Ungli (2014) Movie Script

What's wrong with this city?
Somewhere there are ashes
and somewhere smoke.
Why doesn't someone say something?
Why do we endure smoke quietly?
Now it's the limit of endurance.
Let's bring this reckless
act to an end.
Smoking at public places is prohibited.
Violation will lead to penalty.
Don't smoke. Or let others smoke.
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
Who doesn't want to be happy?
But at what price?
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
Smoking is iniurious for you.
And for your dear ones.
You will have to pay
a heavy price for smoking.
You wait here.
l'll be right back.
- Oh, Mr. Dubey!
Good morning! - Good morning!
- Have a seat!
No matter what day of the week it is...
...you always show up
here to put pressure on me.
Well, all l need
from you is my pension.
After that...
ln any case, l don't enjoy
unnecessarily doing the rounds here.
No, no...do the rounds!
It's good exercise!
- No, you listen!
Look at this pile of files.
And here's your file.
When it reaches the top,
you'll get your money.
My files hasn't moved up
for two years now.
Oh, Mr. Shinde!
Ty and bring Mr. Dubey's file up.
l'm ready to do it, Mr. Sharma,
but to reach the top,
it needs a little monetay push...
And Mr. Dubey isn't ready to give
it the right push... what can l do?
You people should be
ashamed of yourselves.
l'm old enough to be your father!
Then think of us as your sons
and give us the money.
But remember one thing, Mr. Dubey...
- Today you're our father's age...
- ...but if you wait too long...
- ...you'll be our grandfather's age
by the time your file comes up!
The things you say, Gupta!
Give me my money.
He's lost it!
Throw him out!
- You can't do this to me.
Get him out of here!
This is my life's savings!
- Out!
l'm not begging!
Don't show your face here again!
- Give me my money.
Come on, come on.
Please! Let him go!
They're treating me like a beggar.
Look where your file is going now...
right to the bottom!
- How dare he manhandle me?
Get him out of here!
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad!
ls my father okay?
Yes...lt was a minor stroke.
This isn't the age for him
to be getting into fights.
But, Doctor
that's his hard earne'd money.
And at this age, he can only
support himself with his pension.
- But another incident
like this, could prove fatal.
- You have to keep that in mind.
- It's a good thing
you brought him here quickly...
Nepali and his two thugs.
Looks like Samad Khan's work.
You news guys know
evemhing before we do.
What can l say, Inspector.
Nowadays, we journalists
have to do your work, too...
Oh, really?
Sir, l've told you in the beginning...
lt takes Rs. 11,OOO
to fix this computer.
Now how can l give you
a discount of Rs. 2,OOO?
Stop whining for Rs. 2,OOO!
You're the one whining, sir.
l sell hardware, not underwear.
Okay, take Rs. 9,500.
Not a rupee more.
Rs. 11,OOO or else...
...l'll show your wife all those
porn films from your hard disc.
Evemhing's been saved on this CD.
Forget underwear...
...your hardware
will turn into software.
Relax, l'm giving you Rs. 11,OOO!
Can't we ioke around a bit?
- Kalim!
- Your phone!
Here! 11,OOO in full!
Hi, Maya.
- We need to meet...
l think we've got our first case.
- Who switched on these lights?!
Listen carefully.
These time bombs
will now be activated.
As long as you keep running around
this stadium...they won't go off.
But if any one of you
stops running...BOOM!
Why are you doing this to us?!
Because you three enjoy
making helpless folk...
...do the rounds of
your office for years.
This time however
to save your own live's...
...you'll be doing the rounds.
Listen, please...
We're ready to pay you anything.
We'll give you money!
Lots of money!
That's the difference
between us and you.
We don't take bribes.
Don't do this, sir...
- On your marks!
ls this the Aai Tak News Room?
- Get set!
l have some a vey
interesting stoy for you.
Hello, Police?
Come on, Maya, let's get out of here.
Keep running!
Don't stop!
Keep running!
Keep running!
Don't stop!
Come on, keep running!
Don't stop, don't stop!
- Get back!
Keep running!
Bomb squad!
Hury up!
Sir, it's iust a firecracker!
- In Breaking News -
- Three government officials
were kidnapped by a masked gang...
- ...who then made a tape of them
which they sent to all news channels.
Let' see what they had to say.
We've been talking about
fighting corruption for 65 years...
...but nothing's really happened.
We've only worn out our shoes
with candle marches...
...landed up in hospitals
when we went on hunger strikes.
Peaceful processions only
got us beaten up by the police...
Nothing ever changes.
But now, things will change.
By punishing corrupt people
like Sharma, Gupta and Shinde.
From this moment,
decent citizens like Makrand Dubey...
...will not be victims of
corruption anymore.
When, both,
the right and wrong way fail...
...you have to take the middle road.
- Sharma, Gupta and Shinde have
been charged with bribey...
Manav, l want to follow
this gang's stoy.
Alright. Do it.
- As for the masked gang...
...citizens have praised them
and also accepted them with open arms.
- Let's hear what they have to say.
They made those corrupt officers
dizzy by making them do rounds!
lt used to feel like being
retired is a crime in this county.
By getting Mr. Dubey
what is rightfully his...
...they've stood up
for evey senior citizen.
This gang that gave
the finger to corruption...
...has a new name from the citizens...
- The 'Ungli' (finger) gang.
You were right, guys!
We have a name to
sign autographs with!
The 'Ungli' Gang.
- Shhh...
How cool is that!
Don't talk about autographs
in a public place..
..if you don't want a
warrant with your name on it.
- Relax a little.
- This is iust the beginning.
We still have so many things to do.
Guys, l was thinking...
What's happened has happened.
We've been lucky to not get caught.
Let's not push it.
What do you mean?
Are you quitting?
l'm iust scared, guys.
How can you even think of stopping?
- Shhh!
- Especially now!
Maya, this isn't a candle march.
l run my house on my salay alone.
What'll happen to my
family if l go to jail?
Besides, who are we?
Ajournalist, an intern,
a mechanic and a computer engineer?
Beyond a point, we can't change squat!
Goti... have you forgotten Ricky?
- Let it be, man...
We've chosen our path.
Let Goti choose his.
There's no pressure.
Take your time.
Kalim, what happened
of our headquarter?
l've found a perFect place.
How much for this place?
25,OOO rupees a month.
For this hole?!
At this rate, this is the
best you can find in Mumbai!
lt's completely central.
There's a McDonald's nearby.
There's also a an Udipi
restaurant and a pizzajoint!
With free home delivey.
You should said that first!
l think this place
is good for the office.
What do you think?
And between the three of us,
the rent won't seem so high.
lt'll be even less if
it's between the four of us.
l chickened out a little.
lt's not important
that you chickened out...
...as long as you manned up on time!
Mr. Dubey,
can you recognize those people?
Even if l could, l wouldn't
tell you a thing about them.
How many of them were there?
3...no, 4!
Sir, one of them was a girl.
What car is this?
- It's a Tata Ventura.
This video was recorded a
few minutes after the kidnapping.
- Note down the car number.
- Sir, no garage has any information.
- l think the number plate was fake.
Sir, according to this lab report...
...the security guards were injected
with a sedative called Midazolam.
lt's impossible to get this sedative
without a Doctor's prescription.
We couldn't find anything
from chemists of hospitals, either.
Before the Ungli gang
gets out of control...
...we have to get Inspector
Kale on their case.
Sivaraman, have you lost your mind?
Trust me, sir.
This way you can handle the
Thane district political parties...
...and the public and
media will be assured...
...that we're tying
to catch the Ungli gang.
Sivaraman, l...
- Sir, l give you my word...
...that Kale will
not cause any problems.
He respects me vey much.
l can handle him.
l've called him today, sir.
He's waiting to meet you.
How's Thane district?
The officer before you used
to complain about the mosquitoes.
Sir, l have no complaints...
...the complaints will
come from the mosquitoes.
Unlike the previous officer,
l don't eat sugar...
...my blood is infused with salt.
On my recommendation,
the commissioner...
...wants to assign you
to a vey important case.
Which case, sir?
They call themselves the Ungli gang.
They give the finger to
the system and law and order.
l want them found and stopped.
Okay, sir.
You can't go in!
Hey! What's going on here?!
Where's Ansari?
Tell me!
What's going on here?!
What's up, Ansari?
You're going to file a case, are you?!
This is your final warning.
lf you don't take back
your lawsuit against Gaikwad...
You're done for.
Yes, Ali!
When did this happen?
Excuse me.
Are you okay?
My bones and spirit are intact.
l'm not going to hide like a coward.
l'm will file an FIR
against Gaikwad today itself.
Look what he's done to my computers.
You'll be able to
recover my data, right?
l'll ty my best, Ali.
Thanks, Gautam.
He's been going to the Municipal
Corporation for 2 years now...
...to get Gaikwad's
hoardings removed.
Gaikwad's men threatened
him a few times.
But he didn't give up.
He's possibly thinking
of filing a lawsuit.
- The FIR isn't going to do squat.
The FIR is worth less
than the paper it's written on.
He can't touch Gaikwad.
Yeah, you're right.
The police have explained
this to Ansari already.
Filing a case will
cause even more trouble.
Next week is Gaikwad's birthday.
Just see how his
sycophants will fill...
...evey street corner
with 'Happy Birthday' posters.
Next week is Gaikwad's birthday?
Yeah. Why?
Who's there?!
Who entered my house!
Are you all dead?!
Not a single wall was spared!
Who entered this house?
Who did this?!
l just asked you that,
why are you asking me!
Who entered this house?
Tell me! Where else are these put up?!
Behind you?! There's nothing!
- Behind me?
lt's behind me?
- A message to all our politicians...
This city is not
your personal property.
lt is the home of us citizens.
And if anyone messes up our home...
...then we won't hesitate
to mess up theirs.
- Forget his posters in the city...
Today onwards, Gaikwad won't
even pose for his family pictures.
To hell with theoy,
we love the Ungli Gang!
- These politicians have ruined
the city with their damn posters!
- This gang has taught
them a good lesson!
This gang is really giving
the finger to corruption, huh?
Not iust the finger...
...they're completely
exposing the system.
lt's been two days since
the Ungli gang struck!
Are you chasing them or faffing?!
Sir, we are tying
our best to catch them.
Well, stop tying and catch them!
- Next time, it won't be
but a higher power who calls.
Hang up!
- Why are these amateurs
proving so hard to catch?
What do you need
to catch the Ungli gang?
Sir, the Ungli gang
thinks differently.
Their method is different.
Their purpose is different.
To catch them,
we have to think like them.
We'll have to do something different.
Then do something new!
Yes, Mishra, tell me!
- Kale, my blood pressure
is off the charts right now.
Did Nikhil do something?
- What do you think?
Okay, l'm on my way.
- Oh, Kale! Come, come...
What a fortunate man you are.
As far as l remember
Kale didn't even go to
get his son's report card...
...but here he is
for your report card!
What has he done, Mishra?
Listen to this stoy, carefully...
...because l've never told a stoy like
this in all my 47 years in this job.
- Last night, around 12. 30 am...
- ...we got a call from
the Marine Line's girls' hostel.
- Someone called the matron
and warned her...
- ...there was a bomb in the hostel.
Take your team and
check the first floor.
Move fast!
- You take your team
and check the second floor!
- Check evey room!
What are you doing here?!
l was missing you.
Couldn't wait until morning.
Did you do all this?!
Sometimes you have to use a
fake bomb to get to the real bomb...
Are you tying to kiss me?
lt's what l'm known for!
And now for the plot twist, Kale!
- We traced the number
that called the matron...
Guess where the call came from?
From my landline!
A call from the Mumbai
Police Bomb Squad Chief!
Now give me one reason to
not suspend this man right now!
- One reason!
Sir, l'll give you three
reasons to suspend me.
One, l'm no good for this iob.
Two, my antics threaten to tarnish
my father's respect in the force.
And three,
l don't think l'm going to change.
- Look, Kale!
Look how disrespectful he is!
Get out!
Thank you, sir.
Thank you?!
- You're laughing?!
How was that funny?
l'm sory, Mishra.
But even you have to admit; it's
an ingenious method to meet a girl.
These methods will seem ingenious
if they're used to catch felons!
Not to be a delinquent, yourself.
His mind is no less
than any delinquent.
And l don't want him in my squad!
lf you want to groom a criminal...
take him!
Ashok! You?
Come, come in.
lt's been so long.
Have some tea?
Where's Nikhil?
He's not home.
He came and left.
What's he done now?
lf you hear the saga,
you'll start a war.
l'm sory, Ashok.
You've done a lot for us
after Nikhil's father passed away.
Arvind wasn't only my partner.
He was my friend.
Whatever l've done has
been for that friendship.
l've tried to make
Nikhil understand...
...but he's so stubborn.
He's so like his
father in so many ways.
But l haven't given up hope on him.
Besides stubbornness, he
has so many qualities of his father.
No problem.
l'll find him.
''Oh, girl your moves
Look so kinky to me''
''Oh girl, your dangling earrings
Look so funky to me''
''Oh that killer look you give...
Like the sharp edge of a knife''
''Oh girl, your tantrums...
Feel so hanky panky to me...''
''Shake those hips
to the beats of a song''
''And make this pauper
heart feel like a prince''
''Put those high heels on
And, dance Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''Forget all the limits and just
Dance Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''O when you see me you go wild''
''You want my love you want it now''
''You see me dancing up a star''
''You know,
you know that l'm the bomb''
''Oh when l pump it
up on the floor-ohh''
''l know the boys
be going uffo-oh''
''And l'll be shakin' it up, takin'
it up, makin' it go, breakin' it up''
''l'm gonna be funking it up''
''Hey Basanti, where do you live?''
''Hey Basanti,
open up the gates of your heart''
''Oh, Basanti
your smile's like an ex! plosive''
''From head to toe, you're a missile''
''Shake those hips
to the beats of a song''
''And l'll take whatever
satisfaction l get''
''Handle your row of admirers
and just dance, Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''Forget all the limits
and just dance Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''Dance Basanti''
''O when you see me you go wild''
''You want my love you want it now''
''You see me dancing up a star''
''You know,
you know that l'm the bomb''
''And l'll be shakin' it up, takin'
it up, makin' it go, breakin' it up''
''l'm gonna be funking it up''
Yes, Kale sir.
- Nikhil, meet me at
Lalit bar tomorrow at 7 pm.
Can't you lecture me on the phone?
- l'll be waiting
there for you, Nikhil.
- Be there.
- All l want is news
about the Ungli Gang.
- What is this bullshit, ya?
- Not a single concrete
report on the Ungli Gang.
What the hell do you
guys come to do here?!
Can you please disperse
and get me something concrete?
Bad meeting?
Don't ask.
Manav bit my head off.
So not a good idea to suggest coffee?
What's Manav's problem?
This Ungli gang!
Can't find a lead!
And l'm getting cursed
because l'm handling the case.
Can't understand why they're
getting so much importance.
Seems like a bunch of spoilt,
rich kids who want a bit of fame.
Oh, right, l nearly forgot!
You're the famous crime reporter,
Mr. Abhay Kashyap.
Why would these ordinay
cases interest you?
You handle serious cases like murders,
gang wars and extortions.
Thanks...You think l'm famous...
You wish.
And these spoilt, rich kids you're
talking about are a lot more than that.
They're heroes in
the eyes of the public.
And trust me, Abhay.
This is just the beginning with them.
Seems like you're really
close to this Ungli gang...
Bye, Abhay.
Well done, Abhay.
You should write a book
on how to win girls over.
What's the update on
your love stoy with Teesta?
Nothing, man.
Listen to me.
Let her go.
lf you don't mind,
can l get her before letting her go?
lf you're going to let her go,
then what's the point of getting her?
Listen, listen.
Abhay... listen.
Teesta wants something
only you can give her.
That only you have.
Now you're being vulgar, Goti.
No, man, l'm talking about
information on the Ungli gang!
You're right!
Why didn't l think of that?!
You'll get the first invite
for my wedding with Teesta.
Thank you.
You're driving drunk?!
Show me your license?
- Thank God it's only a dent
and they didn't kill someone!
How do these underage
kids get licenses?
The credit for that
goes to driving schools...
...and corrupt Transport officers.
- Getting a license is as
easy as going grocey shopping.
These corrupt officers
would give a license...
...to even a blind
man for a few bucks.
Wow, Kalim.
What an idea!
You move!
Sir, the photo's okay, right?
As long as the notes are okay,
don't wory about the photo.
You'll get the license in four days.
- Okay, sir.
- What's the update
on the Orion group?
We have a few sources who
are ready to share information...
...on Agarwal's deals
and broker's information.
The stoy'll be up in a few hours.
And what about the Ungli gang?
Please tell me you have something.
No, Manav.
We don't currently have anything.
Ya, Abhay?
This iust came in the post.
lt's from the Ungli gang!
What's in this?
Actually, it's fan mail...
Read it and see.
Hi, Abhay.
Your crime reports
are quite interesting.
Next time we give someone the finger,
you'll be the first to know.
- Cheers. The Ungli Gang.
Not bad, Abhay.
Thanks, Manav.
Abhay! How could you?!
l had no idea you were so unethical.
Besides, this was my stoy!
You could have at least
come to me before going to Manav!
We could have shown
it to Manav together!
l've never been a fan of sharing.
Don't be so iealous, Teesta.
Relax, Abhay.
l'm not jealous.
You know what.
l could introduce
you to the Ungli Gang.
Maybe... for my sake...
they'll drop a stoy or two your way?
l don't need your
introductions or help.
ls that clear?
Okay. Fine!
lf you change your mind,
don't hesitate to ask...
Goti, bro...
Mission successful.
Yes, Gadkari!
He's blind.
But you don't wory.
He has a license.
From you!
He is capable of driving on the streets,
according to your Transport officers.
You left out the most important
part before giving him the license.
Test drive!
But we can fix that.
Yadav is going to
take you on a test drive.
Yes, sir!
Here are the car keys!
One minute, sir.
Let me keep my cane away.
To the left!
A little lower!
Flash some light!
You can't see!
He can't see?!
Drive, drive!
Sory, sir!
Sory, sir!
lt's my first time!
Should l switch on the AC?
Stop! Enough! Switch it off!
What 'ahh'?! Stop it!
Save me, God... Save me!!!
Look in front!
l gave you the license?
Stop the car! Stop the car!
Stop the car!
What do l do with
these contact lenses?
You can keep it.
l've been struggling in
the film industy for so long.
No one's ever given me a role.
Tomorrow onwards,
you'll be flooded with offers.
Evey news channel
will have your face on it.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
l have a gift for you from Abhay!
l'm going to take
my hand off your mouth.
Don't scream.
Enioy the CD!
And don't forget to thank Abhay.
ln today's breaking news...
...the Ungli gang's latest
stunt has shaken up the county...
...by exposing the
partnership between...
...Transport officials and
driving school in License corruption.
By using a blind man,
they've opened our eyes.
The illegal license issued,
endangers the lives of citizens.
The legal driving age is 1$,
to avoid that danger.
Thank you!
You're rocking!
The biggest breaking news
is that Manav is happy with me.
Someone asked me
to thank you for the CD.
Thank you, Abhay.
It was vey sweet of you.
What can l say... It's nice to see
a beautiful face on the morning news.
Well... if you're not satisfied
with just looking at the face on TV...
...then maybe you can look
at it in a coffee shop after work?
- You're not as bad as l thought.
l can be veyiudgmental sometimes.
Did your Ungli gang member
ask you to apologize, too?
Shut up!
How did you know l would come?
l've known you since you were a kid.
You always liked free things...
...whether that's a lollipop...
or whiskey.
l've also known you since childhood.
This free whiskey
could really cost me.
What happened of your
college hostel girlfriend?
We broke up six months ago.
Then that night?
l'd gone to give her something
l'd forgotten to give.
Goodbye kiss.
This badboy image of yours
can fool others... but not me.
There's still some good in you.
l knew there were
X rays for your body...
...but you can X
ray even my character!
Vey good.
What do you think of this Ungli gang?
Let's see.
l'm iealous of them.
We've been called to sing
at the party, but can't sing.
We're the police and we
get no credit for doing ourjob.
No one can do ouriob besides us.
Lazy and ineffective people
have no right to anything.
The laziest person in the
world is imparting wisdom to me.
Sitting in a bar,
drinking free whiskey is of no use.
lf you want work, l'll give you work.
And that is to catch the Ungli gang.
You've been kicked off the bomb squad.
Join me and you'll
report only to me, Nikhil.
Why are you doing me this courtesy?
You don't look it but
you're just like them.
l was right.
About what?
This whiskey really did cost me.
- Have you thought of a plan?
- The plan is exactly like theirs.
We have to find something
that's bothering the public.
Like these sidewalks...
and their potholes.
The Municipal Corporation has dug up
wherever and whatever they wanted to.
Except for the sidewalk...
...in front of the Municipal
Commissioner Pradhan's house.
Which, incidentally, he fixed up
Iast week... with the public's money.
And all for his son's
wedding in 3 days.
What exactly do you want to do?
Just... want to greet
the wedding guests...
...with something
other than refreshments.
Just give me 3 months, an allowance...
...admission in University
and the freedom to myjob, my way.
This information should
only stay between us.
What information, sir?
- Good Morning and welcome!
- The Ungli Gang presents an
explosive wedding video just for you.
This video has music,
playing and wedding guests.
We played the music.
Mr. Pradhan, our Municipal
Commissioner, is the one who got played.
And you all are the wedding guests.
But don't wory about giving
the bride and groom a gift.
You've seen the gift...
...the potholes in front of
Mr. Pradhan's house...
...which the Municipal Corporation
had fixed with your hard earned money.
Perhaps Mr. Pradhan
will now realize...
...he who dig holes for others,
often falls into it himself.
The Municipal Corporation
fill their pockets than the potholes.
lt's his son's wedding and
we're paying to fix his sidewalk?!
Ungli Gang, we love you!!!
How'd you like the explosion?
You're creating explosions there,
and we're feeling the tremors here.
Are you crazy?
lt's not like you've
hired me to sing prayers, sir.
l've been getting
the hiccups all day...
Somewhere in this city,
the Ungli gang is thinking about me.
- Dear Ungli Gang, here is an
explosive wedding video just for you.
- This video has music,
playing and wedding guests.
- l played the music...
This scoundrel is using
our name and taking the credit!
lt's not cool!
Whoever he is, he's vey intelligent.
Question is, why is he doing this?!
To be famous, why else?!
This isn't going
to benefit him at all!
He's using the Ungli Gang's name!
We're the ones getting the credit!
- ...those who dig holes for others,
often fall into it himself.
He's even been smart
about his imitation!
Hey, guys... come check this out.
Come, come...
Watch carefully.
The graffiti on the
wall is exactly like ours.
But if you zoom in...
there's something written there.
Do Tanki, C.S. T.
11 pm, Wednesday.
This is an address...
near C. S.T Station.
Yeah, Goti.
- He's been waiting for two hours...
he still isn't tired.
He has to tire
eventually and come down.
Okay, he's coming down.
l knew you'll would come to meet me.
Who are you?
l'm a fan of yours.
What you'll are doing is correct.
l want to ioin your gang.
You think this a club that
we can give you membership to?
Come on, guys!
You'll saw how l taught
BK Pradhan a lesson, right?!!
l gave such an audition
for your gang...
...that the audience would
immediately know it's you!
...but we don't need a new partner.
Look, l know it's not
easy to just trust me.
My name is Nikhil Abhyankar.
l'm a law student
at the Mumbai University.
And l want to join your
fight against corruption.
Finally there's someone
who's fighting the system!
And is winning!
Nice speech.
But the answer is still no.
Then why did you come here?
To give you a warning.
Go study law quietly.
Don't ty to take the
Iaw in your hands like us.
Where do you need to go?
- Andheri, west?
lt's too nearby.
Long fares only.
Andheri, sir?
Where in Andheri?
- Andheri, west.
Too close by, madam.
Please, sir. Look at how
much stuff l have to cary.
lt'll cost you double the fare.
Why double fare?
That's how much it costs...
If you want to go, let me know.
Or find someone else.
Okay, come.
Mom, what are you doing?
Get down.
- There you are.
You do this.
My feet are paining.
What happened?
l'm getting old!
Not to mention, l was looking
for a rickshaw all evening.
l had to wait for an hour!
You should have called me!
l would have picked
you up on the bike!
No, no.
Why should l disturb you at work?
Nikhil... something needs to be done
about these bully rickshaw drivers.
They're only interested in long fares.
Don't care about senior citizens.
But, Nikhil, today l have noted
down the number of this rickshaw.
Where did you take this rickshaw from?
Where do you want to go?
Not Andheri, sir.
Only long fares.
What the hell are you doing?!
Will you go to Delhi?
- What?
- Drive quietly.
- Or else you'll reach
heaven before Delhi.
lt was a mistake, sir... Forgive me!
Keep going.
Yes... Please forgive me.
Look ahead!
- Forgive me, sir.
- It was a mistake, sir.
Forgive me!
- Turn and stop here.
- Stop here.
- Open that door.
- Open it!
- Take this rickshaw inside.
Sir, please...
- Sit.
Let me go, sir...
Sir, please, sir...
Sir, let me go...
Only long fares, right?!
Here's a long fare.
Go to Delhi!
- Ghanshyam Tiwari.
That rickshaw driver...
...who was sent by the Ungli
gang to Delhi for a 'long fare'.
He was found with his autorickshaw
on a Delhi-Mumbai goods' train.
This driver only went as far as Delhi.
lf the autorickshaw drivers
don't stop harassing the common man...
...and don't stop being
greedy for long fares...
- ...next time we'll send them
a lot further than Delhi!
The Ungli gang has done
the Traffic Police's job.
Hope these rickshaw
guys learn their lesson.
They act like doing their
job is a favour to the citizens.
lt's a good lesson
for rickshaw drivers.
They have no manners.
The Ungli Gang has given
them such a long fare...
...that the next time they ask for
one... they'll rethink it 10 times.
We autorickshaw drivers
will not be secure...
...until the culprits are caught!
This guy wants to meet us again.
Same time, same place.
Doesn't seem like he's going to stop.
Have to admit...
he has a really wicked mind.
Sending the rickshaw driver
with his rickshaw to Delhi...
What a badass thing to do.
Until yesterday, he was our fan...
...now it seems like
you'll are his fans.
Next you'll say he should
be a part of our group.
What's your problem, Abhay?
Why are you so scared?
Do you think someone new will
endanger your importance in the team?
This is your insecurity!
l'm not talking about my insecurity.
l'm talking about
the security of us all.
What Nikhil said that night is true.
This isn't our fight alone.
So, what do you want?
- Whatever.
- What do you mean whatever?
We should give him a chance.
But let's find out if Mumbai University
student Nikhil Abhyankar is...
...a soldier or a problem.
- Seems that whatever
Mr. Nikhil Abhyankar said is true.
So. Do you want to meet him?
- Despite our warnings,
you didn't change...
People who ty to change me,
usually end up changing themselves.
This isn't a game.
lf you get caught, you'll go to iail.
Gandhi didn't wait to claim salt.
Only difference is... he used peace.
We use force.
l've never met anyone
as crazy or stubborn as you.
Just think that
l'm a shadow of you'll.
Remember one thing.
lf you betray us...
...l'll kill you.
l won't give you the opportunity.
l like living.
Welcome to the gang.
The official Ungli gang.
Kalim, Goti, Maya...
There's another...
...who isn't with us today.
...meet Ricky.
Ricky is Maya's older brother.
We first met him at his gym.
- He used to make us do
these strange, scay exercises.
- He's a wonderFul guy...
...but super strict
when it came to exercise.
- He wouldn't let us go
until someone vomited.
- As we built our bodies...
we formed a friendship.
lf l tried to bunk...
...he would come home and
drag me out of bed to go workout.
He, himself
used to sleep like th! e dead.
Even on Brother's Day.
- Wake up!
- How much can you sleep?
Come on, l want my gift.
Letting you celebrate Brother's Day
is my gift to you.
Give me my gift.
Give it or else
l'll take it from your wallet!
Then the incident happened...
...which caused Ricky
to fall into a slumber so deep...
...that he still hasn't woken up.
- Can't you understand?
- Can't you see?
Didn't you see the car?
l've been honking for such
a long time, you couldn't see the car?
Listen, old man!
l will turn you into a
piece of garbage like your car.
You overtake from the wrong
side and then make noise?!
Won't take me too long to mess you up,
do you understand?!
Stop, stop, stop...
Aren't you ashamed to
be harassing an old man?!
What, man?
Is he your father or something?!
Leave it now, come on!
Get out of here,
or l'll smash your face.
Aye, boss!
He'll kill you!
You want to create trouble?
You've come to get a beating?!
Come on, come on, come on!
Let's go!
What are you iust standing there for?!
- Help him!
- No, sir! This is a police case!
- Help me!
- l'll take him to the hospital!
How's Ricky?!
l'm sory.
He has massive head injuries
and internal hemorrhaging.
He's in a coma.
- It's difficult to predict
anything in coma patients.
- He could wake up tomorrow...
or take years.
But evemhing happened
before my eyes.
Sir, they hit him with a cricket bat.
He's suffered life
a life threatening attack.
How can you not file an FIR?!
We have the car number.
l told you already!
l don't want to file your FIR.
Don't irritate me unnecessarily.
Get out!
When they found out
l was ajournalist, they agreed.
Evey citizen has the
right to file a complain.
l'll put you all on
the front page if you don't!
Then we found out,
Anshuman Dayal, who hit Ricky...
...his father, BR Dayal,
was well known in the police department.
He was a bookie for
the whole police force.
Mr. Joshi, why are you
tying to be a hero at this age?
Enioy the few years you have left...
Take the case back.
- Who is this?
l'm going to report you to the police.
Mr. Joshi... you don't understand.
This is the police.
lf you value your wellbeing
then take this case-
Who was that, Grandpa?
No one, dear.
You go to college.
Bye, Grandpa!
Let's meet his grand daughter...
lt was iuice this time.
Next time, it'll be acid.
Tell your grandfather!
Let's go.
Mr. Joshi, is my client...
...Mr. Anshuman Dayal,
the one who hit Ricky?
- l don't remember.
- It was dark...
l couldn't see him properly.
Your Honour, Mr. Joshi has
given a statement to the police.
l think someone is threatening him.
l really don't remember.
l made a mistake.
Without him, we can't do anything!
How could he do this to us?
- Until yesterday, he was with us.
Why did you lie?
l can sacrifice my
life for the truth...
...but not that of my
grand daughter and family.
A common man cannot fight
the corrupt system here.
And if they do...
...they cannot win.
l would have smashed that Anshuman's
face if you hadn't stopped me.
And then jail for
the next five years?!
So what?! Should we sit
here with our hands folded?!
We should stop Ricky's
life support system.
You want us to kill Ricky?
What will keeping him
alive like this achieve?
Dayal won.
He lost to the corrupt system.
Come on.
- Let's go kill Ricky.
Come on!
Let's go!
Do it.
- Abhay!
Do it!
You heard Joshi.
A common man cannot fight
the corrupt system here.
He was right.
Because the common
man has to follow rules.
He has to stay within the law.
Those laws and rules that
criminals break whenever they want.
We'll do the same thing.
We'll break the law.
So that these people
Iearn to respect the law.
What are you saying?
You want to us to become
criminals and delinquents?
l want us to be gang...
...of ordinay people who fight
forjustice in an extraordinay way.
Because when the right
and wrong way don't work...
...you have to take the middle road.
- It's time we show the
system the middle finger.
That night, the Ungli gang was formed.
And thanks to Maya,
you are now one of us.
Yeah... she was vey impressed by you.
''Oh, my sweet affliction...''
''My heart melts when l see your eyes.''
''Oh, my sweet affliction...''
''You've taken over my heart.''
''When you speak.''
''lt's like a prayer to me.''
''This love, yours and mine
Is beyond divinity.''
''This love, yours and mine
Is a sweet affliction.''
''This love, yours and mine
Is beyond divinity.''
l can't figure it out.
How is Rapunzel still single?
l guess l still haven't
met my vine-climbing hero.
Will this Hero Honda riding hero do?
''Sweet affliction...''
''Sweet affliction...''
''Sweet affliction...''
''Your smile showers
light on the world.''
''And you teach
my soul to be happy.''
''You are my new beginning.''
''And life is nothing
without you.''
Look at what we got.
Traffic cops accepting
bribes on Kennedy bridge.
They must make at least
Rs. 3,OOO a day.
You'll be with us on this iob.
Yes, of course.
Hello? - Have you got
anything on the gang, Nikhil?
- l don't think you're
up to doing this job.
- Come to my office tomorrow morning.
- The Commissioner has called a meeting.
- Nikhil?
Dinner is ready.
Shall l serve?
Not now, mom.
What's wrong?
You look upset.
Mom, if one of dad's
friends broke the law...
Would he have turned him in?
He would first ty to explain.
And if he still didn't agree?
Then he would do his duty.
He would honour the oath he took
when he joined the police force...
...more than the friendship.
Come on!
Come on, come on, get up, get up...
Are you okay?
lt looks like a muscle pull.
Nothing much.
You'll be fine.
You can't come with us today.
No, l'm coming.
This is my first job with the gang...
l don't want to miss it.
lf you come on you first
job in this state and get caught...
...it'll be your last one.
No, l'm coming.
Relax, man.
lt's not like this is our last iob.
There's going to be traffic.
We should go or we'll be late.
Let's go.
Take care.
You'll be okay, man.
Come on, Maya.
Yes, Nikhil.
Sir, in half an hour
you'll find the Ungli Gang...
...carying out their latest
Iark in the Mukesh Mills' basement.
How do you know?
l'll tell you later, sir.
You only have half an hour.
Stop on the side.
Stop on the side.
He's driving with
a broken number plate.
Come here, son.
- What happened, sir?
What do you mean what happened?
Think you can drive
with a broken number plate?
Show me your license.
l made a mistake, sir.
Let me go.
Okay, you made a mistake.
Now show me your papers.
Let's compromise, sir...
50 bucks?
Do l look like a beggar?
You won't get squat for 50 bucks.
Rs. 200. Come on.
200 is a lot, sir.
lt's a lot, huh? Jeetu!
Write him a ticket.
A car that size and
200 is a lot for you?
Think l'm a fool?
Okay, fine.
My friends are in the car.
l'll ty and get it from them.
Okay, come on!
Okay, you'll come.
You, come!
We have to go there.
Hey, what are you doing?!
You'll won't be spared!
Shut up.
You cops love the
taste of money, right?
Fill your stomach with this.
How can we eat these notes?
lsn't this part of your diet?
Surround the place.
Cover the entrance and exit.
The rest of you, come with me.
Look... please...
we can't digest these notes.
Ty it with pickle.
Nice and tangy!
l can't believe you
brought pickle with you!
- Dude l've even got ketchup in the van.
Someone's coming.
The window!
Look upstairs!
Look! There he is!
Catch them.
Catch them, catch them!
Behind you!
Goti, run!
Come on...
Come on!
He's not even answering his phone!
You think he's been
caught by the police?
Don't say that...
- Shit, he's bleeding!
Oh, shit man!
Should we take him to a hospital?
The bullet's iust grazed his arm.
He's lucky.
You were with him...
How come your foot is fine?
ACP Kale called him by name.
How does he know your name?
l lied to you'll.
l'm not a law student.
l'm a police officer.
Kale assigned me
to the Ungli gang case.
This dirtbag has been
fooling us this whole time.
We trusted you.
We thought you were our friend.
This is your idea of friendship?!
What do we do with him now?
We can't let him go.
He'll report evemhing to the police.
We have only one option.
We have to finish him.
Are you insane?
You want to be a murderer?
- Maya's right, Goti.
We're not killers.
Do you guys understand that
his freedom means jail for us all?!
l'm not going to go to
jail for this scumbag betrayer!
l'm going to kill him,
l'm going to finish him!
Get out of my way,
l'm going to kill him!
Move out my way, Abhay!
Control yourself!
Stop it!
Stop it!
- Goti's been shot!
l can't go to iail for him!
l can't go to iail for him, man!
l can't go to iail for him...
Get out, Nikhil.
- Go man.
Before one of us actually kills you.
- l can't go to iail for him...
l'm sory.
''Hollow eyes.''
''Traces of a lost dream.''
''Like a broken star''
''The flame of hope,
flickers and fades...''
''How, then, do we light the way?''
''Oh, Lord... show me the way.''
''Oh, Lord... show me the way.''
''Pick up this broken man''
- What happened, Nikhil?
''Oh, Lord... show me the way.''
''Oh, Lord... show me the way.''
''Oh, Lord... show me the way.''
''Oh, Lord... show me the way.''
What's wrong?
l have to tell you something.
Something l should
have told you earlier...
''Two paths lie before me...''
''Which one must l take?''
- What's going on with Kale?
Why hasn't he caught the Ungli gang yet?
My phone is ringing off the hook.
l'll speak to him, sir.
Hury up.
ln any case,
it's time for his transfer.
You know how things
get during this time.
''Oh, Lord... show me the way.''
- It's my own fault for
thinking you're like your father.
But the truth is...
...that you're not worthy of being
his son nor of wearing this uniform.
What uniform are you talking about?!
The one they wear to accept
bribes at evey traffic signal?
The one they wear
to ask for money to...
...ignore cases or extort
money from citizens by threatening...
...them with false cases?
Half the police officers
are bursting out of their shirts...
...because they're stuffed with money.
Children's dirty nappies
are changed immediately.
But the system has
been dirty since 1947...
...and the police's job of changing
it is being done by the Ungli gang!
What nonsense are you talking, Nikhil?
The ones you're
praising are criminals.
And the ones you want to
arrest are now my friends, sir.
l realized that if they get caught...
...it's not them but
a hope that will be locked up.
A hope that evey citizen
of this county has.
That there's finally someone
who's ready to fight the system.
Without any agenda.
l want all their names.
Sory, sir.
l can't tell you their names.
Come to the police station.
l'll make you talk.
Come on!
Yes, sir!
- Kale, leave evemhing
and come meet me.
But, sir...
- Right now, Kale.
- Will you have a drink, Kale?
No, sir. l'm driving.
lt's bad news...
l didn't understand.
That's why l've called you.
- To explain.
- Kale, the order for
your transfer has come.
Don't look at me like that.
- They were going to
transfer you to Zone 11.
You would rot and die there.
l staked my reputation on you...
...so the commissioner
agreed to put you somewhere good.
Sir, if you transfer me,
what will happen to the Ungli gang?
Don't wory about them.
Wory about yourself.
You know you can't get a good
post without bribey these days.
lsn't that right?
There's a lot of competition
for the dockyard area.
Lots of officers want it.
l'm giving you that.
Just make sure you give
Rs. 5 lakhs to B. R. Dayal.
l'll handle the rest.
B. R. Dayal?
That fixer?!
He manages all the illegal
money of the police force.
ln the next few years, you'll
have to pay about 40-50 lakhs more...
But don't wory.
You'll be earning so much,
this will seem like nothing.
Sir, l'm not interested in that...
...only in law enforcement.
l know, Kale.
But if you don't accept,
that's the end of your career.
Go home.
And think peacefully about it.
You have three days.
And then, even l can't help you.
- Think about it.
You were right, Nikhil.
The men in uniform
are the worst criminals.
l have no right to arrest you.
lt's all dirty... from head to toe.
Come on.
Start the bike.
- l don't get it, man.
- We were going to stay
away from this place.
Something's wrong.
Why did Abhay call us here?
lf l wanted to arrest you'll...
...we would be talking
in the police station.
Where Kale would beat
a confession out of you'll.
You must be wondering
why that hasn't happened yet.
Consider it a kindness from me.
l haven't told Kale your names.
l thought your goal
was to have us caught.
lt was.
lt was.
But then l got to know all of you.
l began to understand the
objective of the Ungli Gang.
Began to understand how the
injustice dealt to Ricky led...
...you'll to seek iustice.
- l started believing in my new friends.
lf you believed in us so much...
...why did you inform Kale about us?
My father was a
sincere police officer.
He gave his life for his duty.
l put myself in his shoes...
And as noble as your
intentions were...
He wouldn't have let you
take the law in your own hands.
l realized that l am not my father.
And he may not have been right.
Why have you come here today?
l need you'll.
Because somebody needs you'll.
They don't need law,
government or the police...
...only the Ungli gang.
This is bullshit.
He's tying to trick us again.
- Wait a minute.
Say we agree to help you.
What will we get in return?
That which made you'll
form the Ungli gang.
Justice for Ricky.
Anshuman Dayal and
his father BR Dayal.
Why have you come here?
To take you away from here.
Don't make me hit you.
l want to explain something to you.
Nothing gets solved from
sitting and drinking at a bar.
lf you want to do something about it,
l can show you how.
Remember when l was
the one giving you orders?
What can l say?
l can't see a lion cower like this.
Nikhil, there are less
than 300 lions in India.
lf another one dies...
it makes no difference.
What do you need?
Just because you're not
giving Dayal Rs. 5 lakhs...
...doesn't mean you
spend it all on whiskey.
Sitting here and cying
will achieve nothing.
Tears only dilute the whiskey.
lt's not that easy.
You were right, Nikhil.
Evey police officer's uniform
is tainted with corruption.
Even DCP Sivaraman, whom l respected.
lt's won't iust wash off.
Who wants to wash it off?
l want to strip them naked...
Forget washing.
And who's going to strip them naked?
You, me and some of my friends.
Why would the Ungli gang work with me?
Because like yours...
...this is where their heart lies.
ACP Kale...
...meet the Ungli Gang.
Guys, ACP Kale.
l don't shake hands with criminals.
We aren't criminals.
And from what Nikhil says...
...you need us and we need you.
That's why we're here.
What's the plan?
- Sir, Kale sir is here.
Bring him in.
Come, Kale, come.
- Sit.
l iust suffered a loss of Rs. 10.
l bet that you wouldn't come.
This is Rs. 3 lakh.
Count it.
Don't embarrass me.
The world knows there
is no cop as honest as Kale.
Even when you're being underhanded,
you'll be honest.
Anay, what about
the rest of the money?
Today's the last date.
Tomorrow seems auspicious
to put the money away.
lt's not easy for me to put
together this much money so quickly.
l'll send it tonight with my men.
Then tomorrow morning your post
at the dockyard will be confirmed.
Earn lots of money.
Throw a net to catch some cash.
l know you're new to this.
But don't wory.
lt's only tough to start with.
Slowly, you'll get used to it.
Just think of it like this...
You're not buying a house;
you're buying a career.
My son, Anshuman.
Do namaste to Kale sir.
Come, sit.
No, Dad.
l gotta go.
l'll see you later.
Drive carefully.
- Yes...
Take care of this.
This is between you
and the police force.
Who am l to come between
such a beautiful relationship?
Yes, sir.
Take Kale sir and
have him keep the money inside.
Go, Kale.
Come, sir.
- Thank God he's gone...
What do you want?
Kale sir has sent us.
Let the car in!
Yes, sir?
Kale sir's money.
One minute.
- Sir, Kale sir's men are here.
Should l throw a welcome party?!
Take them to the room
and have the money kept.
Yes, sir.
Hello, sir.
Who's come?
Kale's men, sir.
l've seen you before.
Have you ever come here before?
No. First time.
Teesta Sen?
ACP Kale.
Of course, l know you.
But you're here...?
Are you ready for the
biggest stoy of your life?
Welcome, eveyone.
ln today's breaking news, a stoy...
...that will blow the doors wide
open on corruption in this county.
The criminal is neither
a minister nor a politician...
The criminals are the same
ones who are meant to stop crime.
Our Police.
And the one making this sensational...
...and shocking accusation
is ACP Ashok Kale.
Sir, can you tell our viewers
what happened that night?
For the first time in my career,
l was told...
...that if l paid, l would
be transferred to a good place.
l would be transferred to place...
...which could be career-ending.
How much money were you asked to pay?
Rs. 5 lakh, upfront.
Above that, 40-50 lakhs to
be paid off in the coming years.
Who made this offer?
- My superior officer.
- DCP Sivaraman.
- Who collects this
money for the police?
- BR Dayal who is the
fixer for the police force.
Bloody swine.
- This money is distributed
through the police force.
How high does this go?
To the Commissioner of police.
You're making some
serious allegations.
- Do you have any proof?
- l do have proof.
And that evidence...
...will bring the police force
crashing down like a house of cards.
The police force's money is kept
under high security in Dayal's house.
This money is counted
by eveyone who gets it.
This money has been sprayed
with a sulfur solution...
When this solution comes
in contact with saliva...
lt leaves a black mark on
the tongue of the person counting.
How long does this mark remain?
Four days.
lt's next to impossible
to get rid of it.
lt can only be removed with acid.
And l'm sure...
...my capable fellow officers
won't wash their tongues with acid.
So all we have to do is
ask our top police officers...
''Sir, would you mind
showing us your tongue?''
Sir, can you show us your tongue?
Can we see your tongue?
How much money did you
take to blacken your tongue?
Open the door, Sivaraman!
- Sir, we won't leave!
- Open the door!
Down with the Commissioner!
The Chief Minister should resign.
lf the owner is dishonest,
then why won't the dog steal the bone?
Down with corruption!
Down with the Mumbai Police!
The public is furious, Chief Minister.
This agitation will increase more.
We need to solve this.
- Could l get an autograph?
- Settle down...
Settle down...
To erase the corruption
that's destroying our society...
... l have decided
to take some severe steps.
So that the people meant
to protect the people aren't...
...the ones taking advantage of them.
Today onwards, ACP Kale will
be relieved from his position.
From today, he is no longer ACP...
But Mumbai's new
Commissioner of Police.
Kale, you rock!
- So that, we can fight
corruption from the top.
- l would now like Commissioner Kale
to discuss his plans for the city.
All l want to say is...
No one is bigger than the law.
Even if he is the
protecter of the law.
Commissioner Kale, how did you cary
out the sting operation on your own?
The planning and all?
l wasn't alone.
My friends helped me.
- Commissioner Kale...
Not bad!
But, why have you called us here?
To give you all some good news.
Dayal and his son have been
given a tough and lengthy prison term.
Justice for Ricky...
l would like to meet him some time...
And pay my respects to the man
that the Ungli gang was formed for.
Of course, sir.
He would love to meet
the man who helped his friends.
You don't shake hands
with criminals, so...
No, l don't.
So should l confirm this alliance?
The uniform looks good on you...
would you like to wear it again?
l'll think about it.
l'll be waiting for
you at the club tomorrow.
Let's have a drink.
You're planning to trap me again?
l hope that this city will
no longer need the Ungli gang...
That depends on you, sir.
lf you do your work...
we won't be needed.
That's the thing
about this generation.
Give them an inch,
and they want a mile.