Utah Blaine (1957) Movie Script

This is
far enough.
Easy now.
He falls off,
it'll be all over.
A broken neck
ain't gonna get you
out of this fast, Neal.
Hurry it up,
It'll be light soon.
It's a long way back.
You'll get yours,
You'll get what's
coming to you.
Ain't nothing
coming to me, Joe,
except a large hunk
of the 46-Connected.
Have a nice trip, Joe.
Wh-who do I--
I have to th-thank?
Only reason
you're alive
is they wanted to
hang you slow.
No horse?
I'm walking.
In this county?
You can tell me
who you are when you're ready.
Ha. Bet I'm
2 inches taller now.
What did they have
against you?
My land.
The best land
in the valley.
All of 'em
trying to get it
like a...
pack of wolves.
The 46-Connected Ranch.
Ever hear of it?
Been on it
more than 30 years.
Fought the Indians
for it then.
Trouble is
none of the land
around here
has ever been filed.
Now all the little guys
want to get big quick
by...killing me
and taking over what's mine.
They've already killed
one big rancher.
Gid Blake.
You know how
they got away with it?
By calling themselves
They make themselves
the law...
and there's no law
to hold 'em in check.
It's Russ Nevers.
He's the one.
He's the only one
with brains enough
to organize 'em and make
killers out of 'em.
Well, if you go back,
you're a dead man.
Well, what
am I gonna do?
Just give it all up,
just like that?
There's more than 30,000
head of cattle on the 46.
I've told you
a lot, friend.
I'm Utah Blaine.
What are you giving me?
Utah Blaine
is in old Mexico,
mixed in that
revolution, I heard.
I crossed the border
a week ago.
Like that?
Yeah, like this.
I was supposed to face
a firing squad down there.
Only the jail didn't
hold together long enough.
Want a job?
I got a job.
I'll pay you more.
This job doesn't
pay any money.
Huh. Working
for nothing?
You didn't make
that much money in Mexico.
Fellow that
sold me out did.
You're hunting somebody.
You ever heard the name...
Rink Witter?
Rink Witter was
with that bunch
that tried to
string me up tonight.
What's your town?
Red Creek.
Over the ridge.
Play along with me
and you can have Rink.
He's a gun-hand
for Russ Nevers.
What's the deal?
Go back to Red Creek
as manager for the 46.
You'll get a hundred a month
and an outfit,
plus $1000 expense money.
Clear this up,
you get 1000
head of cattle
to start your own
spread or sell.
Can you walk?
We can't stay here.
Railroad crosses the mountains
about six miles back.
We can reach El Paso
and draw the papers up proper.
One thing more:
you'll need information.
See a man
named Ben Kinyon.
He's a friend of mine
from the old Indian days.
Don't do anything
till you see him.
Remember the name.
Ben Kinyon.
I'll remember it.
I'm looking for a man
named Ben Kinyon.
Where do I find him?
You'd better
Over that way,
beyond the church.
I've seen
him before.
I've seen him
before someplace.
Which one of you
is Ben Kinyon?
What did you want
with Ben Kinyon?
If he's here,
I'll talk to him.
Yesterday, you could have
talked to him.
Not now.
That his grave?
I don't know you, mister.
Leave me alone.
Maybe there's
an excuse for you
not knowing she's
Ben's daughter.
Now you know,
go away.
Joe Neal didn't tell me
Kinyon had a daughter.
You said Joe Neal.
You're lying.
Joe Neal is dead.
Killed like my father.
Didn't I tell you
to clear out?
A funeral
ain't no place
for trouble,
What happened
to Ben Kinyon?
out on 46 land.
Never had
a chance.
Now will
you go.
What about
Joe Neal?
Well, I'll tell you
this much.
He's alive.
The rest I'd better
tell to you, nobody else.
You didn't say
who you are.
That's right.
I didn't.
get my horse.
you're not
riding out of here
with any stranger.
You're coming with me
to the B-Bar, and we'll--
Thanks, Mary.
I'll talk with him.
I warn you...
if anything
happens to her...
You think
the way things are
in this valley,
those will do
any good?
He's looking
for trouble,
sure enough.
It was Alta.
That's where it was.
I remember now.
Man, what's Utah Blaine
doing here?
Utah Blaine?
More than a thousand miners
are raising holy Ned.
Alta was a hole,
a real stinking hole,
till they
called him in.
Yeah, that's where
it was.
Alta. When he had
his guns tied down.
Looks like
you're gonna
see it again too.
You tie 'em
like a professional
That just
for show?
you can't go
with him.
We'll be
at my place.
How much further
is this place of yours?
Far end of the 46 range.
Another three miles.
They're watching us.
They're wondering
who you are.
who'd dare
take up with
Ben Kinyon's daughter.
Think they'd
shoot you?
I don't know.
Well, don't stop till
you get to your place.
Is this the boundary
of the 46?
Well, north boundary.
Anybody riding up
is on Joe Neal's land.
First, no one's taking
the 46 away from Joe Neal.
He made me manager
to see to it.
You out of
your mind?
You expect to
hold out against
Russ Nevers and his bunch
all by yourself?
That's what
he's paying me for.
Who in blue blazes
are you?
Mike Blaine.
Up at Alta,
they started
calling me Utah.
I was right.
A professional
I want nothing to do
with you, mister.
Get out.
I was expecting help
from your father.
Now it
has to be you.
A professional gunman
killed my father.
Rink Witter?
How did you
know that?
Can you
prove it?
Who are
the Vigilantes?
Nevers heads 'em up.
Then there's Clell Miller,
Lud Fuller...Farragut...
Oh, about eight
or 10 others.
Miller's the foreman
at the B-Bar.
That's, uh,
Gid Blake's place?
Yeah, that was
Gid Blake's daughter
you met
at the cemetery.
What about her?
They all want the 46.
Maybe even Mary Blake.
I don't know.
They say
Joe Neal's dead.
How would you
know different?
I left him
in El Paso
where he signed
the papers
making me manager.
Russ Nevers.
See what
they want.
What do you want?
Somebody rode out here,
Angie, with you.
Where is he?
You come out
just to say hello?
We come out
just to have you
vacate 46 land.
we gave you
and your old man
fair warning.
And if I don't...
I'll be killed like he was?
The 46 is gonna be
split up, Angie.
There ain't no longer
any room for you.
So you
better start
your things now.
We'll wait.
Stage out of town
at 4:30,
and you gonna be
on it.
I don't see
Rink Witter.
Well, now,
maybe that's
'cause he ain't
Who are you?
Just tell Rink that
Utah Blaine is here.
And this is
your fair warning.
Stay off
this range.
You must
have a right
to give that
kind of order, son.
Yeah. I'm
the new manager.
I'm riding into town
tomorrow morning
to file my papers
at the bank.
They're signed legal
by Joe Neal.
For your information,
Joe Neal is dead.
And if you got
any papers,
they're forged.
And we don't like
Now, do I
make myself clear?
Ha! Ha!
Anybody else?
I heard Rink Witter talking.
He says he's faster
than you are.
We'll find out.
Yeah. We'll find out.
In the meanwhile,
get off of 46 range
stay off.
And another thing:
Copies of my papers
have been sent to the capital.
If the governor isn't too busy,
there'll be an investigation.
Now get them out of here.
He's dead.
Give me a hand,
Blaine, there ain't
a hand left on the 46.
Just thought you ought
to know that.
You're all alone.
They'll be
They won't bother you
as long as they think
my papers are
in the capital.
Think your papers are
in the capital?
Wouldn't have done
any good to register 'em.
But it'll bluff Nevers
for a while...
and give us
some time.
They'll stop
you somehow.
They'll never
let you
get to that bank
in the morning.
I wish
I could say
there were a lot
of decent people
around here
you're fighting for.
But I can't.
They're all
They're all greedy.
All you can do
is teach 'em a lesson.
Or get yourself
Not much
to offer a man
who gets paid
for using his guns.
It's no different
Everybody wants
what he hasn't got.
But it'll change.
People will
have to live
by the rules.
That won't bring my father back.
It's lonely out where he is.
It's even lonelier being alive.
You go back
to the 46 tonight,
they could murder you
in your bed.
There's nobody there
to back you up.
You're welcome
to use
my father's room
for tonight.
I could
spell you
while you
get some rest.
Well, thank you.
First, I'd like
to check
Joe's inventory
on the ledgers.
He said your father
kept the books.
Yeah, uh,
Father used to
do a lot of
figuring for Joe.
You insisting
on trying to reach
that bank
in the morning?
Well, I have to let 'em
know sooner or later
who's running
the 46.
Well, the ledgers are
in the basement.
I'll get 'em
whenever you want.
Well, right now.
scaring the horses.
Oh, I'll go out
and look around.
Oh, no.
I've been doing this
since I was 8 years old.
You stay.
I know the layout.
It's probably the big cat
that's been raiding down
out of the hills
the last couple of weeks.
All right.
Don't make any noise.
I don't wanna hurt you.
No noise.
No noise at all.
There now.
Yeah, that's fine.
What do you
want here?
Nevers told me
about Blaine.
Only Blaine
wasn't at the 46.
You expect him
to sit there waiting
while you come
to ambush him?
He's hunting me.
But, you see,
I like to do the hunting!
Now, I'll find him.
I'll give him his chance.
Then I kill him.
You don't intend
to give him a chance.
That's why you're
hunting him at night.
I've an idea
he's in your place.
Now, you give him
any kind of a warning,
Angie...I'll kill you.
to laugh about?
I can just see
Angie Kinyon
a strange man
stay in her cabin
all night.
Well, now,
maybe he ain't there...
But then again,
maybe you're lying, huh?
Are you?
Go up on the knoll!
You can look down
on the cabin and see
for yourself.
We'll both go up
on the knoll.
All right?
You wanna go down
closer and look?
If Blaine's there...
maybe he'll see
you first.
You see Blaine...
you tell him
Rink Witter's hunting him.
You tell him that.
It's certain Rink Witter
will be in Red Creek
waiting for you
in the morning.
How do you know that?
If he hadn't
scared the horses,
he would've
killed you tonight.
Shot you through
the window, I guess.
Where'd you go?
Well, after you
went outside
and the horses still
acted up,
I knew
it wasn't a cat.
Cat would've
taken off.
So I went outside
to see.
I saw you
up on the knoll.
I thought you were
up there with a friend.
Yeah, I wanted him
up on that knoll...
with the moon
in back of him.
If I could've
warned you,
you would've had
a clear shot.
You can't fight 'em all
in town tomorrow.
Nevers might send
Rink after me at night,
but not in town
in the daylight.
Well, I hope
you're right.
I hope
you come back.
I'll come back.
I said for you kids
to get off the street.
I thought
Blaine was coming
to the bank
this morning.
Where is he?
He'll be
Now let me worry
about that.
You didn't get Blaine
last night.
All right.
But I don't wanna
see you
gun crazy now.
We're gonna
do things the way
I got 'em set up.
You understand?
You know, Blaine's
outsmarting you.
Governor ain't gonna
horn in down here.
Well, maybe not.
But I'm paying for
your guns,
and I want you
to leave 'em
right where they are
unless I tell you
to use 'em.
How you feeling,
I don't like it,
I never set out to kill
a man in my life.
Well, there's two men
that died by your fists
that I know of.
No, that was different.
I didn't set out
to do it.
You don't
wanna stay
working in that
dry goods store
all your life,
do you?
You want some of that
46 land, don't you?
all you have to do
is to keep Blaine from
getting into the bank.
Hey, Nevers...
he's coming.
All right, Gus.
Don't even know the man.
Got no right to kill him.
I'm Blaine.
My name's Ortmann.
I run the dry goods store.
I don't mean nothing
against you.
Just I can't let you
go no further.
Nevers send you
out here?
I ask you peaceful.
Go aways.
Stay out
of Red Creek.
You know what
they want, Ortmann?
They want an excuse.
They want me to gun you
so they can kill me
for shooting an unarmed man.
What you gonna do?
Conduct a little business
at the bank.
I can't let you!
Then stop me.
You gonna
fight me?
It's up to you.
I can't let--!
Get him.
A shotgun can cover
a lot of territory.
Anybody want me
to prove it?
Coker, your life
ain't gonna be
worth one red cent
around here.
In that case,
maybe you fellas better
just chuck your guns out
in the middle
of the road.
Chuck 'em!
Do what you
have to, Utah.
You haven't
backed me up like this
since Alta,
three years ago.
You must like
the rough end.
Matilda here kind of
evens things up.
Hello, Rink.
Keep going, Coker.
You can go clear
to California.
I couldn't
stop you.
Just don't try
changing your mind.
All right, fellas.
Just relax...
and our little visit
will be practically
I just filed my papers
with the bank.
I'm running the 46
for Joe Neal.
All trails crossing
the 46 are closed...
as of now.
How'd you get out of
that Mexican jail, Utah?
I just told 'em
I wanted to kill you.
They let me out.
Pick up your gun.
Think I'm crazy?
Soon as I kill you,
Coker cuts loose
with that shotgun.
Some other time, amigo.
All right?
Pick 'em up!
You ready?
Where are we going?
Could be
That's one place
I never been.
I'll be with you.
I'm glad
you beat me.
I don't want
any part
of Nevers and
his gunslingers.
I'll get mine without
having blood on my hands.
I'm going with you.
Get your horse.
Well, boys,
I'll have to admit,
I didn't figure on Coker
doing what he did.
But we're still
a bunch of knotheads
to let Blaine get in that bank
and get out of town.
Well, he still
can't hold the 46
with only
Ortmann and Coker
to help him.
Well, you don't think
he's stupid enough
to try, do you?
Blaine's not the kind of man
to go out there
and sit still
while we nail him.
Lud, you take
six or seven good men
and go after Blaine.
And don't come back here
without his hide.
And remember...
you messed up
hanging Joe Neal.
Now don't mess up
bringing in Blaine.
You can't take over
anything as long as
Neal's alive.
Well, don't you think
I know that?
By the time
we're ready for him,
he won't be alive.
Rink, that's
your job.
How am I
gonna find him?
Neal could be
That's right.
But Blaine's papers
in there
are gonna tell us where
Joe Neal had 'em drawn up.
And that'll give us
a pretty good place to start.
You're hurt.Oh, I'm all right.
Papers are at the bank.Oh, good.
I didn't expect
They think Joe Neal
has a right
to keep his land.
Mary Blake too.
Nevers is gonna take
the 46 and the B-Bar.
Well, I kinda
expected that.
You're riding
with Utah?
Then it's like
you said
it would be.
on the run.
They'll be after us
as soon as they're ready.
Well, come on
I got
some food ready.
I only brought up
enough food
for Utah.
Why don't you
go down and get
what you need?
Thanks, Angie.
You can't keep running
from Nevers.
He'll be
seeing me.
I'm glad Coker and Gus
will be with you.
It's going to be lonely
staying here alone.
I knew what
it'd be like
this morning...
the minute
you left for town.
We'll need you,
We may be out
for weeks.
We'll need supplies,
the only one
we can count on
to get the stuff.
I'll be here
if you need me.
Look, I know
this is, uh...
nothing for a woman
to be mixed up in.
But that's the way
it happened.
I wish you could
be out of it.
half a ham.
Some bacon.
Thank you.
Blaine's tracks
lead here.
They lead away too.
You'd see 'em
if you had any eyes
in your head.
Look around!
What good's
Blaine gonna do you,
running the way he is?
If you're crazy,
you'll get
close enough
to ask him.
They lead this way!
Come on!
We bedding down
this close?
But I want 'em
to follow us this far
before they have to stop,
because they can't find
our tracks at night.
Well, where
will we be?
Doubling back
to the B-Bar.
The B-Bar?
We'll split up here
and go out in three
different directions.
We'll meet
at Tule Mesa.
That'll give 'em
something to think about
when they try and pick up
our trail in the morning.
The lights
are out.
They must
be asleep.
Rip, you take
the bunkhouse.
Gus, you take
the corral.
All right?
Don't scream.
I want to talk to you.
Get dressed.
You're leaving the B-Bar.
Nevers and your foreman
are in this together.
Oh. Look,
Blaine, I--
Every second
you waste
could mean a couple of
good men getting shot.
Now, get up.
With you here?
with me here.
Hey! Hee-yah!
Hup! Hee-yah!
Get out of here!
Come on.
ANGIE: Utah,
I'll tell you
Keep watch,
will you?
I don't know
any more
about this than you.
As long
as you're alive,
they can't take
the B-Bar away from you.
You said something
about Clell Miller,
my foreman.
He was tied in
with Nevers.
You were next
on their list.
With you safe someplace
and me still around,
Nevers can't make
any kind of a move
that'd give him
permanent possession
of the two ranges.
Nothing yet.
You're getting out
of the territory.
Angie, the train stops
at the water tower
at the top
of the ridge.
Get Miss Blake there.
She can board it.
It's the one chance
you've got.
if you can hang on
to the B-Bar
for me,
I'll have a lot
to thank you for.
Nevers is gonna have to
spread his boys out
pretty thin
to hold the B-Bar.
That's thanks enough
for me.
Lud Fuller
was here.
He's on your trail
with five other men.
Know any
of them?
Three are hired gunmen
brought in by Rink.
I'll know what
to look for.
Take care.
You two are
getting along fine.
I'll get dressed.
You have to make
that train.
We've been in the saddle
nine hours.
When are we
gonna bed down?
That's what
Blaine wants us
to do.
These horses will cave in.
You know that.
Sure, I know it.
So does Blaine.
His horses
are gonna be
just as tired
as ours.
Look, it'll mean
a little extra
But it'll give us
a chance
to drop in on Blaine
Well, so far, you're
giving the orders.
We'll follow
these tracks
another hour.
That wasn't
aimed at us.
Well, they can't be
very far from here.
Get rid of your gear.
Just hold onto
your guns.
That'll lighten us up enough
to catch up with 'em.
They went off
over here!
You two stay here
and watch our stuff.
Come on.
A shotgun could get
both of you at once.
Real easy.
Where'd you two
come from?
Your tracks lead
out of here.
Rip, get
their grub.
Drop those
gun belts.
Back up
by the river.
Come on,
back up.
See you
around, boys.
Yah! Yah!
This is as far as
I go without grub.
Johnson, Merrick, and me
hired our guns out to--
Do you want
to get paid?
Well, Nevers
will pay off
for Blaine's hide
and nothing else.
What difference
does it make
if Blaine's
alive or dead,
so long as Rink
gets Joe Neal.
You want to
turn back?
All right,
go ahead.
I got my orders
the same as you.
Have some ham,
We got plenty
to spare.
All right, boys.
Drop your guns.
Just so everything
stays nice
and friendly.
You fellows must be
plenty tired.
We've been
following you
for the last three miles
without you knowing.
You said Rink
went after Joe Neal.
By this time, Neal's
probably dead, Blaine.
Where does that
leave you?
Neal's no fool.
Rink won't find him.
if he does,
there'll be
no heirs to the 46.
And it'll be open land
for legal claims.
Your papers
won't mean a thing.
you're gonna
have to answer
for killing
some honest citizens.
Only one man besides myself
knows where Joe Neal is.
Fuller, you and your men
are gonna ride
into Red Creek with us.
Red Creek?!
Are you trying
to commit suicide?
If I didn't need you, Fuller,
I'd hang you now.
The same as you tried
to hang Joe Neal. Slow.
The only way
you could know that
would be
if you was there.
Yeah. That's
the only way.
Now let's go.
Hold it.
What happened
between you and Nevers?
What happened?
You showed Nevers my papers
so he could find Joe Neal.
No. Blaine, please.
Listen to me.
If Joe Neal is dead,
you helped kill him.
No, no. No, no.
I didn't! I didn't!
Nevers held a gun
at my head!
could I do?
Rink, my boy,
I knew you'd do it.
I knew I could
depend on you.
You should've seen
Joe Neal's face
when he saw me!
I'll bet!
He turned
He looked like he was
gonna die all by himself!
Well, boys,
tomorrow we'll be
the proud owners
of the 46-Connected.
And that's the finest range
in this territory.
That fool Ortmann!
Could've got himself
a few acres!
Nevers! It's Blaine!
He's here!
they got Gus!
You shot Fuller.
He came right at me.
How'd I know?
How did
you know?
Well, boys, that makes
one man less
to split
the land with.
Maybe you'd like
the rest of us
to get it
like that too,
so as you could
wind up with
all the 46, huh?
Would you
like that, Nevers?
Don't be an idiot.
You shot Fuller.
I didn't.
Davis, see if
he's still alive.
If he is,
call the doc.
Ortmann was hit,
wasn't he?
That only leaves
Blaine and Coker.
We ought to be celebrating,
not arguing.
Who's arguing?
Well, that's better.
That's more like it.
'Cause tomorrow
we're gonna
do this thing up
nice and legal.
We'll send the Vigilantes
out there after Blaine.
They'll get him,
they'll hang him.
'Cause he killed
some of our people,
and he's a murderer.
And that means
that you're not even
gonna have to try
to draw against him.
All right, folks.
It's all over.
There's no more shooting.
Let's all get back
in the bar,
and Russ Nevers
will buy the drinks.
That's right,
You buy 'em all
You might get to need
some friends.
Gus, you can't ride
much further.
You'd better
go on without me.
They figure
they got us now.
No sense
chasing us.
We'll get you
to Angie's.
There was a slip-up.
Gus was shot.
No other place
we could take him.
There's a spare cot
in the basement.
They might not
look for him there.
Come on.
of the steps.
Get that lamp,
will you?
Maybe I can get doc
out of town in the morning
without anybody
seeing us leave.
He's gonna need
a doctor, Utah.
You wouldn't have
a chance, Angie.
The whole town
is full of Nevers' men,
all celebrating
Joe Neal's death.
Then Neal
is dead?
Rink Witter
found him.
it's over.
Oh, there's nothing
to back you up now.
Utah, quit,
The land doesn't mean
that much.
Not anymore.
You couldn't
stay here either.
I'll go
with you.
Rink Witter
killed your father.
You willing
to forget that?
You'd never
Bandage him up,
will you?
What can you
do now?
I don't know.
With Joe dead,
everything's mixed up.
I thought I had it
all figured out.
Hit Nevers
wherever I could.
Drive him
out of the valley.
You think that
by still fighting
you can get that
thousand head of cattle?
That's something
I've wanted all my life.
I'm willing to earn it.
My father
thought about things
the same way you do.
He and I got along
together just fine.
All right, Utah.
Whatever you want.
If it don't fester up,
he'll be all right.
Take care
of him, Angie.
We'd better
move along.
And if I have to
see you?
Well, we'll stay put
for a while,
till we figure
out something.
Best place would be
at Big Rock,
on Hammerclaw
That's where
we'll be.
Miss Blake.
You shouldn't have
come back here.
I have to get to
Angie Kinyon's place.
I've got
a buckboard out back.
You haven't seen me.
Your father
trusted me.
You can too.
Alta was different.
With the mines booming,
it was a case of men going
crazy with too much money.
Here they're going crazy
because they want money so bad.
This is worse.
Whole town's
Scared clean through
the marrow.
Maybe they got
a right to be scared.
Think they've got
a right to stand by
and watch men like
Joe Neal and Gid Blake
get murdered for
what belongs to 'em?
I don't know, Utah.
If I could answer
things like that,
I'd be sitting
on a million dollars
and getting drunk
every night of the week.
Is Gus
all right?
Oh, he's burning up
with fever.
That's not why
I came.
Mary Blake's
at my place.
Is that woman
Anybody know
she's here?
She had to
come back, Utah.
She was in
El Paso
when Joe Neal
was shot by Rink.
You told me she was
going to Salt Lake.
She had things
to talk over with Neal.
She was
too late.
she brought back
You own half
the 46 now.
I own
the other half.
What are you
talking about?
Oh, Mary saw
Joe's lawyer.
There was a will
filed in El Paso.
I was only doing
a job for him.
Why me?
Mary said why.
If anything
happened to Joe...
he wanted a man
on the 46
who'd already lost
the itch in his feet.
A man who was ready
to stay with the 46
as long as the land
needs him.
Joe could see
things fast.
I couldn't.
I thought there'd
always be a day...
when you'd have to
take off again.
It'll be dark
in an hour, Angie.
You'd better
be getting back.
Come back
with me.
Mary has some
things to say.
She knows you feel
the same way
Joe Neal did
about the people here.
She thinks
you're wrong.
Well...we'll listen to
what she has to say.
I'll put out
the fire.
All right.
The papers are filed
in El Paso.
You're another big
ranch owner now, Blaine,
not just a manager
for Joe Neal.
You hate the guts
of every human being
in Red Creek.
You don't?
I was born here.
I know which ones
can be decent
if we give 'em
the opportunity.
You've been
fighting alone
up until now,
You've done
more than
can rightly be expected
of any man.
I'm obliged to you.
And so are
some of the people
in Red Creek.
But now the 46
is yours and Angie's.
Nevers will try harder
than before to kill you.
Only if
he knows about
the will.
Mary can tell you
the ones
who can be
Gus needs
a doctor.
Tell Tom Cory.
He can get to
Doc Harrison's place.
Gus, if you trust
the wrong one,
you could be
found here and shot.
I've never
learned to be
a lone wolf
like you, Utah.
I've learned
to trust people.
Okay, Gus.
Riders coming.
You better put
the horses in the barn.
Get out in the back
with Rip and stay there.
Can you get down
the stairs by yourself?
We'll be
right out front.
What are you
gonna do
when all
the excitement's over?
You think I like
this kind?
Any kind.
I knew if we talked
long enough,
we'd find something
we both liked.
I won't be long.
You always leave
your door unlocked?
If it was locked,
would that stop you
from coming in?
Always got
the right answers.
Mind if I look
through the house?
Someday, you'll be
unlucky enough
to find
Blaine here.
Where is he?
If you mean Blaine...
I haven't seen him
in weeks.
Then that means
he's starving to death.
Don't it?
You've been
getting him food.
You know
where he is.
You're guessing.
No man can live in those
hills without help,
and he can't get
the help
anyplace except
from you.
You're still
There's seven men
all sworn in
as Vigilantes.
We're the law!
We never hung
a woman before...
but I don't think
it takes
any different kind
of a rope.
You know what
the people in town
would do to you?
You gonna
tell me?
I don't know!
All women like
to talk, Angie.
Why do you
have to be different?
I can't tell you
what I don't know!
It was Gus!
They shot Gus!
He knew I was
in trouble,
and he tried to
shoot Rink.
The poor,
big moose.
If he couldn't
use his fists,
he was beat.
He should've
I'm going into town
and see Tom Cory.
No, not now.
Not after
what just happened.
You said
your friends
would fight.
All right,
they'll get their
bellyful of it.
Rip, you stay here
till I get back.
stop him!
Gus was
his friend, Angie.
Tom, I just came
from Mary Blake.
Is she all right?
I don't know
for how long.
the only one
who stands
in Nevers' way.
Well, you and her.
Rink Witter killed
Ortmann tonight.
Why, that sneaking,
yellow-livered killer.
You know what's
gonna happen
if I'm stopped.
Mary's killed,
and Nevers gets control
of the 46
and the B-Bar.
some of us know.
Nevers will take control
of everything.
We'll have to
kiss the ground
he walks on
just for a handout.
And even if we get rid
of Nevers...
there'll be more
just like him
coming along.
There's only one way
you can stop 'em.
You got to
elect a mayor,
a city council
and a marshal.
Will you tell
your friends that?
I'll tell 'em.
And Ray Forbes
will help me.
The newspaper man.
Oh, yeah.
All right,
tell them this.
There'll be
a meeting at Angie's
tomorrow night.
And make sure
they know why.
I guess you know we're
all scared here, don't you?
Well...maybe we'll
get over it now.
Keep off the street
when you go.
I know, but it's only
a question of time.
MAN 2: Yeah.MAN: We'll just have to wait--
Anybody here
that shouldn't be?
Forbes and Cory
are late.
all over town now.
Forbes here
was in the saloon
when it happened.
Jug Davis
let it slip.
Nevers is
going to start
a round-up of the
B-Bar stock in the morning.
Then he's going
to sell the cattle
and split the money
amongst his boys.
Davis was celebrating
It's piracy.
Sheer piracy.
Come on in.
Men, I had a lot
of words to speak to you
about what you can do
to run your town.
But it's too late
for that now.
Russ Nevers
is having a round-up
on the B-Bar
tomorrow morning.
And then he's taking
the cattle to market.
He can't be
that crazy.
He knows
I'm alive,
and I can protect
my brand legally.
Of course,
of course.
They found Joe Neal,
they figure they can
find you.
Blaine, this is
the very height
of things
that Nevers has done.
He can only
have Mary Blake's
murder in mind.
And he isn't
even trying to
make it look legal
with his confounded
I came out here
I'd have to
face a showdown.
I don't have to wait.
I'm ready for it now.
How many
of you feel
that way?
Now it's the women,
next it's our kids.
How do we know?
How do we know
what they'll do?
That's right.
you name it.
Well, Nevers will
move against us,
that's for sure.
Can you set up
your newspaper
the way I want it
and have it out
the first thing
tomorrow morning?
By working
all night.
Then maybe
we can get Nevers
to move the way
we want him to.
Nevers should be
right out.
Maybe we should
let him sleep.
Maybe he's having dreams
of owning the whole world.
Not just the B-Bar
and the 46.
He don't own
Soon as we finish
this roundup,
we're taking our share.
That's just what I--
Hey, Rink.
Anything wrong?
Ain't gonna be
a roundup.
This came out
early this morning.
all over town.
Now, look here,
We've worked too hard
and too long for this.
Now we're going
into town.
Maybe we'll
hire out
as new hands at
the Indianhead Corral.
All right, boys,
we're going in.
Think Nevers
will show up?
We'll know
soon enough.
It'd take him
this long
to get here
from the B-Bar.
It's quarter
to 10.
Tell the boys,
will you?
Is this it?
Pass it along.
All right, let's get 'em
off the street.
Off the street,
Mrs. Denker.
Move fast now.
Take the kids.
off the street.
Off the street!
There might be
some trouble.
Don't want anyone
to get hurt.
find cover!
Let's hope Mary and Angie
stay put at Tom's place.
Gonna seem like
a long wait.
Second time I've done that
in the last five minutes.
This is one bluff
we're gonna have to make work.
where's everybody?
I don't know.
Something's wrong.
I don't like it
a bit.
There's your friend
over there.
Get busy
with that pencil.
I was wondering
if you wanted to
come in and go to
work for me.
Could be, Blaine.
Could be.
Where is everybody?
They leave town?
Can't tell.
Glad you rode in,
though, Nevers.
Kinda wanted you
and your men
to leave the 46
and the B-Bar
so we could put
our men on.
You what?
Why, sure.
Circulated the papers last night
in Marvin Springs.
Got us 50 new men
this morning.
They're out
on the ranches now,
in case you're thinking
of riding back.
Rip's just
figuring up things.
You're lying.
Could be
I am.
Won't do you
any good.
You're not getting
out of Red Creek.
You're boxed in,
Call 'em off, Coker!
Call 'em off!
All right, drop your guns
and off your horses!
Oh, Utah!
Are you all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
I want to--
I want to go out
and see what
a town looks like
when it grows up.
That's what
this town's had:
growing pains.
Now what are you
gonna do for excitement?