Undress Me (2012) Movie Script

I'm telling you:You're pretty.
Thank you.
You're freaking out.
You do not want?
You can.
Are you sick?
You have such a deep voice ...
Why do you say that?
Let's get out of here.
Somewhere in the fast-food talk.
Undress Me
How is it that you have such a deep voice?
Do you have the flu?
Fast-food, it's here.
Forget it. Come on.
Maybe I'm wrong, but ...
Has it always been like this?
It is the first time to be out
with a girl with such a deep voice.
I had a sex change
three years ago.
I knew it.
So what?
- I knew it.
- you knew what?
This is still Madness!
- Really?
- I knew it.
Wait for me. I have to pee.
Are you leaving?
Yes, but without haste.
You have breasts. I felt them.
- Can I see them?
- Here?
Why not? No one here
But it's cold.
Can I see your cock?
If I show you my breasts
can you show me your dick.
They know from a bar of it?
I have no idea.
I do not know anybody.
Do you think my friends
did not notice that?
- What about your friends, do they know?
- My best friends, yes.
- And your breasts, then?
- You will not see them.
No, I mean, you operated
to have them?
Then they would not be this small.
- Do you have a beard?
- No, I never had.
And the hair?
I shave my legs,
like everyone else.
do you go out with guys?
would go with you,
do you like girls?
Can you love both.
- I live here.
- Can I come with you?
Because I like you.
What a mess!
This does not look like
young girl room.
Will you show me your tits?
Undress me, then.
They look like real.
They're real
- This is terrible.
- What is it?
- They're standing out.
- The reaction is the same like
someone who likes to be touched.
Mikaela, if you'll show me
your pizza?
To satisfy curiosity?
You need to show me your dick.
What kind of music do you like?
Jazz? "Spicy Flovours
and Exotic Grooves "?
The Smiths, Morrissey, The Stones.
Can I see your chest?
What are you doing?
I'm taking you.
you've Shaved?
Shave you?
It looks real.
Of course it seems alright.
It is certainly looks they
made a good job
And your dick, then?
Can you show it now?
Not bad.
What do you think of my body?
You're damn good.
- You like my muscles?
- Your muscles?
Yes, I carved.
They're pretty.
You're not like hairy men.
I have to go to the bathroom.
I wonder if I spoke to you,
you did not have such a deep voice.
I've been with 70 women.
Why are you surprised?
I've been free for 3 years
and I spend every weekend with a girl.
I'd certainly tell you
What's wrong with you?
- What?
- You eat like this.
We're not going to fuck?
I was hungry.
We did not go to the fast-food.
Orange was on the desk.
- And you, do you want?
- Maybe.
I do not understand why
I went with you,
not with the other girl.
She was beautiful, but you are
zakaio for me
If I kissed you,
Does that mean I'm gay?
- No, no.
But maybe I will be too
close to you.
- How tight is it?
- Certainly narrow, just like that.
Can you put your finger?
Let me see.
- Do have to put a finger?
- And I'm getting ready.
Not when my orange juice
on my hands.
Can I touch it?
Must be lubricated
for penetration.
- Does it?
- Yes. For medical use.
What is it?
They gave it to me at the hospital.
For what?
I had to massage sex toys
so that it doesn't close.
Then they gave me this.
And you continue to use it?
It's not expensive.
- Strange, it smells like medicine.
- It's a drug.
It is also an antispetic.
- What does that mean?
- Let me see.
They writes that "antibacterial".
Can you say that again?
- Antibacterial.
- No, the first word.
You are stupid.
Can I put it
on my dick?
If I can put in my cunt,
then should be fine on your dick.
It is similar to a lubricant.
- This is weird.
- Really?
After all, not so much.
Can you tell me your old name?
No, why should I tell you?
Do not tell me it was Mikael.
Stop it.
Is it?
Stop, I told you.
What is your name?
You have very small breasts.
I'm too drunk.
I have to go.
You can sleep here.
I know, but I will not.
I have two beds.
- A fun evening.
- Yes.
A little scary.
You seem like a nice girl.