Unknown (2006) Movie Script

Oh, God.
Who are you?
Who the fuck are you?
Hey, big boy. Woz?
- He's in the john.
- What?
Brockman, is that-
Why aren't you answerin' the cell?
Everything cool out there?
Yeah, it's, uh-
It's broken.
Uh, we're fine.
I can't hear you.
- I said we're fine.
- Good.
Snakeskin wants to know
if he left his piece out there.
- A Glock?
- Where?
I don't know.
In the desk.
Just a second.
- Yeah, it's here.
- Would you speak up? I can't hear you.
I said it's here.
Yeah, I knew it.
I told the fucking guy it was out there.
I don't know what
his problem is.
How's Coles?
He's fine.
So, how long
before you get back?
Aren't you a little antsy?
Who knows? Maybe- I don't know.
Maybe a couple hours.
We'll call you when it goes down.
And, Brockman...
don't go finishing things up there
till we're all done on our end.
- Yep.
- All right. I'm out of here.
The cops are all over us.
What's she doing?
Molina, we've got a problem.
- Ms. Coles.
- I know.
- You're only supposed to come
in here if something went wrong.
- I couldn't. I just-
- Molina.
- She's fine, Captain.
You've got to get her in there.
Full signal.
- Curtis, you got a clean signal?
- It's all good on this end.
Okay, Ms. Coles.
It's time.
Number 52.
All you gotta do is put it in and walk away.
That's all.
They kidnapped my husband
from his own building.
I just can't imagine what
else they're capable of...
what else
they might do when-
Ms. Coles, if they come within five feet of you,
we'll be all over 'em.
It's not taking this money to them that scares me.
It's what happens once I let go.
What happens to Bill then?
We won't let them get away.
Just bring my husband back,
He's all I have.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey.
- What?
- Talk to me. Talk to me.
Talk to me right now. Hey.
- Tell me what happened.
- I don't know what happened.
- Tell me what happened right now!
- I don't remember.
- Tell me what you know!
- Did you do this to me?
- Tell me what happened right now, goddamn it!
- Don't hit me anymore!
What's the last thing
you remember?
I don't know. Me waking up.
You smacking me around.
Please untie me.
W-Where are we?
What is this place?
- The desert.
- Desert?
That much I do know.
- Are they dead?
- No.
Well, it's gonna get real ugly when
these guys wake up. You better untie me.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Where the fuck did this guy come from?
Don't listen to him. Hey, butt out!
Mind your own business!
Me and my friend, we got this
straightened out. We don't need your help.
Don't untie him, man.
And why not?
What the hell do you know?
He's tied up and we're not.
That's brilliant. This guy
doesn't know anything either.
Just think about it for a second, would you?
Somebody did this.
You know? And it makes sense
that they did it for a reason, right?
And what reason is that?
It's obvious, isn't it? Whatever side we're on,
it sure as hell ain't his.
What side?
What are you talking about?
We're not on sides.
This isn't teams.
We're all in this together!
Okay. You got me.
So, how the hell
did we get here?
I don't know.
- Yeah.
- McGahey, Anderson,
stand by. She's coming out.
Everyone, hold position.
Curtis, tell me when that thing moves.
Oh, shit. What the hell
happened to him?
He's been shot. He's lost
a hell of a lot of blood too. Take these.
Go up top and see
if you can unlock him.
No. These are too big.
These are car keys.
- Shit.
- You're gonna let him go and not me?
Hey, the man's been shot,
so shut up.
So maybe I'm a doctor.
I'm hurtin' too.
- Is there a bathroom here?
- It's right down that way.
- What's your name?
- I don't- I don't know.
You don't remember anything?
I'm gonna die, aren't I?
I'm gonna die.
What the hell is goin' on here?
Is he okay?
I can't help him unless I find a key.
I'm gonna check this guy.
- Get away! Get away!
- Hey, hey, hey! Watch it!
Okay! Okay!
What did you have to go
and do that for?
- You attacked me. I was just tryin' to help.
- Help, huh?
- Who asked you?
- Not you, asshole. Him.
Thought you might have
the keys to the cuffs.
Listen. Listen.
Whoa. Hold- Hold on.
It's important you tell us
what you know.
- I don't have to tell you shit.
- You remember anything?
Do you remember- Do you know
who the fuck you are? Say something!
- Of course I do.
- What do you remember then?
This guy did this to us!
That's what I remember! He did this!
Hey, hey. I didn't
do anything to anybody.
You broke my fucking nose
is what you did.
Oh, you remember that?
You actually remember that?
- Yeah. Yeah, I remember. Now get off my case.
- Okay, what's your name then?
My name? Fuck your mother.
That's my name.
Go wash up.
You don't remember jack shit.
You'll remember my boot up
your ass in about 10 seconds.
What the hell is this place, huh?
Where the hell are we?
Maybe you fucking asses
will remember to pick me up!
Guys! Hey!
Whoa. This canister's busted open.
I think it fell from up there.
You think that's what caused
us all to be like this?
Hey, stop gettin' high
on that shit and untie me!
We all inhaled way more than that
little sniff you just got. Let me ask you this.
Why would you put up bars
on all these windows...
have a high-tech door lock
in this shit hole of a place?
Somebody's obviously gone to
a lot of expense to secure this.
Something either very dangerous
or very valuable in here.
There, with the trash can.
Is he one of yours?
- I'm not sure.
We contract out most maintenance.
- Find out.
What the-
Come on, honey. Come on.
It's gone, Captain. The signal's gone.
What do you mean gone?
He hasn't done anything.
Anderson, what's going on out there?
Break silence. Talk to me.
Nothin' here, Captain.
- McGahey, can you tell?
- Nothin', Captain.
All right. It's a go.
Stop him.
- Anything?
- Nothin'.
- Keys.
- Captain, what's goin' on?
He's one of ours.
His name's Frank Gilroy. He's not all there.
Anderson, ease up. He works here.
- Affirmative.
- Come on. Let's go. Let's go. Shit!
Captain, it's a false bottom.
Must open up to the basement.
- Basement?
- We're on it. Go, go, go!
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
Why were you standing
in front of this locker?
Big man told me, Frank,
I could get $20.
we've located the bag.
Check that corridor.
Check that one.
Captain, the bag's empty.
Check that fucking corridor!
Secure that stairwell!
You try all the windows?
They're all barred.
- All of them?
- Yep.
That's the only door.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
Son of a bitch. Ow.
Big disappointment, huh?
Piss off.
Does the name Coles
mean anything to you?
- Nope.
- How about Woz?
Look, nothin' means anything
to me right now, all right?
I remember
bein' in that room.
Then I remember just walkin' in here.
Other than that...
it's like I landed
in a fuckin' Alzheimer's ward.
What about you?
It's all of us.
That's too bad.
Wash your hands.
Won't open. I already checked it.
All right. So, let's go over this again.
You woke up-
I saw you guys. There was blood on the shovel.
There was blood everywhere.
A broken cellphone. I just freaked out
and headed for the door.
- You didn't move anything.
You didn't see nothing else?
- No.
Anything suspicious or odd?
I saw two chairs back to back
in the storeroom with rope around it.
Well, that's interesting.
Well, obviously, whatever went down here
didn't go down as planned, right?
- Trapped like fuckin' rats.
- So that's it? That's everything?
Yep. Pretty much.
Hey. Ask him
about the phone call.
Ask him...
about the phone call.
What? What phone call?
- There's a phone in here?
- Um, listen-
When you guys were
still passed out...
- he went to answer the phone.
- Where's the phone?
- Listen, I was gonna tell you-
- Just-Just tell me who was on the phone.
I don't know.
Some guy.
- That's funny that you forgot
to mention that little tidbit.
- Some guy. Who? What?
I- I don't know.
He just started talking.
- So he recognized your voice then?
- No. I don't think so.
I mean, it was noisy on his end.
It was construction or something.
Whose side are you on
anyway, man?
Wait a minute.
You think I'm with them?
He talked to you.
He recognized your voice, right?
- Let's tie this motherfucker up.
- Yeah.
Wait a minute.
I picked up the phone.
The caller asked if I was so-and-so.
I said, "No, so-and-so's in the john."
Then he asked if I was someone else. I didn't
know what to say, so I just changed the subject.
- Bullshit!
- What was I supposed to say?
"Hey, buddy, I can't remember jack shit.
Could you please tell me what's goin' on?
We've all beaten the hell out of each other
here and fried our brains in the process."
- Does that make any sense to you?
- Think about it.
He talked to you.
He recognized your voice, man.
He didn't know who I was.
He asked if I was two different people.
He didn't know.
I'm not on the caller's side.
Well, somebody in here's
gotta be.
I'm not on anybody's side.
- Captain, it's back.
- What?
The tracking signal- it's back.
It's headed due east from our location.
What's the signal strength
on that thing?
- It'll hold for about two miles.
- All right. Start putting a tail on it.
I saw one of the guys.
- Who?
- One of the pickup guys walked right past me.
- Can you I.D. him?
- Yeah. Yes, sir.
Curtis, hold on.
Anderson's coming with you.
They're headed
toward the interstate.
- I got a good look at one of 'em.
- Did you?
Promise me next time
you'll do more than just look.
Come on.
Let's make the call.
No, no. We all agreed. He gets back here.
We all make the call together.
Hey, let's go!
I found the fucking keys.
Yeah, you got keys
and no car.
You got a holster and no gun and you got
a cellphone in a million pieces downstairs.
- It's making perfect sense, isn't it?
- What can I say?
Just relax, all right?
- They're coming to kill us.
- You don't know that.
What do you think they're diggin' out there,
huh? They're puttin' a pool in?
- What do you think you're doin'?
- Orderin' a pizza.
- Give me the phone!
- No!
What's the matter, pal?
You feelin'
a little guilty?
You wanna make a phone call?
Go ahead. Dial 911.
- Go ahead. Yeah, you're innocent.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause you know how you
broke your nose, right? Sure.
- I know what I know, okay?
What the hell are you doing?
Are you insane?
That was our ticket out of here!
Yeah, it's our ticket,
all right.
Oh, shit.
A cop. It's a cop.
No. Security guard.
What have you fuckers
got me into?
You barely looked at him.
How do you know he's security?
It's right here.
"L.P.W." Liberty Plaza West.
- Wait a second. Why does that sound so familiar?
- Oh, shit.
- What?
- Shit.
"Police are investigating the disappearance
of William Coles Jr...
"of Coles Consolidated Equities, and the
company's financial adviser, Richard McCain.
"While both men's cars were found
in the parking structure...
"of their downtown corporate
headquarters Monday morning...
"neither have been seen by family or
coworkers since early Sunday morning.
Police suspect the men
have been abducted."
Not seen since Sunday morning,
and this is the Tuesday morning paper.
- Right.
- So we've been here at least two days.
Coles and McCain.
- That could be any one of us, right?
- What else? Keep readin' it.
"Witnesses report hearing gunshots
in the area around midnight Sunday."
- Anything else?
- He's got a wife. That's about it.
Oh. How are we gonna
figure this out?
I got you pegged as Richard.
You seem like a Dick to me.
That must make you the kidnapper,
'cause a tycoon could afford a pair of nuts.
- Yeah?
- What?
- Two names, right? Two guys.
- Two.
Well, obviously, something
went haywire down here.
Okay, there was a struggle.
McCain and Coles got loose from the back.
Makes sense, right?
So either they were recaptured,
which makes the three of us kidnappers-
- Or one of us is Coles and one is McCain.
- Exactly.
- And the other guy?
- Doesn't matter. We gotta work
together till we get out.
- He's right.
- And then we go our separate ways.
- They're probably comin' back now.
You thought of that?
- Stop jumpin' to conclusions.
They get their money.
They come back. We're fine.
You're assuming they're gonna get money!
You're assuming somebody's gonna pay!
Maybe nobody's gonna pay!
Fuck me, we're dead!
- What is wrong with you? Huh?
- You're wrong.
They got blood
on their hands.
Whoever Coles is, whoever McCain is,
they're dead men unless we get out of here.
The bars are the way to go.
They're all rusted out.
You're just gonna keep breakin' them.
You're never gonna get through that.
All of a sudden you remember
you're an architect, huh?
- Just-
- Hey, hey!
Go ahead.
Girls, stop fighting.
Could we get some water here?
Shut up!
Come on.
A man's been shot!
If you want, you can untie me.
I'll do it myself.
Deaf or stupid?
Eat me, hemlock.
All right.
Let's give it a go.
We're gonna use the shovel
and just-
We're gonna pry it.
Get some leverage on it.
No matter who anybody is here
or how tough you think you are...
you'll always be the pussy that's tied up
to an office chair.
All right?
What are you lookin' at?
Now, just because we're tied up
doesn't mean we're friends.
- Why didn't you say so?
- Yeah.
- Ha ha!
- What do you see?
There's nothin'.
Hey, let's take it
easy with that!
- Okay! Okay!
- Take it easy!
Hey, I thought it was gonna help.
I wasn't gonna do nothin'!
Guess that settles it.
I wasn't gonna do nothin'.
I wasn't gonna do anything
with that. I just thought-
- Sure.
- Hey, what are you doing?
That's more like it, chief.
Now you're talkin'.
Christ, you're lettin' him go?
What are you doin'?
Fuckin' asshole.
One less thing
to worry about.
What the hell is that?
Wait, wait, wait!
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
Let him answer it.
Let him answer it.
- Let him do it.
- Are you crazy?
If that's them, they bought his voice once.
They'll do it again. Let him answer.
- Yeah?
- Uh, it's me.
It's done. See you before sundown.
They're coming.
Oh, shit.
Half an hour.
We barely made a dent.
Oh, that's the spirit there,
cheese. Get me another blade.
He's right. We're not gettin'
anywhere with this.
Well, I don't know. We got, uh-
We got two hours, right?
We're gonna have to decide
how far we're prepared to take this.
What do you mean?
I mean, when they show up,
are we all prepared to do whatever it takes?
Give me another blade.
That was the last one.
What do you want me to tell her?
I don't know.
Just take her down to the station
and keep her calm.
Shit, look at this.
This is the same chemical name
on that busted canister out there.
- Oh, yeah?
- Listen to this.
"Warning. Effects of inhalation
or exposure include...
"shortness of breath, nausea,
"temporary memory loss,
seizure and/or death.
"Avoid breathing.
Contact a physician. Infectious agent.
Dire if exposed
in large doses."
I mean, shit, how long have we
been breathin' this stuff in?
Don't fucking move, McCain!
I got a gun to your head!
You know, I been thinkin'
about this whole thing.
You wakin' up
before everybody else.
The phone call.
It's all pretty convenient.
You got somethin' to say,
go ahead and say it.
Maybe you are just waitin'
for them to show up, huh?
What about you? Aren't you the one that
ripped the phone jack out of the wall?
Yeah, but I didn't lie about it
and try to cover it up, did I?
Okay. Now, would you
come on over and help me?
Shh! Listen. Listen.
My memory's coming back.
I remember parts from before.
I know who we are.
Oh, yeah.
Why should I believe you?
Because, Bill, you're the other hostage.
You're William Coles.
Oh, really? Miracle cure you're havin'
all of a sudden, huh?
They kidnapped us from work.
Okay? We were finalizing a deal.
We were in a parking structure.
Do you remember any of that?
- No.
- They took us on a Sunday. It was late afternoon.
We were running some numbers.
That son of a bitch saw us go in. He saw us go in.
I know you have no reason to believe me,
but he's setting us up.
- Geez.
- So we gotta get that gun
before that son of a bitch...
remembers who he is,
otherwise we're screwed.
I don't remember shit, okay?
I don't remember.
Okay. For Christ's sake, you
don't remember your own kids?
Our kids play Little League together
for Christ's sake, Bill.
You don't remember
your own children?
What? What's wrong?
We need to talk.
What's goin' on?
Kill him!
Get that son of a bitch!
Get him, get him, get him, get him.!
Get him.!
Get the gun!
Get the gun!
Get the gun!
What the hell
do you think you're doin'?
He said I was Coles.
He said I was Coles, man.
And you believed him?
He said his memory came back.
He knows who we are.
He's a lying sack of shit!
He remembered my kids.
My kids, man.
He's lying!
I couldn't risk it.
I couldn't risk it!
Is that true?
What do you remember?
What do you remember,
He's gonna kill us, Bill.
Fuck- Fuck you.
- Fuck me? No. Fuck you!
- Don't!
- What the hell is the matter with you?
- Tell me who to shoot!
What the hell
are you doin', man?
I lied.
- What do you remember?
- I made the whole thing up.
- That's enough!
- I'm just tryin' to get out of here, man.
Just leave him alone.
Just leave him alone, man.
I don't know what I'm doin' here.
I don't know what I'm doin' here.
You're only sayin' that
so I don't kill you.
You're gonna
kill me anyway.
What do you remember?
You're the one.
You're the one.
I'm not a criminal.
Stop acting like one then.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
- What? Speak!
- I think they just pulled off.
Don't think. Read the damn thing.
You got a bead or not?
Yes. Right here. Go.
This guy did this to us!
Whose side
are you on anyway, man?
How are we gonna get up there?
Go to the ledge!
Go to the ledge quick! We're losing you!
- I got it! I got it!
- You on the ledge?
- Easy!
- Oh, shit!
Son of a bitch!
Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
- Fuck.
- More security glass?
Hey, wait a second.
- I may be able to shoot a hole in it.
- No way, pal.
The gun stays with me.
Don't be a prick. I'm tryin'
to get us out of here.
I could shoot it
at close range, right here.
You come down.
I'll climb up there and shoot a hole in it myself.
You're too big,
you fat fuck!
The rope may not hold you.
Suit yourself.
Okay, here we go.
Now here's where
your good look pays off.
That's him.
That's him inside the store.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
You see which car is his?
I can't tell.
Oh, no. No, no.
Come- Come on.
Fuck! He's gone.
Which one?
- I don't know.
- Come on! Come on! Which one?
I don't know! They're all
leaving at the same time!
Well, choose one.
The Denali or the pickup?
Right there.
The pickup.
Go, go, go!
Come on!
- How do we know you're not
just gonna leave us here?
- I guess you don't.
Cut the shit!
Cut the shit!
That's really funny.
- Oops.
- Asshole.
Oh, I hope you're dead,
you clumsy fuck!
Hey. Hey. Hey, man,
are you all right?
Lucky to be alive.
Of all the
stupid things.
Hey. Hey.
Hey, can you hear us?
- Are you all right?
- Erin?
I think it's safe to say
you were too heavy, huh?
Fuck off.
- My shoulder.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Shit. Whoa, whoa. Just wait.
Ah, man,
your back is bad.
You do understand
that was our only weapon.
Back off!
It was an accident, all right?
- What's the matter with you?
- You trust this guy? Huh?
Oh. I see
what's going on here.
I-What, you two are gonna
start workin' together now?
What the hell difference
does it make?
Is that gonna get us
out of here any faster, huh?
- I don't think so.
- What are you doing?
Don't untie him!
- You stay outta this.
- We had an agreement!
Yeah. I'm hedging
my bets.
You idiot.
It's you and me now.
What's the matter with you? Fuck.
You better stay in the garbage,
'cause I ain't through with you.
All right. This is gonna sting a bit.
- Son of a bitch!
- So who's Erin?
Your wife?
Or my daughter.
I can't remember which.
At least you got somebody
outside of this place.
You'll remember her soon enough. Soon as
we get out of here, it'll all come back to you.
How can you be so sure we're gonna like
what we have when we get out of this place?
I mean, what could have brought us all here
that's worth remembering anyway?
Nothin'. That's exactly it.
Nothin' we can remember here...
is gonna have anything to do with
who we really are.
The choices we make from here on
out of this shit hole-
that's what's gonna
define us.
- You really believe that?
- Yeah, man. I do.
I didn't want to say anything around those
two other jokers, but... I know who we are.
- You remember something?
- Yeah.
About you and me?
Yeah. This smell.
This smell for the longest time...
out there
and then in here.
- I remember. I have orange trees.
- You have orange trees.
- Yeah, on my ranch. It's been
in my family for generations.
- Shit.
- I'm Coles.
- You're Coles then.
I'm William Coles.
I really am.
- He was right.
- I think he was guessing.
I don't have kids.
At least I don't think I do.
Wait a minute.
Why are you telling me this?
- Don't you see? You're McCain.
- Me, McCain? No!
- Yes.
- You actually remember this?
Our original terms that we proposed
to you are more than fair.
You want this bid,
you get back to me within an hour.
No. No, but you
have to be McCain.
- You have to be McCain.
- What makes you so sure?
For whatever reason, you're the only one
I feel like I can trust...
and if I can remember that,
they're not far behind, so we gotta get out now.
- What if you're wrong?
- I'm not, okay? You're McCain.
- It's the only thing that makes sense.
- Fuck. I'm not McCain.
- What?
- I remember too.
How could you do that?
Humiliate me like a dog!
Like a stinking fucking dog!
- You tried to humiliate me!
You see this? You see?
- Get the hell off!
- They were turning blue!
- Get off me!
- What's the matter with you?
- How could you fucking do that?
You would have done
the same thing.
You were the one
with the gun!
There's someone outside.
Where is he?
Right over there.
See him? Behind the gate.
Is it them?
No, I don't think so.
It's gotta be too soon.
- Hey!
- Hey!
Hey! Hey, you! Hey! Over here!
Hey! Hey!
- Over here!
- Hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Back off.
Let me try.
Can you see anything?
Um, uh, move it around. Move it around.
- Whoa, whoa. What's that?
- Holy shit. It's a kid.
Kid! Hey!
- Hey!
- He doesn't understand.
He doesn't know what you're saying.
He doesn't speak English.
What the hell?
Ramon. Vamos.
Hey! Hey!
Go get your parents!
Wait, wait, wait, look!
He's going back! He's going back!
- You sure?
- Yeah. He's good. He's going to them.
Yeah, he's getting in. Look at him.!
They're coming! Whoo-hoo!
You did it!
Whoo! Over here!
Look over here!
No. No!
No! Help!
Hey! No. Shit!
- No!
- Fuck it.
Hey, can I get some help up here?
You know
I'm not gonna be able to get those off.
Thanks anyway.
You think
I'm afraid of dying?
I'm not afraid of dying.
I didn't tell you
to give up.
What's the E.T.A.
on our backup?
At least
I'm over this.
Let's crash.
Police! Nobody move.
- Where is he?
- What's this?
- I got nothing over here. You?
- Clear!
- Got people back here?
- No?
- You see him?
- No.
Where is he?
I said where is he?
Who owns the pickup?
You think if you keep talking
they'll eventually understand?
- The yellow pickup!
- The yellow one is mine.
What about it?
How stupid do those guys
think we are?
Might have been
born at night but not last night.
Hey, step on the gas.
Let's pick up Leon and Ray
and finish this up.
First the locker,
now this.
- Hey.
- Fuckin' tracker.
We gotta get that gun.
- We already tried.
- Not together, we haven't.
Well, let's get the rope.
I'll do it.
You guys had your chance to fuck this up.
Let me. Maybe I can get it.
They're gonna be here
any minute, all right?
So does it matter what we do?
We can draw straws, whatever.
I'm sick of waiting for these bastards.
I swear, I want 'em to come back.
And what are you gonna do?
Whine until they surrender?
- Why don't you two shut up?
- Fuck you.
- You're the moron that left the gun up there.
- Hey.
I remember.
I remember.
I was seven
and you were nine.
We- We wanted to go out
on the lake one day with some friends.
You remember?
You know me?
My dad told us
not to go...
because of the storm.
We said fuck him.
What did he know?
We went out in the old man's
MacGregor 26...
and we got in some
argument about...
who was the only pitcher
to win M.V.P.
Sandy Kaufax.
And we argued so much
about it...
that we didn't realize
we couldn't see land anymore.
I was really fuckin'
And I could see that
you were- were too...
even- even though you kept
talking like it would be okay.
And then this big wave came
and-and turned us over.
I- I remember goin' down...
and being disoriented.
Thinking if I couldn't find which way was up,
I was gonna die for sure.
And then this hand-
This hand reached down...
and grabbed me...
and pulled me up.
You must have seen
how terrified I was.
You looked me
in the eye...
and you told me
not to give up.
No one was gonna die.
We all-all had to
stick together...
and keep each other
holding onto the boat.
That's what we did...
for four hours.
We held on...
just like you said.
Hey, that's really touching and all.
Completely useless though.
Enough with the boats, kid.
Who are you?
Just listen
to what he's saying.
He's right.
We gotta work together.
No, listen to what
I'm saying.
If he knows who he is,
then maybe he can tell us who we are.
It doesn't matter
who we are!
'Cause they're gonna
be back here any minute.
- All right, we got one shot at this!
- Hey, tell us who you are.
Who are you, kid?
Tell us. Tell us, kid. Kid!
I don't know who the hell
you are.
I don't care.
Maybe you are a kidnapper.
I don't know.
But you know what
I think?
Maybe somewhere along the line
you just forgot who you were...
before you become one.
But regardless,
we can't do this without you.
The plates aren't visible
in any of these shots.
- Wait a minute.
- What?
Right here. In the reflection of
the gas station window.
- That's their front plates.
- You upload that to Molina. Get a cleaner shot.
Let me know. Let me know when it's coming.
It's coming. It's coming.
Wait. Let's just tip it.
We tip it-Just pull down. Yeah.
- There it is.
- Oh! Whoo!
- Where'd she go?
- She said she needed some air.
- Coffee?
- No, thank you.
Yeah. I can't drink
any more either.
May I?
Bill's father
was completely self-made.
But before he had anything,
he built this place up at Eagle Ridge.
Beautiful place.
Right there in the foothills.
Burnt down
a few years ago.
Bill decided to...
rebuild it by hand
just like his father.
He's one of the wealthiest men in the state,
barely has time to breathe, but...
he had to do it, you know?
Show himself he could.
Must be nice
for the two of you to have.
I mean,
a place to get away to.
You should see
the sunsets there.
Only next time,
we let it go from up there.
- Be sure you keep this door
open when the shit goes down.
- I'm on it.
- You know how to use that thing, right?
- Yeah.
Great vantage point
from up there.
You get out to that truck quick and get it
started so we can get the hell outta here.
What's that?
It's Erin.
She's my daughter.
So there you go.
Now you got something
to fight for.
Shit! Here they are!
Merry Christmas.
Dig a hole big enough
for three people.
Soon as they come in,
let it go.
- You got it?
- Yeah, I got it.
Captain, we got a partial on the plate
that Anderson sent.
Put it on the wire.
They can't be more than 40 miles
from that gas station.
Hey, Ray. Call Ritter and make sure
he's putting the plane down on time.
- Ray?
- I know. I know. Back to the scanner.
Get the lights.
- Woz!
- Brockman.
- Go!
- Hey!
- Now!
- Come on. I got some burgers for you guys.
Shit. Where the fuck
are you, assholes?
Quit jerking each other off
and let's go!
Watch out!
Leon! Leon, it's me!
What the fuck?
You okay?
Nobody move!
Everybody down!
Coles, you move,
you're dead.
- Hit me.
- Get him down! Woz, get him down!
Goddamn mess.
What the fuck happened here?
You look like shit, Woz.
We got no prints on the 20
we got from the custodian...
and nothing yet on the A.P.B.
we have on the vehicle.
I been working with this plate from Molina.
I run it through the D.M.V., but it comes up dry.
I ran a state-wide search
on all open investigations, and I got a hit.
It seems the narcotics task force down
in San Diego's got an open investigation.
These kidnappers- they're meth dealers.
They've got a rap sheet a mile long...
and they're suspected links
to murders on both sides of the border.
This Stefan Burian
is the ringleader.
- Get everything San Diego has on these guys.
- I've already got a call in.
So that's it?
That's all you've got to say?
- It happened so fast.
- You know, you been workin' for me...
for a couple months now,
handling deals, collections...
all kinda tough shit.
Babysitting two suits
in there...
- is what's too much for you to handle.
- No, I- I-
I fucked up.
You better pull your shit
together, man.
This is far from over.
What did you do that for?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Where you gonna run to, Coles?
Come here!
Oh, shit.
Better take him
and the rest of ours out back.
Takes talent
to fuck it up so badly.
Go and clean the shit up.
Then we're heading out of here.
We kill them before
we're free and clear...
the mess gets
even bigger, right?
You don't have to
kill them.
I'm not.
You are.
- Here, Dad.
- It's from both of us.
- That's Erin.
- Has she ever had
a reaction to insulin before?
- I don't know.
- Is her mother there?
Anybody that can say-
- I'm divorced. I have no idea.
- She's not breathing. We gotta get her inside.
God, baby.
That fuckin'
lighter, Woz.
They've been gone
for five years.
You either
get over it...
or pick up smokin'
Go and finish them off.
Take the fuckin'
rent-a-cop with you too.
Your cut will be here
when you're done.
- Hi.
- Have a seat.
There's been
a development.
Do any of those men
look familiar to you? Their names?
You ever recall
seeing any of them...
- with Mr. Coles?
- No. Who are they?
These are the men
who have your husband.
Excuse me, Captain. Lieutenant James
of Narcotics Task Force San Diego's on line one.
Now who the hell is this?
Did you get the keys
to that truck?
We can't go for the truck.
- I don't have the keys.
- Doesn't matter. We still got a shot.
If we get up over the ridge,
should be able to find the interstate.
You may be right.
How many rounds you got left in the gun?
Just keep moving
this way.
You guys can powwow all night.
I'm gonna get outta here.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Whoa!
Aw, shit. What's the matter with you?
Put it down.
- Oh, fuck me.
- They want me to finish this.
Then I get outta here.
- What?
- You see what's happening here?
You fucking-You fuck.
So you are one of these pieces of shit, huh?
- I tried to tell you!
- For once in your life, shut up, all right?
- If I don't kill you, they're gonna kill me.
- Listen, you're not doing this.
- It's not that simple.
- What do you mean, it's not that
simple? Of course it's that-
Was it that simple when you ripped
that phone jack out?
Guy was bleeding to death in the other room.
You're saying you were only doing it for him?
What's the matter with you, man?
We didn't do this!
You're only worried
about yourself...
and the murder rap
over this dead guard...
so don't start talkin' about simple, 'cause this
whole thing couldn't be further from it.
We should be runnin' now!
Get out of this shit hole!
- You don't get it, do you? This is it.
- No, no, no.
- This is who I am.
- Bullshit. Put it down.
- You turn around right now.
- No, man. You want to kill me, do it to my face.
- Do it.
- No, you do it. Show me who you are, huh?
Do it!
Is this how you want Erin
to remember you?
I'll give you anything
you want. Anything you want.
Just fucking don't do it.
Don't fucking do it!
- My wife and my daughter are gone.
Both fucking gone.
- Don't fucking do this.
- I just want this to end.
- No!
This is Detective James Curtis.
Detective Curtis,
I've got Captain Parker on the line for you.
Curtis, a local worker and his son
reported suspicious activity...
at a chemical warehouse off Blythe Road,
Are you sure
they check out, Captain?
Listen. There's an undercover
officer on the scene.
We don't know if his cover's
been blown, if he's alive or if he's dead.
Affirmative. We'll be there in five minutes.
Tactical's 20 minutes out.
- 10-4.
- You ready for this?
- Hey.
- What?
We got a problem.
Stay with the car.
Keep it running.
Hey, you.
Am I lookin'
at a cop?
- You worked so hard to make detective.
- Here, Dad. See?
Hey. So you like
this place?
Yeah. Keeps the money clean.
Hey, you ready?
I'd tell you not to do
something to make me look bad...
but then I know you'd just
do something to piss me off.
- Well, if I didn't need
the money so bad, I just might.
- Hey, money's good.
It's good to have you back, you know?
It's like old times.
Where'd your friends go?
You double-crossing
son of a bitch!
Turn him around! Move!
There it is.
- Come on!
- You wait for backup.
Where you going?
Ain't over yet.
Oh, what the f-
You saved my life.
You okay?
- How's the arm?
- It's all right.
This guy's been undercover
for the last eight months.
His fucking command staff in San Diego
hasn't talked to him in three weeks.
I don't know
if I could do that.
It's gotta be instinct.
What, police work?
No. Surviving.
You guys should
consider yourselves very lucky.
A few more minutes
of exposure to those chemicals...
and you would have gone
into full arrest, never woken up.
My memory-
will it ever come back?
The human body can endure
significant trauma, Detective.
For better or for worse,
it'll all come back sooner or later.
You don't have to do this if you don't want to.
I just don't know of any other way that we can
be together. What's stopping us, Detective?
Celebration in advance.
'Cause I have a plan.
A plan that could see us all retired
within the next two weeks.
- Hey, you tell him yet?
- Tell me what?
This is a mark worth millions.
No security on corporate insurance.
That'll cover getting him back fast,
no matter what the price.
With the prenup we have,
there's just no other way.
I want them all dead
and the trail leading to McCain.
- If something goes wrong-
- It won't.
But if it does?
Then we'll just do
what we have to do.
- Hey. You okay?
- Yeah.
I'm fine.
I think you're
lookin' for this.
There's someone I want you to meet.
Can I trouble you
for a cigarette?
I don't smoke.
Wouldn't be lying
to me, now, would you?
And if I were?