Uru (2017) Movie Script

Mr. Jeevan.
Excuse me sir. He
is calling you.
Come in Jeevan.
Have a seat.
I was expecting you.
Damn! That was an awesome novel!
The emotions in your writing are
so real! You have proved yourself!
I was touched.
How old are you?
I am 28 years old sir.
So, a young writer?
Good. Good.
Him first.
Have some tea.
Your age doesn't reflect
your experience.
Such a wonderful creativity.
Your work lives up to your name,
i.e, Jeevan (Meaning: Life)!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you sir.
Congratulations Jeevan.
So, I hear that you are
the next award winner?
Remember, the publishing
rights are mine.
Sounds good?
13 bundles of your
novel are unsold.
Jeevan, your stories
are outdated.
Think of something better.
We need sales to rocket
like it used to.
What are you looking at?
Get lost!
Jeevan, do you get
what I am saying?
How do you expect the cliched family
sentiment novels to make business?
We are in the 'Operation
Nova' times...
Get me an excellent horror
story or an anti-hero story.
Or at least write
an erotic novel!
That is the current trend!
Sir, let me explain.
Try to understand what
I have to say Jeevan.
Enough of your explanation.
My time is quite valuable.
So if you want me to pay attention
then get me something valuable.
You may leave now.
Excuse me.
A coffee and a cigarette please.
NEWS ON TV: A psycho killer
wreaks havoc in Dindugal.
NEWS ON TV: Creates chaos
among the locals there.
NEWS ON TV: Who is this mystery man?
Even after 3 months,
still poses a threat and challenge
to the police department?
NEWS ON TV: Does this serial
killer have a threshold point?
When will the killing stop. More
on that after a small break.
here you go.
So, what happened at the
publisher's office?
Tell me. What happened?
It seems that I am outdated.
All my novels are...
unsold, says the publisher.
But ok, no problem.
Nothing to worry.
I'll take care of it.
No Jeeva!
It is a problem.
It won't workout.
It's been a week past the deadline
of two years you requested for.
I can't be patient anymore.
Over that, there is too much
pressure from my family.
They want to know when we are
planning to have a child.
Don't you think I too want it?
We must start a proper
family life soon.
And for that, you must
be in a good job Jeeva.
Forget all this art,
writing and creativity...
and start looking for a job that
suits your qualification. Please!
We can't run a family with
my income alone Jeeva.
Start being responsible.
Stop blaming others and...
I suggest you better
find a suitable job.
Do you understand?
Jeeva, I am talking to you!
VOICE ON TV: A snakes
eyes aren't very good...
VOICE ON TV: but they can detect movement.
VOICE ON TV: So if the
hatchling keeps its nerve...
VOICE ON TV: it may
just avoid detection.
(Voice on TV continues.)
2 packs of cigarettes please.
So, everything is packed up.
Come on, cut me some slack.
Didn't you hear me? Can't
you see it's closing hours.
Will you pay the fine
if the cops turn up?
You guys! Now leave!
Damn it! They don't get a
better time to show up!
can I borrow a cigarette?
I'll pay up.
Come here.
Looking for cigarette?
Do you have?
Please don't smoke.
Smoking is injurious.
Smoke and you shall...
Got it?
I am only drinking.
You want drink?
No? Ok!
Head to the beach.
You will find an oldie
selling buttermilk there.
He will be having.
Go buy it from him.
45 - 90 ml.... Whoa!
I gave him a crystal
clear solution...
and not even a thank you!
Manners-less boy!
The buttermilk vendor?
Go further, youll find him.
can I borrow a cigarette?
Whoa! I am not used to this.
Give me a cigarette.
This is same like how you
began with cigarettes.
You weren't used to it either.
Try it out and it'll be a bliss!
Come on bro!
Only if you smoke
it you'll know.
Psycho killer!
An anti-hero story...
This writing! Writing!
Get me something valuable.
Art...forget all these!
Leave now. Get me
an anti-hero story.
A job that suits
your qualification!
It seems that I am outdated.
Look for a job.
Look for a job.
Good morning.
You better leave!
I am furious with you!
Come on! What is my fault?
What is your fault?
Now that you are
up, here you go.
Have this coffee.
Fine. I'm sorry.
It was indeed my fault.
Don't you understand my
situation very well?
I expected at least
you to support me.
You too hurt my feelings.
I too shouldn't have
reacted like that.
If you are willing
to forgive me...
then here, have this world-
famous coffee that I've made.
I would have rather kept
arguing with you instead.
Well, I am not surprised.
I've got something
important to tell.
So until I'm done talking just drink
your coffee and do not interrupt me.
You have waited 2 years...
so please extend it a bit and
allow me 2 more months' time.
Everything will be
back to normal.
I am hooked on to an
exciting thriller subject.
The only emotion that
is always in trend...
That's what my story
is all about.
I will meet the publisher today, explain
him the concept and get an approval.
If I don't succeed...
then as you said...
the 62nd day...
I'll be in a job of your liking.
Sounds good?
You sound very confident
after so long.
All the best.
Thank you.
The two months' extension that you asked
for starts right from this second.
Keep that in mind.
Yes Jeevan?
So, any breakthrough on
how to sell your novels?
Nope but I am here with an idea
to make your time valuable.
Didn't you ask for an
anti-hero subject?
I've portrayed a full-fledged
villain as a hero.
A story about an individual who envisions
murder as an art instead of crime.
I'm going to show how
he views this world.
The concept sounds fresh.
I suggest you get
started with it.
Thank you sir.
I'm planning on leaving to
Meghamalai tomorrow morning.
I'm going there to
finish my story.
I'm taking Romeo and
Juliet with me.
Where are you going to stay?
At Kathir's guest house.
That's where I'll
have some privacy.
You take decisions
at your own will.
Come back soon.
Or else I'll come over there.
One more condition.
Make sure you attend my calls.
Would that be all or do you
have anymore conditions?
Nothing more.
Leave. Take a hike!
So about this story of yours...
What's the title?
( Shape of fear)
Jeevan sir?
Jeevan sir?
Yeah, that's me.
Greetings sir.
I am Jothi.
Kathir sir informed
me that you are here.
I've brought you food.
Please come in.
How long have you
been working here?
I've been working under
Kathir sir for 8 years now.
I work at his tea estate.
Whenever Kathir sir and his friends
visit, I arrange food for them.
you must be well-versed
with this place.
Is there any quiet and
calm place nearby?
Sir, there are only two
houses in this whole place.
One, Kathir sir's house.
The other one is the
neighboring government quarters.
Then there are few huts.
The laborers at the tea
estate come to work
from the village at
the base of the hill.
Sir, there is a place
just like you asked for.
It's called 'Kazhugu Paarai.'
It is located 20 miles
away, toward south..
It's deep inside the forest.
With falls all around,
it's quite beautiful.
Why is there no mobile
range at all here?
Sir, this is indeed
a bit out of range.
You will get some mobile signal over
there at the government quarters.
So tell me...
It's been two days since I arrived,
but you never turned up.
Sir, I had been to my native.
I returned today after one week.
Sir, what would you
prefer for breakfast?
Nothing. Thanks.
I'll set out early
in the morning.
- Post that, I'll be busy with my work.
- Ok sir.
come back after couple of days.
Ok sir.
What did you say that
place is called?
Kazhugu Paarai.
Oh! It's you Mr. Jeevan.
A car was spotted
getting into the woods.
Everyone at the check post were
concerned that it didn't return.
Which is why I am here to check.
Fine, what are you doing here?
Well, I came here to get some
privacy so that I could write.
Fine, forget it. You
must be careful.
Come, let's go.
What is it?
Why do you look tensed?
Well, that?
Something has punctured my car tyre,
the roads are bad here. Something
must have pierced through.
No way.
This looks very fresh.
I have a doubt.
Is there anyone here except us?
There is no one in 10 km radius,
except for the three of us.
This is reserved forest area.
Some wild boar
must have done it.
Now come on. Let's go.
No way. This doesn't look
like a wild boar's job.
You heard me!
We have been here for
years now and we know!
You are already an offender,
having stepped into this forest.
Got it?
Come on sir.
You! Get the car
fixed and return.
Sir, hand me your
car keys please.
You! Here you go.
What is it Jeevan sir?
You still look tensed.
Nothing like that.
By the way, who was that fellow?
What's with his creepy
way of looking?
He cannot speak.
He belongs to the local tribe.
He takes care of petty
jobs for us and...
keeps wandering around.
A very honest and
genuine fellow.
Even better than us.
How do you know Kathir?
He often visits the forest.
I guide him around.
In the process...
we became good friends.
6 years of friendship.
My booth is nearby.
I'll walk my way to it.
You take the jeep.
It's ok sir. You
don't have to do it.
This is actually Mr. Kathir's jeep. I am
driving it just to keep it from rusting.
Cars don't work well
in such forests.
You may use this. Return
it to me when you leave.
Come on now. See you.
What's going on here?
I am your wife!
And it's been 3 days
since you spoke to me.
Writing might be your passion but...
you are more important to me!
Won't you pay heed to me at all?
Have you noticed, how
much you have changed?
Do whatever you want
with your life.
But do not forget that
we have a life together.
Stop it now! What life
are you talking about?
We must create our own life!
Look Jeni! I have just started
to find a rhythm to my story.
I don't want to miss it.
You could've killed
me yesterday!
Nothing more to talk.
I hate the very
look of this place.
So you better start.
Look here.
I don't even mind if
you are idle at home.
Listen to me.
Ain't I earning? I
will take care of you.
I gave it a good thought.
Like you said...
let's return to our home today.
You get ready. I
will pack my things.
Did you see my mobile?
You misplace it and then ask me!
How would I know?
Where's Juliet?
She must be somewhere around.
Why don't you look for her?
Yes! I forgot my phone at the
place where I went yesterday.
It has all the
important contacts.
I'll go get it. You be ready by then.
Sounds good?
I'll be back soon.
Be safe.
I am Pooja.
We live nearby.
Heard that someone had
come to stay here.
Earlier, I came here twice.
But the house was locked.
It was today morning
I noticed you.
I thought I will just drop in
and invite you for a coffee.
Please come in.
This dress suits
you really well.
Thank you.
Where are you from?
Basically from Kambam
which is nearby.
But settled down in Chennai.
How long have you been pregnant?
Six months.
My husband works here
as the dam supervisor.
He leaves in the morning and
only returns by midnight.
Since there is no one
to take care of me...
I've asked my mom to
come down for help.
Have you come here
all by yourself?
What about your husband?
He is here. He has stepped out.
He will be back soon.
Ok. Fine.
Really glad to have met you.
Please do come to our house sometime.
Bring your husband too.
Ok. Sure.
You won't find
mobile range here.
You will get some signal at our house
and we've got a landline phone too.
Please feel free to come down
if there is any emergency.
- Thank you.
- See you.
Thank you.
What took you so long?
Sir, your car is repaired.
I've sent the keys with the
person carrying this letter.
- Thomas (Forest guard)
Ok. Thanks.
Just a minute.
You are heading back to
the forest guard right?
I'll also join.
Sir, lift please.
Sir, lift please. Sir, lift.
Sir, lift please.
Mam! Mam!
Mam. Excuse me mam.
My vehicle broke down. I've
been stranded here for 3 hours.
No one is around to help.
Can you please help me mam?
Please madam. Please.
- Fine. Get in.
- Thank you mam.
Madam, who are you?
I am Mr. Jeevan's wife.
What is it madam?
He left to the place he had been to
yesterday, in search of his mobile.
It's been 3 hours
and he is not back yet.
I am worried.
Don't be worried madam. Place he went
yesterday? That's Kazhugu Paarai.
I'll go check. You leave. Don't worry.
- Well...
- I'll take care of it madam.
Ok sir. Thank you.
There is too much mist.
Please drive carefully.
Who is he?
He was stranded on the way as his vehicle
broke down. So I gave him a lift.
I'll take care of it madam.
You may leave.
Oh. Fine. Thank you.
Please come.
- Ok madam. Drive carefully.
- Ok sir.
Where are you Jeni?
I've been trying to reach
you since morning.
I am at Meghamalai.
Why are you there?
Jeeva is here to write his novel.
I came down to see him.
He just won't change!
Can't he do something
better with his life?
You are being too
liberal towards him.
If this goes on, then remember
it'll put your life in jeopardy.
Joseph please!
That is not the
problem right now.
What happened?
Jeeva hasn't returned
home since morning!
I am worried.
Can you please come down.
Where did he go?
You stay safe. I will
start right away.
- Also, Jeni...
- Hello?
- Don't step outside. Stay inside.
I'll be there in 2
hours. - I can't hear you.
Your voice is breaking.
- Hello, dear brother?
- Hello?
- Jeni?
- Do you hear me?
- Hello?
- Jeni, can you hear me?
Hello? Hello?
Save me!
Five hours.
The time that I am allotting you...
Five hours.
It won't take me long to
break into the house.
I can easily rat you
out and kill you.
But I wanna watch
you cry in pain.
And I want to enjoy
every bit of it.
And during these five hours
we are going to play a game.
But sharp at 12...
I'll be inside.
And you will be dead!
Just like your Jeeva.
So, save yourself...
or kill yourself.
The game...
Why did you kill Jeeva?
What do you want?!
Who are you?!
Please spare me.
I want to see Jeeva.
my life is all that you want...
then please allow me to
see Jeeva once. Please!
You may kill me after that.
For heaven's sake! What do you want?!
Just say it already!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh my god!
Help me!
Jeeva! Wake up Jeeva!
Jeeva! Wake up!
Jeeva! Please wake up!
Jeeva! Jeeva!
What is happening around us Jeeva?
Who is he?
Why does he want to kill us?
I am confused Jeeva.
I am sorry Jeni.
I am the reason behind all this.
The imaginary psycho killer,
whom I made up in my story...
has come to life and is
here in front of us.
Stop blabbering!
How is this even possible?
That is what even I
don't understand.
He is a gamer Jeni.
He toys with everyone
before killing them.
He allots the victim a
time and tortures them.
He tries to push them to
the brink of suicide.
Such a character has
come to life...
and I promise you, I
don't know how Jeni!
Then why did he kill everyone I met?
The neighbor girl.
The guy whom I helped.
He killed all of them.
He says that I am
his next target.
How do you explain that?
This is not the time
to discuss all this.
We must first escape from here.
All I am worried about
is that he must...
not harm you.
A life that you wished for...
is something you must
live, with or without me!
No Jeeva! I won't leave you.
Tell me, how do we
escape from here?
There must be some way.
Don't you worry, I am here.
Yes Jeeva.
There is a way.
I am sorry.
I thought you would never find.
A life that you wished for...
is something you must
live, with or without me!
No Jeeva! I won't leave you.
Tell me, how do we
escape from here?
Tell me...
Who are you?!
There is a way.
I am sorry.
Now the game is interesting!
This minute...
you live your life.
The third person lives his life.
The second person
too lives his life.
But in order to live life like
everyone at the very same time...
one has to be a writer, for only
a writer could live that way.
These are the first verses
from my first book.
But the ecstasy of living
someone else's life...
cannot be found
in anything else.
I began to think like him and
a day arrived where I became
him and I took up his form.
And now he has
completely taken over me.
There is no turning back.
The game...
Jeni had called me. She
was looking for you.
Where were you?
I had some work.
My vehicle got punctured;
hence, I was late.
So nothing to worry.
Why are you here at this odd hour?
Where is Jeni?
Traveling tiredness.
She was feeling feverish. She just
took some pills and went to bed.
Fine, I'll just check
on her and leave.
I'll be taking her to the hospital in
the morning. You may meet her there.
Don't worry. I won't disturb her.
So, did you change your mind
about going for a job?
Or are you going to continue writing
this 'good-for-nothing' novel?
Brother, he is
trying to kill me!
Oh my!
You won't find
mobile range here.
You will get some signal at our house
and we have got a landline phone too.
Please feel free to come down
if there is any emergency.
Anybody there?!
Help! Help please! Help!
Help! Help!
Please open the door!
Please! Open the door!
Open the door! I plead you!
Madam, what happened?
Let's not go here. Please sir.
Let's leave.
- I am scared.
- Don't be scared madam.
- Sir, please no.
- Don't be scared. I am here.
I'll go check inside.
You stay right here.
- I'll take care of it madam.
- Please sir..
You just stay put in the vehicle.
Please don't go sir.
This is not the Jeeva I know.
You are not my Jeeva.
Didn't I ask you to
stay put in the jeep?
What is it Jeevan sir?
Can't you stay alert and...
execute a task properly?
If she had escaped, both of
us would have been in soup.
If someone else had seen
this instead of me...
all your plan would have
gone down the drain.
Make sure you do your
work quietly and safely.
I hope you get it.
Handle things carefully.
There is no way I am going
to escape from him.
I am bleeding real bad.
If this continues...
I'll be dead in sometime.
If I try to escape...
he will kill me for sure.
He said he will get inside.
And there is only
half an hour to go.
There is no way I can escape from him.
I can defeat him
and be victorious!
And there is only one
thing I gotta do for it!
I must let him inside!
I can't escape from here.
I already knew that fact.
I am not afraid to die.
when I die...
I will take you along with me.
Now, I give you the permission...
to kill me.
Bon voyage!
Nisha calm down.
Calm down Nisha.
Nisha calm down.
This here is Nisha. She was
admitted here 2 years ago.
She is an ardent novel writer.
In fact a very good one.
She has received many
awards and accolades.
But unfortunately her stories
started becoming cliched.
And so she lost her market.
So she moved away from
her usual style and
planned to write a
psychological thriller.
She was almost done writing her story...
but as she reached the climax...
she was under a lot of stress
due to thinking too hard.
So because of irregular
sleep cycles and not
enough sleep, she
descended into insomnia.
After sometime she started using pills
and drugs to tackle the stress.
And at a point the tablets
and her stress...
So she got admitted here as a
delusional disorder patient.
Patients with such
disorders are not only
found here but also
in foreign countries.
Well, in fact there are couple of
similar cases in our hospital itself.
I'll show you.
One of the cases was a success.
This patient's name is Karthika.
Another case, which
is a failure.
This patient's name is Kiran.
But unfortunately he is no more.
He killed himself.
Delusional disorder is...
where one cannot differentiate
between reality and illusion.
They tend to imagine
things as illusion when
actually it is for
real and vice versa.
I've been studying Ms. Nisha
for around 1.5 years now.
Catch hold of her!
Nisha! Calm down Nisha!
Injection! Now!
Nisha calm down.
Nisha calm down.
take her to her room.
So where was I?
Delusional disorder sir.
She continues to live as Jeni, a
character she had made up in her novel.
One more interesting
fact of this case is...
she assumes the people she
sees or meets regularly
in this hospital to be the
characters in her novel.
Not only that.
A novel without a proper climax keeps
making a loop in her mind everyday.
Doctor, what is that story about?
As far as I've analyzed,
it's about a writer.
A mentally unstable writer
who tries to kill his wife.
Something like that.
Do you have any idea who she visualizes
as her husband in the novel?
Nope. I couldn't find that.
So any other doubts?
I'm not surprised.
Oh sorry doctor. Please continue.
I shall wait.
It's ok doctor. The class is over.
Note down your doubts and I'll
answer them in the next session.
Why do you keep calling
when I cut the call?
I am here at the hospital.
Come to room #102.
Excuse me. Make sure you only
feed gruel to the patient in 201.
Ok sir.
- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
The new nurse, Geetha,
man she is a hottie.
I hear that she is
Dr. Rajesekar's mistress.
Is it? Damn it!
How many times have I warned you
about smoking inside the campus.
- Idiots!
- Sorry sir.
Get lost!
Why do you keep calling
when I cut the call?
Why are you here
all of a sudden?
You go outside and wait.
Close the door on your way out.
How many times have I told you?
Don't deal this in here!
It'll become an issue
if someone finds out!
I have taken my share.
This is your share.
I was asked
to hand it over.
Make sure he stays mentally unstable.
And when I say, finish him off.
If he becomes normal then he would
be a threat to a lot of big shots.
Got it?
patient Nisha has fainted.
Can you please come.
Ok. Keep going. I'll come.
It's an important case. I'm leaving now.
I'll call you.
Go get me the BP apparatus.
Nisha are you alright?
Nisha answer me.
Jeni are you alright?
The game...