Upcoming (2021) Movie Script

Where are you going?
Slow down.
we've decided
to take
a completely spontaneous trip.
What's the matter with you?
Forget it.
I'm not going back.
Have a nice life, everyone.
What a temper.
Be careful, slow down.
Mom, you have a message
This is for you.
The exam is right around the corner.
How can you let this happen?
How can you blame me?
As soon as I left, she disappeared.
I think you shouldnt worry too much.
Just let things be.
I've decided that Xiamen University
is my first choice.
What did you fill out?
-Mine is Xiamen University of Technology.
-That's great.
We can still meet up in the future.
-Let's not talk about this.
Consider Chen Chen's feelings.
She must repeat the grade.
Just go on.
By the way, have you heard?
Zheng Yuxing from Class 4
skipped the exam.
Zheng Yuxing?
Who? I don't know him.
You don't know him?
Zheng Yuxing is so handsome.
Many girls are pursuing him.
-I heard
-I have no idea.
that he has
a much older girlfriend in Beijing.
-Yes, I heard about that too.
There were rumors in school
that he was dating.
Apparently, he'd disappear every weekend.
Do you think he was with his girlfriend
on the day of the exam?
It's like a Korean drama.
-That's what he said on TikTok.
-They love each other that much?
He was in a bad mood,
so he left for the airport.
He's too capricious,
even daring to skip the exam.
What on earth is he like?
Great, we have to stay here another year.
What can we do when our child is sick?
Would she have gotten sick
if she didn't go out in the rain?
Did you ask her why?
Would she have told me?
True, you look too fierce.
Nobody wants to confide in you.
Ask her since you're so gentle.
Wait, put this in the cabinet for me.
Chen Chen.
Chen Chen, what are you doing?
It's too sunny here. Come inside.
Come on.
Come. I want to ask you something, okay?
Why did you go out in the rain that day?
No reason.
She's not telling you either.
Bring the rice cooker box in for me.
Listen, Chen Chen.
Don't think I'll let you off the hook
if you don't tell me.
Your dad and I sacrificed
so much for you to go to school.
I even quit my job.
We left our beautiful home
to rent such a crappy place
to be closer to your school for you
to focus on your studies, right?
You're a big girl now.
You don't feel bad
for your parents at all.
Can you not put so much pressure on her?
I'm giving her pressure?
Is it me then?
If you didn't,
would she have gone out in the rain?
Fine. All you do is pretend
to be the good guy.
I feel bad for her.
I'm not as pushy as you, okay?
-Who's pushy? How am I pushy?
-You're so pushy
that we can hardly breathe.
I'm the one being pushed by you two!
I got dumped.
That was why I ran out in the rain.
And I bombed my exam.
You've never dated,
how can you get dumped?
I have.
You fell in love?
Look at you. You weren't even aware
that your daughter was dating.
When did that happen?
Are you feeling better now?
Go and buy me some water.
Who was it? Who was your boyfriend?
A classmate.
Which one? Is he in your class?
Why are you asking so many questions?
We broke up.
We won't see each other again.
Can you tell me who it was?
We broke up already. You
What are you doing? It's locked.
-Why do you always check people's phones?
-You don't know the pin.
How do you know my pin?
Isn't it your dad's birthday?
Will you tell me or not?
I'll check it myself.
Give it to me.
Zheng Yuxing.
What's his name?
His name is Zheng Yuxing.
Are you okay?
I think
Let's stop contacting each other.
Are you breaking up with me?
-You're going to miss your flight.
If you have concerns,
I can wait.
It's just another year at most.
Just go.
-You'll be late.
-If you don't tell me clearly,
how can I leave in peace?
If you don't go,
I'll delete you on WeChat.
Stop joking around.
I'm deleting it now.
Fine. I'll go.
I'm going.
Let's go.
I've inquired about Chen Chen's situation
with her previous teacher.
I've reviewed her grades as well.
She did well in the first three subjects.
Only in the last subject, English,
did she fail.
-It was obviously due to her health.
Well, the school is still
taking her seriously this year.
We specifically placed her
in the top class.
As long as she performs on par next year,
she should be able
to get into a top-tier university.
Then, let's
Ms. Qu.
Actually, there was another reason
why Chen Chen did poorly last year.
-Stand up.
-Hey, the teacher is here.
-Hello, Ms. Qu.
-Hello, Ms. Qu.
Sit down.
Today, we will do the 2018 exam questions.
I'll also take the time
to tell you something.
Chen Chen.
Please stand up.
Zheng Yuxing.
Stand up too.
Come on.
You know why I called you two?
Let me formally
introduce you to everybody.
These two are the most tragic lovers
from our school last year.
Star-crossed lovers.
-You dare to say "What"?
Look at Chen Chen.
She has an attitude of repentance.
Chen Chen, on the left,
was a top student from last year's class.
Because of a breakup before the exam,
she ran out in the rain
in the middle of the night.
She thought Stand properly.
She thought she was acting
in an idol drama.
And what happened?
She fell seriously ill
and bombed the exam.
Zheng Yuxing, on the right,
is even more of a character.
The image of a young,
rebellious rule-breaker.
He didn't even show up to the exam.
He didn't show up?
How about that?
Isn't that a great story?
Wang Mingkun.
Swap seats with Chen Chen.
Zheng Yuxing, sit in the last row.
No matter
how we switch seats in the future,
you two are not moving.
Hey. What's going on?
Zheng Yuxing. What are you doing?
No, I
I wanted to ask her.
About what?
-No, Ms. Qu. Today, we--
-There is no "we."
-"There is no 'we.'"
Chen Chen has the right attitude now.
Do well in the exam next year.
If you want to date in college,
you can date however you want.
Sit down.
What you should do now
is improve your scores
and try to get
into the same college as her.
Otherwise, even if you don't break up now,
you will sooner or later.
All right. The rest of you,
please learn from this.
Class dismissed. Stand up.
-Goodbye, Ms. Qu.
-Goodbye, Ms. Qu.
Okay, sit down.
Finish the questions.
-Okay, miss.
-We still have to continue?
Chen Chen, right?
Can we
How awkward.
-Go after her!
-Go after her!
-May I sit here?
Don't misunderstand.
I just wanted to ask you about
Hey, don't be so pathetic.
Why are you avoiding me?
Chen Chen, go in first.
Hey. You
Stop it. She doesn't want to talk to you.
Dismissal is in five minutes.
You're leaving now?
Why are you following me?
What's wrong with following my girlfriend?
Who's your girlfriend?
Exactly. Who is my girlfriend?
Tell me.
Why did you lie?
Is it because you bombed the exam
and didn't know what to tell your parents,
so you made up a lie
and used me as an excuse?
-Come on, am I right?
I guessed right? I really guessed right?
Hey, I thought about this the whole day,
and I finally got it. I
That was actually what happened?
But you're way too bold.
What if I called you out
on your lie today?
-Wouldn't you be in serious trouble?
This was what happened.
You didn't even take the exam.
Who knew
that you'd be back to repeat the grade?
How did you know I didn't take the exam?
-I just--
-Are you following my TikTok?
I apologize, okay?
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have used you as a scapegoat.
I won't ever disturb you anymore.
All right. Don't worry, bye.
I have another question.
Out of all the guys in school, why me?
-Is it because I'm handsome?
-You have a crush on me, don't you?
Don't go.
Don't be shy.
Even if our past was a lie,
we can make it real in the future!
-What's your problem?
Didn't you tell me that you two broke up?
Then why did the teacher tell me
that several people
spotted you two meeting in secret?
Yes, we did meet.
But I just gave him a final warning
to not affect my studies.
-That was it.
-Did you delete his WeChat?
I did.
A long time ago. I'll show you.
-I don't want to check
-Senior 3 Class 10
-other people's phones.
-WeChat group.
Look, his name is Zheng Yuxing.
Add to contact. Not a friend, see?
-I believe you. I--
-Take a look.
I believe you.
Bring me another bottle.
When is my dad coming?
It has been ages since he last came.
Who knows? He's always so busy.
Tell him to come when he has time
and stay for a few days.
I miss him.
I'll send him a message tomorrow to ask.
Time to study.
-Eat this inside.
No, it's too much.
You eat it.
Why are you running so fast?
You're rushing to self-study so soon?
Why are you running?
You can run quickly now?
-Do you want to play ball?
-Let's play soccer.
-Count me in.
-Did you bring the ball?
Zheng Yuxing,
why are you running backward?
Are you blind?
Don't you see who's behind him?
Look, I'm so envious.
-Hurry up!
-Give Zheng Yuxing a chance.
-What's the rush?
-Go after her!
-Go for it!
-Go after her!
-Go after her!
-Go after her!
You're not running anymore?
Senior 3 Class 10
Zheng Yuxing and Chen Chen.
Report to the teacher's office now.
-Go for it!
-Go for it!
Just now in PE class,
you kept running after Chen Chen.
What do you want?
Nothing, I just wanted to
Get back together?
-I just wanted to ask her.
-Ask her what?
-Ms. Qu, ask her too. She's right here.
-I am asking you.
Don't shift the problem to others.
No, Ms. Qu.
-Actually, just now, he--
-Don't butt in.
Anyway, I didn't do anything.
You didn't do anything, right?
Then why did Chen Chen's mom
suddenly call me?
No. Ms. Qu,
it's really not what you think.
Then please tell me.
Tell me.
-Actually, I'm still clinging to her.
I can't let her go.
It's my fault.
I won't bother her anymore.
That's right.
She already told you
she doesn't like you anymore.
Have a good closure.
Why do you have to bug her every day?
That way, you'll only make her
dislike you more, right?
Moreover, you aren't kids anymore, right?
Love is a two-way street, you know.
If you don't belong together,
then leave each other alone.
You're a man.
You need to have some dignity.
Girls don't need dignity?
-That's not what I mean. Don't set me up.
So stop bothering her.
Otherwise, you'll just appear childish.
What's the matter?
Was I too harsh?
Ms. Qu, I'm going to the restroom.
What do you want?
Can we talk?
About what?
Weren't you crying
just now?
Zheng Yuxing.
What are you doing?
Did you get dumped?
None of your business.
I'm not in a good mood lately too.
What does it have to do with me?
How about this?
I'll tell you a secret,
and you tell me one too.
Isn't that how coming-of-age movies go?
I hate coming-of-age movies.
Me too.
What's the secret?
The truth is
I failed the exam
because I found out my parents
were having problems.
And then?
That's it.
Your turn.
Your secret.
What do you want to know?
You really got dumped?
I don't know if you can call it that.
We never made it official.
When she was nice to me,
I thought we were in a relationship.
But sometimes, she would be aloof,
saying that I was bothering her.
She was hard to deal with.
What is she like?
She's in Beijing,
eight years older, and a DJ.
Someone that plays songs?
Take that back.
-Take it back.
-Okay, I take it back.
I'm sorry.
Why are you so worked up?
When did you break up?
Why so many questions?
A month before the exam.
She suddenly told me
not to contact her anymore.
She wouldn't reply to my messages.
She wouldn't answer my calls.
I felt so miserable back then.
I didn't understand
why she was so cruel to me.
The day before the exam,
I suddenly missed her a lot,
so I bought a plane ticket to Beijing.
I planned to come back
right after seeing her.
Even before I could say a word,
she started telling me off.
She called me childish
and told me to fly back immediately
for the exam.
I was so furious back then.
I thought, "You want me to take the exam?
Then I'll skip it."
Doesn't that really prove
that you are childish?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it that way.
You're pretty different
from what I see on TikTok.
Everything on my TikTok is for her.
You know what?
Every TikTok video I make
receives hundreds of likes from people.
I would check each one just to see
if she was one of them.
Was she?
But I think it's because
she still likes me.
If she doesn't like me anymore,
then liking my video
wouldn't be such a big deal, right?
She never liked any of my videos
because she still
Why are you laughing?
I'm not.
Why are you staring at me?
I'm not.
You got something to say?
You wouldn't get it
because you've never dated.
How do you know that I've never dated?
I just do.
-Ninety thousand.
-I just want to talk to you.
Can you please stop calling me?
-You're way too distracting.
-What about us?
If you ever call me again,
I'll block your number.
Why did you tell the teacher
that Zheng Yuxing was bothering me?
Didn't I already tell you that's not true?
I knew you didn't break up with him.
-Even so, is that any of your business?
Why is that any of my business?
You think the exam only concerns you?
If that's the case,
why would I live apart from your dad?
What am I doing here every day?
I cook, and you go to school.
Then I cook again
and wait for you to come back.
-I don't even have friends. You
-I didn't ask you to stay here.
-So I'm not needed here.
You just said
that you don't want me here with you.
-But I just insist on staying here.
-No, that's not what I meant.
That's what you meant.
-I didn't mean it that way.
-You did!
-Can you tone it down?
-I can't!
You were dating.
You lied to me for a year.
Why do you all lie to me?
Am I such a terrible person?
I'm telling you, Chen Chen.
If you get back together
with Zheng Yuxing,
I'll leave right away.
-I will leave immediately.
I don't need you!
I'll leave tomorrow!
What are you looking at?
Tang Chufei
-Chen Chen.
-Chen Chen.
What happened?
-You know that, right?
-What are you doing?
-Zheng Yuxing, your ex is here.
I'm his current girlfriend.
-Is that true?
-Their seats are already separated.
This is too--
What are you doing?
Ms. Qu.
It created a buzz.
Almost everybody in the school knows.
So you're using me to provoke your mom?
But it's okay.
I don't mind.
-Come on.
It appears frequently in every part.
I'm eating in the canteen.
Why don't I
Zheng Yuxing.
-Zheng Yuxing.
Zheng Yuxing.
No way. I have to say that to your mom?
Yes, what's the matter? Any problems?
"Listen, your daughter and I
are together."
-No, I
-I can't say it.
It's simple, let me finish.
Just insist that we won't break up.
No, I
-Is that so hard?
-No way, I'm terrified of parents.
-I can't. It's spilling.
-No, put it down.
Put it down.
-Can't you just do me a favor?
-I can't.
-Why not?
-Chen Chen.
Your mom's here.
-No, I can't do it.
-Put it down first and sit down.
-You're done eating?
-Not yet.
-Hello, Mrs. Chen.
I'm Zheng Yuxing.
-Chen Chen, sit here.
-Listen to me.
-No, don't touch my food.
-Listen to me, sit here.
-Does it matter where I sit?
Why won't you sit here then?
Then why can't I sit here?
Do as I say. Sit here.
-Do as I say.
-Everyone's watching.
-Why are you touching my food?
-Do as I say.
Why don't I
sit over there?
Zheng Yuxing.
I heard that you're an Internet celebrity.
Not quite.
I just recorded some videos.
They somehow went viral.
What do Internet celebrities do?
If you don't know, don't ask.
Internet celebrities--
Look, this is my understanding.
Is it kind of like
starting a band in school
and playing rock and roll music
to get girls' attention?
Is it? I don't think so. That's not it.
Yes, it is.
I was an Internet celebrity
when I was little too then.
I started a band
and was the main vocalist.
You don't believe me?
-I don't.
-I do.
You are quite handsome.
The type that girls Chen Chen's age dig.
Mom, what exactly do you want?
But that won't work
for more mature girls, handsome boy.
-Thank you, Mrs. Chen.
-Why are you thanking her?
She said that I'm handsome.
-You didn't hear the first part--
-I'm not finished.
I'm here today
to tell you both
the reason you didn't do well last year.
It's because you were dating,
then you broke up.
Can a breakup not affect your mood?
Chen Chen in particular
didn't do as well as she usually does.
Didn't you both come back to school
to get into a good college?
So take my advice.
-When dating--
-Mrs. Chen, actually it's not necessary.
-You can't break up.
-We won't--
You absolutely cannot break up this year.
This is so sour.
What were you doing?
What do you mean?
You went to school
and told us not to break up.
What do you want?
I've given this a lot of thought.
Zheng Yuxing got into the top class
with such bad grades.
He must be from a good family.
I have thought it through.
As a girl,
after going to a good college
and finding a good job,
you still need to marry well.
Not necessarily.
You're trying to goad me on.
You don't think I know that?
When I was young, your grandparents were
adamantly against
your dad and me being together
since he doesn't come from a good family.
The more they were against us,
the more I wanted to be with him.
And I ended up marrying him.
So you wouldn't have married him
if they were supportive?
I wouldn't go that far.
you like Dad after all.
Sweet, so sweet.
You two have been together
since high school?
And you're each other's first love.
Despite all obstacles,
you still stayed together until the end.
How nice.
That's why I've thought it through.
I don't want to stand in your way.
Didn't I tell Zheng Yuxing to persevere?
At least until the exam.
I don't mean to upset you.
Zheng Yuxing's grades are so bad.
It's hard for you two
to get into the same college.
You think it's so easy for two people
to end up together?
The lighting here is great.
What on earth are you doing?
-Let's record a video, hurry.
-Record a video?
Come on.
Tell me what you're recording.
Hi, I want to make an announcement.
This is my girlfriend.
-Hey, "girlfriend"?
Aren't we just pretending
in front of my mom?
-Don't take it seriously. Is it off?
It's off.
-What are you doing?
-I know, I just
I've lost some followers lately.
What does that have to do with me?
Do you know what celebrities do
when they are no longer popular?
They date.
They make relationship rumors.
You're using me?
How is it "using you"?
We each take what we need.
Or maybe,
you want her to see
that you have a new girlfriend,
so she'd think that you no longer care?
Yes, you're smart.
You're right about everything, okay?
Are we recording this or not?
-Come on, let's do it.
Yes, go.
Hi, let me introduce you.
I have an announcement today.
This is my girlfriend.
Give a reaction.
Show some emotion.
Who behaves like this when dating?
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
Give them
Your hand is weird.
-This is better.
Don't move.
Put it there.
Let me do it.
Let me make an announcement.
This is my girlfriend.
Yes, we've recently made it official.
-Smile again.
A bigger smile. Come, one, two, three.
Okay, that's enough.
Ms. Qu.
Those two in your class
badly influenced them.
Other classes
are beginning to imitate them too.
Ms. Yang, please ask them
to delete it right away.
We're doomed if the dean sees it.
Good thing there's none from my class.
The subscriber you are calling
DELETE CONTAC Let me make an announcement.
This is my girlfriend.
Yes, we've recently made it official.
Wasn't that silly?
You think you're a celebrity?
You follow Zheng Yuxing's TikTok account?
You think I have nothing better to do?
It was sent in the parents' group chat.
The teacher was asking me about it.
What should I say?
Tell me. What's going on?
Well, he insisted on shooting that.
I couldn't stop him.
Can the two of you
behave like normal kids?
Keep it low-key if you're dating.
Why make it high-profile?
Coming to my school wasn't high-profile?
Fine, we'll work hard to be low-key, okay?
-I'll study hard.
-Come back.
-Sit down.
I'm not finished yet.
Don't you feel awkward?
Your relationship
should only concern the two of you.
Why let others know?
-You even posted it online.
-Are you showing off? Are you?
-Do you admit it? I think--
-Your phone.
-Zheng Yuxing is an Internet celebrity.
-Who's Hainan Fruit King?
Why are you looking at my phone?
Go to your room.
Okay, I got it.
I have some errands.
-Sit down, didn't you have more to say?
-It's urgent.
Sit down, where are you going?
None of your business, go study.
Wait. Later--
Are you trying to scare me?
You won't let me contact you.
-I can only fly here to see you.
-You can't just come to my home.
What if my daughter sees you?
I had no other choice.
I called you and your phone was off.
I was on the flight when you called.
You never called me, so many
Zheng Yuxing.
Hello, Mrs. Chen.
Hello, Mr. Chen.
-Why are you here?
I came to study with Chen Chen.
We've scheduled it.
Mr. Chen, I brought some fruits for you.
This is Zheng Yuxing,
Chen Chen's boyfriend.
Didn't they break up?
How do you know we broke up?
Why did you come down?
To pick up Zheng Yuxing.
Who are you?
-How rude. This is Uncle Wang,
an old classmate of mine.
-This is my daughter, Chen Chen.
-Wait, how do you know we broke up?
-Chen Chen.
We didn't break up.
It's good that you didn't break up.
Not breaking up is good.
-Why do you gossip about me to everybody?
-Zheng Yuxing.
Aren't you here to study with Chen Chen?
Here. Take these fruits from Zheng Yuxing.
We'll get going.
I guess I'll go. No need to send me off.
Though I traveled a long distance,
there's really no need to send me off.
I'll send you off then.
-It was a long trip.
-No need.
I'll send Uncle Wang off.
You two go upstairs.
It's getting late.
-Zheng Yuxing.
Go home after studying.
Mom, come back soon.
Let's talk outside.
That was close.
What are you afraid of?
I thought he was your dad.
-Your mom obviously likes him.
-No way.
Why not?
Have a look at it yourself.
It's like they're confessing
their feelings to each other.
"I really love you.
Let's be together."
"This is a bit scandalous after all.
You shouldn't come to my house
no matter what!"
"Then where should we go?
Look. There's a hotel there."
-Cut the nonsense.
He's obviously bothering my mom.
Can't you see that she's rejecting him?
"I'm begging you.
Add me on my WeChat, okay?
Add me on WeChat."
"I'm sorry, don't break my family apart.
Thank you."
Let's see.
Your mom took her phone out.
She scanned the code.
She was forced into it.
His phone was out, she had no choice.
Look, she's telling him to go.
They kissed!
He forced himself on her.
Can't you see
my mom's reluctant expression?
Your mom's smiling.
Forget it, I'm done.
Anyway, there's no way my mom likes him.
You're not your mom, how would you know?
Don't you like that DJ?
You're so confident that she likes you?
-Are you sure?
-Of course. That
You're not her, how do you know?
My parents have been together
ever since school.
And they're each other's first love.
I think this is how love should be.
They went through so much
and didn't part ways.
Nothing can break them up now.
Is there something you want to say?
Do you think that since I've never dated,
my opinion doesn't matter?
That's not what I think.
Let's study.
Come on.
Actually, I didn't dare tell Chen Chen
the reason I'm so sure Ming still likes me
is that I have no other choice.
It's a bit like
a type of faith
that keeps me going
until now.
If I stop believing it,
wouldn't everything we went through
be meaningless?
Does that make sense?
What I think doesn't matter.
What matters is what you think.
What a load of nonsense.
Regarding that,
I have no comment.
Forget it.
Play my favorite song.
Okay, playing your personalized
radio station.
Turn it all the way up.
It will be very loud, are you sure?
I'm sure.
I just wiped that.
The periodical exam results are out.
You should know how you did.
Change your seats in three minutes. Go.
-Hurry. Don't waste your time.
-Bye, buddy.
We will meet again.
Chen Chen.
Come back.
Sit down.
Didn't I tell you before?
Yours and Zheng Yuxing's seats are fixed.
Go outside, hurry.
Ms. Qu, I have a question.
What is it?
Why can't we choose our seats?
Chen Chen's mom said
that we can be together.
I don't care what her mom said.
My main responsibility is to make sure
your grades aren't affected.
Go, there's nothing to see.
Wait, Ms. Qu.
I have another question.
What is Chen Chen's rank this time?
She placed second again.
Everything's fine then.
Chen Chen's grades are steady.
It's clear that dating
has no impact on our grades.
-He's right.
-It's true.
But you're still in the last place.
Everything's fine then.
I've always been last,
so my grades are steady too.
And I never said
that dating can improve our grades.
I said it had no impact
on our grades.
-That's true.
-He's right.
You stay where you are.
Maybe Chen Chen
won't want to sit with you.
Chen Chen.
Choose your seat.
What are you listening to?
I said, what are you listening to?
Want to listen to it?
How is it? Nice, right?
What are you doing?
Put it back.
Keep listening, be patient.
Come in.
Wear these.
Where do we study?
What's the rush?
I'll show you around first.
That's my dad's room. This is mine.
What's this?
It's a mixer.
The turntables are on the left and right.
Mixers and turntables.
You're actually serious about music.
I always thought it was all just talk.
Of course. I'm very serious about it.
Why do you like electronic music?
Is it because of her?
Not entirely.
But back then,
I listened to more mainstream styles.
Only later did I discover
the genre I like.
How about I give you
a brief introduction to electronic music?
Electronic music is actually
a very broad concept.
If you were to thoroughly categorize
all the various styles,
there are over 80 that I know of.
-You've listened to them all?
-The more you listen to it,
the more you know what suits you,
and what kind of music
can bring comfort to your various moods.
Are you listening to me?
Sit over there.
I'll tell you about it.
Many of my favorite songs online
only have about a dozen comments.
There was even one song I love
that only had two comments.
That made me very curious.
Who are those two people?
And what are they like?
That is electronic music.
Very intimate,
It can help you find kindred spirits.
What kind of electronic music
do you think suits me?
For you
-Forget it, let's go.
Let's study, Zheng Yuxing.
-Come on.
Can you sing?
Everyone can sing.
I'm actually not bad.
Then come on.
Sing a song.
I'll accompany you.
Shouldn't we study?
-Hurry up. Sing a song.
-No, let's study.
If you don't sing, I won't go.
You can really play whatever I sing?
If you can sing it, I can play it.
What do you have in mind?
"Heroes' Song."
What is "Heroes' Song"?
It goes like
Big river flowing to the east
The stars in the sky
-Follow the Big Dipper
-Follow the Big Dipper
Sing another one.
I can't play that.
I really can't play that.
Who plays that song on a guitar?
-Pick another one.
-Who was that just now
who said,
"If you can sing it, I can play it."
Hurry, seriously.
I can't play that. Pick a normal song.
-A normal one?
How about Mayday's "Embrace"?
-Is that okay?
-That's fine.
-Definitely. That's basic.
A piece of cake.
-Are you sure?
-I'll get ready.
Is this an amusement park?
-This one.
That's Europe's
largest electronic music festival.
A place to find kindred spirits.
It does look pretty interesting.
Yes, we can go together some time.
I'm ready, come on.
Can you really do it?
Yes, come on.
Five, six, seven, eight.
You should have seen yourself just now.
You just
Five, six, seven, eight.
Five, six, seven, eight.
-Take off
-I know.
-Forget "five, six, seven, eight."
-Five, six
Let's do "one, two, three."
-Okay, sure.
-One, two, three, go.
-One, two, three, go.
-One, two, three.
Take off my mask after a long day
Dash towards the boundary of my dreams
-The pumpkin carriage
-Sing it properly.
Change into the fairy tale glass slippers
Let me enjoy this feeling
I'm a proud and aloof rose
Let me taste this flavor
The mystery of this chaotic world
Yesterday's too close
Tomorrow's too distant
Quietly listen to the dark night
-The evening breeze
-The evening breeze
-Kisses the lotus leaves
-Kisses the lotus leaves
Let me collapse drunk by the pond
I'll wait for you
To clearly perceive my beauty
The moonlight dries my tears
That person
Loves me
He holds my hand
Hugs me, kisses me
Oh love
Hello, Mr. Zheng.
I thought you were on a business trip.
Mr. Zheng, I'm Zheng Yuxing's classmate.
I came to study with him.
Let's go then.
Let's study.
Choose seats based on your rank.
Ms. Qu, why is your class so happy today?
Don't ask.
All right, everybody. Time's up.
Pass your tests forward.
Zheng Yuxing, you didn't write your name.
What is that?
Your name.
It's my stage name.
What does it mean?
XYZ in reverse is ZYX,
the initials for Zheng Yuxing.
Right. Isn't your birthday coming up?
I have a surprise for you.
What is it?
Isn't this place closed during the day?
That's right.
What took you so long?
You always get me in trouble.
Come in.
-Half an hour at most.
Wait, I'm almost done.
What on earth are you doing with that?
Be patient, almost done.
How long is "almost"?
One minute.
One minute?
You've really never been to a club?
What the heck?
You've really never been to a club before?
This is your surprise?
This is actually my first time as a DJ.
This is my favorite song.
What do you think?
Don't tell me you'll just play
one song for me.
Enjoy yourself!
Work with me here.
Put your hands up.
That person
That person
That person
Loves me
He holds my hand
Hugs me, kisses me
Oh love, don't go
Hugs me, kisses me
Oh love
What do you think?
It's all right.
No, you
Just all right?
It's awesome.
I just made this mix.
I sent it to you.
You're the only person in the world
who has this song.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Do you like it?
I'm talking to you.
I'm back.
Why are you here?
Of course I'm here
for my daughter's birthday.
My birthday's tomorrow.
It is. After midnight,
somebody is turning 18.
Wash your hands, food's ready.
You can blow the candles after midnight.
Mom, I have to go out tonight.
-What for?
-Zheng Yuxing.
-Zheng Yuxing.
-I'm meeting him.
Where are you going?
She has a date with Zheng Yuxing.
-I'll wash my hands.
-Didn't you two break up?
They didn't, I'll explain it later.
It wasn't easy for me to come here.
Can't you reschedule?
We set this a long time ago,
I can't cancel it now.
You two can have
some quality time together.
Have a good talk.
She has plans, let her go.
-Happy birthday
-Happy birthday
-Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday to you
-Time to blow the candles.
-What is it?
Make a wish first.
-My birthday's tomorrow.
-Make a wish.
Let's eat the cake.
-I've wanted cake for so long.
It's good.
I'm going to get ready.
I'll leave in a bit.
Don't come back too late.
Be safe.
I know, bye.
You really think we have
to come back again at night?
Is it really different at night?
It's completely different at night.
You'll see.
Stop pushing.
Where's Li?
He's probably inside.
Are the booths taken tonight?
-Go inside.
Why are you here again?
No wonder your grades suck.
It's my girlfriend's birthday today,
so I brought her here.
You're just scared of seeing someone,
so you dragged her here as your shield.
But you might be disappointed today.
Ming isn't here.
She's not coming?
No, she's not.
Her flight got delayed.
She went straight to Sanya.
Xiamen is just a warm-up.
Sanya's New Year is the main event.
Don't push.
Are you coming in or not?
Those at the back, show me your tickets.
Miss, how old are you?
-She's an adult.
-Is she 18?
Show me your ID.
-She didn't bring it.
-Not you.
Stand aside.
-Your ID.
Come on.
Let's see.
How is she 18? She turns 18 tomorrow.
It's her birthday today.
She's celebrating today,
but she's 18 tomorrow.
-She's celebrating it today.
That won't fly.
She's short by an hour.
You two can go in after midnight.
-Make an exception.
-Go, wait on the side.
-No, wait on the side.
-What difference is a few minutes?
It's almost your birthday.
How does being an adult feel?
Is the Ming he mentioned just now
the DJ you were talking about?
We're mainly here
to celebrate your birthday.
If you don't want to go in,
we can have supper.
Forget it.
We're already here.
It's almost time.
Let's check this out.
Stand properly.
two, one.
Happy birthday!
For you two.
Extend your hand.
-All right, have fun.
-Thank you.
Let's go.
Stay close.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, don't stand here.
Chen Chen!
Chen Chen!
I've been looking for you.
Why are you here?
I saw you walk that way.
I couldn't find you, so I just sat here.
Why do you like this place?
Don't you think it's too loud?
Isn't that great?
The louder, the better.
The volume can drown out your worries.
Want to go to the front?
Let's go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Do you know what it feels like up there?
Think about it.
Imagine that you're a DJ now,
and you make this place go wild.
The songs you play make everybody
happy and excited.
I want to be up there one day.
Let's go to the back,
it's too crowded here.
Chen Chen.
Chen Chen.
Chen Chen!
Chen Chen!
-Where are you going?
-I'm fine, just a bit tired.
I'm going home.
As for what happened earlier,
I apologize, okay?
I just had a breakup.
I'm not ready.
-And I--
-Was that a breakup?
You got dumped.
How is that any of your business?
It's none of my business.
Then why did you insist
on bringing me here to be with you?
We're celebrating your birthday.
You just wanted to use me.
For what?
You brought me here to make her jealous.
You thought you could win her back.
If you really like her,
get her back.
If she doesn't like you anymore,
you must learn to accept it, okay?
How do you know that?
You really don't know?
Can't you face the truth?
Who do you think you are?
Are you really so brave?
If you are, why tell lies?
Why tell others that we're together?
Your mom is having an affair.
Why don't you confront her?
If you have the guts, expose her.
Don't go.
I'm sorry.
Do you know?
You're really childish.
No wonder she dumped you.
-Have you ever cared for her?
-Of course.
She's my daughter, I have to.
-What did you do?
-I care greatly about her.
I'm under a lot of pressure.
-Do you know that?
-Don't keep telling me that.
I have to act in front of her
every day, you know.
I'm already in a tough spot.
I'm acting too.
I'm doing the same.
I don't want to talk anymore.
Can you understand me?
-Another glass of wine.
The subscriber you dialed
cannot be reached.
Please try again later. Sorry
The subscriber you dialed
can't be reached.
Please try again later.
Keep your voices down. I can't hear.
Ming, it's for you.
Somebody's looking for you.
It's me.
If your parents don't get along,
and they're seeing other people now,
isn't that a good thing?
Why can't you accept that?
If the person you love
has a new life now,
can you accept that?
When it comes to others,
everything seems simple.
But what if it's about ourselves?
I can't accept it.
I can't accept it either.
If so, then go tell them.
What should I say?
Can I actually stop them
from living their new lives?
Can I?
A lot of times, we understand
that we're being childish,
but we can't help ourselves.
I can't do it,
but you can.
After all, you were together before.
Even if you broke up,
she owes you an explanation.
-But what?
Did I say anything wrong?
Tell me.
After midnight, can I still make a wish?
Will it come true?
Give me your hand.
I wish
that we
can face ourselves more honestly,
and we
can become braver.
Everything I said
outside the club was out of anger.
Actually, I
I was just jealous.
Being honest isn't so hard, right?
Zheng Yuxing.
I'll go to see her with you.
we've decided
to take
a completely spontaneous trip.
Have a nice life, everyone.
Let's go.
Hurry, the car is here.
Come on.
Everybody, take a guess where we are.
Chen Chen.
Shout it out to everybody.
Where are we?
We are at
I'm not going to tell you.
Turn it off.
-Is it off?
Let's go.
Did Zheng Yuxing and Chen Chen elope?
-They eloped?
-Come and look at Zheng Yuxing's TikTok.
Hey, Ms. Qu.
Mrs. Chen.
Can you and your husband come to school?
Isn't it the weekend? What's the matter?
Are you aware that Chen Chen
and Zheng Yuxing have taken a trip?
Where did they go?
We're finally here.
This is Zheng Yuxing?
He's quite handsome.
Look. This video has over 10,000 likes.
He's quite popular.
What kind of mom are you?
I told you not to drink, you insisted.
You don't even know
that she didn't come home.
Didn't you drink too?
I thought she was already home.
I only found out in the morning.
Her phone is off too.
We're here.
We're headed to the hotel.
Everybody, take a guess where we are.
Chen Chen.
-Shout it out to everybody.
-Where are they?
We are at
I'm not going to tell you.
Turn it off.
Are they getting a room?
What if she gets taken advantage of?
Mr. Chen, don't worry.
You're overthinking.
They won't do anything.
Your child is a boy,
of course you're not worried.
-Ours is a girl.
-My son won't do anything
to your daughter.
Don't you think
that's irresponsible for you to say?
What do you mean?
-Ms. Qu.
-Ms. Qu.
We called you here this weekend
to figure out how this should be handled.
The principal just called and said
they could face disciplinary action.
Ms. Qu, that can't be.
It's the weekend.
They're not skipping school.
-Look at the number of hits.
Everybody online is talking about them.
Other parents
have already brought this up.
If it keeps escalating
and relevant units get involved,
the consequences are unimaginable.
The principal wants us
to bring them back now.
We can't allow their posts
to get out of hand.
Otherwise, they could be expelled.
I'll call her.
Come on. Didn't I just say it?
-It's been off since morning.
-What should we do then?
-Can you think of something?
-All right.
What if
I check
Zheng Yuxing's credit card records?
Aren't you being too impulsive?
Wasn't this your idea?
Come on!
Ming looks cool!
Now, you owe me a secret.
I just confirmed with the hotel
that they're staying here.
Slow down.
There's a music festival near the hotel.
I think that's probably
why they came to Sanya.
This way.
They shut the lights down.
The next DJ is coming.
Want to go to the front?
There's no need.
I don't want to see Ming anymore.
I couldn't let go
wasn't because
Ming owes me an explanation,
but because I couldn't accept
the fact that I still like her,
but she no longer likes me.
But from now on,
I'll try hard to accept that.
In the future,
if the people we like
can also like us,
how nice would that be?
Zheng Yuxing.
Let me tell you a secret.
You asked me before
if I have a crush on you.
Actually, you were right.
I've liked you since junior year.
I wish I could also like you back.
Or maybe
we should both learn to accept
that the one we like
might not like us back.
Who was it? Who was your boyfriend?
His name is Zheng Yuxing.
Out of all the guys in school, why me?
You have a crush on me, don't you?
No matter what happens in the future,
we know.
You understand, don't you?
Rest over there.
They are already in this situation.
Let's just sign it.
Any misunderstandings?
Yes. I'm sorry.
Sorry to trouble you.
I will deal
with their education after this.
Zheng Yuxing.
Are you okay?
I'll get her.
Chen Chen, come here for a second.
Why do I need to sign this?
It's what Zheng Yuxing's dad wants.
He will make Zheng Yuxing say
that he singlehandedly planned this.
He also forced you to shoot
all the videos posted online.
Be good.
Sign it.
Nothing written here is true.
I'm the one who wanted to come.
I'm not signing this.
Do you think there's a point
in saying that now?
You two made a big mess.
The school can't tolerate it.
What will they do?
Expel you both?
So you want us to lie?
We are not making you lie.
-Didn't I just tell you?
-What about Zheng Yuxing?
What will happen to him?
What does "punishment" here mean?
Will he get expelled?
It doesn't matter if he gets expelled.
His family can afford it.
They can send him abroad for school.
Can we afford that?
What if you got expelled?
It doesn't matter either.
I'll do what I should do.
I'll stop school. I can quit school too.
Chen Chen,
you think I don't understand you?
You've been with Zheng Yuxing
for such a long time.
You like him.
But think about it.
Zheng Yuxing
is taking responsibility for this
because he likes you too, doesn't he?
He's not obligated to help me.
How is he not?
We're not dating.
I just met him this semester.
It was all a lie, you know?
Everything is a lie.
What is the truth?
Did you speak any truth?
Why are you doing this to me?
You want the truth?
-No, nothing you say is real.
-The truth is I found out last year
that you and Dad
have been divorced for a long time.
The truth is I know
that you're dating Uncle Wang.
I know Dad is with someone else.
You didn't want to tell me
about the divorce
because you thought
it would affect my exam.
I failed the exam on purpose.
Actually, I finished answering everything.
But I erased them all in the end.
I just thought
that if I had one more year,
would you guys get back together?
I just don't want
to pick between the two of you.
I don't want you and Dad
to lie for my sake anymore.
I don't want Zheng Yuxing to lie either.
We're not signing this.
If she gets expelled, so be it.
How can she get expelled?
What are you doing?
Let's talk when we get home.
Zheng Yuxing.
How are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
Zheng Yuxing.
Chen Chen.
I think
I've lost the hearing in my left ear.
Take your phones out.
Pass them to the middle.
-How can you do this?
-What's happening?
-Starting today
-Ms. Qu, what if we
Starting today, turn in your phones
before your morning self-study.
The class monitor
will bring them to the office.
We'll return them to you in the evening.
Also, Chen Chen and Zheng Yuxing
have decided to drop out.
Do not repost their videos.
Do not discuss them either.
Don't let me find out
that you have other phones.
-What happened?
-What's wrong?
Do you know
what's most important to you right now?
-The college entrance exam.
-Do you--
Go to college.
-Study hard.
Mrs. Chen.
We still care about Chen Chen very much.
If there is anything in her studies
that she needs help with,
please let me know anytime.
Okay. Thank you, Ms. Qu.
Do you want to come home
for a few days after Sanya?
It's okay.
I'll fly back from there.
How's my mom lately?
She complains to me every day.
She says
that it's too hot in Hainan,
and the food isn't good.
That's how
your mom is.
She doesn't say what she thinks.
The more she likes something,
the more she complains about it.
she's really happy here.
Zheng Yuxing.
When do you think the future will arrive?
If right here, right now,
the one you like happens to like you back,
then right now
is the future.
Why did you sigh?
-I can't do this, Director!
My goodness, what's wrong with you?
Go from the front too.
We hope the person you like
Happens to like you too!
Happens to like you too!
Subtitle translation by: Alvin Wang