Unforgettable (2014) Movie Script

Anand, my son.
Where are you going, son?
Anand, stop.
Anand, stop.
Mister Kumar say something?
Can you see this light?
Please forgive me...
Please forgive me...
Anand answer my question.
Can you see the light?
I can't see the light
and I don't want to.
Can you please leave me alone.
I'm sorry Mister Kumar
has just turned blind
Oh God!
However, there is nothing
wrong with his eyes
But you just said...
His eyes are fine,
but that doesn't mean he can see
Is this a psychological problem?
Is this a psychological problem?
This is not a Physical problem.
He is unable to see,
because he doesn't want to see.
He has to see a psychologist, and
then it will really depend on him
Please do not lose hope.
I don't want to give
you any false hope.
For Anand to ever see again...
... won't be anything
short of a miracle.
I believe in miracles.
Someday, so will Mister Kumar.
"My beloved...cast a spell on me."
"My beloved...cast a spell on me."
"Cast a spell on me."
"Sounds of the anklet.."
"My beloved.."
"..cast a spell on me."
"Sounds of the anklet.."
"My heart might just melt.."
"..and brim out my eyes."
"And my sorrows might be revealed."
"Sorrows won't lessen my pain."
"The lonely nights...the soulless eyes."
"The memories that keep me awake."
"No peace or slumber."
"The soulless eyes."
Who's there?
Who are you?
And what are you doing here?
Who allowed you in?
I am your private nurse...
... I am here to help you.
I don't need a private nurse.
And, can a man not have his
privacy around a private nurse?
Don't worry, I didn't see anything.
I'm blind. Not you.
I don't need help.
Munshiji, get her out.
What's wrong?
Munshiji, who is she?
How dare she walk into my room?
My child, umm...
... umm.
Will knock next time.
There won't be a next time.
I don't need help.
... Especially not from a woman.
Do you understand, Munshiji?
- Anand, my child...
- Munshiji, you heard that?
I've understood completely.
I will inform her.
Anything else?
No. I'll manage.
Any calls for me?
Were you expecting any?
Just curious
He is upset.
Take rest. You must
be tired from your journey.
Fine Munshiji.
No problem.
He better get used to me...
... I will be back everyday.
Till he starts seeing clearly.
Clearly, through his mind.
His condition is painful to watch.
Scary at times.
I am here to help him, Munshiji.
You are our only hope Tara.
The Boss must be up by now.
Surely, I will remember
to knock this time.
It's not going to be that easy,
my child.
But you look pretty determined.
I pray that you be rewarded.
The return of Anand's sight ...
... is my only reward.
Your perfume was all over me.
... your lipstick was smeered
all over my mouth.
Next time just leave a note.
Save us the trouble
of drawing lots.
Would you have prefered...
... Jack resuscitating you,
or Munshiji?
Naturally, you were the only one
A dirty job,
but someone had to do it.
Why are you here?
What's your interest in me?
To embarrass
you for your actions.
Embarrass me?
You underestimate my potential.
I embarrass the devil.
You are not responsible for
your existence...
... you have no right
to obliterate it.
Don't make me angry.
Or what Mister Kumar?
Will you threaten
us by your cowardice?
I am not a coward.
You don't know me.
I'm all ears.
Show me the real you.
Just leave.
Go! I say
Don't waste your time.
I am beyond help.
I think you've had
enough fun for one day.
We must return home.
Munshiji has changed my home.
I am aware...
... now you reside
in the House of Love.
House of Love?
My dad bought this house...
...when he fell
in love with my Mom.
In the garden, there is
a stone etched with poetry...
... that my dad
wrote for my mother.
He was quite romantic.
... and Mom was beautiful.
After my father's death...
... mom never stepped
in this house.
Making it a perfect spot to
entertain your girlfriends!
This place has its sanctity.
Got that?
Apart from mom...
...no woman ever visited here.
And now you are privileged.
"I know it's not you."
"Girl, I can see through."
"You're the one I'm thankful."
"Only thing I got for."
"Can't see the real me."
"I don't believe it's over."
"I can see there's more."
"In your eyes."
"I was blind."
"In your eyes."
"In your eyes."
You could have killed that man,
just for your cheap thrill
Could have, but did not
What if he was killed?
What if the Moon was yellow and
the Sun was white.
Unfortunately its not.
So what are you whining about?
Now listen
Had he been killed, his family
would have been compensated.
Such little regard for life?
What if I rip your friend apart?
Thank you, Lord.
Good. The cops are here.
They are coming inside.
Very nice..
Let me....
Please wait.
Did that take care of your ego?
Please, I'll do anything.
Hey! Don't push me
What about this pigeon?
Don't worry about him.
Let me clear the path for you.
Thank you.
Hey officers, everything alright?
Yeah, just working.
What's wrong?
Ok, I should leave.
Hey...hold on.
Forgetting something?
Oh! Yes.
How much do I owe you?
No cash.
Just pay in kind.
What kind of kind?
Let me feel your heart,
taste your poison.
My poison kills.
Path to Paradise is through death.
A long journey...
... on an empty stomach?
My soul rejoices at
the sight of my killer
Submit your heart...
... then submit your lips.
You may kiss that easily.
I don't
Nisha, are you upset?
I think...
... you're a goner.
"Whether I say it or not."
"It's hard for me to spend.."
"..every moment these days."
"Without you."
"It's true."
"I am...alright."
"But I feel you.."
"...are floored for good."
"All the moments.."
"..that I spent without you."
"Were useless without a reason."
"All the moments.."
"..that I spent without you."
"Were useless.."
"..without a reason."
"The heart now seeks you.."
"Be honest."
"Did you realize..."
"..since yesterday evening.."
"I feel you're floored for good."
"I am your companion, in every journey."
"But I want...you give you this gift."
"I am your companion, in every journey."
"But I want...you give you this gift."
"I want to be with you forever."
"Just think...The breeze
will tease you taking my name."
"I feel you.."
"...are floored for good."
Anand! You want to die?
Worry about yourself.
Think about yourself.
Worry about myself?
Let's die together.
Don't fear.
Come on.
You want to go, come...
But we are still alive.
Was fun!
Let's try again?
Why not? Let's go.
Might succeed in killing
some innocent motorists.
Should be fun!
Come on.
Why the hesitation?
Lets go from here.
Want to kill yourself?
Then right here and right now.
Let's go. Had enough.
No Anand, if you're so adamant about
killing yourself then I'm doing it with you.
What's your excuse?
All have trials.
Everyone exaggerates
their own pain.
... but only cowards
kill themselves.
Lets go from here. Now
Not until you promise to end
these cowardly actions.
I hate you.
That's not an answer.
I promise.
This won't repeat.
Where are we going?
Are you not enjoying?
Why women answer,
questions with questions?
We are going to the beach.
Enjoy perfect weather
in natural surroundings.
You know Anand,
this place is so beautiful.
I know it well.
This is Beach Park,
I used to write here.
Anything here, you don't know?
I am unfamiliar,
with the girl besides me.
Why does she interest you?
A question again.
Would you write again?
The realization, that God's world
is beautiful...
Writing will never do justice
in capturing the moment.
We capture to preserve,
the things we truly love.
What we love, we do not get.
Love is an exercise in futility.
Waste of time.
Oh hello!
check her out.
Think I just got bowled over!!
- Yeah.
- Anand.
She's defo a 6 anyway.
But seriously though...
what a waste with that blind twat.
Hey...watch out!
Such a shame.
She should be with us instead.
Just back off.
Yeah at least we can see!
We'd appreciate her beauty.
Just leave him alone.
Look at this...
Look at this...
So you wanna give
us a go for her then eh?
Somebody help.
Let's do it again.
You want to give it a go.
Dya really think
you stand a chance?
Afraid of a blind man?
Leave him alone.
I'll call the Cops.
Afraid of a blind man?
Look, the Cops!
Let's go.
Anand, it's me.
Where are they?
They ran off.
Come on.
Let's tell the cops.
It's no use.
What did they do?
They ridiculed you.
They said I am beautiful.
Should have been
with someone better.
Everybody thinks he's better.
You are not bad, either.
Blind, but temporarily.
Get cured,
then avenge your insult.
I do not need your help.
I was not trying to help.
By the way...
Looking for something?
Your dress is there.
I won't wear anything all day.
How exciting.
You're so cheap.
You said it.
Pity for the blind?
Temporarily Blind.
You're not my hired slave.
Mister Kumar...
Just trying to make
an honest living.
No favour, no pity involved.
What's your pay? I'll double it.
In return for what extra services?
What about...loyalty.
Only to my master.
Get out!
Mr. Kumar, you're not my master.
You need to request.
Alright, ma'am.
Would you please...leave me alone?
Then leave.
Please. Please. Please.
Just go.
Go. yeah, just go.
Go through the window,
the toilet, the door...
Just go.
- Okay.
Stop being childish.
I can always sense you.
Your scent.
I haven't used scent.
Then it's your body odour?
A huge accomplishment
through a small nose.
Ah! My feet are killing me.
I'll give you a massage.
Are you serious?
Yeah, come on.
My massages are popular in Bangkok.
Really? - Really?
I mean...
Some massages are more exciting
for the masseur.
You have loads of experience
in trivial jobs.
I boast only
among high achievers.
Need a massage? Shut up.
You're a flirt.
How can you tell?
Now what is that exactly?
Like Palmistry...
... there is 'Footistry'.
A study of where
the feet have strayed.
Oh God, I feel so exposed.
'Footistry' is
scarier than Facebook.
Very funny.
Now what?
Such an appetite?
You're a man-eater.
I can explain.
Shock can kill. Go ahead.
Ok! Listen.
My first...
was my Ex-Gym Instructor.
Didn't last long.
Died after my car accident.
Gym instructor died?
Our relationship died.
Is my Hindi okay?
Hindi is ok... quite ok.
Not yours.
Your feet are ok.
Fell again.
Fell IN LOVE again.
Right right.
Fell for a Cop.
God! A desperate heart,
ready to fall.
Wondering where I found him?
Aren't all Cops looking for you?
Oye! Get serious.
He filed my accident report.
I feel like diving.
He was diving. I was diving.
He loved Scuba Diving.
Diving made me sick.
Is there a Doctor in this story?
The Doctor died off.
The story still lives.
After the Doctor,
I was fascinated by horse-riding.
That's it.
By the way..
Had I caught a handsome
Indian dude like you...
... I wouldn't have
looked elsewhere.
So... it's my fault?
Your fascination for
me will spin you around.
Not fascinated,
just spinning in your love.
How would you know the difference?
Love is,
when happy becomes happier...
...beautiful becomes magical
and the best becomes possible.
I feel all of that
in your presence...
...and I've never
felt like that before.
So then?
So then? What're your intentions?
Let's live... and die together.
Where were you?
Mom, don't uproot it.
Mom! It's instrumental in hearing.
Where were you?
Why aren't you in office?
Mom! I'll report you.
On what charge?
Child abuse.
You're no more a kid.
You still pull my ears?
Report me. Go. Call the Cops.
Peace! Peace! Nirmala.
What's wrong?
Took your medicines?
Why the pain?
Last and final call.
You are going nowhere.
We all have to.
Alright! Make my booking as well.
Don't we all have to go?
A beautiful life awaits you.
My work here is done.
All but one.
For which I need your help .
I will co-operate!!
There is this girl Roshni.
I've seen her grow.
I found someone.
Actually, we're quite serious.
Anand! Who? Why haven't you
told me about her yet?
I just wasn't sure.
From which family?
Who is her father?
I don't know. Ask her mother?
Anand! Grow up.
Which family? What do they do?
Why does that matter?
I like the girl
That's all.
But that does matter.
Got to go
Where to?
Good news.
To the office.
By the way?
Does she work for us?
No mom.
Office on a Sunday?
Excuses, excuses.
You can't make excuses.
Just like your dad.
Ma! Don't drag my dad in this.
You'll meet her,
when the time is right.
And listen...
...I want to meet the family.
Not just yeah! It better be soon.
Hey! Nisha.
How are you doing?
Bye! Go.
Oh! Anand.
He is my horse trainer.
Says, my horse misses me.
Horse misses more, or trainer.
Hey gorgeous!
Hey handsome!
How are you?
How are you?
We are ready to order.
Oh! Yes we're starving.
Oh yeah of course, I'll just send
someone over now to take your order.
Sorry. You better hurry.
See you soon.
What was that?
I am hungry.
Why so rude... and upset.
Upset? You haven't seen me upset.
Let's just change the subject.
By the way,
my leprosy has been cured.
Leprosy? Huh?
I didn't know you had leprosy?
Why you avoid kissing me?
So that's what this is all about.
Come here,
let me give you a special kiss.
Told you earlier. Submit your
heart, before you submit your lips.
It's over?
Over. What?
Your language is weak.
Over between us?
When did I say that?
Then our parents have to meet.
You do have parents.
Or you fell from the sky?
Never seen my mom.
Never see my dad.
Would you spend a life with me?
My dream.
Then our elders have to meet.
You really are different.
You too.
Let's eat.
Not here.
You will kiss the Manager again and
I can't take that anymore.
What time is our meeting?
3 p.m.
What time is it?
3.30 p.m.
This is the problem
with us 'Kaalas'.
No matter how many years
we stay in the west...
... we are never punctual.
Must be caught up in traffic.
New to this country?
Nisha was born here.
Her mother is Irish.
The dad is still clearly Indian.
He is a busy man.
Wow, Anand.
You are not married yet...
... and still so loyal.
What's wrong?
Probably, just the signal.
Tell me?
Which family is she from?
I am sure...I must be knowing him.
You wouldn't.
How is that possible?
It's a small city,
everyone knows everyone.
I am sure.
I must be knowing them.
Nisha... is Vijay Malhotra's daughter.
Vijay Malhotra?
The chronic bachelor!?
So what mom?
Are we going to insist on
his marriage first?
Must have been busy
to plan a marriage.
What's the point?
Call Nisha.
How much more ridicule...
...do we take from Vijay Malhotra?
Mom. Enough! Let's leave.
Is this the kind
of girl you really want?
Ma, Nisha is a honest girl.
Her relationship with
her dad is her problem.
What kind of man he is, is also
her problem. How does it concern us?
At your age all one
sees is physical beauty.
How long have you known this girl?
What should I do?
Meet Roshni.
How long have you known her?
Since her birth.
I wish, Roshni was my daughter.
Should I marry her
and make her your daughter-in-law?
Jack, can you drive
me to the hospital?
Mom! What's wrong?
Don't panic, Anand!
Learn to be calm in a crisis.
Yes Munshiji?
Mom's hospitalised.
Having the same pain.
I want you to be happy.
Then I can die, knowing
that you will be fine.
Mom, do not talk of death.
My child.
When you recover...
... go to India,
and get me a quarrelsome bride.
Who fights with you
all day to avenge my hurt
I wish.
... I will not die in guilt of your
No mother.
I have decided to marry the girl
whom you have chosen.
If you're happy with Roshni,
then so am I.
And Nisha?
Where is Nisha?
I don't see her.
As I drew nearer to my destiny.
I heard her cries from behind.
Had I stopped.
Would have sacrificed my goal.
Had I pushed forward.
Would have lost her forever.
This poetry is more like guidance.
Every which way you are my Guru.
Do not give a sinner so much respect.
I'm not worthy of it.
It is terrible to make
a promise and then betray.
I am guilty of worse.
Munshiji, I am talking about Anand.
He is deeply in love with a girl...
... and yet,
is committing to marry someone else.
Anand is more intelligent than me.
His plight will not be as bad as mine.
... like you, he too is emotional.
He always follows his heart.
Madam Nirmala...
... this is a trait
of the great romantics.
And so they create for
themselves more heartache.
Good morning, Jack. Sorry I am late.
Jack, wait.
What are you doing here?
Seeing you off to the Airport.
You take your car
and go to the office.
Oh! But I have time.
Anand, I'll be seeing you
in India in a couple of days.
That is if you really are coming?
You still don't believe me?
My son...
... do not let me down.
Before you consult your Heart...
... consult your mind.
You still have time to turn back.
Why would I turn back?
Because you're still mad about Nisha.
Ma, you better trust me...
... if ever I marry...
... it would be with Roshni.
This time, don't break your promise.
And if you do, it will kill me.
You have my word,
I will never betray your trust.
Why are you so quiet?
Knitting a sweater.
I wish you would have met my mother.
Are you knitting for me?
But I'll use you for size.
You have to pay a price.
... knit one for me.
That won't be possible.
I was just kidding.
I was just joking.
I do not wear sweaters.
Prefer fleece.
Aren't you wearing one?
Never trust a blind man.
Always confused.
And things are never in his control.
Fishing, was a bad idea...
Why fish when you don't eat?
Unecessary trouble for the fish.
Why do you drag me in such things?
So what do you like?
Lets go.
Do you have friends you like to visit?
I have no friends.
Any acquaintance you care for?
There is one.
"In the shaped of words,
straight from my heart.."
"..Came a praise on my lips."
"There's beauty around the world."
"But your beauty is unique."
"In the shaped of words,
straight from my heart.."
"I wish to enlighten my
heart with your luminance."
"Adorn my heart with your fragrance."
"Once someone touches you.."
"..can never separate from you."
"In the shaped of words,
straight from my heart.."
"The few moments..."
"..that I spent under your tresses."
"No wonder I forgot.."
"..all the pain in my life."
"The heart was addicted to finds ways to die."
"You taught me to live."
"In the shaped of words,
straight from my heart.."
"..Came a praise on my lips."
"There's beauty around the world."
"But your beauty is unique."
"In the shaped of words,
straight from my heart.."
That was so beautiful.
Who's the lucky one?
She must be a real beauty...
...to deserve so much praise.
...I want to overcome my handicap.
I want to see again.
Will you help me
Is that true Anand?
You'd like my help?
Why not.
Anand now you shall recover.
Because you want to see.
God! I'm so excited.
Anand, Just wait here.
I'll be back.
Tara! Just a minute. Tara wait
You seem quite excited?
Munshiji... Anand.
How could I ever thank you?
That really isn't necessary.
I have no right.
Is there anything I can say...
...to change your mind?
I wouldn't ever want Anand to see me.
After all that you have done.
Even after knowing him.
You promised me.
After all that you
have done for him...
...are there no emotions or feelings?
I must leave now.
What if he needs me?
He will always need you.
Will you never forgive him?
My feelings are not relevant.
There is something you must know.
He will come looking for you...
...and will not rest
till he finds you...
...and nothing will stop him.
Then I will.
Even if it breaks his heart.
We are only connected through pain.
Nothing more.
The pain of such relationship...
I have nurtured, my whole life.
I wouldn't wish it on anyone else.
Pain is from destiny...
... and pain is destiny.
For Anand and me.
You must be quite
excited to see again.
Some questions are
better left unanswered.
My biggest fear is to witness the
consequences of my actions.
I have yet to witness the embarrassment
from those consequences.
I have destroyed those
who were dear to me.
Bit by bit...
... that embarrassment
shall destroy me.
And Love?
I once loved someone...
...and wanted to be with that
person for the rest of my life.
That was my sin.
And now?
Now, I really wish to see you.
To look into your eyes.
Why my eyes?
To journey through them...
...into your inner being...
...and then to write about it.
To conclude...
...what I have barely started.
What if there is no
conclusion to this story?
But in life,
everything must conclude.
All things must have a beginning...
...and an end.
What will be my end?
How come?
The end for someone
as beautiful as you...
...will have to
be larger than life.
I've been calling you for ages, why
aren't you picking up your phone?
You know that saying?
Do unto others... No.
Expect from others,
what others expect from you.
Need an explanation?
But you'll give it anyway.
Your anger is justified.
I'll take any nonsense from you...
...but what you did to my mom,
I can't take that.
I'd like to apologize to her.
Too late.
She isn't here.
When will she return?
After my marriage.
After our marriage?
Not yours, not ours.
After my marriage.
Your marriage?
I'm getting married.
To a very beautiful,
well cultured girl.
What about us?
You mean you?
You do love me?
I was crazy about you...
...and now you dissappoint me.
Its my dad.
So your dad's the villian?
I spent a childhood in his fear.
Everything I did needed approval.
That's called parenting.
That's no excuse...
...to harm the friends of your kid.
My friendship came
at a hefty price.
And the stories of your flings?
To make you jealous.
When we first met...
...I felt deep love for you...
...that got me scared.
I couldn't muster up
the courage to ask my dad.
But he found out.
And guess what..
...he was happy with the
prospects of us together.
And now its too late.
Tonight I'm getting married
in India...
... to a girl I've never known.
What about us?
We move on.
Are you rejecting me?
But this will change nothing.
I'll wait for you.
For how long?
All my life.
Try me.
Do not redicule me.
Trust me.
I'll never go back
on my words. Never.
And if you do...
...my blood is on your hands.
You do love me, don't you?
Mom, Nisha is longer
a part of my life.
- Anand!
- Anand!
Last and final call.
My child!
We desperately tried reaching you.
Till the end,
she was just speaking about you.
...I'm really sorry for your loss.
For our loss.
Anand, my child.
Where are you going, son?
Anand, stop...
Anand, stop.
Anand. Anand.
I killed my mother.
I killed my mother.
You need this.
What is this?
I find inner peace through it.
Might work for you as well.
And what about you?
Your need it more.
As soon as I get my sight back...
I shall return this.
Where is Jack?
Out on an errand...
... will be here in no time.
Never mind.
Gives us time to talk.
We could talk in the car?
What I am about to ask, cannot be
asked in the car.
Must be a dodgy question?
But I expect straight answer.
What's your question?
Have you ever...
...have you ever been in love?
Answer me.
Madam! Sorry,
I encountered traffic.
No, you got here in good time.
Jack! Could you please
help me to the car?
Thank you.
Can you take me to
the piano room? please.
You need rest,
and I have got to leave.
Can you please take
me to the piano room?
I asked you a simple question.
My story is not important.
It is to me.
I was in love.
And now?
Don't have an answer
to all your questions.
Don't have answer..
or won't answer?
Never thought about it.
Never asked myself.
So then you probably aren't.
Don't really know.
...I wish we had met earlier...
- ...I wish.
- Anand!
I've got to leave.
I cannot allow that.
Not seeking your permission.
... from the time,
you entered my life...
... It has changed drastically.
I've found my reason to live.
I feel...
...your a part of my destiny.
This can never happen.
You were prepared to die with me.
Now you can't live with me?
Let me take you to your room.
Better believe me.
Around you I could hold fire and
it will be extinguished.
I could walk in the rain and
the ground would be dry, and...
... stop being
over dramatic, Anand.
Tara! Tara!
Your presence has given
me magical strength.
- Could you ever accept me?
- Anand stop!
Tara let me just finish.
Not another word.
Tara, I feel a special
bond of love between us.
Anand, Snap out of it.
I'm not in love with you...
...and never will be.
Never could be yours.
No Anand.
You're not listening.
And I really don't care.
I should have never come here.
Now I never will.
Tara, Stop!
Stop, Tara.
Tara. Tara.
"I have no kin."
"Nor does anyone want me."
"That's the saga of my life.
"I have no companion anymore."
... you've got to stop Tara.
Stop her.
How could you recognize me?
Why wouldn't I? I am not Blind.
- Anand!
- Munshiji!
"The waken memories."
Anand my child.
"The lonely nights."
He was looking at us.
He could actually see us.
He called our...
Who are you?
Tara, where is Tara?
Who is Tara?
- You don't know who Tara is?
- No!
Is she his doctor?
But for Anand...
... she's more than that.
Much more.
They ridiculed you.
Later, you can avenge your hurt.
Hey! Look. The blind guy.
What does he want?
Where's that pretty
walking stick of his?
You mean that girl?
Hey! If you weren't blind,
you would pay dearly for your actions.
What's all that about?
Next time you'll know how
to behave with a lady.
What was wrong with our behavior?
She came to us.
For what?
Leave him alone.
She did it for you.
She did it to motivate
you to see again.
She wanted you to realize
how important your vision was...
... to face up to
the challenges of life.
It was all planned.
The walk, the Cop, everything.
She's a great girl.
She really loves you.
Aren't you Willaim Porterfield?
And you Niall O'Brian?
You guys did pretty well
in the world cup.
Did you see it?
I heard about it.
I was blind, remember.
Its good you could see again.
Don't ever let that girl go.
Specially after all
that she's done for you.
I'll try...
Thank you so much.
No problem.
Don't worry about it.
I'm sorry once again.
- No problem.
- All the best.
"My thoughts.."
"..only revolve around you."
"I think every about you every moment...
and it's my plight such..
"I feel at peace...and I feel obsessed."
"What has love bestowed me with?
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"My heart goes crazy.."
"..every time it things about you."
"Every time it things about you."
"My eyes...keep looking.."
"..for your foot prints."
"For your foot prints."
"Just like a lonely wanderer.."
"..smiles on a lonely,
sorrowful journey."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"Ages later...my eyes.."
"..have seen some colorful dreams."
"Have seen some colorful dreams."
"Day and night.."
"..your name brings a relief to me.."
"Your name brings a relief to me.."
"The heart, after a painful sleep.."
"..has awakened from a deep slumber."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"The ambience hums,
and pain smiles."
"When they call out to you."
"When they call out to you."
"Fate's bringing me closer to you again."
"Fate's bringing me closer to you again."
"Let this distance shorten.."
"..and my heart's wishes are fulfilled."
"Fate's bringing me closer to you again."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
"I am in love with you."
Take it away.
Take it away now.
Get out.
- Good, good.
How are you?
I envy you.
I envy you too.
Your Business...
... your success.
Oh! Yes.
I like your house as well.
What about my love story.
Are you envious of that as well?
Could have been worse.
Being blind in love...
... or my ability
to lose the ones I love.
You should write
a book on your story.
Let me suggest a title.
People must laugh at him.
They may refer to me as...
'Mother killer'!
the way I've treated my Mom...
... there is no penance for me.
But Anand...
... your mother forgave you.
Farhan, better hurry.
Only 3 hours left.
Sameer, where have you been?
Why hasn't the car been
Aunty, don't worry.
Everything is under control.
Just imagine your prince in this car.
Seeing is believing.
Getting Anand here on time
is my responsibility.
I promise.
Just don't worry.
I do worry.
Not about you...
... but about his promise.
One has to be blind to reject Roshni.
Please don't worry so much.
It's not good for you.
Fetch him on time.
You know I won't let you down.
Just relax.
Everything will be sorted.
He made a promise?
Not once did he object.
I want to hear Anand's voice.
Please son.
Just once, I'd like to hear his voice.
The number you've dialed is presently..
His phone is switched off.
In my dying moments...
I am convinced...
... Roshni could have been...
... a wonderful wife...
... for my son.
Aunty, please don't worry.
Anand will not reject Roshni.
There must be a reason
for his absence.
Yes. There is.
He accepted marriage
to please his mother...
... but now...
... he realizes the
implications of that promise.
As soon as he hears your voice,
he will rush to your side.
I forgive you...
... my child.
All my life...
I shall carry the burden...
... that I was responsible
for my mothers death.
Fortunately, she forgave you...
... or else you would have
never found inner peace.
Thank you for being there with mom
in her final journey.
I am indebted.
Yes operator.
The name is Tara Sehgal.
Alright. Thanks.
Let go of her.
She's gone from our lives.
Think of her as a guardian Angel
who came down to help you.
You got your sight back and
she returned to where she belonged.
Why is it...
... that whoever I love...
... they leave me?
Thanks for seeing me.
I am sorry about your mother.
It's all my fault.
I wasn't even there for you...
... when you needed me most.
Where were you?
I was in Switzerland.
Trying to get over you.
I was expecting for you
to be married.
Then, I heard of this disaster.
Wouldn't be able to
see you blind.
When you called my name...
... I felt...
... I had returned in time
for everything to be alright.
No matter how much I repent...
... my mother is not coming back.
The stables are there.
Nisha loves riding.
Mister Anand...
You might have heard
stories about me.
Some good...
... some bad.
You've attained legendary status.
So you should know...
... out of all good stuff you heard...
... do not believe...
... believe only the bad stuff.
Do I need to know all this?
Mister Anand...
people consider me a bad person.
I'm sure that's a bit exaggerated.
Or then...
... you trying to scare me?
All I am trying to say...
Vijay Malhotra...
... a man who is feared
in more than 10 countries...
and whose commands
are not questioned.
Today, bows to
an honest man like you.
... with this hope...
... you accept my
daughter for marriage.
Am I under any kind of pressure?
No Anand.
Your refusal...
... will be...
... my daughter's misfortune,
not yours.
I would feel...
... my deeds have caught up...
... with her to haunt her.
That's all.
The same perfume...
... exactly in the same places.
Go Anand.
You are a free.
We were never meant to be.
I'm sorry Nisha.
For me you will always be special.
... I will not forget...
... what befell you, because of me.
No Nisha.
I am responsible...
... for what befell me.
No one else.
Not even you.
Do I still have a language problem?
Your language is good.
Very good.
But your heart is even better.
Excuse me.
Need to enquire about a psychologist
registered by the name of Dr. Tara Sehgal.
Do you have a complaint?
No. Not really.
What is it that
you want to know?
Well. This particular
Doctor I met somewhere.
Need her for a consultation.
But can't find her.
Spell the name.
Tara Sehgal.
That's how you spell her name.
Lets begin with Sehgal.
Let's try Tara.
She's not from here.
Are you sure?
He believes,
and everybody trusts his beliefs.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Where are you?
Still looking for Tara?
I need to lodge a Police complaint.
And report what?
Munshiji, Tara left our home
and disappeared
What if she met with an accident.
...Do not be a fatalist.
Are you hiding something?
Hiding what?
... Disturbing.
What's wrong?
Will we see her again?
I doubt.
What about you?
She is out of our lives.
She's gone.
I prefer it dark.
Lived in the dark for too long.
I have been with your family for long.
Such talk disappoints me.
Do you consider yourself a friend?
Or family servant?
I'd say, servant...
... who got really close.
You always considered...
... me a son.
Your father...
... was my dearest friend.
Dearest friend's kid...
... like your son.
Dearest friend's widow...
... like your wife?
Have you consumed alcohol?
Are you accusing me?
With your permission...
... request you for your leave.
Do something...
... permanently excuse yourself.
My faithful.
What should one expect.
... you're neither faithful...
... nor a servant.
Where is Munshi?
So this is where...
...you'll conspired against me.
What conspiracy?
It's time to find out.
You are mentally blind.
That's your problem.
Open your eyes to the truth.
What are you doing here?
He has lost something.
He's in search for it
You know what I'm looking for.
You entered my life.
Influenced my heart and mind...
...and then disappeared.
Get a taste of your own medicine.
Are you crazy?
You set me up for marriage...
...and never showed up.
... are you Roshni?
Congratulations Munshiji !
Seems like Mr. Anand can see
everything clearly.
Now in a few moments...
... soon he will grow wings...
... and he will take-off for ever.
Believe me.
If ever I am destined to marry...
...I will choose Roshni.
If you go back on your word...
...you will be
responsible for my death.
Should have left me blind.
No way!
Mr. Anand,
what kind of talk is this?
I waited impatiently
for your sight.
For my sight?
And you are?
You didn't recognise me?
I am Deven.
I mean.
...you never mentioned me?
Tara, who is this?
...Mr. Anand wants some answers.
Tara, say something.
Tara, who is he?
He is Deven.
I know that part. What else?
...is my husband.
Your... what?
"I was completely shattered.."
"..worse than a broken star."
"I lost all hopes."
"I was completely shattered.."
"..worse than a broken star."
- "I lost all hopes."
"One last hope, that diminished."
"The lonely nights...soulless eyes."
"Awaken memories."
"I've lost peace and slumber."
"The lonely nights..."
Still upset?
These are yours.
I need strength.
I grew up in an orphanage...
... it was run by
your mother's charity.
There is this girl, Roshni.
I've watched her grow.
She would take me home.
I wish, Roshni was my own daughter.
...at home...
...I saw your pictures.
Through your pictures,
I saw you grow.
I was getting deeply infatuated.
Started longing to meet you.
You never showed up.
What do you expect?
Should I marry her
and make her your daughter-in-law?
My dreams...
...were shattered.
In these final moments...
...I am convinced...
Roshni was the ideal wife
and partner for my son.
After your mothers death...
...I was orphaned again.
That's when...
...Deven reached out to me.
When I heard of your blindness...
...I just wanted to help.
I am here to help.
You are our only hope.
But when I spoke to Deven...
...all hell broke loose.
You cannot go there.
Specially to help a man like Anand.
I owe it to Aunty Nirmala.
Roshni! It was not selfless
but selfish on her part.
She was grooming a
future daughter-in-law.
Your narrow views will
not influence my mind.
So, go and present yourself to this
blind man. Is this what you want?
Let me help Anand.
He has a whole life ahead of him.
And what about me?
I'll be coming back to you.
And then...
Nobody loves me like you.
And what about your love?
Whom is that for?
...I don't even know him.
But soon you will.
You might develop some feelings.
Are you accusing me?
...So prove me wrong.
Marry me before you leave.
That's crazy?
I'm crazily about you.
That night...
...on the way to the airport,
we got married.
I almost missed my flight.
And now he is here to take me back.
So will you leave with him?
We are married. He is my husband
You may be married,
But you've never been with him
He loves me like crazy.
Anybody would.
He loves me like nobody can.
Some would live for you,
some could die for you.
I was only here for your mother
Then stay, for her sake.
I could've stayed for you,
but you never turned up.
I'll turn up now.
Say yes to marriage.
Thanks to you, I have already been a
bride twice. There won't be a third time?
My sincere condolences.
Deven is a nice man.
My condolences again.
Nice... not Lovable..
Could mean a life not livable.
He understands my pain.
Like me, he too is an orphan.
Then, consider me orphaned.
Marrying him was
part of my destiny.
Your misfortune.
Who is destined for your love?
His appearances are so badly timed.
Crazy lover.
We don't really need
each other anymore.
Find happiness in that thought.
All endings cannot be happy.
Ours could be.
The saddest endings are
the lot for the classics.
Classics don't come
around that often.
Invite me for your marriage.
Why would you attend?
You didn't attend mine.
I will take revenge.
I was blind.
Stop it, Anand.
- Can't stop it.
Can't stop loving you.
It's a sin, to think about it.
To stop loving you,
would be a bigger sin.
This is the last
time I call your name.
Then celebrate a life without me...
... your blind decision.
You've lost the authority to
mention my name.
"Go away...Go away."
"Go away...Go away."
"Beloved...go away.
Beloved...go away."
"Go away...Go away."
"Go away...Go away."
Come, son!
Been long since your last visit.
Wanted to meet you.
Should have come home
I went home...
... you weren't there.
Found anything important?
I need to apologize.
And regarding your mother,
I wanted you to know...
...that I always kept secret...
...what I felt for her...
... right till the end.
I need no explanation.
I am not explaining.
just like to advise you...
...to spend a life with a woman,
who can love you.
Even if I don't
feel the same for her?
Anand, my son!
Life without love, is pain...
... and a curse.
... is a curse.
"I'll have to stay loyal to my sorrows."
"I'll have to stay loyal to my sorrows."
"My happiness is upset with me."
"My happiness is upset with me."
"Beloved...I've lost to my pain."
"Beloved...you never understood."
"Go away... Go away."
"Go away... Go away."
Dad, promise me that you
will not hold it against Anand.
Anand will not be blamed for anything.
He is a decent man.
I know his worth.
I begged and pleaded with him...
...for my daughters happiness.
Vijay Malhotra would
bow to no other man.
Thanks dad. I really love you.
And I love you too.
Tara was here.
Munshiji! You should have informed me?
- She stopped me.
She left this.
... you left while upset...
Wanted to see you again.
Hope you can forgive me for leaving.
No matter where I am.
You will always remain in my heart,
right till it stops beating.
Whatever Tara did...
... was out of love.
Munshiji! Where would I find Tara now?
She just called from home...
... but she will be
leaving for the Airport.
I must meet her.
For what?
I don't know the reason.
But, I must meet her.
So then go. Hurry! Go!
You will pay for it.
I won't.
"I am madly in love with you."
"I am madly in love with you."
"I've surrendered my life to you."
"I've surrendered my life to you."
"Beloved...I want you to smile."
"Beloved...give me all your tears."
"Go away..."
"Go away..."
"Go away..."
I can't believe.
I won't see you again.
So what is it..
..that you want to believe.
It's not what I want to believe.
It's what I want to hear.
What is it that you want to hear?
Vijay, I can see him.
Then what I you waiting for.
Get him.
Just wanted to hear...
Just once.
Tara, what happened?
What happened?
Call the ambulance, now!
- Yes.
It's going to me alright
When you find your purpose, you
should never stray from your path...
... or else, it brings misery.
I love you, Anand.
"I love you too."
"The heart's forsaken everyone."
"The heart's forsaken everyone."
"If I can't have you, I want nothing."
"If I can't have you, I want nothing."
"Beloved...listen to me."
"Beloved...show me your face."
"Go away... Go away.
"Go away... Go away.
"Don't shed tears.."
What if one story is incomplete.
But nothing in life is incomplete.
"..my sorrows might be revealed."
There is always a
beginning and an end.
So what shall be my end?
"The lonely nights..."
"The soulless eyes.."
"Awakened memories."
"No peace or slumber.
The lonely nights"
Get down, I am the police.