Upon Entry (2022) Movie Script

- Anyway.
- Let's get to work and stop fooling around.
So on Friday, February 15th, 2019,
we're back here at APM Radio and we
are dedicating the program to Donald Trump.
Because our friend Donald
Trump says he wants to declare
a national emergency so he can start
building the Mexico border wall!
The fact is, the President of
the United States needs 5.7 billion
to start building the wall.
This man knows lots about
money, and if he says that...
Yeah, he can't be far off.
Well, you know, together all
of us could start a crowdfunding
donate what we can for Trump's wall.
- One euro, two, one hundred...
- Terminal 1, 2...?
- Terminal 1.
- Which airline?
So now, today's news.
- What's wrong?
- I think I forgot...
- Your what?
- My passport.
Can you stop a second, please?
- Check in this...
- Okay, got it.
- Yes?
- Found it.
- Keep going?
- Yes, yes.
Hi, dad!
Yes, yes, we're on our way.
Everything's all set.
Dad, we'll be back every year.
Say hi to them.
Diego says hello too.
Okay, I'll call you when we arrive.
Love you. Me too.
Yes, we are. We're on
our way to the airport.
I'll call you when I get there.
Fucking hell...
Ari! So, we just...
landed in New York, and now we've got
about 2 hours or so for our connection
to Miami. And anyway, we'll...
we'll put you on the list of all the people
that will be coming to visit us. So...
I hope Sergi is alright. Give him a
kiss and I hope Bernat feels better.
And I'll talk to you when I arrive, okay?
Kisses! Love you.
Do you have the water?
- I'm starving.
- Yeah...
Do you have the form, or did I keep it?
You kept it. Look in your pockets.
No, no. We lost it.
No. You lost it.
Listen, over there, where the line
starts, there are plenty to fill out.
Thanks. Wait, hold this.
Hold this for me.
- Do you need a hand with this?
- No!
Don't worry about it.
I can do it.
You came in from Barcelona?
You speak very good Catalan.
I have a very good teacher.
Yeah. I thought I saw
you guys on the plane.
Intimidating, isn't it?
I'd said it's downright scary.
You're Latino, right?
The form.
Good to go. Do you have the pen?
No, no. I don't have a pen.
- Excuse me. Do you have a pen?
- Yes, sure.
Thank you.
Fruit... no. Vegetables no.
Animals no.
10,000 euros in cash. No.
I hope we get the guy at number 18.
How do we declare ourselves here?
Residents or visitors?
- Leave it blank. Yes, leave it blank.
- Sorry.
- You can give it back when we get in.
- Okay. Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Thanks.
Family... two. Okay.
All done. What were you saying?
That I hope we get the guy at number 18.
Number 18, come on...
Maybe they just want to
check our visas and that's all.
We have to ask them what's going on.
- Let's do it?
- Hang on.
We won't have time to see my brother.
The flight doesn't depart
for another two hours.
Yeah, but he's waiting for us outside.
I'm going to call him.
What did she say?
How long you think they'll keep us here?
I don't think it will be long.
Shit, you were right. We should
have had something to eat.
I'm always right.
We have an hour and a half.
- Hey.
- What are you doing?
Are you alright?
It's better not to keep asking.
- The less we complain, the better.
- Why?
Because if they get pissed, they screw you.
Well, if they piss me off, I can
screw them over even more.
No, fuck. Just wait.
We have to see the big picture.
But if they're going to hold us here for
five hours, at least they could tell us.
At the very least we should
know what's going on.
Well, it's simple.
They check information.
You have to wait here.
Then they call you to the desk
to ask you a couple of questions.
And that's that.
But if you make them uncomfortable...
they can be a pain in the ass.
You mean even more of a pain in the ass?
This is some welcome!
What's he doing?
I can't believe it.
I'm freaking out.
- This isn't normal, is it?
- No.
Why are they searching us like this?
The lawyer said they might ask us
more questions, but not fucking all this.
I don't know. I've never been
searched like this in my life.
In my life!
Maybe it's because of your lost passport.
- "Stolen".
- Well...
No, but that was supposedly taken care of.
I don't know.
Do you think we're being filmed?
I don't think so.
But hey, they can film us if they want to.
I don't give a shit!
You didn't leave a joint somewhere
on you or anything else, right?
You got them?
What's wrong with this lady, she's
going to screw with us just because?
How many times do we
have to go through this?
As many times as necessary.
Right, sorry, but what we don't understand
is why we have to go through this,
repeating everything again and again.
For your own interest, I recommend you
answer the questions you're asked here.
And I remind you that lying
in this country is a felony.
Mr. Hernndez, do you
have another nationality?
What is your legal status in Spain?
I have a residence permit as
the partner of an EU member.
And that's all.
I applied for Spanish nationality.
- And did you receive an answer?
- Not yet.
And you don't have to be in
Spain to complete this process?
- Yes.
- So, you're giving up that opportunity?
It's just that we had a
deadline to come here.
What does that mean?
Well, that I'll have to continue
the process from here.
Can that be done?
I hope so.
And you're his partner?
- Elena Pmies, born in Spain...
- Pmies.
- December 4, 1987.
- In Barcelona.
You received this Diversity Visa because
you applied to the U.S. Green Card Lottery.
- Correct?
- Correct.
- Who was the winner?
- Me.
- Sorry. Can I get some water?
- And you applied as well?
- But you didn't win.
- No.
Was this your first time
applying for the visa lottery?
- Yes, for me yes.
- Not for me.
Which years did you apply?
This year.
In 2012 and the first
time in 2008, I think.
No matter what.
What other family members
have applied for this visa?
My dad and my sister.
- And has either of them won the visa?
- No.
Are you married?
No, we're domestic partners.
- You're what?
- Domestic partners.
- Exactly.
- And why aren't you married?
Well... What for?
When did you sign your civil union?
- Two years ago.
- That's right.
Do you have relatives here?
My aunt and uncle and a
half-brother here in New York.
And are they American citizens?
My aunt and uncle are.
My brother isn't yet.
And you, Ms. Pmies?
No, no one.
- You're a dancer?
- Yes.
Where did you train?
In Brussels.
How long were you in Brussels?
Three years.
There are lots of immigrants there, right?
So, you are an urban planner?
That's right.
According to the data we
have here, we gather that...
when this procedure was approved,
you were unemployed.
- And you?
- No, no. I had a job.
Doing what?
I was a teacher.
- Teaching what?
- Dance.
In Barcelona, at a dance school.
Who did you teach?
Children, young kids.
Why did you decide to come here?
- Well...
- To work.
Why not another European country,
isn't it easier for you?
Well, we wanted to try
somewhere outside of Europe.
And Canada?
Australia, even. There are some
good programs for foreign couples.
Well as a young couple, we
preferred to try something here.
32 and 38 years old isn't
considered a young couple here.
So, do you think it's easier to get a job
in the United States than in Spain?
I know that my job qualifications would be
much more highly valued here than in Spain.
But from what I see here,
you don't have any document
indicating that you have
a job offer or sponsor.
- I have a... I have an offer and...
- Do you have anything in writing?
So, you don't have a contract or anything.
No, but I'm meeting him next week.
I remind you that you are not
officially in the United States yet.
Even though you won the Lottery Visa,
this interview has the last word.
And the decision is up to me.
What's your final destination city?
Our final destination is Miami.
And after that?
No, the idea is to stay in Miami.
If Miami doesn't work out, we thought
maybe New York or Philadelphia.
Or San Francisco...
Or San...
Are you aware of how far away and
different these cities are from each other?
Well, we're open to all options.
And why Miami?
My aunt and uncle are there.
Did you give me the document
with your bank balance?
It's right here.
- We had a copy... here it is.
- Yes.
This is all you've got?
We consider it to be sufficient.
Do you have any properties in your name,
in Spain, Venezuela?
Some other country?
- A car?
- No.
Nothing in your name?
We have a dog.
Is it with you here?
Not now.
Have you ever been denied a visa?
For the United States?
An extraordinary ability visa.
And what reason did they give you?
I don't know, they didn't explain it to us.
And what are these extraordinary abilities
that you included in your application?
My professional career.
And why didn't you apply with yours?
Because we thought that
his had a better chance.
Maybe it was the other way around.
Why are we answering the same
questions as at the Embassy?
Because we have new information.
We're comparing data.
When did you meet each other?
In Barcelona.
- When?
- Three years ago.
Barcelona. Where?
At a party.
Did you live together before
signing the civil union?
How long before?
Six months.
Who proposed it?
Both of us.
And was there a religious act or anything?
No. We signed the papers.
Nothing else?
- Nothing else.
- You're not religious?
- No.
- No.
But we respect all religions.
And your parents approved of this union?
Yes, of course.
- Yes.
- Your parents, Mr. Hernndez,
- do they live in Spain?
- No.
And did they go for the signing?
No, they couldn't come.
It was...
But your Spanish accent
sounds a little weird.
From many years being away.
Are you nervous?
A little.
And why is that?
This is making me nervous.
What's making you nervous?
Being questioned.
You know what makes me nervous?
- Liars.
- All this could make anyone nervous...
Lady! I'm talking to Mr. Hernndez.
So, you two are almost living as de
facto spouses you could say, right?
Because the whole marriage
thing just isn't for you, is it?
Maybe marriage is a little old fashioned.
For the previous generation. Is that it?
Yes, I think so.
But that doesn't change
your love for your partner,
even if you don't want to marry her.
No, of course not.
And why were you married to an American?
You haven't been asked
that before, have you?
Were you married to an American?
- No, I wasn't. I'm not married.
- You're sure?
Yes, I'm sure I'm not married.
But even though you
don't believe in marriage,
you applied for a fianc visa, didn't you?
- Yes.
- And why's that?
I was in a relationship
- and we got engaged.
- What year was that?
Well... I don't remember.
You should remember.
It wasn't that long ago.
It says here that visa was approved.
Yes. But I never went to the interview.
And why's that?
Because we ended the relationship.
Remind me... what was her name?
Kate Rodrguez.
Where does she live?
Back then she lived in Miami.
She no longer lives in Miami?
- Well, I don't know.
- What did she do for a living?
She was a cook.
Where did you two meet?
Where did you see each
other for the first time?
We never saw each other in person.
How's that?
We could never coincide.
I didn't have a visa
and she couldn't travel.
And you didn't keep in touch with her?
How long did the relationship last?
About a year.
A year!
And you never saw each other?
No. Not in person, no.
When did you get engaged?
Ah... seven months into it.
How old were you?
I don't remember.
You lose your memory very quickly.
What was your age difference?
Eight... Ten. Ten years.
And who was older, her or you?
So, she was...
Do you know that in this country a marriage
of convenience is considered a crime?
Yes. I know.
Were you in a relationship with
Kate Rodrguez for the papers?
No, that wasn't the case.
It says here this visa was approved
but you didn't go to the interview
at the consulate in Caracas.
You weren't in Caracas, were you?
No, I'd left already.
To Barcelona.
I think there's something
here that doesn't add up.
Were you engaged to Kate Rodrguez
at the same time you were her boyfriend?
That's why I left Kate. Because I
met Elena and everything changed.
But, unless you're lying to me,
it seems you got engaged seven months later
when your relationship had already begun.
Maybe you didn't want to miss out
on either of the two opportunities.
Could you answer something?
Why did you get engaged on that occasion,
and this time you decided on an open union?
- What changed?
- They're two totally different situations.
But for the same purpose, to obtain a visa.
I understand you don't have any children.
Are you pregnant?
Any sons, daughters from
a previous relationship?
Do you have any family members who
depend on you here or outside this country?
Lower case v...
e... r... d... i...
I know this is uncomfortable.
And that a person like your partner
can make all the difference.
I know what you're doing.
And I don't judge you, okay?
I don't judge you.
I don't understand what
you're talking about.
You think you're the first immigrant to
come here with everything in place to stay?
My cousin did the same thing.
He married a gringuita and...
now he already has his green card.
But I'm not doing that.
Tell me the truth and
we'll be done with this.
You don't get in, of course, but...
you go back to Spain, where you
can easily finish your procedure.
Tell me the truth.
Now, if you don't tell me the
truth, we'll put you in jail,
I don't know for how long,
we'll deport you to
Venezuela, and you won't
be able to come back,
not even on vacation.
Say it!
"I'm with her for the papers".
And that's it.
I didn't do what your cousin did.
- Are you judging my cousin?
- No, no, it's just that...
They're different cases.
They're separate cases.
Because you immigrated here with money.
Because you aren't one of
the ones who cross over.
You're a... What do you call it?
A snob.
Tell me something. Are you someone who
gets here and looks down on the newcomers?
Because let me tell you something.
To me, there's no difference.
You know what? I prefer the ones who
cross over. I have more respect for them.
How are you?
Can you tell me what's happening?
Are you okay?
Let me explain it to you.
Not now.
Don't tell me just because I didn't tell
you about it, you believe all the rest.
I should have told you about it.
I made a mistake.
We missed the flight, you know?
Aren't you going to say anything?
What are you thinking?
I want to go back home.
But what was I supposed to say to you?
I was in a relationship,
and we got engaged,
but it didn't go anywhere
and we didn't get married.
Besides, you wanted to leave too.
Even before me.
You wanted a change of scenery because...
your parents were smothering you.
And the situation in Spain
was going nowhere, right?
I've put a lot of effort into this.
My life has revolved around you.
You haven't risked as much as I have.
You always have a place to go back to.
I thought you were the one
who had a plan B in place.
I didn't handle it in the best way, but...
that relationship was never
important to me.
You were going to get married.
You know they asked me if I
knew you had been engaged?
And what did you tell them?
The truth.
That I had no fucking idea.
Did they ask you too?
And what did you tell them?
The truth.