Uro (2006) Movie Script

Come on!
Get up!
Get up!
Come on.
Come on.
I've got some good stuff.
Sit down.
I've got 3000...
Shut up!
Ok, buddy.
There's another guy.
Secure the area first!
Drop the gun!
-Don't move!
-Ok, I won't...
Didn't you learn anything in Bod?
What were you thinking?
There were so many people.
I thought I could go ahead.
What did you specifically do wrong?
I didn't secure the area, acted
on impulse and endangered others.
But I got us in there.
We got our man. It was a success.
Somebody calm him down.
Anybody want this?
Your kids, Henning?
No one here wants to get shot
over PlayStation games.
Get that straight!
I didn't bring you to URO
to get you killed for nothing.
Should I have let him go?
Just because
you were in the shits once...
If a guy runs, I go after him.
Be patient, HP.
You're new here.
It's in those losers' blood.
They always fuck up in the end.
Let me go!
Is this your mother?
She was raising hell
at the grocery store.
I wanted to buy dinner for my son,
but someone stole my money.
I had to leave
the groceries at the store.
I'll take this.
You just wait here.
-Sorry, mom is having a bad day.
-Can I help?
No. She's an alcoholic.
There isn't much to do.
-I have to go.
-See you.
You put it here, mom.
-Theres 5000 here.
-Don't yell.
I wanted to surprise you with dinner.
See your new apartment.
You can't come down there drunk.
-I'mm not drunk.
--Mom... Goddamn!
What if I were?
Would you have gotten fired?
-This is where you come from.
Why do you have to ruin
everything I try to do for you?
Think it was easy
raising you alone?
You can't remember who you fucked.
I hope you're satisfied
with what you have become.
-HP, what's happening?
-Give me a little more time.
-What are you doing?
Cool it!
It wasn't on purpose!
-Get this cleaned up.
Let me buy you a drink, OK?
Shit, you really got wet.
Forget about that drink.
Hans Petter?
Good God...
I haven't seen you in ages.
I was sure
you were dead or in prison.
You look so different.
How are you?
-Ready to go, Mette?
I have to work.
Drop by later and tell me
what you've been up to.
You ok here, Camilla?
Can't we talk right now?
Catch up over a beer...
I don't want to go home yet.
Come on.
Say hello to Hans Petter.
We grew up together in Romss.
Martin, give this guy a beer.
I just have to check
the register, ok?
Sorry about your pants.
You OK?
Don't worry about it.
Did you jerk off to her,
like everyone else?
We'll do it here later.
-Do you run this place?
-Yes, it's mine.
Let's do this.
I have some business...
Your friend needs a refill.
Look at his eyes. Come on.
Come on.
-Are you buying his?
So what happened?
You just left class and were gone.
I knew they would kick me out,
so I left for the military.
He knocked the teacher out
with one of those knuckle-dusters.
The poor fool had a lisp
until he got new teeth.
"The Hithtory of the Vikingth..."
I know everything about this guy.
But we won't talk about that.
This is 50 grand worth.
Pay me on Thursday.
Let me know if you want more.
Take it easy!
Do you like grabbing guys' asses?
He can go.
Get lost.
-Here's our undercover guy!
-Marco said he had a lot more.
Stay glued to him.
How many northerners does it take
to fuck 100 women?
One! Me!
-Did that girl know you?
-Of course not.
-How did you make contact?
-I bullshitted my way in.
Acted cool.
Bought him a drink.
I was just walking along,
when this guy started yelling at me.
-Sorry. It's not enough.
-But Marco's my way in.
He owes a lot of money.
-I have to stick to him.
-It isn't enough.
And we have two clean-up jobs.
-So we just let him go?
-Lay it to rest.
Can't we call it a night?
Everyone out.
-I don't have anything.
-Don't you ever learn?
-Didn't we give you a chance?
-I haven't done anything wrong.
So you haven't done anything wrong?
Is that the best you can do?
HP, did you call for an ambulance?
HQ, we need an ambulance.
-He swung at me.
-She looked fine.
-You check her pulse?
-He didn't listen to us!
-So what?
-We busted him two days ago.
-Did you check her pulse?
-This is a fucking joke.
-You're removed from active duty.
Use the week-end to calm down.
-You can't do that.
-Get a grip!
Go home now!
You're Hans Petter, right?
So that's what you look like.
You don't know me.
But the girl that runs Front
said the cops were after you.
-I don't know what you mean.
-What did they have on you?
Nothing. I was just there.
Did she say I did something?
So you don't know why
the cops were there?
I own Front. Come with me,
so we can clear this up.
-Hi, dad!
-My little flower.
-What are you doing together?
-Trying to figure things out.
You two see things differently.
If they weren't after Hans Petter,
it was someone else.
Is this your protective food?
I can't keep track
of everyone here...
All I demand
is that you keep it clean.
Is that...
Is that so fucking hard?
I don't really care about this place.
Fuck up again, and it's gone.
-What did you say about me?
-I knew everyone but you.
I don't know anything.
That was my first time here!
-They were after Marco, not me.
-I saw you sneaking away!
I saw him dealing.
Hi, Mette...
-Are you dealing at Front?
-What have you said?
-Don't change the subject!
You know how dad gets.
-It was out back.
-Are you dealing at the club?
-Only that one time.
-I can't see you anymore!
Come on!
Fucking cunt!
What did you say?
I won't take the fall for you.
-Have you told anyone else?
-Huh? No.
Don't walk away.
I'm talking to you!
-What is it?
-What it is?
My money and goods are gone.
You saw it all.
You're going with me, to explain.
Is Rodovan here?
Wait here.
He saw everything.
We got busted.
The goods and money are gone.
I'm sorry.
I'll give you a postponement.
You've known me for five years.
-The goods are gone.
-Five years, ten years, twenty...
The money comes here.
The money comes here!
Are you listening?
Look at me!
-You'll get your money.
-Good. Go!
He's got money here.
You owe me 50.
I need the money now.
Are you listening to me?
Pay up!
What the fuck?
He's a...
Where's the money?
In the bedroom!
Fucking cop...
Shut the fuck up!
What are you doing?
There wasn't any money there!
Where's the money?
-Now what do I do?
-I was trying to help!
This has nothing to do with me.
This has everything
to do with you!
-It's me. Makker.
-What is it?
-Can we talk?
I brought Milo.
-It busted open again.
You and Mike Tyson.
This is going to be nice, HP.
-Do you have a bowl for Milo?
-To the right.
I'll get you a drink, Milo.
Here's some water for you.
Here you go.
That girl from the hostel survived..
Let these guys get to you,
and you won't last an hour.
Don't hate them, don't help them.
Just do your job.
-I have to get that.
-Go ahead.
-It's Marco.
Rodovan wants his cash.
You'd better fucking fix this.
He wants to meet both of us.
He won't forget this.
You have to pay your part.
You should be very proud
for being where you are now.
My man!
-Is everything ok?
-Eh... Sure.
I'll see you on Monday.
Come on, Milo.
We need to find a lawn.
If his situation changes,
contact me. No one else.
Whatever you say.
In here.
-Can I borrow a pen?
-Don't be too long.
I've come to ask you who did this.
What are you going
to tell the police?
I couldn't...
I couldn't see anything.
-You didn't see anything?
-It all happened so fast.
-Do you want to file charges?
-Are you sure?
There is no money.
He punched out the Dane.
There was no money there.
I don't care about that.
We'll pay
if we get something in return.
-We need something in return.
We're losing a lot of money.
We need to be able to cover our loss.
Give us a share
of the next shipment.
You'll pay your debt
if you get more goods up front?
We get the chance to pay our debt.
And you make more.
Should I go talk to my boss?
Tell him you'll pay your debt
if you get more up front?
Are you serious?
It's a deal.
Rodovan's crazy.
If this goes to hell,
it's on you.
What are you doing here?
I was looking for you.
How did your dad know my name?
Where I lived?
Ask your mother.
-Has she said something?
-Forget it.
Don't listen to her.
She's an alcoholic.
What do you really know
about anything?
Stay away from dad and everything
will be fine. For me and for you.
Let me in.
This isn't a good time...
Has somebody been here
asking for me?
You haven't talked to
a guy named Frank?
Has something happened?
You never tell anyone
that I'm a cop, right?
-My identity's a secret.
-You've told me what to say.
Listen, the money comes here!
Listen to me!
-You will get your money.
He's a fucking cop!
He's back
Is everything ok?
The time off
didn't do you much good.
Too much partying.
Will you spot me?
You have to stay away from women!
It's going down.
Rodovan wants to meet us.
I don't know what he wants.
He just told us to hurry.
Take the batteries out
of your cell phones.
-Your friend can be trusted?
-I can vouch for him.
-He's a good guy.
He was in my daughter's class.
Then he moved.
Quite suddenly.
Did your military service
in Kikenes, right?
In Bod.
I just came back.
I'm trying to find a job.
This is just business for you?
You aren't using?
I'm just trying to cover that debt.
Make some money.
Pay the 50 you owe,
and you're in on the next shipment.
But these favors have a price.
So the grand total will be 80.
Payable in two days.
You have that kind of money?
You want me to push this shit
on my own, to make the deal?
I'm not pushing dope
on the street. No way.
What are you laughing at?
Then we can forget the whole deal.
You want two?
Yes, I've got some.
Look at that body.
She's so fine!
-She's got no tits.
-So what? She's fine.
-You jerk off thinking of her?
Jerk off thinking of her...
Me, her,
a bunch of little bastards...
I can take over
Frank's business.
Everything ok?
-It's boring in there!
Ok, bye.
-You owe me for 20.
-Next week.
-That won't do.
-Come on.
-No, it won't.
-Why not?
It just won't.
We have an urgent deal with Frank.
Take what you need.
We deliver tomorrow.
Mette, I didn't know Marco
was dealing with your dad.
-I didn't know you were.
-He doesn't know you know Marco.
You promised to stay away from dad.
-I didn't know about this.
-I'mm stopping your deal now.
Does your dad know
you're stealing money from Front?
I'm not stealing,
I'm giving myself some insurance.
I'd be stupid not to.
Forget it!
Look at this.
Look at that guy.
Come on, relax.
You aren't the only one
who hated school.
My dad was in jail.
That was fun...
How well did
mom and Frank know each other?
What's the story there?
We're not siblings,
if that's what you think.
I always knew
what your life was like.
You and I have always
been kind of similar.
No-one to support us.
Down the hall, to your right.
I guess I should go.
It's probably best.
Is it me you want?
Is that what you want?
Let me help you.
Is everything alright?
Have you been working all night?
-Will I get that time off?
-Move your feet.
November 10th to 15th.
Will that work?
-That should work fine.
-Go FC Bod/Glimt!
Come to daddy!
Shoot that dog!
That's my birthday cake.
What's your problem?
Are you sick? You look like shit.
Give that man some cake.
I want you to check out Front.
Rumor has it
Marco's selling all over town.
We'll take four cars, and go.
-Does anyone have Marco's address?
I have something else.
Front's owner has a record.
Frank Willy Hermansen.
Is he into drugs now?
Why use our time on Marco?
Shouldn't we focus on this first?
That's probably a good idea.
Let's hit Front.
-I don't have the money.
We're supposed to deliver now.
Why didn't you say anything?
-That's just the way it is.
The buyers didn't show up.
It's true! Go ahead and cry.
We have to put it off
until we sell this.
Dad didn't say anything.
He just came straight home to me.
Took all my financial statements.
I had to give him my keys.
I didn't know
the police had raided Front.
He's going through everything.
Is a lot missing?
Dad said...
He said I had the best view in town
from my bedroom.
One night -
- there was a man on the roof.
I saw his face through the window.
He was totally white, his eyes blank.
He looked at me.
I ran down to dad.
The man climbed
to the edge of the roof.
Dad kept shouting up at him.
Suddenly he jumped.
Then dad gave me a pill.
And I fell back to sleep.
Can I sleep here?
Without anything happening.
-Hi. Your phone is switched off.
-Sorry, I don't feel well.
Come on.
Marco is selling all over town.
-I'mll be right there.
-Let me in, HP.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you had a visitor.
I'm his boss.
Have to get him to work.
-What the fuck are you up to?
-I'mm just using her...
I never want to see her again.
-In a couple of hours...
-I don't want to hear it!
You do absolutely nothing.
You stay here.
I'll tell the guys you're sick.
Here's my share.
That's haIf.
The rest is on its way.
Your time's up.
I know.
But I need this deal.
You'll get the rest afterwards.
You don't have any money.
That won't work.
Step back.
So you're a big boy now.
A big idiot?
-Can't exactly say I'm surprised.
-How's that?
I recognize it.
It's in your blood.
You have until 6 o'clock.
Step back.
Hans Petter?
Is everything all right?
You don't look well.
You want some water?
Do you have any juice?
Stay a while.
I'll cook dinner.
What does Frank Hermansen
know about me?
He says I have something in my blood.
Don't listen to him.
They're criminals.
-Mom... Don't walk away
while I'm talking to you!
He's only trying to fool you!
What is it I don't know?
He knew your dad!
He and Frank were partners once.
He ran out on us.
You knew this the whole time?
-He wasn't allowed to see you!
-God damn you!
You cunt!
-We're 2000 short.
-We have until six.
Frank is meeting us
at Bjerke racetrack.
Give me all your cash.
Come on, you owe me.
I don't give a fuck!
You have any cash?
You psycho.
Learn to pay your debts.
Have you guys seen Marco?
Get him!
-What the hell are you doing?
-Let him go!
-Son of a bitch...
-What are you doing?
Are you a complete idiot?
Are you a complete moron?
The shipment is due today.
I just have to pay.
-You think you can fuck around solo?
-He couldn't know who I was.
Hansen is suspended from duty,
effective immediately.
Internal Affairs will be notified.
They will question you.
I'll take over.
Take this.
-What's going on?
-What do you mean?
Don't you get it?
I have a plan for you.
You're supposed
to take over after me!
You're my man, for fuck sake!
And this will all pan out
the way I want!
Come here and sit down.
Ok, HP...
You stay here for a while.
We'll talk later, ok?
We four are a team. We never
give up on each other. Never!
It feels better already, doesn't it?
Is he here?
Would you believe it?
I won!
Son of a bitch!
I won!
-Did I win?
-Yes, you did!
I won!
Sit down, my boy.
Now everything is hunky dory.
You may have known my dad,
but you know nothing about me.
Like him, you're hard to stop.
You double your bets,
with no idea where you're going.
-You don't know shit about anything.
-Let bygones be bygones.
He was fun, but he tore down
everything around him.
Have you two broken the ice?
She's all that will be left after me.
That's what counts.
Everything decays around me.
It becomes empty.
But her name isn't on anything.
She's clean.
So tell me what she's up to.
What do you mean?
Tell me what she's up to,
or no deal.
He's coming.
She just wants some insurance.
She embezzles small amounts
from Front.
Go to the delivery gate
at Scan Shipping tomorrow at 4:00.
The price is 300,000 per kilo.
You get two up front.
Pay me next week.
That's enough time to sell it.
We did it!
Yeah, we did it...
It's going down tomorrow.
Scan Shipping. 4 o'clock.
-Come back. Then we can talk.
-I can't.
It's at least 5 kilos.
Send the Delta team.
I don't know
if that's still possible.
Not anymore.
It has to be.
Just call it an anonymous source.
Give me one last chance.
-Come on.
One last chance, and I'll come back.
One last chance.
And then it's over.
Yes, then it's over.
Hans Petter, it's your mom.
Are you conscious?
Can you hear me, Wenche?
Are you there?
We'll contact you
once she's stabilized.
-Don't bother.
-You're her only next of kin.
I don't want to know anything.
What's your problem?
She's your mother!
You know nothing about her.
-I don't give a damn.
-It was your father that jumped!
It was your father.
She's only tried to help you.
Don't touch me.
What could I have said?
That your father, who you
never knew, killed himself?
Good night.
I love you, Mette...
It's only on rare occasions.
When she asks for it.
Why do you do it?
It's better that way.
Then I'm in control.
I can make her quit any time.
I know that.
We're on our way.
Frank's running late.
He wanted us to pick him up.
Fuck it...
-What's up, Frank?
-I need help to carry something.
It will only take a few minutes.
What's going on, Frank?
You sit down there.
And you sit there.
Now everyone is present.
I went through Front's accounts.
We're 500,000 short.
They aren't finished.
Many people still owe me money!
What do you do with the money?
-This has nothing to do with us.
-You used it all up partying.
I'm just curious.
What are you three up to?
Dad, please stop.
Why is she stealing money from me?
It sure got quiet in here.
-Hew, Jew nigger, say something.
-We have nothing to do with this.
You darkies never
do anything wrong!
Stop it, Frank!
You want me to stop?
You little rat!
Know where you were just sitting?
Where your father sat when he won
the biggest jackpot I ever saw.
And do you know what he did?
Didn't say a word.
Didn't even smile.
Want me to tell you why?
Pay attention, and I'll tell you.
Because he knew it wouldn't help.
He'd fuck up anyway.
There you are.
Crawling on my floor. Just like him.
I shoot smack!
-I don't believe you.
-That's where your money goes.
I love your drugs.
Love them. I can't help it.
That's your little girl.
-I chose to.
-You might as well kill yourself!
Get it over with.
That's how you do it.
Come on.
Just pull the trigger.
Just pull the triger!
Can't do it?
Think it's too hard?
Why can't you do this?
It isn't that easy, is it?
Isn't that easy to ruin everything
for me. Because you're rotten.
Rotten to the core!
As rotten as everything else here.
She just shot him.
Come on!
Roll him over.
Hold his legs together.
That won't work.
You need chlorine
and rubbing alcohol.
Take her car and drive home.
We'll meet down there.
We have to go, right now.
We have to go now.
Dad said...
If something ever happened,
I was supposed to burn this.
Rodovan can't touch me
as long as I've got those books.
Everything is in there.
They'll probably pay
a lot of money for them...
Mette, here...
Want me to take care of the books?
That would be safer.
You can't keep them here.
Give them to me.
I'll hide them.
Give them to me.
I'll keep them safe.
Go in and stay there.
Wait until I come back.
Are you ok?
I'll be back soon.
Don't you know
whose team you're on?
Or do you like them better?
-Let me talk to Makker.
-He sent us, HP.
What did you think?
That you could bluff your way
into being straight?
Once a scumbag, always a scumbag!
Get it?
-I've got nothing!
-Easy, HP.
The problem is in your genes!
Please, HP.
Help us!
We are your friends.
Had time to think?
Will you let me in?
You said you would come right away.
Where have you been?
Mette, you have to trust me.
I'm here now.
It's just you and me left.
Let me in, please.
What will you do now?
I just want this to be over with.
I can't bear being alone anymore...
I'm here now.
Lay down!
Poland, Latvia...
We'll strike simultaneously.
Germany, Poland...
These go straight into custody.
You'll be questioned tomorrow.
Go home. Take a shower.
He was looking forward
to having a kid.
But when you were born...
He couldn't deal with it.
I don't think he could have done
anything about it.
I was so afraid
you would end up like him.
So afraid...
You either ruin everything...
Or you become great.
I don't know what to do.
Did it go all right?
Is everything ok?
I shot Frank Hermansen.
What are you saying?
That's a lie and you know it.
Go in and tell them the truth!
I assaulted Mikael Olsen,
dealt, snorted...
Shut up!
-I'mll serve my time.
-Your time?
You'll get five years, at least!
-It's my only option.
This is how it has to be.
Hansen, you have a visitor.
Arnstein Friling/ick Norris