Unsaid, The (2001) Movie Script

If you repeat this...
I will deny it.
Like I have been...
and I always will.
To my grave.
Do you understand?
The Unsaid
Hey, champ! How's it going?
Come on, let's go.
Shake a leg. We're running late.
I'm not going.
- What do you mean you're not going?
- I just don't want to go. Okay?
Kyle, look at me.
This is opening night.
Your sister's counting on you.
Yeah, well she'll get over it.
- You're being very inconsiderate.
- Why? 'Cause I wanna stay at home.
Yes, because you wanna stay at home.
That's what I want. Okay.
I wanna stay at home!
There's a clean rugby shirt on the
dryer, Kyle. With your khakis... Kyle?
- Don't tell me.
- He's not coming.
- What is it now.
- What is it always?
Harry says not to push him.
We're not gonna push him.
And does Harry have any thoughts on
what we're supposed to tell Shelly?
Tell me about what?
You're a real shit, you know that?
Look, I just don't feel like being
around people tonight. Okay?
You say that a lot lately.
It's not like you won't be doing it again.
Tomorrow night? You'll come then?
- Just break a leg tonight. Okay?
- Yeah, I will.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
The show must go on, Miss Streisand.
Come on. Your limo's waiting.
- See you.
- Good luck.
I'll save you a seat
if you change your mind.
Any chance of that?
I love you, partner...
I'll see you later.
Yes! Yeeesss!
Yes! Yeeesss!
Take it easy. Watch your step.
Be careful, baby.
Mom? Where's Kyle?
Kyle, where are you?
Kyle! Kyle! No!
Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Three years later
Today's guest speaker is a former
shining star of this University's...
...psychology department. Teacher.
Practitioner. Author.
And these words only begin to describe
his contribution to the field.
It took some arm-twisting
getting him here...
...but I know you'll make
him feel welcome.
K.U.'s own prodigal son
Dr. Michael Hunter.
...now imagine that
you're a child again.
And you've been brought into
this room to learn about chalk.
And suppose I tell you everything
there is to know about chalk...
...but while doing so,
I also beat you.
I beat you...
with this pointer.
Now, some of you in the room
might enjoy that.
Now, you're no longer a child, but you
still carry with you these unconscious...
...conditioned fear responses.
You've buried the memory of those
beatings deep in your sub-conscious.
You've altered the truth into...
into an acceptable lie...
...which allows you
to uh function in society.
I need a volunteer.
This young lady's fine. Thank you.
Now as a therapist, you wish your
subject could simply tell you...
...the root of his or her pain, but then
that person wouldn't need a therapist.
we simply ask a question and the
subject responds, but often what...
...is not said... is far more
important than what is said.
So we're gonna try a simple
word association.
- You okay?
- Okay.
- Tree.
- Strong.
- Love.
- Good.
- Mom.
- Sing.
- Dad.
- Suit.
- Date.
- Tall.
Well, that rules me out.
Uh... that's very good.
- Uh, what's your name?
- Gina.
Gina. That was very nice.
Are you an undergraduate?
I'm gonna be a therapist like you.
Oh! My sympathies.
How do your parents feel about that?
My motherthinks I'm crazy.
And how about your dad?
He's not at all happy with that. Right?
There's not much that does make
him happy, when he's not at work?
When he's at home?
With you?
You're okay?
In trading words with Gina,
I observed the muscles in her face.
The position of her eyes.
The rhythm of her breathing.
These are all non -verbal cues to
the sub-conscious... to the unsaid.
And uh...
friction between a father and
a daughter is... all too common.
Sir... my thesis paper?
It's such a quick read. No really.
It takes no time. No time at all.
Please, Dr. Hunter?
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Dr. Hunter, you're gonna be late.
So... if you'll excuse us everyone.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for coming.
- Sorry I got to Barbara... Lonigan.
- Very good.
- That was very good.
- Thank you.
You're all grown up.
Well I'm a caseworker now.
Child Services.
I'm working towards my doctorate.
As I'd expect.
It's quite a workload.
Twenty-seven cases.
Nothing too challenging.
Except there uh -there is this
one kid and I wanted to know...
...if I could possibly speak
to you about it.
Barbara... I don't see patients anymore
No... I'm aware of that.
I... I can tell you how sorry I was
to hear about your son
It's okay.
I don't mean to impose but
he really is an unusual case.
Four years ago, he came home
and found his mother dead.
She'd been beaten
to death by his father.
The father got life and Tommy ended
up in the residential program...
...at Holly Hills.
In six weeks, he turns eighteen
making him eligible for release.
- You don't think he's ready?
- I don't. No.
Post-traumatic stress?
Every caseworker says the same thing.
He seems completely unaffected
He's a nice, nice kid. There's no
abnormal behaviour patterns.
- No reactive symptoms.
- Deep repression.
Yeah, I know there's
something in there.
- Well, if you could give him an hour...
- Look, please... Barbara...
It's not the time. It's the commitment.
You clearly have it. And I don't.
Not anymore.
But if he's concealing
reactive emotions.
I know that you would be the
one that could see them.
Please understand. I write books.
I give an occasional lecture.
That's what I do now... I'm sorry.
Would you at least uh take
a summary of Tommy's file?
If you get a free minute? All my
contact numbers are in there.
I'd appreciate it.
- It's good to see you.
- Good to see you. Take care.
I'm not in. Leave a message.
Hey, dad! It's Shelly. Are you there?
- Shelly?
- I missed you last week
Yeah, I know.
But listen, my car just broke down, dad
Your car? You're okay?
Huh? Oh, I'm fine. It's no big deal.
Troy's got a friend who's
gonna tow it for me.
- Oh, Troy! Who's Troy?
- He's a friend of Laura's.
- Who's Laura?
- Shelly, you fuckir killed it.
It is completely. Calm down.
I'm on the phone with my dad.
Shelly? Where are you?
I'm coming to get you.
No! Dad, I'm fine. I just - I just need to
borrow the car for school tomorrow.
- Can I?
- Yes. Where are you?
- I'm coming to get you.
- Dad, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Shelly, listen to me!
- Alright, bye.
So you pretty much nailed your
mid terms. That must feel good.
- Yeah. Pretty good.
- Thinking about your SATs?
I don't know. I - I just don't
know if college is right for me.
Why are we taping this again?
I just do it once a month.
To... record your progress.
- Makes me feel like a lab rat.
- That's not its intention, Tommy.
Mm. It does. C'mon, it's embarrassing.
Just turn it off. Please?
Thanks, dad.
I'm very grateful forthis, Dr. Hunter.
I was sure I lost you the other day.
You did.
But listen, two things:
One, it's Michael.
- Okay.
- And two.
- No promises. Just half an hour.
- It's all I ask.
We encourage the boys to take
part in meal prep once a week...
...which Tommy does quite well.
Hey! That smells really good
Well, use enough garlic,
everything does.
I told you about Dr. Hunter, my
old professor former professor.
Excuse me.
- Hi. I'm Tommy
- Michael.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
I wanted to know if it's alright with you
if I left you alone for while to talk?
- Yeah, sure. I'm not going anywhere.
- Okay.
For another five and a half weeks
Mm. So I'm told...
You're glad you're leaving?
Wouldrt you be?
Mm, yes, I would.
So uh... what are you then?
My final exam?
Well, they've thrown every
other expert my way.
I figure you must be batting clean up
Uh... no, hardly.
So what's on the menu?
Uh it's a... it's kind of a stew. Some
leftover meat loaf, chicken, veggies
- Do you want to taste it?
- Sure. Smells good.
It's kinda hot. There you go.
So are you thinking about this as a
Uhha, I dunno. It's much more
stressful than people think.
Bet I'm not the first cook
you've treated.
You'd be right.
But then again I'm not treating you.
We're just talking.
No one's ever just talking.
So what do you think? Is there
something wrong with me?
Now I just met you.
Do you think there's
something wrong with you?
- There's one I never heard before.
- That's why I'm here.
I could go on all day.
Do you think that I think there's
something wrong with you?
I think there's something
wrong with everybody.
Well that's a good thing or else
I'll have to get a realjob.
And I can't cook.
It's very good.
- It's good to see you.
- Yeah.
Best of luck.
- Mind if I turn the music up a little bit?
- Leave it alone, dad.
Let's talk.
I thought you were
done seeing patients.
He's not a patient. He's just a kid.
Just a kid in a home for "wayward"
boys, dad. Who'd he kill?
- Who'd he kill?!
- Yeah.
He didn't kill anybody...
In fact, he's got a lot more on the ball
than some of those kids you know...
- Like that Troy person for instance.
- You don't even know Troy, dad.
Hence the problem.
- Has your mom met him?
- No.
Mom's a little preoccupied.
When are you gonna shave?
Why are we drifting apart?
C'mon, dad.
We're not drifting anywhere.
It's not like it used to be.
Where you've been? Look in the
mirror. Nothing's like it used to be.
- So... That was...
- It was.
How sweet.
And I will see you...
- Who's this guy again?
- Brad. New partner at the firm.
So. Okay.
Yeah, I gotta go. Alright.
Thanks forthe car, dad.
Hey... We're not gonna kiss?
Hi, hon. How was school?
Kyle! No! God! No!
Kyle! No! Kyle!
Hey, dad.
I'm so sorry.
Look at you.
Ah, you're alive.
It's so beautiful in your life.
No, dad. I'm not.
You'll need a more complete profile.
So these are Tommy's session notes.
These are the police reports on
the parents. Court transcripts...
You're assuming
I want to see him again.
Well, you're here today.
Today yes, but not
necessarily long term.
Well, it's entirely up to you.
Just take the box. Just so you have it.
And it's good to see your face again.
That uh professorial thing
was just wasn't you.
- All cleaned up.
- Yes.
- For me?
- Not quite. But close.
- Can we talk?
- Yeah.
I'd like to talk to you
about your parents.
I'd rather not.
Okay. What about school?
I read yourtranscripts.
Your grades were marginal and
now you're pulling straight as.
What happened?
That's it... You're okay not talking
about my parents?
If you don't want to talk about 'em,
we don't talk about 'em.
So tell me how did you get
so smart all of a sudden?
- I dunno. I mean, I used to cut a lot.
- And go where?
Hang around. The track usually.
I'd tie up stray cats.
Watch the train roll overthem.
I'm kidding.
I knew that.
No, I guess. I just got more serious
when I came here. You know?
I started planning for my future.
Whatever I do end up doing...
I need something normal.
- Normal? What's normal?
- I dunno.
- I just want to be free.
- And what does that mean to you?
It sounds like that...
And it'll mean never having
to answer any more questions.
I gotta go to science. See you later.
- Hi.
- What're you doing here?
That's a nice way to say hello.
You want to catch a movie,
grab a burger?
I can't, dad. It's Friday night. Oh, right.
- I gotta go.
- Love you.
So what do you think?
- Looks okay... I'll call you.
- Okay.
Big rave at the Railyard tonight,
Are you interested?
Alright, man.
Okay. Let's go.
Paul! Hey!
Paul! Hey, Paul! Oh, shit!
You're not Paul.
No. I'm sorry, I'm not.
Fuck. And he's the one holding.
You're not holding and GHB, are ya'?
Shrooms? Nitrous?
No sorry. I'm... I'm fresh out.
If I werert rolling on Ex already,
I'd be pretty pissed...
Plus I uh... I lost my belly ring.
Do you wanna help me look for it?
- So what's your name?
- I'm Tommy.
I'm Chloe.
So you really never done Ecstasy?
- No. I'm... I'm not into drugs.
- Oh man, it's like...
It's like waves going through you.
All warm and fuzzy.
And with sex, it's even better.
Are you blushing?
It makes you want to touch too.
Everyone. Everything.
It all just feels so good.
- Is your ring back here somewhere?
- Why... it kinda fell down here.
Oh, we...
We should get back to the rave. Right?
What do you mean?
Hey... think, I'm gonna,
I just wanna go back.
Wait! Wait! Am I being too vague here?
I don't want to. Okay?
You don't want me!
I mean, it's - it's not you. I...
You know how many guys in there
would jump at this? Hey...
Come on...
- Check out all the hotties!
- What?!
- A lot of hotties!
- Alright. Go for it. I'm gonna find Troy.
Hey! Troy!
Fuck you!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Your Dr. Hunter's daughter, right?
- And you his new patient?
Am I? For some reason
he won't call me that.
Yeah, he's weird. See ya'.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Hey! Can you give me a ride home?
- We just got here. You find Troy?
- Please, I can't stay here, you guys.
- Shill out, Shel. We just got here.
- Hey, can you give me a ride home?
- I don't have a car. But I'll walk ya'.
- Uh, it's really, really far.
- I don't care.
Shelly! Shel!
I'm sorry. I'm the one fucked up, Shel.
I'm a little drunk.
I thought that girl was you. Please.
I swear on my fucking mother!
- Hey man, you shouldn't do that!
- Who the hell are you?
He's taking Shelly home.
- Oh you think so?
- Absolutely.
- Bullshit, homes.
- Stop it, Troy! You're drunk.
- Fuck him! I'll kill this freak!
- Stop it!
- I'll kill this freak!
- Stop it!
- You watch your back, pal.
- I will. Come on.
So Friday night?
No lucky lady... out there?
No? Who am I! Why not?
- Okay. Enough said.
- Well...
So have you yourself been in therapy
at all since your son died?
I can't imagine what
you've been through.
Yeah, well... It's okay.
- So why do you do that?
- Do what?
I've mentioned your son twice
and you said "It's okay. "...
...like you're comforting me or...
or shutting me up.
You don't miss a trick, do you?
What are you afraid I'll say?
I'm afraid you'll say...
that my son is in a better place.
Or... at least I have my daughter left.
People actually say that to you?
Not since I learned to say "It's okay. "
My dad would go postal if he knew
that I was with you...
He's always going on and on
about professional boundaries.
So you trust me?
Well, I dunno.
- My dad likes you.
- He does?
- So that... school that you're in...
- It's a home. You can say it.
Well don't you have a curfew
or something?
Yeah... but they trust me.
I'll be gone, free in a month
and a half anyway. Out on my own.
- Ah, so you have to be nice to me.
- Why?
'Cause if you're not,
my dad won't let you out.
Don't say that. Okay?
I was just kidding. My dad couldn't
keep you in there even if he wanted.
Yeah, he could! He could keep me
there! In fact, that's why he's there.
- And I'm not staying, Shelly.
- Yeah, okay.
I'm not.
Uh... it was a stupid joke.
Don't worry. My dad really likes you.
It's o... it's okay. I'm sorry too.
She does your daughter live with you?
No. She lives with her mother.
But uh... she's what's kept me
from going back to Philly.
Daddies and daughters, huh?
- Mm. She hates us both.
- Oh... I'm sure she doesn't hate you.
Well, she's angry. I know that.
Ever since what happened to Kyle.
Her mom and I have been so caught
up with one anotherthat...
...she sort of got lost in the middle.
- You and your wife blamed each other.
- No. She blamed me.
And so did I.
But you don't anymore. I hope.
Michael? You know better.
Suicide is a self-motivated act.
You taught us that.
Nobody else can...
make you do it.
I'd like to stay
focused on Tommy.
- Okay?
- Okay.
What's wrong?
It's my old house.
Six realtors in two years.
Why hasn't it sold?
Can I see it?
You don't want to?
- Sure. Why not?
- Cool.
- How did you do that?
- My brother rigged it a long time ago.
He was always locking himself out.
This was the dinning room.
There was a... big table there.
And this was the living room.
There was a couch right there and a...
coffee table.
There was a big mirror right here.
And there's the bathroom down there.
What's up here?
- That's my brother old room.
- Yeah? Older or younger?
Uh neither. He's dead.
He killed himself in the garage.
Carbon monoxide... In the family van.
They say it's like falling asleep.
Yep. A fistful of my mom's
valium saw to that.
What was he like?
Uh... oh God...
All these marks.
My brother always had this handball.
He was always throwing it around.
Drive my mom nuts.
How about your dad?
Oh, he loved it.
They always played together.
Even my parents blame themselves.
Do you?
Pff. No, I wouldn't give
them the satisfaction.
I always thought it was my fault.
I could've stopped 'im...
I knew ah...
He was hurting. We all knew it.
My dad knew it. He tried to send
him to therapy. But it didn't work.
It just got worse.
If you could've heard
how I talked to him.
God I was sitting right
there next to him.
And all I cared about
it was my self...
and my stupid show.
I just miss him so much.
I'm sorry. I don't really
want to talk about it.
We should go.
So what did your father do for a living?
He was a salesman...
restaurant supplies.
Are you okay to talk about 'im?
Not really, but... I figured there's
no harm in being cooperative.
Oh I appreciate that.
What're you looking for?
Oh, it's in here somewhere.
I know it. Ah. There it is.
I used to play all the time.
What'd' you say?
Show me your best game.
It's pretty good.
How about overthere?
Very nice.
Keep it moving.
That's you getting that one.
What're you talking about?
Three to one? You didn't score.
- Of course, I scored.
- No, you didn't. I'm gonna serve.
What was that?
C'mon, Kyle.
Oh! Oh! What was that?
I didn't see that.
I should've had it. I think it's the shoes.
Yeah, that's right.
Blame the shoes, dad.
C'mon. Let's go. Are you tired?
What? C'mon. Let's go!
C'mon. Throw the ball.
One more.
Good game. Very nice. Very nice.
Do you ever dream
about your parents?
Do I ever dream about my parents,
huh? There's a new one.
Dreams have meaning.
It's your subconscious trying to
resolve the unresolved issues.
No. I don't dream. Not about them.
Okay. What do you dream about?
- Do you?
- Do I what?
Dream about your son?
- How do you know about him?
- I don't.
I just know he's dead... I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Tell me about your parents...
What about their marriage?
- I think you know about that.
- Well, I know how it ended.
But there must have been
some good times.
The moments of affection
between them... Love.
- I know it's hard to talk about this.
- You don't know anything. Okay?
Enlighten me then.
How did it feel in that day
when you came home?
How do you think it felt?
Put it in words.
I really don't want to...
I'm fine. Okay?
- I don't wanna play anymore.
- We're not playing.
And if you really want to be free
in a month, really free, inside...
- We better deal with this.
- You'd keep me here like I'm crazy?
That's not what I said.
I'm just concerned that
when you go out there in the world.
I don't want that past
screwing up your future.
When I'm out in the real world,
the past won't matter anymore. Okay?
I hope that's true. So prove it to me...
Prove it to me that you've made peace
with your past... with what happened.
Talk to me.
Don't look down. Look at me.
Let it out. Put a sound to it.
Talk to me. Why can't you talk to me?
But just not now.
Not right now.
- Why?
- Just...
Next time.
Okay. Next time.
Just back off!
He nearly cried? Are you serious?
What was it about? His mother?
Father? Tell me what did it.
I barely scratched the surface.
Well it's never been scratched before.
You know, it wouldn't hurt you to
celebrate the small victories, Michael.
- Can you keep him here?
- Well, this is a boys school.
We would have to transfer him
to our adult facility. Why?
Do you think we should keep him?
Can you? I mean do you have the
authority to keep him here?
Ah, technically.
I mean we can't chain him down.
But if he asks for his files, er...
reference letters, than yeah.
The state considers me his guardian.
So I would have to sign
his official release.
Did he ever mention
to you about my son?
I would never betray
that confidence, Michael.
How about this?
He said he used to play all the time.
What are you getting at?
And my son...
he used to play all the time.
So you're saying
he reminds you of your son?
- Shelly? Get in.
- I'm not talking to you.
Don't play these games.
It's not a game.
I'm over you. We move on.
- You're over me?
- Yeep.
Don't walk away
when I'm talking to you.
- Okay. We're not done.
- Will you knock it off?
We're gonna go for a ride.
I need to talk to you, Shelly.
- I'm not going anywhere!
- I need to talk to you, Shelly.
I don't want to...
She said no.
Fuck! Let go of it! Aw! Just.
Okay! Just let go of it!
Fuck! Fuck!
- Nice house.
- Yeah, I guess...
- You want something to drink?
- Yeah... Sure.
You don't think he's gonna...
like report me?
- Who? Troy?
- Yeah.
No. He wouldn't talk
to the cops or anything.
He's got a suspended license.
Got a DUI.
The cops are the last people
he wants to talk to.
Oklahoma Police have discovered the
body of 20-year-old, Chloe Fryman...
Oh, my God! I know that girl!
She went to my school.
...in an empty freight car, which was
then traced back here to the local...
...Lawrence Railyard. A spokesperson
forthe police indicated they suspect...
...foul play although as yet
have no leads in the case.
This is Melissa Gleason reporting live
from the Lawrence Railways.
- Back to you, Larry.
- Thank you, Melissa.
Oh, my God! That's so scary.
Are you okay?
I just...
Yeah, I know. That's awful.
The Railyard? She must have
been at the Rave last week.
We were right there.
Yeah, we were.
You want some more? It's good, huh?
Oh shoo!
- God! You scared me!
- Sorry. I didn't mean to.
- No. It's okay. It was an accident.
- I should go.
No! Wait!
Tommy? What is it?
Nothing. I just...
I just can't blow my chances of getting
out of Holly Hills right now.
'Cause of Troy?
Come on, I'll vouch for you.
You were protecting me.
And thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't worry whether you might have
broken curfew, gentlemen.
If you were out after hourthat night,
you'll face no discipline.
Just a few questions.
Three Fridays ago... Lawrence
Railyard... the old chemical plant...
One of those big "Rave" parties.
The place to be apparently...
I'll be leaving a number you can call...
Strictly confidential.
And you just might be
helping us catch a murderer.
Thank you for your time.
Please understand, Mr. Caffey. I'm not
here to open up any old wounds or...
Or condemn you in any way.
- How is he?
- He's doing well...
I brought you a picture.
Yeah, when they told me
you were coming...
...I half-wondered
if he'd be here with you.
No he's not here. But he is eligible
to be out in three weeks.
- In the kitchen.
- He's a very good cook.
Yes, Diana's influence.
I'm hoping you might
let me some insight...
Into something that
I might not already now.
Such as?
- Well, he's very bright.
- He's too bright for his own good.
Did you discipline him?
When he needed it.
And your wife? Would she?
Pff. Please. All hugs and kisses,
that woman. Not to me, of course.
Yes, I read your court transcripts.
Your defence. The other man.
Crime of passion.
Yeah. Let me ask you. How would
you feel? I came home early.
Had a shitty day at work.
Not one lead, Di.
Not one stinkir lead all week...
You're home early.
I was napping. You startled me.
I went to the window and there he was.
Half-naked son of a bitch running
through the yard behind the house...
And that's when I lost it.
What have you done!
Now, if that's not temporary insanity,
what the hell is? Pff.
Not that it matters now anyway.
What about Tommy
when he came home?
Tommy was at school.
He didn't see anything.
Just the result.
I guess that's the worst part.
As they were leading me away,
there he was.
That's the last time I ever saw him.
'Til now.
Hey look um... are we finished here?
Is there something else
you want to share with me?
Tell him not to come...
when he gets out.
Tell him I don't want
to see him anymore.
Tell him to stay away.
You tell him that, okay?
You had no right going there.
That guy's got nothing to do with me.
He's your father
and he cares about you.
He doesn't care. What's he saying
now? That he's innocent?
No, he's owning up to what he did.
I'd need to ask you a question.
Did you see your father
kill your mother?
- What the hell kind of question is that?
- A simple question. Just answer.
- Did he say I did?
- No, he said you were at school.
I was in school.
Because you always
told me you cut class?
Did you cut class that day?
No. But... even if I had I would've
been at the railroad tracks.
So either way I wasn't there.
You're not gonna
like this next question.
I know what you're gonna say.
There was no other man.
You're pointing a knife at me, Tommy.
Tommy... Don't point a knife at me.
My mom would never do that... No way.
- You seem very sure.
- I am sure.
Did you know that the autopsy
report showed evidence...
...of recent sexual activity?
Why are you doing this?
What're you doing?
That's my mom you're talking
about for God's sakes!
I mean what d'you want, huh?
What d'you want?
What I want from you?
We need to talk about this, Tommy.
You agreed to talk about it.
We're gonna talk about it.
Okay, I know this is painful and I'm
sorry. But we need to talk about this.
So tell me: How did it feel that day?
How did it feel on that day? My dad
came home and they got in a fight.
Okay, he killed her.
And now he's saying that she was some
kind of slut, just so that he can get off.
- How does that make you feel?
- How does that make you feel?
- How does that make you feel?
- Like that?!
- Yes.
- Oh, yeah. You're happy about this?
I'm sick of it!
I'm getting out of here!
Let it out! Let it out!
No! Let it go!
- No! Let go of me!
- Let it out! Let it out! Let it out!
It's okay. It's okay, Kyle.
I got you, Kyle.
Kyle? KYLE! Let go of me!
- I'm not your son.
- I'm sorry.
Tommy. Tommy,
that's not what I meant.
No, don't. I'm not your son. Okay?
I know that.
I blew it.
It wasn't my fault.
Go on.
Go on.
Go on. Say it.
Say: It wasn't your fault.
Come on. They all do... Come on.
It wasn't my fault!
What happened to my mother
had nothing at all to do with me!
Say it!
Okay, Tom.
And there was no other man.
There was no other man.
- I think we're done here.
- Right. Yeah, we're done.
Anothertwo weeks and I'm history...
But I got to go out by their rules,
you know? Like a regular person.
But you're not... like a regular person.
You're like...
nobody I've ever met. You...
You talk to me... and you listen to me...
You don't pressure me...
You don't ask me questions.
- What?
- About me...
You're the only person I know who's
not always poking around at my past.
Well, if there's anything you wanted
me to know, you would tell me, right?
- What?
- I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh... I couldn't find your number.
- Did I get here at a bad time?
- Not at all. Come in.
- Are you sure it's okay?
- Absolutely.
- Ah, it's very nice.
- Thank you.
Sit. Can I get you anything?
A drink or something?
No. No. I think I'm um...
pushing the legal limit as it is.
Well... I don't who to worry about more
these days, Michael. You or Tommy?
Oh, please, tell me you saw me coming.
Nah. I was just flipping through
for clues perhaps. 'Cause uh...
For being such a master of the human
condition, you're not very...
...forthcoming about your own.
I don't actually walk my talk, do I?
I wrote this uh... not long after Kyle...
And yet he's not in it at all.
You don't mention him once.
To me, he's on every page.
You asked me uh...
the other day if Tommy
reminds me... of Kyle...
Yeah, he does, doesn't he?
At times, he is Kyle.
That's not uncommon, Michael.
You know that?
I know it's strange but
this is just something else...
There's something in his tone...
In his gestures.
I... I held him and I felt Kyle...
And his eyes...
Those, those are... those are his eyes.
I'm losing it.
No, you're not, Michael...
You just miss your son.
Okay. It's late. You're tired.
- Oh, please.
- Up you go. No.
- Oh, come on, Barbara.
- You stay here and relax.
No, I'm okay. Really. No, no, I'm okay.
No. I know you're okay,
but you stay here.
No. What're you doing?
I feel ridiculous.
- No. You don't feel ridiculous.
- Come on. Please?
Just relax. Alright? Sleep here tonight.
It's fine. You're tired. Get some sleep.
Thank you.
Tommy, I didn't mean to. I'm sorry.
It's okay.
- It's just that I like you so much.
- Shelly, don't.
- I love you, Tommy. I love you.
- Shelly, no. Shelly!
I just want to be with you.
I said: No!
I want to tell you something,
Mr. Caffey.
Is Tommy okay?
It's not about him. Well, it is,
but indirectly about him.
It's really more about me. About us.
What about us?
Nobody knows about this.
Not my ex-wife. Not my daughter.
What're you talking about?
We have something in common,
Mr. Caffey...
In fact, we're not very
different at all. You see...
I had a son of my own.
He was a happy kid. Loyal and
respectful. When he reached puberty...
...he kinda took a form of depression.
And my wife, she wanted him
to start medication but me...
I insisted that he go
into therapy with my...
With my college buddy
named Harry Quinlan.
My friend. Someone... that I trusted...
A few months went by and Kyle
seemed a little better.
And good old Harry, he told us to...
to be patient.
To keep the faith.
And I kept the faith
until my son, Kyle,
took his own life.
A couple of days afterthe funeral,
I found Kyle's farewell letterto me...
...explaining the shame that he felt
about his "special friendship"...
...with Harry Quinlan. And how much
that was too much to bear for him.
And how he couldn't keep
the secret anymore.
And how he couldn't stand feeling...
Harry Quinlan
was molesting my son.
The fucking animal
was molesting my son.
And my sixteen-year-old boy,
could not find any other
way to rid himself...
Of the pain.
I went to a gun shop,
but there was a waiting period.
So I went straight to Harry Quinlars
house, because I wanted him dead.
Harry! Harry! Harry!
Get out of there, fuck!
Open the door, Harry!
Open the door right now,
you piece of shit!
Harry, open the door!
Harry, you fuck!
Open the door, Harry!
Way to go, Harry!
Harry, look at me!
Look at me!
Harry! Harry!
That was my boy!
Harry! My little boy!
You fucking animal!
What're you gonna
do with that, Harry?
Open the door, you piece of shit!
Go! Go ahead!
Shoot me! Shoot me!
He was my little boy, Harry!
It was my little boy,
you fucking animal! Do it!
Do it! Do it! Do it!
You know what separates us,
Mr. Caffey?
Not sanity. Not rational thought.
Just luck. Just dumb fucking luck.
I just wanted you to know that.
It was Tommy.
It was Tommy.
If you repeat this, I will deny it.
Like I have been
and I always will.
To my grave.
Do you understand?
I came home that... that day and uh
there was some... weird stuff going on.
That's it. You'll talk to him.
Well if you're not pressing charges, Mr.
Pasternak. You won't talk to the police.
Because I'm talking to you.
Well then, let's get Tommy down here.
Get his side of it, shall we?
So he can break my other arm? No.
He's crazy. I don't want to see him.
Fine. I will talk to him.
Now you go home.
I'll call you. I got your number.
Thank you.
Raymond, please, Raymond.
Watch where you're going, Ray-mond.
I want you to go find Tommy and ask
him to come down here, please?
- Okay.
- Alright.
Hey, Caffey?
You know that guy?
How you're doing, son?
I'm Detective Hannah
and this is my partner.
He's just talked to Barbara about you...
He sounded pretty pissed.
What happened to your hand?
Why are the cops here again?
Yeah well, they probably
want to fingerprint us now.
They need a suspect bad enough,
they come straight to Holly Hills.
Anyway, Barbara wanted to see you
and she did not look happy.
- He's not in the kitchen.
- I'm telling you, Michael.
He's not on campus.
Alright. Even if he thought he was
in trouble, he would not run away.
We can't let him go. He has to stay here
indefinitely. Continued therapy.
How can he manage to hide
that all these years?
- And to seem so calm and unaffected?
- He's not hiding it.
It's repressed so deeply, it never even
happened as far as he's concerned.
Now who's this kid with a busted hand?
He's Troy Pasternak.
He said that he and Tommy
got into it over some girl.
- Troy?
- Yeah, why?
Who's the girl?
He didn't say. Just uh that Tommy
has stolen her from him.
I'll call you later.
- You don't lock this?
- Michael? What're you doing?
- Where is she?
- Shelly?
Yeah. Shelly. Your daughter.
Where is she?
- Michael?
- Is she in her room?
- You know where he is?
- Who?
You know who.
Tommy Caffey. My patient!
- You said he wasn't your patient.
- Don't be a smart-ass with me.
I didn't think you'd care!
So you chose not to tell me about him!
'Cause I knew you
would react like this.
Then you shouldn't have
done it to begin with!
You know nothing about him!
You don't know him, Shelly!
- I know him betterthan you do.
- What is that supposed to mean?
No. Not like that! God! You see
now how everybody thinks!
He's my friend, dad. We talk.
- You talk.
- Yeah.
Did you talk to him about us?
About our family?
Did you talk to him about Kyle?
And about how Kyle died?
Did you talk to him about
Kyle playing handball?
- Maybe. I don't know. I went by the...
- There is no maybe. Yes or no?
I don't know. We went by the old house
one time and I might've said something
Our house!
You took him to our house!
Inside our house!
- Michael, get out.
- Do you know about his kid?
- What kid?
- What kid?
- What kid?
- Stop yelling.
Where is he now?
Because he not at the home.
- Michael.
- I don't know.
- Shelly.
- I don't know.
You do not see him again.
You understand me?
- Dad, you can't tell me...
- You do not see him!
I'm your father. I tell you what I want.
- I'm calling Brad.
- Stay home! Keep her here!
He... You can't tell me what to do, dad!
It's not fair.
Tommy cares about me. He cares
more than any of you ever have!
Just go, Michael. Go!
Just keep her here.
No. I've been all overtown.
Every place I could think he'd be.
His clothes are still here.
He's gonna come back, Michael.
I know it.
And uh Holly Hills will call
as soon as he shows up.
Um, if it'll make you feel
any better... I'll come, okay?
I let him manipulate me, Barbara.
Using my own daughter. And my son.
You were his last hurdle, Michael.
I'm sure he was thinking that any
favourable comparison between he...
...and Kyle would work in his favour.
Here's a car. I'll call you back.
- You on night watch, doc?
- Just waiting for someone.
D'you know what room I might find...
uh Thomas Caffey in?
He's the one I'm waiting for.
We think he might have run away.
He's the only boy I didn't get
a chance to talk to today.
- You'll call me when he gets in?
- Sure.
- Thanks. Take care.
- Likewise.
- Tommy?!
- Don't be mad. Okay?
I'm not mad. I'm not mad. Come on in.
Okay. Hey, it's Michael.
Are you there?
- No, no, no. Don't answer it. Please?
- Barbara?
- I just want to talk.
- Okay.
Okay. Call me back
as soon as you can.
- Is he mad at me?
- Why would he be mad at you?
Because of you and Shelly.
- He knows about that?
- Yes. Where have you been, Tommy?
Okay, first of all, Shelly's
a really nice girl. Okay? And...
And I didn't crush that kid's hand.
You got to believe me on that.
- Well, that's no reason to disappear.
- I know.
- I got scared.
- Scared of what?
I'm leaving Holly house, Barbara.
I can't wait anymore.
This is something we can discuss
in the morning, Tommy, at Holly Hills.
No more discussions...
No more talks... I'm leaving tonight.
Okay, Tommy. Well...
when I'll call Dr. Hunter...
No, no.
You don't need to do that, okay?
How long have I known you?
I've done everything that
you asked me to. Everything.
Now, I just want what's coming to me.
I mean, what's one and a half weeks?
Just sign my papers and release me.
Tommy, you've been making
some real breakthroughs...
- Yeah and that's a good thing.
- Yes, it's a very good thing.
And Dr. Hunter just we believe
that you would benefit...
No! No!
No, I'm not staying here!
You're not keeping me here!
You might benefit from some more
counselling, Tommy. That's all.
- Is this because of Shelly?
- No, it's not because of Shelly.
- Because it's punishment.
- It's not punishment.
Dr. Hunter... went to see
your father again today.
And we know the truth, Tommy.
About your mother.
Tommy, don't...
Tommy, please, you just you just...
- You just have to trust me. Okay?
- It's a lie!
- A lie!
- No!
No, please!
Shut up!
Operator, I'm trying to make
a call at 324-8962. I can't get through.
- What d'you mean off the hook?
- It must be off the hook, sir.
What're you doing here?
You shouldn't be in here, son.
You shouldn't be in here.
You shouldn't be in here!
Who let this kid in here!?
How'd this kid get in here?
Is she okay?
Call the police!
Call the police now!
Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!
Okay. Okay. I got you.
Tommy... Come around back.
- Hey, where have you been?
- Where's your mom?
She's upstairs with Brad.
My dad knows about us.
I know.
Look I'm leaving tonight, okay?
- It's not the way that I wanted it.
- I'm going with you.
Hold on, hold on.
She wants to say something.
What, Baby? What? What?
I shouldn't have said,
shouldn't have said...
You... you shouldn't have said what?
About the mother? It's okay.
Shelly... Shelly...
- Michael, calm down, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down!
This kid is dangerous.
Now listen to me.
What are you talking about?
You get Shelly out of the house.
I'm on my way.
Shelly, where are you?
- Wait. Isn't this Troy's car?
- We made a deal. Get in.
Shelly! No!
You now listen to me! Shelly!
Michael! Michael!
He's... that was them! He's got her.
He's got her, Michael.
Call the police! Go!
I don't understand. Why would
Troy let you borrow his car?
No more questions, okay?
Just... just don't talk.
- I'm thinkir.
- Sorry.
I'm just scared, Tommy.
Yeah, me too.
Shit! That's my dad.
He's not gonna keep me here.
- Freeze!
- Shelly!
- C'mon!
- I'm said freeze!
- Put the gun down! You! Stay out of it!
- That's my daughter! Shelly!
Put your gun down! Put it down!
Don't point the gun at me!
Tommy, put the gun down!
Tell him to put it down!
Put the gun down! Put the gun down!
Put that gun down. Tommy... Tommy...
Tommy, let me help you.
You don't want to help me.
You just want to keep me here!
Tommy, don't hurt her, please?
- Hurt her?
- Dad, he's not gonna hurt me.
I'd never hurt her. Never!
Tommy, you know you can't
keep that promise.
- You shut up!
- You know that.
- Shut up!
- Tommy!
- Shelly hates you!
- I know that.
I know that she hates me.
And I don't blame her forthat.
It's not her fault. It's my fault.
I know I let you down, baby.
I know when your brother died...
I know I wasn't there for you. It's like
you were starting a whole new life...
...and I wasn't even there for you.
But I have to make that up to you.
I need to make that up to you.
Please, give me that chance?
Please... Tommy, give me that chance.
The same chance
that I want to give you.
Please? Just let her go.
And me and you can
work this thing out.
This is my baby.
You... you... You know,
without you I got nothing left.
I'm sorry, Tommy. I have to go.
Dad... Dad...
Over here. Stay back. It's okay.
I got 'im. Don't shoot! Just don't shoot.
He's got nowhere to go, doc.
Don't shoot!
Tommy... Tommy...
- You got no where to go, Tom.
- What do you want from me?
- I want to help you.
- Why can't you just let me go?
Because I want to help you.
I can't let you go and you know why.
Let me help you.
Talk to me.
What did my father tell you?
- He told me about your mother.
- You shut up about her! She loved me.
- She loved you very much.
- Yeah.
He... he wasn't supposed to be there.
Not one lead, Di.
Not one stinkir lead all week...
Closet. Get to the closet.
Get in the closet.
He was so angry.
Who was he angry at?
At me!
He was angry at me!
My mommy loved me!
She didn't love him!
And hehe hit and he hit her!
I just wanted him to stop.
What have you done?
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop hitting my mother!
You stop it!
You were a little boy, Tommy.
You couldn't stop either one.
Yes, I could.
I could've stopped him.
- It wasn't your fault.
- You're wrong.
- It wasn't your fault.
- You're wrong.
- It was not your fault.
- He killed her because of me.
- It was not your fault.
- Yes, it was my fault!
It was not!
I can help you now, Tom.
I can help you now.
Please let me help you.
Just let go.
Please? Come on. That's it.
It's okay. I'm sorry.
- Tommy!
- Tommy! No!
Let's go!
Tommy! Don't do it!
Tommy! Don't do it! No!
Tommy! Don't do it!
How we're doing today?
How's Shelly?
She's doing fine.
How's Barbara?
She's fine.
Let's just concentrate
on you today, okay?
Why? You're gonna rehabilitate me?
You're gonna make me free, doc?
- There's all kinds of freedom.
- Not the kind that I want.
But there's a kind
that everybody needs.
The kind that's inside.
Inside here.
I'm not your son.
Now I know that.
Now let's see your best game.
Good point.
Oh, lucky shot.
- You serve?
- Okay...
Mike, keep up! Watch it! Oh!
You've been practicing, huh?
Ah... Nice...