Uyare (2019) Movie Script

Flying to flight level 240.
Check the data sheet.
Jet Air 516, turn right.
Descend to fight level 130.
Advice, Chennai ATC, 221.
Yes, yes! Please check that.
Runway in use 27.
-What's the status?
-Medium turbulence reported.
Use convenient runway
and report preference.
Approach runway 29 on your left...
-Morning, sir!
-Good morning!
-All good?
-Yes, sir. Perfectly all right.
-Everything under control?
-Yes, sir!
-Copy that.
-Did you have your tea?
-Yes, sir!
-Tea time for me!
Check latest visibility.
Tower 2, please check latest visibility
and RVR with Met Office.
-It's Jet Air 729. Seabird?
-Yeah, Seabird.
SEJ 232 behind Airbus 320.
On short final, line up behind.
-You got the details?
-No, not yet.
Sir, we have a situation!
Roger Mayday! Roger Mayday! C-FLY 218.
Copy that.
Captain incapacitated!
Requesting permission
for emergency landing.
C-FLY 218.
-What happened to the Captain?
-Don't know exactly.
Bangalore-Chennai, right?
-Cabin crew is with him.
-Is the aircraft under control?
-I am trying to get the control.
-What is the assistance required?
I am descending to flight level 1-0-0.
On reaching, we will hold
at flight level 1-0-0,
and will report when ready for approach.
Chennai Radar, turn right immediately!
Leading 0-7-0 due emergency landing.
Roger! Turning right! Leading 0-5-0!
C-FLY 218, any passengers
with professional pilot license on board?
Prepare for emergency landing, C-FLY 218.
C-FLY 218,
Chennai Radar. Traffic 12 o'clock.
18 miles Boeing 737.
Maintaining flight level 3-0-0,
turning right.
Traffic on TCAS.
Confirm C-FLY 218. Reply.
Confirm, sir.
Confirm Captain back to normal?
-Confirm squawk 7-5-0-0?
We are experiencing severe turbulence.
Passing flight level 1-8-0.
Suspected hydraulic failure,
and after landing,
we might block the runway.
Captain! Who is the person
in the cockpit with you?
-Sir, it's Pallavi.
-Pallavi Raveendran?
We are a group.
Ten students and two teachers.
-Are you all NCC cadets?
Could you give me a side-seat?
-First time?
On a flight, it's called a window seat,
not a side seat.
-Right, window seat.
-Thank you.
You put it in like this and pull.
All set?
-Good morning!
-Good morning!
I am Natalia D'Costa,
the captain of this flight.
We have an NCC batch flying with us today.
They have been selected
for the Republic Day parade.
I used to be in the NCC too.
Just thought of those days when I saw you.
So, we are off to Delhi!
Have a great flight!
Could I see the cockpit?
-What's your name?
-Pallavi Raveendran.
What's this, Pallavi? Keep quiet!
-Thank you!
-Come, come.
Thank you!
You haven't forgotten
your boarding pass, right?
-No, teacher.
-Thank you!
-Thank you.
Thank you.
You aren't allowed in. Only pilots.
That's the law.
Ma'am, are you going to be flying
to another place from here?
I'll fly tonight to Dubai,
and from there to London.
After two days, back to India.
Then again to Germany.
May I ask you something?
-Hope that's okay with you.
-You've already asked something.
What's the reason
you chose this profession?
Because no other job gives you a schedule
like the one I just said.
Or rather, because all other jobs
are down on earth.
We're always flying!
Dad, I want to become a pilot!
Initially, I did not take it seriously,
but she kept on it.
And she made it.
This is, in fact, a surprise for her.
-She doesn't know yet about her selection.
-What's she doing now?
It's the second year of her degree.
Now she will have to discontinue that.
So, as I was saying,
this job is not a hobby for me.
I need the money.
All the money I got on retirement
was spent on my elder daughter.
Now this is the only...
My dad won't spare me if he comes to know
I bargained with you.
-But as you know, I am a beginner.
-I am just getting the hang of things.
So, this is what I can afford...
for now.
-Hey! How'd the interview go?
-Pallavi, where's everyone?
-Commerce Department. Room 12.
Can't you pull that up a bit?
-Let's go?
-But I have recitation.
Tell me how the interview went.
Pallavi, this is not the dance costume
you sent me the picture of, right?
It was changed suddenly last afternoon.
The other one was not very comfortable
for anyone.
And even Mr. Sandeep
said this one was fine.
I am asking why I did not know!
Or does only Mr. Sandeep have to know?
I forgot, Govind.
Now don't make a big issue of it.
-Tell me how the interview went.
-No miracles happened.
Are you angry because
you did not ace the interview
or because I am wearing this dress?
Did you like my dance?
Winners of the group dance competition,
first place goes to chest number 4.
Oh, my God!
Okay, come on!
One, two...
I'll be right back!
We never expected it!
Go ahead. I'm leaving.
"Even if that night
and the mountains glowing
in the moonlight remain unchanged,
we can never be those lovers again.
How we have changed!"
Malayalam recitation. First prize.
Pallavi Raveendran?
Won't you stay to watch?
Who's that for?
Just tell me if it's good or not.
-Did you see the price tag?
-Pack this for me.
-Okay, sir.
When a pilot trainee
with a 65-liter Wildcraft bag
walks into the campus,
it's her father who swells with pride.
Friday, 2:30, Mumbai flight.
So you are going to fly now?
Wonder if you will remember
those you leave behind.
As you said today,
there goes my singing and dancing!
It's a tough syllabus.
-Who knows? It's Mumbai!
Must be all-night parties and dance clubs.
Oh, shut up.
Are the men's and women's hostels
on the same campus?
I don't know.
-Aren't you happy for me?
At least one of us is getting a chance
for a good future.
I'm very happy.
I'll call you.
Honey, shall we?
There's something I need to tell you.
You said the first two services
would be free.
-Now you are telling a different story.
-Any service entails a small charge.
-A small charge.
Small charge? Rs. 3,000 is a small amount?
You think so? Take a look at this!
-Tell me!
-Excuse me.
He's speaking with a customer. There.
Either you give me an explanation...
or call your manager!
Sir, excuse me a minute!
The manager will be right here.
Please wait, okay?
Let the manager come.
You've been here for two months now?
Yes, almost.
Campus selection...
No, at that time I was...
I wasn't well.
I have an issue with migraines.
I have a cousin in Riyadh
who is helping me find a better job.
I guess you know...
why I am here, right, Govind?
You are both young.
I am not at all worried
about you getting a better job.
There is so much time
to think about all that.
Till then, if both of you
could give each other
some individual space,
it will have a positive effect
on the growth of both of you.
Especially, for someone like Pallavi
who is so ambitious.
Don't take it the wrong way.
Did you come all the way to tell me this?
As long as I am around,
it falls on me to say this, doesn't it?
I have customers waiting.
Of course!
Thank you.
Thank you for the time.
I don't like to see her smiles fade.
A new Zumba academy has opened up
in Chennai today.
And guess who's behind it!
-Hello, sir. Hi.
What time is your flight?
-2:30 flight.
-So I guess we should leave by 10.00.
We already have one in Mumbai
and one in Delhi.
And I've named it Zumba Dance Clinic.
This guy seems good.
Do you know who he is?
Have you heard of Cloud 9 airlines?
He is their executive vice-president.
Vishal Rajashekharan.
Really? And he goes around teaching dance?
He's a little crazy,
and has lots of interests.
Coffee shops and dance schools.
This is his Chennai dance school opening.
Life is not just working 24 hours a day.
Good-looking, isn't he?
Not too bad, I suppose.
So for some fun and fitness,
-please come and join us.
-Thank you, Vishal!
To think of you flying a plane, I mean...
I still think of you as--
A five-year-old in pigtails?
-Quit the drama and give me that!
How's it that you are sisters?
You should learn something from her!
After dropping you off,
we'll drop Dad here and we'll leave.
Abhi has an inspection in his office.
And I have my check-up.
Dad will be here alone.
That makes me sad.
We should leave a bit early on Friday.
There'll be lots of traffic.
That's about Friday.
What's bugging you now?
Are you sure he's the one for you?
I won't ask what quality
of his attracted you
because I've only met him for ten minutes.
Dad, do you remember...
when you had to leave
for a training program in Hyderabad,
and I had to stay in the boarding house
for ten days?
It had been only two months
since Mom passed away.
I had a lot of fears at that time.
Especially of being alone.
Sister was at her college hostel.
One day at the boarding house,
while I was asleep...
I peed in bed.
Remember, I was 14!
Everyone in school found out.
It was a huge joke among the kids.
I was a huge joke.
At that time,
Govind was in the tenth grade.
He did not know me at all.
And yet, he came in search of me
and talked to me...
like no teacher or classmate had done.
Without the least bit of ridicule.
At that time, for a girl that age,
you know what a girl needs, Dad?
A friend to hold your hand
and talk like he did.
If I hadn't had that then...
I don't know...
what I might have turned into.
Whatever faults he may have now...
he was the only one for me at that time.
You've never told me all this.
For those ten days...
Those ten days, I hated you, Dad.
Now it's my turn to stand by him.
I want to do it.
Are you a cloud or a drop of rain?
Bright sunshine
Or a shadow of the dark night?
I don't know the allure that is you
But I do know that my life is you
My being is filled
With a wondrous feeling
Are you a cloud or a drop of rain?
Bright sunshine
Or a shadow of the dark night?
On the wings of the song that is you
What is this world
That I have stumbled into?
And when it is time
For me to sing
I don't know the tune
Not the notes or the chords
Are you a cloud or a drop of rain?
Bright sunshine
Or a shadow of the dark night?
I ascend the steps
To the cloud that is you
And look for the blossoms of rain
But in the hands that reach out
Longing to wear them
Are the petals crumbling?
Like a mere fantasy?
Are you a cloud or a drop of rain?
Bright sunshine
Or a shadow of the dark night?
I don't know the allure that is you
But I know this is my life
My life is filled
With a wondrous feeling
Welcome, trainees, and good morning!
-Morning, Chief!
-Well, this is Cessna 172.
Four-seater, single-engine air craft.
And that is Cessna 152,
two-seater, single-engine.
Seen this before?
-Pilot family?
-My mother was a pilot.
-What's her name?
-Natalia D'Costa.
Okay! 200 hours of flying.
Approximately 100 hours with instructor.
And a minimum 100, solo.
Yes? Well, it can be two years,
five years, or even more.
That's up to you!
But at the end of the day, what matters
is whether you are a good pilot or not!
So, be a good pilot!
She was more than that!
The quick decision-making skill
a pilot needs, she had it!
-How do you know that, Vijay?
-I was her instructor.
At the training academy.
But this is an Airbus 320,
not a Cessna, Vijay.
I am not defending her
or saying she can handle this situation.
Maybe she can't.
But I was with her on her first flight.
She's a brave girl,
and I am witness to that.
Harness tight. Windows closed.
Doors closed and locked on both sides.
Strobe light on. Navigation light on.
Taxi light on. Landing light on.
-Shall we, sir?
-No, sir.
Dhule Tower. Victor Mike X-ray.
Ready for departure.
-Runway 27.
-Clear for take-off. Runway 27.
Clear for take-off. Runway 27. Rolling.
Did you send all these pics to Govind?
Yeah. Of course.
This one too?
-Sure, you did!
Go away! Give that to me!
Did you have any issues with landing?
Mine is day after. I'm really worried.
You will love it, Saariya!
If you experience it once,
you won't feel like doing
anything else on earth!
It gives you so much power!
God! I'm going to chop
all this off someday!
But you'll have to get permission
from Mr. Govind, won't you?
And all the power you get flying
goes this way with him!
Listen, you've been making fun of Govind
a little too much.
And you don't know how nice it feels
to ask for permission sometimes.
True! That is why I said goodbye
to someone once.
In life, your relationship should be just
one of many things.
If you put everything
into just this one thing, it gets messy!
-Got it?
Do you know long it takes to do this?
Each color represents five kt of wind.
It would be parallel to the ground
when the wind speed is just 25 kt or more.
Sideslip cannot be felt during take-off
if it is properly managed.
If the recovery is not slow and smooth,
we can feel it.
Okay. That's all for the day!
-Good job, Avinash!
-Thank you, sir!
We are having a campus interview
in the afternoon
for your senior batch.
Pallavi and Suryakanth.
You both are posted
in the reception committee.
Sir, but I have circuit flying at 2:00.
That's only at 4:00, my dear. Don't worry!
Next time I'll post Saariya.
Hey! Could you go to the room
and get me a pair of jeans
and any nice top?
-Let me somehow get this done.
Gloss and eye liner too!
No worries!
Chill! Just chill, okay?
The guy outside told me...
Damn it!
Seriously, the guy told me
it's here and the signs are...
It's okay, sir. I am Pallavi.
-I am on the reception committee.
-I know, sir! If you need anything--
-I need to smoke.
Where's the place for that?
There is no designated spot for that.
You can do it over there. Please.
-Can I ask you something?
-Yes, sir.
How does this work?
They say, "Men talk only when necessary."
-At least that's what men say.
-So it's just "Bla."
And with us, it's "Blablabla..."
And who is the genius
behind this creation?
I don't know. But must be a man for sure!
Please come!
What about the wash room?
No, come!
You can leave if you want. I'm fine.
It's okay. We are supposed
to stay with the guest.
I mean, I am not particular about that.
I'm not particular about it either, sir.
-What agency are you with?
You should tell them
to give you better clothes next time.
This is very unflattering.
What is the name of the agency?
The name says everything!
No wonder they give such cheap outfits
to the employees!
-How long have you been with them?
-A while.
You should look for better opportunities.
-You look smart.
-Well, someone has to give me a job.
This is the problem!
Negative attitude!
Some people dig for treasure
and give up on the 99th try.
And the next one to come along
will get it on the first try...
without making any effort!
Like some guys who take over
their father's business, am I right?
The heat and dust and horrible traffic
in Mumbai.
And the smoke is horrible too, sir.
As pilots, you should always remember
one rule.
An airline should be an emotion.
It has to touch the passengers' hearts.
And the pilot is the person
who runs the show.
So your attitude as a pilot matters a lot.
After all, you are not just driving
or sailing.
You are flying a machine! Good luck, guys!
Thank you!
You know, when someone takes over
a company from someone else,
they need to have enough talent to run it.
And that is the reason it goes forward.
Or it would have been destroyed long back.
Let's go.
A. M is equal to 0.6.
B. M is equal to...
Go waves approaching from front.
Is my class disturbing you?
No, sir. I was--
Should I stop my class
so that you can continue talking?
Sir, I was just putting it on silent.
You were messaging!
-Yes. But...
I think that's a very personal question
to ask, sir.
Then I guess I'll stick
to impersonal questions.
What is V2?
Take-off safety speed.
And what is the relationship between
VS and V2?
V2 is equal to or greater than 1.2 VS.
-What is Vx?
-Best angle of climb.
-Best rate of climb.
What is Dutch roll?
Sir, this question is from a chapter
we haven't been taught yet.
But I think
it's an oscillatory instability
of swept back winds.
Do you know mobile phones
are not allowed in the class?
-I am sorry, sir.
-Leave the class.
So I was telling you
sudden increase of pressure,
temperature and humidity
increases the air density
in go waves approaching from the front.
Don't you understand
when I say I am in class?
I was asked to get out. Are you happy now?
Don't ever call me
at this time again, Govind!
Really sorry.
Do your parents know?
I was here when I called you.
I got a job.
And you were the first person
I wanted to tell.
If you don't have the time to listen,
what do I need a job for?
Forget the job,
am I even needed?
It's in Riyadh.
It's my dream job.
One more interview and it will be okay.
After that... we don't have to wait.
I can't be without you.
Dhule Tower. Victor Mike X-ray.
-Left downwind to 7.
Three-four left, downwind zero-nine.
Wind zero-nine, zero-four knots.
Winds monitored. Will use runway 27.
Roger. Report final runway 27.
So, Pallavi,
this is your first solo landing.
All the best!
What you have earned today
is not just a license...
it is a power to lend wings
to the dreams of many!
Avinash Kumar.
Pallavi Raveendran.
Rise, rise
Rise, rise
Pallavi, they're here!
-Oh, my God!
I mean... wow!
Guess for now it will be Delhi
or Chandigarh.
I might settle in Delhi.
For you, it's your home town.
It's pretty convenient.
-Is it TNC?
-Or IGI.
I haven't decided.
I have decided
to go on a Kullu-Manali trip.
With friends.
I am taking it easy, too.
Once we start with international flying...
Hello, Dad!
Both of you...
We are in Bandra, having dinner.
No, Dad! You go to bed!
We'll probably be late.
I'll call you in the morning.
We are not on bikes, Dad!
We are using Avinash's car. Don't worry!
-Who is it?
-My dad.
Say hi for me.
Avinash says hi to you, Dad.
And he says hi back!
I'll call in the morning.
Okay, then. Good night!
So, what are your plans?
-What's the discussion about?
-Domestic or international?
International! What's to ask about that?
-And you?
-Hey, guys! Just a second.
So what's the plan?
I am in the room.
My phone was on silent.
No. I was just going to bed.
I'm really tired.
Can I call you tomorrow?
I'm really sleepy.
I love you.
My heart throbs
It whistles out
My heart throbs
It whistles out
Road side Romeos do the jig
Guys do the gestures
And the girl
Okay, guys! Good night!
-All right, then! See you, guys!
-See you!
-Cyrus! Bye!
-Bye, bye! Good night!
You didn't tell me...
So you could be prepared?
I wanted to surprise you.
Now I am the one that's surprised.
The last time we met,
your hair and clothes were different.
I meant to tell you.
After it was all done?
Is this how you've been calling
every night?
So the fact that you happened to lie today
was just coincidence?
I believe you.
With blind trust.
What else have you been hiding from me?
Answer me!
I am scared of you.
Have I ever told you that?
I need to breathe, Govind.
I need to breathe without fear.
-And I am what's in the way?
You are what's in the way.
I want to be me, Govind.
At least from now on.
Not the me that you want me to be.
But the me I want myself to be.
Love me only
if you can love that me as well.
I need to know
where I stand with that you.
Should I expect more lies about sleeping
when you've been hanging out
till midnight?
Should I?
I had my job interview here today.
The job is confirmed.
We leave for Riyadh next month.
I have two more months to complete here.
-And I am saying that can't be done!
-That's what you are saying.
And it's my course I am talking about!
So... things have to be as you say?
Yes! At least sometimes!
Guess you don't want
the course to be over.
Since there are so many well-built guys
to sleep with around here.
Get lost!
Get lost from my life!
What did you think?
That I would kill myself
over what you said?
Pallavi! I'm sorry!
Sorry! You know me!
I don't know what got into me!
Pick up the phone. Please!
Pallavi, we'll do everything as you say!
Let's wait for your course to finish.
And then... As you wish!
Okay, so you've decided not to talk.
I won't trouble you again.
You or anyone else on earth.
I am going to die. Hear me?
You never have to worry about me again.
I'm not taking the scooter today.
In case you want to go out or something...
Listen! Please come out
for coffee at the very least!
I will die of boredom on my own!
I need to talk to you.
-Pallavi? Pallavi Raveendran?
-Who are you?
-A friend.
-Just a minute.
-Dr. Prasant Mathew.
-We are Pallavi's classmates.
The burn is very deep.
So the surgery normally done
in the initial stage, "Grafting,"
it can't be done for Pallavi.
I'm Jayesh Deshai.
Deputy Chief Flying Instructor
of Pallavi's academy.
Have you informed her parents?
Father and sister will be here
in a couple of hours.
Will she be okay?
See, if you are asking
about her mental state,
I don't know, you know better.
If you're asking about her face...
What's his name?
Are you sure it was him?
It was him. Govind.
Son of Balakrishnan Nair.
Sreevalsam House. Cochin 24.
Go to her, child.
Sir, can I say something?
This is a technical matter.
I feel that you should get this case
transferred to Kerala.
It will be difficult for you
if it's registered in Mumbai.
We'll get in touch with the Kerala Police.
-Just think about it. Okay?
He is excited about the job in Riyadh.
He has applied for the visa,
but he hasn't got it yet.
Please get it done somehow, Aakash.
-Govind's house?
We are from the police.
This is S.I. Susheel Kumar
from Maharashtra Police.
-Has Govind been to Mumbai lately?
-Why did he go?
-For an interview.
-Is he home?
What is it, sir?
-What is this about?
-There is a case registered in Mumbai.
For throwing acid in a girl's face.
Which room is he in?
That one.
I had an interview in Pune.
I got back late last night.
Okay, I need to go home.
I left the baby with my mother-in-law.
Pallavi! Open the door!
These are letters
for the DGCA medical fitness test.
Whenever you're ready.
It's required when there is an accident.
It's just a formality.
I'm not fit.
I told you, it doesn't have to be soon.
Next month or the month after.
Let me find a reason to not die first.
That's easy.
Just think of that loser's smiling face,
you'll want to live.
Now I've got myself in a fix
because of what happened to you.
In a burst of emotion,
I declared I wouldn't attend
the campus interview till you could.
And everyone in the hall applauded.
I can't back out of it now.
Whenever you're ready,
but don't take too long.
whatever you're saying or asking,
I don't understand any of it now. Just...
It hurts like hell.
Just let me be by myself for a while.
Sorry! I already said I would be spending
the night here.
The mess might have closed too.
I'll stay quiet here.
Or when your dad is back
from talking to the doctor, I'll leave.
You're going to fly, girl!
Are there any more tests, Doctor?
-Just a couple of eye tests.
-What about the results?
-All fine.
Cover your eye.
I want you to look at my nose.
And let me know
when you see my finger coming in, okay?
Yeah, very good.
We're gonna do the other eye.
Okay, we're gonna try it again.
Let me know when you see my finger.
Don't worry.
Okay. We'll try it again.
Can you?
So a person with compromised vision
is controlling the aircraft?
Govind has known my client very well
for eight years.
He did this deliberately
in order to destroy her future.
The case has been charged
under section 326A IPC.
My client has clearly identified
the assailant.
Your Honor, the fact
that my client, Govind,
happened to be in Mumbai
the day of the incident
is the only evidence cited against him.
He was there to attend a job interview.
The related documents
are submitted before you.
Does the complainant have anything to say?
Tell him, my child.
It was him.
Look at the accused and then say it.
Look and then say it.
You have to look at the judge
when you answer.
He was the one who attacked me.
And threw acid in my face.
Govind Balakrishnan.
Does the accused have anything to say?
Sir, I didn't do it.
They say this happened
on a public road
in front of their lodging.
In that case, wouldn't there be a witness?
At least one?
Your Honor, the night before the incident,
he was seen arguing with my client.
There are witnesses to that.
Pallavi's friends.
Your Honor, they may have witnessed
an argument,
but they haven't seen my client attack
the complainant.
So that argument can't stand.
They were in a relationship,
and then they had a falling-out.
She has mistaken him
for an attack someone else committed.
Or on account
of the negativity between them,
she is trying to vent her anger
by pinning the blame on him.
My client had decided
to get married to her.
And he is still willing, if she agrees.
If my client had done this,
why would he decide to take her
under his wing?
Do you have anything to say to that?
What do you mean?
Do you want to respond to his offer?
And mind your language!
Sorry, Your Honor.
My client has been trying for a long time
to get a good job.
He's got a good opening
in Riyadh right now.
If this goes forward,
his future will be destroyed.
Taking that into consideration,
I request this court
to kindly grant him bail.
Prosecutor, is the investigation
against him completed?
Yes, Your Honor. It's in the final stages.
The accused Govind's motive
to carry out this crime
has not been
clearly established prima facie
by the prosecution.
The police formalities are complete.
The accused has been
in remanded custody for 28 days.
This court considers him eligible
to request bail.
That is his right.
So the court allows bail
on stringent conditions.
Normally, in cases like these,
bail is not granted this soon.
So why wasn't this one like normal cases?
Sometimes it depends on the judge.
Some are more liberal in granting bail.
Also, the granting of bail
does not mean he is let off scot-free.
Nor does it mean the case is over.
We can move through the High Court
to have his bail cancelled.
And how long will that take?
A couple of months.
It depends on the date granted
for the hearing.
Of course! Couple of months!
And till then,
he'll be out.
Pallavi, this is the reality.
-The court might--
-The court might punish him.
Or post the case to a later date.
Maybe even let him go free.
Which of these, sir, is the reality?
This is my reality.
I have to hide this face
for the rest of my life.
And convince myself every minute
that I'm not a burden on my family.
A dream I've had since I was 14,
I have to give it up.
This case...
We will take it forward.
The hearing will go on for what, a month?
Or two, right?
And if the appeal gets dismissed,
more months, years, am I right?
My face will remain the same
even then, sir.
For me, it will be the same reality.
If an enemy had done this...
I may not have pursued him.
Just quote your price, sir.
I want to win this.
Hey! I need your help.
On the 23rd, I am flying
for the first time with passengers.
And I don't think I can do it!
What do you mean?
My hands shake just thinking about it.
I know what to do,
but at times, I just go blank!
Pallavi, please, can you come here?
-Come where?
-To me, to Delhi.
-And nothing.
Just be with me!
And you can come along
on my first flight if you like.
Or maybe not! That might be a risk!
Just come over! I need you here!
I'm okay.
I am doing fine.
I'll manage.
I promise.
It's enough for me that you called,
that you asked me to come.
That'll do!
See, to be a company secretary,
it's a prestigious thing.
I hope you know that!
Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Dubai.
If you check with
all the major companies there,
the company secretaries there
are my students.
And you know what they earn?
Yearly five lakhs!
So all of you are lucky!
Now, let us come back to the syllabus.
Module 1, Company Law,
Cost Accounting and Management.
I guess you know...
why I am here.
I was in government service.
It required me to be in various places.
My wife and son were here.
I could never focus on him,
and he has some issues related to that.
And he was bad at studies, too.
Once the case came up,
he was dismissed from his job.
The opportunity that was opening up
in Riyadh...
appears to be gone, too.
I have some work at the office.
He is all I have.
I'll give whatever you ask for.
Please tell your daughter
to withdraw the case.
One day at eighteen
On an early morning
When I woke up from sleep
And looked in the mirror
Such sadness!
Such a life!
Why go forward?
Why go forward?
One day at eighteen
On an early morning
When I woke up from sleep
And looked in the mirror
Such sadness!
Such a life!
Why go forward?
Why go forward?
The sand slips away from under my feet
And I want nothing
I want nothing
Nothing at all
Now I need nothing more!
Someone seems to be knocking at my door
When I open, I am touched
By a thousand lights
Who else would it be
But our very own Sun!
The friend who whispers that
The dark night is gone
And tagging along playfully
Were the wind and scattered clouds
What I saw next was the Sea
Upon whose infinite sands
Wiped clean and renewed
Again and again
Slowly written with my fingers
One and only one
One and only one
One and only one word
Rise, rise
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is Jisha Murali,
and I'm your chief flight attendant.
On behalf of Captain Arun Choudhary
and the entire crew, welcome aboard.
Cloud 9 Airlines. Flight CH-901.
Non-stop service from Delhi to Cochin.
Our flight time will be three hours
and 30 minutes.
We will be flying at an altitude
between 31,000 and 38,000 feet...
-Excuse me!
-Yes, ma'am?
Can you please ask
that lady sitting behind
to cover her face?
-Sorry, ma'am.
-My daughter is crying.
We are not supposed to...
It's nothing, my love.
It's nothing.
Stop crying, sweetheart!
Please tell her.
Either you change her seat
or give us another seat.
-The child is uncomfortable.
-But, ma'am, please listen to me.
She's really getting scared.
Sorry, ma'am, I understand.
We're not supposed to make such requests
to passengers.
Excuse me. Is that seat taken?
-No, it's not.
-Can I?
Yeah. You can sit. No problem!
Sorry, ma'am! I am sorry
for the inconvenience.
It's okay.
We've... Haven't we?
Hey! Would you mind sitting here?
-Yeah, sure!
-Yeah, thanks!
Yes! Mumbai!
Aviation institute!
But your name...
Wasn't it Jadugar or something?
-Yes! Pallavi!
Going to Kochi?
Isn't that where this flight is headed?
Why were you in Delhi?
-I came to meet a friend.
-I am off to meet mine!
College reunion.
So what's new with you? Long time!
-This is what is new with me!
-Oh, my God!
I'm sorry.
What happened?
Someone threw acid in my face.
Is that enough for small talk?
See, Pallavi,
the sun, the moon, the stars,
they're all part of nature.
And so are we.
We have to move along
with nature's rhythm.
For instance,
even acid falling on your face
is predestined in nature.
No, I didn't mean it is a good thing.
It was a pretty bad thing.
But our meeting today
is also predestined by nature.
That's my point.
And as a messenger of nature,
I'm asking you...
No, I'm telling you,
I'm making a promise to you,
if there is anything I can do to help...
Vishal Rajashekharan is a man of his word.
That's what I want to be.
-Like them.
-Air hostess?
I had seventh rank in the 12th grade.
Two hundred hours of flying experience.
I'm fluent in English, Malayalam,
and Hindi.
Can you do it?
You should think twice
before making promises
to people who lack beauty.
Didn't nature tell you that
before sending you over, messenger?
I just want to be left alone. Please!
Ajoy doesn't seem to be around.
He is extremely busy.
His very first book was a bestseller!
I met him at Mumbai airport last week.
Did you know Tessa is a known designer
in Bangalore these days?
Her boutique is quite popular.
She said she'd come even if a bit late.
Her husband is also a designer, right?
A European?
Yeah, yeah! Adam Phillips!
International figure!
-Talk of the devil!
-Long time!
-That's my husband!
-Hi, Tessa!
-How are you?
-We were just talking about you!
Hi, Tessa!
Hey! How are you? Long time!
-I am good!
-Come, come! Let's go meet him!
Hi! How are you?
-Good! You?
-I'm good!
My husband.
What does he do?
-He runs a fried food business.
You know, fried foods
manufacturing company.
-He's a designer, isn't he?
-So you already knew.
What are you up to these days?
Airline. Cloud 9.
You mean your father's airline?
Salaried job or does he trust you
to do anything more?
The father commands, the son obeys.
Same as always.
For everything.
You missed her, man!
That time everyone said
it was foolishness.
-That's why, I...
When we set out to do something,
and everyone calls it foolishness,
it can mean one of two things.
Either it really is a giant folly,
or it could change the world!
Hello, Vishal.
Deepak, I'll be in Chennai in the morning.
Meet me at 10:00!
What's with the sudden board meeting?
Where is everyone else?
Deepak, do you trust me?
-Regarding what?
-Just anything.
In some matters, you are okay!
But in some...
-So I am not okay at anything.
-I didn't mean that.
For instance, your sense of fashion
is fantastic!
You know a lot about cars.
And the knowledge you have about cinemas!
See! There's a girl...
Hey! Not like that!
She is really brilliant.
We have air hostess interviews
going on, right? Can I hire her?
Sure! That falls within
your powers anyhow.
It's not like that.
I'll need your support on this.
If I make a decision on my own,
everyone may not support it.
You remember the fuss when I suggested
an idea for a simple TV ad.
You mean the one where an angel
is watching our flight go by?
I remember!
Dad will take it seriously
only if you support me.
He thinks of me as a fool.
This is the girl.
Confidence, boldness...
Tell me the truth!
Are you in love with her or something?
Come on! Just because
I've had a few flings,
don't see everyone that way!
Then what is all this preface for?
She is good. Let's take her.
What's this about, Vishal? Be quick.
Sir, Vishal would like to hire this girl
as an air-hostess.
I think she's pretty perfect too.
She has the attitude and the looks.
I strongly recommend her.
You didn't wait to see it all.
I've heard there are no limits
to human intelligence and capability.
For reminding me everyday
that the same applies to stupidity,
you deserve a special thanks!
It's just my misfortune
that it happens to come from my own son.
-And you? Come to my office!
-Yes, sir.
-Hi, sis.
-Where are you?
At home.
They are saying on the news that
you are going to be an air hostess.
-On FB. Just now.
There is something special
about what I am going to say.
That's why I thought of doing it
in your presence.
Cloud 9 Airlines, the one where
I am the executive vice president,
is making a decision,
right here, right now.
We are hiring someone to work with us
as an air hostess.
Her name is Pallavi Raveendran,
and she is an acid attack victim.
Sounds like a gimmick.
Someone throws acid in the face
of a person with bright prospects,
and that puts an end
to her future and career.
How can telling someone
the road has not ended
be a gimmick, my friend?
Mr. Vishal. Being an air hostess is a job
that places beauty at a premium.
She has brains. And a heart.
This is 2019, sir!
Can't we start defining beauty
in that way?
If my decision was wrong,
how do you explain the boom in our shares?
They closed at 1173.45.
And just take a look at the social media,
they're calling it revolutionary.
And there is an increase
in passenger traffic rates
in the domestic sector.
-The whole world is with us!
-Vishal, that is because it's exotic!
It will die down as soon
as the curiosity ends.
No, Uncle. From now on,
beauty shall be defined differently.
It's before this and after this!
-Sir, we really should not--
-I want to talk to this girl.
-Sure! Why not? Number?
The international airline company,
Cloud 9,
with its head office in Chennai...
Honey, your phone.
...and its vice president,
Vishal Rajashekharan,
reported this news on social media.
Hey, Pallavi.
This is Vishal Rajashekharan.
Mr. Vishal Rajashekharan,
who did you check with
before holding this press conference?
Who gave you the authority
to decide my future?
Save your CEO-style power-playing gimmicks
for your airline, not me!
You get me?
She is all excited right now.
She'll call back.
Let's drop it, sir.
We can't take this big a risk.
The entire media has covered this.
We can't back out now.
And if this goes wrong...
Vishal Rajashekharan
will be out of Cloud 9.
It's from some media house.
This is the third one.
You said you asked him
if he could make you an air hostess.
I just said it to shut him up.
I've never even thought about it!
What job have you thought of, child?
Other than being a pilot?
It's not that I am forcing you.
It just occurred to me when I saw this.
With this job...
you will be where you most love to be.
The skies!
Sister, we saw the news on TV.
It feels like we got our own faces back.
It's a chance to hold our heads high.
You've given us something to be proud of!
Thank you, sister. Thank you!
Somewhere along the way, someone
Handed me a candle
With an undying flame
And someone has written in my fate
Dreams that I've longed to see
And someone has arrived
In my eyes
The sky seems to be extending a hand
To lovingly lend me wings
And with the bright red of longing
The roses are blooming again!
On the wings of a dream
Into the far horizons
Are you taking flight, my mind?
On the wings of a dream
Into the far horizons
Have you taken flight, my soul?
Somewhere along the way, someone
Has handed me a candle
With an undying flame
And someone has written in my fate
Dreams that I've longed to see
And someone has arrived
In my eyes
One day it'll come in search of me
One day it will come in search of me
The dreams that I had once crushed
Within me
Along paths that I did not know
Someone is now coming along
Offering shade
At each moment
You touch me with moonlight
And all on its own
The sweetness of hope goes up
As my own dear companion
Can I hold you
Close to my heart?
Yeah, I'll call you back.
-How many kids did you say there are?
-Seven, sir.
We'll be priming the passengers
before take-off.
You know it's the first time we are
having such a cabin crew on board.
Be alert.
We don't know how
some passengers will react.
Yes, sir.
You'll find this
and all other safety information
in the card located
in the seat pocket in front of you.
We strongly suggest
you read it before take-off.
If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate
to ask one of our crew members.
Excuse me, young lady.
Yes, sir.
What's your name?
Can I give you a hug?
I want a cup of hot coffee.
-Yes, sir.
-Thank you.
Wake up!
Yeah. Good morning.
Two coffees, please. Black.
-Flying today?
-See, today is my birthday.
We're having a small cake-cutting
at our dance floor.
-I want you to come, Pallavi.
8:00, okay?
Okay, great! Bye, bye!
We are also working with the same company,
but we don't get any parties
or invitations!
Where's everyone?
It's just you.
That's too bad!
You should've at least called
your old girlfriends.
Because you're so fond of philosophy.
You should've given it ten years later.
No, that's okay!
Have you heard him speak about love?
Love is not the beauty on the outside.
It's the sweetness within the heart.
-Shall we cut the cake?
After we cut the cake, there's something
I want to tell you.
When you hear it,
don't brush it away as something
Vishal has said to many people
over the years.
Everything I say is not a joke.
You are one of the people
I value the most in my life right now.
Because what I miss in life right now...
are good friendships.
I have that in you.
And I want that to go on...
without any conditions,
any rules or obligations.
Just a beautiful friendship.
Let's not steer that
in any other direction.
Let's be the best of friends.
Happy birthday to you
Hi, sir.
-Veg or non-veg.
-And you, sir.
I wanted to talk to you.
I asked around for your schedule
so I could be on this flight.
Just so I could talk to you.
Just 15 minutes.
Where can we meet?
Excuse me.
-Would you like to have veg or non-veg?
Thank you.
And you, sir.
Thank you.
And for you.
I have no job offers.
And to go abroad, I can't get a visa
because of the case.
You have to withdraw it.
It's my future
that is getting wasted, Pallavi!
If I get sentenced, I won't stay alive!
That's for sure!
You're all settled in life now.
You might even end up with a compensation.
Can I have some water, please?
Don't think you can live in peace
if I get thrown in jail.
Are you crazy?
What the--
I am not pouring this on you...
because I know what a burn feels like.
Hello, what's happening?
Sorry, sir, sorry.
Sorry, sir. Sorry.
Is there anything more I should do?
I will forward this
to the appellate authority.
-If you want, you can also send a mail.
-Can I have the mail ID?
It's on this.
And you will let me know
what action was taken?
See, all that happened to you
and the related backstory,
I know everything.
But along with that, I am also responsible
for your hiring
and for running this company.
It's viral.
It's not just Govind,
many others on the flight
have also submitted complaints.
Against you for behaving badly.
The company needs an explanation.
And it needs to be posted
on social media, too.
By explanation, you mean an apology.
That I have made a mistake,
so please forgive me.
-All that will be needed, Pallavi.
-The company has rules.
-I know, Vishal.
But a clause that I won't give in anymore
is something I have put
in my own rule books.
I am prepared to say anything
that is not against that rule.
Whether before a board member
or on any social media.
If this same person does this again
on the same flight,
I will react exactly like this.
That is my explanation.
If you want me to write that down,
I'll do it.
I don't want to lose you.
And I don't wish to be the person
who hands you a dismissal letter.
Sorry, Vishal...
I can't lie to myself.
Notice period is a month, am I right?
If you won't give a written explanation,
it starts today.
Today is...
May 17th.
June 17th will be your last day
with this company.
Anything else?
I'll call you, dear.
Get off me! Move!
You asked if there were eye witnesses
that day.
Now find some...
Find eye witnesses for this!
Sure, sir.
Please be seated!
Ma'am, you will be okay.
Please, don't be scared.
Sir? Yes, sir!
-Are you all right, sir?
-Yeah, I am fine.
Some more, please!
-Oh, my God!
-Sir! Are you all right?
-Is he okay?
No, I don't think so!
Crew! Crew report immediately
to the cockpit!
He is unconscious!
Check if there are doctors
among the passengers. Fast!
Any doctors on board?
Sir, can you please sit there?
What happened to him?
He just collapsed.
I'm not sure what happened.
Okay, let me see.
-Okay! You be here!
-Captain! Are you okay?
Any passengers
with professional pilot license on board?
I'll check, sir.
Mayday! C-FLY 218.
-Roger Mayday, C-FLY 218.
-Captain incapacitated.
Requesting permission
for emergency landing, C-FLY 218.
What happened to the captain?
Don't know exactly.
Cabin crew is with him.
Is the aircraft under control?
I'm trying to get the control, sir.
C-FLY 218, any passenger
with professional pilot license on board?
Any pilots on board?
Prepare for emergency landing, C-FLY 218.
I need help.
This is just my second flight.
Traffic twelve o'clock.
18 miles Boeing 737
maintaining flight level 3-0-0,
turning right.
-Traffic on TCAS.
-Confirm C-FLY 218. Reply.
-Affirmative, sir.
-Confirm Captain back to normal?
-Confirm squawk 7-5-0-0?
Negative, sir!
We are experiencing severe turbulence.
Passing flight level 1-8-0.
Suspected hydraulic failure.
And after landing,
we might block the runway.
Captain! Who is the person
in the cockpit with you?
Sir, it's Pallavi!
-Follow it up and get back to me!
-Hi, sir!
-How's the visibility now?
-Still poor, sir.
Sir, Vishal!
See, one of your cabin crew
is inside the cockpit!
-Ask her to get out!
-Sir, that is Pallavi!
See, our duty is towards the pilot
in the cockpit, you get me?
We talk to the pilots.
Sir, please listen!
Pallavi has had pilot training.
How many hours of professional flying
experience does she have?
And her commercial pilot license
is cancelled!
You know why?
Because her vision is compromised!
A person like that,
how dare she get into the cockpit?
Sir, unless she was confident
about landing the plane,
she wouldn't be in the cockpit.
See, the weather is very bad.
And there is severe turbulence!
Even an experienced pilot
would be under pressure in this situation.
Looking at her credentials,
I wouldn't be surprised
if something happened to that plane.
And now I repeat,
please ask her to get out of the cockpit.
Mr. Vishal! Your airline is up in the air!
Will you take
the responsibility if it crash-lands?
No, you listen carefully, son!
If you wish to continue in my airline,
ask that woman to get out now!
There's a limit to everything, Vishal!
I won't call you again about this matter.
Come on! Talk to her!
Pallavi. Vishal!
Yes, Vishal.
There is pressure from Air Traffic Control
as well as the company CEO
to have you leave the cockpit.
But this flight and myself
depends on you right now!
I trust you to do your best!
And make us safe.
Sir, please be seated
with your seat belt on.
Sir, 9W16 requesting for landing.
9W16, expect the delay.
Delay not determined...
Mr. Vishal!
This is an authorization letter.
The ATC will have no responsibility
with regard to your aircraft.
So please sign it.
-Requesting single frequency approach.
Tower requests landing clearance
for C-FLY 218.
-Descend to 5-0, C-FLY 218.
-Prepare to descend.
Prepare for landing C-FLY 218
in 09 minutes.
Ambulance and fire brigade
to be ready! Go!
-Okay, sir!
-You handle the medic team.
We land in eight minutes.
Why don't you talk to the passengers
and tell them we're landing?
Ladies and gentlemen, we hope to land
at Chennai airport in 08 minutes.
As we are facing really bad weather
and severe turbulence,
please remain seated.
We hope to have a safe landing.
C-FLY 218, clear for emergency landing.
I can't see the runway.
I can.
This is your first officer.
Brace for impact!
Brace! Brace! Brace! Heads down!
Heads forward!
Heads down! Heads forward!
Landing C-FLY 218, runway two-niner left.
-Flaps 30.
-Landing gear down?
-Speed brakes on?
We're landing.
Either crash-landing or slip away!
Rise, rise
Rise, rise
Are you saying we should have no hopes
about the verdict tomorrow?
We can go appeal to the High Court.
We have that option.
But he will have to be in jail till then?
I just want to know something.
How long... What could it be...
Around five years.
-Honey, where are you?
It's my last flight today, Dad. To Delhi.
Today the court will hand out the verdict.
And, honey, Govind met
with an accident yesterday.
His bike collided with a truck.
He is in critical condition.
Onlookers said he did it deliberately.
Honey, are you okay?
I'm okay, Dad.
Okay. I am on my way to court.
I'll call as soon as I know the verdict.
That's not necessary, Dad.
came to say good-bye.
Are you looking for other openings?
-I need to start.
-As an air hostess?
Not necessarily.
But let me find out
if there are other crazy guys
like Vishal Rajashekharan
who will give me a job.
I am on my way too. To Dubai.
Flying today? Or are you done?
I'm on my way to the airport.
My last flight.
To Delhi.
Anyway, till we meet again.
Thank you!
For firing you?
For being the cause.
For me to be a pilot at least once.
For me to be in the cockpit at least once.
To reach the heights
I've always dreamt of.
Welcome to Cloud 9 airlines.
The captain has turned off
the fasten seatbelt sign.
In a few moments, the flight attendants
will be passing around the cabin
to offer you hot and cold drinks.
Sweetheart! Could you please go...
Thank you.
My father was on that flight.
This is the captain.
Just wanted to say...
we salute you!