Urban Explorer (2011) Movie Script

Berlin has more than
25,000 underground tunnels.
Two thirds of them
were closed.
Some areas have been
abandoned for over 60 years.
A declaration of love
for your friend?
- Is my friend? He committed suicide.
- Is he dead?
I hope so.
Is it your camera?
- Are you a photographer?
- Yes
Can I take pictures of my
German and to this server?
The send my friend.
I love ...
How do you kiss today?
- Say it.
- In the first place.
- It's a stupid game.
- You want to hear those three words?
So, tell me and you
promise to give it back.
I hate you.
- You want to lose the game?
- Do not you know?
This gives us a perfect ...
Tie ...?
Are the others?
- Good night.
- No saw you after the disco.
I was told
there were two women.
Are you the guide?
- You can call me Dante.
- Hello.
- I'm Mickey, and this is Mallory.
- "Murderers natural" great.
- Do you come from the U.S.?
- We will not use nicknames fools?
Our goal is not completely legal.
Do not know my name,
and I do not know yours.
If the authorities find us ...
Mickey and Mallory,
Haiku and Olympia are, right?
- Hello.
- They can leave their belongings in the car.
This is for you.
Be careful with the battery,
do not let it fall.
Where's the entrance?
Are we going to a disco?
We promised something special.
Receive something special.
Be right back.
Stay here.
- Is your friend?
- Something like that.
- We have never seen before.
- But it is highly recommended.
Olympia What about you? Are they?
No, it comes from France
and I'm from Korea.
We know that
we should not continue, but
is a bit strange
be in the basement of a nightclub.
Do not you nervous about?
It's an adventure.
Relax, it will be great.
Well, folks.
Sorry for the delay.
This is the best entry
if they're going fast.
I'll show you.
Wait a minute.
We are here.
The most interesting leads there.
It takes two hours.
Come back
and we can go dancing.
And all the extraordinary,
you promised, where is?
The Berlin subway
is something special.
But here's the bunker.
It is the driver's bunker. Was
discovered and immediately capped.
- Does the bunker was a boss?
- No, it was the bunker of the driver.
The conductors,
pilots were Adolf Hitler.
There are special wall Nazis.
Murals ?
Paintings Nazis
World War II.
Are boarded up,
because there is no neo-Nazis.
How are we going to see them
if they are boarded up?
My rate is 300 per person.
But you will pay for the trip.
If you do not like,
not have to pay anything.
If you like, I recommend.
Urban Explorer tell others.
the dark side of Berlin.
I hate bats.
In Berlin, there are about 15 species.
A shooting range.
- Did the Nazis?
- From the Stasi.
It's a shooting range
the former German secret police.
It's bad luck.
Throw it away.
- What happened?
- A water pipe.
- What are the limits?
- It's between East and West Berlin.
Where the Berlin Wall begins.
- Where do we go now?
- A small detour.
How deep are we?
25 meters.
In the Third Reich workers
were forced to sleep here.
Are you cold?
I have a jersey if you want.
- You can use it.
- I'm fine.
Do not want to bother.
I am the leader
scanning ... Sorry.
Give me the camera.
What do you want?
The dog
give us the camera.
- There it is.
- We have been photographed.
- What do they say?
- She has photographed.
- The delete.
- Delete them.
- No longer are. Deleted. Deleted.
- I got deleted. Right?
- I want to see.
- No longer are.
I wanna see!
You are not so bad, bitch.
Always look twice, honey.
continue with ours.
- Who were these sons of bitches?
- Do not know.
- Perhaps criminals do not know.
- Were they criminals?
Yes hide, must
be about something. I do not know.
They're gone, keep looking
the driver of the bunker wall.
- Are you sure? Would not it be better to return?
No. No.
They will not follow us.
It's an adventure.
Come on over.
Are you sure
that do not follow us?
Sons of bitches.
Are you kidding?
- Should I get this?
- As you wish.
- But watch out for the eels.
- Eels?
Do not worry ...
have been here for over 70 years.
They are more afraid of you
you of them.
- I tickle.
- What an idiot!
That silly.
No. No!
Moving Forward,
before we come.
Sit down and keep quiet.
The coffee is included.
How many times did you do that?
Spend the tunnels?
Game down here,
since I was 14.
But just a year ago
I make this journey.
So maybe ten times.
Why they liked to come here?
- Perhaps by advertising.
- Advertising?
Yes Maybe it was where
announced the shootings.
- I heard that more than once.
- It's strange.
You may also
by the fanaticism of the people.
Is the fanaticism of the people?
- Forget it.
- No, I have to say.
It is typically German. Foreigners
do not understand.
Have you ever heard
speak of the rule of Frisbee?
- It's in your arm.
- What is the rule of the Frisbee?
The Empire of the Frisbee
technology is a Nazi.
A spacecraft named Odin.
Hitler was obsessed with
conquer outer space.
- Why do not we know more about that?
- Because it is a nonsense.
- Well, if you do not want to hear ...
- I if. I hear you.
The Odin
was a huge rocket.
It was built in the depths of Berlin
and saved.
The staff were the best of the time.
A selection of breed future.
- Were subjected to experiments.
- Experiments?
Committed terrible experiments
on behalf of science,
how to extend Lebensenivartungen,
evidence of high pain tolerance,
mixed their genes with animal genes.
Some died.
Others went mad
and turned against the doctors.
The project was canceled.
They say that his spirit
continues in this tunnel.
What about the piano?
Used to
attract people to your spell.
Attracted to foreigners
with the German romantic music
and abducted
for forced labor in the spacecraft.
Do not believe me?
However, there are many white areas
subway map of Berlin.
In some places there
up to six levels with each other.
- Why so many?
- Who knows?
Good story, but
back to reality,
Where are the murals?
- The driver's bunker.
- Yes
- We have to walk another 40 minutes.
- So, let's go.
Damn bugs.
We're very close.
Very good.
Let's go downtown.
How many customers
have brought you here?
I've never been here.
You wanted to see a special place.
Here we are.
Why have boarded?
So that the fans
not to use it as a place of pilgrimage.
- Who would?
- The Neo-Nazis, for example.
Even people like us,
who want to see for themselves.
Will we turn back?
Are you coming?
The Nazis had no signs.
These are just symbols.
Symbols for?
To protect agriculture,
family, friendship, business ...
We are looking at.
May have been
love with you.
Are you ready
to return to the club?
Sse moves.
Dante ?
- Can you move?
- Kris.
My name is Kris.
Oh, God!
- What is happening?
- Has a fracture of the femur.
Kris ?
What are you doing?
- We need help.
- Will do.
- Do I have to go down there?
- Why?
- Because I am a nurse.
- I'm sorry.
He is very wrong.
Can not move.
The two must go back and seek help.
- Do you remember the way?
- Yes
Memorize the way not to miss.
We will be waiting down there.
Let's go.
You can do
Oh, my God!
Do we have analgesic
or something?
Unconscious, he feels nothing.
I could use some.
- What now?
- Wait until help arrives.
- Will he succeed?
- Has lost much blood.
You must have internal bleeding.
If you need more help
I can not give it.
Do not you remember the way?
Yes, I remember.
But something has changed.
Move on.
Where the hell are they?
Perhaps caught.
Those guys unpleasant.
Or the Odin Group.
- There is a light.
- Where?
Who is it?
What the hell are you doing?
- Are you afraid of death.
- Do you speak English?
Only German and Russian.
Do you speak German?
A little.
All right.
Why were they hiding?
We thought you were someone else.
What about him?
What's wrong?
So you're abroad. Right?
Yes, from the United States.
- My friend is from Venezuela.
- Why do you speak German?
- I studied in Freiburg.
- Oh, Freiburg!
And now you're having fun
and Urban Explorer.
- Yes
- And something went wrong.
Your friend needs a doctor.
Take more than one hour.
- Within an hour?
- Yes, or you may need a coffin.
Do you understand?
We could
take my place.
- Where is it?
- Not very far. And there are emergency phone.
- How do you transport?
- I can get a stretcher.
Be right back.
Bring a stretcher, then Dante ...
Kris can go to the hospital.
Says Kris otherwise die.
And it has an emergency phone.
- And when the girls back?
- May not return.
- They would not do that.
- We must take care that Kris gets care.
Am I what I say, boy.
- Where did you get so fast?
- Where do you think that is?
Well, there are a few
in all the bunkers.
Certainly did not look good,
Now help me.
- Are you alone here?
- Who else should be here?
I do not know.
We only care about
our friends.
How many are your friends?
We were five.
Two have gone for help.
But we do not know
where they are.
I like to make funny, right?
Now come on, take the couch.
Leave a message to girls
for if they return.
This is no place
Kids like you.
- Sorry.
- So come on, take the couch.
- Where is leading us?
- Do not know. Do your rooms?
We had a walk.
We're almost there.
- How do you know?
- Do not know.
I only believe what he said.
Everything will be okay, right?
Everything will be fine.
- Are we there yet?
- I hope so.
Take two cups
and eat something. They need it.
Now I call for help.
No, they are explorers
urban. One fell off.
A beautiful
open femur fracture.
Yes, I know.
Would have to close everything.
This can help,
but will not get far.
Can you hurry up?
It is not new,
but is reliable.
The connection works.
Doctors are on the way.
- Why all this?
- What?
Look around you.
It could open a hospital.
Does not look like the Third Reich.
Maybe it's in East Germany.
Would Germany's This?
Does a ...
Army base ...?
- GT.
- What is the GT?
East German border guards.
From what worked, stupid.
He worked at the border.
- Doing what?
- He was an explorer of the border.
Special orders were
normal limits of the service.
But not anymore.
Today everything is different.
There are no services
Russian special.
And even in Afghanistan.
I loved my job.
We knocked down the mujahideen
with our Mi-24.
Until the Americans arrived,
equipped with the damn missiles.
They were animals.
If one of us
was captured ...
if it was looking as you ...
took him to the harem.
I wore women's clothes,
I put a wig
and then passed
hours having fun with it.
And when
had enough of it ...
and then hung
removed his shirt.
What shirt?
Is it always so slow to understand?
They will cut
skin from the hips ...
and then threw it over his head.
As I watched the stupid laundry.
It was what he liked.
- Yes Did you like?
- It was good.
Then eat another bowl.
There are sufficient.
Do you live here?
Do you live here?
There is only one plate.
You can eat whatever you want.
There are no internal borders in Germany.
is now attached.
I mean that.
And what do you do exactly?
I am a border guard.
But something specific
should do ...
Top secret.
If I were to tell you,
then have to kill you.
How many people who have tried
crossing have been fired?
- What do you ask?
- Nothing.
Can I take an idiot?
He wanted to know
if being on the border
also triggered refugees.
You mean that
illegally crossing the border?
If other means were useless,
I could not betray my country
and let workers and peasants,
we had to avoid ...
I had to shoot them, unfortunately.
Do not look long.
That was years ago.
Looking, where are the doctors.
- Thank you.
- Very good.
- You had to ask that.
- What?
- If fired at people crossing the border.
- Did he?
Never mind.
- Right?
- Yes, yes, I'm fine.
- Thanks again for the help.
- No problem.
I do not know what
would have happened to us,
if you had not ...
I said okay.
Help me!
Help me.
Somebody help me!
What are those cries?
- No!
- Stop yelling!
No. What you want from me?
- No!
- You wanted it.
Did you see the stars?
Please let me go.
Next time I'll count to a hundred.
Give me the name. I know
are not alone.
Who is behind the organization?
- Talk.
- No!
I had to deal with people
like you.
But in the end all spoke.
What do you want from me?
I want names.
I know nothing.
- Help!
- I want the names.
names. The names
- You get me out of here.
- Be quiet.
Where is it?
Where is the little rat?
- Do not tell me?
- No.
Would you like a cut here?
Or maybe one or two here?
Go to hell.
Be careful. Is a
ancient weapon.
Leave her alone.
Away from her!
Kill him.
Denis, shoot!
Wait here.
Where are you going?
Do not leave me alone.
Stay here, okay?
Out of here!
Denis ?
Denis ?
You're bleeding.
I'm fine.
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
Let's get out of here.
- I promise.
- Very good.
He's coming.
It's right below you.
- I will let go.
- Do not leave thee.
If I do,
will kill us both.
Trust me.
Stay there.
- Lucia?
- Here I am.
- Can you upload?
- Do not know.
- I think not.
- Take my hand.
Well, listen:
- I have to go back by a rope.
- No.
- No!
- No strings, I can not get you out.
Do not leave me here.
- It's just a minute.
- No.
You have to be strong and stay silent.
You will not find you,
if you stay hidden and quiet.
Denis, listen, do not go back there.
Will kill you.
Remember the strange
noise we have heard?
Is the tunnel that leads to the meter.
If a telephone that works,
look for a string
and call the police.
- Come back in five minutes.
- It's a bad idea.
- It's all we have.
- Please.
Hey, look at me.
You win.
I love you.
I love you.
Honey, please ...
Please ...
- Emergency Center. How I can ...
- Hello?
Emergency call center?
I have the wrong number.
That was in self defense.
You were threatening, right?
Now, calm down.
You are not so bad.
As a true girlfriend Mujahideen.
And now the best part.
Is it too tight?
Come, I'll help.
We're almost there.
You'll have to wash it again.
Now I have you
small Mickey Mouse.
Denis ?
The metro.
Help me.
Please help me.
Please help me.
What happened?
Now calm down
and tell me again.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Please call the police.
- To the police?
- Yes, the police.
- Cell phone, cell phone?
- Cellophane?
- Cell phone?
- Cell phone? No, I have none.
But at the entrance
I saw an emergency.
- Be right back.
- No! No!
Please check back.
No! No!
No. No!
Inspection of entries.
Tickets, please.
Please help!
This man wants to kill me.
He's crazy.
No. Please open.
Your ticket, please.
Does anyone speak English?
- Yes
- What?
- He says he wants to kill her.
- Kill her? For the love of God. No.
Tell him
must show your ticket.
- Got a ticket?
- No, I have. He wants to kill me.
- She has no ticket.
- You do not have a ticket.
Should be lowered.
Can you translate that?
If no ticket,
will have to get off with him.
He is a murderer. He's crazy!
Do not you understand?
- A German fucking murderer.
- You need a ticket.
No. No!
Please help me!
You better stay still.
My God!
Help me!
My God!
Help me!
Take it easy.
I have it!