Unstoppable (2010) Movie Script

Fast Gollum Twilight Release Presents:
... This afternoon the temperature is extremely
high for the time of the season...
... Clear skies tonight...
... Humid and sticky...
Hey, hey, wait a minute.
Do you look your best?
- Bye, have fun.
Do you know where I can find Frank Barnes?
- Sir?
Frank Barnes.
Good luck.
- Thanks.
Excuse me, but I'm
Looking for Frank Barnes.
You've found him.
I Will Colson. We
together today. I train on the 1206.
- That's him.
Is that your itinerary?
- Yes, you want him?
What is it?
Is there a problem?
I have no problem.
I do not feel like a
nursery work.
I do not want to
a retirement home to work.
Well, I tell you what. I will put my coffee
drink and I'll see you on the train.
Sounds good.
- Yes that's him.
Did you know he is a vaksbondsman?
I heard it from him a
trustee made by ITU.
In his first year?
If you know how he was adopted.
His name is Colson.
His two uncles have it there in Thornwood
in control and his brother is a dean.
The whole family is from Stanton.
It's exactly right.
Here they lay off people every day.
If you have the correct name...
then you have the job.
What the hell are they doing there?
Dewey, Gilleece.
I'm sorry that I am
What the hell does that beast on D16?
I told you that I
Fri track will.
Relax, mate, we are on the
point to leave.
Of course you do that for sure. I get 150
D16 schoolchildren who come on tour.
I need that track freely.
D10 is free, where you can drop him.
Okay, calm down!
Welcome to the
Railway safety campaign.
We have a joint program to
young people like you to teach
Safety on the Railways.
Hey, stop with that.
Let your hands.
Who has been sitting in a train?
- I!
Well, all aboard.
What is our mission?
We must pick up 25 cars in Stanton
and from there on to Wilkens.
Even speed limits?
- No.
Are you sure?
Perhaps that is indicated in red.
No, no restrictions.
Dewey, why do you long for?
The train consists of 39 wagons, Barney.
That thing is 700 meters long, for God's sake.
Gilleece, answer.
"Here, Gilleece.
Do you believe that shit?
Wait. You forgot to
air pressure system to connect.
So what?
- You do not have air brakes.
You can connect as the snakes in this thing
Barney is based, and fall not to bug me.
I only have one rule.
But a rule.
If you do something, do it well. If you do not
know how, then you ask me, okay?
If you want something from me, you
asking for...
you are the conductor.
As soon as the train is loaded it is
your train, but I'm someone in control.
How long have you been training?
- About four months.
Four months?
- Yes.
You have your 'novice'
yellow jacket attracted.
How long are you in the Railways?
- 28 years. November 13, 1981. 28 years.
What have you done before?
O... I know. A few different jobs.
- Yes, the Railways?
I just wanted to do something else.
- Something else...
Did you want something better or...
- No, it's...
Something else.
- Something else.
Hey, Dewey. Can not faster?
We want to have lunch at South Point.
- Your lawyer just called.
You're lucky.
The hearing was moved.
It appears that after
You can go home.
That's great, but...
Did not you say that I had to work?
I can not go.
Yes, yes, yes. He said it was no problem
and that it looked good.
Call me about one hour and see
than what it stands for.
I will.
- Call me.
Ready to go, right?
- I come.
He leaves.
What gives your power-meter display.
Power meter display.
- 92-109-100.
Some wagon air brake closed.
- Good, good, good.
I have everything updated
papers for all the orders are there.
Worksheets completed. We can go.
- Nice. Okay then.
You have 29 cars.
You have 10 more to go, you're fine.
Dewey, you are 29, yet...
D9 to D10.
Take it easy.
What's wrong?
- That damned way switch does not work.
The siding for D16.
- How long is the stopping distance?
At least 20 car lengths to stop
Then we reverse and
lose a little time.
I jump out.
- You do not jump off, dick.
Do not worry. I use the handbrake.
- Dewey!
Come on, step back.
Step back.
- I'm almost there.
Jump back on, you dickhead.
What the hell are we going to do?
Milesburg marshalling
Nicole's birthday
You're in trouble.
- Jesse, say nothing. Give your sister here.
She will not talk to you.
- Look, say I have not forgotten.
I... uh... I had to work longer.
She has a date tonight.
Jess, give your sister on the phone.
- Wait, here she comes.
Nic... ?
Nic... ?
- Listen...
Honey I had not forgotten...
I was...
Frank, safety blocks are off,
is there a problem?
No, there is no problem except
you have it upside stand.
The rotary vane house belongs to my side
and you must stand on the ballast.
On my side.
Apart from that no problem.
No problem.
Like I have said...
... If you do not need to know
you just ask. That's all.
I get it.
- I hope so.
Such nonsense. "Let the newcomer
prove himself "bullshit.
I can tell you that I have often
heard, and it is very annoying.
So it is in the retirement home.
The company wants us oldies off.
And give you all the jobs to newcomers.
Yellow jackets to you.
I try not to take away from someone.
- How reassuring it is...
Many boys do not see it that way.
I am. I come in now.
I have a car full of donuts for the children.
A coaster? What train?
- Connie?
How did this happen?
He rode away from me.
- Did he come with you?
It's a train, Dewey.
No squirrel.
I had to leave the cabin for a change.
- Did you leave the cabin?
Yes and it gets worse.
The air brakes were not connected.
That they still do not.
We have an unmanned railway rolling
with oncoming traffic...
without air brakes?
Is that what you want me to say?
I had the hand brake is activated, which is...
- How fast is he?
Not more than 16 km per hour.
- On the highway after him.
- Okay, you old goat.
Call the fieldwork, the I do not care where they are.
They must visit the nearest siding.
RS campaign, here's Fuller Yard.
You read me?
RS Central campaign,
how can I help you? About
RS campaign, here's Fuller Yard. We have
unauthorized activity on your trail.
You must go to the nearest
railway points in Port Ville swerve.
Central, repeat that please.
Please, repeat.
What time is train time?
- Papa Time.
You need to get sidetracked in Port Ville.
- Receive. On a siding at Port Ville.
Give me the information about the cargo of 777.
Galvin I must call and report it.
Dewey said he had activated parking brake
So he quit after a few kilometers.
We all trains on the
main track in the North alameren.
The first 30 km track has priority.
I did not care if you have a
spotweld talk or a normal read
railway operations in Afghanistan.
It's the principle.
- Thank you. Oh, excuse me.
- Ned, where are you?
Hey, Connie. I'm now underway.
I gotta go.
How far are you from mile marker 5 come from?
- Six minutes, depending on traffic.
Great. I got there needed to change
to persuade. We have a coaster.
A coaster? Really?
- He will reach around 15 minutes MP5.
You would have to give enough time to change
to convert him from the main track
collecting and bringing to a sidetrack.
You want me to climb on board and will stop?
- What? No, no, no.
I have 2 shunters way.
Take that you change about it, Ned.
This was attributable to him
to be late
See you later.
- Bye.
What do we do when we
crossing near?
Stop, look and listen.
- I hear you're not.
Stop, look and listen.
If you are from Stanton?
Born and raised.
- Yes?
My whole family is from Stanton.
- Yes.
Sort of. It's a long story.
- I spent the whole day.
And you? Are you married?
- Short story.
Once. I have two beautiful daughters.
Eighteen, nineteen.
They work until school starts.
- Oh, yeah?
- Where?
Yes that's true.
That's right. Hooters.
Wipe that smile off your face.
I'm a fan.
- Yes, you blush.
I'm used to.
I'm used to.
Connie, headquartered on line 2.
This is Connie Hooper at Fuller Yard.
I wait.
Did I hear
that you have a coaster?
Yes, these things happen.
We're working on.
Are we talking about a tourist?
Yes, I must personally speak with Mr. Galvin.
I see,
would you let him call me back?
No, I'm about to
to examine the bills of lading.
Who are you?
I am here because of the Railway
Safety campaign. Scott Werner, FRA Region 2
National Safety Inspector. I would
presentation to the children.
Bunny! Bunny!
Can you help me here?
You see that man over there?
He will help you out.
These are the three orientations.
- The children feel that great.
Damn, where is that thing?
Fused Phenol
I want to know what's in 7-10's car.
Would you please call the agent?
Keep you kidding me?
Where is the train?
- Does it, hoping that the train here?
You think I'm a train in my back pocket
've hidden? Bunny, give me Connie.
He is behind us, donkey.
- Here is Ned.
You two fools
always screw up everything.
You hear the train
the right track.
Connie, with Ned.
- Did you see that change implemented?
Yes, six minutes ago
but your train is not here.
I thought that
driving slower than you thought
but you have sufkoppen
sent have not seen him.
Say you think that train has already passed?
- Yes, ma'am I'm from there.
It's not a coaster,
that train is at full strength.
I'm also from there.
Give Dewey on the phone.
- Sure, she wants you, asshole.
- I want you to use your brains.
When you know the manual brake was activated
the throttle in the forward position?
Yes, I have to move him ahead, Connie.
- In what position was the throttle?
Damn you, Dewey!
In what position?
Connie, the throttle was in the 8th gear.
Full power, right? There were 39 cars!
Okay, take the south track.
Get him.
See if it goes slow enough
so one of you can climb out.
You have to mile marker 13 before
the trail splits. Give me Ned again.
Nice work, asshole!
Ned, I want you back in your car
steps and the main trail.
I want you to train monitors.
- Yeah. Understood.
I can not hear you.
Look, listen and keep it safe.
Furthermore, another 15.
A small piece.
Yes, what is it?
Got a minute?
I thought he had
said it looked fine.
So he thought.
Showed that the judge is a jerk.
You hold me for a ride.
- The contact is prohibited by 30 days.
Stay away from my children?
And then there is
a hearing, I think.
Why is it taking so long, Will?
Call the lawyer and tell him that this matter
in the ass to stabbing. I gotta go.
Will pick up the radio.
Will pick up the radio.
Are you there?
- Yes.
Turn off that phone. Handbrake.
Time to go! We need to work!
He goes full speed but we
do not yet know the correct speed.
I thought a train or
Button had another dead man.
There is a button that the driver requires regular
touch or air brakes going into effect.
Unfortunately, the air brakes
This train is not connected.
Sir, I would like the details
operation of locomotive to explain...
if we had time, but now...
I really need your duty officers
to all major crossing ribbons of.
A question. How do you intend
to stop it?
We are working on that.
Move, move, division is coming!
Are you sure you can?
- Just drive next to the cabin!
Drive along a poet.
- I'm trying.
Move, move!
Hurry up, we do not have much time left!
You, go, go!
Dewey, we're going too fast!
Backward, come on, Dewey!
Gilleece Come on, do it!
Get in! Watch out!
What the hell are we going to do?
How many cars we had to mount?
Twenty why?
- Twenty wagons okay.
See that rangeerpaal for us?
The rangeerpaal.
- You see him behind us?
Back. See it?
It is exactly 22 cars in between two poles.
Do not ask me how I know.
What is it, that more
than four cars pass?
Because I...
- Pardon?
Because I...
Because, what?
Because I have too many cars mounted.
- I have too many cars mounted.
If you give me all the time might not be as close
to the skin I'm able to think clearly.
Are you serious?
Do you blame me?
I'm just saying, choose a job.
- I have a job, you choose one.
It's one or the other.
- You have five pens too.
Pull a pen, you're right.
- I studied, okay?
But we are here in the real world.
This is not training.
During the training they give you a '6 '.
Out here you die.
I screwed up. Stop, go back
and I disconnect the others.
Good God. We can
not on the main line stop.
We are more than 1. 5 km from the main track and
more than 1. 5 km from the next stop.
You can train with this length
Not long to drive backwards.
Then we turn to the next track.
- The following track is about 16 km.
Then we delay.
I never lag.
Write that form then we go on.
- Come on, if I do costs me head.
It does not shut up, you're a Colson.
What do you mean?
- Then you call it your uncle?
Is it so?
- No, it is the 5 extra cars.
Just stop, driving backward
and torque off the wagons.
Perhaps iene your mach, but it's my train.
- Yes, it's your train.
I am the conductor.
- That's true.
- I write the green form on your ass.
How about that?
- 1206, here central. What is your location. About?
What's so funny?
- Nothing.
Why are you laughing?
- You're a funny guy.
Well educated, but funny.
Yes, here is 1206.
We are 100 km from Wilkens
Fuller and 40 minutes from the Boneyard.
Negative. Drive to the nearest siding
and wait for further these instructions, over.
What's going on?
There is an unmanned train from
Fuller on the northern track. About.
On our track?
A coaster?
Just go to the next siding.
The following siding
is only about 15 km.
Just go to the siding
and stay there until we signal "safe" to give.
He comes right at us.
More news about the stampede beaten
Train in Pennsylvania.
AWVR777 The train, also known as 777,
Fuller has Yards in Northern Pennsylvania
somewhere for 8 hours this morning to leave.
And nobody was on board.
Live. Local News extra.
They say that an error shunter
made to operate the train.
The locomotive before he left, he wanted
independent brakes set.
By the time he realized his mistake,
rode the train too fast to get back to climbing.
The spokesman of the
company informed us...
that this employee
is held responsible.
- Yes.
Its headquarters is on the phone.
It Galvin.
Mr. Galvin, how are you?
- Damn, how could this happen?
An unfortunate combination of
a human error and bad luck.
Bad luck?
I was ten years range it claims, and something
is never a rangeerremise happened.
We are concerned in terms of the load?
The diesel is obviously a point of care.
- I said "charge".
Wagon 7 to 10 and 16 to 19 are loaded
with a chemical called Phenol Molton.
We are still trying to get connected
the agent exactly what it is.
They use in the manufacture of glue.
- Can you linger here?
Do you know anything about the Molton Phenol?
- Yes.
Mr. Galvin. We have a F. R. A. inspector.
I turn on the speaker.
Region 2 National Security Inspector
Scott Werner. How can I help?
Tell me what you
Molton Phenol know.
It is a serious stuff.
Very toxic, very volatile.
- That's great.
Hooper, call the police and make sure they
a team ready and inform already.
And ask them one observation helicopter
about 777 to fly.
I assume you everything else
traffic on a railway siding you put?
On our side yes, Brewster govern theirs.
... How do we approach this?
I mean that train
through densely populated areas.
We have a strategic planning consultation about two minutes.
Okay, I make sure I'm ready.
- You're not here, Mrs. Hooper.
- You will be notified.
We now coordinate
local authorities.
God knows we have more than 100 crossings
we have to protect.
Between here and AWVR
substation in Brewster.
Listen, Mr. Galvin.
That train is 800 meters long,
and drive at high speed
in populated areas with eight carriages dangerous
chemicals and 5,000 liters of diesel.
We are not talking only about a train.
We are talking about a rocket
the size of the Chrysler Building.
- What is your point, Mrs. Hooper.
My point is that if they are over Findlay,
But then there is nothing else
then town after town, all the way to Stanton.
We have very limited options.
- So you proposing that we let him derail?
Yes, sir, I suggest.
Now we still can.
Mr. Galvin, I understand that this company
will cost much money.
You think? We're not one of
our trains derail.
Not if we can still stop.
- We can prevent...
Getting my shred of good will appeal
and pretend it never happened.
He thinks I am worried
to do my job.
Madam, please stay in your van.
Come on.
- Please go back in your van.
Could you please tell us
what's going on.
Each crossing has a
length of 20 km has been completed.
Madam, for your safety step
Please return to your van.
We are not in our van,
we need to know what's going on.
Guys, get it out of here.
There is a train.
Come on!
Get out! Come on!
Pull over!
What's wrong?
What's wrong? We do not fit in
the siding. That is what is wrong.
What is your location?
No, we're not on the siding.
We will not survive.
We can not do it.
Too many trains.
I want you to change the sales so we
rail adjacent to drive further.
I understand that, but you must
also understand that, "We do not fit. "
This siding is 1 kilometer long.
Check your itinerary.
It says that the 1. 2 km long.
This is of signal to signal.
In reality it is about 800 meters.
Count 5 cars there that you have mounted.
That fits.
- No, we do not fit.
Central, here 1206. Can you tell us
where the next repair place?
How fast are you?
- 1206, go faster. About.
Why? Is that still coaster
always on the main track?
I repeat, "it's not a coaster. " About.
Are you telling me he is at full strength?
- Go to the siding.
the repair track Fri
Decide, Frank. We must track
change if you want to proceed.
We go no further.
Pull the brake, Frank.
When I pull the brake, cause I
a crash. I know what I do.
Bullshit, by you we die.
- Hey!
Change of track, over.
The train was just gone.
There was no one in, he just left.
I heard on the radio that a
unmanned train ride here was over.
He was now driving through our city and
High School is located beside the tracks.
Just a train roared past
this crossing.
There was a truck...
- We still take the numbers by...
but then was derailed 777
we make a huge disaster.
If even one of the wagons exploded,
it can easily blow a whole city.
This train has eight of those
wagons with him.
Environmental liability, damage to rail
and wagons and locomotive loss.
We look at an estimated cost
over 100 million U. S. dollars.
And the effects of the decline in stock?
- Forecasts range from 30 to 40%.
I say we go for Mr. Galvin's proposal.
I have already informed our aid station.
They only need permission.
That gets you
Okay, everybody out.
Hofman, you stay here. Baker, deliver me
a track plan of Fuller Stanton.
This is OWIS,
So red means...
- That 777 has gone through a red signal.
Everything in red means trouble.
- That's a lot of red.
Connie, Mr. Galvin on line two.
This is Connie Hooper.
Are all important
crossings closed?
Yes, I have coordinated with the police.
Do we spot a coordinator?
That is already underway.
In the work behind me...
is proof that help is
the stampede beaten train to stop.
A spokesman for the AWVR
was confirmed.
We have now witnessed that the employee AWVR
step in the rescue helicopter.
The 22-year Navy veteran
just returned from Afghanistan.
I now needed a police escort!
It says you're a welder.
- Head Welder. I do not have much time.
Look, you can see my
Chef Connie Hooper draw call.
Connie sent you?
- That said, I just. I need your help.
Good decision. About?
Thanks, but I need to know
where the oncoming train.
How far has he gone?
Are you not sure? Find out!
I fly over Pennsylvania.
The train is beaten hollow.
Disaster want all fighters
activities near the rail stop.
We may all homes in
a radius of 1 km are evacuated.
There are 1000 barrels of fuel
shipboard flammable.
We are awaiting confirmation.
Galvin's strategy is this?
There are now riding a train with 777
intent thereby to inhibit him.
Now the helicopter rises
Ryan on board
Railway and refuses
still any comment.
We have found that the 26-year-old
railroad veteran, Judd Steward
the locomotive for the controlled,
run-beaten board is put
Attempt to stampede beaten
train stop.
Here is Connie Hooper Fuller Yard.
Did you know that those helicopters regularly?
Speed on 85.
- Drop back to 65 and stay slow.
So he goes well, keep going, go slowly.
Go to 65, we can sell our boy.
- Do it.
Come on.
Do it, Judd. Come on.
I'm under 65.
Is he on board?
- Roger.
It appears that after Ryan Scott injured.
It's off.
- Slow down.
Keep brakes and try to drive slower.
Try 777 on the main track to get.
The AC is converted.
Slow, Damn!
You can not track
he's going to change soon.
Get out! Get out! Get out!
Maybe he is off track?
I can not describe how
this was insane.
Oh, my God.
Galvin, asshole!
Fuller Yard, this is 1206, we pass
- Frank Barnes, the driver.
This is Connie Hooper, Draw Chef in Fuller.
Why are you still on the main track?
We were taken to a siding
directed not adequate.
We have a location
of your yard needs.
He just passed mile marker 47.
They tried.
But the change was too fast
and help train has derailed.
Help Train?
Who controlled it?
The driver, the 26-year railroad veteran, is
today in Pennsylvania killed.
Judd Stewart.
- Stewart?
Stewart did you?
- Judd Stewart, engineer in Brewster.
You know him?
How much force do you have available?
PK 5000, she is no more but she excels...
... Still in her life, over.
- Give her everything you have.
Tell Galvin, we have two boys
on the main track have
and a game of 'who is afraid of the first'
playing with our train.
We tried to stop him.
- What?
We blew it.
That train is derailed.
The only question is how to limit the damage.
- Be quiet!
We just heard that
another train on this track.
He drives behind the
run-beaten train.
What the hell is this!
Why I hear it through that damn TV... ?
Nicole, listen, hang on.
- Dad, I'm busy, okay?
I see.
- Dad?
I just want to tell you I love you.
- Okay, good. Dad, what is it?
Nothing, nothing. I just want...
Dad, what is it?
Tell your sister that I
love you both. I gotta go.
What is it?
We are 800 meters from the
repair track down. About.
You can pick any time to see the nose of 777.
- Receive.
Why do you brake?
Trust me. If we drive too fast,
we fly straight to the rails.
Oh, Jesus.
Go back to 65 and brace yourself.
You must be at least 10 wagons
come on the siding.
Frank, switch to 6.
Yes, I'm at 6, go ahead.
- We evacuate Arklow.
They leave the train derailed.
- What do they use?.
Standard DRA.
- Yes, a driver memory device.
What are you doing?
I just look at the last car of the
train shed. The couple was about to open.
If we leave and head back on track
we will catch him in reverse.
Hey, wait a minute.
- The only such force to stop
is it by seizing the tail, holding
and then back again.
He can not so easily coupling,
when it derailed, we also derailed.
Does it matter? A great opportunity
that the derailment will not work.
It's called a ontspoorder, for God's sake.
Do those things.
A train with high speed and
everything that stands in the way destroy.
They do not use it if it does not work.
- They are wrong, okay? They are wrong.
Are you in or not?
If you kill yourself trying to help
Do you do it alone.
You know what?
Ask your wife what she thinks.
If you are right and that ontspoorder fails
what are the chances he gets Stanton?
You've seen the train,
guess what?
Are you there?
- I wanted to know how you go.
We go about 100 km / h, Connie.
Sorry. Frank, I do not understand.
- We go behind your train.
- The linking of the last carriage is open.
If we can get him, can we find him
our locomotive slowing down and thus 777.
Frank, you can not.
- We do it already
The manual ontspoorder will not survive.
- Who talks about a ontspoorder?
The Central said they Arklow to
to evacuate. Two plus two equals four.
It was Ned, he still follows...
- I call him back. Get Galvin. Now!
Frank, who train carries
But that train goes to populated areas,
They definitely will not derail him.
Are you sure?
Listen, I'm gonna make some calls.
- Go call, please.
What do you think
they catch him?
But all they do, we're talking about
pair with ten times the normal speed.
In reverse!
I thought you agreed
agree with the derailment.
Yes, when they were in no man's land
not anymore, now it's village after village.
Mr. Galvin said he will not call back.
- Here Connie Hooper for Mr. Galvin.
Mr. Galvin is in a meeting.
Perhaps you can tell me if the
The last I heard
Galvin was that there was against it.
I'm sorry, I would like to help but I
am not at liberty to give you that information.
No, of course not you that freedom.
Frank is right.
What is the highest rate of
a single-engine locomotive?
- Yes.
Eighty, ninety.
But then I went ahead.
This is 1206, over.
- You're right about the derailment.
They're an attempt outside Arklow.
Tell them immediately that it will not work.
That ontspoorder manual is useless.
She has already told us.
Here is Oscar Galvin, VP of the company,
on the open connection request to be added.
Yes, we're going to derail 777, Frank.
That's for sure.
Whether you like it or not,
but this is currently our best option.
Less collateral damage in Arklow.
That has already been evacuated, and we
Mr. Galvin, with all respect.
I ride the train for 28 years.
I tell you that we have a good chance
have to stop him.
No, we already tried.
- That was from the front.
We have a locomotive with a long hood
and go backwards, a very different situation.
We are now under better control.
What if I ontspoorder
afzeg and you fail, Frank?
Which train goes to 114 km per hour
the sharp bend in Stanton.
The damage will be one hundred times worse.
Okay, I tell you only that manual
ontspoorder worthless.
The train is too long,
too much and drive too fast.
Perhaps the 1206 there
remain in reserve.
I'm not going staff
and material risk,
just because a driver is
hero wants to hang out.
End of discussion!
That train is proprietary,
it is our decision.
You stop chasing or I absolve you!
- Good.
You've already done.
What have I done?
You've already fired me.
I got my 90 days
notice by mail had.
Early retirement, half pension.
So you risk your life for us, while
only have three weeks to go?
Not for you.
I'm not doing it for you.
Frank, you see that?
Mr. Galvin, speaking here Will Colson,
your guard.
I'll let you know that we wretched
train will stop.
Maybe you do not hear what I just said,
Colson. I will fire you!
Too bad.
Too bad.
I began this work just like it.
Goddamn it, listen to me,
You will be discharged,
- You're breaking up, sorry, I... you...
This moron...
- I think the connection dropped.
Well this is your cup of tea, Hooper.
Make sure they go off the track, otherwise
if you can consider itself released.
I like them.
Let me see the track of Arklow.
Behind me you see an emergency evacuation
it is a hive of activity here
in the small town of Arklow.
Frank, I'm sorry really Galvin.
- That's okay, listen, he's gone?
Yes he's gone.
- Okay, listen,
you should do us a favor, you should
keep us informed of the speed,
and the location of the 777.
Location and speed. About?
Frank, 777 is 15 km Remove from Arklow.
You have to catch up.
Another 15 km to Arklow.
What was the name of your wife again?
- Darcy.
What was that long story
what you wanted to keep short?
I come two weeks ago
home from work
and she is text messaging.
I ask about who and she says, "nobody. "
I say "let me see the phone again,
she says, "no", and that is still a while.
Five or six times.
- I follow not, she is text messaging.
There's a guy that we work together in class
were, he is an agent of the state police,
and he always had a crush on Darcy.
Here 1206, Connie, passing just
mile marker 57.
You lie about 2. 5 km behind.
How far is still 777 away from Arklow?
Approximately 12 kilometers, it is faster to drive,
put only accelerate.
I put up some speed,
and I do it as fast as I can, Connie, thanks.
Texting them back, and I keep it
questions, and she always says no.
She walks away, and I grab her.
Have you beaten it?
- No, I did not.
I have to scare her,
but I have not beaten her.
Anyway, I went to the house
the guy driving and said that I wanted to talk.
He jumps into my truck and says that I
'm wrong, that they are friends.
And then he stops because he sees...
... The weapon that I
the dashboard have here.
I look at him and say, she's my
Women, you seek someone else.
Do you have a weapon on a targeted agent?
- Frank?
Frank, the 777 is just
Thanks, Connie.
Want the best face?
- Yes, please.
He was not who she texted,
it was my sister.
By the time I got home, his measurements are
waiting for me with a restraining order.
Darcy, do not even look at.
So now I live with my brother.
There was a hearing today, the
judge ordered a delay of 30 days.
One day everything runs smoothly and then...
The next day everything will fall apart faster than
you can put it back together.
It is never too late.
The time for this train to derail
is a few minutes away.
There is a busy, will they be able
to stop this train?
Still a hole of 1. 5 km,
perhaps more.
We get him in, Frank.
- Of course.
Just a few seconds, over.
- Not until he was within gunshot range.
Okay, it's time, forward,
watch now!
And remember,
We focus on the red button!
Do not shoot!
Do not shoot!
We tried the secure button
by pressing it to fire bullets.
So there are a number of shots fired.
That is a huge safety button small target
and is close to the fuel tank.
We get him in for Arklow.
Frank, you come closer,
you should slow down, keep space
to be able to stop in case.
Impossible, Connie, if we slow down
we never get. Not for Stanton. About.
It is your decision.
Anyway, we now know that
two railway employees
In its pursuit to 777
in a single locomotive.
It is unclear what they intend.
- Connie Hooper on the line.
Did I or did I not tell you
I've asked them kindly.
Are you 100% sure that the
ontspoorder will not work?
- And if they do so?
If it does, then we derail.
Here with us is an expert FRA Gene Devereaux.
The train is approaching fast, what is its purpose?
Basically it works like a driveway.
The train will pass.
This component will lift rail hub
and put him on the tracks.
This causes the train to
right to be derived.
He will not even have
what has hit him.
We still have four minutes.
Guys, come on. Hurry.
What... ?
What was it doing?
This is a ten million pounds
heavy train, Mr. Galvin.
And this is the sound of
How do I save your ass.
Frank, you receive me?
Here 1206. About.
- You were right, just over it gehobbeld.
Jesus Christ.
We do live coverage of a
of the greatest disasters
In the history of Pennsylvania.
The backgrounds are being examined,
but the authorities are much more focused
the possible destruction
What did you do with
"I am married?
Alice, my wife is 4 years ago
deceased from cancer.
I'm sorry.
- Me too.
Me too.
Every night when I got home told
I her how my day had been
... Where I was.
... I was transported.
Who irritated me.
I think I had met.
- Yes, you were absolutely met.
You should call your wife.
I want, but it is her day off.
She is probably sleeping.
Do not make excuses, call her up.
I call her two weeks since its
voicemail but they do not call back.
She does not, you should call her.
Do not know how these things work?
You give it too easily.
I call you constantly.
What's going on?
As we reported earlier today...
These evacuations began this morning,
people bring to a safer area.
To get an idea of the area
shows firefighters and helicopters behind me.
Yes, I know,
I am looking after.
Two railroad workers chase
currently in a locomotive train 777.
Nobody seems to know exactly what they
planning board if they have overtaken.
We have just venoms that
Frank Barnes, a 28-year veteran...
The company responsible
for the run-beaten board.
Will the conductor and Colson
now in a different locomotive located.
Yes, we're bound.
- A locomotive trying to overtake him.
Yes, I know.
She is getting dressed.
They have a speed
of 90 km / h in reverse.
Is now only 777 kilometers away...
- Darcy, let's go. Get dressed.
... Is now underway to
Stanton crowded city.
Come on, guys!
You come closer, the distance is 1. 5 km,
Stanton and has just over 16 km box immediately.
Listen, Frank, I have the Warner FRA
I do not doubt your decision but...
Okay, give him,
We can all help.
Print it and keep it pressed
in order to talk.
It's about the delay
of 777 if you have hooked.
I know conventional wisdom says
you should go in the opposite direction.
But you have a better chance with
full force, with dynamic braking.
But we can not lose
counter-thrust afford.
What you counter thrust losses
you'll pull through compensation.
Are you sure?
It's more a suspected based
on some quick calculations.
It's a suspect.
With 120 km / h, he gives us a suspect.
Thanks, Connie give it back to the line.
It's me, Frank.
- Does he know what he's talking about?
... In a perfect world...
I would say yes.
- In a perfect world, all right.
More on the beaten train stampede
which runs through Pennsylvania.
They have an ambitious plan
designed to stop the train.
A single locomotive follow along behind,
get in, and then hooked to,
and extent than in an attempt
him to slow down.
We pass just
Another 800 meters to go.
- 800 meters. Off.
Frank, by reversing,
so how do we keep the same distance?
I can go out and do
hand signals.
With 120 kilometers per hour?
- I ask you, "Would it help?
Okay, radio and hand signals that combine.
- Good.
Look good.
- I will.
And put that vest.
- Why?
Pull it out when I look out the window,
I do not see that jacket. It makes me crazy.
Come on, Will.
Just take on, come on.
- This is Will, leave a message.
We're almost there, Frank.
- Roger, over.
Here she comes.
- Quiet. Received.
- Easy, easy.
Half speed!
Yes, half speed. Fine.
- Roger. About.
Bring it on. let it come.
Bring it on.
Easy, easy.
They started with the operation,
Will tries to hook the 777 to 1206.
- Oh, my God.
There is something terribly wrong.
Will, what was that?
The train car was pulled in two.
Are we mounted?
Will, what's going on?
At this time we look
live to the rescue.
Are we mounted?
No, Frank, it did not work.
Will use hand signals.
Are we mounted?
- All okay.
Oh, shit!
Frank, the pin has fallen!
Say it again.
Will, we mounted?
- I can not, the pin has not fallen.
- The pin has not fallen. He is not fixed.
Okay, listen, try to go downwards
and see what you can do.
Be careful.
Be careful.
He has not slowed,
he just accelerates.
He reaches down
and tries to mount...
Will you hear me?
He's gone.
Will Colson is gone, we see him.
Helicopter 43, you can zoom in?
We see no conductor Colson.
Come on, baby.
Will, can you hear me?
Helicopter 43 zoom.
There he is, Will Colson.
As he struggles to pull themselves up,
it seems that Will has problems.
The train is linked.
I am told that the connection was made.
It seems as if the train is mounted.
But it looks out after
Will that hurt Colson.
Are you okay?
Totally awesome.
Hey, do not the shoe.
Connect here with me,
very tightly around it.
You okay?
- Not much.
Barnes and Colson have
run-beaten train caught up
and have him
The last car coupled.
But the train still runs at a speed
of 90 km / h towards Stanton.
Connie, how far are we?
And how far until Stanton. About?
Another seven kilometers. You guys are doing well.
How's Will?
He is uh... he's different.
Are you ready for a little war?
- Okay, we go for it.
Set our rate equal to his.
Frank, we pull us away from him.
- No, we do not. We stretch.
Here in Stanton, the evacuation
the entire city.
This is the city where the main track
by a sharp turn around running.
There is practically no chance that this raging
unmanageable by train comes around the bend.
We are reducing speed.
We do not do shit... .
And we go to full power dynamic.
I hope the brakes hold on.
... Because of the high gifgehalte of the load.
Turn it on, Frank.
- Come on, baby.
What is our speed?
- We're under 50.
Connie, still far away?
Five kilometers, I already have a team ready
jump on board once you get to 35 it.
Tell them that they are ready
to jump. About.
What is it?
- We are speeding up.
The train is too heavy,
We get carried away.
- I'm Frank.
We come with too much speed.
I do not know.
The limit of the curve was 24, I do not know
or faster is possible, maybe 32, max 40
We probably have no choice,
tell them it's going to be pretty harsh.
What about the brakes
the goods wagon?
Good, good.
- I go outside.
Sit tight, stay seated,
I'll go. Sit down.
No, here, you're sitting here,
and I go outside.
Keep him on four.
Well, calm down.
Keep those remdynamiek at four.
At the same time you accelerate.
If the brake blocks does not matter.
Not to be sentimental.
Otherwise, I think I do not
will survive. Keep him on four.
Turn it on, Frank.
The FRA authorities do not comment.
Barnes tries hand at the last
wagon 777 of the brake run.
He now runs the train cars
and jumps forward.
Turn it on, Frank.
It looks like 777
reduce the speed is.
Come on, you save.
- Yes, come on, you can do it!
How fast are you?
We reduce to 53.
The railways have just confirmed that...
Would it work?
... The train slowed down by 777 by
each car to brake manually.
Theoretically, if we assume that the
brakes of the locomotive can handle it.
We continue our live report
Recent developments in the city of Stanton.
Rescue services have a
safe zone created.
This is the police, get off the roof.
We evacuated everyone for your safety.
Yeah, yeah, I hear you.
- We have no brakes more!
It seems that the brakes are exploded.
There are huge flames.
Frank? Frank, all right?
I'm here, Will.
What happened?
We are back aan't accelerate.
Can you slow down him?
We're almost at the bend.
Frank, our engine has become overheated.
I think we can use the hand brakes
did not slow down. We go faster!
Hold the hand brake.
I tell you when.
The curve here has a strict class 2
speed is limited to 50 km / h.
A collision with at least three of
these buildings will be unavoidable.
And will also all fuel tanks
get listed here prepared.
Will? Will?
but we are again accelerating.
We go into the curve,
make sure you're ready.
Will, press the manual brake.
Press the manual brake as hard as you can!
Frank, we will be ripped out.
- We have no choice.
Will, hold on tight!
Again brakes!
Frank, all right?
- We made it. We're through the turn.
it is the turn around at Stanton.
but not yet out of trouble.
and is out of control and going off the rails.
Frank Barnes and Will Colson
the victims will be the largest
Train disaster in the history of, N. O.
It seems that Frank Barnes
it has saved.
This is a remarkable achievement,
to the front of 777 to get there.
Frank, we are at 100,
We will soon drive 130.
He does not save.
It appears that after the distance between
The wagons stopped him.
But the train ride without
by with 120 km per hour.
Will we have a problem here.
I do not think I ed
There is Ned!
- Ned, Conny here.
I'm pretty busy, Conny
I'll call you back.
Come on!
Jump back in the truck.
Jump back in the bucket.
- Connie? Is that car for us?
Yes, Will, you can.
Will, you can.
Come on!
It looks like he's speed
the truck to match the train.
Do it, wimp!
Jump back!
Look what's happened now. The red pick-up
races to the front of the train.
Driving, driving.
Driving, driving.
- Drive, drive.
... Terror is passed directly to Hill road.
Turn it on, Will.
Come on!
I'm passing shot!
Come on, Will.
There he is! Do it!
Come on, jump!
Do it!
Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes!
- Oh my God.
Well done, Will!
Will Colson, has successfully hit the cab,
Helicopter took 43 Report
remarkable achievement.
We are talking about the heroic
work of Frank Barnes and William Colson.
Southern Pennsylvania will bring them
eternally grateful.
Will, that was incredible,
you did it.
They did it!
I knew you were going to jump.
Great precision.
Well done, lad.
Ned, Ed?
You! Ned, were you worried?
Whether I was worried? No, not really.
It's all about precision, I would not...
I got a call from the bosses had.
- Oh, yeah?
Yes, much appreciated. Too much blablabla.
- Yeah, same here.
Quite nice.
- Yes, actually quite nice.
... To bring to a successful closing.
What was your first reaction when you
realized what was happening?
I felt my comfortable zone.
What they said about your job?
- He is for me as I want him.
Stupid if they did not.
- Yes, I said.
And they should give me a better.
- What about me?
What is wrong with you?
... As you can see, we look at the results
as something positive. - Ned?
... Any idea how this could happen?
It happened because...
- Thank you kindly, this is Ned Oldham.
To that last question to answer...
- Sorry, I was wondering if you can help me?
Connie? - I can not decide which of
I would kiss you first.
Problem solved.
Take him out, Connie.
- Okay, go ahead.
Frank Barnes and William Colson.
Your daughters?
Helicopter 43, over and out.
Frank Barnes got promotion.
He has now retired with full pay.
Will is happily married.
He and Darcy are expecting their second child.
Connie Hooper was promoted
to senior manager...
Oscar Galvin continues
same job.
Ryan Scott is alive and healthy.
Dewey is now working in the fast food industry.