Uttama Villain (2015) Movie Script

"Have you fallen in love
for a single kiss?"
"Oh sensuous flower,
are you attracted?"
"Have you fallen in love
for a single kiss?"
"Oh sensuous flower,
are you attracted?"
"Fallen in love for my
eyes and voice?"
"Is it a soulful love or
neck deep love?"
"Your single kiss is
enough to get lured"
"In neck deep love,
my Casanova"
"None can conquer
you in bed"
"Your shadow is enough
to be lured"
"You're an irresistible magnet"
"Even a stone can
stick to you"
"No peak is untouched by you"
"I melted in love
at seeing you"
"Your single kiss is enough
to get lured"
"In neck deep love,
my Casanova"
"Our nights never end"
"Hands become wings"
"Forget your sleep"
"Is this called love?"
"Your single kiss is enough
to get lured"
"In neck deep love,
my Casanova"
"You're the master of kisses"
"None to beat you in kissing"
"Kissing is the origin to ecstasy"
"You're exploring me like
a scheming hunter"
"Will capture and topple you"
"Have you fallen in love
for a single kiss?"
"Oh sensuous flower,
are you attracted?"
"Fallen in love for
my eyes and voice?"
"Is it a soulful love or
neck deep love?"
He's almost here
- Invite the producer first
- Oh ok
But first I'd like to
call up on the dais
...the godfather of film producers
Mr.Manoranjan's father-in-law
Mr.Poornachandra Rao
- Hey Mano...look at grandpa!
- I've seen my grandpa mom
Ok, keep it!
Give it to him after
the movie Ma
- A sip of this, my dear?
- Bad for health grandma
God! It won't kill you
to act your age
But that drink might
Your arrogance is the only thing
in common with your Dad
Atleast he is a film star
How dare you...?
- What do you say to that applause?
- That's just sound
Maybe for you...
but it's their love
Where are you off to?
Hey! He's got the phone!
Let him go
Hey...sound guy...
Turn the volume down
It's hurting my head
Why're you guys cheering at that?
The film hasn't given
you a headache, right?
- Chokku
- Sir?
- My head is aching
- Would you like a tablet?
- Where is my hip flask?
- Oh no! They did give it to me
I forgot it at home
I'm the actor
You're the manager
Don't act with me
I can't slip anything by you
I know this is nectar but...
I know...it'll kill me
Only in excess
Turn around...
It's medicine in the right doses
I know I don't have to remind you
about the party...if you're discreet...
Hey...take sir to the washroom
on the first floor
Don't let anyone bother him there
or click selfies with him
See another guy here
don't click the photo
I swear Indira I love you...
My mom forced me to
attend this stupid premiere
The first floor toilet is closed
send everybody to the one upstairs
- Where did he go?
- Sent him upstairs sir
You can go
The echo?
I'm in the loo here
Yeah yeah...Dad's new film
Don't ask! It's disgusting!
He's done a wheelie
with the heroine in front
Isn't he supposed to
gas up the bike?
I don't know
they're saying it's a hit
What crap people
are watching!
But can I sacrifice
the truth for a few hairs?
Ok forget about all that
We have a room in the hotel
and there's the garden also
- Welcome doctor
- Good evening
Why so late?
The first song is over
Had clinic today
How's our hero today?
Complaining of
frequent headaches
After drinking to celebrate?
Why's he drinking everyday now?
He says that's the only
thing helping his headaches
You're his supplier
shouldn't you advise him?
When does he listen to me?
It's my job to listen to him you're
his doctor...he'll listen to you
Oh yes!
As if...
Special guest!
Let her through
Doctor, I think there's a problem
Don't go and sit down
watch the movie from here
Do you have your bag?
- Not this one your medical bag
- What happened? Is he ok?
I'll check and come
- Where is he?
- Here sir
Bloody hell!
Is this how you guard a body?
Come here...
should enter inside the bathroom
Say it's out of order
Lock it
- Sorry sir! Not possible
- Why?
There's only 1 toilet to a floor
and it's 5 minutes to interval
This is ridiculous
- Grab his legs
- What sir?
Grab his legs
My name is Chokkalinga chettiyar
Won't you do if I don't tell my name?
Go grab his legs
Oh heavenly goddess!
Turn him...turn him
Come on...come on...
Set him down
Oh God!...
Come sir
Hey Singh...lift
- Spit?
- Yes
Why're you spitting
instead of lifting?
- Me...up...lift
- Lift you? Why didn't you say so!
Lift up
Little more...little more
Don't let go
Let me down
- Move your head
- Yes sir
God! Don't shake!
Can't you just say yes?
Oh heavenly goddess!
Singh...if anyone asks
You did this correctly
We're going to the hotel
Tell your boss to come there directly
He can change there itself
What is wrong with you?
- Just 5 minutes...Toilet emergency
- Upset stomach?
Ok, leave it
How dare he leave
when I'm still talking?
Come here!
Always on that blessed phone
- Go get the car ready
- Here, have some
Anything on 4 wheels
As long as it doesn't
backchat like you
Such a chatterbox
Where is the party?
The party?
At the Sheraton
Take some more, my dear
Enough popcorn, Ma
We have to eat dinner right
So will this film also
collect 100 crores, sir?
A - that's not for me to say
the audience will decide
B - First day collections
...record break
But sir, Mr. Manoranjan's guru
Mr. Maragadarisi says
...he is so talented
that all he needs
...is a good script
not a huge budget
- That's his opinion
- Exactly!
Chokku, I can't go into
the men's washroom!
How will you manage this?
How will 'we' manage...
What are you shooting there?
Did Chokku give you
a bottle that he refilled?
Yes sir
Give it...
Not in front of the fans!
Use your head!
Stop acting
Is it really hurting?
Yes...I swear...
It's not the alcohol
it's your torch light
Your career needs the lights
...not the alcohol
Agreed, then I need good medicines
Yours don't work
Ok...take your shirt off
We have time for all this?
- What about the party?
- Aren't you here for your headache?
Then what is this?
Treatment...for my headache
kiss it away
Wait...my phone
must be Dr.DS
- Have you seen the MRI report?
- Yeah I'm bringing it
- You're bringing it?
- Yeah
Hello Dr. DS, M.D.
How are you, buddy?
Hey, aren't you her senior?
M.D. Neurosurgery
She's just a GP and
she's hassling me
What's she saying?
Tell me...is it wrong to drink?
- It is wrong
- It is injurious to health
Injurious to health
any fool knows that
Will I die immediately?
No, right?
- It's not rat poison
- Of course not, buddy
Right on! You're not
just an M.D...much greater
- Let me get a word in
- To say what?
Need to tell you something
- Tell me at the party
- At least give her the phone
You can see her
at the party too
Why did you hang up?
I needed to talk to him!
We need to know
the MRI result
Do you need an MRI
to see into my brain?
Look into my eyes
- Move
- Why?
This is a clinic
That was also a clinic...where you
kissed me 5 seconds ago
That was just a peck
Left to you
you'd kiss me till I'm breathless
Your wife's expecting
you at the party
- Yes...she'll kill me
- Exactly
My secret lover, get going
Ok...see you at the party
What is this
and since when?
Ok come to the party
"Have you fallen in love
for a single kiss?"
You're sure
they can't see us?
Oh God!
Are they clapping for us?
"Fallen in love for
my eyes and voice?"
Come...please come
Please have dinner
Who are you looking at?
Who is he?
What did he want?
I think he wants to
blackmail me for money
With what?
- He says I have a girl
- Girl means...
With whom?
How would he know Yamini?
- It's impossible
- Are you sure?
Which of the two?
Definitely not
He's lying
Then inform the commissioner
and get him arrested
You have only one son
Then get this fellow locked up
and keep my name out of it
- Our next film is 'Adi Sankara'
- How are you?
Here he is! We were just
talking about you & your film
Carry on...carry on...
that's how it grows, right?
- Have you eaten?
- We shall...
- So...not yet?
- When have we eaten before you?
- Then come...let's eat
- Go ahead...I have to meet some friends
He will fulfill his duty first
Please...let her go
She'll be right here
Ganesh...let go
Manohar! You're a man now!
Just yesterday you were a cute baby...
- I want a copy of that
- Girish, give it to her
Where's dad?
Dad? Last saw him upstairs
I like your hair by the way...very nice
- Who is this?
- Oh! Girlfriend
You're really a big
man now! Enjoy...
Do you really like her hair?
I actually like short hair
Shall I cut my hair then?
Our doctor...drinks?
Not usually...
- You handle this...I'll check on them
- Where're you going?
- Why close the curtain, uncle?
- That's what it's meant for, right?
What were you doing
behind the video screen?
Touche? Much worse
if your mother finds out
For whom?
The both of you
What the hell!
Margadarisi is badmouthing your film
Have you heard?
A - we can't discuss it
when it's sub-judice
Sit down man
B - Mr.Margadarisi has earned
Mr. Manoranjan many awards
But what use are they?
To scrape his tongue?
Yes, they're useless
- But his star status...that...
- Was because of you
Oh Lord! No...no
I'm just a...
what do you call it?
He is Telugu
I'll tell you...an instrument
Yes only an instrument...like a jeweler
But my son-in-law...he is gold!
Hello Dr...why so late?
- I've been here awhile...I met Chokku
- Yes he did
Mr. Manoranjan
has a headache
I've given him a sedative
He's resting now
- Oh no!
- Nothing to worry
- How's your BP?
- Co-existing! Side-by-side
We can't treat you separately
Those sweets are for
someone else, right?
Dr! Let her be...it's just one day
poor baby...you eat, my dear
I'm a neurosurgeon
This is not my area of expertise
What does your lady
Dr.friend say about this?
I don't pay attention
to all that, if I did
...I would have died of
frustration a year ago
Forget about that...your friend has
gone to bed on an empty stomach
That's ok
It's just one day
Absolutely...he has to
be fresh for tomorrow
By the way, where's Dr Arpana?
She was with you...
She has an early day too
Gone to bed
Her also?
In the same hotel?
Are you insane?
She's gone home
- Come on...I need a drink
- Of course! I'll get you a large one
What is it? Does she
want to marry my boss?
Oh god! Is she pregnant?
She's a doctor, can't she have an abortion?
Stop your vulgar blabbing
You don't know anything
Yes but when the shit hits the fan
I have to clean it
That's my worry
You'll have much bigger things
to worry about
Welcome sir
- Cam 1...sir's close up
- Have you told her to focus on the next film
Sir told us not to speak of the
'Adi sankara' film
He must have been distracted
He's in a great mood...We gave him
a coffee for his headache
- His friend is also here
- Who?
There...the one in
the second row with the coat
This fellow!
He's a Malayali
gave me his card
- I have one too
- Yes...Jacob Zachariah
Hey Anu!
Stop drooling and begin
Sir...we all have our favourite
scenes from your movies
Like that, what is the most
exciting moment in your life?
But, what is so special
in this moment?
What are you
thinking so deeply, sir?
This applause itself is special, right?
But you've heard this applause
so many times...
Perhaps but...
An artiste is always unsure
whether he will be applauded again
So...I have that insecurity too
Cam - 3 cover the audience
See...your longing is satisfied
Let's rewind a bit
when Manoranjan is 24 yrs old
You've made 5 classic films
all with Mr. Margadarisi
But your 6th film...mega budget
made you a huge star
Produced by your now father-in-law
That was also when you got married
Tell me honestly,
was that young Mano...
...entranced by cinema
or Miss Varalakshmi?
She knew that you loved
cinema over all else
But your betrayal
broke her heart
Your father-in-law gave her
a lot of money to leave you alone
But she didn't touch a penny of it
even though she desperately needed it
She didn't take the money
didn't have an abortion either
If she had, I wouldn't have
my daughter Manonmani
Yamini named her
We have another daughter too
You are a great man
Everyone lied to me
Even Chokku
Let that go! They did
what they thought was best for you
You know, my career was in
Poonachandra Rao's hands
I was a kid
with big dreams
In that conflict...my life
We are Catholics you know
but when I told my mother
She did not forbid it
I've known 2 great
ladies in this world
My mother and Yamini
But both are gone now
Yamini...she's no more now
She's gone
I'm here for my wife's sake now
It was her last wish that Manonmani
meet her biological father
I'm not asking
for anything else
I have never refused her
anything that's why...
- Does my daughter...sorry your daughter
- They're both the same sir
Does she know this?
She does...But we told her a bit late
After her degree
Time flies by, right Mano?
Would you like
to see Mano's photo?
When she was in school
That's during her degree
Is this something a sane
person would do?
Don't forget your next
film is 'Adi Sankara'
The press will have a field day
One photo of you as a saint
and the next one of you
as a 'Married Bachelor'
Manoranjan's Love Tales
The film will stop halfway and
then the producer will come to me
Where are you
walking off to?
- Return the advance of that film
- Which? Why?
I don't have
the time to do it
Say's who? I've given
them a block of 90 days
- I have some other work at that time
- All 90 days? What work is that?
- Another film
- With whom?
My guru, Mr. Margadarisi
Which fellow is producing it?
I am
Have you told your
And then?
Do you work for me?
Or for him?
- That's not what I asked
- Answer my question
I work for you
Then get an appointment
with Mr. Margadarisi asap
But at his convenience
Can you or can't you?
Of course...but if you
asked our lawyer
I just asked
that's all
Here he is...
Get out of the way
Open the gate...he's here
Close the gate
I can't let you
in just like that
Why does a gathering of journalists
turn into a shouting match?
I being the PRO man,
knew just 20 minutes ago
You'll know as soon as the meeting is over
How can your Mano sir leave
without answering us?
Didn't I promise you
an interview afterwards?
So stop shouting!
Do I look like a fool?
Why ask us that? Don't you
have a mirror at home?
Aishu darling! So funny! Move
your hand before it gets crushed
Lakshmana, are they doing
a film together after 14 years?
Why? I've already made
so many with you
Reached you to
the absolute peak
That's true sir
but I want one film now
And whatever you want
you must get...at any price
But all your money can't
buy this Margadarisi
Don't say that, sir
just one film...
so people don't forget us
don't forget me sir
Nobody will forget you, my boy!
You have your father-in-law
to remind them
Sir, I'm no king! I'm an actor
You made me one
I don't know how to
make films for big stars
I must have a story
And a story is not a platform ticket
available at your whim and fancy
I must find it convincing
I don't have one like that
Do you?
No sir
So simple! It's impossible
Please go
- Sir, Dr. Arpana is here
- Who?
I asked her to join us, sir
with your permission, may I...?
No need!
Did I ask for it?
Ok sir
take it back...go down
- Shall I return when you're done?
- No...no
I'm done talking
Please don't say that sir
Be kind sir...please
Kindness won't cut it here
You need a story big enough to fit
the halo around your head
We can catch
hold of that sir
Are you going fishing?
Ok go, catch one...let's see
Sir...give me 1 minute
to tell you my story please
1 minute?
An arrogant man like me
Who thinks tomorrow
is far in the future
His world is one day
shattered by two things
Suddenly he has no time to say
'I love you', 'Thank you', 'I'm sorry'
Doctors say he has
a brain tumor
Get out of here
I thought you'd
say something new
Tamil cinema has
done it to death
That was my first film
You yourself have done several
Every story needs
a rhyme and reason
Sir this...this is the reason
We have to find the story now
I don't understand!
I can't explain
the technicalities of it
That's why I've brought
the doctor along
Don't fool around like this!
Is this true?
You gave me a great time
in the industry
But now the time is running out
I want my last film
to be with you sir
Sir sir...please don't refuse sir
I'm not refusing!
What is this?
Doctor is this true?
What abomination is this?
I'm 83
He's just a boy
How is this possible?
What Dr...what is this?
Oh Lord!
It's manageable if it was
in the frontal lobe
It's at the back
Can't you operate?
We could...
In his case...
He has some complications
- She's asking for the bathroom
- Over there
Come...come here
Sit down
- Sir, I'll sit there
- No, sit down here
Sorry sir
I'm a bit...I'm usually
stronger than this
Me too, my dear
But in Mano's case
I love this rascal
Me too, sir
Who doesn't love this boy?
Everybody loves him, everybody
I'll make your film
as you like, happy?
How much time
will you give me?
Don't have much
of it to give, sir
My God! My God!
I shouldn't have asked
Okay, tell me what kind of film
you want to make?
I'm ready
Okay, sir
No one else knows about this, sir
Let's keep this to ourselves
I want the audience
to exit the theatre laughing
Let's make a comedy film, sir
Go home laughing?
Okay, my boy
we'll make a comedy
Uttama Villain!
Who will finance it when both
the partners are fighting in court?
We've withdrawn the case with mutual
understanding and submitted in writing
Why didn't you write
this house over to him?
You ask me for everything
food, drink, bath water, your scotch
Didn't you think to
ask me about this?
Why should I?
Why should you...
Not needed,
Mr. Manoranjan
I'm not needed here anymore
Now you have the great
Mr. Margadarisi to advice you
It's best that I fade out
Leaving me alone, Daddy?
Nobody has to leave
anybody and go!
Family, my foot! Family doesn't learn
of your decisions on the TV
That's your audience...
Not me
Daddy, admit me in the hospital
or take me home
I want to come too, Ma
What, is this a joke?
Selfish to the core
Just like your father
Look at him sitting there
Don't you have anything to say?
There's plenty
But if you react like this
to a small thing
Calm down
I'll tell you later
Oh! So you have bigger secrets?
Come daddy, let's go home
Don't sit like a statue
say something
I will when your BP comes down
That will come down
when there's good news
Okay, I won't tell you
Daddy, I'm going to pack, let's go
Atleast say bye
This is it
Hey Arumugam,
have you forgotten?
Who you are?
A good for nothing orphan
I picked you up off the streets
and married you to a goddess
Is this your gratitude?
Varalakshmi is my life
My world
If anything happens to her
you'll die by my hand
Oh! You'll murder me?
If necessary
This Poornachandra Rao
does not lie
Well, if your threat is real
A - it would be the biggest favor
you could ever do me
B - You'll go to jail and
I won't be there to see it
I'm leaving now
Wait! This house is mine, right?
Or does your daughter, Varalakshmi
Thank you
I will leave
- You will regret this
- I will not
- Let's see
- Let's see
- Chokku
- Sir?
Yes sir...yes sir...definitely sir
If we place the Akela here
Don't do it
he'll get worked up
Sir please, must I
wear this crown?
It's very heavy, sir
Yes sir, it is a bit heavy
As it is actors are big headed
Imagine them playing royalty
Anyway, listen to the story first
Okay, sir
Long long ago...
I mean...
Oh no!
Don't be afraid
this is what folklore is
Characters are in black and white
but we shoot in color
Hero's name is 'Uttaman'
the film is called 'Uttama Villain'
But 'Villain' is
an English word!
Won't you lose the Tamil Nadu
tax benefit because of an English title?
Oh wow! She seems
to be a smart girl
A very smart girl
Who said 'Villain'
isn't a Tamil word?
One who fights with
a 'Mallu' is a 'Mallan'
and one who fights
with a 'Villu' is a 'Villain'
Arjun is a 'Villain' & Sivan
is the greatest of them all
- Hey...hey...hey...cut cut cut
- The 'Kurinji' has a song that-
Uttaman is a street actor in
the kingdom of 'Muthuvala Nadu'
He's playing Arjuna in the scene where
he asks for the bow from Lord Siva
We're using a fusion of
Villupattu & Kerala's 'Theyyam'
The song is the narrator
the dance brings it alive
Are you ready, sir?
This is the great Subbu...
Subbu Arumugam
He is a legend
The authority on 'Villupattu'
Let's hear the opening
"Bless us, O Goddess
As we begin our song in verse"
"Bless us as we sing with music
and instrument in rhythm..."
"...enacted in the great theatre forms
of the Pandian and Cheran kingdoms"
"...to tell the tale of Arjuna's plea
for Lord Shiva's weapon"
"...in a Grand performance"
"Betwixt the sky above and the earth
below stands the Great Archer"
"...and his story will now be
told by this painted actor"
"Please narrate to
the world, O Wise One!"
"I have beheld a Miracle
akin to a truthful politician!"
"With great tenacity I have achieved
mastery over many battle skills"
"Is it the fruit of my
penance to lord Shiva"
"...that the world trembles
at the sound of Arjuna's name?"
"The Lord's Weapon
is now Arjuna's"
"Eternally Victorious!
The world's greatest Artiste"
"Lord Shiva!
I bow to you"
"The bounty of Shiva's
blessing is all- pervasive!"
"O Shiva! Beloved of your Consort
O Cosmic Dancer!"
"The Lord, who dances
unpaid in the temple"
"King Arjuna, who performs
on his own strength"
"Why do you dance on one leg?
Are you giddy dancing on both?"
"Ganga on your head
Drum in your hand..."
"Woman by your side
O merciful mother!"
Hey! This is a snake!
You'll die if it bites you, get away
A snake?
Just wait and see
No no...don't do that
It's a snake...a snake!
It's on the stick...
Snake! Snake! Snake!
Oh no! My snake...my snake...
Climb the tree everyone
There's danger on the ground
Ow! Who is it?
Who pinched me? Who bit me?
Where did it go?
Oh no!
4 people are dead
Our man is in agony!
Suck the poison out!
So what if he's one of us
I can't put my mouth there
- The 5th one is dead too
- Oh no!
It's my snake or what!
You were a snake charmer
without knowing that?
Oh no! Don't kill it!
Not my snake...no not my snake
Five people are dead!
- You want water now, useless fellow?
- I didn't say anything
Then was it the voice of God?
Put that rice in the orphan corpse's mouth
Ghost! Ghost!
Oh no...! Oh Lord...!
Ghost! Ghost!
"The voice of Uttaman was
not understood by the people"
"Oh! They screamed those
with ghosts within them"
"Ghost! Ghost!
Ghost! Ghost!"
"The villagers ran their heels
slapping the nape of their necks"
"Those with dancing ghosts within
Accused Uttaman the dancer as ghost"
"How did Uttaman rise
magically from the pyre?"
"Having bitten 4 the snake on
the 5th bite ran out of poison"
"Uttaman survived the teeth
of the venom less snake"
"A rational mind would
have understood"
"Alas! None of that
kind lived in that village"
"Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!"
"The village tried to
appease Uttaman's soul"
"...by stuffing themselves
with a feast in his honor"
"Relentless and tireless they
ate through the storm and rain"
"Cursing his fate of attending
his own funeral lunch"
"Uttaman was the last to be fed"
Worthless when he was alive
but look at his funeral feast
May his actor's soul
rest in peace
I would die every day
for such a feast!
Some more please
May my soul rest in peace
Is it you?
Please don't shout
let me finish eating
Ghost! Ghost!
- No! No!
- Ghost! Ghost!
No one panic! Someone
check for both his feet
- But he's sitting cross legged
- Nonsense! Can you see his feet?
I see them!
Ghost has stuffed my mouth
Sir! I have two
Here's one
Oh languishing spirit!
What do you want?
2 vadai, 2 sweet pancakes
a little sambar...give me
Give it
It's asking, isn't it?
Yes...please give me
Is the ghost dead?
Is it dead?
That's how one becomes a ghost!
"Uttaman strapped tightly
to the funeral plank"
"They walked again to
the cremation ground"
'Uttaman's thirst for life was
quenched by the rising river'
'The water entered the town'
'The bamboo plank
became Uttaman's float'
'While others drowned'
'The river gargled and spat out
Uttaman granting him immortality'
'The dam breaching
mud coloured deluge'
Water as far as the eye can see
but not a drop to drink
Oh Lord! Give me
some water!
That's enough
that's enough
Amazing! I truly am a great man
I'm in heaven!
This nightingale is great too
it has also entered heaven
Bird droppings?
Bird droppings mean this must not
cannot...is not...heaven!
Ah! The traipsing deer
The dancing peacock
The grazing rabbit
Lord! Please send me
something to eat
Aah! Crocodile!
I asked for something to eat and
you send something to eat me!
Lord! Release your discus
and kill the beast!
Oh no! Oh no!
Oh no! Oh no!
But wait...it pulls me too
Lord! I don't want to die
I won't die! I won't die
- He didn't die of the snakebite
- He didn't die
- He didn't die of the blow
- He didn't die
Know why? Because he chanted
the names of Lord Narayana
The name of your Lord
makes him immortal? Atrocious!
- Immortal meaning?
- One who has conquered death
Hah! No one has ever
survived this waterfall
He would have reached
Kailash by now
- Why not Vaikuntha?
- Vaikuntha or Kailash
We'll decide when
the corpse washes up
Aah! A miracle
He is alive!
Where? Where? Where?
- Look! Uttaman is alive
- Praise the Lord
- Aah! - Aah!
- He is immortal
Hail, Immortal one!
I'm okay with
the last scene
- You, DP?
- Okay by me, sir
I know you won't
be satisfied till the end
- I'll be back in a minute
- Go ahead
Yeah...yeah, come in
Hey...come in
one minute
Please dear, come
Come in, sit down
No...one minute...
my car is in front of this van
To move the van
I have to move my...
You look exactly like...
No! Fortunately I look
nothing like you
I'm exactly like my mother
That's what I was
going to say
I didn't know your
mother was pregnant
I know
My mother has told me
this story many times
- She told you?
- Yes
But I didn't believe it
But that's irrelevant now
My father
I'm here for
his sake only
Can you do
me a favour?
Only if possible
You have to lie to my father
that I was polite to you
That's not a lie
Jacob Zachariah is my father
It's the truth and it's
what makes me happy so
Happy...that's okay
But the truth?
It's my truth
The one I believe
You are the lie here
He's my hero
you are
Well, that's in your story
In mine, I'm trying
to be the hero
Can you do me
this favour or not?
- Sir!
- No Parthi, wait outside
Inform only Chokku.
No one else
Get the car ready
We were just talking
he just fell down
We shall...we shall
just give me a minute
Would you help me?
Hold both hands
We have to lift him onto
the sofa...grab his legs
Is it life threatening?
Actually this is a stage
4 brain tumor
Doctors say
it is incurable
To tell the truth
he is sinking
Have you informed
his wife and Mr. Rao?
No sir...they're
not together now
What? Not in the house?
Or in his life? Is he alone then?
They were angry at both
of you working together
Mano didn't want
me to tell you
Whatever he said, how can they
leave him at a time like this?
He hasn't told them
about the tumour
- Not even his wife?
- No
I've been a faithful
dog for 27 years
He didn't tell me either
Only because I know some Malayalam
I could understand their conversation
Or I'd have also
read it in the papers
But you know now
why are you angry?
Not angry, I'm hurt because
he chose not to tell me
And I know why
he made that choice
That...is between us
What's the matter with him?
Feeling tired, buddy?
Sir! Please come in
I've canceled the shoot
Rest a bit, don't get up
No sir, we're on a tight schedule
I'm good to go, sir
You're good to go
but I'm old, I need rest, okay?
What can I say to that, sir?
You're the youngest old man I know
Correct, I'm the youngest old man
You're the oldest young man
"While this story pauses here"
"We are about to tell you
a story from another place"
"The King Sadayavarman
ruled Muthuvala Nadu"
"He ruled justly his
spectre glowing"
"All was ruined due to avarice
and treachery by his relative"
Long live the King
Here she comes
a painting that walks
The light of the dynasty her
Highness Princess Karpagavalli
Long live princess
The King's wife's brother
Decided to kill his brother-in-law
...by loosening some bricks
of the royal balcony
Welcome King!
Long live the King!
Long live the King!
Greetings to the King of Kings
Behold the torrent
of your subjects!
Please lean over and see
Hold on tight
Let me go...let me go
Alas! What is this horror!
Oh Mother Earth, accept me too!
Don't let go
No, my King, there is none else
to safeguard the kingdom
- Besides, my hands are paining
- That's also correct
Alas! Duty calls
Your Majesty
Alas! How can I bear this?
How can I bear this?
A month after putting
the King below the earth
Mutharasan sent his sister
to keep royal company
Go, my little birdie
So! She seeks the aid of
our neighboring King!
You! Have you caged
the Princess's tiger?
It is done, your Majesty
See there
Who has caged my child?
- It was I
- Why?
That child has 4 legs
I can give you a 2 legged child
That neighboring King
Senguttuvan is not fit for it
- Your Majesty!
- Get out! She is enough for today
The Villain tried to rape his
own sister's daughter.
The Princess in a mad rage
chewed his ear and spat it out
Oh no! She's bitten
my ear off and spat it out
Alas! You didn't
hear my warning
I did! I do! Even after
she bit my ear off
...I can still hear
First conceal your ear
No! Not that!
It should not become known
that the King doesn't have a ear
It's a deficit in necessary
Kingly qualities
Yes! We can cover
it with a turban
No eye should see your ear and
no ear should hear this news
What are you blabbering?
We can change your hairstyle
to a bun on that side
First get some medicine and then
kill the demon who bit my ear
My King! Continuous deaths are
not good for the monarchy
First let us imprison her and
let the madness subside
So that she can bite
my other ear off too?
No, your Majesty,
so we can have a wedding...
...to your Majesty
Don't they say
marriage cures madness?
That is an old saying
We want not old
but everything new
...that is our aim
Imprison her!
Ah! I can hear! Minister,
we must stitch my ear and...
- Oh no! Where is my ear?
- Here, it was here
Oh no! It had a gold earring too
Keep quiet!
Correct, what does it matter
when the ear is gone?
- It was a good ear
- But we have the right ear
It can never be
equal to the left
Big...ministers you are!
The dictator's reign
brought peace to none
Including the guilty Mutharasan
The superstitious Mutharasan
was warned of dark times
'May you have a horrible death'
His death was confirmed
by the sacred texts and...
...shook him to the core
As he sat terrified
word came of Uttaman
...who'd cheated
death five times
Mutharasan commanded
he be brought to court
Go and get him
- Hey! Are really immortal?
- Nothing of the sort
- Can't you be stoned to death?
- I most definitely can
Lets try and see
10 stones for a coin!
10 stones for a coin!
Take it
Brother! What kind
of business is this?
"Stones for sale
Stones for sale"
"Stones for sale"
He who has cheated death!
You have immortality?
Give me some
Oh God, woman!
Would I keep it to myself?
Your Highness, someone
has started a rumour...
...that this fellow
is immortal
- What is your name?
- Some Uttama
- Some Uttama...
- No! Just Uttama
- He has two names?
- Uttaman!
Do you know why you
have been summoned?
Don't you think that you
have been bound in chains...
...and brought here
for the sheer fun of it?
What is this?
I expected a witty response...
...but he just stands there
This is the Immortal One?
Not at all
That is what...
I'm dead
No, Your Highness
he is died
But that is what
he too says
- No, your Highness, he denies it
- Just answer the question
No, your Highness
It was this snake charmer
who hit him on my order
Yes, I hit him and he died
Before that he
died of a snakebite
Wait! He was also
bitten by a snake?
Then why did you spare
the snake and hit him?
- The dead snake was mine
- Then this fellow?
He also dead
- First was the snake bite...
- No, this is the Princess's bite
Your Highness! This is
meant for the right ear
Should not political
secrets be kept secrets?
- They must! What did you advice?
- Let us test him & verify!
Good idea
Go, sit down
I have an idea
These two accepted
their crime, correct?
Yes your Highness
Therefore, the murders
will be killed!
- Your Highness
- Your Highness
May the people be told that
my weapon of justice before the law
- Play now you fools
- Fools play
Stop...stop I say
Hold still or you'll lose your
life instead of your hair
Honorable ministers,
is this mustache sufficient?
Sudalaimuthu, do you see
how we have fallen?
Kaakapusunadar, we erred in
allowing the king to test him
This fellow has bound hand & foot now
Why don't we test him ourselves?
- How?
- Like this!
Immortal! He's Immortal
Bring the crane
back around
This shot was good,
shall we go?
Give him a towel first!
Fantastic my boy wonderful
The next shot we can
take on the front of original river
What's that in your nose?
Looks like a rose petal
- Looks like blood, sir
- What! Blood?
- It's bleeding
- Will you shut up?
Sir, please come with me
Please, go that side
Please, come
What is it?
What is happening?
Nothing to fuss
about it sir, this is normal
- How can this be normal?
- It's normal for this illness
But I find it abnormal
Lets go to the doctor
No no need for that
I called the doctor for here
- So you won't listen to me?
- Sir, they will be here any minute
What do you want
me to do now?
Call for a short break
I'll clean up
& will be right back
Hey you! Do you know this chant?
I swear I don't
If he doesn't even
know the immortality spell...
...how could he be immortal?
Your Majesty!
An idea, that is...
Why don't we test him
to prove it?
O holy Ones...
Yes, majesty
Don't you grease this
sword once in a while?
It never comes out
when I need it
Your Highness...pearls...
Your Highness?
Some more pearls
Get out
Your Highness!
This kingdom of pearls
is aptly named
There...one more pearl
What is wrong with them?
Uh...it is proven that
they are not immortal
It's a marvel he
hasn't lost his head
Could he be immortal?
Your Highness, this is
just blind luck!
Blind or deaf
luck is luck
- Hold this
- Uttama
What use immortality for
a commoner like you?
Give it to your King
Your Majesty, how can
we beg this fellow?
- Get back
- That's right
I will prove that
you're not immortal
An artiste lives, dies
and is born everyday
people might have mistaken
that for immortality
Me and immortal?
But these unimaginable
riches, this palace...
A beautiful statue...
who is it?
Princess Karpagavalli's
You have such
a beautiful daughter?
She is my betrothed
Oh! When is the wedding?
I'm waiting for
the madness to settle
Doesn't appear so
Your Highness, may I
say something?
In your ear...
Keeping a pet crow...
listening to these ministers...
if you cease these
the madness will surely settle
Whose madness?
Hey! You...
I will chop you
up into crows food!
- Your Highness, permit me!
- No no!
It's just eaten 4 whole ears
Don't overfeed it!
Give me your ear
- My ear? Your Highness!
- I need to tell you a secret
- Your Highness, me?
- Everybody come and listen
But first we must safeguard
ourselves, come!
- You stay there
- As you command
Hurry up!
A charging rat and
a cringing tiger
This truly is
a mad kingdom
What are you?
A rat...
or a tiger?
I am scared
I feel I've seen
you somewhere
That snake bite
was an omen
Now every animal
& human wants a bite
Oh! Are you the one
the snake bit?
So you think you
can bite me too?
Please don't mistake me
Are you also mad?
You also...meaning?
I'll explain, I just saw a very
big headed King downstairs
He has one pet crow
and 2 ministers
Are you an enemy
of the king's?
- He is my enemy
- That is good
An enemy who does not even
have the courage of this rat
How did he set
my tiger free?
He went in the cage
and let the tiger out
I knew it
Is that statue outside
any relation to you?
It's identical but
for the hair
- It is I
- I knew it
Run away with me!
What manner of place is this
They imprison a woman
and free a tiger
Do not fret, Uttama!
Why fear when I am here
You are here but I'm
afraid I will cease to be
What need of
laughter now?
I can hear the
tiger nearby
Can't you smell
his stink?
Somewhere here
Ah! It slapped me!
Oh it was you
What is your weight?
I'm light but the palace
food has added to it
Why do you ask?
Your weight is
breaking my waist
Forgive me! I dangled on you
like a jackfruit on a creeper
That's alright
atleast you got down
Thank you for that
It obeys you
Is it your pet?
What's his name?
Oh! His name is
also Uttaman?
The tiger's name
is Puliyeru
This man's name
is Uttaman
How do you
know my name?
The whole
kingdom speaks
...of you
Saying what?
That you are the king's
newest boot licker
That you are immortal and
will teach the spell to the king
Nothing like that! I don't know
even one blessed spell
Then he will surely
take your head
I know that now
but not how to escape
It's the skill of an actor
act your way out of it
Of course
act as what?
One who has
conquered death
That is what I'm not
and even if I do
how'd I convince them?
It is possible
You mustn't bite
Do you have the courage
to save your country?
What use is courage?
What can a mere actor do?
But will you?
I will but I fear your tiger
will devour me in your absence
Swear you will save your country
and the tiger will become a cat
Alright...I swear
Henceforth my tiger
is your pussycat
Spread your legs
like this
- But these are hands
- Your legs
A little more
Close your eyes
Ah! Your eyes
Uttama, obey!
Open your eyes
without fear
The tiger's gone
thank the lord
It's between my legs
- Just stand there
- I am
I'm talking
to my tiger
Oh! Please carry on
Rise, my dear
Aah! Oh god
oh god oh god
I'm dead...I'm dead
I'm dead...
Is this how the
Immortal One speaks?
Our savior's voice
must not tremble
Must not
Now hold the neck
Ah! The tiger's neck
He will turn as
you pull him
Oh god...oh god
the tiger has turned
Do you wish to
walk like a horse?
Nudge his flanks
with your heels
- Can't reach
- The tiger's flanks!
Courage is the spell
of immortality...courage
Nudge him with
your heels
Not your father!
Call upon the Lord
- Courage
- Immortal One!
- He truly is immortal, isn't he?
- Yes Sir...yes
Look at that tuft on his head!
Swaying in its majestic beauty
- He truly is immortal
- Yes yes
The tiger was a
pussycat in my hands
That's the magic of cinema
Right, Mano?
He's asleep
Don't disturb him
Let's leave
- Sir, about the DI
- We'll check it on the table
He gets tired
very easily now
Yes and we've
started chemo too, sir
- This is luck?
- Yes sir, in a way
Some patients have a lot of pain
He has none
Some have memory loss
- They don't know their family
- Oh God!
But he's fine with
dialogue & all, sir
Even so, people
near him can see
It's wrong that he still
hasn't told his family
I don't have any
of this ego nonsense
I'll do it myself
Go that godforsaken
Raoji's house...
...and fall at his feet
What is this, sir?
Go inside! You need to be
there when he awakens
What is it?
- What?
- Nothing
Come here! I'll get
a crick in my neck
I've been faithful to you
all these years
Even my lies were
for your own good
Okay so what?
That is...
I'm leaving
But this letter...
it belongs to you
I kept it hidden
all these years
...even that was for
your own good
What letter is that?
25 years back...
Yamini wrote you
It was a mistake...
my mistake
Ok...it was a crime
a sin
Don't look at
me like that
I'm your Chokku
We've no blood ties but you've
been my brother all these years
- Let me go sir, I'll leave
- Shut up!
Leaving...do you know
what it really means?
Stop shouting at me
Even an ant has pride
don't you think I have too?
I have it too
sit down
Sit down!
- Read the letter
- Is this my punishment?
Penance! Yours and mine
Read it
Read it
I can go...
May 5th, 19...
Even though we know
each other's thoughts
...love can make us deaf & mute
Therefore I write this letter with love
I trust your vows but
my heart is anxious
I got my pregnancy
test result...Positive
I can wait for you
but our baby can't
I will not have
another abortion
If you fear this will hurt
your 'Dream Lover' image
...or destroy your career as
Mr.Poornachandra Rao has threatened
...I will definitely not
be the reason for it
I leave for Kerala tomorrow
at least call me before that
If I don't hear from you in a week
I'll understand your silence
As I wrote, your father-in-law
to be & your manager
...Chokku came here
They first threatened
& then tried to buy me off
They said you
knew of this
If you do know, my
waiting is stupidity
I had to throw
them out rudely
If possible, please try
to see us soon
As we decided, our son
will be called Manoharan
Our daughter...
If you are not with us...
...don't I need another
to lovingly call Mano?
With faith that we
shall be together, Yamini
Didn't you give
her my letter?
If I did, your father-in-law
threatened suicide
What should
I have done?
No punishment will suffice
Whatever...I will accept it
Please don't look
at me like that
Dismiss me
I'll leave
I can't fire you now
You have work for
another 9 months, hmm?
If you're done earlier...
someone else will inform you
But you'll be paid
for the 9 months
Stop crying
It doesn't suit you
Get to work
Arpana...Dr come
Good morning, sir
- Madam...he's arrived
- Yes, a while ago
Not our sir...hero sir has come
along with that director
I must confess, I've
abused you a lot...sorry
So have I
How is your BP?
Better than my daughter's BP
What did you want to discuss?
Mano...tell him
What is it?
I won't be around
much longer
- Can't take this more!
- Give me the ball
No! Give it to me
You've had it now
Please granny it
won't happen again
You'll feel your
grandfather's slipper
What is this?
Let me fall at your
feet...forgive me
What are you doing?
This bloody rheumatism...
I can't even bend
Please stop this
Sit down...sit
Don't say that
no one is a villain
Not you
me or Zachariah
Just fathers taking care
of their daughters
I'm only worried
about telling Varu
Are you leaving mom
for another woman?
- No
- Go away
- Get lost
- Uncle...
- Get out!
- I'll talk to him!
You tell amma
Manohar, come
- What is it?
- Sit...sit down
Playing with a cricket ball?
Isn't it dangerous?
Am I a kid?
Easy easy...
I'm a kid
It's obvious
Are you leaving mom?
I'm going to die
Liver cirrhosis...from too much
drinking? You won't die if you stop
My liver is fine...the problem
is Glioblastoma multiforme
Another name for it is
Grade IV astrocytoma
...in Tamil, a growth
in the brain
I'll get it
- Can you do all this?
- What?
Playing in the sun?
How can a Dr dictate?
I'm with my son
Want to go inside? Or we
could keep playing here
Not that! What do you
want to do in college?
As a kid you wanted
to be a lawyer
- You remember that?
- Of course...how could I forget?
You were 3 years old
when you said that
Is that still your goal?
Why ask now?
Should have asked...
Making up for
things I didn't do
Instead of saying sorry
Ok, what do you
want to do in college?
Shall I say it?
A good writing program
in the UK or Columbia
what will you write?
Why suddenly?
Not sudden...I've been thinking for a while
I must write a good screenplay
...and show this Kodambakkam
crowd who you really are
By the time you're done
with your course
you might find another
good actor here...
or you could find one in
Columbia itself, right?
Perhaps...but they
won't be my dad
Please this is my private time
Please go away...please
Go away...please
This happens to everyone
Oh god! My baby's
heart will break
No, we'll take
care of her
Dhanam, let son-in-law come in
He'll handle it
That's right! Varalakshmi
can't hear it from anyone else
- Mano must tell her
- Correct sir, you're correct
I must be strong
for my son
I can't just lie around and
weep the whole day
Oh lord...
It's heartening to see
you so brave
I was shattered on
hearing the news
That godforsaken disease
has united this family
I confessed I hid Yamini's and
his letters and...he forgave me
You told him? Why?
What difference
does it make now?
When he himself
is leaving us
Couldn't that godforsaken
tumour be in my brain?
Who has a brain tumour?
He...Oh god!
Mr.Margadarisi and your father
were discussing it, so I thought...
I didn't know that you don't know
what they know...I'll be downstairs
- Stop right there
- I've stopped
Who has a tumour
in the brain?
If mom finds out
Stop that! Arpana is here and I've
called for an ambulance
It'll be fine
Then why an ambulance?
My baby can't bear this
Silly woman! What do
you mean 'baby'?
She must know
I'll tell her
Manohar and I will
We have to tell her
What is it dear?
Why didn't you tell...
My baby! I told you...
"Is there anything sadder than
immortality? My lord"
"Will an endless tale
have takers (listeners)? My lord"
"According to astronomers
the world it seems a round ball"
"Others globules going around
like it would also die"
"The allegedly deathless sun
in another eon will also turn to ember"
"The embers will burn
and burst and later"
"There will be life sprouting
out of lava again"
"Like the banana tree
that springs dies"
"...and springs has a seed
in its every death"
"Sow another life like
yours and you will"
"understand the life
in my poems"
"For your dynasty to live and
for you to serve it as you live"
"You need a love that rhymes
with your inner poem"
"Inner poem"
"A thousand stories abound
of men who got everything"
"They wished for and
then finally and died"
"My lord!
Oh My lord!"
Stop the spinning!
They have, your Highness
But the earth is still spinning
Stop that
But that...
Ah! I understand
Wisdom reveals
the true form (nakedness)
I have been
mistaken about you!
A great wisdom is
slumbering in you
Has it been
It's arisen, alight
and I have realized
Have you realized
impermanence, my King?
I have realized love
Love? You've latched
onto my last 2 sentences?
Is not the best
saved for last?
My tongue has been hardened
with talk of blood & gore
I want to soften it
Practice on the riverbank with
a mouthful of pebbles to...
I want to feel love!
Feel love...you?
I have felt it
now she must too
Give us a spell for that
Immortal One!
- A spell for this...
- Say that you will!
As good as said!
How's this?
Abra ca dabra
Abra Karpagavalli
Oh no! your Majesty!
- Karpu (Chastity)
- Why do we need that, your Majesty?
What is the secret
of your tuft?
Verily you are
a good actor
Why do you say that?
You act well as
a frightened man
But I truly am a timid man
And I have heard of how that timidity
has made a puppet of Mutharasan
- Congratulations!
- Thank you
Your proximity is
the first step to our victory
Why do you grimace?
The thought of his proximity
to me makes my flesh crawl
But he wants to be with
you and demands my help
But would it be real?
It's just an act, O actor!
I am a man first
only then an actor
What are you saying
Immortal One?
If I do explain it...
I fear it will be proven by your
hand that I am not immortal
And yet you say it
That needs bravery
Can one have love
without bravery?
You do not seem to be
of a timid nature
Mutharasan's prisoner
Immortal street player
Uttaman-a coward
Calm down, Uttama!
The minister is our man
Oh! Has he swung
sides then?
This gorilla doesn't
know how to swing
...till there is breath
in this body
- Will you learn now?
- Justice for my King's murder
...and crowning my Princess
these are the goals of my life
That is alright then
What happened?
A new blade
It pinched my hip
And this is the one
that helps you plot
Princess, it's time for our loyal
guards to change shifts
It is inadvisable for you
to be here after that
Please return to your prison
We can resume plotting tomorrow
Uttama, we shall meet again
Calm down! It is our
neighbouring King's spy
Princess! Why are you here?
The spy is almost here
Please go inside
Who the hell
is whistling?
It is I, get down with
no more whistling
Having the same signal for
both Kingdoms is a nuisance
Couldn't you just change it?
- We did
- To what
A cough
What happened
to the cough?
Just then, our erstwhile King
had a bad congestion
He coughed the whole day long
...and every secret entry
in the palace opened and closed
...till everyone
knew of them
including Mutharasan
You've finally arrived
Minister! I bring my King's word
your problems will soon be solved
We asked your King's help
not his astrological predictions
And also you've been
saying this for 8 months
What does your
Sengoottuvan say now?
He is our man
Fear not
You! Stand back
- That is all
- That is all?
Did you shove
me for this?
Did you hang from
that rope just for this?
Our princess is
so worried
Should you not have asked your
King about a better reply for her?
This is the most I've
spoken before my King
May be so but
we don't need him
our Uttama's plan...
But it's none of your business
Right Uttama?
- Absolutely not!
- What are you...?
Go tell your King
we will manage...go!
These neighbouring
spies are polite
Seems he's too
lazy to climb
Is there an another way out?
That path straight
ahead will take you up
Thank you, my lord! We're
exhausted lifting this fatso
Uttama, I must go too
You forgot your tuft
However, I praise
your acting talent
It is my duty
to reward it
Your spell will soon
make me fall in love
...with Mutharasan
Go tell him
What is this?
It's the scene you
asked me to show, sir
Yes, but in the hospital?
Sorry sir
No no
It is I who asked him
They're running all these tests
and I was a bit tense
God is taking from me
what I took from Yamini
I'll be left only with
what is meant to be mine
- I can wait outside
- No Dr
You are like family
You must be here when
I beg his forgiveness
He loved Yamini so
deeply, you know?
But I threw
a tantrum like a brat
and got my father
to marry us
Honestly, don't you
still love Yamini?
Atleast let her
soul hear it
- Souls don't have ears, ok?
- But I do!
So, still you love her?
- Rest now
- How?
What dear?
How can you still love me
after I've destroyed it?
I married you because
of anger toward Yamini
...out of that
grew affection
You are a nice person so
affection turned into love
Now I know Yamini
did no wrong...
- You're angry with me
- No no no no
I'm not angry with you
You're the mother of my child
You're a child yourself
A beautiful child
Stop trying to
pacify me with lies
No Varu
I was very beautiful when
I was younger, isn't it?
I ate my
beauty away
My heart is heavy when
I weigh myself
That is an extra weight
I was petrified he'd leave me
for a beautiful girl like Yamini
But fear isn't enough
I've to watch my mouth also
Lazy glutton!
Worthless creature!
I've given you a sedative
No Dr, please don't
I want to keep looking at him
Give me something
to stay awake
I will...I will Please rest now
Please Varu
I don't want
anything else
Shut up...will you
listen to me?
Atleast now, you mean?
Oh God! We realize the value of
things only when we lose them
...for fools like me
so tired...
I felt scalded
by Varu's words
Thiruna is a loyal man
Completely trustworthy
Thank you, sir
I swear I've never breathed
a word to madam at home
I know, Thiruna
That's what I said
I'd give my life
for him, sir
No need for that
You have a good future
and I've gotten
you a good job
My friend Wasim in Dubai
I've told him you're my greatest treasure
and he must look
after you well
What's this! Ok, pull
over and let me drive
No sir, I'll drive
You said I'm your treasure
That's all I need
Thank you, sir
Am I your treasure or trouble?
What do you want, my love?
She must live with
good health
and I, without embarrassment
So the 3 men in this car must
swear to keep this secret
I swear on my child, madam
They might
ask in heaven
But I can always lie my way through
I am an actor, right?
"At the altar of
God called love"
"In the temple
called eyes"
"The thirst of
the body is worship"
"At the altar of
God called love"
"In the temple
called eyes"
"The thirst of
the body is worship"
This game is yours!
You've done some magic
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
Your Highness!
The Princess was calling
your name in her sleep
And then?
I ignored it thinking
it a nightmare
- What?
- But in the morning
- And in the morning?
- She was all decked up
- Decked up and?
- Oozing sensuality
- Sensuality and?
- Lost in yearning
- Yearning and?
- She is singing!
Singing what?
"At the alter of
God called love"
"In the temple
called eyes"
"The thirst of
the body is worsh-"
Your yearning itself
is stealing my heart
Sandal paste...quickly!
Is my breath stinking?
It's the fragrance of arrack
and dry fish, your Highness
Bring me cloves!
Your Highness!
It's more eat
reduce your libido
- Cloves reduce what?
- Your libido, your Highness
Now check
Get me gold jewels,
silk dhoti and...
No no, pearls and
normal clothes will do
...it takes too
long to remove
Why do you weep?
Won't I weep if you blow cloves
in my eyes, your Highness?
"At the alter of
God called love"
"In the temple
called eyes"
"This is the boat to
ride the rapids of lust"
"This is the boat that
comes with sails of want"
"While wandering in
search of shores"
"Life shall melt like wax"
"Like those fingers that play the harp
I am plucked and strummed to please"
"At the alter of
God called love"
"In the temple
called eyes"
"The thirst of
the body is worship"
"Do reuniting lovers
need to converse?"
"Would words ever come
in the way of expressing amour?"
"Like the rhythm that sets the timing
for music come mingle with me"
"Come reach me to
the very peak of ecstasy"
"...and whisper endearments
in my ear"
"At the alter of
God called love"
"In the temple
called eyes"
"The thirst of
the body is worship"
Immortal One, I make you
Minister as reward for this miracle
Why a third Minister
when you already have 2?
Not 3! 2 as always
1 Minister...will go
- Oh no! Who will go?
- We'll decide with a roll of the dice
Fear not! I'll sacrifice
my post for our friendship
- You're a true friend...promise?
- On your life!
Your Highness...Highness
Here! Here!
- Your Highness!
- What
Don't worry! Kaakapusundar
is ready to relinquish his post
I and Uttama will be
your confidantes
Is this the time to
discuss it? Get out
- Me too?
- Then what? Out!
Now its me and
my Karpagam
I can't wait any longer, Karpu
Did you say something?
It says I can't
wait any longer
I'll just be back!
- Shall I go too?
- I have to go!
What happened?
Your Highness, could ride the palanquin
...without anxiety or spillage
That's right
No! Not to the entrance
Go to the toilets
Hurry up!
Stop! Why do you blow
every time I point?
Yes! The King is in a rush
and you keep sputtering...
Uttama...you too?
- Why have you stopped?
- It was your command
Your King needs to go
- No jolting! No jiggling!
- No jolting! No jiggling!
I'm exhausted running
between toilet and bath
And my dream girl
Karpagam, awaits me
My love is all back-to-front
Oh God! I'm dying
You have tested me enough
Impart to me
the secret of immortality
- Ah! She keeps jolting me...
- Your Highness
- This spell you ask for...
- Physician, stop it! Stop!
...is not a mystery but must be
understood with wisdom
You seek to teach a fish to swim?
I am the wisest! Proceed
It's very simple
There are three methods
One-is to be
the wisest among the wise
A sage who comprehends the three
dimensions of time and motion
Oh! I loosely understood
the theory of time and motion
I've just calmed down
Tell me a shortcut
You must compose
an immortal epic
- My handwriting isn't very good
- It could be oral!
Aren't my troubles
enough already?
That's why he
refuses 1 and 2
Shut up!
Highness...what is
the third option?
- There is a third...there is
- What is it? What?
Another way is to be a great
and unforgettable artiste
Understood! You've saved
the best idea for last
Nowadays it's the easiest
thing to become an actor
Suggest a good drama as soon
as my stomach settles down
Your Highness! Drama
is below our dignity
Why, haven't the great
emperors been playwrights?
Well said! Our King's touch
makes anything respectable
No no. Ignore him
Keep scratching
I've a good idea
for a play
- What about 'Ballad of Hiranyan'?
- Let's do it!
I know only of
'Ballad of Prahalada'
This is his father's tale
Oh no! But doesn't he
oppose Lord Narayana?
For heaven's sake! Only he who dares
to oppose all, can become immortal
- Fear is the (root) of death
- I've neither (roots) nor (shoots)
To prove I am fearless
we stage 'Ballad of Hiranyan'!
As your Highness said
your pulse is racing
Oh God! And I thought
it was easy to be an actor
Forget that, there are
5 demons, my King
Not four?
That's the scriptures
Demons are 5!
Tell them to reduce a bit
Scriptures or Demons?
The dialog! It's endless
Shouldn't we talk less and say more?
Which part has less dialog? Which?
This one...Prahalad
That's true but he's a young boy
It wouldn't suit your Highness
- There he is!
- Your Highness!
- What?
- What about Narasimhan?
The dialog isn't
too much, right?
None at all
Just roars
A little stronger than that
- Your lion's roar
- This costume is a nuisance as well
Minister, the poison
will work, won't it?
Narasimhan's nails are
soaked in poison and well dried
It will kill us
if the poison touches us
Hence the drummer's
finger-shields I ordered for you
So that you may
be successful
Karpagavalli is my shield
I'll rip him apart
So that you steal the applause?
Impossible! Dasarath...uh
Hiraniyan has all the dialog
- And that is the problem
- All the glory falls on Narasimhan
But Narasimhan is
half god and half animal
Hiraniyan is all king
Who is greater?
Narasimhan! It is the union of half god-
half animal that will last in people's hearts
Correct! We will exchange roles
You are Hiraniyan and I, Narasimhan
But...your audience is waiting
It is I they are awaiting
Announce to them that
their King is changing his makeup
Cut it
Super, my boy!
Now lunch and
then dress change
Return in the Hiraniyan costume
The climax and song are almost done
We just have to
complete the lead
We'll finish it
Once that's done
the film is complete
We'll do that today, sir
- Are you tired?
- Everything alright?
I know you,
but ok, hurry back
- The scene is good, isn't it?
- Wonderful! But how are you?
- Really
- Really
- Was it good?
- Whatever you do is good
From whom?
Well, it isn't exactly for you
It's a letter I wrote your mother
It never reached her
I want you to read it
Take the children to the room
I'll bring our lunch there
You sure?
I know the news we
await is tidings of great joy
Fortune has smiled
twice on this poor man
One was, the first time
I saw you
The other, when people
acknowledged my stardom
Mr. Poornachanra Rao
threatens me
Varalakshmi too
She is steadfast in her delusion
that her infatuation for me
will turn into
my love for her
When I told her
it's impossible
she slit her wrists
and is lying in the hospital
I told him I couldn't marry his
daughter because I love you
Do you know
what he said?
That he can wash
away love with money
In my anger, I lied to
him that you're pregnant
The man was stunned
And then suggested
that abortion is a solution
This lie I told about your
pregnancy...we must make it true
And if that happens
As we've decided
if it's a boy
and Manonmani
if it's a girl
Who knows, it
could even be twins
I am ready to leave
everything behind for you
Will you wait for me?
That's my photo
- Did dad give it to you?
- Yes
What is this?
A collage of everyone I know
The surgery might
wipe out my memory
So it's like reminder
notes to myself
In-laws, my teacher
Shall I call your dad...
I mean Mr. Zachariah?
I thought Manohar
would be alone
Don't jump to conclusions
And what?
She's your sister?
She is my sister
Dad, please tell her!
But this is my sister!
And after I've cut off
my hair for you...
- His own sister?
- Yes. From another mother
See for yourself
I didn't mean you
Please come in and
tell her, sir please sir
The seed of my blood
The flesh of my flesh
How'll I bear him
addressing another as God
Bringforth Prahalada!
I shall cognize by querying him
My son worships another after
the world has proclaimed me God?
Repent for your sin
And chant your
father's name thus
I messed it up
I said 'This' instead of 'Thus'
No no, it's fine by me
I'll intercut footage
from both cameras
Come and see
if you want
I said 'This'
instead of 'Thus'
- Is that ok, sir?
- That's fine let it go
Repent for your sin
And chant your
father's name thus
One minute, look at me
Oh God!
Oh God!
Hey! what happen to sir?
It's nothing...it's nothing
What is this?
He's bald
It's because of the chemo, sir
It's not important now
- Sir
- What?
Sir, let me try it
just one more...
I know...you can do better
But go to
the hospital now
I'll come and show
you the edited footage
Listen to me
atleast this once
Come, sister! Manonmani!
Yes, you
Close the door
Uncle, the surgery
is underway
Is it?
He's done this
brilliant shot
Fantastic! No one
else can do it
Come, show it to them
- Sir, shall I play it on the tv?
- Is that possible?
- Possible sir
- Show it
But keep the volume low
This is a hospital
Rao ji...he's my disciple
...and your son-in-law
Slowly and gently...
Do revive me
Don't forget
The seed of my blood
The flesh of my flesh
How'll I bear him
addressing another as God
Bringforth Prahalada!
I shall cognize by querying him
"Me with God to guard salute
you Sire, with none to guard"
"Come, my son, come!"
"With your little fingers, twirl
the hair on my magnificent chest!"
"Come, my son, come!"
"Our elders declare as
atheist; the name that you chant"
"When the world
acknowledges Hiraniyan as God"
"How can his son
worship another?"
"Right your sin
Chant your father's name thus"
"O Immortal One!
"Know you the prayer
to chant? Behold!"
"Hail O Hiranya!"
"Yes...say it"
"Hail O! Narayana"
"Who be this Narayana?"
"When I am worshipped
to the 8 directions"
"My son worships another?
I dare any to say there in my equal!"
"An object of the 5 senses?
A form of the 4 seriptures?"
"Night & day, Outside & In
Nowhere can I die!"
"This is my boon
of immortality"
"Know this, Know this
Know this...you"
"I am an epic
without end"
"O Immortal One!
"Born ignorant mortals
We wander, meander"
"We realized the chant 'Hari Om'
We attained ascent as human"
"You have listened to demented yarns
You are wilted and spoilt"
"You are chanting the name of that villain
You nothing! You fool!"
"No gender, transgender
Nor snake, tiger, fox nor dog"
"None of these life forms can kill me
Know this! Know this!"
"Yes I do know
Nevertheless Hari Om!"
"Your voice is also
that of Hari"
"I've been blessed with
the boon of immortality"
"And of unending life"
"If you walk your path
unheeding the right path"
"Chant 'Hari' blasphemy"
"You'll repent
with your life"
"I want not the life where
I cannot chant His name"
"He claims to be a fish, a tortoise
and shamelessly, a pig too!"
"All pervasive is 'Hari'"
"He resides in everything"
"If anyone and
anything can be God"
"Come! Show me
where your 'Hari' is!"
"The tyrant is dead
Killing himself instead"
"Behold the cost of murder!"
Behold! We have completed
the task without your King's help
But it was our King who saved
you in the guise of Uttaman
"Is there anything
sadder than immortality?"
"Will there be listeners
for an endless tale?"
"Unchanging is art and poetry"
"Undying is intellect and love"
Is there anything
sadder than immortality?
Will there be listeners
for an endless tale?