Us or Them (2023) Movie Script

[Media SKN West Indies
introductory theme music]
[Highfield Grange Studios
introductory theme music]
[soft music playing]
[Dean grunting in pain]
[Dean breathing heavily]
[Josh grunting]
[tongue thuds]
-[cries in pain]
[spits blood]
-[coughing blood]
THE OFFICIATOR: The next round's
for ten million dollars.
-No. Please no more.
Please just stop.
THE OFFICIATOR: You're gonna
have to speak up, Josh.
It's really hard
to understand you.
Ah. Tell me.
[Josh mumbles]
Let's skip the discussion
stage, shall we?
See what your family members
have to say.
THE OFFICIATOR: So, you all know
the rules by now.
Everybody loses another eye,
or you save yourself
and your loved one
and kill your friend's
family member instead.
But if you both choose blue,
both your family members die.
Anything you'd like to add?
-It's okay, Josh.
Just choose red and
let's all walk out of here
THE OFFICIATOR: That's time.
How dull.
-Dean, fucker.
I'm your blood.
Press blue.
Don't [indistinct] me.
THE OFFICIATOR: Saving yourself;
a man after my own heart.
Gentleman, time to
make your decision.
[suspenseful music playing]
[birds chirping]
[Dean's family member panting]
[button alarm sounding]
[suspenseful music playing]
[button alarm sounding]
choices in three, two, one.
[light bulb buzzes]
No! [cries]
[Dean cries]
-[Josh cries]
-Oh, God. No.
No, you fucking bitch!
You fucking bitch.
[gun fired]
-[waves crashing]
-[seagulls calling]
[gentle music playing]
[distant siren wailing]
[gentle music continues]
-Nine-hour flight
just so you lot can stare
at your phone some more.
You might as well have
stayed in England.
-I thought you said
no work?
-I'm not.
-So who are you messaging?
-Kate, come on.
I'm just trying to find some
decent places
for us to eat.
-You're just
like your mother.
She used to pre-plan ahead
whenever I took you boys
on holiday as kids.
Remember those itineraries
she used to print out?
HENRY: Could this hotel
be any further away
from the airport?
Feel like I've been
on this bus my entire life.
-All right, bruv.
I win us a holiday,
and you're still complaining.
Feel free to get off the bus.
-Even if
I was an afterthought.
-You know,
my mum always used to say
those games ruin your life.
Well, we're on our way
to a five-star villa
because of this game so
your mum can fuck off.
-Oh, my god.
You're [indistinct].
[bus engine revving]
[birds chirping]
[somber music playing]
-"To our competition winner:
"We would like to invite you
"and a member of your party
of your choosing
"to attend a special meeting
tomorrow at 12.
"We do hope you can make it.
"Kind regards from everyone
at Devrow Games.
Enjoy your stay."
All right, then.
-So how long
till it comes in?
-The money? Not long.
Like two, three months maybe.
-But you already
have the other investor
on board, right?
Yeah, we just need to
sign off on the paperwork
and then they'll
release the money.
I look forward to
being spoilt
when that comes in.
KATE: You can't expect me
to just be okay
after what happened.
ANDY: We have to at least try.
KATE: I'm here, aren't I?
ANDY: But what good is that if
you're going to give me
the cold shoulder
all the time?
KATE: Maybe I should go
sleeping around
with someone at work?
Help me get over it!
ANDY: Hey.
Talk about a mood killer.
Before I forget, we need to
look at the spa menu.
They said
they get really busy
so we should
book something.
-Yeah. Fine.
[footsteps receding]
-How long was he cheating?
-Oh, I've got no idea.
-Did you know her?
-Uh, yeah. I met her
a couple of times.
-Did Kate know her?
-I don't know.
But I mean, he's sorry
and it's over now.
I don't know why we all
keep talking about it.
he got caught more like.
How long have they
been together?
-Him and Kate?
Long time.
Um, nine, ten years maybe.
Just proves you never
really know someone.
Did she want kids with him?
-I don't know.
-My mum
always used to say,
"You want to keep a man
on your side,
tell him you want
his babies."
-Is that right? Well...
HEATHER: [laughs] Uh...
[mouths] No.
[birds chirping]
[claps hands]
[birds chirping]
[door opens, closes]
[soft music playing]
ANDY: Don't you need those?
-I just...
-I just want to feel
something for a change.
-Tell me what I can do.
-I just don't trust
anything you say anymore.
-I deserve that....
Look at me.
I will never lie to you again.
[soft music continues]
[crickets chirping]
[distant bird calling]
[distant waves crashing]
-So, we heard
you guys arguing yesterday.
-Oh, wow.
Erm, sorry about that.
I guess we're going
through some stuff.
-They are all the same.
Well, except for Jude.
-Oh, yes.
Jude is definitely
one of a kind.
-How long have you
and him been together now?
coming up to
four months now I think.
JUDE: Look at it...
ANDY: Yeah. Something else.
You know what
the best part is?
It's all for fucking free.
-ANDY[beers clink]hat.
-Mm. Oh, mate.
I really like Heather.
I know I say it every time but
she's so chill.
And, mate, the sex...
-Dude. fucking disgusting.
I'm happy for you.
I mean it.
JUDE: Thanks, man.
Mm. Look, with you and Kate.
Just so you know, if you
want to talk, I'm here.
That's what I'm gonna say.
-Thanks, man.
But I get it
from her perspective.
-Yeah, I mean,
you did the crime.
-I'm definitely
doing the time.
-[Jude laughs]
Where's your dad, by the way?
-Uh, he's probably reading
in the shade somewhere,
knowing him.
Listen, I didn't get a chance
to say thank you properly.
-JUDE: Mm.
-For inviting him, I mean.
Since Mum died, it's been,'s been tough.
-Yeah, I get it.
Look, man, no worries.
I was happy to do it.
They're like family to me.
Unfortunately, so is he.
ANDY: Oh, what the fuck.
JUDE: Ugh...
what a dick.
-I'm surprised
you invited him.
-Yeah, well,
I kind of owed him.
He lent me money last year
and I'm still waiting for
everything to come through
with the business, so.
-But I thought
you had investors.
-Oh yeah.
No, no, that was nothing
to do with the company.
That's a whole other thing
in and of itself.
-You're not gambling
again, are you?
-How much do you owe him?
-Nine grand.
-[Andy scoffs]
-Hey, look.
Do me a favor.
Don't mention anything
to Heather.
We're not at that point
where I'm quite comfortable
letting her know
about my finances yet.
-I know everyone
thinks that I'm a gold digger.
-That's not true.
His brother literally
said it to me on the plane.
-Oh, wow. Ugh.
Well, Henry is...
-A dick.
I don't care.
I've never really felt like
this about a guy before.
And I know he is not perfect,
I kind of think he could be.
You know, like a fixer-upper.
-Well, I guess
it's true what they say.
There really is someone
out there for everyone.
[birds chirping]
-Look-- look.
I'm sorry, I can't help out.
If Kate decides to divorce me,
then I'm gonna--
JUDE: Mate, she's not
gonna divorce you.
-You think?
You've been together
since college.
She loves you.
You just need to give her time
to calm down.
Trust me.
-Love you, man.
[beer mugs clink]
-I love you too.
-[Andy laughs]
-All right, hurry up.
We've got a meeting to get to.
-ANDY: A meeting?
Company I won the holiday off
left a note in my room
to attend a secret meeting.
You're coming with.
-What do they want?
-Give me a prize
for awesomeness probably.
-[Andy laughs]
-That's what I reckon.
Come on.
-ANDY: Mm.
Then let's hit
that prize of awesomeness.
[breeze blowing]
[bus engine revving]
[birds calling]
[animal howling]
[intense music playing]
[birds chirping]
JUDE: Yeah. [indistinct].
-JUDE: Hi.
-Oh, please sit down.
Sit. [laughs]
Well, you're even more
handsome in person.
And you are?
-I'm Andy.
JUDE: Sorry, this is my mate.
-Andy, lovely to meet you.
Please, these are for you.
-Thank you.
Thank you for joining us today.
JUDE: No worries.
I mean, you paid for it.
-Well, you earned it.
-Mm. I'm sorry, you are?
-My apologies.
I'm an Officiator for the app
that Jude has been playing.
And I'd like to say
how impressed we are
with your performance, Jude.
Which is why
we've asked you here today.
We'd like to offer you
the opportunity to level up
in an exclusive game
played here in person
for the pleasure
of our top-tier patrons.
Except this time, you'll need
a partner to play with.
-Well, hold on.
There's a level up
from winning a holiday?
-You'll be in line
to take home 20 million dollars.
-[scoffs] I'm sorry,
did you just say 20--?
-Well, fuck me. [laughs]
-She's messing with us.
You're messing with us, right?
-I mean,
well, we are a gaming company.
That's what we do.
We mess with people.
-[Jude laughs]
Uh, what do we have to do?
-It's basically the same
as the games on the app,
except this time,
it'd be live for our patrons.
-And we both play?
-You both play.
but what's the catch?
-Smart man.
Yes, there's always a catch,
isn't there?
Such is life.
We want to make sure
that once you start playing,
you finish the game.
So, we ask that you be
bound to the table.
-What does that mean?
Like handcuffed?
-Sort of.
It's just a technicality,
You know, our investors
put a lot on the line
to make all of this happen,
so we can't start the game
unless we're sure
you're gonna see it through.
-No, no, no, no, no.
Fuck that.
-Whoa, whoa, no, no.
Hold on. Hold on.
Hold on. Yeah, sorry.
We're-- we're interested.
We are.
Uh, yeah.
No, we just need to
iron out the details.
you're my manager?
-Mate, calm down.
It's fine.
THE OFFICIATOR: How about this?
We give you the first round
relatively risk-free.
And if after that,
you don't wish to continue,
you can leave the table
and walk away.
-When would we play?
Some of my crew members
would come pick you up at nine.
-Kate wants to do
a hike tomorrow.
-Mate, it's
20 million dollars.
Buy her a mountain.
She can hike whenever.
Come on.
-It's risk-free.
-ANDY: Yes.
-Yeah, big man. Yeah.
My producers will be so happy.
-[chuckles] [sighs]
We are so excited to see
what you bring to the table.
-Thank you.
-Kate is gonna kill me.
-No, she's not, mate,
'cause you're gonna be
a millionaire.
A millionaire!
[laughs] Mwah.
Yes, yes, yes.
[exhales] She was quite hot.
By the way,
I'm gonna drink yours.
[crickets chirping]
[bird calling]
[wind blowing wildly]
[tense music playing]
ANDY: Where'd you come from?
Sure you don't want a drink?
ANDY: I'm sure.
JUDE: Calm your nerves.
[tense music playing]
How'd you--?
Guess I wasn't
supposed to drink that then.
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful drum beating]
Good morning, gentlemen.
JUDE: Morning.
-I'm glad
to see that neither of you
had a change of heart
during the night.
-No chance.
-And you?
-If he's happy,
I'm happy.
Spoken like a true friend.
Hold on to that.
Please, let me show you the set.
-You can show us the money.
[wind blowing gently]
[suspenseful drum beating]
-Here we are.
Have a seat.
All right.
So, I've been asked
to oversee a game
we're calling "Us or Them."
It's a variation of
the prisoner's dilemma.
A paradox in decision analysis
in which two individuals
are asked to make a decision
in their own self-interest
in order to produce
an optimal outcome.
Now, eventually,
you'll get the chance
to split a huge sum of money.
But until then, Andy,
we promised you yesterday
that you'll get the chance
to do one round
and if after that,
you don't wish to continue,
you can walk away.
Now this first free round
is worth 10,000 dollars.
-Ten grand
just for showing up, mate.
-The rules are pretty simple.
In front of you,
you have two buttons,
one red and one blue.
If both of you
pick the red button,
you get an equal share
of the 10,000 dollars.
If one of you picks red
and one of you picks blue,
then the blue player
gets the full sum of
money and the red player
is in debt to the company
for that same amount.
Now if you both pick the blue,
then you both get nothing
and you're both in debt
10,000 dollars.
You will be given
an allocated period of time
to discuss before
making your decision.
Do you both understand?
-I have a question,
-Well, I think obviously,
they make money
if we don't agree.
It's like casino rules.
It's us versus the house.
-Sure. But who's it for?
-For those who watch.
-Those who watch.
That's not really
much of an answer, is it?
-Look, I would love to answer
all your questions,
but we are on a bit of
a time crunch here.
So, if you don't mind,
let's begin.
ANDY: Um...
Well, obviously
we just press red.
It's straightforward.
-Simple enough.
JUDE: Yeah. I told you, mate.
These things
are all about strategy.
We play the game,
and the money is ours.
-I guess the idea is
as the money gets bigger,
we get greedy and try
and shaft each other?
-Exactly, which
we're not going to do.
-And now we wait.
Do we have to wait?
Can't we just press now?
-I'm afraid not.
There's a process
to the way things unravel
so we just have to be patient.
[time ticking]
-Easiest ten grand
I ever made.
-Five grand.
-Yes, mate.
Calm down.
-I just remembered.
You owe Henry nine thousand.
-That's a pretty good reason
for you to press blue
is all I was thinking.
-Fuck off, Andy. As if.
-Mate, are you serious?
-Yes, I am serious.
I can't afford to be
in ten grand's worth of debt
over a stupid game.
-Man, how long
have we known each other?
I know what you're like.
I'm just saying.
-What are you saying?
-Forget it.
-No, no.
Go on. Say it.
-Stop it.
-Ask me, mate.
-ANDY: No.
-Ask me.
-Are you going to press
the blue button or not?
-Fuck off, you dickhead.
I wouldn't do that to you.
You're a dickhead
for even suggesting it.
And to be fair,
you've got the track record
for that sort of thing.
-What sort of thing?
-[laughs] All right,
this is getting silly now.
Come on. We're both
gonna press red.
It's all good.
-Are you making a dig
at the fling I had?
-I mean, it was hardly
a fling, was it, bro?
-Like you've never
messed around.
-I haven't.
-That's a lie.
I'm not judging,
I'm just saying.
Maybe you don't know me
as well as you think you do.
-Don't I?
-[laughs] All right,
let's not be dicks about this.
You're gonna press red.
I'm gonna press red.
It's all good.
Sorry, mate.
I shouldn't brought up
the affair--fling.
Fling. That was
bang out of order.
-You better press red.
-I will.
How much longer
do we have to wait?
-Not much longer.
-Look, man.
I'm...I'm sorry.
-Good, because I'm
literally your only friend.
-[laughs] He's--
he's not my only friend.
He's-- he's not my only friend.
-I am. I really
am his only friend.
Trust me. Even his mum
prefers me. [laughs]
-Yeah. Sorry, man.
-It's all right, mate.
That should do it.
Gentlemen, make your decision.
[timer ticking]
[button alarm sounding]
[button alarm sounding]
[distant bird calling]
[suspenseful drum beating]
In three...
[light bulb buzzes]
Both chose red.
Congratulations, gentlemen.
Five thousand dollars has been
deposited into your account.
[Jude clears throat]
-Please go ahead and check.
JUDE: Yeah, I've been paid.
ANDY: Yeah. Me, too.
-I fuckin' told you, mate!
-That is
the end of our free round.
So if you wish to continue
you will have your left hand
bound to the table,
and you'll have to stay
until the game is done.
ANDY: Oh, hang on.
I thought you were actually
joking about that.
JUDE: Yeah. [laughs]
That's a little bit kinky
even for my taste.
-It's creepy, more like.
Dude, we're 5,000 up.
Let's just get out of it.
-All right.
Look, look.
What if we just sign something
and no one gets strapped down
to the table
and then we promise
we won't leave.
-It's really not up to me.
It's just how it works.
I have producers to answer to.
-We both just won
a chunk of money.
Let's just go back,
grab a beer, and celebrate.
-How much
is the next round for?
-One hundred thousand dollars.
-[Jude blows out breath]
Andy. Come on, mate.
We can do it.
-Can we?
-Yeah. We just do
what we just did.
It'll be easy.
-Warm-up rounds always are.
-No, mate.
I think the game stays the same.
It's just the money goes up.
-Look, I'm happy
with the money I have.
Thank you but I'm out.
-Look, I'm
going to level with you, okay?
If you don't play the game,
I don't get paid,
so it is definitely
in my best interest
to try to convince you to stay.
Why don't we do this?
We'll give you some space.
You can go over there.
You can discuss in private.
Let me ask you this:
How many times in life
do you think
you're gonna get the chance
to win 20 million dollars?
-And what will it cost us?
-Everyone has their price,
Andy. What's yours?
-Come on.
Let's go have a chat.
She said we can have a chat,
let's go have a chat.
We'll give you space.
[gentle music playing]
JUDE: Twenty million
split between us, mate.
Just think about that for a sec.
ANDY: If we win.
-We will win.
-Dude, anything
can go wrong.
We've already argued with
each other in the warm-up.
-Mate, that wasn't arguing.
That was brotherly [indistinct].
-Well, I don't want to
be strapped down
by the wrist either.
-Won't be the first time.
-See? You're not
taking it seriously.
Think what
our lives would be like
with that kind of money, man.
-What happens
if it goes wrong
and you're in debt
for that amount of money?
That's really what
they're after here.
It's like a casino.
The house always wins.
-Look, if we lose,
we declare bankruptcy
and we live with it.
They can't take
what we don't have.
Mate, think about Kate,
and your dad.
What would your mum have done?
We'll just do the same thing.
-We'll just do
the same thing.
Why do I feel
I'm going to regret this?
-[laughs] Yes!
Ah, you're about to be
a very rich man.
ANDY: Yeah, yeah.
Just don't fuck around, Jude.
-JUDE: I won't.
-ANDY: I mean it.
-Scout's honor.
ANDY: When were you
in the Scouts?
[upbeat music playing]
-I'm quite excited.
-You're such a kid.
We're in.
You both want to do this?
-Oh, yeah.
-Yeah, sure.
Well then, we just ask
that you hand over
your watch and phones.
It's just to minimize
any distractions.
-Don't scratch it. [laughs]
[unsettling music playing]
[metal arches mechanically
-[gasps] Whoa.
That's pretty fucking tight.
-Yeah, that's
what she said. [laughs]
-Jude, I mean it.
You better take this seriously.
-Yes, mate. Never been
more serious in my life.
-Okay, let's get
this thing rolling, shall we?
Now, at the start of each round,
I will explain what
there is to play for.
In this round, we're playing for
a hundred thousand dollars.
Now, just like before,
if both of you push
the red button,
you'll get an equal share
of the money.
-ANDY: [laughs] See.
There's always a but.
-In this round,
you will also lose a finger.
-Sorry, what did you say?
-Uh, [laughs] I think
she said we'll lose a finger.
-Now, if one of you presses
blue and the other pushes red,
then the blue player will
receive the full 100,000 dollars
and will keep their hand intact.
The red player will be in debt
for 100,000 dollars
and will also lose a finger.
Are you fucking with us?
Mate, she's fucking with us.
-I don't think she is.
if both of you press blue,
then you'll both be in debt
a 100,000 dollars,
and you will also lose
your entire hand
from the wrist down.
What the fuck is this?
-It's just
a simple test of cooperation,
that's all.
Now you'll both be given
an allocated period of time
to discuss before making
your final decision.
So use it wisely.
For those who watch.
-For those who watch.
-Your time begins now.
-I want out of this now.
You hear me?
-No, no. Mate.
-I have rights.
-Andy, you knew the rules
and you chose to participate
You've agreed not to leave
until this is all over.
-A-all right.
Mate, mate.
I think I know
what's going on here.
They're filming us.
It's a reality TV show. Right?
This is like,
like a prank show.
It's good. It's funny.
I get it. [laughs]
-Does she look like
she's joking to you?
JUDE: Andy, don't buy into it.
Think about it, mate.
Who goes around chopping
people's fingers off?
-We're in the middle
of nowhere on an island.
They can chop off
whatever they want.
Who's going to stop them?
-Mate, they still have laws.
-I don't think
they give a shit.
-No one even knows where we are.
-Mate, calm down.
-Don't tell me
to calm down.
You got us into this.
What's your plan now? Huh?
time is ticking.
You really should be discussing
what you're going to do.
Red or blue.
-You're seriously fucked up.
-I'm just
giving people what they want.
-Andy, let's just
play out the round, all right?
It's a joke. It has to be.
-What if I refuse? Huh?
If I just don't press anything.
-Then we'll have to
terminate you immediately.
-What is that
supposed to mean?
-It means who uses
a word like terminate?
It's fine. Chill out.
-I'm pretty far
from chill right now, Jude.
I can't believe
I agreed to this.
We could be drinking a beer
on the beach right now.
But no.
-I don't suppose
we could get a beer?
-Will you take this seriously,
for one fucking second?!
-And what?
Get worked up like you?
-Yes, exactly that.
-Mate, you take things
too seriously.
-Maybe if you took
a leaf out of my book,
you wouldn't be
in so much debt.
Well, maybe if you took
a leaf out of mine,
you wouldn't have shagged
the office intern
and fucked up your whole life.
-My life would be doing
fine if it wasn't for you.
I'd already ended it
when you opened
your big mouth to Kate.
-Yeah, how'd you
work that one out?
-You planted
the seed of doubt.
-"Seed of doubt"?
All right, Shakespeare.
No, you got caught red-handed.
I didn't plant shit.
It's not my fault your wife's
a neurotic pessimist
with trust issues.
-Thirty seconds, gentlemen.
-Come on.
Look, Jude, I don't think
this is a joke.
I promise you Kate's gonna
walk out of there any minute.
This whole thing's fine.
-Well, if it's a joke,
you'll press red.
-I don't know.
How do I know
you're gonna press red.
-Damn it! Press red.
I mean it.
-Oop! And that's time.
Gentlemen, make your decisions.
[button alarm sounding]
[button alarm sounding]
In three...
[light bulb buzzes]
Andy has chosen red
and Jude has chosen blue.
-All right.
Andy, it's bullshit, man.
You got to trust me
on this, all right?
It's gonna be fine.
-Are you fucking insane?!
[metal arch closing sharply]
[screams in pain]
Fuck! Fuck!
God! God!
-Congratulations, Jude.
One hundred thousand dollars
has just been deposited
into your account.
-What the fuck
is wrong with you?
-Andy, you are
now in debt to the company
for the same sum of money.
-Jesus Christ.
Oh fuck.
Huh, Andy. Huh.
Mate, we'll get some ice.
We'll get some ice.
We'll chill it and you can
get it stitched back on.
You're gonna be good.
-Stitch that on,
motherfucker! [cries]
-Next round
will be for 500,000 dollars.
-Fuck you.
-You too.
-Andy, I'm sorry, man.
I didn't know this would happen.
-Five hundred thousand?
Let's play.
-That's the spirit.
-What the fuck
is the matter with you?
-I'm just doing my job.
-[panting shakily]
-[intense music playing]
The rules are the same.
If both of you press red,
you will get an equal share
of the 500,000 dollars,
but you will also lose a finger.
Now, if one of you presses blue
and one of you presses red,
then the blue player
will receive all the money
and keep their hand intact.
The red player will be in debt
for the same amount
and will also lose a finger.
-Just get your little speech
over with already.
If both players press blue,
then you'll be in debt
for 500,000 dollars,
and you will lose
your entire hand
from the wrist down.
Please, discuss.
For those who watch.
-For those who watch.
-Who the fuck
are you even talking to?
-You've got me into some
messed-up situations before.
But this time, you've really
excelled yourself, Jude.
-All right. All right.
There's got to be something
we can do to
get ourselves out of this.
We can do something.
You just need to tell us.
-Jude, the only way out
of this is to finish.
You know the rules.
-Yeah, but who
made up the rules?
We don't know
why this is happening.
-[Andy chuckles]
-Why is this
funny to you now?
-[Andy laughing]
At least you might
learn your lesson for once.
-What fucking lesson, Andy?
That I'm supposed to be
more like you, is that it?
Because from where I'm sitting,
your life doesn't look
too rosy, mate.
-And whose fault is that?
-Mate, I'm sorry.
All right?
But you and me
need to work together
if we're gonna get out of this.
-[Andy chuckles mockingly]
Now he wants to work together.
-I didn't know they were
going to do that to your finger.
-This is literally
what they said,
word for fucking word.
-Andy, I would not
have pressed blue
if I thought this was real.
-That's what this is.
You're scared
I'm gonna press blue.
-Mate, neither of us
can press blue.
-I can press
whatever I want, actually.
-Andy, I'm going to press red.
I promise you.
-Your promise
means zero to me.
Surely you should be offering to
take the hit this time anyway.
You're going to lose a finger,
either way.
-Take the hit? Mate...
-You said we're brothers, right?
-Yeah, but...
-But what?
I lose a finger for you.
You lose a finger for me.
-Yeah. But, mate,
that's not all
they're asking though
exactly. Is it?
-What kind of person
doesn't offer to take one
for the team after what
you just put me through?
Unless it's about the money.
-Mate, the business.
You greedy fuck!
You're unbelievable!
-Mate, that's not fair.
I've just had a fucking finger
cut off because of you.
Well, this isn't exactly
a walk in the park
for me either.
-Oh, here we go.
It's always about you, isn't it?
Have you ever actually done
anything selfless in your life?
-Yes. Selfless.
Like for someone that's not you?
That you didn't benefit from?
-Oh, mate.
Don't go there.
ANDY: Why?
Well, have you?
Because I haven't quite
made up my mind
which button
I'm going to press yet.
So, it might sway my decision...
Exactly what I thought.
-I knew your mum
was going to die.
What is that supposed to mean?
We all knew my mum
was going to die.
But only because
I made her tell you.
-No. You-- you're
just being ridiculous now.
-Mate, she knew
she had cancer for months
before she told anyone.
She wasn't gonna say anything.
She thought it'd be better
if she just slipped away
in the night quietly.
I had to fucking beg her
to tell you.
-[clears throat]
How long did you know?
-That doesn't matter.
What matters is the fact
that I got her to tell--
-[slams table]
How long did you know?!
-Six months.
Six months?!
We had three weeks to prepare
her things and say goodbye.
And you and her knew for--
for six months.
-She just wanted to
carry on as normal, mate.
-So let me
get this straight.
She told you and not me?
-Mate, it destroyed me
having to keep it from you,
but she made me swear
not to tell anyone.
-Why would she tell you?
-She needed someone
to drive her to the hospital
for appointments.
She wanted to protect you,
and so she asked me.
-And that's-- that's when
you two got really close.
-Mate, I wanted to
tell you, all right?
But I could see how messed up
you were at the time
with everything that was
going on with Kate.
But then at the same time,
I could see how unfair it was,
that your mum
wasn't telling anyone.
So, every day, I tried to
convince her to say something
until she did.
So there.
Now you know.
-Well, if you gave two shits,
you would have told me.
-Mate, that's not true,
and you know that.
-Ah. Time's up.
Please make your decisions.
[button alarm sounding]
[button alarm sounding]
Oh, this is exciting.
In, three, two, one...
[light bulb buzzes]
[metal arches closing sharply]
Very interesting.
-[grunting sharply]
-[screaming in pain]
Oh, my god. Oh, fuck.
[screams in pain]
[panting shakily]
Oh, God!
[crying] Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God... oh, God...
[breathing deeply]
-[breathing heavily]
-Two hundred and fifty thousand
has just been deposited
into each of your accounts.
-How many more rounds
of this are left?
-What would be the fun
in you knowing that?
-Well, I'm running out
of fingers.
-What are you
getting out of this?
-So this is just a job to you.
-Ugh. I know you both think
I'm the villain here
but if there wasn't a market
for this type of thing,
we wouldn't be here, would we?
And as you both know
much too well, money talks.
If it didn't, you wouldn't
have come back to the table.
-So you putting us
through all of this
is just someone else's fault?
-See? You do get it.
Oh. How rude of me
to wave my finger around
in your current situations.
-You really are a bitch.
-Oh, you should be
excited, gentlemen.
We are making real art here.
And the best is yet to come.
-[breathing shakily] Fuck.
-The next round
is for one million dollars.
Now, obviously,
for that kind of money,
we can't just chop off
a finger or two,
so... it's time
to raise the stakes.
ANDY: Oh, God. No.
JUDE: What the fuck is this?
-[Henry mumbles]
-Leave him out of this.
He's been through enough
-Unfortunately, our patrons
don't feel the same.
-Dad, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be all right.
-Well, now that you know
what there is to lose,
let me explain
what there is to gain.
If both players press red,
then you'll get an equal share
of one million dollars.
But your loved ones
will get their eyes burnt out,
leaving them completely blind.
-What the fuck!
-Now, if one of you presses blue
and one of you presses red,
then the blue player
receives the full amount
and their loved one
walks away unharmed.
The red player
will then be in debt
for the same amount of money
and their loved one will be
terminated immediately.
-Henry, I'm so sorry.
I-I-I didn't know
what I was getting us into.
-Now, if both players
press blue,
then you'll both be in debt
for one million dollars,
and your loved ones will be
terminated immediately.
-What the fuck is this?
You're some sort of
fucking psychopath!
-No, no, no, no, no.
Take my hand instead.
Cut the whole thing off.
Take 'em both, for all I care.
Just leave my dad out of it
and let him go.
-Sweet, but no thanks.
Time to discuss before
making your final decision.
For those who watch.
For those who watch.
-Andy, Andy,
what are we going to do?
-I-I don't know.
-We'll pay the debt. Yeah?
You just name the price,
and we'll pay it
and then it's fine.
And you can let them go.
Please, please.
That's my little brother.
-It's red or blue, Jude.
There's no other choice.
-These are innocent people's
lives we're talking about.
Don't you have a family?
-This kind of thing
doesn't happen to my family.
-Then put yourself
in our positions, woman.
How would you feel?
-I don't have to.
That's why we're watching you
go through this.
-So you're just
going to sit back
and force us to watch
our family get hurt?
-I'm just the officiator.
-You're here right now.
No one else.
You're alone.
You can let them go.
-We're not alone.
-[scoffs angrily]
-Wait, are you afraid
of them?
Is that what it is?
-The patrons get
what the patrons want.
you are wasting time,
and we are on
a tight schedule here.
So, chop-chop.
-You--you play this game
all the time.
You know nothing
about the company?
-Mate, it's an app
I downloaded on my phone.
I don't know
what the fuck this is.
-You must know something.
-Don't you think I would've
said something by now
if I knew anything
that could help us?
-You gotta do something, Jude.
-What, Andy?! What?
-I don't know. Okay?
-All right.
Let's just do the thing
that causes the least amount
of long-term damage. Yeah?
We'll press red.
-[Henry mumbling]
-They're gonna blind
my dad and Henry.
-You want to think
about the alternative?
Because I don't.
-Why don't we hear
what they have to say?
See if it helps
make your decision.
I'll give them both ten seconds
each to make their case.
-Plead their case?
What the fuck is this?
-What is this?
Is it some sort of
practical joke?
Because this is not funny.
-You don't know, Dad.
No. I really wish it was.
-Well, call the police
or something then.
-Time's up.
-I love you, son.
Game on.
-Henry? Ten seconds.
-Well, you've really outdone
yourself this time, brother.
-I'm sorry. I didn't know
what this was, brother. I--
-I don't care.
I don't-- I don't care.
All right? I don't know
what is going on here,
but I cannot go blind.
I can't. I'm--
I'm getting married next year.
I've got my whole life to...
No offense, but Samuel
has lived a long life.
Please, please
don't do this to me.
How would I work?
Who's gonna bail you out?
Who's gonna bail you out?
-Don't do this, please! [cries]
-He's got a valid point.
-[Samuel cries]
-No, no, no, no. Dad. No.
-Andy, listen to what
he's saying, mate.
He's asking you to do
the right thing.
-Fuck you, Jude.
Don't even think about it.
We both press red.
You said so.
We're just gonna go red.
It's the only way.
Everyone gets to live then.
-Shut the fuck up, Andy.
Just let me think
for a second, all right?
-I gotta be able
to trust you, man.
This is my dad's life.
If you press blue...
-I don't know that you won't
press blue, okay?
I mean, come on.
You don't even like Henry.
-I do like him.
-No, you don't.
You said he was a dick.
-Not enough
to murder him though.
-So, you do hate him?
-For fuck's sake.
Can you just not let them go?
ANDY: Pressing that blue button
is murder, Jude.
And I could say
the same for you.
My-- my dad drives you insane.
-I brought him on holiday.
-After I practically
begged you.
-Mate, he doesn't even like me.
-He doesn't hate you.
He just thinks
you're a bad influence.
-There you go then.
-No, no, no.
Listen, listen.
My dad loves you. All right?
You-- you-- you're family.
-Okay. As much as I could
listen to this all day,
your time is up.
Make your decisions.
You have ten seconds.
-I'm sorry, Dad.
[button alarm sounding]
-I love you, Henry.
[button alarm sounding]
-What the fuck!
-In three, two, one.
[light bulb buzzes]
-No. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
ANDY: No, no, no, no, no.
Please, don't. No! Don't.
[chaotic protesting]
[gun fired]
-No, no, no, no.
-[gun fired]
-[cries loudly] No!
[emotional music playing]
-You killed him.
You lied, and you
fucking killed him.
[tense music playing]
that's enough dwelling on that.
There is money to be made.
Let's move on to
the next round, shall we?
-No, no, no, no.
Don't you fucking dare.
-Six of us came out.
-We all knew where
this was heading, didn't we?
Bring 'em in.
JUDE: No, no, no, no, no.
JUDE: No, no, no, no.
You can't do this.
You can't do this.
Please, please, please.
Heather, it's all right, baby.
JUDE: It's all right.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Oh, God. No.
Please. I'm begging you.
I'm begging you.
-THE OFFICIATOR: The rules...
-ANDY: Stop. Stop.
Now, if both of you press red,
you'll get an equal share
of the five million dollars,
but your loved ones' tongues
will get cut out.
-[Heather groaning]
-Now, if one of...
-KATE: No! presses blue
and the other presses red,
then the blue player
receives all the money
and your loved one
walks away untouched.
-The red player--
-We know the rules.
You don't need to
repeat them, please.
-Fair enough.
Then feel free to discuss
amongst yourselves.
For those who watch.
For those who watch.
-I'm so sorry. This is
such a fucked-up situation.
We didn't have a choice.
ANDY: Let's not lie to them.
We had a choice.
-Not about this.
How were we supposed to know
that this would happen?
-Because wherever you go,
bad shit follows.
That's how.
Kate, I'm so sorry
for everything. I was...
selfish and confused and--
and it's not fair.
None of it's fair on you.
I would give my life gladly
just to get you out of this.
I promise,
when we get out of here,
things are going to change,
Whatever you want.
[Heather and Kate mumbling]
-Why don't we hear if the ladies
have something to say?
I will give them each 15 seconds
to plead their case.
-You should be
ashamed of yourself.
-Kate, Kate. Don't panic.
-I'm panicking.
-No, no, no.
Everything's gonna be all right.
We're gonna get
through this, okay?
-If this is the last time
I'm gonna get to speak...
I love you. I always did.
I'll never be able to
forgive what happened,
but I will be able to
move past it.
I will.
-[cries] That's
more than enough for me.
-Okay, time's up.
[snaps fingers]
-No, no, no, no, please.
Kate, I love you.
KATE: Oh, oh!
-Heather, 15 seconds.
-[Heather spits]
-Baby, I swear,
it's gonna be okay, all right,
I'm gonna get us out of this.
-I'm pregnant.
-[cries] I'm pregnant.
-Are you serious?
Hey. Wh-- for how long?
How long have you known?
-Not long. I didn't know
how to tell you. I'm sorry.
-You don't--
you don't have to be sorry.
You don't have to be sorry.
Did you hear that?
Are you listening to this?
She's pregnant.
-Time's up.
-HEATHER: Please.
-No, no, no, no, no! She--
she-- she's pregnant.
For Christ's sake.
You can't do this to her.
-[Heather crying]
-Yes, that is unexpected.
-Heather, you serious
we're having a baby?
Andy, please tell me
you're listening to this?
-[cries] I heard her.
-Let her go.
Let her go right now.
I swear to God
I'll fucking kill you myself.
That kind of behavior
isn't gonna get you anywhere.
I'm only doing it
for the people.
-Well then, tell them.
Tell them they can release her.
-I don't have that power.
I'm merely the facilitator.
-That's not true.
You killed my brother.
-You did that.
-I don't know what
I'm supposed to say anymore.
-Okay, I'll give you
a bit more time
to make your decisions.
-Jude, listen to me.
We can't let what happened
last time happen again.
HEATHER: Please.
-No. No.
-We need to do this
for each other, okay?
-Yeah. Yeah.
-Okay. Time's up.
Make your decisions.
-It's gonna be alright.
[button alarm sounding]
[button alarm sounding]
-In three, two, one.
[light bulb buzzes]
-[breathing heavily, cries]
-[cries loudly]
You fucking liar.
-I swear to God,
I'm gonna kill you.
-Andy, I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't...I... [sobs]
-Andy, you have chosen red,
and Jude--
well, you chose blue.
Five million dollars
has just been deposited
into your account.
[breathes deeply]
-You murdering son of a bitch!
That's my wife.
-Kate, I'm sorry. [cries]
-No, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't. Don't. Please.
I'll do anyt--
-[gun fired]
-[cries loudly]
-Heather's pregnant, man.
-But you only just met her.
-And you guys
were basically over.
-Fuck you!
[intense music playing]
-[Andy sobbing]
[intense music continues]
[birds chirping]
Well, no more guests.
-You already took
everyone I give a shit about.
-Well, that's not true.
What about Jude here?
-Oh! Okay.
Well, let's move on then.
The next round is for
ten million dollars.
If both of you press red,
you get an equal share
of the money,
but you both get
one eye burnt out.
Now, if one of you presses blue
and the other presses red,
the blue player receives
the full ten million dollars.
The red player is in debt
for the same amount
and gets both eyes burnt out.
If both of you press blue,
then you'll be terminated
Please discuss.
For those who watch.
For those who watch.
-Time is money, gentlemen.
-I don't need time.
-What do you mean?
-I'm pressing blue.
-What? Andy?
No, no, no, no.
-My mind's made up.
-Mate, I know you're upset.
You murdered the only two people
on this planet I cared about,
and you think
I'm a little upset?
-You think
I wanted any of this?
-I'm pressing blue.
-All right, Andy.
Listen to me.
They have nowhere to escalate to
from this point on.
This has to be the final round.
Let's just press red.
We lose an eye,
but we'll keep our vision
and we'll walk away.
-It's too late for that.
-Mate, we can walk
out of this together.
Why would you not want that?
You killed Kate.
There's nothing more to say
about it.
I'm pressing blue,
and you can press
whatever the hell you want.
-So, you're just gonna let them
blind me as punishment,
is that it?
-I'm choosing blue.
-And if I press blue?
-Then we both die. Fuck it.
-Andy, think about
what you're saying.
-There is no version of this
where we walk away anyway.
You're not stupid enough
to not realize that.
-Time's up.
Make your decisions.
-I'm ready.
-Me too.
-Oh, I love this.
[button alarm sounding]
[button alarm sounding]
In three, two, one.
[light bulb buzzes]
[Jude sighs in relief]
-Well played, Andy.
An equal amount of money
has been deposited
into each of your accounts.
Now brace yourself.
This may sting a little.
-Oh. Wait.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
This doesn't need to happen.
Hold on. Please. Please.
No, no, no, no.
We can-- we can--
-[Andy grunting in pain]
-[eye sizzling]
-[Jude grunting in pain]
-[eye sizzling]
-[both crying out in pain]
[Officiator sighs]
[both grunting]
-Gentlemen, when we started,
I promised you both the chance
to play for 20 million dollars,
and I always keep my word.
I am curious, however,
how you're feeling
about the money
now that we've gotten this far?
-You can shove it
up your ass. [laughs]
-Yeah. I guess
it is a small amount
in the grand scheme of things,
isn't it?
Let's finish this, shall we?
-Where the fuck
do we go from here?
[Jude grunting]
-Well, these things
would be nothing
without a little
last-minute twist.
You remember Heather.
JUDE: No, no, no.
That's-- that's not fair.
She was done.
You can't-- you can't
bring her back in.
You can't do that to her.
Don't point that thing at her.
Look, baby. You okay?
Did they do anything to you?
-Your eye.
-Oh. Don't worry, Heather,
they'll live... or not.
That's actually up to you.
-All right, Heather.
Listen to me. Listen to me.
Everything's gonna be
all right. Yeah?
You're gonna be okay.
I promise you.
-[Andy chortles]
[whispers] He's so funny.
He's been saying that all day.
-Gentlemen... this round,
you'll be playing together
as a team...
against Heather.
-Oh, my--
-Andy, you'll make the choice
on behalf of your team,
and Heather, you will hold up
the card of your choice,
when asked.
Now, if both teams choose red,
then you'll all get an equal
share of 20 million dollars,
but you'll also get
one eye burnt out.
If one team chooses blue
and the other chooses red,
then the blue team walks away
with 20 million dollars
and the red team
gets terminated immediately.
If both teams choose blue,
then you all get terminated.
I'll leave you
some time to discuss
before making
your final decision.
For those who watch.
For those who watch.
-It's fine.
-So... how does this work?
We all just choose red, right?
And then we all live? Yeah?
-And me and Jude
are blind for life.
-Come on, Andy. Just do
the right thing and choose red.
-[clears throat]
I don't know.
-She's pregnant, man.
I don't want any of us to die.
-What then,
and I'm supposed to believe
someone like you
isn't gonna press blue
and take all the money?
-Someone like me?
-You're such a gold digger.
-For fuck's sake, Andy!
Press red!
-[laughs] No.
All right. Let's say
I was to do that.
Press... press red.
I'm supposed to trust her?
-Trust me, mate.
All right?
Look, we both made
mistakes today.
We both lied,
but at the end of the day,
you and me,
we're still family.
-[laughs] Oh.
Well, that's handy...
because I have no real
family left, thanks to you.
-Look, I don't know
what happened here today
and I am really sorry
about Kate.
But please don't do this.
I'll choose red.
I love Jude.
I don't want anything
to happen to him.
I don't wanna live without him.
We don't have to be
family or even friends.
But we can all walk
out of here together.
-[mouths] Please.
-[sighs] Fine.
Make your decisions.
Blue or red.
Us or them?
[suspenseful music playing]
-Reveal your choices
in three, two, one.
[light bulb buzzes]
-[Andy laughs]
-Congratulations, Heather.
You are now going to walk away
with 20 million dollars.
Anything you'd like to say?
-I don't understand.
-I'm sorry.
We've only been together
four months.
I don't think
I should have to...
You got yourself into this,
and I have my whole life.
I'm sorry.
-Okay. Thank you, Heather.
Time for you to leave.
-[Andy laughs]
-Are you even pregnant?
-Duh. [laughs]
-Well, that just about
wraps things up then,
and right on schedule.
Well done, team.
Gentlemen, anything you'd
like to say to one another?
-[loud single shot]
-[body thuds]
-[loud single shot]
-[body thuds]
-[Dean grunting in pain,
crying loudly]
Didn't quite catch that.
-No one gets to
just walk away in this game.
If the patrons like you,
producers will just keep
bringing you back,
one way or another.
We're watching you
go through this
so that we don't
have to again.
Everyone here
has played the game.
And if you don't play,
we don't get paid.
So, let's finish this.
Then we can all be done here.
All right?
[birds chirping]
[gentle music playing]
[music fades out]