Unhinged (2017) Movie Script

(ominous music)
- [Lois] Anne.
Anne, come on, look at me.
Look at me!
Everything is gonna
be okay, okay.
Can you move your wrists?
I'm here okay?
I promise you I'm
here, I'm here.
(door creaking)
- Daddy.
- Please, please.
I'm begging you!
Please forgive me.
Please, please just let us go.
Please, I'm begging you!
Please, please
forgive me, let me go!
Please, please, I promise
you we won't tell anyone.
We won't tell anyone, I promise.
We won't tell anyone!
- Has mommy said what
she's been up to?
- Connor!
Connor no!
Please, Connor!
No, no!
Don't you touch her!
Don't you touch my baby!
Don't you touch her.
- [Connor] Why don't you
tell her what you've done?
- Holy shit!
Oh my god no!
(Lois screaming)
(Lois choking)
(Anne screaming)
(gentle music)
- Why?
You had fun didn't you?
- Yeah, I guess.
- My head is pounding.
- [Thalia] Gina, stop.
- Do you guys want anything?
- Yes!
The wedding party starts
now Mrs. Braithway!
- [Melissa] You know if I bloat
and I don't fit into that dress,
this is on you.
- Oh well that is
completely true.
You know I do think you'll
put on about ten pounds,
so how about I have your glass?
- Fuck off.
Hey, is Lisa okay?
- Well she might be a little
better if she wasn't paying
for the gas?
- [Melissa] Shit yeah.
- Run!
- She's so funny.
- [Lisa] And number one please.
- 40 pounds, 20 P.
- There's that's right.
- Hey.
Hey, I've got this.
- No it's fine.
It's your wedding present.
Don't say I didn't
get you anything.
Thank you.
- Okay, look, just
because you think that I...
- It's fine.
I don't wanna talk about it.
(door bell ringing)
- Hey.
- Come on, come on, come on!
(fingers tapping)
(machine dinging)
No, fuck.
No no no no.
- Uh hey, do you need gas?
- Thank you.
(eerie music)
(dramatic music)
(Thalia laughing)
- No.
You can't do that, that's wrong.
Did you see that creep in there?
- Yes, you've got to stop
being nice to these people.
- Oh come on.
I did something nice, then it
turned into being perved on.
- Well, you're asking for it.
- [Gina] We're gonna
be late, come on!
- [Melissa] Ladies.
(girls squealing)
- [Gina] Yes, that's
what I'm talking about.
- [Melissa] All right.
- [Thalia] Yeah, I know you can.
- [Melissa] Hey, that's the guy.
- [Thalia] What the hell?
- Keep your eyes
to yourself creep.
(delicate piano music)
(moving to dramatic music)
- [Gina] So it's been a while
since you and your sister
have seen each other huh?
- Stupid question.
- You've not spoken much?
- She hardly called.
- Don't make it too obvious
that you don't wanna
be here, hey buddy.
- I'm fine.
- You're not excited
to be maid of honor?
- She hasn't asked.
- [Melissa] Here we go.
- [Gina] Thanks!
How are we doing for gas?
- Oh yeah, fine.
- Good.
- It doesn't take much for
this car to pack in though.
- It would be helpful if
all the pubs had wifi.
- Okay here.
Welcome to the countryside.
- I hate the countryside.
- [Melissa] Hey you.
- [Brandon] Hey, how's it going?
- Yeah, it's good.
How's it looking there?
(Melissa giggles)
- I can't wait to see you.
(eerie music)
Uh, shit, I've gotta go.
Yeah, okay.
Uh, love you too, bye.
- Is that the creep
from the gas station?
- Yeah.
- What?
Hey, hey creep, are you
getting a good look are you?
- [Gina] Leave it.
- [Thalia] Fucking
country freaks.
(mysterious piano music)
- [Gina] God it's creepy
around here isn't it?
- [Melissa] Really?
- [Gina] Hmm yeah, it's creepy.
- No it's not.
- [Thalia] Right so if
we take the path here.
- [Lisa] Yeah.
- [Thalia] We should
get on the right track.
- Is there anywhere we
can chop off a few hours?
- We could try the back roads?
- Great.
- Oh you.
- Come on Melissa,
if we don't hurry,
Brandon might
marry someone else.
Hey, like me baby.
- [Melissa] Oh my god.
All right, let's go.
She's pretty.
(eerie music)
- [Lisa] Wait,
what, what is that?
- [Melissa] Oh my god is that
the guy from the gas station?
That's his fucking car.
What are we gonna fucking do?
- [Thalia] Oh fuck this shit!
- [Melissa] What?
- [Gina] Oh my god.
- Hey!
Hey weirdo!
Are you gonna move
your car or what?
- [Lisa] Shut up.
(Thalia knocking)
- [Thalia] I said
move your fucking car.
(ominous music)
- [Lisa] Holy shit!
- [Melissa] Oh my god!
- You!
Get out now!
I said get out the fucking car!
Get back in.
- Okay, okay.
- Get in the car now.
(Thalia crying)
- [Gina] Hey, creep,
leave her alone!
- Get in the car!
I said, get in the car!
Getting married huh?
- What, (mumbles).
What are you doing?
(Melissa crying)
- Shut up.
On the floor.
- I don't know what you
think is going on here
but I was trying to
help you earlier!
(engine rattling)
- [Tim] Don't you
fucking play me!
- No no no.
- Stay away from the car.
On the floor, over there now!
Stay away from the car.
It's not what you said,
it's what you did.
- I'm sorry!
- You looked at me earlier
like I was scum on your shoe.
- I am so sorry.
- If we met differently, you
could have been marrying me.
(Melissa screaming)
(slap thudding)
(Melissa grunting)
I'm gonna teach
you all a lesson!
(moving to dramatic music)
((punch thudding)
- [Gina] Wait here.
- [Thalia] Gina
where are you going?
- [Gina] How are you doing?
- Lisa what did you do?
Is he okay?
- I fucking hope not.
- He's not breathing.
- We need to call the cops.
- Oh my god, they're
gonna take me away!
- No they're not.
It wasn't your fault.
Come on.
- [Gina] No no!
Give me that, gimme that.
- No, we need to call the cops.
We need to tell
them what happened.
If we just leave
it it'll get worse!
- No no!
It wasn't our fault okay.
- Yes but if we leave his body,
then no one will believe us.
- Thalia!
Would you rather it be
him on the ground or you
because I'd much
rather it be him.
- Then what the hell do we do?
We shouldn't be doing this.
- We need to get as far
away from here as we can.
(delicate music)
We're running out
of fucking gas.
- Shit.
- Now do we call the cops?
- Oh yeah.
Oh hi officer, fucking
can you help us?
We're going to a wedding.
We have a fucking dead
body in our trunk.
- Okay, no fucking
signal anyway!
- No babe, but seriously if
you have any other suggestions,
I'm all ears.
- Guys there's a house.
- I don't know.
- No, no, it's a good idea.
Okay we're lost, we have
no idea where we're going.
At least somebody might be
able to give us directions.
- Okay.
(moving to ominous music)
(wind whistling)
This isn't exactly a
fucking spa day is it?
- No, come on, come on.
Okay, we'll be on
our way again soon.
- Okay, what we need to
do is we need to find out
where we are, we
need to get some gas,
we need to get rid of the
body, clean ourselves up,
get to the wedding and we
can say that we got stuck in,
traffic or something.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Right come on guys we need
to pull ourselves together.
All of us.
- Okay.
- Come on, let's go in.
(Gina knocking)
I don't think anyone's here.
- Hello?
(dramatic drumming music)
Oh, oh, I'm, I'm so sorry.
- Hello dears.
- We're lost.
- I shan't imagine
you'd be here otherwise.
- Well we're running low on gas.
Could you help?
- Do I look like
a petrol station?
- We were hoping you could
point us in the right direction.
- Well there's nothing around
here for miles and miles.
I mean, I'd offer
you a telephone
but you see I don't
have anyone to ring.
Well I may know
someone who can help.
Are you ladies coming in?
(gentle piano music)
- Yeah yeah.
- The gardener
comes on Wednesday.
I don't have many guests but
if you girls wish to stay then,
I'm sure he can sort some petrol
and get you on your way then.
Oh, how rude of me.
My name is Miss Perkins.
I have very strict rules.
You see I'm not used to visitors
having always lived here alone.
I like my routines.
Dinner is served at six and
lights are out at eight.
(clock chiming)
So, where are you all heading?
- [Gina] Oh, Melissa
is getting married.
- Married?
- Yeah (chuckles).
- How sweet.
- Have you ever been
married Miss Perkins?
- Me?
No, marriage doesn't mean
very much in my opinion.
A romantic fiction,
but, what do I know?
I'm just an old lady, living
in the middle of nowhere,
no one to save me, and
no one to let me down.
I take pleasure in
the finer things.
Reading, cooking,
farming, hunting.
You see, it is possible to live
without the need of another.
- Well this looks yummy.
- Yeah, thank you so much.
- I do what I can.
(eerie music)
I hope your stay is
equally to your liking.
Respect my rules and I'll
respect you girls' space.
- [Thalia] She
seems a little odd.
- Yeah well she seems nice
enough to let us stay.
- Well it doesn't mean
she's a nice person.
- It will be fine.
- Hey look I've been thinking,
I don't think we
need to keep driving.
I think we're deep enough.
You know if we can't get the
car fixed before Wednesday,
if we get the chance
we need to get the body
and get it in the woods here.
Bury it here.
- [Thalia] Here?
- Well yeah this place
isn't even on the map.
- Exactly, and then
we'll be back en route.
On Wednesday morning we
can get to the wedding
without anyone knowing anything.
- [Thalia] Where?
- I don't know, in the woods?
- Do we have to, like,
you know, cut up the body?
- Gina!
- Fuck Gina?
This isn't fucking Dexter!
- I don't know.
- [Thalia] You reckon
we could sneak out
without her noticing?
(loud knocking)
- Shit.
(door creaking)
- Lights out in five, girls.
(eerie music)
(dramatic music)
I said lights out.
(eerie music)
(clock chiming)
- Fuck.
Oh god.
I really need to call Brandon.
We were supposed to
arrive hours ago you know?
What will his
parents be thinking?
What would Mom and Dad think?
- Well you don't need to
worry about that do you?
- Look, Lisa, I was wondering.
I was hoping you would
be my Maid of Honor.
- Took you long enough.
- Well it's just that you
know, me and Brandon...
- Yeah, it's fine.
- So I was thinking...
- Night Mel.
(eerie music)
(Thalia crying)
- I thought I said you
were sleeping on the floor.
- Well my back was hurting.
- Fine, but don't get any ideas.
Stop being a creeper.
(Thalia giggling)
I said stop.
(Thalia giggling)
I thought last
time was a one off.
- Yeah it was, just like
the time before that.
(delicate piano music)
- You wanna do this here,
in this creepy house?
- Yeah.
(giggles) Yeah.
All I want is you.
(Thalia moaning)
(bed pounding)
- Are they?
Are they?
(Melissa chuckles)
- Oh my god, I didn't
think they were.
- I think Gina likes
her a little more.
You can't say anything, okay?
(both giggling)
- Do you think Miss
Perkins will hear?
- Oh I really hope not.
- She might think it's us.
(both giggling)
That'll be you in two days time.
- Well I prefer it
be with my husband.
(light tapping)
(ominous music)
- What's that?
- I hope it's not Miss Perkins.
(floor creaking)
- [Thalia] There's
someone in the shed.
- [Melissa] What?
- In the shed.
There's someone in the shed.
- [Man] I don't like them here.
- [Miss Perkins] They're
only here for one night.
Then they'll be gone.
- [Man] I saw them.
I saw them all strutting
around my house
dressed like whores.
The four of them, they
are disgusting sluts
and I want them gone.
- [Miss Perkins] Please
be calm, oh please.
Look, I will sort this
tomorrow, I promise you.
- [Man] I said I don't like
them, I don't like them
being here, you hear?
I want them gone!
Get out!
Get out now!
- [Thalia] Let's
get back inside!
- [Melissa] Let's go, let's go!
What the fuck?
That was fucked up.
- [Thalia] I don't
like them being here?
- [Lisa] I thought she
said she lived alone?
- [Melissa] Okay guys
I know that was weird
but maybe it was just some
crazy asshole or something.
- Something about his
tone, that wasn't normal.
- I know, I know.
- Look I don't know, I mean
we've had a shitty day.
We've got one day after today.
Let's just go to bed.
(floor creaking)
(door creaking)
- [Gina] No, Mel's right.
We had a really hard day today.
We're probably just tired.
- [Lisa] Yeah.
- [Gina] Let's go to bed.
It'll be fine.
It's probably
nothing, like nothing.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- [Gina] Good night.
- [Lisa] Good night, girls.
- Shh, good night.
(eerie music)
(door creaking)
(floor creaking)
(stairs creaking)
- [Miss Perkins]
Breakfast girls!
- Oh, morning.
- Toast and honey,
good for the spirit.
I do apologize.
You know there's not a
lot to do around here.
Umm, I mean I have all sorts
of books and well more books
and umm, I mean you
can enjoy the weather,
but I would stay
away from the woods.
They are quite the maze.
Easy to get lost and hard
to find your way back.
- Um, thank you, looks amazing.
- Yes thank you.
(ominous music)
- Okay.
Go, go, go.
Okay, we need to
start digging, okay.
We need to find a
shovel or something.
- Did you not just hear
what she just said in there
about the woods?
- Oh come on.
Have you got any better ideas?
Look if she doesn't see us
leave what does it matter?
- Guys I don't know
if I can do this.
- It's okay, you don't have to.
- I'm sorry I just don't think
I can deal with the body.
- It's fine you don't have to.
- Right well we need to
find a spade or something.
- We could look in the shed.
- What?
We're not going in
the fucking shed.
What if someone's in there?
- Thalia?
- We could knock.
- No fucking shed!
No, we have to find
something else.
- Now I kinda wanna
look in the shed!
(rifle clicking)
(dramatic music)
(tinkling music)
- If one does not
hunt, one does not eat.
- Um, Miss Perkins,
maybe you could give us
a tour of the woods.
- I hunt alone.
I always have and I always will.
I'm set in my ways, Tina.
- It's Gina.
- Yes well, catch you soon.
- Okay we are not
going into the woods.
- Oh come on.
- Oh yeah hi Miss Perkins,
here we are in the woods,
with a fucking dead body!
Okay you guys get a spade,
I'll go check on Lisa.
- Yeah.
Come on.
(pigeon cooing)
I guess this is as
bad a place as any.
- The worst.
(eerie music)
- Lisa, you okay?
- Either Miss Perkins
really likes picture frames
or there's something she's
trying to hide or forget.
- Okay, well I think we just
need to give her her space.
- Why have all the frames?
- I don't know.
She said she doesn't
have visitors.
Maybe she just doesn't care.
Come on, why don't
we catch up outside?
We haven't caught up in ages
- Yeah and who's fault is that?
- Tell me what
you've been doing,
how's your singing going?
- I haven't sang since I was 14.
- Lisa, don't go in there.
That's Miss Perkins' room.
(shovel clanking)
(ominous music)
- [Lisa] It's not very
organized for someone
who likes their routines.
- Yeah well she doesn't
have visitors, so,
and especially not in here.
What's that?
- "1987, 36-year-old
man Connor Perkins
"is missing after a double
murder in his family home.
"Mr. Perkins is
suspected of murdering
"both his wife Susan Perkins
and her mother Chris Morrey
"after the police found
them in the shed together,
"with blunt trauma to the head.
(dramatic music)
(women screaming)
"His daughter is
also in critical care
"and remains in
Bamshire Hospital.
"Connor Perkins is believed
to have called the police
"prior to his escape,
remains at large."
- Miss Perkins lost
her parents too.
- Do you think that's
who's in the shed?
- Connor?
- I hope we get to shower
before the wedding tomorrow.
Grave digging followed by
a car journey with you guys
is just ugh.
- Yeah.
- Feels weird doesn't it?
Talking about a wedding now.
- It's fucked.
- I guess it's good to talk
about other things though.
- I think it's you
that's talking.
- Hey, how's your catch?
- I am a catch.
(Gina laughing)
- So you're gonna leave me
to go and catch the bouquet?
I'm kidding.
- Look Gina.
I just, I like you.
- You can be honest.
- I just don't know
what I want, okay?
- You got a funny
way of showing it.
- Let's get married Gina.
I'm so excited by
the idea of marriage
and the smell of grave digging.
I can't wait to tell all of our
grandchildren what amazing...
- Yeah I get it, I get it.
- Do you?
I don't think you do.
Does any of this actually
fucking bother you?
Lisa's fucked, I don't even
know what Melissa's thinking.
But you?
- Me?
- Yeah!
What the fuck are you thinking?
- I just want us to...
- To be what?
To live happily ever after?
I don't know how
you can stand there
and pretend that
we can be some...
- If you hadn't of got
out of that god damn car!
- Fuck you!
- Oh really?
Are you done?
- [Thalia] You can dig
your own fucking grave!
(sad music)
(door clattering)
- Shh.
(mysterious music)
- Come on!
(moving to dramatic music)
- Hey you guys come and
help me move the body?
- Where's Thalia?
- I don't wanna talk about it.
(eerie music)
(Thalia grunting)
Let's get this over
and done with, yeah?
Okay go go go go.
Quick, quick.
(eerie music)
- What the fuck?
(pigeons cooing)
- Hey!
(pigeons cooing)
(moving to ominous music)
You said he was dead.
- He was dead!
- Well what if he calls
the fucking police?
- Oh Mel, so what if he fucking
calls the police, all right?
- So what if he
calls the police?
- Yes!
He attacked you!
- Shhh.
- He attacked you!
Why do you fucking care?
(Melissa stutters)
Oh my god.
Are you serious?
- I can't fucking deal
with you right now.
Just calm down!
Okay, Thalia is missing
in the fucking woods okay?
She is missing!
- How do you know that?
- [Gina] You don't care?
- Of course I care.
- No you don't care.
You just care about
that stupid body.
- So what's going on
with you two anyway?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
- Yeah, nothing.
- Didn't sound like nothing.
(both chuckling)
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah thanks.
- Sorry.
- You know she's probably
pulling one of her pranks.
I wouldn't be surprised
if she comes back
in like two minutes time.
Eww God!
- You got dirt on you Mel.
- Come here.
We really have to sort this out.
Did you catch anything?
- Not exactly.
I hope you like vegetables.
- Uh, yes.
- Where are your friends?
- Oh uh, Lisa is
inside and um...
(eerie music)
(Thalia panting)
(Thalia whimpering)
(door squeaking)
(eerie music)
(heavy pounding)
(Thalia gasping)
(pigeon fluttering)
(heavy pounding)
(Thalia gasping)
(ominous music)
(Thalia whimpering)
(Thalia screaming)
(blade slicing)
- I warned you girls
for your own protection.
I said very clearly you
should not go into the woods
and you walk into the woods.
It's like a...
- Like a maze.
Yeah, yeah, we get it.
- Even I would not venture
past my regular routes.
- Do you have any
family Miss Perkins?
- My family have all
passed away sadly.
- Sorry.
- What for?
My mother, she was
a wicked woman.
Drove my father right up the,
whatever word you young
things use these days.
At least that's what I hear.
I don't even remember my family.
I was too young.
- Did you live here as a family?
- Yes.
- Sorry.
It's just I lost
my family is all.
My parents.
- I do apologize for
not having a telephone,
but tomorrow
our gardener will
hopefully, he'll be able to
to get your car ready and put
you in touch with the police
and then maybe they
will find your friend.
I appreciate this is
all very difficult.
- Do you?
- I have let you into my house.
Do not be bitter with me.
And you wonder why I
don't like visitors.
(eerie music)
(Thalia panting)
(Thalia crying)
(door clattering)
(footsteps clomping)
(Thalia screaming)
(Thalia panting)
(Thalia screaming)
- Please, please.
(blade scratching)
(blades clanging)
(Thalia crying)
(Thalia screaming)
(blades clanging)
(Thalia crying)
(ax clattering)
(Thalia crying)
(Thalia screams)
(punch thudding)
(Thalia screams)
(Thalia coughing)
(Thalia grunting)
(Thalia screams)
(ominous music)
(Thalia gasping)
(Thalia screaming)
(ominous music)
(Thalia coughing)
(Thalia groaning)
(ominous drumming music)
(Thalia coughing)
(Thalia screams)
(clock chiming)
- Fuck sake.
I don't know what
we're gonna do.
Even if we get gas
tomorrow, Thalia's not here.
Surely she would have
been home by now.
I had the most incredible
day planned for us,
followed by an early
night so we could be ready
for the big day.
This is a nightmare.
- I got you something.
- What?
- Something old.
Gina coordinated.
- What are you talking about?
- She knows, something
old, something new,
something borrowed,
something blue.
She thought seeings as
I've known you the longest,
I should get you something old.
(emotional piano music)
- Mom's necklace.
- Yeah.
So let's just get
through tonight.
The gardener will come,
he will fix the car,
on our way we'll get you married
and then we'll fuck off
and we'll never speak
about this again okay?
- Lisa.
- Go to sleep, Mel.
- Okay.
(eerie music)
(Thalia grunting)
(Thalia crying)
(loud pounding)
- Thalia?
(eerie tinkling music)
(moving to ominous music)
Is that Melissa's dress?
(dramatic music)
(delicate piano music)
(loud pounding)
(Gina grunting)
(ominous music)
(shovel slicing)
(Gina screaming)
(Gina groaning)
(Gina screaming)
(Gina crying)
- Please.
- Please.
(ominous drumming music)
(Gina screaming)
(Gina panting)
(ominous music)
(Gina screaming)
(shovel thudding)
(Gina grunting)
(ominous music)
(Gina crying)
- What time is it?
It's 11.
Shit, the gardener!
(light knocking)
- Gina?
(light knocking)
- Miss Perkins.
- I'm not gonna lie,
that fucking woman,
she's fucking creeping me out.
- Let's go.
(ominous music)
Where the fuck is everyone?
No no no.
No no oh my god, Gina!
Gina no!
We have to get out of here!
- Wait, wait, where's Thalia?
We need to call the cops!
- We're not calling the cops!
Come on!
- No!
No, what you gonna fucking run?
Fucking yeah, fucking run
away just like you did
when mom and dad died!
- Now you wanna do this?
- Yes now!
Actually I think now's a
pretty good fucking time!
- [Melissa] You know what?
(horn honking)
Fuck let's go.
- Holy Fuck.
Thalia, shh!
Are you okay?
- Oh my god.
- Are you okay?
Thalia speak to me!
- Oh my god.
- Thalia speak to me!
Thalia, fuck!
Thalia, who the fuck
did this to you?
I got you.
Got you.
(Thalia groaning)
(Lisa mumbles)
(stitches ripping)
(Thalia groans)
You okay?
You okay?
- Behind you.
- Oh my god Lisa behind you!
(shovel thudding)
(Lisa screams)
(ominous drumming music)
(rake thudding)
(Lisa screaming)
(Melissa screaming)
- Oh, doing to you!
(Lisa screaming)
(Melissa screaming)
(rake thudding)
(rake rattling)
Holy fuck.
(Melissa screaming)
(ominous electronic music)
(dark music)
(moving to somber
emotional music)
- [Voice Mail] You have
one unheard message.
- [Brandon] They told
me you didn't come.
When they said you didn't
turn up I didn't believe them.
What is it I've done?
I wasn't even going to call but
I just wanted to know
that you're okay.
If you don't want to get
married or it's too fast
or it's too soon then,
that's fine.
I just want you to be happy.
(voice mail box beeping)
- I love you.
(ominous music)
Miss Perkins.
Miss Perkins.
Miss Perkins?
(metal clattering)
(eerie music)
(woman whimpering)
(switch clicking)
(woman crying)
- We're one and
the same you and I.
'Cause I have secrets too.
Not my secrets, his secrets.
He knows you're here now dear.
He knows.
(ominous drumming music)
He knows that you've
all been in his house.
Whore, whore.
I told you all not
to be seen, didn't I?
I told you.
- My, is that my dress?
- Oh God, he's coming.
He's coming.
He's coming.
Oh my God.
You should go now Melissa.
You should go!
(bones crackling)
He's here.
He's here.
- What, who's?
(neck cracking)
- Connor.
You're in my house!
(dramatic music)
(Melissa shouting)
(Melissa grunting)
(Connor growling)
She warned you to leave.
She told you if I got
my fucking hands on you!
- Fuck you!
Fuck you!
(ominous drumming music)
(ominous pounding)
(dramatic music)
(Melissa gasps)
Fuck you!
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!
Lisa wake up.
Lisa wake up.
Come here.
(Lisa groaning)
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Wake up, wake up, wake up Lisa.
Lisa wake up!
Lisa wake up.
Lisa wake up.
Come on, we have to go!
- You ran.
- I know I'm really sorry.
I fucked up, I really fucked
up but we have to go on!
- [Lisa] It's not
the first time.
- I know come on!
I know I know, come on.
(Lisa cries)
(emotional piano music)
I'm sorry, come on.
(Lisa moaning)
You're gonna be okay.
I know.
- [Lisa] Where is she?
- I really don't know.
The keys still in the car?
- [Lisa] I think so, yeah.
- Shit!
(Lisa grunts)
- What, what?
- [Melissa] Shit, shit.
You're gonna have
to trust me okay?
- [Lisa] What?
We have to go.
- [Melissa] We're
gonna hide you!
- [Lisa] Go, please go!
(Lisa mumbles)
- [Melissa] Shh shh shh.
You gonna trust me?
See how they run
Three blind mice
Three blind mice
See how they run
See, how they run
They all ran after
the farmer's wife
Who cut off their tails
with a carving knife
Did you ever see such
a thing in your life
As three blind mice
(Miss Perkins humming)
(Melissa screams)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic drumming music)
- Ah no!
(killer grunts)
(bodies thudding)
(eerie drumming music)
(moving to ominous
rhythmic music)
(killer pounding)
- Fuck.
No no no no.
(ominous music)
- [Connor] I can smell you.
(Melissa crying)
(ominous music)
I see you.
- Oh no.
No, no, no, no.
(woman screaming)
(eerie music)
(woman screaming)
- I saw you, whore.
(eerie tinkling music)
(pigeons cooing)
Do you really think your
husband will be faithful?
Faithful to some whore?
Do you think your
marriage will last?
(ominous music)
- I do.
(rifle clicking)
(Miss Perkins laughing)
(Miss Perkins screaming)
(ominous drumming music)
(rifle thudding)
- [Melissa] No.
(women grunting)
- I had to do it.
I have to keep his secrets.
(clippers slicing)
(Melissa panting)
Have you forgotten me
A fool who tries this
Why would you hide this
Who decides this for me
Who decides this a fool
Side by side
I'm still here
I know we're close
I know we're close
I know I'll see you
More each day
I see you more
I see you go away fear
It's far too late for you
It's far too late for sudden
An image stubborn to move
I see this in you
- I need this dry cleaned now.
- Don't ask.
(rock music)
So, it's a Muppet
These sheets
aren't mine to learn
Not for a friend
At least with a foe
You don't have to know
And, inside the thorn
Lays a far more distraught
Truth that could
never be bought or sold
As long as it's old
I told you to stay committed
For fun and games
As today's strange ways
And my name
Rests in your brains
The softened space remains
My game
Our name
No change here