Unintended (2018) Movie Script

Come on, Jamie.
It'll be fun.
I've seen two people jump.
Last chance.
Tomorrow I'm gone.
No way.
I'm not jumping.
Come on, Jamie.
You've got to do it.
It's the best
feeling in the world.
Maybe for you, but
I have to go, Lea.
I guess that's it.
You'll come to visit, right?
See ya.
Who's there?
Keep you safe.
You know, I don't like them.
There's only meanness out there.
Do you know where
my parents are?
They have a farewell on campus.
They asked me to see if you
wanted to have a bite to eat.
I haven't got
anything in the fridge.
We'll have to go down to Pete's.
I want to stay with Bill.
No, you're coming.
Let's go.
Pick a card.
What happened?
My dad cut me with
a piece of glass.
By accident?
Here. Don't show me.
Put it back.
Where is it?
How'd you do that?
I got to go.
What's your name?
Bill, what's yours?
Let's go.
Get in the car.
Need help?
No, I'm good.
Who is he?
Saw him in the woods talking
crazy stuff to his dogs.
You just stay away from him.
He's not right in the head.
Jumped off a cliff today.
Took me two whole
summers to finally do it.
Felt good?
Felt amazing.
I want to stay here.
Why do we have to move?
You're gonna be OK.
I just wish we could have at
least stayed for the summer.
But no, sending me off
to summer camp out there.
Have to go now.
We're expecting monthly
written reports of your life
down there.
Bye, Sam.
You take care of yourself now.
Bye, Ginger.
I don't think that's fair.
I don't think any
of this is fair.
Please, Leon, not now.
Let's just get through this
last day without losing it.
I'm taking those records.
No, half of these are mine.
You really want to make
you pay for all of it?
I'm taking the records.
You clearly know how to
take advantage of a situation,
so take them.
Hi, honey.
, ma puce.
Dad, stop calling me that.
It's embarrassing.
I'm not five anymore.
We brought you some
food from the party.
I'm not hungry.
Have you packed
an overnight bag?
I don't want to go and
live in stupid Houston.
You want to take a night swim?
Bonjour, sleepyhead.
I didn't sleep.
The movers will
be here any minute.
Sam stopped by.
He left you a present.
I overheard you and
Mom talk yesterday.
It's complicated, Lea.
Are you getting a divorce?
No, we want to work things out.
I want to work things out.
Is that why we're moving?
Have you packed
all your knickknacks?
I got to go, Dad.
I forgot something
really important.
Put it in my suitcase.
I'll be right back.
No trailing off today.
What do you want?
I want to talk to Bill.
Never thought he'd have
a scrawny little girlfriend
like you.
I'm not his girlfriend.
What do you want from him?
He took something from me.
Well, scrawny, he isn't here.
OK then.
You were looking for me?
Where's my ladder?
What ladder?
I know it was you.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Where is it?
You're lying.
You want to hit me, go ahead.
Get off me.
Get off!
- Give that to me.
- I need my things.
- Where are you hiding the ladder?
- I'm not joking.
Me neither.
Bill, please say something.
Bill, I'll be right back.
I'm gonna go get a rope.
Bill, say something.
Is someone there?
Help, somebody!
You're trespassing.
Leave now.
I need your help.
Bill fell down a deep
shaft, and he can't get out.
Uh, who are you?
Where's my fucking gun, Molly?
Please come.
He's hurt.
Just go.
You're freaking me out.
Where is it?
I need your help, please!
She overheard us last night.
Oh, no.
Do you think she's hiding?
Why couldn't you
keep your mouth shut?
Nora, don't jump to conclusions.
I haven't told her anything.
She asked me if we
were splitting up.
Really, Nora?
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
What does that change, huh?
Who cares?
You, obviously.
I really didn't want
her to find out.
Not like this.
I told her we were
trying to work things out.
Your version.
What's that supposed to mean?
When will you ever be
able to face the facts?
I don't want to be
married to you anymore.
Well, what have we here?
A word, please?
Oh, shit.
You're still here?
I sent out the final
notice two weeks ago.
I know.
It was also put on your door.
Can I get another month or two?
I just... I can't
leave right now.
I'm selling the
building next week.
You've known this since
a couple of months.
I have an inspection
in two days.
I can't deal with
this right now.
I'm already late for work.
I'll drop off the
moving boxes today.
If you're not out
by the weekend,
I have to put a
padlock on this door.
Hello, Ron?
Hello, Leon.
Did I catch you at a bad time?
No, no.
Not at all.
I just wanted to thank
you for sending me the book.
Oh, good. You got it.
Yeah, I look
forward to reading it.
I'm impressed by the fact
that Lea translated it.
How is my daughter?
She just canceled our
dinner plans again.
I'm concerned, Leon.
I mean, she's a lovely girl.
Don't get me wrong.
She's very smart, too.
She's been a real asset here.
Lately, though, she's
been distracted,
and seems to have
lost all enthusiasm.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Thanks for telling me.
Have you talked to her about it?
No, not yet.
I'm just not sure
where to go from here.
I don't have any
more translations,
and she's been late with
a couple of revisions.
Today, she hasn't even shown up.
That surprises me.
Listen, Ron, I'll
check on her, OK?
Thanks for calling.
What are you doing out here?
You ever notice how
ugly the building is?
I've been texting
and calling you.
I misplaced my phone.
Ron needs the corrections
on the Lang novel.
Did you get them done?
Go see a doctor.
You look awful.
Why don't you go
back to therapy?
I've had enough therapy.
I just... I don't think
the prescriptions
are effective anymore.
Because you've
been on it too long.
Do you eat regularly?
Drink enough water?
All this will help.
Continue with them, then.
What about friends?
Do you have any good friends
that you can talk to?
I don't like to burden them.
Pick a card.
What do you want to
be when you grow up?
A worrier, or a warrior?
I think you are
a little fighter.
Where is the line?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Where am I?
Bill, say something.
Close call.
How long have I been here?
You came in yesterday.
Where's my stuff?
You had nothing on you.
I need to check your info before
the doctor discharges you.
Can I borrow a phone?
I need to make a quick call.
I'll come back in
a sec to get it.
I went to one of them
at Union Square Park.
I didn't realize that...
Hey, I know that guy.
I'll meet you out front.
What a nice surprise.
I hope you haven't
given up on philosophy.
Oh, no.
No, not at all.
I've been studying your book.
I carry this with
me wherever I go.
Danny, we got to go.
There you are.
You look pale, ma puce.
Don't call me that, Dad.
Thanks for the clothes.
What did the doctor say?
They wouldn't tell me anything.
What happened?
I just collapsed
in a swimming pool.
I don't know.
It's never happened before.
Are you taking your medication?
I have to turn these forms in.
I'll meet you outside.
So, you know, Maureen, she
hasn't been to the city before.
I took her to Hill,
always a new restaurant there.
So, what do you think?
About what?
Coming upstate with me.
You haven't been listening
to anything I said.
You have a reading
at your old college.
I know.
I think getting out of here
for a day would do you good.
Dad, please, I can't.
Because, I'm behind with work.
I need to catch up.
And I have to find
a new apartment.
Do you still like your work?
It's easy.
Because Ron called me.
He called you?
He received my book.
He thinks you've lost
interest in your job.
Have you?
Don't know.
I'm waiting.
Hold on a minute.
I'll come.
I'm so glad.
Here we are.
Not much has changed.
There's the bakery.
There's the dentist.
You remember Jamie's mom?
She was your dentist.
Are you still in touch with
your old friend, Jamie?
You remember our old house?
I do, but I don't
want to go back in time.
I wanted to bring you
back here for so long.
We had good times here.
You were happy.
You were real free and happy.
You were so happy that
you didn't want to leave.
You ran away on moving day.
You remember?
I still feel really
bad about that.
We should have told
you we were moving
to separate places in Houston.
You got really sick.
Worrisome sick.
We didn't expect you to be
that upset over our separation.
It was a pretty hasty move.
I remember that.
Unfortunate circumstances.
Let's just get through this
last day without losing it.
You both were always
so secretive about what
really happened here
between the two of you.
Your mother had an
affair, and he happened
to be another professor.
You know, it's a
small town, puce.
The talk.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
Now it's all in the past.
Hey, Dad?
Why did you say I
was running away?
Where was I?
Ce pas.
I couldn't find you.
Sam couldn't either.
Well, what happened exactly?
Who is that?
I already told you.
I've mentioned her to
you a couple of times.
But what is she doing here now?
You told me that you didn't
want to go to the reading,
so I asked her to meet us here.
I could have taken the train.
I thought you might want to
explore a bit, on your own.
It's so gorgeous up here.
Maureen, Lea.
It's so nice to meet you.
So, this is where you grew up?
She was a wild child.
This will prove it to you.
I finally cleaned out the
attic, and I found it.
It was never my
intention to hurt you.
I love you, ma puce.
I hope to see you again soon.
Call me.
Watch out!
You almost hit me!
Keep your eyes
on the road, lady.
But I say unto
you, love your enemies.
Bless them that curse you.
Do good to them that hate you.
And pray for them
which despitefully
use you, and persecute you.
That you may be the children of
your father which is in heaven.
For he maketh his sun to rise
on the evil and on the good.
And sendeth rain on the
just, and on the unjust.
Thank you, Mom.
That was beautifully read.
Today, I'd like us to
talk about this last passage
in what I just read.
Uh, who are you?
For he maketh his sun to rise
on the evil and on the good.
And sendeth rain on the
just, and on the unjust.
It's a beautiful passage.
Penny for your thoughts.
I dreamt of a whale,
swimming out there.
I found this for you.
Thought you could
shape it into a turtle.
Yeah, that could work.
It's me.
What happened to you?
Come in.
I saw our old house is for sale.
Couple from Montreal.
They came for the summer,
but they don't come no more.
I take care of it for them.
How are you?
How have you been?
I'm here.
I've always been here.
Sorry for not getting in touch.
Why are you here?
I came with my dad.
But he's gone.
He's doing a reading of his
book at his old college.
And you didn't go with him.
It's hot in here.
Are you sick?
No, it's just for emergencies.
Why did you come, Lea?
Dad give me this photo album.
There's a picture of you and me.
Where is it?
Where is it?
Here it is.
Dad talked about happy times.
You don't remember?
I wanted to show you that.
You came to show me that photo?
And I wanted to see you, but
now I think I got to get going.
Where are you going now?
Going back.
Where's back?
Back to the city.
Well, you're not going to make
it back to the city like this.
You're not going to
make it back to the...
- Lea.
- I don't want to stay here.
You're a mess.
I can't talk anymore.
What's happened to you?
Is someone there?
Drink this.
What is it?
It'll get the chemicals
out of your body.
What time is it?
It's a little after 6:00.
The sun's just coming up.
I can't sleep.
Are you still carving things?
I gave that up years ago.
I remember you gave me
a whale the day we left.
I hated saying
goodbye to Ginger.
I had this hunting stand.
For me.
There was a hunting
stand, and I made it mine.
Did you know that?
Of course.
I remember.
Is it still there?
You want to go see?
I'd like to.
The lady from Montreal
left some nice things behind
at the house.
She told me I could
take whatever I want.
Yeah, here.
See what fits.
I always hid the ladder.
Lea, what is it?
What is it?
What is it?
I can't breathe!
Put your head between your legs.
Put your head between your legs.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Stop.
Stop sobbing.
Focus, breathe.
Breathe, Lea.
Breathe, for God's sake!
Deep breaths.
OK, I'll get you some water.
Bill, please say something.
Here, drink this.
Take it.
What is it?
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
What is it?
Oh, god.
I remember.
I remember.
Remember what?
The day we left for Houston,
I came here to get my things.
But he had taken my ladder.
- Who, Jamie?
- Bill.
And his name was Bill.
And I followed him,
and we had a fight
up at the old abandoned mines.
And I had a gun.
And I shot.
I shot.
I shot him.
I killed him.
What are you talking about?
No, no, no.
You're just very upset.
And you didn't
want to leave here,
and you made up some
story so your parents
couldn't take you away.
No, I remember.
I went to your house,
but weren't there.
And I got a rope
and a flashlight.
- No.
- From your shed.
No, no, no.
You always had a
wild imagination.
You were hiding.
You were hiding.
You didn't want to leave,
and you were hiding.
Your parents.
Your parents called me!
No, you have to believe me!
I ran back to the mines,
but it was getting dark,
and I couldn't see him.
Then there was this
scary man and a dog.
And I freaked, and I
left him there to die.
Listen, I don't know
what happened to you
after you left here, but
these pills you're taking
are making you crazy.
You don't believe me.
No, I don't believe
you killed anybody.
Why would I make
something like this up?
Where are you going now?
To the mine shaft.
No one disappeared there.
You don't believe me anyway.
Because it's not true.
Because it's a
fabrication of yours.
Sam, I need to know.
Well, I'm going with you.
It was here.
That's it.
All right.
Let's get outta here.
I found an opening.
It might not be him.
He could've gotten out.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Why don't you go ahead.
I'll be right behind
you, all right?
I'll see you back in
what, six months or so?
Sam, hi.
What a surprise.
Yeah, it's been a while, I know.
Do you want to make
an appointment?
No, no.
I have a favor to ask.
What's that?
I found it.
It's human, right?
Yeah, it looks like it.
You should go to the police.
I will.
I just need you to tell
me the approximate age.
Sam, where did you find this?
Out in the woods.
OK, I'll take a
look at it, but you
need to come back later.
I will.
How's Jamie?
Oh, he's good.
Yeah, he got married.
Oh, good.
I'll come back later.
I checked the local papers
from June to August of the year
we left.
I told you.
That doesn't
prove anything, Sam.
What about his family?
Do you remember anybody
from his family?
I saw someone
familiar yesterday.
I think I saw his mother, but
I'm not sure if it was her.
Where was that?
At the church.
Well, we got to go find her.
I don't have the stomach for it.
I think she's going to
tell you that he's alive.
Can you imagine
facing the person
who might be responsible
for killing your son?
I think she's going
to tell you he's alive.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Hello there.
This is a beautiful church.
I wouldn't want
to be anywhere else.
I grew up here.
Passed it a million times,
but I never came in.
What is it that
brings you here now?
I'm looking for someone.
I think her name is Molly.
Oh, Molly Mackenzie.
I'm actually
looking for her son.
Does he attend
services here too?
Just Molly.
How can we be forgiven, when
we can't forgive ourselves?
He is all forgiving.
To have that kind of faith.
It lightens the burden.
Do you know where
I could find Molly?
Maybe an address or something?
I'd like to write her a note.
She is at 32 Lincoln Road.
Our doors are always open.
What can I do for you?
My name's Lea.
Didn't we meet yesterday?
Come in.
Come in.
How do we know each other?
In church?
I knew your son.
Here they are.
My kids.
They are good kids, my kids.
Where are they now?
They're gone.
They're both gone.
But alive, right?
They're all gone.
Gone where?
Where is Bill now?
You mean New York?
We haven't talked
for a long time.
So he's alive?
He better be.
What is it you want from him?
I just want to get
in contact with him.
Maybe I can leave my
phone number and address,
and you can tell me
I've been looking for...
How do you know Billy?
There's not a lot
of people who come
around here asking for him.
I'll leave the address of
where I'm staying here as well.
I never get good
phone service up here.
I'm going to call him right now.
Hi boy, it's me.
There's someone here
who's asking about you.
What's your name again?
Her name...
Hi boy, it's me.
There's somebody here who's
asking about you, name...
What happened?
Who was that on the phone?
My mother.
Is she OK?
I'm not sure.
He's alive.
I told you.
I saw his mother.
What did she say about him?
She wasn't coherent.
She's pretty drunk.
They don't seem to
have much contact,
but she tried to reach out.
Bill, wait up.
I'm meeting Susan
and Heather tonight.
Want to come?
Not today.
I've got things to do.
Are you sure?
Susan really seems to like you.
I wish I could say the same.
I'll see you later.
I'm dizzy.
There's our jumper.
Let's go.
Give me a moment.
Are you serious?
You go, please.
What happened?
What are you doing?
- Take it.
- No.
Take it, I said!
No more of this.
I can't get better for you.
It doesn't work like that.
I don't have your
kind of strength.
What makes you think
that I'm so strong?
You want me to get better?
I want to too, but
it is not working.
Who is it?
I know her.
That's my professor's daughter.
How do you know her?
You keep in contact with him?
Ran into him just
recently, in the hospital.
You were there.
I want to know
what became of her.
You knew her as kids?
Yeah, sort of.
You could say I have a
long-lasting memory of her.
That's quite a coincidence.
I'll ask him.
Leon's excited about
the fact that you
knew his daughter as children.
Hopes you guys can reconnect.
You're not as excited as
Leon about reconnecting.
Well, good luck.
Thanks, Danny.
I want to apologize.
Please, wait a moment.
I really appreciate what
you're trying to do for me.
I'm just... I'm not ready.
And I feel pressured,
and it doesn't help.
When you left and I
never heard from you,
I wiped you completely
out of my mind.
I learned how to lose people.
And when you came back,
it was sort of a shock.
You changed so much.
I didn't recognize the
girl that I used to know.
I wanted the old Lea back.
But now... more importantly, now,
I don't want to lose you again.
What are you doing?
She fell.
I'm helping her.
Put that on there.
Hold it.
Thank you.
I'm gonna put a
bandage on it, OK?
All right.
Just hold that there.
Two seconds.
All right, here.
There you go.
Is that better?
Hey, you want to
go on an adventure?
All right, we have to go.
I want to stay here.
Can I take them?
No, they belong to someone.
Just one.
Just one, but we have to go.
Can we come back tomorrow?
I was just thinking about you.
Mom's in the hospital.
Didn't they call you?
No, what happened?
I think it's serious this time.
You need to go up there.
Well, what did they say?
Heart failure.
Look, I know it's the
last thing you want to do,
but I really don't have
money for a flight right now.
All right, text me
the address and phone
number of the hospital.
How's the record coming along?
Have you listened to
the track I sent you?
It's good.
What are you making?
She's like a doll, but
she's made of broken pieces.
Do you want her?
She's not as pretty and
perfect as your doll.
Patricia, Jamie's
mother, called me.
She said that the jaw was
between 40 or 50 years old.
I still need to find Bill.
Since when are we sharing?
Dad, I'm sorry.
Sorry my ass.
Who's paying for the booze?
And where's my gun?
I come out here to get a beer.
Now, where... huh?
Where is my gun?
Mom, help me!
What are you doing here?
Come sit with me!
Where's Ariel?
She's in LA.
It's so good to see you.
It's been a very long time.
So, what happened?
I collapsed at work.
Were you drunk?
There was a...
There was a girl who
came by looking for you.
What did she want?
She didn't say.
Does she have a name?
I think her name was Lea.
I'm sorry, Billy.
It's OK, Mom.
I don't want to talk about it.
It's all in the past.
I'll come back tomorrow.
I'll stay at your
place, if that's OK.
The keys are in my purse.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Mrs. Mackenzie?
I know who you are.
I was actually looking for you.
I heard.
Very late, though.
Yes, I know.
Do you know what?
Save your breath.
You know, you've got some nerve
showing up here 12 years later.
I mean, what kind of
kid does that, huh?
What kind of kid leaves
another kid in a shaft?
So why are you here, huh?
Why now?
You've done enough already.
You want my forgiveness?
Please, let me explain.
I don't want to hear it.
I can't.
Just leave.
Thanks, Sam.
For everything.
You're doing the best you can.
Is this... is this
your parents' place?
They don't live here anymore.
I could do this for hours.
Anything was better
than being at home.
I was so scared.
I could hear you calling,
and then you were gone.
I went to your house to
try and tell your mother,
but she didn't listen.
We were leaving that
night to move to Houston.
I tried to tell my parents,
but they didn't believe me.
They insisted it
was my imagination.
After we moved, I got
messed up and confused,
and I just blocked
it out of my mind.
Wasn't until I came here
a few days ago that I
remembered what happened.
I thought I had killed you.
I know you must
think I'm a coward.
I'm sorry.
How did you get out?
A dog.
A dog appeared out of nowhere.
Let me out.
Why did you hide the ladder
It was a prank it
was a childish prank
I mean, I had no idea you
were leaving that night.
I guess I just
wanted you to be...
Be aware of me.
You seemed so free, and...
Did I shoot you?
My father was furious.
I lost his gun.
Where's my gun?
I know you took it.
Where is it?
Stop, Frank.
You're killing him!
Can we take this out?
Parenting wasn't
their strengths.
Most of the time, they
were wasted anyway.
Morning after I got
out of the mine,
our family totally collapsed.
Wake up.
I want us to go
look for the gun.
I found the gun, and
he made me promise that I
would never touch a gun again.
And then he sat down.
Told me to go on ahead.
And that was the...
That was the last
time I ever saw him.
He left us that day.
You never looked for him?
I don't think he
wanted to be found.
Why do you think that?
I think he killed himself.
When I was looking for
you, I went down in the mine.
There were human remains there.
We moved here when I was 13.
Nice one.
My dad had
just finished a tour of Iraq.
His last one.
He wasn't always
a senseless drunk.
Hey Dad, can we go swimming?
I dare you.
You OK?
I will be.