V.I.P. (2017) Movie Script

2013, Present day
Hong Kong
- Anything to report?
- Nothing unusual.
They're all staying put,
they may move in tomorrow.
And Agent Gray?
He's waiting nearby.
Give me the key.
I'll drive you, sir.
I'm going alone, keys.
But chief...
I understand.
The company is
expecting me tomorrow.
- I'm not here.
- I understand, sir.
produced by
directed by
How was your flight?
Yeah, I know economy sucks.
You know what?
I tried very hard to get
you a business class,
but there's been cutbacks
in our budget.
You're not going to order something?
I know this is a shitty neighborhood,
but this restaurant
they make a pretty decent steak,
I gotta tell you.
where did you come from?
Are we talking Iraq?
You know what?
You always struck me like a field guy.
I knew you would come.
You seem so free,
got nothing to do?
You see,
our friends in Beijing,
they agreed to step back
and look the other way,
and the target won't
be able to move until tomorrow.
Yeah, we don't need to rush.
If Beijing is stepping back,
why not just do it yourself?
You see,
the condition of the agreement was
that we would play this quietly.
But, this whole thing might
end up messy and bloody.
Thus, the call for help, again?
Son of a bitch...
Come on. You're my friend.
Just do me this favor and
I pay you back I promise.
I always pay you back.
It's very simple.
All you got to do is to escort
the subject out of that building,
and gently put him in the car,
which is parked over there.
That's all.
This one's for you. A little gift.
It's a Tokarev.
No serial.
And here is the key to that building.
There're 9 guards on the premise
and we're gonna close down
the surveillance cameras for 15 minutes,
so that's gotta be
enough time for you.
You try some,
it's very good.
Now what the hell
did you do that for?
I wasn't finished.
Enjoy your fucking meal.
Well, I gotta...
I gotta order another one.
1. Prologue
5 years ago
Sinuiju, North Korea
He's the girl's father.
He was killed as soon
as he opened the door.
Her brother.
A regional judo athlete.
Is that all?
Well, unit chief...
isn't this a gunshot wound?
The thing is...
Unit chief!
Worthless piece of shit.
Report properly.
I'm sorry.
Goddamn bastard...
What did you just say?
You want to let
that asshole go?
Director comrade...
Are you serious?
If not, what else can we do?
Are you even
looking at the photos?!
That's quite enough!
Look here,
comrade Lee.
Why are you stirring things up
in my division?
You should've stayed
in Bureau 35,
why come here
to cause a stink?
What are you implying?
How is my background
relevant to this case?
I'm causing a stink?
Forget it, here.
Your order.
Executive Order
You and your underlings
are reassigned
to a fertilizer plant in Daeryong.
Consider yourself lucky.
Had you not served our country,
or the Bureau 35 abandoned you,
you should be in a prison camp.
I've had enough of you,
hand over your ID and gun!
Hurray for North Korea!
You can smile now,
don't be so nervous.
Turn her head around.
- Like this?
- Yeah.
You can do better.
Wake the hell up.
Wow, good, very good.
Take a photo of me too.
don't kill me...
- What did she say?
- "Don't kill me."
Gonna talk about
that brother of yours again?
The judo athlete?
He's gonna mess us up, eh?
What could this be?
Give me that.
Your brother didn't put up
much of a fight.
Oh yeah, you got
a 5-year-old brother, right?
I think we tied him up
to the window.
You wanna know about
any other family members?
No one?
Hey, look.
Let me see.
Hold still,
that's it, very good.
You'll feel good soon.
How is it? Feels nice?
Tell me.
Hold her, hold her down.
3 years later
Seoul, South Korea
What's that by her legs?
We're so fucked...
Make sure there's
no gap in between.
Yes, sir.
No, not over there,
send more men here.
Boss, how much higher?
Not there, just send me more.
Is it him?
The way she was tortured
and the killing method are the same.
Let's go, we'll be late.
Just leave?
What's the point of staying?
Rain's coming,
let's hurry.
Dammit, come with me.
We're just gonna leave?
It's raining!
Go get some plastic cover!
Come on!
Hurry the hell up!
Watch your feet!
Another female victim of
serial killing was found in Seoul...
She was raped and murdered...
Multiple stabbing wounds were found
on the victim's chest and stomach,
in addition to strangling wounds,
the police stated that killing method
is similar to that of
Southern Seoul killings.
Head of the task force,
Det. Jo Sung-oh
could not overcome
the pressure of this case...
Seoul Metro Police stated that
Det. Jo's body was found
at a hill behind his home.
Burned charcoal was discovered
inside his vehicle,
and no will was found inside.
Jo's body was moved
after 3-hour forensics work,
and the funeral will be held
at a charnel house near Seoul...
2. The Suspect
Shit, the case can't be
anymore fucked up.
Jo, that bastard.
How could he drop everything
and kill himself?
Fucking coward...
We're about to be
fucked in the ass.
We're already fucked.
Son of a bitch...
Anyway, I got no one else
to replace him.
Even if there was a candidate,
it'll take time to fill him in.
you were the go-to man
on the field before Jo.
Why don't you get your boys
and wrap this up quickly?
I know how you feel about this.
I really do, shit...
It wasn't long ago when we
tried to kick you off the force.
What about my suspension?
Is that revoked?
Isn't that obvious?
Of course.
Not gonna make excuses later?
Trust me for once!
You want it in writing?
Just solve it.
Once you do that,
I'll make sure
your record is crystal clear.
Solve it by
any means necessary?
Yes, but go easy.
I know you go off the books.
If you go out of bounds,
it'll have consequences.
Take it easy, okay?
Then find the perp that way.
Son of a...
Decide now,
I'll be late for the funeral.
Yeah, do whatever you please.
Just solve the case.
No bruises, he's gotta be
presentable to the media!
Don't make him a cripple!
Jo Sung-oh
Fight another day!
To: Det. Jo Sung-oh
What's that?
These are tips we received.
Put it here.
We usually check them all,
but after Det. Jo's suicide,
we didn't get a chance yet.
We got a call from the lab.
The lab?
They got something?
Did we send them a sample?
I did.
A month ago
before I got the boot.
Got a problem?
- And?
- They found something.
- Come.
- Yes, sir.
Suit up!
It was inside the eggplant
that was in the victim #7's vagina.
It was so small that
we overlooked it the first time.
But we found this
just like you said we would.
Take a look.
They're epithelial cells
under the fingernail,
they don't match
the victim's DNA.
Okay, so this must be...
It's identical to the tissue
sample found on her,
so it's from the suspect.
Are you new at this?
It's the perp,
this fucker is the killer.
But not 100%.
- Take care.
- See you.
- Bye.
- Okay.
Put together a list of ex-cons
who killed the same way.
Obtain DNA from all suspects,
anything we can compare to.
- Find them, got it?
- Yes, sir!
Obtain DNA samples
from these guys.
Oh, this?
Chief, we received
a few of them already.
When something happens
we get bogus tips like these.
Our hands will be tied,
if we have to check all of them.
What I mean is...
The hospital bastards won't
cooperate since it's illegal...
And you must not know
about these pricks...
Det. Jo also had to...
So damn yappy.
Shut your hole
and stand up straight.
At attention.
You grew a tongue
while I was away.
- Did you forget how I work?
- No, sir.
Should I care
who these pricks are?
I'm sorry, sir.
I don't care who they are,
unless they're the killers.
Of course.
Right, the hospital.
They won't cooperate,
it's illegal.
So what?
Will you halt the case
because of that?
No, sir.
Why don't you use
that goddamn excuse?
Say you can't catch the killer
for lack of cooperation.
I'm sorry, sir.
Stop being sorry.
Yes, sir.
You got that?
Yes, boss!
I know how you worked till now,
leave the badge
if that's all you got.
The only thing that should be
in your head is the killer.
The process means shit.
Focus on catching that fucker
and putting cuffs on him.
Everything else...
is totally irrelevant to you,
got that?
Yes, sir.
Got that?
Yes, boss!
Then move!
Lack of any progress
has the citizens frightened.
Unable to leave the house freely,
the citizens want the police...
Shit, we're so fucked.
Is the info solid?
You saw the report.
The police got it right,
it's those dicks.
How old is the intel?
Fucking Agent Gray
gave it to us an hour ago.
An hour ago?
That's bullshit.
Only top ranking officers
can see this report.
Come on now,
this is Seoul.
It's like their home ground.
Good for them.
So what?
Get with it.
Do you even need to ask?
What a moron.
This can't happen.
These dicks...
especially that big dick
cannot be the suspect.
When they were
brought here 2 years ago,
I planned it
and you carried it out.
And we both got cushy jobs
because of it.
It's been a month
since we got a new boss.
Promotion announcement
will be made soon.
We backed the wrong horse,
so if we don't stop this,
both of us are out.
I told you to go easy
with playing politics.
I knew that old man
wouldn't last long.
Fuck that shit, asshole.
This is a jungle,
everything is politics.
The weak is torn apart.
And who watched
your back till now?
So what then?
Bury the whole thing?
The Yankees won't stay put.
They went apeshit trying to
get those dicks out of the North.
The company will find out,
and there'll be backlash.
We'll settle that later,
but locate them first.
If they're desperate,
they'll give us something.
That's our only play right now.
What about their handlers?
I'm sure they had some,
what have they been doing?
I know...
We received orders to
go easy on the dick.
From whom?
That bastard Gray?
But that's not all.
He messed up with my agents.
It all went to hell.
Your temper can wait,
let's get a move on though.
I sent some agents over there,
we gotta find a way out first.
If we're not careful,
it's a one-way to hell.
The police are on the move.
I'm sure they haven't
got a warrant yet.
Emergency arrest, probably.
Where are you?
We're almost there.
What have you been doing?
What's taking so long?
Taking a trip somewhere?
I'm sorry, sir,
there's a bit of traffic...
Hurry, secure the target first.
You owe me one, okay?
Debt is there to be paid off.
Call me if you need anything,
I'll pay back big time.
Very good.
But this is no easy foe,
will you be okay?
A VIP from North Korea,
the agency won't be too pleased.
We're not in a position to
take their feelings into account.
My predecessor committed
charcoal-burning suicide,
if this doesn't work out,
my team'll be next.
But isn't that why
you got reinstated?
Life is full of ironies, no?
He got you the disciplinary action,
but also gave you a lifeline.
Am I right?
Everything's blessing in disguise.
Okay, got it.
It's ready.
I'll go fuck him up
and hand him over to you.
We're around for
the show and cake.
Det. Chae.
Good luck.
We arrived here first,
but the police barged in.
So what? Did you
secure the target?
we haven't exactly
secured the target...
Make Way!
Don't shove!
Out of the way!
Make Way!
Kim Gwang-il.
You're under arrest in violation
of the National Security Law.
That's bullshit!
Here are your rights.
You have the right to remain silent,
and to consult an attorney.
Anything you say may be...
That'll do.
I can finish that.
How about an intro?
Intelligence? Nice.
He broke the National Security Law.
He'll need to come with us.
National Security Law?
Right, that.
We're in a bind,
this complicates things.
He's a murder suspect,
serial killing, no less.
You know those recent
Southern Seoul killings?
This is him.
You got evidence?
That should be discussed
with the lawyers.
No need to worry,
we got irrefutable evidence.
Anyway, we arrested him first,
we have the jurisdiction.
We'll aid your investigation later.
Come on now.
That's not how this works.
See this?
It's a warrant,
an arrest warrant.
A warrant issued by
a great district judge himself.
You got one too? No?
Then the jurisdiction is ours.
Wanna bypass the court too?
Come on, boys!
Take him away.
- Sure!
- Yes, sir!
Out of the way,
make way.
Thank you and take care.
You said the warrant
was being taken care of!
My contacts at the court
bailed on me.
That's your excuse?
Fine, hold on,
I'm gonna get the court...
That ship has sailed.
The police aren't idiots.
They can reach out to
the media and have a feast.
Personnel File: Chae Edo
Come on, this isn't
a normal case.
It's a serial killing case.
If this blows up,
it's all game over.
Once Chae Edo goes on TV,
we're finished.
Do everything in your power
to stop him.
Send a lawyer to Kim and
tell him to stall the investigation.
Get nearby security cam feeds
before the cops do.
Right away.
What about Kim's minions?
Have you secured them?
Well, they must've...
gone dark, we can't
find them anywhere.
- Both of them?
- Yes, sir.
For some time,
it looks like.
Fucking idiots, is this
how they managed them?
Find them at any cost.
The lawyer can't stall too long,
find them before then.
Get their corpses
if you have to.
Yes, sir.
Let's move!
3. Attack and Defense
Please... don't kill me...
I didn't do anything wrong,
please let me go...
As it's pointed out
in the fax I sent earlier,
my client was on a road trip
with his friends in the south
during the estimated time
of the murder.
And this is a list
of his alibis.
We'll have to look into that.
How do you refute
the DNA evidence?
Why was your client's DNA
found inside the victim?
Oh that...
Shit, so he can talk.
I thought you were
a goddamn mute.
And you don't stare down
at cops here in the South.
That stupid smirk...
Alright, spill it then.
How did your DNA come
out of the victim's vagina?
We started a weekend farm
as a hobby.
We got a small land
near our home.
It's got some cucumber
and eggplants too.
Quite a bit of eggplants.
They give away the harvest
to their friends and neighbors.
This is hardly irrefutable.
We'll look into this as well.
So you arrest first
and come up with evidence?
Get with the times, detective.
If you find more
solid evidence, call us.
Please release him ASAP.
The warrant was issued today.
We can still...
hold him for another 42 hours.
Anyway, see you again.
Oh yeah, Mr. Kim.
You don't know me well yet.
Keep that smirk on
while you can.
I only said we got your DNA,
but nothing about an eggplant.
How did you know
it was off an eggplant?
And you even prepped
a photo of the farm too.
Open up.
They take me
for a goddamn fool?
Dig into his alibis' whereabouts.
Find everything and anything
you can about these pricks.
- Got that?
- Yes, sir.
Anything from his house?
We ransacked it
but nothing useful.
What about his minions?
I sent out APB for their arrest.
Find them fast, asshole,
they're accomplices.
Of course, sir.
- Find them, assholes!
- Sure.
Go to the info division
and dig into the lawyer.
Check his bank records
and see who paid his retainer.
How can we do that?
Stop asking me to shit...
I mean, how will you
handle the backlash?
You son of a bitch...
You'll make me say it again?
Sorry, sir.
I'll take care of the shit,
only think about the result!
You still don't get it?
Yes, sir, I get it.
Get a move on,
why're your feet on the ground?
You two, track the alibis.
- Get a move on!
- Yes, sir!
Run, assholes!
Thought you could fool me?
- Over here!
- Sorry about that.
- Took you long enough.
- Sorry.
- Are you new?
- Yes.
- It took so long.
- Lunch is here!
Sorry for being late.
It's all cold.
Come get lunch.
Good work, everyone.
Security cams near
Kim's home and work
were already taken
by the intelligence.
It's okay.
There are enough cams out there.
We got tons of dash cams.
Taking some of them
won't hurt us.
Go through what we got.
Scour every minute
and every second.
- We'll get a hit.
- Yes, sir!
Let's split it up evenly.
Firewall is off.
Frequency tracking is completed.
Can we mirror
what they're watching?
Yes, if they are online.
Bringing it up on #1.
- That one as well.
- Corning online.
Those dumb fucks...
They're gonna
comb through everything?
Sitrep on Kim's boys.
Not yet, sir.
Cops will be all over them,
put more agents on it.
Yes, sir.
Police Station
Chief, I think I got a hit!
Let's see.
Here! I got him too!
- Where?
- Seoul tollgate.
Chief! Here too!
Me too.
Over here.
Guess what that is.
Go on a road trip?
Your alibis?
You got a teleportation machine?
Check the date and time.
We found you in Seoul,
here, here,
and here too.
So, your alibis were elsewhere
during that time.
Got anything to say?
Anything at all?
You're fucked, asshole.
Where's that smirk?
I understand.
We'll move in right away.
Yes, sir.
We found him,
Kim's minion.
Drink, it's Solomon's seal tea.
Without company approval,
what have you two been doing
with American spies?
I'm sorry, sir.
Paul Gray...
of all the agents,
you sided with the worst one.
Didn't something feel fishy?
Kim Gwang-il is
the son of Kim Mo-sul,
the account homer of
North Korea's Jang Sung-taek.
CIA has never handed over
anyone like him before.
Those fuckers...
already knew who
Kim Gwang-il was.
And you two took the bait
without knowing anything.
Dumb fucks...
So what will you do now?
The police debunked the alibis,
they're under pressure too.
Alibis were intended to
buy us time.
Can you finish the job
without him?
Taking his head is enough,
I don't need yours too.
Get the police off your back,
and wrap this up by
handing Kim over to CIA.
If this ends well,
you'll see another day.
If the company reputation
is tainted,
you two will be our scapegoats
for all to see, got that?
Yes, sir,
I'll sort it out quietly.
Drink up,
it's getting cold.
I couldn't reach you,
so I had to drop in.
If I'm not reachable,
that means something.
Are you thick?
Did you do okay in school?
I have something to tell you.
I know what you'll say,
and I told your boss off.
You're in no position to
tell us to halt the case.
We're not doing this
over a parking ticket.
It's a serial killing case,
with 7 confirmed victims.
If this doesn't get solved soon,
the media will have my neck.
My apologies to you,
but I can't help you on this.
To each his own.
And don't find me
at a place like this.
It's embarrassing.
This is rather awkward.
I'm not asking you to halt.
Continue the case.
I'd like to give you something.
Another freebie?
Let's help each other.
Get him ready.
What's going on?
Come with us.
Will he be okay?
He was raised by Kim's family
like their own pet.
He will die for Kim.
Shit, what's this?
What did you just say?
Release Kim?
We got the real killer,
so let him go.
No, he's not the one.
Kim's the real killer.
That bastard is just a pawn.
Take a look.
What is it?
It's from the lab.
The pawn's DNA was recovered
from victim #3, 5 and 7's
personal items.
Is that so?
How do evidence we
couldn't find suddenly surface?
And this.
You must have this too.
This guy was captured
on security cams
near where the bodies
were found.
And we got a full confession.
So who else is the killer?
Where did you get these?
Who gave them to you?
Detective, this is enough.
Let's wrap it up here.
We got the killer,
so that's that.
They went this far
to make us look good,
why not return the favor?
Hand Kim over.
Eyes forward when driving.
Sir? Sorry.
Finish Kim's report tomorrow
and release him to the prosecution.
What? But that's...
Shut the hell up.
Yes, sir.
Press conference in the morning
so get the media.
Wait, drop me off at my place,
I need to change.
I'll be right over,
so go finish up the report.
What? But chief!
- Shut up and go.
- Yes, boss.
- Go on.
- Bye.
Who is it this time?
Thought you wouldn't be
home tonight again.
Who are you?
You don't look familiar.
Maybe wrong house?
I don't remember cuffing you.
That's you, isn't it?
How's Gwang-il doing?
Who are you?
You look like a hunting dog.
We must be in
the same line of work.
Kangwon province?
Your accent is familiar.
Up north.
North? Northern Kangwon?
You got a case on Kim?
12 confirmed victims.
4 cases in which he wiped out
the victims' families.
You're being dramatic.
How does it look?
Similar killing method,
isn't it?
He toys with the victim
and kills her in the end.
I'm from the North.
To catch that
bloodthirsty fucker.
Lee Dae-bum,
Security Division.
Det. Kim
You're under arrest in violation
of the National Security Law.
You have the right
to remain silent...
What the fuck's going on?!
Fuck off, asshole.
That fuck's mine,
don't you dare step in!
Chief, you can't do this.
Enough of this bullshit
and get the fuck out.
You got shit in your ears?
What do you think
you're doing?
This matter has been settled.
Son of a bitch...
Chief, calm down,
it's an order from the top!
Let go.
Let go of me.
Let go.
Chief, please...
Sons of bitches,
are you all nuts?
Chief, just this once.
You smirk?
Is that a smirk?
Stop that!
Don't touch him!
Did you just laugh?
Is this funny?
But it's funny,
should I cry instead?
You bitch...
Have you heard that sound?
It's my favorite.
What sound does
a dying person make?
Especially when
the young girls die.
The moan of pain.
It's something.
Demented bastard...
How did the funeral go
for the idiot who offed himself?
Shut your mouth.
What sound do they make
when they suffocate?
Don't be embarrassed,
your predecessor wasn't the first.
You little fuck!
- Hold him back!
- Son of a bitch...
I'll kill him!
Got any more wisdom to spill?
Chief! Chief!
Kill me?
Pitiful bastards.
If you can,
why don't you?
You bitch!
- Chief!
- Let go of me!
You're photogenic.
You didn't know?
You could be an actor.
An action star.
But at least only this site
ran with your story.
Other sites focused
on closing the case.
I was up all night calling in
for favors to pull that off.
You're suspended for a while.
From arresting and
assaulting a wrong suspect,
your record is filled with assaults,
you should've been fired.
But at least the case is closed.
We decided to wrap this up
with a short suspension.
Stay low for now, okay?
Holy cow!
That son of a bitch!
South Korea can't touch him.
It's a soar eye
to your intelligence division.
Even if you wanted something done,
you got Yankees for a puppet master.
So what then?
You're saying you can?
So why didn't you?
Why let him go wild
and wait till the 12th victim?
At the time his father Kim Mo-sul
was Jang's right hand man.
In other words,
he's 'royal family,' untouchable.
We got hit instead.
It was a night ambush.
2 of my men were beheaded,
and I got a bullet
and fell into a river.
All the top brass knew
about it but it was covered up.
So what's changed?
What will you do?
Just before Kim defected
to the South 2 years ago,
Kim Mo-sul and his men were
charged with counter-revolution.
Which means,
Kim can be executed.
Hand him over.
I guarantee you,
the South won't prosecute him.
4. V.I.P. from the North
- Tired?
- Nope.
I doubt that.
Is everything settled?
Yes, just last little bit left.
All docs are shredded.
Check Kim Ji-won's
border crossing route for me.
What's this?
It's you?
Yes, sir.
About 5 years ago,
in Peshawar, sir.
Oh, Peshawar.
So the Pakistani job
was yours?
I see.
You field agents belong out there,
why bother with a desk job?
So stick with
what you're good at.
When is the exchange?
We're in talks.
Gray won't just take him,
Kim's a handful.
But he won't give up
what Kim knows.
We notified them that
we won't babysit Kim.
Wrap it up nicely,
I don't want any more trouble.
Gather up remaining
loose ends as well.
And move into this office.
By the way.
That blind doesn't fit,
change the color.
What is it?
Where the fuck is he?
I'm sorry,
I went out for a smoke...
Are you fucking insane?!
I'm sorry, sir.
Kim Gwang-il,
you think we're easy?
Don't you fret,
I didn't do much with this girl.
I was simply...
What? "This girl"?
Tell me again,
what did you say?
"This girl"?
There were others?
That handler who was
assigned to me before.
What about their handlers?
I'm sure they had some,
what have they been doing?
I know...
We received orders to
go easy on the dick.
But that's not all.
He messed up with my agents.
You didn't...
I just had some fun with her,
I didn't kill her though.
You bastard!
Psychotic bastard,
you got a death wish?
Should I end you?
Is this part of your job?
Shouldn't you be
protecting me till the end?
The Yankees won't be
too happy about this.
I've had it with you!
Boss, please calm down!
You're gonna kill him!
Please calm down.
Cuff his feet too.
Toss him in the corner
so he can't move.
Right away.
Get on the ground!
Hold him tight!
Who the fuck are you?
Know when to quit.
Did it cross your mind
that I don't want to answer?
Have you considered?
It's the Northern spy.
I was right.
Fuck you.
Will you hand Kim over now?
Are you kidding me?
I've been stripped.
I can help you.
Help with what?
The fucker's gone.
Give it up.
The game is over, pal.
It's not over.
At least I know how to
extend this game.
Prior to arriving in Seoul 2 years ago,
they stayed in Hong Kong
and left 2 open cases.
They tortured, killed the girls,
and recorded the whole thing,
and sold the snuff film
to fund their escape.
Kim is seen in the video.
Hong Kong Cold Case
If it's Hong Kong...
One of the victims was
a Korean residing in Hong Kong.
Did you verify?
Yes, we did.
His face is visible.
Make enough copies
and gather everyone.
Even the off-duty!
District Attorney,
let me ask you another favor.
It's been a long, long time,
Mr. Kim.
2 Years, right?
You look good,
it's gotta be the water in Seoul.
Now after what I heard,
things are not too going to well for you.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And you picked up
some sick hobby.
Couldn't you have picked up
something a bit more refined?
Isn't that why
you released me in the first place?
So it would come to this.
You got a point.
So what now?
Sounds like you are
in desperate need of help.
Please don't get me wrong.
I don't care what the hell
you were doing in Seoul.
Now what I am trying to figure out
is what value you hold and
if it's worth protecting.
Do I really need you?
Honestly, when I look back on
this last 2 years,
I'm not so sure.
What do you think?
Why did you guys relocate me
from Hong Kong in the first place?
I asked you a question.
You piece of shit.
You haven't changed a lot, huh?
Now, the only reason
you were relocated
was because of the Chinese bank account
your father manages.
And we assumed that he had given
you all the information to that account
when you left North Korea.
So what?
I think you know
the answer to my question.
We couldn't find any money,
Mr. Kim.
Only some petty cash of yours.
Which leads me to wonder
if you knew anything at all.
You really think so?
What I think is not important.
It's up to you to prove
I'm wrong.
Oh I forgot to tell you,
some Russians are looking for you.
Oh yeah, you didn't know,
now, but you see
Mr. Kim spent some years in Russia, yeah.
Studying right?
Don't you think he pulled up
some sick shit over there too.
You sick fuck.
Is that why you gave us
this piece of shit?
Can you imagine?
If this bastard started killing girls
in New York City instead of Seoul?
How do you think we could handle it?
We can't just pull him out.
And you guys you didn't suspect
a one single thing, huh?
You got yourself
a serious problem there.
You had this guy for 2 years
and you came up with nothing.
You couldn't even keep him
on a short leash.
What the hell
are you guys good at?
Jerking off?
Come on. Hey, stop it!
We're trying to make a deal here, okay?
Thank you.
Why is that Pyongyang
can't kill my father
even after they cleaned him out?
Everyone called my father
a genius when he was a child.
He is very smart up here.
But you see,
I am smarter than my father.
You guys want
his banking information?
It's all in here.
I will give them to you.
Okay, good.
Now we're talking.
And let's talk details later on
our side, not here.
How about we take these off
before we talk further?
The police are here.
The police?
How did they find out?
Isn't it obvious?
We got wiretaps too.
Where are you off to now?
It's a different warrant.
You're photogenic,
you could be an actor.
Perfect for a psycho role.
Yes, sir.
Out of the way!
Where should I cut you?
How could you continue to
cover for him as a fellow human?
Gwang-il, I'm so happy
to see you again.
I was depressed because
I thought I'd never see you.
Fucking bastard.
Where's that smirk?
Laugh and smirk
like you did before.
You son of a bitch.
You're a tenacious one.
Have some respect
for your elders, you prick.
Oh yeah, Gwang-il.
By the way.
I figured it out.
The reason why you shove
weird things into vaginas.
You can't get it up, right?
Am I right?
Son of a bitch!
You wanna die?
I was right.
I was spot on.
He can't get it up,
erectile dysfunction!
How dare you attack a cop?
A fucking dickwad.
Goddamn fuck.
I told you,
this is not North Korea.
Did I tell you that or not?
Give it up, all of you.
If you try to intercept him,
I'll toss you in for harboring a killer!
Take him.
Get the hell up.
Don't be a pussy.
Wow, that's Chae Edo?
He doesn't fuck around, does he?
What's the matter with you?
You're not gonna go after him?
But do you know where Chae Edo
keeps getting all these information from?
And you guys,
you fucking knew about it, huh?
Because the piece of shit
that you picked up, he ratted, right?
Oh yeah...
Well, Lee Dae-bum used to work for...
was it called Foreign Operations Bureau 35,
before he got transferred to
the Police Department up in Northern Pyeongan.
Now, 3 years ago
while Lee was cracking down
on Kim and his gang,
Lee got fired, he and his team
got kicked out from the police force,
and sent to a fucking
fertilizer plant to work their asses off.
Now, Kim's gang followed,
they killed all of Lee's men.
You see, to Kim Gwang-il,
Lee Dae-bum is the North Korean Chae Edo.
Come on, this isn't right.
Let us through!
Shutting down the task force?
Without consulting me?
The case is closed,
what's wrong with that?
It's far from over!
Alright, fine.
If this is how you want to play,
I'll take him to the HQ.
Get it together,
you idiot.
You can't will yourself
through this.
Hand him over
before shit hits the fan.
What the shit?
We got new evidence!
How could you say that
after watching it?!
Fuck, have you all gone mad?!
Why're you going nuts
over a closed case?!
Wasn't this a done deal?
The matter's been settled!
If we continue, we'd be
backstabbing the intelligence!
Edo, listen...
The serial killing case is over.
We got the killer.
No, you did,
with your team.
There won't be any more victims.
Even the Hong Kong cops
swept it under the rug.
So why did you bring it out
and cause a stink ?
What about Det. Jo?
Why did he kill himself?
You're the one who put
an incompetent fuck on spotlight.
You wanted the killer!
You told me to bring in the killer,
by any means necessary!
Kim is the real fucking killer!
You know that, asshole!
Son of a...!
Hand the key and phone in,
and head back with the boys.
What? Chief, what'll you do?
We'll come with you.
Shut the hell up,
you're all useless fucks.
Give me the key and phone.
- Come on, chief.
- Now.
You did good.
Get going!
Things aren't working out
as you had hoped?
Shut your fucking hole.
You have to know your limits.
Fucking bitch...
District Attorney,
it's Chae Edo.
Are you filled in?
I'll head over now.
I was given an order
not to get tangled up.
You know my situation,
we're just a third-party.
It'll look like we interfered
a done deal, right?
So, drop us from this case.
I heard you're suspended,
you should take it easy.
It' is a crucial case.
You can't do this alone.
This could be the end for you.
So what?
Arrest me for
National Security Law?
Go on, then.
I don't really feel like it.
Lee's status is
a defector anyway.
He defected after
the incident 3 years ago.
Probably hunting down
that psycho.
I guess he wanted to
return home with Kim.
The agency had a hand
in Kim's defection.
He couldn't move in while Kim
was under our protection.
Lee tipped various agencies
just enough to corner Kim.
He's a former spy,
that's his specialty.
And? So?
What will you do with him?
I know for a fact, he won't stop
until he drops dead.
He'll keep killing.
If I let him go,
I'm gonna regret it.
That's enough.
It's out of our hands now.
The Americans will
take him away.
People don't live there?
It's their problem now.
Fucking hell...
So that North Korean spy
was right.
I need to take that out too.
Hey, Chae Edo!
You motherfucker!
Put pressure
and get paramedics!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What the fuck are you laughing at?
That fucker!
Son of a bitch...
Fucking hell!
Son of a bitch!
It's been a while,
Kim Gwang-il.
Lee Dae-bum!
You didn't close down the piers.
I guess it's pointless
to bring him back.
Good job,
let them take him.
Yes, sir.
In any case,
it's over.
We handed him over to CIA,
and he was taken
under their custody.
They can't say shit to us.
He's former Bureau 35,
Lee Dae-bum?
Too bad for him.
He's been living as a ghost
for a few years to catch him.
But the supreme leader is dead.
Now, Kim Gwang-il's cohorts
are in control of the country.
They wiped out Bureau 35
and Jang Sung-taek is in charge.
And Kim Mo-sul has
been reinstated.
5. Epilogue
Present day
Hong Kong
Very good.
Agent Park, it's been a while.
Is South Korea handling
my case again?
Tell the Yankees
I'm different this time.
Sure, I bet.
Your father Kim Mo-sul was
executed with Jang Sung-taek,
and you'll be too
if you're sent back.
You can't fool both sides again.
I know that.
So what?
Isn't it obvious?
I'll spill the beans.
I'll tell them everything I know.
The Pyongyang account
in China.
Does it hurt?
Listen, Agent Park!
What are you doing?
It's your duty to serve me!
I asked you a question,
does it hurt?
Park, you son of a bitch!
Why are you doing this?
You can't do this to me.
Why not?
Agent Park,
have you gone mad?
You! Listen...
Do you know what you just did?
I told you, I'll give you
everything I know!
I don't need it.
Fucking cockroach,
how dare you.
Paul Gray.
Bring me Agent Gray.
I'm wasting my time on you!
Get me Gray!
Then what? What!
What do you want?
Tell me what you want!
Fucking bastard!
Die, motherfucker.
The thing you wanted.
What the fuck have you done?
You must know that China is pissed off
at Kim Jong-un for killing Jang Sung-taek.
Do you really think
they will let the North Koreans access
the money from Jang's Chinese account?
An empty fucking can,
you idiot.
The Chinese cleaned it all out.
Seriously, you guys didn't know?
How can you not suspect a thing?
Isn't that something
you should be concerned about? Huh?
From now on
you deal with your own shit.
Don't call for help.
You guys don't sign my checks.
And next time I see you,
I promise,
I will snap your fucking neck.
Get this fucking shit out of here, now!