Unsane (2018) Movie Script

I love it when you wear blue.
I mean, I love you in anything.
But you wore blue
that first time I saw you,
so anytime I see you in blue,
it reminds me of how I felt
at that moment.
How I never really knew what
being alive was until I saw you.
You unlocked something
inside me that day,
something I didn't
even realize was there.
And right then,
I knew that nothing in my life
was ever going to be the same.
In that moment,
I was transformed permanently.
You did that.
My job is to access
and interpret data
to produce analytical results.
I did that job.
Taking your frustration
out on me will not
alter the results.
You're quite within your rights
to take your business
to another bank.
Another analyst may interpret
the data more to your liking.
But they'd be doing a bad job.
Good morning.
Jill, what?
I... just hope he likes vinegar
more than he likes honey.
Well, then...
Have a seat.
You're welcome.
that report...
That report is faultless.
You are every bit as good
as I hoped you'd be.
I appreciate that.
You're going to do
really well here.
I'm certainly gonna try.
Good, good, good.
So, the ABA conference
is the last week of September.
Two nights
at the Hyatt Regency
in New Orleans.
And... we should go.
You should... go.
I think I'd need
a little more experience.
Well, I could
help you with that.
- I should get back to work.
- Good.
Good, good, good, good,
good, good, good.
Of my new friends,
I'd say, um, Jill's
probably the closest.
We go out after work
almost every night.
How's your boss?
He's great. I mean...
He has really high standards
and he's really demanding,
but when he says
you got something right,
you know you got it right,
which is really rewarding,
especially since it's
so competitive here.
I suppose that explains why
you're eating your lunch
in such a rush.
Hey, at least it's green.
But I kind of do
have to get going.
I just wanted to let you know
everything's great.
I couldn't be happier.
Yeah. Now that you're
450 miles away from me
and everyone else
you've ever known.
Mmm. Don't do that.
It was a fantastic opportunity.
I couldn't say no.
And besides, you know
what an impulsive girl I am.
Anyway, I gotta go.
I love you. Bye!
Ooh. Look at that.
Can I talk to you?
Yeah, that's me.
Down and... Mm-hmm.
Sawyer Valentini.
What a name.
Sawyer Valentini.
It's a sexy-ass name.
I'm named after my grandfather
on my mother's side.
He died of eye cancer.
Oh, shit. I'm sorry.
I didn't...
Your little face.
That was you being funny?
Hey, if we can't laugh
at cancer, who are we?
Oh. That's dark.
Hail Satan.
Promise me one thing, Jesse.
It's Mark.
Yeah. Tonight's going to go
how you want it to go.
It's not even a question.
But afterwards,
you don't call me,
you don't contact me.
It's like we never met.
You good with that?
Jesse's so good with that.
this is my apartment.
Yeah. And, um,
this is my, um, room.
Fuck! Fuck!
What the fuck?
Oh, my God.
I-I thought that's what
you said you wanted.
You initiated it.
Oh, fuck.
Your life slips away from you,
you know?
Changing your phone number
and your e-mail becomes normal.
Changing your lunch hour
every day becomes normal.
every single thing you say
in case it might
be misinterpreted?
Taking out a restraining order.
Relocating to another city.
But you still see
your stalker everywhere?
Well, rationally, I know
that this is my neuroses
colluding with my imagination
to manifest my worst fears.
I know that.
But I'm not rational.
I'm alone in a strange city,
and, uh, I never feel safe.
Not for one minute.
So what do I do?
Where do I go?
Or maybe I just surrender
and accept that this is my life.
That doesn't sound
like much of a life.
No. Not one that I want
to keep on living.
Do you often have thoughts
like that, Sawyer?
Thoughts like, um...?
Not wanting to keep living.
Like suicide?
Do you ever think
about taking your own life?
I have, in the past.
And did you ever give a thought
as to how you'd do it?
Do you know
the therapeutic index?
It's, um...
It's the ratio that measures
the blood concentration
of if a drug is toxic
or when it's effective.
The larger
the therapeutic index,
the safer the drug.
The smaller, the more dangerous.
That's how I'd see myself
spending my final hours.
Testing drugs.
That's pretty specific.
Yeah, well, my dad always said
why would you trust someone
to do a big job
if they can't do a small one?
There's some more forms
you need to fill out.
Just routine.
That's it? I'm cured?
Well, we can discuss
treatment options
when you finish the paperwork.
Well, I'd really like to book
another appointment with you.
You're a really good listener.
I'm obviously the first person
to tell you that.
Do I need to read
every comma and semicolon?
It's up to you.
Like I said, it's a boilerplate.
Privacy disclosures,
liability, that kind of thing.
I finished my homework.
If the counselor
has a half hour for me
sometime next week...
Please have a seat,
Ms. Valentini.
Someone will
be with you shortly
to discuss next steps.
No, we just discussed
the next step, so...
It should just take a minute.
Sawyer Valentini?
I'm Dennis.
Please follow me.
Wh... Look, I don't have
a lot of time.
I should be back at work, so...
What am I doing here?
I need to look through your bag.
Don't worry.
You're not being
singled out.
I look through
everyone's bag.
It's procedure.
Uh, excuse me.
That's my stuff.
Good afternoon.
I'm Nurse Boles.
Can you strip down
to your underwear for me?
Take off your clothes
down to your underwear.
And remove all your jewelry.
Do you understand?
If you need help
removing your clothes...
To check for identifying marks.
Scars, birthmarks, moles.
It's to protect you,
the other patients,
and the hospital.
Look, I'm not sure
what's happening here.
I, uh...
The nursing assessment
includes a head-to-toe
skin examination.
It's a hospital-wide
There's nothing invasive
about it.
Look, I have to go.
I'm gonna be late
for work, so...
The door's locked.
For your privacy.
I need you
to take off your clothes
down to your underwear
and remove all your jewelry.
There's nothing wrong with me.
I just needed
to talk to someone,
and the counselor said that I...
Did she tell you to do this?
Miss Valentini,
are you refusing
to cooperate?
What happens if I do?
It would be better for everyone,
but especially yourself,
if you'd just do as I ask.
Turn around.
Lift your arms.
That's all.
Put this on.
Can I go now?
I've done everything
that you asked.
You're upset.
Take these.
Then I get to go?
You'll feel better.
Follow me.
There's been
some kind of mistake.
Your name is Sawyer Valentini.
You know that already.
By signing this,
you've consented to voluntary
commitment for 24 hours.
No. The counselor said
the forms were routine.
You signed it.
you're just doing your job.
And you've been
so considerate of my feelings
and my well-being.
And you're right.
I signed those papers.
I'm here
by my own volition.
It's for my own good.
Can I ask, do you think
I could just make a phone call,
just to let my family know
that I'm okay,
let them know where I am?
You get a phone call.
That's allowed.
You're so nice.
You're saying you want
your phone call now?
Yes. Yes, that is
what I'm saying.
Oh, my God.
It's like you
read my mind.
Yes, hi.
My name is Sawyer Valentini.
I am at Highland Creek
Behavioral Health Facility.
I am being held here
against my will.
Please send help.
Thank you.
I'll be out of here
in, like, 20 minutes.
Do you know
how many calls the cops get
like that every week?
Those are from crazy people.
Let's go back to the ward.
No, I'm not going anywhere
until the cops show up.
Can you stop taking notes?
I have rights.
Don't make me ask again.
Hi. Alison.
How's your baby?
How's your baby?
Alison. The baby.
Oh, what?
You think you're too good
to talk to me now, Alison?
Oh, my name's not Alison,
but, yeah, yeah, I am too good
to talk to you.
Hey, bitch!
Listen, when you fall asleep,
I'm gonna cut your hair off.
All of your hair.
Oh, yeah?
With what?
They let you
anywhere near sharp objects?
I doubt that very much.
Oh, God.
You're scaring me to death,
you fucking mental patient.
I'll be thinking about you
when I'm back in my own bed
in my own house, getting ready
to go to my own job.
Calling her a mental patient
isn't helpful.
We need to support each other.
Yeah, well, support me
by not talking to me
or looking at me.
I shouldn't even be in here.
Yeah, so, uh...
So you got put in here
by mistake, I'm guessing.
Yeah. Yeah. That's right.
And the cops are on their way
right now to get me out.
The cops are on their way
to take you out of here?
They said that?
In those words,
specifically, to you?
Liar, liar.
Liar, liar.
Oh, man.
Evening, Dolores.
Hi, Steve.
How you doing...
Steve's partner?
Another night,
another 10-75.
Yeah, second floor called down.
I've got her
admission form here.
You got any coffee, Dolores?
It's in the break room,
Steve. Help yourself.
Steve's partner can't have any.
What's your favorite coffee,
Mmm. Expresso.
- Expresso?
- Expresso.
Why don't you get one of those
new Nespresso machines?
I like that.
I like black coffee,
little bit of cream.
You like cream?
No. I like just sugar.
Lots of sugar.
Lots of sugar?
I gotta do Splenda.
I love coffee.
You know what?
Your coffee? Sucks.
But you're still mad
I won't let you have any.
I could get some if I wanted to.
We both know that.
Have a good night, Steve.
Not Steve's partner.
Wake up.
Wake up!
Wake up.
Wake up!
...like you.
It was like a paid intern.
Let her do all the stuff
around your house,
kick around some shit.
Yeah, why not?
I've done that.
I've adopted them.
I'm like Drake.
What does Drake do?
He adopts strippers.
He adopts them?
Puts them in little homes,
in their own communities.
Must feel good
to be back in your own bed,
in your own house,
getting ready to go back
to your own job.
I'm Jacob.
Let me out!
There's been
some kind of mistake.
I'm not supposed to be in here.
I'm locked up in here
with fucking psycho rapists!
The cops are on their way,
and I need to get out of here
right now!
Fucking bitch!
No. I...
What the fuck was that?
We don't hit them back.
She does that again,
she goes downstairs.
No, I don't want...
Alison pissed the bed, y'all.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Hi, Sawyer.
Just coffee?
Nothing to eat?
Good summation.
How was your night?
Are you settling in okay?
I'm not
settling in anywhere.
I'm going home today.
Dr. Hawthorne asked me
to bring you to have a talk
with him about that.
A real doctor.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
All good points.
Really, good points.
Tell Diane
we're on the same page
and that it won't happen again.
This is a good thing.
To be continued.
Dr. Hawthorne.
Uh, you can see
I don't belong here.
You know there's been
some kind of mistake.
I can't spend another day here.
I can't spend another minute.
I have a job.
I have a life.
Yes. Uh, well,
we want you to get back
to enjoying that life.
That's our goal.
Good. So what can I do
to give you one less patient
to worry about?
Well, it says here that
you've been assessed
as a danger to yourself
and to others.
So that means more observation.
Doctor, look at me.
Look at me.
Doctor, I have a wonderful
support system around me.
I have family,
I have friends, coworkers.
I have neighbors.
The best thing for me
is to be surrounded
by the people I love.
Now, did I indicate
to the counselor
that I sometimes,
occasionally, feel down?
Sure, I did.
But everybody does.
I'm building a new life
for myself, Doctor.
I'm meeting new people.
I run.
I'm going to adopt a rescue dog.
That's what's gonna help me.
Not being stuck in here.
Give my bed to someone
who needs it.
Uh, yeah.
But you see, um,
it says here
that you assaulted
a staff member.
He looked like someone I knew.
Yes, but it says here
that you attacked him.
I... No.
I was under a lot of stress.
The police
were supposed to come.
And it says here
that you assaulted
a male patient, Jacob.
No. He...
Look, I had a rough night.
But look at me now.
So, because of
the multiple acts
of violence,
we're looking
at another seven days.
What? Seven days?
I need to take this.
Uh... to be continued.
Yeah, hello, Diane.
How are you?
Okay, Hayley.
I'll take it from here.
First thing we do
in these meetings is go over
the Highland Creek rules book.
Maximum use
of a public phone
is ten minutes.
No smuggling food or drink
into the ward.
Uh, no touching
the other patients.
in their hair
is fine.
That word?
That got you. Okay.
We use these meetings
to go over our daily goals.
Mmm. My goal today
is to be friendly
and helpful to everyone.
What do you say?
What do you say?
Okay. Excuse me, y'all,
for one second.
Maybe I need to make
my consultations one-on-one.
What about you?
What are your daily goals?
Finding someone to believe
I don't belong in here.
You're no different
from anybody else in here.
You gave them an in.
What are you talking about?
Not now. Later. Okay?
They brought up suicide.
You bit.
That's all they need.
They've got beds.
You've got insurance.
But I'm fine.
I just needed to talk
to somebody.
Yeah, that's why
Highland Creek and all
the other Highland Creeks
and Tumbling Pines
and Cedar Valleys
under the ADS
Health Enterprises
umbrella exist.
You talk,
they find a way to keep you
and get you admitted.
And you stay locked up
until Aetna,
Blue Cross, Medicaid
or whoever insures you will pay.
Soon as the money runs out,
you're cured.
But that's...
Highland Creek
is just like any other
business in America.
They got a number
to hit every month.
They need to admit as many
patients to fill those beds
to get that money.
You know, the law of averages
suggests that a percentage
of the patients admitted
to Highland Creek
are in actual need
of psychiatric care.
It also suggests
that a higher percentage...
Are just like me.
They're locking up
sane people for profit.
I'm here for seven days
because my insurance company
approved it.
It's not that bad.
I mean, it's inhuman,
but compared to where
you could have landed?
Tumbling Pines streams
meth addict cage matches.
This place has got Hayley,
plus some less qualified
and motivated employees.
There's really no comparison.
And if you hook up
with the right people,
you don't gotta worry
about weed, booze, porn,
or whatever you use
to make life seem less
of a crushing void.
I, myself, am in the throes
of kicking an opioid addiction,
so keep that shit away from me.
Final words:
Do your time.
Keep your head down.
God, you're talking to me
like we're in prison.
You're welcome.
Don't cause any scenes.
Don't make any enemies.
Find a community,
learn how to live
with the routine.
It'll be over
before you know it.
You've got any questions,
come find me.
No way.
You can't be anywhere near me.
This won't work.
The Boston cops
have got a record
of the restraining order.
I hope following me
all the way here
was worth it
because you're going to jail.
Move, Alison.
George Shaw?
Is that what you're
calling yourself?
This man is called David Strine.
And he's been following me
and calling me and texting me
and showing up at my job
and breaking into
my fucking house.
Take your meds
and move on.
No. I'm not going anywhere
until the cops haul his ass
into jail.
George, did you do
or say anything
to provoke the patient?
Stop calling him that.
His name is David.
He's followed me
all the way here
from Boston.
I've never even been to Boston,
though I am a Sox fan.
You're a fucking liar!
I want my phone.
I've saved all the text
messages you sent me,
all the really,
really sick ones.
Do you remember, David?
All the ones where
you said you'd kill yourself
if you couldn't have me.
You're crazy.
Maybe I should go back
to the other ward.
I'm not doing any good here.
No one is fucking
buying this, Strine.
It's George.
No, I get it.
It's not hard to get a job here.
You don't need qualifications.
You don't need fucking training.
I want my fucking phone call!
I'm calling the cops,
and I want him arrested.
Your phone privileges
have been suspended.
No! I don't want to...
I don't want to be
in here with you!
I fucking hate you!
I fucking hate you!
No, I'm telling you
the truth,
I swear to God.
Get your hands off me!
He's lying.
Fucking lying!
Oh, Jesus.
You're hurting my arm!
Fuck off! No.
Get on that side.
Fuck you.
It's like you didn't listen
to a word I said.
You keep this up, and you'll be
spending the rest of your time
down in the basement.
You said
you wanted to help me,
so help me out of this.
Good night.
Yeah. Yeah, this story's
gonna be like the biggest
story ever.
Yeah, I've got evidence.
I got everything I need.
Finally just going
to shut it down.
Yeah, man. Yeah.
Let me call you back.
I don't know.
She's, like,
a little tricky.
Sometimes she responds to me,
sometimes she doesn't.
You know.
Give it back, thief.
You took my last pack
of cigarettes.
Where'd you put 'em?
Hide 'em in your snatch?
I was in fucking restraints,
you idiot!
Oh! Fuck me!
Oh, well done, Violet.
based on what it says here,
you are one incident away
from being sent to the basement.
Look, I was sexually assaulted.
Where's the outrage?
Where's my advocate?
Who do I report this to?
And what's in the basement?
What's in the basement?
Solitary confinement.
Oh, my God. Send me there
right fucking now.
My stalker... You've read
the counselor's notes.
You know who I'm talking about.
He's here.
He's got himself a job
in the fucking hospital.
I talked to the second floor
about George.
No, he's not called George.
We did a thorough
background check.
Yeah, you did a thorough
background check on George.
I'm telling you,
he isn't called George.
His name is David Strine.
I'm trying to tell...
You're not even listening to me.
I'm trying to tell you the man...
And I'm adding a course
of risperidone and lithium
to your meds.
What's that for?
To keep you
from hurting anyone else.
And yourself.
Are you serious?
That's your diagnosis?
You're sedating me
when I've just told you
there's a predator
who's followed me here
from another city.
You should be protecting me.
What medication are you on?
That's funny.
Well... to be continued.
Hi. I'm Jacob.
Listen, I... I just want
to apologize, again,
if I said or did anything
to upset you.
I see the doctor's put
a little something extra
in there.
I really hope it helps.
I hope someone cuts
your balls off and stuffs them
down your throat.
What? Are you
fucking touching me?
You motherfucker!
It's him!
It's him!
I'm telling you,
it's Strine!
No, no, no, listen!
Calm down.
He's been to my mom's house.
He's been to my fucking mom's
house and stolen our mail!
I'm not fucking crazy! No!
Fuck you! No.
Let me use it.
I... Excuse me?
Your cell phone.
I saw you.
I know you have one.
That's a major infraction
of the rules.
But guess what?
I don't care, as long
as I get to use it.
Otherwise, I tell everyone.
Yeah. Your credibility
is sky high around here.
You really want
to take that chance?
You call the cops again,
they'll do nothing... again
but take my cell phone.
I'm not calling the cops.
I promise.
And I'll suck your dick.
Five minutes.
Don't get caught.
Oh, Mom, it's me.
Sawyer, where've you been?
It's been, like, three days
since you've called.
Yeah, Mom...
I expected to see your face
on a milk carton.
Mom, I'm in a bit of trouble.
- How much do you need?
- No, no, no. It's not that, Mom.
I haven't got a lot of time.
I need you to listen.
Just don't panic.
But I've been involuntarily
committed to a facility
called Highland Creek
here in Pennsylvania.
They said I was suicidal,
but I swear to God, Mom,
I'm not.
It's just an insurance scam.
But listen.
There's this guy
I never told you about
when I was in Boston.
There was this guy who...
There was this guy...
He was kind of stalking me.
What do you mean,
kind of stalking you?
Mom, he got himself a job.
He got himself a job
at the facility.
He's there,
in the hospital with you?
Have you told the doctors?
Have they called the police?
Mom, no one fucking believes me.
Sorry. I'm... I'm...
I'm... They drug me
and they tie me to a bed.
And I'm here for seven days,
and no one's helping me.
Oh, my God! Sawyer!
You know I'd never
bother you with this
if I could find a way out,
but I need help.
What's the name
of that hospital?
Uh, Highland Creek.
It's, um...
It's off Highway 90.
I don't know the exact address.
Mom, I've gotta go.
I love you.
Rain check on the blow job?
I wish I could go one day
without hearing that.
I want to see my daughter!
Get her out here now!
I'm not leaving, and I'm
only going to get louder,
so you probably
should do something!
She didn't know
what she was signing.
I want her released immediately.
She's coming home with me.
Mrs. Valentini,
I understand your concern,
but right now this is
the best place for Sawyer.
Stuck in a hospital
with her stalker
is the best place for her?
Repeat that.
I think you need to talk
to Administration.
Highland Creek is
a very ethical organization,
Mrs. Valentini.
The decision regarding
Sawyer's admission
was made by an attending
in consultation with members
of our clinical treatment team.
Are you going to release her?
Sawyer is absolutely free
to leave
once we're convinced that she
no longer poses a clear threat
to herself and others.
She doesn't.
You only made her think she does
so you could
describe her as suicidal
on your insurance claim.
Let's focus
on the positive work
we do here at Highland Creek.
I have letters and e-mails
and phone messages,
all attesting to the ways
we've turned patients' lives
I'd be happy
to share some with you.
I'm calling a lawyer.
You're quite within your rights.
As am I to contact our team.
is that really
in Sawyer's best interests?
No, seriously.
I'm concerned that coming off
as frivolously litigious
might adversely affect Sawyer's
current employment situation.
She hasn't been
in that job for long.
And it might make
potential future employers
Are we willing to risk
your daughter's future?
Can I at least see her?
I mean, if I could
just see for myself
that she's all right.
This place does
have visiting hours,
doesn't it?
Could I at least have one visit?
Of course.
You've arrived just
at the end of visiting hours,
but I can give you 20 minutes.
So this is what it takes
to get you to call
and ask for help.
I'm sorry, Mom.
You don't have to apologize.
Yes, I do.
I should have told you
about all this.
Should have told you
about Strine,
the real reason I moved.
Is he here now?
'Cause I'll haul him out
of here myself.
No. He works
the night shift.
No visitors at night.
Stalker logic.
I'm getting you out.
That idiot doctor and
that bitch of an administrator
can't stop me.
I'll go to the police,
to the FBI.
I'll hire
the most expensive lawyer
in the world.
Whatever it takes,
you're coming home
with me.
Now, how are you otherwise?
You look tired.
I'd love to just be tired.
Mom, I'm scared.
What else can I do for you?
What's with these clothes?
They're probably not
even laundered properly.
I'll bring you
some of mine.
I always pack too much.
Hey. Listen to me.
I am getting you out.
You are coming back home.
And this man, this stalker
is done harassing you.
I just need one thing
from you, Sawyer.
You and me talking.
Tell me the truth.
No more walls.
You've been building walls
Dad. Yeah.
Yeah, that was hard,
but, uh, this is different, Mom.
I promise.
You're a tough kid.
You always have been.
But... I'm your mother.
Let me help you.
So, how do I reach you in here?
Well, my phone privileges
have been suspended,
but that guy's phone
I called you from... Nate?
Call him, and he'll find me.
Or I'll catch up with you.
Where are you staying?
I'm at the Lux Star Inn
down the road
just two minutes.
I will mobilize the troops
and I'll be back
in a couple of hours
with fresh clothes
and an army of cops and lawyers.
Hang in there, sweetheart.
Cavalry's coming.
I understand,
Mrs. Valentini.
But there's nothing we can do
unless you have proof that
a crime's been committed.
I'm sorry.
Pennsylvania state law mandates
that a patient can only be held
on involuntary commitment
for seven days
without a court order.
And, look, they're not
going to go to the hassle
of getting a court order
after her insurance
stops paying.
Is it inconvenient?
Should something be done
to stop it happening?
As your lawyer, is it
my priority getting Sawyer
back into your care?
It's number one.
Keep me in the loop
about the situation.
If you think there's
legal cause to intercede,
I'll get right on it.
Did you just hang up on me?
Okay, everybody.
Turn around.
What are you doing here?
Hello, Sawyer.
Just picking up an extra shift.
Nice to see you all
during the daytime.
Crayons. Crayons.
Where the fuck...?
Where the fuck are the crayons?
The fuck...
Where's... Where...?
Where are the fucking...?
Where did you fucking put them?
Where did you put them?
Where did you fucking put them?
Where the fuck...
Get out!
Where the fuck...
Where the fuck?
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck!
Sawyer. Sawyer.
Sawyer, you need to calm down.
Calm down, Sawyer.
Calm down. Calm down.
What the fuck?
I didn't call maintenance.
W-We're checking
all the AC units, ma'am.
Uh, there was a critical fault
in the wiring in one
of the other rooms.
Nearly started
an electrical fire.
Just to be safe.
Thank you.
This will just take a minute.
We had an issue
with the Valentini girl.
She got a megadose
of methylphenidate
this morning
instead of her
risperidone and lithium.
My Lord.
I'm still not sure
how it happened.
so overworked around here.
I'm sure an oversight
is bound to happen
every now and again.
Is she okay?
Better now.
But it can't happen again.
Double-check the meds
against Dr. Hawthorne's list
for each and every patient.
Of course. Understood.
Something like this
happens again,
we could all lose our jobs.
Nurse, I won't let you down.
This... This job
means the world to me.
I know.
Your work ethic
is unreal.
You're here day and night.
We could use more like you.
You're a gift from God, George.
Yeah. Just trying to make sure
all these folks get the help
that they deserve.
So, uh...
I think you broke the TV.
God, I didn't mean to.
I love TV.
I must be insane.
Oh, no, no.
You're not insane.
I know the difference
between people who are
supposed to be here
and the people that end up here,
and you're definitely
in column two.
Oh, I feel like
I belong in column one.
Ohh. What?
Come on.
You didn't think so
yesterday, so, uh,
what changed?
What did you want to be
when you were a kid?
I wanted to be an astronaut.
But, uh, I found out
that, you know,
you had to deal
with all these numbers
and shit,
and, uh,
I'm trash at math, so...
Didn't work out.
There's still time.
Yeah. Sure there is.
Go to University of Phoenix,
right? Maybe I'll do that.
What about you?
It's too late for me.
I was going to be
this renegade medical student
who was able to
pinpoint diseases
that all the old
traditional surgeons
couldn't see.
Oh, okay.
It's a nice fantasy,
but I had no follow-through.
I-I had... I mean,
I had the ambition,
but I didn't have
the drive or the dedication
to make it.
I couldn't even make it
through pre-med.
I had to switch majors
when I was a junior.
But I still wanted
to do something, you know,
so I volunteered at a hospice.
Uh, well?
That's where I met David Strine.
"Most companies settle
with the government,
but several area cases
involving more than two dozen
power plants
in the South and Midwest
are still pending.
Remaining suits demand fines
for the past..."
He was nice, you know?
Quiet, uncomfortable.
And I felt bad.
I mean, how do you
spend two hours a week
talking to your father
who doesn't even recognize you?
My father died when I was 15.
- Respiratory failure.
- I'm sorry.
No one saw it coming.
So while I was fantasizing
about being the savior
who would pull his father
back to clarity...
David was having
his own fantasies.
He would want us to be together.
Okay, let's talk about
Sawyer Valentini
in Boston, year zero.
Um, obviously I would
recommend sensors
on all your doors and windows.
I would swap the terrace doors
out for a steel-core door.
Um, update your dead bolts.
Uh, I want to talk to you
about situational awareness,
Where's the nearest
police station?
Where's the nearest
fire station?
These are things
that should always be
right on the tip of your tongue.
Yeah, parking...
Um, I know you have parking
in the rear of the building
with the back entrance.
I'm gonna ask you
not to use that anymore.
I know it's convenient,
but I would advocate
selling your car
and using a ride service.
If you can't or won't do that,
uh, I would say
park on the street,
preferably under a light source.
And come back and walk through
this courtyard here
where people can see you.
With your keys
in your hand, by the way.
You want your keys
always in your hand.
You don't want to be
digging around in your purse
in the dark for your keys.
Um, and I'll talk to you about
and help you with a go-bag.
You know, just cash,
credit cards, uh,
change of clothes,
flashlight, charger,
that kind of thing.
A firearm,
if you're open to that idea
of purchasing
or registering a firearm
and learning how to use it.
Think about altering
your routine.
Uh, when you go to work,
when you leave work,
um, that kind of thing.
How about social media?
Are you on any social media
Uh, I'm on Facebook,
but my account's private, so...
Right. Okay, that's no good,
because he'd be able
to, you know, figure out
a friend of yours
from marching band
or a sorority sister
and go get photos from them,
create a bogus account
and then try to friend you
that way.
Your friends know your e-mail.
Just... That's enough.
Just delete the Facebook today.
Um, and then talk
to your friends, you know.
Be open about this.
Inform them what's going on.
Tell them not to mention you.
Don't tag you on Instagram.
You know, uh, um...
You know, baby showers
or, you know, Chardonnay date
with the girls.
You know, whatever it is,
if there's someone
taking a picture,
you do whatever you can
to get out of it, all right?
And think of your cell phone
as your enemy.
And this: your new best friend.
And now he's here.
Or maybe it's all in my head.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Column two.
For life.
Give me some.
Give me some now.
Come on.
Ahh, hey!
You've been
to the hood
a couple times, huh?
I'm sorry you've had
such a rough day.
Sweet dreams.
Drop dead.
I need to use your phone.
God, hey!
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
I need to use it now.
Geez, just keep your voice down.
Everyone's fucking asleep.
Hi, can I have
Angela Valentini's room, please?
Mom, hi, it's me.
I left a message on your cell.
Can-Can you just give me
a ring back as soon as possible?
Thank you.
Man, I don't even know if
she's telling the truth or not.
I mean, some days she's normal,
but other days it's, like,
I don't know.
Maybe I just been in here
too long.
Forget all that.
Look, I need you
to check on something for me.
And not because I like her.
Get any calls last night?
This morning?
No calls, no texts,
no voice mails.
My mom didn't pick up
last night.
Not her cell,
not her motel room.
Moms call back.
That's what they do.
Hey. What's this,
like, day five
in here for you?
Well, focus on that.
You've done most your time.
It's all downhill from here.
Just keep your head down
for a few more days.
And you're free.
And I promise you, on that date,
your mom will be
standing right there
waiting for you.
You're a good person.
I do a decent impression of one.
Don't tell nobody, all right?
How long have you got
left in here?
The opioid withdrawal program
is a four-week project.
I've done three weeks,
so, I got one week left.
So, uh, I get out
a few days after you.
We should maybe...
I don't know.
I mean, it's completely
different on the outside.
Plus, you'll have
your own phone.
My usefulness to you
will be dramatically
You've been a friend to me.
And I'd like the opportunity
to be one for you.
If you let me.
Once you're free,
you might have a completely
different perspective.
And I don't blame you.
But should that not happen...
maybe you'll let me
use your phone.
No hidden phones.
No personal relationships
that can impede upon
another patient's recovery.
What's wrong with you, man?
What the fuck, man?
What the fuck, man?
That's right, baby girl.
Your boo didn't show up
to group.
Now he's blowing off lunch.
You think it's you?
You think it's your personality?
Think it's your little rat face?
Fuck you!
She had fucking started it.
I don't feel safe
around her. No one does.
You don't know
when she might snap.
She's fucking crazy!
I'm fine!
I hate you!
Well, I love you.
Your fucking face.
Oh, fuck! Oh, my God!
Look what he's done!
No, no, no!
She smuggled a phone.
That is not allowed.
Look at the fucking phone!
Get to bed!
Look what he's done!
I'm telling you... No, please!
No, wait!
Hold her down!
No! Fuck you!
Hold her down, guys.
Fuck you! No!
A dead body was discovered.
Oh, my God. What?
Nate Hoffman.
His body was found
in the old ECT room.
He OD'd.
Somehow got hold of
a shit-ton of fentanyl.
Poor guy.
He was doing so well.
Not a word of this
around the other patients.
And you hear anyone else
talking about it,
you shut it down.
Of course.
I-I... I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna touch you.
I don't want you
to feel uncomfortable.
I just want to be here with you.
Oh, I disconnected them.
You going to kill me?
H-How could you even
ask me that?
I love you so much.
I mean, come on.
You must know that
at this point.
From the moment we met,
I have loved you.
Did you kill Nate?
Nate... Nate chose
what happened to him.
Just like I choose
to protect you
from any and all threats
to your well-being.
My mom?
What did you do?
Angela is like family to me.
How did you get her ring?
She gave it to me.
You're lying.
You're lying to my face
about my mother.
I told her about you.
I told her what you are.
She never would've...
She came all the way
from Boston for me.
So did I.
No, no.
She said she was coming back.
What did you do to her?
We-We-We talked.
Look, we shared our feelings.
She-She told me
how her and your father met.
And then I told her
how you and I met.
And she said she wanted us
to have their ring.
Oh, my God. God.
That ring can be as sacred
to you and me
as it was to Angela and Mike.
Don't you fucking
say his name!
Don't you ever say his name!
Help me!
I have this cabin
in the woods
in New Hampshire,
in the White Mountains.
It-It's totally
off the grid.
It's got its own solar,
its own well. It's...
It's so beautiful.
Sawyer, we could be happy.
We will...
We will... We will...
We will be happy.
We will never be happy!
You could never make me happy.
Look at where we are, David.
Look at what you've done.
There is no path
to happiness from here.
For either of us.
Sawyer, I've seen you.
I-I've watched you at work.
I've seen you
with your friends.
Y-You're not happy.
Y-You just float through life,
and nothing ever touches you.
And you try...
You try really hard
to fit in.
I've seen that.
But you can't.
You can't because...
there's a piece missing.
And you're what's missing?
Why not?
I fucking hate you is why.
And I love you so much.
You don't know
the first thing about me.
How can you say that?
We spent months together.
You were in the same room
while I talked to your father
because you had nothing
to say to him.
He didn't even know I was there.
Yeah, well, he was your father,
and you couldn't think of
two words to say to him.
You keep saying
that you love me,
but you're not capable
of loving anybody.
Not true.
Losing his mind
was the best thing
that could have happened to him.
Do you think
he'd be proud of you?
How you've turned out?
Stop it.
What? Too mean?
Not the girl you love?
You don't fucking know me!
I do!
Well, then love me
like this, David.
Love me like this.
Love me when I'm a bitch.
Love me when I cheat.
Love me when I shut down.
Love all the shit about me.
That's not you.
That's what trying to make
yourself like everybody else
in the world has done to you.
You're a fucking simpleton.
Do you know that?
You are a fucking dunce.
That sweet,
kind girl in your head?
That's not me.
Can I ask you a question, David?
Who did this to you?
Who rejected you?
Did she let you
down easy? Huh?
"I'm flattered, David,
but I don't want to
ruin our friendship."
She ghost you? Hmm?
She block your number?
She unfriend you on Facebook?
Vanish from your life?
Or was it worse?
Did she look like
she was going to be sick?
Did she laugh in your face?
Did she tell all her friends?
It's not you.
No? 'Cause I'm
telling you, David.
That's me.
That's what I would've done.
That's what I did.
That's who you love.
That's who you fucking dream of.
That's who you've been stalking
for the past two years!
Am I everything you'd
hoped I'd be, David?
Is this what you imagine
when you dream of us living
in your fucking cabin?
Two years!
Two years, David.
What a waste.
You don't mean this.
What a fucking waste.
You could've met someone else
in that time.
You know?
People are pretty pathetic.
I love you.
Child-killers gets visits from
women who see the good in them.
Someone who loves a child-killer
might be able to see
some good in you.
Because no one else fucking could.
No one else could, David.
No one else...
Do it. Fucking do it.
Now I see, David.
Now I see how you love me.
Check this out.
Our friend Nate
was taking notes.
All the shady stuff
that happens down here.
He's gonna need
a bigger notebook.
Second floor should see this.
Um, you did the right thing
bringing this to me.
Good morning.
I brought you breakfast.
It's your favorite.
Two egg,
bacon and cheese biscuit,
hash browns, large coffee.
You ate that at your desk
every morning.
You telling me that just killed
what little appetite I had.
Most important meal of the day.
Thanks for this.
You're welcome.
I'm not used to people
being so considerate.
Most of the guys I know
would neither know nor remember
what I have for breakfast.
I know everything about you.
I know your favorite book.
It's Pale Fire.
Your favorite song,
"Walking After Midnight"
by Patsy Cline.
My dad used to play it
around the house.
I know you want to go
to Portugal.
You had your favorite vacation
there when you were 12.
Okay, enough.
Maybe you do know me.
You know you can't keep me
down here indefinitely.
People are going to be
looking for me.
My mom, my job.
You could call your mom
from the cabin.
You really want to go back
to that job?
How are we going to live, David?
You secretly rich?
There's this old diner
that's for sale, by the cabin.
I was thinking
we could renovate it.
You've thought of everything.
I think of us all the time.
How are you going to explain
my absence from the ward?
I already changed
the duration of your stay.
As far as
the administration knows,
they think your insurance
already ran out
and that you're gone.
There's a back door...
leads out to the woods.
We could go right now.
What if I say no?
What if I say let me go...
and we'll start over.
We'll go out for drinks,
get to know each other.
I'd lose you.
You know that.
You'd go back to your old life.
And I-I don't fit there.
I only belong with you.
I know it's a lot.
It's not that, Da...
It's not only that.
God, I don't know
how to say this.
Sawyer, you can say anything.
Have you ever...
Have you ever been
with anyone else?
Beyond your feelings for me,
have you ever...
had sex with anyone?
I'm not judging.
I'm not. It's just...
Fantasy and reality
are two different things.
I might not be what you want.
You're all I've ever wanted.
You've got nothing
to compare me to.
That makes no sense.
I need you to see
what you've been missing,
and then decide
if you still want me.
I might be your last,
but I can't be your first.
Uh, n-no.
No. No, sorry. No.
Well, you would if you loved me.
You say all
the right things, David.
Or what you think
are the right things.
Greeting card clichs
and romance novel declarations
of love.
But that's not love.
Love is giving yourself over
to what someone else wants
even if it goes against
everything you believe.
You say you love me.
Prove it.
How do I prove it?
You brought me down here.
Bring someone else down here.
Y-Y-You want me to...?
Fuck her in front of me.
I can't do that.
When you're thinking
about our future,
the one you've been planning
and imagining for so long...
it's really not that much
to ask.
J-Just... Just...
Just like a random patient?
Come on, wake up.
Come on.
What? Where am I?
You're coming with me.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Where are we going?
It'll just take a minute.
Come on. We gotta do
some paperwork.
What do you got?
Have a look.
Prints from the John Doe
in the park.
George Shaw?
We're almost there.
What the fuck is that cunt
doing in here, huh?
Never mind me.
Act like I'm not here.
I'm impressed.
What's going on, huh?
Do it.
Show me.
No, no.
No, no, no. No!
No! No, no, no!
David, shut her up.
Shut her up.
No, stop. Stop!
Violet, shh! Violet...
Hey, hey.
Hey. Violet.
We all get lonely, Violet.
You push enough people away,
soon enough there's...
There's no one left.
I don't think you
wanted me to hate you.
I think you wanted me
to notice you.
Here I am, Violet.
Here I am.
Come on!
No, Violet!
No fucking way!
Let me out!
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
Hi, Mom.
We sent Nate
to follow up on rumors
that the hospital was committing
patients against their will.
I never thought
this would be the last story
he ever wrote for us.
It's a really tragic incident,
and I hope it draws attention
to a very important issue.
ADS Health Enterprises,
Highland Creek's parent company,
has issued a blanket denial
of the allegations made
in Mr. Hoffman's story.
You're only delaying
the inevitable, Sawyer!
There's not a word of truth
in these allegations.
Highland Creek
and ADS Health Enterprises
pride themselves in
the care they take of patients.
To suggest otherwise is
outrageous and actionable.
Ladies and gentlemen, please.
Please direct any
further questions...
Miss Brighterhouse.
We have a warrant
to search the premises.
I'm proud of the work
we do here.
People leave Highland Creek
healthier than they come in.
No more running.
No more lying.
You look so beautiful right now.
Now I feel like I'm looking
at the real you.
That's the you that I saw
back at the hospice.
There's so many things
that I wanted to say to you,
all these things in my head.
But I-I froze up.
But now it's going to
be different...
'cause it's just you...
and me.
You'll learn to love me.
A year from now...
maybe... maybe two...
I was thinking
that maybe we could
start a family of our own.
What do you think about that?
A little girl with your eyes
and your smile.
Oh, that'd be perfect.
You'd make such
an amazing mother.
We are going to make sure,
from here on out...
Can I have the key
to that desk, please?
I can't believe
we still have to eat here
after your big promotion.
I mean, you've got
an expense account.
Just live it up.
I asked you here today
to tell you something serious.
The company wants to thank you
for all your hard work,
but, uh, it's time to move on.
You need to clear out your desk.
You're so many assholes.
And you're paying for lunch.
You love playing power games.
No. I just love
being the boss of you.
Jesus, be a bit less obvious.
It's not just
that she's beautiful,
it's that she's kind.
Even my father loves her,
and he doesn't like anyone.
She works at a bank
during the day,
but on the weekends
she volunteers at a hospice.
That's where I met her.
And, I don't know, I just...
I feel like
she might be the one.
I can visualize myself
spending the rest of my life
with this girl.