Untitled Chris Watts Project (2020) Movie Script

..Tonight. I'm
theresa marchetta.
- And I'm tom mustin.
The disappearance of a
pregnant frederick woman
and her two children
has captured the
nation's attention.
Shan'ann watts and
her two young daughters
haven't been seen in
the last two days.
We have live team
coverage of this case.
Jaclyn allen is
in the neighborhood
where there is an
active investigation
underway right now.
- they seemed like
a normal family..
- Listening to them
as they ask neighbors
"have you seen this woman?
Do you know
this woman?"
this is a very visible effort..
..Bring in denver 7
investigative reporter
jace larson who's
learning from top sources
more about this investigation
and the husband's involvement.
So, one thing that I
just wanted to say is
you.. You have to set an
example for your kids.
Bella: You have
to set an example.
Thank you for your help, honey.
Um, but you can't just
preach at your kids,
you have to live it.
Bella: To
live it.
- That's right, you
have to live it.
So take that leap
of faith in yourself
and just..
Bella: Take that
leap of health.
- that leap of health
and just know that
whatever it is in your
life that you want..
Bella: Whatever it is
in your life you want.
- If you just take
that leap of faith
in yourself, you can have it.
Bella: You can.
-That's right.
Wherever she is,
I hope she's safe.
And with the kids,
but, like, I don't,
like, could she have taken off?
I don't know.
But if someone has
her and she's not safe,
like, I want them back.
Like, that's where my head's at.
Like, if they're safe right now,
like, they're gonna come back.
But if they're not safe, like,
that's the not knowing part,
like, if they're
not safe, like..
Chris, this is tammy lee,
she'll be giving you
a polygraph today.
- Chris, good to meet you.
- Thanks.
- So, uh, I think this
is the best way forward
and when you're done here
we'll figure out next steps.
- Okay, sounds like a plan.
-Have a seat.
So I just want you
to feel confident
that if you had
nothing to do with
your wife's disappearance,
I will find that out today.
The only way you
can fail the test is
if you don't listen
to my directions
or you choose to lie to me.
Yeah, I've never
had a lie detector
done on me before.
Most people haven't.
It's not a normal thing
that people go through.
- Yeah, no, I just have
no idea what to expect.
That's normal.
Just so you know,
we do this in all
our missing person cases,
so don't think we're
just singling you out.
We always start from the inside
and work our way out.
We can tell the
investigators, you know,
hey, we've cleared
chris. He's good to go,
you don't have to
worry about him.
Okay.. Okay.
Obviously, if you
had something to do
with your wife's disappearance,
then it would be very
stupid to come in and
take a polygraph today, so..
Of course.
Let's just start at the
beginning, just treat me
like someone who
doesn't know anything
and catch me up on your
life with shan'ann.
Hey, chris!
Come here, I have to
tell you something!
"oops, we did it again"
I like that shirt!
Wait.. Really?
- Really.
Oh, god, really?
- Really.
-Oh, it's pink.
Does that mean
it's gonna be a girl?
- We don't know, that's
just what the test says.
I know, I know.
God! Oh, this
is awesome!
That is..Oh!
I guess when you want
it to, it just happens.
Ah, come
here... Mmm.
-Hey, man.
What's the damage here?
Monitor's shot.
Run it by the office
if you get a chance.
Nikki will take care of it.
Hey, uh.. You missing
something, man?
You sure?
Oh, my god. You
saved my butt.
That's what I'm here for.
I gotta get this thing resized.
It keeps slipping off.
How far you down now?
Thirty pounds.
No kidding.
That's strive.
I keep telling you,
man, strive works.
Like, that's the metaburn..
I feel more focused,
I have more energy,
like, the pounds
keep flying off.
My wife will get
you on the program.
Seriously, all you have
to do is say the word.
Yeah, right.
There's a convention
this weekend
at the doubletree.
You should stop by.
I'm thinking about sleeping
this weekend, man.
Hey, uh, tell shan congrats
on the new kiddo.
Take her
out.. On me.
Gift cards.
Thanks, man.
I'm really hoping for a boy.
- Either way,
you're outnumbered.
Three is more than a few.
It's lots...
Like, many.
So I've been with strive
since January and, um,
I've already
earned two free trips.
Chris and I are gonna
go to cancun next year.
Um, I'm loving my job.
I get to travel and
I'm helping people
to live healthier,
happier lives,
including myself,
and I feel so blessed.
So what I want to say
this morning is, like,
does your job allow you
to live your best life?
Because you deserve that.
Everybody does.
Just be happy.
Um, period.
End of story.
And I'm gonna be at
the doubletree this-
I'm coming!
Come and say hi,
'cause I'm gonna be
giving out free
strive starter kits
to the first 50
strivers who come.
And next week I'm gonna
be in north carolina
gettin' my strive on,
so come and say hi.
Have a good
day.. Bye!
- Hello.
What are you thinking?
- Three is good!
I'm excited!
- It's gonna be
great. Come in.
-Is it just me,
or is chris looking
really good these days?
I know, right?
He feels so good too,
and he's been working out
every day and he
suddenly has a six-pack.
He's strivin'.
Oh, I have to show you this.
Look.. This is an app
that keeps track of
all your credit card charges
in case your purse gets stolen.
Or your husband buys
something he shouldn't.
It's just easier if I can
keep track of everything.
I'm just sayin'.
How long are you
going to north carolina?
-Six weeks.
It'll be good because
my parents are there
and the in-laws are there.
They'll all help
take care of the kids
while I do conference
sign with the clients,
I might even be able
to relax a little bit.
I mean, not as much
as chris, but some.
He's not going?
- He'll be there in
a couple of weeks.
He has to work.
He's gonna get so
bored in this house
all by himself.
Poor thing.
I need to make a father's
day video for chris.
Will you just press
the red button for me?
Hi chris. I just
wanted to say that
we are so blessed to
have you in our lives
and you do so much for us
and you take such
good care of us, um,
and you're the reason
that I was brave enough
to agree to 3.
So, you're incredible
and we're really lucky
to have you in our lives.
Happy father's day..
You look so sexy.
-Really? Thanks.
Water toast?
To a boy?
-A boy.
Have you thought about names?
Christopher watts ii.
You don't love
it. Okay, um..
Maybe we could name
him after my dad.
-Eddie. Eddie?
I want him to have friends.
I want him to be liked.
I was thinking
about, um.. Nico.
Okay, yeah.
Yeah, it's
awesome. I love it.
- Nico christopher watts.
Nico lee watts?
Waiter: Are you
ready to order?
Um.. I'm
gonna have-
shan'ann: Do you
have any kind of like
grilled chicken something?
- We have grilled chicken salad.
Let's have two of
those. We'll have two.
Thank you.
Hi kevin, hi judith.
-Hey shan'ann!
They're so fun.
Let's get out of here.
Oh! Yeah, baby?
Where's my helicopter?
You know what?
Let me help you.
We do not want to
miss this flight.
Hop in.
Great job, everybody.
And there
we go. Okay.
Okay, you girls
remember the rules?
Yes. No fighting
and listen to mommy.
That's right.
Pretty good.
Love you.
I'm gonna miss you.
You'll call me, right?
Yeah, of course.
-Okay, love you!
Love you too.
Be good, girls.
Bye, daddy.
We love you.
See you soon.
- Travel safe. See
you in a few weeks.
Well, it sounds like
you two were very happy.
We were, yeah.
And then we weren't.
I mean, last time
I spoke with shan
she wanted to separate.
Tell me about that.
Um, you and shan'ann
have good jobs,
a nice house, the
girls are adorable,
there's a baby on the way..
So, what am I missing?
Pfft, I-I..
You'd have to ask her.
Hey, jim.
Safety office.
Please hold.
Hi. What can
I do for you?
I'm easy.
Good, 'cause if one
more person asks me
about a replacement safety valve
I might not come
back from lunch.
I'm serious.
I'm just gonna get in
my car and just drive.
And that's the sixth one today.
But I like
you.. So...
Glad you like me.
Don't let it get to your head.
Too late.
If you have any problems,
give me a call.
You're quitting.
-Good for you.
Oh, no. I
don't smoke.
I, uh..
It's.. Strive.
Is that like a religious thing?
No, it's like,
uh, I don't know..
Vitamins and minerals.
Helps your body get,
like, fit, you know?
You look alright.
Just alright?
You look good.
Call me if you
have any problems.
Or even if you don't.
Hey, nikki.
It's chris, uh, chris..
Chris watts, the guy
you said you liked?
Hey, um..
Well, it worked
just fine. Thanks.
Sometimes I just
want to get in my car
and say to hell with it
and drive away and
never look back.
-And go where?
I don't know.
Figure it out when I get there.
How about you?
Where would you rather be?
You kidding? Right
here, right now.
No place I'd rather be.
The girls would love this place.
Daughters. Um,
bella and cece.
You're a dad?
That's bella.
- Cute.
Cece's on the right.
And you're married.
Why don't you wear a ring?
We're separated. We
live in the same house
but, like, I sleep
in the basement,
like, just trying to
sell the home, you know,
keep things cool
for the kids, so..
Hey. Would
I lie to you?
Would I lie to you?
What time am I picking
you up on Friday?
- Friday's my birthday!
You got plans?
Guess I do now.
Something was
definitely up with shan
when she went to north carolina.
I could feel it.
Was she worried that you
were apart for so long?
Do you think she could
have thought you were
maybe having an-
oh, no.
No, that's not me.
I'm not the kind
of guy that's like,
you know, my wife
is out of town,
let me see what
other girl I can find.
Like, I'm not like that.
I respect my wife,
she respects me.
There's nothing that
she could hold back.
Like, I am not the kind
of guy that just sort of
goes off and will
sleep with anyone.
No, like, people know me.
That is not who I am.
How are you?
Yay! Yahoo!
Coming to you live
from north carolina!
Hi casey, hi laura.
So I just wanted to
talk a little bit today
about mindfulness
and I wanted to
say that I'm really
grateful for my health.
A lot of you know this but
ten years ago my hair
started falling out
and I was getting
tired all the time
and eventually I was
diagnosed with lupus.
Um, I thought my life was over,
then I discovered strive and I..
I got my happy back.
Also my husband chris.
I am so grateful for you, chris.
You are the best and
I can't wait to see
what the future holds for us.
Hey, boo.
- Hey, chris, how are you?
Hanging in there.
How are the girls?
-They're great.
They're having so much fun.
Lots of dance parties,
lots of hide n' seek.
Are they still up?
Can I talk to them?
-Hi daddy!
Hey, munchkins. You
guys being good?
-I guess.
Hey, it's your
bedtime, isn't it?
Why don't you guys sleep tight,
do what your mom says
and don't let the
bedbugs bite, ok?
-Night night, daddy.
So tell me something good.
How is work?
Boo, I'm out with
the guys right now.
I gotta run.
I can't talk.
- Well, I love you.
I love you too.
- I'll talk to you so-
Wow.. Hi.
Happy birthday.
You didn't have to do that.
"nikki, your energy is insane.
You heat me up,
you make me melt,
and then you cool
me down like rain.
Happy birthday".
That may be the sweetest thing
anyone's ever said to me...
..And he listens.
That's really
sweet. Thanks.
You're welcome.
Do you feel that?
Come here.
Where are we going?
No, I did not.
Thank you.
Are you sure?
Waitress: I'll
be right back.
You got... All in
your teeth right here.
Get out.
Don't move.
My snack for later.
So things weren't
great between you two?
You know that spark, it just..
I kept hoping it
would kind of fix itself
but, um.. You know, it
just wasn't the same.
Now where's my lady?
Come here, little cece.
Okay, look. Daddy's
on camera right there.
Say "hi daddy".
-Hi daddy.
Say "I miss you and I love you".
- I love you, daddy.
I miss you.
- Good job,
girl. Okay.
Mom, say hi.
Good job. And we're
gonna blow a kiss.
Ready? One,
two, three..
Hi chris.
Say hi. Say "hi
daddy, I love you".
I miss you, daddy.
Bye, daddy.
Shan'ann: Okay,
bye. I love you.
Bali has some of the
most beautiful beaches
in the world.
What about cuba?
For the beaches?
The cars.
-I knew it.
You like cars?
- Yeah. They don't
need anything
from anyone, they grow
wherever they want..
Beautiful and free.
That's awesome.
Hey, is there anything in
that book that's nearby,
like, in colorado or something?
Oh, white sands.
- Oh, pfft. Everybody's
been to white sands.
You haven't been to white sands.
Wait... You've
lived here 27 years
and you've never
been to white sands?
Are you judging me?
Yes, I'm judging you!
Why don't we get
some time off work
and we're gonna go?
Have you done this before?
What's different?
You're different.
Hey, eddie.
- Hey, there's my
daughter in law.
-Good to see you.
I got something to show you.
-Oh, great.
Aww, is this for the girls?
For the boy.
Wait, we don't know
if it's a boy yet.
It's time for a boy to carry on
the watts family name.
Oh, here. Chris
used to love this.
Thank you, that's
cute. Thanks.
Where are the girls?
Uh, swing set.
Hey, girls!
Grampy's here!
So how did you
keep yourself busy
while they were away?
I was just being here.
Just working out, going
to work, you know,
going on runs and
keeping up the house.
Who keeps calling?
Come on. Let
me see that one
where you turn around.
This one?
Huh? No, what is that?
That's not a pose.
- Okay, you should take it.
She's ruining
the mood. Go.
Uh, yeah.
Don't move.
Where am I gonna go?
- Okay, hi. Just
hear me out.
I've thought about this
a lot and I don't want
the girls staying at
your parent's house
while we're on this trip.
Yeah, so, uh, what do you..
What do you want
me to do about it?
- I want you to call
your dad right now
and tell him we're
not going. Okay?
Chris! Hello?
Can you hear me?
Yeah. I will.
- You're gonna call him tonight?
- Okay, thank you.
That's all I ask, just..
I'm sorry. Honey,
I don't feel good.
I'm so tired and, um..
Are you okay?
- It doesn't really seem like
you want to be talking to me.
No, just.. I have long
days at work, you know?
I'm worn out.
Okay. Get
some rest.
Don't forget to eat dinner.
Oh, by the way.
I got an alert from visa
that there's a charge
at a place called
the wheelhouse?
That was me, yeah, why?
I don't want to nag you,
but, um, that's the card
we're trying to pay down, right?
Yeah, I remember.
I'm sorry, I was out with
the guys and I forgot.
Hey, you tell the girls
I love them and, um,
give them a big ol'
kiss for me, will ya?
- Okay. I love
you. I'll t-
Thank you.
What's that?
Company gift card.
They give me so many I
might as well use 'em.
That's nice.
I'm gonna run
upstairs real quick
and grab some clothes.
Be back down in a sec.
-you okay?
Yeah, it's just you
have this great house
and this perfect family.
I don't know why
you wouldn't want to
try to work things
out with your wife.
- I did. We
both did.
It's just.. We're
two different people.
Then.. Why aren't
you divorced yet?
- Because, I mean..
It's expensive, first of all.
We're still trying to figure out
what we want to
do with the house.
It's just..
It's a lot.
Well, it's super neat.
It's like no one lives here.
- That's shan'ann.
It's her jam all day.
Kids are cute.
That's shan'ann
too. Thank god.
No, the oldest.
What's her name?
Uh, bella.
She looks like you.
She's like your little mini me.
What are you getting at?
Nothing. Just..
Divorce isn't easy, so...
No, yeah. It's,
uh.. Nope. So...?
So I don't want to
be responsible for
destroying a family.
Oh, nikki, no, no.
There's nothing to destroy.
Just take me home, chris.
It's over. Nikki..
Take me home.
Nikki, hey,
look.. Nikki?
Hey, look, this is..
- he's probably just
trying to adjust.
You know how men are.
They panic at the word "baby".
Yeah.. I
don't know.
He seemed so happy
before we left.
-I'm sure he was.
Honey, he just needs to
wrap his brain around it.
Listen, when he gets there,
things will go back to normal.
It's just the way
marriage works.
Ups and downs and that's
just part of the game.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Look, I got you some
time off this weekend.
For what?
Woo hoo!
Woo hoo!
Where are we camping?
I'll take you to the site.
Wooo hooo!
Nikki: I didn't realize
how badly I needed this.
Mmm. We
both did.
Sometimes you just
gotta get away, you know?
I love you.
Do you mean that?
I mean that.
I love you.
I love you too.
- You didn't text me back!
I thought something
happened to you!
Sorry. I'll make
it up to you
next time I see you.
I love you, boo.
You know that.
- Right. I'm trying
to give you
your space but I'm
carrying our third child
and I'm fighting with
two little kids all day
and I'm trying to make money.
You need to talk to me.
What is going on?
Like.. Nothing.
I'll make it up to
you and the girls
next time I see you.
You know
what? No.
I'm tired of begging
for you to talk to me.
I'll just.. I'll
see you on Tuesday.
Have a good flight.
Thanks for taking me out here.
Thanks for coming.
I really.. Really..
Could she have been
seeing someone else?
Is that possible?
I don't know. But
if she is, like,
I don't care, like,
I wouldn't wonder
who that could be.
But, you know, I'm
fine. Just come back
and we'll talk about it later.
- Were you guys
having sex at all?
When I got to north carolina
it just didn't feel the same.
- Okay go..
Go get him!
Go get him!
Daddy, daddy!
Mwah! Mwah!
Did you guys miss me?
- Yes, we missed you!
-cool.. Hi.
Whatchu doing?
What are you doing biting on me?
I gotcha!
I got you.
Where's the other one?
I gotcha.. Grrrr!
- Uh oh, it's a monster!
- Just leave them alone.
Just let them be.
Mom, no.
They're gonna get a sunburn.
- No, they won't.
They'll be fine.
There's shade all
over the place.
There's not shade.
It's sunny.
Mom, we have to
get the girls ready.
- Relax, honey, they'll be fine.
It's a two and a half hour
drive to myrtle beach.
- There is plenty of time.
- We have to check in at
the hotel by 3:00 pm.
-So what...
bella: I want it!
Give it back.
Hey, daddy. I have
a song for you.
My daddy is a hero,
he helps me grow up strong.
He reads me books,
he ties my shoes,
you're a hero
through and through.
Daddy, I love you!
Here we are in north carolina.
It's the girls'
first time at the beach.
They're loving it!
They're having the best time.
Okay, so get to the booth early
'cause these strive
starter packs go fast.
Bye! Thank you!
How can you
be so mean?
How can you
be so mean?
Hey.. Hey,
can we talk?
Are you mad at
me 'cause I didn't
let the kids stay at
your parent's house?
Things are just a little
off with us right now.
But it's fine.
It's whatever.
-That's all?
Yeah, that's
it. It's fine.
No.. No, that's
not all. What's...
Girls, stay close, please.
What's happening?
I feel like..
Have you been happier
alone or something?
No, no, you know I
love you and the girls.
Chris, the past five weeks
have been awful for me.
I just miss
you. I miss..
You know, smelling
you in the sheets
and talking to you and
seeing you with the girls
and I just.. I..
Flat out miss you.
Now you're here and it's
like you're not there.
What's going on?
You haven't asked
me about the baby.
And you're not
talking about the girls.
I'm just, I'm worried.
And I'm..
I'm spotting.
These first 12 weeks,
they're scary and I just-
do you want
this baby? I mean...
Oh, my god.
What's happening?
You're the one
that wanted to try for a third!
What is happening?
I liked our family
the way it was, okay?
And now we're having three.
It's, like, a lot of
responsibility. Alright?
If you're done I need
to know right now.
I'm not done.
I need to know right now.
Tell me right now.
I just don't know
where my head is at.
I love you, I love the kids.
I just... Need
some time.
Guys, let's get to the car.
Come on.
Will you hold me?
I'm gonna fix this.
Things will get
better, I promise.
Something definitely
came to a head
in north carolina.
It was clear, like,
shan did not want to
be with me anymore.
Do you know if she
told anybody that,
like her mom or anybody?
She said she didn't, but...
I wanted to stay married.
She was distant and cold.
I don't know what I did.
Your wife keeps
tagging all these photos
of you and the
girls at the beach.
Shan'ann just puts
that stuff online
for work or whatever.
It's like her pr.
- Well, you guys
seem really happy.
- Are you sure you two aren't
trying to work things out?
Nikki, it is
over. We're done.
I love you.
- Okay. I'll see you
when you're back.
I missed you.
I thought you'd be
happy it was a boy.
I am happy.
You were an hour late!
I'm sorry, I just
had some things
I needed to think about.
- What did you
need to think about?
Look.. We have been
married eight years.
We have an
anniversary coming up,
we have two beautiful kids.
I don't want to be
the guy that just
blows all of that up.
What do you
want? Hm?
Start over, shan.
Just.. Forget about
the last six weeks.
- Yeah, they have not been good.
And that is
mostly my fault and..
Look, hey, maybe
when you're back from
this trip we could
just do something.
You know? Just us,
we take a trip.
Get amber to babysit
the kids or something?
That'd be perfect.
Come here.
August 10th,
that's when shan'ann
flew out with amber.
And she was really
mad when she left.
I don't know why.
I didn't even have any
time to think about it,
you know?
I was looking
after both the girls.
Just relax.
Take a breath.
We're about to get started.
Just, uh, lean forward
for me a little bit.
I need you to put your
hands above your head
like you're diving into a pool.
If these ever feel too tight,
just let me know, alright?
Now this is a cardio
cuff, same kind
you'd find in any
doctor's office.
We find we get a better reading
if we put it on the calf.
Alright, relax your leg.
Try to remain still.
And lastly, these
are the finger plates.
Put your hand there, please,
and spread your fingers for me.
In layman's terms,
these are just gonna
monitor your sweat
gland activity.
Is there anything else
you want to share with me
before we begin?
Nope. Let's..
Let's do it.
Alright. The coolest
thing about this
is that right now
there's only one person
in this room who knows the truth
and in about five minutes
there's gonna be two of us.
So that's the coolest part.
- Are you ready to begin?
Regarding shan'ann's
disappearance, do you
intend to answer all
the questions truthfully?
- Is your first
name christopher?
- Before 2018, did you
ever lose your temper
with someone you loved?
Do you know where
shan'ann is now?
Hi chris, I miss you!
Did you physically cause
shan'ann's disappearance?
Are you lying
about the last time
you saw shan'ann?
- Alright, this portion
of the test is finished.
You can relax.
How'd I do?
Good night, amber.
Police radio: Unit 18
2825 saratoga trail
wellness check in progress.
- you must be amber.
Yeah, hi.
- So what's going on?
Um, so my friend shan'ann and I
were on a business
trip this weekend.
I just dropped her off
at 2:00 am this morning.
Um, she's 15 weeks
pregnant and, um, well,
she felt really bad all weekend,
she wasn't eating or
drinking normally.
So she had a doctor's
appointment this morning
at 9:00. I asked if she
needed me to take her,
'cause she has two
little girls, um..
She's very distraught,
uh, 'cause, well,
she and her husband
were having issues,
but supposedly
they're separating
but I didn't know that
until I talked to him
this morning when I called
him because I was, like,
have you talked to
shan'ann or seen her
since she left for
work because, um,
you know, I can't
get a hold of her.
I have called, I have texted..
And her car's in the garage.
Her shoes that she
wears, like, literally
every single day
are at the front door.
Um, I called the
doctor's office and,
uh, she didn't show up
for her appointment.
- The husband's on the way?
- Yeah, he says
he's 45 minutes out
but he said that
a long time ago.
I don't know what's
taking so long.
- you can't just enter?
- No, I need permission
from the homeowner.
- doesn't change anything
that she's pregnant?
- No, the grandparents
could have taken her
and the kids somewhere.
Her phone could be dead.
If I saw her lying on the
ground it'd be different,
but I just can't violate
the homeowner's rights.
Oh, okay.
Oh, that's him.
That's chris,
that's chris's truck.
-How are you?
- is this the only
car she would drive?
Yeah, car seats are here.
You mind if I come in, chris?
- can we take a look upstairs?
I just want to make sure
she isn't passed out somewhere.
I found her phone.
-Her phone's here?
Her phone's here.
- It was under that
pillow there, I think.
She doesn't go anywhere
without her phone.
Do you know her passcode?
It used to be 2386 but
now it's six digits?
The baby's due date.
Um, could she have
gone to the pool?
To the pool?
- There's a little rec
centre down there.
Uh, do you want me
to go check, or..?
- Are you going through
any marital issues?
We're separated.
She didn't tell me that.
- Have you filed yet?
No, we're still figuring out
what we're doing with the house.
- How's that going
so far? Civil?
well.. Civil.
-What's that?
Found her wedding ring.
Told you she wanted to leave me.
- alright, well, maybe we should
just head next door then.
What for?
Uh, any motion
event that'll happen
on this street..
I got it.
5:17.. This
is him.
Yeah, I'm just
loading up my stuff.
I got coolers and
tools for my toolbox,
computer.. You know,
lunch box, book bag.
Yeah, usually I'll park
around the side here but
there's so much stuff to
load up it's just easier
to pull up, you know,
just back up, so..
- any sign of shan'ann
leaving the house?
Is there anything you
want to do with this, or..?
- Uh, well, detective
baumhover just showed up
so he'll probably
want to talk to you
and check and see
if there's been any
suspicious bank activity, or...
Alright, well, hey, thanks.
Yeah, no worries.
I have no inclination
about where they're at
and I've exhausted,
like, every friend that
I know of, and, like,
every friend I have
has called friends
that shan'ann has
that maybe I don't know about.
And she's, like..
Well, vanished.
She's just..
She just...
Like, I came home last night
and it was like a ghost town.
Like, nobody was home.
She wasn't home.
The kids weren't home.
Like, I have no
idea where they went.
And it's just like..
It doesn't even
feel real right now.
You know, this just..
It feels like, you know,
a nightmare that I
can't wake up from.
Like, I don't even..
I don't know..
If you have any more, like..
- Your wife shan'ann
is 15 weeks pregnant.
I know this may be
a tough question but
did you guys get
into an argument
before she left or anything?
- It wasn't like an argument.
We had an emotional
It's not my-
-stop lying!
Where were you on Monday?
There was a leak at the site.
- Where are you now?
Cece's bed.
- Where are the sheets?
I had to put them in the wash.
They were stinky, so...
I gotta go.
Hey, chris.
Um.. I brought graham
in here with me because
we wanted to talk to you
about your test results.
Chris, I'm gonna go ahead
and sit next to you.
Do you mind scooting down?
I'm a little claustrophobic.
- Yeah.
So it was completely
clear in the testing
that you were not being honest,
but you already know that.
I did not lie.
I, like, I don't know
anything other than
what I already told
you, so, like-
it's not even an option
because you failed
the polygraph, so I know
you're being deceptive.
And it's normal.
People make mistakes.
And initially you're gonna go
"I don't know what
you're talking about.
I didn't do anything".
It's like if you
say to your kids
"did you write
on the wall?"
and they go "no" and
you're like, "well,
I can see that you have
marker on your hands"
and they're like "oh, okay".
Eventually you're
going to tell the truth.
And this is your
"eventually tell
the truth" moment.
So.. What happened?
I don't know.
I don't know where they're at.
Like, I want them to come home.
But you know they're
not coming home.
I don't know that.
You know they're not.
I hope they do come home.
Chris, chris,
but you're lying about
something else here today,
and we need to talk about that.
I cheated on her.
I cheated on her and
I'm not proud of that.
I, like.. She accused
me of it, I denied it.
Like, look...
She was pregnant.
I feel horrible about that
but I did not hurt her.
I cheated on her, I
hurt her emotionally
and I feel terrible but, like..
I fell in love
with someone else.
That is god's honest truth.
Chris, in the interview
today you weren't asked
anything about infidelity, so..
Why do you think
you failed the test?
In the back of my head I,
like, I was holding back.
I knew I was holding back.
That's why I failed.
It's okay, chris.
We knew when we
first had you in.
We knew all about nikki.
She called, told us everything.
That's why we didn't
ask you in the test..
Because we already
knew the answer.
Mr. Watts?
I'm tammy.
I'm the polygrapher.
I just wanted to check on you
and see if you needed anything.
No, uh.. How's
he holding up?
Surprisingly well,
given the circumstances.
I know he just wants
to get back out there
- we both do - to find
shan'ann and the girls.
I'll bet.
I just can't believe that
she'd do this to us,
you know?
You think she got
mad and ran off?
You don't know shan'ann.
Well, she seems nice enough.
Well, everyone "seems" nice.
- You know what, chris?
You have been in here for hours
and you have not shed one tear
over your girls, not one.
- I don't know what
you want me to say?
Like, I'm not-
don't look into that.
It's not like I
don't love my kids!
- Just explain that to me, okay,
because if I lose my kid
in the supermarket for
a minute I am panicking.
I'm, like, I'm also panicked!
- Okay, and you're
telling me that
you're having these
emotional conversations
with your wife and you
haven't cried once..
Not once for your baby
girls who are missing.
I need to find them,
like, those girls are my life!
- Then help us find
your baby girls.
Look at them, chris.
- Chris, did shan'ann
do something to them?
No.. What?
- Did shan'ann do something,
maybe it was an accident?
Something happened in the
house and maybe you felt-
did she do something to them
and then you did
something to her?
No.. No.
- Did you have to cover
something up for shan'ann?
- Chris, people make mistakes
and it's what they do
after those mistakes
that makes them who they are.
So what I think is that maybe
shan'ann did something,
and I think you're the
kind of guy who would
feel like they had to
cover it up for her.
I did not kill my kids.
-Tell us.
Tell us what happened, chris.
Can I just talk to
my dad or something?
-Of course.
He flew all the way
across the country,
can I just talk to him?
-Absolutely. Sure.
Chris, your dad is not
going to stop loving you
no matter what you tell him.
You're his son.
Hello, son.
So.. Want to tell
me what's going on?
I went downstairs and I heard..
She freaked out
and I go upstairs
and she's choking..
And they were blue..
I freaked out..
And I did the
same thing to her..
We know you drove
out to the work site
early that morning..
So we figure
shan'ann and the
girls are out there?
I don't want to leave
'em there another minute.
When was this taken?
Oh, it's today.
Where is shan'ann, chris?
Cece was just sprawled
out and that's when I saw
shan on the baby
monitor on top of bella..
And I ran in there.
- She was on top of
her strangling her?
When I got in there,
bella's just not moving..
So I pulled shan'ann
off and I just..
I lost it.
- After you argued, did
you have any inkling that
shan'ann would do
something like this?
No.. We loved
those girls.
Her family members told
me that shan was unstable
but I didn't think
she was capable of
anything like this.
- Okay, so then what happened?
I loaded the
bodies into the truck..
And, uh, drove to the work site.
I buried shan'ann.
- And where are the girls?
I wasn't thinking.
I took them out,
I put each one of
them into a tank.
- In the tanks?
What's in them?
- A mixture of oil and water.
Remember when you
first sat down here
I told you I would get to
the truth, it's my job?
This is the truth.
- I think we're close but
we're not quite there.
I didn't hurt those girls.
- They found the bodies.
But what happens
when it comes back
and the evidence is against you?
It won't.
-You're sure?
I'm 100% sure.
But chris, shan'ann
seemed like a good mom.
I'm a pretty good dad.
When you saw her
choking your babies,
did you ever think
to call an ambulance?
You can imagine
we're pretty cynical
about these things, right?
It really does look
like you wanted to have
a new life and the only
way to get it was to
kill the kids before
shan'ann got home.
If I come into a room and
my kid's been decapitated
I still call the ambulance.
It just doesn't..
It doesn't make any sense.
It doesn't add up.
So you're either
a monster who says
I want this hot
girlfriend so I'll just
kill everybody and
hope it turns out..
Or something else.
I'm not a monster.
Mr. Watts,
stand up.
- what are you
thinking now, chris?
Can you face the wall here?
- That I let everyone down.
Arms straight out to the side.
- My friends, my
family.. Everyone.
Face me, please.
Arms out.
The emerging details in
the disappearance of the
pregnant colorado mother
and her two little girls,
investigators now believe
they have found the
bodies of shan'ann
and her children.
To the outside world,
the watts family seemed perfect.
On social media shan'ann
watts appeared to have
the ideal life, showing photos
of family vacations
and business trips.
My husband,
I am so grateful for you, chris.
I love you and I
can't wait to see
what the future holds for us.
- Just after pleading
for their return,
her husband chris
watts appeared in court
reportedly confessing
to killing her
and disposing of the
bodies of all three.
Friends say that chris
always played the part of
loving husband
and devoted father.
It's hard to make
sense of this all,
and I think the question
on everyone's mind is why.
Bet you weren't
expecting to see us.
You look different.
Well, they just made me..
Shave it all off these days.
Looks good.
Tammy: So how
you doing?
Pretty good. What
about you guys?
Graham: Yeah.
So let's just, uh,
put some fears aside.
I mean, the last time we
talked was a different
situation but now
your case is closed,
we're not interested in
getting any more charges.
Tammy and I have been
talking and, um, everyone
that we've spoken to
says the same thing.
They say, "we
didn't see it coming".
Every single one,
and so we thought you might have
some things you want
to get off your chest..
Some things you might
want to talk about.
You want the truth.
Well, it may bring peace of mind
to you and everyone involved.
Shan'ann's family especially.
I loved shan'ann.
Nikki was like a drug.
She just.. She
made me feel like
I couldn't do anything wrong..
Like I mattered, like I
was important, you know?
She.. Asked
my opinion.
The whole time shan'ann
was in north carolina
I was with nikki.
The whole time
I never slept a
single night at home.
It's like I had blinders on.
Tammy: So
what happened that morning?
We need to talk.
It's the middle of
the night, babe.
Shan, we need to talk now.
Shan... Now.
Ow! What are
you doing?
- That didn't feel right.
Sex with your wife
didn't feel right?
What are you talking about?
It felt like a test, shan.
You're crazy!
Get off me, this is
gonna hurt the baby.
Get off of me.
Get off!
Get off!
Get off of me!
Say it..
Say it!
Say it!
Say it.
There's someone else.
What's her name?
You know, I knew it.
I knew.
Last night with the
credit card charges,
that was you guys, right?
You're disgusting!
I'm sorry, shan.
I don't know what got into me.
When did this start?
When you went to north carolina.
You're pathetic.
You're a pathetic man.
Well, shan, I don't
know what I want.
Well, I do. I
want a divorce.
Does that make you happy?
Does that make it
easier for you?
Can we be civil?
There's nothing civilized about
cheating on your
wife, you ass...!
Who do you think
you are? Seriously?
No! You don't get
to do this to me!
You don't get to do
this to our girls,
to our son.. No.
No! You make
our lives hell,
I'm gonna make your
life so much worse.
Shan, don't say that.
All our friends are gonna know.
Shh. Shut up.
I'm gonna tell everybody
exactly who you are
and what you did.
I'm gonna tell your parents..
You're gonna have no friends!
Between spousal support
and child support,
you're not gonna have two
pennies to rub together!
And if you think I'm
gonna let our daughters
hang out with that whore..
You're crazy!
No way!
This is my house now.
I want you out of here, go.
No.. Shh.
I want you to leave,
I want you to
leave. Go!
Get out! Get out!
I want you out!
Shut up!
Shhh.. Shhh.
I was just angry.
I'd been mad since July and it
must have had
something to do with it.
I just.. Felt like this
fuse had been burning
and it just burned to its end.
I couldn't let go.
I wanted to, I tried
to.. I couldn't.
Like somebody had their
arms around me, I just,
I couldn't..
I woke up that morning,
it's like the seed
was just planted in me
and that was what was
gonna happen that day.
I didn't have any
control over it.
I saw my whole
life just disappear
in front of my eyes and
I still couldn't let go.
And then she was gone.
Tammy: Where
were the girls?
No, no, no, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Girls: Mommy
shh shh.
The girls, you mentioned
that cece was first.
Did you use a blanket
to cover her face, or..?
Chris: There was a blanket,
then my hand.
Graham: Where
was bella?
- She was in the truck,
she didn't know
what was going on.
She was just sitting
there right next to us.
- So after cece was gone, you...
Chris: I took
her and I, uh..
I put her in a tank
and I went back to the truck
and bella asked me,
"is the same thing that
happened to cece
going to happen to me?"
I told her yes.
Just like a horrible person,
I just...
I put the blanket
over her head..
And I did the same thing to her.
She kept saying
"daddy, no!"
"daddy, no", those were
the last words she said.
I keep hearing her
say that every day.
Every day.
I loved those girls.
They were my life.
I'd do anything
to take that back.
But I can't.
I just can't.
Tammy: No,
you can't.
Well, we got the truth.
Something's still eating
at you, what is it?
-No defensive wounds.
Shan'ann didn't struggle.
She didn't fight him.
The entire time
she thought he was gonna let go.
Right up til the very end.
Tammy: Maybe
we do only see
what we want to, but..
If that's the case
then we never
really know anyone.
And that's terrifying.