Uproar (2023) Movie Script

Long ago
Was so long ago
Long ago
Was so long ago
Close your eyes
Imagine all those memories
in your mind
The downfall of mankind
has made you wise
Long ago
Was so long ago
Every day
I awake and find you
standing here by me
Say it, you lost your way
I don't believe a single
word you have to say...
If New Zealand was a TV show,
then in 1981,
we were the Incredible Hulk...
What most people saw
was Dr Banner,
all mild-mannered and peaceful
and lacking in charisma...
But actually, lurking just
below the surface
was this muscly green guy
in purple jean shorts
just waiting for something
to set him off...
And in the winter of 1981,
that something arrived..
The South African rugby team.
We don't want your racist tour!
They were our
biggest rugby rivals,
but that wasn't the problem.
One, two, three, four!
It was
the fact that South Africa
had legalised racism.
Three, four!
We don't want...
Half of New Zealand was angry
that our government had
let them play here...
The other half was angry that
politics were
getting in the way of rugby...
And then there were the people
who were angry and confused...
Why all the concern for them
when we had injustices
of our own to deal with?
...at Hamilton's Rugby Park..
Here's Graham Moody...
By the time the tour began,
everyone was angry...
Well, almost everyone...
Although, I guess
it's pretty hard
to be angry with anything
when you've always got
your head down.
I was 17, living in Dunedin
with my mum,
who barely stopped working,
and my brother, who barely
left his room anymore...
It had been seven years
since Dad died.
It's a real shambles here
at Rugby Park, Hamilton...
- There's no way this game's...
- Hey.
...gonna start for quite a
while by the look of things..
They've got to get off
the bloody pitch
so they can start the match
before someone gets killed.
What's with all those helmets?
Bottles, cans, and everything...
In fact,
the anti-tour protesters
are being pelted.
- All right.
- Oh. Right.
All right, there
is an announcement coming.
The game is now
officially cancelled.
- The game has been cancelled.
- Whoa.
No. Come on.
Come on, they're not gonna
cancel the whole thing.
They'll just get them off the...
They'll get them off the pitch
and they'll start again.
You want to take the pasties
to your room?
Trying to come back.
Turn that rubbish off, Josh.
...crowd here
at Rugby Park, Hamilton.
Our love is alive
And so we begin
Foolishly laying our hearts
on the table
Stumblin' in
Our love is a flame
Burning within
Now and then firelight
will catch us...
You know this way's
faster, right?
This way's so much more
interesting, though.
You change directions a lot.
There's the...
the bushes and stuff.
Well, get a move on,
'cause you can't keep
being late for school.
I think I've ruptured
my gluteus maximus.
It is impossible
to rupture your ass.
He iwi tahi ttou...
We are all one people.
Timely reminder
when watching those
shameful scenes in Hamilton
that here at St Gilbert's,
any behaviour that
threatens this ideal
will not be tolerated.
When the Springboks arrive
here in Dunedin next week,
we will show them that
real New Zealanders
combat division
with unity.
And there is no better place
to showcase this quality
than on the rugby field.
Now, Second XV.
Hurry up, dick.
Toot, toot, chugga, chugga.
Thank you for
that warm welcome, sir.
Wow, look at the glare
off all those legs.
Such a...
Ah, I'm Josh Waaka,
aka brother of...
Brother of a psycho.
I'm actually not the captain
of the Second XV,
but for some reason,
Sujhal asked me
to come up here this morning.
we went down to Boy's High
in our final game of the season.
Another nail-biter, though.
I actually can't remember
the score.
- 57-3.
- Ah, that sounds right.
We got three.
All right. Away you go.
First XV.
12 games played, 11 won.
And despite Saturday's
disappointing draw,
Coach Bullivant assures me
that this was a blip.
It was just a blip.
It's all...
it's all under control.
In the next four weeks,
I will be expecting
Wayne Anderson's photo
to be hanging alongside
some of the other fine,
proud St Gilbert's men
who have captained this school
to Harding Cup glory.
Men of St Gilbert's, stand.
Let's give Wayne
and his vice-captain, Xavier,
a warm round of applause.
Dost thou not
suspect my years?
O that he were here
to write me down an ass.
But, masters, remember
that I am an ass.
Though it not be
written down yet,
forget not that I'm an ass.
Thank you, Xavier.
Easily the most expressive
performance of the day.
I think Shakespeare
likes ass, sir.
Who else would like
a crack at it?
Josh, perhaps?
I'm pretty sure Dogberry's
not a Mori, sir.
Yes, well,
I'm pretty sure Dogberry
didn't speak in falsetto
either, Ted.
But that didn't stop you.
Now, if Josh wants
to do it in Mori,
he's most welcome.
I'll take anything
at this point.
Can't speak any Mori, sir.
Can barely speak English.
Well, you'll be nothing
if not consistent.
No, thank you, sir.
Oh, Josh.
Ah, quick word?
- Ah, yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah?
Hey, so, I've started up
a kind of amateur drama club
at lunchtime.
Emphasis very much
on the amateur.
And when I say club,
I mean it's...
Well, there's four of us,
so it's not... it's not
it's not big.
But still.
Why are you asking me?
I just thought it might be
something you'd enjoy.
What do you do?
All sorts of things.
That's kind of
making things up on the spot.
We're doing some readings.
We've got a new local play
called Foreskin's Lament.
- Foreskin's?
- Yeah, that is weird.
That's the nickname
of the lead character,
not the topic.
Look, I've even splashed out
and bought a video camera.
So, yeah. What do you think?
Come on, we're going to be late.
Come on. Hurry up.
My lunch times are
looking busy right now.
Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga.
Big black engine coming through.
Toot, toot...
- Whoa.
- Careful.
Big vacuum cleaner
coming through.
Out of my way, moppet.
So if you joined up,
you might play someone
called Foreskin?
- Yeah, I guess so.
- Please join up.
Grace, have you ever been
on stage before?
I'm the only Samoan in the world
who doesn't sing, dance, or act.
I'm what's called an anomaly.
Anomaly and Foreskin...
That's, like, a great name
for a cop show.
Like that Cagney & Lacey one.
Cagney and Lacey are both women.
- No, they're not.
- Yes, they are.
Agree to disagree.
It feels like we've been
walking longer than usual.
Yeah. Sorry.
Mum asked us to pick up
another route
because she thought Jamie
would be working by now.
Well, after this next street,
I'm going home.
Because you're not
paying me to help
so I can quit when I want.
Well, you're still on trial.
I've been on trial
for three years.
You know, I'm still trying
to figure you out.
I think they're protesting.
You think?
Hey, there's only one
New Zealand, ladies!
Give it a rest!
We should finish our run.
What are you doing?
Go home, coconut!
Do you need a hand?
Yeah, thank you, darling.
- It's all right. So...
- Yeah.
You're welcome.
- Thanks.
- I'm Grace.
Kia or a, dear. I'm Tui.
This is Samantha.
Pram Boy!
Come join us!
I'm not really a marcher.
I'm more of a sitter.
Oh yeah? Passive resistance
kind of approach?
Just keep fighting
the good fight, eh, Pram Boy?
This is a silent march.
It's a what?
You've got a cute
way of talkin'...
It's pretty close, hey?
- Let's go for one more.
- Okay.
Are you uncomfortable?
Nup. Shit.
Was it my breath? Was I
kind of breathing in your ear?
It's not as bad as the headband.
Just you wait, Jamie. I've got
big plans for tomorrow.
We still have three left.
Mum said we have to
finish the program.
You do it then.
Dancin', dancin'
dance the night away
I feel like dancin'
dancin', ah
Quarter to four
in the mornin'
I ain't feeling tired
no, no, no, no, no
Just hold me tight
and leave on the light
'Cause I don't want
to go home
You put a spell on...
No. Out.
How many times have I told you,
no eating in the library?
It wasn't me.
Are you telling me those
weren't crumbs
all over the table
you were sitting at yesterday?
What were they then?
Mum said I got really bad
cradle cap as a baby,
and it's obviously followed me
into teenage-hood.
Ready? Like this.
This close.
Sorry. Workout.
Okay, let's warm up
with a quick game
of five things.
Here we go.
Get your hands ready.
And... Five things
Five things
Five things, five things
Five things
- Cocker spaniel.
- One!
- Bulldog.
- Two!
- Poodle!
- Three!
- Sausage dog.
- Four!
And... beagle!
- Yes!
- Five!
Five things
five things, five things
Five things
- Bread.
- One.
- Toast.
- Two.
- Porridge.
- Yes! Three!
- Meat?
- Meat!
Yes, meat. Meat's a food.
Done that one.
Already did bread. Uh... ah...
- Weet-Bix.
- Yes! Five!
Five things
five things, five things
Five things
Ugh, it is tricky,
isn't it, food?
I should have gone
with something else.
I should have gone
with colours, but, yeah.
Well done. So, yeah,
give him a hand, actually.
Not easy.
Oh, Josh!
You want to come join us?
- Now do you understand?
- I understand, all right!
I understand that you
art some form
of free-spirited poofter
is what I understand.
David? Yes, very audible.
In fact, I wonder whether
Tupper would speak
quite at that volume.
At least that whole time.
What? I'm...
We don't have the full play,
so who's to say that
my interpretation's not correct
in the context of the...
the play?
Yeah, unfortunately,
with the amount
of effin' and jeffin',
I think it's going to arouse
some unwanted attention
from the powers that be.
So, we...
Yeah, but point taken.
Good point.
Who else wants a turn?
Yeah? Oh, great.
Ah, David,
could you please
give your lines to Josh here?
He's going to give us
his interpretation.
What about me, sir?
Oh, Eric!
Born to play the role, yup.
I love the way you're...
Just the way
you're reading it is...
Yeah, it's firm.
Yeah, good. Good.
Ah, you could use your lines
if you like, Josh.
It's all right.
Oh. Okay.
Now do you understand?
I understand all right!
I understand that you're some
sort of free-spirited poofter,
is what I understand!
This is a team game, son.
And the town is the team.
Who is the team, Tupper?
They're just a collection
of human beings.
The team has no magical
properties of its own.
That's where I disagree.
The highest, best thing
that these lads will ever
experience in their life
is the sense of comradeship
striving towards a common goal.
Got brass in pocket
Got bottle
I'm gonna use it
I feel inventive
Gonna make you, make you
make you notice...
Have you heard of NIDA?
National Institute
of Dramatic Arts.
It's the best drama school
in Australia,
but New Zealanders
can also apply.
So there's
an open casting session
Sunday week in town,
and those that are shortlisted
do a final audition
in Christchurch
in front of the bigwigs.
Look, I'm telling you this
because I think
you can give it a shot.
I don't know anything
about acting.
After 12 years
of being at the school,
I may not know
great actors myself,
but I certainly know
crap actors,
and you are not crap, Josh.
Have a think.
I've got a staff meeting.
Gonna make you see
There's nobody else here
no one like me
- I'm special
- Special
- So special
- Special
I gotta have some
of your attention
Give it to me
- Sergeant.
- Oh, Corporal.
Ah, is Grace home?
I wanted to tell her about
this NIDA thing.
Sorry, Corporal, ah...
She went off
with another friend.
Who's that?
had on a funny hat.
Do you know where they went?
Most people in town
called it Old Mori Hall,
which I guess
was technically correct
since it was old
and it was a hall
and there were usually
Mori people in it..
But to Tui and everyone else
who gathered there,
it had always been
Ng Hau e Wha,
The Four Winds.
Grace, honey, you're
the only one in the room
with your own hips.
Like this. Boit!
Boit! Yeah, there's...
Watch Uncle Pere. Look.
No way.
Like this.
I'd taken a shortcut
past it every week for years
but had never been inside.
It's time, Jamie.
Let's get to work.
Let's go, Jamie.
What are we doing?
Well, I know what we're doing.
Nah. Too far, man.
Put it away.
Something pop out?
Jamie, can you
come in the house?
Just me and you and this garage.
Bench press.
The other presses.
Let's go. I'm ready.
Are you ready?
You are here.
We're gonna get you here
Let's go.
Doing crutch walks first day.
Oh. Hey.
- Jamie.
- Jamie.
That was a good one.
Josh, will you come
and say hello?
Hello, there.
Gentlemen, would you
like a cup of tea?
Might want to take that off
before it gets stuck up there
for good, hey?
First XV.
You know what it
takes to win a championship.
Which is why I've decided
I think you should
coach the team.
Ah, co-coach the team.
I just...
I don't think my leg
is strong enough.
We don't want
you to play, Jamie.
We just
we just want you to...
You have Jamie,
you take Josh too.
Um, that Josh?
Yeah. That Josh.
He's a handy player
when he wants to be,
and you're down
a front rower, so...
You'd agree the school
has looked after you
after Pita passed away.
- Yes?
- Yeah.
I mean, Jamie's taken
pretty good care
of your trophy cabinet too.
You know what surprises me?
The fact that you think
you deserve more.
St Gilbert's has given
everything to this family.
Excellent education
for your boys.
Employment for you.
You enjoy your job,
don't you, Shirley?
As much as anyone
can enjoy vacuuming,
Principal Slane.
This isn't something that
I would ordinarily allow.
Yeah. Neither would I.
Yeah, well, if you want
a Junior All Black
to coach your side
to another championship,
these are our terms.
How do you feel
about this, Jamie?
That's the deal.
So be it.
There's a lot riding on this,
more than just for the school.
He'd better not let anyone down.
Is that your ride?
The violence that erupted
in Wellington last night,
which appears
to have marked a turning point
in the government's response
to protest action,
coincided with
Prime Minister Muldoon's
attendance in London
at the wedding of Prince Charles
and Lady Diana Spencer...
Come on. First XV players
shouldn't be getting
beaten up hills
by middle-aged women.
You're on your own next week.
I didn't even put my hand up
for the First XV.
Yeah, well, someone had to.
Otherwise, you'd never
put it up for anything.
Actually, there's this audition
for this performing arts school.
Oh, performing arts?
Sounds like a secure
career move.
Where's the school, then?
You're not going
to Australia, mate.
Madigan says I'm a good actor.
Oh does he?
Well, he said I was
not a crap one.
But that wasn't the subtext.
How long's this interest
gonna last?
'Cause, you know, you've got
a pretty patchy track record
with the stick ability.
I don't know.
This feels different.
Kind of feels easier.
All right, well,
let's say you get in.
How are you going to pay for it?
'Cause I don't think
my paper route
and three cleaning jobs
is going to cover it.
- I guess that's a no.
- No, love.
I'm just trying to be realistic.
We have to know
what's coming, right?
You playing in the First XV?
That is as sure a thing
as it gets.
You make a good fist of it,
and Slane and that
old-boys network
is going to be looking after you
for the rest of your life.
Just the way they're
looking after Jamie.
Oh, Josh. Josh!
A word?
Just wondering if you had
any more thoughts
about the audition.
Um... I'd be
quite willing to help out
if you decided
you wanted to go for it.
I'm in the First XV now.
Wow. First XV?
I'm going to be really busy
with a lot of rugby stuff.
Pushing stuff.
Yelling stuff.
Grabbing stuff.
All the... all the stuffs.
A lot of stuff.
So you won't have time.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry too.
Pram Boy.
Dad said you stopped by
the other day.
Sorry I missed you.
- How's your new friend?
- She's good.
- You'd like her?
- Would I?
I actually told her
you'd be able to help us out.
Do you think you could get us
a video camera?
We want to film
the march to Carisbrook.
It's gonna be big.
So what?
You're an activist now?
I agree with their fight.
the school doesn't let us
do things like that.
What, fight racism?
- No.
- Think for yourself?
No, it's just, it's got
nothing to do with me, Grace.
Like, I don't know
why you told her
I would help her out.
I didn't even agree to it.
I thought you'd want to.
It's not as though you've
got anything else to do.
Yeah, that just shows
how much you know.
Are you jealous or something?
Ah, why would I be
jealous of you?
You have a new best friend.
Is there anything else you want?
Good luck finding a helmet
big enough for that hair.
Got a good opportunity here
to use the whole team.
I mean, we've got
the fastest wing in the comp,
but he doesn't see the ball
because we're so focussed
on keeping it tight
with the forwards.
How are we meant
to get it to him?
We bring the ball back blind,
skip pass to Toddy,
and open space.
He'll know what to do
from there.
All right. Stop.
Okay. Reserves swapping in.
Yeah, hi, I'm Josh.
Bind! Crouch!
- Oh, easy there, big fella.
- What did you say?!
Pull your head in, dick.
Oh, for fu...
Reset! Up, up, up, up, up.
Was that a question
or a statement?
- What?
- You know.
Was it a question like,
"Am I a homo?"
Or was it a statement, like,
"You're a homo"?
Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Say that again, boon!
- Get him.
- Okay. Okay.
You've had your fun.
You've had your fun.
Let's go. Let's go.
22, please. 22.
Come on, let's finish off.
It was a joke.
Did anyone laugh?
My old teammates
would have laughed.
That's why they're in
the Seconds, not the First.
So they're in the Seconds
because they have
a good sense of humour?
Just cut it out, man.
You... you're not going
to get any respect
if you keep mucking around
doing that weird stuff.
I do weird stuff at home
all the time, Jamie.
Yeah, that's at home.
Yeah. Out here's
the real world.
You can't be like that.
It's different, so you've
got to be different.
You know? You get used to
that and you'll be sweet.
Jamie was right.
I was different.
I didn't know where I fitted.
I just knew
it wasn't on the rugby field..
I forgot something.
I'll see you at home.
So pleased
you changed your mind, Josh.
Okay, you're all booked in
for Sunday.
I'll drive you there.
I suggest we meet
every morning before school
to rehearse, okay?
You need
one classical monologue,
but if you get through
to the final audition,
you will need a modern
and a personal monologue.
Let's just concentrate on
the classical piece first.
Not get ahead of ourselves.
Ah, Shakespeare. Here we go.
Yep. Perfect.
Merchant of Venice...
Oh! As You Like It...
It's got some really funny
moments in there.
Okay, shh.
I told you, no one can
know about this.
All right. Do you think
it's a good idea
if I go and talk to your
mother about this first?
That's a terrible idea. I...
I just need prep time.
All right, well, I'll give you
till next Sunday.
Then I'm talking to her
myself, okay?
I'm not really good
at keeping secrets.
Leave that for the priests.
Turning again.
- Turning again.
- Turning again.
And engage!
Nice, boys! Reset!
Obviously, the police have to
act in accordance
with the situation,
and if they're
subjected to violence,
there's no way the police
are going to be able to say.
"Well, this fellow's violent,
I'm going home.".
Turning again.
- Action!
- Turning again.
Hold that. There we go.
Here now, look, look, look.
Look here.
See? You see it?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.
Let's watch it again.
- Do we have to?
- Yep. Yep.
Turning again
toward childish treble,
pipes and whistles in his sound.
Last scene of all
that ends this strange,
eventful history.
A second childishness
and a mere oblivion.
Sans teeth.
Sans eyes.
Sans taste.
Sans everything.
Sans everything.
Looks pretty good
from where I'm standing.
I think we're ready.
I don't know...
Something wrong?
It's just...
I felt like I was acting.
Yeah, you're acting.
That's... that's a good thing.
What is this?
It's a goblet.
Yeah, I mean,
why am I holding it?
Hey, that's
that's your prop.
So when you do a scene, you've
you've got a prop.
It just enhances
the whole thing.
It's just...
I know that Shakespeare
was a genius and all,
but I don't know...
We don't really
have time to rehearse
another monologue.
Yeah, yeah. This will be fine.
It's more than fine.
I'm zooming in on the goblet
and then panning across.
And then the magic begins.
Come on, St Gilbert's!
Come on, St Gilbert's.
Gilbert's! Gilbert's!
Let's play some ball.
Kia or a whnau.
It's a beautiful day for it.
I'm going to need
a little bit of help
from the crowd today.
Fun fact number one
for everybody.
And that is, did you know
that the street that
this school was built on
was actually built
by Mori prisoners?
And the crime that
the government
imprisoned them for?
Peacefully protesting
the illegal confiscation
of their tribal lands.
Now, tell me, does that sound
fair and equal to you all?
This is a game of rugby,
not your soapbox.
Yeah, feel free
to block me out, sir.
You know what they say about
ignorance being bliss.
Okay, okay, piss off.
We've got a rugby game
to play, all right?
Okay, and with that in mind,
we're gonna go with
fun fact number two.
This street was built by Mori,
yet there don't seem to be
any Mori on the street.
It's at times like this
I like to play a little game
I call,
"spot the Mori person.
- No. No.
- Get off!
You, sir?
A little bit of Mori?
No, never.
This is hard. No.
Oh, hey. Pram Boy.
No, no, no, no, no.
No. No.
No, no, no.
You having fun, Samantha?
Yeah, I'm not scared of them.
Well, I know that,
but I'm scared of your nan,
and she'll kill me
if I don't get you home
in one piece.
Go home! Go home! Go home!
It sounds like
they want that too.
Go home!
Go home! Go home! Go home!
Need me to carry anything?
Yeah, all right, there you go.
Give it up for
Officer Drybergh, everybody.
Thank you so much.
Good riddance!
About bloody time, hey?
- See you soon.
- I hope not.
Hey, it's a reporter for you.
I think they want to talk
about today's win.
Can you go in there
and pretend to be me?
Nah, they'll be able to tell.
My voice is
way sexier than yours.
He seems better, doesn't he?
Yeah, I think so.
I'm covering Irene's
shift tomorrow,
so I won't be around.
What are you going to get up to?
Look at this.
Haven't seen that in a while.
What did you use to sing?
Oh, I don't know.
Something by
the Yandall Sisters, probably.
Depends what year it was.
Let me see.
Ah, your dad's smiling,
so it was nothing I chose.
What did you choose?
Nick Drake. All the way.
Sad British songwriters.
My bread and butter.
Not a natural fit
for your dad's
Mori strum, though.
We managed to make it work,
oddly enough.
You look really happy.
Probably drunk.
How long, like,
did you and Dad...
I'll see you tomorrow night,
all right?
Sans teeth.
Sans eyes.
Sans taste.
Sans everything.
What happened to your goblet?
Congratulations, Joshua.
We'll see you in Christchurch
for the final audition.
- That was wonderful.
- Yes! Yup.
Namecheck me
when you're famous, please.
I'm not in yet.
I know, but even
getting this far...
It's a big achievement.
Your mum's gonna be proud.
Not until after
the final audition.
No, hey, come on.
Josh, no, that's not the deal.
She's your mother.
She needs to know.
If you don't tell her,
I'll tell her.
So she can stop me from
doing the final audition?
I may never get in,
but at least for two weeks,
I can pretend that I will.
Well, hang on.
I was saving that
till you got through.
I knew you would.
Do not tell David
you've got the full play.
He'll be furious.
Might be a bit more relatable
for your contemporary piece.
What about my personal one?
Well, that you're gonna have
to figure out for yourself.
We've actually devised
these techniques
and they've been
proven effective
in combat situations, okay?
So follow my lead
and you'll be all right
come game time.
So, first things first,
you're gonna avoid impact
by shifting left, yeah?
And then it's
a hard palm downward.
Remove the truncheon, yeah?
And then you step forward,
elbow up,
and you just apply the blow
to the adam's apple.
Okay? And then you can
pick up the truncheon
and use if necessary.
All right, so,
at full speed, yeah?
Bloody hell, Kenneth.
Good thing I don't have
an adam's apple.
I wouldn't necessarily
try that on a policeman.
Yeah, well, I would
if it was self-defence.
Do you see the way those pricks
attacked the protesters
in Wellington?
We're not going to stop
animals like that
with re-enactments.
So, next up,
we have Suzie from TAB.
Against Bigotry.
We will be re-enacting
the 1976 Soweto massacre.
A lot of New Zealanders
are ignorant of the atrocities
that have occurred
in South Africa,
which is why we want
to raise their awareness.
Starting tomorrow,
we will be performing
twice a day all around Dunedin.
Right now we have
a cast of eight,
but we are in need of
at least ten more
massacre victims.
No acting experience required.
Powerful stuff,
Suzie. Yeah.
It's powerful stuff.
Thank you.
Right. Next up...
- Can I say something?
- You're not on the run sheet.
Okay, well, can you put me
on the run sheet?
Next up, chanting practice.
Okay, everybody.
Amandla! Amandla!
Amandla Awethu!
Amandla Awethu!
Amandla! Amandla!
Amandla Awethu!
- Oh!
- Oh, you
jumped down my key
there, didn't you?
Ah, I'm sorry,
is something wrong?
Um, sorry. It's just
a bit shit.
Okay, brutalising and killing
Black South Africans?
That's real.
Okay, our government turning a
blind eye to their suffering?
That's real.
You know, they've had
heaps of practice
doing that to Mori
for the past 150 years.
But you two harmonising
your chants?
That's not real.
Okay? That doesn't matter.
We have the whole world
watching us right now,
and we can't waste this moment.
I'm sorry, but who are you
to tell me what's real or not?
Get over yourself.
I despise racism.
And just because I may not speak
with as much anger as you
doesn't make my perspective
any less valid
or my pain any less real.
And if I feel like harmonising,
then by god,
I am gonna harmonise.
If you want a harmonise, dear,
you go for it.
Thank you.
Can I ask you, though,
what it was
you were saying there?
I was just
wondering what the words meant.
Oh, shit.
Okay, so my math
is not too flash.
Anybody, can you tell me
what 10%
of 34 million is, please?
3.4 million.
Thank you.
3.4 million.
That's how many acres
the crown guaranteed
to put aside for us
when we sold them this land.
3.4 million acres.
They returned 30,000.
You know, just 80 years ago,
there were less than 2000 of us
living on our own land.
My moko speaks with anger
because she's angry.
She knows what it is
to belong to a land,
and at the same time,
be made to feel unwelcome on it.
I'm sorry, dear.
We can't just "get over it."
Because we're still
going through it.
But we still here.
otherwise they just, like,
push you aside,
and that's not fair.
Oh, hey. It's Pram Boy.
What are you doing here?
I... I don't really know.
Okay, well, while
you're figuring that out,
do you reckon you could find
out who vandalised our whare?
Uncle Pere said he saw someone
in your school uniform
shifting around that night.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
I mean, he's 90
and he's got bad eyesight,
so it might not hold up
in court, but
he's not a liar.
Oh. Ah
So, do you know what
you're doing here yet?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Ka pai...
I didn't know all that
about your people.
Oh, darling, they're
your people too.
- Morning.
- Oh, geez!
Should I give you a minute
to change your undies?
I just wasn't
expecting you today.
We can rehearse if you like.
Could I borrow your camera?
May I ask why?
I'd prefer not to say.
More secrets then.
Brother Madigan,
are you anti-tour?
Well, that's a curly one
for this hour.
I guess I see myself as
a behind-the-scenes protester.
You know, moral support.
A kind of covert operative,
if you will.
I'm a coward, Josh.
Look, don't get me wrong.
I'm completely against
It's just...
I'm also against losing my job,
you can understand
my quandary there.
Slane would fire you?
Oh yes.
Yeah, I believe he would.
But he lets you do plays
like Foreskin's Lament
- and drama group.
- Yes.
Mainly because he doesn't know
we're doing plays
like Foreskin's Lament..
Or that we have a drama group,
for that matter.
Oddly enough,
we're not a very high priority
here at St Gilbert's
school for men.
When do you need the camera?
The Springboks left Invercargill
bound for Dunedin this morning
in preparation for today's
game against Otago...
Escorting them north were
the much-feared Red Squad,
a clear reminder from
Prime Minister Muldoon
that those who are prepared
to flout the law in Dunedin
will be offered
little respite...
Kick-off is scheduled
for 2:00 p.m.
- You right?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I was just, ah
looking for nuts.
Nut for my bolt.
Bolt for my nut.
Wait, you're going back to work?
Looks it.
Bad timing, though.
I'm gonna miss the game.
Oh. I... forgot about that.
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
Oi, Josh, this way!
I think Nan's up here somewhere.
We don't want your racist tour!
You know how to work that thing?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Good.
Make sure you shoot everything
on the way to the ground.
When we get to the field,
I'm going to hang this
on one of the goalposts.
My nan deserves to be
on a pedestal,
so I'm going to make sure
she's on the biggest pedestal
I can find.
Those goalposts are huge.
You'll hurt yourself.
I'm a good climber, bro.
You just make sure
that camera's turned on.
Wait, can't you just give it
to her in person?
- What?
- Well, yeah.
She's not going to be able
to climb up the goalpost.
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
Okay, here we go!
And batons out!
Hey, wait, no,
this wasn't meant to happen.
Drybergh said he was going to
let us march to the ground.
I don't think he's
in charge anymore.
I've got to find Nan.
You come with me.
You start filming.
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
Get ready.
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
Back off! Fuck off!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
Men! Move!
Move. Move. Move.
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
One, two, three, four!
We don't want your racist tour!
One, two, three, four!
Leave him alone!
Did you get that?
Bloody rugby heads! That's it!
Get them!
Get up, doongy.
Hey! Nan!
Help! Help!
Move! Fall back!
Get off!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Samantha told me to film it.
- I need to film it.
- You did.
You got heaps.
You okay?
You understand
the position this has
put me in, don't you?
Yes, sir.
He iwi tahi ttou.
We are all one people.
It's a motto
Jamie here epitomised
when he attended St Gilbert's.
No one is bigger than the team.
He doesn't think he's bigger
than the team, Principal Slane.
And yet he chose
to disobey my instructions
and cavort with
the anti-tour mob.
Yeah, but... he stuffed up.
He's not going to do it again,
are you, mate?
Mrs. Waaka,
Joshua has made his bed
and now he has to lie in it.
In all respects,
my decision was made
as soon as he chose
to go on that march.
And further to that,
I find it impossible to believe
that you, as his mother,
had no knowledge of this.
- Therefore...
- If they go...
then I go.
If you expel Josh
or you fire Mum,
then my time
in the First XV is done.
We'll be inside
in a minute, love.
You. I'd like a word.
just as Jamie's getting
back on track,
you go and nearly sabotage
everything in one go.
Your selfishness makes me sick.
I wasn't being selfish.
Yes, you are!
And despite that,
he is willing to put
everything on the line
to save your ass.
We were protesting.
What's so bad about that?
Because they told you you'd
get expelled from school
if you did that,
that's why it's bad.
I hate that school!
And I wouldn't care
if they expelled me.
Well, we'd be stuffed
without the school, Josh.
I'm a Mori surrounded
by white kids.
You don't know
what it feels like.
You don't know what
it feels like to not fit in.
We left England
because my parents
wouldn't accept Pita.
And then when we got here,
his dad wouldn't accept me.
So where does that leave me
now he's dead?
I've spent 20 years
not fitting in.
Don't you tell me
I don't know what it's like.
I just care what's happening
to our people.
Your people?!
Your people is you
and me and Jamie.
That's your people.
Want to know what I care about?
I care about earning
enough money
to put food on the table.
And I care
that Jamie doesn't go back
to hating his life so much
he wants to end it.
You got one job, love.
You do whatever I need you to do
to keep this family together.
All right?
A huge game.
Yeah, those
Dorklanders are gonna get it.
They're soft as.
It's Waaka.
No. Out.
Come on, miss.
I want to get out a book.
To get out a book,
you first need to be able
to read, Anderson.
- I can read.
- Wow.
That'd be a first
for your family.
Ooh. Whoops-a-daisy.
Don't mind me.
Ms. McMenigall.
For you,
and none of them overdue.
In the return box.
I could just put them here
if you like.
Save the middleman.
Return box.
It's part of the process,
isn't it?
In the return box.
There we go.
Thank you.
Look at that.
All of them.
Saw your picture in the paper.
Very dramatic.
Nice warmup for the audition.
I won't be doing that now.
I realise it's the same day
as the semi-final,
but I figured
if I could pick you up
straight after the game,
we'll make it
to Christchurch on time.
You have a voice that carries.
I've got a voice that carries.
Look, Josh, for what it's worth,
I'm really proud of you.
You raised your voice.
You achieved something.
I didn't achieve anything.
I put on a helmet and fell over.
That's not raising my voice.
It's a joke.
No, I still think
what you did...
It doesn't matter
what you think!
It doesn't matter what I think.
This is my life.
Playing rugby
and hiding in the library
during lunchtime.
Why bother pretending
it's anything else?
I said be quiet!
Who exactly are we
being quiet for?
There's no one else here.
How's your arm?
It's a little better.
Nice photo.
I just wanted
to let you know that.
Tui's in the hospital.
Wait, really?
We're not sure
how serious it is.
Is Samantha okay?
That's why I came over.
I was wondering if you wanted
to come with me
to the hospital.
Sorry. I can't.
Maybe it's best if we
don't hang out for a bit too.
It's just
there's a lot of things.
Good talk.
It's just, you have it
a lot easier than I do.
Because Samoans have got it
way easier than Mori.
You have it easier than this
Mori, that's for sure!
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Yes. Yes. Down. Up. Up.
Up. Reset. Reset.
Can you give us an idea
as to when we can go home?
We are still observing her.
Sorry, we're just too early
to say anything.
And we want our fingers
and our hands
always pointed towards
the target at all times.
See that?
Nice, boys.
Nice one, boys.
- How is it?
- Yeah, it's okay.
These won't help
with the elbow, but
they might help you
throwing straight.
They're the right
prescription too.
I checked with Mum first.
- How expensive were they?
- Bloody heaps.
It's just nice to have
a bit of money
to spend for once.
They'll definitely help.
You know, they won't make me
as good as you and Dad,
but maybe I might go from
"really, really stink"
to just "stink."
You'll be all good.
Just stay off the front page
of the newspaper from now on.
Do you think...
rugby made you better?
Well, I don't...
I don't know
if I'm completely better.
I mean, every day is different.
But it's just...
It's good to be doing
something that
feels easy again.
It comes naturally.
Rugby's all I know.
I mean...
When Dad died...
...it was my way of
keeping him there.
Keeping him close to me.
And it also kept me going.
So, after the accident...
When you can't do
the thing that makes...
you you...
It's just...
It's hard, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Oh, geez.
Is the B ground available?
This season
we've had obstacle after
obstacle after obstacle
put in front of us,
and time and time again,
we have just gotten over it
or gotten around it.
We've had another
bullshit obstacle
put in front of us...
by a bunch of pricks
who don't know
the meaning of unity.
Well, let's go out there
and show them
the meaning of unity.
Okay? Let's go out there
and show them.
But this time, we're not going
to go around it, okay?
We're going to go
straight through
the bloody bastard!
- Yeah we are! Come on!
- Okay?
Yeah! Huddle up,
huddle up, huddle up!
Take no prisoners, boys!
Take no prisoners.
Ten on me. And!
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
- Again, hey!
- Two, three, five!
- Yes.
- That's what we need.
Oh, for...
We can't keep our hands
on the bloody ball.
Come on.
Oh, Jesus.
This is on you, Waaka.
Come on, St Gilbert's!
- Sub!
- Let's go!
Come on, boys.
You ready?
If only you had your leotards.
Just go out there
and have some fun.
It'll be good.
- Go, St Gilbert's!
- St Gilbert's, let's go!
Go, St Gilbert's!
Go, St Gilbert's!
Hey, come on! Let's go!
- Ready, then.
- Over here!
Go, go, go!
Points up! 20-20!
To the final whistle, lads!
To the final whistle!
Yeah, you want some?
You like that, huh?
See that scoreboard?
See that scoreboard?
You want some too, huh?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We're in the finals, lads.
We're in the finals.
We're going to the finals.
You beauty.
Hey, beers and rugby
at my place, lads.
Yeah, boys.
Beers and rugby at my place.
175 Rutland Street.
Beers and rugby at my place.
Boys, check it out!
I mean, that's, you know,
that's still St Gilbert's
rugby property, right?
I mean, the boys are
in there now, but,
you know, when they leave,
those words don't go with them.
So? It's funny.
Yeah, no, it's hilarious.
I was just making
an observation.
Beers and rugby
at my place, lads.
Beers and rugby at my place.
History is always
on the side of the people...
Not armies, not policemen,
and not governments...
History is always
on the side of the people.
Are you okay?
Love, what's happening?
Josh, what happened?
Can you tape my audition?
- What, now?
- Yes, now.
Please, now.
It's just, I mean...
We've missed the opportunity.
No. No, if
if you tape it now
and you send it in,
and if it's good enough,
they have to let me in.
I'm sorry I missed the audition.
I have to go to drama school.
Brother Madigan, I'm s...
I have to
get out of here. Please.
Okay. We're good
to go here, Josh.
Thank you.
You don't have to stay
if you don't want to.
You sure?
Okay, well, you've got about
a metre either side
of where you were
there in the middle.
That's your performance space.
Any further
and you're out of shot.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Hey, Josh.
Good luck.
As you're aware,
there was an incident
on Saturday night
that now has become
a police matter.
They will be coming in
to see me at some point today.
Although I'm sure
many of you will feel
a sense of trepidation
in this knowledge,
take comfort in the fact
that each and every one of you
has an alibi.
Coach Bullivant assures me
that all of you
were present and accounted
for at his house
at the time of the incident.
This is the statement that I
will be making to the police,
and if required,
this is the statement
you will be making too.
is that clear?
Yes, sir.
Does anyone have
anything to say?
He iwi tahi ttou, men.
He iwi tahi ttou.
Evening, Mrs. Waaka.
Oh, Brother Madigan.
You making a film?
Ah, no.
Um, I've just got something
I want to share with you,
if that's okay.
Oh. Do you want to come in?
No, I won't keep you.
As you know, I've had some
discussions with Josh
about trying out
for drama school.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we had a chat about that.
Well, he came to visit me
on Saturday night
after the fire, and
he asked me
to record an audition.
Did he?
Well, he knows
that's off the cards.
Yes, and he did say that.
And by the way, I checked
with the drama school,
and they will not accept a tape.
So, you've got no worries.
But I just couldn't bring
myself to erasing this tape
without first giving it to you
to have a look,
if you don't mind.
So, please.
You'll need this.
This is the camera.
- Yes.
- The AC adaptor.
- The AC adaptor, is it?
- Which you'll need.
And here's the...
the Portapak.
- The Portapak. Right.
- Yes.
Which has most of the machinery.
- Yeah, that's...
- Okay.
It's very straightforward.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Please have a look.
Listen. He said you told him
he wasn't crap.
At the acting.
Josh is a really tricky kid
to get to know, to be honest.
Oddly enough, I think it's
when he's performing
that we get the best insight
as to who he really is.
Well, that's my take on it.
And now the dance is done,
and I'm hanging up my boots.
What are you?
Kicking for the touch.
What are you?
Chucking it in.
What are you?
Can't play the game
or anymore wear
the one-dimensional mask
of this moron's Mardi Gras,
where they ask you,
"What are you?"
But they really
to know.
What are you?
What are you?
What are you?
What are you?
What are you?
What are you?
What are you?
Everything okay, Mum?
Keep your shoes on, Josh.
Me and your dad used
to come out here
after we first got married.
Not quite sure where
this is going, Shirley.
Yeah, not a lot of
forethought's gone into this,
bear with me.
This place reminded him of home.
Coming here was like
going back
without all the drama.
When your dad got sick.
I had to be the anchor.
It's really hard.
You know, when you don't have
anything to hook on to.
You have us.
That's the problem, isn't it?
It can't just be you.
I mean...
I've spent the last five years
just focusing on keeping
the two of you alive.
And I hung on really tightly.
I think I'm supposed
to do the opposite.
Brother Madigan showed me
your video.
It was so beautiful, Josh.
It's the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen in my life.
You know, I didn't just see
you up on that stage.
I saw your dad.
I saw me.
Like that was half
of me up there.
And it gave me hope.
Made me think
maybe one day I won't feel like
there's only you boys
to hook on to.
- Corporal.
- Sergeant.
Mum says thanks for letting us
use the... use the pot.
It won't take a month
next time to return.
This is good, see, because...
Grace has been blaming me
for losing it.
But now I can pretend
like I found it
- and be in the good books.
- Right.
Oh, she doesn't want to see you.
Because she's in the toilet.
Hey, oh, here she is,
back from the toilet.
- Dad.
- Yeah?
You don't need
to broadcast everything!
We all go
to the toilet, darling.
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
Look, I found a pot, mm?
He had the pot.
You gave him the pot
and you blame me.
Shh. Go.
I came to ask how Tui was going.
She's still in the hospital.
For how long?
Samantha said they're
keeping her in there
for observation.
Okay. Ah, well, thanks.
I'll let you know, though.
If anything happens.
Okay. Cool.
Go wash your hands, please.
We'd reached
the final game of our season
and the final game
of the tour...
And the country was more like
the Incredible Hulk
than ever...
We were fighting injustice
and ourselves
at the same time,
and there didn't seem to be
any end in sight...
Not with everyone shouting
and no one listening.
Today. Today. Today, boys.
Today, we have reached
our Everest.
And we just need
to take that last step
and plant our flag
on the mountain.
You lot!
You lot are Edmund Hillary.
And I'm Sherpa...
I'm... I'm the Sherpa.
Doesn't matter.
I'm the Sherpa.
I've shepherded you
up the mountain.
Yeah? I've carried
your bags for you
and I've cooked your dinner
on those little stoves.
The little gas stoves.
And we're all full.
And now we just need
to take that last step.
We're finally here,
and we need to plant the flag.
Plant that flag, boys.
Grab it
and, and plant the flag.
On top of the mountain.
St Gilbert's!
And let's do this
for each other!
- Yeah. Let's...
- Let's go!
- Yeah.
- Come on, boys!
Huddle up together.
Huddle together.
Take no prisoners, boys.
Take no prisoners.
You know what to do.
We're gonna go out there.
- We're gonna kill them.
- St Gilbert's!
We're gonna rip
their throat out.
Hey, get up, boon!
Come on, boys. Here we go.
Get the job done, Waaka.
One, two, three, Gilbert's!
Get the hell up, Waaka!
What are you doing, boon?!
Get up!
Get off!
Get off the ground.
Get off the field!
Move it. Get up.
We want to play a game of rugby.
You're a disgrace.
Let us play.
This is a bloody joke.
We just sit here, do we?
Yeah, we just sit here.
Get them off the field, ref!
- Hey!
- Get off the field!
Get up and get off
this field right now.
I knew I should have
gotten rid of you
when I had the chance.
Sorry, sir.
You must be regretting
your decision.
Get off the field now!
You too, Shirley.
No, I'm all right,
Derek. Thanks.
Quite comfortable here.
Get off the field!
Jamie. Jamie,
get back on the sidelines.
Your father would be
ashamed of you.
Do not talk about my father
like you know him.
You don't.
You don't know me.
We were both just
rugby players in your eyes.
Bugger it.
Get off the field.
Blow that whistle
and get this game started.
They'll move.
That's not going
to happen, mate.
Let's go, Xavier.
Ooh, heading our way.
Twelve o'clock, guys.
Twelve o'clock.
Are they going to press charges?
Slane feels that
through the game being stopped,
Josh's protest
infringed on the school's
freedom of movement.
On the school's
freedom of movement?
Ah, thank you.
I'll... I'll be in touch.
I was at the team party
the night of the fire.
I know Bullivant made
an alibi for everyone,
but I can't see
how he can vouch for everyone
when he was asleep
for most of the night.
Bullivant's testimony was
supported by Slane
and... and the captain.
Ultimately, it'll be...
be your word against theirs.
Unless there's anyone else
who was there
who can back you up.
Yeah, I think I can get
most of them to back me up.
Thanks, Jamie.
Mrs Waaka. Josh.
I'll show you out.
Bloody hell, love.
The defeated Springboks
boarded a plane for home
this afternoon,
leaving a battered country
in its wake...
For a nation that has,
up until now,
taken pride
in its harmonious relations,
one question has emerged..
Where to from here?
Have you been waiting
there the whole time?
I was waiting for him to leave.
Come in.
I think everything's
going to be okay.
I'm relieved.
You wouldn't have
survived in prison.
What's the paint for?
Tui got out
of the hospital today.
Wait, really? She's fixed?
Anyone want to go for a drive?
Oh, nice work, Pram Boy.
Who would have thought, hey?
This is Jamie. He knows
how to build stuff.
This is my mum.
She's good at everything else.
We don't know who this is,
we just found her
on the street, actually,
and we just felt sorry for her.
Okay, awesome, well...
Jamie, maybe we'll
we'll get you to make sure
that Uncle Pere
doesn't kill himself?
Uncle Pere,
we've got you an apprentice.
Yeah. And...
Okay, Mrs. Waaka...
You can come and help me, dear.
I'm on tea. You're on bikkies.
I'll grab this.
Thank you.
I think we'll finish
the sandwiches first.
Yeah. Okay.
I'm Shirley, by the way.
Yes, we know who you are.
And it's about time
you stopped in.
So when are you and the boys
going to go and see Pita next?
Oh, I don't know. Um...
Soon, hopefully.
Oh, that's good.
So, no need to go on your own.
There's plenty of us here
that would enjoy a road trip.
Any excuse to get over
and see the rellies.
We got you.
Hey, thank you.
We all have our stories.
Wear yours with pride.
They're not there
to pull us down.
They're there
to push us forward.
Now, all the way to the corners.
No one likes naked sandwich.
- No naked sandwich.
- No naked sandwiches.
Stop standing around
and get to work, man.
Doing what?
All the jobs are taken.
Make something up, then.
You're good at that.
That winter,
I stopped looking down
and I started
looking up instead...
It's much easier to do that
when you know
where you're coming from
and where you're going to...
We've all got
different shapes...
Different voices...
It's not about changing them...
It's about hearing them...
Ko Josh Waaka toku ingoa...
My name is Josh Waaka...
Thank you for hearing me.
Kia or a whnau.
I know you guys are supposed
to be on a break right now,
but, you know, I'm a big, big
believer in active relaxation.
What? No, you're not.
Shut up, Jamie.
Ah! Thanks, Mum,
for the song suggestion.
It was an old favourite
of hers and Dad's,
and, obviously, looking
around the room right now,
old is the operative word.
And, finally, I know
you guys will be comparing me
to your last instructor.
Bloody get on with it, man.
Uncle Pere's about to seize up.
Um, are you guys
ready to sweat, whnau?
- Give me a thumbs up.
- Yeah!
All right, sweet as.
I like it.
Don't pop out a hip, please.
And one, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
And one, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Shoulder rolls, shoulder rolls,
Shoulder rolls, shoulder rolls,
back, back, back, back.
You guys know the grapevine?
Yeah? Yeah?
Okay. One, two, three, kick!
One, two, three, kick!
One, two, three, kick.
One, two, three, kick!
Grab, grab, grab!
Grab, grab, grab, mm!
- Oh, Josh!
- Grab, grab, grab, mm!
Mm! Grab, grab, grab.
Now, for you young guys,
you want to get on the ground.
So we're just going
to get you...
You're gonna pose.
That's nice.
That's us.
The rain, baby
And in a bad situation
You know, you reach back
here in my mind
And there you'll find your
sweet, sweet inspiration
Sweet inspiration
Oh, what a power
And I've got the power
Every hour of the day
I need your sweet
Inspiration, yeah
To go on livin'
To keep on givin' this way
Oh yeah
I need your love
sweet inspiration
Oh yeah, sweet inspiration