Urban Country (2018) Movie Script

You guys are so immature.
Really, Savatore?
- Hey, art not vandalism.
- Okay look we're here.
What do we do now?
I say we head for the fields.
Hey guys, I've been working
on my lock picking skills.
FAITH: You know we
could just climb this.
OLIVER: Lighten up, cut it.
Look at that empty canvas.
Go to it, Picasso.
Hey, gonna throw this
over here for a second.
Oh, yeah.
Take me to
adventure, and to love.
We too, have shared great
joy and great sorrow,
and now I stand at the
gate of the paddock
watching you run.
Come on.
Bobby, what's your 20?
Security guard's
calling for backup.
You ain't afraid
of no security guard.
I'm not sleeping in
commune again, let's bounce.
Split up, split up.
Here B. here.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
No, get off me!
Fly free my friends.
Fly free.
Where you been?
Don't worry about it.
Yo, what's with the tone?
I worked a double
last night, okay?
Andrew's looking good
out there, as always.
You always sabotage that kid,
it always makes me look bad.
I wish more people would come.
You know what,
these people came.
It matters to them.
Might be time to let this go.
I don't know why
I bother anymore.
I'll be right back.
That clown was
running so hard,
he was panting and sweating
after like, five feet.
Yeah, Faith got
by the old one.
Yeah, it was a real party.
Hey Faith.
I haven't seen you
around here in a while,
you've been okay?
I'm fine.
So, do you have any
plans for like,
today or tonight?
- She's busy.
- No, I'm not.
I don't have any plans,
but I can't make any either.
Do you minions answer
everything for her?
Listen dog, you're barking
up the wrong tree today, okay?
Just walk away, now.
You guys stop, stop.
It's nothing, he's nobody,
let's just get to class.
Take this out,
with the rest of your trash.
I'm sorry, it was an accident.
It always is.
Get to class.
I'll be keeping this.
Listen, your father is not
gonna give in this time.
You're gonna have
to call your mother.
Have her come pick
you up right here.
Faith, if you don't
call your mother,
and if she doesn't pick up,
you're gonna spend a little
time in jail tonight,
you want that?
Please don't leave it up to me,
'cause if you do, you'll
see the inside of a cell.
All right, I'll send him out.
Your parents are here,
you're free to go.
This is very simple,
I need you to call a relative,
a grandmother, an aunt,
somebody that can
handle this for you.
Otherwise you're
gonna take a ride.
(SIGHS) You always
take the hard road.
You have any weapons on you?
You need to change
your behavior.
I don't know why you do this.
You're headed down
the wrong path.
Thanks for the tip.
This ain't your first
rodeo, come on, let's go.
VOICEMAIL: Hey this is Dave,
I can't come to the phone,
just leave me a
message at the tone.
I'm sorry.
I know I messed up,
but you gotta hear
what happened,
it wasn't my fault this time.
Please just come get me, Dad.
I'm Sax,
and you are?
What'd you do?
The short of it,
I pushed someone
through a sheet of glass.
I'm really tired, I don't
wanna talk right now, I just,
I wanna sleep, and
hopefully when I wake up,
my dad'll pick me up.
Jones, Faith Jones.
Guess your dad's here.
Oh, give me a second
I'll grab my papers.
you ain't getting out.
You just got a visitor.
I guess your dad isn't here.
Why'd you come here, I
didn't call you for a reason.
Dad called me,
told me what you did.
Said he wasn't
bailing you out again,
so here I am.
Wanna talk about what happened?
I don't wanna talk to
you ever, about anything.
Are you gonna bail
me out, or what?
On one condition.
What's that?
You have to come back
to Mississippi with me.
No, I'm fine,
I'll just stay here.
You really rather
stay in prison
than come home with me?
You know, as far
as county jails go,
I could do a lot worse.
I don't know where you
learned to be so mean.
Well daddy wasn't really
big on etiquette growing up.
I thought you'd be
thrilled to get outta there,
have a fresh start.
I may not get another
chance to tell you,
and I certainly didn't
want to do it like this.
Tell me what?
Faith, I have cancer.
The doctor says I only
have a few months.
You're so pathetic.
Really, what'd you think,
you just come back here,
come bouncing back into my life!
You lost?
But it seems you are.
I'm Jose Antonio,
my friends call me Tono.
I'm your warden.
What are you doing?
I haven't done anything wrong.
Well, not since I've been here,
obviously I did something
wrong to get here.
Where are you
friends this time?
My friends?
I don't know, guess
they weren't really
involved in this one.
When I was your age,
I ran with the wrong crowd too.
But somehow, I always ended up
being the only one
with consequences,
and I took that as a sign
that I was on the wrong path.
I'm a warden.
Looking after kids who are
on the same path I was.
My friends,
well a few of them
are locked up,
the rest should be.
Is this your big
make a change speech?
(SCOFFS) Because
I'm not a bad seed,
I'm just a victim of being at
the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Worst thing you can do is
think of yourself as a victim.
your story is what, this time?
This guy was yelling
at me and my friends,
and I shut him up.
Put him through a
trophy case, I'm told,
with your cheering squad
in tow, that about right?
You think they're
worried about you?
I don't think they're
worried about you.
In fact,
I know they aren't.
But I'm here,
don't have to be.
You know, I don't even
really know you at all,
but I'm worried about you.
if you decide you
wanna talk to somebody,
like I said, I'm here.
What if I didn't wanna talk?
What if I just wanted to listen?
I have plenty to say.
He's not coming for me.
He's your father,
always comes around.
But you might have
to meet him halfway.
He's done with me.
He's not done with you.
He's done with your poor
judgment and immaturity.
How about you
just do your job,
instead of worrying about
my relationship with my dad?
Come on.
Walk with me.
You know Faith,
there's certain things
you just can't take back.
Mistakes you make that
you wish hadn't happened.
Unlike the incident
with the young man,
you know how fast that
coulda gone south?
Put through that glass,
he hits his head wrong,
sharp glass could've
cut his neck wide open,
that young man could be dead.
We'd be having a very
different conversation.
But he's not.
He is not by the grace of God.
It's not about getting punished,
it's not about what
is right and wrong,
it's what you have to live with.
What happened to you?
All of the above.
That's my point.
It's not about getting caught,
it's not about your punishment,
you said it yourself,
you're not a bad seed.
You know what is
right and wrong.
It's what you have to live
with for the rest of your life.
The regrets that you'll have,
the knowledge that you could've
done something different,
that you could've changed
the way things turn out.
You're wanted in the courtroom.
Miss Jones.
I would very much like to
see you stuck in this place
for quite a bit longer.
I think being in here, might
be the only chance you have
of getting your life together.
Sir I.
Don't interrupt me.
(SIGHS) But,
much to my dismay,
you are free to go.
Excuse me?
You're victim's parents
are dropping the
charges against you.
I don't know why.
I strenuously objected.
But they were set on
letting you off the hook.
Thank you.
Oh, it wasn't my decision.
Still, thank you.
Miss Jones.
Don't let me see your face
in my courtroom again.
Next time,
I get veto power.
Good luck.
Where's my phone?
Mr. Craft still
has it in his office.
Don't let me see you again.
You won't.
Dad, are you here?
Hey, you're out already?
That wasn't too bad of a stay.
Look, I'm not really
in a chatty mood,
I just need to borrow
your phone or charger.
No, but I got your backpack.
I'm already on my
way to meet Justin,
so no need.
We gotta get downtown
and celebrate.
No, I wasn't
gonna call Justin,
I just need to borrow your
phone so I can call my mom.
OLIVER: You can just use
his phone when we get there.
Come on.
You know what it's
like to be in jail
for a couple of hours?
Add on two more
days and you go it,
same old same old.
Although I did meet the warden,
he seemed tough but he
was also really sweet
at the same time.
He asked me where you guy were,
you know, since you were
in the fight with me too.
Said I should be careful of
who I consider my friends.
I mean, we are friends, right?
Yeah, of course.
Ride or die.
You guys gotta
hear how I got out.
What do you mean?
Michael didn't press charges,
so they had to let me go.
Nobody came to pick me up.
My mom visited me and she said
that she wants me
to go back with her.
Oh, no way you're
fixing to leave. (LAUGHS)
Not for the country.
I'll be back, It'll
only be a few weeks.
My mom's pretty sick, so she
wants me to be there for her.
Like you're
actually coming back.
What do you mean,
I just said I am.
- So much for ride or die.
- Yeah.
You'll have us replaced
in a quick minute.
Hey, you better not leave,
'cause we won't be
waiting here for ya.
That's not funny.
So you're saying, if I go
to visit my sick mother,
you guys won't be
my friends anymore?
Whatever, if that's
what you want.
Mr. Craft?
I heard they let you out.
Apparently, Michael's parents
found it a bit annoying
that he let a young girl
hand it to him that way.
So, part of his punishment
is you getting away with it.
Yay for me.
Do you have my phone?
Actually, I do.
Wanted to talk to
you about that.
I took a look at a
couple of videos on here,
just wanted to say nice job
on the baseball stadium
the other night.
I want you to make
a change, right now.
You stop running with that
crowd you're hanging out with,
and take advantage of
this new beginning.
I'll do my best.
All right, Faith,
you might need this.
Thanks for the second chance.
I'm sorry for what
I did to Michael,
and to the field,
and I'm sorry for
not talking to you
or visiting you.
I'm sorry that I
don't listen to Dad.
He's forgived me.
Please, I want a second chance.
I'll do anything, I really
wanna come home with you.
Bags are packed,
are you ready to go
This time tomorrow
we'll be on the road
Riding with you
into sunnier days
I wouldn't want
it any other way
Taking the good with
the ups and downs
I want to see how
the world turns round
Lets go adventure
in the deep blue sea
Home is with you
wherever that may be
Home is with you
wherever that may be
So, this is it.
These are all our horses.
How many, exactly?
17 right now, but
two are pregnant.
This is Allegro.
Over here,
we have Magic.
Come here, baby.
Do they all have names?
Well, of course they do.
Horses are people too.
Okay, I've seen enough.
Blake, come say hi to my girl.
Hey girl.
Blake is gonna be showing
you the ropes, literally.
I can't believe you're
gonna make me work here.
You know, if you
keep an open mind,
you might learn a few things.
Whatever, where's my room?
I know it's not much,
but it's comfy, and has
everything you need.
I'm actually
supposed to live here?
Well, it's better than prison.
Look normally I
sleep in the trailer,
but the room above the
stables been better for me
since I've been sick.
I mean, is there even a
legit bathroom in there?
I don't know if legit is
the exact word I would use.
Look, why don't you go
in, get settled a bit,
meet me upstairs in
an hour for dinner.
You've got to be kidding me.
I shoulda just stayed in county.
Hey, can I help
you with anything?
You mean like, cook?
Yeah, is it weird to
offer to help you cook?
No I just,
I didn't realize you
knew how to cook.
Considering I've
been pretty much
taking care of myself
since I was seven,
not knowing how to cook
wasn't really optional.
Sounds like your dad
wasn't around much.
It wasn't that
he wasn't around,
he was just busy, you know?
He would work, come
home, go to bed, repeat.
Why that's the first
I'm hearing of it.
You shoulda told me.
I wanted you here,
I figured you wouldn't
survive the uproot.
Will you say grace?
What's the point?
I don't have a whole
lot of time left,
so I'd like to show my
thankfulness while I still can,
even if it is over
my backyard chicken.
Mom, this is from the yard?
That's gross.
Forget it.
I will bless the food.
Thank you Lord for this food,
and for the
opportunity to create
this beautiful meal together.
I pray for many more
experiences like today.
say amen.
Why, you said it.
I mean, isn't He
always listening?
He knows the prayer's ended.
Let it go.
Why do you have to make a
simple thing so difficult?
You're right.
I really am thankful
for all the things
that you thanked the Lord for.
How long do you have?
I don't really know.
It was stage four when I was
diagnosed three months ago.
Three months ago?
You didn't tell me
for three months?
You should've told me
the second you found out!
I tried calling you,
but you didn't answer.
I'm sorry.
I just wish I would've
been there for you.
What type is it?
It had metastasized by the time,
by the time they found it.
So, yeah.
You should've texted
me, or emailed me,
or just something, you
should've tried harder.
Well, I wrote you letters.
Letters Mom, really?
You know what,
let's not talk
about this tonight,
all right, let's focus
on something happy,
like your birthday.
Which is next week.
I'm excited,
you excited?
I'm excited.
I'm excited for my birthday,
I'm excited to
spend it with you.
But, Mom, that's not
enough to take my mind
off of all the letters I
never received, it's not.
I don't know.
Are you okay?
You know what, I think,
I think I need to go, go rest.
I'm gonna go to bed.
But, I will see you bright
and early in the morning.
Okay, well you know
where to find me.
I love you.
I love you too, mamma.
DAVID: Hello?
Hey, wow, I wasn't
expecting you to pick up.
I was completely prepared
to just leave a message
that you would never respond to.
DAVID: Get quiet, now
to go to your kennel muts.
But, why are you calling, Faith?
It's just, Mom said she
wrote several letters.
DAVID: Enough
dog, settle down!
Let me go take care of
this crazy dog, okay?
Get it quiet down before it
wakes the whole building, sorry.
Of course.
Yeah, I'll call you later.
Hey, horsie.
How ya feeling?
Look what I have.
Yes, this is a bribe.
You missed it.
That a girl,
I mean boy. (CHUCKLES)
You're such a good horsie,
and I'm talking to a horse,
that's pretty weird, yeah?
Pretty weird.
Morning, kiddo.
How'd you sleep?
Pretty good.
Where's my mom?
She is still in bed, actually.
Wanted to get a
little extra rest.
She's got a treatment
later today,
and it really kinda
make her nauseated,
so the day after's not so good.
That's rough.
Who usually takes her?
I do, or Corey.
We're a family, right?
Well, I kinda want to start
taking her, if that's cool?
Yeah, it's fine.
In the meantime, you got
a long list to tend to.
Whatever you say, boss.
Can we do this
without being sarcastic?
It came straight from your
mom, I'm just the messenger.
Sorry, old habits
die hard, you know?
Nope, I don't know.
I don't really care.
I just wanna make sure we
get all this stuff done,
so your mom doesn't
have to come home,
and be worried about it.
That's what I want, too.
Where should I start?
Gross, oh my gosh!
I got it all over
my new sneakers,
these are my best ones.
Okay so, before we
get started, obviously,
we're gonna need to get
you dressed for the part.
Why are you being so mean?
I mean, I've never
had a reason to have
any other type of shoes, why
would I have farmer boots?
Okay, you're right, I'm sorry.
There is a Western
store in town,
I want you to head down there,
we've got a account
open for the ranch,
you can just charge it to us.
Get dressed, and we will
start this day over again.
Okay, but how
will I get there?
Right, Corey's in the truck.
Why don't you take the tractor?
You're kidding me, right?
A tractor, you want me to
take a tractor into town?
You could walk
the eight miles.
Whatever works for
you, works for me.
Okay, I can do this.
Don't let a tractor
outsmart you.
First I'm talking to a horse,
now I'm negotiating
with a tractor.
Why am I even here?
I did it!
Hey, you must be Corey.
Is there any way that
we could switch cars?
Sure yeah, no problem.
I am Corey, by the way.
Your mom talks so
much about you,
I feel like I kinda
already know you.
Well, really my mom
doesn't even know me.
Oh, sorry, I don't
mean to be rude,
or annoying, or anything.
Just letting you know your
mom's proud of ya, that's all.
Is there any way you
can take me into town?
I'd like that.
Just get your door.
I'm Faith, nice to meet you.
Likewise, where
you headed anyway?
The Western Store.
I assume you're
going into town
to get some new clothes, right?
Is it that obvious?
Well, let's get going.
COREY: Put your seatbelt on.
This is the first
red light I've seen
since I've been here.
Is it the only one?
No, I think there's
another one down 47.
So, how's my mom, is she okay?
Oh, she's great.
She has the most
wonderful doctor.
Her and Dr. Keith have
been friends for years,
he takes real good care of her.
She's in great hands.
Has he been a
doctor for a while?
COREY: As long
as I've known her.
How long is that?
Well, I've been
working on the ranch
since I was seven,
and I'm almost 19,
so a really long time.
She's like a second mother.
- Thank you, Corey.
- For what?
For being there for my
momma when I wasn't.
Oh, it's my pleasure.
She's always been so
good to Blake and I,
treat us like sons.
Does she really talk about me?
COREY: Oh yeah, all the time.
Here we are.
Did you really think
you were gonna take
the tractor into town?
You're funny, you know that?
You guys don't actually
take the tractors into town?
No, not at all.
Hope my driving didn't scare ya.
Alright, this aisle.
- Oh my gosh.
- Just watch your head.
People actually buy this stuff,
like people actually
dress like this?
Clearly, I don't.
But I don't know about everyone.
This is where your mom shops
for everything, actually.
It's good to know.
Okay, so, what all do I need?
I'd say a straight
pair of jeans,
and definitely boots,
and maybe
even a hat, to keep the
sun out of your eyes.
That's shades and
a flat perm are for.
Okay so,
and sparkly denim.
All right, there you go.
- Oh, I got those.
- Oh, there you go.
Good to see you, Cor.
Thank you for your help,
I couldn't have gotten
all of this without you.
You're welcome,
you just go ahead
and get back to the big city,
before you hurt yourself
or anybody else, okay?
Thanks for today.
I actually really had fun.
Me too.
Maybe we can do it
again, sometime.
You need anything,
just give me a holler,
I'll be in the ring
working the horses.
I'm gonna change and
start working my way
through your
brother's to do list.
Ooh, that should be fun.
Doubtful, he
has it out for me.
I'm not his favorite person.
I don't think anyone in
this town actually likes me.
I'm sure he likes
you just fine.
He's just a stickler for
work, and in general,
not a very friendly person.
People in this town,
they're just not used to
your type around here.
My type?
- You know what I mean.
- Yeah, I know.
So, don't try to
make small talk,
and always have your work
done on time, and perfectly.
Sounds like my time here
trying to please your brother,
and this whole town's
gonna be pleasant.
I'm so used to him,
that I don't even realize
how serious he is anymore.
Thank you, too.
For what?
For hanging out with me.
I normally don't hang
out with a lot of people,
aside from my
brother and your mom,
and even though I love them,
it's nice to branch out
every once in a while.
One, clean stalls.
Thanks for going
easy on me, Blake.
Two, feed horses.
Three, swim Magic.
Four, catch chicken for dinner?
What, what happened?
Your brother is
absolutely insane.
What'd he tell you to do?
Oh, clean the stalls,
swim a horse,
catch a chicken for dinner.
That all sounds
pretty average to me.
This is all so disgusting.
What were you expecting to do?
I don't know, water plants,
brush the horses' manes.
I mean feed them I'm okay with,
but catching a
chicken for dinner?
We do that every night
actually, it's not that bad.
You mean, the chicken
we ate last night
was just playing around
minutes before we ate it?
Faith, we live on a ranch.
We own horses, we eat dinner,
dinner that comes
from a chicken coop,
that's why they're there.
If you ever have scrambled eggs,
they'll also come from
the same chicken coop,
and well bacon, well,
you get it.
We raise animals with
the intent to eat them.
No, no I'm sorry.
I can't do this, I
don't have the stomach.
Look Faith, Blake
is gonna come back
expecting all of
this to be done.
I'll help you out, show
you how to do everything,
and you'll be just fine.
I don't wanna let down
my mom, Blake, or you,
but this is all so nasty.
(SIGHS) Stay in there, boy.
Take this,
go stall by stall,
and scoop up all the hay, and
put it in the wheelbarrow,
and just take
everything you can, out.
I can't believe
I have to do this,
this is so unsanitary.
My dad had a dog I
had to clean up after,
because he never did, and I had
a hard time stomaching that.
This is on a whole other level.
Next up, you need to
learn how to feed them.
Okay great, so now we're
gonna reload them, thanks Blake.
Are you interested
in brushing them?
Actually, I am.
I've always liked
the idea of horses,
they're beautiful
and intriguing,
but obviously a total mystery
because I've been
completely clueless.
Have at it.
They love it.
These horses are real
spoiled rotten. (CHUCKLES)
Kinda actually always
been your mom's babies.
Sorry, I hope I
didn't offend you.
No, it's okay.
I wasn't there, she
had to love something.
I gotta say,
this is the funnest
thing I've done all day,
besides shopping with you.
Me too.
ready to go catch our dinner?
You had to say that. (LAUGHS)
Now or never, I guess.
So sometimes, they come out
and sometimes,
they don't.
Looks like you'll
actually have to go in
and catch yourself
a chicken today.
Must be my lucky day.
So, are you gonna
help me or not?
Or not.
Come on Faith, it'll serve
you to get used to this,
and to get good at it.
You'll have more
time for other things
like spreading the stables.
You know how to get to me.
Awesome, you're a natural.
I can't believe I caught
a real, live chicken.
Good job, now we just
have to harvest it.
Hand him over.
- Okay.
- Okay, ready?
- Oh, sorry.
- Oh, wait.
Well, you're on your own now.
I'm gonna go tend to the horses.
Catch up with me once you
track that thing down, okay?
Oh my gosh.
Hey chicken.
Hi, no, no.
- Come in.
Hey baby.
How was your day?
Good, I've been
praying for you.
How are you feeling?
I'm sorry, mamma.
I wish you would let
me come with you,
I want to take care of
you like Blake and Corey.
Oh baby, don't you
worry about me, okay?
I'm fine, I promise.
I don't think so.
You don't tell me everything,
but Corey isn't so secretive.
Mom, I know things are bad,
and I know that you're
not telling me everything.
You know Faith,
let's not talk about
this tonight, okay?
Tonight it is just me and you.
Alright, we're just gonna,
we're gonna keep
praying, and we will
make it through this,
one way or another.
I'll keep praying for you.
I love you Mom,
and I'm feeling really guilty
that I haven't been here.
Baby, come here.
I'm really happy we got to
spend all this time together.
Yeah, me too.
You know, there is something
that I wanna talk to you about.
Yeah, anything.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You really like him, don't you?
He invited me to his
youth group dance thing.
Are you gonna go?
I don't really
know how to dance
in a way that's
acceptable by anyone
in a youth group.
Well, I can teach you.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Okay, all right.
- Okay.
Hand here.
What do I do?
You just follow my feet.
I'm gonna miss you, Mom.
Oh baby.
I'm always with you.
- I love you.
- I love you too, mamma.
Blake, your wake up calls
are getting earlier and earlier.
This is not a wake up
call for work, Faith.
I need to tell you something.
I don't really
know how to say it.
Can you say it quickly please,
because I'm assuming the worst.
Your mom passed away
last night, Faith.
I'm so sorry.
No, no we were just
dancing last night,
she had more time.
BLAKE: I know, I'm sorry.
No, I don't wanna talk
right now, I need to think.
Faith, Faith.
I wasn't even there.
There's no way
you coulda known
it was gonna happen when it did.
Look, we all thought
we had more time.
I haven't been
a good daughter,
and now she died, and I didn't
even get to say goodbye.
I'm sorry.
Corey and I were there.
Well, at least her
honorary children were there.
BLAKE: Faith, come on.
Faith, look.
I just need to
process this myself.
Just go away Blake,
I'm gonna call my dad.
BLAKE: Okay.
PRIEST: Let us commend Anna
Jones to the mercy of God.
Lord, our God, you are
the source of life.
Keep us in life and
death in your love,
and by your grace
lead us to your kingdom,
through your son,
Jesus Christ, our Lord.
We therefore commit
her body to the ground.
Earth to earth.
Ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.
The sure and certain hope
of the resurrection
to eternal life.
You're late.
I've been here,
in the background.
I'm so sorry about
your mamma, baby.
I wasn't even there with her.
I feel so horrible.
Blake and Corey were the
ones who were with her.
Your momma knew that
you loved her, baby.
You didn't have to be
there with her to feel it.
I know,
I just never talked
about her dying.
I wasn't ready.
She was, I mean,
she seemed so peaceful.
You should want that for her.
I did,
but I just wish I would've
gotten to say goodbye.
A lot of people sure
did show up today.
I know she was kinda like,
she was kinda like
the town mother.
Everyone loved
her and the ranch.
I bet they did.
Do you have my letters?
Somehow I knew you'd
be asking for these.
Why'd you keep these from me?
I don't know, I guess I was
just trying to protect you.
Trying to protect me
from harmless mother.
Maybe protect
is the wrong word.
I obviously had my
reasons, at the time.
I'm sorry.
At least I can read them now.
Look, you know,
you're gonna have to
come back with me now,
you can't stay here.
It's not like the ranch
is going anywhere.
I turn 18 tomorrow,
so it's my decision.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to
sound rude, I just,
I really don't wanna talk
about this right now.
I understand.
We'll talk about
it tonight, okay?
I know that I haven't been
the most reliable father.
I didn't really welcome
you into our home.
I'm sorry.
But I promise,
I'll work on it, okay?
I'll be absent if you'll
come back with me.
That means a lot to me.
It really does.
I'll go pack my bags.
I love you.
Hi, Faith.
My name's Earl Bick,
and on behalf of
our entire family,
I'd just like to
extend our condolences
on the loss of your mom.
She was loved by everybody.
If love would keep people
alive, she'd be here today.
God bless you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Got a minute?
Yeah, is everything okay?
Yeah no, it's fine.
Just someone I want you to meet.
It's your mom's lawyer.
I can't even explain how
sorry I am for your loss.
Your mother was
truly one of a kind.
There's no one like
her, not possible.
Now I know this
is all really fresh,
and I'm not trying to make it
harder or more uncomfortable.
But we really need to
go over the details
of your mother's will.
Of course, I'll
read it right now.
Well, it's actually a tape.
She filmed it herself.
Of course she did.
She thought it'd be
easier for everybody,
if it were in her own voice.
Gotta love her.
Hi everyone.
Faith, Blake,
I am so sorry that you guys
are having to endure this.
I wanted nothing more
than to stay with you all.
But, here we are.
sit down honey, 'cause
what I'm about to tell you
is gonna knock
you off your feet.
Are you sitting?
Okay Mom, I'm sitting down.
The ranch is yours.
Every horse, truck,
trailer, the house,
heck even Blake and
Corey belong to you now.
My parents gave it to me,
and now it's time
for you to have it.
Sorry boys.
It's okay, Anna.
I knew you'd
understand, Blake.
really does know us.
I love you all so much.
I'm sorry we didn't
get more time together.
You have always
been my everything.
Now, I know this is a lot,
and you probably have
a million thoughts
running through your head
about how you can
take care of the ranch,
how you get Corey and
Blake to work you for you.
But don't you worry,
I have a plan.
I didn't have the
strength to get it done,
but you can.
Joan, please give
her the letter.
That letter explains everything.
All right, don't be afraid.
You're stronger than you know.
Plus you have the boys to help.
You three stick together.
You have a few years cushion,
before you even need
to think about money.
I hope you understand Blake,
I have to take care of my girl.
I love you all.
Joan, as much as I loved
hearing my mother's voice,
and being reminded of
how much she loves me
and believes in me,
I cannot run a ranch.
I mean, I cannot do this.
You can always say no.
Just renounce the will.
Say you don't wanna take
ownership of the ranch.
What will happen if I do that?
To Blake, to Corey,
the horses, the ranch?
I think your father's
the next of kin.
My dad?
My head's literally
spinning like a top.
I can't breathe, I'm
sorry, I can't do this.
When horses die, they breathe.
When grasses die, they wither.
When suns die, they go out.
When people die, they sing.
Faith, you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just listen.
Look, I already know
about the will okay?
We already have a plan.
So you just renounce the will,
and you go home with me, okay?
Everything will be fine,
you won't have to worry
about this place again.
Why, so you can own all this?
No Dad, that's not what I want,
that's not what I want at all.
I wanna stay here, and I
wanna do that for myself,
for Mom, for Corey
and Blake, the horses,
and this whole town.
Unpack the car.
Be serious, Faith,
I mean come on.
You don't know anything
about a farm, or horses,
except for the fact
that you like to
draw them on the
side of buildings.
I wanna stay here,
and I love you, and I miss you,
and I'm so happy that you wanna
change your lifestyle for me,
but you need to do
that for yourself,
and I wanna do this for myself.
Please understand.
I understand,
and I agree with you.
I guess I just hoped
you'd change your mind.
Well you didn't,
and you can't.
I'd love for you to stay,
I mean you wanted us to
spend more time together.
I mean,
but this is my home.
It feels more to me like a home
than any place I've ever lived,
with our without you and Mom.
Gotta go make dinner.
Here chickie, chickie.
Come here.
Come on, chicken.
Hey chicken.
I got ya, got ya chicken.
What the?
Justin, Oliver?
What are you wearing, sis?
What did they do to you?
You hiding somewhere
under all that denim?
Is that a chicken?
Well, nice to see you too.
We heard about your mom.
Just wanted to make
sure you're doing okay.
Yeah, I mean well,
we figured we'd be staying like,
I don't know, about a
week or so, you know.
See what you've been up to.
Yeah, okay.
You can just stay
in the trailer,
and I'll take my mom's room.
Dude we get to sleep
in a trailer, sweet.
What are you doing?
I swear, you two act
like five year olds.
Lighten up, Faith.
We're just having some
fun, no big deal sis.
No, you can't treat
the horses like that.
Those things get
away from you so fast,
oh my god.
Why'd I find this horse
roaming around by itself?
They didn't know
what they were doing,
and they accidentally
let it out of its stall.
But I stopped it before
anything happened.
Look, they need to
go Faith, all right?
They can't stay here.
We've got enough to deal with,
without some poorly reared
teens running around.
Blake, I can't do
that, they're my friends.
Yeah well, you're
gonna have to decided.
Them or me.
Blake, you know
I can't do that.
I'm gonna go put this
horse up and I'm gone.
Come on, buddy.
I've never been afraid
Sinking like a stone
Holding on to everything
And jumping in alone
I don't wanna
let you down Mom,
but I'm not sure
if I can do this.
I'm not as strong
or as smart as you.
I love you, Mom.
I promise that I'm trying
to take care of
this place for you.
I'm trying.
I've never been afraid
To give myself away
Hey Corey, I was thinking
you might be Blake.
He wasn't up for coming himself,
but I needed to get
a few of our things.
I'm trying to call
him, but he won't answer.
Will you please just tell
him that I've called?
He knows.
He just needs some time
to figure things out.
This ranch has always been
everything to Blake, Anna too.
I know, I know just please.
Just tell him I've
called and I'm trying.
Maybe just give it a few days.
I have to support Blake, I
hope you understand that Faith.
What do you mean?
It means I can't be coming
around and helping out,
not right now anyway.
Blake needs to know
I'm on his side.
His side?
Corey, I don't even understand
why there are sides!
But you know what, you
do what you have to do.
I'm really sorry, Faith.
Yeah whatever, just go away.
See you around.
Corey, Corey?
COREY: Yeah?
What's in there?
Anna kept all of her
stuff crammed in there,
pictures, books,
clothes, gifts,
stuff like that, why?
Just wondering.
I miss you.
I remember this.
OLIVER: Faith?
Dude I told you,
she isn't here.
You guys, hey I'm over here.
It's like walking into
a sandstorm up in here.
I know, it's pretty gross,
but look at this stuff I found.
OLIVER: What is it?
My baby stuff, it's
pretty much all my mom's.
She used to throw
these huge rodeos,
and everyone in town would come.
It was like a huge
party, basically.
Why don't you try to
do something like that?
I'd love to, but
I've got so much to do,
and I'm all on my own.
You're really not, though.
I know y'all are here,
and I know y'all wanna help,
but y'all don't know
anything about a rodeo,
about a ranch.
But I mean, we're willing
to stay, to help you out.
You can teach us.
I don't really have
any knowledge to pass on,
I'm pretty clueless.
I think you know more
than you think you do.
I do know that these
outfits y'all are wearing,
are not gonna get you very far.
You want us to
ditch our threads
for farm clothes, don't you?
It's not optional.
I promise.
They're really big, and
definitely not your style,
but it's gonna have to work.
- Hey
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
I was thinking,
and I wanna come talk to you.
Thought you might
need some help,
but looks like you
got it covered.
No, no Blake, I'm
really happy you're here,
I've been trying to talk to you.
Do you wanna talk now?
Yeah, why don't I give
you a hand on that truck.
I'm really happy
you're here, Blake.
No one knows this
ranch like you.
Oh, that's no lie.
I've been thinking,
and as much as I'd like
to honor my mother's gift,
I can't.
What are you saying?
This has been your
home, and Corey's too.
You deserve to own
this place, officially.
I drew this up last night.
I wasn't sure if I was
gonna give it to you
'til I saw you today.
Are you sure this
is what you wanna do?
It's the right thing to do.
You and Corey
deserve this place,
and this place deserves you.
I can't tell you
how much this means,
how much it's gonna
mean to Corey.
OLIVER: Wow, you're really
in your element here, Faith.
JUSTIN: I didn't
know your mom but,
if she saw you
with these horses,
I'm sure she'd be
so proud of you.
We want this to
work for you sis,
so put me to work.
OLIVER: I second that.
I thought this would be easy,
but now that you guys
are in front of me,
it's gonna be hard.
Faith, what's wrong?
I feel comfortable leaving
the ranch in your hands.
I mean, it's safer with y'all
than it ever has been with me.
I'm not really needed here.
Of course you are.
Not for the ranch to function.
I need to borrow two
things from you guys.
What do you need?
Well, for starters the truck,
and I'd really rather
you guys figure out
what the other thing is,
tomorrow, once I'm gone.
You're leaving?
I have to.
I mean, being here isn't me,
and being with my
dad isn't me either.
I just want to take
some time to myself
to figure out where
my life is going.
I wish you'd reconsider,
we do need you here.
- I promise to visit.
- Yeah.
He'll be okay.
You need to do
what's right for you.
Thank you, Blake.
We will miss you, kiddo.
Came to see if you
needed any help packing.
I'm done, I'm good.
Still can't believe
you're leaving tomorrow.
What do you think
your dad's gonna say?
He'll probably
act similar to you,
he'll have his reservations,
and he'll miss me,
but he'll know it's
for the better.
I understand, I'm not
happy about you leaving,
but I understand
why you need to go.
I'm gonna miss you.
Thank you for being so nice
to me when I first got here,
it really meant a lot to me.
Of course.
I'm gonna miss you too.
Feel like making it up to me?
What do you mean?
The dance.
You missed it.
- Oh, not the dance.
- Yeah.
You rodeo people
will dance anywhere.
Humor me.
Put your mom's dance
lesson to good use,
make her proud.
Here we go.
Blake, Corey, I'm sorry guys.
I hope that you
weren't too attached.
I love you both, and
I'll really miss you.
Welcome back.
Glad you're here
by choice today,
not because you have to
be, that's a good sign.
I was hoping you
wouldn't be busy.
Never too busy.
Thank you, you may not think
that you did much for me,
but you did so much.
I was too stubborn
to be thankful
but I am now.
No need.
Happy to make a difference.
My mom died.
She left me a huge ranch.
It's beautiful, but
I can't keep it,
I don't even know what I
would do to keep it going.
I can't live in her
house without her there.
On the bright side,
I'm gonna travel a lot.
Where you planning to go?
I kind of just wanna
end up everywhere.
It'll be good for you.
Teach you a lot about yourself,
hopefully all good.
Thank you, warden.
Keep up the good work.
Back at ya, little lady.
- Dad?
- In here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Let's just go out
and have some fun.
All right.
What are you thinking?
FAITH: That's the surprise.
I know this isn't the
best time or place
to have a serious conversation,
but I have to tell
you something.
Yeah, what is it?
I wanna take some
time to myself.
I'm 18 and I wanna
get to know me.
I'm kind of craving
a new adventure,
as cliche as it sounds.
I get it.
I'm a little bummed that
you're not coming back with me,
but I support you.
Thanks, Dad.
It's not like I'm
never coming home,
I'll be back in a few months.
Where are you gonna go?
I kind of just wanna
end up everywhere.
I'm really excited to travel,
and when I get back,
I'm gonna finish school
and see where life
goes from there.
Every journey begins
with one step.
I've always had a thing
For leaving
Just another place,
gonna add it to my list
In a world where there's
so much to believe in
I guess I'm one of those who
need to find out for myself
So I kiss the sky
and don't look back
Sweet taste of
freedom on my tongue
Nowhere bound and
right on track
Coffee's getting cold
But the night's still young
These two yellow lines
Can't hold me tonight
But I'm getting close to
leaning on the shoulder
I'm a little unsure
of the state I'm in
And just what it is I seek
Yeah the road takes me home
Sets me free
But the road can't hold me
I guess I've gotten a
little too used to leaving
All these years
surviving on my own
But oh what I
wouldn't give to be
Lying there in the
arms of someone I love
Keeping me warm
But I kiss the sky
and don't look back
I can taste the
teardrops on my tongue
I'm still nowhere bound
and right on track
The blacktop's turning cold
And I'm coming undone
These two yellow lines
Can't hold me tonight
But I'm getting close to
crying on the shoulder
And I'm a little unsure
of the state I'm in
And just what it is I seek
Yeah the road takes me home
Sets me free
But the road can't hold
I've always been
searching for something
I feel like the road
is letting me down
All the beauty that I see
It doesn't keep me company
No more
And what I sought,
wasn't yet found
Lonely feels the
same in every
These two yellow lines
Can't hold me tonight
But I'm getting close to
pulling off the shoulder
And I'm little unsure
of the state I'm in
But I know now what I seek
Yeah the road takes me home
Sets me free
But the road can't hold