Use Me (2019) Movie Script

[electricity zaps]
- [Julian heavily breathing]
- [tense music]
[Julian] Rose!
[Julian] I didn't know
who else I could call.
God, what's wrong?
I'm at the airport.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know if I should come back to
Sydney or what I should do.
I got no money.
[heavily sighs]
Let me just ask you one question.
Are you filming this?
Like, right now,
are you filming this?
[Julian sighs]
All right. Speaking of
documentaries, though,
you're now venturing
onto your third feature, uh,
which is about a lady
named Ceara Lynch.
You've done your research.
Now, I did do
a little bit of research.
- [Julian laughs]
- I was kind of...
Did you do the research
in front of your wife?
That's the question.
I did run it past her.
- A Mental?
- Humiliatrix.
- Humiliatrix.
- Mental Humiliatrix,
that's her official job title.
There are people who pay
her vast sums of money,
basically, for the
privilege of being used.
She doesn't meet any of
her clients in person.
Everything's virtual.
[Dov] She's kind of living
the American dream.
That depends on your definition
of the American dream.
- [Dov] What's yours?
- For me, it's pretty obvious.
If you can make a movie
that's a hit in America, you've made it.
How did you come across her
in the first instance?
Well, actually it was her idea.
She found me online
and we Skyped,
and we just hit it off
right away.
[computer dings]
- Hi.
- Hey, bitch.
How's it goin'?
Very good, thank you.
[Julian] We ended up
Skyping for hours.
She completely convinced me
to go over there.
I sold my car,
I withdrew all my savings.
People have this image in
their mind of who a person is,
and my job is to go in
there with a camera
and find the truth behind that.
[soft acoustic guitar music]
[Ceara] I want you
to blackmail me
and threaten to tell my
boss at work my secret.
I want you take
everything from me.
Use me until I have
nothing left.
I love to get used.
You are on top.
[Ceara's words mix together]
[Ceara giggling]
[Luke] In this
business, Ceara Lynch,
she is the gold standard.
You're a complete stranger
and you're going to explore
in a world of debauchery and insanity.
- [women giggling]
- Just watch your back, man.
[man] There's a lot of
beautiful women out there
that would never be
able to do this at all.
Oh, my God, I am so sick
of hearing you say that.
You filthy whore.
The internet is my dungeon.
[client Y]
Ceara completely changed my life.
And I'll have you by the balls.
I have seen her cut through men
like warm butter.
[client] There's a fine line
between fantasy and reality.
I think I saved the best for last.
[soft guitar music]
[travelers chattering]
So what is the American dream?
[man] Traditionally,
the American dream
is pulling yourself up
from the bootstraps
and making it big
on your own terms.
You can rise from the bottom
to the top in America.
[woman] It draws people in from all over
the world. I mean, look at you.
You're from Australia and you're
making a movie in America,
so I think that's proof that you're
trying to live the American dream, too.
[Rose] Um...
I guess, what I'm saying
is good luck.
And I really hope you find
what you're looking for.
[Julian exhales]
How you feeling?
- Nervous?
- Little bit.
You don't ever look nervous.
That beard just
masks your emotions.
I know, you can't see
it behind the beard.
[clears throat] All right.
So, pretty much, just don't
ever cut and it'll be fine.
- Okay.
- Yeah, just keep rolling.
- Hello.
- Hey!
- How are you?
- Good, you made it.
- I got my guy with me.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Nice to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
- Here.
- Thank you.
I don't really drink
at the moment, but that's...
- Ah, you'll drink today.
- Okay, whatever you say.
Let's go feed my chickens.
My backyard.
So we got, the two
black and white ones
are Amelia and Bodelia.
We got the white one,
that's Cruella.
Betty is the yellow one.
Goldy Hen.
And Miss America is the Americana.
So you want to see the house?
We got my bedroom.
This is my office space.
And this room is where
all the magic happens.
- [connection crackles]
- [playful music]
[laptop clicking]
Get your ass all nice
and ready for me.
If you didn't have money,
I wouldn't even spit
in your general direction.
Do you understand?
- [computer beeping]
- [keyboard clacking]
So, basically, a guy emails me,
tells me his fantasy,
and I make it come to life.
What are you looking for, hmm?
My dirty panties again?
Your wife doesn't know
anything about you.
Eat another human being.
Do you want to be my dog?
From inside the cage, you give
me female hormone injections.
I'd love to see you forcibly
make a guy turn gay
by Pavlovian conditioning.
You breaking my ribs
with a baseball bat.
This guy, I think has
like cinematic movies
going on in his head when
he masturbates. [laughs]
- [computer beeping]
- [keyboard clacking]
Are you wearing
panties right now?
Because I haven't talked
to you in such a long time.
[client] You're the most
amazing thing in my life.
- [Ceara] Yeah, I believe that.
- [client] I want to jerk off.
Better not crash, better
keep your eye on the road.
- [client moans]
- [tires screeching]
- [computer beeping]
- [keyboard clacking]
I sell panties, socks,
shoes, pantyhose,
toenail clippings,
used Kleenex, piss,
used hair from my hair brush.
So, I sold my shit recently
to a guy for $4,000,
and I was a little worried
because I don't know
the legalities
around shipping waste.
So I emailed my lawyer,
but he was really cool about it.
- He said...
- That's genius!
And it really, to me,
it's a triumph of capitalism
and really one of
those things where,
uh... you know,
from an entrepreneurial spirit,
really, just adds to the
American dream in a certain way.
- [computer beeping]
- [keyboard clacking]
So I have what's
called my Ignore Line.
Guys will call, um...
Have fun.
...and I put them on hold.
And as long as they
stay on the line,
I get paid $5 a minute.
- [computer beeping]
- [keyboard clacking]
So, Financial Domination is basically
where guys literally get off
on giving a woman their money.
The most I've ever had
anyone spend was $20,000
and it was a guy,
he was watching me on Skype,
and he set up a Saks
Fifth Avenue account.
He put in all the credit
card information,
all of his information,
and then he gave me the login.
And then the session was
just him watching me shop.
You know, I was telling him,
"Oh, I'm
going to buy this Prada handbag.
I'm going to buy this Burberry coat,"
and just racking up his bill.
[cash register dinging]
He loved that I was
using his credit card.
- [computer beeping]
- [keyboard clacking]
I have a degree in psychology,
so I'm curious about how
the human mind works
and sexuality has
always fascinated me.
The Diamond Experience isn't
really something I do for money.
It's just part of my
research on male sexuality.
So, if a guy comes
to me with an issue
and I think I can help him,
we'll start to talk.
[keyboard clacking]
Every case is different.
So that could mean
I act as their therapist
or it could be like a role-play.
Sometimes, I set up
these fantasy scenarios.
All right, showtime.
Whatever it takes.
I would probably have
trouble getting off
if it weren't for her.
I think I would have far
worse erectile dysfunction.
And now I'm actually able
to function normally in everyday life.
[client Y]
I used to have a problem with intimacy.
But because of Ceara,
the problem's gone.
Yeah, I just pay
attention, you know?
Because, at the end of the day,
these are all male desires.
These aren't my desires.
And I've just been
doing it so long
that I know, like,
what seems to work.
- [Julian laughs]
- [Ceara softly chattering]
[light upbeat music]
[Julian] So, what are your
absolute hard limits?
[Ceara] My hard limits are:
I don't get naked on camera,
I don't have sex on camera,
and I don't do sessions in real life.
My whole brand is supposed
to be that I'm unattainable.
That guys aren't worthy
of seeing me naked.
I'm holier than thou.
I'm a goddess.
So if I were to get naked,
that's giving something up.
- Hello!
- Hey, guys.
- I'm Julian.
- Hi.
- What up?
- [lips smacking]
How you doing? Nice to meet you.
Everybody knows Ceara.
Everybody that's in this part
- of that industry knows who Ceara is.
- Mm-hmm.
- Gotcha.
- Yep.
You were about to say,
she's a little bit like
- her character, you think?
- Oh, oh, shh,
yeah, I just feel like
there's just something else
in there that's just,
yeah, I don't know.
- Satan, it's Satan.
- Yeah.
In fact, I bet there's
a 666 right behind her ear.
[group laughs]
- I'm pretty sure.
- No.
- I told you.
- No, I'm just glad I'm on
her good side.
- That's what I meant to say.
- [group laughs]
- [Julian] Really? Wow.
- I'm on her good side. We're good.
- [laughing]
- [cork pops]
[Julian refreshingly sighs]
- Are we having fun yet?
- [group chattering]
[Momo] Show him how
it's done, please?
- Oh, my gosh, no.
- What, you didn't like that?
- [Momo] That was weak.
- [girls giggling]
- Jesus Christ!
- [girls laughing]
What's going on? Oh, God!
- Woo!
- Okay.
- Here you go.
- [women giggling]
[door shuts]
[air whooshing]
[birds chirping]
[Julian sighs]
[soft tense music]
[Gary] When she was about 16,
I mean, I knew
she was making money,
and I didn't know where
she was getting her money from.
I came home from work one day
and here on the
dining room table
is this Manila envelope
with something in it,
addressed to somebody
in Florida.
So I open it up and
she was selling panties,
and I got really upset.
So I did what any dad would do.
I threw her panties away,
I put a dirty pair of my
underwear in with her note,
sealed 'em up, and mailed them
off to the guy. [chuckles]
Once I figured out
that she was safe,
that people can't find her,
and there's firewalls, you know.
It's all through telephone
or on the internet.
There's no actual
meeting people.
Okay, yeah, it sounds pretty...
You know, I would've preferred
brain surgeon,
but, you know. [laughs]
[mellow music]
Yeah, just kind of a normal
American suburb upbringing.
Yeah, money was really
tight when I was born.
The first house that I lived at
was a trailer park, actually.
I actually have nothing
but happy childhood memories.
And after the trailer park,
I lived in this
farmhouse for a while.
But it's all abandoned now.
Yeah, I think I had
a very different idea
of what my future
would be back then.
A few things
I remember growing up,
Jehovah Witnesses, they don't
believe in Heaven or Hell.
They believe that there's
an Armageddon coming,
and it's coming really soon.
And that's going to basically
wipe out everyone
that isn't a Jehovah Witness.
And then Paradise comes after
to everyone that
follows Jehovah.
So we tried for a while
with the idea of kids,
you should give 'em some
sort of foundation,
but we lost faith in the
organization and then left.
[seagulls cawing]
[Ceara] So I was away on vacation with
my parents at Cobble Beach.
So there were two boys and me.
And I can't remember what
our parents were doing,
but me and the boys
were left alone.
And one of the guys had, uh,
like, a dirty magazine,
like a Hustler.
He showed us this page
of these two beautiful,
glamorous women, uh,
sucking each other's toes.
I look at his pants
and he's getting hard.
I mean, it was under his pants,
but I had never really seen
an erection in person.
Right as I saw his penis,
the earth started shaking.
[suspenseful music]
And I totally freaked out.
- [fire roaring]
- I started thinking about Armageddon.
And I just, like,
booked it out the door.
I just ran, and I just
saw this light,
like this really
bright white light.
I thought at the time that
it was the light of Jehovah
and, um, that I was running
towards Paradise.
I realized it was, uh,
just the lighthouse
and waited it out until
the earth stood still again.
It wasn't even, like,
a serious earthquake,
but, uh, it was
just crazy timing.
It really freaked me out.
Never told anyone that before.
- [Julian] Exclusive!
- Yeah!
[light groovy music]
[Julian] Is there ever any risk
these fantasies that are more extreme
that you're going to go too far?
No, I would never do anything
that I wasn't asked to do.
The illusion is that
I'm the one in control.
But, really, they're
telling me what do to.
It's very clear what they want
and that's exactly
what I give 'em.
I think it's really important
to draw a distinction
between a fetish
and an addiction.
A fetish is something abnormal
that gets you off sexually.
It's called a paraphilia.
It literally means you
have a sexual attraction
to non-sexual things.
An addiction on the other hand,
is a compulsive behavior
that's unhealthy or
disruptive to your life.
Let's say you get off
on women's shoes.
It's not something that most
people find sexually arousing,
so it's considered a fetish.
However, if you start going
into women's shoe stores,
stealing high heels, and taking them
home to masturbate over them?
- That's an addiction.
- If I get the
sense that a guy really has
an addiction and is ruining his life,
then I do feel some
responsibility to help him.
After a while,
it's not very fulfilling
just getting guys off.
What I really find satisfying is
if I feel like
I've truly helped them
in a way that
they can't help themselves.
[client X] For me, it's
more than a sexual outlet.
I know that what
she does offers release.
So perhaps it has some
psychological value.
Perhaps, it has some therapy.
[client Y] I didn't even
know I was addicted.
I didn't know you
could be addicted
to what I was addicted to.
[Ceara softly moans]
[Ceara] You know, a lot of guys
have these desires
that they can't
share with, you know,
their wife or their
girlfriend or, you know.
I and anyone else
who is in my profession
are pretty much the only people
that really hear about it.
I've basically carvedM a niche
helping men with strange addictions.
For instance, I had this one guy
who couldn't put his smartphone down
without having a panic attack.
I had another guy
who was addicted
to being kicked in
the balls to the point
where he might not be
able to have kids.
- [foot thudding]
- [woman groans]
[client] I got a rush out of that.
That was, like, a thrill.
[Brian] Well, we all know
about drug addiction.
But addiction to behavior
or addiction to inanimate objects
can be quite
compelling for people.
So if you have tried
everything else,
maybe your best bet is
an Online Humiliatrix
with a psychology degree.
[thumping ambient music]
[Julian] I'm feeling good.
I'm feeling like
my instincts were right.
That she is an amazing subject
and has a lot of complexity.
More than I thought originally.
- Oh, my God.
- [Ceara laughs]
Just beautiful.
You know, at least I get paid
for filming myself. [laughs]
- What's your excuse?
- What do you mean, what's my excuse?
- You're always filming yourself.
- Yeah, what's wrong with that?
[Ceara] Why do you do it?
- Well.
- It's kind of narcissistic.
Oh, and being a cam girl
isn't narcissistic?
Again, I get paid for it.
I wouldn't be doing it if
I wasn't bringing money for it.
All right, well...
[Julian sighs]
And it kind of sucks
'cause I'm meant to be going
back to Australia soon,
but I kind of don't
want to leave.
I feel like there's so
much more to this story.
- Road trip!
- Woo-hoo!
[Julian] I mean, I don't think
I've ever met anybody like her.
...she's really special.
But I've already used all my
savings just getting this far.
What do you think about doing
a Kickstarter campaign?
[Ceara] Yeah, I'd be down.
Yeah, we could just
keep shooting.
I don't have to leave.
- [Ceara] I like money.
- I like money, too.
Money's good. [laughs]
[mouse clicking]
Oh, my project is launched!
[Ceara] Yeah!
How much are you going to pledge?
- [client] $100.
- All right, let's see it.
So it's essentially a documentary about
- what we're talking about here.
- [Ceara] Yeah, about me.
- Yeah, focused on me.
- About humiliation.
About how these guys want you
to do these things to them.
- Exactly.
- And threaten them.
- [Julian mumbling]
- And refresh. Oh, look at that!
82 backers, 11,344!
Good boy!
- [notification pings]
- Yeah. [laughs]
- Holy shit!
- There's 24 hours to go,
we're still $7,000 short.
If we don't reach our target,
the film is not getting made.
Have you seen the Kickstarter?
Like, in the past 15 minutes?
So, this guy is willing to put
$7,500 in the Kickstarter
if we do a make-out video.
That's it, just kissing.
- [Julian] I'd do that for free.
- [Ceara laughs]
[Ceara] Can you believe that?
- [Julian] Ha!
- Hello.
Hello. I brought wardrobe options.
- How are you doing, nervous?
- I'm a little anxious.
- How are you feeling?
- Fine.
- Yeah, I could see that.
- It's not my first rodeo.
Okay, I have this guy's notes,
his requests here.
- He has a cuckolding fetish.
- Okay.
So he likes seeing me with
guys that are hotter than him.
- Okay.
- Do not do five seconds of
tongue sucking.
That is too short.
Please make it much longer.
That's ridiculous.
[Ceara] I know, it's stupid.
Can you handle this?
Yeah, I can handle this.
All right.
'Kay, testing one, two, three.
Testing one, two, three.
Okay... this is good.
All right, um, so you don't need
to worry about saying anything.
I'll start it and then
we'll just start kissing,
- and so you can take me lead.
- Okay.
Easiest job in the world.
[camera beeps]
Hi, there.
I have quite a little treat
for you, my little cuck.
[Ceara giggles]
I have, right here, a real man.
[giggles] And I'm going to have
some fun with him
while you sit there and wank
your tiny little dick,
wishing that you could
be a part of it.
But, hey, you can, right?
You get to pay for it. [giggles]
[ominous music]
[lips smacking]
[high heels thudding]
[Ceara moans]
[lips smacking]
- [hand thwacks]
- [Julian groans]
[Ceara] Fuck me.
- [belt rattling]
- [Ceara moaning]
- [bed squeaking]
- [Ceara moaning]
- [flesh smacking]
- [Ceara moans]
- [Julian sighs]
- [Ceara chuckles]
Well, he got quite a show.
We're not sending that to him.
No, definitely not.
That would ruin my career.
- Question.
- Yes?
Um, is this going to be
weird afterwards,
like, with the movie
and everything? [chuckling]
I'm fine but I don't know.
- No, I'm fine.
- Okay, okay.
You carry this thing
everywhere, don't you?
I do.
- I love this little camera.
- [Ceara laughs]
- [Julian] It's my thing.
- Yeah.
I've done it for a long time.
All guys have their thing.
[Ceara laughs]
[Ceara] What's the first thing
you remember recording?
I got my first camera when
I was nine years old.
- Like, a VHS?
- It was a little VHS
camera that my mum gave me.
In the filming of this
week's documentary.
I wanted to be a documentary maker.
Until next week, this is
Julian Shaw saying, "Adios."
- I just started filming everything, you
- Yeah.
[Julian humming]
Intellectually stimulating.
[Julian] I actually made little
documentaries in my house.
[Ceara] Yeah, of what?
About my cats.
[Young Julian]
The unaware and unsuspicious cat.
- [Ceara] Your cats?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, I want
to see that so bad.
No one gets to see that.
Oh, the video camera?
No, don't worry, that's not on.
[laughs] Outrageous!
Okay, cut!
- Mm.
- Yeah.
That was actually
a pretty fucked up period
in my life, to be honest with you.
- Why?
- Um...
My parents went away a lot for work,
and I'd go and stay
with my mum's sister
for like a month at a time.
I haven't really told many
people about this actually.
- [Ceara] Yeah?
- [Julian] Basically, I
just have this memory
that I always go back to
where I'm lying in bed and I'm shaking.
I'm so scared, like,
I'm going to pee my pants.
And I'm just waiting for
the sound of the door opening.
[door creaks]
It happened a couple of times
before I got the idea
to hide a camera in my room.
- Wait, so did you, like, record her?
- Mm-hmm.
[Ceara] What did she do to you?
[Julian] She had violent fantasies
that probably came from her own life..
I Still don't know. She used me,
she used me to act them out.
[Julian moans]
It was the worst
night of my life,
but it was the best
thing I've ever shot.
That is as real,
and ugly, and raw, and...
terrible as life gets,
and I actually recorded it.
And I think that was the moment
that I decided that I could make
a documentary out of my own life.
I just needed to keep filming
the most dramatic moments.
Sorry, I missed the first part.
Can you
say that again from the beginning?
I've been doing this for so long now
that I can't imagine
ever stopping.
- [Rose] Hi!
- [Julian] Hello!
- [Rose] You're out the front.
- [Julian] I am out the front.
Is it you that eager?
[Julian] That eager?
- Are you filming me?
- Yeah.
[Julian laughing]
[Julian] I got these for you.
As much as I liked
recording the nice moments.
How beautiful!
[Julian] I was always more
drawn to the pain and the fights.
[Rose sobs]
You know, that was the best footage.
It was just so much better when
I could create some drama.
[Rose] Turn it off!
If it upsets you that much,
if I'm so fucking strange,
then fine, whatever,
you know, that's just...
Stop it!
I'm sorry.
I like to film stuff
that someone else would
have stopped recording.
[Julian sniffles]
I want to be the person
who doesn't stop.
And when I realized that
my girlfriend of ten years
was about to break up
with me, I was thinking,
"I'd better get
an angle on myself,
'cause this is going to be gold."
If I give you the camera,
can you just keep recording?
Did you turn off the record?
You want to check Kickstarter
and see if this guy has paid us?
Yeah, yeah.
You can put that thing down.
- Can I?
- What you're doing.
Well, don't stop recording.
Okay, uh, just put it right here?
- Mm-hmm.
- All right.
Let's see.
- We're finished.
- We're done?
- 29,846, it feels so good!
- [Ceara laughs]
[lively pop music]
[Julian coughs]
Just what you like
Are you ever going
To treat me right
[giggles] Yes!
We can celebrate with my friends.
- Oh, there you go!
- [women cheering]
Whoa, that's good.
- [Ceara giggling]
- [lips smacking]
- Oh, boy.
- Hello.
[women giggling]
[Alexandra] Someone's frisky.
- Ooh.
- [woman giggles]
Never know quite
Just what you like
- [group chattering]
- Come here.
[Julian cheers]
What's the safe word, Julian?
[Julian] I can't remember.
- Are you still breathing?
- Yeah.
[women laughing]
Are you ever going
To treat me right
You're so fucking beautiful, Ceara!
Shouldn't they be paying you
if they're really into it?
- They're actually paying you, right?
- Right.
[club music]
[clubbers faintly chattering]
[horn honking]
- Yeah!
- [women excitedly shouting]
[women laughing]
Living the American dream.
You should smack her pussy again.
[women chattering and laughing]
- Yeah.
- Ooh!
- Whoa!
- [women laughing]
[Julian groans]
- How you doing?
- [cameraman] Morning.
[machine beeps]
[Julian groans]
[Julian] Who do I talk to about
pushing the, um, checkout back?
[whimsical music]
The present balance of $628.73,
all of which is
available for use.
[Ceara on phone]
Dude, don't worry about it.
It's just money, it'll be fine.
You had a good time.
Okay, you know, we were celebrating,
you know, Kickstarter,
- and we were celebrating...
- Yeah.
...that milestone
and, you know, that's great.
You've got to celebrate things,
but I think we kind
of have to say
that, you know, we can't really
do that again.
I guess we'll drive back.
It will be fine.
It's good, it's all good.
I'm honestly not that worried about it.
[GPS] At the roundabout,
take the second exit to US-101.
[message whooshes]
- [Julian] I'll be back in one second.
- Okay.
- [Rose on phone] How are you?
- [Julian] I'm pretty good.
I'm looking at a very
beautiful sight right now.
How's it all going?
Uh, it's going
really good actually.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
She's showing me where she
grew up and stuff like that.
- [camera beeps]
- [Rose chuckles]
You're not filming this,
are you?
What do you think?
Are you?
Julian, are you filming this?
[engine rumbling]
[Ceara] I don't really feel
like doing anything
but lay around and eat pizza,
watch bad movies. [sniffles]
- You have to pay for your fun.
- Yeah.
What else is on your mind?
How do you feel
about the other day?
[Ceara] Mm.
[Ceara] I feel fine.
Yeah, I feel fine.
- Right.
- [Ceara laughs]
I don't know what else to say.
I don't feel weird about it, um.
I haven't really thought
about it too much, to be honest.
- Okay.
- [both chuckle]
- That's all right.
- No offense.
[soft ambient music]
Why, how do you feel about it?
[Ceara softly chuckles]
- Oh, the water's boiling.
- Okay.
- I'm going to go grab it.
- No worries.
- All right, standby.
- Thanks.
[kettle whistling]
[Julian sighs]
In America, you can get to the top,
but one simple, little mistake,
you could come tumbling right down.
[man] Five years ago,
I was financially secure.
Now, I don't know
what's going to happen.
Regardless of my
adversities I go through,
I know I will rise
up in America.
- [Ceara] Hey, stranger.
- [Julian] Hey.
[Ceara] Haven't seen you in a while.
Here, I want to show you something.
[Julian] Okay.
It's this software where I can,
basically, uh, access
other guy's computers.
- Okay.
- So this guy,
he just sent me, like,
his password information
- and I can just go in...
- [keyboard clacking]
...and see what
he wants me to see.
And look, see,
this is his page here.
- [message sound]
- Whoa!
So that's his computer
and you're just in there?
Yeah, so some of these guys
like it when I pay myself.
So right now, he is on the
other side of the computer
and he can see all this.
Everything, like me moving
around this desktop right here,
me logging into his account.
He's over there,
like, enjoying the show.
And so he wants me to pay myself.
- And how much is he asking for?
- Um, he's having me pay myself $100.
[keyboard clicking]
You put in an extra zero.
[giggles] Oops.
- There we go.
- [mouse clicks]
[Julian] Cool.
We thank you for playing fair.
[ominous music]
I've never seen that notification
before. That's funny.
Pretty cool, huh?
[Julian] So this guy gets turned on
when you take more money from him
- than he asked you to take?
- It isn't
hard to tell what the guy really wants.
Like, yeah, he says $100,
but he also loves how greedy I am.
He loves how I am
the type of woman who would,
you know...
take more money than
what was agreed upon,
and that sort of thing.
So it's like,
which part do I listen to?
Do I listen to that part?
Or do I, you know, trust that...
he really only wants me to send $100?
So you're saying he's got no problem
with you taking $1,000?
- [Ceara chuckles]
- [Julian] We are back in Vegas shooting
at the Adult Entertainment
Expo this week.
I'm now paying for everything
on my credit card,
so got to work fast.
And ever since I got here,
everyone keeps talking about
this girl, Princess Cassie.
Uh, kind of sounds like
she's the new it girl.
You want to be good
You want to be great
You want to be someone
You want to be liked
You want to be loved
You want to be, want to be
You want to be good
You want to be great
You want to be someone
You want to be liked
You want to be loved
You want to be someone
[Julian] Ceara's going to be
signing autographs,
so I might just have
a bit of a wander
around the convention, explore.
Maybe, check out Cassie's booth.
See what all the hype is about.
[mellow music]
[visitors chattering]
I don't really hate her,
but I do find her really odd.
And she only talks
about herself.
I actually introduced her to this
industry. I brought her into it.
[cameras clicking]
I had shot her for some videos
and so it was the first time
she did the FemDom thing.
And she took to it really well.
I'm not going to say like,
"Oh, I made her," or anything.
She just needed to
be shown the door
and she, you know, totally took
full advantage of it.
Like, you know, really,
really took to it.
You love that, don't you?
And then, kind of
the weirdness came later
when she started to
become really popular.
Again, I don't think
she needs to kiss my ass
or think that I created
her or anything.
But she wouldn't be where she was
if I hadn't have
introduced her to this.
- [Cassie] Hello.
- How's it going?
- Good, how are you?
- Good.
Nice to see you.
- This is Julian.
- Hello, how are you doing?
- Nice to meet you, Julian.
- [Ceara]
Normally, I don't do videos like this,
but I have a client who
pays a lot of money
to watch me make out with certain girls,
and he likes Cassie,
so that's what
we're doing today.
- [phone chimes]
- [Cassie] Hey, can I
talk to you for a minute?
So, um, it's just going to
be like soft-core stuff?
[Ceara] Yeah, it's
just normal kissing.
- Nothing too kinky.
- [Cassie] Cool.
- [gentle ambient music]
- [lips smacking]
- [hand thwacks]
- [lips smacking]
[Ceara heavily breathing]
I think you've seen enough.
[lips smacking]
[camera beeps]
[Princess X] Princess Ceara
was the first one that I saw
that I looked and was like,
"What the hell is this
chick doing to these guys,
and making so much money
than anybody else?"
[Alexandra] The Ceara I know is,
uh, both kind and gentle.
But I have seen her be
an absolute stuck up cunt.
[Shauna] Ceara isn't quite
who she says she is.
I don't know, just
watch your back, man.
[giggles] This could go down
a path you're maybe not
ready for it to take.
I have seen her just turn on a dime.
[ominous music]
[Julian] This is it, fellas.
This is as real as it gets.
[door knocking]
- Hello.
- Hello!
- How are you, today?
- Hello, everybody.
[Julian] You can go in first.
- Nice to see you again.
- Welcome.
- Nice to see you.
- How have you been?
- I've been good, how about you?
- I'm good, I can't complain.
- Should I give you a little tour, or?
- [Julian] Yes, a big tour.
- Okay.
- It's huge.
[Cassie] Okay, this is, uh,
really what you came for.
- Correct?
- Yes.
Wow, you got anything bigger?
[Cassie] Yeah, well, pegging
guys with this on camera
is what pays for
the apartment, so.
- [Julian] That's got to hurt.
[Cassie] I'm sure you recognize this
I did do a little research.
I'm not going to lie.
- [Cassie] Yeah, of course you did.
- It's unprofessional not to.
Yeah. [giggles]
- Yeah, so I just sit?
- That's here.
- I just sit, and talk, and
answer questions and stuff? - Yes.
- Okay. - So, you know
the definition of an interview?
- I do.
- That's great.
- Thank you!
- Amazing.
- All right, we could do that.
- Um, okay, I'm nervous.
- There's no right or wrong answers?
- [Julian] I feel nervous.
Interview with Princess Cassie.
[clapboard smacks]
[Julian] Well, it was a very
interesting day
the other day at Ceara's place.
- Yeah.
- I was very curious to meet you.
- [Cassie] You, as well.
- Mm-hmm.
So, what did you mean when
you told me to be careful?
I don't know, you just got
to keep her at a distance.
Like, I mean, she's good
in small doses,
but then she's pretty poisonous
if you, you know,
let her in too much.
I don't know. I'm not really trying
to ruin these guys lives,
even though I act like it.
You know, "Treat them like shit."
I'm not really trying
to ruin marriages,
- or, you know, so.
- Yeah, mm-hmm.
Is that what Ceara's doing?
She's not, um, you know,
as transparent as she appears to be.
[clears throat] Could you go into, like,
a tiny bit more detail about what...
I don't know. Um, honestly,
I don't really want to do that.
But I can tell you that she has
a lot of dirt on these guys
and she uses it to
get what she wants.
Can I get a name or
something like that?
So I can follow up
on this at least,
and not involve you.
I mean, it would
come back to me.
No, I can't.
But, I mean, if you stick
around Ceara long enough,
you'll see something, trust me.
[Cassie snickers]
[eerie ambient music]
All right, let's cut there then.
- Um, do you want water or anything?
- Uh...
- I'm okay.
- Wine, or...
- Yeah.
- Cool.
- [camera clatters]
- [Julian heavily breathing]
[lips smacking]
Could you please
just give me a name?
- Please?
- [Cassie sighs]
[Julian] Thanks.
- [lips smacking]
- Talk to you soon.
[Ceara] And look, see,
this is his page here.
[Julian's recording]
You put in an extra zero.
[Ceara's recording] Oops.
We thank you for playing fair.
I've never seen that notification
That's funny.
[camera clattering]
[Julian] I always question
which side to get in on the car.
[car beeping]
[eerie music]
[light tense music]
- [gear shifter clicking]
- [brake creaks]
- [seat belt clicks]
- [keys jingling]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
[Ceara faintly chattering]
[door slams]
[Julian] All right, she's hiding
something for sure.
And, now, I just need
to figure out what it is.
[keyboard clacking]
- [Luke] Hey.
- How you doing?
I'm Julian, nice to,
um, meet you.
Yeah, hi, can you please try to
explain to me again
- exact...
- Of course. Well, yeah,
I was trying
to explain in that message, um,
I got your contacts, um...
because I've been actually doing
a documentary film about Ceara.
And I saw all of your details
one time when she opened up,
- kind of, like, took control of your
- Uh, how did you...
[audio distorting]
How did you get my information?
Well, I could see your Skype name and
like that. Everything was open so,
- [video chat warbles]
- [Julian] Fuck!
- [keyboard clacking]
- [mouse clicking]
[video chat warbles]
- [gentle ambient music]
- [birds chirping]
[Ceara] I don't want to know
what his real-life situation is.
And these guys have
a fetish for being ruined,
so, yeah, how do you tell?
Brilliant, I think that's good.
[Julian] Good day.
Come here, kitty.
Come here, baby.
How you doing?
[eerie ambient music]
[phone ringing]
- [phone swishes]
- All right, listen, don't get angry.
I got your number
from her phone.
I just have one question.
Then, I'm going to
leave you alone, okay?
What is it, what?
Did you want her to take
that $1,000 from you?
Why do you want to know that?
Look, dude, I'm just
trying to figure out
- what's real and what isn't.
- You know what?
It's complicated.
It doesn't really matter.
Explain what complicated means.
[scoffs] Okay, look.
I used to love it when she would
take control of situations,
but I would never,
never have told her
to take thousands of dollars
out of my bank account,
all right? I have a daughter.
I have a baby on its way.
I can't afford that.
So why don't you just ask
her for the money back?
She has a video of me,
and I have a wife
who is upstairs taking a nap
right now, who's asleep.
I can't ever have her see
that video, ever in my life.
Hang on, hang on, wait, wait.
Wait, is
this the fantasy or is this real,
what you're saying?
This is very real.
If my wife ever sees that video,
she will leave me
in a heartbeat.
[ominous music]
So that cannot happen, ever, okay?
Okay, listen, maybe there's
a way that I can help you.
Maybe she doesn't understand
what your situation is?
Maybe you need to explain the
situation to her face to face.
Ceara Lynch doesn't meet
people face to face,
so that's just not
going to happen, okay?
Do you think I'm
not aware of that?
Look, I'm thinking that
there could be a way
that I could connect you with her
and you could tell
her this to her face.
How would you do that?
Simple, I mean, we'd be
having lunch somewhere
and you just happen to be
on the street that day.
Luke, listen to me.
You need to do this.
You need to meet her.
You need to look into her eyes
and tell her what
you just told me.
Otherwise, she's going to
keep taking money from you
and it's never going to end.
You just want to keep
being her bitch?
[soft dramatic music]
'Kay, just got to get my stuff here
and then I'm going to
put it right up here.
Actually, the T-shirt's
a little bit high...
[Julian] She got this guy because
he was horny and vulnerable,
and he gave her something.
He started playing a game
that he didn't
know the rules to.
And she can just
change the rules.
She's taken $45,000
from this guy.
- That's criminal.
- [cameraman] Hit record.
The numbers will
start ticking away.
- Okay.
- And you're recording.
[Julian] Give me a thumbs up
if you can hear this.
- Hello.
- [Ceara] Hey.
- How you doing?
- Good, how are you?
I'm good, what's happening?
[sighs] Not too much, hungry.
Is it too early for a cocktail?
That sounds nice.
What's the difference between
tomato jam and ketchup, I wonder?
I don't know.
[phone swooshes]
- [walkers softly chattering]
- [keys jingling]
I might just call
my friend real quick.
[Ceara] Yeah.
[phone ringing]
- [Luke on phone] Hello.
- Hey, brother. What's happening?
Where are you right now?
- Where are you right now?
- Um...
Right this second?
Can you see me?
Can you see me?
So just come.
So just come.
- [phone beeps]
- Fuck.
- [dog barks]
- [phone ringing]
Can you stop being
a fucking pussy,
and just come and do this thing?
- No, I'm saying...
- [audio distorts]
I don't think you're a pussy.
I'm saying don't act like a pussy.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
[geese honking]
[eerie ambient music]
She took $45,000 from him and he still
doesn't have the balls to confront her.
I mean, according to her,
she hasn't even done anything wrong.
But if he's not going
to confront her,
then it's pretty
much left up to me.
I've got the recording of
my conversation with Luke
where he says that
she's blackmailing him.
So all I have to do, really,
is play that to her,
then she has to address it.
It could be the end of my
relationship with her,
but it's going to be amazing
footage one way or another.
[Julian] Pretty much just stick
on her close up, I think.
- [cameraman] On her close up?
[Julian] Just get her reaction shots and
Yeah, yeah, just focus on her.
- [door creaks]
- Ceara?
- [chickens whining]
- [ominous music]
[Julian panting]
[Julian continues to pant]
[keypad beeping]
[phone ringing]
[Julian] Hey, hey, hey.
Yes, Luke, I will
help you get the money.
Just relax.
Where are you right now?
I won't call the police.
Okay, okay. Luke?
Luke? Okay, no cameras.
Where are you?
[Julian sighs]
[camera beeps]
[Julian heavily breathing]
What are you doing?
Keep rolling.
[phone whooshes]
[intense techno music]
[crowd faintly shouting]
- [cage rattling]
- [aggressive electronic music]
Come on, come on, Erica!
- Woo-hoo!
- Fight, fight, yes!
- Woo!
- [crowd excitedly shouting]
[phone swooshes]
[party music]
[clubbers excitedly shouting]
[dominatrix moans]
[phone swooshes]
- [door opens]
- [muffled party music]
[party music]
[lips smacking]
- [whip thwacks]
- [man moans]
[clubbers laughing]
[phone swooshes]
[phone swooshes]
[Cassie] Julian?
[Julian] What the fuck, man?
Hey, Luke, what are you doing?
- [engine revving]
- What the fuck? Ceara!
[Julian heavily breathing]
Julian, what are
you doing here? Julian!
Are you okay?
[car swooshing]
[soft intense music]
[phone swooshes]
Oh, my God, what the fuck?
[Cassie softly sobs]
[gear shifter clicks]
[sister on phone] Are you fucking
kidding me?
Dude, I don't have 45K!
I've got two kids
and I don't work.
- Like, are you serious?
- I'm aware of that, okay?
All right, look, I'm just
sorry that I called you.
- I love you and...
- Is this on film?
Are you filming me?
What is going on?
[Julian] Listen, I love you.
I'll call you soon, all right?
Are you filming me now?
[Julian] All right.
[Julian sighs]
[soft dramatic music]
[Cassie] You're going to just,
you're going to have to...
do what I say, and you're
probably not going to like it.
[Julian painfully groans]
[Julian gasping]
- Okay.
- [taser crackling]
[client laughing]
- [taser crackles]
- [Julian screams]
[Julian moans]
[Julian] It's almost 9 a.m.
and we're still $15,000 short.
And, um...
[sighs] I don't want to do this,
but Cassie said that I could get
$15,000 at least if I do this.
[gentle music]
If I don't do this, I don't know
what's going to happen to Ceara.
Hey, it's Julian Shaw.
How you doing?
So listen, that tape
of Ceara and I...
There was a lot of stuff
that we didn't show you.
This is the only sex tape of
Ceara that exists, all right?
Listen, it is worth every cent.
You just have to promise me you'll never
tell anyone about this, all right?
This is between you and I.
This is our secret.
You can't tell Ceara that you have this.
If you care about her,
you will never tell her
that you have this.
Send me the money
and I'll send you the tape.
[ominous music]
Aw, fuck.
[man] A person can do whatever
they want in this country
and determine their
own self-destiny.
A lot of people worship at
money's altar every morning.
Money can get you free
or it can get you hurt.
- [phone swooshes]
- [rain pattering]
[key jingling]
- [door slams]
- [alarm chirps]
[dogs barking]
[Julian] How you doing?
[Julian] Uh, no,
I'm all good, my man.
- Know where you're going?
- [Julian] Yeah, all good, man.
- Thank you though.
- What number you need?
- What's the camera for anyways?
- [Dell faintly shouting]
Nah, man. [chuckles]
Nah, we're not filming you.
I just, you know, I'm...
- Hey, there's no filming 'round here!
- That's cool, dude.
- These are people's homes!
- I know, I get that.
- It's private property.
- We're not shooting you.
- It's all good.
- No, hey, man.
- Dude, relax.
- Where are you from anyways?
- I'm from Sydney, Australia, okay?
- You're a long way from home.
- I know.
- I suggest you get going right now.
I'm going, mate.
I hear you, absolutely.
Not without that camera though.
Put that thing away.
It's all good, man.
It's not even rolling.
- You're good, you're good.
- How do I know it's not rolling?
- Get the fuck over here!
- No, listen.
- We're getting scenic shots for a
- Where the hell you going?
I am actually trying to leave
and you're actually blocking my way.
- With respect, okay.
- This spot goes
way over the boundary of my property.
How am I going to leave if you
don't get out of my way?
With respect, I'm actually
trying to leave your property.
- Really? You trying to leave?
- I'm actually trying to go.
[Travis] With that and
with that big ass camera?
Hey, it's all good, bro.
Just relax, it's all good.
Put that shit down.
Don't tell me what to put down.
Get your fucking hands off me,
you motherfucker!
- Get the fuck away from my camera.
- Gimme that fuckin' camera!
Hey, put that fucking shit down!
- [gun bangs]
- [dogs barking]
- [Dell] Go! Go!
- [dog barking]
You didn't have to fire that.
[pebbles rustling]
[Julian panting]
He ain't here, idiot, let's go.
[Dell] God dammit.
Let's go, Dell.
[engine revving]
Come on.
[sinister music]
[siren blaring]
[phone swooshes]
Okay, 10, 15, 25,
35, 45 thousand.
It's in the bag.
[zipper whizzing]
Now, tell me where she is.
[phone swooshing]
[cameraman] Is this it?
I'm going to leave
the headlights on.
[eerie music]
[Ceara faintly moaning]
[light switching]
[Julian panting]
[Ceara faintly sobbing]
It stinks.
- [wood cracking]
- [Julian groans]
[sinister music]
[Ceara faintly screaming]
[wood clattering]
- Ceara?
- [Ceara faintly sobbing]
[Ceara faintly screams]
[Ceara sobbing]
[Ceara frantically screaming]
[Ceara screaming]
[furniture clattering]
I did everything you asked!
Please, man,
I'm fucking exhausted.
All right?
I gave you the money.
[phone swooshes]
[Julian] Come on, get in!
[car door closes]
[Julian] Listen, Cassie,
I know where she is.
I'll pick you up on
the way, all right?
[eerie music continues]
[Ceara] Jehovah Witnesses,
they don't believe in Heaven or Hell.
They believe that there's
an Armageddon coming,
and it's coming really soon.
And then Paradise comes after
to everyone that follows Jehovah.
The earth started shaking
and I totally freaked out.
I just, like, ran
and I just saw this light,
like this really
bright white light.
And I just felt like,
"Look, if I head towards this light,
I'll be okay."
Cassie, call an ambulance!
Hi, uh, I need to report
an unconscious woman at Cobble Beach.
Um, she's about a quarter mile
away from the lighthouse.
[siren blaring]
Just drive, let's go!
[gentle music]
In America, you can be a king
one day and a bum the next.
You can fall really far and harder.
Oh, man, that's just a word, man.
I mean, like, nothing's free in America.
[man] When you're pursuing the dream,
you got to be careful
'cause you might not
like who you become.
[camera beeping]
[Julian on camera]
Cassie, call an ambulance!
[Julian sighs]
[Cassie] I'm sure she's
shaken up, but she's alive.
It's going to be fine.
[Cassie on camera] I need to report
an unconscious woman at Cobble Beach.
[lips smacking]
- [Julian heavily breathing]
- [Cassie moaning]
[ominous ambient music]
[phone swooshes]
I don't know what she knows.
I don't know how she is.
- [Ceara] I don't remember 99% of it.
- Mm-hmm.
I was in my back porch...
just like, on my laptop
and I just remember...
the briefest second,
like, getting tackled almost.
I don't remember getting hurt.
Um, but it was just blackout,
and then I woke up
in the hospital.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I've never even been,
like, stalked.
I mean.
You don't remember
anything about the guy?
Anything, I mean.
Like, a heavier set guy.
My memory is literally just kind
of this almost, like, blurred.
You know how when you take
a picture when someone's moving.
- Just, like, really quick.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You told the police all this?
- Yeah.
- Right, yeah.
I mean, I'm sure they'll
want to talk to you soon.
But you're okay.
I mean, you're actually fine.
[gentle ambient music]
[Julian sighs]
This is going to be hard.
Hang on, let me just.
Um, how are you holding up?
How are you doing?
Um, I guess I'm all right.
Um, okay, I actually have
some things I really need to tell you,
and I'm just going
to put it out there.
- Okay.
- And just be honest with you,
like we always try to do,
I think, with each other.
- Okay. [chuckles]
- [Julian sighs]
And I just want to say,
as well, that I've always
had your best interests at heart
from the very beginning
with this whole project
and everything else, you know?
Luke was the one that took you.
I was trying to do a scene
where he was going to confront you
at the diner, and that was
all it was meant to be.
But I don't know if he
followed you home or what.
There's more.
So, the...
The sex tape of us...
I sold it to get you back.
[tense music]
We're still rolling.
Look, hey, just hang on a sec.
Ceara, seriously.
Listen, I fucked up.
[Ceara] Don't fucking touch me.
- Don't fucking touch me!
- [hand thwacks]
- Ceara.
- No, fuck you.
[door squeaks]
[dramatic piano music]
[Cassie] What are you doing?
[lips smacking]
[phone vibrating]
[phone continues vibrating]
[tense music]
[handcuffs clicking]
[objects clattering]
Julian, what are you doing?
Julian, stop!
[glass shatters]
What are you looking for?
Get that fucking
camera out of my face!
Cassie, I saw the text messages!
Why would you have the
money that I gave to Luke?
Now would be a good
time to tell me.
What do you really know?
[Julian] Fuck you both.
[eerie music]
[Ceara on phone]
Hey, leave me a message.
[phone ringing]
- [Ceara] Hey, leave me a message.
- Ceara, it's me.
Listen, Luke and Cassie are
fucking with both of us.
I'm in the car.
I'm coming to your house.
I'm going to be there
in ten minutes.
Don't go anywhere.
Just open the door, please!
[turn signal clicking]
[soft tense music]
- How are you?
- Hey. Good.
- Nice to see you.
- Yeah, you too!
[melancholic piano music]
[Ceara moans] Hi.
[Julian] Ceara, seriously.
Listen, I fucked up.
[Ceara] Don't fucking touch me.
Don't fucking touch me!
[Julian sobbing]
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
[Julian panting]
- Hey.
- I didn't know who else I could call.
God, what's wrong?
I'm at the airport.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know if I should
come back to Sydney or what I should do.
I got no money.
Let me just ask you one question.
Are you filming this?
Like, right now,
are you filming this?
[Rose chuckles]
Oh... God.
[soft eerie music]
Shit. Okay. [stammering]
[laughs] So let me just
get this straight, you...
You've just lost money,
your film's ruined,
you feel like you've
been taken advantage of,
and your first impulse is to
call your ex-girlfriend
from the airport
and start filming yourself?
[Rose laughs]
Julian, it's not healthy to
live your life like this.
I had to do this.
[tense music]
I told Ceara to do this.
This is your Diamond Experience.
Hey, bitch.
[Rose] Ceara broke you down.
She pushed you
and pushed you to get you
to this moment right now,
and you're still recording.
- What are you...
- Why do you think
your family don't talk to you?
- Are you filming me now?
- [Rose] Why do you think we broke up?
[gentle music]
Did you turn off the record?
[Rose] At some point, you've got
to turn the camera off.
This is your life.
I did this for you.
[phone chirps]
[Julian] For years,
I've had this compulsion
to capture all these
moments in the hope
that one day it would
add up to something.
I turned my life into a bonfire
just so I could film the flames.
But I can't do it anymore.
[camera beeps]
You can stop now.
[door shuts]
The only thing I can really say
after all that is, thank you.
Seriously, thank you.
Okay, we're good.
[ethereal music]
[phone beeping]
Hey, bitch.
[Cassie] Yeah, he's doing good.
He's been asleep for like 18 hours.
Can I call you back?
- Muah!
- Hey.
[Ceara] He'll be glad
to see that.
The most common question
I probably get is,
"Why do men want to be ruined?"
And it's pretty simple.
Guys want to be ruined,
whether they know it or not,
because on the other
side of that destruction
and Armageddon is Paradise.
You're welcome.
[gentle acoustic guitar music]
[neighbors faintly chattering]
Until next week,
this is Julian Shaw
saying, "Adios."
What did you find
Along the way
Were you sad
And beaten and lonely
Did you have your say
The dream is gone
It was never there
Now you're on your
Own this time
Do you even care
It's going to be all right
It's going to be all right
[camera zaps]
Ah, ah ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
What did you find
Along the way
Where your friends
Have left you again
They didn't want
To hear you say
The dream is gone
It was never there
Now you're on your own again
Do you even care
It's going to be all right
It's going to be all right
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
It's going to be all right
It's going to be all right
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
It's going to be all right
It's going to be all right
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
[electricity zaps]