Utvandrarna (1971) Movie Script

The Emigrants
This is the story of some people
from Ljuder in Smland, Sweden
-who emigrated to North America
In 1844, Ljuder County had 1925 inhabitants
The population had tripled in a 100 years
In addition to 254 land-owning farmers
-there were 39 craftsmen,
92 landless peasants and 11 soldiers
Further, there were 2 7 4 servants,
23 unemployed, 104 paupers,-
-60 disabled, five slow individuals,
three idiots, three whores and two thieves.
Four men controlled the County by power of their
spiritual or secular authority:
The Priest Brusander, Sheriff Innegren,-
- Lord, Knights and Lieutenant Paul Rudeborg,-
and the church deacon and merchant Per Persson.
It was as in most other Counties at this time.
Everyone must bow down to
the local authorities
-but no authority is without a God.
For what authority there is
has been granted by God.
And whoever opposes those in authority,
defies God's will.
And those who oppose authority will be judged.
For those who have authority do not
strike fear in the hearts of those who do good
-only those who do evil
So, if you do not want to fear authority
you will have to do good
-and you will be rewarded.
For he is God's servant, leading you to good.
-Can I have another piece of herring?
-You can't just eat herring
-But it tastes good
-She pickled it last week. .
-How long were you a farm hand here, dad?
-About twelve years.
-But it wasn't in Alarum the whole time?
-No, it wasn't.
- You won't be taking over a Kingdom.
-But there is twice as much land here as
there was 25 years ago.
-If you want to be a farmer you will
need a woman.
- Reckon I could get a good one if I wanted
-Don't sit there and brag, boy.
Eat now.
If only I had a horse. . .
but the farm can't feed a horse.
Dad has ploughed all the land there is,
but we aren't getting any richer.
one should eat ones bread
sprinkled with the sweat of ones face
-Do you have money for the bank?
-We are 22 'Riksdaler' short.
-We could borrow money from Kristina's uncle.
-You can borrow from me.
- I will let Robert know about the cat.
She won't last much longer.
Are you thinking about something?
Midsummer snow. . .
and a lot of it.
-It doesn't look good for the harvest.
-No, it doesn't.
When should we start sowing. If the harvest fails again
this year I don't know what we will do.
-We will put our trust in God.
If trust were enough, we could reap a
hundred barrels of wheat this autumn.
We toil as hard as we can. and even then we only
barely make ends meet.
After four years we have no oxen and we're 70
'riksdaler' deeper in debt.
if only the weather would co-operate,-
-and keep the bounty of the soil from
all kinds of disasters.
bless us with wheat and chaff.
through the power of Jesus Christ,
our Lord. Amen.
-Karl Oskar, I don't know. . .
-What's the matter?
-I'm thinking of the children.
-They're asleep. All three of them.
I'm thinking of food for the kids.
I mean, if we abstained, there wouldn't
be even more mouths to feed.
Abstain, for the rest of our lives?
Should we stay away from one another, for ever?
I wouldn't be able to.
Not until I get so old that
moss starts sprouting on my ears.
Why can't you work for your food and clothes.
You're fifteen and strong and healthy.
-We can't keep you at home any longer.
-You ought to have left long ago.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
Your sister has been a young lady for years.
What book is that?
Natural sciences
I got it from the Schoolmaster.
For he was a good reader, said Rinaldo.
He always said everyone ought to read
the Bible and natural sciences.
It contains everything there is
to know about this world.
It talks about the body.
And about water. Listen to this:
"You can hold a piece of wood or rock
in your hand,"-
-"but you can't hold water in your hand."
"Because water is liquid and runs away."
"All liquid things, such as,
water, beer, milk"-
-"drip, and are called fluids,
because they are liquid."
Ah, look at the boy, yes!
My little lad. .
I couldn't find my way to Nybacken this morning
You deserve much harsher punishment,-
-but this time you get away with a slap.
A louse.
I'll teach you to speed up!
aren't you going to teach Robert as well, Arvid?
Aren't you and the heifer going to the priest
to announce your engagement?
"strange exotic plants are:"
"sugarcane, which can grow three
bales tall and get thick as an arm"
read that again, the bit about the rice.
"rice is a grain grown in many warmer countries-
-"but the refined grains are carried all the
way to us, and then they're called 'risgryn'."
"these are boiled with milk to make the
white and delicious rice pudding."
"the best rice comes from the other side of
the ocean, from North-America."
How wide is the ocean?
-It's all the fault of our Lord's weather. .
-Don't blaspheme, Karl Oskar.
Can this be called hay?
or is it cat's hair?
If you've taken the rest,
you might as well take this too.
Karl Oskar! You challenge God !
God forgive you for what you have done.
God forgive you, Karl Oskar.
What have you found?
-Are we going to die too?
-Yes, I suppose so.
-When will we die, dad?
-Not for a long time yet.
If we don't get rain soon,
we will have to do without milk.
you remember how many molehills we had last ye
-Where did you get that?
-I took some of my pay in spirits.
Aaron said there will be a house change next week.
Last year the priest asked me who we call
'our lords'. I couldn't answer.
"our lords are what we call the people, who in
addition to our parents,"-
-"have fatherly authority over us, such
as clergy, teachers and landlords."
Do you know how many nobles and landlords
we have above us in this world?
The first is the King, Oskar I.
The second is County Chief.
The third is tax collector.
The fourth is sheriff Innegren,
and the fifth is the sheriffs deputy.
the sixth is the Priest,
and seventh, Aaron, our landlord.
I have to say. What a mountain of gents!
Do you know it now,
if they should ask you again?
the first is the King. . .
-And what's his name?
-Oskar the 1st.
and then we have. . .
The County Chief.
and then the tax collector after that?
-and then it's the priest.
The King, Oskar the 1st,
and then the County Chief. . .
Arvid !
-Are you going to chop wood in the middle of
the night?
-Old mother is going to die tonight.
-Put down the axe.
-I'm going to kill her!
-Have you gone insane!
-I'm going to chop her straight in the mouth !
Arvid, listen to me. . .
Don't touch that axe!
Listen to me!
Your making yourself miserable.
-You don't know what you're doing !
-I said, let go of the axe!
Arvid. . . come inside.
-Do you know what she's accusing me of?
It's that women that has made it all up
I have never done anything illegal with the heifer.
I believe you, Arvid. I have never believed the
things they have said about you.
Do you know what they call me?
The bull of Nybacken.
It's not so strange none of the girls
want anything to do with me.
Arvid. . . I have a secret.
You're the only one I can tell.
Can I trust you?
You have to promise not to tell anyone.
My lips are sealed.
Even if they chop my head off, my lips are sealed.
-I'm going to run away.
-Run away?
In the autumn, when they drive the timber to
Karlshamn, I'm taking the boat to America.
-Will you come with me, Arvid?
Look at this.
"Description of the United States
of America,"-
-"with information and advice for emigrants."
"In America things aren't split into nobility
and commoners as they are here."
"and you don't even have to say 'Sir' to the President,
if you don't want to."
"The finest rice comes from
Carolina in North-America."
"It's forbidden to eat salted herring."
"in America no one works more
than 12 hours in a day."
"many of the slaves have better houses,
food and circumstances than peasants in Europe"
"they keep their own chickens ands pigs. They can
grow what they want and sell their excess."
-Then I will sell myself as a slave.
-That's illegal for white people.
but, you said America was a free country.
Yes, but this particular trade
is illegal for white people.
I'll go all the same.
-How much is the fare?
-About 200 riksdaler.
Ah Hell. . . !
200 riksdaler?
I'll never be able to get that much.
-You don't have enough for the fare.
-We have forgotten about the highway!
No, no one can walk to America.
-Is there no way?
-No, America is an island.
The god-damn ocean.
Last year our harvest rotted away.
This year it's burning up.
We should manage on this till Christmas time,
I should think.
And what will we put on our bread afterwards?
-When will we die, mother?
-Only God knows that.
Dad has said that everyone will die.
There are a few drops.
Maybe we'll get a shower after all.
-No, don't do that!
There's a fire.
There's a fire in the outhouse!
You got what you wanted.
That's your punishment.
There was nothing we could do. .
Those few drops didn't help.
is this my little boy with his playhouse?
Sneaking away from your work,
you devils lazybones!
oh my god. . . oh my god !
Oh my god !
What is it?
. . .find a good Christian husband. . .
-Robert, what is it?
-My ear hurts.
What should I do?
Will have to try some spirits on a piece of wool.
This is going to sting at first,
but it will soon pass.
There. . . that's it.
It helped a little.
but it's still noisy.
It sounds like there's a whole ocean in there.
-Can you hear it?
Are you home so soon?
Karl Oskar?
What's the matter?
I broke the plough.
On a big stone bastard.
-The soil here is cursed.
-There is no need for profanity.
Can't you fix the plough?
Everything falls to pieces,
no matter how hard you work.
and there just keeps getting more and more of us.
-Leave the worries to God.
He's not going to feed the children
if we sit here with our hands in our laps.
Is it God's responsibility to feed
all the children you produce?
Don't blame God for impregnating your wife.
My dear, sweetness. . . I have never denied
my part in this.
You complain about us multiplying,
as though it were my fault!
I have never blamed you, Kristina?
But you never say anything.
So what am I supposed to think?
Don't you know that you are dearer to me
than anything else in the world, Kristina.
-Do you care for me as you once did?
-Of course I do. You know that.
We have to agree, the two of us.
We have to help each other.
There is no one else to help us.
Poor child, how he has beaten you !
Come in, Karl Oskar. Look at this.
-Who has done this?
-It was Aaron.
I was driving a load of beats
when I broke the axel.
He beat me with a fencepost.
I'm not going back there.
Aaron won't let him go just like that.
He hired him for a year.
He will send for the sheriff.
-I'm not going back.
-He shouldn't have to, dad.
No one in this family needs to take a beating.
Wouldn't it be better if we made
this good with Aaron?
I'll go talk to him.
Are you coming in your brothers place?
Then I will have a better farm hand.
You'll have to get someone else to beat.
The sheriff will have to drag him here then.
Let go of me!
You could always come and get him yourself.
Your welcome to come to Korpamoen.
- I'm looking for the boy Robert Nilsson.
- He's not here.
If you brother stays here in my
territory I'll get him.
There, go inside.
. . .you have to do everything yourself.
You said you would handle this.
Do I need to do this too? Answer me!
Shut your mouth ! I can't stand your nagging, woman
You could help me from time to time,
but you never do.
I'm sick of you. Shut up, bitch !
Shut your mouth, damn woman !
God-damn woman ! damn, damn, damn !
Satan !
He's a nice guy, that Innegren.
I can see what he was getting at.
Go to Kristina's parents in Duvemla.
That's outside Innegrens territory.
You are kind, Karl Oskar.
Now I need to ask something else of you.
Yes, if I have it to give. . .
I want my share of the inheritance.
I am going to North-America.
You're surprised, Karl Oskar.
I wouldn't have imagined we were
thinking of the same thing.
There is a wheat field in America. . .
"hardworking farmers have good
opportunities to prosper"-
-"in the United States of America."
That's something !
We might have to work as hard over there
as we do here at home.
But at least we can prosper at it,
that's something we can't do over here.
Look at dad !
And what of the children, what will become of them
Johan can take over the farm after us,-
-And the others?
Maid servants, farmhands. . .
but would you take responsibility for
taking them across the ocean-
-and endangering their lives?
If only someone else had gone before us,
but no one from here has left.
Then I will have to be the first.
-And you would take that responsibility?
-Someone has to.
Interrogation of farmer
Danjel Andreasson
Do you admit, Danjel Andreasson, that the
following persons reside at your house:
The criminal soldier Severius Pihl,
the disabled girl Sissa Svensdotter,-
-the unmarried Ulrika I Vesterol,-
-her bastard daughter Elin,
and that you arrange meetings at your home?
This is true, father.
-And what do you do at these meetings?
-I convey the true teachings of God.
The devil is whispering your answers in your ear.
the presence of these honourable and trusted men
-I forbid you to practice any kind of preaching.
He has no power to forbid me this.
-Do you admit that my authority comes from God?
-No, father.
-Are you refusing to obey law and order?
-No law is above justice.
And are you so spiritually arrogant
that you dare call your self just?
I am filled by the spirit of our lord.
and I live my life according to the Bible-
-and my conscience.
Are you accusing me of leading souls astray,
and leading people straight into hell?
That is true. Is it not true
that the father sells spirits?
That is my legal right.
When the people drink the fathers spirit
and break the ten commandments,-
-hasn't the person breaking the commandments,
damned themselves to hell, father?
You're the one under interrogation, not me.
In the presence of these men
I forbid you to preach.
and if you continue your criminal practices,-
-you can be brought up in front of a court
and sentenced to fines or imprisonment,-
-and the third time you can
be banished from the land.
The father still can't banish
me from the Kingdom of God.
Despite the warnings Danjel Andreasson
continued his preaching.
Then father Brusander excommunicated him :
Danjel was banned from the communion and the
fellowship of the church.
Jesus Christ, Whose body you are about to receive,-
-keep you for eternity.
Jesus Christ, Whose blood you are about to receive,-
-keep you for eternity.
Jesus Christ, Whose body you are about to receive,-
-keep you for eternity.
Jesus Christ, Whose blood you are about to receive,-
-keep you. . .
Dear Danjel. Don't open.
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is with us.
We have nothing to fear.
Who are you that disturbs
the piece at night?
It is sheriff Lnnegren. Open !
Who is the officer seeking at this hour?
You, Danjel Andreasson.
Now open this door, in the name of the law!
I do not obey the laws of humans.
If you won't open it is my duty to
kick this door in. Open !
The good officer should not increase his sin-
-through brute force against the Lord.
What are all these people doing here in the middle
of the night?
-We are gathered for a meal of Love.
-You are defiling the holy sacrament.
-We are enjoying the sacraments.
Here you can see Danjel Andreasson
distributing the holy communion.
-Have you given communion?
-Not to everyone. The officer interrupted.
No one who is not ordained, can give communion
The priest has explained this.
I do not follow the priest,
I follow the holy scriptures.
and nowhere in the scriptures does
it say that Jesus Christ was ordained a priest.
-Don't argue with that hair-splitter.
-Take down the names of everyone here.
I have forbidden you to preach.
yet you continue. therefore we have no choice
but to punish you according to the letter of the law
I beg you to think of your immortal souls.
Anyone who repents their sins/ confusion
are welcome in the church.
Move aside, priests! you stand there
black and evil as the devil himself.
Your mind is not improved. still you take
the blood of Christ in your filthy mouths.
-I dare for you !
-Are you harassing the priest, Ulrika?!
-I'm harassing the deacon as well.
-You should wash your mouth.
-With priest-spirit or priest-piss?
-Quiet, whore!
whore?! Did you say whore?
A whore to you, Per Persson !
If I'm a whore, then your a punter!
Do you remember when you came with riksdalers
in one hand and your dick in the other-
-and asked me to lie on my back for you?
Then you behaved.
-Ulrika, be quiet.
-and what about that horehound !
No one denies him communion in church.
He is friends with those fat priests.
those comfortable lard bodies living
living in their fat flesh !
By the power of your authority you
ought to disperse the gathering.
I forbid you to continue the communion.
The father cannot banish the Lord
Jesus Christ from the house.
You think these are revelations from God,
but they are from the devil.
Get out of here, damn flesh-priests!
Out, I say!
Silently I must listen to my accuser
and innocently go
and forgive and forget
safe in the knowledge that God will judge justly
Judge at the spring court the year 1849.
Danjel Andreasson : 200 daler silver.
other participants at gathering : 100 daler silver
or 28 days in prison.
Jesus Christ, Whose blood you're about to receive,-
-keep you for eternity.
-Can I have some porridge?
-No, not now.
You will get some tonight,
when your little brother is baptised.
-I want porridge.
-You can't have any! Go to grandma.
You will get porridge tonight, when we're
having guests. We are baptising our little boy.
-The kids are here again.
-I don't suppose they've found much.
Anna ! No. . . get away!
Shame on you !
There, get out! There!
It was a shame to have to send them away.
Couldn't they have stayed at home?
We haven't got more than that?
You can't eat that.
-Mother is boiling soup on it.
-Take this. Run along home now.
Is it dads little helper coming?
You're not cold are you?
Run in to Mother now.
Anna ! Anna !
Anna !
Anna !
Oh no, child. . .
-Soon everything will be alright.
-Little Anna.
Let me dry you off a little.
The stomach is completely swollen.
Don't you think we have to get Berta from ldemo?
Let see how the little girl is.
Yes. . . she's very poorly.
The grains in the porridge have
swelled to twice their size.
They might have burst the stomach,
in which case there is nothing I can do for her.
We'll have to see how she is tomorrow,
if things take a turn for the better,-
-but if they don't, I'm afraid
God will take this little girl with him.
Yes, I think so.
But we have to believe it might turn.
Nobody knows what might happen.
You've been sitting here all day.
Won't you let me make the coffin?
Won't you let me make it for you?
Now I'm no longer opposed to moving to North-America
Don't touch the washing with your filthy fingers!
Leave the washing be. Don't make it mucky
now that we've gotten it clean.
We can bring that along too.
There, yes. Let grandpa keep that.
"on roads like these one travels
at great speeds."
"two to three miles an hour,
yes, sometimes even faster."
"many large wagons are bound together
and are pulled by a steam engine."
"on the road is lain powerful
cross beams made of wood,"-
-"and the metal bars used to guide the
wagons are attached to these."
"each wagon is so comfortable it makes
disembarking unnecessary."
"these railroads, where one through the
bower of steam can enjoy a comfortable journey,"-
-"have reached a length of 8000 English miles
in America."
The grass grows so thick that one has enough for
winter fodder for a cow in just two days.
Does the railroad lay on the ground unguarded
night and day?
Doesn't the iron get stolen?
In America there is such an abundance of iron
that no one steals as much as a track.
It's the same with silver and gold.
In America they will hang a thief immediately,
often before he has time to confess.
Americans are the most honest people in the world.
they must have a bastard or two even they.
-You have some people with you.
You will be more. Your family will
be bigger than you can imagine.
You haven't asked the council of your children
or grandchildren.
-I am thinking of my children.
-I am thinking about mine.
Since he's been able to button his own trousers
he's never once asked our council.
and no one wants un-requested advice.
Is your ear hurting?
It will be OK once we get to America.
I read about a man whose family had been
eaten by a crocodile.
there were three children,
and it had just swallowed the wife.
but the woman's head got stuck in it's
throat so that the animal choked.
That was her way of getting even.
The ground was soaked in human blood.
-Are we going to those parts?
-You know Roberts fantasies?
They're not fantasies.
I've read it.
From Karl Oskar
Could it be the sheriff?
-Who is it?
-Danjel. Can I come in?
-May God bring peace to your house.
-Is something wrong at home?
No, everything is fine with wife and children.
-Then, what's the matter?
-What is it?
-I have a message for you, Karl Oskar.
-From whom?
From God.
The Lord woke me and said :
"Go to Karl Oskar, husband of your
beloved niece."
He spoke to me as He spoke to Abraham
He said :
"Leave your motherland,
your family and your fathers house,"-
-"travel to a country I will show you."
"Go to Karl Oskar at Korpamoen.
He will be of help to you."
Do you want to come with us to America?
We live in a time of persecution in
my motherland.
I am prohibited to seek my God.
I have been banished from the land.
but the Lord will open a new land to me.
We shall travel there together,
and no one need be afraid.
So you will be six?
We will be eight, with children and guests.
Are you bringing all your guests as well?
Ulrika and the girl are coming.
I have promised them.
-Does Danjel need a farmhand?
The other one ran away with the coming
of the time of persecution.
I know one that would be handy in America.
His name is Arvid.
We will place it all in the hands of the Lord.
He will aid us with all His mighty power,
So we can cross the perilous ocean safely.
You're going to be a bad example to
my other parishioners, Karl Oskar Nilsson.
You're known as a fast and handy farmer
Capable of making a living from your farm.
I'm afraid I can't, father.
You have enough food. one should be
content as long as there is food on the table.
Have you really thought about this 'adventure'
you're dragging your family along to?
Do you know the truth about the country
that tempts you?
Have you not been misled?
By smoke and mirrors?
This could be the downfall of you and yours.
I have to advice against it.
-You believe I want only the best for you?
-I believe the father has good intentions.
Think of your parents.
Your father is a cripple.
The old ones have enough to manage on.
You have been possessed by the
spirit of discontent
I have already sold, and am now free.
May I go about my business?
I will give you your emigration license.
And I will ask the Lord to bless you and yours
on the journey to far away lands.
May you never regret your bold choice.
Thank you, humbly. .
Stop, that's enough ! That's enough.
Enough? What are you talking about?
Just a little more!
Aren't we going soon?
Nobody knows what they wear on their
feet in America.
I am sure you can wear these in front of
Americans without having to be ashamed.
They were expensive.
To think that so many are emigrating
at the same time. Jonas Petter as well.
Karl Oskar, there is something
I have to tell you.
-I'm in that way again.
-hmmmm. . .
-It couldn't have come at a worse time.
I'm just saying. . . this isn't the best time.
I can't get pregnant only when it suits you !
It's not just my fault that I'm pregnant again.
It's your fault too!
-this isn't the best time for you !
-Why do you have to take this so badly?
-You're afraid I will be a hindrance!
-I never said that.
I'm just afraid this will make it even
harder on you.
ether. We should be friends on this, our last evening
-Well. . . I don't feel well.
-I know, I know.
-You need to speak softly to me.
-No harsh words from me.
Drive slowly through the gate.
It's a good thing your so thin,
or I would have had to walk along side.
Arvid, when we get to Karlshamn,
I'm going to buy an English textbook.
There will be time to learn during the voyage
You can borrow it if you want.
-I don't need it.
-You don't speak English, do you?
No, not now. But when I step ashore
in America I will.
So you think you will be fluent
as soon as you step ashore?
-Who told you that?
But you will have to teach yourself
the language, for you are not of the spirit.
-Could this be true?
-You don't think Danjel is lying?
When we step ashore the holy spirit will reach
out to all true believers,-
-and everyone who is born again through Jesus
Christ shall be able to speak American.
-Have you read the Gospels?
-Yes. . .
But I haven't heard about that part.
Hey, Robert? I'm afraid of America.
-Maybe they are mean to the newcomers.
No, you have nothing to be afraid of.
There are so few women in America-
-that they are treated like gold and jewels.
You will have everything you ever wanted.
so that the wagons won't fall off,
they've attached little hooks. . . . . .
God's peace!
There was the bishop with his rod pointing
to high heaven like a church candle.
They couldn't bury him like that so they
called all the priests in the area,-
-such as the priest Stenmark,
who read over his body,-
-but still it wouldn't go flaccid.
The devil refused to leave his body.
Eventually they asked the old maid
Magda for help,-
-she went into the room where he was lying
and stayed there through the night,-
-and in them morning when the rest came in,
he was fit for burial like normal people.
-I wonder if we'll get seasick on the ship.
-It's not that bad.
-You only vomit a little.
-Probably like being knocked up.
-They say it's meant to be terrible.
-Don't you remember what I said?
-Have you forgotten what I told you?
-No, of course not.
People who have Christ in them can take the
sea, even if they are not used to it.
I believe you. I'm not afraid.
-Don't you get seasick like everyone else?
-No, Karl Oskar.
-Christ died for my sins.
-You have doubts, Karl Oskar.
I have heard that married women suffer more
than others at sea.
Not if they are true in spirit, Jonas Petter.
Most women are of the flesh. You can make
bastards in the marriage bed like anywhere else.
I thought the scurvy and the cholera
were more dangerous than seasickness?
-I've heard that. . .
-Let us give praise to the Lord on this the
first day of our voyage.
Thank you, Lord, for keeping your hand over us.
This the first day of our voyage.
Johan !
Where are we meant to live?
Let's see. You and you. Go over here.
-Karl Oskar!
-I'm coming.
-There is no room.
-I want to stay with my family!
I don't understand what your saying.
Let me speak to the captain?
Arvid ! Over here.
The beasts at home in the barn have more space!
Passengers and cargo
-Nice with some fresh air.
-I got 16.
-Yeah, so did I.
-Do you want to climb her?
-Yeah, let's do it.
-This far, but no further.
-They wouldn't let us go further.
-How many did you get?
What if the sea rises.
Then we will all drown.
No. if the sea rises, so does the ship.
How many are you?
Don't the whole family come running.
One person is enough.
They keep popping out babies those people.
Come over here!
and bring something to carry
bread and such in.
Don't we get potatoes?
-No milk either?
-We don't carry goats aboard.
I don't want to stay on this ship.
I want to be at home.
potatoes. they didn't have any potatoes. We're get
-No milk either?
It stinks of piss here.
I need a clothes peg.
-When do we get to use the kitchen?
-Will probably be a while with so many people.
Karl Oskar, little-Marta is burning up.
And she won't eat.
How's it going?
Do you think she caught it off that
girl over there?
No, she's just got a cold.
That one over there has scrofula.
-Does she have to live so close.
-the merry one?
-Why do they call her "merry"?
-Because she is never sad.
-And if anyone has cause to be sad, it's her.
-If anyone entitled were to cry blood. . .
-Never you mind about that.
We have so much else to think about. I'm sorry
you don't get to live with us.
You like going on the swing !
We hardly have enough water for the food,
and we can't ask the first mate for any more.
You can borrow some water of us.
We don't use that much.
-Thank you so much.
-Where are you headed when you get there?
We're not sure. What about you?
We have a son in Minnesota.
-Is the soil good there?
-The soil is great there.
-He's got 500 acres to himself.
-He's a good lad.
He wrote to tell us he had 500 acres.
We brought him a grinding stone as a present.
-They are very expensive in America.
-Are they?
I'm sick and hunched over.
I have a pain in my heart.
It let's up in the morning. But if I take a
pinch or two of 'snuff', it starts up again.
It's a pain. . .
. . .like this. but it starts up.
"Move the lips a little. But neither round
nor pout them."
'It is important that there is no
pouting of the lips,"-
-"especially when producing the
very common sj-sound."
-Do you understand this?
I'll show you. You mustn't go like this.
I don't pout my mouth like that
when I'm speaking Swedish either.
Say the sj-sound.
Don't stick your lips that far forward.
-say it again.
Yeah, you managed that alright.
It won't hurt to know a little
of the English language
so that when you step ashore you've
taken some of the burden off the holy spirit,-
-and that can't possibly be a sin.
Say: "rail, star, shoot."
rail, star, shoot
rail, star, shoot
And continue in this way to learn
the proper placement of the tongue as well.
Stick out your tongue. Let me have a look at it.
You'll have no problem learning
English with that tongue.
Elin ! Elin, come over here!
I need your help over here.
. . .it started to bleed,
then he passed out,-
-but she prepared a compress to stop the blood,-
-and then she stopped the blood, and when he
woke up it was no longer bleeding.
It made him a bit slow afterwards.
But completely devoted to her even so.
She saved what she had cut off and dried it,-
-and they would bring it out and show people
when they had guests and such.
He only had a little left. That's why they
called lsak from Aranset "stumpy".
And that's as true as I stand here before you.
Ahh, what a life!
No farmer to force one out-
-to feed the horses.
and they feed you as well,
so much it leaves you out of breath.
It was good fortune that we come along.
I'm going to go ask them
how much further we have left.
How far do we have left to North-America?
Just as far as it is from North-America
to here, with a difference of about 50 miles.
You sheep's cunt! Do you think we farmers
are stupider than you.
-What is it? You're not sick are you?
-I'm covered in lice!
Don't look at me. This is disgusting !
In all my life I've never had a louse,
until I came here. . .
Don't take it so hard.
You must have got them off another passenger.
It's you, you old whore, you've given me lice!
Your men have spread your lice all over the parish.
Now you're going to America
to spread your lice there as well?
Ah, I see your wife has brought her lice from home?
They probably didn't want to be separated from such
an upstanding woman. Control your wife instead.
Kristina from Korpamoen,
we're having this out!
You accuse me of infesting this ship with lice!
You accuse me of bringing vermin.
Danjel, she has insulted the body of Christ
and the purity of his lamb.
She only has herself to blame for having lice.
-Ask for forgiveness on your knees!
-I'd rather kneel to the devil himself!
-Did you hear, Danjel ! She swore!
-Shut up, the both of you !
Since I was born again I have been free of lice.
You won't find any lice on me!
-Have you no shame?!
-You accused me!
-Anyone who wants is free to look for themselves.
-Do not fall for the temptation of arrogance.
You shouldn't use your body to awaken
sinful lusts in the men folk.
I will clear my name!
Inga-Lena here will be my independent witness.
Come and look, Inga-Lena.
-Now you've done it.
-I called her a "whore". And I stand by that.
You shouldn't say such things about Ulrika.
-Well, Inga-Lena. Did you find any lice?
-Not as much a s a little egg?
There you see!
Kristina on your knees. . .
-Never! I'd rather jump in the ocean !
-On your knees, I said !
I don't want you on this ship any longer!
Slut! Whore!
Danjel, look!
Me too. . .I've got. . .
This creature is also one of God's creations.
It has been sent as a trial for us,
so that we may grow stronger.
Now we know things are really bad for Sweden,
even the lice are emigrating.
Dear Inga-Lena. . . Dear wife!
Dear wife, are you seasick?
-My dear, sweet Danjel. I'm sorry!
-Have you lost your faith?
Have you been listening to the enemy?
We're sinking !
It's just a storm. Be quiet.
-Can't you feel we're sinking !
-That's just the seasickness.
Karl Oskar, I can't breath.
You have as much air as me. Be quiet now!
I can't see where to vomit in this darkness.
I drowned a cat once. It suffered before it died.
-Do you think I will be forgiven?
-What are you talking about?
-I can hear the cat crying down there!
-You're just imagining things.
Oh God, I have been an unfaithful servant.
Let me out of here!
Come on, Robert.
You can't just lie here, you get that.
It can't be good for you
to lie all alone, Karl Oskar.
-Won't you eat a little?
-Did you manage to give the kids some food?
-They get enough to survive.
-It's a good thing their healthy.
-So will you be as soon as the weather calms.
Won't you take a spoon of the Prince's drops?
Am I fantasising, or. . .?
It is the little girl who died.
It wasn't seasickness it was scrofula.
-I have to say something.
I will never set my foot in America.
Yes, Karl Oskar. I've known it ever since
we boarded this ship.
I won't get out of here alive.
What are these fantasies of yours!
Seasickness isn't fatal.
We will step ashore in America.
You and me together.
Can't you wait a little!
He often lies like this in the mornings.
You have to shake him hard and long
before he wakes up.
His heart stops sometimes,
but then it starts right back up again.
This man is a dead as one can get.
I've seen dead people before.
Can't you wait a little? An hour or so, only.
-Till he starts to smell?
-Just a little longer!
Be a good first mate.
I won't let you take him !
It's me who should be here now!
-Why aren't we going to live in a house, Mother?
-in America we will live in a house.
Here look at this.
You're bringing a bad wife with you to America.
-Marta ! Come here, Marta.
-Come over here to Mother.
She's gotten so grumpy.
What's the matter, Inga-Lena?
I'm so dizzy.
I don't think I'm feeling well.
Lately I've had blood in my stool.
I think it's scurvy.
You must stay in bed,
and let Danjel do your chores.
He mustn't find out.
He has enough to worry about.
-Is he unwell, as well?
-No, but he is having a crisis of faith.
-He walks around suffering.
-He could still help out a little.
You mustn't say anything, but. . .
Danjel has confessed that he has committed
the graves sin there is.
He has believed himself free of sin.
But then he got seasick,
and after that he has been a changed man.
He says there isn't a single
just person here, Ulrika.
She escaped both the lice and the seasickness.
He says God has protected this vessel for her sake.
Don't mention anything about this to Danjel,
and don't tell him I'm unwell. Promise me!
Oh my God, Kristina !
What has happened to you?
I'm so tired, Karl Oskar.
I can't take it any longer.
-Are you in great pain?
-I'm just so tired.
It's because of all the blood you've lost.
We have to stop it. Lie still !
-I don't want Mother to bleed any more.
-I'll go wake the captain.
No, no. . . don't leave me, Karl Oskar!
My wife is bleeding to death.
Can the captain do anything?
Change the compress on her forehead once every hour
-Karl Oskar?
-You will be kind to the children won't you?
-Yes, of course.
That's good to hear. From now on
you'll have to be both mother and father to them.
Don't talk like that, Kristina.
-Don't you want anything?
-No, nothing.
Do you want a sugar cube?
I've been saving them for you.
You a kind man, Karl Oskar.
I don't have the strength to chew.
dear, Kristina. Kristina !
I wanted. . .
I wanted. . .to ask your forgiveness.
What would I have to forgive you?
That I wanted to make this journey.
-I wanted to as well.
-But it was me who pushed for it.
You wanted to make things better for us,
better for all of us.
Don't be sad, Karl Oskar.
So you forgive me? Kristina?
I have nothing to forgive you.
Remember that.
That's good to hear. .
I like you.
I always have.
-We are the best of friends.
-Yes, we are.
We are the best of friends, we are.
-I'm going to sleep a little.
-Yes, sleep.
-Sleep. You need it.
-Only a little while.
Of course you should sleep. Only. . .
As long as you don't. . .
Dad ! Mother has stopped bleeding.
-She is dead.
-No, she is alive.
I think she'll make it now.
-She just died.
-Can't you see for yourself?
Inga-Lena died a while back.
She never told me she was that poorly.
She never once complained.
Earth to earth, dust to dust.
Jesus Christ will wake you on the day of reckoning
her the Lords angels sing
And the Lord said onto you as he said onto Moses:
"you shall not reach there."
You, my beloved, didn't get to
see the new land either.
You reached the other shore ahead of us.
But when I wanted to set out,
for America you said :
"where you go, I goeth."
"where you stay, I stayeth."
"where you die, I dieth,"-
-"and there I will be buried."
-will we get there by midsummer?
-Yes, I think so.
Then we've been at sea for exactly 10 weeks.
-Do you want to read the English book?
-Yeah, let's do that.
What were you meant to say again when
seeking a placement?
"what can you do?
l am used to farm work."
-Let me practice mine as well?
-"I am the new servant girl."
"l am the new servant girl."
"wash your hands before food."
-"wash your". . .
"wash your hands
before you handle the food."
Why do they think all maids
have dirty hands in America?
I don't know.
It's probably because everything
is so nice and clean in the new world-
-that they have to ask those who
came from the old, dirty world.
Are you going to throw all that out?
I can clean and mend them when we get ashore.
The sight of these garments will
onyx be a torment to us.
don't want to be ashamed in front of the American
When they see these rags
they will wonder who we are,
Robert! Robert!
They can see America ! They can see America !
Hold on tight.
Now it's your turn.
Jump ashore! There you go!
Such a good boy to make it ashore on your own.
-What do we do with the cargo?
-As interpreter I'm in charge.
Can you keep an eye on this whilst
I go change some money with the captain?
I've heard Landberg is coming with us.
It says something about California.
It's about ships for California.
Stop that!
The Fin says every tenth person here is a thief.
He also says every fifth woman is a whore.
Do you want to buy a dog? Isn't this a nice
watch? He's running away.
-Does your ear hurt again?
-No, just howling.
-Arvid !
-He smells of spirits.
No. Come, Arvid.
Give me a dollar!
Are you asleep, Kristina?
He's moving.
He'll be ok.
Close your eyes. And smell.
It can't be!
Now you can eat and drink
as much as you can stomach
We have enough of that.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful apple?
I got it as a gift.
Come here, let's see.
There you go, and there.
I think America is a good place.
We won't need to regret our choice.
Wait here, I'm going to go look for our places.
Robert! Arvid ! We're going over here.
Wait here, Kristina.
I'm going to go get them.
The train's leaving. Hold on tight!
-Landberg, can't we open the doors?
-They're locked. They'll open them when we stop.
Three fingers ripped of the left hand.
That's how powerful the steam engine is.
-What if the steam gets out?
-I don't think so, but. . .
This is a strange invention. Not many people
back home have been this comfortable.
Does anyone collect the shit,
so that it may benefit the soil?
You remember you promised we would stick together
I won't forget my word. No matter what happens.
We stick together, no matter what.
-How much is this?
-25 cent.
It help against cholera, diarrhoea,
hair loss and other things.
-Doesn't smell very nice.
-Is it meant to be a pain killer?
They have nice looking money.
Decorated with all the stars of the night sky.
They represent the 13 first states.
It says something there,
at the top, under the woman.
"in god we trust".
that means "in God we trust".
What is he saying? Have you heard anything like it?
There is a confession of faith on their money!
This is a good and God-fearing
country we have arrived in.
We should thank the Lord we have been
able to come here.
-Aren't you going to eat?
-We don't have anything more to eat.
-If bread is good enough for you.
-Thank you !
If there are no delays we will
be in Buffalo by the morning.
The look almost like the nobility at home.
I've told you that people aren't separated into
nobility and commoners over here.
I only said they weren't segregated
into different places.
There are those who are doing well, and. . .
There are two different kinds of people in America.
Those who have lived here long enough to get rich,-
-and the new arrivals,
who haven't had time to get rich yet.
To think they got to sea when they don't have to.
Now I've found out the truth,
and you owe us some answers.
-You've tricked us.
-What are you accusing me of?
-You said we were travelling 250 miles.
-That's what the captain on the Charlotta told me.
Our interpreter has told us we're going 1500 miles.
And he doesn't lie.
But you lie. You lying cunt!
Here we sail across one ocean after another
All because we trust you.
Are you accusing me. . .? You old. . .
Just say. The whole word. Say it!
You old slut!
Calm down ! You are both right.
American miles are shorter than Swedish miles.
There are six American miles to every Swedish.
If there are others who think I have
misled you, then step forward.
-Be quiet now.
-No, I want to know the truth.
I haven't asked you all to follow
me to Minnesota.
I haven't asked to lead you.
You can settle wherever you want.
-Shake hands now.
-Didn't you hear what he called me!
-You called me a liar.
-Shake hands now.
-Shake hands.
-Ulrika !
You know we trust you.
And that we all owe you.
I can't take 'merry' any longer.
She belongs to Danjel's family
and she's good with children.
I like her better now that we have arrived.
Danjel said they have done her an injustice.
That she was sold at an auction when she was little
She's furious cause she hasn't had a man in a while
She should have a stake in her,
as long as it was barked.
all aboard !
Isn't little-Marta with you?
No. Isn't she aboard the boat?
Are you sure?
I thought she was with you.
The child is left ashore!
-Marta ! Marta !
-Karl Oskar!
-What's happened?
-Is Marta there?
No, I haven't seen her.
Marta ! Little-Marta !
Marta !
Little-Marta !
Have you seen my daughter?
She is so small. Please!
Marta !
Little-Marta !
She's not here. Marta !
You let her go. She's fallen in the lake!
-Where is she?! Marta !
-The boat is leaving.
-We can't just leave her.
-What about the other kids!
Wait, good people!
Little-Marta. . . Little-Marta is left behind !
-hurry up, lady!
-We have to look for her!
Wait! Wait!
Hurry up!
get that plank up.
She was down on the beach playing with the shells.
She was having so much fun,
I could hardly get her to come along.
-What did you say the disease was called?
It just comes up again.
Did you get anything else?
No bread or anything?
We should be wary of the ships food.
The disease could come from there.
Put it away,
where no one can see it, Robert.
We must buy milk!
Lord. . . you have said I should have no
other Gods but you.
But I worshiped my daughter. And now
you've taken my idol away from me.
I thank you my lord and saviour.
respected sir,
how can l reach Taylor's falls?
how can we reach Taylor's falls?
-how can l reach Taylor's falls?
-I don't really understand.
how can l reach Taylor's falls?
So you're going to Taylor's falls?
That's about three days walk form here.
But I wouldn't travel in weather like this.
At least I would get dry before setting off.
-What did he say? What did he say?
-He said something about the weather.
-What did you ask him?
-For directions to Taylor's falls.
-And what did he say?
-Something about the weather.
I'll ask someone else.
did it say that in the book?
-"can l help you?"
-No, just take a seat and relax.
Everything is wet.
I've never seen a man so handy around the house.
No, that's the kindest and good hearted
man I have ever met.
You wouldn't think he was a priest.
-"Mr Andres Mansson". . .
- Anders Mnsson, yes.
-"Taylor's falls post office."
- Does he know Anders Mnsson?
Taylor's falls post office.
Taylor's falls. . . that is very close.
Close. It is close. . . to here.
I think it is close.
It's very close. . .
I would like to. . .
"what distance is it from here?"
Two days.
Maybe three with the children.
Three days, and you will have to walk.
Hey, Robert? When we get there I'm not
staying with Danjel any longer.
-What are you going to do?
-Seek a place with some nobility.
-I won't stay with Karl Oskar.
-What are you going to do?
Certainly not become a farm hand.
I want to go west, to California.
California? What is there?
You have to promise not to tell anyone.
I promise.
-Am I hurting you?
-No, it's my ear.
-It comes from time to time.
-Does it howl as much as before?
Does it howl? Let me hear?
You can try.
-Can you hear it?
Our Lord, we thank you for our daily bread.
and for a new land which has
opened its gates to us,-
- and we have come here to
live and prosper in peace.
but we would have been as newly born lambs-
-had you not protected and guided us oh lord.
Oh ever lasting you, Whose hand
reaches out from generation to generation,
from land to land
and protects the world from harm
in the morning the flowers open
but die before the end of day
and her rich bounty
is the people on this earth
Surely no one can live here? It's an outhouse.
Can you explain it to him?
we want to buy milk.
Have you no manners, boy?
Put down the gun !
What are you doing with the gun in the outhouse?
You come unexpected.
I never thought we would make it.
Where is dad? Is he dead?
He is dead like all the others
at the bottom of the sea.
Here you can see our iron pot.
One of the feet have come off.
And you have our old kettle.
oh yes. . .
But come in, come in. Everyone from Sweden.
Thank. It's been a long journey.
Good that we found you.
-Why are you living in the outhouse?
-This is my house, Mother.
But, Anders, you wrote.
Are you tricking your old mother?
Show us your farm !
Come in now.
Nice forest over there.
And we could make a road up there.
There is two feet of top soil here as well.
Our lords sun has never
shone down on a more beautiful landscape.
Any it would be difficult to find better
farm land in all of creation.
It's a mosquito hole.
With swampy beaches, both here. . .
-You're never satisfied, Karl Oskar.
-We have walked far enough.
We'll stay here. the is
plenty of space for all three of us.
-But it might be better up ahead.
-We should thank the lord for what we have here.
If you're not happy with this spot,
then your just being plain picky.
By the other lake you said things were even better.
-By Ki-Chi-Saga?
-Yes, exactly.
I don't know. There aren't many
who have gone that far in.
If we've moved over a 1000 miles,
surely we can travel one more mile to have a look.
Ki-Chi-Saga. . .
There, now they can see that
the land has been claimed.
The greenest fields are always
those furthest away.
Karl Oskar Nilsson