Upperworld (1934) Movie Script

Mr Stream is awake now.
You may continue cutting the lawn.
- Yes, sir.
You may start now. Mr Stream is awake.
Mr Stream is awake now.
You may serve the orange juice, Max.
Yes, Monsieur Marcus.
You may start playing now, Tommy.
Your father is awake.
It's about time.
Gee, we're all behind schedule.
There you are, Marcus.
Good morning, Mr Stream.
Why say 'good morning'
when it's after 12 o'clock?
I mean, good afternoon, sir.
You should always say what you mean.
How do you feel today, sir?
- Terrible.
Sorry, sir.
- You're not a bit sorry.
And don't ask me if I slept
well because I didn't.
Creamed lobster never did agree with me.
What's all this?
Your appointments for
the afternoon, sir.
You have a board meeting at 1:30.
To discuss the railroad consolidation.
Senator Burton will call at 2:30.
At 3 o'clock. The committee representing
the South Central stockholders.
You lay off my railroad or
I'll tell my daddy of you.
And at 4:45 the executive
officers of the Mill Barry ..
What the devil?
I don't want my trains in the play room.
There won't be room enough.
You give me my trains or I'll tell dad.
What's going on?
What's all the commotion?
Dad, he is wrecking my railroad.
He got half the tracks loose
and he tore down my bridge.
Wrecking your railroad, eh?
That sounds serious.
I just had it working swell too.
I could punch your nose.
It looks like vandalism, Caldwell.
I am surprised.
Mrs Stream wishes the decorators to
start promptly, sir. They are here now.
Decorators? What for?
For the costume party
tonight, Mr Stream.
Sorry, Tommy.
There's a party on tonight.
Gosh, isn't mom a terror at parties?
We just cleared the playroom, sir.
Shall I lay his tracks out there.?
Is that all you know
about running a railroad?
All you can run is a tea cart.
Tommy, I'll ask your mother if she'll
let you keep your tracks here.
Mrs Stream sleeps late today and she
said under no circumstances to call her.
I am afraid, Tommy, that's that.
Daddy, you can't run a
railroad in a playroom.
You've got to have a lot of room.
You know that.
I know just how you feel.
I'm having the same
trouble with my railroad.
Yes. But all you have to do is dictate
a letter and it's all fixed up.
Why can't you dictate a
letter to mother for me?
Now there is an idea.
Would you call that
executive ability, Caldwell?
Indeed, sir. Remarkable.
Take this, Marcus.
Dear Hettie.
Won't you please let Tommy use
the ballroom for his playroom.
The east room will do
for your costume party.
But the ballroom is the only suitable
place for Tommy's railroad operations.
I'll consider the granting
of this right away ..
A great personal favor.
Just sign it 'Alec'.
See that Mrs Stream gets
that as soon as she's awake.
Very well, sir.
Gee, thanks, dad. I knew you'd fix it.
Listen, you lay off my railroad or
you'll get a good kick in the pants.
None of that, young fellow.
Now a letter to Jaffe at the L&M.
My dear Andy.
I wish you'd come to
New York during the month.
My plans for the merger
are progressing nicely.
I think I've improved them
somewhat since our last talk.
I am now planning on taking
in the two western roads.
Thereby making the S&B a
complete national highway.
I think you'll agree with me
there's no fun running a railroad.
Hampered by government paternalism.
Tommy sold me that idea this morning.
Will that go in?
- Why not?
A girl swimming out there
seems to want help.
Every day since they opened that public
beach some swimmer has been in trouble.
Grab hold.
Steady now.
Turn her around.
Take her below.
Get her some towels and dry clothes.
Right, sir.
This is going to make him late.
He has a board of directors
meeting at 1:30.
And it's 1:45 now.
So what?
A little bit.
Your teeth are chattering.
They sound like castanets, don't they?
From now on, you'd better do
your swimming in the bathtub.
I can't kick.
A free boat ride.
And s sightseeing tour in a limousine.
I can't hear the engine.
What is it, a twelve?
No. A sixteen.
- A sixteen?
Up to now my limit has been a twelve.
Do you own this or rent it?
Just paid for it.
Thanks for saving my
life and everything.
That's alright.
I'll let you save mine sometime.
I will. Thanks so much. Goodbye.
Did you hurt yourself?
- No. Not a bit.
Incidentally, these are your clothes.
How do I return them to you?
That's alright. I'll send for them.
Save yourself the trouble and come and
get them now. It only takes me a minute.
Alright. Careful.
Come in a minute.
Make yourself at home. I'll change
into something dry in a jiffy.
I will wait.
Sit down and rest your handsome face.
Say, what's your racket?
Retired bootlegger?
Not exactly. Why?
I don't know.
That seagoing hack and that big car.
You must be in the money.
I wouldn't call my business
a racket exactly.
More of a game.
Transportation, huh?
No. Railroads.
Don't tell me you are Mr Pullman?
No. I am not Mr Pullman.
Well, what is it?
Alexander Stream?
Can you imagine that?
Little me being pulled out of the
water by Alexander Stream.
You were worth saving.
His appointment was for 1:30.
It's now after two.
I wonder what can be keeping him.
Maybe he's teaching her how to swim.
I'll bet you're as starved as I am.
Let me fix some eggs, toast and coffee.
How do you like your eggs?
- Uhoh.
I got everything but the cream. I know.
There's a delicatessen downstairs.
Get a loaf of bread too.
I'll get it.
- No, it's my party.
Alright. I'll toss you for it.
- Alright.
Tails. You lose.
And you'd better get a
quarter pound of butter too.
His appointment was for 1:30.
I know.
You've told me that twice already.
It's now 2:30.
Yeah, I know. But it looks like
he's going to be a little late.
Now, what do you suppose?
He's probably going to be a bit longer.
Better bring a half pound of sugar.
Oscar. Hold this a minute, will you?
Get another bottle of cream.
More coffee?
- No thanks.
You haven't eaten very much.
I am on a diet.
You see, food goes right to my hips.
If I lose my figure, I lose my job.
How's that?
Right now, I'm working
in a burlesque show.
Anything to keep from starving.
I've been in one Broadway hit.
Did you see Herbert's Musical Doll?
I believe so.
Remember when all you can see on the
stage was a forest of legs doing this?
Yes. I do remember that one.
I'm surprised you don't remember me.
I played two parts.
Two parts?
Legs 18 and legs 19.
What else did you do?
Remember the three little pigs number?
- I certainly do.
I was the fat one.
The one with the curly tail.
That describes all the
pigs I've ever seen.
This is me. Recognize me?
You haven't changed a bit.
I was the one who built
his house of bricks.
You are a smart pig.
It's a quarter to three.
- And he had a 1:30 appointment.
I'll go up to find out what detains him.
Knock on the door before you enter.
And don't forget to tell him he
had an appointment for 1:30.
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
The big bad wolf. The big bad wolf.
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
The big bad wolf, the big bad wolf.
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
The big bad wolf, the big bad wolf.
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
The big bad wolf. The big bad wolf.
Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?
What is it, Marcus?
And since railroads are facing
increasingly severe competition.
From other methods of freight
and passenger transportation.
It is imperative that we call upon
our best engineering talents.
To develop a more
speedy and economical ..
Going pretty fast, weren't you, buddy?
What's the matter?
Can't you see those signals?
Yes. I saw them but I
had orders to step on it.
That's alright, officer.
This Mr Alexander Stream's car.
Yeah? Let me see your license.
Is that your right address?
- It was this morning.
I'm in a hurry, officer.
Here, have a cigar. Forget it.
No thanks. I don't smoke.
I don't like your attitude. How long
do you intend to keep me here?
It all depends on you, Mr Stream.
You are liable to talk
yourself into going downtown.
Do you realize you are talking
to Mr Alexander Stream?
I don't care if he is Mr Alexander
Stream or the King of Siam.
This car was breaking the law.
And it's going to get
plastered with a ticket.
Take his number, Marcus.
Here. Sign this, Buddy.
My name ain't 'Buddy'. It's 'Oscar'.
How are you, Mr Stream?
Good afternoon, Mr Stream.
Who are you, Mr Stream?
There's no use making
a stink about it, Moran.
There's the order from the commissioner.
You're transferred to
a patrolman's beat.
Listen, Captain.
I clocked that guy doing fifty.
Right through signals and
against crosstown traffic.
You should have used your head.
Mr Stream is too big to monkey with.
Too much influence.
It's alright to give him a ticket.
But you got fresh and spoke out of turn.
Six years on the force and then demoted.
The wife will raise
the devil about this.
We just moved into a
downtown apartment last week.
Yeah. It's tough.
You've pulled a boner. That's all.
Moved downtown last week and now
transferred to the Bronx this week.
It's sleep or jump every time I go home.
Just a moment please.
Commissioner Clark.
You took care of the traffic ticket?
Yes I did.
That's what the commissioner
wants to talk to you about.
Hello, Commissioner.
You did?
Thanks very much for the favor.
Let me know if I can do
one for you sometime.
Sure. I'll meet you
at the fight some time.
Right. Goodbye.
It's amazing.
You look like a stuffed monkey.
If I had you on a string I'd give
you to Tommy to play with.
It was Mrs Stream's idea, sir.
For the costume party.
She insisted that I dress like this.
It's a bit embarrassing, sir.
Where is Tommy?
- In his room, sir.
He's very upset that Mrs Stream made him
take his train set out of the ballroom.
I don't blame him.
He has barricaded himself in his room.
And is standing guard with an air rifle.
Pioneer stuff, eh?
I'll go up and see him.
Let Mrs Stream know where I am.
- Yes, sir.
Who is that?
- A friend.
Hello, Jesse James.
You can bet nobody
else has run into him.
Well, Tommy.
Your railroad enterprises
have hit a slump.
What you going to do about it?
Nothing. What can I do?
You know, son. When hard times hit
a good railroad man, he retrenches.
Economise. Reduce rates.
Speed up your schedules.
Find new shortcuts.
Nothing doing. I want to expand.
Never try to expand
against a bad market.
The first thing you know, you'll find
yourself in the hands of the receiver.
Now look.
Suppose you tunnel under the bed.
And save yourself fifty
miles of mountain range.
It will cut down your running
time a couple of hours.
Gee. That's an idea.
I can use two engines
to pull up the loads.
That's the stuff.
Tommy, Let me in.
That is mother. She can't come in.
Perhaps we'd better let her in.
Maybe she wants to come to terms.
Yeah. Alright.
Tommy, why did you lock that door?
He's been unbearable today.
I have not.
- What's the matter with you?
Did you get my note about the
right-of-way for Tommy's railroad?
Alec, you are as much
of a child as Tommy is.
Besides, you're spoiling him dreadfully.
No-one ever spoiled me.
Darling, I would be so grateful if you
got dressed and came downstairs now.
Don't take dad away.
He's got to play railroads with me.
Tommy. Be quiet.
Look here, Hettie.
I've had this thing on my
mind for a long time.
You may as well know
how I feel about it.
If you get any pleasure out of that mob
of nitwits who take up your time ..
That's your business.
But I am fed up with it.
Every time I come home.
It's like walking into a banquet hall
or a public dance or a bridge club.
We're never alone.
Social success is just as
important to a woman ..
As financial power or any
other achievement is to a man.
You are a success in your world.
I want to be somebody in mine.
After all.
When I entertain distinguished people
it's just as much for you as for myself.
You have changed, Hettie.
Wealth and social distinction.
Those things never used to
bother us a few years ago.
We used to be able to
enjoy the simple things.
We had each other.
We didn't care about anything else.
Now it's different.
We're like two strangers living in a
house with hundreds of people around us.
You are stubborn.
I can't do a thing with you.
You can give me a kiss.
Darling, if you just come downstairs and
show yourself I'd be terribly pleased.
I'll come down in a few minutes.
Tommy and I have a few
railroad problems to discuss.
Time you were in bed, Tommy.
Don't keep him up too late, Alec.
Shall I go round again?
- No. Let's get down to business.
Well. Now, where were we
going to build that tunnel?
Under the bed.
Maurice, I want a quiet boost.
It's my fourteenth wedding anniversary.
Tell you what you'd better do.
A 'Lady Baltimore'. A cake.
Isn't that what you call it?
With 14 candles.
Yes, Mr Stream.
Personally, sir.
Eight o'clock sharp.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, Alec?
Our anniversary?
Fourteen years today, sweetheart.
No. My secretary didn't
have to remind me.
I've got a good memory for some things.
Why don't you come to town
for dinner this evening?
We'll have dinner together
and go to a revue afterwards.
Just the two of us.
Darling, I can't. I'm going to the
Kaufmans for dinner tonight.
Send regrets? I couldn't do that.
It's too late.
I've been planning on this for a week.
It will be like old times.
Of course I'm disappointed.
But Alec, it's impossible.
Don't be sulky.
Yes. You are on my calling list.
Tell you what.
We'll celebrate our
anniversary tomorrow night.
I'll keep tomorrow night open for you.
Goodbye, my dear.
Evening, Oscar.
- Good evening, Mr Stream.
I'll ride in front with you.
Yes, sir.
Where to, Mr Stream?
- What?
Oscar. What do you do
on your nights off?
I mean, when you haven't
anything definite to do.
I spend a couple of hours
at the public library.
Not exactly. I usually hang
around until I get acquainted.
You see, sir. It's a good place
to pick up girls with ideas.
You know, the kind that read romances.
And they're full of notions about love.
And they're raring to go.
You take the girls that
hang around dance halls.
They're different. They're too smart and
you can't get to first base with them.
I see. What else do you do?
Take in a picture show.
Maybe the fights at The Garden.
Get on top of one of the buses
and peep in the windows.
Oscar. You ought to settle
down and have a family.
A family is a good thing
for a man, Mr Stream.
Especially a married man.
But my motto with women is to
just love 'em and leave 'em.
Oscar, I envy you.
You get more real pleasure
out of life than I do.
See, it's like this with me, Mr Stream.
You pay me forty a week.
I could use more.
- Yeah?
Heck, I get along swell.
If you did give me any more ..
Some big blond would probably
take it away from me.
Oscar. Look at that picture.
That girl looks familiar.
It should.
That's the dame .. I mean she's the girl
you fished out of the pond last Friday.
No. You sure?
Sure I'm sure. I never forget a face.
Especially a girl's face.
If the breaks ain't coming by.
And your sipping is justified.
Paint your body lily white.
Just shake your heart apart.
When you see a lady shaking
that talcum you might guess.
She's either waiting for a
man or she's been in distress.
If you see your Romeo.
When you're on a date with me,
take a little tip from me.
Make your body lily-white
and shake that powder out.
When you see a lady shaking
that talcum you might guess.
She's either waiting for a man
or she's been in distress.
If you see your Romeo.
What? Two guys from where?
Stick them in the last row.
Yeah, behind the booth.
I beg your pardon.
Can you tell me where
Miss Linda's dressing room is?
Sure I can. First door to the right.
Thank you.
Come in.
I'm glad to see you.
- I was hoping you'd come down.
I was about to send you a note.
- You did drop an invitation.
Or was it just a part of the act?
No. That is special. Just for you.
Thank you.
I'm tickled to death
you came to the show.
I enjoyed it.
Hi, sugar. How's tricks?
What was that last crack?
Didn't I meet you at
the public library once?
Are you .. doing anything tonight?
Yeah, plenty. But not with you.
How about a bit of supper
with me after the show?
I'd love to. I've only the finale to do.
Maybe I can skip it. I'll ask the boss.
Tell him it's a special occasion.
An old friend from your hometown.
Lou, do me a favor.
- I know what you're going to ask me.
Can you duck out?
I've a date with First National bank.
- Sure. How did you know?
Do you know who that guy is?
Do you?
- Who doesn't?
You're keeping swell company.
You ought to do something about it.
- Well, can I go?
Yeah. Go ahead.
I'll spot someone in your place.
Thank you.
But don't eat too much.
I'm two hours late, Maurice,
but I finally got here.
I've kept everything hot, sir.
I'll start with champagne
instead of soup.
Very good, sir.
This is swell.
I've never been here before.
Aren't you a darling.
I'm glad someone can enjoy them.
What is this, your birthday?,11,12,13,14.
You are fourteen years old today.
Not much older.
Tell me, why did you bring me here?
All these preparations.
They weren't intended for me, were they?
I hope you're not offended.
No. Not a bit.
I can't imagine a girl in her right
mind passing up a layout like this.
Who was she?
- My wife.
You are married?
- Yes.
Why are all the nice guys
in this town married?
Tell me, what's your wife like?
- Just swell.
She is a grand person.
And this is your 14th
wedding anniversary?
Yes. My fourteenth wedding anniversary.
And I'm spending it with you.
Just circumstances.
My wife happened to have
another engagement.
Goodnight, Oscar.
- Goodnight.
Mr Stream.
- Yes?
What's that you've got?
- That dame.
The young lady that was in the car
tonight must have dropped that.
You had better get rid of it.
- I'll give it to one of my girls.
By the way, Oscar.
There's something I want
to put you straight on.
This little incident tonight is ..
Just between you and me. Understand?
- Yes, sir. I understand.
I don't want anyone to
get the wrong impression.
Of course not.
- I did it on impulse.
Something I haven't done in years.
At least not since I've been married.
- I know, sir.
True. I went backstage.
Took her to dinner and a
drive through the park, but ..
That's as far as it went.
I know, sir.
- What?
I understand, sir.
I don't want you to discuss it
with any of the other servants.
By tomorrow morning I'll
have forgotten all about it.
Sure you will.
Don't let it worry you because
it don't amount to a piffle.
I'll tell Mrs Stream the whole story.
She'll get a great laugh out of it.
No. I wouldn't crack if
I was you, because ..
Women get funny ideas
about things like that.
Perhaps you're right. Goodnight, Oscar.
Goodnight, sir.
Alec, I thought you'd never ..
- Hello Tommy.
How are you rigged up? A soldier?
- Yes.
It's been so much trouble getting
Tommy ready I've been going mad.
Dad, I don't think I want to go.
You don't, eh?
- He's getting so difficult.
I wish you'd tell him how necessary
it is for him to go. He minds you.
Alright, Tommy.
Better go and get in the car.
Ah, gee.
Hettie. I don't want to interfere
with what is best for him.
But still, I don't see why we have to
ship him 200 miles away for the summer.
Alec. Exeter is the most fashionable
summer camp in the country.
The two Van Arsdale boys are going.
It would be a shame not to give
Tommy the same advantages.
I see.
Tommy must keep his head up in society.
With private tutors.
High-tone summer camps.
You know, Hettie. Sometimes ..
I think Tommy would be better
off going to public school.
And mix with real kids.
- That's a very selfish viewpoint.
Now, darling. Please don't make him feel
any worse about it than he already does.
Alright. Let us say goodbye to him.
Bye, darling.
Be a good boy, mind your instructors
and write to me every week.
Take care of him, Marcus. Bye, darling.
- Bye.
Daddy, can Marcus buy me
candy to eat on the train?
Certainly. Take care of the
candy situation, Marcus.
Yes, sir.
Well, so long, Tommy. Have a good time.
Dad, can I have a dog when I get back?
I want a police puppy.
Sure you can.
Goodbye, son.
- Bye.
I saw your bags out there.
Are you going away?
Darling, I told you last week. I'm going
on a yachting party with Van Arsdales.
You remember?
How long are you going to be gone?
- Ten days or two weeks.
We'll cruise up the Maine coast.
I'll miss you.
Nice of you, darling.
I wish you were going along.
Mrs Van Arsdale and party
are waiting outside.
Tell them I will be right out.
Goodbye, angel.
Luncheon is served, sir.
I believe I'll eat later.
I'll go out somewhere.
Just as you say, sir.
- No appetite.
It's lonesome around here.
Have you ever been lonesome, Caldwell?
Only once, sir.
Only once?
It lasted the better
part of an afternoon.
The day my wife eloped with the
trumpeter of the Kentish Light Cavalry.
That's very sad, Caldwell.
How did you console yourself?
I hope you will overlook it, sir.
As long as you ask me, sir.
I consoled myself with a cup
of tea and a pantry maid.
And a very charming little
lady she was too, sir.
I bet you're a devil with
the ladies, Caldwell.
Not exactly, sir. But ..
I have had my moments.
[ Telephone ]
Hello? Yes.
It is?
I'd begun to think you'd forgotten me.
I've been pretty busy the last few days.
I just wondered if you were
doing anything today.
Good. Anything you say.
How about a drive in the country?
No. Not on a Sunday. Too slow.
Too much traffic.
You never get anywhere.
An aeroplane?
You have? I would love to.
Alright. I'll be ready by the
time you get here. Goodbye.
The big-shot?
He's got a cabin plane.
He's going to take me up.
Why don't you get smart with yourself?
He's itching for somebody to take him.
Or are you going to be a dumb dame ..
That gives a million dollars' worth of
her time and never gets a dime for it.
I told you how it is.
He is not in love with me.
He just likes me a little.
He's like a big kid.
This guy Stream is like
the United States mint.
You know I'm crazy about you, don't you?
You know what I'd do to
anyone who cuts in on me?
Alright. This is different.
This is our chance to step
into the big league.
Listen. I don't want to get in trouble.
- You won't get in any trouble.
Do what I tell you, will you?
This is a set up.
You don't have to go on tonight.
I will spot someone else in your number.
Take him out and throw a few
drinks in him. Get chummy.
You know, fiddle around a little.
Then watch.
He'll lay himself wide open.
Do me a favor, Lou.
Scram out of here. I must get dressed.
- Yeah. You're right.
It won't look good if he found me here.
Well. So long, baby.
I go for this.
How do you like it?
- It is swell.
Where are we going?
- Up state.
I'll show you some beautiful
mountain scenery.
What happened?
- Nothing much. Just a forced landing.
That territory up there
belongs to the birds.
From now on I keep both
feet on the ground.
Any damage?
The propeller is bent.
We may have trouble flying out.
Where are we?
About 200 miles from New York.
Well, it looks like you're elected.
Scout around. You might find a
cabin where there's a phone.
If necessary, walk to the highway.
That is probably what I'll have to do.
Looks like we'll have
to stay here all night.
Goody goody.
You like the idea?
I think it would be thrilling.
It appeals to my gypsy blood.
Ever camp out in the woods all night?
No. That's one place I missed.
- You're about to have the experience.
Think of my reputation.
Don't you trust me?
- No. I don't.
Let's take a look around.
- Alright.
Great Scott. We almost landed in a lake.
Oh, water.
Every time I see it I think of the time
you fished me out of the river.
That was a lucky day for me.
It was a lucky day for me too.
You are married.
Suppose your wife found out about us?
I would simply explain it to her.
Things like that aren't so easily
explained to a man's wife.
You know, Lilly. I like to be with you.
You make me feel happier,
more contented.
Do you mean that or
are you just talking?
Of course I mean it.
I think I'm just a little
bit crazy about you.
Why don't you kiss me?
I rather like this. How much is it?
Twelve thousand five hundred.
I'll take it. Charge it to my account.
- Righto.
This will make a very beautiful gift.
Something distinctive.
You understand that this
is strictly confidential?
[ Telephone ]
Hello dear.
I am fine.
I will be over after dinner.
About nine o'clock.
I've got a little something
for your birthday.
I think you'll like it.
You darling.
I am dying to know what it is.
You bet I'll be waiting. Goodbye, dear.
So Papa comes up tonight with
another knick-knack, huh?
I suppose you think you're funny.
No, I'm not funny.
It's about time I told you something.
That guy pays you off in chickenfeed.
While I run around without enough
dough to keep the show running.
Take a flash at that.
That's swell. I'm proud of him.
Swell? You bet it's swell.
He's the hottest guy in town.
Look at the papers. Full of stuff about
him and the merger he's putting over.
I tell you the guy has so much dough
he don't even know how to count it.
Listen, baby.
This is our chance for the big clean up.
Let's not muff it.
Let's not talk about it.
Alec, are you ready?
Dinner's served and everybody's waiting.
Yes, darling. I'm all ready.
Honey, did you put a soft
shirt on again tonight?
What's this?
Alec, you bad boy.
You precious thing.
Is this for me?
I was going to ..
I was going to surprise you.
Oh, it is exquisite.
Darling, you have the loveliest taste.
Thank you.
- I am glad you like it.
I was going to give it
to you after dinner.
And I spoiled your little surprise?
You certainly did.
Sugar, I tell you it's a cinch.
With this railroad merger ready to break
the guy cannot afford any bad publicity.
All you got to say is you
want a settlement. See?
If he gets tough, I'll handle him.
I won't do it. I don't want his money.
Say, are you in love with this guy?
He has been nice to me.
Yeah. Playing you for a sucker.
I won't argue anymore. I want all them
letters you got and all the photos too.
You get out of here.
Get out of here?
I picked you up when you
didn't have a dime.
I gave you a job in my show when no-one
would look at you. Now you welsh on me?
No dumb, soft-headed tomato is going
to gyp me out of a million bucks.
Give me the letters.
- Let go of me.
I tell you I'm not going
to touch his money.
[ Door knocks ]
Come on. Open that door.
Are you going to open it?
Trying to pull a fast one, huh?
So you've been giving me the run around.
You do love that guy, don't you?
Sure I love him.
What do you know about that?
I love him and won't do
anything to hurt him.
You get out of here or I'll shoot.
How do you do, Mr Stream?
That's funny. We were just
talking about you. Come right in.
Is .. Miss Linda in?
Yes. She's right inside.
I don't believe I know this gentleman.
'Colima' is the name, Mr Stream.
Lou Colima.
Lilly here is an old friend of mine and
I sort-of look after her interests.
I was going to drop in to your office
tomorrow and talk things over.
Seeing that you're here, we can
get right down to business now.
What did you want to see me about?
Well, we may as well
lay our cards on the table.
I sicked her on to you, see.
- Yes.
I told her to play you until she had you
hooked good. You begin to catch on?
I can't believe it.
He is lying. I never wanted anything
from you and I don't want anything now.
The kid has a touch of cold feet.
But that doesn't matter because I'm
handling the business end of this deal.
Me and a lawyer friend of mine.
You've been keeping my letters
and photographs I suppose?
Only because they were from you.
I wouldn't worry about those, Mr Stream.
I have them all right here in my pocket.
Safe and snug.
You stole them from me.
Stole them.
I swear I'm telling you the truth.
I hid your letters.
I've never shown them to anyone.
He found them and stole them.
So you loved me, eh? You were my friend.
And all the time you
played me for a sucker.
You and this .. accomplice of yours.
Alec, I loved you. Honest I did.
That's all I wanted from you.
I just wanted you to be nice to me.
Give me those letters.
Well, Mr Stream. I can see
this is no place for a deal.
Tell you what, come down to my lawyer's
tomorrow and we'll talk things over.
Quiet and sensible.
I wouldn't stall too long, because if
we don't come to terms tomorrow ..
This stuff goes to the newspapers.
And you can't stand much bad publicity
right now, can you, Mr Stream?
Give me those letters.
See my attorney. Greenberg and Dinsmore.
48 West 42nd Street. 8th floor.
Don't forget to bring your checkbook.
Look out!
You can't park here.
Don't you see that fire plug?
This is not my car.
Whose is it?
- I don't know.
"You have just been listening to
a series of popular dance melodies."
"Played by Don Harper and
his troubadours. That is all."
Anything else, sir?
- No. That is all.
Alec, I've got a surprise for you.
- Eh?
Tommy is coming home from
military school tomorrow.
I sent for him.
- You did? Why?
I know you like to have him with you.
I'm beginning to worry about you now.
Are you sure you feel alright?
Do you mind if I make a little
speech about something?
You know, sometimes
things happen that are ..
Awfully hard to talk about.
Especially between two
people who have ..
Become as casual with each
other as you and I have.
This evening at bridge.
I was in the midst of heated discussions
about the hand we had just played.
And I got the strangest feeling.
I began to realize how
unimportant it all seemed.
I don't want to sound as if I were
tired of it all or anything like that.
I looked around at that
same bunch of faces.
The same bunch of people who've been so
important to me for the past four years.
I suddenly just got fed up.
Then I began thinking about you.
Remembering little things you'd said.
Wondering if you'd been needing me.
If you still needed me.
Alec. You do love me, don't you?
Let's go away, Hettie. Let's go abroad.
We'll pack everything tonight and leave
tomorrow as soon as Tommy gets here.
Alec, we can't do that.
- Why can't we?
I feel if I don't get away I'll crack.
I've been through too much.
- Now don't get upset.
Listen. Today is Friday.
Your railroad plans will be completed
tomorrow. Monday at the latest.
You can't run away leaving the biggest
thing in your life hanging in mid-air.
No. I suppose I can't.
Everything will be
settled in a few days.
Then we'll go abroad.
It will be like a second honeymoon.
Now, are you happy?
My darling.
I feel as though we've
found each other again.
I wish it had happened a long time ago.
Grab this, boys. Come on. Ready?
Hit it. Down here now. Get one of these.
Make it snappy. Come on.
- Hit it.
Alright, you guys. Come on. Out.
You got a hunch who did this?
You think I'm a mind-reader?
I wouldn't tell you if I knew.
Get out. All of you.
Never mind. Go on.
Don't bother us.
What time of day did
you find these bodies?
About noontime.
There were some packages for her.
I knocked and knocked and when nobody
answered I let myself in with a passkey.
I thought I'd just leave the
packages in the apartment.
Then I saw them lying there. Dead.
Did anyone call to see her this morning?
Or last night?
I didn't see anybody.
- Did she have any particular friends?
Any men besides Colima?
Yeah. One fellow used
to come pretty often.
He always brought her flowers.
He took her out sometimes at night.
What was this fellow's name?
I don't know.
What did he look like? Describe him.
He was good-looking.
Dressed nice.
A tall fellow. Dark hair.
Looks like a clear case of murder
and suicide. Jealousy probably.
He shot her and then killed himself.
Two shots were fired out of this gun.
One of those is an odd shell.
It's a Winston.
The other five are DeHavens.
- What of it?
Two different makes. That's all.
This gun was found in Colima's hand.
The bullets in it are all
DeHavens except one.
And that one is a Winston.
I found that gun in a table drawer.
It had a faint powder smell.
All the bullets in that
gun were Winstons.
Except one.
And that one is a DeHaven.
I kinda got it figured out that both of
these guns were used in that killing.
Whoever used this one tried to cover up.
They switched bullets.
So as to make it appear that
only one gun had been fired.
Yes. That is possible.
There are the fingerprints
taken from this gun.
If I can match them up we've got the
other man that was in on this killing.
You think you can do that?
- Give me a chance, Inspector.
If I don't bring in the right guy you
can have me kicked off the force.
Moran, as a matter of fact you
should be severely disciplined.
For interfering with the work
of the homicide squad.
As well as for not turning this
evidence in immediately.
You had no business taking this gun.
You had no business taking fingerprints
outside of the regular channels.
I know. I went off my nut on this case.
But I've got to see it through.
I can't tell you why.
Alright. I will make an exception.
And I'll give you just 48 hours
to follow up your hunch.
The banker's committee
is here, Mr Stream.
I cannot see them now.
- But it's very important.
The contracts are ready to be signed.
- Postpone it.
Tell them I'm sick.
Are you the janitor here?
Yes, sir.
I want to talk to you for a minute.
May I come in?
Yes, Sure. Come in.
Just come in here.
Are we alone here?
I understand the police have been asking
you questions about the Lily Linda case.
They sure have.
You told them about a certain wealthy
stranger who'd been coming to see her.
I had to tell them.
Would you recognize this
man if you saw him again?
You are the fellow.
You know who I am?
I don't know your name.
- That's good.
I am as innocent as you are.
I can't afford to be
dragged into this thing.
How much is it worth to you ..
To keep quiet from now on?
Forget all you know.
I don't want to get in
any trouble, mister.
Nothing will happen to you.
If the police or the newspapers
ask you any more questions ..
Just forget about me.
Remember nothing.
There is a thousand
dollars in it for you.
That's a lot of dough.
I could forget plenty for that much.
Here's five hundred dollars now.
I'll send you the other
five hundred in a few days.
If you help me.
A thousand bucks.
Anything you say.
You'd better think up a new description
for me in case they ask more questions.
You bet. Just leave it to me.
[ Buzzer ]
Hey, you.
Come here.
I got a line on that guy
you told me about.
The fellow that was
calling on the Linda girl.
Well, I really did not get
a good look at him.
You are starting to forget already, eh?
Does that look anything like him?
No. That guy has never been around here.
You are a liar.
Somebody has gotten to you.
Lots of fellows came to call on her.
I paid no attention to any of them.
Oh yeah?
You live here alone?
- Yeah.
Anybody with you now?
- No.
What are you going to
do with that light-bulb?
This one is kinda dusty.
I'll get you a new one.
He has gone.
Can you imagine that cop?
He swiped an electric light-bulb.
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
It's you, Marcus.
Here are your steamer
tickets, Mr Stream.
The boat sails tomorrow at midnight.
- You arranged for the luggage?
Everything will be onboard.
- Thank you.
You're on the wrong track, Moran.
His car was outside on the
night of the shooting.
His fingerprints are on the
gun belonging to the girl.
You've had a grudge against
Stream for a long time.
You're letting personal feelings
run away with your good sense.
What was he doing in
the janitor's apartment?
He was buying them off. That's what.
I've got his fingerprints on this.
I want to take them over
and have them checked.
That's the work of the homicide bureau.
Not yours.
I'll take charge of this.
Wait a minute.
If the prints match those on the gun.
Then Mr Stream knows a lot
more than he's telling.
I wish you'd let me take charge of this.
Inspector Kellog has already
assigned me to the case.
No, Moran.
I don't think you ..
You did that on purpose.
So he's bought you off too, eh?
He's got everybody covering up for him.
Just because a guy has a lot of dough,
he thinks he can get away with murder.
Moran, you're a fool.
All the money in the world
won't stop me now.
I don't care how much dough
and influence he's got.
I'm going to hang it on him.
I demand a warrant for his
arrest on a charge of murder.
You're talking like a madman
and acting like one.
Your grievance against Stream has preyed
on your mind and become an obsession.
Now you know very well we have
no definite evidence against him.
I had plenty of evidence until a minute
ago when you deliberately destroyed it.
I mean what I say.
You are protecting him.
You are covering up.
- That's enough. Get out of here. Quick.
Moran, you've had a very
clean record up to now.
But you've overstepped the mark.
- That man is guilty and you know he is.
Get out of here. You are dismissed.
Take him out. He's out of his mind.
- You can't do that to me.
I'll take this case to the grand jury.
What goes on, Commissioner?
- You are a liar.
Why don't you tell the truth?
I've solved the Linda murder.
The man who did that job
was Alexander Stream.
That man has been bribed.
He's afraid to le me go on with the
investigation. He is covering up.
What's the dope, Commissioner?
Is there a story in it?
No, boys. A very unfortunate case.
I'd appreciate very much if
nothing gets in the papers.
I tell you I saw that guy
in the janitor's apartment.
I saw him turn off the electric light.
What did he do that for if
not to hide from somebody?
Well, that doesn't help us any
with the electric light busted.
No evidence.
You've still got the two guns.
All I ask of you is to get
Stream's fingerprints.
Say. That is an idea.
Thanks for the tip. I'll see you later.
All we must do is prove the fingerprints
are Alexander Stream's.
- Alright. Get after him.
Get some men from the homicide squad.
Take photographers and fingerprint men.
You fellows go with Rocklen
and take orders from him.
Get the files on the Linda case and
all you have on Alexander Stream.
Yes, sir.
Hi, buddy. We're the New York press.
We want to see Mr Stream.
It's impossible, sir.
Mr Stream cannot be disturbed.
He is dining with guests.
Tell him it's important.
Only takes a few minutes of his time.
It's unnecessary, sir.
Society reporters have already been.
Alright. If you want to make it tough.
Come on, buddy. You'd better let us in.
If you gentlemen will
kindly wait in the library.
Detectives and reporters
in the library, sir.
I'll go right out.
Excuse me. I'll be back in a moment.
- Certainly.
Good evening, Mr Stream.
Good evening.
Well, gentlemen. What can I do for you?
Alright, boys. I'll explain it to him.
We hate to bother you, Mr Stream.
It's kind-of a peculiar case.
Do you know a policeman named Moran?
I believe I do.
He got into a jam today.
What has that to do with me?
He was locked up on Commissioner Clark's
orders for accusing you of murder.
He says you're mixed up in some way with
the killing of Lily Linda and Mr Colima.
He says the fingerprints on the
guns found in the room are yours.
What do you expect me to say
to a charge of this kind?
You're one of the biggest men
in the country, Mr Stream.
Naturally, my paper would refuse to
print a word about you that wasn't true.
If you want to stop these rumors
there's just one way to do it.
I'd be glad to do anything within
reason to settle the matter.
We've got copies of the
fingerprints found on the gun.
These two men are fingerprint experts.
Will you allow these men
to take your fingerprints?
That puts me in rather an
embarrassing position.
I can't very well refuse, can I?
Not unless you have
something to conceal.
All we have to do is to compare
the two sets of fingerprints.
If they're not yours, the cop is
crazy and you're in the clear.
And not a word gets in the papers.
Can we do this right away
so I can return to my guests?
Yes. It only takes a minute.
Step right over here.
Let me have your right hand please.
Just relax and don't try to help me.
Left hand please.
Here you are, sir. Wipe your fingers.
Thank you.
Now, it will take us a few
minutes to check these over.
Well. Make yourselves comfortable, boys.
Let me know how your little
experiment turns out.
Thanks, Mr Stream. We will.
Hey dad.
Hello there, Tommy.
I thought you were asleep.
I can't sleep with all
this noise down here.
How is the party, dad?
It's a big success, Tommy.
A big success.
Dad, why don't you come upstairs
and play railroads with me?
I would love to. But I can't.
Maybe I'll join you later.
- Well, don't be too long.
Now you'd better go to bed, Tommy.
Night, dad.
Come on, Joe.
What's the dope? Yes or no?
That one is a No.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Our honored host.
Our gracious hostess.
It is a privilege to drink long life,
success and happiness tonight ..
To a man who stands on the threshold
of one of the greatest triumphs ..
In American industrial history.
Newspapers of the country tomorrow.
Will carry headlines announcing
the magnificent achievement.
Of Alexander Stream.
Uniting our vast railroad enterprises.
Under his sole leadership.
Ladies and gentlemen. By tomorrow.
The gigantic railroad
merger will be a fact.
I ask you to rise and drink to
the man who made it possible.
Our friend and associate .. Alex Stream.
Come on, Alec. A speech.
Here, what are you doing?
What is the meaning of this?
Sorry, Mr Stream.
The fingerprints correspond.
Have you any statement to make?
My friends.
A moment ago you called
on me for a speech.
The newspapers now
ask me for a statement.
You are probably puzzled.
I owe you an explanation.
In a few minutes.
I shall walk out of
this room under arrest.
Detectives are waiting.
The headlines in the
newspapers tomorrow.
Will not tell of my success in merging
the railroads of the country.
Instead, they will announce
that Alexander Stream ..
Has been charged .. with murder.
You've defended a great
many of these cases.
Now frankly.
What do you think of my chances?
You never can tell what
a jury will do but ..
I'm almost sure of an acquittal.
You are lying, my friend.
You're trying to let me down easy.
No. I want the truth.
What do you really think?
- Alec.
If I lose this case, it will
the first in five years.
But any jury is likely to be prejudiced
against a man worth 50 million dollars.
But if you pin me down,
I'll have to admit ..
It looks bad.
Someone to see you, Mr Stream.
In the judge's chambers.
Thank you.
Gee, dad. I am glad to see you.
Hello Tommy.
I hate to see you in all this trouble.
It's sure tough, ain't it?
Well, Hettie.
I am leaving for Europe tomorrow, Alec.
I thought it only fair to let
you see Tommy and say goodbye.
That's nice of you, Hettie.
You understand why I'm
doing this, don't you?
You are doing what you think best.
I realize that.
Alex, I would have fought
this thing to a finish with you.
If it hadn't been for that woman.
But to get involved in a ..
A cheap, tawdry love affair.
How could you do such a thing?
I was lonely, Hettie.
After all of our years together.
I thought you loved me.
I never stopped loving you.
I never will.
How can you say that?
You must have loved that girl.
- I became fond of her.
She never took your place.
Then .. why?
I told you, Hettie. I was lonely.
Foreman of the jury, have
you agreed upon a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
The defendant will rise.
I must warn all those present that this
court will tolerate no demonstrations.
Everyone will remain seated until
the jury has been discharged.
The clerk will read the verdict.
In the case of the people of the State
of New York versus Alexander Stream.
In the court of general sessions in
the County State of New York.
Number 7-1-1-5-2.
We, the jury in the above titled action
find the defendant Alexander Stream ..
You think you will like
it over in London, Oscar?
I'll like it better when I learn
to speak their language.
Did you know you have to drive on the
left side of the street over in London?
Did you know they have the heaviest
fogs in the world over there?
Gee. You know a lot about
London, don't you Tommy?
Tell me something.
Do you know whether they got
a public library in London?
That's all I wanted to know.
For you, Mrs Stream.
- Thank you.
How nice.
The Mortons want us to come down to
their place in Sussex for the weekend.
Darling, you don't want to start
that social business again.
I certainly do not.
You know. I have a hunch.
This second honeymoon is
going to be very pleasant.
We ought to do it every year.
We will. This year, Europe.
Next year, the Orient.
The year after that ..
Well, why not South America?
Why not?
A complete change of everything
except the bride and groom.