Unsuspected, The (1947) Movie Script

Mr. Grandison's residence.
Oh, hello there.
Is my wandering husband
home, by any chance?
No. I haven't seen
Oliver since lunch.
I'm all alone here-
Thursday, you know.
Oh, no...
No. Please! Aaah!
Hello, Roslyn?
Hello, Roslyn!
This is the operator.
Your party's hung up.
Shall I try them again?
Did you get the house? What?
Oh. Oh, no.
No, there wasn't any answer.
Let's get out of here. All right.
What time is it?
About 9:30.
I mean, exactly.
Exactly 9:37.
Waiter, if my husband does come,
Tell him we've gone
on to the Pelican Club.
Yes, ma'am.
Come along, lover.
"Tragedy strikes again. " What?
"Last week, Victor Grandison's"
attractive young
secretary, Roslyn Wright,
committed suicide at the Grandison
Estate in Croton, New York.
"The genial commentator, long
noted for his interest in mysteries,"
confesses that the tragedy
has him completely baffled.
"Mr. Grandison was doing
his weekly mystery broadcast
in the New York studio
at the time of her death."
Was our show that bad?
Poor Roslyn. I liked her.
I wonder why she did it.
You'd better watch your step.
Oh, don't worry about me.
I shall die at
The ripe old age of 90.
With my grandchildren
at my bedside...
If I can find
a grandfather for them.
Stand by.
On the nose.
This is the United
Motor Company...
Starring your genial host,
The renowned writer,
art collector,
and teller of strange tales...
Victor Grandison.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Grandison speaking.
Tonight, I bring you
from the files.
Of the nation's unsolved crimes
the story of
one of the most brutal
and yet the most cunningly
conceived murders ever committed,
a murder of rare delicacy
and wondrous ease
that was called... suicide.
Yes, suicide,
the police called it,
Yet the murderer
walks among us... free.
But is he really free?
Can he escape from
the evil that he has done?
No. By day, it follows
him like his shadow.
At night,
the cold hands of death
awaken him from
a thousand nightmares.
And so,
day and night, he is driven on,
with the dead forever
haunting him, pursuing him.
Or perhaps
he isn't running away,
but is in hiding
in some dark hole,
listening with terror to the
voice of his own conscience-
a voice that tells him
over and over
that the hunter
has become the hunted,
that there's no escape
for one who has
committed... murder.
They say that drowning men
relive their lives in seconds.
The guilty, too, relive their
crimes a thousand times a day...
At every unexpected sound, at
every glance that turns their way,
and at a thousand fears
that have no form.
The guilty must go on and on,
Hiding his evil behind a mask-
The calm and often smiling mask
of the unsuspected.
Yes, the unsuspected is
anywhere, everywhere...
So be on your guard.
He might be the man
who calls you "Friend,"
who visits frequently
at your home.
He might even be someone
who comes often to my own home.
And while I pride myself
on being an amateur detective,
Even I might easily be fooled.
And yet, his day of
reckoning must come.
He is tormented by fear...
That someday he will
make one false move, one slip,
That will betray him.
And when he does,
the lightning
Of justice will strike...
the unsuspected.
Victor's the only man I know.
That can turn my blood
to ice water.
Let's have another drink.
We could all be Murderers!
Check the glasses, Kent,
and open up some more wine.
Some more wine.
Hello, Mary. Oh, professor!
Dr. Edelman, I'm so glad you could come.
It's thrilling having
a psychiatrist here.
It's very difficult
to think of you
professionally, Mrs. Keane.
Just don't open up
all our secret doors.
What's hidden behind
yours, Althea? Ghosts?
No, Mr. Donovan. There's
nothing a ghost could do for me.
Let me know when Mr. Grandison
gets here, will you, please?
Yes, miss. Uh, don't drink too much.
Oh, excuse me.
Louder and gayer, Lover!
I like your style
Say, I think it's marvelous
Good evening, sir.
Good evening.
Excuse me, madam.
There's a gentleman...
Oh, thank you.
Pardon me, lover.
It's the most thrilling party!
Having fun? Oh, yes!
Good evening. I'm-
Yes, I know.
You're Victor Grandison's
niece, Mrs. Oliver Keane.
My name is Howard-
Steven Howard.
I have some bags in the cab.
Bags, sir? But, uh - yes, sir.
You brought luggage?
Do you plan to stay?
I'm here to see Mr. Grandison.
What do you want to see
Mr. Grandison about?
Quite a large party, isn't it?
Would you care to meet anyone?
Not very appetizing.
It's Victor's birthday.
Once a year, his friends
crawl out of the woodwork.
This year,
it's a surprise party.
Will he be surprised
to see you?
I like matches. You
never have to refill them.
And when you're
through with them,
you simply throw them away...
Like people.
Why hasn't Victor
asked you here before?
Probably because
we've never met.
He's not expecting you?
You're a very curious woman,
aren't you, Mrs. Keane?
You are going to tell me.
Maybe. What will you trade?
A drink?
Thank you.
You glued to this spot?
Home is where the heart is.
Very amusing.
You're drinking
too much, as usual.
How much, my love, is too much?
Regard my excellent balance.
Look, no hands!
My mind lose its razor edge?
Do I slur my words?
Do I forget anything?
Not a single, solitary thing
of all the things
I'd give so much to forget.
No, I'm still conscious.
Therefore, my sweet,
far from having had too much,
I've not had enough yet.
The least you could
do is stay sober.
While we have guests
in the house.
I'd then be free to dwell
on our sacred marriage vows,
Which you, my love,
hold in such light esteem.
Oliver, you talk too much.
I'll be quiet.
I'll just sit and bask
in cowardly splendor.
"Thus, conscience doth
make cowards of us all."
Thank you.
You seem interested.
You know, it's very much like Mateo
in his middle period.
Who painted it?
My husband,
in his sober period...
Before he married me.
It's lovely.
It's so alive.
She's dead.
Matilda Frazier, Victor's ward.
She was on the freighter that
was burned at sea last month.
And Victor's secretary
committed suicide last week.
There's no connection.
I didn't say there was.
She was beautiful.
She drank too much milk and
her seams were always straight.
You didn't like her.
Frankly, she bored me.
She was sweet, shy,
I can understand why
you didn't like her.
You knew Matilda?
I was married to her.
Don't drop that.
Now you know what
I'm doing here...
And I've earned this.
Oh... That's impossible.
Is it?
She was in love with-
With your husband Oliver.
She told me-that
and other things...
That you married him
just a few days
before she was supposed to.
I know quite a lot
about you, Althea...
Quite a lot.
Man: Quiet, everybody.
Here he comes now.
Who thought up this torture?
Oh, Victor, dear, you
are surprised, aren't you?
You see, we did remember your birthday.
My dear, I've been trying to
Forget it for the last 20 years.
Happy returns!
Oh, Victor!
Happy birthday, Victor.
There's the lord
of the manor now.
This will be quite
A surprise party for Victor
when he discovers you
and Matilda were married.
I'll tell him myself... Later.
And deny me that pleasure?
I doubt if you deny
Yourself many things.
I generally get what I want.
Good evening, miss Moynihan.
Good evening. Oh, look at them.
A cork pops for free, and
they all swarm like locusts.
We thought you weren't
coming, Jane.
Oh, I generally get places...
After driving Victor there
and parking his car, and-
Well, you see, I'm all things
to victor... Except a woman.
Why, Donovan, I'm delighted
to see you, and surprised.
You look like
a fish out of water.
You were the bait.
Yes. Where is that treacherous
niece of mine? Althea?
Happy birthday, my darling!
My dear, this is
all very lovely,
But why a party
at a time like this?
This is like dancing
on their graves.
Oh, I'm sorry, Victor. I
thought it might help you forget.
Well, will you do
something for me?
Take that pianist out
and have him shot.
All right.
Happy birthday!
Now, what's this?
Sweets, to coin a phrase, for the sweet.
My dear, it's a monstrosity.
Why, it's just
a plain birthday cake-
Not even a hidden sword.
Come on, Make a wish.
Yeah, Make a wish!
Thinking of stealing it?
Why not something
more practical?
I, uh, I was curious
about the chandelier.
You're not the first to be
curious about that chandelier.
It was Mr. Grandison's secretary
who was found hanging from it.
And then the police evinced great
interest when they cut her down.
I read the papers.
It must have been a shock
to Mr. Grandison.
More, I imagine,
to the young woman.
But then, of course, no
smart girl would be found.
Hanging around a
Bachelor's private study.
I can get along without
any humorous remarks.
Will you please get out?
I beg your pardon?
I said, please get out.
Hope to see you
before your next birthday.
No more birthdays.
Grand party, Victor.
Had a wonderful time.
I had a good time
myself, thank you.
Oh, Jane, won't you
stay the night?
I want to begin work
early in the morning.
Good night, Victor.
Sleep in the country
with the frogs chirping
or whatever they do?
No, thanks, darling. I'm
going back to civilization.
Goodbye. Good luck. Good night.
Give my love to that
small daughter of yours.
Ok. Thank you.
The nicest thing about
guests is their departure.
Oh, listen, you're not going.
What about the data
on that Woodward case?
I have it here,
but aren't you tired?
Tired? After a social evening,
Nothing cheers me up as
much as a nice, gory murder.
Come on, let's see
what you got.
Right in there.
I'm perfectly all right.
Perfectly All right. Yes, sir.
Put him to bed. To bed. Yes, madam.
Be gentle with me, Kent.
When I'm in this condition,
I tip over very easily.
Very easily. Yes, sir.
Hmm. Let's go inside. Coming.
Let me see... This was a
hatchet murder, wasn't it?
That's right.
Tiny little thing, Isn't she?
Well, there's only
half of her there.
Yeah. Who's this?
That's the murderer.
This good-looking young boy?
Criminals don't run true to
type, Victor. You know that.
The most dangerous of all
is some charming young killer.
That no one will ever suspect-
"Pretty Boy" Floyd,
for instance. Uh-huh.
Victor, there's something
I think you ought to know.
Oh, I know. I saw Oliver.
I can only suggest that you keep
him away from any open flame.
It isn't Oliver.
Have you noticed
a young man around here
with very bad manners?
I think you'll find him
in your study.
In my study?
Good evening, Mr. Grandison.
Were you looking for me?
Hello, sir.
Are you a late guest
for the party.
Or an early arrival
for breakfast?
This is Mr. Howard, Victor.
I'm delighted to meet
you, Mr. Howard.
Now, if you don't mind, Mr. Donovan
and I have things to talk about.
Victor, I think you ought
to talk to Mr. Howard.
He and Matilda were married.
Married? You and Matilda were married?
To each other.
Really? When?
3 days before the accident.
I see. Oh, please
sit down, Mr. Howard.
Perhaps I'd better-
No, no, don't go.
I'd rather you stayed.
This is Mr. Donovan.
We've met.
Do sit down.
You have proof Of what you say?
Of course.
You sound suspicious.
Merely concerned.
Matilda was very dear to us.
And to me, too, but I hardly
expected this kind of welcome.
Well, I... We can't
help being curious.
At this sudden appearance...
Just as Matilda's estate
is to be legally settled.
So you think I want
Matilda's money.
It's a rather large sum-
Runs into millions,
as you undoubtedly know.
That's the one thing
I didn't know.
We met, and a few days
later, we were married.
I had to leave for Lisbon.
Matilda was to follow by boat.
When I learned the boat
had gone down, I came back.
You see, I thought I
could find something here.
That would make not having
her... A little more bearable.
What, for example?
This picture.
It's all I want.
I'm not interested
in the money.
I happen to have money of my own.
Quite a bit of money.
How lovely.
I'm afraid
I've been in error, sir.
You shall have the picture...
And with it, our most heartfelt welcome.
I loved Matilda,
and anyone she loves
would necessarily be
very close to me.
So you will stay
with us tonight?
If I may. Of course you may.
We'll talk some more tomorrow.
Will you make him comfortable, my dear?
Yes, I will. I'll take
him to the guesthouse.
Fine. Good night.
Good night. Good night, sir.
I hope you like it.
It's decorated
in Early American.
Do you like Early American?
most extraordinary...
But do you know I don't
believe a word he said?
Sounded too much like
the truth to be true.
Might be interesting to know a
good deal more about that young man.
That might cost you
a little money.
I've discovered that everything
worthwhile costs a little money.
Good night, Victor. Good night.
It's been a very
interesting evening.
Mm-hmm. Yes, well...
Victor: "It is difficult now"
to pierce the mists
of time that obscure
what Charles Woodward
was thinking
when he struck his light
of love that fateful blow,
but if we may conjecture,
it is not too much to
assume that his thoughts
may have turned back to that lovely
Spring day when first they met,
"and their adolescent passion
flared into its brief breing."
Being, being, being!
Silly word. Silly script.
Turn it off, Jane.
Want to hear it played back?
No, thank you. I'll listen to it later.
It's much too nice a day for murder.
What's wrong, Victor?
You've lost all your zip.
You're as limp
as an old girdle.
I don't know what's
the matter with me.
The last few days, I've
had a curious premonition.
As though something
were going to happen-
Something unpleasant.
I had that feeling once,
but I married him anyway.
Here, run your pretty blue
eyes over next week's material.
You know, it's a sort of
throbbing in the air...
A feeling of inevitability, like...
Like, uh...
Falling in love-a vibration.
You probably wouldn't remember.
I'll have you know I've
vibrated in my time.
Once, In Kansas City, I-
Oh, well, no use living in the past...
But for 6 months, I
vibrated like a musical saw.
I beg your pardon, sir.
Mr. Donovan, sir... Huh?
He's in the library, sir.
Oh, good. That'll be all, Jane.
Hi, Donovan. I'm delighted to see you.
I've been waiting impatiently
for you. Will you sit down?
Of course.
I'll go quietly, only
this shoe is choking me.
Well, what did you find out?
I didn't have much to go on except his name.
Steven Francis Howard.
Born April 12, 1913.
His father was
Francis J. Howard.
Does that suggest anything to you? Oil.
Yes, quite a lot of oil.
Mr. Howard is well-equipped.
With pin money,
just as he said.
31/2 years in the army-
He's a captain-
Wounded twice, discharged
early in May at fort Dixon.
Went straight to New York, where
he stayed at the Sherry Central.
Same time Matilda was there.
A week later,
he went to Lisbon.
His story checks all
along the line, Victor.
Cablegram. I'll take it.
It's for Mr. Grandison.
I'm Mr. Grandison.
You want me to check on
anything else, let me know.
Thank you very much,
and goodbye.
Goodbye, Victor.
I'm sorry.
I love it.
Mercury on a bicycle
just brought this.
Oh. Hmm.
"Aren't you going to open
It?" said she, eagerly.
Aren't you going to-
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I was
thinking of something else.
Do you, uh, happen to
know where Mr. Howard is?
No, but Althea usually
keeps in touch with him,
And the last I saw of her,
she was headed to the guesthouse...
Does it always take you
so long to make a move?
I like to be perfectly
sure of what I'm doing.
Were you sure when
you married Matilda?
I was. She wasn't.
Oh. How interesting.
How long were you married?
I don't suppose you
could call it a marriage.
There was a wedding ceremony.
I had to leave the same day.
That's why you think
you love her-
You haven't been disillusioned.
Speaking from experience?
You've met Oliver.
I beg your pardon.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Oh, no, Victor. We've been
looking everyplace for you.
Really? You've been
playing chess, too.
Tell me, is he a good player?
Steven's an expert.
Mm-hmm. Interesting situation.
I'm afraid you're going
to lose, my dear.
We'll see.
Have a drink.
No, thanks.
I came down here because I have
what I think will be
very good news for you.
You mean, no discrepancies.
In your check-up on my story?
No discrepancies...
But you didn't
finish your story.
There's an end to it... Or,
rather, a second beginning.
What do you mean?
She's alive.
I don't believe it!
Alive and well
and on her way home.
I suppose she sent this to me.
Because she didn't know
where to reach you.
Seems that our sorrow
was a little premature.
"Leaving Rio today.
Arrive... Tomorrow."
She arrives tomorrow.
That's right. We'll
all go down to meet her,
banners flying, with
a large, noisy band.
That won't be necessary.
I'll meet her alone.
That's my privilege.
That's a familiar cue-
Enter Matilda, exit Althea.
I'll buy that drink now,
if you don't mind.
Help yourself.
It isn't every day a man's
wife comes back from the grave.
I believe you're in
considerable trouble.
Check and mate In 3.
Good luck.
Man, over loudspeaker: Flight
number 7 from Rio De Janeiro.
Landing at gate 3.
Man: Hey, what's she doing taking a trip
at a time like this, anyway?
Second man: What else would
she do with all of her dough?
Well, she could give it to me.
No sign of Grandison yet.
You'd think he'd be here to
cash in on that publicity.
Let's go!
There she is. Get
a good shot of her, Joe.
Don't crowd her.
How about a story,
miss Frazier?
Don't spare the
details, miss Frazier.
Give us the whole story.
Was it a terrible experience?
Come on, let's have that story!
Must have been very exciting.
What happened? How
does it feel to be dead?
Won't you please-
Were you afraid when
the ship caught fire?
We understand you were
picked up by a fish trawler.
Is that right?
Yes. It took us 3
weeks to get to brazil.
Why didn't you send word
you were still alive?
The boat that rescued
us had no radio.
Break it up. Can't you see...
Wait a minute!
We've got a story here!
How about your
plans for the future?
Victor let me come to meet you.
When can we get a complete statement?
We'll give you a statement
later. Let's get out of here.
Feeling better?
Yes, thank you.
But after all that's happened,
I can't understand why
Grandy wasn't there.
He's all right, isn't he?
He's fine.
He wanted to meet you,
But he thought it would only
complicate the publicity.
You know Victor and the press.
We'll stop off
and phone him later.
Oh, good.
You haven't changed.
You're as beautiful as ever.
Well, that's very kind of you.
You know, I'm afraid
I didn't get your name.
I'm terribly sorry. I probably
should have remembered, but I-
Matilda, what is this?
You know who I am.
I've never seen you
before in my life.
Croton operator? 48305, please.
A vermouth cassis for the lady.
How do you know that?
That's right, isn't it?
Brandy for me.
Yes, sir, brandy.
Hello? Mr. Grandison, please.
Is that Roslyn?
No, it's Jane Moynihan.
Hello, sir.
This is Steve Howard.
Yes, she's here with me.
Oh, Grandy, darling!
Of course I'm well.
I am happy.
I'm so anxious to see you.
Tell Steven to bring you home.
We'll warm up
a fatted calf for you.
All right.
Goodbye, darling.
There you are, sir.
You're pretty sold
On Victor, aren't you?
He's the kindest, most
unselfish man I've ever known.
Yes, I know. I like him, too.
I like him even more for
what he means to you.
Course, I can't say the same
thing about Althea or Oliver,
Although I think he regrets
the way he treated you.
I didn't know anyone
knew about that.
Why shouldn't I?
You know, it must've been
pretty horrible for you-
The trouble with Oliver,
the bitterness,
the wedding, and after
that, a shipwreck.
I can understand why
you're so confused.
About what?
In the car. Don't you remember?
You told me you'd
never seen me before.
I don't anything hurt
quite as much.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
hurt you. Please forgive me.
You handed me quite a scare.
I realize we didn't
see much of each other,
But I couldn't believe
it meant so little to you
that you'd completely
forgotten me.
Just your name.
Is something wrong?
Yes. Something's
very definitely wrong.
If you don't remember my name.
Howard. Steven Howard.
Doesn't that mean
anything to you?
Afraid not. We must
have met somewhere.
You wouldn't be so sure.
But I don't quite remember.
You don't remember me At all?
I'm sorry.
All those weeks In brazil.
Before you let anyone
know you were alive...
Why? What happened to you?
Why should you think
something happened to me?
You were ill,
weren't you? Very ill.
Well, yes. I was suffering
from exposure and shock, if-
Only that, or was there
something more?
You had a nervous
breakdown, didn't you?
Didn't you?
That explains it-
amnesia and shock.
I should have known when
you told me about Oliver.
I didn't tell you about Oliver.
Yes, you did.
At this hotel, at this very table.
This is where we met,
Matilda. You've forgotten.
Why should I forget when
there's nothing to remember?
No? Not even our marriage?
You're my wife, Matilda.
Well, that's impossible.
You're Mrs. Steven Howard.
Here's our wedding certificate.
It's a forgery,
and you're lying.
Why should I?
You know that better than I do.
Perhaps because my father
left me a fortune.
So did mine. Shall we
compare checkbooks?
No, it had nothing to do
With your money.
I married you
Because I loved you.
I know I was very ill, but
They said it was hysteria.
I remember everything that happened.
The shipwreck, Oliver...
If I married you, why should
I forget that and nothing else?
Probably because you wanted to.
You weren't in love with me.
I knew that
when we were married.
But I only-It isn't important.
You obviously regret
having married me.
But I didn't marry you!
Yes, sir?
Thank you, sir.
Didn't you like your
Cassie, Mrs. Howard?
You bribed him to say that!
Well, there's no use
going on with this.
If you don't remember, or
won't, that's all there is to it.
I'll take you home, and that's
the last you'll see of me.
I don't suppose you
remember this, either.
Should I?
We were on our way
to be married.
We took the next turnoff.
Take it now.
I'd like to meet the man
you say married us.
How do you do?
Could you tell me If-
My dear! We read in the
paper that you were safe.
How very kind and thoughtful of
you to come here, Mrs. Howard.
But, you see,
I'm not Mrs. Howard.
My wife would like to see
Judge Maynard, if she may.
Of course. Come right in.
You can wait right in here.
The judge is performing.
A wedding service in the study,
but of course you remember.
You've seen me before?
I never forget a bride,
No matter how many I've seen.
Just a moment. I'll tell
the judge you're here.
But it's a mistake! It must be!
Well, we were married.
There's no mistake about that.
But I'm afraid I rushed you
into it, and I shouldn't have.
But I don't understand!
Why can't I remember?
Oh, my! Well, goodbye!
Thank you so much. Goodbye!
My dear, I'm so happy
you're safe.
But you couldn't
possibly know who-
My wife's been under
a great strain, judge.
She doesn't remember.
There seems to be some doubt in her mind.
Whether our marriage was
The right thing or not.
I see. If there's
anything I can do...
Perhaps there is, sir.
In a few days, after you get
everything straightened out,
We'll get an annulment
If you want to.
Judge Maynard will help.
Of course.
I'll do anything I can.
You're very kind.
I'm very grateful to you
for being so patient with me.
It's all right, Matilda.
I'll take you home.
You got to stop it,
Mr. Grandison.
I can't take any more!
I wouldn't entertain
any awkward ideas
about hastening my departure
from the scheme of things
if I were you, press.
You got to leave me alone!
Will you please stop
trying to convince yourself
that you have enough
courage to murder me?
And give me that
ridiculous weapon.
Give it to me, I say,
before I lose my temper...
A thing I detest.
I can't sleep, I can't eat.
Not since that broadcast...
When you called me
"The unsuspected."
How do you think I felt?
Well, if I were in your shoes,
I should feel extremely
Now, for the good of your soul,
I want you to hear something.
Come along with me.
For many years now, I've
been recording my programs.
Before broadcasting them-
Just for practice purposes-
So that my listeners
would have the benefit.
Of every full, rich tone.
Now, occasionally,
this device has other uses,
one of which I now commend
to your attention.
Press, on recording:
I swear, Mr. Grandison,
I didn't mean to kill her.
I was only threatening her
when she screamed.
Victor, on recording:
But you were overzealous, press.
Why didn't you tell the police?
Press, on recording:
I didn't dare.
Victor, on recording:
Why are you confessing to me?
Press, on recording:
Because I...
Where did you Get that?
I made it...
On the occasion of
your first visit.
The microphone was hidden
as you told me your story,
So it turned out to be
one of my best programs...
For which
I'm properly grateful.
How very untidy of you...
And so impetuous.
Now, you don't really imagine
that I'd be foolish enough
to let you destroy
the only copy, do you?
There are others.
And if anything
ever happens to me,
the police will be
listening to one of them.
Why don't you leave me alone?
I intend to.
I work for my material.
I have to call on many
different kinds of people
at many different times.
What is it you want from me?
Nothing, actually.
My interest in you
is largely clinical.
I am wondering, though, how
long it will take the police
to arrive at the same
conclusions that led me to you.
I could help them.
I may have to.
I could kill you!
What good would that do?
Here. And no more of
that silly business.
And don't come here again.
I'll call you if I need you.
You know, press,
I rather enjoy playing God.
That's strange. I
thought I saw somebody.
We'd better get in
out of the rain.
Oh, please, not the front door.
I don't feel quite up to
facing the others just yet.
There's an outside stairway
leading up to my room.
I can slip in without
anyone knowing it.
Please explain to Victor.
Tell him I'll talk to him
in a little while.
Althea: Well, darling...
You completely missed the
welcome mat we put out for you.
Why, Althea, I-
I was just putting on a suitable
face for your triumphal return.
I didn't expect
to find you here.
Well, welcome home
anyway, darling.
You look as though you'd been
fished out of several oceans.
I need a little time
to pull myself together.
I'm afraid you'll
have a long pull.
I took your room over
Naturally, of course,
we didn't think
you were going to come back.
I suppose you'll
want me to leave now.
I really don't care.
Oh. Well, in that case,
You'll find
all of your things in my room.
Oh, tell me one thing, darling.
No, not about the shipwreck.
I read enough about that
in the newspapers.
What I want to know is,
how did you ever manage
to catch a man
like Steve Howard?
We always thought of you as
such a quiet little mouse,
and here you go and fool us all
by snaring a millionaire husband.
He isn't-a millionaire?
Oh, yes. Trust Victor to check
on his financial background.
Isn't it rather unfair...
You, with all the money in
the world, and you marry more.
And look at Oliver and me.
Nobody ever left us a fortune,
Neither one of us
with a penny of our own.
All we've got is each other.
Why are you looking
at me like that?
I'm not looking at you.
I'm seeing you
for the first time.
You think I'm jealous.
Why should you be? I would
never have met Steven Howard
if you hadn't taken
Oliver away from me.
If you are going to leave,
perhaps you'd better go now.
You'll probably want
a hot bath before dinner.
Yes, I do want a bath...
But I'll take it here,
in my own room.
But you just said-
I've changed my mind,
Althea... About many things.
You can move your clothes
out after dinner.
May I suggest you take
a very hot bath?
I thought it was
amnesia at first.
Now I'm not so sure.
Either Matilda can't or
won't remember our marriage.
You seem to be confronted
with an awkward.
And somewhat delicate
What do I do?
Divorce? Annulment?
Do I stay or do I go?
I think the wisest thing
to do is to stay.
Perhaps, in time,
she'll remember.
Meanwhile, as I understand it,
your marriage
was merely... Legal.
I would suggest, then, that you
remain on with us for the time being...
In the guesthouse. Naturally.
Good evening, Victor. Jane.
You must be miss Moynihan.
I am, but must I be?
I'm Steve Howard.
Will you join me in
a cocktail, Mr. Howard?
I'd much rather be together
when I'm drinking.
You appeal to my
Chivalry, miss Moynihan.
I shall regard that as definite
encouragement, Mr. Howard.
After slaving all day
over a hot typewriter,
There's nothing I like better than
a swan dive into a bottle of bourbon.
Why, Oliver!
Waiting for the bar to open?
No, I'm just sitting here in
the dark, counting my sins.
Without an adding machine?
You mustn't be
unpleasant, Jane.
It has absolutely no effect.
She's back, isn't she?
Is she happy?
Or do you mean, has she forgotten you?
I'm selfish enough
to hope she hasn't.
Oh, you men, you dogs in the manger.
I'm not thinking about myself.
I'm thinking about Matilda.
She doesn't deserve
to be hurt twice,
And she's no match for Althea.
Mr. Howard, do you think you
could manage to make yourself.
A little less
attractive to my wife?
Try being nasty.
I have.
Try harder.
I don't-
Oliver, if you ask me,
Althea should be
taken out regularly.
And beaten like a rug.
Who is it?
Oh, Grandy!
There, there, there...
Angel, you're home,
you're safe,
And we're never going to
let you get lost again.
You're crying?
Now, now, now, don't cry. Don't cry.
I can't help it.
I'm so mixed up.
But you always were
mixed up, my dear,
And we've always straightened
things out for you.
I should've stayed away. I
should never have come back.
Not come back here?
But this is your home.
Your father's house.
I never forget it...
Though I'm afraid Althea and I
do sometimes take advantage.
Oh, not you, Grandy, never.
But Althea-
Now, you mustn't blame
Althea for marrying Oliver.
She was in love with him.
Course, I know what a blow.
It must have been
to your pride.
It was more than pride.
I was in love with him.
Mm-hmm. Well,
I think you'll feel.
Very differently
when you see him.
He's changed, my dear...
And not for the better.
And, of course, now that
you're Mrs. Steven Howard-
Grandy, what do you know
about Steven Howard?
That was going
to be my question.
He tells me you don't
remember marrying him.
In fact, he says you
don't remember him at all.
But I don't.
I didn't marry him.
I don't think I did.
I'm sure I'd remember.
I'm sure you would, too.
Grandy, it couldn't
have been amnesia.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
I think amnesia's
a very convenient word.
For covering up things
we want to forget.
And I think Mr. Howard's
a very clever young man.
Who has gone to
a great deal of trouble.
To make you believe
you're married to him.
But why should he?
When we know the answer
to that, my dear,
We'll know how
to deal with him.
What can we do?
Nothing. Just play
along with him...
For the present.
We'll keep this to
ourselves, shall we?
Imagine what the
newspapers would do with it.
When the time comes, I'll
know how to cope with him.
Now, are you going
to get your hair fixed
before coming down to dinner?
Grandy, would you mind terribly.
If I didn't come down tonight?
I'm so tired.
Of course you are.
You know, this house
was lonely for you.
It seemed so gray and
depressing while you were gone.
Now it's bright.
You're alive again.
So am I.
Sleep well.
Thank you.
May I inquire
where you've been?
I'm sorry, sir. I mean.
I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't know you were up, sir.
Mr. Howard asked me to
drive him to the station.
At this hour of the morning?
He wanted to catch The 7:15.
Only thieves and
home-going Casanovas
catch the 7:15 train
in the morning.
Well, he took it.
Did he take any
luggage with him?
No, sir. No luggage, sir.
Did you want something, sir?
Breakfast, if it isn't
asking too much.
Asking too much. Yes,
sir. I mean, no, sir.
Kent: Yes, sir.
Sorry I was late.
I always have more face
to put on in the morning.
Drive on, please.
Did Victor See you leave?
I don't think so.
What about your reporter
friend? Did he come through?
Yeah. He got these
out of the file.
Good. I'll deliver them myself.
How about the phone company?
You were right. I checked.
You've certainly been a big help, Jane.
I'll do all I can, Steve.
We're going through with
it just as we planned.
You'll be at the house tonight? Mm-hmm.
Fine. If I don't get
back in time for dinner,
I'll phone Victor my apologies.
Please be careful.
I will. I'm afraid he's suspicious.
I told him Matilda
didn't recognize me.
Naturally, he liked that.
Of course. A husband to
share his ward's millions.
Is the last thing he wants.
Did you bring that
letter Roslyn wrote you?
Yes. I put it in
my bag this morning.
Written the day
before she died.
Doesn't sound much like a girl
who was tired of
living, does it?
Oh, you don't have
to sell me, Steve.
I know as well as you do that
Roslyn never committed suicide.
It's nice to see
you again, Oliver.
Nice? Is that all
it means to you?
What did you expect?
Why, Matilda,
what a lovely gown.
Hello, Althea. Thank
you. I bought it in Rio.
If that's a Brazilian gown,
I'll leave for
Argentina tomorrow.
Well, our sleeping beauty
has awakened at last.
You look radiant, my
lamb, but then, you should,
Having slept the clock round.
I needed the rest
to face tonight.
I'm sorry I was so silly, but ever since
I knew I was coming home,
I've dreaded this moment.
And what about now?
It's the first time
I've felt at ease...
As though I belonged here.
Of course you belong here.
Come along, my dear. We have
a vermouth cassis for you.
Hello, Nancy. Welcome home, miss.
Good evening, Kent.
It's nice to have you
back, miss Matilda.
Why, thank you.
We missed you
while you were dead.
I know what you mean.
Uh, uh, don't... move, my dear.
Do you know you've changed?
I have?
Oliver: No, Matilda
hasn't changed...
The painting has.
It just died.
Oh... I haven't
seen Roslyn yet.
Oh, hello, Ro-
Well, hello, Jane.
Hello, darling.
You look wonderful.
Would a shipwreck
do that for me?
Every girl should have
one at least twice a year.
I thought you were Roslyn.
I've been making a few
changes in Victor's script.
Our writers have been
shipwrecked for some time now.
Thought I'd finish it before dinner
sets in. It's good to see you.
Where is Roslyn?
You haven't heard?
Heard? What?
Roslyn's dead.
She was found hanging
from that chandelier.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
Jane: Hello?
Yes, just a moment, please.
Victor... telephone.
Thank you. Hello?
Victor? Sorry to disturb you.
I'd like very much to see you.
My dear fellow, I'm
on the verge of dining.
After dinner, then.
I'm afraid I must insist.
I'm sorry. It's very important.
Very well, if you're going
to be unpleasant about it.
Come along at 9:00. I'll
give you some poisoned coffee.
Good. I'll see you then.
You want to keep her letter?
No. No, I think I have
everything I need right here.
Bring me the file on the
Roslyn Wright suicide.
Ok, chief.
One of the
newspapers took this picture.
You were standing here, in
front of the electric clock.
Victor: I don't understand.
Look what time the clock
says in the picture.
9:35. What does that mean?
The way we figure it,
there was a struggle.
This lamp was knocked over.
That caused a short circuit
and blew out a fuse downstairs.
That stopped the clock and gives
us the exact time of her death.
Why is that so important?
Everything's important.
Take these books.
The murderer arranged
them so that we'd think.
That Roslyn had used them
to reach the chandelier.
Mystery of the Headless Corpse.
I read that. That's not bad.
Quite a good detective in it.
Uh, go on.
Hmm? Oh, yes. Well, now
we come to the point.
The phone company
keeps a record.
Of all long-distance calls.
At exactly 9:34 that night,
A call was put through
from New York to this phone.
Roslyn answered it.
That means she must
have seen the murderer.
Now, what we want to know is,
Why haven't we heard from
whoever put through that call?
And most important of all...
Who hung up this phone?
Of course.
Roslyn couldn't have done it. Right.
Very extraordinary.
Do you know, I think
you've discovered.
Something terribly important.
Why, it changes the entire
complexion of the case.
How did you manage to
discover this information?
Victor, you know how
thorough our department is.
Well, I certainly hope you
run this down. Poor child.
Whatever could have
been the motive?
When we know that, we'll
know who killed her.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
You think you can keep
avoiding me forever?
Oh, Oliver,
I'm not avoiding you.
There's so much I want to say to you.
I've got to say to you.
Look at me, Matilda.
You know, once, I wouldn't have.
Been able to look at you...
Without remembering.
Now it doesn't seem to matter.
Victor is right.
You have changed.
And you, Oliver?
Are you the same
ambitious young man
who was going to change
the course of history?
Or are you-
a drunk? Is that what
you're trying to say?
It isn't important now.
It is to me.
Tonight when I saw you,
I realized what
I've been running away
from all this time.
I love you. I always have.
Doesn't that mean
anything to you?
I'm sorry.
Is it because you're married?
Because you're in love
with Steve Howard?
Yes... Maybe that
is what I mean.
Good evening.
Do you mind if we have
a look in the cellar?
I'd like to check
on the fuse system.
You know the way.
I don't expect
to find anything,
But it won't hurt to look.
Well, Victor, you finally have.
A murder case in your own home.
Murder?! What did he mean?
My dear...
Tell me, Grandy! What is it?
Roslyn didn't Kill herself.
She was murdered.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
It's right through
here and down the stairs.
I'll get the light.
Watch your step. Mm-hmm.
Boy, look at all that vino.
You watch your step.
You know, when
I was in Okinawa,
We went down in one
of those Jap cellars.
Yeah? Yeah.
Right over here.
Living room...
Seems to work.
But why?
What reason could anyone have?
I don't suppose we'll
ever know, poor child.
I'm afraid this hasn't been
a very happy homecoming.
Oh, make them stop!
Make them stop!
There, there...
Oh, it's just coming home...
And now this.
I know, my dear.
It's all been too much for you.
Come along. Come along.
Kent, do you ever
cheat at solitaire?
Cheat? Oh, no, miss.
I do, and I hate myself for it.
Oh... There it goes again.
I wonder what's wrong
with the lights?
Nothing. You're going blind.
Uh, blind-
Well, Victor...
Hmm? Oh...
Yeah, you've been down in
the cellar, haven't you?
What did you find?
Nothing of any importance.
Before we go, we'd
like to talk to Althea.
Oh, she's out with Mr. Howard.
Modern marriage is beyond me.
Well, ask her to drop in
my office in the morning.
There are one or two things
I'd like to talk to her about.
Of course, yes.
By the way, Victor, it's
purely routine, of course,
But where were you the
night of Roslyn's murder?
Doing my broadcast-
"The Morgan Affair."
Don't you remember?
You gave me the-
Now, don't tell me that
you weren't listening.
That's the one I missed.
What train did you take that night.
The 8:30 or the 9:00?
My dear fellow, it's very
obvious that you've missed.
More than one of my broadcasts,
Or you'd know that I'm
not off the air until 8:30.
I always catch the later train.
That doesn't get here
until 9:55.
10 minutes from
the station to here...
Means you got home At 10:05.
Very precise. Why is this so-
Oh, I see. Yes. This
establishes my alibi.
I don't think you
needed it very much,
But it's good to
have things settled.
Mr. Donovan, do you mind driving me in?
I'm afraid to go home alone.
You'll be quite safe with us.
That's what I was afraid
of. Good night, Victor.
Good night. Jane: I'm
always missing that train,
but I do meet interesting
people hitchhiking this way.
It's not very flattering.
Been looking at your watch all evening.
You know, you implied
a great deal.
When you asked me
to come out here.
What's the matter? Have
you changed your mind?
No, I haven't changed my mind.
You're a funny guy, Steve.
Am I?
Been a long time
since I met anyone.
That interested me
half as much as you do,
And that's a gross
You need a drink.
No, Oliver.
Let me take care of this.
You go back to the house
and wait for me.
Go on. Do as I say.
Oh, come on, Steve.
Come on and sit down beside me.
I'm lonely-terribly lonely.
Bored, maybe.
Bored and lonely.
You think because
I live in this house,
Basking in Victor's glory and
Matilda's money, that I like it.
I hate it!
I like to break things.
Glass breaking is
the most wonderful sound
in the whole world.
Why don't you like Matilda?
She's been very kind to you.
Kind? She can afford to be.
Her father left her millions.
My father died without a cent.
Victor had to take me in.
His penniless niece.
He was glad to take
her in-very glad.
"The Little Heiress."
It's all I've heard from
the time I was 10 years old.
Don't you think
you've had enough?
I suppose so.
I usually don't drink this much.
So I'll know what I'm saying-
The proper questions,
the correct answers.
Not tonight.
Tonight, I'm going
to be careless...
And talk too much.
You don't know what it is
to have to say thank you
to somebody you don't like
for everything you get-day
after day, year after year!
I never had anything of my own.
Until I thought she was dead.
Then Victor gave me
everything I ever wanted.
And now she's back, and
all I've got is... Oliver.
But Victor could continue
to do things for you.
How? Victor has very
expensive tastes.
Takes every cent he makes
to live the way he does-
More than every cent.
Oh, why did she
have to come back?
Now I have had
too much to drink.
I was just beginning
to get interested.
Interested or curious?
Both. I keep wondering.
About the girl
who was murdered-
Victor's secretary.
Roslyn? She wasn't
murdered. She killed herself.
She was murdered.
The police have evidence.
How do you know?
I gave it to them.
You'd better get out, Althea.
I can take care of myself.
Easy, Althea.
All right...
I do know something.
I talked to Roslyn that night.
I heard her scream.
Victor, I've made up my mind.
I'm going away.
What about your wife?
My wife? I have no claims on Althea.
She belongs to mankind.
I think you've made
a very wise decision.
You've been very patient with Althea...
Entirely too patient.
Going away, if only
for a few days,
will teach her a much needed lesson.
Just exactly what lesson
is Althea to be taught?
The lesson
of humility, my dear.
You see, Oliver is leaving you.
Did you have anything
to do with this?
Sounds like one of your
clever little plots.
No, it was my own idea.
Really? An idea of your own?
You see, Oliver has
become aware of your-
What shall I call it?-
Your attachment to Mr. Howard,
And, for some
odd domestic reason,
he's worried about it
hurting Matilda.
Oh. The knight to the rescue.
Are you carrying her
on your white charger?
No. From now on, I ride alone.
Who's going to pry you
loose from the bar?
I think you'd better excuse me.
I detest scenes
not of my own making.
You know, the more
I see of marriage,
The more thankful
I am to be the last.
Of a long line of bachelors.
What's gotten into you, Oliver?
I'd rather not have
a quarrel, if you don't mind.
I'm not going to swoon
at the idea of losing you,
But I am entitled
to an explanation.
All right, I'll give you one-
Carefully selected
4- letter words.
You're not fooling anyone.
I've been watching
you ever since.
You knew Matilda
was coming home.
You're still in love
with her, aren't you?
Aren't you?!
As a matter of fact, I am.
Well, it won't do you any good.
Why do you think I married you?
Because of your charm?
I only married you
for one reason,
and that was to get you
away from Matilda.
And I'll do the very
same thing with Steve.
You're going to leave
him alone. Do you hear me?
You're not going to cause
her any more unhappiness, or-
I don't like to be threatened.
I can threaten, too.
It will give me
a great deal of pleasure.
To break up our dear
little Matilda's marriage.
I'll kill you first.
You plan to shoot me,
stab me, or, uh...
String me up like poor Roslyn?
Oh, I'm fed up with
your cheap heroics!
Go on, get out of here!
Please, please.
Althea, Oliver...
You have no idea
how your voices carry.
I can hear you from the
other end of the house.
Well, then get him out of here.
We'll discuss that later.
Will you go into the study? Now, please.
Oliver, be smart.
Pack your bag, enough
things for a few days,
And go right away from here.
All right, Victor.
You know best.
Can't we postpone this
lecture till some other time?
This room gives me the creeps.
I like it.
The outside world is
so far away in here.
I can't hear it...
it can't hear me.
That's why I had
the room soundproofed...
So I can be completely alone.
Completely undisturbed.
What is it you wanted
to speak to me about?
A phone call, my dear.
The phone call you put
through to this house.
The night that
Roslyn was murdered.
The phone call that Mr. Donovan
has succeeded in tracing.
The one with which you aroused.
Mr. Howard's interest a few minutes ago.
I didn't say anything to him.
Oh, dear. I've tried so hard
to teach you the value of truth.
You see, I heard you.
Of course, I know that eavesdroppers
never hear any good of themselves,
But I thought it was
rather unfriendly of you.
To accuse me of
having murdered Roslyn.
You can't frighten me.
You wouldn't dare
do anything to me!
I want the truth, Althea.
Did you or did you not
tell Mr. Howard.
That I murdered Roslyn?
Yes. I said I thought so.
And why didn't you
share your suspicion.
With the police, or at least
tell them of the phone call?
I was afraid of what
would happen to you.
Always thinking
of your dear uncle.
That's right.
Sit down.
You and I were enjoying
Matilda's money, weren't we?
Now that she's come back,
What do you suppose is
going to happen to you?
You'll take care Of me, Victor.
You must have money
hidden away-
money Matilda
could never trace.
You and Roslyn had
one trait in common:
You were both
much too inquisitive.
Oh... So that's why
you killed Roslyn.
It's a pity, isn't it?
You were always my favorite.
You know that, don't you?
So charmingly unscrupulous...
But so greedy.
It's too bad.
Oh, no! No, don't!
Don't shoot!
Victor, I wanted to tell
you that I'm leaving.
If I could call a cab-
You'll do nothing of the kind.
With a garage full of cars?
Here's the key to the coupe.
You use my hotel room in
town for a couple of days.
I'll call the clerk and
tell them to expect you.
Tomorrow, you and Althea are going
to feel very differently about this.
I'll get your coat for you.
Here you go, Oliver.
Thanks, Victor.
Thanks for everything.
Not at all. Good luck.
And don't forget you've been
drinking, Oliver. Drive carefully.
I will.
Matilda, I... I saw your light.
I had to talk to you.
Please don't keep running away from me.
You-you might have phoned.
Anyway, I have nothing
to say to you.
Is that perfectly clear? Perfectly.
But you're going to listen
to me, just the same.
You're in a great
deal of danger.
You've got to get
out of this house.
Aren't you being
a little bit theatrical?
Maybe I am... But
your life won't be worth much
if Victor finds out what
Althea's been telling me.
What are you talking about?
Oliver didn't break your
engagement because he wanted to.
It was all arranged by Victor.
That's not true.
And if Roslyn had been warned
as I'm warning you,
she'd be alive today.
Don't you realize it's
because I want to help you?
Because I.
Don't want anything to happen to you.
You've got to
trust me, Matilda.
Oh, Steve, I want to.
I'd like to believe you,
but you're asking me to-
No, I can't believe Grandy
would do anything to hurt me.
Althea, on recording:
You're not fooling anyone.
I've been watching you ever since
you knew Matilda was coming home.
You're still in love with
her, aren't you? Aren't you?!
Oliver, on recording: As
a matter of fact, I am.
Well, it won't do you any good.
Why do you think I married
you? Because of your charm?
I only married you
for one reason,
And that was to get
you away from Matilda.
Matilda, it's Oliver and
Althea. They've been drinking.
I've never seen a man
in such a blind rage.
You're the only one
he'll listen to.
Why, Howard. I had no idea...
Come along, Matilda.
Break up
our dear little Matilda's marriage.
I'll kill you first.
Oh, no!
No, don't! Don't shoot! Don't!
Oliver's gone.
Oh, this is awful!
No sign of him. He
must have gotten away.
Get me police
headquarters, please.
Code number 99.
Hard-top, light gray coupe.
New York, 4h23022.
Probably using
Sawmill River Highway.
Caution-Man is armed.
Repeating. Code number...
Rifling checks on the bullets.
The bullet that killed Althea
was fired from this gun.
Well, I suppose that
makes it official.
You can add, Steve.
Two plus two equals-
Oliver. My addition
doesn't come out the same.
Can't argue with mathematics.
I'm sorry. As far as this
department is concerned,
The case is closed.
Thanks anyway,
Donovan. Goodbye.
Two cups?
Yes, I like to drink
with two hands.
I'm sorry,
Jane. The train was late.
That's all right. Lemon, please. Lemon.
You're just in time to keep me
from drinking something
that would do me no harm.
Why did you ask me
to come here?
No special reason. I just
thought you might like
to get away from that house for a while.
It's been awful.
The police questioning, the funeral...
Wasn't very cheerful.
How could it be?
I mean, it's so big
that even the closets have an echo.
Why, there's Steve!
Fancy finding you here.
Small world, isn't it?
Yes. Come on over and sit down.
If you don't mind. Hello,
Matilda. Hello, Steve.
Oh, my goodness,
I just remembered.
I forgot an appointment.
I've got to go downtown
and match a goldfish.
Is everything all right, Mrs. Howard?
My dear, sweet man,
will you do me a favor-
A very big favor?
Yes, ma'am.
Get lost.
Yes, ma'am.
Is there anything Else, sir?
No, that will be
All, thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Very conscientious waiter.
He wants to give me
My money's worth.
The last time we were here, I bribed him.
To call any woman he saw
me with "Mrs. Howard."
Then we're not married.
You see, I had to get
into Grandison's house,
And the only way I could do
it was to pretend we were.
I had to find out
why Roslyn died.
Steve, did you know Roslyn?
Yes. We grew up together.
It was sort of taken for
granted we'd be married someday.
I suppose we would've if
it hadn't been for the war.
I'm sorry.
I hadn't seen her
for over 3 years.
When I came back from
overseas, she was dead.
Her aunt and uncle never
believed, and neither did I,
That she'd committed suicide.
Her uncle had seen her only
the day before she died.
He was the man who was
supposed to have married us-
Judge Maynard.
Naturally, he was interested.
In finding out what really
happened to his niece.
I, uh... I'm sorry to have
dragged you into this, Matilda.
You were a very
convincing liar.
The words were lies.
The emotions were honest.
And I want to be sure that
nothing happens to you.
Nothing can. Oliver's dead.
Oliver didn't kill anybody.
The same thing happened to him.
That happened
to Althea and Roslyn.
He was murdered by your kind,
generous guardian, Victor Grandison.
Look, Steve, I don't know
why you hate Grandy so much,
but I will not listen to you
saying such things about him.
Listen to me!
For the last two days,
I've been running down
all the scattered clues.
Victor's very clever, but I
think I know how he managed.
For us to hear the argument
between Oliver and Althea.
He had an alibi
the night Roslyn died.
He said he was at the broadcast.
And couldn't have caught
that early train.
I listened to a record of
that broadcast, and timed it.
He left early that night.
He had plenty of time
to catch that 8:30.
Maybe he had, but that
doesn't prove he did.
I'll never believe it.
Oh, Steve, I wish it didn't
have to be like this.
If you only knew
how much I liked you,
You wouldn't try to make
me believe that Grandy-
Don't you see it? I don't
want to talk about it!
Matilda! Just leave me alone!
Don't go back there, Matilda!
Anything wrong, Mrs. Howard?
So he finally admitted that
you weren't married, after all.
Very interesting...
Not married, never have been.
I suppose I should hate him.
And do you?
Of course you don't.
In spite of what he's
done and said about me,
I think you're in love
with him, aren't you?
Aren't you?
Yes, I guess I am
in love with him.
And I feel like
such a traitor to you.
But why should you? This has
been a dreadful misunderstanding.
It will all be over soon,
And you and Steven are going
to live happily ever after.
Then you don't object?
My dear, I can be philosophical
about everything...
Including love,
which seems to me
to be a curiously unhappy
blend of tears and laughter.
But if that's what you want,
You have my blessing.
Oh, Grandy! If he only knew you as I do.
If he only knew you
as you really are!
Perhaps he does, my dear.
Perhaps he does.
Well, this isn't... Getting on
with my radio script for tonight.
I, uh... I don't know what happened
to Jane. She should be here.
She knows I have to dictate
these gruesome things.
I could help you, Grandy.
I used to. Remember?
Oh, of course you did.
Yes. Come on over here.
Not as efficiently as Jane,
but if you'll go slowly-
Oh, yes. I'll go slowly.
Now, uh, now this is uh...
This is one of those
sordid tales, of course.
No, no, don't...
don't put that down.
I'm just explaining the story.
Mary Phillips has just
seen her parents...
brutally murdered,
and feels that she can no
longer live without them.
Now, her farewell note must
be simple, yet convincing.
Now, let me... See.
"Having lost two who
Were most dear to me,"
I find life empty, Bitter...
"and too lonely."
Got that?
"May those who are my
friends try to forgive me"
for taking this way out...
"Of a cruel and uncompromising world."
There's Your Steven Howard.
He's on his way
down to the garage.
Now we'll... Wipe all
the shadows away.
Why, your eyes are shining,
but in such a woebegone little face.
Now, you...
You run along and change it,
and fix yourself,
because this is going
to be a moment
you'll always remember.
And I shall never forget.
I'm going to be left all
alone with my memories,
darling, of your sweetness
and your tender
affection for me.
Grandy, don't talk like that.
Even if I did marry Steve,
I wouldn't be
leaving you forever.
Besides, I don't know
how he feels about me.
We'll find that out.
Just leave it to me.
Oh, and, uh, Remember...
Look your prettiest.
I know who it is.
I need you. Yes.
Will you come along
as soon as you can, please?
I'll be waiting for you
in the garage.
Thank you.
You made good time.
Hello, Kent. I thought
This was your night off.
It is, sir, but the others
had left, and I thought-
Oh, nonsense.
Of course you can go.
Here. Take a couple of tickets
for my broadcast tonight.
Thank you, sir, but your
program frightens me.
I don't like it.
Do you like your job?
I like my job.
You're not fooling anyone.
I've been watching you ever since
you knew Matilda was coming home.
You're still in love with
her, aren't you? Aren't you?!
Althea, on recording: Oh, no!
No, don't! Don't shoot! Don't!
Get me police headquarters.
Donovan, homicide.
Donovan, this is
Steve Howard. I-
Operator, there seems to be
some trouble on this line.
Can you clear it? Thank you. Hello?
If you'll call me back
at Croton 48305.
That's right.
Hello, Mr. Grandison.
Hello, Mr. Howard.
Just why are you here?
To pick up my belongings.
I trust you have
everything you came for.
Aren't you forgetting...
No, I haven't
forgotten Matilda.
I've been very patient
with you, young man...
Extremely patient.
You enter my house-
Matilda's house.
You enter this house
under false pretenses.
You sneak into my study, you go
through my personal belongings.
You delude us all into believing
in this fantastic marriage.
Did it ever occur to you that I could
have you arrested as an impostor?
Yes, it did...
but an arrest and trial
with the evidence
it would bring out?
You have a great deal of
courage, Mr. Grandison,
But not that much.
I don't know what's going
on in the back of your mind,
But whatever it is, I shall be very
interested to see what happens to you.
I hope you won't be
disappointed, Mr. Grandison.
I was just leaving.
I want to talk to you.
Yes, I talked to Victor. Come
to the guesthouse right away.
I'll be down in just a minute.
Use the outside stairway.
Hurry, darling.
Oh, hello, Press.
Hello, miss.
Now what? Where have you been?
What were you doing Out there?
Steve called me from the
guesthouse to meet him,
But he wasn't there, and
his car isn't in the garage.
I saw Press.
Oh, I should've asked Press about Steve.
Perhaps He can tell me-
You stay here. Have you
taken leave of your senses-
Running about out there,
chasing this man,
screaming with hysteria?
But, Grandy, Steve might-
Steve? Steve? Is that
all you can think about?
Is that all you can talk about?
If you don't get hold of
yourself, your mind will crack.
I'm sorry, my dear.
I'm afraid I've behaved
rather badly.
You didn't believe
a word I said, did you?
It's just that I...
Well, today, I seem to have
reached the breaking point.
My nerves are ragged, what
with Jane not showing up.
To help me with the broadcast,
And Steve's
abrupt appearance...
Oh, that reminds me.
I could have spared us both
this disagreeable scene.
Steve had some trouble
with his car.
He took the car
down to the village,
And he asked me to tell
you that he'd be right back.
But why didn't you
tell me before?
Oh, that's easily explained.
We've all been a little upset.
It would be a miracle
if we weren't.
But are you going to forgive
your crusty old Grandy?
What we need is
something for our nerves.
We'll have a little wine,
and we'll talk this thing
over calmly and logically.
Come along, Matilda.
Come on.
This will bring the
sparkle back to your eyes.
Well, don't you want
to drink with me?
No, thank you, Grandy.
You don't want
Steven to come back
and find you looking
like a ghost, do you?
To please me.
You know I don't like
drinking alone.
I wonder if that's-
I'll take it.
It's 10 minutes. I'm
Calling, like you said.
Hello, Steve. Well, I'm
certainly glad you called.
We were worried about you.
What? Oh, yes. She's, uh...
She's right here.
In 20 minutes?
Let me talk to him. Yes,
I'll tell her, Steve. What?
Let me talk to him.
Just a minute, Steve.
She wants to talk to you.
Hello, Steve.
Oh... He must have hung up.
Do you think he'll call back?
Why should he? He said
he'd be here in 20 minutes,
As soon as the car is.
I'm going to be late for my rehearsal.
Here's to you both.
Isn't this wine
a little bitter?
"Dry" is the word, dear-dry.
Let me fill it up for you.
That will be enough, thank you.
I feel much better.
Good. It's my best vintage-'28.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Oh, I feel so relaxed.
That's how I want you to feel.
Finish it, my dear. Finish it.
I... I'm a little dizzy.
You're so far away, Grandy.
So far away...
Can you hear me, Matilda?
Can you hear me?
So far away...
I've never been closer to you.
You mustn't say that, Steve.
Grandy's always been
kind to me-always.
Oh... I'll miss you...
"Having lost two who
were most dear to me,"
I find life empty,
bitter, and too lonely.
May those who are my friends
try to forgive me
for taking this way out.
"Of a cruel and
uncompromising world."
Wake up, Matilda.
Open your eyes.
You're doing fine.
Wake up, Matilda!
You better keep on
walking her, chief.
On your feet. That's right.
No, come on. Walk.
Walk. That's it.
Get me some coffee.
Tried to kill me.
He would have if Steve hadn't phoned me.
Here, drink it.
Car 814,
Investigate domestic quarrel at...
General description.
Blue body, red wheels.
Feeling all right?
That's it - Press' truck. Hmm?
I remember I saw it parked
in front of the garage. Press.
This is Donovan
calling headquarters
on that 48 you just broadcast.
Make that a general
two-state alarm.
Notify all bridges,
tunnels, and ferries.
I'm headed for the riverfront.
It's Donovan again.
We just passed Willow Street.
All right, give it to me.
That's it. Keep on it.
I think we've got him now.
Hold it!
Hold it! Stop that crate!
Drop the-Lower the trunk!
Once again,
the United Motors Company,
makers of fine automobiles
for nearly half a century,
present your genial host,
the renowned writer,
art collector,
and teller of strange tales,
Victor Grandison.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Grandison speaking.
I have another story
to bring you-
An amusing and
delightfully stirring saga
of assorted mayhem.
It begins,
as all good stories do,
on a winter's evening
40 years or more ago.
I give you, "The Tragedy
of The Missing Head."
It is not difficult
to imagine the feelings
of-of the-uh,
the feelings of Henry Roberts,
for that is the name
of our murderer...
Um... Hmm?
When he came downstairs
that cold Christmas eve
and found his dear wife lying
before the fireplace, dead...
at the base of
the Christmas tree, its-
At the base
of the Christmas tree,
its ornaments tinkling,
an elfin counterpoint
to the caroling outside.
Ladies and... gentlemen,
you're about to experience
something unprecedented
in the history
of our program...
or, for that matter,
of radio itself.
And you who have
followed my adventures.
In the half-world of
Crime for so many years now...
you are listening
to my last broadcast.
Shall I cut him off?
No. He started this. Let
him finish it his own way.
For a time, the unsuspected
wore his mask safely.
Not for long, however.
Soon, he found it necessary
to commit two murders more-
A young woman who shared
His ominous secret...
And her husband...
Who begin to see
how enmeshed he became
in his own incredible folly.
Would you like to know
who the unsuspected really is?
It is I.
I am the unsuspected...
Your genial host...
Victor Grandison.
Good night.