Unrequited (2010) Movie Script

Michael Welch
Unrequited love
You have 18 years.
By law, you can
return home.
When your mother sent
for treatment, you are lucky,
what did you get into a good place.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Hard, perhaps, to leave.
I just want to go home.
And what is there at home?
Why do not you put
the camera and not to join?
I thought you'd let
I teach you.
Not sure I can
trust you.
Is it possible to doubt
in the face?
I thought you'd let
I teach you.
Not sure I can
trust you.
Is it possible to doubt
in the face?
Hello, cloud.
What do you want?
Anything you looking for?
Here, take.
now on you will
take care of Daniel.
And do not worry.
You will soon recover.
Williams is waiting for you.
Well. Coming soon.
I'll miss you.
Listen, do not let it
here until everything is healed.
Yes, I know.
- Okay?
- Got it.
- I'm serious. Keep an eye on him.
I'm serious.
Jess hello.
It's me again.
How are you? Where are you?
Today I come home,
and I would like to see you.
I. ..
I do not know. Just Call
me, okay? I love you.
Wait a minute.
And how am I going with all here
cope without you?
Are you ready?
Yes, sir.
Him 23, he should
understand what he does.
- I do not know.
- Believe.
You do not want
exchange it for the student.
Mike Jenkins was the worst
moment in my life.
I just want to
everything was perfect.
- For God's sake.
-Why do I say this to you?
Just understand
the time has come.
That's him.
-Give me play.
- No. No, no, no!
Hi, Jess.
Hi, handsome.
I am one.
Come on. I know
I do.
We meet at five.
"Sex at five fifteen"?
I like it.
Maybe grab a girlfriend?
Give it here. Give it back!
Do you nowhere
Ben, no matter what
prescribed by law.
Can you live on a farm
you want.
No, no, everything is in order.
I'm ready to go home.
Your mother issues
that you decide you can not.
The people we love,
not always
treat us well,
as we want.
- Mr Williams.
Everything will be fine.
Okay. I'm glad.
Happy birthday.
- You ... I do not ...
- Just opened.
It's that you remember,
that you are loved.
In spite of everything.
Thank you.
If anything
necessary, treated.
Take care of yourself.
Let's talk
about your mother.
You want to see it?
- She's not called?
- Of the clinics can not make calls.
Ben, she was discharged
three months ago.
-U has many affairs.
-Over the past six months ...
... She never
do not see you.
She had difficulties.
She went through a lot.
You, too, was not easy.
Hi, Mom.
I'm home.
I'm glad to be back.
From you stinks.
Sorry, Mom.
I'm late for work.
What was this place?
You made
sleep in the stall?
Give me my shirt.
No, not this one.
Thank you.
There's probably
was scary?
The place where I was,
simply disgusting.
Everything was
not so bad, Mom.
Just glad I am
I'm home again.
Do not look at me like that.
Their doctor has prescribed.
When you come back?
Do not know
where are my keys?
Want to go to this
By Jessica.
Honey, a girl
never want to ...
... To have with you
nothing in common.
You tell me it's always
And you do not argue with.
I will not.
I'm your mother. You should not
so talk to me.
Sorry, Mom.
You're so funny!
Come on.
Is it possible to doubt
in the face?
I can not.
- Not here.
- Want to rent a room somewhere?
- Yes, exactly.
In a cheap motel.
It's so sexy.
For his first
times? This is unlikely.
Okay. Well.
Then stop.
Somehow, even embarrassing.
Can go
in a house on the lake.
Tomorrow night.
Parents are leaving
out of town until Monday.
Nobody knows
that we were there.
Look, just tell me
when you want it.
Hi, Jess.
What are you doing?
How long have you been here?
I called you.
-I have a birthday today.
-It is late. Come on ... come on ...
- Let's talk about that later.
Jess, let's go down
somewhere and talk.
None. Ben, you gotta go.
- Sorry.
- What's this?
- Here the party planned?
- Todd.
This is the guy
that you nazvanivaet?
- Enough already.
- Hey, hey, hey!
Do not Touch
my girlfriend!
This is a bad idea
He can not swim!
Wow, Jess.
How touching.
My dear Jessica.
I thought a lot about you
about what you mean to me.
- Hey, give it now!
- "The day I met you"
forever changed
my life.
Dude, are you serious?
Enough already!
Go home, Ben.
Ben! Go home.
I beg you, Jess.
What's happening?
I do not know.
Wait, do not go away.
You want to be with him
or me?
I want to be with you.
Then behave like that.
I thought you'd let
I teach you.
I beg you, Jess.
Not sure I can
trust you.
You want to be
with him or with me?
Thank you, Ben.
Hi, sweetie.
How are you doing, man?
He knows how to speak?
Ben, this is Gill.
He's my boss.
I'm her boss.
She does what
I'm saying.
Come on.
At the weekend it lucky
I was in Vegas.
Great, right?
Yes, we play a little.
And accomplish anything
something else
what you know
not necessarily.
You're such a scamp.
Stop it.
Leave her alone.
Hey, easy, buddy.
Take away from her hands.
- Ben?
- Relax, man.
- What's that?
- Mama Cast out it here.
Ben, what are you doing?
He just
use you.
Okay. You know what?
I'm sick of it.
No, no, no.
Wait a minute. All is well.
- Ben. Apologize to him.
- Let him go, Mom.
Ben and apologize
in front of him. Come on.
That's what. Like
come with me,
- Wait a minute.
He explained to his son,
how to behave.
- What the hell are you doing?
- He'll no longer needed.
Do not teach me,
what I need.
-I have a real chance.
- With him?
Yes. He wants
move here.
- What?
- He likes me.
He'll use!
They are all you use.
Can not you see?
Hopefully when we get back
from Vegas, you are no longer here.
Stop! Stop!
What? What is it?
What happened?
Y-cloud problem.
- Do you let him?
- I. ..
- You let him go?
Williams said,
needed ketamine.
- What do I need?
- 20 cubes of ketamine.
With him will be all right?
What do we do?
What do we do?
- What to do?
- Ben.
No ... no.
Ben. Ben!
Ben, this is our
The last conversation.
Let's talk
about your father.
What do you want
- He gave us.
Want to know what I
about this feeling?
Tell me.
I do not feel anything.
- Ben, what are you doing here?
- Sorry. I. ..
I did not have
come here yesterday.
But I really wanted to
see you.
Are you okay?
You know what ...
It's not your fault.
Jess, who is this guy?
- Do you know what you do?
- Hey.
We'll be friends
long time, right?
I think better to let
still remains.
- I love you.
- Do not say that.
As so ... I have long
prepared to tell you this,
and now even
I do not know how to begin.
- I know you love me too.
- Ben.
I know. But I just want ...
I need to hear
it is right now.
Can you tell me
that you love me?
I can not.
Dude, I thought we were yesterday
all figured out. What do I need?
- Leave her alone.
- Hey, easy.
- What is the problem, then?
Get out!
What's wrong with him?
That he is doing here?
He attacked me.
- You saw it attacked me.
Yes, I know. You're not to blame.
Let me see.
Does it hurt?
Sorry. You survive.
Here, take.
Are you okay?
Our trip to the lake
still in force?
None. Sorry.
I've already promised one month ago
Heather, that would go there with her.
What do you mean, you promised to Heather?
It's all because of Ben, yeah?
- No.
-The point in it?
None. None. God, no. I told
you, we had met.
I do not care.
We had plans.
- And what can I say Heather?
- I've had enough.
Everything. Tired.
- Wait.
- What?
I agree.
Let's go.
- Now you already want to go?
- I want to go.
I want to go.
It will be amazing.
I promise.
Come for you at six.
- I love you.
- Do not say that.
As so ... I have long
prepared to tell you this,
and now do not even know
how to get started.
I know you too
love me.
I know.
But I just want ...
I need to hear it
right now.
Can you tell me
that you love me?
I can not.
- Sorry. Sorry. I just ...
- Are you crazy?
I wanted to finish what
that he began to speak.
- What?
- Look, I understand.
I understand everything.
I know, I know
how you been
hard without me.
But I'll correct it.
All fixed.
No, no, no. Listen.
It's over.
I beg you,
we were so good.
You know, I just want to
we're a little pobyli together.
- Let's see what happens.
- I do not know what to say.
No need to say anything.
Just come on ...
... Spend a little
time together.
You know ...
Just you and me.
You'll see, Jess.
I'll do anything for you.
All's well
all is well.
Do not worry.
- What have you done?
- Everything will be fine.
I'll take care of you.
Everything will be fine.
All is well.
All is well.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Well you must,
Nate Grissom.
Do not expect to see
you so soon.
Tired of hanging around
in one place.
Open your bottle?
Yes, thank you.
And I need ...
... Lighter,
a pair of razors.
- Okay.
Yes, thank you.
- Excuse me.
- It's okay.
Then he'll take.
Take another one.
- I'll get some.
- Thank you.
He is cute, right?
Thank you very much.
And what's up with your
Oh, nothing,
just on the road
all day.
- It's all or something else?
- All of you, ma'am.
Well. With your 15.66.
Well. Delivery is not necessary.
Thank you. Come again.
I missed you here.
Miss me?
So, okay.
Well enough.
-Hello. You have worked ...
... Security system. On board
received a signal from your home.
Yes, it's Dr. Morgan.
Any problems with the key
joined alarm.
Yes, sir.
Name your password.
- Password?
Yes, sir. Your password.
- Clear Lake.
- No, sir, is incorrect.
Excuse me,
difficult to keep
in the head a bunch of passwords.
Sir, you have another opportunity to
call the correct password.
Probably my wife
change it.
Maybe she wrote
it somewhere.
Name the password, sir.
Canoe Pass.
Thank you, sir.
Have a nice day.
Yes. Thank you.
I'll do anything
for you.
All is well.
All is well.
Hi, Jess.
How do you feel?
- To eat it you want?
- What?
Maybe you're hungry?
I cooked
vegetable soup.
Must be nice.
What's happening?
We will
wonderful weekend.
We're just
rest a bit.
We draw together
a little time.
You see, Jess,
you just forgot
forgotten, as we
well together
but it is easy to fix.
You'll see.
What is it?
We have it all. All that
we need. Right here.
Is this a joke?
In addition to excellent
weather, you know?
- Ben, let me go.
- Roast your cheese to the soup?
You frighten me!
Forgive me.
It is a pity that we do not
bread. Will you crackers?
- Let me go!
-All right, Jess.
-Calm down. Okay?
- No, no!
What's happening?
- Let me go!
- Just calm down.
Ben, let me go!
Let go!
Enough! Jess, I
very sorry, but ...
- No, no ... Let me go!
- Do you need ...
No! Let me go!
I beg you!
You frighten me, Ben!
What's happening?
Do not scare me!
What is it?
No! No! No, no!
No, no, no!
No, no!
Come on.
This is Ruth. More
you know.
Hi, Mom.
That's me.
I just wanted
you to know
I'm okay.
Wanted to know
well if you in Vegas.
Maybe a lot of
Money won.
I do not know.
Mom, when you get back,
Call me, okay?
Tell me, what was
I love you.
HELLO, Jesse.
"Hi, handsome. I'm alone."
Appears in five.
"CAN, Capture girlfriend?"
I HAVE YOU. Where are you?
Had to leave.
Hi, Sonia.
Just in time.
Dinner is ready.
Are you cold?
Your mother keeps track of
that the house was food.
I swear to you, Jess,
I love you very much.
While you were sleeping, I kept
staring at you.
It's so weird.
You are so beautiful.
And when you sleep,
You look so relaxed.
I could sit and watch
at you all day and night.
I almost forgot that
need to cook dinner.
Ben, what are you doing?
That's it.
We have known
each other, Jess.
On a day when
my father died,
Mom brought
I was in school.
I do not know what I
do. I just ...
Just sitting there on the bricks,
near the school.
And I'll never forget
what are you ...
... Then came up to me ...
... And hugged me.
You did not say anything.
- Do you remember that?
- Sure.
I was not even sure
what do you know my name.
I love you.
And as you show
This is temporary.
Ben, you should
take me home.
So you could be
with Todd Brown?
I will not allow it.
This means that you will
keep me here ...
... Related,
until I fall in love
to you? Such a plan?
The first round. Today
in bed for your parents.
Do you really think
Todd knows anything about love?
- Actually, you call it love?
-And you call this love?
I do this in order
to save the one
I love.
Where are you?
Sorry. Busy.
He will call.
Lord! Ben, then a spider!
Uncheck it! Hurry!
Okay, okay.
Thank you.
You do not otvyazhesh
me from the chair?
I need the toilet.
Yes, of course.
I reported this as a
had not thought of.
Will look
Maybe close your door?
It is somehow unseemly.
- Do you love me?
- What?
Do you love me, Jess?
It's a simple question.
Now listen to me.
No! Stop!
Sit down.
He is charged.
I want to go home.
I have so much
I love you.
And I know that you
love me.
But if I'm wrong, then show
it. Just kill me.
Come on! Shoot, Jess.
- Come on.
- Go away.
Come on. PUSH the trigger.
Come on, Jess.
Do it.
Come on!
All is well.
This is Ruth. More
you know.
Hi, Mom.
It's me again.
Call, okay?
Even if
very early or very late.
I love you.
Beautiful morning,
True, Jesse?
That's it.
I've always loved
come here.
Almost forgot
both here in peace.
You know, there is everything
that a person needs.
What is it about this place
that here as well?
At this very spot
the first time we kissed.
I knew it
suitable location.
I was so nervous.
- Do you remember that?
I can remember.
I'm also nervous.
- Really?
- Sure.
I did not understand
why are you pulling.
Well, I'm just trying to ...
... The courage,
to kiss you.
And you wanted to
teach me how to swim.
And then came ...
... And she kissed me.
Today is so hot.
Maybe swim?
I can give you
another swimming lesson.
Maybe later.
- Want me to take you into the house?
- No. None. There's so beautiful.
I like it.
Can bring
I water?
Just leave me here.
Here no one.
Where do I go from here?
I'll be back soon.
All is well. Lord.
All is well. Forgive me.
- Ben.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Are you better?
I woke up, and you do not.
Where are you going?
I was looking for you.
Worried about me?
I just do not like
to wake you.
I have thought that
lost you.
- You saved me.
- Well ...
Stop it. This is so.
You saved me.
I would not be here,
If you are not.
Thank you.
Not for that.
You need anything?
I would not stop
take a shower.
Yes, hot shower, I would
Now great help.
Thank you.
I poured a little bit
wine, if you want.
How to shower?
the best in life.
Where's mine?
Thank you.
It's just cranberry
juice. I found no fault.
You are so beautiful.
Stop it.
I brought a dress
from your bedroom.
And he took one of the costumes
your father.
I just thought, we can nicely
dress for dinner today.
You thought of everything.
And you took my
hair products?
I need my spray
if I want to
comb the hair.
Otherwise, the head
will be the devil knows what.
It seems I'm not all
It is sold
Patty's in store.
C'mon, if
we have dinner now,
I want to look good.
- No.
- Sorry.
Take me with you.
I can not.
Come on. I'm nobody
say no more.
We have fun, right?
I'm glad that you are so
about this.
I think today
We have achieved something.
- I agree.
- It is not too tight?
- Tugovat.
- Is that better?
Yes. That's better.
I'm so glad that we are together.
I love you.
Successful trip.
Thank you.
Here it is.
Last bottle.
I was lucky.
- How is the rest?
- Excellent.
Have you stopped
on the lake?
Yes, in the house
Dr. Morgan.
I'm friends with his daughter.
But Dr. Morgan in the city?
Well ... I think so.
-And when he come here?
- Stop it, Nate.
Leave the guy alone.
He just wants to carry
flowers to his girlfriend.
Send one's best
Dr. Morgan.
- Ben!
What are you doing?
Lord. I'm so
glad you're here.
I climbed on the spider,
I was frightened and fell.
He ... Jess. Okay.
- Will you help me up?
- Okay.
Come on.
- Are you okay?
Already yes.
You're gorgeous.
I have never such
not met
you're just an ideal.
I'm not ideal.
I think so.
Not remembering
of course, about ...
Let's not
talk about it.
You're right.
You said that I
I love you
Jessica Morgan.
Love always
I will love.
I know.
I would like to propose a toast.
For a wonderful evening
tasty food,
perfect guy
wonderful wine ...
... And very
romantic music.
For a new beginning.
For a new beginning.
Potantsuesh with me?
Do not pay attention.
- You lied to me!
- No!
You blew it!
Like you do not want to
with well-treated.
Do you want to you
treated like a whore with?
Do you want?
What have you done?
Whatever happens,
Jess, it's all your fault.
Do you hear?
It's your fault!
Hi, you have wine?
None. But there's beer
in the refrigerator.
You know, instead of
sit here and drink milk
it would be better for a date
I was invited.
A document is?
Yes, of course.
Thank you.
You need something?
Let me see.
My son, give me the documents.
Want to play detective
in front of his girlfriend?
C'mon, just kidding.
Sir, they were real.
- You stopped at the lake?
I think so. I came
a girlfriend.
Okay, I'll see you,
when we finished the beer.
If you have everything, then I
I'll go.
Good luck. You are a wonderful couple.
- He has angered you?
- No.
Just something
It seemed strange.
I will make another
travel around the lake.
What are you going
doing, Ben?
Listen to me.
That is what will now.
When he comes,
you tell him
it was a mistake,
and it's over.
Do you understand,
that in your life just
one true love.
And it's me.
You tell him
so he left and never
to you does not fit.
Do you really think
that this will work?
he will not return?
- Stop it.
- It's ...
This is for your own good, Jess.
You just do not understand.
Listen, I understand
it's not your fault.
Your mother always ...
not a word about my mother.
You blame yourself in this?
You're not responsible for the actions which
made your mother or father.
Ben, this is our
The last conversation.
Let's talk
about your father.
What do you want to hear?
- He gave us.
Want to know what I
about this feeling?
Tell me.
I do not feel anything.
You can get angry.
Or fear.
That you are the same as he did.
I will not be
like my father.
I will never leave
those I love.
Ben, do not
to do so.
- You're just you can leave.
- No.
I am not going to those
I love.
- Looks like we've got a party.
- What's up, buddy?
Jess wants to say something to you.
- Just put the gun.
Jess, tell him.
- What are you doing?
Stop! She wants to tell you
how much she loves me.
- What are you doing?
-Shut up! Tell him.
- Tell me how much you love me.
- Ben! Ben, put a gun!
Tell him how much
Do you love me! Shut up!
- What have you done to her?
- Tell him shut up!
Shut up! Quick!
Tell him!
Tell him!
Enough! I beg you!
You killed him!
Stop! Enough!
Stop! No!
No! No!
What have you done?
- You killed him!
- I do not like.
Why are you just
did not tell him?
Why not tell him?
Why not?
Help! Help!
I beg you! Help!
Just sit quietly. Silence.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
Okay, let's go.
- Come on, Jess.
- Where do we go from here?
Come on.
Ben, it's the police,
- It's over.
- Shut up.
Mama, Mama.
All the time I'm calling you.
Where are you? Call me.
Why do you
do not call me?
I have a problem.
Very big problems.
Just call me.
Call me.
I love you.
Jess, I did not want
that it happened.
But it happened.
I did not want
to cause him harm.
Just happened.
It really was
accident, Ben? Tell me.
Of course.
Of course, Jess.
Of course.
Then we will say so.
- Okay?
- No ... They do not ...
We say to the police that it
was an accident.
- They will not believe us.
- They will believe me.
Idiot. Idiot!
Everything will be fine.
We deal with it.
Just let me go,
and I tell them
what happened.
This sheriff Grissom.
- Need help?
- No.
It's you all done?
- What is your name, son?
- I do not want to call it.
Dr. Morgan
and his family with you?
No, only Jessica.
She's all right?
Yes, it's all good.
And yours?
I do not want
talk to you.
They do
will not go, Ben.
Ben, they would not allow us to
stay here.
Listen, I do not want
upset you.
Do you understand?
I just want to help.
I want to go home.
I must be
frank with you.
Most likely, you can not
go home. Not now.
But I promise that I will do everything
possible to help you.
Pistol shot
I do not like.
I believe you.
Look, I've seen there
someone on the floor.
- Who is it?
- Todd Brown.
Yes. He needs a doctor?
- No.
I want to
you believed me.
And I myself want to believe you.
- My name is Ben.
- Okay.
Okay, Ben.
Very good.
Ben will soon come people
who do not like it
what they see.
Do you understand?
Stay in the house.
And now I want to
talk to Jessica.
To be sure,
that it is all right.
Can pass
up Jessica?
I can not. It is in the bathroom.
Okay, but I
hear her voice?
Jess, he wants to make sure
that you're ok.
Just release
me out of here.
Like I said,
It is in order.
Thank you, Ben.
Thank you.
Okay, Ben.
They came.
Now you must do
what I say, okay?
You should let me into the house.
I need to talk to you, Ben.
Me to help you.
The cavalry is on the spot
Nate. What can we do?
Ben, wait a bit.
Do not hang up.
Three people in the house
the one most likely dead.
Another holds
man hostage.
Okay, now we
these loans.
I'm trying to
Ben, are you still there?
What are they doing?
What's happening?
- This riot, Ben.
- No. No, no.
- Tell them, let them go.
- They will not go away.
Do you understand? Listen to me.
You should let me into the house.
No, no.
Just go away.
We want to be
left alone.
Enough, the sheriff.
You should not have been
here to call Todd.
And how do you afford it
generally represented?
You kidnapped me, obkolol
drugs related.
What do you all think?
This is Ruth. More
you know.
You can not force someone to
love you.
What do you think is happening
when you die?
I do not know.
How do you think
paradise exist?
Do you think suicide
Go to Heaven?
Why do you ask?
What he
In your opinion, look like?
on the dock on the lake.
Stop it.
We deal with it.
If you want to.
We can handle.
I can not
it back.
And I can not cope.
I'll help you.
Help with what?
Understand that I
no one likes?
That is what I already know.
Let me
help you.
Have you ever
love me?
I do not think that I know
what love is.
But ...
But I do not want
to you
suffered, Ben.
To the position.
What the hell are you doing?
Inside the teenager.
I talked to him
by telephone.
There is already a dead teenager.
Want to become three of them?
Getting a signal.
- Ben!
- Grissom! Grissom!
Do not shoot!
Do not shoot!
You must
let me in, Ben!
I want to
talk to you.
No! Get out!
Look around you, Ben.
They will not go away.
It's their job.
I have to go, Ben. You
you know, I want to help you.
Do you understand?
This sheriff Grissom, Ben.
I'll put the gun
here on the table.
-Other I do not.
- Wait.
Raise your hands.
Ben, I want you to
listened to me, okay?
You must let me go
here together with Jessica,
to show
these people
that you agree to cooperate.
- No.
Ben, they come here
and do not, as I do.
You do not want to
she has suffered, is not it?
Well. And now, just let
her out with me
that they may see what you
do not want to cause anyone harm.
- I do not know.
Jessica, are you okay?
Yes, okay.
- Okay.
Come on.
Just give
I think.
- Ben, you ...
-Shut up and let me think!
You do not have the time, Ben.
Let it go
with me.
Do it right.
Okay, Ben.
Hello. How are you?
Come on. Come to me.
Go directly to me.
That's it. Ben.
No, Ben, you do
not do.
No, no. Ben. None.
Jess. Just go away.
- Take my hand.
- No. No, Ben.
Jess, I'll
about Ben. And you come with me.
Jess, please, do not.
Just go away.
Listen to me.
I am nowhere
not leave without you.
We do not throw
those we love, right?
Listen to her, Ben.
She worries for you.
Just put a gun
I beg you.
- I'm sorry.
- I know.
Sorry that this happened.
I know.
Okay, Ben. Well.
And now
take my hand.
Everything will be fine.
I'm sorry.
Come on, Ben. Need
go away.
That's it.
Come on, that's right.
It's that you remember,
that you are loved.
In spite of everything.
Just say
that you love me.
I just want to go home.
How do you think
paradise exist?
Yes. I think so.
Probably, it looks like
on the dock on the lake.