Unplanned (2019) Movie Script

ABBY: My story
isn't an easy one to hear.
I think I probably ought
to warn you of that up front.
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh...
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh
- Boo! What do you think
you're doing? - (laughing)
You better run!
(groans): No fair getting
woken up before the alarm.
Daddy's turn.
(both laughing)
Ah, the Grace monster!
- No!
- (laughing)
We don't waste food, right?
When it's like this,
it's not food.
Hi, baby.
Coffee's on the counter.
- Thank you.
- Um...
can you help us
with a situation?
What's the matter?
Daddy didn't make
the toast right.
He cut it into little squares.
It's supposed to be
into triangles.
Ah. Let me see what I can do.
I thought I did
a pretty good job.
What are you doing?
This is what you call
See? What do you think?
And that's why
you're the mommy.
- Breakfast?
- I don't have any time.
Mommy, you have to be
- You're so right. Mmm.
- (Doug chuckles)
- Bye.
- DOUG: Bye, baby.
- Hey, where you going?
- (door opens)
- GRACE: Mommy! Mommy!
- (door closes)
Mommy! Don't go.
- Why can't you stay home
and play with me? - Gracie.
Gracie, baby,
we talked about this.
Saturdays are
Mommy's busiest day.
But I promise, when I get home,
we will get pizza
and watch a movie.
- Yeah!
- Okay.
(Doug chuckles)
- Bye, babe.
- Bye.
(engine starts)
("This Could Change Everything"
by Francesca Battistelli plays)
Bye, Mommy!
There's a fire inside,
you can feel it burning
It's a neon light
glowing like a furnace
And the night is long,
but the world keeps turning
You gotta know it,
it's not the end
Every new sunrise
is one step closer
It's a sign in the sky
that the fight's not over
So face the world,
it's now or never
This is your moment,
let it begin
This could
change everything
Can you feel it now?
Something's in the air
This could
change everything
I know we're gonna know it
when we get there
No more waiting,
I'm taking the chance
This could
change everything
Let it begin...
ABBY: I've been asked
a thousand times:
Were you really so gullible?
Were you really so ambivalent?
So naive? So foolish? So...
You get the picture.
My answer? Yes.
I often find that people
don't like my answers.
That's understandable,
because my story isn't
a neat and tidy one,
and it doesn't come wrapped up
in a pretty red bow.
In fact, it's probably gonna
make you squirm a bit.
Oh, oh, oh
Let it begin.
- (knock on door) -Hey, Abby,
sorry to bother you,
but they need an extra person
in the back room.
- Are you free?
- Sure.
Even though I'd been
with Planned Parenthood
for almost eight years,
I'd never been called
into the procedure room
to help the surgical team
with an abortion.
And I had no idea
why I was needed now.
Megan said that you needed
some assistance?
DOCTOR: I only do
ultrasound-guided procedures.
I want you to hold the probe.
(machine beeps quietly)
- This might be
a little cold, okay? - Mm-hmm.
Don't move.
(machine beeps quietly)
Take my tubing.
(fetal heartbeat pulsing)
- Okay.
- How's that?
All right, little to the left.
Angle down just slightly.
(fetal heartbeat
continues pulsing)
That's better.
- Hold still.
- Come on, stay still.
You can hold my arm,
but you can't wiggle.
- It hurts.
- DOCTOR: Whoa.
NURSE: You want to get done,
don't you? Deep breaths.
DOCTOR: Now, just hold
the probe in place
- so I can see what I'm doing.
- (woman sobs softly)
- Okay. Up there.
- (woman sobs)
It just moved away
from the catheter.
DOCTOR: They always move.
That's why I do it this way.
(fetal heartbeat
pulsing faster)
(fetal heartbeat stops)
Beam me up, Scotty.
(machine whirring)
(whimpers softly)
(air hissing, quiet pop)
(whirring stops)
Where the hell is she going?
- Abby, you okay?
- (crying continues)
D-Do you need a doctor?
He is the last person
that I want to see right now.
Unfortunately for me,
- this is my story.
- (crying fades)
I started my junior year
at Texas AandM
the way most
college students do:
Wondering how I'd make
my mark on the world.
Howdy. Hot out there, huh?
- Yeah. - Why don't you have
a water bottle.
Thank you.
Are you familiar with
Planned Parenthood?
I've heard of it. It's
a women's health clinic, right?
That's right.
Our clinics are very important
to our clients who depend on us
for birth control,
or abortions if they need them.
Um, I don't know
how I feel about abortion.
My family is pro-life,
so I guess I am, too.
Oh, I totally understand.
But at Planned Parenthood,
our goal is
to make abortions rare.
Rare. What do you mean?
Well, by making birth control
freely accessible,
thousands and thousands
of abortions aren't required.
However, when a woman really
does find herself needing one,
our clinics are vital
to their safety.
It's hard to believe
that there's still some people
out there that want to tell us
- what we can and can't do
with our body. - Yeah.
You know, I completely agree
with equal rights for women.
And that's what
we're all about.
- So, what's your name?
- Abby Brannam.
Um, I am a junior
studying psychology.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Jill.
I work in community services
at Planned Parenthood.
And we do need volunteers,
because many of our services
are free or low-cost
for our clients.
Okay. Sign me up.
I left campus that day as
a proud champion
of women in crisis.
So why didn't I call my mom
and tell her the good news?
- (protesters clamoring)
- MAN: Murderer!
ABBY: Because I didn't think
she'd understand
how the work I'd be doing
wasn't going to
increase the number of
abortions but decrease them.
How's this for
a brilliant insight:
Never trust a decision
you don't want
your mom to know about.
Hmm. Just keep staring at me.
(sighs) It's okay.
You're just here
to check it out,
and if you don't like it,
you don't have to stay.
(protestors continue clamoring)
- Hi. Are you Abby?
- I am.
- Hi. I'm Summer.
- Summer, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Here, put this on
so everyone knows
you're with the clinic.
I'll hold this for you.
So, really, is this normal?
Just ignore them.
When a client shows up, we head
for the car immediately,
so there's someone waiting
when she opens her door.
When she opens it,
start talking right away.
- About what?
- Anything.
The weather,
her car, her clothes.
Anything to distract her from
the voices through the fence.
They're gonna be harassing her.
You need to make sure your
voice is the one she hears.
I'll go with you
the first few times
to make sure you get
the hang of it, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
We've still got a few minutes
before our first arrival.
Let's introduce you to Cheryl.
The access code is 2-2-2-9.
Uh, I'm awful
at remembering those.
- Oh, it's easy. It spells
"baby." - (door buzzes)
- Make sure to xerox
the first two and file. - Okay.
Excuse me. Cheryl?
This is Abby.
She's our newest
volunteer escort.
Abby, this is Cheryl
D'Alessandro, clinic director.
- Welcome. Nice to meet you.
- You, too.
- Let me take this for you.
- Thank you.
Samantha? Here, come here.
- Put that in a locker for me,
if you would. - Okay.
Summer, why don't you keep
an eye on the parking lot.
- Sure thing.
- Okay.
Why do they all think
that the women coming in
are having abortions?
Uh, you do offer
other services, right?
Not on Saturday.
On Saturdays, we only do
abortions, and they know that.
the Coalition for Life.
- They're like vultures.
- (chuckles softly)
Their office is
right up the street,
and their whole purpose
is to turn the community
against us
and to try to shut us down.
Here we go. First client.
- Go ahead.
- Make sure to keep her moving.
- MAN: Hey, princess.
- (protestors clamoring)
Does Daddy know
that you're here?
Yeah, yeah. Does he know
that you're killing
his little grandbabies
right now?
Oh, here they come.
Hi, Twinkies. How you doing?
- Hey. Yeah, ignore me.
- Hi there.
Starting to warm up, isn't it?
I love the color of your shirt.
MAN: No matter what good things
you do in your life,
you're still gonna be
a baby killer!
All right. Look at me
and keep walking.
And all this because you
couldn't keep your legs closed!
Keep walking, basic!
I'm talking to
the baby killer, not you!
SUMMER: Abby, can you get
the door for her?
Hey, you don't have to do this!
Hey, get back here!
I'm talking to you!
Okay, she's gonna take care
of you now, all right?
- Thank you.
- Okay.
I need you
to sign in here for me.
The time now is 8:42.
(man shouts)
Okay. Your turn.
WOMAN: Hi. I'm here from
the Coalition for Life.
We know this is
a really hard day for you.
We're here because
we care about you.
Hi. Good morning.
How are you?
- Good.
- Nice weather, right?
- Yeah.
- Don't mind them.
WOMAN: Your little baby
already has a beating heart,
and she loves you
with all of it.
What you're doing right now
doesn't seem like caring to me.
I'm sorry. Come on.
(sighs) We'll just get you
inside, okay?
Just walk through that door.
They don't understand.
- Hey. My name's Marilisa.
- (door buzzes in distance)
I'm with
the Coalition for Life,
and we just wanted
to let you know
that we have other options
for you if you're interested
or if you want to talk.
Damn it! They got one.
I just wish they'd leave
these poor women alone.
...feel safe and comfortable.
- Elena, turn on the sprinklers.
- Come on.
Renee, call the police
and report a disturbance.
Okay. But the last time
we did that,
the cops weren't super thrilled
when they showed up
and nobody was doing
anything illegal.
The number you're trying
to remember is 911.
Okay. Yep. Yeah. Okay.
(people shouting, screaming)
Get the baby!
When my shift was over,
I couldn't wait
to get out of there.
Hey. I don't think
I've seen you here before.
No, it's my first day.
Can you tell me
why you're volunteering?
I don't know
if I'm coming back,
so I'm just checking it out.
Can I ask your name?
- Abby.
- Mm-hmm.
Abby, you do know that they
perform abortions here, right?
You know, actually,
I've had an abortion myself.
So I don't have any problem
with another woman
making the same decision.
I'm so sorry
you had to go through that.
No, it's okay. Really.
It was my decision.
No one forced me to do it.
Well, if you ever want to talk
to anyone about anything...
God, do you people ever stop?
These women are hurting.
Why are you doing this to them?
We're not here to hurt them
or condemn them.
We're here to help them.
By dressing up in costumes
and showing them horrible
pictures to scare them?
In what world would a woman
run to someone dressed like
the Grim Reaper for help
with her crisis pregnancy?
I am with the Coalition
for Life, and they're not.
So we can ask them to stop,
and we do.
But we can't force them
to do anything.
So for what it's worth,
I think you're right, Abby.
Doesn't help.
Marilisa, leave her alone.
Abby, get in your car.
(engine starts)
Looking back, I'm surprised
I admitted my having had
an abortion to Marilisa.
I'd never told that to anyone.
Meaning I probably ought to
take a moment to explain.
In college, I'd gone from
small-town super achiever
to party girl in no time.
Literally, from the moment
my parents dropped me off.
Mark lived in my building,
and was ten years
older than me.
We started dating...
nothing serious,
until the day I saw two lines
on my pregnancy test kit.
Hey. It's all right.
It's all right.
We'll take you to a clinic
and take care of it.
What do you mean?
I know a place, in Houston.
How do you know a place
in Houston?
ABBY: Naturally,
Mark didn't have the $500
it would take to "get it done."
Neither did I.
So I applied for
my very first credit card.
I kept thinking,
"I can't tell my parents
about this.
"They can't know
I'm having sex.
They can't know I'm pregnant."
I remember there was
no one outside,
but the waiting room
was packed.
(tires screech)
My next clear memory
was of finding myself
lying on a table,
feet in stirrups,
with a painful pressure
building in my abdomen.
- (groans)
- I could hear myself groaning,
but it sounded distant.
You're fine, honey.
Just relax.
ABBY: I remember waking up
slumped forward,
sitting in
a hard plastic chair.
My chair was one in a line
filled by the girls who'd been
in the waiting room with me.
Some were staring at the floor.
Some were rocking
with their arms
wrapped around their bellies.
Some were softly crying.
I was handed a few crackers.
I slammed the experience
into a box, nailed it shut,
stashed it in a dark corner
of my soul,
and pretended
it never happened.
But I wasn't finished
making bad decisions yet.
Abby, it's not too late
to stop this.
I'll go grab the car,
you slip out that door,
and we will drive away.
I can't do that to my parents.
- Abby, your parents
would be thrilled. - (scoffs)
"Wedding March" playing)
(music continues over speakers)
Smile, Daddy.
I'm trying.
To call our marriage a fiasco
would be an insult
to fiascoes.
The last straw was a year later
on Valentine's Day.
- (sportscast playing on TV)
- Mark decided we'd celebrate
by making sandwiches.
But later that night,
after we'd gone to bed,
he slipped out of the apartment
to be with another woman.
I filed for divorce
the next day,
anxious to be free of this man,
feeling like I already was,
until a few weeks later...
Not again.
Panic and grief overwhelmed me.
I didn't want to be connected
to this man in any way.
- (sighs) -And if I were
to have his child,
I'd be connected to him
for the rest of my life.
So my next visit to the clinic
wasn't as a volunteer escort
but as a client.
I never saw
the ultrasound image.
But the nurse practitioner told
me I was eight weeks along,
which made me eligible for
a chemically induced abortion,
better known as
the RU-486 abortion pill.
The cutoff was nine weeks.
It seemed more private,
less invasive, more natural.
So I handed over $400
and took the first pill.
Tomorrow, whenever you're ready,
you're gonna take the four
pills in this little brown bag.
That's misoprostol.
It's gonna just gently
empty out your uterus.
And there's gonna be
a little bleeding,
but nothing more than
like a heavy period.
And, uh, if there's
any cramping,
you can take some ibuprofen.
(bills thump on counter)
Okay, you're all set.
Have a nice day.
ABBY: The next day,
I did as I was told.
I ate a light lunch and took
the pills inside my brown bag.
I was told I would probably
start bleeding
in about an hour.
In the meantime, I made myself
comfortable in my bed.
A little bit later...
(gasps softly)
(yelling in pain)
(retching, coughing)
(crying continues)
After 12 hours in agony,
I fell asleep
on the bathroom floor.
It occurred to me that this was
the way I was going to die.
I wondered who would find me.
I prayed it wouldn't be
my mother.
NURSE (over phone):
It's not abnormal.
Not abnormal?
The bleeding,
the clotting, the pain?
That is normal?
NURSE: Use heating pads,
soak in a warm tub,
- take ibuprofen.
- (scoffs)
How could you not have
told me about this?
W-What happened to
gently emptying my uterus?
That is what I was told
would happen.
Look, I'm sorry,
but I have another patient.
(line clicks,
dial tone humming)
Eight weeks passed.
Eight weeks of blood clots.
- (sniffles) -Eight weeks
of excruciating cramps.
And when it was finally over,
my anger had disappeared,
only to be replaced
by self-Ioathing.
Meaning I no longer blamed
Planned Parenthood
for everything that happened.
I blamed myself.
(phone ringing)
It doesn't look like
we're gonna get
Dr. Plummer on Saturday,
but I can call Dr. Wagner.
- ABBY: Renee. - That sounds
good. Give him a call. - Cool.
CHERYL: Abby. Hi.
We haven't seen you in a while.
Um, yeah, I've been busy.
Well, it's good
to have you back.
By the way,
we have an opportunity
I think you might be
perfect for.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you familiar with Planned
Parenthood? - Not really.
So there I was,
proudly waving
the Planned Parenthood banner.
And six months later,
after I graduated with
my degree in psychology,
my cause became my career,
despite the disapproval of
virtually everyone in my life.
The way I see it,
the real issue is viability.
At that point, the fetus
could live outside the womb.
But before that,
it's just undeveloped tissue
that couldn't possibly
survive on its own.
Abby, how can you say it's
okay to abort at eight weeks
but not at 24?
Viability keeps changing
as medical science improves.
Are you saying that the measure
of what's moral or immoral
changes as
medical science advances?
What I'm saying is that
I'm not going to apologize
for doing a job
that helps women in crisis.
I love my job.
I am committed to doing it.
It is who I am.
It is part of
what makes me me.
Take it or leave it.
Fair warning, Doug.
Dr. Dobson's book
The Strong-Willed Child
was one of the first books
I ever bought.
I still own it.
All right,
who's up for dessert?
Abby, sweetie,
why don't you help me?
Thank you.
You won't believe
what happened this week.
A woman came in
with abdominal pain,
and when we examined her,
we discovered
it was uterine cancer.
That's nice.
You don't even care.
More than you realize,
Will you take these out
to the table for me, please?
Right now, I need you to listen
to me and not say anything.
I know you don't agree,
but to your dad and me,
you were our baby
from the moment of conception.
I know it's not how you feel,
but it's how we feel.
You don't like
where she's working?
I can't stand it.
But you still
want to marry her?
Oh, absolutely.
- Well, ain't love grand?
- (chuckles)
"Wedding March" playing)
(music continues over speakers)
(quietly): You're not supposed
to look happier than I do.
Why not?
You got it right this time.
ABBY: So there I was,
making my vows again.
Who gives this woman today
to be married to this man?
Her mother and I.
This time with a guy
who actually loved me.
MARILISA: We do have other days
that you can volunteer
or other shifts
if this isn't one
that works out for you, but...
Just one second. Hold on.
Hi, Marilisa.
Any sign of the Grim Reaper?
- No, thankfully.
- Mm.
You look really nice today.
Well, thank you.
I am the new counselor.
Well, I am sure
you are going to be
the best counselor
they have ever had.
- Fianc.
- Oh. (laughs)
Yeah. She makes me come here.
Liar. He was out here
praying most Saturdays.
All he did was change it
to every Saturday.
Well, congratulations, you two.
I wish you every happiness.
Thanks, Abby.
At this stage,
between six and eight weeks,
it's just fetal matter,
a lump of tissue,
not much more than a polyp
or a blood clot.
- So it's not a baby yet?
- No, not at all.
- And it can't feel any pain?
- None whatsoever.
That's a concern
for a lot of women.
And to be honest,
it was a concern for me, too.
But the one thing
that all experts agree on
is that, at this stage,
the fetus can't feel anything.
- There's still a part of me
that isn't sure. - I know.
Trust me.
Nobody wants
to have an abortion.
Not like they want a new car
or an ice-cream cone.
But most of the women
who sit in that chair
already know
that this is a pregnancy
they aren't prepared
to deal with.
It just takes a little time
to realize it.
(sniffles softly)
Assuming that you want
to go forward,
the procedure we'll be
performing is called a vacuum...
ABBY: About that time,
Doug and I decided
that we wanted to make worship
a part of our lives.
We found a church
that seemed to be a good fit.
But most Sunday mornings, I
just felt left out in the cold.
"For You created
my innermost being.
"You knit me together
in my mother's womb.
"I praise You because
I am fearfully
"and wonderfully made.
All Your works are wonderful,
and I know them full well."
What's awesome about
this passage is that we see
that in-in the silence
of the womb,
God is still forming
and fashioning people
in His image
and in His likeness.
- Yeah.
- I know exactly how you feel.
I mean, I'm Catholic,
and, on Sunday, I heard
a sermon about abortion.
(scoffs) I don't care
what anyone says.
I know that I'm doing
God's work here.
Well, you guys will never guess
who knocked on my door
last night.
- Who?
- (laughs): Shawn Carney.
- Shut up.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Sheriff Woody at the fence?
- That Shawn Carney?
- RENEE: Yeah. Oh, yeah.
- What did he want?
- Oh, it was so weird.
I open the door,
and I recognize him.
I'm like, "I know who you are."
And he recognizes me, too,
and he gets all bashful.
And he's like,
"Well, we're-we're just doing
"this, uh, simple campaign.
- (laughs) -"We're trying
to get people to pray
for an end to abortion
for the next, like, 40 days."
And I said, "40 days? Like
Noah and the flood 40 days?"
- Stop! - No!
- I did.
- I know. And he's like...
- You are horrible.
Oh, you would've said the same.
- I... You would've
said the same. - (laughter)
- Okay, hold on,
hold on, hold on. - Yeah?
How many doors
is he knocking on?
Try and guess. You can't.
- Where?
- Yeah. Everywhere.
- How is that even possible?
- What does that even mean?
- You think he's lying?
- No.
Kid like that
doesn't know how to lie.
- That's true. - (laughs)
- Pro-lifers are so serious.
- (microwave bell dings)
- Cheryl, those shoes
- are amazing.
- I know. Thank you.
- You really fit here.
- Thank you.
Are you enjoying it?
Yeah, absolutely.
You know what,
I think it's time
for you to take the next step.
I'd like you to meet me in
the POC room in five minutes.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Did you hear that?
- Mm-hmm.
I really fit in here.
Mm-hmm. Do you know
what POC stands for?
Products of conception.
Pieces of children.
Hope you had a light breakfast.
In our facility,
the POC room was
the Holy of Holies.
Most of the staff
never set foot in there.
After a surgical abortion,
each fetus
had to be carefully reassembled
in a petri dish
to make sure that none of
its parts were missing.
Because if they were,
it meant that they were
still inside the patient.
By the end of the day,
there'd be 30 or 40 dishes,
and the doctors would
have to sign off on each one.
I want you to see something.
Go ahead.
It's amazing.
You can see everything.
Do you know what's happened
with every other person
who's come in here
and seen one of these?
The first thing they do?
They cry.
But not you.
That's how I know
you're the one.
Very soon,
I'll be called up to Houston,
and someone will need
to replace me here.
I'd like it to be you.
I'd be honored.
Babe, are you sure
you're not pregnant?
No, I am not pregnant.
What makes you think that?
Nothing in particular.
Doug, I counsel pregnant women
every day,
so don't you think
that if I were to conceive,
despite being on the pill,
that I would be aware of it?
Yeah, you're right.
Forget I said anything.
- Do you have a test kit handy?
- Yeah.
For who?
(toilet flushes)
(water runs, stops)
You know, we could take care
of that for you if you'd like.
(door closes)
Honey, that's wonderful!
I-I didn't even know
you were trying!
We weren't.
Well, sometimes
the Lord just has a plan.
- There's no chance...
- Don't worry, Mom.
I never would have told you
if I wasn't sure.
You're gonna be a grandpa.
Hey, girl.
Oh, we couldn't be
more proud of you.
And you're committed
to carrying this pregnancy
to term?
I am.
We are.
We only have so much time,
so much energy.
If you choose
to spend it elsewhere,
there's less of you for here.
I'm only telling you this
for your own good.
I understand,
but once this baby's born,
I promise,
I am back on the pill,
and maybe this time
it will do its job.
Look, I already warned Doug,
we are one and done.
So, in the meantime,
do you want to move me
to the lab or recovery?
Don't you think
it'll make women uncomfortable
- once I start to show?
- No.
If anything, it will
encourage them to abort.
One of these was just
administered in Exam Room 3.
- Okay. - And this is from
Dr. Stevens in Room 1.
1. Thank you.
- ROB: Listen to what Abby says.
- Rob, Christina, hi.
Abby, I am so glad you're here.
I really appreciate you
helping us out with this.
Oh, don't worry. We're gonna
take great care of her.
Hey, it's okay to be
a little bit nervous,
but there's absolutely nothing
to worry about.
- Here's a packet.
- Thank you.
Come on.
I'll get you checked in, okay?
My parents are really
pressuring me to do this.
But what if I'm still
making a mistake?
You're not.
Okay? High school is no time
to start raising a baby.
Just relax.
The doctor's gonna be in
in just a few minutes, okay?
Can you stay in here with me?
Sweetie, I would,
but I am just a counselor.
They don't want me in here
during the procedure.
The whole thing will take
just a couple of minutes,
and I will check in on you
in the recovery room,
and I promise you
that everything will be okay.
(audio distorted,
drips echoing)
Oh, my God.
- Is something wrong?
- No, no, baby, you're fine.
You're fine. We need
to get her back in, now.
Get the chair!
Okay, baby, we're gonna
get you to stand up.
- Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
- Easy!
It's gonna be okay.
- ELENA: What do I do?
- Get her on the table.
Just... Oh, my gosh.
- I got you. I got you.
- You got her?
Oh, my God,
there's so much blood!
Where are the pads?!
Where are the pads?!
- Um, the bottom-bottom drawer!
- Where?
Bottom drawer!
That's where they keep them!
- So much blood.
- We need to stop the bleeding.
It's gonna be okay.
- Elena, get a doctor!
- Oh, my gosh! Okay! Okay!
- Doctor!
- It's gonna be okay.
- Doctor!
- Why is this happening?
I don't understand.
I don't understand.
Damn it!
Get out of the way! Gauze!
- I need more gauze, now!
- I don't know where it is.
- Bring me the tray.
- ABBY: Okay, okay, okay.
- ELENA: What do I do?
What do I do? - Start an I.V.
ELENA: I don't understand
what's happening.
Here's the gauze.
- Make it stop. Make it stop.
- ELENA: She's so pale.
NURSE: Uterus is reading black,
completely black!
ABBY: What does that mean?
What does that mean?
- What does that mean?
- It's full of blood!
She's dying! Oh, my God!
This isn't my job.
This isn't what I do.
- Hello, hello.
- Okay, okay.
NURSE: Her pressure's
60 over 40, pulse is thready.
She's gonna need a transfusion.
DOCTOR: All we have is plasma,
so start her on a drip.
- Oh, God. - DOCTOR: Suction.
- ABBY: What went wrong?
- Why is this happening?
- Abby, calm down. Calm down.
He's perforated the uterus,
apparently without even
realizing it.
It's a good thing
you found her when you did.
ABBY: Okay, I'm gonna
call an ambulance!
- DOCTOR: No! No ambulance!
- (crying) -No!
- Cheryl, explain it to her!
- No.
We do not do that.
We never do that.
Think about
all the protesters outside.
You call an ambulance,
and there's a picture of that
in the papers.
911 calls are recorded.
They can be made public.
And there's no way in hell I'm
going to allow that to happen.
Yeah, but she could die,
and then if she does...
She is not going to die,
and she is not gonna
remember any of this.
How do you know she's not
gonna remember anything?
We use a very strong
combination of medication.
Even when we wake her up,
she won't remember any of this.
Push another round in her
of some fentanyl.
- I'm not comfortable with that.
- Uh, you know what?!
I don't care if you're
comfortable! Just do it!
Injecting coagulant
directly into the cervix.
(air hissing)
(monitor beeping steadily)
Everything's under control.
- Her pressure's dropping.
- ABBY: I'm not leaving.
I'm not leaving
until she's okay.
(Abby crying softly)
It's been two hours.
- You said it was five minutes.
- Abby... you know Abby.
Please tell me what... I-I need
to know what's going on.
- Okay, I'm gonna go back
and check. - Please help me
- find out what's happened
to my daughter. - I'm gonna
go back and check. I'm sure
everything is okay, okay?
- Will you, please?
- I-I'll be right back, okay?
Thank you.
(phones ringing, quiet chatter)
I'm so sorry.
Hey, we are really
backing up out there.
And her father keeps asking
why it's taking so long.
Thank you.
If you're going to run
this clinic one day,
I need to trust
that you're not gonna panic
at the sight of a little blood.
Now go out there and reassure
him that everything is fine.
Just a little blood.
Rob. Hey.
Christina's fine.
But we had another patient
who forgot to mention
an allergy to a medication
that we use.
So it's taking a little longer
than we'd like.
- So she's okay?
- Oh, yes, she's...
- Everything's all right?
- She's fine.
Oh, thank God.
So how much longer
is she gonna be?
Well, the doctor
should be in any second.
The procedure only takes
a few minutes,
and recovery will be
just a little longer.
Thank you, Abby.
I'll let you know
as soon as she's out, okay?
Thank you.
("Cecie's Lullaby"
by Steffany Gretzinger playing)
ABBY: It took the doctor
almost another hour,
but he finally got
Christina stabilized.
Call my name
And I will answer
All you need
Is here inside my arms
Just breathe
And you'll be
safe and sound
With me
How are you, baby?
I just want to go home.
Abby, thank you.
I really appreciate
what you've done for us.
I'll not forget it.
Thank you.
Let's get you home.
'Cause no one knows you
better than me
And no one's been
a better friend
So rock-a-bye baby
Come and rest
You've been tired lately
Lay your head down
Don't you think, baby,
I know best?
I've been a father
for a long time...
We are all locked up.
- Everybody's gone?
- Mm-hmm.
- Recovery room?
- Empty.
- And Cheryl?
- Just pulled out of the lot.
- ALL: Surprise!
- (laughter)
- Yay!
- We're having a baby!
(whooping, laughter)
And later that afternoon,
after terminating
38 pregnancies
in the space of four hours,
we spent two hours
celebrating mine
with cake and flowers
and baby gifts.
- Aw. - This is so soft, too.
- Okay.
- You're expecting!
- (chuckles)
- What gave it away?
- (laughs)
When are you due?
- Thanksgiving.
- Mine, too.
- You're so tiny.
- (chuckles)
Not for much longer.
Think about how much fun
Christmas will be.
Is there any greater blessing
than a new baby?
It's okay.
And I agree.
In the right circumstances.
- Good to see you, Abby.
- You, too.
Around that time,
Shawn Carney and his friends
started their first ever
40 Days for Life prayer-a-thon.
24 hours a day,
seven days a week,
there were people praying
outside of our clinic.
These are extremist zealots
that will stop at nothing
to restrict
a woman's right to choose.
So, are you concerned for your
safety and that of your staff?
Yes, absolutely. Violence
is a real possibility...
Cheryl was beside herself,
but I didn't
pay much attention.
I was otherwise engaged.
(groans loudly)
Baby? Baby?
I hate to tell you this,
but he says you're only
two centimeters apart.
Maybe it was a bad time
to bring it up.
Just shut up!
Just don't-don't touch me.
And a mere 22 hours later...
Two centimeters!
...I gave birth
to a precious baby girl.
- We named her Grace.
- He's downstairs.
He hasn't seen a poopy diaper
in a long time,
and I think now's the
perfect time to show him one.
Oh, he'll love that.
Are you looking forward
to being home?
Yeah, for the next
eight weeks, I am.
Don't you think
that child needs you?
And she'll have me.
Cheryl's being promoted
and transferred to Houston.
She wants me to be
the director of the clinic.
I would be
the youngest director
in Planned Parenthood history.
It's not the kind of
opportunity you just pass up.
Abby, I don't know
what you want me to say.
I'm proud of
your accomplishments. I am.
But I can't pretend to like
your choice of career.
Have you thought about
the fact that, as the director,
you'll actually be in charge of
the abortions at your clinic?
Don't you see
that it's different
from counseling women
about their choices?
Sure, but now I can make ours
the best clinic
in the entire affiliate.
And decrease the number
of unwanted pregnancies.
This is my chance
to make a real difference.
Mom, what's wrong?
I guess I hoped
that Grace's birth
meant the end of all this.
But, um, obviously it doesn't.
She's not leaving.
I have to believe
that she will, sooner or later.
No. (sniffles)
She won't.
She's got aspirations.
(Doug sighs)
Babe, are we ever gonna
sleep again?
But you're the one that gets
to get up tonight. (sighs)
I get up every night.
(Abby sighs)
I'm gonna pray that if I'm not
supposed to get the job,
then I won't get the promotion.
But you already applied
for the job, right?
Yeah. So?
So you're asking God
to show His will
by stopping something that
you've already set in motion.
Why not? He's God.
He can intervene.
If I get the job,
I'll know that it's His will
for me to run the clinic.
Whatever you say, hon.
Good night.
ABBY: The next day,
I got the promotion.
From now on, no more
harassing the protesters
or calling the police
unless we've identified
someone as dangerous.
Wait, so we're just gonna give
the anti-choicers a free pass?
We're going to treat them
with respect
- and expect the same in return.
- (phone ringing)
And definitely no turning on
the sprinklers.
Planned Parenthood.
This is Renee.
No more letting them
get under our skin
or losing our tempers.
We're doing a good thing here,
and the best way
to reinforce that
isn't with words but actions.
Okay. Okay, ma'am.
Of course.
Abby, there's a woman
circling the block right now,
and she can't come in because
somebody's filming outside.
This is the third complaint
this morning.
I'll take care of this.
Okay. Ma'am, I am
so sorry about that.
My boss is on it right now.
Are you getting everything?
- Hi. - Hi. Hi, Abby.
I-I hear you've been promoted.
I'll understand if you're not
anxious to congratulate me.
No, actually I was
thinking that
the women coming in here
will finally have someone
who cares about them
running things.
Is this your camera?
- Yes.
- I need it gone.
I'm sorry,
but we can't do that.
Sure, you can.
Just take it off the tripod,
pack it up and take it back
to your office.
Abby, we've been accused
of a lot of things,
some of them criminal.
This camera is our best
evidence that what we're doing
is peaceful
and nonconfrontational.
Shawn, this is not the way
that you want to start out
our new relationship, okay?
Just angle it away from the
fence; that's all I'm asking.
Can't do it. We need to see
what's actually going on.
If there's ever any question,
we need it to be clear.
Sometimes I don't mind
you guys,
but this morning,
you're really pissing me off.
And for your information,
Shawn, there have always been
people willing to defend
basic human rights.
First there was
the fight against slavery.
Then it was the people who
stood up against the Holocaust.
Later it was a battle
for civil rights.
And now it is
Planned Parenthood standing up
for the reproductive rights
of women.
Abby, you don't need
to justify your job...
I'm not justifying
anything, okay?
I'm just trying
to explain to you...
And you don't need to explain
what you're doing either.
The truth is
you've just cited
three examples of injustice:
Slavery, segregation
and the Holocaust.
That can only occur
when a whole segment
of the population
is dehumanized.
And that's exactly what Planned
Parenthood does to the unborn.
Well, that went well.
Yeah. She'll be fine.
(screaming, shouting)
What are you smiling about?
You got to give her this.
She got us to move the camera.
ABBY: Part of my job
as clinic director
was selling abortions,
and I was really good at it.
You know those guys
who try to sell you time-shares
in places
you never even heard of?
They had nothing on me.
But, Jane,
you're eight weeks pregnant.
You've already spent $150
on an ultrasound.
If I book you today,
I'm authorized to credit that
towards the cost
of your procedure.
But if you walk
out of this office,
then the soonest I can book you
again is two weeks from today.
And at ten weeks,
the price goes up $100,
plus you lose the discount.
Choosing to wait's gonna
cost you an additional $250.
So, is there any reason
that we shouldn't go ahead
and schedule
your appointment today?
You take credit cards, right?
Okay, can I put you
on hold, please?
Okay, thanks.
I'm not doing this.
This is all you.
Hi. This is Abby Johnson.
I'm the clinic director.
Do you have a back parking lot?
One where, like, I can't be
seen from the street?
No, I'm sorry, we don't.
All of our parking
is out front.
Is there a problem?
No. It's not
that big of a deal.
It's just that my family's
outside the clinic praying.
They know that
I'm coming in today,
and they're trying
to talk me out of it.
Okay. Um, how about this?
Park as close as you can
to the door,
and I will come out
and escort you in.
Rhonda. Rhonda, baby,
please don't do this.
Please don't do this.
W-Whatever you need,
you can come live with us.
Hey, Lily. Hi.
Hey, baby.
(sobs softly)
Why are you crying, Grammy?
Grammy's just
a little upset, okay?
- Hey, baby, let's go inside.
- Love you.
Let's go inside
with Mommy, okay?
Mommy's coming, too.
Let's go.
That baby you're carrying...
it's gonna be
just as beautiful as Lily.
Rhonda, think about the joy
that she's brought us!
Now think about
a world without her!
Rhonda, don't do this!
- Rhonda!
- Are you okay?
Because if you need
to talk about it,
you know, it seems like
you have a lot of support
from your family if you decided
to keep the baby.
It's okay.
That's just my mom.
It's how she is.
Trust me, I'm fine.
RHONDA'S MOM: Please, I can't
go through this!
(door buzzes)
- Rhonda!
- ABBY: Fine?
- How could she be fine?
- (crying): God, help me.
I was deeply shaken
by what I'd just seen.
Help me. Help me, God.
ABBY: The family stayed
and prayed for an hour.
Then another hour.
Then finally they went home.
("We Dance" by
Steffany Gretzinger playing)
this place is gonna close.
It has to.
Take the lead
and I will follow...
I can't continue with
this constant heartache.
I couldn't stop thinking about
the abortions I'd hidden
from my own mom.
And later,
once the building was empty,
I did something I'd avoided
for a long time.
When my faith gets tired
and my hope seems lost
You spin me round and round
and remind me of that song
The one You wrote for me
And I've been told
To pick up my sword
and fight for love
Little did I know
that love had won for me
Here in Your arms
You still my heart again
And I breathe You in like
I've never breathed till now
When my faith gets tired
and my hope seems lost...
Do you have any idea
how much I love you?
And remind me of that song
The one You wrote for me
And we dance
Oh, we dance
Oh, and we dance, we dance
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
We dance
Just You and me
It's nice to know,
not alone
I found my home
here in Your arms.
For a while, life settled into
a predictable routine.
Looking back, it was like
a calm before the storm,
a really big storm.
Mention "Houston" and
"hurricane" in the same breath,
and people immediately
think of Harvey.
Not many folks remember
Hurricane Ike,
which is really weird
given that, when it landed,
it was the third
most destructive hurricane
in U.S. History.
And what made Ike even scarier
was that it was headed
straight for us.
...where it will make landfall,
but by Saturday, somewhere...
Are you watching this?
...dealing with
a Category 4 monster.
You need to contact
all of your scheduled clients
and tell them to stay home.
But we have 40 women
depending on us.
Some of them can't wait
another two weeks.
It'll be past the cutoff.
Can't we wait a little longer
before canceling?
Mm, no. If anything were
to happen, we could be sued.
We cannot afford the liability.
I mean, at this point,
half of Houston's already
packing up to leave.
What if I bring in
everyone early,
I rebook the doctor for Friday
instead of Saturday?
I'll have everyone
in and out by 3:00 p.m.
Mm, I don't know
if that's a good idea.
We have to call
all the clients anyway.
And we'll give them the choice:
Rebook two weeks from now
or come in tomorrow.
Do it.
Thank you.
REPORTER: Motorists
stranded, major winds,
and loss of power potentially
for several million customers.
- We absolutely cannot be here
on Saturday. - MEGAN: Wait. Why?
The building's solid,
and we have a backup generator.
But traveling is
going to be impossible,
with falling trees,
downed power lines,
not to mention the flooding.
Plus, it's probably gonna be
illegal to drive
by tomorrow night.
We need to call
every woman on this list.
They can't come on Saturday.
I'm hoping to rebook them
for tomorrow.
I'm bringing in two surgeons.
We're running procedures
in both rooms simultaneously.
Everything needs to run
like clockwork.
We don't have time
to make mistakes.
Once the last patient is
through recovery, we're gone.
No paperwork, no cleanup.
We bolt the door, race home,
and hunker down.
But to make this work, we're
gonna need everyone's help.
So are you guys in?
- Yeah, I'm in.
Whatever you need. - Yeah.
- RENEE: Let's do it.
- Okay.
Then let's divvy this up
and get started.
by Mandisa playing)
We want to be discreet
because... (voice fades)
Whatever it is
you may be going through...
And the following day,
with less than
18 hours' notice,
we brought in every one
of our scheduled patients,
- performed their procedures
- (thunder rumbling)
And got them safely home.
- Ashley...
- Stay in the fight
Till the final round
You're not going under
You're not
going under
'Cause God is holding you
right now...
Including two women
whose loser boyfriends
bailed on them
while they were inside,
something that happened pretty
routinely, even on normal days.
(thunder rumbling)
- Mommy, you're home!
- Oh, hi, baby.
Mommy is wet.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, baby. Why?
Your shoes are all bloody.
Oh. You know what?
Mommy was helping a lady
at the office,
and she had a nosebleed.
But I took care of her,
and she's all better now.
Guess what I'd really like
to do right now.
Have a tea party,
just you and me.
- I'll go get it all set up.
- (footsteps running up stairs)
Proud of yourself?
Nobody ever said
abortion was pretty.
(thunder rumbling)
(birds chirping)
CHERYL: Our first order
of business is to present
Planned Parenthood's
Employee of the Year award.
And the award goes to...
Abby Johnson.
- Congratulations, Abby.
- Thank you.
And, ladies, I don't think
it's any coincidence
that Abby's clinic
is the only one to be
consistently on target
on a month-to-month basis.
- Well done.
- (applause)
Second, I can finally confirm
the rumors that have been
swirling around.
National has given
its approval.
Gulf Coast will soon be
breaking ground
on this facility.
- (cheering)
- WOMAN: Yeah.
- (chuckles) Wow.
- CHERYL: That's right.
78,000 square feet
of state-of-the-art
medical center,
making us the largest
ambulatory surgical facility
in the Western Hemisphere,
allowing us to perform
procedures all the way
to 24 weeks.
But we're facing
some challenges as well.
Three hurricanes in four years
have emptied our cash reserves,
so take note.
We are expanding
chemically induced abortions
to every day of the week.
Now take a look
at the learning packets
in front of you, if you would.
And there you will find
that each of your clinics
are being assigned
growth targets
to double last year's totals
on elective terminations.
- Has she lost her mind?
- Because our margin is better
on chemicals than surgicals,
with no doctors
cutting into our fees,
we are going to...
Well, it's just that
abortion has never been
my main priority.
Just look at our mission
statement on page three.
"To provide
a comprehensive range
"of reproductive health care
and sexual health information
through patient services,
education and advocacy."
That's what
I'm committed to doing.
So, if our stated goal is
to decrease the number
of abortions
by reducing the number
of unwanted pregnancies,
then why are we being asked
to double our abortion count?
Why don't we turn to page four.
Thank you.
(clears throat softly)
Frankly, I am shocked at the
way you sabotaged me in there.
Is this how you thank me for
all that I have done for you?
- Cheryl, I wasn't trying...
- No, Abby,
let me explain
something to you.
Fast food outlets
look to break even
on the hamburgers they sell.
That's all they do
is break even.
Do you know
how they make their money?
- No. - On the french fries
and the soda,
the low-cost high-margin items.
Cheryl, I'm sorry,
but I don't understand...
Abortion is our fries and soda,
but somehow you've just decided
that it's no longer
your priority.
Abortion is
what pays your salary.
It pays for
your matching 401 (k),
your four weeks vacation,
your ample sick time.
Abortion... abortion is
what pays for all of it,
for you and your family.
Now, I didn't say anything when
you decided to get married,
and I said very little when
you chose to become a mother,
although I knew
it would impact your work.
But as clinic director,
we are paying you
to be a perfect instrument
of corporate policy.
And corporate policy is simple.
We are an abortion provider.
But we're
a nonprofit organization.
Nonprofit is a tax status,
not a business model.
Can you believe that she
humiliated me like that?
I mean, I'm just
standing there with my award,
looking like an idiot.
And how am I supposed to double
the number of abortions?
Am I supposed to go driving
around the neighborhood,
telling everybody
to get pregnant?
I don't think that would work.
You're so funny.
- Do you want a glass?
- Yes, please.
You're gonna need one,
because you know
what really pisses me off?
What really pisses me off
is that they are
building the largest and most
advanced clinic in the country
so that we can perform
abortions up to 24 weeks.
That is a line
I said I would never cross.
Okay, pretend for a second
that you're someone like me
who believes
all abortions are bad.
What's the difference?
Okay. First of all,
if we do them really late,
third trimester,
it becomes a three-day ordeal.
It's no longer
a surgical procedure.
It's labor and delivery.
On the first day,
they introduce a demise.
- Wait. A demise?
- Euthanize the fetus.
They stop the heart
by injecting digoxin
through the uterine wall
directly into the baby's heart.
Day two,
they induce contractions.
Day three, it's the delivery,
an artificially induced
of a terminated fetus.
you're killing me.
Doug, you were the one
who asked the question.
Yeah, I know, I know, but...
Well, who am I supposed
to talk to about this?
I don't know.
All right? I don't know.
All I know is that here we are,
eight years later,
and you're still thinking
that you can change them
when the only thing
that's changed is you, Abby.
Can you even hear yourself
talk right now
about these procedures?
These are little babies,
with a little brain
- and little hearts, little
fingers, little toes. - Doug.
- Doug...
- I just love you so much,
I can hardly bear to watch it.
(quiet knocking on glass)
Hey, you.
You need a break.
We... we need a break.
I would love to,
but I have a lot of work to do.
You only get
one day off a week,
and I'm not gonna
let you sit here slaving
for Planned Parenthood.
So, grab your things.
We're heading for
the most thoroughly awesome
Mexican food on the planet.
And if you play
your cards right...
I might get lucky?
Actually, I was thinking
I might throw in nachos,
but, hey, I'm okay
with your suggestion.
- I bet you are.
I'll be right back. - (chuckles)
(mariachi music playing,
quiet chatter)
One pumpkin ale for you
- and a margarita for you.
- Thank you.
Guys, I'll be back in a second
to take your order.
Ah. Here's your menu.
Pick you out something
real nice,
'cause I know
what I'm going with.
All right, so then
what are you having?
Only the biggest, wettest,
nastiest carnitas chimichanga
ever to come out
of that kitchen,
- if I have anything
to say about it. - (laughs)
So, how about you?
Mm, well, step aside, muchacho,
because I am having...
you ready for it?
The chocolate caramel
dulce de leche dessert nachos.
What? Toast to that.
This is good.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Pace yourself, though.
We're just getting started.
- Oh, is that right? (chuckles)
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, so what is next?
I'm thinking a film festival
at our place.
- Heads, you get Gone with
the Wind. - (chuckles)
Tails, I get The Goonies.
No! I knew you were gonna say
The Goonies.
I am not watching those kids
- go through puberty again.
- It's a cult classic.
- Give it a chance.
- No. Okay, all right.
We will compromise
and watch 300.
Is it any wonder why I love you?
- 300 it is.
- (chuckles)
To us.
Gracie at the parents',
a night alone.
How good is this?
...Dr. George Tiller has died
after being gunned down
inside his own church.
One of the few such providers
in the country, Dr. Tiller was
shot in the head this morning
during worship services.
Police say they are
searching for a suspect
- to offer protection to other
appropriate people -Let's go.
And facilities
around the nation.
- Now. Come on.
- The 67-year-old Tiller
had offered abortions
for more than three decades,
performing by his own estimate
roughly 60,000 procedures.
Dr. Tiller was
the medical director
of Women's Health Services...
What kind of person would shoot
someone in the head in church?
Doug, I knew him.
He had a family.
I know, Ab.
Right now, all I care about
is picking up Grace
and getting the two of you
home safely.
You think I'm in danger?
I don't know, but I'm not
taking any chances.
Are you okay, sweetheart?
I'm fine, Mom.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Wait, don't you think
it makes more sense
- for you to spend the
night here? - Come on.
It's false sympathy.
That's what it is.
All these pro-lifers
condemning a killer's actions
like they care?
I think they're just trying
to avoid the blame.
It doesn't matter, okay?
What matters is that
we keep everyone here...
that means you, me, all of us
and our clients... safe.
We need to pay
special attention to anything
- that seems out of place.
- (phone ringing)
Planned Parenthood.
This is Renee.
It's Houston, for you.
- This is Abby.
- This is Susan from HR.
I need you to come to Houston.
Can you drive down
this afternoon?
Um, it's kind of short notice.
Is this about Tiller?
No, Abby, it's about you.
Cheryl and I would like
to meet with you.
Okay. I'll be there
as soon as I can.
Corporate wants
to meet with me.
Abby, we've called you here
to let you know
you're being
formally reprimanded.
What am I being
reprimanded for?
You've been challenging me
and my authority.
You've become combative,
disputing my directives,
arguing and pushing back.
I'm your supervisor.
Therefore, it's your job
to follow my instructions.
In my eight years
at Planned Parenthood,
I have never received
anything less than praise.
I've not had
a single black mark,
not a warning,
much less a reprimand.
You just honored me
as Employee of the Year.
No one has been
more committed than I have.
SUSAN: Nonetheless,
the reprimand stands.
I'll need you to sign
this acknowledgment
that we had this talk
and you are aware of it.
ABBY: I know this might be
hard to believe,
but I went back to the clinic
the next morning,
more determined than ever
to do my job
to the best of my ability.
Is that what I think it is?
Afraid so.
Do you mind if we pray over it?
- I don't know about that, man.
- Please?
Look, I'm not
some kind of monster.
I-I'm just a guy who drives
a truck. I don't...
We'll be quick. We'll stay
on this side of the fence.
Okay. (sighs)
(grunts softly)
You might want to wait.
I got another one coming out.
- (quiet knock) -Hey, Abby.
Sorry to bother you,
but they need an extra person
in the back room.
- Are you free?
- Sure.
Hi. Megan said you needed
some assistance?
(door closes, echoes)
Lord, we commend the souls
of these hundreds of children,
whose true names
are known only to You,
to Your keeping.
For we know they are with You
now and forever.
We pray for healing for the
wounded mothers and fathers.
And, Lord, we pray
to end the sin
of abortion.
For in Your word, you have
promised, "If My people
- "who are called by My name
- (Marilisa crying softly)
"Will humble themselves
and pray and seek My face
"and turn from
their wicked ways,
"then I will hear from Heaven,
and I will forgive their sin,
and I will heal their land."
Abby Johnson
is in the other room.
She wants out.
(sniffling, crying softly)
Rough day at the office?
(sniffles) Yeah.
Yeah, uh...
you could say that.
Want to talk about it?
(sniffles) Thanks.
I saw it. (sobs)
And it moved.
And it was like it was twisting
and fighting for its life.
This tiny...
tiny, perfect little baby.
And then it was just gone.
I'm gonna go in on Monday,
and I'm gonna
put in my resignation,
and (sniffles) that's it.
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
(sighs) I...
I never want to be
a part of an abortion again.
(phone vibrating)
(vibrating stops)
Everybody's looking for me
and asking if I'm okay.
How long have you been gone?
Almost an hour.
On a Saturday?
Won't that
make them suspicious?
(chuckles softly)
They would never guess
I was here.
They-they wouldn't understand.
Abby, we can help you
find another job.
We've always told you
we're here to help.
We can help you or anyone at
the clinic who wants to leave.
Are you serious?
You would really help me?
Yes, of course.
In the meantime,
don't tell anyone
that you're done with
Planned Parenthood.
Don't underestimate
the repercussions of this.
You got to be careful, got it?
I'll walk you out the back.
- Less chance of anyone
seeing you. - (sniffles)
You'll get through this
Just follow the light
in the darkness
One step closer
Put one foot
in front of the other
You'll get through this
Just follow the light
in the darkness
You're gonna be okay.
- You should... Here you go.
- Man, this puzzle is very hard.
I know, but, look,
here's two more edges.
That may be all we need.
- We're close now.
- Oh, here's one.
Hi, baby.
Is that it right there?
You will never guess
where I was today.
Um, Shawn's office?
How could you
possibly know that?
I don't know.
It's just that, with
the conversations we've had
and all that's been going on
lately, I figured you might
reach out to him at some point.
- plus the look on your face.
- (chuckles)
I'm gonna do it, Doug.
I'm gonna leave.
Have you told your mom yet?
Not yet.
I want to be out the door.
I want it to be over
before I do.
Here you go.
Abby, what's wrong?
Megan, I need
to tell you something.
You have to promise
not to tell anyone.
Yeah, no, I-I won't.
I'm leaving
Planned Parenthood.
I have to get out.
I can't be
a part of this anymore.
You're leaving?
I went over to
40 Days for Life that day.
They were so amazing.
They just sat and listened
while I cried.
And they're really
gonna help you?
Yeah, they are.
I mean, no judgment,
no condemnation.
They're even gonna help me
find another job.
So, when do you leave?
(chuckles) I know
Cheryl is going to lose it
- when she finds out.
- Yeah. (chuckles)
But... I'm gonna type up
my resignation,
and at 5:01, I am sending it
to HR in Houston,
and I am gonna walk out that
front door like any other day.
Are you gonna tell Taylor, too?
Of course.
You guys are my best friends.
But you're the only ones
who can know, no one else.
Of course.
(scanner whirring)
So this is it.
How's it feel?
Like I just got out of prison.
- Bye.
- See ya.
(line ringing)
(line clicks)
Hey, Mom.
I just wanted
to tell you something
before you heard it
from somebody else.
Are you pregnant?
No. (laughs)
No. Um...
I resigned from
Planned Parenthood today.
She quit.
Done the right thing, Abby.
I've been praying for years
that you'd leave there.
I have so much to tell you.
Abby, it's the middle
of the night.
What are you doing up?
(Doug sighs)
Baby, what's the matter?
(sobs softly)
I have been complicit...
...in over 22,000 abortions.
That... that is
the weight of my guilt.
(crying): How do I even begin
to comprehend that?
You can't, baby.
Nobody can, okay?
All you can do is
say you're sorry
and beg forgiveness.
I am sorry.
I am so sorry.
Those women...
they came to me
looking for help...
and I lied to them.
I lied to them.
I betrayed them.
I told them that the best thing
for them to do
was to kill their babies.
What have I done?
You did what you thought
was right, baby.
Then why do I feel so ashamed?
Abby, look at me.
(Abby sniffles)
I love you.
And so does God.
He'll forgive you if you ask.
I-I can't even believe that.
How? How could He?
Because He's God.
(crying, sniffling)
ABBY: I spent the next two days
ugly crying.
- (knocking)
- Day three, I woke up
and headed straight for
Shawn and Marilisa's office.
Blame it on my Texas roots,
but I couldn't show up
SHAWN: Abby. (chuckles)
What are you doing here?
I'm here to help, any way
I can, and I brought donuts.
Here we are, drinking coffee
with Abby Johnson.
Okay, well, if you guys think
it is weird for you,
just imagine how I feel.
Abby, I am so glad you're here.
It should have been this way
all along.
You know, I got to admit,
sometimes, in the midst of
all the hours on the fence,
I was beginning to wonder
if we were doing any good.
Most of the time,
we just prayed and prayed,
and it didn't seem to matter.
- Trust me, it mattered.
- Why do you say that?
Shawn, I was
the clinic director,
and any time that you were out
there, my no-show rate climbed,
which is why I was
so annoyed with you.
(Shawn and Marilisa laugh)
Seriously, it wasn't
just us, though.
Planned Parenthood's
own statistics show that,
if someone's praying
outside the clinic,
it can go as high as 75%.
- Are you serious?
- I'm serious.
It's like this
dirty little secret
they don't want anyone to know.
When women see you praying,
they just suddenly decide
not to show up.
They circle the parking lot
and never come in.
Meaning most of the lives
that you save,
you never even know about.
Which is why I need
to go to the fence.
Abby, I really don't think
this is something
you should be doing yet.
But it's something
I need to do.
Hi. My name is Abby Johnson.
I used to be the director
of this clinic.
I quit because my conscience
wouldn't let me stay.
I just want to talk to you for
a minute, please just a minute.
I guess.
(exhales sharply)
It's always possible you're
just here for a pregnancy test,
but I'm guessing you've already
seen the results of yours.
Two of them.
And you feel like your whole
world is caving in around you,
and you've never been
so scared and alone.
- (quietly): Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let me tell you
what's gonna happen
if you go in that door.
The first thing they're gonna
do is give you an ultrasound,
but they're not gonna
let you see it.
Why not?
Because they don't want you
to see your baby.
Then why do they do
the ultrasound?
Because the ultrasound
the size of the fetus.
And the size of the fetus,
the skull in particular,
is what determines the price
they're going to charge you.
(crying softly)
Why are you telling me this?
Because I understand
better than anyone
that, inside that building,
they don't offer solutions.
They only offer abortions.
And if you go
through that door,
you will not come out the
same person, because you can't.
And everybody wants to pretend
like you can, but you can't.
Because the truth is you can
let them get rid of your baby,
but they can't get rid of
the memory of your baby.
And neither can you,
no matter how hard you try.
(crying softly)
I don't know what to do.
What's your name?
Hannah, it's gonna be okay,
I promise, I promise.
And I'll be there
every step of the way.
I'll do anything I can
to help you.
If you get in that car...
Okay. (sniffles)
(engine starts)
Bravo. Let me guess.
Former clinic director
describes the mechanics
of fetal dismemberment...
You know what, Cheryl, that...
...complete with
all the tools involved.
That's not what it was like.
You know what?
It doesn't really matter.
You've become a traitor, Abby.
Some of us are
still loyal to the cause.
Some of us still believe
in protecting
a woman's right to choose.
And those of us who do,
we are a part of
a billion-dollar corporation
with lawyers and lobbyists
and media experts on staff.
Have you ever seen
the names of our donors?
Soros, Gates, Buffett.
That's who we have.
Who have you got, Abby?
Cheryl, what you are doing
is wrong.
Is it?
America wants abortion,
which is why we exist and why
we will continue to exist
long after you and
your newfound friends are gone.
Oh, yes, I know all about them.
Did you honestly think
that we wouldn't find out?
No one has ever turned on us
like this before, Abby.
Which is why national is going
to make an example of you.
So, congratulations.
You've managed to make an enemy
of one of the most powerful
organizations on the planet.
(crickets chirping)
- (Abby chuckles)
- DOUG: I love this patch.
Turn this way, baby.
Do you remember
what I was telling you earlier
about what Cheryl said?
It'd be kind of hard to forget.
Yeah, well, now Megan isn't
returning my phone calls,
and her phone number
has been disconnected.
Can we go now, please?
Does Mommy look like
she's ready?
- No.
- No.
And you need to go get
your ladybug wand upstairs.
(Abby laughs)
(footsteps walking up stairs)
- You still up for this?
- Absolutely.
I am not letting Cheryl
or Planned Parenthood
ruin Halloween for our kid.
Or you.
- I'm serious, babe.
- (spooky sound effects playing)
Whoever created this holiday
deserves a medal.
We get to dress up, act stupid,
and people give us candy.
How cool is that?
(Southern accent):
You do realize
they give Grace
the candy, though?
- (laughs)
- Yes, but she knows
Daddy's involvement is crucial.
She's still new to this,
whereas I bring decades
of experience.
(imitates pirate):
Arr, milady.
(normal voice):
- All right.
- Daddy, let's go!
Can you take this one
so I can call Shawn?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Hold up, hold up!
(pop music playing)
(line ringing)
- SHAWN: Abby? - Did you get my
messages about Cheryl's threat?
Yeah. We're being sued.
We're both gonna need lawyers.
Sued? Do you realize
how serious this is?
Yeah. And I just realized
you're 100 feet away from me.
- Hon, why don't you go ahead
while I talk to Abby. - Okay.
Bye, pumpkin.
Are you sure about this?
Yes. We got served
right before I left work.
There's a lawsuit from
Planned Parenthood,
plus a restraining order
to keep us from saying
anything public.
Yours will probably arrive
on Monday.
When were you planning on
telling me about this?
Figured I'd let you enjoy
and then give you a call.
What are we gonna do?
I've already talked with
Jeff Paradowski.
I believe his response was,
"I'm in, baby!"
Wait, wait, wait.
The one that's
on the billboards,
pointing his finger, saying...
"Get what you deserve!"
Yeah. He's an old friend.
Okay, um, you realize
that attorneys cost money
- and I just left my job? - Jeff
isn't in this for the money.
He's in this
to help fight abortion.
He's willing to
cut into his Saturday
and meet with us
tomorrow morning.
Abby, meet Jeff.
Jeff, meet Abby.
So, they're claiming
that Planned Parenthood
and its patients face
imminent, irreparable harm
from confidential information
you've improperly disclosed
or are about to disclose.
That's nonsense.
Well, they managed
to convince a judge otherwise.
Our preliminary hearing
is in ten days.
The attorneys for the plaintiff
are a big firm out of Houston.
But I'm betting we'll see
some faces from D.C. As well.
You're a big fish, and
the sharks are smelling blood.
Oh, also, you should
prepare yourself
that, uh, Megan and Taylor
will be testifying
to a completely different
set of facts than the ones
you've described to me.
- They were my friends.
- Emphasis on "were."
Okay, Abby, I'm going to
ask you a series of questions.
Um, I want you to take
all the time you need
to answer honestly and
think about them all you want.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Have you ever revealed
the identities of the doctors
performing abortions
at the facility
either to Shawn or anyone else?
- No.
- No.
You ever removed confidential
patient information
from the building, either
physically or in digital form?
Have you ever taken or removed
anything from the building?
Just an old vacuum cleaner.
Uh, but the one
at the clinic broke,
and we had a tight budget
for equipment,
so I brought mine from home.
But when I quit,
I wasn't gonna leave it there.
That and a plant,
but my mom gave me the plant.
Okay. (laughs)
Uh, did you threaten
Megan or Taylor
if they didn't look to resign
from Planned Parenthood?
No. How could I? I wasn't even
their boss anymore.
Which brings me to my last
and most important question
for you.
What aren't you telling me?
- Nothing.
- You sure?
Because if there's something
that you're hiding,
I can guarantee
it will come out in court.
So, if there's anything
that I need to know,
now is the time to tell me
while we still have the time
to figure out
how to deal with it.
(sighs) A while back,
curiosity got the best of me,
and I pulled
my own patient file.
I couldn't resist.
How come?
I needed to see my baby.
Is that a problem?
For Planned Parenthood if they
try to make an issue out of it.
I mean, trying to paint her
like a criminal
for wanting to see
her own file?
We can only hope
they're stupid enough
to try something like that.
So, what's our defense?
- She's innocent.
- (Abby chuckles)
- That's it? That's our defense?
- Yep.
We are so screwed.
Abby, don't complicate
the issue.
Look, the... their-their
complaint's emphasis
on potential future harm
tells me they're light
on actual evidence.
Let me make it easy for you.
They've got no case.
You don't know these people
like I know them.
Planned Parenthood
will go to any lengths
to destroy someone
that they see as a threat.
Abby, there are two words
in the English language
that are very powerful if you
put them together in court.
Do you know what they are?
"Prove it."
Trust me. I got this.
ABBY: So there I was,
scared out of my mind.
After all, it's not every day
you take on a corporation
with global outreach
to 189 countries
on every continent
except Antarctica.
Jeff looked like he didn't have
a care in the world.
Shawn was nervous, Doug was
my rock, and my mom was...
...well, my mom.
Thank you for getting
my daughter out of there.
Wow. And here I was afraid
that Abby was going home
every Christmas
for the past eight years
bashing this evil Shawn person.
Oh, she did, but I read
between the lines,
which is why I knew
I'd love you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay, hugging is done.
- Let's go kick some ass.
- (Kathleen chuckles)
REPORTER: What are you
hoping for in today's outcome?
I would like to see
justice served, obviously,
and for people to...
I just want to go over there
and tell those people
what is really going on.
Well, you're not going to.
You're under
a restraining order.
Mm-hmm. So let me
get this straight.
First they sue us even though
we did nothing wrong.
Next they gag us
with a court order.
Then they hold
a press conference
so they can say
whatever they want,
and we're just supposed
to stand here and be quiet.
That is not fair.
"Fare" is something
you give a cab driver.
The law is something
entirely different.
CHERYL: Sincerely regret
being forced
to take this matter
to the courts.
It's the last thing
we wanted to do,
but, honestly, our priority...
Is it wrong that I just
want to go over there
- and punch her in the face?
- Yes, Abby, it's wrong.
That's my job.
- REPORTER: Okay...
- (reporters chattering)
(elevator bell dings)
What is that?
JEFF: Their attempt
to intimidate us.
- It's working.
- Don't let it.
They're just muddying the water
to make it seem deep.
SHAWN: It looks like
they brought the whole firm.
So did we.
Okay, here we go.
Something about your lawyer
seemed familiar.
And then I realized
he's the guy
from the billboards, right?
Well, good for you.
Looks like you really are gonna
"get what you deserve."
In real life,
sometimes things don't work out
the way we expect.
...in and for Brazos County
is now in session.
If this were just a movie
instead of the story
of my life,
then this would be the part
where there'd be
an epic battle
fought on my behalf,
full of twists and turns
and a come-from-behind victory
at the last moment.
But that's not what happened.
And thank goodness for that.
'Cause I don't think
I could have handled it.
You guys do know we won, right?
ABBY: In the end,
it only took Jeff 58 minutes
to convince the judge
that I was innocent.
All of Planned Parenthood's
lies and accusations
counted for nothing.
So tell me the truth.
Were you ever worried?
What? Me worry?
I was sweating like the Devil
on Easter morning.
- This isn't over.
- Uh, sure it is.
Did you...
Were you not paying attention?
Oh, and by the way,
Abby told me what you said.
And, yes, I am the guy
from the billboards.
So, Abby did get what
she deserved, and so did you.
And I'm the one who gave it
to you. (clicks tongue)
- (laughter)
- JEFF: Okay.
And that would've been
the end of my story,
except for...
(phone ringing)
You're never gonna believe
what I just found out.
The clinic is closing.
- What are you talking about?
- The clinic.
Planned Parenthood is
closing it down for good.
- Shawn, are you sure?
- Yeah.
I just got a memo
across my desk.
Shawn was right.
Planned Parenthood of
Bryan, Texas, shut its doors
for the final time
on August 1, 2013.
GRACE (chuckles):
To celebrate, we all decided
to gather at the fence
one last time.
CROWD (chanting):
Tear it down!
- Ready?
- Are you kidding?
- I've been waiting for this
my whole life. - (chuckles)
CROWD (chanting):
Tear it down! Tear it down!
- (engine rumbling)
- Tear it down!
Tear it down! Tear it down!
In my hand, I hold two roses,
one for each of
my own unborn children
who I decided to sacrifice
on the altar of convenience.
And I know I'm not the only one
who's made that mistake.
(sniffles) Thousands of babies
were lost to abortion
inside these walls,
including one of mine.
And today we remember them.
We honor them.
We vow never to forget them.
So I'd like to invite you
to join me
in placing a rose of your own
at the fence in memory of them,
as proof that they are
not forgotten.
You know, I wrote a letter
to you both.
(paper ruffles)
What it's about...
the words don't matter.
Because all I want you to know
is that I love...
I love you so much,
and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I didn't
fight for you,
that I didn't love you
enough then
to keep this from happening.
And I think about you
every day.
But I know that someday
I'll meet you both in Heaven,
because God is merciful.
And He has heard my cries,
and He has forgiven me.
I'm looking
at a masterpiece
I'm staring
at a work of art
I'm listening to a symphony
In every beat
of your tiny heart
You used to be
a choice to make
But now I think
you've chosen me
'Cause I see ten fingers,
ten toes, two eyes
And I know
this is meant to be
Oh, I don't believe
in accidents
Miracles, they don't
just happen by chance
As long as my God holds
the world in His hands
I know that there's
no such thing as unplanned
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh...
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh...
Broken turns to beautiful
I see it
right before my eyes
And every single breath
you breathe
Is destiny
love has brought to life
I thought it was
my story's end
But now the future's
all I see
Instead of asking
who you might have been
I'm wondering
who you're gonna be
Who you're gonna be
'Cause I don't believe
in accidents
Miracles, they don't
just happen by chance
As long as my God holds
the world in His hands
I know that there's
no such thing as unplanned
Ooh-ooh-ooh, oh
Every life deserves a voice
Every child
deserves a chance
You are more than
just a choice
There's no such thing
as unplanned
Every life deserves a voice
Every child
deserves a chance
You are more than
just a choice
Oh, there's no such thing
as unplanned
Every life deserves a voice
Every child
deserves a chance
You are more than
just a choice
'Cause there's no such thing
as unplanned
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh...
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh...
Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh.
(music ends)
I know it's all you've got
to just be strong
And it's a fight
just to keep it together
I know you think
that you are too far gone
But hope is never lost
Hope is never lost
Hold on, don't let go
Hey, hey, hey
Hold on, don't let go
Just take one step closer
Put one foot
in front of the other
You'll get through this
Just follow the light
in the darkness
You're gonna be okay
I know your heart is heavy
from those nights
But just remember
that you are a fighter
A fighter.