Upstarts (2019) Movie Script

This wasn't part of the plan.
Relax, man, nothing will happen. Come.
Keep quiet. We'll get caught.
Just saying this wasn't part of the plan.
Just climb, man.
Is it Vaishano Devi temple
that I should climb man climb?
-Come fast.
-Climb up.
-Just climb up.
-Kapil, give me a hand.
Hurry up.
Never climbed a tree?
Why would I ever climb a tree?
Are you crazy?
Careful, man.
Where is she?
-Where is she?
-She'll be here.
There she is.
-Hurry up.
-Hurry up.
-There's a problem.
The bag is too heavy.
-Leave it.
-No, I need it.
-Leave it.
-Leave the bag.
No, I can't leave without it.
-Let her throw it down.
-Please, man.
-Throw it down.
-Fine. Throw it down.
Oh, shit.
He's awake.
-What do we do?
-Who's there?
-Forget the rope. Use the main door.
-What do we do?
The lights are on!
He's coming here.
-Pick up the bag.
-Grab his legs.
-I can't.
-Please forgive us.
-Sorry, Uncle.
Don't let go.
Richa, hurry up.
Just run.
-Uncle, please calm down.
-He's too heavy.
-Pin him down.
Richa, what are you doing?
-What is she doing?
-Leave the bag. Run.
-One second.
-Get off me!
No, no, Uncle.
Please, no. Sorry.
What is this?
Load it up.
Uncle, we...
-Stay put.
How did our innocent little girl
end up with that guy!
He's not a bad guy.
He's a computer engineer.
Aren't you guys taught
to stay within your limits?
It's loaded, right?
He is a good guy, uncle...
He's a manager in a big IT company.
We employ managers here...
-Not bring them home as grooms.
That's not all.
-He will soon become the CEO.
The CEO.
We're planning a startup together.
-Shut up.
-Hang on!
This is the age of startups.
This phone, in your hand.
That's the new world now.
Soon our App will be
on every mobile phone.
We're talking millions, even billions.
Uncle, your daughter will rule the world.
What nonsense.
Hold this.
-Please shut up.
He'll kill us.
As long as I'm talking we're alive, right?
Billions, huh?
-Get lost.
-Get out, or else...
Her father won.
So that's why they let us go.
That stupid bag.
We should have known.
A girl who wouldn't even leave her bag,
would never leave her father.
You never told us
how dangerous her father is.
You wouldn't have come then.
I see, Loverboy,
you get the girl, we get shot?
'Happy ending' for you, 'the end' for us?
-Lucky there were no bullets...
-We'd be dead right now.
-Don't friends help a guy elope?
-Right. Elope.
We should do something in this.
-Oh God.
-Just listen.
There are so many matrimony apps.
We'll start
An elopement service.
From luggage to legal hassles,
we take care of it all.
There he goes again.
My parents were overjoyed when I was born.
I don't know why.
As I grew up, I proved to be worthless.
My parents were unhappy.
I dropped out of college.
I couldn't excel in studies nor sports.
My parents were very unhappy.
living off others, deep in debt,
borrowed house, borrowed booze,
a borrowed laptop.
After college...
friends don't lend you money
and banks aren't your buddies.
That's how I got the idea for..
Now, is
one of India's top fintech startups,
with a valuation of 1.2 billion rupees.
My share is worth 300 million.
Money, fame, cars, houses. I have it all.
But my father is still unhappy.
He wants to know why investors
are pumping in all this money.
When you were born...
Where are you going?
-What's wrong with him?
-No idea.
Here comes Mr. Big Shot.
-You should really start charging him now.
-You are calling him here?
-Where will he sit?
Mother Teresa, shift.
You got late?
-Liqueur chocolates. From Hong Kong.
If you are not selling soap, cola
or insurance after college...
start your own small company.
As long as you represent hope,
you are the king.
For your investors, you're hope.
For your employees, you're hope.
You hope that your app goes viral.
So, let's see who our next hope is.
Join us now, as the CTO.
-We're doing something together.
It's been three years since we graduated,
the world still hasn't changed a bit.
Chinese food with Indian?
It's the best combination in the world.
You won't even find this in China.
You are nuts.
People obsess about weight loss,
you eat this junk.
Elon Musk is going to Mars.
Zuckerberg is exploring VR.
And you're starting a suicide helpline?
Everyone wants to change the world
in their own way.
I do too.
I also want to do something meaningful.
Then do it instead of criticizing me.
You can't change the world just like that.
Not as long as you're doing it
on a small scale.
Look at my mom's NGO.
All those years of work,
what good did that do?
The poor didn't get rich.
We definitely got poorer.
The biggest problem is
there's no profit in social service.
Start with service,
the profit will follow.
I want both.
Work like yours,
with Mr. Big Shot's lifestyle.
Seen his girlfriend?
He has a girlfriend?
He's not like you.
You can't even talk to any girl
other than me.
Come on.
Don't tease me.
I'm struggling for ideas.
What shall I do?
You can't have everything.
That doesn't mean you give up trying.
That's a lame excuse.
You win some, you lose some.
Everything else is a bonus.
Not going to work?
No, it's Saturday.
I'm going to the village camp.
-I can't find my underwear.
-If you're free, look for it.
-Like we have nothing better to do?
What do you do,
other than mope about Richa?
Yeah, man, it's been four months.
Come on, man, move on.
Let's do something.
Let's brainstorm, guys.
That's all we've done since we met.
Even on our deathbeds, we'll be doing it.
Exactly, so quit brainstorming
and look for my underwear.
Are you wearing them?
-Don't irritate me.
-Let me see.
Got to go to work.
Show me which one you're underwear.
Hey. Listen.
Wi-Fi enabled RFID chips for clothes.
Installed right here.
Imagine that.
Your phone tracks where your underwear is.
It tracks where you took it off,
where you put it back on.
It's a terrible idea.
Terrible? Why?
If Richa was here,
she'd be using the app on you.
She was the possessive type.
Guys, I've been thinking
on my own all morning.
But now that we're together,
the ideas are just flowing.
So, if we search together,
I'll find my underwear.
-Please look for it.
-Oh, come on.
If so, I should have got Richa.
You will.
We were unprepared last time.
Let's go again.
Did you go to an eloping boot camp?
Look, I don't need that much action.
You know,
that was the most action I got
in our ten-year romance.
You'll find someone else.
If Richa has a son, she'll name him Vinay.
Don't worry. We'll get our revenge.
If one of us has a daughter,
we'll name her Richa.
Missing underwear, terrible app ideas,
awesome friends.
What else do you need?
My chest is hurting.
Did you look everywhere?
I can't find it anywhere.
What about last week's stock?
Pay attention. Don't repeat this.
Understand? Don't let it happen again.
Didn't I teach you this already?
I don't know. Perhaps next week.
This injection is not available
in the village.
It's out of stock here too.
What is it, man?
Sorry, man.
I wish I'd answered earlier.
This happens only in India.
Life-saving injections are delivered
just once in two weeks.
And just one box.
Although it cost a man his life...
Kapil did finally impress a girl.
This is India.
We have phones and networks,
but we don't have medicines.
You go on Saturdays.
Take some medicines with you.
What if there's an emergency on Friday?
Make a WhatsApp group
of frequent travelers.
Post the names of required medicines.
Someone will pick them up.
We have phones and networks,
but we don't have medicines.
An Uber for medicines.
Like Uber or Ola.
They don't own or drive the cars.
They're just a go-between. A medium.
But with Uber, the driver goes
to the passenger in a car.
The chemist won't go to the patient.
Remember what he said?
"Take the medicines with you on Saturday."
Hire cheap labor.
Set up twice-daily deliveries.
-Create a tracking app.
-There's no need to hire anyone.
Many commute to the city daily.
Workers, traders, laborers.
They can carry the medicines.
-That's right.
-But why would they do it?
-Why not? They'll save someone's life.
We reimburse their fare.
Who will?
And why?
-Initially, we'll give them an incentive.
As demand grows,
users will be charged a small fee.
-Isn't it a great idea?
I think so.
The coding will be simple.
-Requirement here, pickup there...
The rest is all offline.
Build a simple prototype.
Let's do a test run.
I'll gather some boys,
you find some travelers, Vinay.
Gulzar wrote a song.
"I left those streets behind."
Oh, come on. Get over the girl.
-Move on!
-No, man.
Ambitions, desire, attachment...
-They are not for me.
-What nonsense.
Aren't we doing this together?
It's a good idea.
You guys do it.
Don't do it.
Srivastav, I thought
your son was very intelligent.
Son, it's a stupid idea.
Your customers are poor, sick villagers.
How much will they pay? Peanuts, maybe.
We won't charge patients.
Then how will you make money?
Once the app is up and running,
we'll find a way.
You'll start a business first,
then figure out how to make money?
-Will you fund it yourself till then?
-Only in the beginning.
Later, the VCs will fund it.
-Venture Capitalists.
-These days people invest in ideas.
You earn nothing, you sell nothing.
-Sounds shady.
-No, Dad.
There's nothing shady about it.
It's like the apps on the phone.
You use them too. They work.
Son, there's a public toilet there.
People use it. It works.
But no one would invest in it.
You have a good job. You have stability.
Don't take risks with a startup.
It's your call.
-Raju, let's take a look at the lubricant.
-OK, sir.
Dad, it's...
Thing is, I...
Son, listen to all opinions,
but make your own decisions.
I have something to tell you.
It's not a big deal.
At my medical checkup,
they found symptoms
of Parkinson's Disease.
Didn't Grandpa have it?
But don't worry about it.
You focus on your startup.
You want to do it, right?
Then do it!
I am with you. OK?
Why would I worry when Kapil is with you?
That's the money we had saved
for your wedding gift.
You know what, we're going to make it big.
I'll taking the day off tomorrow.
-You should too.
And you...
-Forget it.
Even Yash is taking the day off.
Come on, man. What are you doing?
Doing it together is half the fun.
Forget it, Kapil. Look at this.
-Isn't it?
-Yes. Looking nice.
-Is it live?
-Yes, it is.
Design looks great too.
Looks good.
You just log in, order your medicines
and they will soon be delivered.
OK, let me show me show you our page.
The app's pretty simple.
Here's the login button.
Click on it...
-Don't leave.
Sir, don't leave.
Yeah, Carry Karo...
Ma'am, one moment.
-I can't understand any of that.
-Medicine from the city for the sick.
-Look here, it's easy to order medicine.
-No thanks, sir.
-Just check it out.
-Not interested.
What's this?
Don't blame me
if your customers are idiots.
Have you seen the app?
The passport form is simpler.
Spare us the speech. We'll handle this.
Focus on your inner peace and your carrot.
I don't know.
Just try it.
Why is that button there?
I put it there.
Show me the design template code.
-Forget it.
-Just show me.
-Let me handle it.
-Wait a second.
Come. Sit.
Here, you eat the carrot.
Look here.
We are getting orders.
We're getting orders. Come, look.
We're getting orders.
You were amazing.
Four orders already. How did you do it?
-The orders are pouring in.
-It's a miracle.
-OK, man. What are you doing?
-We should worship him.
What the heck?
Enough, guys.
Please, listen.
We're getting orders now.
Come on, join us.
-Say yes.
But, wait.
On one condition.
-Hear me out first.
It has to be chilled out.
No fighting.
As you wish, O Wise One.
You know, Kapil...
my son loves tennis.
He's the school champion.
But he knows...
if he doesn't do well in his exams,
his tennis will stop.
He has to manage both.
He has to study and follow his passion.
Sir, I'm sorry, but...
Your son won't be a college topper,
nor a tennis champion.
It's hard to sleep when you're starving.
I've eaten enough.
I've slept enough.
What can I say then?
Go, Kapil, go.
Live your life.
What now?
This time, I'm charging a counseling fee.
Social work too, profit too.
Meet me at the hospital cafeteria.
My treat.
-I quit my job to enter the medical world.
-You quit?
I quit.
Use this app, and the medicine
will come to your door.
Really? Will it come?
Yes. Look.
Wow, we have so many orders.
But we'll need more servers.
It will crash.
-It's going to crash.
Tea, sir.
We need to buy vegetables.
I am out of money.
It's OK, we won't eat today.
We have to pay the laundry guy.
We won't wear any clothes either.
I want my salary in advance.
-How about shares in our company?
Where will we find the money?
Some company!
It detects the user's mood.
If the AI believes
the user is slipping into a depression,
it can quietly alert his family
and his doctor.
You think that I...
Are you OK?
Impressive growth.
This is just the beginning.
What if the medicine delivered
via your app is fake, and someone dies?
Can the family sue you?
You know that, don't you?
You are in the business
of supplying medicines, aren't you?
We deliver medicines. We don't sell them.
Then maybe, could deliver soap,
toothpaste, shampoo too?
We want to focus on medicines.
I mean, our focus will be medicines.
We looked like idiots.
-Why do you--
-It's alright.
Mr. Big Shot's questions
caught us off guard.
It happens.
Let's make a rule.
Finance and business-related questions
are mine.
You handle operations.
You handle technical matters.
Stop making faces.
Drink up. In ten days
we can't even afford this.
If we drink this for ten days,
we won't even be alive.
That's fine.
But can't you do something,
where people bring things
from villages to cities?
Someone wants to speak to you. One moment.
-Sir, thanks a lot.
-Say thank you.
Thank you very much, sir.
He has been ill for two months.
You've given him a new lease of life.
Thank you, sir.
You know, my son didn't do too well
in his exams,
but I didn't stop his tennis.
I got wiped out, sir.
It happens.
How about a US stint?
Travel the world.
Get paid in dollars.
Try again in a few years.
I lost.
To whom?
-Don't be such a drama queen.
-Spare me.
Does it even matter to you?
I am going to the US.
If it mattered, I would've told you,
"Look Kapil, you'll find another idea."
And if it mattered to you,
you'd listen to me.
But what you really want
along with beaches,
dollars and white chicks,
is just sympathy.
Oh, forget it.
Is anyone forcing you to go?
Don't go.
It's not that easy.
You want everything.
And you want it to be easy too.
Forget it.
Even I lost those funding competitions
along with you, Kapil.
Mine is a different ballgame.
"Marriage" and "kids."
But I'm still standing here.
Still fighting, right?
Forget all of this.
To each his own.
You could return whenever you like.
Why did DostiUdhaar fire you?
Even Steve Jobs was fired from Apple.
What are your plans for the future?
Nothing concrete yet.
I'm getting wedding proposals.
I might get married.
Do you know him?
He visited my college once.
Which college?
I'm headed to the US too.
Going to Chennai for the visa interview.
I just returned from the US.
I got bored.
What's your plan for the US?
Pretty impressive.
What are your plans here?
"Cigarette King."
-Ever thought of investing in a startup?
Better than selling cigarettes.
I see.
But the one that does succeed,
And this is that one.
I'll explain everything.
I risked bullets.
I had a girl, love and promises.
But he is the true romantic.
The app is down.
We're broke.
But he throws away his US job
all because a cigarette seller
heard his sob-story.
He's not a cigarette seller.
His father is the Cigarette King of India.
That makes him the Cigarette Prince.
Laugh all you want now.
When he calls, my cigarette will be lit.
Then I will have the last laugh.
It's good you didn't go to the US.
-Looks like I will have to go.
I'm screwed.
Veer hasn't replied.
Who isn't screwed?
That girl was talking the kid
off the ledge,
and I was wondering
how I'll pay her salary.
Remember when we went on strike
for the canteen workers in college?
The Director wanted to suspend you.
And you said,
"'We are doing right,
so we can't be wronged."
I said that?
Such a cheesy line?
Yes, you did.
This is who you are.
Wasn't it your stupid idea
to elope with Richa?
Beyond a point,
there's no point fighting this hard.
You're right.
I am stupid.
No, man. At least you try.
Otherwise, this guy
would still be moping about Richa.
Like me.
I mean...
I spend all day
worrying about Parkinson's,
even though Dad is so far away.
You will be fine.
You don't worry.
I'll talk to my boss about a job for you.
It's done!
-Cigarettes, man.
-The cigarette is lit.
-It is?
The cigarette is lit!
-Twenty five million?
For a 25% share?
So, our company's valuation
will be hundred million?
One hundred million.
-Our company will be worth 100 million?
-Why not?
-We're expecting one million customers.
-An income of Rs.100 per customer.
That's 100 million.
-Excuse me.
-What are you thinking?
But, we only have 10,000 customers.
Right now, yes. Imagine the future.
We'll go from 10,000 to a million.
Veer gets 25%. And 25% for each of us.
We'll get our share in five years.
-Five years? And until then?
Until then, you'll keep getting
5% every year.
There is a lock-in period of 5 years.
What is a lock-in period?
It's standard for startups.
You cannot sell your share for five years.
Whatever. Where's the booze?
-There it is.
-There's one extra, but that's OK.
Wait. Not yet.
Hold on a minute.
Pass me a pen.
You are now the Chief Technology Officer
of CarryKaro.
You are our Chief Operating Officer.
Let's drink?
After Dad, there's only you.
Yes, Veer.
We'll keep the tech cost in check.
No. It won't be a problem.
A journalist from the Harrington Post
is visiting us tomorrow.
-Tech cost? What's his problem?
-Don't blame me if the system crashes.
-Come on, man.
-Veer's a rockstar.
He's no rockstar.
He's just another rich brat.
Show the boss some respect, man.
I know his type.
They buy a car for five million,
then whine about spending 50 bucks
on repairs.
You don't need me here, do you?
The new tracking module is going live.
I have to work with the team all night.
-All night?
Are you nuts? They're human beings.
And it will look bad
if the office is empty tomorrow.
It has to be done.
Do it tomorrow.
Dad's report comes out tomorrow.
It was hard getting an appointment
with that doctor.
-You'll come along, right?
-Of course.
Do it day after tomorrow.
What do you mean?
This is a process.
It needs proper planning.
You can't stop working
because some guy is visiting.
Kapil, you never stand up to Veer.
That's wrong.
Stop cribbing.
If you don't want to come, don't.
-But let the team come.
Anyway, Mr. Perfectionist,
do you let anyone else do anything?
Please wear a business suit this evening.
Not even at your wedding.
It's a business meeting.
It's at a fancy place.
We can't look like slobs.
Wow, since he met Veer,
we look like slobs to him.
Come on.
Didn't I tell you this cut would suit him?
-Looking smart.
-Thank you.
There was a time
when Veer paid me such compliments.
Let's chat later.
When I cared about people,
even the girl from Sitapur ditched me.
When I cared about God,
I found a Spanish chick.
Only God can get an engineer laid.
Is Mr. Yash here?
Your package.
450 rupees.
Just a moment.
-Aren't the liquor stores shut today?
-Only in Bangalore city.
Show him the app.
-The app.
Hold it there.
It was a simple hack.
Just had to do change one module.
If you would focus on things
other than alcohol,
you could change the world.
All I want is to drink with my friends.
I'm already doing that.
Now all we need is some ice.
-Yes, Sangappa?
We spoke about you just this morning,
and here you are.
You're just like your father.
His father and I are good friends.
But the two of us get along better.
-Dad and I are poles apart.
He's spreading cancer...
while I am distributing medicines.
Spoken like a true son.
Splurge all of your dad's money,
and then criticize him too.
Set up this meeting for me.
And I'll do another thing sons do.
I'll outshine him.
Yeah, what's up?
When do you get back from Chennai?
We have a problem.
There are floods in Belgavi district.
We're getting more orders
than the app can handle.
This is exactly why we built the app.
We will deliver when no one else can.
But how can we?
The situation is so bad,
even our own employees are refusing to go.
I'll do the deliveries.
Bless you, Mother Teresa.
Kapil, you're joking, right?
They will invest at least 600 million.
Imagine what that will do
to our evaluation.
-But we already have money.
Kapil, there's a flood.
People are dying.
These VCs are very hard to meet, Kapil.
Just hold on.
This meeting was hard to set up.
Kapil, don't be absurd.
You promised to deliver.
We're busy running the backend.
Is Veer an investor or a pimp?
Why is he pimping us out?
Veer, this is the worst flood
in five years.
-We have so many orders--
-I have no problem with the deliveries.
I have a problem
with you making the deliveries.
Do what you think is right.
Do what you think is right.
But we are trying to...
Did you watch the interview, sir?
Currently, we are the only company
delivering medicines to the flooded areas.
This must be very good for business.
This isn't the time to think
about profits, it's about people.
Villages are flooded,
diseases are spreading.
That should be the focus.
When did the logo change?
Our team has been making deliveries
in the flood-hit areas.
We're trying...
Done with the press conference?
Dude, at least keep us informed.
We don't even have time to take a piss.
There's something called integrity.
Don't make a mountain out of a molehill.
We deliver to 104 villages.
But we only show 90 to the investors. Why?
Because we make big losses
in those 14 villages.
The lower the losses,
the more your investor invests.
-Is this a trivial thing?
-It is trivial.
Our work, deliveries,
and users are all genuine.
These losses are temporary.
We're doing something good here.
We set out to do good.
Come on, man.
We don't want to pull a con.
Why don't you get that?
-A con?
Why are you so desperate?
-Veer will give us the money.
-Veer doesn't give. He takes.
What's wrong?
We're worried about the losses
in the 14 villages.
And, the tech cost is too high.
Tech cost? Again?
Has he ever done any coding?
Why does he go on about tech cost?
Exactly. You're always lecturing us.
why don't you ever say anything to him?
At least tell him
when you're in the toilet together.
I'm sure they go together?
-Who else will wash Veer's ass?
Rich dudes don't wash, they wipe.
Please, don't do this.
Let me do my job, guys.
Are the villagers your customers,
or these investors?
We can't ignore
the investor either, right?
Without them, there is no us.
-In the beginning-
-The beginning was so different.
We had set a condition, right?
-"Do something good."
-That's what I am doing.
Remember, we were shut down.
If it wasn't for Veer, I'd be eating
frozen Indian food in the US.
Guys, what is happening?
I won't allow this as long as I'm here.
And what do you mean by that?
Kapil, let it be.
Think again, Kapil.
I already did. We'll see what happens.
If you con them, I'll resign.
What is he saying?
I said, if you con them, I'll resign.
Have you been drinking?
You bloody drunkard?
What the hell are you saying?
-What did I say?
-Stop calling me a drunkard.
Or what--
"This is not the time to think
about business, but the people."
That was all Yash and Vinay. I was just...
You're doing both.
Service too. Profit too.
What's up? All okay?
I'm sorry.
I hope I didn't spoil your occasion.
There is no occasion.
You know how you'd said
everyone's screwed.
Sometimes it's seen. Sometimes it's not.
I'm the one who needs counseling now.
And that too, from you.
What's the point?
You'll just hear your own words recycled.
"Keep at it."
I'll hang up.
So, it's like a pipeline.
And only for these medicines.
Delivering to these NGOs.
Let's stop here for now.
If Veer finds out we've been running
a two-way highway, he'll be stunned.
So, how many villages
have you delivered to till now?
What's up, Your Highness?
Where the hell are you two?
Is Yash around?
Hang on.
There you go. Yash is here too.
You guys did it.
You two really cracked it.
That liquor idea was a masterstroke.
The investors were bowled over.
I just signed the term sheet, guys.
Just got lucky, man.
I heard. Congratulations.
Listen, let's take a vacation.
It's been such a stressful week.
A strategy offsite.
Bangkok, Mauritius, you name it.
What say?
Don't do this, guys.
We have resigned.
I should resign too.
Haven't slept in days.
This is no way to live.
What do you mean?
What do you mean you resigned?
We got bored.
We are better off as friends.
-Right, Yash?
Hold on, guys. How can you? I mean...
How can you take such a big decision
without talking to me?
I had warned you.
If you fudge numbers, I'll...
Don't start that again.
Yash, wait a second.
Let's meet and talk.
I'll explain everything.
Why don't you explain it to Veer instead?
Look, Kapil. It's obvious
we can't work together.
Why can't we work together?
Don't make it sound worse than it is.
We are not.
It's different now.
The vibe, it's totally changed.
What has changed?
We had a stressful week,
and it's over now.
End of story.
Whom am I doing this for?
For us.
It's better if each of us
do our own thing, right?
The way it was before.
The point was to work together.
How can I do this alone?
Forgot Mr. Veer?
-What's Veer got to do with this?
-I should be asking you that.
-What the hell is he saying?
-Stop fighting, guys.
What the hell is he saying?
Kapil, look.
A good investor for you.
A good job for you.
And a long vacation for me.
We've all got what we wanted.
So, just be happy for each other.
Stop fighting.
How can I be happy?
My drama queen.
Is Yash around? I didn't see him.
He might be your CTO now,
but he's always been my friend.
Your friend?
Yash doesn't work with me anymore.
-He quit six months ago.
Didn't your friend tell you that?
So, you just wave your phone
over any body part,
and get a full report on your hair.
But no one's ever built an app
focusing on hair.
Where's Yash?
Hurry up, Yash. What's happening?
Jaya, don't you think
your idea is too focused?
There's no scope to go wider.
Your technology is good, I agree.
-But can we apply it to a different field?
-Different field?
Mental health alone is a huge issue, sir.
Even in mental health, there's scope
for forward and backward integration.
Actually, I don't want
any conflict of interest.
Sure. It will stay what it is.
Why does she even come?
There's nothing we can do for her.
He knows what happened.
Just tell me, if you can't handle
a simple presentation,
what kind of CTO are you?
He ruined everything.
You should have checked it last night.
Does it even matter to you
who is up on stage, we are juniors.
Nothing matters to him.
What's the point of talking to him?
We told you to check everything.
Doesn't matter which way you comb
your hair, you will never impress a girl.
Come here, man.
How are you?
How are you?
It's been so long.
I have a meeting now.
But let's meet after that.
What's up?
Your meeting was quick.
One billion is more than enough now.
We should've accepted
their offer of Rs. 1.5 billion.
Our valuation needs to be higher, Kapil.
-What did you do, man?
-What happened?
We lost 1.5 billion rupees.
Didn't you just raise funds recently?
But seriously, man, what did you do?
You think I'll ever do anything
without a plan?
We have an offer for six billion.
-From SoftSent.
The world's biggest venture capitalist.
You are a pro!
OK, calm down.
That's not right.
This is not fair.
You two shouldn't have
left me alone like this.
Did you know Yash left Bansal's company?
And two more companies after that.
Two more?
His door is open.
-Wake him up.
-Get up!
-Help him up.
Sit straight.
My app was perfect.
The problem was with his phone.
And yet they blamed me.
Half the companies out there
are donkey stables.
Filled with asses and manure.
And the CEO is the biggest ass of all.
Listening, kissing someone's ass
and braying.
The one who does all three is the CEO.
You're right.
Take yourself for instance.
But there's nothing you can do about it.
You have to play by their rules.
You have so much potential.
-I'm drinking tea, man.
-"Drinking tea"?
Learn some self-control.
Come back.
Isn't Pawan Soni your CTO?
Yeah, not as the CTO, but...
Try to understand, I meant...
Forget it.
You know, CarryKaro was boring.
I need a real challenge.
Challenge? Look at your condition.
-What's wrong with my condition?
-"What's wrong"?
Yash, what's happened to you?
What's your mood?
Look at your valuation,
and look at your capacity.
Stop looking at Veer for everything.
Bottoms up.
We're into electronics, food, consumer
goods. We're thinking of apparel.
As soon as SoftSent funds come in,
there are a lot of avenues
of growth that we can look into.
How does it feel?
Where's the time to feel?
-I couldn't even recognize you.
-Don't laugh.
This is what it has come to now.
Even when I went completely decked up,
the investors said, "get out!"
-I would've invested money in your idea.
-Oh, really?
I saw what you did for me as a judge.
You know...
-Oh, man.
-Stop it.
-What are you doing?
-Accepting your apology.
And in return, you have to teach me.
I'm tired of begging for money.
What does the investor want?
He can get that from a confectionery shop.
So why startups?
Because startups are a high-risk,
high-gain game.
Most startups fail,
but the one that succeeds,
just soars, like a rocket.
-So, sell them rocket-like growth.
Oh, God!
But we can't have rocket-like growth
in every field, Kapil.
You have to make it happen.
Why do cab companies share promo codes?
Why do online shopping companies
host Billion Dollar sales?
-We still make losses in deliveries.
Yes, but try to understand. It's simple.
Sell some stake to the investor.
Take their money.
Use that money to attract customers.
This may mean losses,
but it gets you growth.
As you grow, your valuation rises.
With this new valuation,
find new investors.
Sell them more expensive stakes.
Your previous investors will make profits.
They'll be happy.
You have more to invest in your firm.
So, you'll be happy.
Investors give money, money
attracts customers, customers fuel growth,
growth gets a higher valuation,
higher valuation gets new investors.
Oh, God.
Yeah, Veer?
Fine, I'll get it done and send it.
Fine, I'll send that by evening.
Why are you micro-managing so much?
I mean, our other investors
don't interfere in day-to-day operations.
I'll get it done.
So I drop everything
to play this valuation game?
That's not the point.
Your vision should be this: if anyone,
anywhere, from America to Afghanistan,
thinks about committing suicide,
they should think of your app.
But isn't this absurd?
Absurd maybe, but this is what sells.
If you don't sell growth,
you won't get investors.
And you'll have to shut down.
Believe me, Kapil, this is just a bubble.
And it will burst one day.
Did you come to learn, or to teach me?
It's not just Kapil,
even those HairHealth kids got funded.
Forget that.
When are you getting me an interview?
How can you say that?
In such a junior position?
No, I understand.
Let me know if you
have anything else for me.
Yeah, Dad. I'm at work. Can't talk.
They are calling me for a meeting.
How are you?
I am doing great too.
Is my hand shaking?
Vinay, there's something I need to do.
How are you, sir?
-How are you?
-Great, sir.
How many are you in the NGO division?
Around 25.
Is that all?
Do you meet Kapil often?
We see him go by every day.
He's a good man.
Aren't you burning too much cash?
Come on, man, cut me some slack.
Mommy in Hong Kong will pay the bills.
We met SoftSent four months ago, Kapil.
When will their funds come in?
Pressurize them.
Calm down, Veer.
You seem to be getting soft on SoftSent.
Nothing fishy going on, I hope.
Come on.
I am an investor too.
I have put in my money too.
But I never delayed transferring funds.
But it's your dad's money, right?
The money will come.
So, it's true.
As soon as one gets a godfather,
one does get spoilt.
How are you doing?
How are you?
All good?
-Tea or coffee?
-No, thank you.
So, what's up?
He wants to start his own business.
Is it... a liquor store?
No, I was supposed
to join a company, as CTO.
They had a great idea,
but their funding stopped.
-So, I thought I could invest some money.
Do you have the money?
I have my CarryKaro shares.
You want to sell your stake
in the company?
Exactly. Don't sell.
-Put it aside as a retirement fund.
Wait a minute.
You can't sell your stake
for another three years.
Why else?
It was in the agreement we signed.
Oh man!
Why did you agree to such a condition?
A five-year lock-in is standard
in startups.
-Remember I explained it.
-Fine. Whatever.
-But why did you agree to this?
-What is he blabbering?
-Then you lend it to me.
As a personal loan.
How much?
-Hundred million.
-Hundred million?
Come on.
Are you opening a really big liquor store?
Good plan.
He can drink the leftover booze
every night.
You know it's not easy to run a startup.
Do you have the money?
Will you lend it to me?
I don't have 100 million.
They call you 'the billion-dollar virgin.'
Like you can't sell your stake,
I can't either.
-I am a salaried employee.
-And what about all this?
The company is growing, and I am the CEO.
So, the company gives me perks.
Sit down.
Forget all these ideas.
And come back.
Listen to me.
You have a problem with Veer, don't you?
Let me tell you a secret.
I had a discussion with SoftSent.
They want some changes.
And Veer may just be on the way out.
-But Veer's the--
-These things happen in business.
Will you make me your CTO?
You become the CEO, for god's sake.
Take my seat, I will resign.
Just come back.
We'll fix everything else later.
Forget it!
Trust you?
You didn't even explain
the agreement properly.
You lie to your investors.
Are you drunk?
I am in my senses. You are not.
You are high on this.
You used to take medicines
to the villages yourself.
Now you don't even meet the NGO division.
Don't teach me my job.
Look at the state you are in.
All your crap about Parkinson's,
it's just the booze talking.
-Vinay, take him away.
-I don't need rehab.
Because of the government's
new tax policy,
investors are turning away
from India's startup market.
These high valuations were based on hope
that growth would be like China.
No matter how much you scream "Growth!",
growth is finite.
Last week it was FlipShip
and now it's
YRKPF believes that your company valuation
should be 30 billion rupees,
and not 60 billion.
You did the due diligence yourself.
Ms. Cheung agreed, right?
Now suddenly you want a 50% discount?
Three billion instead of six billion
for the same stake.
What will I tell my other investors?
Look, we're heading for a recession.
Startup KhelIndia's employees
are asking for government intervention.
They are claiming they have not received
their salary for the last three months.
This is the third story like this
about startups this week.
It's been a month.
Mr. Kapil will answer all your questions.
Calm down.
The company's valuation will go up again.
Veer, what's wrong with you?
In here, you're planning
an employee party,
out there, you spread rumors
that SoftSent is investing nine billion.
Such rumors are always good.
But a party?
You see, all eyes are on us.
But what is our answer to SoftSent?
-Three billion is not a bad offer.
-So, we admit we were over-valued?
The market will laugh at us.
You guys better decide.
If we let our valuation drop,
it won't stop dropping.
It's happened to so many startups.
Sorry, the market's tight.
Let's see, I'll call you.
Sir, our App has been copied.
DeliverKaro is nothing.
They will shut down in six months.
So, this problem will last six months?
What if they raise funds?
So what? Should we throw another party?
Kapil, we want results, not excuses.
-Yes, excuses.
We need a tangible plan.
-We are going to buy
It's a good offer.
One of the founders' uncles
is a minister in Indonesia.
Next month,
we'll start an office in Indonesia.
-Indonesia is a big market.
And at a time like this, in a recession...
Good for our image.
Wait a minute.
Look at their numbers.
They're going to shut down.
And we have no experience in Indonesia.
What's the guarantee
we will find investors after this?
I think we should take
3 billion from SoftSent.
The actual plan is in the long term--
We are not in real estate
to think about long term.
-In the short term, we'll address losses--
-Then shut down your NGO division.
Why are we running it at a time like this?
The NGO division will break even.
The NGO division will show profits.
Your old game of fooling investors.
During the first round
of funding presentation,
didn't you hide the loss-making villages?
Speak up. Why are you quiet?
Your friend Yash, the co-founder...
Why did he suddenly quit?
He didn't want you
to pull this con, right?
What did you always say?
Now I know why.
I would've caught you out, right?
You keep insisting that we should take
SoftSent's three billion.
Are you getting a kickback?
I have another option for CEO.
From UrbanSabzi.
He just sold his company.
All his investors profited
at a time like this.
Let's hire him.
Why did you invite him?
I thought I was screwed.
But it's nothing compared to you.
I thought I was the biggest fool.
Looks like you're the bigger fool.
You lectured us so much.
All about Veer.
-And now he has nailed you to the cross.
-What the hell?
Stop it, guys.
Yash, have you lost your mind?
What are you doing?
let's get rid of Veer.
All his problems solved in one go.
Admit it, you are tempted.
If he dies, it will benefit you.
You are crazy, seriously.
Fine, we won't kill him.
Let's wrap him in a blanket
and give him a good beating tonight.
That's even better.
We should strip him and get nudies,
and blackmail him all his life.
And I'm sure he knows his bedroom too.
They've slept together many times.
Come on.
"What has it come to..."
Don't be shy. Take your pick.
Murder him or beat him up?
Murder him or beat him up?
Don't be shy. Whatever you say.
Come on.
Just kill him already.
He really screwed me this time.
This fork won't do the job.
Get a proper knife at least.
Look, Vinay.
What a guy!
-He's talking about killing his ex-lover.
-You're such a bastard.
Bloody criminal.
Have a beer.
Open sky.
Cheap booze.
Shitty friends.
What more do you need?
After the Richa episode,
I thought that was the end.
But I bounced back.
Because I had all of this.
The three of us.
And now...
You stop all this CTO drama.
And you...
You thought I was talking nonsense,
about desire, attachment, ambition.
But look at yourself now.
Let it go.
No, man.
This is my company.
He can't do this to me.
You were planning to cut Veer out,
but now Veer is cutting you out,
and you can't stop crying.
And you...
When are you quitting alcohol?
Believe me, I tried.
But I couldn't do it.
And then I thought deeply about it,
and I realized why.
Alcohol is not the problem.
The problem is 'too much alcohol.'
Believe me, it makes sense.
-I see.
-Alcohol is not the problem.
The problem is too much alcohol.
First, escape velocity,
and now life philosophy.
You were better off as a techie.
And you were better as Veer's lackey.
Thanks for the free booze.
-See you, guys.
-Stay. Where are you going?
-No, man.
Friendship is not the problem.
The problem is 'too much friendship.'
Stay, man.
Remember that song you always sang,
"I have left those streets behind."
Listen, man.
Let it go.
He'll need time.
You said there's a job opening
in your friend's company.
It doesn't have to be as CTO,
anything is fine.
Fine. I'll arrange it.
The Board has decided
to shut down the NGO division.
The NGO division
is the soul of this place.
It's where all this started.
Forget the NGO division.
You're still the CEO.
Be happy with that.
No. Those are basic.
Do you have any experience in those?
Not a problem.
I've promised Mr. Vinay,
so we'll find another role.
Our fresher's trainee program
starts next week.
You can attend that.
With freshers?
That seems to be the only option
since your skills are outdated.
But there's nothing wrong
in fresher's training.
It's no surprise
that I wanted to commit suicide.
I'd been headed there for a while.
What is shocking is that
even when I was about to jump,
I didn't call either of you!
Think about that.
That's what our friendship has come to.
would've died yesterday.
And you two wouldn't have known.
Are you crazy? What you're saying?
-Stop talking. Shut up, you fool.
Do you know whom I finally called?
That last number is Yash.
I've never seen you so silent before.
What for?
-Yash is my friend too.
You know, the way Yash scared you...
you had scared me.
But I never imagined
I'd be so happy to see you back.
I'll be back.
I'll see you soon.
I want to resign.
Just one small condition.
I want the NGO division.
Yes, I know.
It's making losses but I still want it.
Why would we have a problem?
-We can put it up here.
-No. Fine, you do it.
-You can't put it there.
-It's too short.
No, I measured it before buying.
My Mother Teresa.
Hey, buddy.
GPS only tells you the routes and traffic,
but not where the potholes are.
There should be an app for that, right?
Actually, there must be scope
for pregnancy-related apps too.
-Right, Jaya?
-There you go again.
It was Yash's idea.
Why only medicines,
we can bring doctors too.
It's been only one month
since we launched this idea,
3000 doctors have already registered.
You've got to take these bugs out.
-This is our local development center.
-Re-do the coding.
-I won't tolerate this. Get it?
-And that is Mr. Perfectionist.
You still didn't know how to climb a wall.
Open sky.
Cheap liquor.
Shitty friends.
What more do you need?
Subtitle translation by Sonali Punja