Unstoppable (2004) Movie Script

Agent Junod? I got a caII for you.
It's WiIson.
What's up Wilson?
On the corner of Sunnyside with
10th Avenue there's a diner.
Meet me there at 7 pm.
I'II teII you everything I know.
We're on the radio.
Tell him we're coming over.
Follow us.
Show me what you got.
He won't talk.
You know what?
I'm gonna use the drug.
Sullivan said no.
You're in a graveyard, Wilson.
And if you don't tell us
what we wanna know...
you're gonna be buried here.
So tell me, who's your contact?
Who were you going
to meet at the diner?.
He won't talk.
Who were you meeting
at the diner?.
Wilson, we can't move the drug
unless we know what you said.
What did you tell
the FBl, Wilson?
He's coming out of it.
- What did you tell the FBl?
- We've got to keep him alive.
Stop moving.
If you talked
we can't move the drug...
and then nobody gets paid.
Hold him!
That stuff really works, man!
- Do you want me to wait?
- No. No.
I'll be fine.
I'm gonna do this.
I'll do this.
There's no other
place left, Dean.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm just kidding.
- I love you.
- I love you back.
AII cars near Sunnyside
and 98th...
please respond to 11-80.
Sunnyside and 98th, 11-80.
I still have those dreams.
But it's not as I was then.
It's as I am now. I'm 53.
I'm out in the bush,
out of shape, overweight...
a big, fat and immobile target.
A lot of guys had
a lot worse than me.
And they're fine.
Why can't I do that?
Why do I have to keep coming
here to feel any better?
What about you, Dean?
It's your first time.
Wanna share?
Yeah. My name is Dean Cage.
I was in Bosnia.
This a small war compared to what
some of you guys have been through.
There ain't no
small war, brother.
No. I guess there isn't.
My friend, Amy...
she's more technically like...
She's my best friend's sister.
You know, she and I...
it's kinda complicated.
Anyway, she suggested
that I come.
They're pouring gasoline on me.
Because I'm...
The bastards are gonna burn me!
- I'm kinda stuck.
- They're gonna burn me, Dean.
They're gonna burn me.
If it's alright with you guys,
since it's my first time here...
I'd like to just sit
this one out...
and listen if it's okay
with you guys.
Of course it is, Dean.
What the hell happened?
The trucker said this guy
came flying out of an ambulance.
That John Doe over there,
riding like a bronco.
The bastard took an up close
of each tire.
- Is this the ambulance?
- No, another one.
Where is it?
That's the thing.
The ambulance kept going.
- Does this make sense to anybody?
- Not yet.
Can you make up
these letters here?
What is that, an "M"?
"N", "V"? I don't know.
So, wanna tell me about it?
Did you fuck up?
Who told you to interrogate him
after the injection?
Lietch, would you put
your piece to his head, please?
Do as I ask, please.
You think I like this?
Lietch doesn't like it,
I know you don't.
This is where we are,
because you...
despite all your training,
decided on actions...
that went outside the mission
parameters, do you understand?
Wilson did say something.
The guy was snitching.
Supposed to have a meeting.
We know when and where.
diner, 7 o' clock.
You can low your weapon now.
The point has been made.
Of course, Wilson can't tell us
what he told the Feds.
The Federal agent he's been
snitching to can.
Well, why don't we stick around
and see who should up for coffee?
How did it go?
It's still going on.
Dean, you left?
You know, look.
These guys...
they're alright,
but they're kinda cuckoo.
I was thinking...
maybe we can meet up
at some place.
There are some things
I wanna tell you.
I don't wanna tell them,
I wanna tell you.
Meet me at the diner.
7 o' clock, ok?
I'll see you there, baby.
Alright. Bye.
Peterson, I want you
out in the street
- Why?
- Why?
Because MacNab
will be doing the id...
and I want Lietch to drive.
Gotta a problem with that?
Good. So take up
his position.
Come here.
So what this stuff is gonna do?
What's gonna do?
It's gonna make us very rich.
This is about all you need
to worry right now.
Have you used one of these?
- No.
- Look and learn.
You load exactly like
you'd load a gun.
Lock it up.
Hypodermics. Eight of them.
You stick it in his arm, his leg.
Doesn't matter where.
You clear?
Let's do it.
We id him then we wait.
You take him down outside,
you understand?
Outside when you inject him.
Do not talk to him.
Not a word.
- You got it?
- I got it.
Let's rock and roll.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- One for dinner, please.
- Table 14 is open.
- Coffee?
- Great.
Another guest to the party
coming in.
Right on time.
MacNab, hold tight.
It's him.
He's waiting for someone.
Let's make sure.
Right. OK.
Alright. Here we go.
You look good.
- We tried.
- The best as you can.
One, two, three!
Listen, MacNab, he's not
going anywhere. We wait.
Sullivan, I just got made.
Big time.
What you mean 'made'? How can he
make you, you're on the street!
He's right. He's anxious and
scooping this place out like a pro.
- He's just made us too.
- We're not sure.
Damn it!
What we're gonna have
to do is ugly.
MacNab, you're a go.
Compromised authority.
- Sorry pal, that seat is taken.
- I'm afraid not.
Wilson can't make it,
ever again.
Look buddy,
you got the wrong table.
This don't have to be messy.
I just got a few questions for you.
Sorry, left handed.
You see?
Now it's gonna get messy.
Get out of the way.
How are you doing?
He's a runner, Lietch.
You're out of position.
Get in position.
Get out of the way!
Back it up.
We need to extract MacNab.
Are you ok, man?
Police officer!
Let me see your hands!
Get your hands in the air
and get on your knees!
Hands behind your head
and get on the ground.
Kissing the pavement now.
Alright, down on the ground.
Take it easy.
What's with you, idiot?
You stupid man!
Sullivan, we got him.
Turn him over.
Let's go.
Apparently, Dean assaulted
another man outside...
before been picked up
by an ambulance.
We're calling hospitals.
This doesn't make sense.
You don't use a hypogun
as a weapon.
Look, I like Dean too.
He's a war hero.
He certainly got medals
to prove it.
But did you see
that guy's face?
So what? He just snapped,
is that it? Just went nuts?
You say like the possibility
has never occurred to you.
What is this?
Who are you guys?
I'm one of the guys Washington
has sent you to whack.
But we didn't like
that idea very much.
Peterson, don't talk to him.
Your instincts are right.
You should be scared.
Will you shut up?
Where is he?
Where's Scott?
Where is he?
Who the hell is Scott?
- Where does he think he is?
- What did you say to him?
Who's in charge here?
Detective Knight.
- Can I help you?
- Agent Junod. FBl.
You had a suspect here.
Where he's been booked?
Slow down. This is
my crime scene, alright?
- My town, my suspect.
- I'm sorry, my fault.
You're under the impression
I'm asking.
We're investigating the theft
of a prohibited narcotic...
from a government facility.
Our drugs, our facility,
our suspect.
No, you're gonna have
to do better than that.
If I get the right phone call
from the right person...
then we can talk.
I want the other one too.
The runner.
He's at a hospital, and he hasn't
been charged with anything.
You sure he's at a hospital?
Witnesses saw him being
picked up by an ambulance.
So yes, I'm sure.
Amy, why are you
messing with the Bureau?
Because they are here.
Whys is the Bureau here?
You shouldn't have brought
a body here.
How much time do we have?
- When did you inject him?
- About thirty minutes ago.
He's pretty beat up.
He weights what? 180, 190?
I'd say synapse failure and
death in six hours.
Let's get him inside.
And then he pulled down on me.
I know. He's the wrong guy
we're asking.
No, I don't know what that is.
What is that?
What did you do to him?
You injected him?
With what?
I got news for you,
you cocky little prick.
You fucked with the wrong guy,
because when you fuck with him...
you fuck with me.
I'm gonna get what I need from you,
even cut you open to find it.
- Still haven't got that phone call.
- I weighed you one better.
In writing.
Alright. Every 'i' dotted,
every 't' crossed.
I guess he's all yours then.
You'll have him as soon
as he's out of processing.
I want him now, Detective.
That's a whole other
set of orders.
If you've gotten here
a little quicker...
The other from the diner,
Dean Cage, I checked him out.
- The guy is a Three Charlie.
- Jesus!
Pentagon's training spook...
Black Ups, Panama,
lraq. Real bad ass.
This guy has torn the world
and left a wake of bodies behind.
- So what's going on now?
- He's a civilian now.
Discharged right after
his last job.
A little wet job in Bosnia.
Complete failure.
Cage is the only member
of his team that came back.
The guy snapped.
Was exonerated.
- So who is he working for?
- Who cares?
We know where they are.
I say we move it on the hospital.
And if the package ain't there?
We stick to the plan.
This is the man who killed
your husband and children.
Would you like to know
where you can find him?
Hold up. What are you doing
with my suspect?
Stand down, detective. This is
no longer your concern.
What do you think? You think
you can walk in here...
flash your badge and I'm supposed
to give you a hand job, is that it?
Well, fuck you!
And fuck Hoover too,
I wanna talk to that man.
You ain't talking to no one.
You're annoying...
you're a mutt running around,
sniffing other dogs' butts.
- Go away.
- You're out of your league.
- These guys ain't FBl.
- What?
- You're talking?
- What did you say?
You have the balls
to open your mouth?
I'll talk to you.
I'll tell you whatever...
It's alright.
It's just the shoulder.
Somebody get me an ambulance.
Dean, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
We've got someone that wants
to talk to you.
Someone you trust.
Your best friend.
Alright, shit, it's me man.
It's me. Fuck...
They need to know what Wilson
told you about the shipment.
It's not a big deal.
They just need to know...
Did he tell you where they
were shipping it out from?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Did Wilson tell you where
they were picking up the EX?
I don't understand.
If you don't tell them...
what Wilson told you,
they're going to kill me.
you're already dead.
I'm right here. You can see me,
I'm talking to you.
What did Wilson tell you?
What did he tell you
about the shipment?
What do you know about
the goddamn shipment, Dean?
Dean Cage,
United States Army...
Dean Cage,
U. S. Army...
- 1-9-0-4-0-5...
- Son of a bitch.
What the fuck is going on here?
What is this?
We told him you're
his best friend.
- His best friend is dead.
- Now he thinks we killed him.
Hold on.
Give me a sec.
- How are you feeling? Does it hurt?
- Fuck you!
Where did you get that?
You don't share with us,
we don't share with you.
You're not FBl,
who the hell are you?
- ClA.
- Spooks working domestic.
Now that's illegal.
- We're on the same side.
- No.
Somebody injected this shit
into my friend.
I'm on his side.
Your friend?
My friend, my family.
You're fucking with my family.
What is this shit?
It's called EX,
as in "experimental".
What does it do?
If I inject you with this...
can I make you shoot
somebody at the police station?
You can control the subject
with a simple suggestion.
And it's fatal.
Total synapse failure from
6 to 8 hours of injection.
Is there an antidote?
- We don't have it.
- Who does?
Sullivan has the antigen.
- Who's Sullivan?
- He's formal Agency.
He used the EX for
hostile interrogations.
He was impressed.
He decided he can make
more by selling it.
He went after the whole
batch and he got it.
Where can I find him?
I don't know.
Let him go.
What did he say?
Let him go.
Cut him down.
Cut him down or I'll kill
every one of you motherfuckers.
- Cut who down, Dean?
- Don't say another word to him.
Is he talking about his buddy?
You said his buddy was dead.
You have to understand
something here.
This is the most powerful
hallucinogen the world's ever seen.
His susceptibility to suggestion
is almost total...
but his mind will still
take him places.
I don't understand.
Something was said to him before
you brought him to me.
It's total reality,
but in his mind...
- I'm gonna kill every one of you.
- Future tense, past tense...
OK. You mentioned Scott.
Now Scott is dead.
- Still he says...
- Cut him down.
He's remembering something now.
This is a memory.
- He's reliving a memory.
- What is it a memory of?
Dean Cage,
U. S. Army.
I say he was captured,
a man named Scott.
He was out in the field
when he was captured.
Something was said to him
before you brought him to me.
You didn't bring me
a clean subject.
What exactly did you say to him
before you brought him here?
I told him we were the guys
Washington has sent him to whack.
Great. Because that has
triggered something...
and now he thinks we're
about to kill his friend Scott.
You said he's already dead.
Not anymore.
He's not in his mind.
Why couldn't you keep your mouth
shut like I asked you to?
Let me raise his heart rate
a little bit...
just give it a little bump. These
floors are completely sound proof.
Doesn't matter how loud
it gets.
Just get me what I want.
I'll get you what you want.
I don't wanna do this
the hard way.
- We got more on that ambulance.
- What?
He used his strobe box to change
the traffic lights to Catonsville.
Where did it go?
We lost it when it got off
the belt, but we got its id.
St. Nevis Hospital. It's a private
facility. Psychiatric.
- Dean...
- Cut him down.
Listen, I wanna
get this straight.
Cut him down.
cut him down.
You want us to let
Scott go, is that it?
- Cut him down.
- We'll cut him down.
Cut Scott down.
He doesn't have to die again.
Just tell us what
we wanna know.
Is it safe to move the EX?
I don't know. I told you I don't
know anything about any EX.
Do the Feds know where
we're moving the EX?
Don't make me kill him.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Don't know what I'm
talking about?
- Are you sure?
- Fuck it, I don't know.
You don't know?
Have it your way.
Kill him. Kill him.
Go kill Scott.
Cut his fucking throat. We're
gonna make this prick watch.
Mr. Sullivan?
I'm sorry to disturb you,
but we got a situation down here.
Mr. Sullivan?
We got a couple of cops
wanting to get in.
Wanna tell me what I should do?
Are you coming down or what?
Give me a couple of minutes.
I'm gonna have to let them in.
Here we go.
Detective Knight.
My partner, Detective Miller.
My supervisor will be
right down.
We didn't ask
to see a supervisor.
Make it hurt.
Fuck you.
This is all your fault.
Kill him.
Kill Scott.
You fucked up.
we have a problem.
Whatever it is,
it can wait.
Open it.
Hi, I'm the hospital administrator.
How can I help you?
Are you quite sure it was
one of our vehicles, right?
That's a little strange.
I didn't hear anything
about accidents tonight.
Would they concern you
with such information?
I'm very hands on here.
Can we see that ambulance?
- Sure, if you think it's important.
- I do.
Shit! Did I do that?
I don't see any signs
of any accidents.
Where's the other ambulance?
The other one? It's been on
the shop for over a week now.
I've got a better idea.
The whole place is on fire.
The whole place is on fiire.
The drug. The drug.
Alright. Let's try this.
You're on fire.
You're on fiire.
We'II put that fiire
out for you.
There's lots of water down here.
Come on down.
We'll put it out for you.
What the fuck...
Goddamn it!
You're free!
You're free!
What the hell is he doing?
He thinks the whole place
is on fire.
There's one in there.
He's saving the patients.
Have you seen my pony?
He's white.
If any comes to mind,
anything at all.
- Sure.
- Thanks for your time.
Put your hands over your head
and surrender your weapon.
You won't be harmed.
Place your weapon on the ground
and put your hands over your head.
Put your weapon on the ground
and your hands over your head.
Don't fire.
Do not fire.
Don't fire! Officer
needs assistance.
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Forget about him, Miller.
You're not gonna catch Dean.
Not Dean.
He's killing people, Amy.
He's killing people.
Dean Cage just escaped
from St. Nevis.
He shot a guard. And BCP
is all over the place up there.
Tell them to get that goddamn
Detective Knight out of there...
and tell her to go
after Cage.
He drops down.
We're waiting for him.
He plugs the guard,
then he runs, jumps...
- and you saw the rest.
- He's dying, ok?
And we're the only ones
with the antidote.
And if they do find the body...
it's gonna be three weeks from
now in some goddamn ditch.
What a difference does it make?
You didn't get a word out of him.
We tried.
You find him, and you find
before anybody else does...
and you get me an answer!
I should've get paid
in advance.
You're on fiire.
Kill him.
What happened to Dean
over there, in Bosnia?
What the hell happened?
Scott died. It's all I know.
He won't talk about it.
What the hell is this?
Where are you going?
We're supposed to focus on the
runner and leave this guys alone.
- Specially you, Knight.
- Me?
No, this is bullshit. I'm not
backing off, I want answers.
Go, I got this. Amy!
Just hold on.
That's great.
- I'm trying to help you.
- I'm sorry.
- I don't know what's happening.
- Somebody does.
And if we're getting orders,
we're getting them for a reason.
That's bullshit! I lost Scott
to bullshit like that.
And I'm not gonna lose Dean too.
You already lost him. He snapped.
Sorry, but you gotta deal with the
fact that you lost both over there.
The Dean you were
in love with is gone.
At least that's not him
out there, right?
You're on fiire.
You're alright, man?
Look, my legs are burnt.
It looks like
your legs are fine.
Jack, the man can be crazy.
I just escaped from
this asylum.
The people tried to kill me.
Fucking crazy, man!
I don't even know
if this is real.
I want you to
listen to me, alright?
You're on a drug, alright?
You paid for this drug.
You paid to have a good time.
Jack, he's got a gun.
Look at this.
You don't have to worry
about this.
- Let's get out of here!
- No man, it's ok.
You might need it.
There are strange things
going on around here.
Some really strange things.
Dean Cage, his Iast job
was two year ago.
He's been exonerated and
been dismissed ever since.
Guess what? Our boy is
ex-Special Forces.
And the Feds
are using the locals.
Probably told them he
robbed a liquor store.
Police just got a call about
a guy leaping on a fuel truck...
while it was moving.
Farm Market Road 2920.
They injected him with something,
that hypodermic gun.
We're at the bottom
of the food chain.
They're not gonna tell us
anything, are they?
He's out there all alone.
There he is.
Holy fucking shit.
- It's a fuel truck.
- I'm not gonna hit the truck.
You're gonna knock out a shot
at 60 miles per hour?
Where the fuck did he go?
Eye witness said the truck
was headed north...
on the 2920 towards
the Baltimore bridge.
The suspect might be
our runner.
- Fucking guy.
- I'll get to your shot.
Hell yeah.
- How's Kennedy?
- She's shot, she's pissed.
What do we got on this truck?
One body. It wasn't Cage.
But I can deal one better.
I checked on your ankle
biter, Detective Knight.
She had a brother in Cage's
Special Jobs Unit. K. I. A.
So she knows him.
Are they fucking?
They don't have that
on these files.
Of course not.
That would be useful.
Alright, how's this?
She's got a mortgage payment.
A house.
The place is 5 miles away
from that tank truck.
See? That's good.
There's no reason to believe
this exchange can't happen.
There's every reason, because
we didn't get an answer.
I asked you very expressly
to find him...
I did not ask you to kill him.
This is over. We're leaving.
This exchange is not gonna happen.
We're out of here.
I'm calling this off.
I think I'm gonna do it. I'll ask
your sister to marry me.
Come on Scott, I need
your blessings on this.
You're my best friend.
Who else would I want her
to be with?
Look at this.
You know what I think?
That we've been searching
the unluckiest man alive.
I don't get it.
I think our friend Cage
was at that coffee shop...
waiting to meet up with his lady
friend, Detective Amy Knight.
And that boy bastard sat
on the wrong booth.
So Sullivan thinks
he's Wilson's contacts.
Sullivan thinks he's me.
So he's useless.
No, he ain't useless...
as long as Sullivan
thinks he's me.
She's calling her own place.
He was here.
Time to come out.
You can stop running, man.
Nobody is gonna hurt you.
It's alright.
Easy. Easy, man.
Wait a minute, Dean.
Put the knife down.
He stops talking
or you're dead.
Down. Down, down.
Hands on your head.
- Your turn.
- Alright. Be cool.
- Down.
- I'm down.
Cross. Cross, cross.
Who the hell are you guys?
D. A.
Do you know
you're moon lighting?
- We're ClA.
- ClA?
Yeah, I'll buy that.
You're some creepy fucks.
- Why are you trying to kill me?
- We're not trying to kill you.
So I guess it's just
my unlucky day.
You have no idea.
Those men that are trying to
kill you were our targets.
We're on the same side, Dean.
You and I. You understand?
I don't work for
you guys anymore.
- I was discharged. You fired me.
- That doesn't matter now.
Listen, you're safe.
You're safe.
Sit down.
You need to sit down.
Go ahead.
That's right. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
You believe in me, don't you?
That you're safe.
That's right.
It's alright, Dean.
Don't even think about it.
Drop the gun!
Drop it!
They injected you
with a drug, Dean.
It's been screwing with your
mind since the coffee shop.
- You're not real.
- We're not the problem.
I want this man Sullivan.
I want the antidote.
Do you hear me, motherfucker?
I want the antidote.
You got it.
I want it too.
But the only thing that's gonna
make sure the EX shows up...
it's him.
What's EX?
- Why should I wanna go back there?
- 'Cause that's your only chance.
If you don't go back and convince
them it's safe to move that EX...
you won't get your antidote
and you will die.
I don't understand. Why don't you
storm the hospital and arrest him?
'Cause the EX is not
in the hospital.
We don't know where it is.
But if we convince them
that it's safe...
the EX will be moved to that
airfield along with your antidote.
If he shows up there
he's dead, and you know it.
He's dead if he doesn't.
That EX will fry his brain.
Either way, I don't care.
I got one priority...
and that's contain
that EX. That's it.
'Cause if that stuff
gets in the open...
every breathing human being
becomes a potential assassin.
House wives, children...
There ain't no secret safe.
I'm sorry, this man is not
a concern of mine.
Maybe of yours, but you're
all his got.
I stopped doing drugs as
a kid for a reason.
I was gonna ask you
to marry me.
- Did you know that?
- I know.
There's always tomorrow,
and the day after that.
And the day after that,
and the day after that.
I never told you what
happened over there.
With Scott.
He died, baby.
He's gone, it's all
that's important.
Listen to me...
I'll be right behind you, Dean.
As soon as this man Sullivan
heads to the airport...
I'll come in for you.
You better.
It's gonna take months to
set up a new meeting.
This wasn't part
of the agreement.
It wasn't part of our agreement
you two fuck up over and over.
Sullivan, you weren't there.
You don't know.
- We had no option.
- Give me a break.
He didn't talk to anybody.
And Dean Cage is dead.
I think I escaped from here.
I think I'm a patient...
but I don't remember
being a patient.
I'm pretty sure
I'm a patient.
- You did the right thing.
- I can use some help.
Welcome back.
Do you know who I am, Dean?
I'm your doctor.
Your psychiatrist. I've been
treating you for the past 6 months.
- I don't remember.
- I know.
Your mind is not working
like it used to.
Before you left,
we were making progress.
Collins, come here.
- We don't have time for this.
- It's a lot easier...
if it's not
a hostile interrogation.
I don't want you to reveal
anything that's classified...
however, your superiors need
a little information.
Let's just answer the question.
A yes or a no.
Before Wilson died...
was he able to tell you
when and where...
the drop of the EX would be?
Was he able to tell you that?
No, he didn't tell me anything.
Ask him again.
Rephrase it.
Was Wilson able to give you any
information regarding the EX?
No, sir.
Congratulations, doctor.
Your check will be in the mail.
It's me.
Get everybody moving.
We're a go.
- What about him?
- Kill him.
What was that
guy's name again?
- Scott?
- Yeah.
So what are the odds
of your boy coming through?
There ain't no odds.
Either he does or he doesn't.
Oh, God.
They're pouring gasoline on me.
You're gonna burn him?
Burn him?
They're pouring gasoline.
They're pouring it on me.
No, no!
Don't burn him.
Please, no.
- You're afraid I'm gonna burn him?
- You mother...
You're afraid I'm gonna burn
Scott? Is that it?
- You're afraid I'm gonna burn him?
- You mother fuckers!
You're afraid I'm might
burn him?
Is ok, Scott!
Don't burn him.
Dean, am I getting warmer?
Make sure you tell me when I get
warm, I don't wanna burn myself.
It's all your fault,
mother fucker.
These motherfuckers
are gonna burn me.
They're not gonna
burn you, Scott.
Fuck, I can't see
what they're doing.
I can't see.
Step forward, Scott.
Just step forward.
- They're gonna burn me.
- It's all your fault, Dean.
- Step forward.
- They're gonna burn me.
They're not gonna burn you.
Just step forward.
- I can't step forward.
- I can't help you...
if you don't step forward.
Goddamn Scott, just do it.
Please just do what
I tell you to do.
I can't step forward.
My leg is fucked.
Soldier, step forward.
Get them up!
Hand behind your head!
- Who the hell are you?
- Behind your head. Now!
Alright, alright. Listen.
Are you by yourself, lady?
What are you doing? Do you
know how dangerous he is?
Yeah, I do.
Are you okay?
- He's alone.
- Hold your positions.
The package is the target. All
other priorities are secondary.
Repeat, hold your position.
The Feds will be there.
They don't care whether
I live or die.
- You're right.
- So why rely on them?
I'll do it myself,
by myself.
I don't need you risking
your life to save mine.
I'll be already dead.
- Dean...
- No arguments.
Your nose.
It's starting.
You just get me there
and I'll handle the rest.
Where's Lietch?
Don't worry about Lietch.
Let's get this over with.
Jesus Christ.
There's our buyer.
Buyer, seller.
Where's the product?
Come on, baby.
Where are all your men?
Have we developed such a trust?
I'm flattered.
My security is fine, thank you.
- Where's the EX?
- Where's the cash?
EX antigen.
- Would you like a demonstration?
- I know what it can do.
Where's the rest of it?
Cash is confirmed.
Bring out the cargo.
We've got a tangle.
Approaching the hangar
from the east.
I think it's your boy, Cage.
Permission to fiire.
It'll compromise
the whole thing.
Negative. Do not fire.
Let him go.
If that man dies, it's not
gonna be by my order.
The poor bastard was just trying
to have some coffee with his lady.
- We got a van coming up.
- Show time.
This is for Scott.
Confirm package.
Package is obscured.
Negative confiirmation
Standing by.
I consider this delivery.
As soon as we're free
and cleared with the product...
the funds will be transferred
to your account.
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
What did you say?
Something seems to be
going on in there...
but they're still
blocking the package.
Package not confiirmed.
How do I know this is
really safe?
It's not my problem.
Once the product is delivered,
it's your problem.
And you'll be paid when the
product and I are safe.
Gonna fuck me over this?
It's not a good idea.
Please confirm package.
It's stiII obscured.
Confiirmation negative.
Take the shot, Peterson.
- Peterson, take the shot.
- I can do that...
but I don't think you'll
like who's in the cross line.
Now, what I want you
to do for me...
what I want you
to do for me...
show me the antidote.
- This.
- Open it.
Open it.
The package is confirmed.
Move in now. Snipers,
compromised authority.
Go, go, go.
What the fuck is that,
a mini gun?
That's gonna make
a little though to find.
Feeling lucky, Dean?
Think one of those might
be the antidote?
I never told you...
what happened to Scott.
No, baby. I know.
It's okay, Dean.
You did the best you could.
I'm so sorry.
You don't have to be.
Not anymore.
You were his friend...
to the very end.
I guess I wanted
one more time.
Listen to me,
we did have time.
We're in our bedroom.
The morning sun.
White curtains
around our bed.
We have a wonderful life
together, Dean.
We have beautiful children.
You're beautiful.
We're on a great journey
I like this life.
I think I was wrong
about him.
He may actually be the
luckiest man I ever met.
Make sure that hangar
is sealed.
The End
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KoushiK DaS |
'' Hope You've Liked & Enjoyed The Movie! !! ''</font>
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KoushiK DaS |
'' Hope You'll Like & Enjoy The Movie! !! ''</font>