uwantme2killhim? (2013) Movie Script

You will be arrested.
Don't worry. I'll come for you.
I'll get you out of there.
Hi, Mark.
I'm Detective Inspector Sarah Clayton.
Why did you stab your friend?
For the greater good.
How is John dying for the greater good?
I'm a hero.
Come on!
Dan, get in!
Through, through, through!
Turn, turn!
Send him through! Go on! Finish that!
Ho-ho! Great goal!
Ow! Twat!
Nice shot, Mark.
- Thanks, man.
- No, really. It was good.
Eh up! There's Paki boy.
- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.
Nothing? Nothing?
Ah, come here! Come here!
I'll fucking chase ya.
- How you doing? You all right?
- Yeah. You?
- You look nice.
- So do you.
- Sorry, guys.
- It's all right, boys.
Watch your fucking back.
So, here's the thing.
OK, it's called a gap in the market.
You invent something
that no one's thought of before,
like... the internet or
something like that.
Then you start it up,
you watch it fucking fly
and you just sit back
and count the cash that's rolling in.
- So, what's your idea?
- I don't know. It doesn't matter, does it?
It's just gotta be something no one else
has thought of. That's the important thing.
So, you don't have an idea?
Do you know what I'm gonna do? Mark?
I'm gonna be a model.
Not like catwalk or anything.
No, I'm gonna be in magazines
like FHM or Maxim.
Probably even a porno.
I mean, I'm not bothered which.
You just get your tits out
and someone takes photos.
How hard can it be?
Do you reckon
I'd look good in a magazine? Mark?
I said, do you reckon
I'd look good in a magazine?
Yeah, with some airbrushing.
- Ohh!
- Ohh!
- You're such a...
- What? Such a what? Such a...
- Oh, fuck!
- What? Who is it?
It's Frank. My boyfriend.
You what?!
Oh, shit!
Zoey, what do you mean your boyfriend?
Are you scared of him?
He's gonna join the army.
He says he wants to kill a raghead.
Says it's his ambition.
I gotta go.
What would you do if I screamed?
What are you on about?
Zoey, please, just don't.
- Oh, for fuck's sake!
- Call me.
# Siren of an ambulance comes howling
# Right through the centre of town
and no one blinks an eye...
Zoey! Zoey!
You little fucker! I'll get ya!
# Met her, as the angels parted for her...
Fucking little... You're dead!
I'm gonna get ya, you little git!
# In the path of a lightning bolt
# Everyone I see
just wants to walk with gritted teeth
# But I just stand by
# And I wait my time #
I scored a goal in PE.
Top-right corner. Just put my laces
through it and it was the winner, as well.
The younger generation,
the educational opportunities you've had,
the sky's the limit.
I had an idea for a business today.
If you wanna make some money,
open up a gay bar.
I was in town today.
They're everywhere. Poofs.
Gotta be in it to win it!
You know, you got more chance of being hit
by an asteroid than winning the lottery.
Do you know that?
- Is that right?
- Yep. It's a fact.
Tell her, Mark.
If that's true, then how come
all round the world, every week,
loads of people win the lottery,
but no one ever, ever
gets hit by an asteroid?
- Where are you going?
- Homework.
You know what that is?
It's a tax for idiots.
She's not my girlfriend, though.
I went so long she had an asthma attack!
Mark, imagine
I'm leaning forward...
... and I'm whispering in your ear.
Tell me what
you want to do to me.
I wanna be with you.
Do you wanna touch me?
Do you want to taste me?
Are you touching yourself?
I wanna see
you touching yourself.
Tell me what you wanna do to me.
Don't miss it. Don't miss it.
Don't miss it.
- See you later, Mark.
- See you later, mate.
Not today.
My boyfriend's home.
He's in one of his moods.
I'm scared.
I want you to do something for me.
You know my little brother John?
John Bradley.
He's in your class.
I want you to look after him.
You know I can't.
John's your brother?
Yeah. You know him?
Yeah. Sort of.
Then look after him.
He's getting picked on.
He's kind of weird.
I know. He's really weird.
Do it for me, though.
My boyfriend's coming!
I've gotta go. Do it for me.
Rach, are you still there?
I can't help you if you don't talk to me.
- I can't talk to you.
- Why not?
I'm not allowed to.
Who says you're not allowed to?
- You'll see.
- Really?
What will I see, Mark?
You don't know yet. None of you know.
Will you shut up, please?
- Shut up, dickhead! Pussy!
- Shut up? Me shut up? Pussy hole!
How do you start a business
if you don't have an idea?
Oh, you're kidding yourself.
Oi, John, you twat!
- I told Frank you tried to rape me.
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
Yep. He says he's gonna do time for me.
He's gonna bury you.
Oh, I'm so scared.
So I want a recap on Elizabeth I.
Elizabeth I, aka the Virgin Queen.
Really? Are we laughing at "virgin"?
Is it still that funny?
Clearly not. All right.
Let's have some bullet points, then.
- Oi, Paki!
- Come on. We did this last week.
You're a terrorist.
And a queer.
- Where are you going?
- I'm his mate.
What? I am. I'm his mate.
Yeah, all right. Very funny. Come on.
You all right, mate?
Hey, your sister's mental, ain't she?
- How would you know?
- We're mates.
- Bollocks!
- Honest!
- I know you're lying.
- No, mate.
I know you're taking the piss.
OK, if I'm lying,
then how come I know her best friend Kelly?
You know Kelly?
That's right.
And if I'm lying, then how come I know
Rachel's in a witness protection programme?
That's right. I know all about it.
Cos her boyfriend, Kevin,
used to be a gangster, didn't he?
He's... he's got a tattoo
of a tear on his, on his face.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cos he killed someone, yeah.
Rachel told me.
I know he's a... bastard to her, as well.
A right fucking bastard.
- How do you know about that?
- I told you, we're mates.
- Have you met her?
- No.
We just talk online.
She can't say where she lives, can she?
Do you know where she lives?
No, no. She can't tell us.
Did Rachel put you up to this?
- Course she did.
- All right. Yeah, she did, but so what?
Well, she should keep her fucking nose out!
Don't talk about her like that.
Let's get out of here, eh?
Let's get out of this shithole.
Leave all them twats
to their boring lessons, yeah?
You up for it? Come on, then.
Let's go. Come on. Move.
So, you just come up with an idea
that no one else has thought of before,
like the internet or something like that.
Then you start it up and watch
all the cash roll in. It's simple as.
- Cool.
- First thing I'd do is I'd buy all of these.
These Russian billionaires,
they buy these massive boats.
And then they buy loads of artillery,
like Uzis, AKs, rocket launchers,
missile defence systems.
They proper kit 'em out and everything
and then... they hire ex-army,
like marines or SAS -
you know, trained assassins
that have killed loads of people -
as their bodyguards.
And then they get all of their rich mates
and they sail out
to the dodgy parts of Africa,
you know where they have
those, those pirates that hijack boats?
And then they just throw
a massive fucking party.
Lure the pirates in,
wait till they get in range
and then they just... they just open fire.
Mow 'em all down.
It's like a sport.
You know how hunters get animals' heads
and hang 'em on their walls?
Oh, like a moose?
Yeah, like a moose
or a lion or something.
Well, this is like human game-hunting.
Kill a pirate
and hang his head on your wall.
Oh, that's mad!
You'd have that Ryan's head on your wall,
wouldn't you?
Yeah. Yeah, him and the whole school.
I'd have all their heads.
Oh, you look bad!
- Do I?
- Yeah! Like a fucking pirate killer!
Hey, you know who I'd kill?
I'd kill this mental squaddie who's got
it in for me just cos I shagged his bird.
Says he's gonna bury me.
Him? Him bury me?
He's the one that's gonna get buried.
Even if he begged me,
I'd still kill him,
cos I know it's him or me.
You can't be weak.
- You'd really kill him?
- What, you don't think I could?
"You don't know me, man.
You don't know what I can do."
I dare you no hands.
Oh... Oh, he's done it! He's done it!
Go on, John!
- Woo!
- Woo!
He's all right, you know.
He's a good lad.
You stopped them picking on him?
Yeah. And I took him into town.
You're the best.
I needed cheering up.
Is it your boyfriend?
Has he hurt you again?
Rach, talk to me.
I'm worried about you.
I wish I could see you.
You're the best.
You know that?
You're the best, too.
I love you.
He's still a fucking terrorist.
Pack it in, boys! I said pack it in! Oi!
Do they call you Paki and terrorist
cos of your dad?
He's not my dad. He's my stepdad.
That's what I thought. That's why I
don't get why they call you that.
Hey, that Ryan won't be
picking on you again, will he?
I went easy on him.
I do karate, you know.
I do judo, kendo. Loads of martial arts.
And you got a right good kick in,
as well, didn't ya?
I saw it. Right good connection.
I didn't know you had it in you.
Do you ever see your real dad?
- You know he used to hit us?
- No.
Rachel didn't tell you?
He hit us and my mum, too.
When I was little, like five,
he kidnapped me
and he ran away with me and everything.
You've had a mad life!
- Have I?
- Yeah! No one here would believe it.
Have you had a mad life?
No, mate. Well, kind of, I suppose,
but not... not really.
So many things are just boring.
I wanna have a mad life.
I want people to... look at me and go,
"Wow! Did you see that?"
And then they'll be like,
"Oh, what's he gonna do next?"
- You know Rachel told me she loved me?
- No way.
She did.
I just wanna see her.
I'm worried about her.
- I don't get why she's with her boyfriend.
- You know what girls are like.
How do you know what girls are like?
They always go for bad lads.
That makes me a bad lad, then.
Not this bad.
- That's him?
- Mm-hm.
You must be worried about her.
Course I am.
We're all worried about her.
My mum's beside herself with worry.
I just wanna see her.
You know, make sure she's all right.
That's all I wanna do.
Rachel's boyfriend?
I'm Kevin McNeil, pal.
You ever speak to my girlfriend again,
you little fucking twat, I'll kill ya.
Kevin, just leave it.
I'm fucking warning you!
I'll kill you
and I'll kill her.
Kevin, just stop it!
Hang on.
What? You all right?
Come in. Come in. Sit down. Want a beer?
No... thanks.
Come on. Have a beer with your old dad.
OK. There you go.
She says she can't sleep
without that wave sound.
I can't sleep with it.
I keep thinking I'm...
...pissing myself or drowning.
- Dad...
- Oh, I know she's your mother and all that.
And I wouldn't wanna slag her off.
Not in front of you.
Not how she does. I wouldn't do that.
But... I said to her,
I said, "Don't do the lottery every week.
"Save the money."
But no. She won't listen to me.
She never listens.
Dad, there's this bloke.
Be your own master, Mark.
Do you understand me?
Be your own master.
Was Mark ever on drugs?
No... No. He plays football.
I know. That's what he said.
He's a good kid.
I know my own son.
He wouldn't hurt anyone. He just wouldn't.
We've got it on video. I'm sorry.
- It's clearly Mark.
- No.
He's a good kid.
Never gets in trouble.
Barely goes out.
He just sits in here on
that thing all night.
- New ground or something like that.
- Yeah, fucking move!
Mark? Mark?
Hi. It's John.
I'm not here right now. Living it large.
Leave your message after the sheep. Bah!
John, it's Mark. Erm,
where the fuck are you?
Just... call me back.
OK. Bye.
You must!
You're her best friend!
She would have told you!
Mark, you know you can talk to me, too,
if you want.
Listen, erm,
Rachel's not answering her messages.
I'm worried about her.
I think something's happened.
What if that psycho
Kevin's done something to her?
Just... just call me back, OK, John?
I need to... find out where she is.
All right. Bye.
Miss... do you know where John is?
- You're his mate.
- Well, he hasn't been in a whole week.
Hi. Is John there?
What do you want with John?
I just wanna talk to him.
Come on.
Wait there.
Come on. Come on.
Wait. Where have you been? What's happened?
I don't wanna upset my mum.
John... John, what the fuck is going on?
My sister's dead!
She fell from the top of the flats.
Police said suicide.
We know it was Kevin,
but the police said that he's got an alibi.
We had the funeral last week.
We told her Kevin was a psycho.
We all told her.
He killed her, didn't he?
He's a sick bastard.
I know he did it.
I'm going to where her ashes
are spread tomorrow.
Come if you want.
Rach, would have wanted you
to look out for me.
She would have wanted you
to look out for John, too.
We scattered her ashes here.
It's what she would have wanted.
But you shouldn't have
talked to her so much.
Don't say that.
But you did, though. You made Kevin angry.
I just wanted to save her.
You didn't, though. You couldn't.
How could I have?
I just wanted to save her from him.
- Let's go swimming.
- No!
- Dare you.
- What are you on about swimming?
I'm not going fucking swimming.
I'll kill you.
I know where he lives.
Kevin, I know where he lives.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I wanted to.
No one was supposed to know.
Rachel made me promise.
- What, cos of witness protection?
- Yeah.
She made me promise.
Where did she fall?
I don't know where exactly.
I don't want to know either.
He used to beat her bad, didn't he?
Made her life hell.
Do you think she might have jumped?
No way.
Do you believe in God?
Do you?
I wish I did, but I don't.
Neither do I.
Because Kevin McNeil is scum and...
...I don't think God
would let scum like that live.
It's him.
- No.
- It's fucking him!
Wait! Wait!
It was him!
You're gonna get it, McNeil!
I'm not fucking scared of you!
Do you need anything?
Mum, honest, it'll be all right.
You'll see.
Why... why won't you to talk to us?
Tell us what really happened?
None of this makes any sense.
None of it does.
My fucking tax!
You paid my fucking tax?
Why didn't you fucking tell me sooner?
Dad... I need you to do something for me.
- I need you to go on my computer and...
- They took it.
Who took it?
The police. They took your computer.
I don't care about Kevin!
Chasing after him
is not gonna bring Rach back.
If you care so much about Rach,
why didn't you come the other day?
I'm lonely and depressed.
And I don't wanna leave my house.
... do you wanna know what I'm wearing?
I know what you used to do for Rach.
You can do it for me, too.
What are you talking about?
Do you want me to talk dirty?
You were Rach's best friend!
She wouldn't mind!
She didn't love you, Mark! She loved Kevin!
No way, Kelly.
Yeah, on the floor, Bailey!
Like a samurai?
Yeah. First, we give him a savage kicking.
Then we make him beg.
Then we just execute him.
Fucking slice his head
off with a sick sword.
Or we could bury him alive.
Oh, the thing is we wouldn't be able
to hear him scream.
I wanna take him up to
the top of the flats.
Tell him that if he doesnt jump,
we're gonna cut off his dick and balls
and leave him to bleed to death.
Force him to kill himself.
- Why are you a sub?
- Cos I haven't been going to training.
I got bigger things to worry about.
- Fuck off, will you?
- Don't talk to him like that!
Go on. Creeps me out.
- He's all right!
- He's weird.
It's not funny.
You know his dad's in the Taliban?
Oh, fuck off! Anyway, it's not his real dad.
It's his stepdad.
Yeah, well, I've seen him outside school,
driving round.
I mean, what if he's got a bomb in his car?
What if one day he just drives into school
and blows the whole place up?
Hope he does. It'll do us all a favour.
Everyone's taking the piss. Laughing at you
cos you're hanging out with the weirdo.
Ryan says he's gonna get you back.
People reckon he could have you.
I told you I've got bigger things
to worry about than Ryan.
I finished it with Frank.
Yeah, I got bigger things
to worry about than Frank, too!
Come on.
My mum's gone away with her boyfriend.
So what?
- Can I tell you a secret?
- Yeah, course.
Pussy hole.
Yeah, I'm hungry, man.
- You can't tell anyone.
- I won't. I promise.
I think we're being watched.
No way.
- She's MI5?
- Mm-hm.
- They monitor chatrooms now. For key words.
- Obviously.
Erm... she said to stay away?
What the fuck are we doing?
Cos I want Kevin to know
that I'm not fucking scared of him
and I want him to know that he's gonna pay.
But she said to stay away!
I don't care!
Look, let's just go!
Fuck off if you want, then.
Are you coming, then?
When I'm finished.
I told you, fuck off if you're scared.
What are you gonna do about it?
Mark, the terrorist threat
in this country is critical.
The government doesn't want another 9/11.
We can find out where you were,
who you were with,
what you wrote in your emails,
what you said on the phone.
We can find out whatever we want.
The Kevin McNeil operation
is extremely delicate.
If we arrest him now,
we could blow the whole case.
That's unthinkable, so stay away from him.
Come in, Mr Turner.
Do take a seat.
You mentioned staying on to study business.
Or perhaps taking it at college.
But looking at your grades
and your attendance,
perhaps what would be better
would be some kind of vocational course.
Maybe something practical.
Is there anything you had in mind?
Otherwise... you're going nowhere.
My dad says be your own master.
Hey! Hey, where do you think you're going?
Nowhere, sir. Nowhere.
Come back here
when I'm talking to you, please.
Come back here!
McNeil, is he following me?
I can't answer that.
Are you following me?
Listen to me. Everyone is being watched.
Everyone is being followed.
You're nothing special, Mark.
I just want you to know
Kevin's not gonna get away with this.
He's a dangerous, violent criminal.
What do you think you would have done
if you had confronted him?
I'm not scared of him, you know!
Mark, forget about McNeil.
You're 16 years old. Act like it.
Kick a football, play video games,
download pornography.
I don't care. Just leave
Kevin McNeil to us.
You think you know me, but you don't, OK?
I'm very busy.
I don't have time to keep repeating myself.
Here's what you don't know!
You don't know how much I hate Kevin,
you don't know how much I loved Rachel
and you don't know what I'm capable of!
Listen, Mark.
A lot of the general public work for us.
What do you think you would have done
if you had confronted him?
Everyone is being watched.
Everyone is being followed.
Forget about McNeil.
If we arrest him now,
we could blow the whole case.
Leave Kevin McNeil to us.
48... 49... 50.
Haven't seen you in ages.
I can't be bothered with school.
Yeah. I know. It's...
It's so crap.
Round two.
You are proper good at this, mate.
Nearly as good as I used to be.
But you grow out of it, though, don't ya?
There's bigger things to worry about
than kids' games.
Do you know what I mean?
I win.
Careful! It's my dad's.
It's heavy.
All right. Give it here, then.
Surrender or you die.
John, put it down.
Fuck's sake!
Oh... Oh, I wanna feel you.
You been with lots of girls?
What's it like?
I want you inside me.
- Do girls like that?
- Yeah. I suppose, yeah.
I want you to touch me.
Who's the best, then?
Out of all the girls you've been with?
- What are you doing?
- Mate, this is just weird.
No, it's not. It's all right. Just...
Let's keep watching.
There's a good bit coming up.
Tell me what you want to do to me.
- I'm busy, anyway. I've got stuff to do.
- What?
Just stuff.
Do you wanna finish the beers, then?
No, mate. Look, we'll
hang out another time.
It's not weird, you know.
Watching porn. Everybody watches it.
I know. I've just got stuff to do.
Right, I'll see you later, yeah?
You should have heard her scream.
I haven't forgotten about you, son.
Maybe I'll be hearing your screams soon.
Watch your fucking back.
Come on.
You said them flats was where Kevin lived.
Well, that bloke we
chased, that's not Kevin.
I never said he was. You chased after him.
I never got a good look at him.
- All right. I'll see you later, yeah?
- Mark?
Look at me.
I don't know what to do for you, John.
Ryan's doing it every day after school.
He says he's gonna get you, as well.
Ryan's nothing. It's pathetic.
Well, are you coming, then?
- Where?
- Well, to get him back.
No! Listen to me.
You've gotta fight your own battles.
I'm embarrassed for you
running to me every single time.
See, you've gotta stand up for yourself.
It's got fuck all to do with me.
It's pathetic.
You're pathetic.
Oh, you know what?
I can't be fucked with this.
You killed Rachel.
Don't you fucking start with that,
because you know I didn't!
You did! If you hadn't kept talking to her,
she'd still be alive!
Just fuck off, John! Fuck off!
I don't want you coming
round here any more!
You think you know everything,
but you don't!
You don't know what I can do!
What I'm gonna do!
You'll see. You'll all see.
Everyone at school.
You're pathetic.
Fuck off, John.
- Wait here.
- Mm-hm.
Police lady.
How is he?
The same.
Can I ask you some questions?
It will help with the investigation.
Well, what is there to investigate?
We don't think Mark was acting alone.
What do you mean?
Someone instructed Mark to kill your son.
Well, who?
That's what we're trying to figure out.
McNeil's gone.
He did live there,
but he's disappeared.
Something must have spooked him
and made him run.
Oh, I fucked up.
Yes, you did.
Mark, you cannot repeat
what I'm about to tell you.
This was always bigger than McNeil.
He was feeding us evidence.
He was helping us build a case
against Rachel's stepdad.
John's stepdad. He's a terrorist.
He's planning something
and we have to stop him.
Oh, God.
But too many laws in this country protect
the terrorists and not the citizens.
We have to work around that.
Some of us started around your age,
doing little jobs.
All on the quiet, of course.
You're enthusiastic.
I was the same at your age.
Exactly the same.
So let me help you, then.
Mark, do you understand what you're saying?
Yeah. I understand.
We're not talking
about just spying on people.
Do you think you're capable
of killing someone?
I don't know.
Well... could you have killed McNeil?
Yeah, definitely.
Are you sure?
Yeah. No, question.
So you could kill someone?
I assume you work out.
49... 50.
Are you familiar with martial arts?
You say you're capable of killing an enemy.
How about someone close to you?
I don't know. I probably could.
But I wanna know why.
I haven't really thought about it.
I'm sticking my neck out here, Mark. Think.
Yes, then!
There's my answer.
We like you, Mark.
You're always working.
What does your husband think about that?
My husband?
He barely notices.
No offence, but he must be a twat.
My work means everything to me, Mark.
You know that.
I know you're testing me.
I can't answer that.
Am I doing OK? On my test so far?
You're doing great.
You promise?
Oh, how did I look the other day
on the CCTV outside Kevin's flat?
You looked brave.
Did I look like a bad man?
Mark... you looked like a boy.
My brave boy.
Here he is.
Oi, where are you going?
We're mates!
Oh, my God!
Leave him alone!
Fuck off, will ya?
Don't insult me again
or I'll fucking bury ya!
Fucking Kevin. That fucking bastard Kevin!
Just fuck off!
Where is he? I'm gonna kill him!
He's upstairs. Don't you touch him.
What do you think you're doing
not showing up at school for two weeks?!
Don't take the piss out of me!
This is my house!
OK. If you're done with school,
then you're ready for work!
What kind of work do you think you're gonna
get with no qualifications? Tell me that!
You're gonna get the worst shitty, miserable jobs.
That's what you're gonna get!
I know!
It's your life, Mark.
That's what you've got to look forward to.
You hear me?
John. Your friend John.
Rachel's brother.
What about him?
We've been monitoring his emails.
John's really sick.
He has a brain tumour.
He's on serious medication.
He's got months to live.
What the fuck?!
His stepdad is using him.
You've heard of Columbine, Dunblane.
High school massacres. John's planning one.
He has a gun.
It's vital we stop him.
What are you saying?
You know what I'm saying.
No. I don't.
You want me to kill him?
That's what you're asking me?
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
Is it murder when you kill someone?
You know what? You're just a kid.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Never mind.
No. No, no.
I was just asking. Isn't it murder?
Look, Mark, accidents happen.
Cars crash. People fall under trains.
People get mugged in an alleyway.
They get stabbed. They bleed to death.
Arranged accidents for the greater good.
We've all done them.
You have to be willing to break some rules
to keep people safe.
You killed someone?
Ten years ago.
An IRA bomber.
He'd killed lots of people.
He'd have killed lots more.
How did you feel?
Like a hero.
Who's Janet?
Is she the one who said
you would be a hero?
Trust me. You don't wanna go there.
I'm thinking about you.
It won't be good for you.
It won't be good for me to pursue Janet?
I told you, I can't say.
What did Janet have against John?
John was gonna kill everyone at school.
You know, like Columbine.
Did Janet tell you that?
His dad's a terrorist.
His... stepdad, I mean.
- He's a terrorist and he's got a gun.
- How do you know that?
I can't say.
You've just got to believe me.
He was gonna take the gun
and shoot up the school.
Do you have any proof?
You've gotta give me more than that, Mark.
I can't help you unless you tell me more.
I've told you everything I can.
- You're getting addicted.
- So?
So, you'll get lung cancer.
- Fuck off.
- And then you'll die.
- I won't get lung cancer.
- How do you know?
I just know I won't.
Oh, you're full of shit.
Trust me. Never gonna happen.
What are you on about?
Is something wrong?
You can tell me if something's wrong, mate.
Can I?
Course you can. Don't be weird.
I went to the doctor a few days ago,
because I've been depressed.
And they found a...
I've got this thing in my head.
It's a brain tumour.
And the doctors say it's big.
- Are you on pills?
- Yeah.
Show me.
Aren't you scared?
I'm shit scared.
Give us some cider.
Oh, have it, mate.
Get it down you. Fucking enjoy it.
Do you remember
when we kicked the shit out of Ryan?
I liked that.
That was mad.
Why don't you come back to school?
Maybe I will.
You haven't been there to back me up.
You haven't been much of a mate.
Come on.
- Dare me no hands.
- What?
Dare me no hands!
I dare you.
I'll see ya, then.
I'm relying on you, Mark.
I trust you.
This has to be done, so don't let me down.
Buy a knife.
The blade must be at least six inches long,
made of sharp, strong steel.
Take him to a quiet place.
And stab him right below the ribcage.
Then pull the knife out
and let him bleed to death.
You know the alley behind Quasar?
Yeah. Why the alley?
I just wanna talk somewhere secret.
What about?
We're mates, aren't we? Just trust me.
Well, I don't know.
Look, John, I know about your plan.
What plan?
To fuck up everyone at school.
How do you know about that?
I can't say.
I know your stepdad's got a gun.
- Mark...
- Look, don't worry. I won't tell anyone.
The thing is I think it's a mad plan.
- You do?
- Yeah, and I want in.
Just stab him and leave him to die?
And tell him you love him.
I love him?
Look, this... this has to be done, yeah?
Yes. It does.
Don't let me down.
I love you, bro.
Call an ambulance!
Shh! People will hear!
Please, call an ambulance!
You're dying, anyway.
Your brain tumour. You're dying, anyway.
Please! I don't wanna die!
I don't wanna die.
John, mate?
Hello. Emergency services.
Which service do you require?
Yeah, ambulance, please. Ambulance.
A man in his mid-20s?
Was he black or white?
He was wearing a hoodie.
Just... came out of nowhere.
# My baby, my baby's got no words for me
# My brother's in jail
# My baby, my baby's got no words for me
# My brother's in jail
# My father said, my father said
# Son, I can't afford his bail
You will be arrested.
Don't worry. I'll come for you.
I'll get you out of there.
# Son, I can't afford his bail #
Erm, I need to get to a computer.
It's my mum's birthday
and I wanna send her an email.
Can you help me out, please?
- Sir, I need to get home, sir!
- You got no privileges yet, son.
- Sir, it's really important.
- It's important.
- I'm begging you! Sir!
- I'm begging you, sir!
You still here?
Dickinson's not MI5. We checked.
And no one called Kevin McNeil is or ever
has been in the witness protection scheme.
When do you go on leave?
Soon, sir.
We're trying to track the computers the
messages were sent from. There's a link.
The boy stabbed his friend.
We have it on camera.
The boy goes to jail.
I'm just trying to understand why.
Why is not our job.
- But, sir, there's clearly...
- You're wasting your time.
And why do you think Mark stabbed you?
I don't know why. I thought we were mates.
John's out of intensive care.
What do you mean?
He's out of intensive care.
He's going to be fine.
Why does that upset you, Mark?
The charges against you have just gone
from murder to attempted murder.
- Are you afraid of Janet?
- No!
But I already told you, you should be.
Mark, it's been almost a week
and no sign of Janet.
If I were you, I'd stop waiting for her
to come and rescue you.
Thank you.
- How much did John know?
- What do you mean?
About Kevin and Rachel
and the witness protection.
How much did he know about Kelly?
How much did he know about Janet?
Well, he knew everything.
So, you never met Janet?
Face to face, I mean?
No. She's Secret Service, isn't she?
But she saw you through a webcam?
Yeah, but I couldn't see her,
because it was a secret location.
So you never actually saw her?
She had a photo. I saw a photo.
That's her. See, I told you.
This woman isn't an MI5 agent, Mark.
- This woman isn't Janet Dickinson.
- No, you've got it all wrong.
I've saved lives. I'm a hero.
Kelly does not exist.
Rachel does not exist.
Because she's dead,
because Kevin killed her!
No, Mark.
No, because there is no such person.
Rachel was never in witness protection,
because Rachel isn't a real person.
Don't, please.
You've figured it out. I know you have.
He pulled it in.
What did you say?
John never had a sister.
Do you know who this is a photo of, Mark?
This is a photo of John's mum
and John's real dad when they were young.
Kelly is a model in a magazine.
This is a photo of John's aunt.
The messages from Janet,
Kelly, Kevin and Rachel,
they all came from the same computer.
Don't. Don't say that.
I'll kill you.
And I'll kill her.
Tell me what you wanna do to me.
- They aren't real people.
- Don't say it's not real!
John made them up.
It was John who sent you those messages.
It was John you were talking to online.
It was John all along.
John Bradley. He's in your class.
I want you to look after him.
He's getting picked on.
I know... He's really weird.
Do it for me, though.
I'm Kevin McNeil, pal.
You ever speak to my girlfriend again,
you little fucking twat...
Go near Zoey again and
I'll fucking bury ya!
I'm gonna get you, you little git!
Everyone is being watched.
Everyone is being followed.
You've heard of Columbine.
High school massacres.
John is planning one.
It's vital we stop him.
Oh, my God.
Everybody liked him.
I wanted him to like me.
I wanted us to be friends.
Bradley has admitted that he
insinuated himself into the mind of Turner.
It is clear that Mark Turner
was manipulated by John Bradley
through these cyber friends he created.
He takes responsibility
for the incitement to murder.
And as nobody's ever been charged
with inciting his own murder...
...it's a novelty.
...most callous deception
and manipulation of his emotions.
I don't think it's an exaggeration
to say that John Bradley
brainwashed my client.
Bear in mind, this is a story
of loneliness and desperation.
That's why he wanted to commit suicide.
But these simply cannot be described
as normal circumstances
and I fail to see how a custodial sentence
would be in the interests of either boy.
Indeed, it appears that each boy
is the victim of the other.
You will be placed on probation
for two years.
Neither of you must access the internet
unless under adult supervision.
Finally, you must not have
any direct or indirect contact
with each other ever again.
Go oh, John!
Right, Mark, you're subbed.
Just make sure
you don't stab anyone, all right?
So, I was out
with an old girlfriend.
And I saw this gangster, Kevin McNeil.
I saw him murder someone.
I had to be interviewed by MI5
and everything.
They wanted to put me
in witness protection,
but... I didn't wanna
leave my mum on her own.
So, this gangster, he hunted me down.
He found me.
He stabbed me and left me for dead.
That's why I've got this scar.
Do you wanna touch it?
My mate, Mark, found me.
He called an ambulance.
Police caught Kevin on CCTV.
He only got sent down for ten years.
And I found out the other day he's escaped.
I'm shitting it.
But... MI5 said
that they're keeping a lookout for me.
I mean, they might be following me now.
What, they're following us now?
I don't know.
You've had a mad life.
# You got me where you want
# I've placed you in the stars
# Fell for all your charms
# Too much to pass
# There's another sign
# A darkness to your sigh
# Hard to understand
# That both come as one
# You're like the Russian type
# A shot of the hardest drink
# But I stay swept away
# When you're good, you're good
# And when you're bad, you're on
# Drinking all the wine
# Singing all the songs
# There's another sign
# Sweetest that I know
# Hard to understand
# Where the person goes
# You're like the Russian type
# A shot of the hardest drink
# But I stay swept away
# Just like a hurricane blows away the good
# Day by day
# Swept away...
# But I know what I got
# I got just what I want
# Too much of everything
# Sometimes it's not enough
# You're like the Russian type
# A shot of the hardest drink
# But I stay swept away
# Just like a hurricane
that blows away the good
# Day by day
# Swept away #