United 93 (2006) Movie Script

The white zone is for
immediate loading and unloading
of passengers only.
No parking.
American 1493, Newark tower.
Wind 050 at 6. Go to
land on runway four-right.
Yeah. You live here or you
commute? I actually live here.
I live in a little town about an
hour north of here called Marlton.
I live in Denver.
I came in last night.
You see all those
thunderstorms last night?
I didn't think
I was gonna get in.
You know, I picked this up...
No, I haven't done it yet.
I'm still working on them,
trying to get certain days off.
And it looks like the only way I
can get it is to bid the reserve.
Yeah, you know, I go back
to the Training Center.
I have a month on, month off, so I'll
be giving check rides out in Denver.
Oh, that ain't too bad.
At least you should be home.
You cut it close today.
Come on through.
Yes. Next, please.
All right, go ahead.
Okay, please raise your arms.
Just come right through.
All right, okay.
Thank you. You're good.
Nice flight.
Thank you.
No, that's fine. Okay.
She's got a crush
on that maintenance man.
See you later, guys.
Oops. Oh, sorry.
I keep taking that. Damn.
As I go over here
and build my nest,
you want to go outside
and do the walkaround?
I'll be with you
in about five minutes.
All right. I'll be here.
All righty.
Okay, I'll call her now.
Well, is it a complicated graphic?
'Cause if it's really...
Excuse me.
Take care. Okay, bye.
...and I'll call you
right back.
And, Kevin...
Drive south.
We'll be there in time.
Did you get the word about
putting on some extra fuel?
Yeah. Yeah, doing it now.
Okay, thanks.
Good morning. Congratulations
on the promotion, Ben.
Well, thank you very much.
Good morning.
Congratulations, sir.
Well, thank you.
Good morning.
Good morning. I'm happy
to see you all awake.
John. How are you this morning, sir?
Mr. Sliney,
good morning to you.
You know the fellows.
Yes, I do.
How are you?
How are you?
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Good morning. How are you?
How was that midshift?
The floor is yours. Hold on,
and I'll see you at the 8:30.
Thanks, John.
I'll catch up with you.
Ready for a brief?
Yes, sir.
All right, sir, we've got a
small system in the southwest.
Nothing too big.
Shouldn't be a big problem.
Some low ceilings over San
Francisco, nothing major.
That system finally
moved off to the east.
And we've got clear skies.
Good. It'll be a good day
on the East Coast.
Yeah, what time is that fog supposed
to lift in the west? Do you know?
We're looking
early afternoon.
Excellent. Excellent.
The President moving out of
Sarasota today up to Andrews.
Got restrictions
in place till 10:30.
Standard ops in the morning, normal
morning restrictions in New York.
Yeah, he always wants to fly
right when traffic's the heaviest.
Thanks. See you, fellows.
New York cranking up?
Yes, sir.
All right. Good.
What is that?
Coordinators down there?
That's right.
It needs to be diverted south.
DallaslFort Worth, go ahead. Yeah.
Can you guys
hear me back there?
Do you guys have
sugars up there?
Okay. Thanks.
Steal us a newspaper,
that'd be great.
What'd she say the movie was?
Knight's Tale?
Knight's Tale.
Yeah, for cockpit access
knock, let's use three and one.
Three and one?
Got you.
Yup. That'll get you in.
and Mark do that.
I just didn't want to.
It wasn't the right time.
Yeah, it's Jeremy.
Hey, two things.
First, speaking of Shipley,
that e-mail that he sent,
when you respond to it,
CC me a copy of the response.
Isn't that sweet? Yeah,
we're getting a, you know...
No, don't send it to Kevin.
I'm so sorry...
No, it'd just go to waste on Joe.
He'd be just as happy with Ripple.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we will now begin boarding
our first class
and Premier Club passengers
for United 93, with non-stop
service to San Francisco.
I will call you back.
Okay, bye.
Any passengers requiring
additional assistance
may also board at this time.
Now boarding through Gate 17,
United 93's...
Give this to you?
Thank you.
Welcome aboard.
Good morning, welcome aboard.
How are you today?
Excuse me, I'm gonna
follow him down there.
Good morning.
Got your seat number?
Right down here
on the right side.
Good morning, everybody.
And, sir, can I get you something to
drink while you're waiting for take-off?
Coffee would be great
with cream and no sugar.
Good morning. Thank you.
Here you go.
Have a nice flight.
Thank you.
Thank you, very much.
You're welcome.
Enjoy your flight.
Here you go.
Thank you, sir.
Good morning, sir.
There you go,
have a nice flight.
Good morning.
I'm just looking for 19.
Right down this way.
What seat?
Hi. How are you?
Good. How are you?
Good morning.
Good morning.
Let me give you
a hand with that.
Excuse me.
Did you talk
to the guys from Sony?
Sounds good.
Good morning!
Looks good, Captain.
All right, great, thanks.
Turn the lights off.
...number one,
runway four-right.
Final call for Flight 93,
non-stop service to San Francisco.
All passengers must make
their way to Gate 19.
You're clear.
Have a nice flight.
All right,
clear to 5,000 feet as filed.
Squawk is 5273.
It's Tom.
Hey, what's going on?
Is that supposed
to be the latest one?
Where are you?
Oh, good morning, sir.
You just made it. 4D.
Welcome aboard.
Is that the last one?
Last one.
All right, great.
I'll see you later.
I think we're ready
for you to close.
Watch your hands.
Thanks so much.
Alaskan Airlines, contact
Bradley. Approach 13532.
US Air, 2682, Boston Center,
roger. Charlie Echo 7821, roger.
Get back down to 7,000.
Am-X, 7281, contact Boston
And American 11, Boston
Center. Good morning.
Boston Center, American 11 is
with you. Climbing to 14,000.
And American 11,
turn 20 degrees to the right.
Roger. 20 degrees
to the right. American 11.
US Air 8720,
Boston Center, roger.
Ladies and gentlemen, please
make sure your tray tables are up,
your seat backs are in
their full upright position,
and please switch off all cellular
phones... Cut it a little close.
...and any other electronic devices.
I know. One of those mornings.
Flight attendants,
arm your doors for departure.
You going home?
Yeah. Just here for work.
Your seat belt, please.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Ladies and gentlemen,
from the flight deck,
my name is Jason Dahl and
I'll be your captain today.
With me is
First Officer Lee Homer,
and together, the two of us
will fly you to San Francisco.
En route time today is
That'll put us on the gate in San
Francisco on time or a little bit early,
maybe a little bit before
It's a beautiful day
for flying,
and our forecast across the
country is much as you see it here.
In just a few moments,
our flight attendants will be showing
you a very important safety demonstration.
Whether you are a frequent
flyer or a first-time traveler,
I urge you to put down
your reading materials
and pay attention to this
very important information.
Thank you, and welcome aboard.
United 93, ops.
Tail north.
Then clear to push.
Okay. Tail north.
Clear to push us. Start.
Okay, tail north.
Brakes released.
Cleared to push.
Yeah, good morning.
This is Rich Sullivan with the
We're updating
advisory number 23.
First issue, we're showing 15-minute
departure delays out of Newark.
Give us an update there.
I just spoke to Pete.
They're gonna try and get
those reduced or eliminated.
They're gonna get Washington
to reduce their restrictions,
so probably it'll clear up
in about a half hour or so.
Okay, we're gonna lessen the restrictions
or eliminate them on the Newark departures.
And the departure delays should
be coming down here very soon.
Next, we got a large-scale military
exercise off the East Coast today.
All the offshore routes
are gonna be closed at 1400.
All the traffic will have to be
moved inland. Any questions on that?
This is Jet Blue. Is Amber 761
available for offloads today?
Don't go for it.
No exceptions.
They're gonna have to wait.
No exceptions.
All the offshore routes
are gonna be closed.
Everyone's gonna be
moved inland. And that's it.
Anybody have anything else
for the morning plan?
Okay, we'll do
the next telcon at 1315.
Good job.
US Air 29, contact Boston
approach on 120.6. Good day.
Glens Falls.
After Glens Falls...
And American 11, climb,
maintain flight level 350.
Air Canada 129,
Boston Center.
U.S. Air 129,
contact Boston.
That's for American 11. Climb
maintain flight level 350.
Come on.
American 11, Boston. How
do you hear? Boston Center.
Hey, Greg?
Try American 11 again.
See if he's on your frequency,
if he came back to you.
American 11, Boston Center.
How do you read?
American flight 11,
Boston Center. Do you read?
There are also two window
exits located over the wings.
Each exit is marked
with a sign overhead.
Look around to locate the two
exits nearest to your seat.
In some cases, the nearest
exit may be behind you.
In an evacuation, exit path lights
will automatically illuminate
to guide you to an exit.
A life vest is located
under your seat.
It can be identified
by a red tab.
Do not remove it unless
directed by a flight attendant.
Taxi clearance.
Stand by.
We've got your release. I
want you to move up in the line
behind the United 757.
Good morning, ground. United
We have Alpha.
United 93, taxi runway
four-left via Bravo Romeo Bravo.
Hold short of Victor.
Roger. Said four-left
Bravo Romeo Bravo.
Hold short Victor. United 93.
And American 11
on emergency frequency,
if you hear Boston,
come up on frequency 127.82.
Am-X 7281,
contact Boston on 133.42.
Athens, Boston.
Do me a favor, you got
that United 175 out there.
Can you have them take a look and see
if you can get a visual on American 11?
United 175, turn 20 degrees to
your left, vector for traffic.
In your turn, look for traffic 12
o'clock to 1 o'clock, about 15 miles.
He's tracking south-southwestbound.
Altitude's unknown.
It's an American 767. Let me
know if you get a visual on him.
Am-X 7281,
proceed direct O'Neill,
resume all navigation.
US Air 312,
contact Boston on 133.42.
November 3622. Tango, roger.
Just be quiet and you'll be okay.
We are returning to the airport.
Call in Boston Center.
Say again, please.
Hey, John! Come here!
What's going on?
Aircraft, call in Boston.
Say again, please.
This guy here just contacted
me. I heard some verbiage
over the background. It was
not American, it was foreign.
They said something about
taking over the cockpit,
"Stay calm, we're going
back to the airport. "
I have no idea who it was. I think
we have a hijack situation here.
What makes you think
that's a hijacker?
Just trust me.
I heard the guy
in my ear, okay?
I heard the guy in my ear.
All right.
You need to check it out.
Command Center East. Tony.
Hey, Ben, we're doing a coffee
run. You want some coffee?
No, I'm filled up with coffee.
How are they doing on those
restrictions out of New York, Al?
Tell them they got them reduced. So La
Guardia, in fact, is now out of delays.
Newark's gonna
stay a while, though.
Good job. Good job. Excellent.
Rich, you need
to monitor this.
Yeah, let me take this stuff.
I got to get to the 8:30, so...
Command Center East. Toby.
Hey, Walsh.
Hey, Ben!
Ben, hang on.
Listen, we're just getting a
preliminary report from Boston Center.
They think they've
got a hijacking.
A hijacking?
It's American 11.
A heavy 767.
Departed Boston for LA.
Where is he now?
He's about 50, 60 west
of Boston.
You got a squawk 7500?
No, I don't think so.
They heard some kind
of suspicious transmission,
so they're checking on it... All right.
It's very preliminary.
All right.
When you get some hard information,
let me know and I'll brief the staff.
Did someone say "hijack"?
Everything okay?
Good. Before we get started...
Well, that was a possible
hijack. American... What?
Anybody remember...
Haven't seen that in years.
Yeah, I know. When was the
last time we had a hijack?
It's been quite a while,
quite a while. '91, '90.
I can't even remember
precisely. Yeah, I know.
No, no. It's Boston to LAX, American 11.
Yeah, they're on it and
they're gonna keep me informed.
I'll brief you.
Hey, ground. United 93.
What's our sequence?
United 93, follow
the Continental and Delta.
You're number 15 for the
departure. Monitor tower.
Air Canada 273,
turn left...
Well, folks, from
the flight deck, Captain Dahl.
Looks like we've run into a
little bit of rush hour traffic
here at Newark this morning, and
that's a typical day at Newark.
I count 15 airplanes
ahead of us for departure,
and they're getting them off
about one every two minutes,
so unfortunately it's gonna be
about a 30-minute delay
until we get airborne.
I apologize for the delay and
I appreciate your patience,
and I'll get back to you
with an update. Thank you.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's just fine. Just
a normal delay out of Newark.
Excuse me, can I have a
pillow and a blanket, please?
What did you say?
Guys, just keep your
planes away from him, man.
I have no idea
what this guy's doing.
What do we have, Pete?
I gave all my aircraft
over to Greg already.
He's working them.
I'm holding onto this.
This guy right here
is the only guy I have.
He's westbound right now. I
heard some voices in my ears.
Flight 11, American
Airlines? But no 7500 code?
No, I had no 7500 code.
American 11, Boston Center.
American 11, how do you hear?
No, see, that
doesn't make sense.
What's up, Pete?
Where are we at?
I just put it up
into the speaker here,
if we hear anything back, but
right now we just have the guy.
He's due westbound.
He's climbing...
I'm going back to the
airport. That's it.
That's it right here.
Somebody's got to pull
these fucking tapes right now.
Pull the tapes
now from 0800 on.
To all personnel, NORAD exercise
commencing in five minutes.
Huntress. Weapons.
Sergeant Powell.
Okay, and remember
this is a NORAD exercise.
Right now we have Russian Bears
penetrating the ADIZ up off Alaska,
so you'll want your tracker
techs keeping their eyes open.
Okay, stand by, one second.
Dawne, go out and see what
Powell's so excited about.
Yes, sir.
what do you got?
Hey, I got a hijack
on the phone. Boston.
Is this a sim?
No, real world.
Come on, where's EET?
No, it's a no-shit hijack.
It's Boston.
All right.
Okay, thanks.
Well, okay,
give them a call.
Yeah, we have
a possible hijack.
General update. Tell them
we're ready here. Okay?
Can do, sir.
We have a real world
situation here.
We have American Airlines flight 11.
It's a 757 out
of Boston to LAX.
Ninety-two passengers on it,
and it's at 7500.
Still squawking?
No, sir.
Okay. Get Nasypany
to the floor!
All operational personnel
to the floor!
Major Nasypany, report to the
operations floor immediately.
All operations personnel
report to the ops room...
This is Colonel Marr here.
Get me General Arnold.
Here you go.
Folks, Captain Dahl
again with an update.
We're making
some progress now.
We're about number four
for departure.
I'll get with you when we're number
one. Thanks for your patience.
We just want to take your order
for breakfast after take-off.
You're gonna get it.
We have a hot breakfast,
which is, like,
an omelet, roll and fruit.
I'll take that. Thanks very much.
Okay, great.
I'm sorry for the delay. We'll
be out of here as soon as we can.
I understand. Thank you.
Would you mind bringing me
some water with my breakfast?
I have to take some pills.
Sure. No worries.
I'd just as soon stay out
of the more populated areas.
Well, here are the falls.
If we go up there, we'll be all right.
I'd like to get up in that high country.
Go ahead, sir.
Good morning, Major.
We got a possible hijack
in progress out of Boston.
American Airlines 757. They're
not squawking. Let's find them.
Copy that.
All right, let's go.
Listen up, everybody!
All right, look,
we got a possible hijack.
This is real world.
Possible hijack.
Surveillance, get your
tracking techs on scopes.
I want two on a scope.
Copy that.
I wanna know
if he pops up again.
ID, get on the phones with the FAA.
Let's get his last known position.
Otis to battle stations.
Copy that.
Do you have a call sign or
anything? Battle stations. Copy.
American Airlines 11.
American Airlines 11
is the call sign.
Sir, it's confirmed.
And now
the aircraft is NORDO.
We get a lot of that crap.
Somebody's making phony
transmissions on the radio...
If it's not confirmed, it's probably
a lost radio call or something.
Command Center. Tony.
Stand by one second.
Yesterday, we had
two ground delay programs.
One at Atlanta
and one at O'Hare.
And we had 850
aircraft delayed.
Hit a 56-minute average
and a very modest
Benny, that is like, $2,000
a minute we are talking about.
You are into
a hole already for...
No, no, no.
... 90 million bucks, Ben.
They're not even my delays.
I started today.
Ben, we need you
on the floor.
We're getting more information
on that American 11.
Oh, all right. Listen,
excuse me, John... Yeah.
...and, folks, I'm gonna go
out and take care of this.
We're getting some more updates Okay.
and I'll brief you as soon as
I get some more information.
What do you got?
American Airlines
contacted Boston Center.
Apparently, a flight attendant
onboard the aircraft
via telephone called the
company and she said that
the aircraft is being hijacked and
one or more people have been stabbed.
Stabbed on the plane?
Yeah. Just confirm...
American Airlines gave this
information to Boston who called us.
Is the aircraft still on
course? The last I heard.
Let's get an update
from Tony. All right.
All right, stand by.
This is Boston on the
line right now. Yeah.
They don't know anything more.
There was a suspicious transmission,
the controller heard it,
and they're pulling tapes to see
exactly what was said on the frequency.
And American Airlines
is the one that called them.
Who is it? The ops
manager of Boston Center.
Hi, this is Ben Sliney.
Boston thought it may
have been a... They heard
some kind of oddball Yes.
So she called the company,
she said their airplane
was being hijacked...
All right.
Has he changed altitude?
...don't know if it's a person
or people who've been stabbed.
All right.
All right, we're pulling
it up now, and, listen,
if you get any further information on
the track or the altitude, let me know.
All right. Keep me advised.
Thanks. Yeah. Thanks.
All right, look, the...
That aircraft has made
a turn southbound
and they're not
tracking him any longer.
They're not getting any
Mode C altitude information.
And I see our track has gone ghost on it,
but they do say he's heading southbound.
I want us to get in touch
with New York Center
and let them know he's coming.
Let's get everything out of its way
and even give
New York TRACON a call
because he may be trying to head
for one of the New York airports.
Okay, right.
that American 11...
Maybe we should get in
touch with headquarters
and start briefing them on this
now. Yeah, I'll call immediately.
Folks, Captain Dahl
with some good news.
We're currently
number one for departure.
We'll be airborne shortly.
Flight attendants,
prepare for take-off, please.
You know, I try and drop
as many trips as I can.
I like to be home with my babies. Yeah.
Did you bring some good
magazines to keep yourself awake?
I don't think I've gotten through a
magazine in I can't tell you how long.
We have some planes. Just
stay quiet and you'll be okay.
We are returning
to the airport.
We have some planes. Just
stay quiet and you'll be okay.
We are returning
to the airport.
We have some planes.
Yeah, it's Bob here. It's
"planes. " Planes. Plural.
Definitely, yeah.
United 93, wind 050 at 6.
Runway four-left.
Clear for take-off.
take off. Four-left. United 93.
Welcome to New York Center.
Altimeter is 2996.
Maintain speed 310...
...speed of 300 knots
or greater.
Maintain flight level 220 and
maintain a speed of 300 knots.
Roger, you got it.
New York. Thumbser.
Yeah, Boston.
New York. United 175.
All right, thank you.
I got it. All right.
Hey, Dave?
American 11 looking
as a possible hijacking.
It may be going back
into Kennedy. Hijack?
They say they heard something,
that there might be intrusion
into the cockpit.
All right, just let me know
if you hear anything,
anything unusual or
anything. I'll watch him.
He's not squawking 7500.
So just keep it normal.
No, he's not doing anything.
I'll keep an eye on him.
I got it.
Just keep an eye on him. Will do.
What's going on?
We got a hijack.
It might be a hijack, I
don't know. It's American 11.
It's going down.
You got a hijack?
We haven't had a hijack
in 20 years. I don't know.
Listen, I don't know. What
do you want me to tell you?
I just gotta watch him.
That's all.
Chris, you got that? Thumbser.
United 175 heavy,
New York, go ahead.
...west of Kennedy by 15 southbound
descending, it's American 11.
We're not sure
what the problem is yet.
hijacking, we're not sure.
Passenger said something
about they're up front.
Roger, United 175 heavy.
Well, I'll pass it along.
Wait, I'll talk to him.
Hold on.
United 175 heavy just called.
He said he heard a suspicious
transmission on the radio
as he was climbing
out of Logan.
He said something about,
"Everybody stay in your seats. "
He doesn't know who it
came from, but it came out
and he said it was...
He just heard it as he was
climbing out... United 175?
United 175 heavy, yes.
And what about American 11?
American 11's still... It's nothing.
He's just still
going slow, you know.
He might be going into Newark
or Kennedy or something,
I don't know.
You know, I have no idea.
Continental 1002,
Newark Tower. Good morning.
Why don't you try
the next one down?
An arctic fish.
How about "char"?
Ladies and gentlemen,
Captain Dahl.
As we make this turn, those of you
on the left side of the airplane
have a beautiful view of lower
Manhattan and the New York City skyline.
Looks nice out there.
Looks nice out there.
What do you mean there's no one there?
Well, you guys must have a backup.
Whatever information they got, they
got to give it to us right away.
All right, good.
Hijack controller, no one
at the desk. No backup.
Looks like they're on
vacation. No backup?
There's no backup.
There's no one at the desk.
Who were you
talking to downstairs?
I'm talking to this guy.
He's in the conference room.
There's nobody else in there.
I'm relaying the information,
and then he's moving...
We got it. We got the tapes.
Boston Center got the tapes pulled.
They said, "We have
some planes. " Hold on.
That's what he said,
"We have some planes. "
That was the
suspicious transmission.
Was there
any voice recognition?
I'm tracking it.
Jesus Christ.
Med Express 77,
maintain 10,000.
The Kennedy altimeter's 2996.
Keep an eye on it. Now watch.
Delta 351, altimeter 2992.
Chilean 4369,
New York altimeter, 2996.
Paul, what do you got?
Hey, Mike, how you doing?
American 11. Possible
hijacking on American 11.
He's southbound, 767.
Nobody's talking to him.
I just called the room up
and let them know about it.
They're not tracking
him either, right now.
Where was
the target last time?
Last time it was tracked
in New York at Kennedy.
He's heading for the south.
American 11, New York.
What do you want me to check?
Target's gone.
Paul. Paul, the target for
American 11 just disappeared.
Just disappeared where?
Right around Manhattan.
It just disappeared?
It was right there.
It just disappeared.
I was talking to the other aircraft.
The target just disappeared.
Call Kennedy up. Find out if they have it.
We don't know where American is, all right?
Call Kennedy tower up, see
if they have him down there,
and call Newark tower and
see if they have him there.
What do we got, boys?
All right, sir, you need me to go
ahead and start a recall for you?
Yes, initiate that.
Okay, great.
What's the status with Otis?
Are those planes ready?
Foxy, what you got?
You got anything?
MCC, battle stations
call made 0838.
Otis attained
battle stations at 40.
slams at battle stations.
Otis at battle stations. Copy.
Get me something.
Nothing's squawking.
MCC, Boston lost American 11.
They don't see him anymore
on their scopes.
They think maybe he went
below radar coverage.
They have no idea where he is.
We've got Otis.
Have the battle ready.
We need scramble authority.
Copy that.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Copy that.
Okay, let's get those
Otis birds in the air!
Scramble Otis!
This is Huntress with an
active air defense scramble.
I repeat, active
air defense scramble.
Time is 0846.
I authenticate
Greg, look at the World
Trade Center. What?
Look at the Trade Center, man.
Bob, you see that?
Man, that's a lot of smoke.
I can't believe that.
Yeah, take a look
at the World Trade Center.
No, I have no idea.
I'm getting reports from numerous
aircraft about smoke in Manhattan.
A lot of smoke.
A lot of smoke coming out
of the North Tower.
Thumbser, go ahead.
The American
was over Manhattan
A small plane? Is that confirmed?
when I lost any sign of...
Ben, I just got...
New York called. Yeah?
They got smoke out of
the World Trade Center.
Smoke? They think a small plane
A small plane?
has crashed into it.
Small plane.
I don't know.
That's what
they're telling me.
A small plane went into
the World Trade Center.
You might want to have a look. Okay.
CNN's reporting a light civil aircraft
has just hit the World Trade Center.
MCC, CNN has just reported a light
aircraft has hit the World Trade Center.
Bill, get me CNN
up on screen three, will you?
New York Center called.
They were tracking the primary
target, they've lost it.
They said they'd
lost American 11.
Where did they lose it at?
Somewhere over the city.
Over the city?
He's down over the city?
They don't know
if he's under the radar
coverage out there or not.
All right. Get in touch with the
metro towers, see if they got a visual.
Hey, it's coming up now.
I'll call TRACON, see if...
Oh, my...
...we're getting reports
this morning, that a plane
has crashed into one of the
towers of the World Trade Center.
CNN Center right now is just
beginning to work on this story.
Obviously calling our sources and trying
to figure out exactly what happened.
But clearly something relatively
devastating happening this morning there
in the south end of the
island... I don't know.
I'll tell you what, that is
not a small plane. No way.
It's huge.
A Cessna would have bounced off
that. Look at the size of that hole!
Look at all them
people sitting...
I got a bad feeling about
this. I'll tell you right now.
Is that American 11? Is
that who they were tracking?
Nobody's telling us anything.
No info. I have no info.
Well, which way are we looking
here? If we're looking...
It looks like the sun's on that side
of the building, so we're looking north.
He came from our left.
He had to come from the west.
That aircraft came in from
the west into that building.
Who could it be?
Now where's American 11?
You know what I want you to
do? Get in touch with the NYPD.
See if they have any information on
what caused that in the Trade Center.
Look at the size
of that explosion.
...Sean, you're on the air right
now. What can you tell us about...
And, folks, Captain Dahl.
We've reached our cruising
altitude of 35,000 feet
and I'm going ahead and turn
the "Fasten Seat Belts" sign off.
That is your signal you are
safe to move about the cabin.
We got
the seatbelt sign off.
However, when you
are in your seats
I'll ask you to keep your
seatbelts loosely fastened,
as you never know when we'll get
some bumps we're not expecting.
Our flying time today again
is 5 hours and 25 minutes,
and in spite of that short
delay back there in Newark
I'm still projecting an on-time
arrival in San Francisco.
I'll update you on the weather
as we get a little closer.
In the interim now, I'll
ask you to sit back and enjoy
the outstanding service
of our fine flight attendants.
If there's anything we in the cockpit
can do to make your ride more enjoyable,
please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you.
Hey, can I get
a copy of the manifest?
Oh, sure.
Here you go.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, no problem.
Looks pretty good, huh?
I love these light loads.
I do, too.
I knew you were gonna
say that, so I've planned.
We've got...
We have reservations there.
And there.
Fedex 7852, we heard it was a small
plane that hit the World Trade Center.
That's the last that we heard. Roger.
Eagle 755, you contact
departure on 126.8.
I gave you that Eagle 755
also, okay? Another one?
Yeah, Eagle 755.
Toggle 9445, you contact
approach on 120.8.
Chris, I need you to take
this one also. Got it.
Hey, Dave, you got an untracked
target five miles east of Allentown.
Thank you.
United 175, I need you to reset
your transponder squawk 2374.
United 175, New York.
You read the radio?
Call American 11 again.
I'll try him again.
Paul, neither airport had one.
Maybe... He must've landed.
Newark heard nothing from him,
Kennedy heard...
Try the towers again.
I'll try again.
He's gotta be somewhere.
He's gotta go somewhere.
United 175, New York.
If you read the radio, ident.
Traffic's 9 o'clock and seven.
Southwestbound Delta
Boeing 73, same altitude.
United 175, New York.
Paul, United. I think we got another one.
The guy has dropped his transponder off.
United 175, New York.
He's out by Allentown.
United 175.
If you have United 175, you need to
switch him back to... The traffic room.
No, I'm not talking to him.
I'm not talking to him. I know.
Delta 2433, stand by.
I can't take
any more airplanes.
He's busy enough. We'll take
care of it. We'll take care of it.
We'll take care of it.
They're standing by, right now.
Watch that Delta 2315. He's aimed
right at him. The same altitude.
He's starting to get
close to him. You see that?
Give me a chance to work.
Just stay back!
Just give me a chance
to work here, all right?
United 175, New York,
if you read the radio,
you have traffic at your 9 o'clock
and four miles southwestbound,
same altitude.
It's a Boeing 73.
I'm telling you this is
another hijack. I'm telling you.
United 175, traffic is your
Do you have that Delta?
Delta! Delta 2315,
traffic 2 o'clock!
Five miles,
southeastbound, 757.
Traffic, three miles.
Turn him. Turn him.
Turn to one and a half.
Heading southeastbound.
No distance!
He's right on top of you!
I'm telling you right now.
This is another hijacking.
Delta 2315, he's right on top
of you. This is a hijacking.
Delta 2315,
you still there?
That's a roger, New York. We
are clear. Delta 2315. Over.
Paul, he just went
behind him.
Holy shit.
Good. Good.
Good job, sir. Good job.
She was sitting inside her apartment,
and she looked up and saw the side
of the World Trade Center...
All right. Thank you much.
...explode into flames
and black smoke.
Excuse me.
If they hijacked them...
New York Center says they got confirmation
that it was a commercial airliner
that hit the Trade Center.
Well, that's it.
That was American 11.
It had to be American 11.
What the hell is going on? But
how could he hit the building?
I mean, why would he hit the building?
Even if it is American 11, why...
It's clear and fifty. You don't
get a pilot flying a plane...
Either they're gonna
ditch it in the Hudson...
They're not gonna do this.
There's no way. No way.
Jesus, how many people
are in that building?
Ben? Ben?
I'm sorry, New York Center
wants you on the phone right now.
Yeah. Yes, New York.
Wait a minute, hold on. They
think they got another hijack,
and it's headed for New York.
Another one?
We got another hijack?
All right, United 175.
Get him up on there.
How many people
are in that building?
Where is
that military liaison?
Can somebody help us out?
We need some help here.
We're trying to get
the military involved.
We can't get anybody
at headquarters.
All right, listen, you take care of your
house, we'll take care of this business.
Okay. Let me know
if anything else develops.
United 175, and it's headed
straight for New York.
United 175, New York.
United 175.
United 175, New York.
United 175 here. This guy's
at, like, 10,000 feet a minute,
and he's still going down.
I heard. I heard.
United 175, New York.
This guy's dropping like
a manhole cover now, Paul.
He's still descending
eastbound towards New York.
This aircraft is going down,
I'm telling you right now.
Call the military up.
Find out where they are. Okay.
Are you listening to me?
This guy is going straight down
into the ground, I'm telling you.
He's not answering me.
We're not talking to him.
He's descending.
It's like 6,000 to
Dave, you still not talking
to that guy? No, I'm not.
He's going right through
everybody else's traffic.
The target's gone. It's gone.
The target's gone.
The target's gone.
We don't have him anymore.
We just lost him.
All right, hold on. Hold on.
I got a primary on a target.
Where? He's rapidly descending.
Can you see that right here?
He's coming down quick, yeah.
Can you see that?
Well, who is it?
I don't know.
You see him
out the window?
I don't know.
Is he out there?
Yeah, descending rapidly.
No, there he is.
There he is.
Where? Right there. Over
the Verrazano Bridge.
Oh, yeah.
Look how fast he's going.
No, he's going right up
the Hudson River center.
Oh, my God.
Jesus! Shit!
How does he do that?
There was then an
explosion inside... Damn it!
The building's exploding right now!
You got people running up the street!
I don't know
what the hell is going on.
Did you see that?
Did you see that, sir?
I'll have
to call you back.
Oh, my God.
American, stand by.
Holy shit!
Jesus Christ.
Be advised there's a major
incident over New York right now.
Shawna, what do you got?
What do you got, Shawna?
Boston said that...
Boston just said they have another
hijacked aircraft. United 175.
Copy that.
We've got another hijack.
We've got two hijacks.
Are they...
Does Boston... Is...
Get on with FAA.
Who was that?
There's no confirmation, sir.
MCC, we need our planes
over Manhattan.
We need those Otis birds
over Manhattan now.
You got it! All right,
weapons! Weapons!
You want any sugar
in your coffee?
I'm fine for now, thanks.
What would you like to
drink? I'm glued to this.
Coffee or juice?
Yeah, I'll take some coffee. Hi, guys.
You know, I'm gonna serve
you guys after first,
'cause there's only six,
if that's okay.
It was a beautiful take-off.
So you're still okay
with the hot?
All right, well, then, we'll bring
you something to drink after that.
Yeah, it's like football with
no padding. Here you go, sir.
Hope you all enjoy this.
And I'll be
right with you, guys.
And here we go. All right.
Why don't we turn
this around? Thank you.
If you could help me.
Thank you.
Yeah, that would be great. Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
New York Center wants everything stopped
going to their airports and through...
All right, Tony, issue a
ground stop for New York Center.
Nothing goes
into New York Center.
Got it. At least the
first tier on that. Yeah.
In fact... Hey, you know what?
Let's stop Boston, New York,
and then maybe
stop Washington, too.
Yeah, whatever's necessary.
Just get them stopped now.
I don't want any more planes
on their frequency taking off.
Boston, we have
no confirmation...
Copy type and tail.
I'm hearing about another
hijack. Keep your ears open.
Too much traffic.
We can't get the clearance.
That's not acceptable.
They're not giving it to us.
If you need to, get on the line
and get the clearance for them,
but don't take that from them.
Where are those Otis planes?
Are we over Manhattan yet?
What's going on? MCC.
What's the status
on Otis, Foxy?
We're still trying
to get a clearance, sir.
We're getting no clearance from the
FAA to get those birds over Manhattan.
What do you want
me to tell weapons?
Screw the FAA.
Send those Otis planes now.
Get them over Manhattan.
He says forget about the FAA. Get
those birds over Manhattan now.
United 93, Cleveland Center.
Good morning.
United 93, Cleveland Center,
You have the aircraft.
I have the aircraft.
Hi. Breakfast, guys.
Here's one with juice.
Thank you.
I'm bringing the other one
with coffee in one second.
Thank you very much.
Enjoy, guys. See you later.
Thanks, Deb.
See you in a bit.
What do you need over here?
But you know, with girls I can't, I could
never, you know, I couldn't control...
As soon as I get on the
ground, I'll give her a call.
You have kids?
Yeah, I do.
I have a
Eleven months. How's that?
You getting any sleep at night?
She's finally beginning to settle
down now, so everything's looking good.
My anniversary's coming up, I'm taking
my wife to London for a couple days.
Well, that should be good. Yeah,
I've been to London a couple times.
You know,
we're gonna do the usual.
A little sightseeing, do a couple
plays and just kind of get away.
I've got Otis in the air,
and two more at Langley.
Four planes.
That's all I've got.
I'm gonna need some support.
I'm gonna need more planes.
I've got Otis headed to Manhattan
and... No, the FAA is giving us problems.
all the other fighter planes that
are on the East Coast. Oceana.
No, I sent them anyway.
Right now, Langley's sitting
at battle stations, sir.
Copy that.
Okay. MCC!
Boston is telling us American
What? American 11 is still in the air.
We don't know who
those planes are.
American 11 is still flying?
Headed towards Washington.
God damn it!
All right, surveillance, we got American
Let's go. I want you to light up every
track south of New York over Jersey.
Colonel. Colonel.
Hang on. Hang on, sir.
Yes, go, MCC.
Boston is saying
that American 11
is heading towards Washington now.
That it's not one of the flights
that went into the Trade Centers,
but it's heading towards Washington.
We gotta scramble those
Langley birds right now.
What the fuck?
Hold on, sir.
Scramble Langley. Scramble
Langley to Washington.
Scramble Langley, weapons. Copy that.
Scramble them to
Washington. Scramble Langley.
No, we just got a report. We're
getting bad stuff from the FAA.
Bad stuff from the FAA all around. They
just told us that 11 was still flying.
We thought 11
went into the tower.
All parties acknowledge
with initials. Command posts.
Tower. Approach. Giant Killer.
Gentlemen, gentlemen!
Here's what I want.
I want you to contact
all the centers.
I want to know about any aircraft
that they deem suspicious.
There's NORDO or lost transponder,
off-course, change altitude.
And let's get it on that board down
there and start sharing this information.
with the military.
Where is that
military liaison?
Go get him. Yeah, tell him
I need to speak to him now.
Indy Center just called.
They're missing an American 77.
They lost it 25 minutes ago.
It deviated off...
American 77.
American 77. Out of Indianapolis Center.
They said that he lost his
transponder after he turned off-course.
We got an American 77 out of
Dulles, lost the transponder.
All right, I need... I want last-known
position, speed and altitude.
I want it in his track. I want
to know where he's heading.
We just had two
go into the city.
And, you know, anything is suspect now,
especially if he's heading toward the city.
I need last-known
position and track.
All right, do you know
who that second airplane was?
Okay. If you find out,
let me know.
Boston's tracking
another one, Delta 1989.
He's another
Boston-to-LAX, 767.
Right now he's on course.
They are talking to him, but they're
very concerned about that flight
because it's the exact same
profile as these last two.
All right, so listen, fellas. I want you
to get a ground stop out across the nation.
I don't want anybody else
coming into our airspace.
How many have I got
airborne now? 4,000 or 5,000.
Between 4,000 and 5,000.
All right, no more departures
anywhere. You got that?
Call Boston. Call Cleveland.
No more departures.
Copy. Boston-to-LA and that's
Delta 1989, suspected hijack.
Eagle flight 248, contact
Cleveland Center, 134.6.
John, there's a suspected hijack
from Center at Boston, all right?
I need you to confirm
when you can, all right?
Let me know if
you hear anything. Delta 1989.
I'll let you know.
Soon as I can.
United 93, Cleveland Center. Go ahead.
Cleveland Center, United 93. Level
"Beware cockpit intrusion. "
"Two aircraft hit
the World Trade Center. "
But we just left Newark.
The weather was beautiful.
That's gotta be student pilots. I'm
gonna... Let me just confirm this.
What have you got?
Do we have anything on 11?
You're spotting nothing?
Come on, guys. Beat the bushes.
Where is this guy? What's he doing?
I got two F-16s ready to turn
and burn toward Washington.
I need to know the ROE, sir.
Sir, what do you want me to do
when we intercept American 11?
Do we give them nines in their
nose, sir? I need to know that.
If we engage,
when do we engage?
How do we get the authority to
get... Colonel, I need to know
with these Langley birds what I'm
gonna do. Rules of engagement, sir.
Do we shoot this flight down?
How high up
do we have to go? SecDef?
Vice President?
The President has to
make the call. Yes, sir.
Sir, I need rules of
engagement. What do I do, sir?
Yes, sir. Hold on.
MCC, I'm on with
CONR right now,
requesting clarification
for rules of engagement.
We'll let you know
when Langley's airborne.
Yes, sir. ID type and tail. Yes, sir.
All right, thank you, sir.
We have no
shoot-down authority.
No shoot-down
authority at this time.
It is ID type and tail.
ID type and tail.
Shoot-down authority comes from the
President and the President only.
How long is it gonna take
to get that authority, sir?
Where the hell is the liaison?
Boston's stopping. Boston's
already stopped their...
You gotta work
the military on this one.
Colonel, listen. We got
a bad situation going on.
I need you to do everything you can to
get these lines of communication open.
We got at least two planes
into that goddamn building.
We got multiple situations going
on. We've given you people...
Listen, I know it's not your job to do
this, but you've gotta do what you can.
We gotta get jets on every one
of those aircraft on that board.
Are you in direct contact with the
Pentagon or are you talking to some liaison?
No, no, no,
I'm talking to them.
They understand the gravity of the situation.
I'll give you the best update I can...
No, I need action is
what I need. I understand.
I need action.
I understand.
And long, long quarters
with hardly any breaks.
And, yeah, it's...
You take out all
your aggression
and all your, you know,
all your shit for the day.
I think golf is pretty
much all I'm up for now.
Yeah? Well, not like you have
time for anything else.
You know, but you can
make time, though.
No, you're right.
You're absolutely right.
That's why I had to... I mean...
When I left school, I knew I just
had to continue rugby in some way.
So there were...
There was, like,
this league that started.
It's kind of like a city
league. It's kind of my outlet.
Would you like
anything to drink?
No. I'm fine, thank you.
There you are.
Thank you.
Have a nice morning.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Here you go, sir.
Thank you, my dear.
You're welcome.
Not having breakfast?
No, thank you. I'm gonna
go to sleep in a minute.
A little early?
You wouldn't have any Scotch you
could put in there, would you?
It'd be $4.
No, I'm just kidding.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Care for coffee?
Oh, yes.
And, you know, you're coming
up the Jersey Turnpike.
And I'll tell you,
New York was like,
it was like Emerald City,
you know?
Yeah. Beautiful.
It was beautiful.
The sun coming up
behind the buildings.
Time for a drink,
even for dinner?
Yeah, sounds great.
We've got three kids at home, so
that's a full-time job right there.
And you wanted
the hot breakfast, right?
okay here? Good.
He's got a bomb!
He's got a bomb!
Get back! Get back!
What's going on?
Move! Don't stop! Go! Go!
Open the door. Open the
door and nobody will be hurt.
Jesus Christ. Go! Go!
Sit down and fasten
your seat belts!
Do it!
No, no.
You want to get that?
You got the aircraft?
I have the airplane.
Go! Go! Go!
Get out of here,
get out of here! Mayday!
Get out of here!
He started to scream, and somebody said,
"Get out of here, get out of here. "
No! No, please, no!
Jesus Christ.
There's a guy who got stabbed.
He what?
They stabbed this guy.
In first class, they stabbed
him. It's the truth.
Who is that? There's a bomb,
there's a man with a bomb.
What? And they have stabbed a passenger.
Oh, my God!
Where's Debbie?
The men took her. They took
Debbie. They grabbed her.
Where is Debbie?
They're taking over the plane.
They took Debbie.
United 93, air traffic for you is
United 1523, did you
hear somebody,
did you hear some other
aircraft on the frequency here?
United 93, Cleveland.
Verify your altitude.
United 93, Cleveland.
How do you hear?
United 93, Cleveland.
United 93, Cleveland.
Verify your altitude.
Tom, I'm getting no response out
of a United 93. No response at all.
All right.
Delta 1989, Cleveland Center,
Delta 1989, roger.
Hey, Tom. Delta just
called in. He sounds good.
This guy here? I don't
think it's a hijack.
He took a turn of a 330
heading. It doesn't matter.
They said he was hijacked.
They placed a phone call.
Keep working him, all
right? I'm just telling you.
I don't know if we have
one or two,
but I know he is descending
on his own without a clearance.
Wait a minute. Delta.
What about Delta?
Delta's answering. Delta's fine so far.
The only one I don't have is the United 93.
He's not responding,
and he is...
He was descending on his own.
He appears to be climbing now.
Cleveland just called.
There's a United 93,
the controller heard screams
coming from the cockpit.
Sounds like the American 11. Jesus.
This is starting to look
like a pattern.
Where was that aircraft
last known? Do you know?
Which way is he heading?
We gotta get track information
on these guys.
He was a Newark-to-San Francisco
flight. He's still on course.
All right, get all the
adjacent centers. Notify them.
In every direction.
And keep me advised
on flight 93.
Hey, Ben? Ben? Delta's fine.
He's not a hijack.
Cleveland just called.
Delta's not? Good.
Take him off the board.
Delta 1989.
Yeah. Yes, sir. Four planes.
That's all I've got.
I can't defend the whole Eastern
Seaboard with four planes.
What do you got?
Washington's on the phone. They
said they've got American 77 lost.
He just went missing, out of
Dulles. He's supposed to go to LAX.
This is another one?
What? What did she say?
American 77 coming
out of Dulles
heading west, going to LAX.
Light me up every track, guys.
What do you got?
I don't know how many more there could
be in the air, sir, but the point is this.
We've gotta get them before
they're within range of Washington.
We gotta get them
before they're 60 miles,
not gonna have a play.
We're not gonna be able
to protect the Capitol.
Come on. Come on, guys.
Answer it, please, answer.
Oh, my God, there he
is. He's on the floor.
We need something
to bandage him with.
Anybody a doctor?
She's an EMT.
I keep trying to call the
cockpit. I can't get through.
I need you to move over.
What is going on?
Okay. Okay.
Oh, come on.
United 93, do you hear
Cleveland Center? Ident, please.
Yes, I did, 797, and we couldn't
tell what it was, either.
Okay. United 93, Cleveland.
If you hear the Center, ident.
I got you.
Hi, my name is Sandy Bradshaw.
I'm on United flight 93
from Newark to San Francisco.
The airplane has been hijacked
by three guys with knives.
One of them's got, like, a
bomb strapped around his waist.
How many did you guys see? Three.
She thinks there were three. You
were sitting in first class, right?
They said there were...
They saw three.
No, they stabbed
a first class passenger.
Thank you.
Did they answer?
What did they say? They
couldn't tell me anything.
They didn't tell you
anything at all?
It was just the maintenance
I got through to United. I got
through on the maintenance line.
I told them that the plane was hijacked.
I mean, I don't know what else to say.
I don't know what to do.
He didn't tell us anything!
He's a maintenance guy!
No, no, no! You back!
You back! You back!
Sit! You!
...you heard that also?
Yes, sir. Twice.
Roger. We heard that also. Just wanted
to confirm it wasn't from interference.
Victor, 956.
Victor, 956, go.
I wanted to answer your call.
We did hear that yelling, too.
Copy that.
I think we're turning.
Wait. We're turning.
Are we turning?
That means it's all right. It's okay...
We're gonna
go back to the airport.
They're going to ask for ransom. What?
I hope so.
In 1977 in Mogadishu, they
asked, you know, for money.
They will ask for ransom.
They will let us go.
We're going back
to the airport, all right?
We're going back
to the airport.
They're trained to deal
with this situation. Okay?
And they'll get us down on
the ground, all right? Okay?
I'm a pilot. I've been flying
all my life. But it's... I just...
Something's wrong here.
We're okay.
Anybody know
where 77 is?
Cleveland Center was the
last one to talk to United 93.
Cleveland Center is the last
one who spoke to United 93.
But what about the military
response on this?
I'm talking to them now. I'm letting
them know where we are with this.
Listen, you got
to get somebody...
Where are they when
we need them?
...down the hallway
to talk to them.
They are supposed to be
liaisoning with the military.
And I've got this colonel here, he's
not giving me the answers I need.
We're giving you the best we can,
sir. The best information I've got.
We're trying to get this
CAP established over New York.
I don't give a shit
about the CAP!
Listen to me. I've got
a board full of planes.
American 77's missing! United
Where are those fighter
jets? Are they...
You've got to get them into position
to do something about these aircraft.
We've got Selfridge on
the command post right now.
They've got two jets that
can fly from Alpena right now.
Get them on frequency. Hand
them off to that. Copy that.
What do you got, Foxy?
What do you got?
We got two F-16s
out of Selfridge,
Chevy flight, airborne,
coming to our freq now.
They're unarmed, but that's
all we've got. Copy that.
We're gonna need more support
and I've got to know, sir.
When they get there,
what can they do?
...for a real world
military mission.
I understand it's
a commercial airliner, sir.
There will be casualties.
But what...
Think about what happens
if they hit the ground.
Think of what...
If they hit the Capitol, sir.
Go ahead, MCC.
Go ahead, go ahead.
We got two F-16s coming out of
Selfridge, but they're unarmed.
But how many more are out
there? That's the question.
We've got a report of at least
one more. May we engage?
I think
we shouldn't provoke them.
Just do what they want.
And then they'll land and let
us go and let the authorities...
Shouldn't somebody
try to talk to them?
the police, they'll
take care of them.
Give them
what they want.
Maybe we can
negotiate with them.
Just listen to me, sweetie, I
want you to call the authorities...
I'm calling from the Airfone.
You believe me,
don't you, Mom?
Did he stab him?
We got to go up there.
Just take us back
to the airport...
It's all right.
It's just us.
Let us see the passenger.
Just the passenger.
Richard, it's Jeremy.
I'm on the plane.
Let me talk to Lyzzie.
I'm on the plane.
Let me talk to Lyzzie.
Okay... You.
There's the passenger
he stabbed.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. We're just
checking the passenger.
Did you contact
the pilot?
No, nobody said anything. We
can't get through to the cockpit.
We can't get through.
Okay, okay, okay.
Sir, okay. Okay, sir.
We're United flight 93. We've been
hijacked. There's three men with knives.
One of them has a bomb
strapped around his waist.
See if he has a pulse.
Is he breathing?
No, there's nothing.
There's nothing.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
You've got to come
back here. What is it?
Come back here, come back here. What?
Oh, my God. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Stewardess, what's happening
up there? What is happening?
This is awful. Listen...
What is happening?
Just... We're going back to the
airport. Everything's gonna be fine.
Call the pilot.
I don't know.
We're just finding out
what we can find out.
Get back here. Get back here.
Listen, listen, listen.
Listen! The pilots
are on the ground.
That was the pilots. They're on
the ground outside the cockpit.
They're on the floor.
She saw the pilot what?
What? What did she say?
The stewardess just said the
pilots aren't flying the plane.
She saw two bodies in front
of the cockpit on the floor.
They said they saw the pilot
and the co-pilot on the floor.
Oh, Jesus.
Flight United 93, call in.
MCC? Cleveland is saying that
Delta 1989 is considered a hijack.
They're considering
Delta 1989 a hijack.
We got Delta 1989, suspected
hijack, heading west.
Hit me up every track.
Did you copy that, sir?
Two planes?
This is a second plane,
sir, coming in.
We got the one going west out of Boston,
and American 11 coming into Washington.
We still got the
Selfridge planes, sir.
Yes, sir. These guys
are not armed.
These fighters are not armed,
and we could ram...
If we ram them and eject, sir.
Do we have the authority, though?
Just spoke to Cleveland, they said that
US Air 2619 was headed towards Chicago.
They've just evacuated
the Sears Tower.
Jesus Christ!
United 93 is now
reported as NORDO.
No transponder, and now heading
eastbound, over Cleveland.
Let me know what
the hell is going on.
Six miles southwest
of the White House,
Boston Center's tracking
a primary moving fast.
Call Dulles tower.
Give me this again.
Give me this again.
Can you get me some
verification on that?
Sir, we have a VFR aircraft
southwest of Washington,
headed straight in now.
Sir, I got another flight
coming up south.
We have a plane headed
toward the Capitol.
I got an unidentified plane...
Yes. I need to know about
the ROE. Can we engage?
I want you to give me a 30-mile
circle around Reagan National.
Right now, you hit me up
every track on every aircraft.
Do we have any communication
with the President at all?
Where are the fighters?
How long can that take?
Air Force One's taken off.
They don't know anything about it.
They don't know where he's going.
Ben, they're evacuating
the White House!
All right, thanks, Carol.
They're evacuating it
right now.
Hey, are we gonna get
an intercept on this, though?
Okay. Good!
Go get yourself out of
your chair and go down...
There's no coordination between
what NORAD has and what we have.
You know where they're headed.
Just get the fighters
up there!
How about the Vice President, sir? Do
we have a location on the Vice President?
Well, then the Vice President
can make the call.
The Vice President can make
the call. We can engage.
Holy shit.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. What's
the ETA on those Langley birds?
Spiders are airborne at 0930,
but they brought them out on an eastbound
heading rather than our northbound.
We're gonna get them turned
as soon as possible.
What the fuck? They're what?
They're heading east?
What the hell is wrong out there?
Why are those planes off-course?
It looks like they came out on a standard
scramble heading instead of the one I gave.
We're trying to get clearance
to turn them now.
How the fuck
did they get out there?
I don't know, sir.
What the fuck are they doing
out over the water?
I don't care, God damn it, if they break
windows, you turn them back over land!
Roll quad sevens. Turn
them towards Washington now.
Keep looking for him.
Keep looking for him.
It was a plane
that crashed at the Pentagon.
And the Pentagon
is being evacuated.
There is a large fire there,
and that is the smoke you see
in the shot that you
are looking at now.
Whether that fire is in the
building itself or outside,
we have not yet confirmed.
There is a fire on the Mall
in Washington.
The cause of the fire in the Mall in
Washington, we cannot yet tell you.
Oh, my gosh!
I want those Langley birds
over Washington.
...that two planes have crashed
into the World Trade Center.
Surveillance, I want you to hit
up tracks west of Cleveland...
Get back into position....
heading towards Las Vegas. Hit up.
Light me up every track
you've got. Let's go.
Let's go, let's go! Let's keep
going here! Let's keep working!
ID, what do you got?
All right,
he's off-course, he's
deviated, and we don't know why.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Confirmed hijackings.
That's the question.
What are we going to do now?
There's a lot of confusion here
at the Pentagon. It appears that
something hit the Pentagon on
the outside of the fifth corridor,
on the Army corridor.
Several Army officers I talked to
reported hearing a big explosion.
Listen, I'm not taking
any more chances.
We got stuff flying around
we have no control over.
And I don't want a board full of these planes
hitting every building on the East Coast.
This is a national emergency. Everyone
lands, regardless of destination.
That's gonna cost billions.
Just do it!
We have hundreds of
international flights coming in.
They're already in the air.
No. No, I don't want any more
international flights crossing the borders.
They'll have to go back
where they came from.
Nobody's coming into
the country from now on.
Shut off the East Coast. Shut off
all the internationals from Europe.
Shut off South America,
shut off the West Coast,
nothing over the top, either.
We're gonna call Canada
on that?
Yeah, Canada, too.
We're gonna shut down
the airspace.
No, I can't exempt anybody.
Nobody comes in,
and nobody takes off.
Land them all. Take a
moment. Think about this.
We're gonna shut down
the entire country right now?
That's right. Listen,
we're at war with someone,
and until we figure out what to
do about it, we're shutting down.
That's it. We're finished.
...can handle
the emergency situation.
I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
Does anybody know
about the pilot yet?
They don't know.
No. They don't know.
Two planes hit
the World Trade Center.
In New York. The World
Trade Center. Two planes.
My wife says that there was an
explosion at the World Trade Center.
What did he say?
Tell the stewardesses two planes
hit the World Trade Center.
Two planes hit the World Trade
Center. Tell the stewardesses.
What about the five planes?
Someone pass that back.
Just a second. Right.
It doesn't make sense. Are
you sure you heard that right?
Two planes just hit
the World Trade Center.
Two planes have crashed
into the World Trade Center.
What are they doing?
What are they doing?
Two planes just hit
the World Trade Center.
Two planes hit
the World Trade Center.
What did he say?
I don't know. I didn't hear.
It's on the news.
It's on the news.
Yeah, it's on the news, yeah.
Where are you guys
hearing this?
Somebody from up there
said it. Ask up there.
Sandy, take her back,
take her back.
It's airplanes.
They bombed
the World Trade Center?
One after the other
hit the World Trade Center.
Lyzzie, is it... It's planes.
It's not a bomb.
It's two airplanes.
It's not a bomb.
It's airplanes.
It's one after the other.
One after the other
hit the World Trade Center.
Airplanes, one after the other,
hit the World Trade Center.
Where did this...
Who's hearing this?
Where did they come from?
He said it was
on the news?
I'm on line with my wife.
Are you hearing this?
What'd they say?
Two planes hit the World
Trade Center. Is that right?
Do they mean
prop planes?
Whose planes?
What airline?
Is it United?
Okay, sweetie, I will call
you back, I promise.
I just talked to my wife. Two planes
have hit the World Trade Center.
There are five jets
that have been hijacked.
Are we one of them,
or are we the sixth?
Lyzzie, Lyzzie, Lyzzie.
Lyzzie, not the Trade Center,
right? But the...
Into the Pentagon.
It's on the news.
It's on the news, yeah.
There was an...
There was an explosion at
the Pentagon.
Just tell them that.
That's all we know.
Hey, listen, there was
an explosion at the Pentagon.
An explosion at the Pentagon.
Not a fire, an explosion.
United 93, I understand you
have a bomb onboard. Go ahead.
Executive 956, did you
understand that transmission?
Affirmative. He said
there was a bomb onboard.
Executive 956 turning 180.
Executive 956.
American 1060, do you see
anybody northwest of you?
Can you see back
that far there?
Do you have a visual
on him now?
Got him.
We're looking now, sir.
United 93, Cleveland.
United 93, call in.
United 93, United...
Put your seat belts on!
Oh, my God!
We're okay, we're okay.
No, we're okay.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Hey, this is
a suicide mission.
We have to do something. They
are not gonna land this plane.
They are not gonna take us
back to the airport.
I don't think there's any
other option we have.
If we're gonna die,
we're gonna die.
They're flying us into
a building. We're gonna die.
We should not interfere
with them.
There's a lot of us,
but we gotta do something.
You see how low we are?
Is there a weapon?
Is there something we can use?
Go back. You go back.
Stewardess, listen to me.
Are you listening?
I'm listening.
Go back and you get
everything you can...
You get every weapon you can. Get
whatever we can use as a weapon.
But what are we gonna do?
We don't... I... We'll figure that
out, but get every weapon we can.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
Okay. Okay.
Go get it. Get
everything you can.
Okay, we need every big guy.
Every big guy.
Every big guy. Luggage.
Luggage. We need weapons.
Get back here. Get back here.
Get back here. Okay.
We need to boil water.
For what? We gotta get water?
We gotta get weapons.
Promise me that Emmy
is going to know
that I just love her
very much.
What else can we use?
What else?
Wine bottles.
Forks, knives.
The guy that I was sitting in front of
said that he doesn't think the bomb is real.
That's all I know.
He's on his way back.
Come up with a plan, I'm
gonna calm the other passengers
and we'll go along with
whatever plan you come up with.
You've gotta...
Sit down. Sit down!
Oh, God.
So, what do we do?
What do you have?
We got the forks,
knives, hot water...
Hot water...
Yeah, I gave him
the fire extinguisher.
Just let them go.
Hey! Sit! Sit! Just let
them go. Just let them go.
Hey, come on.
They have a bomb!
Do you really think he'd get
a bomb onboard this plane?
Yeah, that guy in front of you
said he didn't think it was real.
I know. That's what
I think, too.
How does he get a bomb
onboard this plane?
Jack, are you there?
Wake up, sweetie.
I just want to
tell you I love you.
We're going back
to the airport.
I love you. I gotta give
the phone to Linda now.
Bye, Dad.
I just love you more than
anything. Know that.
I, well...
Please tell my family
I love them, too. Bye, honey.
Please give my love
to Mom and Dad.
And I really, really love you.
My safe is in the bedroom
in the closet.
The combination is
and it should open.
My will is inside.
I'm trained in hand-to-hand,
I'm trained in judo. So...
Okay. So we go up
right behind you.
We have to go very fast.
Okay. Absolutely.
And I'm gonna... I don't give a
fuck if that thing is real or not.
I'm going to get his arm, I'm gonna
get his arm and I'm gonna break his arm.
We need a plan.
We need a plan.
We're gonna do something.
Ahmed. Ahmed!
What is he doing? Oh, my God.
Hey, no talk!
So what...
Hey! You!
What is it? What?
Somebody else?
Okay! Okay! Okay!
Oh, my God.
Just stay calm.
Just stay calm.
You guys are all right?
Sit! Sit!
Hey, sit! Sit!
Oh, my God!
Get your seat belts on!
You're not supposed to be able to
see the ground that low, are you?
No, and not this fast!
Hello? 911?
Yes, hijacking in progress.
I'm in the bathroom.
United flight 93.
Yeah, I love you, too, Fred.
You call your people.
Oh, Christ, it's not real.
I understand.
It's not real,
so I can handle it myself.
Go for the detonator first.
How do we get into
the cockpit door?
Breakaway panels.
Just take him down.
You go after me...
Absolutely.... but you go fast. Listen.
I'm listening! But we need to know
who's gonna fucking fly the plane!
Go for his throat!
He said he could fly!
He said he can fly!
He can fly a plane.
Listen, I think we might have a pilot.
They said there's a pilot onboard!
We got a pilot.
What? Who? Who?
Which one?
This guy right here.
Down there. Third row.
On the right.
Third row, third row.
Okay! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.
You were a pilot?
I mean, a single engine,
I mean, you know?
Right. Right, right.
You can fly this plane?
I don't know. I mean, I'll try. Okay.
'Cause we're gonna
get you up there.
I understand. That's why we've
gotta do something right now.
You got a plan?
Come on!
Now, we're gonna take you up
to the front of the plane.
You can come up behind us.
Okay. If you can get me in there,
I think I might be able to land it, but
I need a lot of help from the ground.
I can talk you down. I can talk
you down. I did eight years ATC.
You did? Listen.
When you get me in there, you've
gotta get ahold of the controls,
because if he does anything
sudden, we don't have enough room,
to pull out of it. Okay? You
gotta get him off the controls.
What the fuck is he doing?
I don't know.
Okay, there's a pilot.
We've got to get the pilot.
We have to do something, right?
I mean, he's all over the place.
I understand.
We are alone up here.
Nobody is going to help us.
We've got to do it. Okay?
Who is the pilot?
I don't know.
Hi, Mom, it's me.
I'm on the plane
that's been hijacked.
I'm just calling to tell you
that I love you, and goodbye.
This really kind woman handed me
the phone and she said to call you.
If I don't make it out of this alive, will
you please promise that you'll call my family?
Thank you.
Just tell them I love them.
Tell my wife and my boys
that I love them.
Here, take these. There's
more. Pass these along. Here.
Who is the fucking pilot?
In the brown shirt.
Phil, Phil, it's me. I've been
on a plane that's been hijacked.
Listen, a bunch of the guys
have got together
and they said that we're gonna,
like, try and take over the plane.
But, baby, I promise you, if I get
out of this, I'm quitting tomorrow.
I'll quit tomorrow.
I promise, I'll quit tomorrow.
And tell my babies
I love them.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in heaven.
And forgive us our trespasses as we
forgive those who trespass against us.
I don't want to be here.
Baby, I don't
want to be here. Baby...
We're gonna break into the
cockpit, and we're gonna fly it.
No, it's gonna be okay.
I love you, too.
You guys,
come on, let's go, let's go.
Come on, guys, what are we waiting for?
Let's roll. Come on. Let's go already.
No messing around, boys.
We got no choice,
no choice, no choice.
Oh, Jesus, let's go.
Get yourself going. Come on.
Get the bomb! Get the bomb!
Saeed! Ziad!
Get the bomb! Get the bomb!
Get his thumb off the trigger!
Get his hand, get his hand!
Get the bomb!
I got it! I got it!
It's a fake! It's a fake!
The bomb's a fake!
It's a fake!
Look out!
Son of a bitch!
Come here, you!
God damn it!
Go, go, go!
Get the knife! Get the knife!
Grab his hand!
Get it!
Get the pilot!
No! No! Come on!
Get him up! Get him up! Come
on, come on, you can do it.
Bring it up here!
Move it!
Move it! Come on, move it!
If we don't get in there,
we'll all die!
Move it!
Bring the pilot up!
Get him up! Grab his hands!
Grab his hands!
Pull it up!
I can't pull! I can't!