Underwater (2020) Movie Script

When you're underwater
for months at a time,
you lose all sense
of day and night.
And there's only awake
and dreaming.
Not that those things
are easy to tell apart.
I think,
or I dream about
the first thing
he ever said to me.
Told me he didn't
believe in time...
only moments.
He was a
glass-half-full type.
All right.
I prefer it empty.
What are you doing here?
I mean, there's a
comfort to cynicism.
There's a lot
less to lose.
Wake up!
Pressure breach!
Pressure breach!
We gotta get to the bulkhead!
integrity compromised.
Everyone up! Everyone up!
Come on!
Structural integrity
What the hell is happening?
Let's go! Pressure breach!
We gotta seal the bulkhead!
Seal the bulkhead.
- De-pressurization warning.
- I don't have my keycard!
Here, here, here.
- No!
- Bulkhead jammed.
I gotta get inside
this thing now!
- Reboot required.
- Where is it? Where is it?
Oh, my God!
Come on!
De-pressurization warning.
Seal the bulkhead.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
The whole rig
is about to implode!
If you don't shut these doors,
it'll take the whole station
with us!
Okay! Okay, okay, okay,
got it, got it, got it!
- System online.
- Shut the door!
- Wait!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Wait for us!
- Hey!
- Run!
- Run!
- Come on!
Guys, run! Come on, come on!
- Hey! Hey, hey!
- Come on, guys, let's go!
Come on, run!
Norah, Norah!
They're not gonna make it.
- Close the door!
- Norah!
We have to close the door,
otherwise the whole rig will die.
Shut the door now!
Structural failure is imminent
as the result of an...
To all Kepler Station crew,
structural failure is imminent.
Repeat, structural
failure is imminent.
Hey, hey.
You okay?
Was that an earthquake?
I don't know.
Had to have been like
a ten or eleven.
I don't even know
what channel we'd be...
All personnel
report to pod bays
for immediate evacuation.
This is Kepler.
Control, can you hear me?
Kepler Station
status, 70% compromised.
Reactor unstable.
Control, this is Kepler,
can you hear me?
Kepler Station
status, 70% compromised.
Mayday. Mayday. Mayday.
Can anyone hear me?
We have to get to the pod bays.
Come on.
As a crew
member, we want you to know
that you're not
just part of a team,
you're part of
our family.
No, no, no.
That doesn't go through.
a complaint?
Address it
to your superior officer.
Oh, yes, working.
I just got to find
the nearest pods.
Senior engineers,
please report to engineering.
Rodrigo, right?
I- I know.
I usually work
with the day shift.
- Can you...? Can you help me out here?
- Sure, I can.
Um, are you a computer engineer
or something?
- Mechanical.
- Okay.
I can reset breakers.
I've been down here for a bit.
Hey, you gotta know...
that wasn't our fault.
I mean,
you-you saved the entire rig.
I... I didn't even know
to close the door.
Bulkheads closed.
Do you... Do you really think
that was an earthquake?
I- I don't know.
That's not good.
The hardline's been severed.
Antenna's gone. I don't even
think we can reach the surface.
...to the nearest
escape pod as soon as possible.
evac pods in CR-7.
Hey, we got this, all right?
Some of this water
is definitely sewage.
aboard the Kepler Station,
located just a mile away
from the Roebuck...
The titan-class
sister station...
The Kepler...
pumps a crude...
There we go.
and we hope
you enjoy your stay.
Can we...
Can we dig through there?
I'll look inside.
Yeah, I can fit up here,
if you can.
Come check.
Can anyone hear me?
Hello? Hello?
Hey, do you hear that?
- Hey!
- Hello!
Hey, keep talking, man.
I can hear you.
I'm under the rock!
Take him, take him.
Paul? Here, here, here, here.
Hey, you.
What's-what's going on
down there? Your legs all right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
What do you need?
To get the heck out of here.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
What can I do?
- All right, all right.
- All right.
- You good?
- Yeah.
All right.
- All right. Here.
- Hey.
- Norah?
- You're good. Hi!
You sweet,
flat-chested elven creature.
Okay, just breathe for a second.
You're all good.
- Is Lil Paul okay?
- Yeah, he's cool.
- Let me help you.
- You wanna try to stand up?
- Yeah.
- All right, buddy. Here we go.
Grab his arm?
No, no, no. Wait. No, no.
Okay, are you caught
in anything?
No, no, no,
let's just be stronger.
Okay, give me Lil Paul.
- Yeah, here.
- Thank you.
Gotta go.
Okay, I got my robe
and my lucky sock.
What are we doing?
The evac pods in CR-7.
- We're headed there, okay?
- Okay.
The upper decks are collapsing.
We gotta move fast.
Through that thing?
You guys are crazy.
I'm a big boy.
All right. I think...
Hold up.
Bulkheads closed.
Flooding contained.
- You guys okay?
- Yeah.
There's-there's someone up here.
It's... It's McClellen.
Hey, Rod.
Come on, bud.
Guys, I see the pod bay.
Attention! Attention!
All Kepler crew...
Holy shit.
He stayed behind?
Wait, why's he
just sitting there?
Oh, shit.
"Shit?" What's...
What's "oh shit"? What?
The evac pods are gone.
- I need the line open.
- Captain!
Norah. You're alive.
The door's jammed.
Rodrigo, Paul.
I need you two to check where
we are on submersible. Now.
All right, all right.
On a scale from one to ten,
how bad's my rig?
Uh, ten.
You're 70% compromised.
Honestly, you-you breathe
too hard in here, we're...
Wait. Let me see.
I don't get it. Was that
like an earthquake or...
I don't know.
I'm trying to figure it out.
Why are you still here?
You should have gone up.
There were pods here.
'Cause that's what captains do.
Who cares? You have a kid,
you should have gone up.
Can you, uh, can you
sit down, please?
Any one of us would have
shoved your ass
onto that pod immediately.
Listen to me.
Everybody's getting out
of here alive,
you hear me?
Hold that on your ear.
I already sent 22 up.
Smith reported seven dead.
I found three.
It was, it was Lee,
Travis and McClellen,
and, um, um, McCl...
McClellen's hands
were still warm
so I-I know it was McClellen.
I mean, she lives
three floors up,
and I was brushing my teeth,
like, two hours ago.
- I-I had to shut the door on the entire East wing.
- Don't do this to yourself.
So, actually, you know what,
there could be more.
Stop thinking back,
look forward.
Look forward. Look at me.
Now you follow the light.
Come on.
Follow the light.
a va a va.
that isa no-go on the submersibles.
Copy that.
I'm sending Norah
to the control room.
Emily, are you okay? Hey.
- Oh, my gosh. You're alive.
- Norah?
- Hey.
- You're alive.
- Dude.
- Ah, I hate that.
- Have you heard anything?
- No, no. Nothing.
- How are the cooling towers?
- I haven't checked 'em yet.
- You wanna do it?
- Yeah, yeah.
See if anybody's
alive out there.
Bulkheads closed...
Hey, hey.
Someone's coming. Right?
They're gonna...
They're gonna send someone.
I don't know. Thank you.
I'm pretty sure
they already sent someone.
I'm less sure we have the time
to wait for them.
- Norah.
- Yeah.
So, the cooling towers?
What are we getting?
Oh, um...
Nothing good.
All the upper decks
have collapsed
and we lost the cooling towers.
The core of the Kepler
is completely unstable.
Wait, what do you
mean "unstable"?
Like, poof,
we all die "unstable"?
What are we
talking about here, Norah?
The thermal cores.
That's a lot of energy
with nowhere to go.
Okay, the intern's
freaking me out.
Can somebody just explain
what the hell's going on here?
Research assistant.
No, there-there... There's a...
There's a, um...
If there's a meltdown,
there's gonna be a lot of heat.
There's gonna be
a flash boil, explosions.
I don't really know. I watch a
lot of anime. That's all I know.
Oh, you watch anime?
I like anime.
No, I mean, he's right.
We have about 30 minutes
till meltdown.
And, uh, it's gonna blow us
into tiny pieces to the surface.
And people are gonna find us,
like, floating around.
Bulkhead compromised.
Okay, guys, listen.
The escape pods are gone
and the sub is out of order.
And we're not getting
any more radio signals.
And the structure of the Kepler
is totally unsound.
Captain, there better be
a good punchline,
'cause this setup is...
- So weak.
- weak.
We go for the Roebuck.
The Roebuck?
It's a mile down
and a mile that way.
- What are you talking about?
- Yeah.
How would we even get there?
We walk.
We what?
We walk?
That's what you dug me
out of the rubble for?
I can't walk.
I don't even have a suit.
Listen, listen. Listen to me.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna drop down to the
cargo elevator to the seafloor.
Then we use the access tunnel
to get to the Midpoint station.
There we can charge
and clean the rebreathers.
And then we follow the markers
across the plateau
to the Roebuck.
So we just go in the pitch black
and we walk without knowing
where we're going
with insufficient oxygen?
- That's the plan?
- That's the plan.
Everybody down with that?
Norah, you okay with that?
The suits can't be down there
that long. You know that.
Not everyone here
is an experienced diver and...
Than we never know.
I'm-I'm not trying to be...
Can you just admit
we might die doing that?
Yeah. But can you admit
that we might live doing this?
Hey, what about
the old Shepard Station?
Isn't that closer?
Shepard Station's gone.
There's nothing there.
Uh, you guys,
you need to hear this.
Can this be
something good?
Could we please have
one good thing? Could we?
I think this was the last
transmission from the drill site.
Mayday, mayday!
We've been compromised by category ten...
Now, what the hell
was that noise?
Also, the temperature outside
jumped ten degrees.
Great, so it'll be warm when
we're walking across the plateau.
The water doesn't do that.
That's impossible.
That's just aftershocks
from the last earthquake, okay?
It's 'cause
we drilled too deep. Okay?
It's those tectonic plates
I talk about all the time.
This is insane.
Okay, this is insane.
We go for the Roebuck.
What? If we're gonna
do this, let's do it!
Am I right?
All right, we can compromise.
I can turn it down.
Lose your pants.
They won't fit in the suit.
Deck A compromised.
Bulkheads closed.
Flooding contained.
Has anyone ever
walked out there before?
Longer than to fix a pipe.
I mean, just...
Just walked?
Check if we have enough helmets.
I just need you to find
six good ones.
Hey, Norah.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, sure.
Hey. How you doing?
You ready?
All right.
These are ripped too? Come on!
All right, this is gonna suck.
Oh, sorry, sorry!
Okay. Good?
Go suit up.
Your air is good.
Thank you.
Okay, clear
all this shit from the deck.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking
I really didn't like
the sound on that transmission.
We should take something.
That's a very valid point.
Okay. Let me see your back.
Okay. Last checks.
Let's go.
All right, listen up.
We watch our descent rate
and follow all safety protocols.
these suits are dangerous.
Hey, what's so funny?
- I can't do this. I can't.
- Yes, you can.
Yes, you can. Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.
It's all right. It's all right.
It's just an elevator, all right?
It's all lit up
to the weigh station.
You just follow the pipeline.
You can do it. Come on, come on.
Hey, what's the scariest
part of a roller coaster?
Waiting in line.
I'm gonna be right there
with you. Every step.
Main bridge compromised.
We have to move.
All right.
Everybody in the pool.
Okay, we gotta go.
That was one level above us.
This one's next. Let's go.
integrity compromised.
Structural integrity
Take us down.
"If you don't know
where you're going,
any road can get
you there."
What? It's not me, Norah.
It's from a book.
Let's go.
We all know you
can't read.
All right,
I don't wanna scare anyone,
but once we get
to the depth
we're gonna have to
jump to the cargo lift.
Okay, here we go.
Exterior hatch,
it's ripped to shreds.
Everybody, get ready.
Hang onto
something 'cause
pressure's gonna
hit us hard.
Override it.
As long as it opens,
we'll be fine.
Captain, I don't know
what's going on with this thing.
keep trying.
Guys, what's going on?
Keep the door closed.
Keep the door closed!
Stay where you are.
Close your eyes.
It's okay, Em.
You're good, you're good.
Listen. Listen.
Close your eyes.
Let's go, Emily.
Step to the edge.
You have to jump now.
Norah, he's gone.
It's your turn.
You need to jump.
He knew that
that helmet was faulty.
I mean, I-I-I know
that he knew it.
I know how you feel.
I know it's unfair.
But you're gonna have to
take it and use it.
Yeah. Okay.
Come on.
The sooner we get clear
of the station the better.
I've never seen
anyone die before.
I saw somebody die.
I've never seen anybody implode.
What are you laughing at?
Uh, I was just
thinking of this thing
that Rodrigo did sometimes.
He'd always say
he had a new joke,
and then he'd tell
the same stupid joke.
I was... laughing at that joke.
Yeah, what was it?
What did the fish say when
it bumped into the brick wall?
Pretty stupid joke.
It looks like
whatever it is
might be on the deck below us.
I think it's a distress signal
from one of the pods.
How far?
Two hundred more meters.
Why wouldn't it be
going to the surface?
Maybe it's only got
half a charge.
It's definitely stopped
on the platform below us.
It could be a survivor.
Guys, somebody's gonna
have to suit up.
All right, Emily,
this is your time.
I'm just messing with you.
Here, take him.
Take this bunny.
I bequeath it to you.
If he doesn't make it,
I'll haunt you.
Let's go, guys.
We don't know how long
until the Kepler blows.
Let's go put
our lives in danger.
- Be careful.
- We'll be right back.
Paul's crazy. Right?
Yeah. I guess so.
Captain, what do we do?
With the body, when we find it.
We're talking about
a possible survivor, Paul.
Then hypothetically.
Let's say we were to come
across a body and it was dead.
Just grab something
we can take back to his family.
It's okay. I
know what to do.
Oh, really?
We got G.I. Joe over here.
And we are about to touch...
in three, two, one.
We're locked in.
All right.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah!
Let's get this done
before the Kepler
comes down on our asses.
Turn on all the camera feeds
we have available.
How long can
someone survive in a pod?
If he lost power, not long.
Especially at this depth.
Okay, guys, we're starting
the decompression now.
Are either of you two married?
How-how old is she?
That's a tough age for a girl.
I mean, it's-it's a phase.
It will pass.
She's not 14.
Allie? She's gotta be
like my age, right?
Who said 14? Did I say that?
Well, I don't know
why I said it.
You're losing it, old man.
You're going senile down here.
It's actually a normal
neurological reaction.
When you're facing death,
time just...
Listen to me. Listen to me.
You're not gonna die. Okay?
All right.
Worst idea ever.
Let's do it anyway.
Helmets on.
Locked and loaded.
Either of you have dogs?
Flood it, Norah!
I have a corgi.
Not house-trained, so he's
kind of a nightmare right now,
but I didn't think
I would miss him this much.
Okay, hatch is sealed.
We're outside.
Okay, I'll put us on standby.
Turn the floodlights on, please.
Cap, this platform's
not too stable.
I, uh, don't know how long
we should be out here.
Oh, God.
Guys, keep on walking forward.
Like 20 meters.
Check what's
on the right.
I can't see shit.
My right or his right?
What the
hell is that?
Am I cracking up
or is there, like,
like, a bird
chirping right now?
We're not hearing
anything up here.
All right,
Captain, talk to us.
We close? We can't see
anything out here.
Honestly, you should be
right in front of it.
I can't see shit.
Oh, hold up.
You see that?
Holy shit.
What the hell
happened to this thing?
Looks like it imploded.
There's, uh, something.
Something all over it.
You seeing this?
What is that?
I would need to take
a closer look.
It could be
some sort of an-an algae.
You ever see
anything like that?
This looks...
It doesn't look
like algae.
Is there anybody in it?
I got something.
Great. We can use
his credit cards.
All right, Captain,
there's no body,
so can we please
and thank you
get the hell out of here
before we...
Scratch that. There's a body.
It's entangled...
They should just come back.
in the coils.
Dude, don't check it out.
Just come back.
- Just come back.
- Wait.
Do you see his back?
- Can you guys see that?
- Let's just bring them back.
Okay, come back, guys.
Whoa. Smith.
The hell's going on
with his body?
Did the pressure...
Paul, hold
still! God!
What is that thing?
All I know is that it was
eating a dead body
and then it came at me.
Em, what are you doing?
Uh, I'm just looking for its...
Oh, no, no!
Looking for its mouth.
Is it still alive?
- No, no, no.
- 'Cause I will kill it.
I think I just touched a nerve.
Norah, how much
further do we have?
Two hundred meters
away from the bottom.
It doesn't have any eyes.
How are they attracted
to the light?
Oh, my God, look at this.
Maybe they're like moths.
Underwater moths.
It's like talons.
I think this might be
a new species.
Do we get to name it?
I shot it. I'm naming it.
I've never seen
sea life like this down here.
Unless... Unless we bored
into a hydrothermal pocket.
If it was sustained heat
that could support life...
Are you serious?
Everybody stay calm. Stay calm.
- Oh, my God.
- Norah, what'd you get?
It's not just the lights.
The whole system's down.
Can you put us in neutral?
Glide the rest of the way?
We have access to the cable?
If we can disengage, definitely.
What was that?
This better not be some
Twenty Thousand Leagues
Under the Sea shit, man.
- Paul.
- What the hell?
I'm just joking.
But it does sound like
there's something out there.
It's probably not a good time
to ask, but is that a baby?
Should we close that door?
I'm gonna close it.
I'm gonna close that door.
We gotta find a way to get down.
We're completely disengaged.
I don't know why we're not moving yet.
Oh, my God!
What the hell was that?
- Oh, my God!
- The Kepler exploded!
The Kepler!
Oh, shit, shit, shit!
Into the pressure chamber!
Oh, God!
We have to open
the outside hatch
before we hit the seafloor!
Or we get crushed! Move!
Flood it! Flood it!
Helmet, now!
Here we go! Come on!
Hang on!
Here we go.
Open the hatch!
All right.
Run! Run! Run!
Watch it! Watch it!
Hey, guys!
I'm over here.
Come to the green light.
I'm at the entrance.
Watch out, Smith!
Emily, watch
Keep your eyes closed.
Keep 'em closed.
I don't know
what happened.
Come on, take him.
To the pipeline entrance!
Come on.
I can't get
the goddamn door open!
Smith, can you hear me?
It's gonna be okay, buddy.
You're gonna be okay.
Come on.
Let's get him clear
of the door!
Get him up. Get him up.
Get him up.
Get him up. Get him up.
What happened? Are you okay?
He inhaled some fumes.
He's okay.
His oxygen scrubber took a hit.
We all saw this, right?
There are things out there.
Fuck our lives!
There's something out there.
Oh, my God.
Paul, stop.
It's just debris falling.
Norah, call the mover.
All right.
Look at me.
How's your sight?
I'm good.
- It's gonna be all right, man.
- Okay.
I don't have the code.
I- I can't get in here.
Eh, forget it.
- Give me your hand.
- Two, three!
It's gonna be fine, buddy. Yeah.
All right. We ride this
to the Midpoint Station.
We're halfway there, guys.
Halfway there.
Paul, stop the cart.
It's not gonna go
in that kind of water.
Stop it.
That's a lot of water.
The pumps are probably jammed.
What happens
if they don't turn back on?
Anybody else wanna take that?
In the book, Alice cried so much
she almost drowned
in her own tears.
Luckily, she could swim.
It got pretty rough
for her after that.
There's definitely
something following us.
Okay. I'm getting very close
to shitting myself.
Looks like somebody got
a care package.
Cheetos and...
Oh, the irony.
I love MoonPies.
This is someone's stuff.
This is all someone's...
Oh, my God.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on, guys,
we're almost there.
It should be 300 meters ahead.
Is this it?
We can't go back.
What does that mean?
It's too tight.
Oh, no.
We've got to find
another way.
I'm the smallest. Let me check.
Let me connect you with my line.
Thank you.
All right, I'm through.
It's open out here.
And I think you guys
can definitely make it.
It's really tight but...
- Okay.
- Huh?
We're sending Emily.
Yeah, okay.
on his way.
Hey, come here.
How you holding up?
I'm okay.
Um, I was gonna eat this,
but Lil Paul and I decided
that you should
give it to your girl.
- MoonPie.
- Yeah.
Thanks, man.
She's pretty cool.
Gotta make sure
not to screw that up.
Your turn. Come on.
All right, Cap's through.
I'm going.
All right, guys.
I'm coming through.
How are you doing in there, buddy?
You want your bunny heater?
All right, forget this.
We're going in.
Hey. You okay?
- Paul, can you hear me?
- Yeah.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- What is that?
- Huh?
Paul, are you reading?
Don't screw around. Let's go.
Hey, Paul, you copy?
We're gonna pull you through.
- All right, pull.
- All right.
Here we go.
- Come on.
- I'm pulling. I'm pulling.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
There he is.
You scared the shit out of me.
There's something back there.
Some Slender Man-type shit.
Hey, that's not funny.
What's wrong with my line?
Smith, unclip.
He's all tangled up.
- Okay, I got it.
- Oh, no!
Unclip, unclip, unclip!
Take Lil Paul! Take Lil Paul!
Give me my helmet!
It's pulling me underwater!
He's going! Helmet!
- My helmet!
- Helmet, now!
Get it on! Get it on!
Grab him! Grab him!
Grab him! Grab him!
I can't hold him!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Get out of the water!
- Emily, go!
- Get to the bulkhead!
Calling CQ. Calling CQ.
This is Captain Lucien.
We're at the Midway Station.
It's heavily damaged.
Not sure how long it will last.
Does anyone copy?
It ripped him out of the suit.
It ripped him right out
of his goddamn suit.
What could do that?
Begin evacuation
to surface immediately.
CQ, do you copy?
tower is online.
What is happening?
That drill weighs 6,000 tons.
How did it get
ripped up like that?
We did this.
We drilled
the bottom of the ocean.
We took too much.
And now she's taking back.
We're not supposed to be
down here.
No one is.
She's not wrong.
I know Paul's gone, but...
we can't stay here.
What about Smith's suit?
Let me take a look
at your oxygen scrubber.
- Hmm.
- Come on.
How is it?
The suit's not gonna make it.
You guys gotta
go without me. We... I'm...
I'm just gonna be
dead weight out there.
- I can't lose anybody else.
- Me neither.
Smith, you can lean on me.
Take short,
shallow breaths.
It's gonna be all right.
I got you.
Okay, there's Marker 21.
All we do now is follow
these across the plateau.
The Roebuck Station
will be at Marker Zero.
What did you see? Huh?
I don't know.
- I just saw it.
- Oh, my God!
I saw that.
Set him down.
What was that?
What the hell was that?
Where is it? Where is it?
Turn off the lights.
Don't move.
I'm gonna turn my IR on.
Norah, did you
get my feed?
Where's Smith? Norah?
- Where is he?
- Do you see him?
Where'd he go?
- Smith!
- Emily.
- Smith?
- Smith!
Emily. Help.
- That's his foot.
- I'm going.
I'm hooking
onto you. Here.
I see him.
I got him.
He's alive. He's alive.
I'm pulling him back.
Just push him.
We'll grab his feet.
Smith, can you hear us?
Smith, please! Can you hear us?
I gotta grab the gun.
Forget the gun.
Captain, leave it.
Cap, what are you doing?
- Norah!
- No!
You okay?
I can't see you.
Can you see me?
Where are you?
I'm underneath you.
Can you see me?
Cap, can
you hear me?
Where are you?
I'm here.
I'm all tangled.
Can you see me?
Okay, hold on.
Where is it?
I don't know.
Get me
out of here.
- Okay.
- Shit.
Okay, let me see
if I can help you. Hold on.
Can you reach my knife?
What was that?
Is it back?
What do you see?
Is it back?
Oh, I got you. I got you.
I'm with you.
I'm with you.
Pressure level critical.
rising too fast!
The pressure's gonna
kill us both!
Please slow ascent.
Let go.
integrity, ten percent.
look at me.
Let go, God damn it!
No, I can't. I can't. I can't.
Four percent.
Three percent.
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Two percent.
It's gonna be all right.
No, don't do that.
One percent.
Don't do that!
Don't do that!
Emily, can
you hear me?
Emily, Smith,
can you hear me?
I'm still alive. I'm at
the old Shepard drill.
There's no...
There's no pods here
but I can breathe.
I have some air.
If you guys are
out there...
Is anyone reading?
Emily, can you hear me?
Can you guys hear me?
I'm sorry.
Guys, I'm just gonna
keep talking.
I don't know if
you can hear me.
I'm following
the southeast line.
Following the markers.
To the Roebuck.
I used to love the ocean.
It was like a giant
petri dish, you know?
Em, is that you?
I know that you have...
a different Hawaiian shirt
for every day of the week.
Emily, I can hear you.
Is that you?
Though I...
Even though
I don't know you
outside of this
petri dish...
But I know
that you listen to me.
And you make me laugh.
I love you.
You know?
I needed you to know.
Emily, I'm right
behind you.
Hey, can you hear me?
Hey, Emily.
- Emily!
- No! Please!
Please stay back!
Emily, stop!
Emily. Hey, hey.
Hey. Em? Em? Em?
Open your eyes.
Emily, open your eyes.
It's me.
Hey, I got you.
- I got you.
- Norah, I thought you...
- You're okay.
- Norah...
Norah, I thought you...
I thought you were dead.
How's Smith? Is he okay?
Yes, yes.
He's here. He's alive.
Okay. That's what
matters, right?
Come on, let's get up.
Come here.
I didn't get very far.
Are you kidding me?
I am so proud of you.
I- I can't even
believe it, honestly.
Your air must be...
Let me check your air,
though. You must be so...
No, I'm just...
I figured...
I'm just gonna walk.
Okay. That's a good plan.
The captain?
Just grab Smith. Okay?
Don't think about
it. Come on.
God, I feel high.
It's the low
oxygen thing.
I can't
feel my fingers.
What's your dog's name?
Tenny. Yours?
That's cute. Jim.
James if he gets
in trouble.
He was my fianc's dog,
You guys split up?
No way. He, um...
He was Smith's
best friend, actually.
We used to all
dive together.
He wanted to go
out one night.
I was tired.
I let him go alone, and...
he just took forever.
I knew something
was wrong. So I...
I called Search and Rescue
and went down to look for him.
I just... couldn't
find him.
I'm sorry. You don't
need to hear that right now.
I'm so sorry.
It's just that feeling of
beingpowerless to change anything.
It almost killed me.
I made Smith swear to me
he would never talk
about it down here.
You really love him, huh?
That's really cool.
You just gotta
keep pulling.
What is that?
What is that glow?
It's the drill.
It's the Roebuck.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, we made it.
Come on. Come on.
We're almost there.
Almost there.
Just to the green light.
What are they?
Turn your
lights off.
Turn your lights off.
Oh, my God.
Where are they all coming from?
The door is right there.
Right there.
They look like
they're sleeping.
Or hibernating.
Let's just focus
on getting inside.
Oxygen levels critical.
Oxygen levels critical.
Beep, beep.
That's probably not good.
Keep going. Emily,
keep going.
Get Smith to the door.
Emily, take him. Go.
Emily, go.
Emily, go!
What the...
Oh, shit!
Oxygen levels critical.
Oxygen levels critical.
Oxygen levels critical.
Oxygen levels critical.
Oxygen levels critical.
Warning. Oxygen levels critical.
Oxygen levels critical.
One sec.
Oxygen levels critical.
Come on.
Please find your way
to the nearest pod deck
for immediate evacuation.
Come on,
we gotta get to the pods.
Come on, bud.
Begin evacuation
to surface immediately.
I gotta find
the directory.
G compromised.
Flooding contained.
Come on, come on, come on.
Welcome aboard
the Roebuck.
Tian Industries'
titan-class drill.
Oh, here! Here, here!
a whopping 140 billion tons
of crude a year.
The Roebuck is the future
of Tian Industries'
energy production.
- Holy shit.
- Tian Industries.
We've got big things
in store for you.
Welcome aboard
the Roebuck.
Tian Industries'
titan-class drill.
All right, come on,
this way. This way.
Flooding contained.
of Titan Industries...
Oh, no! No, no, no!
bridge compromised.
- This way! Come on!
- Flooding contained.
aboard the Roebuck.
Tian Industries'
titan-class drill.
Go, go, go!
F compromised.
Bulkheads closed.
Flooding contained.
Come on.
Please find your way
to the nearest pod deck
for immediate evacuation.
Yes! Yes!
Begin evacuation
to surface immediately.
Yes! Yes!
Warning. Warning.
Pod non-operational.
Are we set, Norah?
Pod non-operational.
Yeah, we're good.
- Do we have enough pods?
- Yep.
Are you sure?
How many do we have?
We got three,
we got three.
- Three?
- Yep.
- Okay, you go, you go. You guys go.
- No way.
No, you go first. I'll go last.
- I'll go last.
- Hey. Come on.
Hey. Watch your head.
Deck F
You have to make it, okay?
You promise me?
I promise.
Hey, thanks for dragging me
across the bottom of the ocean.
Any time.
Except never,
never again, please.
Fair enough.
Pod launch
sequence activated.
I'll see you soon. Okay.
Here. You gotta take this.
Give it to his folks
or something.
Shit. Lil Paul.
Let 'em know he was my favorite
pain in the ass, okay?
- Will do.
- Bye, bud.
Begin evacuation
to surface immediately.
Come on, you're up.
No, I can take the last one.
It's fine, it's fine. Seriously, you go.
No. Come on, get in.
No, seriously.
You can't even operate
this thing. Let's go.
What's wrong with it?
Get in the pod.
Emily, I can fix it.
We don't have time for this.
- Oh, my God, no. I'm not leaving you.
- Come on.
No. You're not leaving him.
Deck B compromised.
If you stay here,
you're gonna die here.
And then what are we even doing?
I will stay with you and we
can fix it together, okay?
We don't have time for that.
Come on, get in the pod.
Hey! What are you... Norah.
Do you know what I would do
for one more second?
Just one more second with Sam?
Anything. Anything.
Go. You have a whole life.
- No, no. Norah, stop it.
- Emily. Emily.
Stop it!
Sorry. Sorry.
There we go.
Pod launch
sequence activated.
You better make it
up there, okay?
It's gonna be all right.
Deck B compromised.
Bulkheads closed.
Please find your way
to the nearest pod deck
for immediate evacuation.
Begin evacuation
to surface immediately.
Deck A compromised.
Bulkheads closed.
Flooding contained.
Please find your way
to the nearest pod deck
for immediate evacuation.
Begin evacuation
to surface immediately.
Pressure anomalies
There are things
that will happen
that will make you feel
and make you feel
But that's it.
They're just feelings.
Begin evacuation
to surface immediately.
And sometimes
you have to stop feeling.
Start doing.
Foreign objects
approaching pods.
Foreign objects
approaching pods.
NDistance to contact, 60 meters.
Accessing core terminal.
You know
what we're sitting on?
A lot of energy.
With nowhere to go.
meltdown in progress.
One minute until
You got 60 seconds.
You lose your sense of time
in the dark.
Four, three, two, one.
So let's
light this shit up.