Until the Lights Come Back (2005) Movie Script

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Why didn't you ever tell me. Dad?
I knew it wasn't fair to you, but...
let's say it was out of love,
Love for her?
I'm sorry, Just forget it,
Just forget?
Something like that?
A dying man...
...Gets a bit sentimental,
Don't talk like that!
You're a lousy liar,
Shizue brought me that,
Aren't things going well?
It's Misuzu.
I'm sorry to keep calling...
I really need to talk to you tonight.
It won't take long. I'll be at
the hotel we stayed in last night,
Why are you telling me now?
Ten years ago I couldn't,
It's been on my mind ever since
I ran into you last year.
Are you taking pity on me?
Don't talk like that,
If only back then
you'd insisted I come with you...
Could you come to the bar tonight?
I've got something for you,
I'm closing down.
But I'll be open till dawn,
I can't,
I'll be with my husband,
I'll be here.
May good things happen to you,
Atsushi, Relko & Jinya Sugita
Wait! I want to talk!
No! Keep away!
I got out today.
I'm going straight.
For six years.
You were all that kept me going!
So you got married. Huh?
That's why you stopped writing.
Gin, I...
I just want to hear it from you.
That's all!
What's wrong?
The baby's coming!
What should we do?
It's OK. The hospital's
on this subway line.
OK. I'll take you,
Wait! I've got to phone.
My son's still at daycare.
Your son?
This is the second?!
I really need to talk to you tonight,
It won't take long, I'll be at
the hotel we stayed in last night.
Notice of Transfer
Sayoko Kunisaki,
4- 14-8 Moto-Azabu, Minato Ward
I'm sorry... could you take me
to Odaiba instead, please?
Merry Christmas
from Grandma
Should we be calling a taxi?
It's not time yet!
We could leave in an hour
and still make it,
Shall I make some tea?
I'll just take a walk round.
Off you go,
Kunisaki residence...
Who's speaking, please?
Is this Mrs. Kunisaki?
Yes. It is...
My name Is Saeki.
I'm Shuhel Saeki's son,
Hello? It's me...
Where are you?
Shouldn't you be going?
My flight leaves later tonight.
Your Japanese has got really good
in just a year...
Thank you,
Christmas in Shanghai...
that's so cool!
Yes, it's beautiful,
And who are spending it with?
Coming right up!
I'll get it,
I'm really sorry,
A bunch of things came up
all of a sudden...
All right, I'll cancel
the reservation.
I'm sorry, We haven't been out
for so long...
I'm used to it.
So you'll be home late?
I'll make It up to you.
That's all right.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
Don't talk like that.
What floor?
36, please,
Yes, sir.
It's real low...
Is it crashing?
She looks pretty low, too,
At least she's not jumping.
I'm sorry,
What I said last night,
I just wanted to be
with you like that forever,
It wasn't like you,
What should I have said?
'The 23rd can be our Christmas Eve'?
Don't look at me like that!
Lately you're acting weird.
I think so, too,
But I can't help it.
I know when I talk like that
it just makes things harder,
But I don't want you to go home,
I heard about the transfer.
Take me with you.
I don't care if it means a demotion.
Do you mean that?
If the answer's no,
I want you to tell me.
Tell me it's all over.
Ground floor. Ma'am?
Don't look at me!
Yes, ma'am!
A blackout...
We interrupt with this
emergency bulletin.
Just after 5 pm
on December 24th...
...A massive power failure
has struck the capital region.
As yet there are no reports
on what has caused this blackout.
Tokyo Power cannot say
when service will be restored.
Citizens are asked
to refrain from using cell phones.
Air traffic at Haneda Airport
and all subways and trains...
...are completely paralyzed.
The blackout extends
throughout the Kanto Plain...
...from southern Tochigi
and Gunma Prefectures...
...through Saitama and
most of Chiba Prefectures...
...Across Tokyo and
Kanagawa Prefecture in the south.
The power's out!
Relax, I'll do something,
Gas and sewage systems...
...along with police, fire,
and medical facilities...
...Are functioning on
emergency generators...
...but pump failure...
...has left taller buildings
without water service.
More news on this power failure
15 minutes ago.
There is as yet no word
on when service might be restored.
Stores. Restaurants, and bars
have been forced to close.
Most online banking systems
are also down.
Guess that's it for the party tonight,
We can't reach the kids, either.
So what are we going to do
about dinner?
...Come sit down over here.
We'll heat some sake
on a brazier,
That's not a bad idea,
The intercom's out,
So's my cell phone.
Could you hold this?
Yes, ma'am, Certainly.
Up to my face...
Yes, ma'am,
More this way,
Cell phones are very shiny,
aren't they.
I'm sorry... My Japanese
isn't very clear...
You're foreign?
Yes. I'm a trainee from Shanghai.
I'm Misuzu Kusano.
Oh, I'm sorry.
My name is Dongdong Li,
'Dongdong', You write it
'winter. Winter'.
Sounds like a panda...
Yes, I'm often told that.
Look, I'm asking you nicely...
We have to wait for a rescue team!
It can't wait! That's why I'm asking!
It's dangerous if I let you out here.
The manual says...
You don't fucking get it, do you!
Excuse me for shouting.
I'm sorry,
No choice, I guess,
Application for Divorce
Stop it! You're embarrassing me,
And thank you for
all your long years of work.
Yeah, yeah...
An 'Advising Director'
doesn't work too hard,
But I guess I did all right for a guy
who knows nothing but cars.
Ah, that'll warm us up!
I haven't had this padded jacket on
for years,
Where did you find that lantern?
In the closet upstairs.
I'm glad we kept it,
Nobody hangs onto stuff
the way you do,
This used to be
all the light we'd need,
No TV or air conditioner, either.
We always had electric lights,
This feels like they're expecting
an air raid.
Just before the bombs fell...
...It would be pitch-dark,
and get very quiet,
All you'd hear were
the B-29s in the distance,
How old were you
when the war ended?
I think I was eight.
I was 15.
That's why I wasn't drafted,
and I survived...
...so that you could pour me sake,
The power used to go out a lot,
Yes, it did... especially around
the time we got married.
What's that, 45 years ago?
What's wrong?
...I have something to tell you,
You look so serious!
When I was 23...
...before I met you...
Well! This I'd like to hear,
There was a man
I was in love with,
An English teacher at the school,
A colleague,
Well. That's news to me,
Anyway, it's natural
you'd've had boyfriends,
I had a baby.
I had his child.
Hang in there!
How's that?
That'll work,
I'll get it back to you,
Do you want to borrow
my hiking boots. Too?
You're in street shoes,
Take my sneakers.
What size are you?
They might be a bit small.
Try them.
Here. I haven't opened it yet.
And this,
This'll keep you warm.
Hold it!
I don't know what to say...
That's beautiful...
It's OK, I won't hurt you,
Keep away!
Come closer and I'll jump.
Leave me alone!
Well. If you want...
...but you'll catch cold out here.
A cold?
Why's that funny?
Because it is!
Come with me a while, OK?
He was married?
He divorced his wife
when he found out I was pregnant...
...but my parents
wouldn't let us marry,
I really wanted
to have the baby...
...So I left home
and moved in with a friend.
In the end.
After I'd had the baby...
...my father came
and took me home, alone,
I wasn't able to keep the child, so...
Why are you telling me all this now?
What's the point?
I'm sorry,
I don't need an apology!
I didn't want to hear this,
I'd have been quite happy to die
not knowing it,
I had a phone call today.
A man who said he was his son...
My child!
He said his father only has
three months to live,
Don't tell me!
If I hear any more...
So this is a candle shop...
Some blackout. Isn't it.
I'm on my way home...
Maybe I should buy some candles.
The power might be out for a while,
I'm afraid these
are all I've got left to sell,
I'll take those. Then.
All right.
Here you are,
May good things happen to you,
Oh... thanks,
I'll take this, too.
Yes, this,
Not good?
I don't mean that...
This one.
Are you open?
Yep. Step in.
Another time,
I need a place with food,
Any time!
Are you meeting someone?
Uh, no,
I'll miss my plane.
I'm flying back to Shanghai,
Will your girlfriend there be mad
if you blow out Christmas Eve?
It's all over your face,
I knew it!
Love at long distance. Huh?
I don't understand...
You have to get home, don't you.
You hardly ever see each other,
Do you think so?
Something small like this...
...Can be the last straw,
It can make a person explode.
At times like that,
if someone else is nice to a girl...
...She's ready to go off with him,
Meiling's not like that!
Don't be stupid, A woman cools off
when you leave her alone.
Maybe you're like that...
I am not!
Then I know what's going on.
I know the Japanese for this...
it's 'lashing out on all sides',
I'm sorry,
Shizue Saeki
I'm home.
I'm sorry I canceled
our dinner so suddenly,
That's OK,
You're early.
Yeah... The blackout,
Were you going out?
Just some shopping,
There's nothing open,
That's why you came home,
...talk like that.
You missed dinner?
I'll see what we've got,
Yuck! Everything's thawing out!
Where did you get those?
A candle shop on the way,
We didn't have any.
Probably not,
That's beautiful,
It's pretty fancy,
Let's have a beer,
I think we have a bottle
someone gave us,
Here it is!
All sold out?
I'm jealous, My place is empty,
It usually is, I guess.
Take that,
Be my guest. They're ones I made
and can't sell,
All these?
I think you'll need them,
OK. Thanks.
Um... that sign says
you're closing for good tonight.
Ours wasn't a long acquaintance,
Will you have a last beer?
On the house.
No, I...
You don't drink?
OK, I will,
Could I wipe this window?
Are you the one
who was cleaning my windows?
So it was you, huh?
Windows don't clean themselves,
I'm sorry,
No problem,
But why?
Because that's so cool,
I always look at it from my shop
and think how beautiful it is,
I wiped the outsides
to see it better...
...but it's no good
if the insides aren't clean, too.
I've wanted to for months.
Well. Be my guest.
Thank you!
Clean them all while you're at it.
Do you play bass. Mr. Kido?
No, That's just for decoration,
It is? I was sure
you'd be a bassist,
Do I look like I have talent?
But you treasure it,
You polish it every day,
You've been watching?
Here I am.
You look like you could be a model.
Well. Believe it or not, I am,
I don't know if I should be
helping you leave hospital...
Don't worry, I'm not very sick,
Let's go,
Climb on.
What's wrong?
You said a 'bike'...
Look, I'm only in middle school,
all right?
I never meant it to be this way.
But it always happens.
'The mire of infidelity',
The guy's my boss at work,
Me. Who always thought any woman
who'd ask a man to leave his wife...
...would have to be
a complete idiot.
I've never had a man
make a fool of me before.
Crying my eyes out over him...
Envying people their happiness...
What am I doing?
I'm a wreck,
I hate myself!
That's normal,
If you really love someone,
there aren't any pretensions.
It's natural.
There's nothing wrong with love
making you a complete idiot.
You're nice,
And I was mean to you.
What you said was probably right.
Lately when I phone her it's like...
...we're talking past each other.
She doesn't e-mail as much, either,
Why don't we get together?
Two discarded lovers
closed in here like this...
Maybe it's fate,
I'm not serious!
You love her, don't you?
Then you'll just have to see her
and have it out, OK?
Watch it, old man!
Put a light on that thing!
American cars are so simple!
You OK?
You're mad, aren't you.
You are!
No, I'm not.
Get angry!
I said I'd wait for you.
And then...
I was scared,
You always kept disappearing...
...saying you might not be back,
What was I supposed to think?!
Keep still,
Tell me to go fuck myself,
Then I'll feel better.
You being so nice to me...
...makes it all the harder,
Go fuck yourself!
You screwed me over, you bitch!
But I still love you,
I'm still crazy about you,
I got baptized.
The prison chaplain looked like
my old man, when he was alive,
Like he was preaching to me...
...every word stabbing into me.
Why was I wasting my life,
and all that,
For the first time in my life
I really wanted to change.
Which way's Akasaka?
All these records!
It's not much of a jazz bar
where you can't play records,
Um... can I ask you something?
What's the record
you put on all the time?
What does it sound like?
Very gentle, With a piano.
You play it every day.
Early, when you phone...
You saw that, too?
Bill Evans. 'Waltz for Debby',
This one...
You like it?
Kind of,
That's the name of your bar.
Sardines and pepper,
That song must be special to you.
Can I ask something else?
Why are you closing?
If you've been watching
you know how well I'm doing,
More or less,
It's a poor location.
I'm amazed you set up
in this alley, too,
I love it here in this alley,
Well. It's cheap.
Not because of that...
Somehow it's calming to think
I'm the furthest person in Tokyo...
...From the sky.
You're such a romantic,
Why did you set up here?
It reminded me of where
I used to live,
New York?
Just a hunch.
This is good,
I'm glad,
You go first,
How long has it been
since we ate at home like this?
It feels like ages ago,
Maybe since your work got busy...
...And the house
started to feel empty?
I'm sorry,
Can we not complain tonight?
What happened?
That's a nice blouse.
I've had it over a year,
You've just never noticed.
So do you always remember
everything I wear?
Of course. Everything.
Yeah. Right!
It's true, So I know
whenever your tastes change,
When you buy a new kind of tie,
stuff like that,
Sorry. No complaints.
Do we have a radio here?
Who cares what the news is?
I just thought maybe...
...we might want some music,
Traffic signals are out
across the capital region...
...creating major gridlock
in downtown areas.
All expressways In the region
are closed.
Damn! I wanted to take this thing
out on the highway!
The Tomel Expressway to Numazu,
the Kan'etsu to Tsuklyono...
...and the Chuo to Katsunuma
are all closed both ways to traffic.
The Tohoku Expressway is closed
as far north as Utsunomlya...
What the hell?!
It's true!
This club's closed. Too!
I can't reach anyone!
I told you, didn't I?
The city's blacked out.
I wanted to have fun
one last time!
What do you mean.
'One last time'?
Um... you're crushing me,
My breasts.
They're cutting them off tomorrow,
Breast cancer... that's what I have.
So for the last time I wanted
to wear my favorite clothes...
...Have fun...
...and say goodbye to my breasts.
So where do we go next?
Let's go see something
we can't see any other time.
...what would you do
if suddenly I was gone?
Did you go to the hospital today?
Before that. Why did you ask?
What did your father want?
Remember I told you my mother
divorced my dad after I was born...
...and then died?
That's not true,
It looks like they weren't married
when she had me,
...my father was having an affair,
and I was born illegitimate,
So your father was married
to someone else?
It blows me away. Too.
I just found out today.
My father was serious about
this other woman...
...so he divorced his wife.
Took me and brought me up.
...She's alive,
You mean...
The woman who had me
married another man...
...had children. Grandchildren.
And has lived a happy life,
I heard her voice for the first time
today on the phone.
Why did your father
tell you this now?
I guess he knows,
I haven't told you.
The other day the doctor said...
...he has less than three months
to live.
Now he says...
...he wants to see her.
I've never seen my dad
like that before.
Tonight? In the blackout?
If you don't go now,
you might never go.
Hang on!
Family? This way, please,
No, not me,
Me, neither,
What? That's not your baby?
She's just the woman I love...
I don't understand...
Will one of you come with me!
You lied.
About what?
You said that was just a decoration,
It is if you don't play it,
Even if you're a pro bassist?
I don't want to play it,
Then why do you look after it
so carefully?
So it's ready to play,
I don't get it,
As you get older,
things get harder to explain,
What a waste!
And you made a record. Too.
Wait... when did I tell you that?
I'm sorry. I saw the record.
Inside, too?
Kind of,
There was a plane ticket in it,
That's why I quit jazz.
Was the picture from New York?
Ten years ago, when I started
earning a living playing bass...
...I had a chance to go to New York,
so I jumped at it.
I was backing up
a lot of different people...
...and I got a chance to record
as the bandleader,
That's great!
No. It didn't sell at all.
But, to be honest,
I was real, real happy.
The ticket...
I sent the record and a ticket
to a woman I'd broken up with...
...asking her to give it another try,
So why's the ticket here?
She sent it back,
She'd gotten married,
Stupid. Huh? I never even
thought of that,
Suddenly I lost all my ambition,
Then things started going wrong,
I came slinking back to Japan...
...and became a bitter old
jazz-bar owner.
Did you love her, Mr. Kido?
If I didn't. Would I have
invited her to New York?
If you loved her.
Why did you break up?
She might...
That's all I'm going to say.
Are you waiting for someone?
Here we go,
Watch the ceiling...
I'm fine,
A little further...
OK. We're going to lift you...
On 3...
1, 2, 3!
You're all right?
Not hurt?
I'm sorry for all the trouble,
It was no trouble,
Are you staying here?
I can't leave the hotel now,
When the power comes back on,
I'll get the first plane to Shanghai.
Don't tell her you were shut
in an elevator with another woman.
No, I won't.
I'll get you a taxi,
No. I'll walk home.
I need some air,
When I get home, I'll run
a hot bath and go to bed.
...good luck,
My name's Saeki,
Come in,
It's rude of me
to have come so late...
Just like him,
Your voice.
It's just like your father's
when he was young,
Come in,
You must hate me...
I won't make any excuses,
The fact is, I abandoned you.
Don't trouble yourself over it,
I was too young to remember.
I'm sorry!
Please! I haven't come here
to criticize you.
Raise your head, please.
Please... Look at me,
...if you'd like to see these...
My wife insisted I bring them.
I see... your wife...
Perhaps. If you'd allow it...
I'd like to hold you
in my arms again,
Only once did I have the chance...
...to hold you,
Would you...
...come see my father?
Last year you bumped into her?
In the train station.
What did she cry about?
Her husband cheating on her.
She said he made her feel
like she wasn't needed...
...So of course she'd feel sad,
And it started again...
No! I haven't seen her since.
She just calls me up,
and I listen to her,
She probably cried for the same reason
when you broke up with her.
'He doesn't need me,' she thought,
She wanted to go with you.
Breaking up with her
was a horrible thing to do!
Are you drunk?
Asking afterwards would be too late,
Any fool could see that.
You don't drink?
No, I don't! So what?
I didn't know how it'd go,
I couldn't drag her into that.
You're rationalizing.
You just didn't want to be tied down,
You wanted to be free
to do things your own way.
Sometimes that's the nicest way,
Then why send a ticket later?
'It's all right now.
You can come to New York'?
Did you ever think how much
losing you would have hurt her?
Were you just feeling guilty?
No, I wasn't!
Why didn't you ask her when you went?
Excuse me.
You all right?
Are you sure this is OK?
No problem! This place is so old
no one uses it any more.
It's beautiful!
It really is,
An observatory,
right here in the city!
So this is where you look at stars...
I've never seen stars like this
over Tokyo before...
You hardly ever can,
The buildings give off too much light,
The smog and dust people throw up
hide the stars, too.
A true star nut...
I'm a satellite nut, actually,
That sounds even nerdier,
Satellites are gods,
That looks like a shooting star.
But it's a satellite,
People wish upon satellites
without knowing it,
If your wish comes true...
...who cares?
There are almost 10.000 satellites
going round the earth...
...And one great big one
that no one knows who sent up,
It could be a secret American base,
or an alien mother-ship...
There are lots of rumors.
But no one knows,
Isn't that cool?
Its code-name is X00639...
...but we just call it 'God'.
It was visible over Japan tonight,
Part of it might have fallen off
and landed here.
This blackout tonight just might be
an act of 'God',
I saw that 'God',
...When we were on your bike,
I was thinking.
If I had a baby, how would I feed it
without any breasts?
But then I remembered
I could always give it a bottle,
Why are you talking like that?
Why are you crying?
I'm having the operation...
...Because I want to live.
Oh. It's you...
It's so quiet...
I'm sorry,
A baby...
It's born!
It's born!
A boy!
It's a boy!
Thank you,
3800 grams, A fine baby boy,
Hold him.
Can I?
He's heavy...
He's moving his arm...
Do you have children?
Not yet,
Babies are wonderful.
Just looking at them
you feel yourself being renewed,
Yes. You do,
Thank you, Gin,
So where's the father?
In Osaka on business.
I was a week early.
He'll have a shock when he gets back,
What's he like?
He's very calm and quiet.
Like a ray of sun,
He sounds nice.
And he treasures me and Jinya,
Jinya? Your older son?
He's nearly five,
He's cute,
You're lying,
You look tired.
Yes. I've had a hard day,
So have I.
I realize we've only just met.
But will you come for a drink?
I find myself in the mood for one,
If there's a place open, that is,
How about you?
I appreciate the invitation.
But my wife's waiting at home,
Well, that's important...
I'll give you a lift,
No, I'm fine,
I insist. It's a long night,
Well, there is one bar that's open.
Let's go there, then,
I'm sorry,
It's nice when someone tells you
what they think.
Oh. I can't drink any more...
No, that's a 'sober-up' cocktail.
There's no alcohol in it,
My closing down tonight
was kind of like a prayer.
I felt if I didn't do that
then she'd never come,
And it looks like she isn't going to,
So let's shut it down,
I think she'll come,
So you have to stay open,
She won't come,
She might.
No way.
What do you bet?
Why should I bet on this with you?
I know... play your bass, For her.
That much I could do.
You promise?
There it is! Way down here!
I think I'd better not,
At least come in
with me for a while...
Um... are you going into that bar?
Yes, just for one.
Is it open?
You're welcome to join us
if you'd like.
You don't mind?
It's hard to go in alone.
Come on, then,
Come in,
She's young!
Don't jump to conclusions,
Are you still open?
You're my first customers tonight.
Sit down.
Mr. Kido...
Isn't that her?
You think I was dating
high-school girls?
What'll it be?
I'll just have one cocktail,
A stiff one,
And you?
A single-malt scotch...
and hot water,
Water, I quit drinking,
May good things happen to you,
It's beautiful,
I made it, from melted-down stubs,
To get that color?
I love burned-down candle stubs,
There's a light in them
new ones never have,
There you go.
It's snowing...
Are you celebrating tonight?
Does it look that way?
You look like
you're enjoying the drink,
Well. I guess you could say
there's been one bad thing...
...and then one good thing,
What's the good thing?
For the first time in decades
I was there when a baby was born.
That cheered me up.
That's wonderful!
Excuse me, I have to go,
What? Hey...
He's a strange one,
If I might ask...
...what was the bad thing?
Well, since it's a night like this,
maybe I could tell you...
It happened before we were married,
so I guess to someone else...
...it might even sound funny.
Well. I've got a funny story
like that, too,
Oh? That's something
I'd like to hear,
Will you laugh for me?
You look like you want to
get it off your chest.
Since it's a night like this.
Maybe I could tell you...
I'm home.
She won't come,
She won't come here,
and she won't go with you.
She and her husband
have accumulated a history...
...That you
don't know anything about,
So she won't be coming,
At least, I hope not,
I'm being selfish. Aren't I.
I hope she comes.
I think everyone has
a love they can never forget,
I understand that feeling...
...of knowing it'll never come back,
but still wanting to see him again.
She's here!
Excuse me!
Mr. Kido!
You're here...
You must be hungry.
I have some miso soup ready...
Go to him,
Go and see him.
Wake up!
Are you Santa?
I wanted to meet you.
I wanted to meet you, too,
Will you come back next year?
I'm back,
I'm being sent...
...away from Tokyo.
New York?
Nothing like that. To Sendai,
I guess we'd better start packing.
It's a demotion.
Sendai's fine,
I've always wanted to go and live
somewhere else,
We'll take your father, too,
Let's go home.
Thank you,
It's like you brought
a lot of good things with you.
So it's goodbye to this bar...
I've quit the idea of quitting,
The bar's a dump,
but the alley has a good feel to it.
This is for the candles,
I couldn't!
Call it wages for helping out here.
I can't pay you cash,
This'll have to do,
New York's a great place to visit.
You mean this?
Go with a guy you like.
The lights!
They're back.
Did you know you can follow
Santa Claus on the internet?
The U. S, and Canadian militaries...
...track him by
reconnaissance satellite.
And they call that work?
It's volunteers,
Isn't it cool that soldiers
would help children to dream?
So when does Santa come to Tokyo?
Let me see...
Last night,
And he brought us a huge blackout?
Some present that was!
Tomorowo TAGUCHI
Haruka IGAWA
Tsuyoshi ABE
Kanata HONGO
Executive Producer
Yasushi SHIINA
Miyako ARAKI
Screenplay by
Director of Photography
Naruyoshi KIKUCHI
Production Designer
Sound Recorder
Takayuki SATO
VFX Supervisor
Terumitsu OKADA
Casting Director
Tsuyoshi SUGINO
Music Producer
Music Director
Theme Song "Wait Until Dark"
written & arranged by NARUYOSHI Kikuchi
Original Soundtrack, DAITEIDEN NO YORUNI
ewe records/east works entertainment inc,
With Support from
The Agency for Cultural Affairs
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