Unwritten (2018) Movie Script

[tense music]
[eerie music]
[dramatic music]
- Al?
Al, Al.
- Okay, but I haven't
finished writing the story.
"The Ultimate Weapon"
by Albert Flinch.
Chapter one.
Our story begins
30 years from now.
He was stationed in Area 51
but he would be back for it
because contained within
the pages of that book
was all he needed to
destroy the world.
- Al!
No, Al.
- Sorry, but that's
all I've got.
Petie, I told you I wasn't done.
- Al, ahhh.
- I can't take this,
it's your magic orb.
- Al, Al.
- [Albert] Oh you
think it'll help me
finish writing my story?
- Yawwwh.
- I'll finish writing
it tomorrow, okay?
I promise.
But for now...
- Al?
- Petie!
Stay right there!
- Al!
- Look out!
- Al, Al!
- Petie!
No, Petie!
No, no.
No, Petie, no.
How you doing,
buddy, sleep okay?
[clock ticking]
[spray hissing]
Okay, Hemingway,
today is the day.
Okay listen to me, Hemingway.
You're in charge
while I'm gone, okay?
Got that?
All righty.
Give me five.
All right.
[tense music]
I'm going, I'm going.
Hang on, hold your horses.
Here we go.
Here we go.
I'm going.
[breathing heavily]
Okay, I can do this.
I can do this.
Liv needs me.
I can do this.
I can do.
[dramatic music]
[typewriter clacking]
[wind blowing]
[motor chugging]
- Dammit.
Albert, I know you're in there!
- [Albert] Go
away, we're closed.
We open when I'm awake.
- It's me, Liv.
Your offspring.
- Oh my God, Livvie, it is you.
- So are you gonna
let me in, or?
- Yeah, please, come in.
Come in.
[chimes jingling]
Oh, look at you.
The last time I
saw you, you were,
now you're so tall
and you look great.
Welcome to the Omega
Used Bookstore.
- So do you live here?
- Yeah.
I have an apartment out back.
- What, this way?
- Yeah.
You ought to check out
my UFO section out front.
It's award-winning.
People come from
all over to see it.
It's a pretty huge
selection, huh?
- [Liv] Do you even get
any customers out here?
- Yeah, yeah, of course.
We get a lot of people heading off area 51
looking for UFO books.
I have a great
selection out front.
And it's probably the best
selection in the city,
probably United
States, you know.
Something we're proud of.
You know, people come
from all over to see it.
- So this way?
- No, no, no, it's uh,
hmmm, okay.
- Where's your apartment?
- Um, well it's more like a
studio apartment, you know.
'Cause you gotta
keep the real estate
for the business aspect
of things, right.
[clock ticking]
- [Liv] What, this is it?
- Yeah.
That's more like a bedroom.
- This isn't like
a bedroom at all.
- Yeah well I have a bad back
and the cot is
actually quite firm
and it serves its purpose.
- Just a microwave?
- It's not just any microwave.
I mean look, I could
cook a whole turkey
if you wanted.
Popcorn, defrost, multi purpose.
- And where's your fridge?
- I don't need one.
- What, you drink warm beer?
- Yeah well apparently
if you drink warm liquids
it absorbs the body better
so I get drunk faster.
- No, it's just gross.
- Okay.
- What do you do for food?
- I manage.
I'm breathing, I'm
moving, I'm alive.
- Oh my god.
- I like soup.
- Clearly.
Is this all you eat?
- Yeah, but you'd be surprised.
I mean there's chicken and beef.
Look at this, it's
vitamin A and C and D.
- Where do you get
your water from?
You don't have a kitchen.
- The sink.
- What sink, you
don't have a kitchen.
- Tada.
Welcome to the best drinking
water in Lincoln County.
- Where's your shower?
- See, what the Japanese, they
do these freestanding showers
where you don't need a tub
or a sink, or anything.
It's quite efficient.
Livvie, please don't go.
Stop, Livvie, please, please.
I just want a
moment of your time
so we could talk and I could see
what you've been up to
for, it's been seven years.
I just wanna know how you been.
- No.
I am only here because
it was mom's dying wish
for us to reconnect.
But you couldn't even
go to her funeral!
- I tried.
I just, I couldn't.
- You tried?
What the hell does that
mean that you tried?
- I have, um...
I have an issue with...
Listen, okay, um.
Okay look, can I just,
can you just give me
a second of your time?
I'm sorry, listen, I
failed as a father,
I know I did.
But I'm here for you now and I just want
to take advantage of this moment so you--
- No, no, no.
You are not here for me.
I am here for you.
And now I'm leaving.
- No, don't.
[chimes jingling]
Wait, you ride a motorcycle?
Do you realize how
dangerous those things are?
You can get killed.
- Yeah.
And people die from
cancer every single day.
You cannot tell me what I
can and can't do anymore.
- Listen, I care for you, okay?
I don't want you to get killed.
I'm your dad!
- No, you are not my dad.
You may be my biological father
but you are not my dad.
I have lived my whole
life without you
and I certainly do
not need you now.
Are you gonna take it, or?
- I uh...
I have a problem going outside.
- What?
When's the last time
you left this bookshop?
- About a year?
- Holy shit.
So that's why you didn't
go to mom's funeral.
[somber music]
[motorbike starting]
[phone ringing]
- [Man] Hello.
- Hey, Dr. Tanner.
It's Liv.
I know it's been a
really long time, but,
I have a huge favor to ask you.
[tense music]
[chimes jingling]
- Hey there.
- Hey.
- You work here?
- [Albert] Yeah, yeah.
- Pretty sizeable establishment
for the middle of nowhere.
- Yeah.
We get the odd tourist
heading out to Area 51.
- Name's Sherwood.
- [Albert] Nice to meet you.
- Yeah, normally you
would fist bump me
and tell me your name.
- Oh, like that.
- Poofff.
I like to blow things up.
- Oh.
- Your name?
- Uh, Albert, Albert.
Have you been here before?
- Can't say that I have.
- You heading over to Area 51?
- I work out that way.
- Oh, yeah, what do you do?
- I'd tell you,
but I'm not going to.
Let's just say I'm not
at liberty to discuss it
for your own safety.
- You're messing with me, right?
- [chuckling] No.
- No?
- What I can tell
you is that what I do
will have a global impact.
- Whoah.
Sounds important.
You know, it's funny
you said that, actually,
just yesterday I read
this book on this,
the simple effects
of household products
and how they have
a global impact
and how they affect
the environment.
I think, I'm gonna think
it's right up your alley.
Anything that sounds
interesting to you at all?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
I mean for nonfic,
for nonfiction it's
actually not a bad read.
And literally, it's
right over here.
Now the author, she's
an unknown but she's,
you could finish this in a--
[eerie music]
Sherwood, Sherwood, Sherwood.
That's right about,
right about here.
Atomic chess?
This isn't one of my books.
Why would he leave this here?
Sherwood, doomsday
weapon, atomic chess,
all of it, you know?
It's like a,
it's like a picture
that's out of focus
and I just can't, I just
can't see it, you know?
It's there.
It's right there on the tip of
my tongue but I can't see it.
The deja vu, do you
guys get deja vu?
[tense music]
- The test is already scheduled.
- General, there are too
many unknown variables.
You can't go through with it.
- What are you
telling me, Dr. Lin?
You want me to
postpone the test?
- I'm saying that
it's too powerful.
This weapon should
never be tested.
- [chuckling] So you want
me to just put it out there
on the battlefield
and hope for the best?
- No, sir.
The Goliath weapon should
never be detonated.
Once detonated, it'll create
an infinite chain reaction
that will result in
global annihilation.
- Why wasn't I told
about this until now?
- Because Sherwood,
Dr. Russell withheld
information from me.
But according to
my calculations,
the antimatter explosion
will create a black hole
that will consume this planet.
- That's not possible.
- It is now.
Sherwood's crazy, general.
You need to terminate
this project.
[clock chiming]
- Al?
- Not now, buddy.
Maybe later, okay?
- Al!
- Okay, but I haven't
finished writing the story.
"The Ultimate Weapon"
by Albert Flinch.
Chapter one.
- Name's Sherwood.
- [Albert] But he
would be back for it
because contained within
the pages of that book
was all he needed to
destroy the world.
- What I do will
have a global impact.
- I can't take this,
this is your magic orb.
- Al, Al.
- Tell you what, I'll finish
writing it tomorrow, okay?
I promise.
- Al, Al!
- Petie, Petie!
No, Petie!
[tense music]
No, I'm dreaming.
I'm dreaming.
I must be dreaming.
I'm not dreaming.
Look at me.
Tell me, tell me I'm not crazy.
Look at me.
Am I losing my mind?
I'm dreaming, right?
This can't be real.
It's impossible.
Things like this don't
happen in real life, right?
This is...
[chimes jingling]
- Hello?
Is anyone here?
- Oh my god, I
thought you were him.
- Albert.
- He's real.
- Excuse me?
- He's coming back,
what am I gonna do?
- Who's coming back?
- We gotta tell someone,
you gotta help me.
- We gotta call
- That's why someone called for me.
- Homeland Security,
FBI, CIA, the military.
You name it, we--
- I see, and why is that?
- Because I don't have a phone.
Is that a phone?
- No, it's, that's for my own personal use.
Albert, why is it that we need
to call Homeland Security?
I don't understand.
- You're wasting time, he's
gonna be back any second.
Do you understand?
- Who, who is coming?
- Sherwood, he needs this book.
- Albert, I'm sorry.
I'm having a real hard
time understanding, okay?
I need you to take
a deep breath.
- I'm breathing.
- You're doing great, Albert, all right?
I'm a psychologist.
I'm Dr. Tanner.
Your daughter Liv was --
- Wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, I just have to destroy
the book. That's it, it's simple.
Hey do you have like a match or something?
- No, I don't.
Albert, why do you
wanna burn that book?
- So he can't destroy
the world, that's why.
- Who, who, this Sherwood?
- Sherwood, yes.
- What makes you think he's
gonna destroy the world?
- Because that's the plan.
That's what I wrote.
- I don't understand.
You wrote what?
- Listen, Sherwood.
He's the villain of my story
and he was just here in my
bookstore, do you get it?
No, you don't.
Just come.
- So just so I have this clear,
Sherwood is the name of a character
from a story you wrote,
and he came here to visit you?
- Yes, and he put
this book in my store.
He hid it in there.
- The book you wrote?
- No.
See, this is Atomic Chess.
This is the book that
inspired me to write my story.
And I also put Atomic
Chess into my story
and it gives Sherwood the idea
to create his weapons.
You want more proof?
I'll show you proof.
But Sherwood knew
he might be searched
so he decided to hide the book
and he had the perfect place.
An out of the way bookstore
in the middle of nowhere.
But he would be back for it
because contained within
the pages of that book
is all he needed to
destroy the world.
That's the last thing I wrote
and that's just what happened.
I met Sherwood exactly
where the story ends.
- And this is why you think
your character is real?
Because his name
is Sherwood also?
- Sherwood, yes, and
because he left this book
in my store.
- Albert, it doesn't even
mention the name Atomic Chess
in your story.
- Yeah but I remember
that was the name.
I'm sure that was the
name of the story.
I'm sure it was.
- Albert, our subconscious
can be a powerful force.
Sherwood is an uncommon name
so I'm sure when you heard it
it acted as a conduit,
unlocking the memory of
the story that you wrote.
- But he also had a birthmark
shaped like a flame.
Just like the
character in my story.
- Okay, Albert, let's
put a pause button
on the Sherwood
thing for a moment.
Let's talk about Liv.
- How do you know my daughter?
- Albert, I told you.
She called me.
I'm a psychologist.
I'm Dr. Tanner.
- A psychologist?
- Yes.
She's very worried about you.
- She's worried about me?
- Yes.
Albert, I'm not here to
judge you, all right?
I'm here to help you.
Your ex wife recently passed
away and your daughter
who you haven't even
seen in years shows up.
I'm sure that's dragged
up all sorts of emotions
and memories for you.
- Yeah.
- Sometimes, when
we have a hard time
facing the choices
of our actions,
we find ways of escaping them.
Isolation and
alcohol have worked
as coping mechanisms for you
until Liv came back
into your life.
And now in order to
escape those memories
that have resurfaced,
you've constructed this fantasy
about your character being real
and it's very
possible that this,
this notion about your
character destroying the world
actually symbolizes how your
own world is falling apart.
Albert, are you taking these?
Albert, this is a very
strong and powerful sedative.
I mean this could be
very well the reason
of what you're
experiencing right now.
Hallucinations are one
of the side effects.
I wouldn't suggest taking
any more of those, all right
until we get this sorted out.
- Okay.
- Deep down, you
know there is no way
that your character can be real.
You know that it's not possible.
Look, you can choose to
burn this book if you want
and stay in this wonderland of
a world that you've created.
Or you could put that book
back, face your problems head on
and look forward to the
happy things in your life.
Like your daughter Liv.
- Yeah.
- I'm proud of you, Albert.
You made a big step in
the right direction here.
Now if it's all right with you
I want to stop back tomorrow so
we can discuss some next steps.
[tense music]
- [Sherwood] They pulled the
plug on my Goliath project.
- [Dr. Lin] Really,
that's strange.
Did they tell you why?
- [Sherwood] They said that the
project was being terminated
and that my services
were no longer needed.
- [Dr. Lin] It's
probably political.
Some guys in DC cutting
military funding.
- [Sherwood] I think someone
on this base is responsible.
- [Dr. Lin] No, it wasn't me.
I didn't know anything about it.
- [Sherwood] You
should be more careful.
[Dr. Lin gasping]
[chimes jingling]
- Relax, okay, relax.
It could be anybody.
Just a customer, relax.
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
Oh my god.
Hey, welcome back.
- Thanks.
- Oh, so this is the book you want?
- That's the one I was gonna get, yeah.
- Yeah well it's not a,
it's a terrible read.
- Well you're
familiar with it, huh?
- Fortunately, yeah.
It's got terrible reviews,
I wouldn't recommend it at all.
- I think I'll take my chances.
- Okay.
Well you know there's
no price on it,
let me at least get you a price.
- [Sherwood] I've got 50
dollars, that should cover it.
- No, no, I wouldn't
wanna cheat you.
That's not the policy here.
We wanna treat everybody fairly.
This just wouldn't
make any sense that,
yeah so, at the very least
let me get you a receipt.
- It's not necessary.
- You wouldn't happen
to have a lighter on you
or anything, would you?
- No.
- Um, well, looks like
it's gonna rain out there
so let me get you a bag
so it doesn't get wet.
- I really don't need a bag.
- Let me ask you.
You wouldn't happen to be from
Boulder, Colorado, would you?
- Matter of fact, I would.
- Oh.
- How'd you know?
- It's the accent.
Let me get some bags,
they're out back.
Where is he?
- [Sherwood] Hello?
- Hey, hey, what's up?
How are you?
Hey I brought you some water.
I figured you might be thirsty.
- No thanks.
My book.
- Book, oh yeah
the book, the book.
See, I was there, got the book.
But I got the, when I went to
get the bag I forgot the book.
So I, I brought the water.
- Hey look, look, friend.
- What?
- I'm in a bit of a hurry.
If you go get my book,
I'll be on my way.
- Yeah, okay.
It's really good quality water.
I highly recommend it.
'Cause the sun will
just dry you right up.
- Albert.
Look, I know what
you're trying to do.
- You do?
- I know you're trying to keep me here.
- No, no, no, I'm not trying to
keep you here. No, I just took a--
- I mean I get it.
You're out here in
the middle of nowhere,
you got no friends [chuckling].
And along comes this guy.
I get it.
But I don't have time.
You go get my
book, I'll be gone.
- Yeah, the book.
But, triple filtered.
It's like really good quality.
- [Sherwood] Book.
- Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
[tense music]
Want a piece of me, huh?
Want a piece of me,
want a piece of me?
I want a piece of you!
Want some of this,
huh, want some of that?
I'll strike you over
the head with this.
- Albert.
- There you are.
I was looking for you.
- My book.
- Yeah, book.
I put the book in a bag
and it fell on the ground
but, bad back.
But you know I'll
get it for you.
- No, I'll get it.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Oh, that's yeah, it's just.
- [Sherwood] Albert, you
don't have a light switch?
- Ah, I know who you are, okay?
I know you have plans to
destroy the world, okay?
I'm just gonna keep you here
for a couple of days, okay?
Just two days and then
it'll all blow over.
So just hang tight.
- [Sherwood] Not a very
good lock, my friend.
- It was an accident.
- An accident?
Who've you been talking to?
- No one.
It was the military.
They were here.
And they said if you were
to come back, to call them
so when I went to get
the bag for the book
I called them, and
they're on their way, so.
What's wrong?
- The water.
- Oh, you drank?
- You better hope you wake
up before I do, friend.
- What?
[chimes jingling]
- Albert?
- Okay.
- Albert?
- Okay.
All right.
Yeah, you're not
going anywhere, buddy.
You're not going.
- Who are you?
- I'm no one.
I wrote you.
- Okay, what are
you babbling about?
- You're a scientist,
you work at Area 51,
you created a doomsday weapon.
Oh my god.
- There is a perfectly
logical explanation for this
and we will figure it out.
Now Albert, I'm gonna
give you one last chance
to make the right choice.
You can either come over
here and let me go now or,
I can let myself go later
and you could pay
the consequence.
- What, so you can kill
millions of people?
Not gonna happen.
- Albert?
- Okay listen.
I'm just gonna keep you here
for a couple days, okay?
Till you can't
detonate the weapon.
- [Dr. Tanner] Albert!
- Oh my god.
- Watch this, Albert.
We're back here, come help me!
- [Dr. Tanner] Albert?
- You don't understand.
He admitted it, he came back for the book!
- Oh, that's not true.
I came here to buy
a book and he thinks
I'm some sort of
character in a story.
- He's lying!
- Albert, what have you done?
- What are you
doing, are you crazy?
- No, albert, Albert, he is
not your character, all right?
He's not, he's an
innocent person.
He's a customer, stop!
- I'm not good at confrontation,
okay, please don't make me do this.
- Albert, all right.
Let's breath, all right.
Are you absolutely
positive that this is him?
- One hundred percent.
- Okay.
This is what we need to do.
I'm gonna go ahead and make a call,
all right. I'm gonna call for help.
- That's a good idea, all right.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No, you need to stay here.
You need to keep your
eyes on him, right?
Make sure he doesn't escape.
- Yeah.
- Right.
- Go. Keep looking at him,
keep your eyes on him.
- Wait, wait, stop.
Wait, wait, wait, stop, stop.
- What are you doing?
- You were gonna call the police, weren't you?
- No I wasn't, give me my phone back.
- I'm sorry, I'm not gonna let that happen.
- Albert, give me my phone.
- Listen, listen, listen, just get back, listen to me.
- Albert, you need to let him go.
- I'm not gonna let him go.
If you want, I can't let you leave
okay, you know too much.
- Take a deep breath.
Just take a deep breath.
- I'm breathing.
- Calm down.
- I'm breathing.
- It's okay, that's it.
- Get down on the floor.
Put your hands behind your back, okay?
- Oh what's he gonna do, squeeze you to death?
- I swear to God!
Ah, I'm a crazy person.
You deal with crazy
people, right?
- Deep breath, deep
breath, calm down!
Calm down!
- Come down, put your hands,
put your hands behind your back now!
- Albert, please, okay.
- I'm gonna count to three.
- This is just a
fantasy, all right?
None of this is real!
- Get down!
Okay, put your hands behind your back.
- Albert, please, please.
Just think about
your daughter, okay?
- That's exactly what I'm doing.
- [Dr. Tanner] Think
about everything
we've been accomplishing,
don't throw this away!
- [Albert] I am thinking!
- [Dr. Tanner]
Please, Albert please.
- [Albert] Okay.
- Albert.
- Here we go.
- Albert, you've been isolated in
this place for far too long, okay?
Your mind is playing
tricks on you.
You have to just
remember who you are.
Don't lose sight of reality!
Albert please.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, please come back Albert.
Stop this!
[tense music]
- I need to know
where the book is.
Did it burn up?
- Albert, listen to me.
Listen to me.
- The book, where's
the book, please?
- I don't know, I left
it on a book somewhere.
Albert, none of this is real.
You're hurting people, Albert.
Don't lose sight of what
we've accomplished so far!
- Shh, you have to tell me where the book is!
- [Liv] Albert!
- Liv, Liv!
Liv, please, we're back here!
Liv, please help me!
Help me, get me out
of here, please!
- Albert?
- Hey, sweety, what are
you doing here so soon?
It's good to see you again.
- My god, what happened to you?
You look like shit.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
I ran into a wall.
I was in a rush and the
wall wasn't, and bam.
But I'm okay.
Nothing some iodine can't fix.
- Where's Dr. Tanner?
- Who?
- Dr. Tanner.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
He was here yesterday
but he had to go.
He hasn't been here since.
He had some appointment,
something going on.
- Well it looks like
his car outside.
- Uh, well we get a lot of
hikers that leave it here.
They probably should
be charged parking,
I'll make a fortune.
[phone beeping]
Who you calling?
- I'm calling Dr. Tanner.
[phone vibrating]
- I have to go pee.
- Hey, Dr. Tanner, it's Liv.
I'm at the bookstore. I don't know
if you forgot or what happened there
but I guess I'll
call you later, bye.
- See?
He's probably busy psychologicizing
some nutjob, you know.
A ring like that
could set him off.
But he's not here.
So we'll be wasting time
waiting for him here.
- It's weird though
'cause that looks exactly
like his car outside.
- Well you know.
- I don't know why he would tell me
he's gonna be here and not be here.
That's really unlike him.
- You know, I gotta go tinkle.
Just, can you give me a second,
I'll be right back.
Just hang on to that thought.
- Liv, Liv, please
help me, I'm back here!
No, no, no!
Get your fucking
hands off of me!
Liv, help me, I'm back here!
Help me!
No, no, Albert, no, no!
No, Albert, please.
- Nine o'clock, okay?
Shh, shh.
- Albert. [mumbling]
I want the cops, now!
- Albert!
What the hell are you doing?
- I can explain.
It's not what it looks like.
He's trying to rob me.
I was lying about the
wall thing and the face.
He came here and so he robbed me
and, would you stop?
- I am so sorry.
- [Albert] What are you doing, are you crazy?
- Get out of here!
- He can hurt you.
- He's tied up.
- Listen, he's insane, okay?
He plays with your mind,
that's what he does.
And he hurt me really bad,
I don't want him to hurt you.
- [Sherwood] Would you please let me go, he's gone crazy!
- You have to believe me.
- [Sherwood] He thinks I'm some
sort of character of a book.
- Albert!
- He's lying.
Trust me, he's lying.
- Where's Dr. Tanner?
- He's not here.
- [Sherwood] Yes he's got him tied up in the back too.
- That's what he does.
He's lying. He's playing with your
mind, that's what he does.
No, listen, do you wanna die?
Do you wanna get killed?
'Cause that's what he'll do, truly.
- Give me one moment. I'll be right back
to untie you. Just give me a second.
- Livvie, please!
- Oh my gosh.
Dr. Tanner, are you all right?
- No, no, no, no.
- Albert, get off me!
- Let me explain
what's happening.
Please, don't fight me.
Listen, listen, listen.
I didn't wanna tie him up
but I had no other choice,
he was gonna call the police.
- Albert, this has gone too far.
You're not well, you
can't tie people up.
- Livvie.
Livvie, stop, please.
I don't wanna do this.
He was gonna let Sherwood go.
Do you know what that means?
- Enough, Albert!
- Listen, I just wanna keep Sherwood here
until it's safe. That's it, two days tops.
- [Liv] This is
all in your head.
None of this is real!
- No, listen.
You have to believe
me right now, okay?
Do you realize what will
happen if Sherwood's let go?
We're dead, all
of us, we're dead.
- It's all in your head, dammit!
- You have to believe me.
- Albert, let me go.
I don't wanna hurt you
but if I have to, I will.
It's your life.
If you wanna go to
prison, be my guest!
You're already in one anyway.
I should have never promised mom
that I would take care of you.
[somber music]
- Listen, listen to me.
I didn't mean to
hurt either of you.
Honestly, I didn't.
- I will never understand
why mom loved you.
I'm sorry.
[spray hissing]
- Argh!
- Dr. Tanner, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea how
far gone he was.
- Livvie, don't go.
Livvie, please!
He'll kill you!
Livvie, come back!
- Let me out!
- Oh my gosh, I am so
sorry about all this.
I have no clue what's
gotten into him.
- He's gone crazy!
- I'll make it right
though, I promise.
I don't know how but I will.
- Just get me out of here.
- Dr. Tanner, can
you finish this up?
I gotta go check on Albert.
- [Dr. Tanner]
Yeah, go ahead, go.
- Thank you.
- You're gonna be
all right, sir.
[tense music]
- Oh my god Livvie.
Livvie, are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh my gosh.
- Where's Sherwood?
- I'm sorry, I had no choice.
- Neither do I.
- Oh my god.
Let me out!
Let me out!
- You're safe now.
- Where's the book?
- What book?
- Atomic Chess.
- [laughing] Are you
talking about that book
that's supposed to help
you destroy the world?
- [chuckling] Yes.
Where is it?
- Look, I don't know
where the book is, okay?
I really don't, okay?
I can't even think
clearly right now.
But I set you free.
- And for that Doc, I thank you.
- Oh dear.
- [Liv] Come on.
Come on!
- Dr. Tanner, Dr. Tanner.
What happened to you?
Where's Sherwood?
- You were right.
- Oh my god.
Dr. Tanner.
Dr. Tanner!
- Albert!
- He's dead, he's dead.
- What?
Dr. Tanner?
Dr. Tanner, can you hear me?
- Oh my god, oh
my god, oh my god.
Oh my god, oh my god.
Oh my god, he's dead.
He's dead.
- You killed him.
- What?
No, it was Sherwood!
No, no, no, I can't
let you do that.
What the hell are
you doing with a gun?
Do you realize how
dangerous those things are?
- You just killed someone!
- Livvie, I couldn't hurt a fly,
let alone a human being.
You have to believe me.
- I have no idea of
what you're capable of.
- Livvie, please please
listen to me, okay?
I have to find that book.
I have to protect you.
I have no other choice.
- Stop it, Albert.
- That's all I wanna do, I just wanna
protect you, okay? You have to believe me.
We have to find that book.
That's the only solution, okay?
I'm gonna find the book.
If you wanna shoot me, go ahead.
- [Sherwood] Surprise!
- [Albert] What are you doing?!
- [Sherwood] Get over here!
- [Albert] Let her go!
Stop, enough!
- The book!
- [Albert] I don't
have your book.
- [Sherwood] Albert.
- Here, here, here's your book.
- The book!
You're gonna regret
that, Albert.
[tense music]
I can hear you
breathing, Albert.
I must say I'm a little
salty about the pepper spray.
You're not trying
to leave, are you?
[intense music]
Albert, stop hiding.
You can't run from the pain.
You try to escape
life through stories.
Sci-fi, thriller,
adventure, romance!
And fantasy! [laughing]
Look at me, Albert,
I'm real! [laughing]
I'm coming for you,
Albert! [cackling]
- Ow, ow, ow, oh my god.
- It's okay, it's
okay, it's okay.
Shh, put this over here.
I'm so sorry.
- Dad, stop worrying
about me for two seconds.
- You're not afraid
of anything, are you?
You know when you
were a baby girl,
you used to drive
me insane, you know.
You'd find the
boundaries and now you're
riding motorcycles
and carrying guns
and wearing a nose ring.
- Dad.
I get scared too.
But I decided a long time ago
that I wasn't gonna let fear
stop me from doing anything.
I didn't want it
to get in the way.
I didn't want to end up like...
- Like me.
- But you know, it was
those adventure books
that we'd read together
when I was a kid
that taught me that
being strong is brave
and being brave is okay.
- You know I wanted
to be like Hemingway
and write the most
amazing stories
and live a life far more
adventurous and all that.
Ever since Petie died, I just,
I couldn't write anymore.
- Who's Petie?
- He was my...
He was my brother.
I told you I hadn't
finished writing it yet.
- Al.
- Pete, I can't take this.
It's your magic orb.
- Al, Al.
- Oh, you think it'll help
me finish writing my story.
- Al!
Al, Al, Al.
- All right, tell you what.
I'll finish writing
it tomorrow, okay?
But for now you can play
with my slingshot, deal?
- [Petie] Al!
- Petie, I told you
that I'm playing.
Go play somewhere else.
- Al!
- Petie, stop!
Don't move.
- Al.
- I got you.
Now slowly turn around.
- Al?
- That's it.
You got it.
- Al, Al!
No, no, no.
- I got you!
- Al?
- I'm not gonna let you fall.
Hold on, I see a rope.
- [Petie] Al, Al?
- Petie?
No, Petie!
No, Petie!
- My parents gave
him this ball to,
to help him deal
with his disability
and give him confidence.
He'd be alive today if I
just finished the damn story.
You know?
And now it's come
back to haunt me.
Maybe this is punishment.
- No, dad.
Don't blame yourself.
It's not true.
- You know when you were born,
my desire to write came back.
And I wrote story after
story after story.
I was just never able to come
up with an ending, you know?
- Dad.
This is one story that you
have to find a way to end.
- I'm gonna find that
book and destroy it.
- Here, you might need this.
- What, you smoke now too?
- Dad, go.
- Right.
Hang in there, buddy, okay?
I'm coming back for you.
[tense music]
[glass clinking]
- Albert.
I know you're right here.
[glass clinking]
There you are.
So you're the culprit.
[somber music]
- [Albert] You know when you were
born my desire to write came back.
And I wrote story after
story after story.
[tense music]
[Liv screaming]
[Liv screaming]
- [Liv] Dad?
Dad, no, he wants you to come.
- Please, don't, don't hurt her.
Please, come here.
It's just between
you and me, okay?
She has nothing to do with this.
- Hand it over.
- Dad, what are you doing?
You didn't destroy it!
- Great story.
- No, no, no, stop.
- Maybe we should see if Liv bleeds first of all.
- Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!
Okay, take the
book, take the book.
Take your damn book.
You know what?
It's about time, this
story ends right here!
- What are you doing?
- Huh, how's that?
How's that, huh?
How's that feel?
- Albert, stop.
I don't wanna have to climb
back up after I'm done.
What are you doing?
Seriously, what are you doing?
You really think just
like tearing the paper
is gonna destroy me?
I mean I knew you were
dumb, Albert, but.
Wow, I don't even have words.
Look at this.
Oh, oh, oh, my knee.
Ow, ooh eh, no.
No, that's not
gonna work for you.
I always thought you
were a little bit smarter
but I guess I was wrong, huh.
Where is it?
- [Albert] Because contained
within the pages of that book
is all he needed to
destroy the world.
Because contained within
the pages of that book
was all he needed to
destroy the world.
- [Sherwood] What are
you looking at, Albert?
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Huh, maybe this?
- [Albert] Some things.
- Oh man.
I guess the rabbit beat
the tortoise, didn't it?
Now I've got the chip.
My phone.
- It's the phone.
That's what he needs
to detonate the weapon.
- The phone, that's what he
needs to detonate the weapon.
It's all coming full
circle now, isn't it?
Ring a bell?
Global impact?
Yeah, get it?
Albert, you still--
You stupid little huss!
- [Liv] Oh my god, [screaming]
- Stop!
Look, stop.
Stop, stop, look,
look, see that?
See that, you see that?
Listen, listen.
- Ah, stop, stop!
Albert, stop.
You stop.
- I'm not gonna give this to you
because if I give it, we're all dead.
- I'll kill her and I'm
not afraid of doing it.
- That was, as long
as it's functioning,
you can carry out your plan.
I can prove it.
I can prove that you're
the character in my story.
I can prove it's you. It's just down
the street, it's not too far from here.
- Outside?
- Yeah.
Don't move any closer,
I swear to god, okay?
Let's just head on
down there, you first.
Don't, I'll crack it
in two, I swear to God.
Okay, just make
your way over there.
Stop, no stop!
She has nothing to do with this!
- No, she has everything
to do with this, Albert.
She's my insurance.
You break my phone, I
break your daughter.
Go ahead.
- Right behind you, okay?
- Yeah, so was that.
So is the door.
[tense music]
- [Liv] Dad, come
on, you can do it.
- Just go straight
down that way.
I'm right behind you.
- [Liv] Come on, dad.
- I'm coming.
Okay do this.
We can do this.
- What the hell is going on?
Why is Goliath still
up and running?
- Sorry General, seems
like we're having
some complications here.
- That's pretty obvious.
- We have a bit of a problem.
Dr. Lin died of a heart attack.
- Yes, I'm aware of that.
But why is this monstrosity
of a weapon still on?
- It has to be
powered down slowly
and in the proper sequence
or it'll self-detonate.
- [scoffing] Lovely.
And how long is that gonna take?
- Sherwood and Dr.
Lin were the only ones
who knew how to.
And we can't get
a hold of Sherwood
but I have his notes and I'll
have it figured out soon.
- Just get it done, Doctor.
And try not to blow us
all to kingdom come.
- It's straight ahead,
through that gate.
[crickets chirping]
It's okay sweetie, it's okay.
Be careful.
What I wanna show
you is inside here.
[gate creaking]
Straight ahead.
- Us first, huh?
- I'm right behind you. [Liv groaning]
Right behind you.
Straight ahead.
- Just remember, Albert.
If this is a trick, I will
kill little Livvie here.
- It's not.
It's just straight ahead.
Easy, easy!
Straight ahead.
It's right behind
the other side there.
[tense music]
- [Petie] Al?
[Liv shrieking]
- There, there, that's it.
It's that box over there
on the other side of this.
No, no, what are you doing?
- This is just leverage,
remember, Albert?
Just remember, if
that phone goes down,
little Livvie goes
down after it.
- Easy.
[Liv exclaiming]
It's that box right over there.
The box right over there.
I got it there.
Just dust off the top
and you'll see what
I'm talking about.
You see, Sherwood?
That's what inspired
me to create you.
- This is a, it's
just a coincidence.
Nobody created me.
You didn't create me.
You didn't create me,
nobody created me.
- What are you doing,
it's dangerous.
- Yes.
But now that you know the truth,
you're free to do what you want.
You can choose your own destiny.
You don't have to
go through with it.
You're a genius.
You can find a cure for
cancer, for world hunger even.
- What, world peace?
- Yes, world peace.
- And be just like you, Albert?
Look at you.
You're afraid, you're
alone, you're scared,
you're tired, you're pathetic.
- Yeah, I know.
I wasted my life.
But you know what, it's
not too late for me.
And it's not too late for you.
You're in control now.
You could choose
your own destiny,
your own path.
- You're right.
Remember that?
It contained a microchip
to turn my phone
into a detonator
for a weapon I built.
- Oh, thank god.
Thank you, thank you.
Oh god.
Thank god.
You okay?
Okay, okay.
- Be careful.
Take it slow.
Now come over here.
- [Albert] How's your leg?
- It hurts.
[ominous music]
- [Albert] I'm so sorry.
I'll get you out of here, okay?
- [Dr. Vaughn] No, no, no!
- What the hell's happening?
- I don't understand.
It appears somebody's
established an external link.
- What the hell does that mean?
- Somebody is getting ready
to detonate it remotely.
- Who, shut it down, now!
- I can't.
- [Liv] On your face, it's off.
- [Albert] I know.
- Dad, he's got the phone.
- Wait, what are you doing?
- Uh uh.
I said contained, Albert.
That's past tense, you
should have caught that.
- But you're free now.
You can do whatever you want with your life.
- I know, and I am.
Look at this world, Albert.
Rape, molestation, war, abuse.
People just numbing their pain
through sex, drugs, and alcohol.
Just so they can keep
on existing in misery.
But for what reason?
I mean why?
- Hope.
- Hope.
It's the elusive
carrot on a stick.
It's the dangling of a promise
of a better life someday.
Someday never comes.
Now this is, this is how the
story was supposed to end.
Albert, you have changed.
I'm so proud of you.
Unfortunately it's
too little, too late.
Goodbye, Albert.
[laughing] Albert!
[tense music]
- Now that was a close call.
[Liv screaming]
- [Liv] No, stop!
Don't hurt him!
Dad, no!
Don't! fight!
Stop, please, stop!
Hang on, dad!
[intense music]
- Livvie, hold on.
- Okay.
- Hold on!
- You're clinging by hope.
I told you there
was no such thing.
- Petie.
Petie, I wish I
could. I wish I could.
No, I can't take this,
this is your magic orb.
- Al, Al.
- Oh, you think
it'll help me finish
writing my story?
- Al!
- It's time for your
story to end, Albert.
One touch of a button
and it's the end.
- [Petie] Al.
Awwwl. Ahhhh.
- Petie?
- [Petie] Arrrrh!
Please stay right there.
- What the hell?
- Al?
- [Sherwood] Albert!
- [Liv] Dad, dad, it's
still counting down!
- We did it, Petie.
We did it.
Are you okay, Livvie?
- Yeah I'm fine,
just please hurry up.
- Okay.
- Please.
- Okay, I'm coming.
Let's get the hell out of here.
You ready Livvie?
- Yeah, hold on, let me
finish this paragraph.
- There's no time for reading.
- There's always
time for a good book.
[light music]
- All righty.
- All right.
- Ready?
- Mhmm, let's go.
[motorbike revving]
[calm music]
[rock music]
I can't fly but I
I keep finding myself
soaring high above this
I have nothing left
But I keep on pouring out
Like I am endless
I don't run too fast
But I'm looking back at
miles and miles of past
I can barely breathe
But I'm singing
out like this is
Awesome to me
Everybody there
see, another miracle
I can't believe I'm
living the impossible
We are the sighted
We are the wonder
Another day of
living the impossible
I choose to be alive
Especially because they
all say I should die
I've wrestled death again
I know more of his moves now
And I won't give in
Everybody there
see, another miracle
I can't believe I'm
living the impossible
We are decided
We are the wonder
Another day of
living the impossible
Everyone in there
see, another miracle
I can't believe I'm
living the impossible
We are decided
We are the wonder
Another day of
living the impossible
When I'm awake I wonder
If I'm gonna be all right
But too much
[tense music]
- Dr. Tanner?
Dr. Tanner, can you hear me?
- Liv, I'm alive!
Oh, okay.
- Holy shit!
- Ah, too much, I'm sorry.
- I hate you! [laughing]
- [Man] Okay, to the top.
- I came back, I'm alive!