Unnatural (2016) Movie Script

Global climate
change upon us, friends.
And many creatures
on this planet
are in danger of extinction.
And Clobirch Industries
is here to ensure
that they will continue to have
the opportunity to survive.
I'm Victor Clobirch,
here today forging
an eco-friendly frontier in
search of a safer tomorrow.
I'll be back for you
guys in three days.
Hope you enjoy.
Welcome to the
Black Rabbit Lodge.
You're a brave man coming
up here with three women.
I've never been able
to handle even one.
Well, it takes quite a man.
I bet it does.
Martin Ecos.
Pleased to meet you.
How are you.
Do you have Wi-Fi here?
I'm afraid that's
a no, little lady.
You lost that when
you left Anchorage,
along with your service, unless
that's a satellite phone.
It's freezing.
It's 20 below freezing,
Come on, Martin.
Let's get them inside.
All right.
It's warm inside.
Come on.
Straight up the hill, you guys.
- This way?
- Yes, sir.
This looks so authentic.
This is some place you've got.
Thank you.
I'll take that as a compliment.
We call it home.
So, photography is
your thing, huh?
Sorry, we don't
get much daylight
up here this time of year.
Well, the almanac
four hours a day?
That's if you're lucky.
Sunup is at 10 AM.
Sunset's around 2:00 PM,
and what you get in between
is mostly dusk.
That's what we call magic hour.
That's what you're going
to get... four magic hours.
Great... dark and cold.
I'm G1226, The beta cells
are rapidly increasing.
They're 600% larger than
they were last week.
Oh, my God.
Dr. Keller, come in.
Dr. Keller, stay out of NP2.
Dr. Keller, are you there?
Come in.
You'd think I'd have
this down by now.
Try it again.
Three days here,
almost always dark.
That sounds romantic.
I can't find my light in here.
Better go see what he wants.
Right here, Brooking.
Did you forget to
pack my light meter?
No, it's in your fur hat.
Oh, there it is.
Oh, hey, dinner.
Let's go.
I'm starved.
Doing good, Delana.
Nate landed his fish.
About two months ago.
Yeah, something like that.
Big boy, too.
Lily, you really
outdid yourself.
The salmon's fantastic.
We're usually closed by the
second week of September.
This is the first time
anyone from the lower 48
has been up here during winter.
Especially as pretty
as you young ladies.
Ice hole... did
your team do that?
Because I want these
girls draped in fur,
like they went out into the
woods, skinned the animals
and put them on their backs.
Fashion, back to basics.
It would be great if you could
throw in an Eskimo too, I mean,
if you can dig one up.
I think you mean
to say Athabascan.
The native people prefer
going by their tribal names.
Yeah, sure, whatever.
I mean, as long as
they look the part.
I mean, like, weathered
face, fish on a stick.
You know what I mean, right?
I think I do, Mr. Brooking.
Who killed that bear?
That little guy?
I did, nearly 20 years ago.
Were you scared?
He actually had to put down.
Nate found him out back.
He was sick and pretty torn up.
Bears come right
up to the lodge?
Yes, they do.
Hungry and ready to eat.
But there's nothing
to worry about.
Bears hibernate in winter.
Now, you are a smart young lady.
That's true for most bears.
Not for Maneater.
Maneater's a gigantic
beast of a bear
with a taste for human blood.
Frightens me every time
I go out into the woods.
Come on, stop.
The natives say the Maneater
was not born from another bear,
but from a vengeful spirit.
He rose from the blood of
countless Alaskan animals that
fell at the hands of white men.
Rose straight out of
the ground, standing
20 feet high, with
fangs and claws sharper
than any man-made metal.
Let me know when old
Maneater shows up.
I'll take a snapshot
of him with the girls.
We'll set a record.
Maneater can't be killed.
An endless amount of blood
courses through his veins.
A juggernaut, unable
to stop until he
slays the same amount
of human blood,
in revenge on the white man.
Maneater is nature's
way of fighting back.
Don't mess with Mother
Nature then, right?
That's right.
I better to go gas
up the generator.
Excuse me.
Do you think there's any
truth to that bear story?
These backwoods Klondikes
are just trying to scare us.
I'm not worried at
all about the bear.
It's these guys.
You heard 'em downstairs...
"We don't get women
up here as pretty as you."
But they're sweet and harmless.
They cooped up here all winter.
That's going to a
man do crazy things.
Are you going to protect me?
I'm not going to protect you.
I'm gonna turn you over!
You know what I'm going to do?
I'm going to find a cave
and I'm going to hibernate.
The take-down!
And then he's going to
spank her like a bad doggie.
Are you a bad doggie?
Brooking wants us
to start at sunrise.
10 AM?
You're a good listener.
What's up with that Nate guy?
That guy can really piss me off.
He's all yours.
I don't go native.
That's racist.
Now, who is going
to get punished?
I surrender.
Where was I?
I don't know.
Go look.
You go look.
Babe, you're on top.
No, I'm not.
I don't see anything.
It's good.
It's good.
I don't know what it was.
They're weird here.
Hey, you look dead up there.
Think about how this
wolf feels, Brooking.
When people stop
buying fur, I'll
stop shooting it, all right?
Now look alive.
That's it.
Turn it around.
Turn it around.
There you go.
That's it, babe.
I'm asking you to hold
the light right there.
I'm trying.
They keep moving.
You talk to me again
like that, I'm going
to feed you to these natives.
Goddamn, get it right there.
Got you some fuel
for your generator.
You still playing
with that thing?
You get it working yet?
Well, I had it working.
Shelly was just in
the middle of telling
me how the grandkids were
doing and poof, went out on me.
Maybe it is time
to get a new one.
A new one?
A satellite phone
might be better.
I don't trust the darn things.
Besides, you got to haul them
all the way up on the ridge
just to get a signal.
You know, when this
world goes to crap,
citizen's band's still going
to work and save the day.
You're probably right.
Hear we've got an
ice storm coming in.
Yeah, heard it on the news.
I hope it passes quickly.
I don't want those people here
any longer than necessary.
That good, huh?
Let's see what we got.
Breaker, breaker.
You've got the one Buffalo
looking for Shelly.
Come on back.
Catch you later.
All right.
Breaker, breaker, you got the
Buffalo looking for Shelly.
Come on back.
Come on, man.
I'm shooting over here.
I thought you wanted
an ice fishing shot.
We'll get to that.
Let's finish here first.
It's freezing out here.
Come on, girls.
Modeling is so much
harder than people think.
Go, Quinn.
Ella, Ben, deeper.
Little deeper.
Little deeper, OK?
Seriously, Brooking?
Come on, I think
it's deep enough.
You know how often I hear that?
I have to pee.
Good luck with that.
No, I'm serious.
Where am I going to go?
Best place to go is out of the
wind, over by the tree line.
You OK?
Just take me back.
He's still warm.
Can we just get out of here?
OK, here you go...
Carrots and potatoes.
Smells good.
Can you taste this?
I feel like it's
missing something.
Are you sure, because this group
seems like they're a bit picky.
I'll tell you what.
If this guy doesn't like it.
I'll throw his ass
out in the snow
and we can enjoy
a civilized meal.
Come on, man, I'm
talking to you.
I'm freezing my
balls off over here,
and I'm losing this light.
Come on, man.
We gotta go!
Goddamn ice floes.
There we go.
Sooner we get this done...
What happened to you out there?
I saw a dead animal,
and it freaked me out.
I'm not doing this.
Whoa, what are you doing?
Come on, we're still shooting.
Hey, listen to me.
We are still shooting this.
Everyone is cold and
miserable, Brooking.
Let's go to a beach somewhere.
This is a stupid idea.
I'm down for that.
Come on, no.
We are on location.
This is not a vacation, OK?
We sit here, mouths
shut, eyes open,
and we're going
to shoot this, OK,
and we're going to get it done.
Look at that.
Instant fishing, ice hole.
Let's go.
Come on.
Grab a pole.
Love you.
Get over here.
Ella, look alive.
Come on!
I got beautiful scenery,
beautiful girls.
Not beautiful.
Get out of the way.
All right, babe.
Let's try it again.
Babe, you're looking good.
That's it.
That's it.
Use the hips.
Nobody move.
What now?
Hey, they're back already?
Something's not right.
It took Ella under the ice.
What did?
I don't know.
Slow down.
Tell me what happened.
Where's Nate?
I think she is.
Is everything OK?
You're not going back
out there are you?
Yes, I am.
The big Eskimo's probably fine.
You need to call us a plane.
We'll talk about
this when I get back.
Right now, everyone stay inside.
You're going to leave
us here by ourselves?
You're quite a man, aren't you?
Then act like it, and stay
inside with the girls.
Come on up.
Oh no.
Jesus Christ!
Hold on.
More tea?
You know, this place
is one big donut hole.
Your company can count
on a big, fat lawsuit
when we're out of here.
I mean, that big Eskimo,
he just stood there
and he didn't do
anything to save Ella.
I'm sure Nate did
everything he could.
Wasn't enough, was it?
It's about time.
I need blankets
and hot water bottles.
Who's this?
We've got you.
All right.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Who is she?
I don't know.
I just found her half
frozen out there.
Where's Nate?
Get her boots off.
Where's Nate?
Lily, something got Nate.
He's gone.
I'm sorry.
What the hell is out there?
I don't know.
Where am I?
Where am... Where am I?
You're in a safe place.
Are you Hanna?
Doctor Hanna Lindval?
Hanna, we're
going to get you warm.
You're in a safe place now.
It's going to be all right.
I need heat.
We're going to get you heat.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Let's get her some hot
soup, some warm water.
Thank you, Lily.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
Goddamn these people.
Who lives in a place like this?
I'm so sorry about Ella.
Have you ever seen
someone die before?
No, nothing like that.
What do you think it was?
I don't know.
You know, all I know is that
no one is trying hard enough
to get us out of this place.
I want to go home.
I know.
I know, OK?
You've got to pull
it together, OK?
I'm going to go see what the
plan is to get us out of here.
No, no.
Please don't go.
Whatever was out
there under that ice,
it's not coming in
here to get you.
I'm here.
Jesus man.
Take that thing outside.
Something been raiding my traps.
And it killed my
girlfriend and Nate.
What he say true?
Nate's dead?
Yes, it's true
What kind of tracks?
I... I don't know.
It's nothing like I've ever
seen around these parts.
What's it going to take, man?
More people to die?
You need to call us a plane.
You need to take it easy.
We're going to stay put tonight.
I need an Ibuprofen.
I'll make a call on the radio.
All right, Buff.
Be careful out there.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, uh, she's coming around.
Is she talking yet?
She's a complete mess.
Come on.
Oh my god.
Shelley, this is Buff.
We have an emergency up here.
Come on back.
Shelley, this is Buff.
We have an emergency up here.
Come on back.
It happened so fast
and she was gone.
I'm probably not helping.
I can leave you
alone if you want.
No, it's OK.
I'm sorry.
There, uh, I'll just
leave those there for you.
Great, thank you.
Do you wish it was
me instead of Ella?
Be careful with this, will you?
Do you think a bear
did this to Nate?
I'm not sure what happened.
I can't believe he's gone.
He was one of the good ones.
Hey, you OK?
No, I'm not OK.
I have a lot of questions
that need to be answered.
Tomorrow morning at daybreak
I'm going to head up on the
ridge with the satellite phone
and make a call.
A plane will be here and get
you out in a couple hours.
What if it gets you, too?
I'll be packing
quite an arsenal.
If it comes for me,
you can count on seeing
him mounted on my wall.
I thought bears are supposed
to hibernate during the winter.
Polar bears don't hibernate.
What about you?
Where did you come from?
Clobirch Industries.
What is that?
A company that sticks its
nose where it shouldn't.
Tampering with the environment,
trying to regulate the animals.
The native people
don't want them here.
But the government allows it.
They're partially right.
I work for Clobirch.
I was sent here with
a few of my colleagues
to study polar bears.
Wouldn't you be
better suited to do
that up north near Barrow?
We're too far south
for polar bears.
Yes, but as you know
the ice caps are melting.
Polar bears are
migrating south for food.
Go on.
Well, we were some
distance from here
and we came across
a rogue polar bear.
He was ravenous for food...
Starving... and he attacked us.
I took off running, and my
colleagues weren't so lucky.
They... they didn't make it.
I... I guess that's when I
got lost and you found me.
I've owned this lodge and
hunted these woods for over 25
years, and in all
that time I have never
come across a single
polar bear... not one.
Well, you're certainly
going to, especially
with the climate changing.
I'm go to go to sleep until
the plane comes for us tomorrow.
Yeah, that's smart.
Do you think Buff got
through on the radio yet?
Oh, holy smokes.
I forgot all about Buffalo
with that woman here.
I better go check on him.
You don't think something
happened, do you?
The way today is going?
Lily, listen.
Keep an eye on things
around here... thank
you... especially that woman.
Something ain't right about her.
Yes, Hanna.
She's a liar.
Be careful.
Oh, Jesus.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I... I... I just came down
to get a glass of water.
Oh, uh, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm just, um, a bit jumpy.
Yeah, makes sense.
It's been quite a day.
Um, here.
I'll get you some water.
Most people don't
realize how, um,
quickly you can get dehydration
in subzero temperatures.
Is that so?
So, I... I... I was
wondering where Martin is.
Haven't seen him around and, um,
you know, I never got a chance
to thank him for saving me.
Um, he's probably
around here somewhere.
Come on.
Show yourself.
That animal is stalking us.
Is Buff dead?
Fi... first Nate, then Buff.
Are we next?
No, no, Lily.
We're not next.
Tomorrow everyone stays inside.
No one goes outside
no matter what.
You keep them in here.
I'm going to lead this
thing away from here, OK?
I'm really scared.
I'm... I'm not strong
enough for this.
I can't...
Yes, you are.
You are strong enough.
Lily, come on sweetheart.
You are strong enough.
Come on, I'm counting on you.
Now I want you to
go get some rest.
You're going to need your
energy to keep those people
at ease while I'm gone.
Um, what if something
happens to you?
I'm going to be fine.
Come on.
You're up early.
Just looking forward
to getting out of here.
10 G's for this.
This outfit doesn't even
know the half of it.
You doing a photo shoot up here?
The last image I got was my
girlfriend being dragged down
under the ice by that thing.
I'm really sorry for your loss.
I mean that's... that's horrible.
You win some, you lose some.
All right?
What is the allure of being
out here all by yourself?
You would never understand.
How far is that ridge?
Um, it's only a couple miles.
So he should probably be there
by now making the call, right?
So how did your
team get out here?
By plane?
And where did you guys stay?
I was under the
impression that this
was the only lodge out here...
Nothing else within 100 miles.
Well, there's
actually a research
camp for wildlife preservation.
I see.
several traits from the wolf DNA
to our subject has seen
favorable adaptations that will
increase... project
beta has gained
a number of traits
that we anticipated
going into the project...
That bitch.
DNA has also added expanded...
They're growing
these goddamn things.
The ability to remember.
What're you doing?
I wanted to talk to you alone.
I, um, look, you're
a natural leader.
And these people
will listen to you.
Well, we're in a lot of danger.
My team studied the polar bear...
The one that's been attacking
us... and its strength
is far superior to that
of an average polar bear.
You're going to need to
follow my instructions.
Lady, Martin hadn't
dragged your ass in here,
you'd be out there
frozen until spring.
Now you want to call the shots?
Trying to help.
Thanks, but no thanks.
I'm going to handle
things my way.
Sure thing.
That thing ate him.
Don't say that.
What do you want me to say?
He's up on the ridge
doing just fine,
got carried away on the call.
He is an experienced hunter
and there are a number of things
that could be keeping him.
That's no goddamn polar bear.
Come on.
Come on, you son of a bitch.
It's pretty clear...
Anybody goes outside,
they're not coming back.
We need to protect ourselves.
We're safe in here.
No, we're not.
The generator's
gonna need more gas soon.
I'll get my coat.
It's monkey piss.
Hey, ladies, let's
not overdo it, huh?
I mean, who are you guys?
Keep your voice down.
Lighten up.
How far away is that generator?
Let's go.
Go get them, soldier.
Be a man, Brooking, for once.
Delana, I don't know if you paid
any attention to what's going
on around here, but look around.
I'm the last man standing.
The gas is over this way.
Just keep it down.
What was that?
Nothing out of you.
Holy shit.
It's here.
They're still out there.
I'm going to teach this bear
what it's like to be in prison.
That thing...
It's out there.
I know.
We saw it.
It's OK.
Help me!
What's going on?
That thing, it's here.
They need us.
Good luck with that.
Where is it?
I don't know.
Where's Hanna?
I don't know!
It's gonna eat you.
Come on, babe.
Let's get out of here.
Jesus, hey.
Get your boots on.
We gotta go.
Gimme this.
It's killing her.
Let's see if we can
find a way out of here.
Out here.
Come on!
You've got to be kidding me.
Get in here.
Come on!
Oh, there it is.
Come on.
Please start.
Please start.
Come on, baby.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
You did it!
Let me get this door.
Let's go!
It's slipping.
What's the matter?
It's just spinning.
Stop it!
That thing is going to hear us.
It's stuck!
It's stuck.
God damn it!
Make it stop.
Oh, I think I see it.
I see it.
Sh, sh.
It's gonna come for us.
Don't move.
Don't move.
I don't see it.
I can't see it.
It's gone.
I'm just going to
put this in reverse.
Brooking, please.
Let's just stay here.
I'm going to get us
back to the garage, OK?
Don't move.
Here we go.
Come on!
This is a piece of shit!
Damn it!
It's not going anywhere.
What do we do?
Just don't... I don't see it.
Oh no!
But it's going to come for us.
Hey, it's not.
You're safe.
Fuck you, bear.
Oh my god!
Oh god!
Oh my god!
Oh my...
Add this to your DNA.
Hanna, Hanna.
Please stop what you're doing.
It's... it's unnatural.
I will.
I know.
compromised at an early stage,
exposing the sample
to subject beta.
The bear's strength is
increasing at an alarming rate.
I fear the facility may no
longer be able to contain him.
Still, we are too
far into the process.
Starting over at this point
would throw away months of...
Forces of change have
long affected our planet's
diverse ecosystems.
Despite recent setbacks,
Clobirch industries
is making great strides
to adapt wildlife
into our ever-changing world.
Our goal is to preserve
the natural order, allowing
life to continue as we know it.
That is why Clobirch
will continue to lead
the way to a safe future.
Our company sets the standard
in environmental research.
And in doing so,
I can assure you
we will solve these
eminent problems.
I am proud to be the team
leader here at Clobirch.
And we will successfully adapt
all animals that need our help.
What are we without
our wildlife.