Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Alive (2012) Movie Script

Winning gold in the Olympics
is an athlete's greatest dream.
Usain Bolt has already
achieved that dream three times.
This year, at the 2012 Olympics,
he has the chance to
go one step further.
Bolt could be the first sprinter in
history to win gold in the 100, 200
and 100-metre relay in
two consecutive Games.
If he does it, he'll become one of
the greatest Olympians who ever lived.
But in athletics,
there are no guarantees.
'On your marks. '
'Set. '
GUNSHO Usain is back in training after
being injured for several months.
His schedule is way off track.
The World Athletics Championships
in Daegu, South Korea,
are just six months away.
I've known him 20 years.
I've known him since I
was a child, very young.
When we were at primary
school, the first grade,
I'm NJ and his nickname was VJ.
I'm a teacher. I can teach
history or social science.
Right now, I'm dealing with his
affairs, as his assistant manager.
# This is my time... #
Yeah, our signature rap!
#.. This is my time... #
Usain lives in Jamaica's
capital, Kingston.
Whassup? Whassup? Whassup? Whassup?
He lives here in a house which
he shares with a group of mates,
including his childhood friend NJ.
11, 12. VJ, go down.
- Hard?
- Everything feels hard.
- It's never an easy day.
- Do you need your friends to do this?
They're trying to lose
weight for the girls.
It's not working, though.
Set, go!
And a quick start by Usain
Bolt! And he stumbled!
What can you say about that?
Look at Usain Bolt!
That's 7.4. It's not bad.
But Usain Bolt is still there!
And it's Usain Bolt!
Oh, my God!
That's 7.2. A little bit
slower than the first one.
Can Usain Bolt catch up?
Can he stay...? He stumbled! Usain Bolt!
Oh, my God! That's 8.8!
Can he make it? Look at
the finish. Look at him!
Oh, my God!
A new world record!
A new world record for Usain Bolt.
This is dinner.
He's the master.
A former athlete, but
now a chef. He's the man.
Coach tells him what I should get in
my diet and he makes sure it happens.
In the evening, it's open
house at the Bolt residence.
His brother Sadeeki, some old friends
and a few of Jamaica's
finest athletes gather
for a game of dominoes.
That's as wild as it gets.
Usain hasn't always lived in Kingston.
He grew by three hours away
in Jamaica's rural north-west.
The fastest man in the world
was born in the sleepy
village of Sherwood Content,
where time seems to have stood still.
It's wonderful in the
morning, waking up.
That's why I love going back
home. It's peaceful. You can relax.
Breathe in some fresh air.
The Bolt family still live in
the house where Usain was born
on 21st August, 1986.
When, of course, when Usain was born,
I was happy that he
was a boy, of course.
I always wanted a boy then.
He was big. He was a big baby.
He weighed 9.5lbs.
And the nurse said, this guy
looked like he was on the earth
for quite a few months
before he was born.
He's the type of person who doesn't
sit down. He always keeps moving.
And then the doctor said he was
hyperactive. Too many energy.
He had to use it up.
It was free. We could be wherever
we wanted to go, the river -
it was unrestricted.
His mother, she overprotected.
She loved him too much.
Sometime if he do anything
wrong, she might hide it from me
because she didn't want
him to get a spanking.
Usain didn't always
want to be an athlete.
As a child, he had a different passion.
When we were growing up,
cricket was his sport.
Brian Lara, Courtney Walsh, Curtly
Ambrose. Cricket was a passion.
He did want to be a cricketer.
He played cricket and
tracks at primary school.
But we decided the future,
and we said, "Well...
"I think it's best
for him to do tracks. "
He didn't look like the
rest of the youngsters.
Just the way he was built,
he looked different than the others.
He was taller than them, very skinny.
He stood out from the crowd.
Following his father's advice,
Usain turned his back on
his first love, cricket,
and focused his energies on sprinting.
In 2001, aged just 14,
he entered his first international
competition in Hungary.
The main thing was the way he ran.
He was upright with his strides
and his knees were always
coming up very high.
Bolt won the heats, but was
eliminated in the semi-final.
The defeat didn't matter.
Bolt had proved what
his father believed,
that he had huge
potential as a sprinter.
His talent on the track didn't
go unnoticed. The next year,
he was selected for the World
Junior Championships in Kingston.
Just 15,
Bolt lined up against athletes
three to four years his senior.
He didn't want to go because he said
he just didn't think he could
beat those guys, you know?
But he was persuaded by his
grandmother and his mother.
He started to cry and we told him
that he shouldn't worry about that.
He's going out there and
whatever is done, we'll accept it.
He dried up his tears
and the next morning, he was out.
COMMENTATOR: 'On the outside,
Kluczynski going very well.
'Kluczynski on the outside. Usain
Bolt of Jamaica takes the lead
'in the 200 final, heading
towards a gold medal.
'Usain Bolt is the
World Junior Champion!'
The crowd started to roar
and everybody was just
shouting, "Bolt! Bolt!"
I became the lightening
bolt of the world.
That was still and will
always be my greatest moment.
That was my first move,
a salute to the crowd.
People loved it.
They were, "Raaar!"
I remember everything about it.
I would like to say to my
mother and my father I love them
and I'm glad they always
pushed me to do my best.
Usain St Leo Bolt of
Sherwood Content, Trelawny,
- you must be very contented. God bless you.
- Thank you.
That race won him instant
national recognition.
Overnight, Bolt became the
new star of Jamaican sprinting.
The Jamaican Boys and
Girls Championships,
better known as the Champs.
Described as the world's
finest talent-spotting event,
this inter-schools competition has
been putting young Jamaican athletes
to the test for over 100 years.
Bolt arrives at the Champs
to meet his biggest fans.
Bolt. Bolt.
Sorry. Sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry, sorry.
- That's all right. - Sorry,
sorry. - Don't worry about it.
Usain ran in the Champs when he was 16.
He won the 200 metres and
then, running in driving rain,
knocked more than a second off the
Jamaican record in the 400 metres.
Usain Bolt, champion last year,
comes through to win. Takes it
in a flash time of 45.4.
Usain Bolt. Too quick
for everyone at 45.4.
New Champs record!
CHANTING: Usain! Usain!
Usain ended his 2003 season
as one of the world's top 10
athletes in the 200 metres.
Foreign sponsors and American colleges
began queueing up to sign him.
I was really close to my mum.
I'd never really lived for
long away from my parents,
only like, a week, maybe a weekend.
I was always with my parents.
For me to go and live somewhere
else by myself, was going to be hard.
For me, I didn't want to go.
Instead of going overseas, Usain chooses
the Athletics Centre in Kingston.
For a teenager from a small
village, it's still an enormous leap.
It was really hard, knowing
that he was so young,
moving into Kingston,
not having a mother around.
At least he didn't have any
women around at the time.
We knew we'd have to
get a helper for him.
So you don't know what
the outcome would be.
It was really challenging.
Life changed rapidly for the young star.
He signed a sponsorship deal
worth tens of thousands of dollars
and hired himself an agent.
He was soon appearing on the
cover of an international magazine
and getting a taste of
life in the media spotlight.
- First time, all right.
- Quiet on the road!
And... action!
Let go!
Stick, stick, stick, stick, stick! Go!
On 11th April 2004, Bolt shatters
the 200-metre junior world record.
To this day, he remains the only junior
to run the race in under 20 seconds.
17 years old and the world's
most promising young sprinter,
Bolt looks set for stardom at the
Olympic Games in Athens that year.
But a series of injuries means
he is forced to bow out of a
major athletics meeting in Kingston
and it's clear he's not
fully fit for Athens.
But Bolt chooses to ignore
advice and takes part, anyway.
I didn't think he should go.
He didn't merit on that
team but they selected him.
I knew he was not going to do well
because he was not on
par with his training
because of his sickness and so forth.
Running with a torn hamstring,
Bolt is eliminated in the heats
of his first Olympic Games.
A lot of people would have failed
in Athens and never recover.
Not Usain. He just went along,
enjoying what he was doing.
Following his Olympic defeat,
Usain makes a decision
that will change his life.
He takes on a new trainer, Glen Mills,
then head coach of the
Jamaican Olympic team.
Mills has moulded dozens of sprinters,
including Kim Collins, the 100
metre world champion in 2003.
For Mills, there is only one focus
- the Olympic Games in Beijing.
He was recovering from a torn hamstring.
The whole question of muscle strength
and overall body weakness were
some of the areas that we looked at.
Well, he was young and inexperienced
and didn't quite understand fully what
it meant to be a professional athlete.
He was always enthusiastic.
He was determined to do well,
but there were a number of
things that we had to, you know,
point out to him about
his dedication to training,
application, following
up the little details.
At six foot five, and weighing 220lbs,
Usain is unusually tall for a sprinter.
Mills forces him to concentrate
on strength and speed,
pushing Bolt's body to the
limit in weight training sessions
lasting one and a half
hours, three times a week.
He has some very special qualities,
both as a competitor and as a person.
He has the ability to
focus almost instantly
and he learns very fast.
He's not a workaholic,
but he will work hard
if he ever finds himself in a
situation where it is necessary.
Yes, we can!
Imagine me, a black president, man.
Fastest black president!
The session today will be tough.
This 30-minute massage prepares
Usain for the pain ahead.
Shoulders down.
That's it.
I think a lot of people,
they see you run and they say,
"Oh, it looks so easy. It
really looks effortless. "
But, before it gets to that point,
day in, day out - sacrifice,
day in, day out
- just dying.
There's time when you run
and you just want to stop.
You just want to give up, say,
"To hell with this. I
just want to go home. "
The day when you get up and you
know you have a training today,
you know it's going to be intense, like,
"Oh, God! I don't want to go
today," but you've got to go.
And it's so hard, and a
lot of people don't know.
My coach always says, "In a couple
of years, we're not going to have
"any track because you're
going to take all of it home!"
Come on, keep going.
Come on.
- Usain, are you all right?
- Yeah, coach.
This is your conscience speaking.
"Don't do it. Stop running. "
Retire. Go play football.
Go play golf.
Finally, after four years of hard work,
Usain is ready for the Games in Beijing.
He's 21 and about to
enter Olympic history.
Greece, sport...
In sight of the swimming
pool in Beijing, China.
The Olympics is the biggest
thing there is for athletes
so, for me, I'm focused.
I'm dead focused on what's
necessary. I know what I want.
If you want something and know how to
get it, you've got to go and get it.
That's how I was brought up.
For me, it's getting easier every day,
because I know what I
want, so I work towards it.
I'll never forget that.
I was so amazed that I got
it, I didn't know what to do,
I didn't know how to celebrate.
I was like... I was so happy.
It was always my dream to
coach an Olympic champion
who was lightning and exciting, and
rewarding, in terms of satisfaction.
Three billion viewers watch
as Bolt smashes the
100 metre world record.
It's a victory that makes him
the focal point of the games.
The athlete is now in a league of
his own and intends to stay there.
In the 200 metres, Bolt
wins a second gold medal
and breaks another world record.
Then, alongside his
team-mates, he wins a third gold
and sets a new world record
for the 4x100 metres relay.
Three gold medals, three world records.
It's an achievement unparalleled
in the history of athletics.
In just seven days, Bolt
has become a national hero
and an international sporting icon.
It's three years after Beijing
and Usain is having a kick-around.
Yo, Alex Ferguson!
Just watch. Cameras up.
Alex Ferguson, just watch me. Today
is my, is my, is my, my trial run.
- Make sure Alex Ferguson get this tape, OK?
- What are you going to do?
What do you mean, what am I going to do?
I'm putting on football boots,
I'm in a football jersey.
- But, Usain, isn't it forbidden
to do football? - It is forbidden.
It is forbidden, but guess what.
In life, you have to enjoy life, man.
I don't want to catch 50 and say,
"Oh, God, I missed
out on my youth days. "
- Coach Mills know that you play football?
- Nah, man!
When he sees this documentary,
he's going to be pissed!
But it'll be after the
Olympics, so most of the time...
Just don't show him
till after the Olympics.
MUSIC: "Summer Time" by Vybz Kartel
# Every massive haffi come along
# Guh fi yuh suntan inna di summer sun
# If you a bleacher guh back home
# Guh fi yuh umbrella cos de sun a burn
# Uptown full a fun enuh
# ATI, we a guh enuh
# Dream weekend come enuh
# Smudge a guh dun enuh
# Oh, oh, here we go
Summer time is here!
# You know!
# The holiday, school is closed
# We feel the vibes enuh
# Summer time inna Portmore
# Summer time inna Kingston... #
Usain likes to enjoy
himself when he competes.
His antics in Berlin before the
100 metres final rubbed off on his
opponents and started a new trend
for athletes posing for the camera.
I'm ready. Are you ready? Let's go!
For me, the start, a
good reaction is key
because I'm a kind of a poor starter.
If I get a good reaction, then
I can get myself in the race,
even if my first couple
of steps are not quick.
From start to 30 metres,
that's my drive phase.
Keep your body forward, keep your
head down and just keep driving,
driving, driving.
After I start coming out of my
drive phase, that's when I get tall,
start getting tall, straight,
knees up, shoulders down.
That's when you start
to get to top speed.
50 metres is when I check.
I just glance left, glance right,
to make sure where I'm
positioned in the race.
I may start listening to the
crowd, listening to the cheers.
60 metres
- that's when I become a beast, really.
That's when I start to dominate a race.
Majority of the time, I can
tell from probably 60, 70 metres
if I'm going to win the race,
because the last 40 metres of my
race is the strongest part of my race.
Last 10, 15 metres of a
race, I start checking again.
Check to the right, check to
the left. Can I stop running?
Ten metres
- that's when I determine if I've won,
because the last ten metres,
you're not going to catch me,
no matter who you are, no
matter what you're doing.
No matter how focused you are, no
matter how ready you think you are,
you won't catch me, cos that
last ten metres will take me
three and a half strides
to pass the finish line.
And this is where the glory begins.
This is where you pass the finish line.
I do what I want, celebrate
to the world, do crazy stuff.
That's when the crowd love
me cos I put my flavour to it.
I make them love and enjoy me.
Three days after breaking
the 100 metre record
he set in Beijing, he repeats
the feat in the 200 metres.
He breaks the world record again.
Bolt wins a third gold
medal with the Jamaican team
in the 4x100 metres relay race
and finishes Berlin triumphant.
But while he celebrates, the
International Athletics Federation
is agreeing on a controversial
new change to the rulebook.
The committee vote by
a huge majority to adopt
a new rule on false starts.
It's a decision that will
come back to haunt Bolt.
- Hello, hello, hello. - Mr Bolt, how
are you? I'm Pamela Bridgewater.
- I'm the US Ambassador to Jamaica...
- Nice to meet you.
.. And a great, great track fan.
Usain took the world
record from the Americans.
It's not a problem for the relationship?
Clearly, you know, we love
to support great athletes.
It would have been great
if we could have kept it,
but if anybody had to break
it, I'd rather have it be Usain.
Yohan! Come here.
- Nice to meet you. I'm Pamela Bridgewater,
the US Ambassador in Jamaica. - Yes.
- Nice meeting you.
- Yohan's been coming up.
- I'm teaching him everything I know.
- All right!
Well, you got a great teacher.
You couldn't ask for
more than that, huh?
Usain may be a star but
he doesn't train alone.
Yohan Blake, in the white vest,
is one of Coach Mills'
most promising sprinters.
So is Daniel Bailey, from
Antigua, fourth in Berlin.
Even though all three are
bitter rivals on the track,
they train together as friends.
Usain is six inches taller than
his team-mates and his long legs
actually slow him down in
the opening seconds of a race.
On your marks.
Come, gentlemen.
- Set.
When you're training, outside
of training, it's all fun.
You can't take it too serious.
You've got to do the work, work hard,
stay focused, motivate each other.
On the day, when you line up, then
it's every man for himself, so...
It's all for him.
Three days later, Bolt
gets ready to fly to Rome.
Two hours to go till the
flight and he hasn't packed.
Don't miss the drop!
Don't miss the drop!
- What are you taking with you, some
souvenirs, some photos? - Photos, man?
- Photos of what? I'm going to Europe.
- Your mother, your father?
I'm trying to take the sun
with me. That'll be good.
- Some books? - Nah, man. I'm more
of a PlayStation type of guy.
- Not a reader. -
The Bible? - Huh?
- Bible?
- No, not the Bible.
What are you trying to do,
make me look bad on TV, man?
Usain is heading to Europe for
a series of key race meetings,
ahead of the World Championships
in Daegu, South Korea.
#.. di teacha haffi sing line?
# DJing nuh inna him mind?
# Roll out wid di shootas fi kill time
# No boxers, Calvin Klein
# Nuff bwoy waan get
me out fi reach... #
Boarding should be roughly about
5.30 this evening, gate number five.
Thank you.
#.. Cos I'm da baller and the manager
# Alex Ferguson and Bibby dis
# Mi stay in front like Genesis Yes!
# Who waan fi penny dis? Guess!
# Mi find di metaphors
weh Jay-Z and Biggie miss
# And chaw dem up like Winterfresh
and spit dem out like Wrigleys
# Mi hot mi touch green
grass mek it ketch fyah
# Sum bwoy nuh thugz mi
see thru dem like mesh wire
# Yes, Iyah! Dem license expire
# Mi rub dem out like mi Benz tire... #
Bolt doesn't go anywhere
without his team.
Accompanying him on the trip are
his best friend NJ and his agent
Ricky Simms, a 37-year-old Irishman
who's been managing Bolt's interests
since 2003, and takes care of all
his contracts and on-track business.
Ricky is a great part of my life.
Since I started professional, he's
been my agent. We've had good times.
He's treated me the same way
since the first time we met.
In Rome, the organisers have booked
Usain into their very best suite.
White, people? Mauve. White.
- Is it OK?
- Yeah.
- It's important for you to have him
in the meeting? - Of course it is.
- First time in Italy, first time in Rome.
- So you sold a lot of tickets?
Much more than ever before
and we know that this
is the effect of having him here.
You can play football up here!
Usain has broken a record
without running a step,
by selling 50,000 tickets
for his event in Rome.
(Come closer.) I heard that
Rome is the best for women.
Is that true?
You're from Paris. I'm asking you, man!
But listen, anyway, they say
that Rome is the best for women,
so I'm hoping that I get lucky.
I'll let you know at
the end of this trip.
If I get lucky, I'll give
you a thumbs up. If I don't...
- Have you got a girlfriend in every
city or what? - No, man! I'm single.
What kind of girlfriends are you
talking about? I'm a single guy.
I live free.
- It's expensive to have Usain here
for competition? - Expensive for who?
He's good value.
He's rather expensive but
he's worth every penny, for us.
And what does expensive mean?
- Well, that's not for us...
- say.
Usain makes more than
200,000 euros at each meeting.
His earnings this summer
will top 1 million.
USAIN CHUCKLES What the hell?!
What about your expectations?
Well, for me, I'm just coming out
here, really, to see where I'm at.
I feel in good shape. I've been
training, I've been getting there.
So I'm really focused and ready
now, and I'm going out there to just
prove to the world
that I'm still the best,
and just to stay focused and work hard.
Yohan Blake ran 9.8 in Kingston.
He's your training partner.
Are you still faster than he is?
I should think I'm definitely faster
than Yohan Blake. We train together.
I think he's going to do
wonderful things this season.
One of his down points
was definitely his start,
and he's really putting
a lot of work into it,
so I definitely think this season
is going to be a good season
for the Racers Track Club.
Four hours before the race.
Go outside, it'll be better.
A photo for Usain's six
million fans on Facebook.
- Full frame?
- Hm-mm.
Two hours before the race, just
time for a lap around the stadium
for the benefit of his adoring public.
CHILDREN CHEER: Bolt! Bolt! Bolt!
Bad start.
First race in a long
time, I guess. He won.
I don't think he's going to be too
impressed with the start or his time.
But he won the race and
he'll get better from here.
I won but it was a suck race.
One of the worst races ever, man.
Hey, hey, hey! Fix your
stuff, man. It's no good.
- You were so nervous, huh.
- Oh, yeah, I was nervous, man.
I was nervous. It was a bad
race. My coach asked me...
My coach said to me that
I'd forgotten how to run.
How do you explain that?
I can't. He understands. I
told him it was just nerves.
I got the nerves out now, so
it's just business after this.
So I'm looking forward to the next one.
It's a weak start for Bolt
but the tour must go on.
# Been watching you, babe
# And I feel what you're trying to do
# You tried hard to get next to me
# I was so in love with
you I could hardly see
# Now it seems you wanna run out on me
# And after all this
time Tell me can't you see
# All this love that I'm giving
- # Giving my love
- # All this love that I'm giving
- # Giving my love
- # All this love that I'm giving
- # Giving my love
- # All this love that I'm giving... #
- It's a special life, huh?
- Huh?
Hotel, hotel, travel, hotel,
press conference, hotel.
It's a routine life!
- It's hard? - Nah. You get used to it.
At first, it was kind of complicated.
Not used to all the cameras
and flying every weekend,
and running every day,
interviews all time.
- But... you get used to it. -
You're not tired of this? - No.
It's a part of my life now.
Usain has come to Oslo to
compete in the 200 metres,
but first the organisers
have a great idea about
how best to introduce him
to the Norwegian public.
Don't care about the car.
- Just stand like that. - RICKY:
This is the car? - Yeah. - Seriously?
Just stand like that.
- Just stand on whatever.
- OK.
What do you think about the
beginning of the season, NJ?
It's good so far.
Things are progressing
slowly but surely.
World Championship is the aim. The
coach says he's at the right place.
We have no worries.
Eddie feel the legs
and says good condition.
Masseuse knows his legs
more than anybody else.
We're just working smartly,
you know. To get there.
Get it, get it!
Usain wins the 200 metres,
giving him a clean sheet of
six races and six victories.
He's about to fly to Daegu,
South Korea, unbeaten in Europe.
He has a challenge to
live as a superstar,
how to balance the whole
excitement and the attention,
along with what is
required for your work,
to develop and to maintain
a high standard on the track.
It's past midnight in Oslo.
Before he leaves, Usain has to make
one last appearance in the VIP area,
where he stays a little
longer than strictly necessary.
What time?
# Don't worry about a thing
# Cos every little thing
is going to be all right
# Rise up this morning
# Smiled with the rising sun
# Three little birds
# Walk by my doorstep
# Singing sweet songs
# Of melodies pure and true
# This is my message
to you-ou-ou. #
South Korea, and Bolt has two goals.
One - to remain unbeaten in
the 100 and 200 metres.
Two - to show the world that he's
ready to take gold in London.
During the competition, Usain's home
is here in the athletes' village.
It's a small four-room flat that
he shares with six other Jamaicans.
Look at this! You see him
pick it up and turn and go on.
Pass the ball, pass. Come on!
Oh, you were dealing with that, man!
Oh, come on!
Tomorrow, all seven flatmates
will be on the track.
Usain's biggest fans, his family,
have come all the way from
Kingston to watch him race.
It was a good day, man. First round.
Felt smooth. Executed well.
I think my coach is going
to be very proud of me.
It was a very good start.
Ran to 50 metres, shut it down.
Take it through the
line. A wonderful day.
I'm very proud of myself.
Tomorrow, I'm going to be ready.
Usain and Yohan have both made
it through to the semifinals.
In the World Championships,
as in the Olympic Games,
the semifinals and final
are held on the same day,
with just a two-hour
interval between them.
It's an easy win for Bolt.
Meanwhile, in the other semifinal,
Yohan Blake achieves his
best performance of the year.
The final looks set to be a
two-horse race - Bolt versus Blake.
Coach Mills prefers to stay behind
the scenes when his athletes race.
He'll be watching the final from here,
the warm-up track, on a giant screen.
- On your marks.
- Go!
Come on, Yohan! Come on, Yohan!
While the Bolt family
congratulate Yohan,
agent Ricky looks for Usain,
but he's nowhere to be found.
I've just been all the way
round. I can't see him anywhere.
Can we go to the changing rooms?
- Yeah, but I don't...
- I know where they are.
Even the organisers
have lost track of him.
- You have a sleep? - Try getting
some. - Then get some practice.
The new world champion, people
- Yohan Blake!
It's not a team sport but if I
didn't get it I'm happy he did.
I've seen him train, man.
I've seen the work he put in.
He works more hard than me.
- So it's a mixed feeling tonight?
I mean, you're happy for Yohan? - Yeah.
- But not for you?
- Yeah, you can't dwell on the past, man.
You learn that.
I grew up in the church so there
was one thing they always say,
"Everything happen for a reason.
God has a plan for everybody," so...
You can't really complain.
You've got to just move on.
I have one more race to go, so I
can't stress over that and worry.
I've got to focus on the next task
at hand, so that's what's up next.
I'm kind of pissed at myself
cos I've been working hard,
on my start especially.
You've been along the way. You've
seen the work that I put in.
You've seen what I've gone through,
the bad starts, the bad races,
and it finally came together
at the right time, man.
I pretty much just
squandered it, I would say.
All I could hear was something
saying, "Go," in my head.
And I just went. And after, I was
like, "What the hell just happened?"
I guess tonight I was
my worst enemy, so...
Cos I should have won
that race easy, but...
.. can't dwell on the past.
I'm not dwelling.
Manchester United just
won. I'm happy. Moving on.
What marks a great champion
is the ability to bounce back.
Six days after his false start,
Usain lines up for the 200 metres final.
# Hold on to the dream
# Hold on
# Hold on now, now
# Hold on and believe
# Though we already won
# We still hold on
# Hold on
# Hold on now, now
# We'll still hold on
# Hold on
# Hold on now, now
# Hold on to the dream
# Finish line, I'll see you there
# I know you're well-prepared
# Put aside all your fears
# God will answer all your prayers
# My team that no-one cares
# Been working hard for years
# Keep climbing up the stairs
# Got to know that
you already there... #
Who's the champion now?
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh!
The next day, in the final
of the 4x100 metres relay,
it's Yohan Blake who
passes the baton to Bolt.
Together, they set a new world record.
It's the only record broken in the
entire 2011 track and field season.
#.. Though we already won
# We'll still hold on... #
I didn't dream that it would happen.
Myself is really searching
to find out how come? Why?
What caused him to be so fast?
Is he here for a purpose?
I'm number one, we all are
number one. All day, every day.
That's what we do
- fast running.
- smallest island, biggest at heart.
He wants to be a legend and he said,
"To be a legend, is to
repeat it in London. "
I say, "Thank you, Lord,
for what you have done.
"You have given him the strength.
You have given him the courage.
"And I am really grateful. "
Started off bad, but the fans really
came into it over the 200 metres, the 4x1,
and at the end of the championship, I
got a world record with a great team,
so the lesson is just keep your
head up, no matter what happen.
Usain now faces the greatest challenge
of his career - the London Olympics.
If he can win gold in the 100 metres,
he will become one of the greatest
Olympic athletes in history.
The world is watching.
Can Usain Bolt fulfil his
destiny and become a legend?
# Hold on now, now
# Hold on and believe
# Though you already won
# We'll still hold on
# Hold on
# Hold on now, now
# We'll still hold on
# Hold on
# Hold on now, now
# Hold on to the dream
# Although the road is
long We'll still hold on
# We carry on... #