Unleashed (2016) Movie Script

I was always obsessed
with the stars.
There's Canis Major,
Orion's loyal dog.
Over there is Leo.
He's named after
an ancient lion
whose hide was impervious
to spears.
They used to say
the beasts in the sky
would come visit Earth
to intervene in our lives.
I know.
I don't believe it either.
Yesterday my life
was filled with rain
You smiled at me
and really eased the pain
The dark days are gone
The bright days are near
And my sunny one
shines so sincere
Sunny, one so true
I love you
Nobody volunteers
on Mondays, Emma.
It's my therapy.
Right, Ajax?
Hi, handsome.
Oh, I love you too, Summit.
- I love you too.
- [whines]
I love you so much.
Why don't you just adopt them?
Luke's crazy allergic.
Well, you need a new boyfriend.
Now I feel 10 feet tall
One so true
I love you
I'm finally ready to show you.
I'm calling it NightSky.
It's genius.
It's gonna make millions.
[somber guitar]
Trust no one.
I guess that's the lesson.
Oh, no, not you.
You, I trust.
Look, I know that this might
seem kind of sudden,
but if you're willing to move
to San Francisco with me,
I'm ready to make a commitment.
Okay, you're adopted.
We just have to find a place
that takes pets.
We're on the phone
at 2 a.m.
Can't keep my mind
on school
I simply don't know
where it goes
'Cause all I see is you
Always on replay
Falling for you
La la la la
Hey there.
Whoa. Look at that.
You know I do
La la la la
I'm falling
Buy me a parachute
It's called a yo-yo.
Can you see it go up and down?
Look. Isn't that great?
Down and up.
You want to see it go
all the way around my head?
Wait, hold on. Whoa.
You see that?
Yeah? Okay.
Don't let it hit you.
- Whoo-hoo!
- Ow!
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, no,
it's totally my fault.
It's okay. I was dazzled
by your awesome yo-yo moves.
You're very good.
I've never injured anyone
I guess the rental market's
a bit of a nightmare, huh?
Yeah, especially
if you have pets.
I fix things.
I mean, I'm helping to bring
this building up to code,
and I'm pretty sure
one of the lofts is available.
It's a little rough, but--
Look. Diego.
He's looking good tonight.
My father was a fisherman
from the Azores.
My mother,
a tango dancer from Argentina.
I was born at sea,
a child of two countries
and a citizen of none.
Aww. Come here.
Aww, Ajax!
No, don't be jealous.
I love you.
And I love the little white spot
behind your ear,
your little heart.
Besides, there aren't
any real Diegos.
It's okay. Hold on.
Okay, let's go to the desk.
Here we go.
Hey, I didn't have time
to drop them off.
I ran late
at the Veterans' Home.
You volunteer a lot,
Orphan Annie.
Hey, psst.
Better hide
Fido and Pussy,
Monty's on the warpath.
She's wants the beta version
of our astrology app.
No one sees it
until it's perfect.
[phone chimes]
Oh, look.
Guy from the Veteran's Home
asked me to dinner.
What should I say?
The old wheelchair guy?
Emma, no, no.
Just say no.
No, no, it's the orderly,
the hot one.
This actually makes sense.
What, someone
actually liking me?
No. It's your Jupiter transit.
Do you even use our app?
I just write the code.
You handle the magical stuff.
I don't believe in that
Go ahead,
scoff at great minds:
Ben Franklin, Plato,
Robert Downey, Jr.
Do you know about
tonight's moon?
Yeah, it's a supermoon.
It's 17,000 miles closer,
which means the migration
patterns go...
Okay, Steven Hawking.
The point is
it magnifies
what's already in your chart.
So for you, that's a quadruple
alignment transit.
Okay, whatever.
Astrology's Greek, Emma.
We're talking Gods and fate,
Okay, theoretically,
like what kind of upheaval
are you talking about?
I'm talking about
be careful what you wish for
'cause, astrologically,
shit's about to get very real
for you.
At moonrise, I'd lay low.
So what, don't go out?
Screw that, go on the date,
just get home by 9:35.
You're not wearing that, though.
You look like Amish Mafia
or something.
I have an idea.
Holy... Oh, my--
Hansel and Gretel
in the house.
Girl, you are gonna owe me.
You get naked
in front of them?
They never judge me.
They're always happy to see me.
- Them, I trust.
- Careful.
You'll end up one of those
old ladies surrounded by cats.
Cat. I have one cat.
That's how it starts.
I'm just gonna drop you guys off
at home.
- Uhh!
- Ride much?
[Summit barks]
Hey, man, curb your beast!
- Are you okay?
- [meows]
Summit, come back!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
You are
a splendid butterfly
It is your wings
that make you beautiful
And I could make you
fly away
But I could never
make you stay
You said you
were in love with me
Both of us know that
that's impossible
I'm nowhere near ready, am I?
[sobbing continues]
Oh, Ajax,
you're so flirtatious.
- [Summit whines]
- Hey.
No, I didn't forget
about you.
I didn't forget about you.
Come here, Summit. Come here.
Oh, oh, oh!
I wish there were guys out there
like you two.
Sorry I'm here
on a weeknight, Emma.
I'm just upgrading the locks.
I got the roof done,
and now all I have left
is the front door.
It's okay, Carl.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.
Have a good night.
Yeah, yeah.
- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
[wolf howling]
[Summit barking]
What? Not again!
I got no candy for you, dog!
Get away from me!
[man barking]
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Hey, now, huh-huh
Hey, hey, yeah, now
Ow, now
Hey, now, huh-huh
Hey, hey, yeah, now
Party on
Uh, uh
It's all, all about
Woo, woo, woo, woo
Hey, can I have your coat?
And talk
really sets me off
To a fuller love, child
Yes, it does
The way you squeeze, tease
Here. You got a little drool
right there.
'Cause I'm smoking,
baby, baby
The way you swerve
and curve
Really works my nerves
And I'm so excited, child
Hey, what's-- what's this?
My name.
It's my name
and my phone number.
Yeah, and you got
your address on here too.
It's pretty cute.
Can you help me find it?
Well, you can stay at my house,
if you want.
That's so nice, but I don't
think my owner would like that.
Right. He's got you
on a short leash, huh?
No, it's long.
It's one of those retractable
ones with nylon cord.
I like it.
It keeps me
from running in traffic.
[distant meow]
I have to go.
Hey, Carl, have you seen
Ajax and Summit?
Oh, crap.
Carl, if anything
happens to them...
Aw, damn it!
You might want to take it down
a notch if you want to blend in.
You know it's me?
Yeah. I turned human,
not stupid.
Let's just say
you stand out.
Yeah, well, you stand out too,
you know.
I can smell you
10 blocks away.
You might not want to eat
out of the trash for starters.
Just saying.
- What are you doing?
- I gotta go poo-poo.
No, no, no, not here.
Watch what people do
and then do that.
Do you see Emma go to
the bathroom in the streets?
Well, that right there
might be a clue.
Do you want to go back
to the shelter?
Oh, no, that was terrifying.
Oh, I'm so hungry.
Well, we're gonna need
some of that.
SUMMIT: What is that?
AJAX: That is what
Emma calls "money."
- Cash?
- Yeah.
Wait, where are you going?
I'm gonna work on my plan.
You should work on yours.
- What plan?
- We're human now.
She's only gonna
take one of us.
I, for one, am not going
back on the streets.
- But it's us.
- It doesn't matter.
You can't tell her that.
They don't believe that stuff.
- But it's Emma!
- Not even her.
Do you remember on TV when they
took Diego away to the asylum?
That's like an animal shelter
for humans.
Oh, no.
Oh, yeah.
And I plan being the one
that she takes back.
I'm getting back on that
velvet couch, human or not.
Aw, I miss that velvet couch.
It's so soft.
But why can't she have
two people?
Because they don't do it
like that.
It's either a man and a woman.
Or sometimes
it's two men or two women,
but no threes.
But she doesn't know
what you look like,
so would she
take you back in?
I'm gonna woo her,
like on TV.
Remember, we know her secrets.
Okay, if she can
only take one of us,
why are you
giving me tips then?
Because frankly, you need
all the help you can get.
- You got no people skills.
- I have people skills!
- People love me.
- Whatever, man.
Hey, Ajax.
He's pee-peeing.
Right out in the middle
of everywhere.
You had asparagus.
Ajax! Summit!
Come here, boy!
Come here, pup!
Oh, Nina warned me.
She said "upheaval."
Emma, I'm really sorry.
I just don't know what I would
do if anything happened to them.
Is there any place
they might go?
Any place
you usually take them?
The park.
I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold,
I'm cold, I'm cold.
I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold,
I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold.
I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold,
I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold.
- Hi.
- Hi. I just thought--
That's a great idea.
You here for the audition?
[tender guitar]
[no audible dialogue]
- [thud]
- My ankle!
You need help.
You want me to go run
and get you help?
Or how about some barking?
Oh, no, you're in pain!
Where are people
when you need them?
I know where I can take you.
MAN: Okay, next in line.
[cameras clicking]
Oh, my God.
I can see your face.
Hey. I'm Kyle.
We need you
to train us, please.
What, you mean
like to sit and heel?
That's all I know how to do.
I don't know the advanced stuff.
Listen, man,
we will roll over if you want.
That's the hardest one.
It's all timing.
We can only pay you
50 bucks each per session.
To show good faith, we'll pay
the first session in advance.
People skills.
So what time and which track?
- Sunup at the park.
- Which park?
The one with the pink fountain
and those really nice trees.
North side, Golden Gate Park.
It's got the wading pool?
Yeah, that's it.
That's the one.
They also have Frisbees.
Frisbees, right.
What's your name?
Twenty years in the business,
and I've never seen
anything like this.
Every photo
is cover quality.
I never did get your name.
It's... Diego.
Diego what?
Just Diego.
That's perfect.
Tell me, Diego,
where are you from?
My father...
was a fisherman
from the Azores.
My mother, a tango dancer
from Argentina.
I was born at sea,
a child of two countries,
a citizen of none.
Diego, we'd be very interested
in repping you.
- You want to be my owner?
- No, no, no.
We know you may have had
bad experiences in the past,
but we're nothing like that.
We want to work with you.
- Will I get some money?
- Oh, yes, in time.
Plenty. We'll even set you up
with an apartment.
- I'm gonna need some now.
- Excuse me?
I'm gonna need some money now
and some more clothes.
Oh, okay.
I think we can manage that.
Oh. You okay there?
I'm not a salad person myself.
Uh, excuse me.
Yeah. Great.
That's right.
Oh, that's good.
What is that?
Red Bull.
My mom says I can't have any.
Too much caffeine
and sugar.
A million magic crystals
Painted pure and white
A multimillion dollars
Almost overnight
Twice as sweet as sugar
Twice as bitter as salt
And if you get hooked, baby
It's nobody else's fault,
so don't do it
Athletes reject it
Governors correct it
Gangsters, thugs,
and smugglers
Are thoroughly respected
The money gets divided
The women get excited
Now I'm broke
and it's no joke
It's hard as hell
to fight it
Don't buy it
Get higher, baby
Get higher, girl
Get higher, baby
Come on
Don't you love this tree?
I love this tree.
I come here all the time.
This tree and that big
oak tree over there.
Pigeons, guys, pigeons!
Come on!
Bye, guys.
I'll sniff you later.
Last one.
I've been mad at you
long enough.
You've been great,
but I can take it from here.
- You're off the hook.
- I don't think so.
If anyone deserves to have
their pets back, it's you.
- It's not your responsibility.
- Actually, it is.
In this case, I literally am
the one who's responsible.
Where I come from,
we take that pretty seriously.
Where is that?
Where I'm from
or where do I live?
I don't know.
Both, either.
This is you?
Home sweet home.
- It's cool.
- Yeah.
Come inside.
I'll make some more posters.
Don't worry.
There's plenty of room.
Just another girl
whose heart you've stolen
You're telling too much,
but the volley is rolling
Hey, baby,
you looking for a party?
No, no, I don't like parties.
They're loud.
They make me bark.
I hear that.
I'm just looking for someplace
warm to spend the night.
Oh, I feel you, baby.
You got any money?
Yeah, yeah,
these guys gave me money,
but it's only cash.
Come here. Come on.
There you go.
- Come on!
- [laughing]
EMMA: Wow!
You built this?
How do you have power?
Solar panels.
So you live here all the time?
Well, I do a job like this
in the city for a month,
and then I spend a month
doing what I want to do.
How do you afford
to do that?
It's easy.
No rent, no mortgage.
It might seem small,
but when it's parked
along the Mendocino Coast
with a window open,
it feels like a mansion.
So, uh, this is where
the magic happens, huh?
I know it's not
a normal way to live.
Well, I've spent my whole life
trying to be normal
and failing miserably.
[printer beeps]
Oh, jam.
Come on.
EMMA: I have to get going.
You want me to bring
the rest of these by Wednesday?
I have to work.
Oh. What time do you get off?
- 6:00.
- 6:30?
Sounds great.
I don't even know you!
We haven't even
sniffed butts yet!
Keep it down, cowboy!
I can get into that,
if it's what you're into.
You might be nice, but I can't
smell you through that perfume,
and it makes me scared,
so I'm gonna keep talking
louder and louder
until you leave me alone!
NINA: Was there at least
Amazingly enough, he does have
solar panels on that thing.
Not what I meant.
This guy sounds like
a bit of a hippie.
And I thought maybe
he was a transformation,
but it sounds like
there's no oomph.
No, he's not a hippie,
and, I don't know,
maybe there was oomph.
You need big, obvious oomph
in the beginning
'cause there's always
less in the end.
There's already an end?
You hear Monty's introducing
our product
at App Expo next month.
Keynote speaker is
Luke Andrews of NightSky fame.
Pressure getting to you?
Oh, I guess your app
won't be ready in time.
Maybe you ladies
should just give up
and start collecting
Social Security.
Don't listen to those tools.
No, it's not that.
I knew him.
- Luke Andrews?
- Yeah.
Maybe he'll help
launch our app.
I think--
I think I'm gonna--
Talk about oomph.
Diego, mi amor.
I believe in miracles
Where you from
You sexy thing
Sexy thing, you
I believe in miracles
Since you came along
You sexy thing
Where did you
come from, baby?
How could you know
I needed--
Uh... Who are you?
I'm Emma.
Are you the one
who lost this beautiful cat?
Yeah. You saw Ajax?
I'm pretty sure it was him.
I mean, those eyes
are hard to miss.
Where? When?
I could show you now,
if you have time.
Nothing is more important to me
than finding my pets, so yes.
- Amen to that.
- Okay.
Um, let's do it.
You want this ball.
You need this ball!
Go get it!
Go get it!
What is that?
Is that running?
That's not running.
Oh, two legs?
What a terrible idea.
Bad, bad boy!
Bad boy, bad boy!
Bad dog.
Bad, bad dog!
[dog growls]
So are you an animal person?
Definitely a cat person.
Not so much dogs though.
Cats are just so much more...
Yeah, I guess with a cat, you
sort of have to earn their love.
But once you earn a cat's love,
you've got it forever.
Are you okay?
I think I could some water.
Buying stuff.
I guess I can
make this happen.
Dude, where the hell are you?
Monty's asking for you.
It's DEFCON 4 over here.
You would not believe
the hotness
of the guy I'm with
right now.
He's like
a fourth grade teacher
mixed with like an alien.
Wait. An alien?
I don't know
where he came from.
He just shows up at my door.
That is weird.
His hair is perfect,
and he's got like a...
He's just...
He's so hot, and his--
- His name is Diego.
- Diego? Wait.
Oh, my God.
Hold on a second.
Okay, does he have
the most incredible eyes
you've ever seen?
Green like almost golden?
Yeah, yeah, like golden
like a thousand blazing suns.
It's like the key to my heart.
How did you know?
That's him! Dude, he's like
this overnight sensation.
He's the newest male supermodel.
So I give you this,
and you give me that.
Huh. People skills.
You know what,
I'll call you back.
Wait, wait, wait, hey!
Thank you for calling.
Thank you.
Now, you've all been good boys,
so I'm gonna
give you each a treat.
Is this like
a nutritional bar?
Just remember, at all times,
I am the alpha dog!
Now, to answer your question,
these are
the world's best treats.
They strengthens your bones,
they add sheen to your coat,
and they clean your teeth,
and that is
all you need to know!
All right, all right.
Tomorrow at dawn.
Don't be late.
So, Diego,
what is it that you do?
I don't really know
what it's called.
It's just... stuff,
you know.
But they do have this big
aquarium at the office.
Pretty cool.
Oh, so you like fish?
Especially sushi.
Maybe we could go to dinner
- Tonight?
- Oh, yeah, that'd be great.
this is where I saw him.
He was kinda rolling around
on the grass,
scratching his back.
He was adorable.
Yeah, he does do that.
Are you sure it was him?
After he took off...
I found this.
Oh, my God.
No, that was him.
He thinks he's so smart.
All right, game on.
EMMA: Damn kids.
I have to go now.
Will I see you tonight?
Your place, 6:30.
It's a date.
You look so handsome
in that sweater vest
But a bathing suit
would suit you best
- When you're on vacation
- Ooh
Socko, heck no
I don't think so
I just wanna
be with you tomorrow
And the next day
and the next day after
Oh, hey, I just wanna say
You're looking very fine
today and every day
Made a wish
and hoped it would come true
Okay, so that's
a double-shot macchiato.
Would you like anything else?
Ooh! How about a snack?
You know what?
I would like a snack.
I shall have one of those
chocolate-coconut cookies.
I'm on it.
What about you?
You're a soy chai latte
sort of person, right?
- Exactly!
- Yeah.
How did you know?
I don't know.
Just a hunch.
You just, you know--
I don't know.
Something about you.
You have a great smile.
Okay, I'll go get that.
This guy is amazing.
Monty's letting me hire him
for the gofer position.
Does something about him
seem familiar,
like his haircut or smell?
- Smell?
- Yeah.
I don't know.
All I know is that he's worth
about ten of those lame-ass
temps they sent over last month.
He just seems so positive.
I know, right?
- Usually, you hate that.
- I know.
But in him,
it just seems so...
- Natural.
- Exactly, yup.
Oh, dude, by the way,
he came in with
one of these flyer thingies.
Yeah, you put
the work number on there.
Did he have any info?
Maybe. Honestly I wasn't
paying attention
because I was thinking
to myself,
I don't know,
Emma is like an idiot savant.
You've accidentally created
the best man bait ever.
He was wrestling
with other dogs in the park.
- Was he hurt?
- Oh, no, no.
He was having a great time,
and then he ran with
the other dogs into the trees.
I really miss him.
Oh, he misses you too.
He's a dog.
How could he not?
I was reading this article.
It said that dogs can sense
human emotion
better than any other animals,
even better than some people,
and it said that we exaggerate
one side of our face
when we feel something.
I think it's
the right side of the face...
It's the left side.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
Trust me.
Somehow I already do.
Oh, green light.
Oh. Oh, my--
I don't know why.
I'm so sorry. I don't know
why I was being so familiar
because I don't
normally do that.
I just can't help but think
like we've met before.
I know what you mean.
It's so nice to meet you.
Hey, not now.
You didn't have to walk me
all the way home.
Oh, no, I like walking.
Oh, hey, Carl.
Um, this is...
Hi, Sam.
Sam saw Summit at the park.
And this is Carl.
He's a contractor.
He's the one who--
Who left the door open.
Oh, I know Carl.
I was going to say the one
who helped me with the flyers.
Oh, shoot. Flyers, 6:30.
We were gonna do flyers.
Oh, hi, Diego.
AJAX: Well, hello.
Carl, I'm so sorry.
I forgot about the flyers,
and I made dinner plans.
I've been dreaming
of fish all day.
I know that was you
with the water!
- Hmm? Hmm?
- CARL: Right.
Well, I'll get back to work.
I'm a little
behind schedule anyway.
You don't have
to work tonight.
No, no, it's all right.
I'll be out of your hair
before you get back
from your dinner.
Thanks, Carl.
We appreciate it.
Carl, I'm really sorry.
- Carl--
- I'll see you at work tomorrow!
He's fast.
So you been working
with that guy?
Yeah. You guys
know each other?
Screwing around the park
and stuff.
Wow. The park's really
becoming a trendy spot.
Once in a while
Dude, look that's him.
This place is supposed
to be pretty good.
- It got a 4.5 on Yelp.
- Oh.
Do you want to try some of this
macadamia-stuffed chrysanthemum?
...in so long
You find yourself
Asking questions like
Who am I to be
loved by someone
So beautiful
Yeah, girl
You wanna go closer to the fire?
We can just move.
Why would I want to get closer
to the fire?
Maybe it's time
Can I get you anything else?
Oh, my God.
Are you who I think you are?
Who do you think I am?
I guess so.
- Wow!
- Mmm!
Just... ripped.
Body so tight.
I-I have to ask.
Can I get your autograph
on the menu?
Thank you.
He's selling that cologne, girl.
Who am I to be loved
by someone so beautiful
Yeah, but you make me feel
so beautiful
You're kind of amazing.
- Why is that?
- I don't know.
It's like you're seeing
everything for the first time.
You're not self-conscious.
You don't really seem to worry
about what people think of you.
Why would I care about that?
Well, I'm terrified
of what people think of me.
Don't be.
See, I've met
several people now,
and you're different.
- You don't really know me.
- I kinda do.
How's that?
Everything you are,
you wear out in the open.
How do they say?
On your sleeve.
Only an idiot would miss it.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
[breeze approaching]
Oh, that was
my grandmother's scarf.
I'll get it.
I don't think
I can get down.
[siren blares]
Come on, buddy, come down.
He got up there
in like two seconds.
Yeah, sure he did.
Come on.
I don't know.
Come on, fella.
Don't make us force you down.
It's late.
Go home with your girl
so we can all get some sleep.
- Will I get a treat if I do?
- Yes!
So, uh, this is my place.
Oh, my God,
this feels so good.
It does?
Well, yeah, it's velvet.
Oh, yeah, I guess I never
really pay attention
to that kind of stuff.
I mean, how could you not?
Feel it.
Oh, yeah.
No, that does feel...
It feels amazing.
That feels good too.
Do you want to watch TV?
Maybe there's
a romantic movie on,
if you like
that kind of thing.
Oh, so that's how it's done.
Can I try?
Oh, yeah, sure.
You don't have a remote?
MAN ON TV: He's a Supreme Court
justice, you know.
[TV channels changing]
It's like magic.
[birds tweeting on TV]
Or we could go to the roof.
It's really beautiful,
isn't it?
Yes, it is.
- I gotta go.
- What?
Yeah. I got a shoot tomorrow.
[squeaking continues]
- Don't move.
- What are you doing?
- I got my confidence back
on the heights.
I only have a thing
with trees.
- Will I see you again?
- Yeah, come tomorrow.
Olympic pool, noon.
Just use my name.
- Okay.
- Okay.
You really want
to make this thing a war?
You ever hear about
cats having nine lives?
Oh, you and I both know
that is bull crap.
You started this whole thing!
Oh, you really think you fooled
me with that thing?
Yeah, I do.
Get the mousey!
You want to keep it down?
It's 1:00 in the morning!
Oh, shut up, Carl.
- This is all your fault.
- How do you figure that?
- Don't you worry about that.
- You talking for him now?
Yes, he is, Carl.
Go back to your
troll house, Carl.
You both are a couple of idiots!
You have no idea
how lucky you are
to have a chance
with a girl like Emma,
if you stop acting
like a couple of assholes!
- At least my name isn't Carl!
- Yeah, Carl.
Out of the bike lane, assholes!
Hey, that's him.
That's him!
Let's keep this between us.
- You!
- What?
What are you talking about, man?
I don't know you!
Pull over!
Forget it, psycho!
Pull over!
Get away from me, man!
[distant barking]
What's the matter?
Feeling trapped?
Like you're in a cage?
Doesn't feel good,
does it?
You make a habit out of bumping
into women on bicycles?
Scaring cats and dogs?
What are you talking about?
You gonna keep on denying?
'Cause that would be
a bad idea.
Admit it.
You bump into them
and just ride away.
What if I did?
What can I do about it now?
All right, I'm sorry.
Yeah, I don't buy it.
I think until
you're properly trained,
you're just gonna keep on
mistreating people.
And animals!
Yeah, and animals.
What are you guys,
like some militant arm
of PETA?
Oh, we're much worse
than that.
What do you want?
Give him your bike...
as penance.
This is from Denmark.
You know how many bitcoins
I spent on this?
- Now!
- Okay!
Get outta here!
- Okay.
- Go!
Go, go, go, go, go!
And be nice to animals!
We'll be watching!
It's all about balance.
Why are you helping me?
Well, while you're
annoyingly dog-like,
I don't want to see you
get yourself killed.
Look, if I help you with this,
we both go for Emma
in our own way now, okay?
No more sabotage.
I'm telling you, I don't think
I have enough strength
to get this thing going.
Dude, you have enough strength
to pull 10 bikes.
You could win
the friggin' Iditarod.
It might help if you
take it off the kickstand.
Oh, is that what that is?
I look around
Everything is changed
Something is gone
And something's rearranged
If I ever called you
Would you think
it's strange
But then again
You just say when
Okay, so whenever
things started to happen--
Happen, yes?
Are you serious?
I'm just another fan.
You were saying?
Okay, well,
I wanted to say,
I get the impression
that he's not that interested.
You are not getting away
with that. Details now!
No. Every time things started
to get going, you know,
he was kissing my neck and--
What? Did you shower?
Let me smell.
- Oh, my God.
- No, I showered. Anyway...
And, you know,
he was pawing around like--
But I-- And then he
climbs off the fire escape,
and he's like, "I gotta go.
I have a shoot tomorrow."
That's what I thought.
You know what?
Superstar problems.
Probably never has time
for a normal life.
He did invite me
to the shoot today.
What? That's a green light.
We're going.
No, no, we can't.
There's not enough time.
It's at the Olympic Pool,
and we wouldn't have time
to get there and back
during lunch.
Somebody need a ride?
If you guys look in that bag,
you'll find a treat.
Coconut Bliss?
It's my favorite.
You guys want some music?
Yes, please.
Here we go
Oh, I love this song!
The moment that you think
you've got it all
You make me feel so old.
Sam, you are amazing!
Thank you,
and you smell nice.
Sam, I have plans
to clone you.
- You're in really good shape.
- Oh, thanks.
Yeah. You know, I do
some running each morning.
- Every morning?
- Just a few miles before work.
Okay, Diego,
you're an Olympic swimmer.
Where do you want me?
In my pants.
In my bed.
In the middle of the bridge.
We have high speed cameras,
so when you dive in,
we'll catch you in mid-flight.
I'll get up on there,
but I'm not going in the water.
Come on, babe.
That's the whole concept.
I'm a climber,
not a swimmer.
Diva effect's kicking in.
Okay, okay,
you're breaking skin.
Now stand there like you're
about to dive in the water.
I'm not getting in.
I'll go in! I'll go in.
What is Sam doing?
Who is this person?
Yeah, let him go in, man.
Sam is not a star.
You're the star, okay?
I got an idea.
How about you simply
stand there on the bridge
with the ball above your head
like Atlas.
No, no, no, no.
Don't throw the ball.
I'm outta here.
- Diego, babe!
- No.
Out there, I'm just not really
much of a person.
I mean a water person.
That's Lapis.
It's supposed to help me
with my Kryptonite.
What's your Kryptonite?
He took something from me
that he can't give back, so...
It was a past life
in Minnesota.
It's cold there, huh?
Yeah, very.
You've never been?
It was a sad time though.
It was a sad time for me too.
Well, maybe we're due
for some happy ones.
Take a look around you
and who do you see
There's a lot
of people here
Oh, shoot.
We gotta go. We're late.
Is there anybody
that you want to be
Offer them a beer
Because you might just
find a girlfriend
Or you might just
find a man
Never underestimate the power
of a late-night decision
[drill whirrs]
Just use protection
He's so cool.
I did it!
Oh, yeah.
Someone's in heat.
Oh, you're looking good,
you little tart.
Oh, there you are.
Don't come near me.
I'll come to you.
Oh, yeah. That's good.
So should we
sleep together now?
Hello, my love
I heard a kiss from you
Red magic satin
playing near too
With guys, you can never tell
who's a good person
or a bad person.
Oh, that's easy!
Like them.
They're nice people.
And him? Ehh.
Oh, they're really nice.
- Hi!
- Hey.
Oh, wait. She's bad.
She's really bad.
Yeah, I see you.
I see you.
Pretty music, I hear
So happy and loud
Blue flowers echo
from a cherry cloud
Feel sunshine
sparkle pink and blue
Playgrounds will laugh
if you...
- You slept with both of them?
- Yeah.
Oh, you little slut!
Wait, at the same time?
No, no,
it was different times.
And it was just sleeping.
Just sleeping?
You mean
you had full grown,
straight, beautiful men
in your bed,
and all you did was sleep?
Because it was amazing.
And I just felt so loved,
and there was no morning-after
awkwardness, you know?
- Yeah, we'll see about that.
- Are you judging me?
If you work with someone
and then sleep with them,
you know what you get?
Next time,
I'll see them naked.
You didn't even
see them naked?
- Um, Sam?
- Yeah.
You want to go
make some copies?
Yes! What size, what color,
what kind?
- Uh, 8 1/2 by 11.
- Done!
Oh, I know.
Bad boy, bad boy.
I mean, I can't get
this bad boy to work.
Um, yeah, you know,
that thing's a real nightmare.
Monty thinks it's time
that you meet her and her staff,
so why don't we go do that?
Your smile's so shiny.
You look as strong
as a tree.
Oh, you're so skinny.
I bet you can slide
right through fences, huh?
Hi. Monty.
Will you have lunch with me?
I've never seen the Ice Queen
have lunch with anyone.
I just hope he survives it.
I have to ask you, how did you
know that I was sick?
- Is it the wig?
- Oh, no, not at all.
Your coat has an amaz--
Your hair has
an amazing sheen.
No. I could sense
your loneliness.
- And the medicine.
- Hmm.
Well, let me tell you something.
Chemo is no fun.
And I'm under
a lot of pressure here.
To be honest, things are not
going so well at the company,
and a lot is riding on
the upcoming Expo with the app.
Oh, we're so excited
for the Expo!
The whole pack's
gonna be there.
The whole group's
gonna be there.
See, the thing is,
with my health,
um, I'm having a lot of trouble
keeping up appearances.
Well, then don't.
Why? Just be.
There's plenty of time
to chase pigeons
and splash in the puddles.
It is so much fun.
You can never catch 'em!
What is this?
Sign of the apocalypse?
EMMA: It's Sam.
He's amazing. It's like
he's psychic or something.
I decided I want us
to present at the conference.
But SkySign has to be better
than anything else out there,
especially, NightSky.
But let's just consider
asking Luke Andrews to help.
Why not?
Okay, look.
First of all, I'm an orphan.
You serious?
- Yeah.
- Now I feel like an asshole.
No, it's okay.
It's all right.
I was only calling you
Orphan Annie
because of all your crazy,
sad little boho dresses.
You know?
Okay, um, I accept
your insult-slash-apology.
I'm only telling you this
trust was always an issue
for me and...
I had a serious boyfriend
when I lived in Minnesota.
NINA: Son of a bitch!
Luke freaking Andrews?!
So NightSky was all yours.
So what, no lawsuit?
No. He had all the evidence,
and I couldn't see
years in a courtroom.
I just kind of died inside
a little, you know?
Then Summit and Ajax,
they brought me back to life.
And then...
Sam, are you okay?
That was my stomach growling.
That Luke guy
really sounds like
he needs someone
to discipline him properly.
Would you like some coffee?
I made you this.
It's not very fancy,
but it's Lapis.
Helps you
with your Kryptonite?
Yeah, I love it,
but I just--
I don't really wear things
around my neck anymore.
There's this convention
next week,
and my ex is gonna be there.
Ooh, Mr. Kryptonite.
I was wondering.
Would you wanna
go with me 'cause...
I don't know
if I can face him alone.
Love longstanding
hurts so bad
Sitting here thinking about
the good thing that we had
Reminiscing doesn't
make it any better
I wish that we were
back together
Something about this
is so familiar
Thought that maybe I would
land back on my feet
I'm crawling now
- Did you say something?
- [coughs]
No. Just a frog
in my throat.
'Cause all that's left
is the ghost in me
Now that you're
gone, gone away
And I'm finding now
It's really kinda hard
to know what love's about
Until you lost it
and it's gone somehow
Yes, it's gone
Do you mind if we
call it an early night?
No prob.
[toy squeaking]
Oh, what was I thinking?
I'll just use the front door.
Have you ever thought that
you might be losing your mind?
Thanks, Carl.
No problem.
Oh, um, do you have
any alcohol?
You don't you like tea?
No, I do.
It was for you, actually.
But you don't--
We'll do this sober.
Okay, all right.
So bear with me.
So I have a theory.
Socko, heck no
I don't think so
I just wanna
be with you tomorrow
And the next day
and the next day after
Oh, hey, I just wanna say
You're looking very fine
today and every day
Socko, heck no
I don't think so
I just wanna
be with you tomorrow
Made a wish
and hoped it would come true
And I think--
I think I found my cat!
I think I'm gonna
need that alcohol.
What are the cherries for,
hangover cure?
Relieves stress.
Do you think I'm crazy?
A sane person would say,
"You know what?
You miss your pets."
And then these guys
come into your life.
It's reasonable that there's
a certain amount of projection,
of transference.
- Transference?
- Yeah.
- I minored in psych.
- Oh.
I wasn't very good.
Turns out everyone I talked to
winded up sadder.
Good to know.
You gotta pinch it hard between
your thumb and forefinger.
- Like this?
- Yeah, just turn your hand.
Okay, okay.
Hold it between--
There you go.
- Yeah?
- And then you just pinch.
Whoa! Yeah!
That does feel good.
I am feeling better,
so thanks.
All right, the other night,
I was on the porch,
and I heard the two of them
and I thought, you know,
sounds like these guys have
known each other a long time.
- Like they grew up together.
- Yeah, like--
- Right?
- Yeah.
- So you think it's possible.
- I don't know.
Yes! I knew it.
- You think it's possible?
- It's possible.
[Emma laughs]
If Ajax has a secret,
he's very crafty,
so I can see him
not telling me.
But Summit...
I can get him to crack.
- Oh, hey! Yeah!
- Hey, that was really good!
So, Sam, you never really
told me where you were from.
Oh, around here.
Except when I was young.
Oh, where were you then?
I don't remember.
I was so young.
But I remember it was snowy.
What about your parents?
What were their names?
I don't know my parents.
Is there something
you want to tell me?
What is it?
Your dress is very nice,
and your hair smells
of fresh-cut flowers.
It's okay.
You can tell me.
- Tell you what?
- [toy squeaks]
You want this, don't you?
I was messing with you.
You say sit, I comply.
It's funny.
It's a joke.
Do you wanna go for a W-A-L-K?
You wanna go for a walk?
It's okay, boy.
It's okay.
You can tell me everything.
You know, this,
this is how I found you.
I remember.
It seems like we might be
the only ones
who have had
this wish granted.
Might just wanna
give it a try.
But how does this work?
I mean, how long
am I gonna live?
Human years?
Cat years?
What if I said
it didn't matter to me?
But I can't have kids.
I'm neutered, remember?
That's on you.
Sorry about that.
You go.
Oh, thank you.
What a guy.
"We here at the StarSign App."
Okay, and...
What are you doing?
The conference is tomorrow.
Luke is giving the first speech,
and I'm kind of freaking out.
These cherry pits
aren't working.
You never get nervous.
How is that?
Well, as a predator,
I don't question
whether I belong here.
Is it considered a predator
if you eat out of a can?
Let's just say
that there are several mice
that you will never
hear from again.
Look, Emma, you belong here.
You're part of the ecosystem.
You lend it balance.
So claim your space.
That's a cat thing.
I never really felt
like I belonged anywhere.
That's an orphan thing.
you just gotta feel
comfortable in your own fur.
Well, it's funny how things
To be listening
To dispassionate men
Talk about sin
Funny how things
Seems like
I've been missing out
With all my clean living
And it's funny how things
It's funny how things
EMMA: Own my own fur.
Comfortable in my own fur.
- That looks good.
- [growls]
Oh, you're so cute.
Okay, I don't think
I can handle this.
Where's Diego?
I don't know.
He said he was coming.
Oh, he's coming.
He's about two minutes out,
and he had tuna for lunch.
It's the first time
I'm seeing Luke since...
Watch where
you're going, baby
Watch where
you're going, baby
Where you going?
- Pack-hunting tactics.
- What?
Watch where
you're going, baby
Are you gonna gonna
stand here where you stand
Like a willow tree swaying
Hug the land
Emma Banana Fofana.
How many moons has it been?
So neat to see you, kid.
Emma and I used to be
old college buds.
I wouldn't call it buds.
I used to help her out
with some of her little
programming attempts.
Teach a girl to fish, right?
Where did you
come from, baby
How could you know
Oh, Diego.
What's he doing at something
as boring as this?
How did you know
I needed you so badly
How did you know
I'd give my heart gladly
How's the most beautiful woman
in world doing?
Diego, um,
I want you to meet Luke.
I know what you did.
I don't mean to be uncool,
but I am such a huge fan
of your
"Animal Magnetism" campaign.
I even got some for Luke here.
It didn't really work.
Not everyone can unleash
their inner predator.
Y-You don't happen
to have pets, do you?
Got a speech to give.
If you'll excuse me--
Ajax. Ajax!
No, Diego!
Sorry. Habit.
Modeling industry, you know.
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you all so much.
You know, part of the reason
we had such huge, huge success
with NightSky
was our ability--
I heard you stole it
from someone else.
Teachable moment here.
Thank you, heckler.
When you achieve success--
and by you, I mean me,
Luke Andrews--
you will find--
and again, by you, I mean me--
that people will occasionally
try to adopt your success
as though it was their own,
but it is not.
It's mine.
It is Luke An--
Hmm. Excuse me.
Thank you--
Okay, I'm sorry about that.
I'm just having a bit
of an allergy--
Excuse me, excuse me.
Excuse me.
No. Can't swallow,
can't swallow, can't--
Okay, okay.
Okay. Is it hot in here?
They're jealous of me,
you know.
They're all just jealous of me.
Especially him!
Dang! Bitch got slapped back.
Hey, if you ever feel inspired,
call me.
- I won't.
- Oh.
Listen, guys,
I'll be honest with you.
That was a complete disaster.
However, it's an opportunity
because you pull it together,
Friday's launch is gonna be
the most awesome thing
that they have ever seen
at this conference.
So you know the expression
"no pressure"?
I want you to do
the opposite of that.
And you, sir, I must say,
I am growing
more and more grateful
for your presence every day.
My goodness!
Oh! What a good boy!
I know I said huge
transformation, but holy shit.
I know.
It's transformation in spades.
Makes sense.
Beautiful, straight men
who listen to you
and don't watch football.
Too good to be real.
Our app works though.
I know, right?
Okay, I confess.
I'm developing a crush on Sam.
It's hard not to.
There's no mind games.
It's only actual games.
Well, mostly fetch.
Hey, look.
There's nothing in this chart
that's gonna tell me exactly
what's gonna happen, but...
But what?
Well, astrology's cyclical,
and tomorrow's
a full moon again.
So there's a chance
that any transformation
that happened this past month
can change again.
Well, I mean, that doesn't mean
that they have to change back.
- I just don't know.
- It's only been a month.
When is my next Jupiter transit?
Twelve years.
[somber piano]
EMMA: We worked hard
on this app
to combine the reality
of the stars
and the magic of astrology.
Tonight, I find myself holding
on more tightly to the magic.
I just found it again.
And I am so, so grateful
for every minute of it.
I'm not ready to let it go.
Thank you all
for sharing tonight with us
and the SkySign app.
Yay! You did it!
Close to me
Why'd you have
to get so close to me
'Cause all that's left
is the ghost of me
Now you're gone, gone away
And I'm finding now
AJAX: You're different.
You're comfortable.
Well, I talked to Nina,
and she thinks...
I know, I know, I know.
It's animal instinct.
I kinda feel these things
before they happen.
It's the ecosystem
balancing itself out.
You trust me, right?
Yeah, completely.
Except around goldfish.
Well, maybe it's time
you try that again with people.
I don't think I can.
'Cause there's this guy
who lives in
a tiny troll house.
You'd be okay with that?
I don't know
until it happens,
but I was thinking about
going stray for a while anyway,
sowing some wild oats,
metaphorically speaking.
Is Summit thinking
of going too?
Are you kidding me?
That mutt lives and dies
for your presence.
You know who else does?
AJAX: He adores you.
And you deserve that.
Nothing less.
I know. He's a human.
But love doesn't
have a species.
I'm finding out
It's really kinda hard
to know what love's about
Until you lost it
and it's gone somehow
- Cheers!
- To us!
It burns so good.
It hurts all the way down.
- Yeah!
- It feels so good.
- Another one.
- This might be my last chance.
What do you mean?
Keep 'em coming.
I know this song.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude!
What the hell are you doing?
Oh, uh, look,
it's a nervous reaction.
I've been doing it
since I was a pup.
She could be anything
or anyone.
I-I can hump you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
It's go time, asshole!
Why does everybody
keep calling me that?
Hey, I love your mane.
That is beautiful.
Hey, my bite...
is just as drunk as my bark.
Let's go, doggy.
Hey, somebody gave him
too much to drink.
He can't handle it.
This is none of
your goddamn business.
[woman gasps]
WOMAN: Come on, let's go.
All right,
let's get you some air.
I don't like tequila.
I'm thinking about
an early retirement.
You know, maybe travel
around the world.
Yeah. Traveling around the world
sounds great.
Mm-hmm. I think it's time
for the young blood to command.
Are you girls game?
Hell, yes!
Can I take some time
to think about it?
Uh, sure. I mean,
don't take too much time.
I'd actually like to begin
the transition on Monday,
if you're up for it.
SUMMIT: I just started
getting used to hands.
AJAX: It's been
a wild time, huh?
You know what
I'm not gonna miss though?
All the worrying
and the thinking.
That part sucks.
You know what also
I miss a lot?
- Huh?
- Licking myself.
Oh, yeah, I hear ya.
You are
a splendid butterfly
It is your wings
that make you beautiful
And I could make you
fly away
But I could never
make you stay
You said you were
in love with me
Both of us know that
that's impossible
And I could make you
rue the day
But I could never
make you stay
Not for all the tea
in China
Not if I could sing
like a bird
Not for all
North Carolina
Not for all my little words
Not if I could
write for you
The sweetest song
you ever heard
It doesn't matter what I do
Not for all my little words
- Hey, Carl?
- Yeah?
Can you just make sure
he's okay back there?
I'm just gonna try
one last time.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Come on, buddy.
Come on.
Here we go. Attaboy.
It's been so long.
Are you out there?
If you are,
it's your last chance
to come with us.
I really wish you would.
[seagulls cawing]
[barking continues]
- Summit is in heaven.
- Yeah.
It's really beautiful here.
You all right?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm just gonna go
get some iced tea.
You want something?
Uh, sure.
Carl, come help!
- You all right?
- I heard scratching.
Oh, Ajax!
Hi! Hi, buddy.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
We're all looking
for someone
That perfect girl
Who can take your hand
and help us see the world
But I'm a little unusual
Because you see
I seek a different type of
thing for my romantic fantasy
And I must say
I'm looking your way
And you seem
to like me, baby
And you give me
all the signs
There's just one activity
on my mind
EMMA: Did we leave the TV on?
DIEGO: My father was
a fisherman from the Azores.
My mother, a tango dancer
from Argentina.
I was born at sea,
a child of two countries
and a citizen of none.
Do you wanna do something
with me tonight
EMMA: You guys!
I'll put on
my finest sweatpants
And I'll order you
pad thai
We'd be living our dreams
As our love grows
What an intimate occasion
You and me and HBO
to moonlight
So wrong, yet so right
So say you want it, darling
'Cause you know
I want it too
And there's just one thing
that I wanna do
Do you wanna
do nothing with me
Do you wanna
do nothing with me
Do you wanna
do nothing with me
Do you wanna
do nothing with me
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Let's talk it through
In case you're confused
'Cause I know it gets crazy
These things I like to do
But they're only worth it
when I'm with you
Yeah, it's true
So do you
Wanna do nothing with me
Oh, do you wanna
do nothing with me?
Do you wanna
do nothing with me
Do you wanna
do nothing with me
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Nothin' with me
Nothin' with me
Rainbows and waterfalls
run through my mind
In the garden, I see
West purple shower bells
and tea
Orange birds and river
cousins dressed in green
Pretty music, I hear
So happy and loud
Blue flowers echo
from a cherry cloud
Feel sunshine
sparkle pink and blue
Playgrounds will laugh
If you try to ask
Or is it cool, is it cool
If you arrive
and don't see me
I'm gonna be with my baby
I am free
Flying in her arms
Over the sea
Stained window,
yellow candy screen
See speakers of kites
Red velvet roses
diggin' freedom flight
A present from you
Strawberry letter 22
The music plays
I sit in for a few
La la la la la la la la
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
La la la la la la la la
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
La la la la la la la la
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
La la la la la la la la
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh