Undo (1994) Movie Script

Moemi said she wanted a dog.
If not a dog, a cat.
But our apartment
Doesn't allow dogs or cats.
Then I had an idea.
What's this?
What is it?
Come on, what is it?
What could it be?
Tell me, what is it, what is it?
All right, just a minute.
What could this be?
It's a secret.
You're just mean.
Hurry up, now.
What are they?
I thought instead of a dog.
What are these?
Hey, you'll hurt them.
No, I used to do this a lot.
Now you can take him for a walk.
No, you can't.
Here, you take it and go practice.
No, not that one.
He's the house turtle.
Come on, now.
Wait, you can't do that.
Run, Turtle-Boy.
OK, rest time.
You can rinse your mouth.
It's different.
The metal feeling isn't there.
Taste good?
I don't know if good's the word.
No good?
You don't like it?
Well, this is how it should be.
I'll get used to it.
I could put them back on.
For the rest of my life.
So good.
Next Sunday -
Let's go somewhere.
You ought to write a novel.
A novel.
Hey, I said 'a novel'.
A Sunday...
Here's some tea.
What's this?
I didn't like the slow way he walked.
What's the matter?
Finished yet?
Not finished yet?
Done yet?
Not yet?
Obsessive Knot-Binding Syndrome.
Obsessive Knot-Binding...
Obsessive Knot-Binding Syndrome.
Well, it's a kind of
Malady of love.
That doctor...
I think he's a fake.
In her case,
She feels she's being tied down.
Therefore, the symptomatic behavior.
Is there something in your lives
that would make her feel tied down?
Any ideas?
Reasons she might feel tied down?
Maybe something ordinary to you
But to her something injurious
which might cause suffering
Rather than that,
I'm not tying her down,
I'm letting her go.
I see.
Our relationship
is much looser than before.
That's probably the reason then.
It's my fault...
This Sunday
let's go somewhere.
Let's go somewhere.
Let's go somewhere.
maybe we could even go abroad.
To some South Sea island.
Or even up to the North.
Some empty place.
Where we don't have to think.
Like you said, that doctor's a fake.
Talks like a fortune-teller.
Let's change clinics.
Yukio-chan, you sick?
Are you sick?
What are you doing?
I tied up waiting for you.
Hey, really something.
I tied it all up.
It's in here.
Here, in here.
Oh, I can see something.
Be careful now.
Hey, what's this?
Our love...
I tied it up.
How nice.
You're out of your head!
Stop all this crazy nonsense.
I'm sorry.
I see - well, that's not so good.
This is the terminal stage.
What will happen now?
We'll just have to keep on trying.
Anyway, I want you to tie her up tonight.
If you do, she'll probably feel more secure.
I have a surprise for you.
Really tie me up.
I did.
Tie me.
Really tie me up.
Really tie me up.
When I woke up,
I was really tied up.
Moemi was nowhere around.
Had we been tied up?
Or let loose?
I still don't know where she went.