Ustad Hotel (2012) Movie Script

Feyzee's story had started
even before he was born.
Praises to God!
At last, I'll have a son.
He will be a handsome guy.
I will name him as Faizal.
I will call him Feyzee.
He will inherit
all the wealth that I make.
That's why I said
Feyzee's story had started
long before he was born.
In those nine months, Abdul Razaq
bought everything for Fareeda.
She had been so dear to him
during those days.
At last,
that long awaited day arrived.
It's a girl.
She was named Fathima.
Abdul Razaq wanted
Feyzee at the earliest.
So, they started preparing
for the next baby.
Thus, Fareeda gave birth
to another baby.
Don't cry.
Boy or girl?
- Girl! - Oh!
She was named Fousia.
Fareeda reached the labour room
even next year.
It's a girl.
- God!
She was named Firoza.
The following year,
the same place, at the same time.
Give me a son this time.
It's a girl.
She was named Fazeeha.
With the expansion of his family
Abdul Razaq's business
also expanded.
After two years,
Fareeda became pregnant again.
But by the time
Fareeda was about to deliver
Abdul Razaq set off to Dubai.
Are any of Fareeda's
relatives here?
They are asking
for Fareeda's relatives.
Boy or girl?
- Boy.
Praises to God!
It's a boy!
God answered our call.
It's a boy!
is it Abdul?
Praises to God!
Right when I lost all my hope,
Feyzee came to us.
Praises to God!
Fareeda's health deteriorated
because of continuous deliveries.
She passed away.
She left Feyzee with his father
who had never seen him,
and four young sisters
who didn't know
what to do with him.
Don't cry.
Have it..
Like that.
That day, Feyzee tasted
sweet for the first time.
After Fareeda's death
Abdul Razaq took his children
to Dubai.
Don't cry.
That's it.
His sisters took care of him
from their mother's place.
He grew up in their world,
dreams and in that kitchen.
They tried their best to make up
for their mother's absence.
They cooked for him the same dishes
that their mother used to prepare.
But he soon took over the kitchen.
He made the kitchen chores
an entertaining affair.
But his father didn't like that.
What are you doing
in the kitchen? Come here.
Go and study.
Thus Feyzee became a young man.
"Every day.."
"Tasty food."
"Every day.."
"Tasty food."
"Every day.."
"Tasty food."
"Every day.."
"Tasty food."
When his daughters
grew old enough
Abdul Razaq found grooms
for them in Dubai itself.
At last, Feyzee became lonely
in that big house.
Feyzee, meet your new mother.
- Yes?
Take a look at these.
Then you can decide
where to join for MBA.
I have plans to enter some
new business fields along with you.
Read it.
Oh, God!
Have you taken a decision?
UK or US?
I went through all those, Dad.
- Okay.
There's no point in graduating
an ordinary MBA from UK or US.
It will be useful to your business
if I learn something different.
There is a good course
in Switzerland.
In a hotel management institute.
- Okay.
I wish to join there.
Tourism is
a highly sought after area.
Tourism and hotel management
are not bad.
Will it help us start
a five-star hotel?
Of course.
We have to change with times.
- Yes.
Else, what is the use?
We have to think differently.
What you said is right.
Moreover, others should follow
Abdul Razaq, and not vice versa.
I agree.
When you return, we can start
a five-star hotel of our own.
You should make the people,
who once called me son of a cook
address me
as the owner of a five-star hotel.
Things are going to get worse.
After his course in Switzerland,
Feyzee has found a job in London.
He and his girlfriend
plan to buy a house in London.
What's wrong with him?
Couldn't he find a better girl?
- Listen.
Do you know his present demand?
We should convince dad that
he won't be returning home.
My God! Once father comes
to know this, he will be finished.
If we talk to dad about this,
he'll finish us.
Don't get nervous.
Let's a make plan first.
We should bring him back without
letting dad know about this.
Will he have any problem in coming
to our home directly from airport?
No way.
My son won't disobey me.
Not only that.
We have to fix this
before others in the family
come up with proposals.
Any family will wish
to have Faizal as their groom.
He's from a wealthy family,
he's educated abroad
and is as handsome
as actor Mammootty.
"All my people just be
rolling up on this side."
"This is Feyzee. Had I
spied up on this spot?"
Greetings, Son.
- Greetings, Dad.
You look different.
He is Kallummathodiyll Hajiyar.
He will be an important person
for you in the future. - Greetings.
"All my people just be
rolling up on this side."
"This is Feyzee. Had I
spied up on this spot?"
Come on.
You can come with Abdullah.
- Okay, Dad.
- Hello, sir.
Mr. Abdullah.
- Yes?
Who are these people?
They've come
with a marriage proposal.
- Yes. Get in.
A group is waiting to talk to you.
- Hi. - Hello!
Sisters and company!
Mr. Groom! Are you going to see
the bride without informing us?
So, it's your plan!
- Yes.
Haven't I told you about Christina?
Then why did you do this?
We know that.
But there is no harm
in meeting her. - Give me that.
Don't spoil your image by agreeing
to the marriage right away.
That won't happen.
Is this why you asked me
to come home immediately?
If I knew it before,
I would have brought her along.
Don't do anything foolish.
We were relieved when Mr. Abdullah
said that there's no one with you.
She will be coming
on the next flight.
- Yes. Hello.
I was just kidding.
She has gone to Spain
to spend her holidays.
Our flat in London
will be ready within ten days.
By that time,
both of us should reach there.
Feyzee, why didn't you find
a better-looking woman?
She looks like a transgender.
"All my people just be
rolling up on this side."
"This is Feyzee. Had I
spied up on this spot?"
"All my people just be
rolling up on this side."
- Greetings.
Come in.
- Greetings.
How was the journey?
- It was good.
Give me.
Take it.
Come in, Razaq.
Come on, Feyzee.
Please sit down.
- Have a seat. - Sit.
Please sit down.
- Sit down. - Come on, Razaq.
Is the life abroad as comfortable
as it's here, Faizal?
It's comfortable.
But we won't get
these snacks there.
The times have changed.
If they want, Faizal and Shahana
can talk to each other.
Go on.
I am Faizal.
I don't know
what they've told you.
I wasn't prepared for this.
How sweet?
Yes, it is cute and romantic but..
I meant the amount
of sugar in your tea.
"All my people just be
rolling up on this side."
Two, please.
"This is Feyzee. Had I
spied up on this spot?"
My family is orthodox.
But I am not.
When we were allowed to talk,
I thought the opposite.
Do you know why we were
asked to sit here and talk?
So that we won't be disturbed!
We can be seen from all the four
directions if we sit here.
If you look up, you will see my
grandpa, grandma and uncle.
To the left, there's my sister,
her husband and children.
All will be there.
My God!
Let's go.
They are all really talented
in eavesdropping!
But they can't hear us.
Why did you agree
to an arranged marriage?
A guy like you, who's good looking,
and educated abroad
must be having
a European girlfriend.
"All my people just be
rolling up on this side."
Why did you opt
an arranged marriage?
If I had the freedom to choose,
I would not marry anyone.
But I told you.
My family is very orthodox.
- I see!
If I ever get married,
I need an equal partner.
A person who
can understand my views.
Your elder sisters told me that
you would be like that.
How do you know them?
First, one sister came to see me.
Then she came with the others.
This is the third round.
Oh! Great!
I should've guessed.
But none of them
ever told me about you.
Oh! No problem.
I'll introduce myself.
I am 21 years old.
My education was in Bangalore.
Specialized in interior designing.
After marriage,
I want to continue with my work.
I don't want to remain at home,
looking after the children.
Of course.
I would like to do the interior
work for your five-star hotel.
I don't see
the chances of that happening.
Do you have any problem
with me doing that work? - No.
I'm not going to run that hotel.
Is it not your project?
It's not my project.
It's my dad's.
There is a secret.
I was trained
as a chef in Switzerland.
- Yes.
Chef means
one who cooks food..
With a white cap..
- You're right.
There's a five-star joint
in London.
The IV Restaurant.
I've got the position
of a sous chef.
I'll be joining in a week.
- Excuse me.
We were looking for a groom
for her, not a cook.
Didn't I tell you?
They became rich recently.
They are not a good match for us.
Ours is a different pedigree.
They belong to a family of cooks.
Start the car.
What happened?
- Let's leave.
Your father is really upset.
You have been squandering my money
in Switzerland, all these years.
How dare you do that?
- Dad.
Didn't I tell you that I wanted
to study something different?
What difference?
From my childhood, I've been
ridiculed as a cook's son.
I have worked hard
to erase that tag.
Now I have earned a status.
But here you are,
with your cooking business.
Didn't you find
anything else to do?
How dare you lie to me?
Come to the point, Dad.
Are you angry because I lied,
or because I'm working as a chef?
Work as a chef?
I won't let you do that.
So, stop dreaming about that.
I will build a five-star hotel
in the property of Haji.
You will run it,
and get married to his daughter.
Please spare me
from your business ideologies.
Spare you?
Then why did I spent so much
for your education abroad?
Without making the most of that,
I won't let you go.
I will return your money.
Give it back.
Give back my money.
Give my money now itself!
Don't be dramatic, Dad!
I've got a good job in London.
I'll pay you
once I get my salary.
You can't.
You can't pay back
a single penny.
Your education and this style
are all with my money.
You're enjoying all this luxury
with my credit card.
I am putting an end to this.
Here. Let's see what you can do
without these.
If I had my mom, you wouldn't
have talked to me like this.
Your mom had always
been a stumbling block for me.
I was happy when she gave you.
But now,
I realise the fact.
I will give you time
till tomorrow morning.
If you plan to become
a cook like your grandfather
there won't be any space for you
in this house anymore.
I am serious about this.
You can take your own decision.
Did you think it through?
Yes, Mr. Abdullah.
I have a dream.
I can't give it up.
If there is a heaven
on this Earth
it is here.
It is here..
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
Mr. Kareem.
- "Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
Are you here to stay with me?
it's only till my sisters
manage to get my passport
back from dad.
It'll only take a few days.
Will your sisters do it for you?
They are the only ones I have.
- That's right.
They must do it to make
their brother a coward!
He has learned
to cook from books.
Let him experience
some taste, right?
Feyzee, keep this.
Feyzee, be careful.
Your grandfather
is a very peculiar person.
He is not like your father.
Not like my father!
Thank God!
Even your father
has not understood him.
Keep that in mind.
Thanks, Mr. Abdullah.
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
"Glory to God.."
- Yes?
Introduce him to everybody.
- Okay.
- Greetings.
Come here.
Hey Aasu, this is Faizal.
Ustad's grandchild.
He has just come from America.
Give him a cup of hot tea.
- I will give right now.
Actually, it's Europe, not America.
- Both are same.
They both are on the other side
of the sea.
Get me one more cup of coffee.
Don't spoil that wall.
He thinks that
he is M. F. Husain.
Hey, did you recognise him?
- No.
Ustad's grandchild.
Does Ustad have children?
I didn't know that.
Idiot, you're ignorant
about a lot of things.
Come on.
Ustad is quite reserved,
especially in family matters.
I'm quite the opposite.
I have two wives and nine children.
Four in the first wife.
Five in the second.
And one is on the way.
Ummar, take this.
Wait, don't go.
We have four waiters.
This is Johny.
- Greetings.
They are Babu and Sabu.
They are twins.
One more is there. Ismail.
He must be somewhere here.
have you introduced yourself?
No. Do it for me.
- This is Ummar.
He thinks that
he is the right hand of Kareem.
But even Mr. Kareem
hasn't understood his role here.
Mr. Kareem knows
who are eating from here for free.
Don't provoke me.
These four are neither customers
nor the furniture.
They just simply sit here
all day long.
Like some fungi.
Not like fungi,
we're like oysters.
Hi! - Hi!
- We are 'Kallumekkayas'.
That's the name of our band.
- You guys are part of a band!
- What kind of music?
Local folk, Arabic,
alternative rock.
That sort of thing.
Nice! - The truth is that
no one has ever heard them singing.
Don't make fun of us.
Don't you know that we've got
a show in the RGC next week?
Come to watch that.
You will see our real talent.
Leave me alone. I'm fed up
with what I have seen so far.
Dude, I like your hair.
Thanks, buddy.
What's up?
What do you think about him?
That jeans clad kitten
might run away.
But if he stays, he will rock.
'Christina, some crazy things
have happened here in India.'
'Need to talk to you soon.'
'Call me on 919847345676.'
'I miss you like crazy.'
'Love you lots.'
'Kisses, Feyzee.'
- Mr. Kareem is looking for you.
Bye, baby.
Take this.
Start the vehicle.
'Ustad Hotel.'
I don't have a license.
- Don't worry about that.
Our vehicle isn't registered
either. - Yes.
Oh, God!
What's the matter?
- I suddenly remembered God!
Go on.
Let's go.
Mr. Kareem.
- Mr. Firoz, how are you?
Stop here.
Grandpa, you know Hindi.
I know everything.
I spread happiness.
- It is not a big deal.
Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi.
He knows
almost all the Indian languages.
Does he know English?
- Is English an Indian language?
If he contests an election
these auto drivers alone
can vote him to victory.
They are our market.
- How?
If a stranger
comes to Kozhikode
he will want to eat
biryani before returning.
They'll inquire the drivers
about the joints
where they could find
good biryani.
These drivers will take them
directly to our Ustad Hotel.
They will tell their friends
and relatives back home
about the taste of our biryani.
They are free to take them to any
hotel here, right? - Yes.
But they'll get a free biryani
if they bring in new costumers.
Not bad. He has the same
business sense of my dad.
He's better than your dad
in every field of activity.
He has travelled extensively
and has done all sorts of jobs.
When social service
got into this head
he forgot to make money.
- Ummar.
Come on.
He is my grandchild.
- Hello.
Take these two bags to the van.
Lift it.
- Me?
What's the matter?
These two bags.
Lift it.
- Come on.
Be careful.
- What's inside this?
Biryani rice.
Light, tender rice
with a special aroma.
Light, tender rice!
where have you been till now?
It hasn't been even 24 hours
since we last called you.
Do you know what happened
during that time?
Yes. Mr. Abdullah told us.
How is grandpa?
Did you call to enquire
about him or me?
Have we ever stood against
your wish?
You've chosen
what's right for you.
So, don't you want me
to return to dad?
You should somehow
get my documents back.
I have to go back to London.
- We can hear you.
When are you
going to discuss this with dad?
How will we discuss
this matter with him?
Then how will I go back?
This is my first day here.
He made me carry a rice bag
weighing 50 kg.
Is it not the same thing
that you do at a gym?
Stop joking.
I am serious.
Can't believe this stupid phone.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
"In this journey.."
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
Don't run.
You're cheating.
Is yours a joint family?
No. All these kids are mine.
- Yes.
Good job.
- Thanks.
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
"In this journey.."
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
Cut the money from my salary.
- Salary?
What salary?
He isn't matured enough
to enter the kitchen.
I am so sorry.
I will cut it from his salary.
It would be much easier
if you computerised this.
- Mr. Ummar!
Explain today's business.
86 paratha, 14 fish curry,
13 chicken curry
22 Chicken biryani,
and three mutton biryani.
31 cups of 'Sulaimani' too.
I'll tolerate everything.
But grandpa
doesn't let me cook.
After all, I am
a professionally qualified chef.
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
"In this journey.."
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
"In this journey.."
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
"In this journey.."
"You are a traveller."
"I too am one."
"In this journey.."
Not bad.
Anyone can fill
someone's tummy.
But the key is in filling
their hearts with joy.
That is the true purpose
of cooking.
"Lightning strikes."
"Inside my chest
to keep me up at night."
"Dream of waves."
"To make you understand my"
"Clouds of sulphur in the air.."
- Very good!
Did I send you to Switzerland
to learn this?
Do you understand
how it is to be with your grandpa?
Keep on writing!
Isn't yours a business
with turnover of millions?
Be careful not to incur loss.
Let him choose his way
as you chose yours.
Mr. Kareem,
you won't understand this.
He has spent millions
on that five-star hotel.
Why do you interfere in matters
that don't concern you?
You don't have to interfere
in this either. - Hey!
No one here
stands against my wishes.
Is your wish to clean tables here?
Will your ambitions tumble down
if you run a five-star hotel?
No one here
forces me into anything.
Isn't this a training for me?
You idiot.
This shop is the most important
thing for your grandpa.
Everything else is secondary
for him. Do you understand?
I know this better than anyone else
in this world.
I can buy this whole shop
with a single cheque.
But I won't do that.
I feel suffocated when I am here.
I feel the same in your house.
Your grandpa might have
taught you many things.
But remember one thing.
One can't achieve anything
in this world with philosophy.
His life itself
is a good example for that.
You are wasting your life
like that.
If you feel like changing your ways
then you can come to me.
Why is my dad like this?
It's because his dad
didn't nurture him well.
I was never with him
when he was a child.
I've learned so many things
from different places.
But I couldn't teach him
all those things.
He always had a grudge
against me.
When he started ageing
the grudge aged with him.
He hated me, this hotel,
and my principles.
What I did to him was wrong.
But I don't know
how to correct it.
He's too arrogant
to let you do that.
A potato will retain its taste
even if you change the ingredients.
Your dad is like that.
The people who are with him
doesn't care about him.
They are after his money.
So, he speaks the same language.
I can only pray for him.
Along with that,
I beg pardon to the Almighty.
Shall we go?
- Okay.
It's an email
from my boss in London.
If I don't join this week,
he'll appoint someone else.
Why do you want to go back, dude?
It's a much better
scene here, right?
Not my scene!
Go and have food.
I will manage.
Would you like to work
in Beach Bay?
In that five-star hotel?
I have to go back, Grandpa.
I am worried
about my passport.
Mr. Abdullah said that
it'd take two months
to get duplicate passport.
- Don't you need a job till then?
Your dad was right about one thing.
To learn something new
you've to get out of here.
Go to Beach Bay,
meet Babu, and hand him this note.
This is not enough
to apply for a job.
There are some official procedures.
- Just do as I say.
What is it, dear?
- What would you like to have?
Why are you crying?
- Mr. Ummar.
Could you read this for me?
'He is my grandchild.'
'Give him a job that he likes.
Mr. Kareem.'
Wow! That's official!
- Try it.
I don't think that it can be
more official than this.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
Can I meet Mr. Babu?
Mr. Babu, the Executive Chef?
- Executive!
That's him.
Do you have an appointment?
I have a message from Mr. Kareem.
From Ustad hotel.
- Oh! Please come.
Yes, young man.
Very pleased to meet you, sir!
I was told that I have a message.
- Oh, yes.
You're Mr. Kareem's grandson,
aren't you? - Yes.
Faizal Abdul Razaq.
My CV and certificates.
I am a graduate from Lausanne,
Switzerland. - Very good.
You have got high qualification.
That too, from Switzerland.
Very good.
I can't deny a request
from Mr. Kareem.
you can join tomorrow.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
Don't forget about my cycle.
Wait till next month, Johny.
- All right. I just reminded you.
The groom's party is coming
to fix the wedding.
There's enough money for that.
- Okay.
Why is the five-star chef
loitering around here?
I'm trying to learn
your calculation methods.
All okay, Grandpa?
- It's okay.
But I've to buy a cycle for Johny.
Nessu's son needs to be
admitted in a school.
Don't they get fixed salaries?
- That's right.
But necessities
are increasing day by day.
They live with their families.
Ummar, this is yours.
This is to send
money order to Madurai.
This is for your grandpa's
second wife. - Ummar!
Don't you send this every month?
But won't reveal
to whom it is being sent.
Don't you smell
something fishy?
Kid, I derive more pleasure
in feeding people.
This is to share my happiness
in getting a job.
How did I get this job?
You have
the required qualifications.
you are my grandchild.
The last one is the real reason.
What is your connection
with Chef Babu?
Have you had the special
Malabar Biryani of Beach Bay?
People order five-star dishes
there, don't they?
This is a five-star item.
Foreigners staying there
prefer to order
the special Malabar biryani.
There is a secret recipe for that.
That's it!
How do you know that?
You use the recipe
of Beach Bay, don't you?
You fool!
It's the other way.
No way!
So they serve the biryani
that you make here! - Yes.
They get the fame and profit.
For every biryani,
Babu will give me Rs. five extra.
That's why he became humble
when he heard your name.
There's a lot more left
for you to learn.
These are our boys.
- Hi, sir!
Chef Philip is here
to conduct a fusion food festival.
He will be here with us
for the next two weeks.
His speciality
is a combination of European dishes
and our local ones.
Fusion cuisine!
Over to you, Chef Philip.
Thank you, Chef Babu.
It's a pleasure
to be here in the land of spices.
I am going to be experimenting
with the combinations
of local cuisines
and European oat cuisines.
Is anyone here
familiar with oat cuisine?
Yes, sir.
He's our new recruit.
He's a chef.
Okay, good.
Why don't you join us?
Thank you, sir.
Well, just to get the ideas right.
Can anyone suggest a combination
of Kerala food
with a European dish?
That could be
put on the fusion menu.
How about an entree
of the local Kerala Paratha
with a portion
of Spanish omelette.
Sure, can you show us an example?
- Sure.
Good choice. And your name is?
- Feyzee.
- Oh, Feyzee.
Christina, it's me, Feyzee.
Baby, how are you?
Feyzee, where are you?
Which number is this?
I am still stuck in India, babe.
I've sent you so many
messages online.
This is my new number.
So much has happened
in such a short while.
But forget all that.
Guess what's happening now.
I am part
of a fusion food festival.
With a Chef Philip, from Paris.
And it's great stuff.
That doesn't sound
like you're stuck in India.
Come on!
I told you.
Until I get my passport
in two months, I can't travel back.
This is just a job
that I picked in that time.
Well, since you're busy
setting up your life there
I wish you would let me know.
But baby, I have been trying
to call you ever since I got here.
Feyzee, the deposit
is due on our apartment.
Are you sending the money?
Oh, my God!
I didn't think of that.
It's like 1200 pounds, right?
I don't have
that kind of money now.
that means I have to let go of it.
And I'll possibly move in
with Marco.
Why would you go with Marco?
Because my so called boyfriend
is busy
creating fusion food in India.
So, are you roaming
with your ex-boyfriend?
You are the one driving me to it.
- No, I am not.
Oh, God!
You are so conservative.
Next, you'd want me
to wear a burka.
Don't you have any girl friends
you can room with?
Bloody Marco!
You know what?
I can't handle the pressure
of long distance relationship.
Whenever you come back,
in two months or four
let's just pick it up from there.
Okay, I got to go.
- Feyzee.
We have been waiting for you.
We have something.
Here's the ticket!
Have you forgotten?
Our show is today.
- Oh!
Come to the spot at 7 p.m.
Don't forget buddy.
I'll see you there.
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty, who was dear
to her nephew"
"went mad,
when she ran out of business."
"Aunty, who was dear
to her nephew"
"went mad,
when she ran out of business."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty, who was dear
to her nephew"
"went mad,
when she ran out of business."
"Aunty, who was dear
to her nephew"
"went mad,
when she ran out of business."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Prepared gruel."
"Made 'Puttu'."
"Made 'Puttu'."
"Prepared gruel."
"She made 'Puttu'."
"She went mad!"
"Prepared gruel.
- Prepared gruel."
"Made 'Puttu'.
- Made 'Puttu'."
"Made 'Puttu'.
- Made 'Puttu'."
"Prepared gruel.
- Prepared gruel."
"She Made 'Puttu'."
"She went mad!"
"Oh, Aunty."
"Have you gone mad, Aunty?"
"The dishes got ruined."
"Have you gone mad?"
"What's your story?"
"My dear Aunty."
"Have you gone mad?"
"Some were half-baked,
some were over-cooked."
"Some were half-baked,
some were over-cooked."
"Some were too hot,
some were too cold."
"Some were too hot,
some were too cold."
"It was served
in large quantity."
"It was served
in large quantity."
"The wait was in vain."
"But the wait was in vain."
"Have you gone mad?"
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty, who was dear
to her nephew"
"went mad,
when she ran out of business."
"Aunty, who was dear
to her nephew"
"went mad,
when she ran out of business."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty, who was dear
to her nephew"
"went mad,
when she ran out of business."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
"Aunty baked
all the cakes on her own."
"She baked it for her nephew."
Dear Aunty.."
Dear Aunty.."
"She baked it for her nephew."
Dear Aunty.."
Dear Aunty.."
Superb, dude.
It was fantastic.
It was a great performance.
- Feyzee.
- Man!
- You guys rock, man.
Thank you.
- Thanks, buddy.
How was the show?
- Fabulous!
- Definitely.
After Ustad Hotel,
this is where we get good food.
One, two, three..
Six chicken rolls. - Kebab.
Four kebabs.
Four burgers.
Food and drinks are free
on the day of the show.
Do you want to drink?
- No.
Don't you? - Shahana.
- Thank you. - Here.
Hey, good job.
- Thank you.
Sit down, please.
Feyzee, meet
star of the evening, Shahana.
This is Mr. Kareem's grandson,
Five minutes.
Can you pass me
that chicken, please.
You should finish it.
- That's for me.
Try this. It's good.
- Do you want that?
- When are we opening this?
My drum stick broke in the middle
of the bloody concert.
I was like,
Oh, my God!
And you just wanted to take off.
Isn't that you?
- Stop it.
Who's going to take me home?
I will..
Why do guys do this to me
all the time?
I'll drop you if you want.
Why is the top chef in London
still here?
Long story.
You can tell it by the time
we reach home in this crappy van.
Do your parents know about
this rock star image of yours?
That's not your concern.
This isn't your concern as well.
One second.
Come on, start.
Please stop.
Sir, ride.
Sir, please stop.
Sir, stop.
Please give us a ride.
Sir, come on.
I would have gotten a ride
much earlier if I were alone.
Of course, everything is always
easy for women.
I have an idea!
Our vehicle broke down.
Please give us a ride.
Get in.
- Yes.
Is he going to sit with us?
You go behind.
Hey, he is groping me.
Do you understand
how it feels like to be woman?
I can't take it any longer!
We will reach very soon.
Just chill.
My hand!
Haven't you seen a woman before?
Run, Shahana. Go!
- Yes.
Catch them.
- Feyzee, come.
Stop there!
- Get lost!
Feyzee, bag.
Hey, Burka!
Haven't you seen a woman before?
Superb dialogue delivery.
You made me do all this,
and now you're laughing!
You know something?
Today is the last day
of my freedom.
I'm getting engaged tomorrow.
- Thank you.
Don't you want to know
who the groom is?
I'm sure
he won't be chef or a cook.
Shall we go?
- Bye.
Your performance was great.
On stage,
or the one after that?
Good bye.
What dish is this?
- This dish?
That's a special one
from a village, Kattakada.
- No. Kattakada.
- Kattaka..
- ...da.
Have it.
- What's it, Alex?
The guest in table no. 28
wants to meet the chef.
Which is the dish?
- Pepper oyster fish.
All right.
Feyzee, you have good experience
in all the departments.
But I haven't trained you
in an important department.
- Oh!
But no problem.
We can compensate for that.
The customer from table 28
has requested to meet the chef.
I give this opportunity to you.
Meet him.
But without knowing
which dish he has ordered..
In our kitchen,
everything is a team work.
If I could take the credit
for your souffle
you can take the credit
of the oyster dish.
Carry on.
- Thank you, chef.
Sir, can I help you?
- Sure.
Could you please tell me
what's on this plate?
Sir, that's oysters
with Kerala spices.
This is the star attraction
of our fusion food festival.
Our local ingredients
like pepper, lime and small onion
are served
with European dishes like Oyster.
European style!
- Yes, sir.
Do you even know
the spelling of Europe?
Mehroof, please.
Don't create trouble.
I ordered the most expensive
dish on the menu.
If this stuff is to be served raw,
there is no need of a chef.
In a fusion food menu, generally..
- It's not fusion, it's confusion.
Sir, please understand.
This is supposed to be
eaten like this. - Really!
So, it's not your mistake.
The problem is my ignorance.
Call your MD.
I want to talk to him.
Sorry, sir.
Order what you want.
He will cook it for you.
But this guy
wants to teach me how to eat.
Not at all, sir.
Place the order.
I ordered
oysters with Kerala spices.
Make it for me,
as I want it.
Yes, sir.
Don't you have work today?
- No.
I'm on leave today.
Where are you off to?
Should I drop you?
Mr. Kareem.
Faizal, my grandchild.
- Hi.
You know the due date
of that loan, don't you?
Only some more months are left.
I know it's difficult for a full
repayment, including the interest.
What's the current debt?
Rs. 7,86,043.
Can you extend the deadline
a little further?
It is impossible.
But there is a proposal.
You will only benefit from this.
If you sell your mortgaged
property to us this month
you will get Rs. 50,000
as extra.
Anyway, you will lose
the property in a few months.
What if I repay the loan?
which is this property?
I have only one property.
The hotel?
- Yes.
I have recorded
all the calculations.
Take this.
Faizal, please come.
- Sure.
I've seen his efforts to pay
the interest every month.
But still, he is adamant.
It's because of his age.
You should explain him
the situation.
What would he gain
from repaying this loan?
All this is because he doesn't
take his business seriously.
He's not going to change.
So, it is better
to implement this proposal.
An enterprising young man like you
cannot dwell on this old shop.
We have to be pragmatic.
You should conclude
as soon as possible.
We are not selling off.
Please give him some more time.
Just inform me the decision.
I'll make further arrangements.
Thank you, sir.
Give it here.
when did you take this loan?
It's been three years.
I didn't have money
to run the shop.
Money should be repaid.
What about the money?
I don't have it.
I don't know.
Are you all right?
Have you seen
the downpours of a desert?
I have seen it.
I was on my way
to Moinuddin Chishti's Dargah.
Before reaching Ajmer,
it rained, just like this.
Then any one
would be forced to think
the way to heaven
is not so far.
Your biryani
is the best in this city.
Still, the business incurs loss.
Why is it like that?
I don't make compromises
in the quality of the food.
So, the expense will be more.
- And you won't hike the price.
That's not the reason.
I get profit
even without hiking the price.
But I have to meet
some other expenses too.
College fee
for Mr. Ummar's son.
Abida's daughter's wedding.
In that sense, you run this hotel
to meet the expenses of others.
It's not a business for you.
Don't you often say
that you will go on a journey,
leaving everything behind.
That you would like
to go to all Dargahs.
Can you do all that
without closing down the hotel?
I am doing the best I can.
A boat, if rowed alone,
won't reach so far.
But it's not the same
if there's someone to row along.
The commitment that you feel
can't be expected
from anyone else.
So, it's better to put an end
to what you've started.
Fate is a fact, Feyzee.
No one can stop it.
Let's wait and see.
We are the makers
of our own fate, aren't we?
I'm the one to decide
what to do with my life.
Can anyone else do that?
If that were the case,
you wouldn't have been here.
If you were
able to act as you wished
you would be living happily
in London now.
You won't be
with an old man, right?
This is fate, my dear.
Sometimes, I feel that there is no
point in dreaming about London.
Have this.
There is a small difference!
Or its leaf?
I will tell you
about that ingredient.
But more than the ingredient,
it's your feeling that matters.
A bit of love should be added
in every 'Sulaimani'.
When we have that, the whole world
should come to a standstill.
Could you tell me
the story of your love?
How come you're so sure
that I had a love affair?
Only those who've tasted
'Sulaimani' can talk about it!
I was eighteen years old.
The same year
I joined my master.
I went to cook biryani
for Mawlawi's daughter's wedding.
When I took my eyes off the vessel
I saw a nymph near the window.
Like a caged bird.
"Didn't you stand near the door
with rapt attention?"
"While I stood like the line
of a half-sung melody."
"Didn't you stand near the door
with rapt attention?"
"While I stood like the line
of a half-sung melody."
"Kisses on those red lips!"
"Kisses on those red lips!"
I felt a strong shiver in my heart.
Everything that has happened
in my life
seemed to have converged
to that point.
Who was that?
Mawlawi's daughter.
I went to cook biryani
for her wedding.
Then what happened?
What to happen?
After the wedding,
they had your biryani and left.
Haven't you fallen in love
with anyone?
I don't have anything
of that sort.
"Though I sought
many ways to see you"
"I closed my eyes when I saw you."
"My dear,
didn't you just stay there?"
"Didn't you slither away shyly?"
like a roaring ocean."
as an incessant rain."
"Like a peacock,
life was full of cheer." - Grandpa.
I think
you still miss that nymph.
- Yes, Grandpa?
Do you know
who that nymph is?
Your grandmother.
"Didn't you stand near the door
with rapt attention?" - What!
"While I stood like the line
of a half-sung melody."
"Didn't you stand near the
door with rapt attention?"
"While I stood like the line
of a half-sung melody."
we have become friends.
Naughty devil!
Mehroof is an idiot.
He is snobbish.
So insensitive.
He doesn't care
about how others feel.
Is that why you joined him?
Perfect pair!
I made a mistake.
Don't say that.
Anyway, you are going
to marry him, aren't you?
I wasn't talking about Mehroof.
I made a mistake about you.
It's time for a 'Sulaimani'.
This is not bad.
He is repeating history.
By stealing someone else's bride.
You idiot!
Okay. Good luck.
- Thank you very much.
I want a picture with you.
- Sure.
Just so you don't forget me.
I remember what you said.
If there's a job opportunity
for you in Paris
I'll make sure you get it.
Thank you.
It's been great working with you.
Same here.
Just one of mine, please..
- Yes. No problem.
Hey George, how are you?
Yeah, tell me.
Okay, I will be there.
I don't understand anything.
You must be familiar
with these things.
This is the floor plan
of Beach Bay International.
That's strange.
See this.
This is the blueprint
of expansion plans of Beach Bay.
The main extension
is towards the beach.
But the real boundary is here.
This new expansion area
is near your promenade.
Near grandpa's hotel?
Actually, his house and hotel
are included in this plan.
That means
Beach Bay is behind the bank.
That's why they are pushing
this proposal.
Our world has shrunk
into a small corner of their plan.
I have to repay the loan somehow.
I don't think
that they'll let you repay that.
Good morning, sir.
He has been waiting for you.
- Okay.
Sir, I am Faizal Abdul Razaq.
- Feyzee, right?
Yes, sir.
Chef Philip
spoke very highly of you.
That's very kind of him, sir.
I've come to talk about a matter
that's not related to my job.
It's none of my business,
but I felt like talking to you.
Go on.
The nearby Ustad hotel
is owned by my grandpa.
He has some financial problems now.
I came to know that
Beach Bay International
is interested in that property.
I don't know
what the bank manager has told you.
But for my grandpa,
that's not just another property.
So, he has no plans to sell it.
So, I hope Beach Bay International
will change its plans accordingly.
What you said is right.
This is not your business.
We can't change our plans
based on someone else's interests.
Often, others change
according to our interest.
Otherwise, they will have to face
the consequences.
I hope your grandpa
understands that.
An old biryani shop!
Just one phone call is enough
to close it down.
Go on.
You'll have lots of work
in the kitchen.
How dare you give us
something like this?
What is this?
The chicken is not fresh.
Is this the kind of chicken
you serve my guests?
Sorry, sir.
Go, call that chef.
- Yes, sir.
Bring him here.
GM's guest is calling you.
- Why?
He gave me a pasting
for this stuffed chicken.
What's the complaint?
- That the chicken is not fresh.
This is fresh.
- Chef.
GM's guests need
fresh chicken, don't they?
A fresh chicken
will look like this!
We're from Food and Drug
Administration Office.
We have received information
regarding your restaurant hygiene.
I didn't get you.
We have received a complaint
about the hygiene of this hotel.
Sit down.
What happened?
What is happening here?
I don't know.
Send the customers out.
We are sealing this hotel.
For what?
A cat is lying dead
in your kitchen.
The legal actions
are for seven days.
After that
you can reopen the hotel
after an inspection
For the rest,
you can enquire at our office.
'Raid in Ustad hotel
near Kozhikode beach.'
'Considering the
unhygienic conditions'
'in which the hotel was operating'
'Food and Drug Administration
Department has sealed the hotel.'
Don't allow anyone here.
Raid in Ustad hotel
near Kozhikode beach.
Considering unhygienic conditions
in which the hotel was working
Food and Drug Administration
Department has sealed the hotel.
Common man always falls prey
to commercialism.
Even though people had complained
against the hotel several times
the authorities had not
taken any action.
We can see the ire of the people
gathered here.
For BCV, with camera man Praveen,
this is Tony.
Move aside.
Hey, come outside.
Get lost, you bastards!
Let go of me.
What are you just gaping at?
Go and stop him.
No, stop.
Don't let him escape.
Beat him up.
Don't let him go.
'While reporting,
the hotel authorities attacked'
'the BCV reporter
and the camera man.'
'They were admitted to the hospital
with major injuries.'
What you said is right, dear.
It's time to shut down the shop.
No, Grandpa.
It is high time
we teach them a lesson.
That's not needed.
We don't have to do anything
like that.
We are in a bad situation
right now.
We can't fight against them.
These poor folks
will suffer with us.
You shouldn't talk like that.
We are all sons of the same soil.
We don't have to fear
those new entrants.
We can do something.
we are with you.
Why should we fear them?
No one will lose anything
because of this.
We have to open the hotel
at any cost.
"Like the birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"We are wasting our time
along these paths."
"It's time to make
a nest elsewhere."
"It's time to seek
meaning of life down there."
"One colour, one voice."
Mehroof's family gave this
when they came to see me.
"From now on,
one path, word and rhythm."
"Like the birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"Like the birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"We are wasting our time
along these paths."
"It's time to make
a nest elsewhere."
"It's time to seek
meaning of life down there."
"One colour, one voice."
"From now on,
one path, word and rhythm."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"We are wasting our time
along these paths."
"Come, come down"
"with the twine attached to you."
"Let's break that twine."
"All of my wishes.."
"All my love
has come together here"
"to fall from the sky to earth."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"We are wasting our time
along these paths."
"It's time
to make a nest elsewhere."
Ustad hotel, which was very popular
among all sections of the society
for the last 50 years,
was closed down some days ago.
Some strong business magnets
were behind this.
Challenging all such attempts,
Mr. Kareem and his employees
has become a role model
for small scale business men.
I'm their regular customer
for the last 30 years.
I don't have any complaints.
- Ustad hotel must be reopened.
The latest under cover story
unearthed by our news team.
The biryani which was being served
in Beach Bay Hotel
was cooked in Ustad hotel.
A biryani which costs
just Rs. 35 in Ustad Hotel
is sold in Beach Bay Hotel
for Rs. 350.
With the permission from
Food and Drug Control Department
Ustad hotel re-opens
a fresh chapter in its history
with a new menu
and a fresh look, on this Sunday.
"It's time to make
a nest elsewhere."
"It's time to seek
meaning of life down there."
"One colour, one voice."
Aren't you Kunchako Boban?
No. Amithabh Bachchan!
"From now on,
one path, word and rhythm."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"Like birds which refuse"
"to flutter back to the roost."
"Come this way."
"Come this way, once."
"Choose this way."
"Come this way, once."
"Come this way."
"Come this way, once."
"Choose this way."
"Come this way, once."
"Come this way."
"Come this way, once."
"Choose this way."
- Chef Philip!
Thank you!
- Congratulations.
Everything's all right.
What you've said is right.
Regarding fate.
Chef Philip is opening
a new restaurant in France.
He asked me to go with him.
As executive chef.
I got a good result
for all my hard work.
You should get my passport
back from dad.
Once I get that, I can fly.
I can fly high!
I won't get another
chance like this.
I'll make a call to my sisters.
I'll be right back.
It was a mild heart attack.
He needs rest for some days.
His condition is stable now.
I am worried about something else.
I hope he doesn't ask me
to stay back.
This is the right time
for emotional black mailing.
Even if he does,
you have the option to go.
Will you do me a favour
before leaving?
You should take some money
to my friend in Madurai.
A note too.
Ummar has got the address with him.
Start today itself.
when you're in the hospital, I..
When it's time,
we'll have to go.
Excuse me.
Mr. Narayanan Krishnan?
- Yes.
I've been sent by Kareem,
from Kozhikode.
How is he?
He is fine.
Actually, he's hospitalised.
- What?
He had a heart attack.
But he is fine now.
He asked me to give this letter.
'Dear Narayanan Krishnan.'
'It is my grandchild
who meets you with this letter.'
'I've taught him how to cook.'
'But you should teach him
whys and wherefores of cooking.'
Come with us.
- Okay.
Why is she crying?
Give it to them.
You may eat.
Aren't you a good boy?
Eat slowly.
Do you like idli?
Are you working in Ustad hotel?
I-I am a chef.
Actually, I'm going to France soon.
I've got a job there.
In Marseille,
as an executive chef.
Executive chef!
I was a chef in Taj.
Some years back.
- Oh!
I worked there for 12 years.
- Okay!
Do you see that old man?
He changed my life.
I was working at Taj at that time.
That day,
I noticed this man.
Unable to control his hunger,
he was eating his own human waste!
Then it dawned on me.
What is the purpose of my life?
I am working in a star hotel
and feeding all my guests.
But in my own land
there are people
who are starving to death.
I took a decision.
I quit my job.
And I started feeding them.
Human beings
are never satisfied with anything.
They will demand more.
But in the case of food,
it is different.
You won't ask for more
once your stomach is full.
Wake up, man.
Come on, wake up.
We have to go to Hellen Keller
School in Narimedu by noon.
Get ready by 8 a.m.
Got it?
Do one thing.
Today, you should cook the food.
- Okay!
I mean, sure.
- Yes?
What should I cook?
What else!
Kareem's biryani.
Is it that good?
Then I must taste it, right?
- Please.
This is the best biryani
I've ever tasted in my life.
It's really tasty.
They are saying thanks
in sign language, sir.
Anyone can fill
someone's tummy.
But the key is in filling
their hearts with joy.
That is the true purpose
of cooking.
Ustad Hotel is closed.
Where's grandpa?
He has left us.
What has he got to lose?
He left with a satchel
on his shoulder.
He is quite used to that.
We are the ones
who lost everything.
That is how Ustad Hotel became
what we see today.
Is this enough?
I'm quite tired
of describing the whole story.
Thank you, Mr. Ummar.
- Okay.
Didn't you hear that?
We just heard
the 60-year history of Ustad Hotel.
This is not just history,
but a story too.
We have reached here
on a lovely evening.
With enchanting Sufi dance
and ghazal.
People are enjoying
the food and the music.
The aroma of their biryani
is also very famous.
They say when they
prepare the biryani
the aroma will reach
up to the Kozhikode market.
The man who's responsible
for all this is Mr. Kareem.
Here, we have with us
a very important person.
The link that connects
the past and present of this hotel.
Feyzee's father and Kareem's son,
Mr. Abdul Razaq.
What are your memories
about Ustad Hotel?
To begin with, this hotel
was everything to my father.
This is where I grew up.
When I was young,
I used to serve biryani.
He made Feyzee do the same.
That's his nature.
Now, we've started another branch
in Dubai too.
Feyzee's sisters run that.
By God's grace, everything is going
good because of his hard work.
God's grace.
This is Feyzee, he belongs
to the third generation.
That means Ustad's grandson.
Is this the 'Sulaimani' story
Mr. Ummar mentioned?
Yes, she is Shahana.
The biryani in Ustad Hotel
is not just about taste.
It's also about the love
served along with it.
How do you maintain this purity?
We follow grandpa's path.
We follow the same recipes.
The success can only be attributed
to my grandpa's original team.
The sad part
of the whole story is that
he is not here to see this.
'Ajmer' - "Walk with us,
show us some generosity."
"Show some generosity towards us.."
"We, the pilgrims, bowed at your
doorstep. Please fill our bags."
"Please fill our bags.."
"Oh, Lord!"
"Oh, Lord!"
"Take my sorrows away."
"Take my sorrows away."
"Take my sorrows away."
"Show some generosity
towards us.."
"Please fill our bags.."
"Take my sorrows away."
"Walk with us,
show some generosity towards us."
"Show some generosity
towards us.."
"We, the pilgrims, bowed at your
doorstep. Please fill our bags."
"Please fill our bags.."
"Show some generosity
towards us.."
"Please fill our bags..
- Oh, Lord!"
"Please fill our bags..
- Oh, Lord!"
"Show some generosity
towards us.."
"Please fill our bags.."
"At your doorstep,
oh Lord!"
"Show some generosity
towards us."
"Please fill our bags.."
"Show some generosity
towards us.."