your parents
for a few hours.
I can not foresee. Not right now.
I'll do it tomorrow.
It's a good idea to keep a little about your mother
and talk a little bit about your dad.
- Ikke?
- And, okay.
- Should I go out and ...
- Do not go anywhere.
Yes, what do you think I want ?!
Try to take a guess. Take a guess.
Since we were on summer vacation.
When he was an infant.
What will you?
My condolences. I hedder Alex.
I was Yasins friend.
His friend?
What happened to him?
If you know something, say it to me.
I'm past the police tomorrow.
I thought so. Good smoker.
Is not that what you say?
Hey, wait a minute.
I know he worked in smoking Club at Lunden.
For a named Branco.
- What was he doing there?
- What do you think?
- Zaid? Hello. Welcome to.
- Thank you.
Well, I would like to say
that it is indeed deeply tragic, it has happened.
It's never wonder,
when a young person passes away prematurely.
You must remember to take it in.
Have you talked to anyone?
A psychologist, perhaps?
No, I have not done, but ...
I am a doctor myself, so ...
Thank you, Claus. In reality, I hear -
- the progress of the investigation.
Do you have any suspects?
No, unfortunately we do not. Not currently
No Okay. I was over my parents yesterday in Alberton.
Down at the center on the corner there was
a 30-40 roots that hung out.
I got such a feeling that they ...
Have you spoken to any of them down there?
No we have not.
It takes place not as if we shoot the shotgun.
We can not suspect all people
with dark skin and brown eyes.
No, no, of course.
But it is the area I focus on?
We keep all options open.
Claus, we've got a tip off from Roskildevej,
we have to move on now.
- Will you excuse me? - Yes of course.
- Forgive me, Sadid. - Zaid.
Zaid, yes. There are so many names
to keep track of, but then ...
However, Zaid, as soon as we hear something,
you are the first to know.
- Yes ... - I hope it ... have helped a little.
Janni Svendsen, a 72-year-old woman
we have in the outpatient clinic at Herlev.
She has a chronic dissektion.
She is well preserved. Good enough older,
but her lungs and kidneys are working.
Should we operate on her?
We do not know when it happened.
She is in great danger of dying.
Zaid, shut up, man.
I'm sorry to hear about your brother.
- Are you okay?
- Yes Yes. Have you sold anything?
- I sold it down here ...
- Hello!
Hey darling. So what?!
Hello. Good to see you.
I sold three to which private showing.
Jens Peter Brask.
Maximum collector at all.
Hey, guys!
- Hey darling.
- Long time ago.
- It was with the jelly shots.
- It's the last thing I remember.
Anders and Zaid, I gotta meet ... Zaid,
came just over.
Ronnie. It is the king of Copenhagen.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- And Shami.
- Hi.
You must excuse me. I just have to...
Buy something for me. Just one.
I mobilepayer you.
- Definitely.
- Thanks darling.
What the fuck!
Sitting in and keeps the heat here?
We have not a few months.
They will have to give us some more time.
Pas at jer himself, not? Tak for it.
Zaid, man. It is very cold.
You're not coming in?
You're not coming in?
You should not be out here.
It is not good for you. Come on in.
- Pardon. Sorry ...
- Go to your guests.
Hey ... Hey! What happens?
I get just a little air.
Hail a taxi, okay?
Is there something new
and exciting in the Middle East?
Perhaps it does not matter to you,
but it may very well do for me.
Have you talked to the police?
What can the police do?
What can the police do?
What can the police in Denmark do?
We have to solve our problems.
Do not turn me back!
You should have taken care of your brother!
- Or have you forgotten who we are?
- Forgot what?
- You forgot it!
- Who we are?
We are Iraqis! We are Iraqis, your mongrel!
Have you forgotten that we are Iraqis?
Is this where Iraq?
Look! Is this Iraq? Or what?
You let your brain be in Iraq,
while your son was street urchin!
You have been in Europe for 30 years!
In Denmark.
On the fucking couch! We live here!
You have sat on the couch for 30 years!
Get up! Get up from the couch!
Get yourself a job! Get up, man!
Will not well relax?
I can not take it anymore.
- It's your fault!
- What have I to do with it?
- It's your fault!
- Is it all my fault?
Come on. Come here. I need you.
- Where did you get it?
- I found it in your brother's room.
- Why did you give it to the police?
- So your father was pinned.
- Does he know that?
- No, of course not.
We know that your brother was involved
in any organized crime.
Whoever killed him is not something you go
and talk about the environment.
In the residential block,
they are not known to speak with police.
So you scratch.
Is this what is the problem?
Yes ... We are in a process.
It is police work,
I can not get involved in.
But it is, you have fingerprints?
Du har and dna-spor?
You have a theory,
you are in the process of investigating. Yes?
- I do not like the tone.
- It shall I complain.
I also regret the loss of your brother.
But he was part of an environment
that was not God's best children.
- I hope you realize.
- What does it mean?
"Not God's best ..." That is, you do not prioritize
the killing of a 20-year-old?
He's not a boy. He is a 20 year old man!
Let me show you something.
Normally I would not do it,
but you need to see.
When you learn to get a grip on your children,
so they do not become criminals?
He was a 20-year-old man and bottom delinquent.
He could not comply with the law.
Next time you tell me how I should do my work -
- so book an appointment with my secretary.
Are we clear on that?
What are you doing here?
Is it down here, you have your club?
Branco ... can I talk to him?
We are close.
I'm calling you.
Welcome to.
Sit down.
- No thanks ...
- Sit down, I tell you, man.
I hear, you render around and talking.
What is this, you want to talk about?
- About Yasin.
- Do you know anyone Yasin?
- Do not know any Yasin.
- Do not know any Yasin.
I know Yasin came down here.
- I am Yasin's brother.
- Give him just a Coke.
No thanks.
Take a tear.
- My brother is dead ...
- Take a sip, I say to you.
- It is you who is Branco.
- Yes.
I know Yasin worked for you.
I do not care what you're doing ...
- We do not do a damn thing.
- Okay, Branco. My little brother is dead.
- Shut up, man.
- I just want to know what happened.
Look at me. Look at me, man.
It's no fucking crooks.
Open your mouth, man.
I do not know you and your brother.
I've said it many times now.
Do not fucking show you here again.
I hope you have learned about respect.
Get him away, man.
Am I not your brother?
Everyone's after me! Believe me!
Good morning.
Good morning.
You have T-shirt.
Have you been to the hospital last night?
- You must wake me when you take in.
- Pardon. It went a little strong.
- Do you have eggs or muesli? - Yes please.
Should not you take some time off?
I can not, honey.
Well, I'm not asking you to take leave.
Just a week or ...
Stop it. You know I can not.
Zaid, you're not okay. How is it that you look?
Well ...
I talked to some of Yasin's friends yesterday.
Or some, he worked with.
Sold hash or what they were doing.
Okay, and what ...
They said: Fuck you.
Fuck your mother, fuck, fuck ...
- They say not so much. - Did they find anything?
No. I could recognize them from the time
they were small and run around in the courtyard.
I know they have something to do with it.
Or they at least ...
The kind the police will take care of, okay?
- And.
- And.
It stops there.
Have you got written autopsy report?
- It is not finished.
- You must have written something.
I have too, but once completed,
smoking it directly to the police.
I want to read it.
Yes, but there are things
you have to protect themselves.
Anders, I get hold of it no matter what.
You know too well.
Up on your toes! Come on! Work ...!
Come here.
Kick. Okay, in place.
Uppercut. Kom not.
Here and here ...
Quickly! Well, it is. In place.
Nikki. Kom her.
More shock quickly.
How to do it, folks. Come on.
How, man! Well.
Come on, boys. Come on! Parades ...!
Faster ...!
I do not. I need the belt up on the fucking wall.
What's up, brother? Is everything well?
I have some tricks for the boys.
The boys must win belts, do you understand?
Do you think we train for fun?
I absolutely batty. I had the four Arab girls.
Took them up there ...
But they would not do anything. They were completely dry.
Purchased just four bottles of Gray Goose.
As soon as they have boozet three glasses -
- they began to dance.
They were full, brother.
It became a Bedouin feast. Only it there ...
- My head still make curls, man.
- Fuck it, bro.
- Is there a track of that?
- He's ready. I'm just waiting.
- I've mastered that transport.
- Perfect. So be milked.
- Luxury, man.
- So be harvested.
- Should we go out to eat tonight?
- We must in any case.
- I think we go out and ...
- There has been much stress.
I just something I have to do.
Sit fucking down. Sit down.
- Where have you been?
- On Sundays with ...
- Why do not you take your phone?
- It was off.
- It is perhaps with Mary.
- Maybe?
- I go above and looking now.
- Hear what I'm saying to you now.
I do not want to smash your face.
If you do not come back with phone
and my money -
- I fuck your face! Are you following?
Do not show your face anywhere.
Fucking abekat.
What sren ?!
- You just get this off ...
- Come on, just.
- Lars! Try to see.
- It is a lie! Ancient warrior.
Are you still here? Are you married?
It's fucking good to see you.
And what about your mother?
It is, as it is not?
And your father will get you
a good long chat with?
This, it knows you are.
Beautiful, right?
- It's not the same, is it?
- The same thing, you.
- I would like to work again.
- Why?
I've spoken to the police.
They do not do anything.
They can not, or will not.
But those who killed Yasin, running around out there.
- I can not.
- Zaid, you are completely gone.
I have to find out who did it.
They where gangster boys render around and ...
They exploit young children.
They get them to do the dirty work.
So put them out or kill them bitches
who with Yasin.
And you can not do anything about.
You are a doctor, Zaid.
You're a doctor.
- The gangs are not like the old days.
- It's the same shit.
Zaid, it is a completely different game now.
A knife ten years ago is an AK-47 now.
They beat Yasin death.
Is it okay? Is it okay with you?
Anyone can become gangsters, Torben.
It is some small pusher boys.
Come on. Again! And again.
Come again! Focus!
Come on, damn it! Fire!
Come on, Zaid. Wake up now!
Bam, children, four. Come! Come then!
5, 6, 7, 8. Kom nu, Zaid. Her!
Nej, for satan!
Straight on.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. To that!
It is good, it is right.
Like that! There is good move in! Strong!
So what?!
- What are you doing here?
- I'm just out for a run.
Are you started training?
I used also to train. So I stopped.
Because of...
No, I train actually better when I'm stoned.
I do not know ...
I just lost the motivation.
So take with me.
- I have an appointment.
- Come on. You have already smoked, right?
So can you help me to keep pace.
Come on.
4, 5, 6. How there!
It's damn good. Come again.
And so highly pure again.
And so hooked.
And just right. Here you go!
It's damn good. Timeout.
- It is well.
- Thank you.
It is well. One day at a time.
Can not you just keep the bag?
I take just a little more.
Let me smoke finish.
Hold on just a poke. Come on.
Give me my cap.
- Do you have a girlfriend?
- Clear. I have 3-4 ladies, I see.
- 3-4 damer?
- And.
I have never been able to figure out
how to have a girlfriend, so I'm just some.
- You have a girlfriend?
- One wife. I can only do one.
- So you share the apartment and car and dog?
- Apartment and dog and doggie and Volvo.
- Should you not have it?
- No.
- Relax right, man. Fuck that.
- Hold on tight.
Let me smoke my fucking joint. Fuck that.
- Why did you kick me like that?
- Take it easy. Come on.
- Then came. - Are you ready?
Stand down the legs, I can not push you.
Use your whole body.
- Are you ready?
- Yes. I have it now.
- Wall.
- You can just make it harder.
I can no more.
Are you hungry?
- Yes, if you give.
- I give.
- It is different 3-4.
- So at the same time?
No, not simultaneously. Not yet.
But I would like at some point.
On each day.
For example, Monday is Sofie.
Tuesday is the ...
What the hell is she called?
- What if you can not remember it?
- I'm on the phone.
So they come, so we enjoy,
and then slip the next day.
They clean up a bit and make some food.
They are very cute.
- Do you live here? - Yes.
Come on. The elevator is here.
Why do not we take the stairs?
I would just like to see it all.
- The staircase? I live at the top.
- So we get a trip out of it.
I would like to see it all.
It looks wildly out.
You can still open the roof,
or is it all the time closed?
- I do not think.
- It is the last, right?
- It was you, it would take the stairs.
- Yes Yes. It's not hard.
It is the last.
- Hi.
- Hey darling. We have guests.
It's Alex. It is Stine. My wife.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Alex.
- Stine. Hello.
Where have you been? I called.
Try to check out the view.
- Who is it?
- One of Yasin's friends.
I saw him at the funeral
and have encountered him a few times later.
Do not tell her that we have been out
in Torben's workshop.
- There is a Faxe Kondi.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You need to dip it into the water.
- What is it made of?
- It is rice paper. It is made from rice.
- It's a nice place you have.
- Thank you.
- Is it okay to put salt on?
- You can put just what you want on.
And what about you? Do you go to school,
or do you work ...?
- No actually not.
- Neither?
No. I'm playing computer.
PlayStation or ...?
No, desktop PC. So, computer.
What kind of game is it?
Poker or ...?
It is a strategy game called
Battle for Middle-Earth.
You build your own city online,
and then you attack the other party.
So you can just get up in levels
and get more stuff.
Okay. Have you completed it or won ...?
You never win really. It continues all the time.
You have an avatar, as you continue to build on.
My avatar, for example, is a chore.
From Uruk-hai.
- En Unokai-ork?
- Uruk-hai.
- Uruk-hai
- Ork.
He has broken away from Saruman of Isengard.
It is a Lord of the Rings game?
Exactly. It's just not a story, you know.
It's called War in the North.
It exists only in the computer game.
Not in the movies.
- Or in the books ...
- Or in the books.
So ... that I spend a lot of time.
- No thank you.
- Try to taste. It is good.
- It is not full of a glass, right?
- You can easily tolerate a glass.
- You look quite professional.
- They do it all the time in movies.
I've always wanted to do it.
It actually tastes pretty good.
You and Yasin were good friends?
We used to play together.
And train together too.
The boys say Semion had anything to do with it.
He is Brancos boss, and he manages Lunden.
But I do not understand it.
Something must have gone wrong.
Where can I find him Semion?
He is holding a rally tomorrow.
- There must go.
- There are all kinds of fucked up types.
We can do that.
I want to see him.
Right ... Yes. And right. Yes!
How, how! Up here! Come on.
And then came. It's damn good!
Strong! Right. Such!
- What happens Hassan?
- Hey, long ago.
Good to see you again.
- How are you? Are you feeling well?
- Yes please.
- Vi her.
- His.
Now! Hassan, out! Get out, man!
Come on!
We go over.
- So what?!
- What are you doing?
Long time ago, bro.
What have you done?
You smoke too much pot, man.
Do you eat no food?
What the fuck is happening to you, man?
- Why do not you at the club?
- I am looking for work.
- Sick battle.
- He looks sick.
What kind of work? Fact or net?
- Come on down to the club.
- No.
Relax now. Go buy you some clothes, bro.
Eat some food.
Hey, Hassan!
Tag ham!
Hassan! Hassan! Hassan!
Hassan! Hassan! Hassan!
There you have his butt.
- There?
- Yes. You have to press a little harder. There.
We get a new time for you about ten days.
If he has not been reversed there, we'll get him.
- How do you turn him?
- We go in and pushing ...
Hello. Pardon.
- Hey, Zaid.
- Hi, Lisa.
- Uh ... Ulla.
- Ulla, sorry.
As I say to Stine, he has not turned up yet.
I need a new time for about ten days
and see if he has not been turned.
- What if I can not turn him?
- So are we talking about a caesarean.
- It may be, he turns on itself.
- Let Ulla take it here.
Now go home, and then we see
if he does not get turned away.
- And there's nothing I can do?
- Nothing. You just enjoy it.
- Sorry honey.
- I do not argue here.
Come on, baby. Pardon. Okay?
- Sorry what?
- That I was late.
Beautiful. I try to be in excess
and have an understanding of your situation.
But I need you.
It's not okay, you are late.
No, it's not okay.
It's just a little hectic at work.
- Why you smile?
- Because I do not have to. It at you well.
I am full of anger inside. Pardon.
Should we take out and eat on the weekend?
Should we not do it? A steak for my steak?
It did not hurt.
What kind of a vest that you have on?
- I have to be back.
- Yes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Zaid, I opened the phone.
Zaid ...
Give me that.
So ... Give it to me.
Please try this one. See if it fits.
Nothing has happened.
It can happen on the street. Breathe.
What if it had gone through?
You should be able to take a shot
without being hysterical. Get up.
- Do not point at me!
- You're hysterical.
Do not!
What the fuck's going on ?!
What is happening?
Where is Semion?
We take it with green beans,
chili fries and bearnaise.
Beans, chili fries and bearnaise.
Cool. Something to drink?
- Would you like a glass of red wine?
- No.
- I'll take a glass of red wine.
- Any preferences?
What do I need?
I would say you should have a pinot noir.
Pinot noir is an attractive choice.
It's what we do so. Thanks.
- It may be, I can take a little ...
- No! I asked if you wanted.
I do not want a full glass.
I take just a little sip.
You take a pregnant sip,
and then there is nothing left.
What do you mean?
The boys!
Have you been good or what?
So what?!
In control? You look happy.
- Cheers, darling.
- Cheers, darling.
Cheers for the last week.
Order what you want.
The money is never finished.
You clap like in a circus.
Do you think I need you clap?
- Two of the usual bottles.
- Of course.
Some ice and some mixed products, right?
I thought that after you were born,
and that has come a little quiet on -
- that we could go out and travel a bit.
Take out and travel a little?
Where does the idea come from?
My wife. She suggested I needed some time off.
- It sounds like a very wise woman.
- She is insanely clever, actually.
- Fine.
- I hope not.
We could go to Japan or ...
- To Japan? Why Japan?
- I've never been to Japan.
Then we will be there couple
with a screaming baby on the plane.
- 300 notes, my friend.
- Do I see?
- Well done, man.
- Insane.
Or we could go to Berlin.
So we should just drive down or fly there.
We have since had some good times in Berlin.
Or Paris ...
No, Berlin. I miss really our apartment in Berlin.
I'm sorry, we sold it.
What do you think? Do you miss Berlin?
- What are you, darling?
- In addition, and urinate.
Maybe you bother to be part
of the conversation when I get back.
Are you getting anything?
Your fucking tail!
Hvorfor are you staring at me?
Do not eat your fucking clammy steak, or what?
Your fucking monkey, man.
What do you play fine for?
Do not tolerate that one of your kind eat here?
One of my kind?
They are actually okay, these beans.
Let me tell you one thing.
You are nothing, because you come
once a month and spend 1,600 kr.
Who are you? I come here every other day.
The one that waiter over there
is my little slave.
I make sure things run around.
You forgot where you come from.
I remember you.
I make sure that from where you come from,
running it around.
Those who are not my brothers,
I treat as brothers.
Those who have no brothers,
got a brother.
Those who did not have a door,
gave me a door.
Those who did not have a light,
I gave a light.
I open a club for those sponsoring
their football club.
I make sure they can pay their rent.
What do you do?
When did you last visited your mother?
When were you last in the neighborhood
and done something for someone?
I will shit on you and your white world.
Are you following?
At least I live, where I come from,
I am what I come from -
- and I stand for what I come from.
You could not even be there for your brother, man.
Hello. I'm sorry I took your place.
I have never said hello to you. Hello.
- Hi.
- Semion.
It is good to see that you are in the process
of founding a family. It is nice.
- How far have you gone?
- Eight months.
Congratulations. It's fucking well done.
I send a bottle of champagne.
Congratulations on the.
Is that one of Yasin's friends?
We're leaving now. Come on.
I fuck you, you little whore, man!
I fuck you!
Where he comes the.
It was about time.
- Is everything well?
- Quietly.
Is everything well?
And you have a good reason to pull us out here?
Relax now, right?
There are a fucking little rat young people
who try to must fire me.
- Who?
- That's what I'm trying to find out.
That's why I drag you out here.
I can maybe donate some information.
If I have defied any of you,
you must say so now.
- Nothing has happened.
- Thanks to my car!
- How did you get here?
- Do you feel taken?
You come to us as if it were one of us.
What's up, bro?
It's called relief.
People come creeping and trying to must fire me!
If you do not feel you ...
so do not think about it.
- If you know something, say so.
- Are you saying it's one of us?
- What is it that you feel taken?
- Are you sick or what?
If I was in a fucking coffin, then yes!
Are you saying it's one of us ?!
Are you mentally ill, or what?
What is it that you feel taken?
Run, everybody. Running ...!
Where is the small rat, man ?! Find him!
What's up, man?
Hallo! Find the little bitch, man!
Can you see what he does?
So ask me why I am mentally ill!
- Hey. - Hello Anton.
We made an echo.
I think the case of insufficiency of the mitral valve.
Should we then call from anesthesia?
- Zaid?
- Yes, he needs surgery.
- Who do I as an assistant? You? - Yes.
Let's get started.
Zaid. Have you talked to the parents?
- What?
- Have you talked to the parents?
- Hi. - Hi.
Your son has received a heavy blow on his ribs -
- now pressed into his heart.
One of the front chambers of the heart.
So it's a complicated operation.
Not Nidals son?
We are pleased that
you have to take the operation.
Treat him as your brother.
- I will do everything I can.
- Thank you.
Run cardioplegia.
Saks, Ulla. Tweezers Hand shears hand.
What is this?
What is this? Scissorhands.
How long have you been here?
Hi Mom.
Okay, okay, I'm coming over.
Okay, Mom.
- What then your Adam ?!
- What happens?
- What did you say?
- I said: What about your Adam?
- Hey! Hey!
- What are you doing?
So what?!
So what?!
What are you doing with this?
- Look at me.
- Zaid.
Look at me.
Are you going to shoot me?
Let him go, Zaid.
Let him go, let him go.
What are you doing?
- The ...
- What? They are fucking young children.
- I'm up to my parents.
- No! They know who you are.
- I'm up to my parents.
- You must run! Now! Running, Zaid!
Come on...!
I can hear you.
Hey darling.
Why would you onto the one way?
- What do you say?
- Why would you into it that way?
Because you sleep, and I will not wake you.
Do you think I'm an idiot?
No, honey.
I do not think, you are.
- Zaid, what are you doing?
- Works.
You have not been at work.
How is it that you are at night?
Yasin died Stine. Do you understand?
They took my brother from me.
- Yes. - I am...
It's not your fault.
What happened to Yasin, is not your fault.
It understands you well, right?
Please, tell me you are not mixed
into this thing, Zaid.
Please, tell me you are not ...
Police ...
Shut up with the police.
Do not talk about the police!
Zaid, we must have a child. I need you here.
Zaid, do not take your phone!
- Alex.
- Zaid!
- Zaid! Do not ...
- I can not hear you.
- Zaid ... If you go now ...
- We take it later, Stine.
Alex. Hello?
Alex. Careful.
Careful, Alex.
You are talking to a doctor.
This is subordinate.
I have a severely injured life endangered patient.
The respiratory tract is ensured.
He breathes itself.
He has an open skull fracture and multiple injuries.
I need an emergency lgebil
and a primary ambulance.
The address is Hennings Torv 8, 3. tv. 2620 Albertslund.
Is that understood? Well.
Who was it?
- Semion.
- Semion.
Alex, did you tell them about me?
- I can ... I can not remember it.
- Okay.
Hey! Hello!
This is the police! Hey!
Stop! This is the police, I said!
Hey! Do you have a headlamp to a 208?
Put him up.
Take just the phone.
Fucking little rat.
Hey. Psst!
Try looking here.
Kan du se den her?
Where is Semion?
I do not know. It is Branco.
He is the only one who knows it.
I do not know. I swear.
What then, Semion?
What are you doing, habibi?
There is something to celebrate.
You will need a monthly salary.
Not so much. I just got some food.
- Say goodbye.
- I'll call you back.
- What are you doing?
- Sit in the car.
Relax. Do not fucking play smart.
I go in now. Then came.
- Drive.
- Where are we going?
Tell me where we're going.
- We're going to Semion.
- Who the fuck is Semion?
- Drive over to Semion.
- Tell me the way.
- Drive over to Semion.
- Do not Semion.
- Hello! Relax, man.
- Do you have more questions?
No no.
We will figure it out. Relax completely.
You are cold in the ass.
You have nothing to come home to?
- No wife or children waiting?
- Shut up.
I have two children, bro.
They figure, I come tonight.
So relax a little. You're a reasonable man.
We can talk about it here.
It may well be that you have two children,
but that does not make you a father.
You're just a pimple that fucker their lives.
So keep your mouth shut.
Drive over to Semion.
How dare you come home to me ?!
Your little rat, you enter my home ?!
Get up! Get up, I tell you.
Get up, you little rat!
Get up!
Have you no more now? What?!
So what?! Not any more, or what ?!
Is that what you are worth? What?!
Are you getting enough ?!
Should I kill you like I killed your brother?
Do I really kill you?
Get up!
Pardon. I have nothing to do with it.
Sorry, sorry, sorry ...
Sorry Sorry.
Press here.
Click here and click here.
Can you hear me, Anton?
I am going into the hospital
with a boy with a gunshot wound in the stomach.
He has lost a lot of blood.
Five minutes. Meet me outside.
Zaid, dammit. How is it that you look?
Come here.
- Grasp here for him.
- He has a gunshot wound in the stomach.
I've stopped the bleeding.
Zaid ... Zaid!
Zaid, for found.
Stine has born!
She lies there.
Zaid ... No, do not go that way.
Walk down the tunnel. Take my card.
Zaid ...
Ground 13, 5th floor!
Hey! What are you doing here?
Zaid, it's the police!
Hands out to the side and came quietly forward.
Zaid! Take your hands out to the side.
Hands out to the side.
Lie down on your stomach.
Your palms up.
Take it slow.
Take it slow. Take him.
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