Universal Squadrons (2011) Movie Script

Universal Squadrons
This is the 47th battalion supply
Our depot was in no man's land.
The army had forgotten us.
There was nothing in
and there was nothing outside.
We did nothing all day
better to do, so ...
we were crazy.
Are you ready?
- Come on.
The game begins.
Come on, Butch.
Stalk me that.
Peekaboo kappy.
You see it, skipper.
- I am coming, friend.
That I have that nice
your friend said. I come, baby.
I come.
She said, "baby, take me
to the bad place. "
Come on.
I told you so.
Thank you Miss. Becca.
No problem, come back
if you want to drive again.
Come on boy.
You do not pay
for the pony rides, do you?
Of course not.
Well, as I had thought
you wanted to earn money here.
Lance heard anything?
- No.
That means nothing.
That does not mean that he
death or torture.
You should not think.
- Thanks Corky. You reassuring.
I'm for.
Come on, boy.
Form notice.
Proposed revised monthly
payout: 498 USD.
I'll kill you.
Do you do it before or after
I've assaulted you?
You will not forget this time.
- No, ma'am.
You said last time.
- I know.
How can I trust?
Because ...
I give you my word.
As an officer and a gentleman.
That is not enough.
How about because I love you.
I love you.
I wait for you to marry me,
since we were eight years ...
worms in my hair and you did.
Did you enjoy that, right?
But I can not keep your
I can not keep worrying
or they do not shoot you.
Honey, I've already told you,
I let myself shoot, okay?
The supply battalion's just ...
working for FedEx.
Except that, in the army,
you have nothing the next day.
The worst thing to me there
happened ...
I get an RSI of
Minuteman too much play.
- Yes, it's a video game.
We play there all the time.
So then my country.
Play video games.
Well, soldier ...
now you serve me.
And you need something
important for me.
- Yes.
I am ready, willing and ready.
How are Crackers?
Remember me, friend?
Now surely you recognize me or not?
Well done, lad.
I missed you.
You spray bullets everywhere.
You need one if not stalking.
So you get a hole in your head.
You almost had me killed.
- I just stay vigilant.
I see you have succeeded
that, during your service, not to die.
- I've missed you too, sir.
Did you all today
- Maybe.
With all due respect ...
this. 223 pages cost 60 cents each.
It's my disability.
I can spend as I want.
Put the bottles are ready.
Do it.
You should really look
headphones to use.
If you do good work,
you are still deaf.
- Never mind.
Never mind, sir.
- Okay, wise guy ...
let's see what you can.
Did you see today was not enough ammunition
for the whole province faded?
Ready, willing and ready.
That was a good bottle of whiskey.
That's alcohol abuse, boy.
Where did you learn to shoot?
- Video games.
I was in Iraq behind a desk
and I could just kill time.
So I played video games.
All gave some,
some gave all ...
and some played
damn video games.
Stand by, cap.
I see you.
I'll get you, friend.
Like that, huh?
Much talk, yes.
Only for authorized persons.
There's someone awake this morning.
I missed you.
- Me too.
Come on.
What are you excited this morning.
- I had a good breakfast, Cord.
I have done my best
while you were away, friend.
Thanks, Cord.
- No thanks.
I've done my best to Becca
That it did not want to say because they already
for a while nothing more was heard from you ...
you do not get taken prisoner
and that you are not tortured ...
by Bin Laden, in some apenkot,
or something.
There she felt down
a lot better, huh?
Yes, I noticed.
She had a male presence
required. I tried to give her.
Its what you tried
male presence to give?
Certainly not.
Not that way.
Not that she looks bad.
Because she looks pretty good.
I can state with certainty.
I have all the best journals,
you know.
And these chicks can not
Miss Becca match.
Not at all.
- Is that so?
You bet it does.
Becca is a first class bitch.
I mean it.
That's ...
very nice to hear, Cord.
- No thanks.
Damn, Cord.
It is not so good here.
You have done nothing
while I was away?
We had no money to make
We were always around, right?
Is always now.
A guest from the bank wants to talk.
Is that so?
The bank?
You go to Iraq and serve your country ...
and by the time you come back, they
your farm already lost in a poker game.
Are you okay?
- I keep getting headaches.
I think I ...
go get a painkiller.
- I do this is on.
Go ahead.
Nothing works here.
Come on, damn thing.
Test Object Lance, has increased
velocity like the other.
Examine the adrenaline interaction.
With a nurse like you,
you want every day pain.
They have a name.
If you give me that beautiful smile shows
You can call me what you want.
He is beautiful, right?
How did you so quickly with me?
I do not know. It was just
if everything was slowed down for me.
You should have seen it.
One minute he is on the house
and in a flash, he is beside me.
Do not listen to him, honey.
He has been drinking.
Honey, you're a hero.
- Yes, I know.
I'm nobody's hero.
Mr. Deakin?
- Yes. Who are you?
I'm Gill Baxter.
I work for the Credit Union.
Can I come?
This is Mr. Baxter.
He works for the bank.
Good evening.
You want a beer?
- Or a cup of coffee, Mr.. Baxter?
That would ...
- Is just.
But then we come to the point.
As you know, you are behind on
your mortgage.
You can now make a payment?
- Not now, Mr.. Baxter, no.
Do you know if you could do?
- I wish.
But, you see, I was in Iraq
to serve my country, so ...
If Americans appreciate
I am your sacrifice.
But as a bank representative
I must say ...
you have to pay in
the 60 days.
Either we have no choice
then sell this farm.
Do you like this, Mr.. Baxter?
People just throw their country?
The bank is not the enemy, Mr.. Deakin.
We serve the community.
How do you expect we do ...
if your appointments fails?
How do you expect we are your friends
and neighbors are ...
You must do your part. We hang
all together. That you understand it?
And the last thing I heard ...
it was the banks that our country
saddled with debt have one trillion.
But, guess what. This is me
stopped there to fight for you.
Fighting for your friends and neighbors.
I appreciate your service but I do not see
how that had anything to do
You said that we are all connected,
Okay, listen.
The credit union has for you
people in all corners wrung.
You need to quickly make any payment,
so we can continue to do business with you.
Is that coherent enough for you?
Excuse me.
I make an appointment with you, Mr.. Baxter.
Get off my land and never come back.
If you do, I save your ass.
The return of Lance's kwamtum gifts
appear to be associated with PTS syndrome.
I need advanced control
Come on, Lance.
Everything I did there,
was to be able to get back here.
So I went to this house
and could come back to you.
And someone in a cheap suit
thinks he can come here ...
to me to grab?
Then he will get me long
should get.
I really thought you did murder him.
I've never seen so angry.
Are you okay?
Yes, those damn headaches ...
I'm sorry.
Maybe we should
to the veterans hospital.
No, I do not want to go.
I hate it there.
Can I have some alternative medication
When in doubt, had you,
is my motto.
What do you say, honey?
We go out dancing. What fun
make. That's what we need.
Mr. What's his name said, "Reality is only a
illusion, due to a lack of alcohol. "
That's a smart man.
You have to listen.
Come on.
Please, honey?
Thank you.
I'm a pheasant picker.
I pluck pheasants.
I am a pleasant pheasants picker.
Give me another one.
The party's not over until
I say that I am fazantenneuker.
Like riding.
- And I'm in this story is the horse?
No, I mean dance.
Once you've learned,
you never forget.
You would not be doing
unless you marry me?
Have you lied to me?
- No.
I want to dance with you at my wedding.
When are you going to ask me?
What do you mean?
We have talked about it?
That does not mean
asking me.
Would you think I sit down on one knee ...
and a ring on that finger fine
of you do, though?
Yeah, that stuff.
When you going to do.
I am only three weeks back.
- I know.
May I take?
It's okay, honey.
It's only Scruff.
It is only Scruffy?
You know how to hurt someone.
Can I have a beer?
What are you doing?
You look bad.
Where did you catch them?
No, sir, that ...
vice of you, I have
The somehow avoided.
That's good, boy.
I've always said ...
"Do what I say
- And do not do what I do. "
What about you in trouble?
- No.
That is the unholy Trinity
what is there more?
- Fight?
She danced with an ex-boyfriend ...
and I turned on.
I thought ...
I thought I protected her,
or so, you know?
That's a bit of stress
the war. There will probably get through.
- Drinking helps?
By alcoholism,
I had no more nightmares.
I hardly ever think more
That night in Da Nang.
What happened?
- I know not.
Not quite.
There are things that a man
done that ...
It is not memory
they leave behind.
These are the documents that they
take away from you.
No one who has ever fought,
can understand.
Yes, but I was ...
I was never ...
- Never what?
I put the beer on price.
Yes, drink and take another.
You need it.
Becca, what are you doing?
- What does it look?
Honey, I'm sorry about tonight.
I was not myself.
Maybe you do.
How should I know?
Come on, listen to me.
Why? So you can lie a little?
- I never lied to you.
You do nothing else. You said you
would marry me and you went way back ...
You said I was not worried
because you can make the supply did.
I did too.
- Bullshit, Lance.
They can not know what you Scruff
have done.
I thought I was back in Iraq,
in the war.
But you said you were in Iraq
never fought.
You're lying.
What has happened there?
What have you done?
We are soldiers. Stay with us, okay?
Look at me.
Look at me.
Get that room ready.
Hold on.
Need help, friend?
Look out, we drive back.
We drive back.
I'm getting all covered in sand.
- For just crazy.
Come back.
What are you doing here, Butcher?
- You are in a difficult situation, it seems.
You could say that.
Let me out of here.
I'll take care of you.
Will you release these things?
- You know what you did.
- You know what you did, asshole?
What are you talking about, Butcher?
Take those things off.
- You know what you did.
You know what you did!
Okay, he's unconscious.
Go home.
Go to sleep.
By the amount of sedatives,
he sleeps a few hours.
Is it okay?
The truth?
- Yes.
The truth is that I do not know.
We have some tests,
keep an eye on him.
Determine whether the unusual behavior
not come back.
What does he have?
Why was he my friend?
It may have TBI or PTSD.
Sort of like war fatigue?
- Lets the like.
He has never fought.
That said, at least.
He said he was in a depot Sat
and all day playing video games.
Lance remembers Person Test
video game translation memory.
Force of habit.
You want to talk with that thing
with me, right?
It gives me no questions.
- Like what happened with Lance?
The official record states that ...
the others in his unit died
Lance when their Humvee drove over a bomb.
Lance has never said that.
- It's in the official record.
I'll tell you something.
Where I come from, do you
your work.
You're his doctor.
You have to heal.
I want you to look at me and me
tells you that everything possible will do ...
Lance to my home.
- Yes, ma'am.
What time is it?
I'm going to be long unconscious
been, because I'm hungry ...
and that's saying if you just
Hospital food gets.
Thank you, ma'am.
Come on.
- I'm up too early.
Not for unauthorized
Thank you, nurse.
And how do you feel this morning,
Tiptop, doctor.
What's wrong with me?
We do not know for sure.
Do I know you from somewhere?
You look familiar.
This is typical of the military.
You dream stuck in khaki.
It amazes me that our mothers
we still recognize.
For all we know you have a
kind of neurological attack.
Wait. Where do you think you're going?
- Home.
We do not know what
your offense has caused.
As you know, let me
know, okay?
In the meantime, I work
on my farm.
Testpersoon Lance refused treatment.
Wrote experimental
antipsychotic agent for Xenoxsofien.
And began advanced surveillance
to protect the population.
Is the target?
His name is Captain Lance Deakin.
- His name I do not know.
I'm not here to be
yearbook signing.
Is he a Minuteman?
- What. Did you not get the memo?
No longer Minute Men.
We were put stop.
Yes, but he is one of your boys,
or not, Frankenstein?
Because I do not kill civilians.
- Yes, he's one of mine.
Like you.
How he remembers?
I am not sure.
- Do note that the video game that is.
He clocked?
- With moments.
But he remembers the
Minuteman course not.
Not yet.
How fast he clocked?
If it is online?
- It's quick.
He is not as fast as me.
Your daughter does well in
family where we have placed her.
You're just here to check him.
Come on, doc.
You know this is always the same
way ends.
Are you sure you're not better yet
a few days in the hospital to stay?
The doctor showed me some pills to
given the headache. I'll manage.
So, it's fine.
- Excellent.
Want a ride to make
or is that too tiring?
Yes, dear, anything.
Most couples take years
not to talk.
You are not listening to me.
- Hey, baby, hold on.
Come here.
It's ...
it is an engagement ring.
I bought it
for my last service.
And I kept him.
Listen, baby. I know ...
something wrong with me.
But I think I can
finally finished thinking.
And I ...
find a great girl.
- Is that me?
Come on. I'm sorry. You know
I need no words ...
when we do not talk to each other.
But what I wanted to say is ...
I am ...
I've always known that
you was the one.
Since we were twelve,
I knew I would marry you.
Everything I have done in Iraq,
I have done so ...
could get back to you.
If you want me,
I love you man.
I want to take care of you.
And I will protect you.
And I want to love you.
I love you.
Did I say something wrong?
You want me on one knee ...
- No, now shut it.
Kiss me, please.
And, what is the theme
of your wedding?
How about "We're getting married?
- Have you looked into those magazines do?
You need a theme.
Or do they, Bixter?
I try to tell him.
- Do I need a theme?
Like what, "The Enchanted Sea"
like the prom?
Something like that.
- Sounds a bit stingy, right?
Currants talked about ...
I think I have this girl
In one of my men's magazines seen.
And that really should not wear white.
- Leave the planning to the pros.
Honey, all you have to do is show up, the clothes
I chose to call and invite your friends.
Yes ma'am, Corky, you also?
- I do not know. Maybe
There is free beer.
- I am here for you, man.
There, my invitations
are sent.
Hey, why do you need
Army sizes not?
Did I say something wrong?
It is not Corky's fault. I got it
not told what the doctor said about your size.
I remember the bomb anymore.
I do not remember that I
a Humvee sat there ...
that was a good day.
We had a guest in our unit.
We called him ...
The 'Hitman'.
He was from the South Side of Chicago and ...
while we were playing basketball,
he dreamed of water skiing.
Water skiing?
- Yes.
He was afraid he would die
Before he could do so again ...
We exchanged some 50 packs of cigarettes
the only pair of water skis in Iraq.
So we moved him further
a rope.
That was a good day.
They were great men, Becca.
The only other that I remember from Iraq
is that video game and I do not know why.
I only know that my job is
them home safely and ...
I did not.
Lance, look at me.
Honey, I do not know what happened ...
But I know you. I know the man
when I'm in love.
I know you have done all
you could to get them home.
Wake up, honey.
Within two minutes I'm done.
You will not even have
I've been there.
Honey, what's wrong?
- Yes.
Nothing, I'm fine.
Go back to sleep.
No more than an ordinary day.
What did you say?
- Becca said, "act normal".
So that's what we do.
- It's those ...
pills I got from the doctor
Did you see that?
There in the trees.
I see ...
Never mind.
Grab a pole for me.
Only the dots, dock.
- Cap, why are your ears so big?
- Yes?
Because it must remain in proportion.
Hey, Butcher, your ears
are very small.
I get, at least, even kittens.
Here kitty, kitty.
You doing, honey?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Come here.
What is it?
- There are, I think, some coyotes in the barn.
I'll take a look.
Go back to sleep, okay?
Are there bad guys here?
What are you doing, man?
- You are running very slow, cap.
You are a citizen has become weak.
This is easy.
What are you doing, man?
- You know what you did.
You know what you did.
Hitman, come on.
Hitman, come on.
God Almighty.
He attacked me from nowhere, Dad.
Attacked me with a knife.
He was in my unit.
- It is included in the Special Forces, son.
I was there also, I think.
You think?
Would you not remember something?
I do not know.
Dad, they can do with my head.
That doctors at the hospital, they ...
They have your head screwed good, huh?
- Yes, sir.
I keep seeing these strange flashes.
But he is there.
You see him as well?
I do not turn on, right?
No, there is nothing wrong with you.
Come here. Let me see you.
My Lance.
Special Forces.
He was my friend.
Why did he murder me?
I have to call the police.
- Certainly not.
Then they arrest you for murder.
- It was self defense.
son, this is Texas.
They will execute you.
What should I do?
- Bury him and flees with Becca.
It is too dangerous.
When he got behind you,
more will follow.
Do it now.
Becca, wake up.
Where you going?
- Not me, baby. We.
It's not safe here.
- Safe? What are you talking about?
I have no time to
to explain, okay?
Pull the clothes and wait outside
on me. I need to get the weapons ...
and enough food for
the next day.
What happens?
Where did you go?
Honey, I noticed someone from my unit
yesterday. I had to murder him.
I had to murder him.
I took him to Dad.
I had to bury him.
We are not safe. Come on.
Honey, no.
He has a heart attack.
- Your dad.
Come on Lance. Remember. During your
first period of service he received.
No, not true.
I was still with him last night.
No, honey.
I saw him last night still
seen, Becca.
No, baby.
You're not with him.
I'll show you. Come on.
- Lance, you're hurting me.
He was here.
He was here.
- No.
We get some help for you, okay?
Lance, come on, baby, Lance.
John Wayne is badly screwed up there.
Look at him. He has the syndrome.
Brains are melting.
Take the decision
Or will you wait until he killed someone?
Why are you so nice to him?
He is a good man.
- That was me too.
I bet
you even ever been.
He saved my life.
The men in Lance's unit
became addicted to the drug Minuteman.
We put them dry.
They were the lab for their drugs.
They killed half of our people.
Lance has to disable them.
I'm not like him.
This work is hard enough.
We have to go get him soon.
He is about to explode
and you know it.
Why, we did not
to the doctor in the hospital?
He can help.
- He trusts him.
Call him up.
- He will not want to.
We can not do this alone. Here
We need professional help.
I might go to the doctor along
for some questions, I ...
do not know.
- Doctor White?
He has this to me.
Do you understand it?
He was there.
He was in Iraq.
He experimented with us.
I just thought it
a game.
We have to take cover.
Stay away from windows. Come on.
Come on Cord.
Take cover.
Corky, on the ground.
- Quiet.
You see this?
Okay, they're gone.
Size they will come back.
We must prepare.
Why are they doing this to me?
Quiet cowboy.
- Why are they doing this to me?
Corky, stay there.
This is Dr.. White.
We know you're armed
and that innocent people with you.
People you care about.
- From where you calling?
How come you can see me?
- It does not matter.
What is important is that people
who you are.
We would not think them
something happens, do you?
Are you threatening me now?
- No, Lance, I am trying to help.
Are you trying to help me?
Really. You got me fucked up.
I know you have questions.
Let me respond.
So we do. I hang up
and you leave me alone, okay?
Lance, I am trying to help.
I come to you.
Then we talk about it.
Good of you to tell him
we get there.
The next time you
your faith is ...
do it if someone else
with you.
Stay calm, okay?
Everything will be fine, honey.
- Stay here and wait.
What are you talking about, hood?
- Sgt.
Lie down so we you
injection can give.
Give me that stuff now but.
Sorry for my men, ma'am.
- No problem, Captain.
- Yes, ma'am.
That's the good stuff.
- Give me that stuff now but.
Go away from her.
I'll shoot you.
Do not make me.
- Help me.
Cork, no.
I'm sorry, Cork.
Come on.
- No, Becca, please wait.
Becca, wait!
Get in now!
Who are you?
- I am a Minuteman.
Like you.
Why are you doing?
- Orders.
Orders from who?
- Does it matter then?
Stand up.
Get up, boy.
Pick it up.
We are the same.
You do not have to do.
That's why I do it right.
Only one can be a Minuteman
Minuteman other off.
I am the garbage man.
I turn the broken off.
Together we can fight against them
- They took my daughter.
I have no choice.
Pick it up.
You've brought me open.
Where did she go put?
Try not to follow her.
She can never really be safe
with you.
We can not return.
We can not go home.
Not like we are.
That's my daughter.
She is beautiful, no?
- Yes.
That's it.
This will never be over.
Not while there are others
like me.
On the run in our own country.
They will arrive behind me.
Trying to murder me.
But first ...
they will have to catch me.