Until Forever (2016) Movie Script

(ethereal music)
- Yeah.
(camera clicking)
(ethereal music)
- Alright, ladies, let's
move to the sanctuary.
- I just, give me one second.
(somber music)
- Ready?
- Lord, give him strength.
(somber music)
(light guitar music)
- One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine.
(ethereal music)
(kids laughing)
- 11.
- [Michael] 11.
- 12.
- [Michael] 12.
13, 14,
15, that's the number after 14, 16.
Alright, guys, you did good.
I'll see you next week, okay?
Good, get outta here.
- [Ben] Boom.
- Boom, baby.
- Yeah.
- [Michael] You gonna help
me out next week?
- [Ben] Of course.
- [Michael] Alright.
See you later.
- Good job, man, see you Monday.
- [Michael] Have a good week.
- You, too.
- [Michelle] I'm not
exactly sure when it was
that I fell in love with Michael Boyum.
- Hi, Michael?
- Yeah, you're Michelle,
uh, Danny's sister.
- [Michelle] When we met,
I don't think either of us
really knew what real love even was.
I did know he was cute.
Not quite as cute as he thought he was.
With those stunning blue eyes like
Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic
and there was just something about him
that connected with me.
- It looked fun.
- Anyone can join if you're interested.
- Oh, that's, that's cool.
Um, yeah, I'll think about it.
- You're really gonna think about it?
- I promise.
- [Michael] 'Cause those
flyers are expensive.
- [Michelle] Oh.
- You'd be awesome at it.
We'll get you a GI and
teach you some moves,
you're gonna be a ninja
in, like, two weeks.
- My guns are huge.
I'm just kidding.
Okay, I'll see you, see you at school.
- Okay.
Hey, Michelle?
- Yeah?
- Uh, do you want to
uh, do you want to go
get a milkshake with me?
- Yeah.
- [Michael] Really?
- Yeah, sure.
- [Michael] Let's go
right now.
- [Michelle] Okay.
- Come on.
- [Michelle] It's a good thing
I'm not busy.
- [Michael] I know,
that would have been really awkward...
- You know what would have been weird?
If I'm like, oh, I've
actually got math homework.
- You do?
- [Michelle] No.
- Okay, good.
- [Michelle] Sure, it was just puppy love,
but we thought it was more.
We both got grief for it.
Don't you need your shoes?
- [Michael] I'm a ninja,
what do I need shoes for?
(Michelle giggles)
I love to see you smiling,
in the morning sun
It makes me realize
that you are the one
- We're gonna find it.
- [Michelle] No, we're not.
The internet says it's here.
Hey, buddy, give me one more second.
- Hey, guys, did you find
that geometry thing yet?
- It's a geocache, it's
treasure that people
put in a box from all over the world.
- Yeah, that's great, keep
going, keep going, farther.
- Here?
- 10 bucks says he drops it.
- 10 bucks says you
throw it off the bridge.
- Alright.
- Ow!
- [Matt] Can't catch! Perfect toss!
- Hey, uh, bro,
I think I found your treasure right here.
- Michelle, find the geocache.
- So, you two are officially going out?
- Yes.
- [Matt] Cradle robber.
- Two years, jerk, two years.
- A lot of girls date older boys.
- I don't know, somethin'
about him, he's too nice.
- [Michelle] Too nice?
- Yeah.
Boys his age have a one-track mind.
This nice-guy thing is just an act.
- Would you just let
the girl eat in peace?
- I have spoken.
- Ooh, a senior,
I'm just an itty-bitty sophomore,
helpless to your upper-classman charm.
- I really like her, she's a sweet girl.
And men should really date
women younger than them.
- Why's that?
- 'Cause women mature quicker than men.
The age difference balances it out.
- You know, you're
outnumbered, you're 4-to-1.
- Mmm, does James count?
- Aww.
La La La La La La
La La La La La La
I love to run my hand across your hand
There's nothing I could do
and there's nothing I can't
I love to love you so
Let all my feelings go
I love to run my hand across your hand
(clears throat)
- Madame, tonight, I will be your waiter.
May I offer you some of
our finest sparkling water.
- You are so weird,
but a good weird.
- I know.
- [Michelle] He worked
for a barbecue company
and insisted on driving us everywhere
in the pigmobile.
I came to hate that thing.
I could never explain to my friends
why I always smelled like pork.
- No, no, I am not going
to prom in the pigmobile.
No, I'm not doing it.
Stop looking at me like that.
No, oh, Michael, you kill me.
(horn honking)
- I have Michelle Larson with me.
I'm driving a pig to prom
with Michelle Larson.
- Stop.
(heavy metal music)
- [Michelle] Michael was
an enthusiastic dancer.
He did not care how he looked.
("Unchained Melody")
- I love you.
- You're not supposed to
say that unless you mean it.
- I do mean it.
- Why?
- Why do I love you?
- [Michelle] Yeah.
- Uh, 'cause you're pretty
and you're silly, and awesome
and because you're my soul mate.
- Well, someday I'll
be old and wrinkly
I might smell
- Gross.
- Don't say that.
- I'll always love you.
- I think you're my soul mate too.
(Michelle giggling)
(door clicking shut)
("Unchained Melody" by Righteous Brothers)
- Hey, guys.
- Hi
- [Michelle] Hey.
- Want some?
- It's good.
- [Michael] Come on.
There's only one ninja in this family.
Take it off, take it
off, shut this door, man.
Grab a sandwich.
- [Michelle] They're really
good, they are really good.
I was his Rose and he was my Jack.
Neither one of us saw what
was waiting in the darkness.
- [Instructor] Ichi.
(kids shouting)
(kids shouting)
- Good kick, buddy.
- Same stance, do another
punch with the back hand.
Ichi (kids shouting)
Ni (kids shouting)
San (kids shouting)
Shi (kids shouting)
Go (kids shouting)
Ichi (kids shouting)
Ni (kids shouting)
- I'm not feeling too good, okay?
- Alright, why don't you
take off, get some rest.
See you next time.
- San (kids shouting)
Shi (kids shouting)
(water running)
(Michael panting)
(dramatic music)
- [Michael] Look, look, look,
you tell me you can't see that?
That is obviously a hunter with a bow
shootin' his arrows at that octopus.
Octopus right there.
- [Michelle] Oh, my, whatever.
- [Michael] That's what it is.
It's a fact.
- Oh, I just saw a shooting star.
I saw it first, so I get to make the wish.
- Go for it.
You have to hurry, though,
because once it's gone,
you can't make the wish anymore,
and then, you won't
have a wish, so you got,
did you make it, you got it?
What'd you wish for?
- I'm not gonna tell you.
Sorry, I'm sorry.
- Alright, tell you what,
if you can't answer one
simple, little, tiny question,
then you have to tell me
what you wished for, k?
- What kind of question?
- Trivia, about what's out there.
- Go for it, space nerd.
- Space nerd.
How many planets are in our solar system?
- Uh, well,
Pluto is not a planet anymore, so, eight
- Good, I thought I was gonna
stump you with that one.
(Michelle laughs)
- Double or nothing?
- What you got?
- Alright, Larson's gettin' cocky here.
How many stars are in the galaxy?
- Our galaxy?
- [Michael] Yes, our galaxy,
the Milky Way galaxy, how many stars?
- A lot, a lot.
- Yeah.
- A million?
- Is that your final answer?
- One hundred million?
- One hundred to 400 billion.
That's a lot of stars.
And that's just our galaxy.
You ever wonder what it all means?
What's God up to?
(somber music)
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- You've been touching your
neck a lot, I wondered.
- Oh, I've had a sore throat
and I went to the doctor a couple days ago
and they took my blood
and then they didn't like
how the blood looked,
so they want to do more tests.
- What does that, what didn't he like?
What does that mean?
- I don't know, I don't know,
I think I'm fighting a virus or something.
It's really nothing.
- Well I wish you would have told me,
'cause then I could have
wished for you to feel better.
- Michelle, that is so sweet.
You are the sweetest person I've ever met.
Seriously, what was your wish?
Please, tell me.
- Okay, fine, I wished
that on our next date
maybe we could have seafood?
- Are you, really, that's what,
you had a wish on a shooting star
passing through our magical galaxy
and you waste it on seafood?
- Okay, I'm sorry, barbecue
gets a little bit old.
- I hate seafood.
- I love it.
- Fine.
Ms. Larson, on our next date,
I will take you to get seafood.
- Thank you.
Ah, no, I don't want to
get your germs, Mr. Germy.
- Mr. Germy?
- Well, you're gonna have to catch me.
- Hey, you're leavin' the sandwiches.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, stop.
- [Michelle] I don't
like barbecue.
- [Michael] Michelle!
- [Doctor] Acute Myelogenous Leukemia,
it's a cancer of the
blood and bone marrow.
Normally, we see this in older patients,
usually around 60 or so,
but sometimes in people
your age, and even younger.
In AML, the bone marrow
makes abnormal blood cells
that don't form properly
and can't fight infection.
These leukemia cells then crowd
out the normal blood cells
that your body needs.
AML can be very aggressive, so we need to
get chemotherapy treatment
started as soon as possible.
That okay?
(dramatic music)
- Yeah.
- [Doctor] I promise you we will get
the best treatment plan
possible for Michael.
He's young, he can fight this.
- You okay?
- Uh, yeah, dude, I need to, um,
I need to take my pills.
(door shuts)
- So, uh, what's our next step, then?
- Go home, pack your bags.
You'll be staying here for
the duration of the treatment.
- He has to stay here the entire time?
- The chemotherapy treatment will make
his immune system virtually non-existent.
He'll be really vulnerable to infection.
- Well, I have been wanting my own place.
(somber piano music)
- Hello, I'm nurse Katie,
nice to meet you,
just follow me to your room.
(door clicks open)
(somber piano music)
(inaudible dialogue)
(somber piano music)
- I'd like us all to take a moment
to say a prayer for a young
man in our congregation
going through a very challenging
and difficult time in his life.
Michael Boyum was recently diagnosed
with a very aggressive form of leukemia.
I was reminded of a verse
in Psalms, which reads,
"Many are the afflictions
of the righteous,
"but the Lord delivers
them out of them all."
And I was immediately struck
by the verse that followed,
which says, "He keeps all his bones,
"not one of them is broken."
This really struck a chord with me
and I shared it with Michael's family,
because it is in one's bones
where things go wrong when
a person has leukemia.
- [Doctor] You'll feel some pressure,
pressure, pressure, pressure.
- Thank you.
- They just stuck you with a big needle.
You don't need to say thank you.
- We're gonna dedicate tonight's game
to Matt's brother, Michael,
who's bravely battling cancer.
I want to see that same fighting energy
in every single one of you guys
on the field tonight, alright?
Let's go out there and win
this one for Michael Boyum.
Bring it in!
Give me a Spartans on
three, one, two, three.
- [Football team] Spartans!
(curtain sliding)
(somber music)
- Alright, I'm gonna
change out your tubing
and you're free for 20 minutes.
Have fun.
- I feel the wind through my bald head.
- Bonjour, the finest dinner for you,
and, of course, souffle.
(can spraying)
- Hit me.
(Michael mumbling)
(Michelle laughing)
(door knocking)
- Hey.
- [Ben] Hi.
- [Michelle] Hey.
- Michael.
- [Michael] How are you?
- I'm fine.
I got this for you.
- [Michael] My goodness,
look at that, it's our class.
- [Ben] Yes, it is.
- [Michael] And there we are.
- Yeah.
- Couple of ninjas.
- [Ben] Yeah.
- Everybody sign this?
- Yep, on it, everybody did.
- [Michael] Really cool, thank you.
- Are you scared?
- Do you remember when you were
gonna test for your blue belt?
- Yeah.
- [Michael] And we were about
to get started, and then
you felt really scared
and you ran off and I was like,
"Ben, no.
"Where are you going?"
And then I had to come get you.
And then I told you that I'd seen you
do those katas over 100 times
and that you could do it!
So we went back in, we started the test,
and then what happened?
- And now I'm a blue belt.
- Exactly.
You still scared?
- Well, sometimes.
- Sometimes.
That's how I feel.
But I know that I have somebody with me
same way that I was with you.
And then I'm not scared anymore.
And everything's gonna be okay.
- [Ben] Right.
- Come here.
Thank you for comin' to see me.
- Yeah
- [Michael] Blow it up.
(explosion sounds)
- I love you, man.
- [Michael] I love you, too.
- Thank you so much.
- [Ben] You are the best.
- You're the best, take care
of the karate class, okay?
- Yes, yes, I will.
- [Michael] Awesome.
- When'd you get a mustache?
- If you change that channel
one more time, woman.
- Sorry.
- There's seven channels.
- [Michelle] I know,
they are all terrible.
- I know.
- I should go.
- Okay.
- Are you sure it's okay?
- Yeah.
- [Michelle] Like positive?
- Ugh.
- [Michael] Yeah, it's okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I'll see you later.
See you later.
I'm really busy, I have
a lot to do, so, bye.
(door clicking shut)
(somber music)
(girl crying)
- She doesn't deserve this.
(wheel bumping into door)
- Sorry, I didn't mean to
disturb you, I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay, you don't have to leave.
There's plenty of space here.
(wheel bumping into door)
- [Michael] I'm Michael.
- Diana.
- [Michael] It's good to meet you.
- Yeah, you too.
So, do you like it here?
- In the hospital?
No one likes hospitals.
It's not bad.
- Yeah, my little girl's
not doing so well.
- I'm sorry to hear that.
(Diana sniffles)
How old is she?
- [Diana] She's five.
I haven't been to church in two years.
Now I'm here, selfishly begging for a
- Doesn't make you selfish.
- Maybe God's punishing me.
- There's this verse in the Bible
and it says something about
the sun rising on the good and the evil
and the rain falling on
the just and the unjust.
Bad things aren't just
happening to you and me,
they're just happening.
Like that makes it any better, right?
Is there anything I can do for you?
Besides prayer?
- That's really sweet, but no thank you.
It's already 9:30, um, I need to go
or else I'm gonna miss my bus again.
- Okay.
- It was nice talking to you, Michael.
- Good talking to you.
Hey, um, do you need a car?
- Sorry?
- You said you were taking a
bus, do you not have a car?
- No, we had to sell our car
to pay for medical bills.
When it rains, it pours, right?
- Well, uh, if you can get past the smell
and the color, and some other stuff,
I think I can help you out.
- Alright, guys, there she is.
My boss says he'll keep
it gassed up for you guys
and everything, how awesome is that thing?
- That is amazing.
- Let's hold back the excitement on giving
my van away.
- I'm not excited, I'm not excited at all.
Hey, I'm Michelle, nice to meet you
- This is Jim and Diana.
- [Michelle] Hi, I'm Michelle
Here's the keys.
So, when do I get to
meet your little girl?
(somber music)
(oinking sound)
- The Princess and the Pig.
Is this for me?
- Can I open it?
- Now right now.
- [Michelle] Not right now?
Thank you, that's so sweet.
(Michael groaning)
- See you later.
- You're goofy.
- How cool was that?
- Yeah, that was fun.
- If I had never gotten sick,
I never would have met her.
- Yeah.
I mean, yeah, that part is good.
- It is good.
- Yep.
We have to focus on what's good.
(Michelle sighs)
- Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry.
- Like you know what else is good?
- What?
- [Michael] There's pork
in the cafeteria today,
pork in the cafeteria.
- [Michelle] Yeah, so good.
- Alright, boys.
(whistle blowing)
I need starting O and a
scouty defense on the ball.
We're gonna work on blitz pick up.
- [Boy] Hey, let's go boys, break it up.
One, two, three.
- [Team] Hussle it.
- [Boy] Four, five, six.
- [Team] Never quit.
(somber music)
- [Coach] Come on, let's go, hustle.
- [Boy] Huddle.
- Hey, man, how's your brother?
- [Matt] He's fine.
- I want you to know,
I'm praying for him.
- Alright, guys, let's go, Spartan left,
37 lead toss, ready?
- [Boy] Come on, defense.
(inaudible dialogue)
Red, 28, red, 28, set hut.
(whistle blowing)
- [Coach] Boyum, get up, man.
Come on, defense,
[Coach] Get up, come here.
- Hey, I know you got a
lot goin' on right now,
and I understand where you're comin' from,
but, man, hey, look at me,
I need you here right now, alright?
So get some water, take
a couple of plays off.
Noctigal, you're goin' in for Boyum.
Take five, come on.
- Hey.
- Hey, Matt.
- What's wrong with your phone,
it's broken or something?
- What do you mean?
- You're not answering my calls.
Trying to avoid me?
- Sorry, it's just, um,
you've been so busy with your
brother being sick and all,
I didn't want to bother you.
- Call me sometime, I miss you.
- Been all those AP classes, you know?
- [Coach] Boyum.
- Yeah?
- [Coach] Let's go.
- Call me.
(somber music)
- Dad and I wanna have a talk with you.
- Okay?
- Honey, we're just really
concerned about you.
You're not getting enough rest.
Your school work is suffering.
- My boyfriend has cancer.
What am I supposed to do?
He needs me right now.
- Look, you've gotta
give yourself a break,
we don't like seeing you like this.
- Like what?
How am I supposed to be right now?
I didn't know that this was gonna happen.
I didn't expect, please
stop, just leave me alone.
Leave my room, please.
- [Mom] Okay.
(books hitting floor)
(somber music)
- Here's the deal, my
room's gettin' boring,
time for some Yahtzee, what do you say?
- I've still got
five charts to finish here.
- It can wait, Katie, please.
- [Man] Get me out, I wanna
go home, I wanna go home.
- [Katie] Mr. Fenton, are you okay?
You alright?
Your family just left, you're okay.
Just take a deep breath, it's fine.
I'm Nurse Katie, remember?
- Where's my son?
- I know, it's just the new
meds, you'll get used to 'em,
don't worry, you're
alright, you're alright.
You're alright.
(wheels creaking)
(Mr. Fenton grunting)
- Hi.
I'm Michael.
I'm from down the hall.
- Michael.
- Would it be alright if I
read to you for a little bit?
This book always seems
to make me feel better.
- Take it.
- See if I can find something.
(pages turning)
"Look at the birds of the air,
"they do not sow or reap
or store away in barns,
"and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.
"Are you not much more
valuable than they?"
- Don't.
- [Michael] Who...
- Don't you read to me that garbage.
I'm gonna do you a favor
and I'm gonna tell it
to you straight, okay?
You've probably carried that Bible around
and you just reads about
anyone that'll listen to ya.
Probably even think your
Savin' souls, don't you?
And maybe you think
that God put you in here
so he'd give you a great
opportunity to reach others.
But here's the one cruel irony,
that unfortunately, you can't see with that
young, naive mind of yours.
The one who needs saving is you.
Maybe that book you carry around
makes you feel better about your situation,
but I hope for your sake
that you start learning
how to deal with your
problems in a real way,
instead of hiding inside
of this fairy tale.
- Uh, I've read fairy tales.
Not a fairy tale.
- Invisible creatures
in the air all around us
fighting for our lost souls?
And the only way to be
redeemed is by a blood sacrifice
of a God come to Earth
and born of a virgin?
That's some fairy tale, son.
- I came in here to make you feel better.
Looks like I did.
It was nice meeting you,
you have a good night.
(wheels rolling)
(somber music)
- [Reporter] What if you're
wrong and God is real?
How are you going to explain yourself
to the Creator of the universe
when all you've done is fight him?
- I've tried to get a statue removed
from the front of a courthouse, big deal.
If anything, God would
need to explain Himself.
- Like what?
- Brain cancer in children?
Why would he allow that?
Babies born without their skulls?
Why would a supreme being create a world
that is filled with misery and pain
and then try to blame it on us?
(somber music)
And then I'm supposed to fall on my knees
and worship this, this monster?
No, if God is real, then
He's clearly a sadistic,
blood-thirsty, evil
being, and doesn't deserve
even the slightest praise from our lips.
(somber music)
(Michael crying)
- [Michael] I don't understand.
- [James] Hey, man, it's
James, I just wanted to call
and let you know that mom, dad, and I
are not going to be
able to make it to your
away game tonight, um,
Michael's not doing too good,
so we're gonna head over there,
but, uh, anyway, good luck, man.
I know you're gonna kick
some Bison butt tonight, so...
(phone beeps)
(somber music)
(crowd cheering)
(upbeat rock music)
- [Cheerleaders] Here we
go, Spartans, here we go.
- [Boy] Spartan left, 34 ISO.
- Spartan left, 34 ISO. One to one.
- [Cheerleaders] Here we
go, Spartans, here we go.
(crowd cheering)
(upbeat rock music)
(crowd cheering)
(whistle blowing)
- Yeah.
Time out, time out, time out.
(cheerleaders cheering)
(despondent music)
- Here's what we're gonna do,
we're gonna go for two,
we've gotta punch this in.
Win this in overtime, alright?
Gun left, 17 ISO.
Gotta run your tail off, bud.
You have got to block hard, alright?
It's the only way it's gonna work.
Let's win this thing.
Get in here, Spartans on three.
One, two, three.
- [Team] Spartans!
(dramatic music)
(crowd cheering)
(dramatic music)
(heavy metal music)
(wheels rolling)
(knocking on door)
- Hello there.
Hey, you, uh, barged into my room,
so I thought I'd come
and barge into yours.
- What can I do for you?
- Look, I brought you
some reading material,
since you sit here all day
with your nose in that fairy tale.
These are awesome books.
Stephen Hawking, "A
Brief History of Time",
Richard Dawkins, "The Magic of Reality",
and, of course, my favorite
is Carl Sagan, "Cosmos".
- I've read 'em.
- You've read 'em and you
still read that garbage?
- Interesting theories by brilliant men.
Obviously, I don't agree with everything,
but when I read those books,
it reminds me what a great
creator God really is.
- Dude.
- Listen, right now is not the best time
for a theological debate.
Maybe we can try another day.
- 'Cause the little girl died.
I'm sorry.
I know she meant a lot to you.
But she is in heaven, right?
I mean, that's what you believe.
- Yep.
Doesn't mean I understand it.
- It hurts when a fairy
tale starts to crumble away.
- You may not have the same beliefs,
and you might think I'm a wishful thinker,
and that I'm naive,
but you tell me what's harder to believe,
that our finely-tuned
universe that we live in,
full of life, means nothing?
Or that God is given it
more purpose than you
and your books can even
begin to understand?
He's the most brilliant mind.
- We don't have to talk.
Can we just play dice?
- You play Yahtzee?
- I'll kick your butt.
(dice rolling)
- [Michael] Yahtzee.
- Impossible.
- [Michael] It's not impossible.
- No, you're changing out the dice.
- I swear to you, I'm not.
- Oh, I doubt you swear.
- Maybe, it's God telling
you that I'm right.
- Ha!
- So, how long have you
been a non-believer?
- A free-thinker, you mean?
- Okay, how long have
you been a free-thinker?
- Believe it or not, I
was once naive like you.
- So what changed ya?
- If I had to pinpoint it on one thing,
I'd say it was the war.
I came home and my marriage
quickly fell apart.
I bought a cabin by the lake,
took up carving, I tried
to forget those images
that were burned in my brain.
I used to think God was
this all-powerful being
who looked after us,
but now I know better.
The only one who's looking
after you, Michael, is you.
- It's a pretty sad outlook on life.
- It's just the truth.
- Not for me, it isn't.
- Oh, yeah?
And what makes you so special?
- I'm not saying I'm special.
My life is no more or less
amazing than anybody else's,
but everywhere I look, I
can see God's handiwork.
In everything.
- You know what they call that, Michael?
They call that "confirmation bias."
You see anything that you want to see,
and when it does not
fit in your little box,
you reject it.
- I know what you're gettin' at, okay?
Yes, humans are pattern-seekers
who see shapes in clouds
and Jesus' face in potato chips.
That's fine, but,
haven't you ever had something
happen to you where you knew that it had
nothing to do with chance.
That it had something to do with
something greater than you?
- In the world of random chance,
things are bound to happen.
- [Michael] So nothing then?
- Nothing what?
- Nothing greater than you?
- When we get out of this place,
you're comin' with me up to my cabin,
and after we catch our dinner,
we're gonna carve away
on a couple of blocks
as the sun sets on the
waters smooth as glass,
and when the last rays of
sunlight hits your face,
you're gonna get the
calls of a thousand voices
that maybe you forgot shared
this random, chaotic, painful,
beautiful world with us.
- Sounds good.
- Then it's set then?
- It's set.
- You're gonna have to give
me a couple of weeks, though.
I've been in this place too stinkin' long
and who knows what it looks like now.
(container rattles)
- [Mr. Fenton] Gah, this
game does not agree with me.
- No, it doesn't.
- Can we pick up on it later?
- Yeah.
- Ya know, Michael,
science does have a answer
to how we live in such
a finely-tuned universe.
You ever heard of quantum mechanics?
- I've heard of it.
- [Mr. Fenton] Yeah.
It predicts an infinite
number of universes
with different properties in each one.
Most are empty of life.
This one works.
So, maybe there's an alternate universe
where you and I are playing
Yahtzee cancer-free.
- And I whip your butt every game.
- An infinite number of universes
with an infinite number of possibilities
and you're saying there's no room for God?
- There is no miracle, son, I'm sorry.
I wish I was wrong about that,
but I'm not.
(somber music)
(wheels rolling)
(dice thudding)
(knocking on door)
- [Dr. McAlpine] Hey, guys.
- Hey, Dr. McAlpine.
- Well, I thought I was comin' in here
today to give you guys some bad news,
to tell you that the second round
of chemotherapy had failed,
but, actually, it is pretty remarkable.
I've never seen anything
like this in my career.
Yesterday, your blast cells were at 80%
and today, this morning's tests,
and I double-checked these tests.
You're in complete remission.
Now, there's a pretty
good chance of relapse,
so we need to start planning
for a bone marrow transplant.
That planning means we need to find
the best possible match for Michael,
but for right now, get outta here.
You can go home.
(somber piano music)
- I cannot wait to go on
a proper date with you.
We can go to the movie theater
and we can buy one of those
really big buckets of popcorn
and just drench it in butter,
and buy all the candy...
- That's such a good idea,
because nothing says, "I just beat cancer"
than going into cardiac arrest.
- Hey, you can bring Sheila,
we could make it a double-date.
- No, no, no, I don't
wanna intrude, you guys go.
- What's wrong?
- Do you guys wanna do
something really cool?
(light guitar music)
- Hi, I'm Michelle.
- [Tony] Tony,
it's nice to meet you.
- Michael.
- [Michael] Yeah, hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Michael] Nice meeting you.
- I just wanna say it's really great
what you're doing for my
dad, I'm really happy,
this is awesome.
- You wanna get started?
- Yeah, hang on just a second.
- Alright, guys, come on out.
(inaudible dialogue)
(light music)
Hey, I'm dreamin' again
It's just like you to
see everything I want to be
I am awake at last
I see my path
waitin' right in front of me
you to
Make what you make of it
as the morning light breaks
You gotta live your life
like there's no tomorrow
Make what you make of it
to light the fire, oh so beautiful
Make through the day
just like there's no tomorrow
Wonderful day
- Today was a good day.
- I agree.
(light music)
- Dr. McAlpine, he said
I'd probably relapse.
- I just really, really thought
that it was gone for good.
- Me too.
- God gave us that miracle
and then, it's like,
he just took it away.
I just don't understand what He's doing.
I mean, all the people in that hospital,
all of the children, Annalisa, why?
Why can't He just save everyone?
- I don't know.
- [Michelle] Why?
Isn't that what you would do?
I just don't get it.
- Come here.
Let me show you something.
You see that right there?
- What am I looking at?
- This.
This little paint chip
is our time on Earth.
And all this paint, all of it,
is eternity.
- What does that mean?
- Our time on Earth is a blink
to the rest of it.
Death isn't the end of my journey.
- Don't say death, Michael,
please don't say death.
You're not gonna die, okay?
- I'm not sayin' that, I'm
not, it's just perspective.
That gives me peace.
I don't want to be afraid
through all of this.
- I understand that completely.
Can we just try to stay positive, please?
I know that the bone marrow
transplant is going to work,
I know it is, so we don't have to have all
these eternity talks, okay?
- Yeah.
I've got somethin' worth fighting for.
- Stupid, stupid pigmobile.
Why'd you have to use the pigmobile?
Couldn't you have used, like,
the stars in the sky or something?
- Yeah, that probably
would have been better.
- Because I see this one up there
and it's a hunter with a bow.
- Oh.
- [Michelle] Shooting
an octopus.
- [Michael] Yeah, you're good.
That's funny.
- [Michelle] Stop.
(somber music)
- [Michael] Hey.
- [Matt] Hey, dude.
- [Michael] Whatcha doin'?
- [Matt] Just lookin'.
- If you're lookin' for that geocache,
that was further down that way.
Treasure, nerd stuff.
You okay?
- [Matt] Sheila and I broke up.
- [Michael] What?
I'm sorry to hear that.
- So, whatever.
- I've got dinner at the house
if you wanna come eat?
- I'm alright, man, I'll come in a bit.
- I feel so blessed that this,
the bone marrow's comin' from you.
- You just think James
is a pansy, don't you?
- Total pansy, huge pansy.
- Nah, man, I'm glad I could help.
- See you at the house.
(somber music)
- I need this to work, Mike.
I just feel like life
keeps kicking me down
and down and down and every time
I try to get back up and fight it,
it sweeps me under the rug.
I need it to work.
What are we havin'?
- Ribs.
Ribs, pork, whatever you want.
Come on.
- There he is, there he is.
How you feelin'?
- I feel great.
- You look great, bro.
Bone marrow day, bone marrow day,
bone marrow day.
- Hey, I have a little
present from the munchkins.
- [Michael] Yeah, yeah, look at that.
- [Matt] Can't even spell.
- Alright, this is it.
- [James] There it is, right there.
- Ladies and gentleman,
that is what the inside
of Matt Boyum looks like, disgusting.
- [Michelle] How does this work?
You just plug it in and then it goes right
into his veins?
- Yep, and once it hits his blood stream,
it'll start to pick up
his brother's traits.
- That's right, he'll be better looking,
he'll be more handsome, he'll be smarter.
- Making women uncomfortable,
these are things I'm looking forward to.
- Ladies, Matt Boyum, here.
My older brother, he
needed something from me,
I gave, I stepped up,
you remember this face.
- [Michael] Cha-ching.
- Once I finish up here,
in about 15 minutes,
it'll all be in.
- Matt Boyum, you're my hero.
(violently hurling)
- Get the nurse.
- Katie, Michael's burning up in there,
he needs your help.
- He'll get his next
dose in about 30 minutes.
- No, not in 30 minutes,
you're gonna help him right now.
- I can get you some cold towels,
but that's all I can do.
(dramatic music)
(breathing heavy)
- You wanna get out of here?
- Hm?
Are you okay, do you need something?
- We were at prom,
we were dancing.
And then I twirled you and
you looked so beautiful.
You wore that red dress.
So beautiful.
(somber music)
("Unchained Melody")
- Wow.
Stay still.
You okay?
- You have to dance with me.
That dress is too good to pass up.
("Unchained Melody")
(somber music)
- Can I come in?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- You look fantastic.
- [Michael] Thank you.
- You look great.
What day are you at?
- 100.
- 100?
- [Michael] Yeah.
- That's good, that's good.
You're almost free.
- Almost.
- [Mr. Fenton) You know,
I want to thank you for what
you did up at the cabin.
- Tony, he wasn't supposed to tell you.
- I know, he was never
good at keeping secrets.
- Apparently not.
- I got a little surprise for you.
- Wow, this is beautiful.
- Oh, no, you're not converting me.
I also carve unicorns and fairies.
- Fairy tale stuff, right.
- You're a good kid, Michael.
Go conquer the world.
(somber music)
- You're next.
- Yeah, you can count on it.
(wheels rolling)
- Dear Heavenly Father, we are so thankful
that you've healed Michael.
Let his life testify to your faithfulness.
You are the great Healer.
In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.
- I would like to propose a toast
to the bone marrow king of Minnesota,
my dear brother, Matt.
- Hey, that is Mr. King Bone Marrow
to you, alright?
(glasses clinking)
- I would like to say a prayer.
- Uh, mom, dad just prayed.
- Well, I would like to add something.
- [Michael] Matt, you need more prayer!
- [Matt] That I do!
Thank you, Lord, for bringing
Michelle into our lives.
She's a beautiful gift to this family.
May you continue to bless her
in everything she does, Amen.
- I love you, guys.
- [Mom] Let's eat.
Let's start with the beef.
- Beef.
(phone vibrating)
- Don't answer your phone
at the table, that's rude.
- Hi, this is Michael.
- Alright.
- [Michael] Okay, hey.
- Michael, who is it?
- Uh, what does that mean?
(thunder crashing)
(Michelle whimpering)
- Okay, thank you.
- No, no, no, no, no.
What'd he say?
What'd he say?
What did he say?
(fist banging)
- [Michelle] No, no, no, no.
No, no.
(Michelle sobbing)
- I don't understand, you
just got out of there.
You just got out of there.
- Oh, honey.
- [Michael] Hey.
(sighing heavily)
I won't quit fighting.
- I was really starting to
get used to this idea of, uh,
this healing God that
you talk about so much.
- Matt.
(thunder crashing)
(rain falling)
- [Michael] Hey, Matt.
What are you doing?
Come here.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
- There's no point.
- Matt, listen to me, I
know that this is bad, okay,
and yes, my cancer's back, and yes...
- It's not always about you, Mike!
I have pain, too, I hurt, too,
but everyone looks at you and
they feel so sorry for you.
I struggle, too, but no one cares.
- I care, Matt, I care.
And mom, and James, and
dad, we all love you.
Please can't you see that?
- So much so that you didn't even know
I quit the team.
- You quit the team?
Matt, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry you were overlooked
and it's not going to happen again.
- Just tell mom and dad I...
- No, stop it, please, don't do this.
- Tell 'em I love 'em, alright?
- Mattie, please stop.
No, no, Matt.
- Stop, stop.
Tell James, "I'm so
sorry that I wasn't there
"to watch him grow up."
Tell him I'm sorry.
- [Michael] No, please, get down.
Get down.
Jesus loves you, Matt.
Jesus loves you.
(Matt laughing)
- What's in your blood?
What's in my head?
Don't be ridiculous.
- It's not.
He loves you more than
you know, I promise you.
- Then where is He?
(somber music)
- Where are you?
Where are you?
- He's right here.
Matt, God sacrificed
for you, for your life.
Just like you sacrificed for me.
Now, it's my turn.
Let me fight for you, please.
(rain falling)
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Hey, hey, you about ready for a break?
- Hi, uh, yeah, yeah,
Michael's been asleep
for, like, 30 minutes, so he's
due for some Lorazepam soon
and make sure that...
- What's goin' on?
- Oh, you're dad's
here, so I'm taking off.
- No, just stay for like, stay
for like, 30 more minutes.
- No, I can't, Michael, I
have a lot that I need to do.
- It's just 30 minutes.
- I'm sorry.
- [Michael] Really?
- Yeah, I can't be here
every night, Michael.
I just can't, I have a life of my own
that I have to catch up on.
Please don't make me feel guilty about it.
- I'm not trying to make
you feel guilty about it.
- Well, you're making me feel really,
really guilty about it.
- [Michael] I was asking...
(heavy sigh)
(somber music)
I remember you kindly
the promise you made
you won't be alone
for long
I'm with you
- Uh, could you give us a minute?
- [Dan] Sure.
- Marry me?
- What?
- I love you.
Every time that I'm with you
my heart still skips a beat.
You are the only person that I've ever met
who I can just talk to for
hours and hours and hours
and time just disappears.
You make me laugh and you make me smile
and you are just the
most incredible person
that I have ever met in my entire life.
You are a man of so much
faith and so much integrity
and you have my heart
like nobody else does.
And I swear, I swear I am a strong woman,
but when it comes to you, I just turn into
this weak, pathetic,
weird, awkward girl
and it's dumb, it's dumb, but,
but, uh,
I just want you desperately.
- There's no guarantee with me.
- I know.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- But you deserve someone who is going
to be with you.
- I deserve, I deserve you.
You are my soulmate.
Remember, you told me that.
You told me that and I believed that
and, yeah, I really, really,
really want to get away
from all of this, too,
because this really sucks.
This really sucks.
But you're a part of me
and I'm a part of you
and I know that we belong together.
(Michael sniffs)
- I can't.
I'm really tired.
Can we talk about this later?
Some other time?
(somber music)
- I don't think I can do this again, mom.
(Michelle crying)
(wheels rolling)
(Michael sighs)
- What are you up to?
I have always trusted that
you had a plan for me.
Is this it?
Is this it?
Attached to this for the rest of my life?
How am I supposed to make a promise to her
when I have no idea how much
time I have left to give her?
- No one knows how much time we have.
I'm sorry, son, but it looked
like you needed some answers.
And I know you aren't
going to hear anything
from up there.
You're sick, yes, but in
a way, we're all sick,
always marching toward
our inevitable conclusion.
You could be free of cancer today
and drive away from this
place and be hit by a bus.
The point I'm trying to make is this,
until you die, son,
you live.
(phone vibrating)
(phone vibrates)
(phone vibrates)
(phone vibrates)
(Michelle sighs)
- [Michael] Hi.
- Hey.
(Michael clears throat)
- So, I was just about to go for a walk.
You wanna go with me?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay, I have a surprise
that I wanna show you.
- What does that mean?
- Uh, means we gotta use this again.
Remember this?
- Yeah, I remember that.
- Okay, come on.
- Oh, my gosh.
- [Michael] Don't peek.
- I'm not peeking.
- Too tight?
- No, it's fine.
- You look like a pirate.
- Arghh.
- Good, keep going.
- Where am I going?
You know how much this makes me nervous.
You're doing great.
- Uh, I don't feel great.
Oh, oh.
This is scary.
Where am I going?
- [Michael] Keep going, keep going.
- [Michelle] Uh, this is terrifying.
I don't know which way.
- Oh, my gosh.
Where are the pork sandwiches?
You actually got seafood?
Oh, my gosh.
(sentimental music)
- I am so madly in love with you.
And when I look at you,
I see a lifetime together.
I don't know what the future holds,
but I want it to be with you.
You're the blessing of my life.
Michelle Larson,
will you marry me?
- Yes.
- Look at that.
- You're somethin' else.
You don't even like seafood.
- But you love it.
(light piano music)
Will I
with body broken
hold resolve another the way
for now I'll stand
Will it
make a difference
if what I do,
or what I say
is from my knees
I wanna be there
beside you
beside you
We'll always dance
we'll always try
forever more you'll be
by my side
I wanna be beside
I wanna be beside you.
(light guitar music)
- Do you see that?
That light?
- No.
(Michael sighs)
- What is it, what do you see?
- It's in the ceiling.
It's so peaceful.
It's like the stars.
- You're scaring me.
- Don't be scared.
(piano playing light music)
- Michael, you're not gonna die.
Wanna know how I know that?
- How?
- Because I can't take anything else.
I need God to show me that He's there.
I need him to show me
that He cares about us
and that He loves us.
- He does.
Today, I had strength
that shouldn't have been possible.
I walked down the aisle today
and married the girl of my dreams.
Each and every day with
you is a gift from God.
Don't be afraid.
- I'm always afraid.
(ominous music)
(Michael coughing)
- [Michelle] Do you need some water?
(light piano music)
(breathing heavily)
- What's wrong?
- I can't breathe.
- Matt?
Where are your pills?
This was just filled yesterday.
- Yes, please, please hurry.
- [Michael] I can't breathe.
- Hey, did you really take all your meds?
- [Matt] Yeah.
- Call 911, call them now.
- [EMT] What's your name?
- Michael.
- [EMT] Michael, my name's Chris.
How long has this been going on?
- It just started not that long ago.
- [EMT] Has he ever been like this before?
- [Michelle] Not like this.
(dramatic piano music)
- [EMT] What kind of medical
history does Michael have?
- [Michelle] Um, cancer.
- [EMT] What kind of cancer?
- [Michelle] Leukemia.
- [Matt] Let me go.
- I'm going to hold this up to your face...
- Just let me die.
- We're gonna start an IV on you,
so we can give you medications.
The ambulance is on it's way.
Good job, Michael.
(dramatic music)
- [Nurse] His heart
could stop at any moment,
so we're going to need to
keep him here overnight.
Probably the next few days.
You're fortunate that you found him
and that the paramedics
got there soon enough.
Another 30 minutes, it
would have been too late.
Has he ever tried to
take his own life before?
- We've had a few scares,
but nothing like this.
- When he wakes up, I'm gonna order
a psych eval for him.
Ok, I'll check back with you later.
- Thanks, doc.
- Hey, I'm gonna go see how Mike's doing.
- [Dan] Okay.
- I just...
- [Dan] Oh, I know.
- I just can't take this.
- I know, honey, I know.
(dramatic music)
- Matt's here.
- Yeah, I've had a lot
of time to think in here
and I've been blaming
everyone and everything.
I blamed God,
my medication, my doctors,
and then I realized something,
even when you were at your sickest,
you always found a way to smile.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, um,
I guess you could say we've been talking.
It has been the greatest honor of my life
growing up with you and being
able to call you my brother.
(Matt crying)
(Matt sighing)
(dramatic music)
- [Pastor] I, Michelle.
- I, Michelle.
- [Pastor] Take you, Michael.
- Take you, Michael.
- [Pastor] To be my husband.
- To be my husband.
- [Pastor] I do promise
in covenant before God.
- I do promise in covenant before God.
- [Pastor] And these witnesses.
- And these witnesses.
- [Pastor] To be your
loving and faithful wife.
- To be your loving and faithful wife.
- [Pastor] In plenty and in want.
- In plenty and in want.
- [Pastor] In joy and in sorrow.
- In joy and in sorrow.
- [Pastor] In sickness and in health.
- In sickness and in health.
- [Pastor] For as long
as we both shall live.
- For as long as we both shall live.
(somber music)
(congregation clapping)
(somber music)
(light piano music)
- [Michelle] I thought I
had accepted God's plan
for Michael's life, but really,
I'd been holding out for healing
and when it didn't come, I was lost,
but in my sorrow, I missed
the truly powerful thing
that had happened right
in front of my eyes.
In life, Michael was a teacher.
He taught people how to protect themselves
and respect others.
He showed them what it meant to be
a true and giving friend,
and even where you could get
the best barbecue ribs.
He helped a brother see the
light through the darkness.
But the most important lesson was the one
he made so clear to us in
his life and death trial,
the power of real faith.
(somber music)
- [Michael] Mr. Fenton, you
were wrong when you said
God wouldn't answer me that night.
He did, He sent you.
Thank you for being a true friend.
(somber music)