Uriyadi 2 (2019) Movie Script

Raj Prakash, is an entrepreneur
of Indian origin, who lives in London.
11 years ago, he tried to open
a pesticide factory in England.
But citing its dangerous
and outdated manufacturing process,
...the government denied him permission.
Then, with the help of India's Deputy Minister
of Commerce and Industry, Tamil Kumaran
...he opened the same factory
in Tamil Nadu's Sengathirmalai district.
The pesticide, which was produced at a low
cost in Tamil Nadu using foreign capital,
...was then exported
to other countries and thus his
...Paksino factory was
operating at a high profit rate.
This being the state,
a year ago, the factory faced an issue.
Fruits and vegetables grown using this
A&T pesticide, bore toxic residues.
It also caused
respiratory issues in farmers.
So, the WHO recommended
banning of this pesticide.
The USA and many European countries
immediately banned it.
So, Raj Prakash renamed A&T pesticide...
...as Paksino and
started selling it in India.
But, he was not satisfied
with the profit it yielded here.
Around then, the presence of
plentiful copper ores was discovered
...on a hill in the same region.
Raj Prakash immediately decided
to mine these ores and export them.
But, the people there
vehemently opposed it.
Sengai Kumar, who runs a small caste-based
political party in Sengathirmalai
...sought to exploit this issue for political
gains and further instigated the local people.
Tamil Kumaran asked Raj Prakash
to delay his copper mine plans
...citing the upcoming election.
A disappointed Raj Prakash,
broke regulations and doubled the
...production of the pesticide
in a factory already in need of repairs.
As a result, factory workers and
people became affected in various ways.
Whenever social equality is lost,
chaos reigns in entirety;
...humanity becomes questionable.
Patience begets loss.
To fight for one's rights is one's onus.
'Uriyadi II'
[Breaking Po(in)t]
I am Lenin Vijay
I'm from Sengathirmalai.
I studied Chemical Engineering
at VRDH Engineering College.
You all came here to study,
but who among you did?
You roam around like ruffians.
Get this.
You are "heroes" only
as long as you are in college.
Once you step out, you are worthless.
When his professor asked
about his aim in life,
...he said he wants to be jolly.
Beware! Don't grow up to be like him.
My father, Velu,
tutors children in his free time.
Veerapandiya Kattabomman,
Puli Thevar, Theeran Chinnamalai,
V. O. Chidambaram Pillai, Immanuel Sekaran,
Barathiyaar, Ramasamy Padaiyachi,
Maaveran Alagumuthu Kone,
Maulana Azad, Bhagat Singh, Gandhi...
People like this from various religions
and castes fought hard for our independence.
Mine is the first generation
that enjoyed it freely.
I studied in school
because of our great leader Kamaraj.
Inspired by Periyar, Bharathiyar
and Ambedkar's teachings,
...I married out of my caste for love.
So, we were driven away from town.
After working for 30 years
in a tractor company in Chennai,
...I retired and moved back home
just last month.
My mother's name is Parvathi.
People asked me "You and
your husband belong to different castes,
...which caste will your child marry into?"
I said the next generation
would heed their hearts, not caste.
But it doesn't look like
they have changed much either.
Everyone should treat each other equally.
If they don't, you should
demand to be treated respectfully.
You don't have to lead your life
to spite those who demeaned you.
Why do we have to
prove ourselves to someone else?
You should lead
a good life per se, that's all.
My parents and my friends
mean the world to me.
Saravanan is one of my friends.
Okay, go ahead
I am Saravanan Rasaiah
I am coming from Thiruninravur
Since his sister studied engineering,
...his parents made
Saravanan also take it up.
We studied engineering not knowing
why we were studying it.
His father works at a watch company;
his mother is a housewife.
He has a married sister.
Hold on, I'll make an awesome
parachute for you.
A 10th grade student has made history
by inventing a very small sized satellite.
He is to be awarded by the President soon.
Ok, let's go to the terrace
and fly this parachute.
Witness how splendidly
it's going to take flight.
We have another friend.
He is from my hometown.
His name is...
I am Palanisamy
And my other name is Shiva Sankar
I am coming from Sengathirmalai
I am 'passed away' in 2017 in VRDH college
Sorry, passed away?
Yes, in 2017
Okay, go ahead
And my father name is Sanimalai
My mother is a wi-fi...no, house wife
My big sister Bhavani
is married to Kondalapatti
What is your favourite film
Film, it's Baahubali
Okay, can you narrate the story?
Baahubali story? Okay
At the beginning,
why Kattappa killed Baahubali...
No no Palanisamy
You have to narrate in english
In english?
When you open...
you see the film in Baahubali
Baahubali part 1 to this part 2
Part 2 film is beginning with
why Kattappa killed Baahubali
Then Baahu entry with very huge
with elephant
How is his interview going?
Huh? What interview?
He is chit chatting with a girl.
Maybe the interviewer is a woman.
Who talks about Baahubali
and Kattappa in an interview?
Do you think I'd be fooled
if he speaks English?
Baahu meets Anushka
and he is fighting with gangsters
And she looks very beautiful
Wait a minute
I am drink water
Baahubali takes oath
'I, Amarendra Baahubali, swear with my...'
Mom, get out!
Then total city is vibrating
That's ok Palanisamy
I am done
Do you want ask anything?
Yes, when can I join?
I am ready always
Mom, I was attending an interview!
Why did you barge inside?
Hey, what's the result?
We three always get the same result...
We will get back to you
It means?
Back in the day, they'd mail their response
later after seeing the bride, right? Like that.
I think my dad's friend is here.
He is going to bore us to death.
It took me 58 years just to
gather the basic necessities of life.
What a pathetic life!
Why don't you lease out the land
you bought and live peacefully?
Son, how come you never visit us?
Are you ashamed you are jobless?
It's not like that. I was a little busy.
Don't worry. My son works
as a supervisor at a company.
They are looking to hire.
Why don't you go meet him?
No, thanks. We're job hunting in Chennai.
Hey, how hard it is to get
a job in one's hometown!
You go meet him.
Getting you a job here is no big deal.
But, how much do you expect to be paid?
Salary? How about 20,000?
20,000? No way!
The maximum they'll pay you is 8,000.
In fact, they fired someone earning 25,000
...just to hire 3 newbies in his place.
You mean there are 3 job vacancies?
Did you pack lunch for Saravanan too?
- Gosh! I forgot!
- Hurry! It's getting late.
He's ready! I'll call you back.
Hi! Looks like your son landed a job.
Yeah, Seenu. Today is his first day.
- He is a newbie. Take care of him.
- Why do you worry? He is an engineer!
Mom, shall I leave?
Hold your horses for a minute.
You shall leave, child.
Guru, is there a problem in the horoscope?
No, it is a good horoscope.
But, your daughter's marriage
will not be to your liking.
She will marry for love.
But, don't worry.
Her future looks very bright!
Turn this way.
- Hi
- Hi
Who is she?
Could be Palanisamy's relative.
Who is that?
He is the dolt
who has rented my uncle's house.
Hey Chithi, you said
no one would ever hire me.
I'm all set to begin today.
I have told you a million times
not to call me chithi!
Call me by my name Chithra.
Why not? You are his aunt anyway!
No sis, he keeps calling me 'chithi' and
his friends find it very funny.
Don't you both keep fighting!
Hey, who is that?
Chithi's friend.
She is a doctor who works here.
Wow! Our company has doctors too?
Do they go by bus?
Why don't we go by bus too?
Hey, don't!
Her dad is a cut-throat politician.
So what? I can be very convincing.
It's getting late. Let's go.
Quick...hurry up
Lift him up
I'm going to follow them in my car.
Come with me.
No, I'll monitor him
all the way to the hospital.
What happened to him?
When he was welding,
a cylinder fell on him and caught fire.
Only his prosthetic limb burned.
But he must have fainted of fright.
He lives right across from me.
Hey, isn't this your first day?
Go see Younis.
Murugesan, turn off the alarm!
We couldn't save him
He passed away.
But how, doctor?
I think some kind of poisonous
substance entered his system.
All the chemicals
used here are very dangerous.
So, you must be extra cautious.
We make two products here.
One is polyurethane.
The other is a pesticide called Carbaryl.
When MIC reacts directly with naphthol,
Carbaryl is produced.
Carbaryl can be produced sans MIC too.
But it is an expensive method.
So, it is used
only in our plant in the USA.
- Oh! We have a factory in the USA too?
- That's where our Head Office is.
Polyurethane is manufactured in this plant.
We supply it as a raw material
to produce prosthetic limbs.
Here is where Carbaryl is packed and leaves
via the conveyor belt to the warehouse.
The most important chemical needed to produce
our main product, the pesticide, is Methyl isocyanate.
MIC in short.
MIC should never
come in contact with water.
If it does, a runaway reaction will occur.
It will cause liquid MIC to boil
and exit through the chimney as gas.
If inhaled, it would cause cough,
dizziness, etc.
Meanwhile, if you come in contact with just a drop
of the same MIC liquid, it would be fatal.
So, you must be careful
while you work. Got it?
How did Seenu die?
Only his prosthetic limb burned!
They said it could be
some kind of poisoning.
Did he poison himself?
Don't know. They said so because
his blood was cherry red in colour.
We'll know more
once the autopsy results are in.
Tell me, Loganathan.
The company doesn't seem
to be at fault in Seenu's death.
Are you sure?
Yes, definitely.
I just talked to my daughter.
We'll talk more when I get there.
Who cares how he died?
It's not like he is one of us.
Is the factory safe?
You can look for a job elsewhere.
They say he poisoned himself, dad.
Whatever the case, you be careful, son.
MIC temperature? 27 Degrees.
27 degrees?! Despite knowing
there's going to be an audit...
...you let MIC reach 27 degrees
when it should be maintained at 4 degrees!
I wonder how bad
it would be at other times!
The air conditioning
for MIC has been turned off. -Why?
We ran out of Freon gas,
so we couldn't turn on the AC.
We have informed the purchase department.
There's no problem. -No problem?
If the temperature rises further
by 11 degrees due to water leaking inside,
...the tank might explode.
Is it not a problem?
The gas might escape and pollute the air.
Is it not a problem?
Tell me
If it happens,
how will you prevent air pollution?
Sir, this is the scrubber.
It will neutralize the toxic components
of the gas before it reaches the chimney.
What if the scrubber doesn't work?
There is the flare tower.
It will burn the toxic content of the gas.
Does it work?
Sir, the flare tower
hasn't worked in a while.
But the scrubber works fine.
We haven't turned it on
as we are out of caustic soda.
What? None of the safety mechanisms work?!
What is going on here?
- Hello! Rammohan
- Sir?
- How are you, sir?
- I am good
- When did you come from London?
- Just came
What's happening?
- Just regular auditing.
- Okay...okay
- New joinees?
- Yes, sir
Learn quickly
and be productive
- Okay?
- Okay
- We need to have a tea
- With pleasure, sir
There are so many issues sir.
How can I not mention
any of them in my report?
In all fairness, this factory should
have been shut down five years ago.
It's not exactly news to you.
See Mr Rammohan
I cannot invest any more in this company.
The profit is already very low.
The reason I came to India
now is to start a copper mining company.
Do you know its worth?
Once it is started, do you know
how much you'll benefit from it?
You'll make your
lifetime earnings in just six months!
I can't get permission for your copper mining
company before the election.
What are you talking about?
I already bribed everyone concerned.
That's true, sir.
But if I get you permission now,
Sengai Kumar will cause problems
...by provoking the people of those hills.
Then, both my win in this election and
...you starting the copper company
would become doubtful.
So, do I have to wait for six more months?
Six months only!
Once the election is over,
he'll take whatever we give him.
What if you lose this election?
I give out 5000 per vote, sir.
I'll definitely win.
But, what if you lose?
Pay me whatever you would pay Kumar.
Would I stand in your way?
Why are you so scared of
this small caste-based party?
If he wants to,
he can create a riot easily.
Unity develops within
each caste because of these riots.
Using this, he takes
all their votes without any spillage.
What can be done?
We are scared of the vote bank.
Have a little patience.
I'll get your job done.
What if other small parties in our alliance
also ask for a chance to contest?
This time around, our people are not exactly
discontent about the ruling MP Tamil Kumaran.
Your opposition party is not seen
very favourably either.
Now, if my vote bank 14% is cast for you,
...you'll surely win 4 MLA seats
in our constituency.
I am only asking for an MP seat in return.
That's true.
But how can we trust
all your caste people to vote for you?
If a riot were to happen,
they will vote for me.
We already know our rival caste
is going to riot during the election.
If a riot happens, people will unite,
within their castes.
You entrust me with this seat.
I'll contest under your symbol
and win for sure.
Let's see.
There's still 6 months left
for the election, isn't it?
Why is Kumar so set on getting an MP seat?
Sir, a SIPCOT industrial complex
is to be built in this district.
If he is an MP, he can
amass money from MNC's right?
Then, why is he against our copper plant?
If he opposes us now,
he'd gain influence over people.
Using that, he could bargain
for seats with major political parties.
Besides, claiming to represent people, he could
ask for more commission from these companies.
If that is the case...
Why hasn't he created problems
for this company then?
Sir, firstly, none of his caste people
were injured in recent accidents here.
Secondly, he may be waiting for
a more opportune time like the election.
- Kesavan
- Sir?
Looks like we won't be getting
the mining license anytime soon.
Do whatever possible
to double this company's profit.
But, sir, the auditor just said
we have many issues in our factory.
If we don't double the profit,
...how can we bribe officers like him?
How can we donate
to political parties' funds?
Yeah, my dad is like that nowadays.
Hey, why are you waiting here?
My bike is not starting.
How come you are at the bus stop?
Do you go by bus daily?
You're a teacher, right?
In kindergarten?
Sorry! Is she also a teacher?
Why? Don't you know
she works at your factory?
Oh our factory, right?
- Hi
- Hi
- I am Vijay
- I am Isaivani
4 for Paksino Company and 1 for school.
Don't stand on the steps. Get inside.
Lady, keep your baskets in the front.
You guys leave.
Let's go in this bus.
4 for Paksino Company and 1 for school.
Only because you bought us
tickets the other day. -Oh!
Hey tough guy, ask Chithi
when Isaivani would come.
Nice move, man
Ask her and let me know.
Tell me.
They left?
They left?
- Call Chithi and find out what's up.
- Get lost!
Hey give her a call just once.
Do it, man.
Don't show off. Call her.
Hello! Chithi, where are you both?
They already left.
They are lying.
They said the same thing yesterday
but were waiting here.
Let's wait for five more minutes.
They should be here soon.
'Melapavur, Thiruchitrampalam
What if they really have left?
It's been just a week
since you began here and you are late?
Go tend to your jobs.
What now?
Isaivani doesn't like us
going with them every day.
She'll come only after we leave.
- Hi
- Hi
Shall I send her a friend request?
No, don't.
Why not? This isn't your profile.
It's mine. Duh!
So what?
It's Chithi.
Yup, tell me.
What's up?
Yeah bike. What about it?
Teach me how to ride it.
Teach you? Whose is it?
Ask her to teach you.
She also doesn't know.
- She doesn't?
You teach me.
I'll learn and then teach her.
Don't show off.
I'm asking you a favour.
Shall I get on it?
Hold on. Yeah, now.
Sit now.
- Ok.
Let's go?
Patiently. Slightly to the right.
Slowly. Patiently.
Ouch! My leg!
Moron! Do you have any brains?
Don't you know how to ride a bike?
It's all because of you!
You don't know how to teach, period!
Don't run your mouth!
You don't run your mouth!
Let it go, man!
Learn by yourself.
"Come my dear belle!
You are the music to my song!"
"Come let's make a tune together."
"Come darling! My search ends in you."
"Come let's go on a journey together."
"You are my music."
"I am your lyric."
"Let's make a new song together."
"You are my music."
"I am your lyric."
"Come let us fall in endless love
for the first time."
"Come my dear belle!
You are the music to my song!"
"Come let's make a tune together."
"Come babe! My search ends in you."
"Come let's go on a journey together."
"Shyness is gone."
"My heart falters."
"Silence is gone."
"Joy abounds."
"I wish to see you over and over again."
"The words I want to say get lost."
"I lay wide awake last night."
"Because of you, my dear!"
"I rose at the light of dawn."
"Because of you, my love!"
"I'll walk beside you like a shadow."
"Loneliness will be gone."
"A new kind of joy will blossom."
"Gravity loses its pull."
"My heart burns with desire."
"Our music will unite us."
"You are entwined with me on my journey."
"Everything around me looks brand new."
"My wings take flight in the sky."
"The curtain that concealed
my heart fell away."
"You'll know this is true love."
"Come my dear!
You are the music to my song."
"Come let's make a tune together."
"Come darling!
My search ends in you."
"Come let's go on a journey together."
"Come my love, I'm your companion."
"You and I, we are one."
"Come my love, I'm your companion."
"You are the boon of my life!"
What did you pray for?
I prayed for God to be real.
Don't you think it's a bit much?
Everyone believes in God and prays.
He should exist, right?
Your daughter? What a shame!
I'll be back.
If I find you roaming with some guy,
...I'll not let you
out of the house. Got it?
And your father?
He doesn't know yet.
Who ratted us out?
Some relative of mine.
Is it?
Yeah, tell me.
Where are you?
I'm on my way.
I'm hungry. Make it fast.
Is he there?
Nope, his mobile line is busy.
I'll be there in a bit.
Bro, this is MIC, right?
Shut off the MIC line!
It's leaking!
Save me
Oh God! It's burning me
Why haven't you intubated him yet, doctor?
Nurse, get an intubation tray
from the cubicle.
That's enough, doctor.
Declare his death.
An accident that occurred
at the Paksino factory in Sengathirmalai
...has claimed the lives of 4 employees.
Their autopsy is to be conducted soon.
Local people, under the leadership
of EMMK party's Sengai Kumar, are
...protesting demanding
the closure of the factory.
The company's negligence is
to be blamed for this accident.
This is the second accident
within a month!
We will not rest until we get justice!
After the autopsy, shall we get the corpse of
the Chennai guy also to take on our procession?
Who is going to find out
if he is of our caste or not?
Will those guys
and their fathers allow it?
That can be handled.
Ok, go ahead. Try.
Our company management is not
responsible for this unfortunate incident.
It is due to the carelessness
of a few employees.
But, their families will be adequately
compensated by our company.
'Riches for you.
Last rites for us?'
'Order to investigate the case'
Be it a company's union election
or even a Parliamentary election,
...our votes should be cast only for us!
Would we have lost these four lives
if it had been that way?
Isn't a guy from the ruling party
the leader of the company union?
If one of our caste members
had won that union election,
...we would've shut the factory down
last month when Seenu died.
This is why we need unity within our caste.
My dear son!
Let them go.
You left us in agony, my dear
The other party guy who was bribed by
the company, let our men die!
It's one caste that suffers loss
and another that benefits from it?
I heard they are going to
shut the factory down sometime soon.
We will not bury our brothers
until the factory is shut down!
I'm going to fast unto death!
Fast unto death!
Breaking News!
Taking into consideration the district collector's
recommendation to temporarily seal Paksino factory,
the Pollution Control Board
has ordered its closure.
Our salute to our brothers
who proved our community's
...unity and strength
through their deaths! Our salute!
Our salute! Our salute!
Our salute! Our salute!
Looks like he'll land
a seat with the opposition party.
Let us pray for their souls
to rest in peace.
Following the accident
that claimed the lives of 4 employees,
...Paksino Pesticide factory
was temporarily shut down.
Officers from the Pollution Control Board
will inspect the condition of the factory.
A few smaller parties have joined
in alliance with the TNMK party
...for the upcoming Parliamentary election.
We are getting reports that the Sengathirmalai
constituency has been allotted to the EMMK party
Sir, in the upcoming election,
campaigning is your only responsibility.
All the election expenditure is ours.
Raj Prakash has told us to spend more than what
we did for Tamil Kumaran in the last election.
And it would be great if you cooperate
with us in establishing our copper plant.
Because Paksino Company heeded
our demands and made the necessary repairs
...and taking into consideration
the livelihood of our people who work there
...our party will no longer oppose
the continued functioning of the factory.
At the same time, if anything goes
wrong again, we'll not look on quietly.
Neither the scrubber nor the flare tower
have been repaired.
Shankar, the Nitrogen pressure is 0,
...MIC temperature is at 27 degrees.
Okay, sir
Hey, where do you think you're going?
Why aren't you in uniform?
Can you get me the postmortem
report of Saravanan and Seenu?
Both Saravanan who died of MIC exposure and Seenu,
who died in the fire accident, had the same symptoms.
Their blood was cherry red in colour.
They both had pulmonary edema.
Other internal organs
also bore exactly similar fatal changes.
So, that means Seenu also died
because of MIC exposure.
Were there any bruises on him
from contact with liquid MIC?
He would've had bruises only if he'd come
in contact with liquid MIC.
What if it had been in gas form?
But there's no MIC
in the plant where he worked.
How could it have entered him?
You fixed a prosthetic limb
for her husband, right? -Yes
Could you tell me what it was made of?
That? It was supplied by
the company he works for.
It is made of......polyurethane.
Yeah, MIC gas would be produced
if polyurethane burns.
Inhaling the gas is most definitely fatal.
He died because he inhaled the MIC gas
...that was released
when his prosthetic limb burned.
So, MIC, not just in liquid form,
but in gaseous form is also fatal.
So, if MIC gas escapes
from the poorly maintained factory tank,
...all the people
in surrounding villages who inhale it,
...would suffer terrible consequences.
What? -We heard you've been spouting
this nonsense at other employees too.
Are you planning to shut the factory down?
No sir. Ask someone
at the Head Office if you like.
MIC in gas form is most
definitely poisonous.
Younis, calm down.
Are you saying the factory
is not maintained properly?
Yes sir. You reopened
the factory without repairing anything.
Hundreds of meters of pipes,
thousands of nuts,
...everything has been eroded
by acid and is rusty.
Anything can happen at any time.
Younis, sir will make things right soon.
Don't you worry.
When do you mean by 'soon'?
Give me a timeline.
It's not your place!
We can do it only after
we get approval from the Head Office.
Then I'll resign my job, sir.
Ok, let's do one thing.
If we can't get approval from the Head Office
and do repairs within a month,
...you can go ahead and resign. Ok?
They told me they'd set
everything right in a month.
But I don't trust them.
Dear Sir!
The Paksino factory in Sengathirmalai
that was shut down a week ago
...has been reopened without having
undergone the necessary repair works.
A dangerous chemical called
Methyl isocyanate is used in this factory.
If this liquid changes into poisonous gas
form and escapes from the factory,
it will be dangerous to the lives of
anyone who happens to inhale it.
So, we kindly request you
to shut the factory down immediately.
- Signed, the people of Sengathirmalai.
How dare you
petition to shut the factory down
...when I just allowed it to reopen
stating they have repaired everything?
Don't nose around unnecessarily!
If this pesticide factory keeps running,
...our town people would
get affected along with the workers.
Because there is a high chance of
a poisonous gas escaping from the factory.
We approached many offices to inform them.
No one paid us any attention.
There is only one solution.
We all should unite and protest.
Hey, our leader allowed
the factory to reopen
...only because
they did the necessary repairs.
What do you look to gain
by spreading such rumours?
Gain? Rumour? What rumour?
They haven't repaired anything.
Ask those who work there.
Kumar let them reopen just like that?
We don't know if he just let them
off the hook or got money in return.
But it's true that nothing
has been set right in the factory.
I'll cut out your tongue!
Talk respectfully!
Respect a man who used corpses
for his political gain?
He is hardly batting an eye now.
What does it mean?
What those guys said must be true,
...that he used those workers' corpses
for his political agenda.
Those two guys should be dead meat today.
Take care of it.
I've been waiting
for this chance for so long.
We would have lost at least
100 votes today because of them.
But the suspicion would fall on us, right?
If it were done today,
the suspicion wouldn't fall on us.
Tell everyone
our lawyer Loganathan had them killed.
Don't spare them.
Doesn't Velu's son roam
around with Loganathan's daughter?
We shall say he commissioned an honour
killing because he didn't like it.
How will our people
understand chemical terms
...like MIC, chemical reaction,
runaway reaction?
That's why they don't take us seriously.
How can we expect regular people
to get chemical engineering?
But you guys who work there
understand it, right?
How can we go on a strike
without the union on our side?
It's enough if contract labourers strike.
Let's try our might.
They won't join us;
everyone has mouths to feed.
Food? Life is far more important.
Hey, come here!
Why? What's the matter?
You dare talk to me disrespectfully?
-Then? You could've talked to us respectfully.
You treat us with insolence
just because you're a cop?
Sir, we are just talking.
Sorry, sir
We are waiting for our friends who are
yet to be back from work, sir.
Sorry, sir
You should not gather here.
Hey, where are you guys?
How much longer?
Ok, come quickly.
Hey, we'll go wait near the factory.
It's an unnecessary hassle
if the cop comes back.
Hello! What did you just say?
Is it?
Stop the bike, man.
Hey, stop!
How long?
What happened?
What happened? Why is a cop running here?
He isn't police! He came to kill me.
Where are you going?
Hold on.
Murugesan, did you find where the leak is?
No, sir. We are still checking.
MIC temperature is 31 degrees;
pressure has increased by 10 PSI.
Find the leak and fix it soon.
Vijay, MIC is leaking somewhere.
Come along.
Hello! Control room?
MIC is leaking here
in the production area too.
Did you open the water line
again to clean pipes?
Not after the last time, sir.
- What about you, Murugan?
- No sir!
What if the meter readings are wrong?
It never works properly, right?
Hello Ramesh! How much
is the inert Nitrogen pressure?
Zero. Nitrogen pressure
has not held in a long time.
Pump Nitrogen.
The leak maybe contained
if Nitrogen pressure increases. Hurry!
Murugesan, check the MIC valve.
Ramesh, is the Nitrogen
pressure picking up?
No sir. But the MIC pressure is climbing.
Should we keep trying to fix the leak?
Seems too risky now.
Metal impurities
may have caused a reaction.
We'd be on the safer side
if it stabilizes and we fix the leak.
Let's try. Hurry!
Look around. Look.
Vijay, check the pipe
that leads to the production line.
The leak could be there too.
Ramesh, what happens
if MIC pressure reaches its maximum level?
The tank will explode, sir.
Or the emergency valve will break
...and the gas will escape to the chimney.
Sir, MIC temperature has gone out of range!
Keep checking
What if it was water that entered instead
of rust and caused a reaction?
If Nitrogen is leaking out,
water could enter through the same way.
What if a rusty valve broke causing
the leakage of already stagnant water?
Can it be fixed?
Murugesan, it's enough! Let's leave!
Come on, hurry!
All employees come to the control room
immediately. MIC is leaking.
Put on your gas masks
and hurry to the control room.
There are safety mechanisms
to prevent the gas leak, no?
Turn on the flare tower!
It hasn't worked in a long time, sir!
We have the scrubber, right?
Will it neutralize the gas?
We need caustic soda for it to work.
We didn't buy it, did we?
What to do now, sir?
What if the town people hear the alarm?
Let's ask Kesavan sir, just in case.
Get as far away as possible!
Ma, I'm safe in the control room.
It is completely sealed.
Quick, it's dangerous
Bhagavati, get away! Don't stay at home!
- Ma, get up. We have to go!
- No, you go, son. Please go!
The manager's mobile number was
noted down the last time 4 workers died.
- Take a look at it.
- Ok sir.
No gas would leak from our factory!
No sir, it's true...
- Many patients have come to the hospital.
- Is it?
They're vomiting up blood.
Find out what gas it is.
It looks very serious.
Ok I'll give you
my assistant manager's number.
Call him.
Yeah tell me.
Hello Sekar!
Tell me, sir.
I got a call from the hospital saying a gas
is leaking from our factory. Is it true?
Yes sir, it's true.
"...is speaking to someone else.
Please stay on the line..."
Ok, I'll call you back in two minutes.
- Don't take any other calls in the meantime
- Ok sir.
What the hell, Kesavan?
What are you saying?
Don't tell anyone on the outside,
which gas is leaking.
It will backfire.
But the hospital folk
are asking about it sir.
Kesavan, if you acknowledge
that despite knowing how lethal it is,
...you let MIC leak
because of your poor maintenance,
...it's almost like
proclaiming yourself a murderer.
Don't cry dear! Oh God, save my daughter!
Tell me sir.
If anyone asks about
the gas leaking from the factory,
...don't tell them it is MIC.
Tell them it is just Ammonia.
Okay sir
I'm calling from the hospital.
What is the gas leaking from your factory?
It is just Ammonia. It's not a problem.
Sister, go back inside!
You'll end up gasping for air.
Brother, don't run!
What gas is leaking?
Don't play with people's lives!
- Ammonia.
- It definitely is not!
Tell the truth!
It is definitely a poisonous gas.
I don't know if it contains poison, sorry!
Hello! It is a poisonous gas
that's leaking.
MIC. Methyl isocyanate.
Do you know its antidote
or how to treat it?
MIC and its antidote would have undergone
lab testing before they came into production.
Why don't you please call
the Head Office and find out?
I'm already worried about your father.
Where are you off to?
No ma. I really have to go. You stay here.
No, don't go out at this hour.
Listen to me!
First treat my child, doctor
Treat my child, doctor
Daddy! Daddy!
'Government Hospital
But, we can't say for sure this is
the approved treatment for MIC, right?
What are we to do
if it causes more problems?
We can learn the exact treatment
only from the company.
But, based on my research,
it reacts in blood just like cyanide.
All internal organs
get damaged extensively.
We'll give them intensive
supportive therapy and
...Cyanide's antidote
which is Sodium thiosulphate.
We can save as many people
as possible, doctor.
Bring out all
the Sodium thiosulphate we have.
Inform other hospitals also.
- Is this all we have?
- Yes doctor.
Dear God!
"Oh God!"
"Our God!"
"Are we to blame for this too?"
"Precious lives are being lost."
"Are you there?"
"Are you there at all?"
"Whither did you go hide?"
"Why did you forget us?"
"We are refugees now."
"Oh God!"
"Our God!"
"Are we to blame for this too?"
"Precious lives are being lost."
"Are you there?"
"Are you there at all?"
"Whither did you go hide?"
"Why did you forget us?"
"We are refugees now."
"Oh God!"
"Our God!"
"Are we to blame for this too?"
"If it is karma,"
"What wrong did the unborn do?"
"If this life is yours,"
"Why didn't you protect it?"
"Someone erred."
"And we paid with our lives."
"Why were we born? Why do we cry?"
"Is it written in our stars?"
"Is it right?"
"Are you there?"
"Are you there at all?"
"Do you hear our cries?"
"Do you not understand our tongue?"
"Oh God, we seek thy answer!"
255 people have lost their lives...
...due to the accident
that occurred in the Paksino factory.
No one except the local people
have come forward to aid the victims.
Though the election date is near,
...no politician has come
to visit the people.
It is due to the fear that the toxic gas
might still be lingering in the air here.
Who, man?
- Is he the one?
- Yes.
Hey you, get up.
Come along!
Sir, what's the issue?
Sir, tell us.
Why are you arresting him?
Come. Get inside.
Go! Go away!
Let's go, sir.
There has been a dramatic development
in the Paksino factory accident.
An ex-employee, engineer
Lenin Vijay allegedly plotted it...
...and has been arrested.
We have a video in which Paksino Company's
Chairman, Raj Prakash explains the accident
Let us watch it now.
Our pesticide company
caused an agricultural revolution
...thus helping
the poor farmers of Tamil Nadu.
A few anti national elements
that did not like it
...plotted with a former employee
to shut our factory down.
Ignoring the dire consequences,
...he intentionally opened
water into the MIC tank
...and caused this accident.
He wanted to destroy our company
but claimed so many lives instead.
My heart goes out to the victims.
I offer my deepest
condolences to their families.
Sir, tell me.
Thank you very much
for your help, Tamil Kumaran.
It's no big deal, sir.
Make sure the case
doesn't get any stronger.
Not a problem.
I'll make sure
you don't have to come in person.
- Thank the central minister on my behalf.
- Ok sir.
Sir, tell me?
Can that employee
be framed for the accident?
This case can only divert
the media's attention for a while.
The factory was in such a bad shape
...that it is nearly impossible
to prove the worker was at fault.
An important development
in the factory-
-accident case in which
Lenin Vijay was arrested
Were anti-social elements involved?
Who sent the gundas in police uniform?
These two are hitmen
hired to kill my son and Lenin Vijay.
They were sent by lawyer Loganathan,
...who lost his life in the gas leak.
Who are these dead men in police uniform?
Which police station do they belong to?
They are also hitmen
who planned on killing them.
That night, Vijay ran
into the factory to escape them.
He had no ulterior motive.
Who sent them is no big secret.
Hey, when the magistrate asked
if we hit you, how dare you say yes!
Is he dead?
He is pretending.
Get up!
'Three months later'
Conditional bail granted.
There has been another death
due to the Pakshino factory accident.
It is the 16th death
to occur in the past 3 months.
police constable Susai's wife
...had severe abdominal pain
from the night of the accident.
Unable to bear it any longer,
...she took her own life by hanging.
I worked day and night
to maintain our law and order!
Now that someone killed
my wife and got away with it,
...how can I get justice for her?
My salutes are wasted on these politicians.
A slipper was thrown by
an elderly woman at-
-MP Tamil Kumaran who went
to file his nomination
...for the Parliamentary election
to be held on the 3rd of December.
No mother should have to bury her son.
But they made me bury my grandson!
The victims of the gas leak
accident engaged in a protest
...outside the District Collector's office,
demanding swift compensation.
The police resorted to
a lathi charge to disperse the crowd.
Why do we have to be beaten?
What wrong did we commit?
Son, how can Raj Prakash be brought here?
Are we to drag him from London?
However hard we try,
we cannot make him come here.
It's in politicians' hands.
That's why we have been protesting.
It doesn't matter. We might even
end up dying but they won't bring him here.
It won't scare politicians.
The only thing that scares them
is their designation.
You're asking us to vote
against the ruling party?
If you vote against them,
the opposition party will win.
They'll become the ruling party.
Why would they heed our demands after that?
Instead of voting for
either of them, one of us,
...the victims,
should contest the election.
We should make them scared for their seats.
A few hundred politicians get to
...determine the lives
of millions of people.
Only they can make
Raj Prakash come to India.
Only they can get us justice.
But they won't.
We should get involved in politics
or politics will get involved in our lives.
In an unprecedented happening,
about 300 people filed their nominations
...for the Parliamentary election
to be held on December the 3rd.
They refused to share
with us their intentions.
This the first time that these many
independents and youngsters have come.
EMMK party's Sengai Kumar also filed
his nomination in Sengathirmalai today.
We see many independent candidates,
mostly youngsters,
...have come to file their nominations
in Sengathirmalai constituency.
It reflects the discontent people
have on the major parties.
It is highly likely that
one of the youngsters will win here.
Whose idea was this? That guy?
The entire state is angry
at the ruling party.
This election is mine to lose.
Make every single one of them withdraw!
Today being the last day
for nomination withdrawal,
...unexpectedly, 144 candidates
have withdrawn their nomination.
We'll ask them why.
A lot of you have withdrawn
your nominations.
Why? Were you threatened by anyone?
Yes, but that is not why we withdrew.
We decided only one of us should contest.
But we knew they'd reject
our nominations for the silliest reasons.
So, 255 of us filed our nominations.
It's to symbolically indicate
the 255 victims of the gas leak accident.
110 of us were rejected.
The remaining 144 of us withdrew.
Lenin Vijay is the only person
who is going to contest for us.
Tell us.
What is your emphasis on in this election?
We, the people of Sengathirmalai
have a few demands.
Firstly, according to the National Environmental
Engineering Research Institute (NEERI),
...more than 20 gases leaked
that night along with MIC.
Our government hospitals
still have not been informed
...of the right treatment
for this exposure.
People are given random pills
and sent on their way.
How will they be cured?
The victims' lineage is going to be affected
even three generations down the line.
The government should demand
detailed reports on the chemical reaction
...and its treatment from the company's lab
and treat the victims accordingly.
The affected people should be
immediately compensated.
The government should give them
employment opportunities.
There should be monthly inspections of
factories and their reports made public.
The government should ensure that
factories are maintained its standard and
...assure people they are safe through
newspapers, television, radio, anything.
In case of an accident like this again,
...automated systems
like a phone call or SMS
...should be in place to warn people.
There are plenty of apps
to check Cricket scores.
Is there an app to check
the quality of air we breathe?
Let us know how much Sulfur dioxide
and Carbon dioxide are present in the air.
People should scroll through
this data while waiting at traffic signals.
We have the right to know it.
Air belongs to us all.
How can someone pollute it
and kill people for his gains?
Raj Prakash
He came here, made money,
murdered many and left.
Both the High Court and the Supreme Court
have rejected his preemptory bail.
An FIR has been filed.
Despite the court demanding his presence,
he is merrily gallivanting abroad.
He cannot keep evading justice like this.
Raj Prakash...!
You will be brought to India
and justice will be served!
Do you think this is all possible
in our country?
It is!
Sengathirmalai will be reborn.
Dawn is near!
Thank you!
'Industries polluted Air
Who takes the blame?'
'Voice of Present time
Let it be spread all over'
A lot of hands
contributed to this disaster.
We submitted a petition to him
stating the factory was in a poor condition
- He threatened and sent us away.
- I won't accept this!
Our Sengathirmalai MP dismissed us.
Gosh! What a liar!
I would say both Tamil Kumaran and
Sengai Kumar are as guilty as Raj Prakash.
No way!
You both are also responsible
for these many deaths.
Raj Prakash and Tamil Kumaran
are responsible for it.
I always fight for my people!
What 'your' people?
Have all your caste members
sworn themselves to you?
Like 'We are slaves of EMMK party's Kumar'?
We have neared the end of our program.
Let us watch this short video clip.
A mother's milk is the purest and
most nutritious food in the world.
But even that is toxic in our town.
Will a two-year-old child get anemia?
Children are supposed
to have 15.2% haemoglobin,
...but the doctor says
my child has only 3%.
255 is the count of only those
who died that night.
But, 23 children have been born
disabled after that.
27 more people have died
in the past three months.
32 cancer patients
are still struggling for life.
We performed 55 autopsies on that day.
Every one of them had choked to death.
We preserved tissue samples
of a few of the dead.
No one came forward to examine them.
These fetuses died in the womb
on the night of the disaster.
What has been done to prevent
this from happening again?
Deaths are still occurring because people
are not getting the right treatment.
Our physical afflictions are in plain sight
but we are spent emotionally.
We need justice!
We want justice!
He should be brought to India and punished.
We demand justice!
Only then will we be assuaged.
How do you respond to the people's anguish?
Whoever is at fault,
the punishment will be of utmost severity.
How long after?
We need them to be punished immediately.
If your government is for the people,
bring Raj Prakash
to India and get him punished.
That is justice.
It widely believed that
Tamil Kumaran's party is responsible
...for Raj Prakash being
a fugitive from justice.
People unanimously believe
all political parties-
-are equally responsible for the
Paksino factory disaster
...and that Raj Prakash should be
brought to India and punished.
Do you think you'd at least
get a vote more than NOTA?
No brother. We can easily win.
We are paying 5000 per vote!
You fool!
If I were to count on you,
we'd lose deposit in all constituencies.
No brother. I'll work something out.
Never mind. Do nothing!
I'll take care of it.
The Central Minster of Industries
Mr. Natarajan who is in Sengathirmalai
...to attend a party cadre's family wedding
...is at a press conference there.
Let's watch it
We will immediately grant all the demands
of the victims of Sengathirmalai.
They will get speedy compensation.
The central government will grant
10 lakhs each to the families of the dead
...and 1 lakh Rupees
to each of the diseased.
Sir, Lenin Vijay had put forth
a few plans on behalf of the people.
Will they be implemented?
Our officers drew up
the very same plans three months back.
They will all be implemented
within 30 days.
We are going to release a mobile app
that would show the level of pollution.
We have a very strong Think tank
in our department
On top of that,
our government is taking steps
...to bring industrialist Raj Prakash to
India on the 22nd and make him stand trial.
Our government is for the people!
Breaking News! Industrialist Raj Prakash
has landed in India to stand trial.
The trial is underway
in the Paksino accident case that
...claimed the lives of 255 people.
EMMK cadres are engaged
in a protest inside the court complex,
...demanding swift justice.
Hoping to avoid the expected arrival
of the angry public in droves,
...Raj Prakash entered the court
two hours prior to the start of the hearing
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
"To save our breath, fight!"
"To demand justice, fight!"
"To annihilate evil, fight!"
"Come fight!"
"To save our breath, fight!"
"To demand justice, fight!"
"To annihilate evil, fight!"
"Come fight!"
"To live our lives, fight!"
"To save what's ours, fight!"
"To destroy darkness, fight!"
"Come fight!"
"To live our lives, fight!"
"To save what's ours, fight!"
"To destroy darkness, fight!"
"Come fight!"
"My friend, come in a blaze!"
"My friend, come as the solution!"
"The fields have all gone dry..."
"Our stomachs are empty."
"Our dreams are up in ashes!"
"The unborn are now just blood."
"Justice will prevail."
"Evil will be annihilated."
"We were bereft of support."
"Now we come demanding justice!"
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
15 years!
It took me 15 long years to get an MP seat.
These guys will swoop in
and steal it from me?
When the riot we planned
for starts outside the court, I'll call you
That guy should die.
Hang him! Hang him!
Hang murderer Raj Prakash!
Hang him! Hang him!
Hang murderer Raj Prakash!
It is evident that this accident occurred
...because of poor maintenance
of the factory.
But, the fact that the
Indian management conveyed-
-the poor state of the
factory to Raj Prakash,
...and that he ignored
it have not been conclusively proven.
Raj Prakash does not have
to come in person to stand trial.
The case is adjourned
till the 5th of next month.
Hang murderer Raj Prakash!
Hang murderer Raj Prakash!
It has been an hour since
the court session ended
but still there is no
sight of Raj Prakash.
More of the public is trying
to enter the court premises.
The police are asking them
to disperse but they are not ready to.
The police are trying hard to prevent
any untoward incident from happening.
The police even chased away
people who brought the protestors water.
Hang murderer Raj Prakash!
Having learnt of the judge's
decision today, the angry crowd
...keep raising slogans
condemning Raj Prakash.
The police are still
intent on getting them dispersed.
Yes, tell me sir.
Allowing them in
will create more ruckus sir!
Ok sir.
Allow the crowd in.
It'll be problematic sir.
The MP said to. What to do?
Go, allow them in.
Hey allow them inside.
Hey you all, go, go inside.
Hey let them through man.
We want justice! We want justice!
We want justice!
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
"We were like earth
that bears up those delve into it."
"We were destroyed. We lost it all."
"We shall make history against
those who demeaned us!"
"Tomorrow is ours to claim!"
"They robbed us of our rights."
"They mocked our patience."
"They forsook their responsibilities."
"They shot at us with our votes!"
"They laid snares around."
"They lured us with jobs."
"They blocked our way out."
"Take a look with eyes wide open!"
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
"To save our rights, my people, rise!"
"To bring about change, my heart, rise!"
"For the truth to triumph,
my bloods, rise!"
"Rise up!"
"A fight for dawn!"
"A fight to wipe away tears!"
"A fight that lasts till the end of time!"
"A fight for dawn!"
"A fight to wipe away tears!"
"A fight that lasts till the end of time!"
Start the car.
'The number that you are
trying to reach is switched off.'
Is the rear entrance clear?
Yes sir.
Ok, be on the alert anyway.
It has been an hour since
the court session ended
but still there is no
sight of Raj Prakash.
More of the public...
Tell them to allow the crowd inside.
Only then a riot is possible.
But they are not ready to...
Allow that crowd inside!
The police are trying hard to...
Never mind, allow them.
The police even chased away
people who brought the protestors water.
I don't care who among you
wins the upcoming election.
But, within a month after the election,
...my copper factory should be
started in Sengathirmalai. Ok?
But the company's name...
I'll rename it and apply.
No one would know the factory is mine.
It's not an easy task to clear out
the people who live on those hills.
They are a brave people.
They don't scare easy.
Nothing is scarier than a bullet.
Don't worry about it.
Thrash them out of their homes.
"I found a speck of fire."
"And saved it in a hollow in the forest."
"I found a speck of fire."
"And saved it in a hollow in the forest."
"The forest was burnt down to ashes."
"The forest was burnt down to ashes."
"An ember is mighty
regardless of its size."
For you to win in caste politics,
are we to die in riots?
Merely 500 politicians get to determine
the life and death of crores of people?
We'll do it!
"The lightning strikes down."
"The sea thrashes the skies
by the might of its waves."
"The clouds roar and pour down."
"The wind howls in the ear of the sky."
"The sky rumbles with a tune of its own."
"I found a speck of fire..."
"And saved it in a hollow in the forest."
"I found a speck of fire..."
"And saved it in a hollow in the forest."
'Not a single life shall be victimised
anymore for the greed of a few.'
'Let us remember forever
the day they were taken from us.'
You may have escaped the law.
But you never can escape justice.
And this is justice!
'Did you think we would fail?'
'Did you think we would fail?'
'You robbed the love we had.'
'You robbed the support we held.'
'You robbed our heart's desires.'
'You robbed our joy, our home.'
'You robbed our goals, our parents.'
'You robbed our hygiene.'
'You robbed our sight, our dreams.'
'You robbed our water,
our land, our peace!'
'You robbed our resources,
our woodland, our strength, our lives.'
'You robbed our possessions, food, rights,
labour, relationships and sleep.'
'You robbed the air we breathe!'
'You murdered us in cold blood!'
'Orphaned us in our home land.'
'But, did you think we would fail?'
'The grit in our hearts
will never fail us.'