Unstoppable (2018) Movie Script

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Let's work hard today!
- Leave it and bring the cart.
- Yes, sir!
- Are they fresh?
- We've got the fresh ones!
- Where's mine?
- I'll deliver a bit later.
- Fresh fish today?
- Yes, everything is good.
Will be a busy day. Go!
Will go to the end first.
- Where is mine?
- Be patient. Will be quick.
- Choon-sik!
- My payday is next week.
- 2 boxes for Soo-sung.
- And 4 boxes of mackerel!
- A box of mackerel you ordered!
- Thank you.
- Here's your saury.
- Put it there.
- 2 mackerel for tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- I'm leaving.
- Bye.
- Thank you always.
- Me too.
- I'm done.
- Me too.
- You cannot do this to me.
- Please give me some time.
Wait? I've waited long enough!
I will pay you for sure. Believe me.
Get out if you cannot afford this!
Bastards. Is he a union
leader or a gangster?
He renovated this place without asking
and forced the sellers to pay for that.
He's gone too far.
He didn't even pay you, did he?
Still overdue for last month.
Hope he pays for this month.
Does he think we're
the delivery service?
Delivering things that
we didn't get paid for.
He's lucky not to deal
with who we used to.be.
Shhhh. He's coming.
- Hey, Kang.
- Yes, sir.
We delivered to all the shops.
Keep up the good work!
Good day to you, sir.
That asshole.
Hello, bro!
I got it.
I'll be right there.
- Hurry.
- Where are we going?
You've already been briefed, I guess?
It would take only 3 months
or 6 months at most to
collect all your investment.
Shall I have the advance first?
What are you waiting for?
He handles more than 50%
of the national market.
Everything goes through him.
- It's embarrassing.
- I am just telling the truth.
I arranged this meeting
as I care for you.
Can I see the stuff first?
What do you think?
Isn't it impressive?
This is huge.
Be careful. You can hurt your hand.
See the flesh in the stomach and legs!
- Spread your wings!
- Gosh.
We call this triple A level.
Have you ever seen anything like this?
So the deep-sea fishing vessel
will be coming in next month?
Oh, gosh...
You think I'm cheating you?
Drop it then.
he's too nice
so he's been cheated several times.
And he's not familiar with this
item, so please understand him.
Please excuse me.
I'll explain you in detail as you
have been cheated by others...
Why does it take 3 months?
1 month until the trawler comes in,
another month until
going on the market,
and last 1 month for
customers to buy and eat it!
Do you understand?
You'll be investing for
5.000 king crabs, right?
The market price is at
least 200 bucks per piece.
The one of this size can get $300!
So you do the math!
Three hundred...
How many times you've bought a lottery
and ever won even a small amount?
This is the real lottery.
I'm telling you,
you can say good-bye to
the fish truck like that in 3
months once the ship arrives.
Cause you'd ride the limos only.
- Here's the advance...
- Are you sure that it's a real deal?
I'm sure, I did all the research.
Look at that thing.
This is a real deal.
- Look! It's our last chance.
- Okay.
This is the advance.
- I am not going to count it.
- Yes, the amount is correct.
I had hard time getting the money.
Please do take care of it.
You just withdrew it
from the bank, I see.
Shall we?
- You take it yourself.
- Thank you, sir.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Thank you so much, bro.
- Call me.
- I will.
Eat slowly.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Payment, boss!
- A table for two.
- That way, please.
Was it hard today, too?
Is it enough for dinner?
It was a real busy day.
I couldn't even eat.
With water! You must
not upset the stomach.
You must be hungry, too.
No, you eat it.
I had rolls for lunch, too.
It would be nice to have king
crab roll, don't you think?
Why were you so late?
Well that's...
You know Park?
He called me in a while
so had a coffee with him.
He's on a roll these days.
I heard that king crab
is making money...
- King crab?
- Yes, everyone is craving it.
You don't make any trouble
behind my back, do you?
Of course not.
I really appreciate you
living a quiet life now.
I know it's hard for you but...
let's start all over once
we pay all the debts first.
That's what I'm thinking.
I'm not planning anything.
It's just king crab is the thing.
- Park gave this info only to me...
- Honey.
You know that he owes me a lot...
Forgot about the workout equipment?
Your pal said he only told you, too!
You lost money and your friend!
And the hot bun business
you wanted to do in Africa?
Selling hot bun in the hot country?
I heard someone really made
it big in Kenya with that.
Enough! You're driving me crazy.
Don't even think about it!
Yeah, I know, I get it.
I told Park so, too.
I cannot afford doing any
business, king crab or not.
Apparently there are lots of
king crab restaurants though.
Stop it.
People say it's a
good business so...
- I told you to stop!
- Okay. Eat up.
Who is it?
What the hell!
I saw you there!
I know which floor it is!
Give me one more chance.
Will pay you back for sure.
Listen carefully.
You step on here, see?
And fall like this as
if you slipped here
hitting your skeleton against here.
Very easy, right?
We could at least get
your damn insurance money.
Look how many are here for this shit.
It doesn't pay their salary.
Let's make it on one take, okay?
Please, sir.
Please don't do this.
Why? Too difficult?
Give me one more chance.
Or how about jumping from the terrace?
You think it's easier?
- What floor is it?
- 7th, sir.
7th floor...
It might work.
- You think you can hit from the head?
- No way.
Right. It's harder than it seems.
I will give you a hand.
Help me!
Hold him tight or you'll be killed.
Don't be nervous.
I'm a professional.
Keep quiet.
On 3, okay?
1, 2, 3!
Here you are, sir.
I told you to hold him
tight, you bastard.
- You aren't dead, right?
- No, boss.
I was about to screw up!
I could've killed my father-in-law!
You guys go out, take this.
I said out, hurry!
Go watch some TV.
Why didn't you tell me you
have a pretty daughter?
What are you doing? Stand up.
It's bad for your knee joints.
You can hurt your knees.
You can be at ease in
front of your son-in-law.
I hope you're not mad at me.
Hell, it must hurt.
That's the lifeline of
your daughter, okay?
Come stop us if you can.
Give me a cigarette.
What? Yes, boss.
- Eyes on the road.
- What?
Are you okay? How's your neck?
I'm fine. I was just shocked.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, sir.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
- You should've been careful.
Have the car repaired first,
will let our insurance cover it.
Well, I guess we need
to report it first.
So step out for a sec
to check the cars first.
I am sorry...
but we're really in a hurry.
Take these and let me go.
Your car seems fine anyway.
I am not trying to rip you off.
Are you deaf? Didn't hear me?
Just take the money and go.
I need you to check the
car for the report...
Hey move!
It's annoying.
What the hell are you doing?
It's irritating, I told you to go!
Take this.
Take it!
What do you think you're doing?
Why do you throw the money
when you must apologize first?
Let me handle this. Stay in the car.
We didn't do anything wrong!
Why are you being so rude?
You stay back.
Hey, come out! Now!
Gosh, I hear you.
Missy, I'm offering you
money to solve the problems.
You think money solves
all the problems? Do you?
It does not!
Why do you pick up that?
I just...
I want to give it back. Here you are.
Call the police. Let's call the police!
I hear you. Please get in the car.
Let me take care of it.
What are you, moron?
Sorry, sir.
You should apologize when
you make a mistake, asshole!
I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
Your adorable wife seems quite upset.
I apologize on his behalf.
I am deeply sorry.
Will call you when we
deal with the insurance.
Let's go.
- Are you alright?
- Yeah.
What are they?
Don't know. Must be some scary people.
Seat belt, let's go.
I can feel it! It's my lucky day!
I'm having a luck today!
Damn, he is here again.
Told you I would pay you!
I'll not pocket it.
I know but I need that money today
to get the things to deliver...
I know. I understand it pretty well.
But it's usual to have some
uncollected amount in this business.
Why are you so tight with
the people in the same field?
I am asking you
for least amount today.
I have a situation myself.
- Everyone has a situation!
- I'm begging you.
I am sorry.
What the hell...
Ha-young. Give him two thousand.
Damn it.
This is all I can give today.
You don't want it?
You wanna work here or not?
When is the vessel coming in?
It's already a month!
How come a big ship like
that move exactly on time
like a commute shuttle?
Be patient. It'll come.
I need some money.
Your wife will kill you if
things go wrong this time.
You know Park owes me a lot
so he can do no harm to me.
What am I to you?
I don't know how to describe.
You are...
very important...
Hey, it's so hard to reach you!
So the ship arrived?
- Did you see the news?
- What news?
There has been a problem.
The ship took the wrong direction
and violated the Chinese maters.
What? Why did it go to China?
The vessel was seized...
and those Chinese are turning this
into the diplomatic issue.
Do not worry too much.
But only the president can solve this.
So the owner of the ship posted
a petition on the Blue House bulletin.
Let's wait and see.
- What bulletin?
- Don't give up on hope.
- Wait!
- Will call you again.
Write the petition to where?
I hate this familiar feeling.
You know the Blue House?
Our country will not let that happen.
Heard of the Blue House bulletin?
Drop it!
That fellow.
Your husband stood surety
and didn't pay up yet.
You might know already
but once foreclosure
proceedings begin,
you might not be able to to
get back the rent deposit.
Is there any way to avoid it?
In fact...
there is one.
This place looks too expensive.
Let's go somewhere else.
Why? We can afford some
luxury on a day like this.
Sit down! Let me take your coat.
Wow, look at this!
Doesn't it look delicious?
You don't move a finger today.
I'll shell it for you.
You just wait and eat.
I believe I cut it this way.
These scissors look funny.
Heard it's good for health.
Rich in taurine
so prevents adult disease
and does good for women.
You know taurine.
Also this restaurant
offers the birthday person
spaghetti that you like,
is it carnara something?
It's pretty a good deal, right?
Look at this!
Oh, boy, I'm sorry.
How could it stick on you? My bad.
I can do it well this time.
Shall we get the divorce, honey?
What are you talking about?
I went to see the lawyer today.
She said since provisional
seizure was applied just now,
it would take some time
to actually execute it.
- So...
- So?
If we get a fake divorce...
Hell no! I will never do that.
Then what should we do?
What about next month's rent?
And other expenses?
I said no!
I'll take care of it. I mean it.
Once the ship comes in...
What ship?
That ship...
I've been meaning to tell you...
but I couldn't find the right time.
We've been through all
the difficulties so far.
This is a real good business.
You must trust me this time.
Look at this.
Listen to me first.
I want you to live in luxury.
That's why I do it.
And it would be possible
once the vessel comes in.
So... this...
Gosh, king crab thing...
How much did you put in?
Not much...
One big bill...
with a little loan.
- Loan?
- Yeah...
Small investment compared to
what we could get back!
Ten thousand?
Another zero at the end...
Hundred thousand!
How could you pay that
much for some crabs?
It's not just some crabs.
It's king crab.
You, you...
Kang Dong-chul!
Don't worry, Ji-soo.
Today is a special day for us.
Let's enjoy delicious
meal and have great time.
Wait here, I'll be right back.
It won't take long.
Thank you.
My wife's not in a good mood,
so I should bring it out fast.
Don't touch it. It's mine.
Can you play the birthday song?
No, we can't.
- Oh, you can't.
- No.
Just this once, please?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Is it you?
Who's it?
Who can it be at this hour?
What the hell...
Come on.
Let's go.
Honey, I'm home.
You shouldn't have left like that.
Are you asleep?
The phone is off...
We've completed the
investigation on the crime scene.
There's only one surveillance camera
but it stopped working from 9:30 PM.
We believe...
this is the vehicle
used by the suspects.
Have you seen it before?
The parking lot is dark,
and it rained a lot
so it's hard to identify
the plate number.
Anyway, we're trying to
find the travel route, too.
Please wait for the result.
Please find my wife.
- We will.
- I beg you.
Will call you if there's anything.
Any news?
I've asked around...
but it poured last night.
What the heck is this anyway?
You must've been shocked.
Who is it?
Tell me!
Wow, nice voice. Wait.
You asked me who I am.
I'm the one who took your wife.
Why did you go to the police?
Bro, what's up? Who is it?
They will never figure it out.
You should talk to me as I have her.
Or return to the police.
It's your call.
Then I can just... kill her.
Hey! Wait. Wait, I understand.
What do you want me to do?
There should be a business card
on the fridge in your house.
Meet me there by 2 PM.
I want to talk in private
so better to bring no one.
Got it? See ya!
Bro, what is it?
Who is it?
How many are you?
I am meeting someone at 2 PM.
Are you Mr. Kang Dong-chul?
- Yes.
- This way, sir.
The table for you.
Are you enjoying the meal?
What the hell are you trying to do?
I came as you told me to.
Why don't you show up?
Where is my wife?
The eel there is damn delicious...
something just came up, damn it.
Anyway, you see a bag there?
Something important is inside. Curious?
Go ahead and open it.
What is this?
Money to buy your wife.
When we were poor
we exchanged things
from home with rice.
We even cut our hair for
money, didn't we all do that?
Let's exchange! I get your wife!
And you, my money.
- What the f...
- You sell fish, right?
Why can't you sell your wife?
It's same money after all.
Please sir...
Why are you dong this to us?
Your wife is quite hot.
She'll be popular in the market.
Everyone freaked out first
pretending to be nice and just.
But no one refused the money!
They all took it eventually!
You can also close the eyes
once and take the money.
Just a blink. Not difficult at all.
And I told you to bring no one!
You should've listened to me.
I'm getting upset.
- Get out, asshole.
- What is it?
Yes, sir.
What is your problem?
Are you okay?
You son of a bitch!
- How dare you kidnap a person?
- No, he is not the one!
I am really sorry, sir.
Pull out the car! Hurry!
My apology.
You received the money
from the kidnapper?
Sit down first.
Sit down, please.
Holy shit... It's a lot.
- Detective Jang!
- What?
I need to go out quick.
His wife is abducted and
he got this money from the abductor.
- He took the money?
- Yes.
you handed your wife for this money?
No, it's not like that.
First my wife was abducted
then I received this money.
- So, he took this money and
- Yes.
- it's from the kidnapper?
- That's what he said.
This could be a violation
of human trafficking law.
Anyway, I got it.
Since it's the evidence
to our investigation
we will keep this here.
Do you need to keep it here?
We have to run the
fingerprint test on it to
identify the suspects to the least.
We'll keep it safe, do not worry.
- Call the accounting.
- Yes, sir.
- Good night.
- Thank you, sir.
Have you checked the black boxes
of the vehicles in the parameters?
Yes, we checked all of them.
But we couldn't see any face
clearly due to the heavy rain.
We need to find the
suspected car first.
But it's been already two days.
We're doing a lot of legwork
to check the similar models
with the suspected cars.
Also we requested cooperation
to other stations,
so please be patient...
Damn it! Be quiet!
Take them out!
Be patient a bit.
Will call you once we find something.
Excuse me.
Yes, I talked to them...
Heard that they attacked first...
Can you still reach that guy "Bear"?
I can but...
only money can make him work.
No money. no work.
But we don't even have
the money for gas.
You shouldn't have given
the money to the police...
What the hell is wrong with him?
This is urgent...
I really need my money.
Will call you later.
This bastard doesn't really get it.
I will give it to you! I told you!
Get out!
I said, get out!
Get him out.
I said go!
Give me my money. Now.
He says he's in a hurry.
I was about to give you.
I prepared it all.
Damn, it was hard.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I am sorry to keep you waiting.
I really am.
- Hey...
- What?
You know any helicopter guys nearby?
Helicopter? You mean human trafficking?
Yes... it's kind of an obvious circle.
Where can we find them?
Sit down and wait.
We are faster than the
cops in finding people.
So wait.
Gotta change first. Wait here!
- Choon-sik.
- Yeah.
I gave it a thought after
I heard your stories.
It's not an abduction.
- Said he got the money.
- Yeah.
It's an alimony.
She thinks she can't get the
divorce, so it's her telling him
to get the money and fuck off.
- That kidnapper threatened him!
- Gosh.
It's an adultery, then!
There are so many people asking us
to kill their wives and husbands
paying us loads of money!
Do you know where
I've been to just now?
I was on the plane to
take pictures of a husband
cheating on his wife!
On his business trip!
Hey, Mija!
Did you get the picture right?
Let's go.
He's a bit weird I know, but
very good at finding people.
We need to find Ji-soo.
You think you can
find her by tomorrow?
Today is almost over...
It would be a bit...
Can you or can't you?
I might be able to...
but we need some extra
money for late night...
Let me take care of this.
By tomorrow then.
Who the hell is he?
Please help me. I beg you.
- Why don't you help me?
- Gosh...
I should not do this...
Then don't.
This is real important.
If you handle this neat
I'll give you 5% of this.
Read well and decide.
Call me.
What is this?
What 5%?
"Clause 1, the product A sells to B is..."
Oh my...
It must be big, King!
King Something?
He could be the one. It's right.
- The bag!
- Zoom in.
That's right.
Look at the plate. 9291.
I just got here.
Why am I wearing a leather
jacket on this hot day?
Will call you later,
Detective Kim.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
We need to see your sales list.
For the list... Let's go inside.
- Inside?
- Yes.
Can't you show it outside?
The computer is inside.
Your title is...?
- Head of sales.
- Is that so?
- Hope you don't have false offerings.
- Of course not.
Here it is!
A Carrnival.
Choi Man-sik.
Choi Man-sik? Okay.
I'll be right there.
The house looks quite nice.
Rich fellas want more money.
Owner of 9291 lives here.
Here's the documents.
Oh, you've got quite good.
Look how fast you found him.
I've been always good. You bastard.
So what should we do from now?
It's really dangerous so
you guys wait and let me...
Hey bro! He's said it's dangerous!
Wait for us!
What do you think you
can do alone in there?
- He's always like that.
- I see.
How much did you get for it?
5 grands.
You bastard!
You sell your name only for 5K?
I needed that money.
- I had to feed my kids.
- Screw you.
You gambled away the whole house
and now you worry about your kids?
I'm talking to you!
You remember who bought your plate?
No, there were too many people.
where was it that you sold the plate?
Wait, stop the car.
Is this the right address?
This looks fishy.
What is he?
- So...
- Yes?
We can find Ji-soo once we find
the one who took that plate, right?
Frankly, I can't guarantee
if we can or can't...
you know what I mean?
But it could make our search easier.
Don't be disappointed if not.
There are some thuds
out there, you see?
Don't look at them!
They are the bouncers of this place,
so if something goes wrong,
I will take care of it, okay?
You just stick close to me.
Got it?
- Don't play a hero here.
- Got it.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- Not really.
Since you're new customers
let me tell you the price.
If it's for compact. $10K is minimum,
and $20K for a van.
Not for the car plate?
For the drugs then?
Cut the crap and bring
out the client ledger.
We just need the contact of the person
who bought Mr. Choi Man-sik's plate.
- Are you detectives?
- No.
Crazy bastards.
Lock the door!
- We have the faulty here.
- The faulty?
No, no... step back.
Behind me, it'll be alright.
Step back, I said.
Wait, give me just a minute.
- Is there a stick or something?
- You think there's one?
Well this newspaper would do!
You pricks, you know who I am?
I'll teach you now.
Wait, you broke my finger.
Bro, help him out please.
What the hell?
Come here!
Damn it.
9291 on February 26.
Where can we find this buyer?
How the hell we know?
We take the money and
give the plate, that's all.
Jangsaeng Port... here again.
All happened in Jangsaeng Port.
We don't know who they are but
they come to Jangsaeng Port
every 2 or 3 months
to get loads of lorazepam and plates.
Lorazepam? Is it a tranquillizer?
No. it's a drug like propofol.
Celebs love it.
It would be nice of you to
give him more details gently.
While propofol is a
hallucinogen easing the insomnia,
Lorazepam is...
a sort of aphrodisiac.
Any idea of when they come back?
Not at all.
We hand the stuff once we get a call...
Right, one of my staff received
a name card some time ago.
Isn't he too rough?
That bro is notorious for his fist.
I can see that. That killing punch!
He could literally kill a bull.
He did, long time ago.
His nickname was a bull when young.
When he's really pissed off...
you can see it from his eyes first.
His eyes become like this.
Look at me, can't tell
what I'm looking at?
Can you?
I really can't.
- When his eyes change like this.
- Right.
If you mess up with him then,
you're a dead meat, got it?
- Yeah?
- You should be careful, too.
- You know the Kukje Hotel lynch?
- Who doesn't?
Remember the bastard who covered
his eyes like that on the news?
When the hotel got crushed, tons
of people were hospitalized?
- The hero in the news.
- Kang Dong-chul!
- Right, that's him.
- I'm a huge fan!
He's now living peacefully
after marrying an angel.
Messed with a wrong guy.
Me? Did I?
No, those bastards.
They messed with a wrong guy.
Come on, hurry!
Yes, we're hurrying up, sir!
It's our bar but different owner now.
This seems to be from
a couple years back.
Get off for a sec.
Need to talk to you.
What did you say?
The description and age seem to be
matching the missing person.
Please take a look and tell us.
No, it's not Ji-soo.
Detective Kim!
We verified her identity now,
she was reported missing 2 years ago.
Lee Eun-jung.
She was 28 when gone missing.
Sometime in April 2015,
her missing report was filed.
But the real deal is...
she had been already like
a living corpse. she was in coma.
More importantly, when
she's gone missing
the media suddenly started
to show interests in this case.
What do you think happened then?
The police conducted a huge research.
Which ended in failure.
They didn't find her.
And the time passed,
just when the case
was almost forgotten,
a key person appeared.
You know who it was?
The missing person's husband.
He showed up at the
police to turn himself in.
Turn himself in?
I'm Kang Dong-chul. I just called you.
My wife...
has been recently abducted.
You've got a cigarette?
I made a promise to my wife
before we got married.
No matter what happens...
I'll make the best husband for her.
Now that I'm thinking back...
I realize I've done nothing for her.
I feel more pity for the husband.
He's such a great husband.
One of a kind in this world.
This is the first time
that I write you a letter...
Let's not give up on hope, honey.
I am a happy man
to have you by my side.
Thank you and I love you.
Don't play a hypocrite, asshole.
People shed tears moved by you
saying you're an example of true love.
But why do all your acts look like
some money-begging show to me?
I don't understand...
What I despise the most is...
the people who pretend
to be moral and ethical.
They cry for others' pain
but feel relieved that they
are not the ones in pain.
The producer of your
program would be the same.
He worries more about the
rating than your wife, I bet.
Look at you...
is this the face of the man
who claimed to be happy?
I will sponsor you.
Isn't this why you went on TV?
Why are you doing this to me?
For God's sake...
Let's be honest, bastard.
You were on a goddamn show
to make money
by selling your wife's tragedy?
I'll make that plan work.
I will give you money, son of a bitch!
In return...
I will take your wife who's
nothing but a living corpse.
For you it is like killing
two birds with one stone.
Now you look like a human being.
You're free now.
I must've been out of my mind.
I was tired of everything.
I shouldn't have done that...
to my good wife.
Excuse me, wait.
I don't need this anymore
but you might find it helpful...
Dae-sung Financial?
What is it?
He's dead!
Welcome to Dae-sung Financial.
We are here for everyone!
Sorry I kept you waiting.
Previous meeting got extended.
I apologize, sir.
What can I do for you?
- We've met before.
- Sir?
You don't remember me?
I meet dozens of clients a day,
how can I remember everyone?
What the heck are you doing?
My wife was kidnapped a few days ago.
Ring a bell now?
- Are you okay?
- Will let our insurance cover it.
Nice weather outside...
Why do all my clients...
Ah, right, now I remember!
That deaf man! Of course, I remember.
But I have no idea why you came for me.
I have nothing to do with the case.
Please pull this a bit...
Damn it hurts!
You should go to the
police for kidnap case!
Where is she?
I told you I don't know.
What the heck are you doing?
Are you a gangster? Get out now!
What is going...
What are you, mister?
What are you looking at? Get him out!
Come out. Now!
You're coming with me.
Choon-sik... isn't it
a bit over the top?
To hang a person like this
doesn't get him confess...
Somethings dropping, is he okay?
What? Doo-sik! Talk!
This bastard doesn't talk at all.
Do you have anything to torture with?
What are you talking about?
Are you crazy?
Of course not!
Don't talk nonsense.
Burning a person with a car
battery only happens in movies.
People can die in real life, dude.
You should've warned
me in advance, idiot!
- Excuse me...
- What?
Isn't that too... that flame...
Damn bastard...
You're dead meat.
You should apologize when
you make a mistake, asshole!
I am sorry.
Your adorable wife seems quite upset.
I apologize on his behalf.
- Answer it.
- It's Doo-sik. boss.
You still alive? Let me talk to him.
He wants to talk to you.
Yeah, it's me.
Let's do video call.
You look quite worn out.
You've come too far, way too far.
How further are you gonna come?
Are you...
Wait, wait.
Did you get him to talk?
He did talk, didn't he?
That moron must've told you all.
He just can't keep his mouth shut.
No, boss!
I didn't tell anything. I swear!
Believe me. Please!
ls it so?
Yes, sir. I'm telling the truth!
I don't trust you, shithead.
If I return your wife when all
my cards are on the table,
you could send me behind the bars.
I'm not that stupid.
kill that son of a bitch right now.
I should have something on you,
too so that it'd make us even.
Kill him, you have one minute.
You think I'm kidding?
Don't you?
You crazy son of a bitch...
Shoot it.
Get rid of this thing!
What the hell are you doing?
What are you doing, you bastard!
You bastard!
Don't do it! Don't you dare!
Ji-soo! Stop it now!
Let's bet on who kills first!
Don't do it!
Stop it, you son of a bitch!
Damn it...
Why stop this? I said it's a bet!
Okay, got it!
Hey, come here!
Please... wait...
No, please...
What are you doing?
What the hell do you two do?
Starting at the same count? Okay, go!
Walt, bro!
Please don't...
You're killing him!
What the heck did you do?
You won.
Last chance. Bring my money back.
Then I will return your wife.
Bring your money where?
Get the money first,
then I'll tell you.
How could you really kill a person?
What should we do about it?
What's the knife for?
Is this what I think it is?
Shouldn't we call 911...
No, no... he's not dead!
What the heck are you talking about?
He pressed his carotid and got
him passed out for a while.
We can wake him up by
making his head bleed a bit.
I think we need to call 911.
Wake up! Hey, wake up now!
Do you seriously think
he could wake up?
Shit... isn't it too late already?
It hurts! It hurts.
What is it?
You two did me?
Both of you
like too much of twists.
Get up now, are you alright?
Korean girls got recently popular
because of the Korean Wave thing.
He forces them into
prostitution for the rich
or sells them off after giving
plastic surgery on them.
Some girls get caught
because of unpaid loan
or some just get kidnapped
for their pretty faces.
They use fabricated
passports so can't track them.
Anyway this bastard takes a human-being
only for money making.
He gets pretty girls no matter what
to sell them off for a big sum.
He even sells human organs for money.
he is a crazy lunatic who
thinks money can buy anything.
A real bastard.
The funny thing is
no husband nor father
has claimed back his wife or
daughter after they got paid.
- They're not normal, either.
- What the heck are you laughing at?
You think this is funny, bastard?
No, it's not funny.
Where is he now?
It's somewhere in Gangwon Province.
But I don't know exactly where...
You'd better tell the truth!
I really don't know!
He changes his hide-out
often not to get caught.
I really don't know.
Believe me.
I should go get the money back first.
From where?
Police Station.
How could you get the
money back from the police?
We should steal it, if necessary.
You can't act in front,
you're already exposed.
Acting on impulse can ruin everything.
Let me plan on this.
How can we rob a police station?
So are you going to sit back and watch?
You're not going to help him?
Trust me and give me a shot this once.
But let's move fast.
Where do you think you're going?
Come here, now!
- I said come back!
- Please don't hurt me.
Please help! Save us!
Hello, what can I do for you?
Prosecutor Lee from Seoul
Central Prosecutors' Office.
Salute'! Lee Jong-hyuk here!
I came to collect the evidence.
- So...
- Yes, sir!
We should go to the accounting.
Yes, sir! It's on the 2nd
floor of the annex building.
- Thank you.
- Good day, sir.
Let me explain, bro.
This is a pen-mic.
You can't get disguised as anyone.
You wait here listening to this
and come get us immediately
when things go wrong.
How come you have so many grey
hairs when you're only 26.
- What shall I do?
- Spray this over.
You should look like my assistant.
There are too many, you do it yourself.
Get off, you prick!
Good evening.
- What did I do wrong?
- Shut up and follow.
- I didn't do it.
- I said, shut your mouth.
Come this way, Choon-sik.
- Stay calm.
- Okay.
- You just do what I told you to do.
- I want to pee.
Hold it! Damn it!
Put on a gracious smile.
Wait a second.
- What is it now?
- I need a medication.
You prick!
Don't mess up.
Excuse me! Good evening.
What can I do for you?
We're from Seoul Central Prosecution.
I'm Prosecutor Lee Jin-ho.
Nice to see you.
What brought you here?
I need to check the evidence.
Wait a minute...
What's the case number?
It's Kim Ji-soo's abduction case.
There are two of that name. Which one?
- You can simply tell me the case number.
- The case number?
- There is none, right?
- Excuse me?
We don't have the number.
It's not yet numbered, this case.
You're right... not yet numbered.
Then this must be it.
Kim Ji-soo, born in 1985.
Yeah, that's the one.
Hold on, please.
Where are you going, idiot?
They couldn't verify the
fingerprints on the bag
so we were going to return
this to the bank tomorrow.
But is there further
investigation to do?
Yes, we've been told that but
the forensic services wants this.
I see...
Your signature here.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Hold on!
I forgot to inform the
detective in charge.
I'm sorry, please wait for a sec.
- What? We can call him.
- We are in a hurry.
I need to report this or
I'll get a disciplinary action.
There's not much to offer
but help yourself with this.
It'll only take a second.
Hello, this is accounting.
Detective Kim,
for Kim Ji-soo case,
Prosecutor Lee from Seoul
Central Office is here.
He said he wants to
check the evidence.
The case has not been yet
reported to the prosecution.
How could a prosecutor come?
He said he's from Seoul Central Office.
Please wait.
Detective Kim should be here soon.
He doesn't have to come here.
We can call him...
- Can I see your ID, Mr. Prosecutor?
- What?
You don't have one, do you?
- It's in the car...
- Stop! Raise your hands!
Sit down! Now! Both of you!
- Don't move!
- Okay!
Hello, this is accounting!
I have a problem here! Help!
Sorry. we apologize...
We are sorry, please
accept our apology.
What is it?
Really sorry.
We're screwed.
Who are you?
What is it now?
Where are they?
You are way too relentless!
How could you explode a car
even though it's an emergency?
I think I pooped in the pants.
You both are real shitheads!
Where's the money?
Eyes on the road!
I am sorry, sir.
I only gave her a few punches.
I am sorry, sir.
You moron...
You know how much her price tag is?
You don't, do you?
That's why you did this.
Stupid shithead!
Damn son of a bitch!
I'm getting freaking mad.
I got your money back.
You're the craziest
son of a bitch I've ever seen.
How did you get it?
Come find me then.
If you come with police,
your chick is dead.
What's wrong with this bastard?
Clean up this place and take off.
When we get the money, kill them both.
Yes, sir.
You stole the evidence and
set fire at the station?
Are you out of your mind?
I will pay for my behavior,
once I get my wife back.
Why did you blow up my car?
I'm in big trouble...
Wake up, So-yeon.
Wake up, So-yeon!
It should be alright.
We'll be fine...
Come here, it's alright.
You go first.
Come on!
Come out quick!
So-yeon, hurry.
You bitch!
Stop right there.
What are you doing?
Damn it.
What the hell are you doing?
How could this...
You scared me to death!
Sir... police station... please.
What the heck?
Please, hurry to the police station!
Oh my...
What on earth...
You bastards...
Took a taxi?
Hey, miss!
This place seems locked.
Isn't it?
It's locked!
He's not answering?
- It's locked.
- It's weird.
These bastards must
be up to something.
- Hey, you can open this.
- I need tools to open it.
It doesn't open... wait...
Damn, Kang Dong-chul!
You crazy bastard!
Bro! Take us with you!
Where's your boss?
Where? In the lobby?
What are you?
Come down fast!
Yes, sir. They will take
the chicks in the morning.
Let's go, I need a weapon.
Die! Just die!
Head! Head!
We are not the bad guys,
we are the good ones.
Let go!
What's this mess?
What happened here?
Who are you?
Nope, this is just...
What took you so long?
Who are you?
I'm prosecutor Lee from Seoul Central.
Nice to see you, good job.
But you came too late!
Mr. Park? We should...
Where is Detective Kim?
I'm here.
No, not you. Another Kim
who came with us.
Good job.
- Thank you.
- You got hurt on the face.
Please take care of the mess.
Take all the evidence downstairs,
and... you know?
Yes, sir.
- It looks serious.
- Yes, sir.
Where are you, boss?
Police crushed this place.
Hello? Hello?
What? Was that bastard a cop?
Step on it!
Harder, harder! Faster!!!
Faster, faster!
Damn it!
I'm gonna have some fun today.
What's wrong with this damn belt!
That asshole.
Come! Come on, you moron!
Go ahead! Try to hit me again!
Go ahead!
You blockhead!
Are you running away?
Come again! You idiot!
Your driving sucks, stupid bastard.
Damn son of a bitch.
Goddamn thing!
Push harder!
Keep pushing, shit!
Pull aside now! Aside, I said!
Crush it!
I will end you...
You son of a bitch!
Why don't you live like everybody else?
What's so special about you, bastard?
You son of a bitch.
Stupid moron.
Come on, you moron.
Come out now!
Where are you, shithead?
Come out now!
Where are you hiding, you bastard?
Are you deaf or what?
I am sorry, sir.
Damn, it hurts.
I am sorry, I was bad.
Forgive me.
Don't come near.
I'm sorry. My mother
has nobody but me.
Don't come or I'll kill myself!
You need to save your wife!
It's so wrong, shit!
Damn it!
Stop, stop it.
Honey, wake up!
Ji-soo, it's me.
Please, Ji-soo.
Dong-chul... Honey...
Ji-soo, I'm here.
Come here.
I'm too late, I'm sorry.
International Crime Unit of
Seoul Metropolitan Police
arrested today a crime syndicate
for human-trafficking and
overseas prostitution,
and illegal plastic surgery.
They're suspected to have recruited
female victims through internet ads
to sell them off to the wealthy
men in Korea and overseas.
Meanwhile, the husband of
one kidnapped female
is said to play a big role
in solving this case
and expected to provide more information
on the syndicate's further crimes.
Next news.
The trawler seized for
violating the Chinese waters
has been released and entered
Incheon Port this morning.
The Chinese authorities released
the ship, its crew as well as
8 tons of king crab loaded.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Kang.
Why are you so late?
Ji-soo, happy birthday!
Come this way.
Order for table 12 is ready!
Hello, boss.
There's a special
guest at table 3 so...
So-yeon, special treat for table 3.
Stop it...
Food's coming.
Here's your dish.
Spread the wings...
Nothing like this in Korea!
Its's a sure investment!
It's my phone.
Once the ship comes in...
- President Kang, congratulations!
- Thanks to you, brother.
Congrats to you, too.
The vessel arrives soon.
Thank you.
This way.
It looks great.
You don't move a finger.
This is your birthday.
I'll shell it for you.
You just wait and eat.
They say the eel sells better
than the king crab nowadays.
Alright, let's eat king crab.