Unfinished (2022) Movie Script

- It was
the hottest day of the year
as I drove through the winding
roads of Topanga Canyon.
The sun rose and
disappeared over the crest
of the towering mountain ridge.
- Again?
Just take a hot shower,
baby. It'll relax you.
You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Same dream?
I'm sorry, baby. Hey,
I'm here, I'm here.
- You didn't know what you
were getting yourself into
when you asked me to marry you.
- I knew exactly what
I was getting into,
and I love every bit of it.
Are you sure you're okay?
- I am now.
- Good, because
that's all I want.
- Are you sure
that's all you want?
- Hey.
- Hey.
So I been thinking?
- What?
- This idea of you finishing
your father's novel.
Think it's a good idea?
- Dr. Gooden thinks
it'll bring me closure.
- He was your father's
psychiatrist, and
now he's yours.
That's not weird?
- So now you have
a problem with him?
- Not really, he
digs my photography.
- That's the only
reason you like him.
- You didn't even know
him until your dad died.
And if he wasn't the executor
of your father's will,
you still wouldn't know him.
That's a conflict of interest.
- And I've been seeing
him for over a year, Drew.
So now you bring this up?
- I'm just worried all
this is stressing you out.
Okay, your father just died.
Trying to finish this novel.
That's a lot, Zora.
- Life is a lot.
I barely even knew my father.
You never even met him.
- We were together a few
months before he passed.
Okay, you just met my
parents a few months ago.
- That's because they lived
in North Carolina, Drew.
My father lived
in the same city.
Hopefully, he didn't
blow all his money.
- He handled his business.
- My father was a
brilliant writer.
That's all I'm giving him.
I'm, uh, I'm meeting
Dr. Gooden later.
He said he has some
intel on the will.
We'll find out if he
handled his business or not.
- Well, he left me
all I need already.
- What's that?
- You.
- You are so smooth.
Let's have a late dinner.
- I'll be here. I have
a photo shoot, so.
- Behave yourself.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Mm-hm.
- So, same dream?
Nothing has changed? You don't
notice anything different?
- Well, like, uh, last night,
I think the corpse
mighta been my father's.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Zora, this may
be a breakthrough.
- Closure?
- Perhaps, yes.
- Closure to what?
There's nothing open to close.
- The conscious mind
is far less impactful
than the subconscious mind.
We aren't as free
as we think we are.
And we're certainly not in
control of what we inherit.
- Like schizophrenia?
- Yes, like schizophrenia.
Now this is information
on your father's estate.
Your father was very well
taken care of by his handlers.
There are two things here.
First, the house in this photo.
That is the first asset to clear
probate, so it's all yours.
Free and clear.
Free and clear.
So, maybe this will inspire
you to finish his book.
- Is there a conflict
of interest here?
Didn't the publisher pay
you to see my father,
and now they're
paying you to see me?
They also want me
to finish his book.
- Your father requested that
I be the executor of his will.
He trusted me.
The publisher introduced
me to your father
to help him with his illness.
Your father paid me, and
it is in his will to pay
for your sessions as need be,
so no conflict of interest.
Now this is your father's file.
In his will, he left
instructions to give you
this envelope on the one-year
anniversary of his death.
- This is where he died?
- It is.
How are you feeling?
- Nothing.
I don't want to own
my father's house.
Everything he gives to me
turns to cash, post haste.
- I understand.
I think if you read his
file it will help you.
- Why?
The sooner I'm done with
this, the better off I'll be.
Seems like he wanted
more to do with me
posthumously than he did alive.
- Zora, you're drinking?
- I'm fine.
I have it under control.
- It's very important
that you are cognizant
of your disease.
Alcohol does not help.
It may trigger
psychotic episodes.
- I read all the warnings on
the sides of my medications.
We all have our
stressors, Doctor.
We all have our own comforts.
Call Drew.
- Calling Drew.
- Hey,
you've reached Drew Long.
If this is about a photo shoot,
please leave me a message.
Others, you know what to do.
- I wish you would stop
leaving your phone on silent!
Oh my God that annoys me!
What if I was stranded?
I just, uh,
I just don't know.
I guess I'll see
you when I get home.
- That's amazing.
Nice work, nice work.
Yes. That's great, Briana.
That's great, I love it.
Yes, that's sexy.
Great, great job, great
job. That's amazing.
You look great.
Wow, those are
amazing. You did great.
Okay, change outfits for me.
Bathroom's right
over there, okay?
- I'll just change right here.
- What the fuck?
What the entire fuck, Drew?
- Zora, relax.
It's okay, Briana, it's
okay. It's just my fiancee.
- Just your fiancee?
I come home to my
house that I pay for,
and there's a half-naked
bitch in front
of my fiance drinking wine.
- I should probably go.
- It's, no, it's okay.
- Probably?
- Zora, Zora.
What the fuck?
Zora, she's a model!
They change in front
of me all the time.
- I bet they do, Drew.
The problem is I caught
your sorry ass this time.
- Zora.
- Don't
fucking touch me.
- Zora, Zora, Zora!
What the fuck?
I've come to save you
From yourself
Chariot of women
On this stone island
Come to save you
From that man
Come to save you
From that plan
They made
To please the king
Before they take me
I will watch you
As you go
- You must be Zora Matthews.
- Hello.
- People call me Lorena.
- Nice to meet you, Lorena.
- And I'm Beatrice, her mother.
- Hello, Beatrice.
- You are just like your father.
- Thank you.
I guess.
- We should go.
I have things for
my husband's bar.
You are just like your father.
- Dr. Gooden.
- I got your message
about Drew. I'm so sorry.
- I had to leave.
I'm at my father's house,
so please don't tell him.
- Listen, stress like this
can cause more psychosis.
- No. I can't believe how
inconsiderate and selfish he is.
- Do you have your meds?
- Yes, I have my meds.
I always have my meds.
- You're taking them?
- No.
- Zora, listen to me.
I'm sorry you're going
through this, I really am.
- Yeah.
- But you have to
take your meds.
- You're right.
Yep, you're right.
I'll talk to you later.
- Please take your meds.
- Mm-hm.
- Miss Matthews, I'm
sorry. I'm the handyman.
- You scared me.
- I'm very sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm Zora, but I guess you
already know me. And you are?
- Amadi. My mother,
Alia, was here too.
- She is here or was here?
- No no, no no, she's
not feeling well.
- How'd you know I was coming?
- My mother told me.
- How'd your mom
know I was coming?
It was a
spur-of-the-moment thing.
I'm sorry if I'm staring.
You just feel so familiar.
- Your father often
told my mother
that it seemed he lived here
before, like in a dream.
- Yes.
It all feels so familiar.
- I was on my way to the master
bathroom, plumbing problems.
- I can go with you. I
haven't seen the house yet.
You can give me a tour.
Sorry, I'm just jumpy.
New place, new start in life.
- The house is ready
for you, Miss Matthews.
I'll let you be.
- I'll, I'll go with you.
Ama, Amadi?
Excuse me, did you see
a guy come in here?
- Vodka lime?
- Yeah, that's actually
my drink of choice.
Thank you.
How'd you know I was coming?
Everyone seems to know
I was coming here.
It was a spontaneous thing.
- I met your father when
he arrived here too.
I'm Eddie.
So, what do you think
of our paradise?
- Feels like I've died
and gone to heaven.
This vodka .
- So you really think it's
heaven? You sure about that?
- Feels like I've been
here many, many times.
That's quite a portrait
you have of my father.
Did you know him well?
- When he wasn't
writing or running,
he'd come into the bar.
- My father was a runner?
- He ran all the time.
He was a very impressive man.
- Mm.
I hate that I didn't
spend more time with him.
He and my mother were estranged,
so I didn't see him that often.
- He talked about
it all the time.
He felt very
- My father talked about me?
- Yeah.
He was very proud of you.
He said you were a
very good writer.
Played the piano, ballerina.
- He said that?
About me?
- He said you were
following his footsteps.
Like father, like daughter.
He wanted you to fall
in love, like he did.
- When was he in love?
What do you want?
- Why are you acting like this?
- Because I've finally woken up.
- Woken up? Zor, what?
Where are you?
Zor ...
- My fiancee. He upsets me.
- All things come to a pass.
Nothing lasts forever.
- I come into my house, and I
find him and this slut model.
She's half-naked, and
he's sipping on wine.
So smug, so arrogant.
Anyway, fuck him.
He's dead to me.
Him and his slut
models who never pay.
I'm building my portfolio.
It's all for my portfolio.
You know, he's been building
his portfolio since I met him.
Hey, whatever.
To new beginnings.
- To new beginnings.
- Ah.
- I'm sorry, Miss Matthews.
I thought you'd be awake.
I've still got some work
to do on the plumbing.
- Stop calling me Miss Matthews.
It's okay, Amadi. I
stayed up late, it's fine.
- Your father was
always up early.
I thought you'd be out on a
morning run like he always was.
I'm sorry.
- Stop apologizing.
- It's just nerves. I apolo ...
I mean.
- Amadi, my head's a
mess. I drank too much.
I need to get up
anyway and write.
- Your father was a writer.
- Yes, I know. He was
more famous than I am.
And a better writer too.
But I have time, I suppose.
- I never read his books.
- Hey, if you see
me out walking all
around the property,
I am not crazy.
When I have writer's block
or need to think, I walk.
You remind me of someone.
Do you ever come
to Venice Beach?
- No, I never left this place.
You hungry?
- I'll be out in a few minutes.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to ...
- Stop saying
sorry all the time.
- I disturbed you.
- No, you just walk so lightly
I never hear you coming.
And I thought I heard
something coming from in here.
- You know your father,
he often heard things.
- What?
- He called them demons.
- Like haunted house demons?
- No, your father
understood them very well.
I'm guessing you will too.
- You know a lot
about my father.
- My mother knew him well.
It's a beautiful day for a walk.
Your father walked every day.
- Amadi.
You dropped this the other day.
- It's my mother's.
- It's beautiful. You
should give it back to her.
- It's not mine to give.
- Everything okay?
- No.
I was walking, and
something tripped me,
grabbed me by my foot.
- Did you see what it was?
- No. It was the weirdest thing.
I swear to God, I almost
had a heart attack.
Maybe zombies.
- No zombies in this bar.
Your father had visions too.
- Visions?
- He took his medication.
- I know.
I'm supposed to take
my medication too.
- Zora? You didn't
come home last night.
And I'm worried
sick. Where are you?
- None of your business.
- Zora, you're being so
unreasonable right now.
- You wanna talk about
unreasonable, Drew?
- Zora!
- To an automatic
voice messaging system.
- Fuck!
- Asshole.
- Yeah, like father
like daughter.
Your father had
relationship problems.
- My mother said he
was a crazed maniac
who didn't want
anything to do with us.
I don't remember him
actually leaving.
I just remember him
not being there.
- Perhaps he had demons.
- Hm?
My mother said bad
things about my father.
For all I know, she was lying.
There's three sides
to every story, right?
Never heard his.
Redemption glows
Now that, that is beautiful.
In a sad way.
- The singer is sad because
she knows her life must end.
- It's about suicide?
- Your father loved this song.
He'd probably think
it's ironic now, though.
- Why?
- His own suicide.
- Suicide? He had
a heart attack.
- No he didn't.
- What?
How did he die?
- In the tub. In your house.
- Why would they say
he had a heart attack?
- I've said too much already.
- No, you need to tell me more.
- It's late, Zora.
Why are you still here?
You're coming to
destroy our lives,
just the way your father did.
- When Lorena says we're
closed, we're closed.
Good night, Zora.
- Where are my pills?
- Zora, are you looking for me?
- I, uh, couldn't
find my medication.
I thought you might
have moved it.
Then I heard a woman
singing, voice.
Was that you playing the piano?
- There are no women here.
No piano.
- I heard it, I
swear, clear as day.
- The demons.
- The demons? But
it was so beautiful.
- Can I help you
find your medication?
- No, I already found it.
Amadi, I have really
bad psychotic dreams,
and stress brings them on.
- I'm always here to
talk if you need me.
Just think of me as
your big brother.
Good night, Zora.
- Good night.
- You have reached
the office of Dr. Gooden.
If this is an emergency,
please call 911.
If not, leave me a message.
- Hey, it's Zora, I need to
talk to you about my father.
Now I heard he did not
have a heart attack,
and I know that's
the company line,
but I need to know the truth.
- Didn't see you this morning.
- Yeah, I came to
work on some plumbing,
but you were asleep with
a book on your chest.
Figured I'd come
back and work later.
- Yeah, I was reading
my father's novel
he never finished.
- Was it good?
- It's interesting.
It's about this place.
So a visitor, the protagonist,
he comes from out of town
and he meets two sisters.
And there's a love
triangle with another man.
- A man in love with two women?
- Does that make you
feel uncomfortable?
- Brings back bad memories.
- Hm.
Do you hear that?
- Zora? Hey, the
information is in the file.
Your father's file, the
one I told you to read.
- I'm here.
- As you know, before
your father's death,
his last book, "Running
With the Bulls,"
was being published.
Now they spent a lotta
money marketing it.
It's gonna be
another bestseller.
Now they felt that
if it became public,
the book would lose millions.
- So he did kill himself?
- Unfortunately, yes.
They paid off the right people
to keep it out of the press.
- So it was all a lie?
- Zora, I'm sorry.
I know that this is a
lot to take in, but--
- So my father did kill himself.
- I shouldn't have
said anything.
- I don't understand.
What happened?
- Some things
just can't be explained.
- Here again, Miss Matthews?
- She's upset about her father.
- Yes, I'm sure she is.
It's time for you
to come with me.
- Drink up.
Lorena doesn't like when
things don't go her way.
- Amadi? Amadi?
- No.
- Miss Matthews,
you're up early.
- Hm, didn't sleep well.
Guess I don't have
to tell you that.
I am so embarrassed about
coming to you yesterday.
I'm trying to get it together.
- Today is a day of salvation.
Tomorrow might be too late.
- You're right, Amadi.
Today is a new day.
Hey, hey!
Why didn't you help me?
- Help you?
- Out on the path.
I saw you.
You were with a man who
looked like my father,
and my leg got snagged, again,
and I was calling for help.
- I haven't left the bar today.
You're seeing things, Zora.
- No, I'm not. It was you.
- Then I
must have a twin.
- You weren't out on the path?
- I haven't been on that
path in many, many years.
- Eddie, I can't explain
the things that I'm seeing.
- Some things just
can't be explained.
- Miss Matthews!
Sorry, Miss Matthews, I come
to work on the plumbing.
- What happened in this house?
- What do you mean?
- When my father killed himself.
- I don't know, Miss Matthews.
I only hear the stories
my mother tells me.
- But you talk as
if you were here.
It just happened
over a year ago.
How would you know everything
about his everyday routines
and nothing about his death?
- Because she didn't tell me.
- Weren't you the handyman here?
- Yes, I'm always the handyman.
- Okay.
Okay, well, what have you
heard from your mother?
- I heard that he was wonderful.
She loved him very
much, as he loved her.
- Loved him?
And he loved her?
- She was to be his wife.
- Your mother was
engaged to my father?
- Yes.
- Did they ever get married?
- No.
- I wish I could
talk to your mom.
- I need to finish my job.
- Dr. Gooden, it's Zora.
- Zora, how are you?
- I don't know if this
is all in my imagination
or if I'm having some
type of breakdown
or in the middle of psychosis.
- I know that that
information that I gave you
about your father would be
hard to digest, I understand.
- I'm having bad dreams.
The other night, I saw
a body in the bathtub.
And when I was out walking
on the path, I saw my father.
- I know he's dead, but I ...
- Having a dream about
your father is not unusual.
- But he seemed so real.
- Is your father alive?
- Of course not.
- Then it was not real.
It was just a dream.
Are there dead
bodies in the house?
- Of course not.
- Then why are you acting as
if you saw actual dead bodies?
- Because they seemed real.
My father seemed real.
It all seems real.
- Are you taking your meds?
- I started again.
- Understand your disease,
Zora. Tell me about it.
- Schizophrenia is a mental
disorder in which people
interpret reality abnormally.
- And may result in a
combination of hallucinations
and disorientation.
- And behavior that can
impair daily functioning.
- That's why taking your
meds is extremely vital,
especially under
stressful situations.
- You treated my father.
Just because someone
has schizophrenia
doesn't mean they're
suicidal, right?
- That is exactly right, Zora.
In fact, your father
was terrified of death.
- I need to know what
pushed him over the edge.
- You need closure.
This news about your
father is bringing on
unnecessary stress.
- How do I find closure?
- Go to the path where you
saw him in your dreams.
Visualize him.
Feel his presence.
And let him know you feel.
Let him know how the
estrangement made you feel.
And then, find forgiveness.
That is the key, forgiveness.
- Forgive him?
- Yes.
- I gotta go.
- Hey.
- Morning. How was your sleep?
- I slept, somewhat.
Who knows?
Amadi, do you have
a special someone?
- Yes, my mother.
- I'm going to make peace
with my father today.
- Why?
- I need to get
him out of my head.
Been having bad dreams,
thinking about him too much.
I need to start work.
- I understand.
- I'm taking a walk
on the walking path.
Do you wanna come with me?
- To make peace
with your father?
- No, to keep me company.
- I'm here to help,
Miss Matthews.
- Then please, come with me.
- Where are you going?
Why are you taking Amadi
away from the house?
- She's going to make
peace with her father.
- It's your job to
work on the house.
Is the plumbing fixed?
- No.
- Lorena?
I'm sorry. I just wanted
Amadi to keep me company.
- You shouldn't talk to
us about your father.
- Why?
- You ask too many questions.
Too many.
- I just need to find
out what happened to him.
I need closure.
- Your father is dead.
What else do you need to know?
- I know that. I need to
know why he killed himself.
- Why do men do what they do?
- What is she so angry about?
- She lost everything.
We know it's not
his fault, though.
- What's everything? And
what's not whose fault?
My father's?
- The demons.
- The demons?
That's not an answer, Amadi.
You need to stop
fixating on the demons.
That'll just drive you crazy.
This is so peaceful.
- Yes, I've never noticed.
- You know, that's so true.
I need to focus
more on what I love
about Drew instead
of what annoys me.
- It's hard to see the
forest for the trees.
- Up ahead, that's where
I first saw my father.
Or at least dreamt about him.
- I'll wait here for you.
- Daddy,
I'm hurting.
It's the pain we share.
It's in our blood.
I was so angry with you.
I felt so alone.
I still do.
My mother would say these
hurtful things about you,
and when she found out I
had the same illness as you,
she would say the same
hurtful things to me.
And it upset me, because
you were the only one
who would understand
what I was going through.
But you weren't there.
Dr. Gooden says I need to
find forgiveness for you
in order to find
closure, and I'm trying.
I'm trying.
And I believe it'll get better.
I only wish you had
believed the same.
And I am sorry
that I wasn't there to
help you through your pain.
- You okay?
You find closure?
- What happened?
- Zora, you were sleepwalking.
- There was a dead woman,
and she was after me.
- There's no one
here except for me.
- She was right there.
She killed herself
in that bathtub.
- Zora, it was a bad
dream, and I have them too.
You just need to rest.
- You dream about
the dead woman?
- Yes.
Just rest.
- But the woman.
- You're safe now,
Zora. I'm here.
- Bloody Mary.
- Now you're
speaking my language.
- So, you're a writer
like your father?
- I am.
I'm actually working on an
unfinished novel he started.
- Oh. What's it about?
- Two sisters.
But the older sister is
married and the husband
is in love with
the younger sister.
- I see.
- Have you seen Alia?
- What do you want with Alia?
- Well she was my father's
fiancee, I thought.
- Lorena says you have made
peace with your father.
- Yeah, I did.
- Lorena says you ask
too many questions.
- So what?
- Curiosity killed
the cat, Zora.
- I need to go write.
- Hey.
- Hey, I was thinking about
taking a walk. Wanna come along?
- Uh,
I need to show you something.
- Where'd you find this?
- It fell out of my father's
book. Is that your mother?
- Yes, why?
- I need to know about your
mother. I need to talk to her.
- No, that's impossible.
- But your mother was
engaged to my father.
She might know why
he killed himself.
- There's some things
that cannot be explained.
- His book is about two
sisters in a love triangle.
- What's that story have
to do with my mother?
- Did your mother have a sister?
- Yes.
- In the book, the
older sister's husband
loves the younger sister,
but a visitor comes to town
and falls in love with
the younger sister,
and she's with him.
- What's this story have
to do with my mother?
- The husband becomes so enraged
that he kills the
younger sister.
- It's a story.
It's make-believe.
- But the older sister kills
herself, and the book stops.
Listen, I need to
know if this book
is based on a true story.
We have to help.
- No, he shouldn't be here.
- He's being attacked.
- It's not your place.
You shouldn't be here!
- What happened?
- I'm here
to protect you.
- No!
- You okay?
- That woman, she was here.
The woman who died
in this house.
- Zora, please
just sit and relax.
- I can't relax.
That woman wants me dead,
and she is going to kill me.
- Zora, it was only a dream.
- What happened outside?
- When?
- Last night.
- Outside this house?
- We were talking about your
mother's photograph at the bar.
- No, Zora.
- Yes, yes, there was a man
on the path, and he was being
attacked and I tried to save
him, and I turned him over,
and it was my father and
it looked like he was dead.
- Zora, it was a dream.
- We didn't talk outside?
- No.
- We didn't see a
man being attacked?
- No.
- I am going fucking crazy.
Dr. Gooden, this is Zora,
I'm in real trouble here.
- Were you able to find closure?
- Yes, I went to the place
where I saw him in my dreams.
- Did you tell him how you felt?
- I told him everything,
but the dreams
are still happening.
As a matter of fact,
they're getting worse.
I keep seeing this
woman coming after me.
I think she's trying to kill me.
- Do you know who this woman is?
- It's my father's fiancee.
Did you know he was
engaged to a woman here?
- Yes, that's all in the
file that I gave you.
Did you not read the file yet?
Zora, I don't wanna
add more episodes
to your psychosis, but, Zora--
- Dr. Gooden, I am trying
to manage here, okay.
And I always do.
I just need to talk to Alia,
and she'll help me put
together the pieces.
- Zora, you have to
listen to me. Alia--
- I'll call you back.
- Hey, feeling better?
- Did Alia work at the bar?
- Yes.
- Is that were she is now?
- Yes, but I told
you, she's sick.
- I need to go there
right now. Come with me.
Amadi, I need to talk to
your mother about my father.
If I can do that, I can
stop these bad dreams.
- I can't leave my job.
- What do you mean
you can't leave?
You work for me, or my
father's estate, don't you?
- I can't leave my job again.
- Where's Eddie?
- No one's here but
me. What can I get you?
- Hello.
It's me, Zora. You know me.
- Mm, no, I don't.
- When I first arrived
at my father's house,
I met you with Lorena.
- Drink, it'll calm your nerves.
- I need to ask you
about your daughter.
- I don't have any
daughters, honey.
- Alia, your daughter.
- Drink, it'll calm
your nerves, sweetie.
What are you doing with that?
- I found it.
Is Alia your daughter?
- That's right, honey. Drink up.
The demons are thirsty.
- I need to know about
my father's suicide.
- This
was my daughter.
- Yes, I met you
with her when I came
to my father's house, remember?
- She's dead now.
- What?
When? I just saw her.
- She died long ago.
- I get it.
You're fucking with me.
Look, I just wanna talk to Alia.
Amadi said she was here.
- Why?
- To ask her about my father.
- He caused my sorrow.
- My father caused your sorrow?
- He never should
have come here.
- What did he do?
I don't get it.
- He changed our world.
- Can I just talk
to Alia, please?
- Alia
and Lorena are dead.
Alia and Lorena are dead.
- Where's Beatrice?
- Beatrice?
Beatrice died of a broken heart.
- Broken heart?
- You were on the path, you
fell down. I helped you.
- That was last night.
- How many drinks have you had?
Or maybe you need another one.
- No, she was just
here. I saw Beatrice.
- When was this?
- Just now. 10 minutes ago.
- Beatrice died a
long time ago, Zora.
- No, no no, she was here,
and she told me Lorena's dead.
- Dead?
- Yes, and, and,
Alia is dead too.
- Lorena?
Zora thinks you're dead.
- Do I look dead to you, Zora?
- Drew?
You're real.
- Of course I'm real, baby.
- I've been having the
most horrible dreams.
- I know you've been having
bad dreams. That's why I came.
- You came here?
- Yes, to take care of you.
I even brought you fresh
flowers this morning.
- What are you doing
here? How did you know?
- Amadi said you fell
and knocked yourself out.
He nursed you back to health.
- She's having horrible dreams.
- Dr. Gooden said I
should come and make sure
you were taking your meds.
He said you've
been hallucinating.
- You met Amadi?
- Yeah.
- I was at the bar.
I saw Beatrice.
- No, you never went to
the bar, Miss Matthews.
You been here in bed.
- You fell, baby. Okay,
it was your dreams.
It was your psychosis.
Your father's home is, is
beautiful. It's amazing.
You know what we should
do? We should go on a walk.
It'll make you
feel better, okay?
Why don't you come meet
me out on the path?
- I saw Beatrice.
- You never left here.
- Beatrice told me
that Lorena was dead,
and then Eddie told me
that Beatrice was dead.
- It's okay now, Miss Matthews.
- No, no, Beatrice is dead.
- It's not true.
Come. Come see.
There's Lorena. She's
not dead, no one's dead.
You're sick.
You should go join your fiance.
- Amadi.
- Your fiance is
worried about you.
I wish my husband loved me
the way your fiance loves you.
- I'm glad he came.
I'm a very lucky woman.
- Yes, no more falling down.
No more bad dreams.
Amadi tells me that Zora
has nightmares, every night.
- Yeah. Now I'll
take care of her.
- We were all worried about her.
We don't want her to ruin our
lives the way her father did.
- The way my father did?
- I have to go to
my husband now.
- Thank you for helping her.
- Mm-hm.
- I really fell?
- Yeah.
- And I never went
to see Beatrice?
- No.
- I'm really going crazy here.
- That's why I came.
I'm sorry, baby.
Dr. Gooden was
worried about you.
- Just Dr. Gooden?
- I was too.
- Did he tell you my
father killed himself,
and that he was engaged to
another woman, Amadi's mother?
- Yeah, he told me everything.
It musta been difficult for you.
- Yeah, horrible dreams.
In one dream, I'm
walking on this path,
and then something
suddenly pulls me down.
And then, in another
dream, I see a dead body
in the bathtub, a woman.
And then she starts
chasing me like
some type of zombie fighter.
- Those dreams are gonna end.
- Promise?
- I promise.
- Oh, don't tell
me. This is Drew?
Zora talks about
you all the time.
She is very much
in love with you.
You're one lucky man.
One woman, one man, that's
what it's supposed to be.
- You still in love with me?
- Yes.
- Vodka martini?
How did you know?
- Zora tells me everything.
- Yeah, but I
didn't tell you ...
- To us.
- Beautiful necklace. But
it's not yours to wear.
Is it?
- I found it on Zora's
desk. I liked it.
Thought it might add some
flair. Don't you think?
Should I not have?
- He gave that necklace to Alia.
- Who gave that
necklace to Alia?
- When he found out
she was pregnant.
- Such a beautiful present.
Don't you think so, Eddie?
- I think we should go.
- You just got here.
- Drew's tired. It's
been a long day.
- What am I missing?
- I don't know.
Everybody gets all fucking
weird about that necklace.
Did you see his
face when he saw it?
- Yeah, it was definitely
freaking me out.
- I think my father's novel
has information about all
of this, and it's
what drove him mad.
And I think that's
why he killed himself.
- I don't think you
should finish his book.
- Why?
- Because it's making you
mad. I'm worried about you.
- I was having a drink
with Beatrice earlier,
and she told me that
Lorena and Alia are dead.
And then five minutes
later, Eddie calls Lorena
from the back and she's
standing right there.
You saw her?
- I did, but who's Beatrice?
- Beatrice is Lorena's mother.
I have a feeling she's
Alia's mother too.
I don't know. I just, I
don't know anything anymore.
- That doesn't make
any sense, Zora.
None of it makes any sense.
- Do you wanna
come home with me?
Just forget all
this ever happened,
forget this place and
just start all over.
- Yes, baby, of course.
- Good.
Do you mind if I talk to Amadi?
- Yeah, sure.
- Amadi, we're going home,
and I just wanted
to say thank you.
- Why's he wearing the necklace?
- He's just quirky like
that. He found it on my desk.
- You should give it
back to my mother.
- How?
- Zora, do you have a minute?
- Dr. Gooden, hi.
Drew's here. I feel amazing.
We're on our way back.
- Thank God. You need
to get outta that house.
It's not good for you.
- We are. What's going on?
- I've been reading
over your father's files
and thinking about
what you told me.
I'm gonna send you some photos.
Let me know when you got 'em.
- Okay.
- Did you get the photos?
- Let me put you on speaker.
- Now that photo is
your father and his fiancee.
- I know.
- Is that
the woman that you've
been seeing in your dreams?
- Yes.
Yes, she's dead in my dreams.
- Okay.
Sending you another. Let
me know when you got it.
Did you get the photos?
- Yeah.
- Now that is Alia,
Lorena and her husband, Eddie.
- I've met Lorena and Eddie.
- Zora, that's not possible.
- I see them every day.
- And you are positive that
you've not read the file?
Zora, Zora, listen to me.
Many years ago, Alia was found
dead in your father's house.
And on that same day--
- This is
Zora. Leave a message.
- Drew, thank God.
- Zora. You don't need to
remember that .
- No!
- Why did he have to come here?
- Amadi!
- What's happening with my baby?
- Amadi, Amadi, where
is Drew? Where'd he go?
- I told you not
to ask questions.
- I didn't know.
It wasn't his fault.
He couldn't have known.
- We coulda been
happy, all of us.
It didn't
have to change.
- It was your father's fault.
- Then you made him
mad. He took my baby.
- The usual.
- Eddie, please,
you have to help me.
Have you seen Drew?
- Drew?
- My fiance, Drew.
- You want me to help you?
- Lorena and Alia are
trying to kill me.
Help me.
Help me please.
- I really liked
your father, Zora.
he betrayed me!
- Drew?
- Your turn.
- Hello, Zora.
You know you've been
here before, don't you?
- I don't fucking care, Drew.
You're a lowdown, dirty,
sneaky piece of shit,
and I will never ever
ever forgive you.
- You know what your
father's book is about,
and you know why he
didn't finish it.
You knew Lorena and
Alia were my daughters
and they were both
in love with Eddie.
- But that all changed
when Thomas Morgan
Matthews showed up.
- I met your father,
when he arrived here too.
- A visitor, he comes from
outta town and he meets
two sisters, and there's a
love triangle with another man.
- It was love at first sight.
- And everything was fine, until
Eddie became jealous.
And when he found out
that Alia was pregnant ...
- The husband becomes so enraged
that he kills the
younger sister.
- After Lorena found
out that Eddie killed Alia,
she couldn't take the pain.
- Yes, yes, there
was a man on the path
and he was being attacked,
and I tried to save him,
and I turned him over
and it was my father
and it looked like he was dead.
- After
Eddie attacked your
father on the path,
he came back to the crime
scene to find that Lorena
had discovered what he had
done and took her own life.
That's when Eddie shot himself.
- I think my father's novel
has information about all
of this, and it's
what drove him mad.
And I think that's
why he killed himself.
- He caused my sorrow.
- It was your father's fault.
- Why did he have to come here?
- He blamed himself,
and that's why he ...
- Open your eyes, Zora.
- It didn't happen like that.
- When you went inside the
house, you already knew.
- No.
No, I met Amadi, and then
I met Eddie at his bar,
and I tried to save everyone.
- There is no Amadi.
There never was!
He was never born.
Eddie killed his
mother because she was
pregnant by your father.
- No.
- This
never happened, Zora.
This right here,
isn't happening now.
You're dying, Zora.
- No.
- You're
dying right now.
- My dearest, sweet Zora.
God has gifted me
with but one child,
and that child is you.
Over the many years
that I have been running
from the demons, I have learned
one incontrovertible truth.
And that is to never
question the will of God,
but to wake up every morning
and give thanks, Zora.
I wish I had understood that.
I am so terribly sorry for the
pain that I have caused you.
But know that I have loved you
with every fiber of my being.
I want you to take
this cross, okay.
And I want you to wear it.
As a reminder
that you are not alone.
That you're being protected
from the other side.
And don't follow in
my footsteps, baby.
Because you can do better.
Because you are better.
And just remember, the
demons are in your head,
but God lives in your heart.
So open your heart
and live, Zora,
knowing that I will always
be here to protect you.
With eternal love, Daddy.
- Zora! Zora!
Zora, baby, I'm right
here. I'm right here.
Hey, hey.
- It's okay.
Daddy told me it'll be okay.
- It's gonna be okay,
baby. I'm right here, okay?
I'm right here, I'm
not going anywhere.
I got you. I got you.
Mm mm mm
Mm mm
Ooh hoo
You stayed on my mind
Yet to find the best way to
Leave the present and rewind
Gather thoughts of yesterday
Tried my best to re-create
The times when
We could not be apart
We were unfinished
Oh yeah
Ah ah ah