UnReal (2015) Movie Script

In the beginning.
At the earliest stages of life.
We teach our young that they
must prepare themselves
to live in the real world.
Yet there are rouges among us.
That can see beyond the walls of
concrete and steel.
Into a wild land of wonder.
But how does one
find this place?
Get up, let's go.
Get up
Once our eyes are open.
The possibilities are endless.
Probably go a little slower
What is that?
What did you find there,
what is that?
Let me have a look at that.
Think I found a nug.
Bring it over here.
What is it?
What have you found,
what is that?!?
Is that what I think it is?
Well, where you going?
Where you going?
Come on back now,
where ya going?
I'm tired of your laziness.
You're worthless and weak
You do nothing, you are nothing.
You sit there all day and
stare at that picture.
What is so special
about that picture.
Get back to work.
How's the wind.
10 Seconds
3... 2... 1...
Oh my god!
Stop messing around!
Is the car fixed yet!?!
It appears Carl, a weather
anomaly this morning.
If you're driving on the Cedar
Sky Highway this morning
watch out and give a call
to Mountain FM
if you have information.
It appears that dirt is coming
down from the sky?
Yes Carl, I think it is dirt
nothing official from
environment Canada.
If you still have...
Every so often an event
happens in nature
That is so profound
it belies the very
foundation of reality.
This is the stuff of
legends and lore.
A rare phenomenon, that may only
happen once in a lifetime.
In order to witness
such an event.
We must suspend our judgment of
what we think we know.
We must let go.
Look to the sky.
And believe.
Once you've seen over the wall
there is no going back.
There is no unknowing of
what you now know.
You can not unsee, what
you have seen.
The doorway is open
In the end each of us must
decide for ourselves
which form of reality we
choose to live in.
Will you be left behind.
Or will you set yourself free?
I think it worked.
So good
Oh yeah baby
I keep calling this stuff dirt.
Put some more dirt here
in the belly.
Ah not dirt, it's just a
bunch of water.
It's at a certain temperature,
it's the weirdest thing.
I can't wrap my head around it.
Thank goodness man
Only have 8962...
Maybe it was 82692 days left.
Then I'm going to join you all
on that range.
I'm going to be out there.
And we're going to be
free together.
So happy it's over.
The hydraulic pistons stuck on
the bucket and the door.
As you can see here.
Doesn't want to let me go.
The has arrived too.
This is the most random
It usually slides out on the
baggage carousel.
This time it got dropped in
by the helicopter.
Pretty cool.
It's a new experience
for my bike bag.
That's some mountaineering
footwear right there.
Goodness... where am I?
Four's a good time for snowmachines
to not get stuck in traffic.