Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019) Movie Script

June 4, 2015
A year before the attack
Chandel district, Manipur
Duplex military unit
"The day you came in"
"My prince"
"My prince"
"With a smile on the embroidery and dress"
"This is certainly the truth"
"I'm changing my beauty around you"
Tenth of june 2015
Indonesia--Myanmar border
Kilang is a protector
Because there are professional shooters
The situation is even harder
We must be twice as careful
Sir Wait for the team to stay away?
Until you come here
We lose the edge of surprise
Maybe again
We will not be in such a position
... Now all the terrorists
of the Manipur incident
One place to get together
Defend the wall with ten of the commandos
Sniper shot
From the left and right
... and I am in charge
And the other commandos are moving straight
If someone left our siege area
You are in the veil
A terrorist should not escape
that's good
Good luck
Good luck
You need
See someone killing?
Bad guy
How are you energy
High sir
How are you energy
High sir
Long live India--
Long live India--
Thirteenth of June 2015
Indian Prime Minister's Palace -- at 12:30
New Delhi
How do you know the history of Vigan Major?
Superior Special Forces
Gold Medal of the Commando Competitions
her father
Colonel Maher Singh Shergil
Who was martyred in the Cargill War
Time spent studying in Manupran
After training special forces
In Kashmir and Jessel and Manipur
In the mission of Wien
Commanded by ground forces
Major Wyang Trail
Operation Commander--
Nice to meet you
it is an honor for me
Major Karen
I'm proud of you Major
Thank you sir
that was perfect--
Captain Sartaj--
! Sartaj--
Thank you sir
I've heard a lot of courage
and bravery of your team
You stopped a lot of terrorists
We are proud of you all
Thank you sir
Informing the intelligence that
The rest of the terrorist forces retreat
... After the Special Forces mission
... an enemy other than accepting failure
There is no other way
... Dear Arjun saying that
... after this mission
You applied for a retirement pension
what has happened?
My mother has Alzheimer's
Step Six
Do not forget to forget everything
This is not a good time these days
My patrol mission with
this group is Kashmir
And it's here in Delhi
Lives with my sister
... before I forget
I want to be there for a long time
good job
You are the good guy you want
Take care of your mom
But protection of the country is also necessary
I'm your mother!
... non--retirement
There is no other way?
... you can do something
... Delhi Central Office
Move you there
... I'll stay with your mother
one hundred and one
Both of us
what are you saying?
Hello sir
that's good
! Mr. Govind--
For their mother
Hire a 24--hour nurse
the eye
let's go
Eat your dinner
I'm sure you're hungry
Part II
Peace is frustrating
How many times do you want to be careful?
Do these tests?
Something is not supposed to change
I have a request
... When our sickness became severe
Do not leave me alone in my hospital
... mommy
You are not going to go to the hospital
I'm afraid of being alone
Come on, take food
... Nails promised me
... mommy
! Mom!
I'm doing it
I swear
I know
I know you are catalo
! Mom!
Eat the ingredients
I will open
Hi uncle--
How long did you have to reap
These are all the lifelike clothes
Just keep reading it
I'll be later
Did you get your medications?
I gave it
where is it?
Sitting in the room
How old were you in the black belt?
Sixteen years old
!check this out
Green belt
For a few more years
I get black belt
Then when you come near me
take care
Do not say that
Make me angry
What do you want to do after getting a belt?
Ms. Karate
First like uncle
I am an army officer
Then I will be the first female general of India
good job--
! To--
Daiit just fighting
Do you like bobat?
Do not you consider it a soldier?
! Suahana
Go get a scissor
Please help Karen
Mangonit is ruining
When is at home
It seems that it does not matter at all
... seriously
Let's go to the boat?
... Get nurses for mommy
Get ready for it!
Wihan? --
Yes Mom?
When did you come
... mommy
... it's today
Today come
Wanted to Surprise
How many days have you taken a vacation?
Ten days
... you were your aunt's home
is not it?
You go out
Karen is waiting
Mommy saw the whole house?
Sohanna remembers my sweatshirt
What did you get from the morning?
I'm so hungry
let's go?
Daddy taught me the motto of my group
Tell me to see
"Go ahead with courage!"
"The country is like a religion"
Does our slogan look so ridiculous?
... During the war, when you scream
The energy of the troop must be high
Enemies must be fearful
Soak your pants
Tell him the motto
... at breakfast time
Start eating tomato tomorrow
Do not look like a mummy
Go make a change
Then do the job, okay?
What is the market?
It was supposed to be over
is not it?
Why are you here
you do not know?
what has happened?
... his dad was quite ready
Armani perfume and wearing suit
To the message of her girlfriend
I'm tired of that relationship
I want to mess with you, everything is all over
Sorry comrade
I did not know
Listen first
In a few days, my lady send a message again
... excuse me, baby
The mistake of this message
I sent for your number
... sir, this girl is with one another
let's move on
How are you going to stay in Delhi?
Your human being with a working office
It's crazy
Until today there is no mission
Your plan has not gone wrong
You should be the border
Not in your administrative department
See the buddy
Each soldier finally
You have to do that
You know I have to
Do not take this look
Give me cheese
Did your mother come to you?
Progression of its disease in the serum
Enjoy everyone
It's drinking
thank you
That's not something captain
... Baba Wyhan
In fact, the best punishment was on the world
Sometimes we escaped from school
And we went drinking
Very soon, our Colonel questioned us
... to escape from the beating
... together
... All the trash bottles out of the house
We went to school
... to fill the glasses
We ran the bathroom
We do not
It's only
... Unfortunately that night
Daisies came out
Uncle came
He wanted to test his liquor
... he was drunk and said
He was drunk and said
Hello, sir
Where are you sleeping
a few minutes ago
Got her medication?
Yes sir
Half of Shaba is used to walking
... if something happened
Call me
Ok sir
Do not worry, sir
This is my job
You're in the guest room
no problem
I am good
what is your name?
! Jasmine--
Jasmine Almeida--
Jasmine Almeida--
Feel free
see you later
July 27th, 2015
(National Security Council (NSC)
New Delhi
Stop lying
You are too busy
The whole world knows that we are
How much do we like this?
Wherever a small attack occurs
You're fast. It's our job
...I say
prove it
...prove it
The things you say are right
... three terrorists
At 5:00 AM, there is a narrator at the station
Shoot the Punjabi pedestrians
Some people run away
The driver was distracted and did not stop there
Go straight to the state hospital
Are you terrorists now?
Under interrogation at Dinawar Police Station
But Swehab began to
Responded to attack
Record all your talk
Yes sir
What kind of terrorist are they?
Sources announce that
The people of the army are
How many people died?
Four citizens to this moment
I'm in the situation of 11 others
An army group at the railway station
Amritsar, find bombs
There are a few other probabilities
A few moments
Timon arrived in Punjab
In Patan Blind and Amritsar Railways
Bombs found
Sorry sir
We will do everything for you
Yes sir
Palam Air Base
New Delhi
"It was a distance"
"It was your fault"
"And it's my fault"
"The complaints we had together"
"We've left behind"
Resistance Command Headquarters
New Delhi
"It was a distance"
"It was your fault"
"And it's my fault"
"The complaints we had together"
"We've left behind"
"I will continue to your path to your will"
"Sometimes you pay attention to me"
"I will continue to your path to your will"
"Sometimes you pay attention to me"
"I'm moving forward"
"But my traveler, I do not know where the destination is."
"I'm moving forward"
"But my traveler, I do not know where the destination is."
Second January 2016
Army War Room
Block B, Headquarters of the Government
New Delhi
"Yeah, we've met each other repeatedly"
"So why are you still"
"Do you like strangers with me?"
"The destination is all here"
"But we're still on the way and lost"
"No matter how much I come to you"
"Why do not we ever distance ourselves from each other?"
"I will continue to your path to your will"
"Sometimes you pay attention to me"
"I will continue to your path to your will"
"Sometimes you pay attention to me"
"I'm moving forward"
"But my traveler, I do not know where the destination is."
"I'm moving forward"
"But my traveler, I do not know where the destination is."
January 25, 2016
Not yet published due to the name of the operation
... Only the building that you see
Attack on the building
One of the building units was also burned
We heard two young people wounded
But no other information is available
Long live India
Why are you here
My case is under review
July 2014 at the first post station
I was the cool guy
Our hard work was that
Because of a weekly precipitation in September
All roads were closed
The bottom of the hygenic area
It was about 20 feet deep in the water
... all base forces
Together with the Air Force receive an urgent mission
Without sleeping
... or eat something
We moved to save people
Seventh night
... at 3am
From the telephone booth of Raj Street
We had an emergency call
... a seven year old child who was injured with her mother
In their blood, where the roof was laid
Was just caught
Due to rain
The field of vision was completely zero
That's why the commander
All the operations were suspended until the morning
...some how
The thought of that kid did not go out of my mind
I should do something
This is the girl
Is there someone in your family for defense?
Not sir
I had a husband
Captain Jaskidar Santi
Punjab Company
She was martyred at her mission
To protect the country man
... I sit here now and I'm afraid that
The dream Jascid had to protect the country
I'll get my chance again
where is Mom?
Inside sleeping
Stay there
More calm
! Canes
Mom did not come here
I am really sorry
I am sorry
It was really an emergency
... if it was not necessary
...Do you know me
Otherwise, I did not answer my phone
whats your real name?
Jasmine Almeida--
What is the name of the real jassimin? --
...sincerely yours--
Where is my mom? --
!just a moment--
... I notice--
listen to me--
... or family
We do not need to protect at all
Enough to protect me
... especially someone like you
And a fake nurse
We do not need it at all
... tell the intelligence service
... that quick and immediate
Find my mother and
Come home
Can i answer?
Can you
Are you alo
After your operation
It was well known to our center
When i come here
I connected to all my GPS gear
So we can get it off at any moment
Coming soon
... maybe nurse is incompetent
But the officer is welcome
Come home soon
After the Myanmar--Indonesia operation
... All Special Forces Soldiers
Under protection
Because of protection against
Northeastern terrorists
third part
Bloody India with a thousand wounds
Eighth September 2016, at 5:22 am
Indian Army Main Camp
Avery, Kashmir
Long live India, sir
Long live India
A few more minutes of breakfast
Can you find tea?
The devil has been attacked
Four to five people
What's the pity? --
Two of them are sacrificed behind the jeep
Team Master Avesta
They support shooting
One on top of it
One is behind a gun truck
! Sartaj--
We must distract the ballast
This should happen sooner
Be fast
Cover me
You need
You come with me
We go to the building side
When we arrive, you will come together
Good luck guys
go Go--
!Yes sir--
(In this type of attack)
(Damage to the environment and buildings is minimal)
!be ready
"Go ahead with courage!"
"with power"
"With audacity"
"The country is like a religion"
September 19, 2016, at 9:33 pm
Army War Room, South Block
New Delhi
What the Pakistani government is thinking about
I do not understand
I know Pakistan's way
With the same path
We need to learn a lesson in Pakistan
If you attack this
... we did not get a harsh response
Relax and trust all the people of our country
will be destroyed
Their beliefs will be lost
People do not accept the government anymore
Sir for war
We can get ready in three days
I can have enough ammo and ammo
Send the border within six hours
I think we should have water supply to Pakistan
... when their government notices the issue
Maybe they can reduce their power
Pakistan is being cared for by the military
Its people are not under the army
... why do you want people
Hunger and thirst and kill
We can not cut the water supply
We need to find a better way
!it's true
Tactical Attack
Tactical Attack
... without any noise
To all group houses
We attack our terrorists
... that the Fedads are hiding there
... planners and their leaders
We will finish everything
Given Pakistan's background
... never accept that
There are such groups in their land
...as a result
According to them, there is no terrorist
There was no attack
... when there was no attack
War and political pressure will not be
... more important than that
... to avenge the Avery region
Best position
The risk of a tactical attack is not high?
... we can fight the jets
Pass through their radars and
Let's go to their trenches?
... at the Olympics
... Israeli athletes
Destroy the terrorists
Israel did not take revenge either
He performed a bloody red operation
... each terrorist
... they followed
He killed in his house
In the history of India till now
We did not fight in another country
Pakistan is also our habit
He is abusing
1947, 1965, 1971,1991
... actually, sir
We are giving our attention to our ability
... It's time now
Fear our hearts
... they have to make sure that
India is not silent
New India!
This India can enter their bloodstream
And kill them
Hr roaver
We do not have war with Pakistani people
Our war with terrorist groups
I think right with the spell
I think it's a good idea
... well then
... within ten days
Pakistan for the first time
We will see our tactical attack
... Dear Rawinder
You are with Arjun
Prepare the operations team
... responsibility for this operation
With you
All the planning is with you
... Daily Progress Report
Direct to me
... you always have Pakistan's terrorist activities
Avery attack proved this
We need to answer them
... but no one
... under no circumstances
You should not be aware of this map
... be upset
The general public should not know
Do you eat something
No sir
I do not want to
Sit for you something
No sir
I must go early
... I have a mission
An operation in Kashmir
... I do not know the details
Answer the attack
:Karen always said
... when it is
No one can be a martyr
... be sure to find a way
Death blows away
Really wish that
You will lead the leadership
... in the gadgets
I found this shirt
I do not understand what to do
... I can not get away with it
I can not help anyone
... this
Smells of empathy
... You said one time in your speech
... who is a devotee and traitor
It's a distance to a decision
I want to make that decision
If I am for my country now
... and my brother do not fight
I find myself a traitor for myself
I can not live like that
I promise you
... send me wherever you go
I'm every one of you right
I'll get back to you
Hello please
Take part in the Kashmir mission
I beg you
In the next 11 days
Get ready for a tactical attack
...Tomorrow morning
... Gen. Garyaw at the commando base
All details of this operation are explained to you
... all terrestrial plans
Plans alongside him
... prepare a great team
... Twenty--third night come to me
With thorough details
I understand, sir
I wish you success
Thank you very much!
21st September 2016
North Command
Odemur, Jammu and Kashmir
... I've been looking at this map for forty years
Seven days to attack
... when I close my eyes
... My baby's face
I see the divided Kashmir map
... and for the same I tell you
Going to the side of the border is easy
... But the problem
Return after the attack
I understand, sir
We plan for anything
Did you find the item?
In Avery's attack, the most martyr is wealth
The company is Bihar and Dvorra
...I think that
Other than special forces
These companies are kicking
I want to participate in this operation
Because to win a war
A soldier needs more motivation than training
... I want to get upset
And their anger
In the right way
... commandos
My name is Major Wyhan Shergile
And he is the captain of Sartaj
... Get your phone down
Send a message to the Hunon family
Until the morning of September 30th
For a special military exercise
In Oudempour
... during this exercise
You have no right to speak or send a message to anyone
... up to seven days later
Turn off your phone
Sent me
!Yes sir--
that's good--
Put your phone in your bag
The morning of September 30th
Retrieve your phone
... what I want to tell you
Do not tell anyone that word until your death
... the night of September 29th
I'll give you the opportunity
Get your brother's revenge on Avery
... that the terrorists are brutal
Dreaming of our brother's destruction
And kill them
... The answer to that cruelty
We cut them off
Are you ready for this mission?
!Yes sir
To take revenge
Is it right?
!Yes sir
who are we?
The army of india
The Indian Army did not start this war
But we are up to the end of the year
Get ready to take revenge
!Yes sir
How are you? --
How are you? --
that's good
Part IV
A new india
September 22nd
Pakistan Spy Office Headquarters
Islam Abad
!Yes sir
Not a mistake of us
Yes, I know perfectly well
Yes, we're fine
you do not worry
Yes, yes
Good bye
You are a classy fool
Dumb, rubbish, bitch
Do you have children or not?
Do not have children
I have a month
... I say and say
... There is a person in our department
He is informing India
And you have not found it yet?
...I swear to God
... I feel that
Do not worry, it's one of your own
Do you know how much I'm under pressure?
... within a week
... if a week later
... do not find that person
I cook so much from one of you
... and eat breakfast
... And I swear by God
I will not live forever
You stood up to me, what?
Get out of here!
Give me that file
... I'm miserable
Yea my mom
I am
How are you?
... you are right
You asked for the aunt of Belgias
Auto--take notes
Three, four
Four, no
Five, eight
seventy four
No no
... I do not feel good
Sounds like that
This is because of gastric gas
For the sake of acid
You also note your Uncle Mono number
Six days to attack
We have coordinates
Seventh are local area
They are all near the center
At these points exactly
The houses are in a group
But we must find ourselves
Take the air--space office phone
Indian Ocean Space Research Center
Hassan, Karnataka
Weather maps due to heavy rainfall
Not clearly enough
... alo
I'm govind
From the Ministry of Defense
I send you a series of coordinates
One or two satellites
One of these satellites
... for six full days
On these coordinates should focus
Do not swing
Anything that comes in
another thing--
All images directly
For our office we must send
Have two hours
You and the military intelligence office
... together
Sit down and each one of these areas
Check out
We can force you when we can
... send this mission to
That informs each of these areas
Have absolutely
Meaning? --
Yes sir--
Get this resource straight
Send it to the Ministry of Defense
We received the image source
Operation room
South block
New Delhi
September 23, 2016
Sharafi Palawi
That day we asked the real name
I'm sorry about that day
no problem
I'm if you were in your place
I showed the same reaction
How is your mummy
It's coming
... I have a full--time nurse
!so it's good
I'm sure better than me
...I think
...it's time
We have to go
I will review these
Come on wool
come and sit
Team selected?
Yes sir
How about the exercises of the commandos?
that's good
Ms. Palawi
You start
The home of the 5th Hezbollah squad
In these areas are fully approved
Two in the Lipa area
Two in kil
And one in the unfair
All these group houses
In protected areas
That's why finding them was easy
Two other
In the forests of Mozaffarabad
That poor satellite view
... Based on the breadth of satellites
... Specify the exact specifications of these houses
A difficulty
... I'll be tomorrow
I will investigate the research center
See if you can help us identify them
We can get some of the family houses
We'll find out!
Ms. Palawi
You get the info of these group houses
Make it completely available to you
Yes sir
... Whitman proposes
Do not have a question?
... of which these are
Involved in Avery Attack?
According to one of the group houses
In Mozaffarabad, he has led
When was the leader of the attack?
... information on this
Until now
I am sorry
Five days to attack
24th of September, 2016
Defense Research and Development Organization
This Sigma--5 is powered by self--propelled planes
From the latest inventions
... their progress using
Artificial intelligence
Up to fifty kilometers under control
And it can be two kilometers
Get out of the ground
... well, but
How close can it be to the ground?
No one notices
what do you mean?
I mean i'm
... I want a bridge
... who goes to the enemy's home
But she did not understand
Such technology has not yet been made
I was thinking the same way
Our victim is our trainee
What's my son's name
He is
He is pathel sir
what is this?
This is an artificial bird
Like a shrine
uh huh
What do they say to her?
What? --
Garrow, based on the legend of Vishnu--
Myths Vishnu
Sorry sir
... There are many projects under construction here
I misunderstood that
I waste my time with this
! They!
Come on fly
Sorry sir
Sacred whenever I said
... speed up
... with all power
Rise in the air
Wait for sir
Get your hands up
Higher, sir
A bit more
Sorry sir
How much does it fly?
... up to 12 kilometers can fly
It can charge one charge
Fly for four hours
Has a gbc
Infrared rays for night vision
16--megapixel camera
Its zooming power is the same as before
To get up and sit
Can reside at a point
To get up and sit
... can be settled
So why have you run into the rain?
Yes sir?--
I'll have 4 of these to be tomorrow
until tomorrow?--
This is not the product of the product line
This kid has made her free time
This is not investigated
... to confirm his research unit one month
Can you build 4 tomorrow?
... if the whole team is helping
Why not make
that's good
... shut down the rest of the world--
With the rest of the technicians
Get a new production line
Just be busy
Until tomorrow night there must be 4 of these
Fly in the Kashmir airspace
uh huh
You're the victor of this war
The card was good
... Testimonial
Sorry sir
It's time to complete JG's wish
... Sirat
You are my pilot
Are you alo
Army intelligence has two suspects
... arrested in barawala
It's likely that
Attack information
Mr. Govind wants both of us
Take part in the interrogation
When should we go
two hours later
Balaampor Zone
Interrogation room
Baramula, Kashmir
Who was responsible for the attack on Avery?
Who was drawing a map?
My mom, I do not know anything
I work wool business
... if you give in
I pull the wool out of my mouth
Mrs. I give God a part
Believe me
The pain
The pain
Who was responsible for the attack?
I want your name
Who was responsible for it?
Who was responsible for the attack on Avery?
The pain
I want your name
The pain
Who was in the attack?
What do you think?
My brother, sir
What's his name?
... see you!
We have a little time
... There are two ways to go
That tells us very calmly
Responsible for attacking Avery Kay
Just pull your gut out right now
So you go to hell
do you drink tea?
Get your wife together
He is bastard
! Mommy!
Mommy, she's going to die
I'll tell you
From Baghdad
He dragged the map
The leader of the map was with him
Four days to attack
Chacoty village
Mozafar Abad
Pakistani section of Kashmir
... this is the doctrine
And that's the point
Avery and before him
Bumpur attack
Planned by these two
And led
Idriss from Yalcourt
And Gilgit Jabbar
... seven years ago in the bin Mohammad band
At a training camp
Meet each other
And a few years later
... under the supervision of the same group
These two are a special terrorist group

In the forest area of Mozaffarabad
... near the village of Chacoty
The training center is a group of these
This community house is near the forest
... There are natural caves around there
Their guide, the terrorists
Through these caves, they enter India
We are in the army
We announced the position of these caves
From here on, under care
...For more information
Four anti--aircraft defense
Get to Kashmir yesterday
... you are from tomorrow
Enhance the power of air defense
It's awesome for three days
Increase them
... by the night of the 30th
We will reach out to you
... especially where
... our commandos around him
"I fight"
"I fight"
"I fight"
"I fight"
"I fight"
"There is so much determination in me that"
"Going with me in a hurry"
"... every drop of blood tells me"
"Come out of your camp"
"Come out of your camp"
"Destroy all your enemies"
"Come out of your camp"
"Fight with all power"
"Destroy all your enemies"
To cross over this point
... but 700 meters away
Pakistani Post Station
... all wireless
And disconnect flight recordings
And to all helicopters
Paint Pakistani helicopters colors
"This war is in love"
"Our heart is full of passion"
"We are on our side and in our hands"
"... this is the home"
"... that the whole world"
"We will remember our name as an example"
"I fight"
"There is so much determination in me that"
"Going with me in a hurry"
"... every drop of blood from me says"
"Come out of your camp"
"Fight with all power"
"Destroy all your enemies"
"Come out of your camp"
"Fight with all power"
"Destroy all your enemies"
Sept. 26, 2016
Pakistan War Room
Islam Abad
... as you went
India pushing air strikes
Has increased the border of Kashmir
It seems that India is still looking for an answer
To the Minister's decision on Urya
Sacred I suspect that
... these air strikes
Do not be distracted
... if there was a second attack plan
So far, there must be a news story
Our intelligence spy is on our hands
India does not see in itself
Think another attack
Until now
Bad situation in Kashmir
Within a few days on the Kashmir border
Fire is playing the game
Playwright and our readers deport
The stock market is slightly up and down
Then it goes crazy
But you should not underestimate the enemy
We should not repeat this mistake
Zubair? --
Yes sir?--
Afzal? --
Yes sir?--
I want the slightest news
Any number of weapons that you can send to the Kashmir border
We respond to their air strikes
We should not have any defects
Did you understand?
Yes sir--
that's good--
Golf club
Islam Abad
What was your meeting today?
The ball is very far from the hole
Talk about air strikes
The Kashmir border is serious
It looks like India
Cool their hearts
Today is an important decision
The meeting was not held
Come on, Comrade!
See you hit
See this blow
No pronoun
Today, you are afraid of somewhere else
Do something
Go home today
I say to the names
Fix the food you care about
And double her sweet
Not yours
not today
Today I have to do the work
Maybe I will go to the border of Kashmir
I'm going to eat for another day
Do you have a program on the night of 30?
On the night of thirty
!Yes bro
Thom is fine--
Yes bro--
So come--
Let's go look for you
Indian Army Post Station
Kashmir border line
Can you get closer to me? --
Yes, Sure--
Go to the right
He was a good card
it was good
come and sit
He is
Get it out right now
I'm doing my best
! Hey!
Come on!
hurry up
Cause them
Two days to attack
Thank you here for the B--2 family
And training center
Where the Avery attack started there
... Sixty Trained Professional Terrorist
Two people owning the building
And five exit places
Sept. 27, 2016
At 11:46 pm
This information is also confirmed by the office?
Yes sir
I personally meet each other, group homes
I checked
What is the map of attack?
Our commandos are quite ready
... 29th night, 11th hour
When our defenses are
They stopped working
Four MI--17 helicopters
... from the border stations
Move to Pakistan
Right at 2am
Our attack starts
Our commandos are divided into 4 teams
Each team includes twenty people
Each team must eliminate two goals
... Alpha team
Along with Major Wien
Going to target B--1
...after that
... Jabbar and Idris
The B--2 group is destroyed at home
...as the same way
Tim Bravo, Charlie and Delta
... in Lipa, Besar and Kiel
Destroy their goals
The positive thing is that all the goals
In areas outside the radar
That is, since helicopter was sitting
... to fly again
All operations in time
It takes 40 to 50 minutes
... which means
We will return to our helicopter by 3 am
... and up to 5 am
We arrive at the Shirinak Post Station
Tomorrow we will not have a meeting
As you know
... in front of the public and the media
You should be normal
... 30th night here
We do not need the secretary
... Apart from military information
Arjun and Guyind will be in the process
Will you go over to Kashmir?
Our Lord Tomorrow morning
Go to the base of the north
Thank you for your promise
All the troops are back to normal
... sir
!With your permission
I and my forces on the night of 31st
We'll have dinner with you
Long live India
Long live India, sir
The final section
Tactical attack
Captain Witt!
September 28, 2016
Srinagar Air Base
... you have three
... Bravo team leader
... Charlie
And Delta will be
As soon as we reach the goal
We will all be easy targets
... that's why everyone
Be careful enough
as well
Must be at speed
Go to the group house
...when we arrived
Snipers and the rest of the team
Soldiers and support
Each team will have a GPS
... during the attack on the terrorists
To ask for help
... You do not use a radio signal
You do not get a phone call
You do not use anything
You remember, boy
... back to us
The hardest part
We might face our enemies in return
And shoot from behind
So be quick
Is there a question?
No sir
I promised that
You're alive with me altogether
And I promise to act
IM very fine
Long live India --
Long live India --
We have new information from Mozafarabad and Kiel
It's reported today
..Industries protect it
Away from the border
... commandos
... it's time to come
Blood Revenge With Blood
They want cashmere
And we want them all
Are you ready for the boys? --
Yes sir--
How are you --
High sir
Long live India --
Long live India --
Cut off ...
Good luck
At 5:04 am
Tim Bravo, Charlie and Delta
Move to the counterpoint
Eight hours to attack
At 12:09 am
The siege of the ministers
Islamabad, Pakistan
It was very dark
We were also very scared
Where should we know that
The baby's belly wants to work
Bring the ice to your door
help yourself
Why is she all in the kitchen?
... We are here in our patience
Sit back to us
Do not give me a bite, do not eat
I sat here too
I'm getting a few more minutes
Today, a lot of things are better
A few days ago you were very upset
What do you say
Hindustani showcase
Other than their defenses, we do not know what the map is
Summing up
Our informants have nothing to do
We took caution
Take these kaggers
News conference, 12:21 midnight
New Delhi
thank God
The food was present
Get a picnic for me now
Do not throw ice
! Do you know the pronoun?
How is your woman doing
... that
Gone birmingham
Graduation Celebration
Little kid
For that
I wanted to go
... But we had a border problem
All my programs got messed up
What is going on?
... you are alive
How do you cook whiskey?
what do you mean?
Did you drink alcohol?
The liquor caused migraines
... I thought so
Eat whiskey
... However, when women eat whiskey
It's like having another one
let's go
At 12:30 midnight
An hour and a half to attack
be quick
Central government office
! Pronoun
! Pronoun
! Do you know the pronoun?
! Pronoun
! Pronoun
! Pronoun
What is the decision of today's meeting
Against India?
Today at the meeting
Was it a tactical attack?
Be aware of a tactical attack?
! Pronoun
What are you doing to me? --
! Pronoun--
What did you decide at today's meeting?
What did the minister say?
! Pronoun
... The informants realize that
... near the border
Helicopters are completely colored
Pakistani helicopters
... Helicopters to smack the hell
... maybe to escape the radar
Fly at low altitude
Attack our posts
How should we get up to date?
We need to activate a ground--sensitive radar
After that if even
The wrong enemy's helicopter will enter our frontier
Anti--aircraft border guarded
Earth--to--air missiles
It fires them quickly
Are you alo
The alpha team needs additional information
I repeat
Alpha team operations should be stopped
Pakistan Air Defense System
Air activity seen on the border
Prepare an anti--aircraft defense
! Pali
Flight of Vianna got up?
Yes sir
Up to 30 seconds to cross the border
Connect to Wihan
right now
Mr. Govind behind the line
Winnie the Pooh
Do not cross the border
I repeat
Do not cross the border
Say back to the pilot
Turn around
Turn around
Wyhan Em at the center of Mozafar Abad
Take a new ground radar
So the alpha team can not
The air goes there
You have to stop the operation
Listen to Palawa
... Farouk said during the interrogation that
Enter India through a cave
That our army did not monitor
Send it its coordinates
If we can not go through the air
Land we go
We must be in any way
Do this mission
Braveau, Charlie
Follow the map
From this moment radio communication
Between us the four teams stop
We are only with the command center of the army
We communicate directly
Streaming me
You're right
Braveau, Charlie
According to the information center
Your air route is safe
So, follow the map
What is the position?
We sent you our specials
thank you--
Please sir
!let's go
How can you pass the cave without information?
! You have no idea and no previous map
This way is very dangerous
Maybe this way
Pakistan's terrorists or army
Waitin 'wait
Are you online
Can you hear the sound of muro?
Yes, sir
! They!
Yes sir?
You are on a GPS position
Do you have four teams?
Yes sir
I can see it
that's good
From now on they will move with your eyes
Fourth bird as a guide for
Send Alpha You're gonna get it with them
If you see a danger
Inform the team leader
Sure, sir
... sir
We are in Kashmir, Pakistan
The card was good
The other teams too
Achieve primary goals
At 1:47 am at dawn
Thirteen minutes to attack
B--1 group home
Forest area near Chakotti village
At 2:13 am
! Konal
Get your gun fast
Get a quick look
Welcome to Bridget Hello Bruson
Say wait
Today they will take a great deal of them
The first operation was successful
We destroyed the B--1 group home
What are the rest of your teams?
Bravo and Charlie attack their second goal
Delta's mission is complete and
Preparing to come back
No activity seen
that's good
let's go
Yes? --
Come on
My dear brother is their blood
Eat a lot today--
the eye--
B--2 Group Home
Suburb of Chacoty Village
At 2:46 am
Come here
Go out
Where is Idris
Where is Idris
Where is Idris
At 3:06 am
Found Idriss
Not a slave yet
I think not here
This is there
One of the victims told police
Two minutes away
be quick
It was received sir
But Idriss must die
... Whelan
... Sartaj
You came to my house
And my brother did not ship?
Today I put you in your home
I killed Brotherhood
Our name is Army Hende
..... The Indian Army
! They!
Where shall I go?
... sir
After a little
Inside the forest
Otherwise I'll shoot
3:15 am in the morning
Pakistan Operations Base
Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
Let's go ... let's go
let's go
Move faster
Pakistani forces are firing at us
... Whelan
We sent aerial support jets
It will take you up to seven more minutes
We are waiting for you
Ten minutes later we're done
... whatever happens
All our forces must bring alive to India
! G
It's for you
We succeeded
At 3:33 am
Braveau, Charlie
What is the position?
The operation was successful
Without the slightest error
I'm proud of you boys
Thank you sir
Congratulations sir
mission complete
... commandos--
Sir sir
How are you energy
High sir
Long live India --
Long live India --
The story is based on reality
September 29, 2016
Indian Air Base
Qazi abad
"Your face is like eating"
"Your face turned on"
"... your hands filled with"
"Light lights"
"Your face is like eating"
"Your face turned on"
"... your hands filled with"
"Light lights"
"How can I oppose you?"
"How is there such a craving for someone?"
"When you sit down, shine"
"When you fly, shimmer"
"As a bird flies for the first time"
"When you sit down, shine"
"When you fly, shimmer"
"As a bird flies for the first time"
"This is a new look"
"This is a new look"
"This is a new look"
"A flying bird flies first"
September 30, 2016, at 11:07 pm
Central government office
New mind
"It's my anger that has come up"
"I'll get my chance, I'll do it again."
"It's my anger that has come up"
"I'll get my chance, I'll do it again."
"A flame burned in my face"
"I do not need another friend to try"
"Let's celebrate our victory"
"We won"
"Let's celebrate our victory"
"We won"
"Let's celebrate our victory"
"That victory is our motive"
"This is my motive"
"You are my motive, motive"
"Shall we write a new story"
"Write spoof"
"Wait enough"
"No longer tolerate, enough"
"The one who waits is not revolutionary"
"Listen to your heart"
"My heart is razieh"
"Why are you so scared?"
"This time we get the game"
"Shaping a New Story"
"Write spoof"
"Let's celebrate our victory"
"We won"
"Let's celebrate our victory"
"That victory is our motive"
"This is my motive"
"You are my motive, motive"
"It's my anger that has come up"
"I'll get my chance, I'll do it again."
"A flame burned in my face"
"I do not need another friend to try"
"We have the power to push the storm"
"Shadow that we are still young"
"We do not accept force"
"Let's do what we do"
"We have the power to push the storm"
"Shadow that we are still young"
"We do not accept force"
"Let's do what we do"
"Let's celebrate our victory"
"We won"
"Let's celebrate our victory"
"We won"
"There is a boom in our veins"
"We win"
"If we went out of this stairs"
"Again, the sky is under our feet"
"There is a boom in our veins"
"We win"
"If we went out of this stairs"
"Again, the sky is under our feet"
"Do not wait for the dreams of a storm"
"Do not wait if you can fly if you want."
"Do not wait, you can aim with your eyes."
"If you will, make a rain of fire."
"you can"
"Out of yours"
"you can"
"you can"
"Out of yours"
"What you have right"
"You have to hand it over"
"Do not be afraid"
"Do not be afraid"
"What you have right"
"You have to hand it over"
"Do not be afraid"
"Do not be afraid"
"The victory we dreamed is ours"
"Now we are going"
"Now we are going"
"I'm not too short"
"Today I smell all sweet"
"I gained this pride for you"
"I'm not too short"
"Today I smell all sweet"
"I gained this pride for you"
"Do not wait for the dreams of a storm"
"Do not wait if you can fly if you want."
"Do not wait, you can aim with your eyes."
"If you will, make a rain of fire."
"you can"
"Out of yours"