Uninvited (1988) Movie Script

(Thrilling music)
[Dr. gray] Might be a tumor.
You think it could
be a teratoma?
I don't know, I don't think so.
I've never seen
anything like this.
Look, just bring the subject in
and we'll cut it open.
See what's growing inside of it.
(Thrilling music)
(Cats meowing)
(Thrilling music)
(Cat screeching)
God, get it, get it.
Paul, get the cat!
Get him!
(Dramatic music)
Code red, code red.
St-618 has escaped.
Use extreme precaution.
Radiation security.
Radiation security.
(Alarm blaring)
(Cat screeching)
(Cat screeching)
(Gun cocking)
(Cat meowing)
(Gun firing)
(Cat screeching)
(Creature growling)
(Men screaming) (Static whizzing)
(Cat screeching)
Security assistance.
Security assistance needed
to hallway 1079.
The building's secure.
Now, Paul, no matter what happens
we can't let that cat out of here.
Dr. gray, you saw what just
happened at that stairwell.
Just shut up about that.
All right, now we got to
kill that cat.
Give me your gun.
Give me your gun!
(Cat meowing)
(Cat meowing)
(Cat meowing)
(Cat screeching)
(Creature growling)
(Gun firing)
Nice, kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty.
Nice, kitty.
Nice, kitty.
(Dr. gray screams)
(Creature growls)
(Dr. gray groans)
(Cat meowing)
(Traffic buzzing)
No, don't even think about it.
We cannot afford this hotel.
Yes, we can.
Oh, let's think about this.
I mean, we've done it before,
Oh! - Sorry about that.
Oh, yeah!
There we go.
Yeah, it's cool, it's cool.
Yeah, take it easy.
Look, honey we tried every other
place in town, okay.
Let's just go inside and sit down
in the lobby for five minutes.
What do you say, huh?
I mean, my feet are killing me.
Why did you let me wear these
shoes this morning?
You wanted to wear those shoes.
You know they make your
legs look good.
You told me that.
And now they do, see?
Woo hoo!
[Lester] Do you have any
reservations here?
- Well, not exactly, but.
- I thought so.
My uncle is a stockholder. - I'm
sorry, but you cannot
stay in this lobby
without reservations.
[Bobbie] Well, I was just
wondering if perhaps.
Look, I'm sorry. - Five
minutes maybe.
But you'll have to find
somewhere else to go.
Now, please, get out, get out.
It's okay, they're with me.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I am really sorry, Mr. Graham.
There must have been some
You see, I thought they
were all part
of the college stop. - Okay.
(Suzanne sighs)
Sorry about that.
Hotel personnel get a
little sensitive
during spring break week. - Yeah.
You girls don't have a room,
do you?
No. - Yes.
No. - Yes.
(Laughs) It's okay,
I understand.
I've been there.
I might be able to help you
with a place to stay.
I was just about to go in and
have some dinner.
Why don't you join me and we
can talk about it?
I don't think that
would really...
Well, it's just something
to eat, Suzanne.
Yeah, it's a good restaurant.
Just something to eat, Suzanne.
No strings attached.
I just don't think we're
dressed for dinner.
It'll be all right, trust me.
Man, I'm starving.
You can leave your bags here.
Come on.
(Thrilling music)
Wait for us.
(Orchestral music)
Jesus, do you believe this guy?
We've got to go now.
Ladies, my business associate,
Mike Harvey.
How do you do?
We've got a meeting, remember?
Bobbie, Suzanne, please
accept my apologies.
My associate is correct.
I do have some business
to take care of.
Oh, but you haven't had
your dessert yet.
All the more for you.
And you are coming to the party,
Starts about midnight on my yacht?
Oh, yeah.
I'll send the limo back
here to get you.
Should be fun, lots of
interesting people.
Bob, see that the ladies
get what they want.
See you in a little while.
Bye bye, Mr. Graham.
Oh, please, call me Walter.
Good night, Walter.
You know, you really got no
class at all, you know that?
You couldn't give me 10
minutes more?
You wanna miss this appointment
for a couple of bimbos?
He'll wait!
You can't be certain, Walt.
He's scared, he's desperate.
Desperate men do desperate things.
(Walter sucks teeth)
(Thrilling music)
(Seagulls cawing)
(Fire crackling)
[Darryl] I don't know, Walter.
I'm telling you, I
just don't know.
Now, Darryl, it's gonna be
all right, trust me.
We've all made a lot of money from
our little understanding.
It's coming unglued.
Look what the
commissioner's doing already.
[Albert] You sure it won't be
too hot in here, Mr. Graham?
Uh, probably.
Turn on the air conditioning.
I love to look at a fire,
don't you?
Oh, sure, looks nice.
Here, drink this, Perkins, and
stop being such a pussy.
You got no right to talk
to me like that. - Calm down.
Mr. Harvey didn't mean anything.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
You guys don't know what it's
like to fight the sec.
You got the big bucks to pay the
fines and get off.
I don't, I'm just small potatoes.
I'll go to jail.
You know they're really
cracking down.
I mean, look at olsky, levine
and all the rest.
You know, I don't have the
money to just...
All right, now just take a look
right in there, Darryl.
There is no problem with money.
(Walter laughs)
Anything you need.
$1 million in cold hard cash.
Another one in that.
Another one in that.
On no, and all my
family and my wife.
I think we're getting way
ahead of ourselves here.
Have you been contacted yet by
the boys from the sec?
Not yet.
There've been inquiries at the
firm, a lot of talk.
We just got too greedy.
Are you sure you haven't
talked to anybody yet?
No, I haven't.
Of course, I won't.
You guys know that.
I mean, come on, you've got
nothing to fear.
I would stand to lose as much as
you guys, even more.
Walter, you can trust me.
I know I can.
Relax, Darryl, it's all right.
Come on, come with me.
Let me show you around the yacht.
[Albert] Yes, sir.
[Walter] Turn on
this spot light,
make it all bubbly, I'd love that.
Now bear with me on this, Darryl.
I started this little story
because you were saying
that I could trust you and I had
nothing to fear from you.
That's right, Walter, you've got
nothing to fear from me.
You either, Mike, you
can trust me.
I swear, I swear.
It's called blackmail.
You've heard the term?
Of course.
Mike, you're getting
ahead of my story!
Anyway, you see the point
is that I learned
about blackmail a long time ago,
what I learned was never put
yourself in a position
where some idiot can
blackmail you.
Where someone has power over you.
Like being able to make a
deal with the sec,
tell them something
they want to know.
Turn state's evidence for a
lighter sentence, huh?
Walter, Walter, I
wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't do that.
Oh, please, Walter.
Come on, Mike.
Mike, come on, what are you doing?
Oh, please, Walter.
There's only one way
to be certain.
But I'll do whatever you want.
I'll do whatever you want.
(Dramatic music)
(Water splashing)
(Albert shivers)
Mike, look at Albert.
Look at him.
He's gonna be sick.
(Albert shivers)
You okay, Albert?
I'm just outta breath.
Oh, and, Albert, the party is in
about an hour and a half
so after you've cleaned up
this mess here,
get everything ready.
Will you, please?
(Albert groans)
(Thrilling music)
Come here, kitty, that's it.
Drink some milk.
That's a good kitty.
There you go.
There you go.
Good kitty.
Yeah, that feels better.
Good kitty.
Hey you got some change for
the cigarette machine?
(Man grunts)
(Man groans)
All right, give me the keys!
[Man] How much you get?
[Thief] Enough.
(Thief laughs)
(Cat meowing)
(Glass breaking)
(Man groans)
(Man screams)
(Glass breaking) (Clattering)
(Upbeat music)
(Seagulls cawing)
Fort Lauderdale at spring break.
No place like it in the world,
No contest.
(Lance chuckles)
(Hands slapping)
All right, let's go down to the
beach, check out the action.
My friend, the beach is
for riff raff.
Look, if you wanna find
a classy chick
you go to the Marina where
all the money is.
Come on, everybody knows that.
Oh yeah, of course. (Chuckles)
Hey, you're right again, Corey.
Check these two out.
Help me, I'm in love!
[Corey] Ooh, and they seem to
be coming our way.
Oh man, what are we gonna do?
Try to look bored.
Do what I do.
Hi, you mind if we sit down?
Of course, be our guest.
We just wanted to sit
for some coffee.
You sure you don't mind?
Hey, you guys!
Oh, no.
Hello, ladies.
[Bobbie] Hi.
We're never gonna find
a place to stay.
This whole town's book solid.
Not now, hedgeworth, we're busy.
Last night we met this guy,
Walter Graham.
He's got this great big yacht...
Now wait, are you talking about
wall street Walter?
I mean, this guy is the best
arbitrageur in the world.
I mean, he's made more millions on
wall street than anybody.
Must be the same guy.
You should see this boat.
Well, anyways, we're supposed to
set sail this morning
on a cruise for the Caribbean.
Be gone a couple days, maybe more.
Why don't you guys come with us?
You can help us handle this guy
if he gets outta hand.
Besides, it'll be fun.
I hear the Caribbean's
perfect this time
of year for swimming in the raw.
I am really gonna meet
Walter Graham.
(Cat meowing)
All right, thank you.
Damn it, the girls aren't on board.
Good, let's get the hell outta
here before they come back.
You just don't get it, do you?
Don't you think two pretty girls
on a cruise makes a
good cover, in case somebody
should be snooping around?
You got to use your brain, Mike.
I know what you want 'em for
and it has nothing to
do with cover.
We need the girls on board.
Young broads are a
pain in the ass.
Old broads are a pain in the ass.
(Upbeat music)
You guys really don't know
who Walter Graham is?
Oh, sure, I've heard of him.
So he's made a lotta money,
so what?
So what, are you?
This guy has been on the cover of
Forbes magazine twice.
He's just a man, horny
like every other guy.
Yeah, well, he ain't the
only horny one.
(Cat meowing) - Shh, shh, shh!
You guys here that? (Cat meowing)
(Woman gasps)
Oh, look, the poor thing.
Hey. - He looks starved.
Oh, come here.
(Cat meowing)
Genetic laboratory.
This must be a lab animal.
Musta gotten away.
You mean, they're gonna cut it
up and experiment on it?
No, not necessarily, but
sometimes it is vital to...
No way, not with this cat.
I'm taking my little baby with me.
(Cat meowing)
(Upbeat music)
I don't know guys, I
feel a little sick,
I never realized I'd
actually get sea sick.
Come on, look, Lance.
Look at the size of that
boat out there.
Now, you are not gonna get sick
on a luxury yacht like that,
come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come to mama.
We'll make you feel real good.
There you go.
You okay?
Oh my god.
(Liquid splashing)
(Dramatic music)
(Seagulls cawing)
So how is my captain
this morning?
I'd be a lot better if we hadn't
lost an entire crew.
You mean, you still
haven't replaced them?
Walter, do you know
what time it is?
Besides, if you didn't treat
them like slaves
we wouldn't have to replace them.
Okay, so I got a little drunk
and mouthed off to the crew.
I apologize, but it is my boat.
And if you don't
like that honey,
you're free to leave anytime.
[Rachel] And let you ruin her
before I have a chance
to get her back?
(Walter chuckles)
Your old man couldn't make
a go of this boat.
What makes you think you can?
Leave my father out of this.
Rachel, if you really want
damn the boat back,
all you have to do is ask.
I can be a very generous
man with people
who just treat me right.
Walter, you pay me to run this
boat, nothing else.
(Walter sucks teeth)
(Walter sighs)
Well, think about it, okay?
Just think about it.
Don't count on it.
(Thrilling music)
[Walter] What's going on here,
Mr. Graham, I was just telling
your associate here
that I'm a great admirer of yours.
You are the greatest.
(Walter laughs)
Well, thank you, but I'm sorry.
You're gonna have to leave anyway.
And how appropriate, here comes
the shuttle right now.
(Waves crashing)
Albert, what?
The sec, uh.
I just got word the sec
has got a warrant
to search the boat.
We've got to get outta here now.
I'm afraid we've had a change
in plans and we're
gonna be leaving
immediately so I'm sorry
but you're all gonna
have to go back
to the pier on that shuttle boat.
Take us out to sea right now,
Without a crew?
You must be joking.
You guys still wanna go on
this cruise or not?
I'd do anything, I just
don't wanna barf again.
Look, Walter, you've got
three able-bodied men
here plus Suzanne and I can help.
That's crewmen that you don't
even have to pay.
Besides, we'll all have some fun!
What do you say?
Albert, take these three sailors
and raise the anchor and bring
up the gang plank.
Mike, start the engines.
All right, everybody.
Come on, let's move it!
(Cat meowing)
Suzanne, that cat goes back
with the shuttle.
No, it's mine!
You know, I heard a cat
on board a ship is
supposed to be good luck, Mr.
Listen, kid, if you
really wanna go
on this little cruise with
the rest of us,
the first thing you've got to learn
is that this is my yacht.
That means I am in charge and
I don't like cats,
so the cat goes.
Sorry, Suzanne.
Oh, please, Walter.
I promise this darling little
kitty won't be any trouble.
Please, I'll take care of it.
You won't be sorry, I promise.
Okay, keep the damn thing, but
you owe me one, Suzanne,
and I never forget that.
(Suzanne laughs)
Ooh, check this place out.
Whoa ho, it must have been
some party, huh?
(Lance laughs)
It was. (Cat meowing)
How you doing now, better?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Corey was right, being on
a boat this big.
I'm okay.
I told you, nobody gets
sick on yachts.
Oh, gross, what a mess.
Yeah, the hell with the mess.
Do you know, somebody
could actually
live on this boat permanent like?
Yeah, well, Mr. Graham
loves to party.
Well, then he can't be
all that bad, huh?
(Lance laughs)
(Pop music on the radio)
Here, pussy, have some food!
(Cat meowing)
Hey, where you going, sexy?
That cat's not going anywhere.
So why don't we have some fun,
What do you say we partake
of a little party?
Yeah, let's party! (Laughs)
J joy, any time of day.
Damn, I certainly feel
sorry for the sucker
who has to clean this place up.
Self pity is not a good
habit to get into, kid.
We had a deal about crewing
this place, remember?
Sure thing, Mr. Graham.
We were just a little hungry.
I don't like you.
Owes them a living.
What that means is,
is despite what
duties that the
captain has for you,
I'm assigning some specific
duties right now.
You're the cook.
You're the busboy and
the dishwasher.
You're the maid.
(Suzanne chuckles)
Yeah, well you can go
take a flying... - Whoa,
just a minute there.
Now, he's right, Mr.
Graham is the boss.
Now, who's side are you on?
Well, nobody's side.
We have work to do and we're
gonna do it, right?
As a matter of fact, we'll
throw a party tonight
in your honor.
Now, Walter, you just leave all
the petty stuff to me.
I'm sure you've got much more
important matters
to attend to.
Okay, guys, we can get this place
cleaned up in no time, huh?
Now, you must be the smart one.
The smart ones always know
who's running the show.
I hate punks like those guys!
Mike, the only
important thing here is
that we get this boat to grand
Cayman and get our money out
of that bank before it
really hits the fan!
It's time we throw in our cards,
take our
winnings and get the
hell outta town!
Now if these punks can help us
run this boat then we need them!
All right, just keep them the
hell away from me.
All right!
Did you put all the
cash in the safe?
You got to loosen up a bit, man.
You realize how much money we're
gonna be taking out of that bank!
You're gonna be richer than
your wildest dreams!
What if the account is frozen
when we get there?
Stop worrying,
today's only Friday.
We're there first thing
Monday morning.
We get the cash and we go buy a
country in south America.
Live a little, live a little!
You're a rich man!
(Dramatic music)
(Upbeat music)
(Cat meowing)
(Cat meowing)
They're all talking
about a storm.
What do you want me to do,
What am I supposed to do here?
Oh, just keep that needle
heading like I showed you.
You got to get one of
those kids up here.
I don't know how to...
You're taking us off course.
Well, I don't.
(Dramatic music)
(Cat meowing)
(Creature growling)
Just keep the needle pointed
like I showed you.
You understand?
And keep your hands off everything
but the wheel, all right?
Go ahead, take the wheel.
It'll be fine.
Great spring break in
lauderdale, huh, Corey?
Yeah, you just wait 'til I get a
chance to talk to Walter Graham.
Oh, and in the meantime,
we do dishes.
We came to party.
Oh, come on, Lance.
For once I agree with Corey.
Just make the best of it.
This isn't so bad.
I mean, we're working on a
fantastic yacht.
We're sailing the Caribbean.
This is how real adventure begins!
I feel like errol Flynn!
Hedgeworth, you're weird.
I hope one of you boys can cook
because, um, we can't.
Not to worry, I can cook.
Oh great, first we
got to do dishes
now we got to eat the
hedgeworth's cooking.
Well, I sure do feel
sorry for you boys.
Having to work so hard in this
very hot kitchen.
I don't know how you can stand it.
It's really hot.
It is so hot in here.
[Corey] Hey, Lance, getting a
little hot in here?
[Lance] Yeah.
You see, boys, getting mixed up
with us wasn't such a bad
idea after all.
All your hard work will have its
rewards, I promise.
(Together) It is so hot.
Maybe I don't feel so much
like errol Flynn.
Maybe more like Woody Allen.
I'll see you guys later.
Well, I got to tell ya.
I will even make out
with the captain.
That's what he said.
Yeah, the captain and
then he leaves me.
All alone here while he goes
out having his fun.
Come over here, baby.
(Dramatic music)
Ah, man.
(People laughing)
So then he turns to
me and he says,
I'll give you $15 million
to just walk out
of this room and forget
we ever existed.
Looked him straight him in the
eye and I said no.
(People laughing)
[Lance] What a great story.
[Corey] And how much did
you end up with?
[Walter] Ah, you tell him, Mike.
[Mike] We walked, but not before
we got $25 million.
You're different than
your two friends.
1 guess I am.
They're okay.
Corey's pre-law.
Lance is a jock, he's
got a free ride.
Wrestling, he's pretty good.
What about yourself?
Me, I'm a biologist.
I'm a year away from my doctorate.
(Cat meowing)
(Lip smack)
And don't you run away
from mama anymore.
[Bobbie] Why is it so hot?
Now, Suzanne, you
remember our deal.
Keep that cat away from me
or I'll give it a swimming lesson.
Oh, it's just a sweet
little thing.
You're not gonna hurt anybody,
are you, baby?
I am such a pushover.
That's right.
Why do you prefer the
company of this,
him, to me, hm, why?
He has brains.
Brains, what would you
know about brains?
You are such a dumb broad!
Hey, wait a second.
There's no reason to talk
to her like that.
It's okay, Martin.
He's just a little drunk,
he's making a joke.
Mr. Graham and I are old friends.
That's right, we are old,
old friends.
(Upbeat music)
If you two will excuse me,
I guess I should relieve
Albert at the wheel.
Well, that's right,
you go ahead!
'Cause you're sure not doing
this party any good!
Crikey. - All right.
Babe, shall we tango?
(Cat meowing)
J I can't help but keep
coming around
j so now I'm back to let you know,
let you know
j I just don't wanna let you go
j baby one more try
j before moving down the line
j one more try
Tammy Faye, baby,
this is for you.
Mine eyes have seen the glory of
the coming of the lord.
He is (swallowing)
Trampling out the vintage
where the grapes of
wrath are stored.
He is like...
Captain Albert, at your service,
You are drunk!
You are right! (Chuckles)
Ah, Jesus, you've taken us
way off course. - Never fear,
my dear!
Captain Albert will fix it!
Go sober up, go on,
get outta here!
I'm gonna have to figure out
where the hell we are.
Go on, get outta here.
Aye aye, baby.
I never asked to be captain.
Now where the hell is that beer?
Get my wine out of here.
(Albert shouts) (Cat meows)
Oh god.
You get away, that's my wine.
Get away from that wine.
(Cat meowing)
Get away from it!
(Shooing) Come on!
Suit yourself.
Nice little kitty.
You want some of this,
sweet little pussy?
(Cat meowing)
(Creature growling)
(Glass breaking)
(Albert shouting)
J one more try
j before moving down the line
j one more try
j before we can say goodbye
j yeah
j I know we've had our
ups and downs
j but I can't help but
keep coming around
j so now I'm back to let you know,
let you know
j I just don't wanna let you go
j baby.
(Albert screams) (Dramatic music)
(Water splashing)
J one more try
j before moving down the line
j one more try
j before we can say goodbye.
Time to get lost, kiddo.
She's all yours.
J you're my baby
j na na nanana
j na na nanana
j na na nanana
j na na nanana
come with me.
J one more try
J before moving down the line
j one more try
that stupid Albert must have hit
his head and gone over.
Just my luck.
Now that little miss
captain is gonna
wanna go back and look for him.
Look, I say we just get outta here
and we didn't see anything, okay?
Yeah, okay, of course!
Nothing's gonna keep me from
getting to the Caymans!
Us, we're on the same boat
together, remember?
(Waves crashing)
(Upbeat music)
So what do you think?
You like Lance.
Yeah, he's a real stud.
What about Corey?
He's a little
preoccupied with money.
Don't you think?
Tell me seriously you
wouldn't mind
living like this all the time.
Could get used to it.
(Laughs) - What a thought.
(Engine revving)
What happened?
I don't know exactly.
She's running way too hot.
I have to shut her down.
For how long?
If I had a halfway decent crew,
I wouldn't have to stop her
in the first place.
I can't even find that
nitwit Albert.
(Dramatic music)
(Cat meowing)
[Martin] I can't find him.
This is what I was afraid of,
there was an accident.
He must have fallen overboard.
Oh my god.
I had a feeling this was
gonna be a bad run.
(Upbeat music)
You ain't handling this right.
She ain't gonna buy it.
Our little lady captain is
gonna jump at it.
Looks like Albert fell
overboard last night.
Are you sure?
[Rachel] We've
looked everywhere.
That's just awful.
Well, I have to notify
the authorities
and then we have to go back
and look for him.
You got to be kidding.
We can't be going back!
Well, I'm afraid that
can't be helped
considering the circumstances.
I hadn't planned on
telling you this
until we arrived at port.
You see, if we make my deadline,
let's just say I'll be
a very rich man
and among other things I won't be
needing this boat anymore.
Transfer of ownership papers?
In your name, all legit and at a
price you can manage,
that is if you think you can get
your charter business going again.
I'm not trading a man's
life for a boat.
That's very commendable.
No matter what you may think of
me, I wouldn't either.
Mike, tell her.
Well, it doesn't make sense.
We can't be spending all of those
days with the authorities,
wasting their time,
wasting their money.
Risking their lives for a body
that they ain't gonna find.
You can't be certain of that.
Yes, I can.
Albert couldn't swim.
Is that true?
I'm afraid so.
It's a shame about Albert,
I liked him.
Yeah, well, he's shark bait now.
All right, make up your mind,
Do you want the yacht or not?
I'll have to make a
record in my log.
Well, of course, I would
expect no less.
Ah! - That's right.
(Water splashing)
(Dramatic music)
Decided to continue passage to
the Cayman Islands.
Captain's decision based on.
Do you have a sextant?
Yes, why?
Can I take a look at it?
Okay, but, Martin, a sextant's
used for navigation.
I know, I just want to try it
out for something else here.
Does this look like it
could be Albert's?
Could be, why?
(Thrilling music)
Do you have a prism or a
magnifying glass,
something like that?
[Rachel] Mm-hmm.
Do you have any water?
Any liquid at all?
Hold that there.
Thanks. - Like that?
[Rachel] What is it?
Martin, what am I looking at?
Blood cells, but this is a
hundred, maybe even a thousand
times normal, even
for fresh blood.
And you think this is
Albert's blood?
I don't know.
(Upbeat pop music)
(Cat meowing)
I think you're better
than Jane Fonda.
You know, when I get this tug
to where we're going,
it's gonna be so much money.
El mucho good life.
Doesn't look like you're
suffering too bad right now.
This is nothing.
I wanna tell you, Bobbie,
you sure are one hell of a
good looking woman.
When I saw you in the spa
with your body shining
in the sun, you would have
to be restrained
to keep me away.
I guess that's a compliment,
It's your pretty little body,
Walter, I'm trying to work out,
you know.
Well, you just forget about that
'cause I'm gettin' real tired of
you girls leading me on.
From now on we're gonna
play it my way
or the game's over
and you get out.
(Chuckles) Oh, Walter, we're
miles out to sea.
Now, how am I gonna get out?
We've got a lifeboat.
You wouldn't dare.
You wanna bet?
Walter, now don't be stupid!
(Cat screeching)
[Walter] There's nothing
stupid about this.
Hey, what the hell
are you doing?
Hey, just get lost, kid.
This is none of your business.
Leave her alone!
(Glass breaking) (Cat meowing)
Stop it!
(Walter groans)
(Gun fires)
(Bobbie screams)
What the hell is going on, Walt?
Dumb kid jumped me when I
wasn't looking.
Oh god.
Oh yeah?
No, you can't!
Just watch me.
Mike, wait, hold it!
No, stop!
(Gun firing) - Hold it!
(Mike grunts)
(Mike screams)
(Mike screams)
(Gun fires) (Glass breaking)
(Gun firing)
(Mike groans)
(Gun fires)
Oh, god.
(Mike groans)
Oh my god.
We got to stop the bleeding.
I'll get the first aid kit.
What happened?
What happened?
For god's sake!
The cat, the cat.
(Mike screams)
(Mike groans)
His heart's racing a
mile a minute.
His pulse is going crazy.
What happened to him?
He just went nuts!
I've never seen
anything like this!
It's not like him!
A cat couldn't have done this.
Look, it's right through the shoe.
It was the cat.
He's crazy, there's no way a
cat could do that.
I don't see how either.
Somebody better get on the radio
and get some medical
assistance and fast or I'm gonna
lose this guy. - Okay.
Just keep that on there,
all right?
[Bobbie] Yeah.
Suzanne, come with me.
Suzanne, come here, come here.
Hold this button down and call
may day, may day.
I'm gonna find where the nearest
medical facility is.
(Dramatic music)
Put that thing down.
What are you doing?
I said put the damn radio down!
Are you crazy!
We had a deal about
getting straight
to the Caymans, remember?
Those two people might die if we
don't get 'em to a doctor.
The kid's gonna be all right.
Mike is my problem.
Now, do you want
that boat or not?
Not with this much blood on it.
May day, may day, this is
the Caribbean sun.
We have a medical emergency.
I repeat, may day, may day.
(Gun firing)
(Sparks crackling)
Now, start the engine and get us
headed for the Cayman's.
I'm not taking this
boat anywhere.
I don't think you're
gonna shoot the
only person who can operate it.
Then I'll just blow her head off
and everyone else's
on board one at a time until you
get me where I wanna go!
You wouldn't dare.
You're way outta your league,
(Suzanne gasps) - Oh my god.
This one goes right
between her eyes.
[Suzanne] No.
(Suzanne whimpers)
All right, stop it, I'll do it!
Get this boat moving.
Look, I've told you that the
engine is heating up.
If it dies, we're
dead in the water
and I can't guarantee
I can fix it.
You get this thing
going right now!
(Rachel sighs)
(Engine revving)
Cut the crap, Rachel, and
start this thing!
What the hell do you think
I'm trying to do?
Just get away!
Stop it!
No way.
You just stand back.
This thing is gonna start.
(Sparks crackling)
What the hell happened here?
(Fire extinguisher blowing)
(Walter groans) (Walter coughs)
Rachel, stop, hold it, hold it.
You can't let her.
I mean, wait a minute, look.
I'm sorry, okay?
It's just that I.
Come on, wait, wait, stop.
Hold it, you can't let her!
I mean, okay, I'm sorry,
all right?
It's just that...
Suzanne, it's all right.
You'll get your chance.
Keep the gun on the scumbag,
but if he moves,
blow his balls off.
(Mike groans)
As near as I can tell, the cat
that bit Mr. Harvey is
highly poisonous.
A poisonous cat.
Now how is that possible?
I found a piece of blood-stained
shirt this morning.
Rachel and I took a pretty
good look at the blood
and it was mutating like nothing
I've ever seen or heard about.
(Mike groans)
[Corey] Maybe the
cat's got rabies.
[Mike] Oh god.
No, I've seen rabies.
I know what it does to the blood.
This was a mutation.
It's definitely not rabies.
Look, Bobbie says
she saw the cat
while it was running from you.
[Mike] No.
Tell Martin what you told me.
Well, it all
happened really fast.
I don't know, it didn't
look like the cat,
but it had to be.
His face was distorted or
something, I don't know, I mean.
It sounds crazy.
I don't know.
Did it look like a normal cat to
you before, Suzanne?
Of course, it's just a cat.
Oh god help me.
Martin, could this have anything
to do with that laboratory tag
that cat was wearing?
What are you talking about?
Shut up, Graham.
You know, you have been a major
disappointment to me.
Suzanne may be on to something.
There's a great deal of
experimentation on lab animals.
Maybe somehow this cat's system
has got some type of
experimental chemical in it.
I don't know.
It seems to me like our cat might
administer that very same
chemical when it bites.
Now if they've given it some type
of a metabolic steroid,
that might explain the strength to
bite through the shoe.
You mean they actually
poisoned that poor cat
and now it's dangerous
to all of us.
All I know for sure is
that the blood cells
in Mike's body are multiplying
at a phenomenal rate.
Somehow he's been poisoned.
Yeah, well, you got some of
Mike's blood on your hands.
How come you aren't sick?
Most likely it can only
be transmitted
by actual contact with my blood,
by ingesting it.
Just touching it or getting it on
my skin shouldn't hurt me.
Oh god.
(Heart beating)
(Blood spurting)
Oh god.
Oh god.
(Dramatic music)
Oh god.
(Water splashing)
What's gonna happen to us?
We're gonna survive.
We're gonna get this boat started
and we're gonna survive.
- Is this really necessary?
- Shut up!
I can't believe that you
shot up that radio!
You know, you're real lucky they
won't let me blow your head off.
You wouldn't have the
guts to shoot me
even if they did let you, preppy.
Rachel, I've still got to get to
the Cayman Islands.
That's the least of
our problems.
Let's go.
(Thrilling music)
How ya feeling?
I'm okay, really.
(Door creaks)
What was that in the closet?
Probably just the boat creaking.
How do you know?
I mean, what if it's the cat?
Don't worry.
I'll go check, okay? - No,
you stay here.
I'll do it.
(Suzanne sighs)
Are you sure?
You ready?
(Dramatic music)
(Suzanne chuckles)
(Suzanne sighs)
It was just me and my
father after that.
This ship was his dream
for both of us.
Then we had some storm damage,
dad got sick.
He got behind on
payments to the bank.
Graham owns the boat now.
So if I'm ever gonna get
this boat back
I better get this damn
engine fixed.
You see this pump here?
Yeah. - It brings sea water
in to cool the engine.
I got to trace every hose and
electrical wire, and.
Um, give me a hand here.
All right.
You got a lotta nice stuff here
for a creep, Graham.
That's what happens when
you've got money, preppy.
Ain't that the truth.
And you don't know
the half of it.
Mm, mm, mm.
You like that?
[Corey] You kidding me?
I always wanted one of these.
Keep it. - What?
What are you deaf as
well as dumb?
Go ahead, take it.
I've got a drawer full of them.
I guess you really are a
rich sob, aren't ya?
And getting richer all the time.
Here let me show you something.
Whoa, not so fast.
Hey, take it easy, be careful.
I'm just gonna get something
out of the wall safe.
Okay, nice and slow.
(Dial turning)
Go ahead, you can open it.
Be my guest.
Go ahead, but you do it nice
and slow so I can see everything.
[Walter] Very well.
Feast your eyes.
How much is that?
One million American
dollars cash.
(Bills slapping)
Buy a lotta watches.
Well, opportunity is knocking,
wake up.
Take a bundle.
There's plenty more where
that came from.
Oh yeah, how much more?
You help me get to my bank in
the Cayman Islands
without anymore hassles,
and you'll be using
that for pocket change.
(Corey laughs)
You know, somehow I
don't trust you,
Mr. Graham. (Walter laughs)
I'd be disappointed if you did.
But try, son.
(Dramatic music)
[Rachel] So?
So, it means that any
food the cat comes
in contact with becomes
Yeah, well the foods all
locked up, right?
Yes, it's safe.
The cat's gonna get
awful hungry.
What are you trying to say,
[Martin] I'm just saying that
we've got to stay alert.
That's all.
(Bobbie moans)
(Bobbie gasps)
Oh no.
Go away, please.
Ain't nothing here but us
little pussy cats!
Well, you almost
scared me to death!
Come on, what are you
scared of a little cat?
Yeah, you're damn right I am.
If you were smart you would be,
Well, you want me to stay here
and protect you from the big,
bad bogeyman?
Matter of fact, I
would feel better
with a big strong man
here to protect me.
And you know what?
I'm willing to do whatever it
takes to keep him here.
(Sensual music)
If you really wanna be protected
you're gonna be smart to
stick by me no matter
what happens from here on out.
(Lips smack)
Why do you think I picked you
from the beginning?
It was obvious you were
going places.
Yeah, that's right.
I'm going places.
I got it all worked out.
Once we're off this boat things
are just gonna slide into place.
You mean if.
If we get off this boat.
We will.
If I have to row this
thing back to shore.
I'm gonna make things
happen for me.
Two days stranded.
Damn it, you'd think we'd find
something out here.
Okay, let's give it a try.
See what we got.
(Engine revving)
(Engine revving)
Damn it, I just don't
have the parts!
I just can't keep... - You're doing
the best you can.
I never should have left port.
You know, listening to Graham
was just the stupidest
thing that I could have ever...
Nobody's blaming you.
Just got to keep trying.
You're right, Martin.
I'll be all right.
(Lance sighs)
(Walter sighs)
I thought it was gonna
start this time.
Yeah, me, too.
So how's your shoulder, huh?
Better, really.
Except for the damndest thing.
I've lost all the
feeling in my arm.
It doesn't hurt, nothing,
no feeling at all.
Kinda tingles, you know, like when
your arm falls asleep.
Well, I know something
that'll help.
Uh huh.
This is just what the
doctor ordered.
(Lips smack)
(Lance chuckles) What is it?
I was just thinking, even
though I lost the feeling
in my arm, it doesn't seem to
affect other parts of my body.
Here, let me take a look
at that boo-boo.
(Dramatic music)
(Bobbie screams)
(Lance screams) - Get it off!
(Bobbie screams)
Oh god, my hand!
Oh god, oh god, my hand, no!
Lance, don't worry, just wait!
Calm down!
Didn't you hear what Mike said?
I'm fucked!
Lance, Lance, no!
No, stop!
No, you heard what Mike said,
I'm poisoned!
I'm already dead!
Lance, okay.
Oh, my hand!
Did you see that thing?
Did you see it?
There's poison in my blood!
Wait, Lance, it's okay!
I got the poison in my blood!
No, please don't, please don't!
I know... - Lance, wait!
No wait!
Not like that, don't go!
I got the poison in my blood!
Don't jump, please!
No wait!
(Lance screams) (Bobbie screams)
(Water splashing)
No, Lance!
I'm going in, too.
(Water splashing)
Can you see him?
(Fire crackling)
God damn it!
I can't believe what happened.
It's just not real.
He was yelling about having
poison in his blood.
(Suspenseful music)
There's no more fresh water.
How about some champagne?
[Corey] Yeah.
Save that.
We've got to tighten
up on supplies.
We're all gonna die out here.
I mean, let's face it.
We're all gonna die on
this stupid boat.
Take it easy, Suzanne.
We're not gonna die,
we're gonna survive.
He's right, Suzanne.
We're gonna make it.
We'll have that engine fixed in no
time, right, Martin?
That's right.
We've almost got it.
We give up now, we might as well
just lie down and die.
We're gonna get outta here if we
just keep fighting.
You're lying.
You're both lying!
We're never gonna get out
of this alive!
We're all gonna die!
That thing's gonna
bite us and we're
all gonna die a horrible death!
(Suzanne groans)
Any luck?
Look, we need to let
Walter Graham out.
Look, we don't have
much of a choice.
We need his help.
And what kinda help
can he give us?
He can give us plenty of help.
Look, while you two are
fixing the motor,
he and I can form sort of a
cat assault team.
You don't know Walter
Graham like I do,
and I don't like the idea of
letting him out.
No, Corey's right.
We're running out of time here.
We can't afford to have anybody
not pulling his weight.
He and Graham could
look for the cat.
You and I can work on the boat
around the clock.
We can have Suzanne keep watch.
How's that sound?
All right then.
It's settled.
Get away from me.
I'm not helping you with anything.
You will take watch
like you're told.
Listen, you bitch,
if you hadn't a
brought that goddamn cat... -
Corey, Corey, hold on!
(Whimpers) I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You wanna get off this boat,
don't you, Suzanne?
We all do.
And we're going to.
Everybody's got to help,
got to do their job.
You can understand that.
Now we need you keeping watch
out for planes and ships.
Okay? - Okay.
You said it was good luck to
bring a cat on board.
That's right, I did.
Then it's your fault that cat's
here, it's not mine!
You're right, you're right,
but I still need you
to stand watch.
[Suzanne] But I want Corey to
know who's at fault here.
It's okay, Corey knows.
Don't you, Corey?
Now come on and take the
damn binoculars.
I am gonna go get Graham.
Be careful.
Yeah, don't worry about Walter.
I can handle him.
I meant the cat.
Don't worry, I got it all
figured out, Mr. Graham.
There's still a chance I could get
to my bank on time.
Listen, that thing could jump
out from anywhere
let me have the gun.
Look, son, you trust me,
don't you?
Let me have the gun.
Yeah, I trust you, Mr. Graham.
Let's nail this cat.
Then I got some ideas.
This looks like a prime spot.
Have these babies in
the right places.
Our little friend is history.
Just the smell of that stuff is
making me salivate.
If you knew how much
poison I put in it
you'd lose your
appetite real quick.
(Corey chuckles)
I'll show Martin he's not the only
smart one around here.
After all,
the hunt is still the hunt.
I don't know, Martin,
maybe you're right.
If I could just hold out,
I should be
able to get that engine running.
Yeah, if the food'll
last that long.
Here, it's your turn to
serve dinner.
Cereal again, mm mm!
Will you be joining us?
No, no, I have a
previous engagement
to become a master mechanic.
Well, maybe I can interest you
in a midnight snack.
(Lips smack)
(Flakes rattling)
That's it?
What kinda food is this?
Where's Corey?
He's out checking his traps.
I hope he's caught that thing.
I can't sleep with that cat
crawling around.
Well, here's to a dead cat.
(Dramatic music)
That cat knows that the
food's poisoned.
(Cocking gun)
(Creature screeching)
(Corey shouts)
What is that?
(Gun firing)
(Corey screams)
(Creature screeches)
(Corey groans)
(Water splashing)
(Gears squeaking)
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
Something that I should
have done days ago.
You won't last two days
in that lifeboat.
Our only chance is to stay
with the ship and
to get it going.
Then maybe someone will spot us.
(Dramatic music)
How the hell that
thing get in here?
It's lined with metal.
I don't know.
Well, how'd you let that happen?
You were supposed to be in
charge of the food.
We didn't let anything happen.
You've been sittin' around on your
ass the whole damn time.
We've been working on the engine
and the food and everything.
I assume it pried
through the sheet
metal by itself with its own paws.
Oh god, who cares.
Now we don't have any food left.
The cat should be
satisfied for now
with the contaminated food and
water and all that.
Why the hell shouldn't it be?
It's in a lot better
shape than we are.
We're all gonna die anyways.
What the hell are you doing?
(Suzanne shouts)
I'm looking for
something to eat.
I'm starving to death.
Suzanne, everything in
here's contaminated.
That's what you say.
I don't believe you.
You and Rachel are just hoarding
it all for yourselves.
Don't be ridiculous.
Suzanne, you're gonna have to
pull yourself together.
This food is poisonous,
it's poisonous,
do you understand me?
Everybody's getting the
same share of food.
That's just the way it is.
I'm sorry, Suzanne.
(Suzanne whimpers)
(Tool clanging)
Okay, I'm going to the wheel.
I'm gonna hit the ignition switch.
When I do, just pull that
lever to the left.
What are you doing sleeping?
What, what, what?
You were sleeping.
You're supposed to be
keeping your eyes open!
And what the hell are you doing?
Drop dead.
I guess I shoulda known better.
Rachel, if you haven't
noticed it's all over.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Nothing matters.
Well, you two may be ready to
give up, but I'm not.
Well, at least you're
being consistent
with being a dumb bitch!
You know, all you had to do to
get this boat back was
be nice to me and you weren't even
smart enough to do that.
And now you're too dumb to
know when to quit.
How do you think I got this boat?
I own this boat
because I was smart
and your daddy was dumb like you.
Yeah, well, you're an idiot,
Walter, and you always were.
Now, you two can just
stay out here
and die if you want to but not me.
(Suzanne laughs)
What are you laughing at?
You're gonna die!
(Walter laughs)
(Dramatic music)
(Keys rattling)
I knew it!
Just a pack of lies.
Keeping all this food just
for themselves.
(Cat meowing)
No, get away from me!
Don't worry, I only
took a little bit.
(Cat meowing)
You're not gonna hurt me.
You're a sweet little.
(Muffled screaming)
(Cat meowing)
(Muffled screaming)
(Cat meowing)
(Thunder cracking)
(Water rushing)
What are we gonna do?
You got to fix that!
It depends on the storm.
Well, you got to do something.
It's not gonna stop
in two minutes!
(Thunder cracking)
We have to hurry!
We're taking in too much water!
Where's Graham?
I don't know!
Come on, Graham!
I got one more briefcase.
I'll be right back!
We don't have time, forget it!
We don't have time! - I got
one more briefcase!
I'll be right back! - No, Graham!
Wait for Mel!
(Cat meowing)
(Creature growls)
(Graham groans)
(Thrilling music)
Where's Graham?
I don't know, forget about him!
I'm going for him,
you take it down!
Not without you!
You got to do it, do it yourself!
I'll jump in and swim!
(Dramatic music)
Come on, jump!
Come on!
We got to get outta here,
she's goin' down!
I'm sorry, Rachel!
I wonder what was so important
in this damn briefcase that he
gave his life for it!
There must be a million
dollars in here!
(Upbeat music)
Enough to buy a new boat!
And enough to finance a
study of psychobiology!
(Rachel screams) (Creature growls)
Are you all right?
Did it bite you?
No, thank god!
I think I'm okay!
Oh, Rachel, it's not over yet!
(Creature growls)
(Rachel screams)
It won't leave us alone as long
as we're the only
floating objects!
What do we do?
Here, maybe we can get it to
get on this thing!
No wait a minute!
Put it in here!
Come on!
It's getting on!
(Rachel screams)
(Martin cheers)
Sorry to keep you waiting but,
due to the storm
communications are backed up.
Now as to your story about a
monster, a poisonous cat,
well, I'm afraid your
ordeal must have
been too much for you.
Right now you need rest
and relaxation.
If there's any assistance I
can be for you,
contacting family or friends.
Oh, well, you've been so kind.
We really don't know
how to thank you.
It's my pleasure to help.
Thank you very much once again.
You've been more help then you'll
ever even begin to know.
Thank you.
(Upbeat music)
(Seagulls cawing)
(Cat meowing)
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
(Thrilling music)
Subt/Rarbg/Sinc by Barel