Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) Movie Script

Two decades had passed since
the creation of both species ...
The war had begun ...
Victor increased his army,
Creating a legion of vampires to protect
them against the very first clan of werewolves.
A vicious and infectious breed,
unable to take human form ever again.
Until he was born.
And even though every fiber bit of his soul
wound him to slay this child,
he did not.
Over the years, this child grew...
He posses the strength and focus
that the ones before him did not.
What do you think, son?
Shall we make more?
From him?
- Like him!
Lucian will always be
the first of the breed.
The first of the Lycans.
Victor would used Lucian's infectious
blood to his benefit.
Taking advantage
of the child's thirst,
pity it against him
as he was forced to feed on humans,
Victor slaves.
Instead, he created a
new race of immortals.
Werewolf, but also human.
Unlike the others,
this new breed could be harness.
In slaves to guard them in
the daylight hours to their masters.
Or so Victor thought ,
so long very ago ...
The Rise of the Lycans
subs by iskandar.tama@yahoo.co.id
The nobles were upset, my lord.
Williams Hestilands has not been checked.
Werewolves have killed their slaves.
Humans upset, Tanus.
Please take note of what pain that brings me.
Yet, their lost slaves
means our lost...
Enough! have I note our share increase ten folds
since Marcus and the media is took their sleep?
We deal with the wolves as
we always have.
Have you nothing better to do, blacksmith,
than to play with weapons of war?
At least make your self useful.
A little gratitude, Sonja,
to the one who saved your life.
I need it no savior.
Tell me, Lucian, does it burden your heart
to you kill your own kind?
Not at all.
They are mindless beasts, my lord.
No relatives of mine.
- Really?
You are a credit to your race.
Do you know how to remain so?
Keep your eyes on the ground.
Get rid of that.
You were sorry missed the council.
There are other demands
of my time as you know.
I see it. I hope you have enjoyed
your little moonlit ride.
I was out patrolling.
You would disobey. I told
you to stay within these walls.
You risk too much,
for a father to ignore!
You would lead the wolves to the death dealers.
And why father, is my risk
any greater than that?
They are not my daughters.
And they are not council members.
You are.
And one day you will become an elder,
your birthright.
Sonja, you are well forth on that council.
But that is very precarious thing.
They grow tired of your games
and your absence.
The dangers of the forest are not
greater than those of the council tribe.
You will learn the dance of politics,
to be ruthless and cunning.
And above all, you will be loyal
your the family.
To me.
After all, without
the loyalty between us ...
we are no better than the
beast at our door.
No! Westdog!
You dare to raise your hand to me?
I said that is enough.
- So says the master's dog.
You will not always be his favorite.
If you fall I will be there.
Let us hope so.
Where you looking at?
Get back to work!
Go back to work!
The matter before the council is simple.
We are under attack.
Six times in half as many weeks ...
William's kind has reached our very walls.
What mayhem would follow
if one of them got through?
Your fear Coloman, is misplaced.
Are we not protected by
an army of immortals?
Superbly, my lord.
However, the nobles are not.
And as I appointed out, they are the grass
in which we graze.
If we cannot protect our humans
that makes us no weak.
And how would you project strength?
As our death dealers
patrol the night ...
so our daylight guards
can patrol the day.
Lycans patrol outside the walls?
Have you lost your mind?
They are born of beasts ...
and this savagery of this dispicable fact
cannot be bred away!
I think you fear
of this idea is misplaced.
We can create a priviledge class of Lycans.
greater rations, finer cortex...
and put them under the hands
of one we trust.
Thats your pet Lucian, the one who saved
your daughter's life today.
In fact, I think we should
hear her thoughts on this matter.
She seems to be needed elsewhere.
- Find her.
I would take your suggestion...
under advisesment.
- Thanks, my lord.
It would be gratifying to be able to re-assure
the nobles when they arrive tomorrow,
that we have their interest at hand.
Is it true what you told my father?
That you feel nothing when you kill them?
They're just animals.
Incapable of social fitting.
So why should I feel anything to them.
Sonja, if I were to leave from here...
Would you come with me?
Do not say that.
Do not even think it.
They will hunt you down and mark you
like all the others.
Not if I can remove this.
I made it.
This will be my freedom!
Lucian, promise me
you won't use it!
- Is that your answer then? You will not come?
So you want me to stay here for you?
Like this?
As an animal?
Vampire and Lycan, we are both
children of Corvinus.
But my family are slaves.
I will use this key ...
and will leave this place.
But I can never be without you now.
Any news of my daughter?
- It is hard to find.
She refuses to see me.
And she won't answer her door.
Why are the young so blind?
She risk her sit in the council
and for what?
I cannot imagine.
You must prepare, my lord.
Human's noble are on their way.
Its sharp.
No wolf will stand before it.
Ready the horses!
Let someone else go.
- Why?
Last night, after I left ...
Just let someone else go.
In case it has escape
your notice, blacksmith ...
I am quite capable of looking after myself.
And besides...
you can watch over me from the wall.
Lady Sonja, your father has ordered
you to stay behind.
I intend to our guest safely
through the gate.
Gate Master!
- This is not a request.
Your father is ruler of the covenant.
So, he keeps reminding me.
Careful, blacksmith.
There's two eyes between your secret.
Shut it my child!
Shut it.
Get your men out there, now!
- Down boy. Your leech is too tight?
Step away!
- Its too many of them ...
They will be massacre!
Stop him!
Lucian, no!
He did it to save me.
Am I not master of this house?
You know you are forbidden
to remove your shuckle.
Yet you break my law
after I gave you your life?
Your days of flush living are over!
Father, leave him be.
I told you already ..
Hold your tongue!
You have to fight me
for the last time.
Get her outta here!
Burn the bodies.
Burn them all.
for removing the collar ...
You've stung me, Lycan,
with your betrayal.
You were like a son to me.
I gave you your life.
- You gave me chains.
I wouldn't thought that after all these years
you would have known ...
you can not have one
without the other.
Do it!
I've told you I'll be there
when you fell.
Stop this. He is one of our protectors ...
- They are just beast themselves.
This could stir up the others.
- Let them stir
Do you fear and believe me,
it will be worst if we do not punish them
Do you see now, Coloman?
You would trust them outside the walls?
We can not even trust them inside!
By my count, that's 21.
Stay away from him.
Or they'll punish you too.
Your concern for Lucian
was most touching.
A slave.
- He had just saved my life.
Was it not you, who told me to show
a little gratitude?
And yourself? Have you no gratitude
for the one who saved our daughter's life?
I am awashed with it
That it lives shows the breath of my Magnalimita.
Where it other circumstances, I would have had him
fed into pieces to his own kind.
But his punishment is now over.
He will be freed.
- Freed?
Your judgement is clouded, Sonja.
We did not keep order with sentiment.
Lucian forbidden to remove his collar
and yet he did so.
For however finer reason ...
he will remain in prison.
Janosh and other nobles
will soon arrive.
Your presence is expected.
I saw what you did out there.
Very brave ...
for human.
How you come across it preformed?
Only in stories.
Were you not afraid of them?
- Yes.
But I wanted to live.
- Are you afraid of me?
Well then, help me.
I will not bite.
You are like them?
- No.
A Lycan, yes.
But not like them.
As you fought with tonight, were animals,
less born of William ...
a pure blood.
No trace of man left.
Savage, mindless beast.
As you are told.
- I saw you.
They obeyed you.
Yes, they did.
You should not be here.
- I had to.
My love, I'm sorry.
I'm allright.
This is my fault.
If I had not gone out ...
Then you would not be who you are.
This is not your fault.
I can not remain here.
I have to leave this place.
My father will never permit.
And your death dealers?
Is there anyone you can trust?
Their loyalty to my father is much
greater than their loyalty to me.
- Tannis, can not be trusted.
No. Tannis know about us.
- I have no idea, but ...
if he has not told your father,
then that means he wants something.
Sonja, find out what it is.
Bring them in.
Do you not own
the largest silver mine in this land?
It has been overrun, my lord.
Our workers, infected, turned to beasts.
Most unfortunate and costly.
I think half the rights to your mine
should cover the expense of our assistance.
Your assistance?
We have all seen the fires
on the way here.
And have learned of the death of
baron Cavasher and his family.
The wolves are at your door as well.
So why should I
pay tribute?
You can not so much
protect your own house!
You are all but bled me dry already.
We have all heard the stories.
Look in his eyes!
They are true!
This place is cursed!
They are no more human than the
devils that invade our land!
If devil you should call us rest assure ...
better the devil you know.
Unhand me!
- Certainly.
Will anyone else like to be heard?
We are not animals!
Is this what you want?
Be their entertainment, their play things?
Their pets?
Cowering beneath the whip ...
and then fighting amongst ourselves?
Is this what you want?
I live by their rules
my entire life.
I'd protected them,
envied them...
And for what?
To be treated like an animal.
We are not animals!
We do have a choice!
We can choose
to be more than this!
We can be slaves ...
or we can be Lycans!
The mourning is upon us, my child.
it's time that we
leave this night behind.
- There are some difficult decisions ahead.
I would like your help with one of them.
Of course, Father.
With Lucian gone...
we must promote another Lycan
in his place.
Coloman think will
stir the others.
We must remove him.
That will be difficult.
He has been with us so long.
Perhaps, Gyorg.
Or Thrasos.
They would be...
- Excellent suggestions.
I will consider them strongly.
You, my child, are
the most precious thing in my heart.
What did you told my father?
What have you told him?
- Nothing.
- Why what?
Why have you told him nothing?
Would your father welcome the man
who bought him the news...
that his beloved daughter was consorting with ...
a Lycan?
He isn't well known
for his "gratitude".
And I am not yet in a position
to use this for my benefit.
What sort of benefit?
There are 12 council seats.
- And we don't die often.
Sadly, no.
So what if I give up my seat on the Council
and this simply left it to you?
Why would you do that?
- Can you keep a secret?
I would need something in return.
Two minutes. Any longer is too risky.
I'm sorry.
There was no other way.
You were right. He will helps us in exchange
for a sit on the council.
And your father knows nothing?
- I'm sure!
Sonja, this is won't work!
Lucian it has to.
A knew some of the others will come with me:
Sabas and Xristo, the human race.
My Love, Lucian there is no time!
My father will have you killed tomorrow
after the humans return.
You must leave at sunrise.
And you?
- The important thing is that you stay alive.
The best chance you have is when
Victor and death dealers are sleep.
I will be safe with my father side when you go.
If this plan works, I'll met you in
three days time after the sunsets.
There is a clearing by the river.
I'll meet you there.
And if it doesn't?
- I will meet at the clearing.
Get up.
Dumb animals.
Be brave.
You know what your problem is?
You don't understand the natural order
of things.
Things changed.
Be ready when they do.
Consider it a parting gift.
Do you not realize
this a gift I'm giving you?
It is a curse!
What have they done to us?
-You'll find out soon enough.
They turned us into them, like you?
- He wants to use you for his own protection.
I would die first.
The time has come. By sunrise
I leave this place.
And if you are willing to take the risk,
you may follow me
There is a new life waiting
behind these walls, my friend.
And you can be a part of it.
One of us.
Or stay and serve them.
New dogs today.
Let's see how they look.
It come too late.
He's already gone.
Are you with me?
Sabas, Xristo, free the others
The rest of you, with me!
Freedom is yours.
This way!
Right Here!
Run! Run!
Keep moving!
There is nothing you can do!
I will come back. I promise you!
My lord!
My lord, Lucian has escaped.
The forest, go!
My lord!
Move! Move!
Come on, come on!
Yes, my lord?
Where is the key
I gave you for this?
I locked it in the armory myself
How then is it open?
I have no idea.
- I think I have.
Kill him!
- No!
Please ...
Check the armory.
There has to be an explanation.
I have never been outside the walls.
Enjoy it while you can Xristo,
because soon enough we
got to fight our way back in.
We did not all make it out.
Now, we will not leave or brothers rot back there.
We have humiliated Viktor
they will pay the cost.
We were lucky to make it
out alive
There is a handful of us, we have no weapons.
- true.
The nobles had brought you here
can you lead us back to its state?
- Good. Come on.
It has to be here.
He must have made another one.
I never doubted you.
I have no wish one shuckle
to remove around your neck
only to replace it
with one of my own.
You have a choice.
You can run away and hide
or stay and fight.
Any man who fights with me
shall have his freedom ...
and if he wishes it...
There are other states
to the west of here.
I want you to go there.
See how much will join us.
I will meet you back here
in two days time.
Did I startle you?
- No!
You did not.
- It occurs to me ...
That I had been thoughtless.
So deep about being in my own
anguish of Lucian's betrayal
I gave no thought ...
to your feelings.
My feelings?
- They worm their way into our lives ...
and we forget...
I myself had feelings towards Lucian.
It could had been anything
but "death dealer" perhaps.
But he was not as we hoped.
Was it?
Did you help him escape?
Help him?
Of course not!
Are you lying to me?
There are many things
That I have done against you.
But he is a Lycan.
I'm sorry, my dear ...
but you leave me no choice.
Father, please!
I wanted to believe your lies!
But I knew it cannot be true,
not my own daughter
How could you?
- Father ...
I love him.
- No! You have betrayed me!
To be with an animal!
I love you more
than anything!
She does not leave this room.
We have received orders
to wait.
At this rate, we'll have enough
men by the end of the week.
Is there have been any sign of Sonja?
- Nothing.
She should been here by now.
With all due respect, Lucian, I do not see
why we are waiting for her.
She is not one of us.
Have you forgotten she was the one
who set us free?
But she is a vampire.
She has deceived you.
She could lead him here!
Death dealers were undoubtedly
beyond the hunt.
And they will eventually find us.
But not by her doing.
I trust Sonja with my life
and as long as I make command, so shall you.
I told you not to say anything.
Lucian has sack two estates in brashoff, my lord.
And has made up with
the contents of their armories.
The slaves had joined his ranks.
- Freedom is as much as deceased...
as William's pestilents.
- You need to bring your pet back.
Thank you, Coloman!
The obvious escape man.
I do not need to lift a finger.
Lucian will return as of his own free will.
I have something he wants.
My Lady.
What is it? Where is she?
Sonja has been arrested.
He knows about the two of you.
He will kill her.
I thought you should know.
Nothing in, my lord.
It is a trap and you know that.
- I will not let her die alone.
They followed you here, Lucian.
If you go we will lose.
Let me tell you a secret, my friend.
The only thought they followed me ...
But they truly followed is the idea of being free free.
That is what brought them here.
You can hold them together until I get back.
And they leave them if I do not.
Are you alright?
- Yes.
Lucian, you were Free
- Not without you.
We have to go now!
My lord!
Your daughter has escaped.
- Yes, of course.
This way!
That one!
- Yes!
How dare you rise your hand to me?
I do not want this.
- I am your father!
Think you can defeat me?
I don't want to defeat you ...
Killing me won't save
your precious Lycan.
Please call up your men!
For the sake of your grandchild!
A miracle, father!
A union of the bloodlines.
I curse the day
that your mother gave her life ...
and to bring you into this world.
That thing inside you ...
is a monster!
This is over. Remove him!
Do you understand what you done?
This night was not about you, It was about him.
I could have given Lucian to the council
and need never have known of your indepression.
But after this, never!
If I had not left none
of this would have happened.
And you would not be who you are.
You're right.
Noone should live a life like this.
Some are free, because to you.
Things are forever changed
for this is what you had done.
But I have failed you!
- No.
Lucian, my love ...
You have not failed me.
The choices I made
have led me here.
Not you.
This are the risk you are willing to take for me.
I would also do for you.
For us.
Open the door!
- Get her!
No. No!
I kill you!
All of you!
The accused has committed high treason
against this covenant.
She has consorted with animals!
She has something to make their escape.
- I have saved this covenant many times over.
You have killed your own kind!
And you've comingled bloodlines
resulting in the thing germinating within you.
Your past glory doesn't excuse
your present guilt...
nor your station as a council member.
The punishment for these crimes,
is death!
- I.
- I.
She is your daughter.
Take her to the chamber!
You can not do this!
Viktor, no!
No, Viktor!
No, Sonja!
Just.. Just look at me!
Keep your eyes on me.
Sonja, look at me!
I love you.
And I love you.
Goodbye, my love!
my knives.
- Yes.
My lord.
Freed the others.
Follow me!
You want your revenge?
- Yes!
Its out there.
Now go!
We have greater concerns
than your precious scrolls!
Go to the elders.
Kill that dog!
You have defiled my daughter!
- I loved her!
You killed her!
I should have crushed you under my heel
the day you were born.
Yes, you should have.
But you didn't!
Lucian ...
it is finished.
This is just the beginning.
Let me tell you of something
about your beloved dark father...
He is the one
that killed your family...
not the Lycans.
But when he got to you ...
he just couldn't bear the thought
draining you to dry.
You reminded him so much
his precious Sonja.
The daughter he
condemed to death.
subs by saXXo...Enjoy....